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. Village Cocksmiths

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Aug 5, 2017.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Listen, i'm nearly seventy and past sex. Past sex in the doing it sense anyway. But i have eyes and i have ears and i have things to report. Things that you might want to think about as you watch all those hypnosis videos, insisting that white cunny is reserved for black cock. If you accept that, if you takes it as natural, there are consequences. My village, the place I retired to fifteen years back, well it was peaceful and it was very conservative. May be the village has thirty or forty households, it has a church, and a village shop and a primary school and it has a village inn. Back then, you hardly saw anyone who wasn't white. Now, there are still thirty or forty households in the village, but they're all headed up by a black feller. All the wives are white, but the kids, so many kids, the school ain't ever going to close now, are all mixed raced young uns. The black fellers own the women of the village. There is not one white guy who competes for a fertile woman. Not one I tell you! In this village there are may be fifteen or so white adult males. They're all cucked, all owned by the black fellers and their white bitches. You can't believe how that interests the psychologists. I tell you, sometime soon there are going to be TV documentaries on this place. There are going to be shows done on how the village cocksmiths took over.

    Someone once said to me, 'they put something in the water', the black fellers. I didn't believe that though. No, it was much more direct and more brutal than that. They just said to the women, do you want to be with a man who rules you and teaches you to rule others, or do you want to toil with the likes of him? They offered the women privilege. They gave the girls a chance to live a privileged life. I mean, think on it, if you were a woman wouldn't you want to live in a house where one male worked till he was knackered to ensure that you had everything, and where you went to the bed of a man who was handsome, vigorous, powerful and bigger? I tell you, the black fellers, they dominated the white male opposition, brushed it aside and took the women over. Then when that was done, they taught the woman just how right it were to rule men that they had once respected. They created a new hierarchy that put white girls at the top of the pile, which made them feel privileged because of their sexy little cunts, that which the white guys had been taught to worship.

    The first cocksmith was called Luther. He's the chief of the village now. The head man. What a ruthless fucker he was! I remember that he came into the village and started seeing Toby's young wife Maria. Pretty young girl, may be 22 back then, but young anyway with bob cut brunette hair. Toby and she lived with Martin, Toby's father. Martin he was 50 then, a nice chap and sociable. Luther started fucking Maria and he wasn't discreet about it. He took her out and he had her dress like a posh little tart. it were obvious that she was getting cocked. For a few months I watched Toby. it was like his self respect was being drained day on day. It was like a vampire had hold of him or something. The three of them would walk to the pub, Toby three paces back and Maria she started to disparage poor Toby. They never talked sex as such but it got the attention of the local girls. What was Maria getting that made her so haughty?! The white guys, well some bristled but more, i tell you, more of them, they were intrigued. They liked seeing Maria as a haughty little bitch. It was 'kinda sexy'. Maria, they said, had Toby's cock locked up and she had him sucking on Luther's dick. That's what they said. At any rate. Luther pushed him too hard. Luther pushed him too fast. The poor guy he turned to drink and he was pretty soon kicked out of the house. He wasn't able it seemed to bend as he should. I mean, Maria was his mistress now and he kept resisting that, so Luther said finally that he had to go. It wasn't difficult for her, because then Luther bent Martin to the cause any how. He soon had that lovely guy licking her cunt out for her, sucking cock and looking after the house for them. i knew it then. A woman like Maria, all the women here now, well, they don't treat cunny licking as sex you see. It's simply submission. They use a man. She used Martin she did, making him their slave. Once she had Martin coming to cunt like a good boy, once he was a craving that till his head hurt, then she ruled him mercilessly, in any way that Luther wanted.

    There was a couple of other headstrong married girls in the village called Susan and Emma and they got to being friends with Maria. They wanted to be bitches too. Someone said that Luther was fucking the pair of them too, but then he had some brothers come in to see to them. The truth of it were that the girls would go over to Luther and Maria's place and he would fuck them till they made horrible comparisons. I'v seen black men do it, they fuck a white girl with attitude. They fuck her till she squeals and begs. It's a domination, not just a fuck you see. Susan and Emma were getting dominated and having to have it. They had to have black cock regular like. I don't wonder too that Martin was being made to lick their pretty little cunts, so that their husbands could be taught to do what was expected. Either way, Carl and Winston came out here from Birmingham and they stayed with Luther, but it wasn't long before they were visiting the two girls in their own homes. big men Carl and Winston. Very big men. I reckon that the girl's husbands, they resisted too. At least, they tried to! There was a few scuffles like, a few bruises, and then i reckon the girls said no sex of any kind until they submitted to the black fellers. The cocksmiths did what cocksmiths do. They took over the fucking, and the husbands took over the licking. All there of them young women were getting their cunts licked regular. All three of them looked as though they were getting their cunts licked, i can tell you. Them girls started wearing the tightest jeans, the shortest skirts. They did that cos the black fellers like them looking bitch, but it also crippled the husbands too. You see a woman's cunt etched neath tight jeans, you see her thighs moving that way beneath a skirt pretending to be a belt and you got to have what she feeds you. That's just how it is and Luther and his like they taught the girls to ruin how the husband's thought. They taught the girls to slight their husbands just like Maria had and they taught them to think of themselves as not good enough to fuck with a dick. You licked her out. She rode your face, that was what they were like.

    I know what I saw. I can tell you for sure it was like that. One time, It were a Saturday night, and the whole troop of them had been down at the village inn and then walked back towards their homes through the church yard. Susan was with Carl and had her husband Ian walking behind and Emma was with her man Winston and she had husband Peter in tow. The husbands, they walked silent, like they were monks or something and the girls they were laughing and joking with their men. I watched Carl and Winston kissing the girls, whichever one they chose, and they was doing it in front of those poor husbands. Then, then Carl ordered Ian to lick Emma's cunt for her just like that. Not his own wife's sex, the other girl's!! Emma pulled her skirt hem up and Ian he went to it like a lamb. She leant back on the ivy covered tomb and he just kneel there in from of Carl and licked Emma's cunt for her. The converse happened fast as you please! Soon, Peter was lapping at Susan's cunt, and you know what, the black fellers were kissing they girls whilst those husbands did that. That's how i knows for sure that the women don't see cunt licking as sex. You understand that? They were just using the husbands to get them good and wet and ready and then the black fellers, they took out their cocks and they fucked the girls whilst the husbands waited and watched on their knees. After the girls were filled up and sore, then the husbands were told to 'clean the bitches up'. That was what Carl said. I watched the husbands do that, Ian licking Emma clean and Peter tonguing Susan. It was like a woman's toilet or something. They used those husbands mind like they were tissues. They used them to wipe their pussies clean.

    None of the changes that followed happened in procession. Things happened side by side. Luther got elected onto the village council and pretty soon he had control of that. I watched him operate. Sharp mind, stern will, he walked over the old guys who had bothered to run that for the village. Meantime, you know, Maria and Susan in particular, they were socialising with the other village women. They were all going on clothes shopping trips, going to the cinema and clubbing in the local town. Those girls, i tell you, they was being introduced to their future masters. They were being introduced to smiling, handsome, forward black fellers like Luther. The girls they was dating black fellers and slowly one by one the black fellers were coming into the village and sleeping over. They were using their dicks on the women and the women, well, you best credit, they were looking so much more content. I saw how it changed one girl, Angela. You couldn't wish to meet a nicer, a more amiable young woman but once your man Calvin had hold of her she turned into an arrogant, and dismissive little miss. That girl, i tell you without a word of a lie, she made her husband sign his car over to Calvin just so the feller could date her more easily. All I says is she must have been getting a lot of cock. She must have been taking a hell of a lot of cock to judge her husband so ill as that!

    I watched that happen mind you. I watched Martin and Peter and Ian quietly suggesting life could be 'secure', 'sexy', 'different' and I watched the husband's surrendering. None of them fought. None of them did, i tell you! They all learned to lick pussy, and to suck black cock, and they learned to count themselves as worthless. it was like a contagion. I ain't a peeping tom, no I ain't, but you could tell in some many other ways that things were changing. Now at the shop, the men were sent to buy the groceries. They ran chores for their wives. They bought cleaning things and I they used them. I used to see young Mark cleaning Tanya's car and her lover's motor too. I saw him sweeping and cleaning the house. It were like he was in a trance. Some weeks you saw those husbands gaunt and hungry. I reckon that they were being made to wait for pussy licks. Then other weeks, they looked wrecked on the taste and the smell of what they were fed. Famine and feast it was. Like Luther was directing it, teaching those men to reframe all their ideas about their sen. If they girls went down to the inn, they went with their lovers. If they took husbands along, I tell you, those husbands never spoke unless they were spoken too. It were like an experiment, the white men learned to be underlings and the wives they learned to be bitches.

    There were one time when a girl called Rachel needed her car tyre changing down in the village. Ian was down there and he offered nicely to change it for her. She didn't say thank you of course. That was what 'his kind' were for. Rachel had a date. You could see her checking her watch. It was warm and Ian was having problem with the locking nut on the wheel. You know, she said to him, she did, 'I don't have to tell Sue how slow you are do I?' It were like a bitchhood, all of them women in it together! She terrified that poor guy and he skinned his knuckles getting the job done. When he had finished, she didn't thank him for it. No, she didn't.

    It were around that time they got rid of old Mrs Gibb from the village school. I reckon that they wanted to prepare the next generation in their ways. I reckon that three of four of the girls were already pregnant with black feller kids. It were like insisting on a different lifestyle, so they retired old Mrs Gibb and they brought in this young black woman from Birmingham. She was bright and she was sociable but you knew she was in favour of 'the cause'. I had a word around that time. I had a word with Maria when she visited me. I said how new and how imaginative that new teacher was. She was a breathe of fresh air. But she looked at me as if she didn't believe me. She looked at me that way. It was hard. it was a look that brokered no opposition. That was a good ten years back mind you and i was still thoughtful, inquisitive and pretty healthy for my age. She smiled and then whispered,

    'your cottage John, did you know that the freehold was sold to Luther a few months back'.

    It fair made me sweat. it made me shiver. You don't know about freehold? Well let me say, you might own your house but not the land it stands on. The freeholder charges the land rent. That rent can go up very fast indeed. You might never afford to stay in the village.

    'Are you happy in the village?' young Miss Maria said to me.

    'Yes' I told her.

    I was blushing and perspiring, I was.

    'Do you like the way that Luther leads it?' she asked, her eyes narrowing.

    I shook. I have lived here so long. i had nowheres else to go! I have always loved the village.

    'I admire what he does' I lied.

    She smiled. It was a tight smile. She weren't fooled, she weren't.

    I watched her put her boot covered foot up onto the arm of the chair in which I sat. The clock on my mantelpiece ticked.

    She waited, silent.

    I knew. I knew then. I couldn't be allowed to stay on observing. I was to be made part on it.

    I leaned over her black leather boot and licked it. She watched me abase my sen that way. She watched me calmly.

    'I expect you to obey all the women in the village, the fertile alphas' she instructed as I licked.

    I nodded. Her boot was thick with well worked polish. Martin had spent hours on them.


    I looked up at her.

    'Yes' I said humbly.

    'Yes what?' she interrogated.

    'Yes M'am' I said shrunken within. Don't judge me. Don't. I love this cottage. You don't live here. I do, I do.
  2. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    I thought I'd share a sexual dystopia/utopia with you? You chose how it gets labelled! But it struck me just how sensual this is for women, to have an utterly ordered and secure environment in which to explore their needs and desires. In a village…nothing remains a secret and power, well power it can be seized.
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