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. Victor Verifies His Son's Bride to be a Virgin

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Apr 8, 2016.

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  1. EroticWriter

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    Victor Verifies His Son's Bride to be a Virgin

    by Eroticwriter

    wedding check for virginity.

    “Now we pull these tight little pussy lips open and have ourselves a look see,” said Victor. "Cynthia, get in close while you tug one side of your daughter's lips and I'll tug open the other side.”

    Cast of characters

    Victor Cameron, father of groom
    Fredrick Harris, groom

    Cynthia Harris, mother of the bride-to-be
    Sharon Harris, future bride-to-be

    Victor Cameron was used to getting his way in business, recreation, marriage, affairs of the heart, and in affairs of the family. Now he was making a demand that went beyond the norm, and he was making it of his son's fiance.'

    Victor wanted to see and verify the bride-to-be's virginity.

    Since he was the richest man in the entire region, Victor Cameron wanted to have a blow out marriage for his son, and of course it was the parents of the bride who were supposed to pay for the wedding. But Fredrick, his son, happened to have fallen in love with a woman from the middle and not upper crust upbringing.

    “But dad, you don't understand,” Fredrick pleaded. “Sharon is from a fine family. I know she is not rich but she has been raised well and is still a virgin. She swears to me that she is, and I believe her.”

    “How can she still be a virgin when she has been in college for almost two full years,” Victor asked with the doubt obvious in his voice?

    “Sharon had a fine upbringing and has been waiting for just the right man, and apparently she has decided the right man is me,” Fredrick said with a smug smile.

    “Did she make that decision before or after she found out how much you will be worth, my son? Have you thought of that?”

    “I don't know dad. All I know is I met Sharon at a party and she let me walk her back to the dorm and I am pretty sure she didn't know anything about me at that time.”

    “She didn't see your Porsche on the way?”

    “No dad. Like I said, I walked her to her dorm. I couldn't even go inside. And I didn't use the car since it was just a short distance.”

    “And that is how you met her and later, started dating her?”

    “Yes, father. She didn't learn about how much money I have, will have until I dated her for a while.”

    “So as you say, you just happened to go along on a fishing excursion you call it to a competing school and you met her. Since you haven't been talking with the men on that campus you don't know what kind of reputation she might have.”

    “Dad, she's been careful what she does, believe me.”

    “How far have you gone with her in the sex department,” Victor wanted to know?

    “Dad,” Fredrick began, his face turning red, “Not that far. We've kissed and made out and I...I've felt her breasts, but that's about it.”

    “On top of her clothes or did you get under and feel them bare?”

    “Dad, why do you need to know that? But if you must know, I've never seen or touched Sharon under her dress.”

    Victor sighed. “My son, my son, we must be sure that this woman, this young lady you have chosen to be your bride is worthy of coming into our humble abode. Someday she might produce hopefully a son for us that will inherit all this and he must be worthy of the privilege and duties that will be bestowed upon him.

    You are my only son, my only child, and I am sure you can understand how important this choice of yours might be.”

    Victor's describing their home as a 'humble abode' was one of his favorite ways to be funny. Actually, their estate home on fifteen acres was in the most prestigious area of the state, and was worth upwards of five million dollars.

    Victor did not believe in splurging a lot of his fortune on a family home so therefore, he had also personal holdings in the form of two aircraft, three boats, one of which he kept stored on the Mediterranean Sea, plus he had a couple of sprawling ranches in the western part of the U.S.A.

    Victor, with the aid of several well-trained and trusted assistants, also kept a tight rein on his companies, of which there were several. But even before his son Fredrick had been graduated from college, Victor had been putting him though a training course so that someday Fredrick could assume the helm.

    “Now son, if you are sure about this woman, I need to meet her. I will take your word for now that Sharon has maintained her chastity but we still need to be sure. This is important because we don't want the possibility of someone trying to blackmail Sharon to keep her past a secret.

    You never know, there may be someone out there who might have seduced her and has the photos or maybe a video to prove it.”

    “Dad! Why would you think something like that?”

    “Have you seen the internet, my son? It is filled with images of women, many of them unaware, doing things that their fathers and husbands never dreamed they might be doing. We must be sure that your fiance' has never done anything to be ashamed of, or that might come back to haunt her.

    “Dad, I can assure you...”

    Victor was shaking his head, and Fredrick had learned long ago that when his father shakes his head you had better stop and listen. He knew that though his father was dominant, that he was the apple of his father's eye and that Victor wanted only the best for him.

    Therefore, for now, Fredrick was still for the most part allowing his father to be the 'boss' even though Fredrick was, as of last week, now a college grad and was well past that age of 21.

    “Son, since you've been in college I was curious so I typed words like 'hidden cam college dorm' into my computer and literally dozens of videos popped up. Some of them might be staged, but there were also plenty of videos that I am pretty sure the young woman in them did not know she was being filmed.

    Your fiance,' if she did anything with some college guy, very possibly might be in a pornographic film that could be seen by people that know you and they could recognize your future wife in the video. We need to make sure something like that has never happened and one way to cut down on the chances is to verify her virginity.”

    “Dad, I'm pretty sure she's a virgin. Sharon won't even let me get near that part of her body.”

    “No my son, you don't understand. She might not be allowing you to get near because you'll find out she doesn't have that treasure between her legs.

    So we need to do some checking. Give me all the details, Sharon's full name, her parent's address, any history you know about her to save some time and I will have my sources check her and her family out. If all checks out OK, I will pay for a big glamorous wedding for the two of you, and send you on a nice trip to the Mediterranean on a cruise ship.”

    “On the cruise ship you happen to own, right dad?”

    “But of course. I love cruising the Mediterranean, you know that. And that power yacht I keep docked in Monaco will be yours someday.”

    “OK dad. I'll sit down and write out everything I know about Sharon, and you check it out. Then we will set up a wedding date and since it is the end of April and Sharon is finishing her sophomore year this week, there's still enough time for a June wedding.”

    “A June wedding?”

    “Sure dad. That's what Sharon is hoping for, a June wedding.”

    “Well, that's pretty close, but I imagine we can get things arranged in time,” Victor agreed, but despite anything his sources might find or not, he still planned to do some checking of his own.

    Two weeks passed. The investigators had come up with nothing derogatory about Sharon's family except for an uncle on her father's side who had once been arrested for drunk driving and paid a fine. Other than that, everything appeared to be..fine.

    But Victor kept the findings to himself. He had a plan.

    Victor had never met Sharon face-to-face, but he had seen her photos, both from his son's computer and also some taken during his 'investigation,' and she looked like the ultimate fox. If women were to be judged on appearance alone, Fredrick had done well for himself.

    Sharon's transcripts indicated very high scores, yes, Victor's sources were so good he had managed to get a copy of her transcripts as well as much more. But there had been nothing embarrassing in her history, no record of her ever opening those legs for someone.

    Victor had also kept a check on his son, making sure he was toeing the line in college and during a couple of minor scrapes, Victor had managed to keep things quiet and there was nothing to be seen in Fredrick’s records if some nosy reporter ever decided to do some checking.

    Victor for security had hidden cams installed in almost every area of their vast home. Unknown to Fredrick, his father also had two installed in Fredrick's bedroom. Victor had done this in the hopes of maybe someday getting a view of his son 'doing the dirty' with one of his high school girl friends, but no such luck.

    At this point, Victor did not know if his son had ever been laid. He had, however, viewed his son in the act of masturbation and had been pleased to see that his son was taking after himself. Not as big as his daddy, who had nine thick ones, but almost at what looked like about eight slightly slimmer inches on camera.

    Those cameras, in almost every area of the house, could also be controlled by Victor from a control panel he kept locked along one wall of his bedroom. Victor could rotate the cameras, and zoom in and out. And of course, all could be recorded if he so desired.

    For security purposes, there were 12 cameras around the property on permanent tape and Victor had a guard monitoring them 24 hours a day The rest Victor controlled by hand.

    Now Victor was on the phone with the bride to be and her mother. “Yes Mrs. Harris. I'd like the two of you to come to my home and we can work with a wedding planner for the wedding. Yes, you can...no, don't worry about that. I'll send my smaller plane over to pick the two of you up. Yes, your county airport, that's right.

    Bring a small bag of personals and one change of clothes for each of you. You'll find everything else you need for your stay in your rooms when you get here. My maids will help you pick out some clothes we have on hand or you can go shopping for same and put it on my account.

    Oh? I expect you will be staying for at least two days while we work things out. Yes, next Tuesday and Wednesday will be fine. I'll have my valet get with you on the phone for the final details, and I'll be seeing you two next week. Be looking forward to meeting you.”

    It was arranged, but Sharon and her mother were about to get a surprise, a big surprise when Victor was to meet them. When the day came, Fredrick was off on family business, because his training was not yet complete in the eyes of his father.

    Victor of course had plans to get both the daughter and the mother on video, but once they had first met, Victor decided to put his plan into action immediately rather than waiting until tonight and the next day. These women were gorgeous and Victor could not wait that long.

    “Now Mrs. Harris. How do you and Sharon like my little abode now that you have been given the tour?”

    Cynthia Harris was astounded, and doing her best not to show it but not doing so well at it. Her daughter had chosen well, that was for sure. First she wanted to comment on the flight.

    “I just want to say, your 'smaller plane' as you called it is not so small. Eight seats, two that swivel, and a stewardess to give us snacks? That's pretty nice sir, and I thank you.”

    I'm glad you enjoyed the flight. Now, my home soon to be your daughter's perhaps. How do you like it?”

    It's very nice. Like the plane, larger than I had expected...” her voice trailed off.

    “Yes,” Victor replied, his voice hiding his desire not just for his son's chosen woman, but her mother as well. These two women were knockouts. Like mother, like daughter? Oh yes, their faces were lovely and those bodies were hot.

    Sharon was stacked, literally, her denim dress barely able to contain her breasts which were straining to be let out. Almost top heavy, those C cups looked like D cups on her small frame.

    But unlike so many women that have large breasts, her legs were not skinny. No, they were fully developed and well-shaped, and the way she fitted into that dress, everything in between was glued together just as well.

    Her mother Cynthia had not fallen off the wagon on her way to 40. She had held onto her exceptional face and body and looked almost as beautiful as her incredible daughter. Her husband might not be rich in money, but he had himself a fine looking woman.

    One was married, and one was engaged, and now Victor had them alone, having instructed his staff to not interrupt until called upon.

    “Mrs. Harris, there is something we must discuss before the wedding...” began Victor.

    “You can call me Cynthia,” she said with a big smile.

    “Yes, Cynthia. As I was saying, there is something we must discuss about your daughter before I can permit this marriage to take place.”

    Both Cynthia and Sharon frowned. “What is it,” asked Sharon, “about my daughter?

    “As you might know, I have to be careful who marries into my family. My wife is long deceased and now I must do the watching out for all that goes on, both in my home as well as in my business.”

    He paused. “I had my sources do some investigating and they found some discrepancies in your daughter's history that must be resolved. Are you with me on this?” He looked at the two of them.

    Cynthia looked horrified as she visualized her dreams of a daughter marrying into money dwindling away. “What is it Mr. Cameron? What discrepancies? I am sure my daughter has lived a clean life and has nothing to hide.”

    Victor pulled a four-inch thick folder out of his upper desk drawer and opened it. “I have an extensive file here,” he began. It goes back to the very founding of your family, your marriage to your husband and beyond. I even learned that your husband's brother was once arrested for drunk driving and paid a fine.”

    “That was nothing, Mr. Cameron, I can assure you. It only happened that one time...”

    “I know Cynthia, and you can begin calling me Victor, but that is not the problem. It's what I have in the file here about your daughter and her behavior at college I am concerned about.”

    Cynthia looked over at her daughter in surprise. “Sharon,” she began, “Is there something I should know?”

    “Mother! I can assure you,” Sharon began, her eyes wide, “I've done nothing to be ashamed of. You know that. You know me.”

    Despite her absolute certainty that she had lived a clean life, Sharon was terrified. Was there something in her history she had maybe forgotten about? Mistaken identity perhaps? You never know for sure.

    Cynthia turned her attention to Victor. “What is it that you have learned, Victor? Please tell me so we can straighten this out.” The worry in her voice was obvious.

    Victor pretended to sigh as he began. “This report tells of a certain party last semester on the second week of February, before she met my son, and from what two or three of the students at that party reported, your daughter was not necessarily being the kind of lady that my son should be marrying.”

    This was a very easy 'accusation' to toss our there. Some of those college parties were huge, with dozens if not more in attendance, and often the parties extended to beyond the central area. No matter what he might say, no way could Sharon be certain he was making it up.

    Cynthia looked horrified while Sharon began shaking her head vigorously. “No no Mr. Cameron,” Sharon began. I've done nothing. I'm still a...a virgin, I can assure you.” Sharon was blushing at having to say the word 'virgin' to her boyfriend's father.

    Victor opened the file and pointed at some printed text, fabricated of course but looking and reading very authentic if they desired to study it. Some of the report was true. There had been a certain party.

    For sure Sharon had been in attendance at that particular party. Some fucking in the back dorm rooms had gone on, but unsaid in the report, Sharon had not been a participant.

    But that party had made it easy to have a fabrication put together that implicated Sharon in some of the illicit activity that had taken place.

    “Cynthia, according to my sources, your daughter is no longer a virgin. Would you care to read this file?”

    Cynthia instead looked at Sharon. If what Victor was saying was true, she couldn't bear to be seeing it. “Is any of this true Sharon?”

    “Mother, whatever it says, it can't be true. I was at this one party, true, a big one. And there was drinking going on and I..I had a few, and some girls were leaving with some boys, but I never went into the dorm rooms with anyone, I swear.”

    Cynthia stared at Sharon in disbelief. “You were at a party where there was...something going on in the dorm rooms? How could you?”

    “Mom. It's college, remember. You can't avoid some things, they just happen. Sometimes you don't know about it until after you have arrived and been there a while.”

    “Did you do anything to be ashamed of?”

    “Mom. I'm still a virgin and I can prove it very easily.”

    Cynthia asked a somewhat dumb question, her voice soft. “How?”

    Sharon blushed. “I can...we can go into a bedroom and you can take a look.”

    “That might work. How about it Victor? Would that satisfy you?”

    Victor had planned this out and Sharon had eliminated the need for his suggesting that she need to prove it physically. She had done the suggesting for him. Now all he had to do was add himself in.

    He looked directly at Sharon “Your mother could say anything. I would need to see for myself.”

    Dead silence for perhaps ten seconds. Then Cynthia spoke up. ”You would need to see? Perhaps one of your maids...”

    “No Mrs Harris. I could only trust myself for something so important.”

    “You can still call me Cynthia. I...I guess, if you have to see...”

    Cynthia looked at Sharon, hoping she would understand how important this might be.

    “Sharon,” she began, “it would just be this one time...”

    Sharon looked at Victor, her face showing just a flash of anger. “Are you sure that it is all that important, my being a virgin? After all, it is your son's choice.”

    “Then you are not a virgin? You must understand Sharon,” said Victor. “It's really not so much about you being a virgin. The reality is, and this is important, if you have done anything you should not have been doing, there might be photos or movies you don't know about.

    This current crop of college boys have taken to using things like hidden cams the girls don't know about. There are movies like that taken at college dorms of unsuspecting co-eds are all over the internet.

    You could be blackmailed, we could be blackmailed. It could get into the news like what happened to that Paris Hilton girl. I just can't have anything like that going on.”

    Sharon sighed. “Where do you want to have a look see, Mr. Cameron, here, or in a bedroom?”

    Victor of course chose his bedroom suite, where he had hidden cameras set up and aimed at his chosen target, the bed.

    Now in his master bedroom, Sharon was standing before him, her mother beside her. This was working out even better than Victor had hoped. His original plan for the first night had been to see and video them in their separate rooms as they undressed, bathed and prepared for bed. But now things had jumped ahead by a day.

    “Go ahead Sharon. Begin with taking your entire dress off over your head so it won't be in the way.”

    “I can't just lift it up and remove my panties,” Sharon asked, her voice concerned?

    “I'm a curious man, and if I am going to be verifying your virginity and my son is going to be marrying you, then I might as well see all of you. Otherwise I might spend my remaining days wondering what the rest of your figure looks like.”


    Surprisingly, Cynthia did not attempt to put up any sort of argument. It is possible that she had began to realize which side of the bread the butter was on. She was smelling money, her daughter had been picked by a young man who seemed to be the perfect husband, and all that had to happen now was a pussy inspection.

    Besides, Cynthia had not seen her daughter fully undressed since she had reached womanhood, and she too was curious.

    “Go ahead Sharon. Do it. I understand. He's a normal man and he needs to know.”

    There was silence in the room as Sharon slowly pulled her dress over her head. It snagged. “Oh, I forgot to undo the neck,”she said, giggling as she held her arms under her dress which was now above her head.

    Victor's cock tingled. He was seeing his son's fiance uncovered now, her white panties and brassiere exposed to him, and what he was seeing was looking very fine.

    “Let me help you with that,”said Victor, who was closer. Moving over next to Sharon, he reached behind her neck and undid the zipper, which ran down the back just five inches, enough to allow the dress to pass over a head.

    “Now we lift it up...” He pulled and Sharon assisted, and as she had her arms high above her head her breasts, already firm and upright, were being lifted even higher as he stared down at her heaving chest.

    The dress off, Victor tossed it aside as if it were trash to be taken out. That dress had been hiding his view, and now he was seeing Sharon as never before revealed to his son.

    “Now this brassiere. Here, let me help you in the back.”

    Again there was silence in the room as Sharon's magnificent C cups on a B cup body were exposed to his view. They were magnificent, firmly upright, with protruding pink nipples, soft at the moment, that were placed high up and making them look even more upright.

    Sharon had turned red. Her mother? Victor didn't know as he had eyes only for the daughter at present.

    “Turn around a time or two and let me see you, those breasts looking so lovely.”

    Strangely, Sharon felt a wave of excitement ripple through her body. This was a first for her, and she felt safe enough with her mother here. And besides, this was her fiance's father and surely he wouldn't be trying anything he shouldn't.

    With her hands over her breasts at first, Sharon began her turns, and as she completed one, she had uncovered her breasts, revealing nipples that had now risen from the excitement, and maybe her own touch.

    “Very nice,” Victor said as he admired Sharon's figure as she came around on her second turn and stopped facing him.

    “Perhaps I should have just one feel, so I will always know how they feel as well as look.”

    Sharon gasped as Victor reached out almost without warning and cupped both her breasts with his large fingers. She turned an even brighter shade of red. Mr...Mr Cameron. Your son has never seen or touched these, nor any other man I want you to know!”

    “That is his and their loss,” Victor said, his voice sounding strained. “But the proof is in the pudding, and the dessert might be between your legs. We still need to have that look.”

    Sharon looked over at her mother as Victor continued to fondle her firm breasts. “Do you want me to lie on the bed now, or remove my panties first?”

    Victor wanted to do the removing, and do it slow because his cameras were running. “Lie on the bed first and then we shall see...”

    Sharon climbed onto the bed and it was her mother who made the suggestion. “Move more into the center baby so there will be more room. You'll need to be spreading your legs wide so he can perform his inspection.”

    Victor chuckled loud enough for them to both hear. “I couldn't have said it any better myself Mrs. Harris.”


    “Yes. Cynthia. I must remember that.”

    Victor moved over to the bed, on which Sharon was now lying on her back, head on a pillow and spreading her legs. Victor thought he could see just a hint of a wet spot in the center of her panties, right where the crack of her lips was visible through the white cotton.

    “I appreciate your being anxious and spreading your legs so wide for me Sharon,” Victor joked, “but first we need to remove these panties.”

    As Victor wrapped the fingers of his left hand into the elastic band at the top of her panties, he had a thought of how this could become more exciting. Involve her mother in the unveiling of her daughter's fine little and hopefully, virgin pussy.

    “Cynthia? Would you like to maybe give me a hand?”

    “A hand?”

    “Yes. Pull the other side down for me so we can get these off.”

    “Yes.. Of course.”

    Of course Victor did not need her help in something as simple as removing her daughter's panties, but Cynthia was glad for a chance to be included as she climbed up onto the bed and in the process giving Victor a peek of her inner thighs as her dress rose

    Victor did not pretend to be looking away as he saw all the way up her legs to within inches of seeing panties. He turned his eyes back to her lovely daughter.

    “Now Sharon, raise your hips...”

    Sharon raised her hips and as she held them off the bed both Victor and her mother began tugging down, and the panties came off under her ass and as they started to pull them up her thighs, she had to close her legs some to allow the panties to get past her knees.

    Then as they tugged her panties past her knees and down her calves and then off, she had to raise her feet off the bed. That done, she laid quietly.

    “Now honey,” Victor said softly while using a maybe premature term of endearment, “we need to spread these legs again.”

    It was strange, but instead of letting Sharon do it on her own, both parties above her sort of helped her by tugging her legs to each side as they moved themselves partially out of the way.

    Sharon's face was red as she looked from left to right, first at her mother and then over to Victor. “Here it is, I guess,” she said, her voice wavering with nervousness.

    As his eyes latched onto her naked and now partially opened female loveliness, Victor chuckled, both to put her at ease and also because that was they way he is when he has a woman naked before him.

    “Now Cynthia, let's get down here and have ourselves a look see.”

    This just had to be the strangest thing to happen in town today as both Victor and Sharon's mother laid themselves down onto their bellies and with their shoulders together and their heads almost touching, crawled up close so they could better study Sharon's tight looking little snatch at close range.

    Victor wanted to be the first to touch her so he reached out and at first, by placing both thumbs on the inside of her inner lips, he started to tug her pussy opened from each side. Then he hesitated and turning his head, looked at Cynthia.

    “Why don't you help me with this? We can be doing the honors as you tug her out to the right, and I'll tug her open to the left...”

    This was total craziness, but Cynthia seemed to have become involved in this as Victor's partially concealed excitement was rubbing off onto her.

    Now Victor had things going that he had only fantasized about before this moment. He actually had this little lovely, his son's fiance' fully naked and on her back, legs spread, and her mother was beside him and getting ready to tug her daughter's pussy lips open.

    Not even a writer of porn might have thought of a scenario such as this.

    “That's right Cynthia, tug her opened....now let's see what we can see” Victor shoved his face forward, almost touching Sharon's pussy with his nose as he tried to peer within.

    “I can't see it,” Victor lied. “We might need to tug a little harder...but I don't think she has one.”

    “Let me look,” Cynthia said, sounding both worried and hopeful. She got in close, where Victor had just been. “Pull out on your side a little harder...there, I can see her cherry, I mean...maidenhead!

    She's got it, she's got it,” Cynthia announced proudly as she looked over into Victor's face. “Here, get in closer and while we pull, take another look.”

    Victor had already spotted her hymen, but he was trying to prolong this. “I'll take another look see...”

    He placed his face in close again, very close, and this time confirmed what he had already seen before. “Yes, I believe I can see it now. There it is, with just a little hole smaller than maybe a dime in the center.”

    It was over now. The inspection had been performed, and once Victor pulled his head away, that would be the end of this. He would have to climb off the bed, Cynthia also, and all the while Sharon would be getting dressed, never to have her body seen again by one Victor Cameron.

    Victor was not about to allow that to happen as he suddenly moved his face in close and shoved his tongue deep into Sharon's tight little hole.

    “Ooooh, what is that? What are you doing? Ooooh.”

    Sharon was protesting with her voice, but not her body as she began squirming her hips under him. Victor was spreading her tight little lips opened, and as he flicked his tongue rapidly in and out and back and forth, this was a new and incredible sensation to Sharon.

    “Mommy, help me...please.”

    Victor was actually managing to reach in deep enough to feel the dime-sized hole with the tip of his tongue, and once having managed to touch it, he instantly came back with his tongue and began working it expertly over her entire clitoral area as well as her inner lips.

    “Mommy? Mother? Aren't you going to help me?”

    Shocked at first, Cynthia was now watching fascinated at how her daughter did not seem to want to get away from Victor's tongue. Cynthia was seeing something that her husband had not done for years, and already aroused at the knowledge that Victor was seeing and licking on her daughter's most intimate part, she was now wishing that it was her under Victor and not her virgin daughter.

    “Mr. Cameron? Victor? You shouldn't be doing this. She is your son's fiance.'"

    Victor did not want to stop just yet. First he needed to get Sharon just a little closer to that possible orgasm. He continued to slobber over her for another thirty seconds, then paused. As he did, Sharon sighed, not in relief but rather with disappointment that he had not continued.

    Victor switched to using his wet thumb on Sharon's clitoris as he turned to talk to Cynthia. “You are right Cynthia. After seeing your daughter's loveliness, I felt that I had to have some. But I shouldn't be doing this as she must remain the virgin for the wedding night to come."

    Cynthia was very aroused now and though she wanted to have herself be touched by Victor, she did not dare say so in front of her daughter. But she gave Victor the opening he needed. “I imagine Victor, that you must be quite turned on by now.”

    Victor sensed, at that moment, what might go down. “I am Cynthia. I have this huge erection under here that really would like to be satisfied.”

    Cynthia took note of the word 'huge' but shrugged it off as just being an expression that men used. “Would you like me...or rather us...to take care of it?”

    Victor pretended to be in her service as he answered. “Oh would you Cynthia?” He looked up Sharon's body past her breasts, “and you Sharon? The both of you would do this for me?”

    It was Sharon who beat her mother to asking. “What do we need to do Mr. Cameron?”

    “Wait while your mother and I get our clothes off as well.” He looked at Cynthia, and she nodded and started to crawl off the bed.

    Cynthia was 39, had only been fucked/made love to by one man, and only rarely reached orgasm with her quiet, loving but boring husband. She had not had her husband go down on her in years, and could not remember the last time it had happened.

    Cynthia Harris had watched as her daughter bloomed into womanhood, she was now being exposed to this, and a barrier had come down, a barrier called fidelity. Cynthia had long been a bomb ready to explode, and Victor was becoming the fuse that was to ignite a low flame that would become a hot fire.

    Victor was now standing on the left side of the bed and pulling off first his shirt, and then his pants followed by underwear. But he was delaying his dropping of the drawers while watching the lovely mother of his son's fiance' removing her dress, brassiere, and now, those panties.

    The unveiling of two adult genital areas was simultaneous, and Sharon, still naked and now sitting up on the bed, was taking in them both, but her eyes then zoomed in and focused on Victor, and that nine inch and fat cock, looking slightly crooked as it curved up and slightly to his left, and with a foreskin that had slowly came back and exposed the fat shiny head as he became totally erect.

    “Mr. Cameron,” Cynthia breathed softly as she stared, eyes wide. “What do you expect us to do with that? She pointed, something that was not needed since there was only one thing around that qualified as 'that.'

    “My name is Victor, Cynthia, remember? What I expect you to do with this is the two of you can play with it, suck on it, love on it while I lie under your lovely daughter and do the same with her to remain virgin vagina.”

    “I...I don't understand,” Sharon began.

    “I'll lie on my back Sharon, while you get on top of me facing my cock, and while you and your mother learn the ins and outs of my magnificent member, I'll be doing more of what felt so good to you a while ago on your little virgin pussy.”

    Victor received no argument as he laid onto his back and watched as a trembling Sharon opened her legs and crawled up and over him like she was mounting a bicycle. That done, now her pussy was aligned perfectly so that he could go to work.

    Cynthia had already placed the fingers of her right hand around his shaft and was marveling at how they could not go around and touch. “While you are nibbling on Sharon, do you want us to make you reach orgasm, or what, Mr...Victor? We probably need to know in advance where to go with this and how fast.”

    Victor could not believe how this was going. He had fantasized on something like this, but usually the fantasy never was achieved in real life. This was going even better than he had imagined.

    “For now, just hold it, study it together, practice licking up and down the sides, and then take turns fitting your little mouths over the end. I am sure you have done something like this before Cynthia, so now show your daughter.”

    “Never quite like this Victor,” Cynthia replied as she watched her daughter begin tugging up and down on his thick foreskin. “I've only done this one on one, me and my husband, and it has been years since we did anything like this.”

    “So, I gather, Mrs. Harris,” replied Victor and using her last name to emphasize her being married, “I imagine that you must be pretty horny by now.”

    “You have caught me at just the right time Victor, and I'm hoping that my daughter will be understanding.”

    Sharon was moaning softly now as Victor began loving on her exposed clitoris with his tongue. “Oh mother, I understand. Believe me I do.”

    Five minutes, then ten as mother and daughter took turns stroking, licking and completely mouthing with some difficulty, that fat head. All the while Victor continued to flow large quantities of pre-cum, and both women had no qualms about tonguing up and swallowing their share.

    Then it happened. Victor had been taking it easy and not trying to make Sharon cum, but she got to the point where she was oh so close.

    Mr. Cameron? Mother? I think I'm going to cum. Should I, or should I wait for his son to do it the first time?”

    “”Let it go baby. You never want to waste a good orgasm. Victor? Do it harder or however you do it, she's ready!”

    Victor began doing however he does it, and he does it well.

    “Oooooh Mommy. Ooooooooh gawd....” Sharon was there, and it was her best ever, her only ever.

    A minute later, no one had as yet spoke. Finally...”Mom? Now what? What should I do, we do?”

    Victor spoke for them both. “Normally the thing that would happen next is for the two of you to suck on me and both of you be lapping up my cum when I start shooting, but to tell the truth, right about now I feel like doing some fucking.”

    Sharon's and Cynthia's eyes met over the tip of Victor's erect cock. “Mother, I think he must mean you.”

    Cynthia nodded, and tried to look and sound reluctant for the sake of her daughter, you know, the marriage, her father, being faithful and all that. “Victor? I hope you meant me, because we must keep Sharon a virgin for now.”

    Victor caught her 'for now,' and immediately the thought occurred to him. He was quick with his response. “Yes, for now we need to keep her as a virgin, but after she gets back from the honeymoon, I'd like to show her what my cock can do for her.”

    “You want Sharon to start fucking you after her honeymoon? Isn't that a bit disrespectful to your son?”

    Cynthia was trying to shame Victor, but Victor had gone well beyond shame years ago. “I don't know about starting to fuck her after the honeymoon Cynthia. But I want to do it at least once, and then, after that, it would be up to her if she wishes to continue.”

    “Would Fredrick be knowing about this,” asked Sharon? Her question already indicated her giving consent.

    “Of course not. It will be easy to keep secrets. After the honeymoon, you will be moving in with Fredrick into the six room quest house I showed you out back. Then, in the future, while you finish your college here and Fredrick's off on business trips, we can be having our fun if you so like.”

    “Can I think on it, Mr. Cameron? I haven't even been in bed with your son as yet. I need time to decide. I...you're so big, it scares me if you want to know the truth.”

    “Climb off me Sharon and watch your mother as she mounts up. I think for her first adventure on a strange cock with her long-married pussy, I shall let her feel her way about things.” He smiled and almost evil smile at Sharon. "And you mother if she wants to can be telling you how good a big cock feels compared to what she has been getting all these years."

    “Mom, are you going to do this...?” Sharon quit asking as she saw her smiling mother start to take her place on top of Victor, but this time facing his head.

    “Sharon,” Victor said with an ornery sounding voice. “Why don't you hold onto my cock and help your mother aim herself down over it?”

    This is where it got really horny for all involved. “Yes Sharon. I want you to help me fuck this man with his big beautiful cock!”

    Actually, Victor's cock was not 'big and beautiful,' but rather just big, very big. As previously described, it was a gnarly piece of meat, thick, long, and not only thickly veined in appearance but curving slightly off the the left and up before it got to the distance of nine full inches.

    Cynthia didn't care about how it looked, she wanted it inside her, and now!

    'All this is on camera. Fuck this is going to be great to be watching later.' Victor let out a long sigh of pleasure as he felt the wonderful wet warmth of a beautiful woman's pussy envelop his throbbing meat for the first time.

    She was groaning nicely as she worked her way down, taking him in cautiously but hungrily as she hurried while taking it slow. Finally, after maybe six pumps up while working her way down, Cynthia was buried. Oh joy, she could take it all, all nine inches!

    "Sharon. It's good honey, oh so good."

    Victor knew that this woman would not be so readily available as her daughter in the future, so he planned to make the most of this while he was having her. Though she was on top for now, he planned to make this her perfect fuck.

    He started out by pulling Cynthia's head down and kissing her. Tongue easy, tongue strong and now probing. If he could own this woman, possess her both in body and mind, ultimately it might result in him always have some steady pussy on hand in the form of her daughter plus some pussy during mother's occasional visits.

    He had to be careful you see, since there were always women out there ready to sell their stories, or maybe to try and sue. Having some lovely and steady pussy in house was a far better answer to satisfying his need.

    “I'm cumming Sharon. Oh gawd I'm cumming!”

    It had only taken less than 20 strokes counting the six of so while she had worked her way down over him. Cynthia paused, trying to catch her breath. Then she said it, helping Victor to turn her daughter into a woman that would begin cheating right after her honeymoon.

    “Oh Sharon. Believe me, I don't know what your future husband will have to offer, but this you need to try as soon as you can.”

    “It's that good Mother? Really? I wouldn't know.”

    Cynthia had begun to pump again, but slow. “I've been married to your father for 22 years this coming August, and I've never been with another man, but this, what I am on now, is so much better than what I've been getting. Your father is only half his size, well, maybe a little more than that, and I have learned now, the difference.”

    “So you want me to fuck him, then, Victor, after I get back from my honeymoon?”

    “It will be up to you baby. Victor, am I right about that? It will be her choice? You won't bug her if she feels guilty or anything?”

    “You can count on it Cynthia. As long as I can keep having you when you come to visit, and I hope often since I will be flying you in, I won't be desperate to fuck your daughter. But I do want to do it with her at least the one time. One really good session with everything that goes with it, such as kissing and oral sex along with penetration.”

    Cynthia looked over at her daughter. “Agreed?”

    “Agreed Mother. Now I want to see you cum on his cock again, and then I want to see how it looks when he rolls you over.”

    Cynthia reached out with her left hand. “Hold me.”

    As her daughter took her hand, Cynthia began pumping again as she lowered her lips to Victor's.

    A few weeks later.

    The honeymoon to the Mediterranean behind them now, Sharon had settled into the guest house, now her house with her loving husband Fredrick.

    The taking of her virginity on the wedding night had gone well after a brief struggle to adapt, and not the first time, but soon into their honeymoon, she was achieving orgasms with her husband. Sharon had taken note though, of how much smaller her husband's penis was compared to his father.

    That is, if you could call a comparative size of eight inches 'small' as compared to nine inches. Fredrick's penis was not quite as wide as his father's either, almost but not as.

    Sharon had been given plenty of time to study her future father-in-law's penis over the three days she had visited Victor with her mother. That first day orgy had led into another that night, and there had been another the next night, the last night they had stayed.

    Sharon had even aided her mother at one point in swallowing cum.

    Her mother was now, it would seem, addicted to Victor and his cock and had looked forward to the wedding and another chance to be off for a while and alone with her new found lover.

    While Sharon had been giving up her virginity that first night in the guest house prior to flying to Europe and the Mediterranean in the morning, Cynthia had managed to send her husband off to be shown around the town by one of Victor's hired help while she helped herself to some of Victor.

    The taking of Sharon's virginity by Fredrick had all been caught on video by Victor, even so far as to being able to see the red spots she had left on the sheets. Victor also had the fuck session between he and Cynthia on video which had been taken around the same time, but when it came to viewing those discs the next day, it had been his son taking Sharon's virginity that he had studied first.

    Yes, studied. Victor had even jacked off watching Sharon getting her first cock, going in and enlarging the hole that Victor had explored first with his tongue. Yes, his son had been the lucky one to actually take Sharon's virginity, but it would be Victor who would soon be showing her how it is done.

    The mating of Sharon with her father in law was not going to take long to happen once she had returned from the honeymoon. Victor had arranged for his son to go off on business not three days after he had arrived home.

    Now it was time.

    “Fuck me daddy!”

    Yes, Victor had now became her other daddy, and the way Sharon felt, her true daddy since her mother seemed to be so attracted to this man who was now feeding the big meat to her. Sharon had studied, held, sucked, loved on and even swallowed cum from this cock as well as watching as it had spread her mother's pussy wide several times.

    Now it was her turn, and Sharon was enjoying her fucking immensely. Though her husband, his son, was well hung, this was so much more. Part of it was mental. The aspect of now cheating. The forbidden. The taboo. The knowing that what she was now enjoying as it stroked deep into her pussy had previously been enjoyed by her mother.

    She understood now why her mother seemed to like fucking this man so much. Not only was he hung really big, but he was understanding and giving in bed, much more so than his son. Sharon was having the best of two worlds, her husband was hung and someday would inherit all this, and in the meantime, she could be having his father as well.

    She didn't know that all this was being recorded, but had she known, she would be going along with it and maybe even suggesting new positions to fuck in for the cameras.

    They were taking a break. A much needed break for Sharon since she had reached orgasm several times in the space of less than half an hour.

    “How do you feel about this Sharon? Want it to continue?” Victor was cuddling Sharon in his arms.

    She already knew her answer, but she hoped to hear him say that she was being allowed to make a choice.

    “Am I expected to, or is it my choice,” Sharon asked softly as she ran her fingers through his chest hairs?

    “You kept your word Sharon. You came home from your honeymoon and we have sucked and fucked. So now it is your choice, but I really hope you like doing this. I won't be mad if you say no, believe me.”

    “In that case, I want to.” Smiling broadly, she rolled onto her back and spread her legs. "Now get on because this is my favorite position for fucking because we can be kissing at the same time."

    There was nothing in the world she could have said that would top that line. She had told her husband's father that she liked the missionary because they could be kissing. That told Victor what he needed to know. This woman really likes me!

    They were fucking again, and between her husband and Victor, the woman named Sharon who had turned out to have a sexual appetite as strong as he mother's was getting all she needed.

    But Victor was not getting all he needed since he had to share Sharon's time with his unknowing son, and of course Sharon's mother Cynthia could only come over when she and her husband's schedule permitted.

    Of course Victor had all his videos to yank off to in between.

    After six months, Fredrick wanted to have a son, and his father also wanted a grandson. Planning to have a child, Sharon went off the pill about the same time Fredrick went out of town on business. They had not had a chance to screw with Sharon off the pill since the trip came up so sudden.

    The second day Sharon was off the pill and Fredrick was still off on his trip, Victor wanted to fuck one last time before Sharon got pregnant while her body was so nice.

    “But I've gone off the pill,” Sharon pleaded.

    “Just one or two days,” Victor said. “The pill is still taking effect. It takes a while to wear off.”

    Believing him, Sharon fucked Victor 'one last time' and they made it a good one, her cumming multiple times and Victor twice, each time inside her.

    Then it was over, the affair, and Sharon for a while was to be getting impregnated by her husband and she was to bear the family a child, hopefully a son.

    “'Oh fuck!'

    Sharon was several days into missing her period. Panicked and not knowing what to do, she said nothing to anyone. Her husband had just returned from his week long trip that had turned into a week and a half.

    Fredrick had not immediately jumped into bed with her since he had some reports to finish up. Sharon waited impatiently as she watched her husband hunched over his desk. There was no time to waste.

    “Fredrick? I've just finished my period," she lied, "and besides I've been missing that nice cock of yours, so are you ready to start on that baby now?” To entice her husband, Sharon was wearing her sexiest gown for him.

    “You bet baby," Fredrick said grinning as he stood up and revealed a hugely erect eight inches. "My report is finished and I've been saving up a huge load just for this night!”

    Fredrick started with a standing kiss and then guiding her onto the bed and putting her into the doggy, then he switched to the missionary so they could be kissing as he did his baby making shot. As Sharon groaned through a mighty orgasm, Fredrick dumped a huge load into her, but it had been too late.

    Sharon had successfully covered her tracks. This would be her secret, forever. Even a DNA test would not show the truth.

    In nine months she would deliver a son. But the beautiful child she delivered would be her husband's brother.

    “He looks just like his father,” Cynthia gushed as she held her daughter's baby in her arms.

    “Yes he does,” Sharon said smiling. “Just like his father.”

    “Have you and your husband decided on a name yet,” asked Cynthia?

    “We have. Fredrick and I discussed it and decided to name him after his grandfather.”

    “Oh. Victor will be so proud.”

    “Yes mother. Yes he will.”.
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