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Vault 33

Discussion in 'Stories in need of editors' started by MrBadEnd, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. MrBadEnd

    MrBadEnd Member Member

    August 14th 2259 - It was a day of both anticipation and fear. My class of six had just taken the G.O.A.T. and today we found out the result. Vault 33 was about to enter a breeding season, and all 6 of my classmates had their genetic material samples taken to see if we would be suitable for the Breeding Program. I hoped that I would be chosen. I'm 5'6", perfect size for a man living in the Vault. In my dreams, I'm paired up with Eve Fairlock, a beautiful 5'2" pale redhead with a curvy, childbearing body. Although the other girls in class are also lovely, I've had a crush on Eve my whole life.

    I saw Sue Harper, a petite blonde from my class. We chatted about our hopes for our future placement.
    "I'm just hoping for something fun, like managing inventory!" Sue said in between bites of Sugar Bombs.
    "I'm a natural for engineering. It's the most important job in the Vault, giving all of us the power we need to stay alive." I delivered my best impression of the Overseer.
    Sue laughed. "Oh Douglas, you're a laugh riot! I'm sure you'll be the next Vault comedian!"
    A deep voice interurupeted out light hearted conversation. "More like the Vault janitor."
    It was Kevin Buckner. Dark skinned, broad shouldered, Kevin was easily over 6 feet tall, and had trouble moving through some areas of the Vault, unlike me. No way he would get picked for any good jobs. Plus, major jerk.
    I tried my best to be polite. "Hey Kevin, I'm sure you'll end up as a Vault Guard. You're built for it."
    He smiled and nodded as he flexed his muscles. "Number one slugger on the Vault Baseball team."

    We finished our breakfast and went to class. Our teacher, Mr. Gibbs was waiting for us. He told us to all line up outside, and that we would be called in one at a time in no particular order.
    "The results of this G.O.A.T. are quiet sensitive, and I feel it best to deliver it one on one, to give further instructions for your new duties as fully grown members of Vault 33. I'm proud of each one of you, and I'm sure you will all go on to do your part."

    "Eve Fairlock."
    I couldn't help but watch as she walked into the room. She walked right past me, her jumpsuit clinging to her thighs, her hair falling in front of her green eyes. I knew she was nervous. I tried to speak.
    I managed to mutter out a clumsy"Uh... good luck!"
    Eve bit her lip. "Ummm thanks."
    And that was that.

    She emerged into the awkward silence after 10 minutes. She was beaming, all smiles.
    "I'm the newest jukebox technician!"
    I wanted to ask, but Kevin beat me to it.
    "Are you gonna get knocked up?" he said.
    Eve nodded. My heart almost exploded in my chest.

    "Amber Dyer"
    She was a dark haired girl, kept to herself, very quiet. She wasn't chosen for the breeding program, but she did get a pedicurist. An important job.

    "Sue Harper"
    She got up and she walked right up to me.
    "Wish me luck?" she was practically begging me. But I didn't realize.
    "What? Why?" I was shocked. I froze. She was devastated.
    "I just- Nevermind." Sue looked so sad as she walked into the room.
    Kevin laughed at me. "You fucked up, Doug."

    Sue didn't mentioned her results, and she didn't stick around to find out everyone else's. She just went home.

    "Darren Mcneil"
    He was a tan skinned guy, nice enough. We had a few problems a few years ago, but I figured we had moved past it. He was not chosen for the breeding program and he was assigned to the laundry room. He was pissed.

    "Kevin Buckner"
    He smiled wide as he slapped my leg. "Make or break tie Dougie."
    "I hope it works out for you."
    10 minutes later he emerged whooping and laughing. "Oh fuck yes. I'm not just in the Vault Guard, but I'm a Shift Supervisor. I could be on the fast track to be Overseer one day, Dougie."
    I was shocked. Him?

    "Douglas Daniels"
    I entered the classroom Mr. Gibbs had my files on a desk.
    "Please, sit."
    I did as he asked.
    "You have been granted a very rare opportunity. Feel proud, you will serve your Vault very well. You have been chosen to be the new Marriage Counselor. It will be your job to make sure the people that have been assigned to the breeding program, well, make sure they actually breed. Sadly, your own genes are not positively compatible. For your own good, you will be chemically sterilized. "

    That was when I feinted.
    When I came to, I was in the medical wing. My balls hurt, like the worst cramp on earth. My cock couldn't shrivel up any further into my pubic hair. I was sobbing when the Mr. Handy entered.
    "Greetings, Patient Daniels. Your surgery was mostly a success. You were rendered sterile, thanks to high doses of direct radiation. Your testicles do not produce sperm any longer."
    "Y-y-ou sa-said mostly..."
    The robot's eye clicked. "Ah yes. You are still able to get erections .Normally, marriage councilors of Vault 33 are castrated via saw, but the casualty rate for such a procedure was deemed to high a risk in your case. This had a 67% chance of survival of patient, compared to 34%"

    The robot left me alone for a few more hours, and eventually the cramps faded to a painful throbbing. When the Mr. Handy returned, it informed me to get dressed. I had my first assignment.

    I was taken to what would be my new office, overseeing the Breeding Wing. The com station at my desk was beeping, The Overseer herself wanted to talk to me!
    "Hello Over-" I tried to sound as happy as a I could despite the pain, but she cut me off. Her voice was sharp, direct.
    "Do not interrupt me, Councilor. Congratulations on your new position. As a green amateur, your first case work is going to be an easy one. The male knows what he needs from you. Make sure he gets it. The female must be inseminated and bred, no matter what it takes. Understand? Good."

    I looked over the file before I was to report to the room to aid in their breeding. The male's name was Rex Perkins, a name I knew. He was a vault legend. He was in charge of trading with the outside world and traveled to several different settlements. I wondered what lucky lady would be giving him a child. Sue Harper.

    I felt my cock swell, and the pain was immense. I hit my head on my desk convulsing from the pain, bloodying my nose. It took me too long to find a med kit to get a bandage. I was running behind. When I arrived on the scene, I realized that my tardiness would cost me.

    This room had the same lighting I had grown up around, but this whole area was just poorly maintained. It had a smell, a musk. The lights were dim, and flickered at times. Rex was much more intimidating in real life. The stories made him seem like a hero. He was anything but a hero.

    He was easily 6'5", a thick man, muscled but not small. He was freshly shaved, and nude, his body covered in scars. His cock was not erect, but the massive size of it took me by surprise. Petite blonde Sue was stripped naked, tossed over his shoulder as he fixed a metal collar to her neck.
    "You are late."
    I stuttered, frozen with fear.
    "Yes, sorry I"
    He punched me, hard, in the face."I don't give a shit."
    Sue screamed "NO! PLEASE!"

    He laughed as the door closed as he dragged me into the door. He shackled my leg to a post in the ground. Rex pulled up a chair and sat down in front of me as he dragged Sue at his feet with a chain leash. He flopped his dick in her face, his order clear. Hesitantly she began to lick and suck him.

    "So you are the new Vault Bitch Boy? Good to know. Doug, right? Sue's file said she had feelings for you. When she found out she was approved and you weren't she was very upset. Isn't that right, Sue?"
    She nodded as she bobbed her mouth on the tip of his massive black rod. She was crying, either from shame or the pain as he stretched out her mouth.

    "She's my bitch now. Unlike the other vault cucks, every woman assigned to me becomes my actual property. Sue here will be going with me out into the wasteland as a pack mule and fuck slave. This is your last good bye with her Douglas. So, enjoy it. I know I will."

    Rex laughed as he finished off a beer. He had Sue get on all fours facing me. She was spread, her tight pale body overshadowed by the great black warrior who mounted her. He set his cock down on her ass, reaching her lower back. I later found out from his file that Rex's cock is 14.5" long.
    "Say goodbye to Douglas, Sue."
    Rex pulled her blonde hair back so I could see her face. I realized in that moment that Sue had loved me, she always had. I was just to stupid to notice and was too hung up on Eve to care. Sue, the tight, lovely blonde Vaultgirl, had always had eyes for me.
    "Goodbye, Douglas"

    As Rex slid his cock inside her virgin pussy, I saw that look of longing drain from her eyes. Replaced was the fucking. The feeling of being overwhelmingly battered by a ruthless cock. Rex didn't just fuck Sue, he owned her. After the first ten minutes she wet from screaming and crying to begging and soaked in her cum. He abused her for another twenty agonizing minutes as my painful erection forced we to writhe in agony. Rex laughed at my plight.
    "Oh yeah, heard about the rad balls. Here, buddy, I'm not heartless. Let me fix your nasty blue balls. You can fuck little Sue in her tight little asshole. Just this once."

    He dragged Sue over to me, her pussy sore, her body a useless fuckdoll.
    "Ohh.... okay master rex... I'll let him fuck me."
    He smiled. "I know. But we gotta use protection."

    Rex slathered his dick in rad away, spread Sue's ass and very quickly, roughly, and thoroughly stole her anal cherry and broke her completely. She stopped using words, she just cried and thrust herself towards him when he tried to pull out. He ended up fucking her ass, blowing a huge load inside. He set her down in front of me, her ass leaking cum and radaway. he slapped my shoulder as he got himself another beer.

    My cock was only 6", and it hurt to get hard. Sue was a broken mess, but I still fucked her. I fucked her ass for as long as I could. Sue was a very willing participant, and when I blew whatever counted as my load in her ass, she cam. Rex was pissed. His heavy fists beat me unconscious. When I came to, Sue was hanging from a chain, bouncing on Rex's cock. There was a bucket full of cum and other fluids. I was forced to drink as much as I could. When it wasn't enough, Rex beat me again.

    I awoke in the infirmary three days later. Rex had left, out on a new assignment. He had taken Sue with him. I was informed my first mission was a recorded success.
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