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. Vals fantasy

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Dodger, Oct 25, 2017.

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  1. Dodger

    Dodger Member Author!

    Val’s Fantasy gone wrong.

    By [email protected]

    Ever since our last encounter Val has been in sexual overdrive and wanting to test her limits. I’ve blind folded her, tied her up, spanked her till my hands went numb, candle wax, you name it she’s feeling like she has no limits and I honestly don’t know if she has any either.

    Tuesday she asked me if she could call Ty and ask him to help her test out a fantasy of hers I didn’t have a problem with it so she gave him a call. Our kitchen had a bar setup separating the cooking area from where guests sit so she was sitting on a bar stool on speaker phone while I was making something for us to snack on.

    “Hey Ty, it’s Val do you have a minute?”

    “Sure what’s up there sexy?”

    “Uhm, since the last time we had an adventure I’ve been permanently horny and we’ve been playing around trying out fantasies and I was wondering if you could help me out with one?”

    “For your sexy ass, anything.”

    “I want to get raped.”

    I dropped the sandwich I had been making and looked at her stunned.

    “What?” Ty replied.

    “Well not really raped, role play with a safe word if I feel I can’t handle it, but for the most part I want to be right on the edge of control but still have a safety net. Last time when you guys went against the rules I set up it was such a turn on I don’t think I’ve ever been that horny or had such powerful orgasms as I did that night.”

    “I’m not really comfortable with that I had a girl in the past that claimed she had that fantasy and I ended up almost going to jail over that shit. I don’t think you’re anything like that bitch but I wouldn’t even think about it without some sort of contract saying under no uncertain terms that you want it and you’re consensual and just role playing a fantasy.”

    “No problem I can do that, you write up something you’re comfortable with and I’ll sign it when we all agree.”

    “You’re one crazy girl you know that Val? If you weren’t my boys girl I’d never even think of doing this, but you’re on. I’ll have something for you later on this evening. Think about what you want and we’ll talk tonight kind of get some ideas so this fantasy of yours is really what you want.”

    “Ok, thanks a bunch, I really want to test my limits and see how far I can take them. I think we both do because someone’s standing here with a raging hard on that I’m going to take care of right now, see ya tonight!”

    With that Val hung up the phone and came around into the kitchen pushed, me back against the counter dropped to her knees, pulled my dick out and started sucking. I was still wrapping my mind around her little fantasy announcement and within minutes decided this was going to be amazing to watch. I quickly pumped my load down her throat and she stood up and walked away to get her laptop and start writing down her ideas.

    Ty showed up around 7 that evening and had a folder containing the contract he’d typed up while at the office.

    Val had her checklist of things she wanted done to her.

    And I had dinner ready for all of us, what can I say I’m mostly a bystander on this one.

    Val was just wearing a little silk kimono with nothing on underneath and I knew she was going to go a round with Ty before the evening was through, Val and Ty knew it also.

    Ty laid out the paperwork that pretty much released him of any and all legal responsibility for sexual encounters with Val, I noticed Ty didn’t put anything about a date range he’d left it open ended. I wasn’t sure if it was intentional but considering he was now the clearly established third leg of our little love triangle it didn’t seem that out of place.

    Val and I were thinking of getting married soon and had talked about our relationship and nothing had changed about our feelings toward each other, if anything our experiences had brought us closer together and since at no time had she excluded me or tried to hide anything from me my needs were met and I felt no reason to change anything with our relationship.

    Val read through the document and signed right away. She gave Ty a hug and a kiss thanking him for helping out a girl in need.

    We ate dinner and blew through several bottles of wine before Ty finally asked about Val’s list.

    “Oh so first thing I have a safe word “Rubber ducky”, if I yell Rubber ducky three times that’s it I tap out and it stops.”

    “Ok that’s no problem.”

    “Second I don’t want it to happen here, I want home to be my safe place and if things get out of control I don’t want our house to be a place I’m scared to be.”

    “Again, no problem”

    “Third, I want to be grabbed from behind and blindfolded, then taken someplace away from where we meet so I don’t know where I am. That’s the first part of me being ‘out of control’.”

    “Ok keep going.”

    “I want to be roughed up a little, no punching me in the face maybe a slap but no split lip type crap. I want my as spanked hard, I want my hair pulled, I want cock shoved in every hole, verbally abused and called a whore.”

    “So what do you mean by roughed up exactly, this is where my ex lost her shit and went crazy?”

    “I want to be choked, maybe punched in the stomach so I get the wind knocked out of me, tied up, spanked really hard, definitely lots of hair pulling, maybe some biting no marks on my face that will give me away at work. I want to barely be able to walk when this is over. I want to be treated like one of those BBC Whores I read about on the Internet. Other than that whatever you want to do to me I’m game for.”

    “Ok, I think we’re relatively clear on that, no damage to that pretty face of yours, nothing that shows at work.”

    Ty got a far off look and I could tell he was thinking up a scenario, Val got up and let her kimono fall open displaying her luscious curves for us to see. She walked over to Ty and slid into his lap straddling him riding him grinding herself into his crotch. She was on fire thinking about this fantasy she laid out and was really in the mood. She reached down and slid Ty’s cock out and immediately placed it in her hot wet hole. Ty reached around behind her and grabbed a fist full of hair and yanked her head back. Val arched her back thrusting her breasts into Ty’s waiting mount. He bit down on her nipple then thrust deeply into her steaming cunt. Val started shivering, Ty pulled her back even farther and hauled off with his left hand and slapped her tit as hard as he could. Immediately Val whimpered and started quivering. Ty slapped breasts until their were hand prints clearing showing on her massive globes.

    Ty kept thrusting into Val and pulling her hair, he reached up and grabbed her nipple and gave them a savage pull twisting and pinching her perfect brown Hershey kiss nipples. When he mauled her nipples Val came clamping down on his cock, Ty grabbed her around the waist stood up kicking the chair back and flipped her around bending her over our dining room table. With a fist full of hair in his left hand he swung a might blow against her ass with his right hand leaving a giant hand print on her ass before he left go of her hair and grabbed her by the hips so he could slam his mammoth cock into her as hard as he could before dumping his abnormally large load in her sex.

    “I’ll see you sometime this weekend whore, don’t you dare wear underwear because when I come for you I don’t want anything to get in my way.”

    With that Ty tucked his cock back into his pants, looked at me and said “You good with this bro? If I push this girl to the limit I don’t want it fucking up our friendship.”

    “You know me man, I give her everything I’ve got and it’s never enough, I couldn’t be happier.”

    “You got it bro, when I come for her this weekend shit’s gonna get real.”

    Ty left and Val was still bent over the table legs quivering with a trail of semen starting to leak out of her cunt. I quickly planted my dick in her and fucked her as hard and fast as I could adding my cum to her honey pot in mere minutes.

    Ty called me the next day and asked how I felt about him forcing Val to get her nipples pierced, or maybe a tattoo. I told him I’ve aways found nipple rings hot as hell but she probably wouldn’t be too happy with a tattoo, but she had her safe word so if she truly wanted to stop it she could. He hung up without another word.

    I got a text “Bro, sit this one out I’ve got a guy helping me with this and we’re going to film the whole thing for you, we’ll make you your own personal porn video cockumentary style. Shit’s going to be cray”

    Val was jumping at shadows all evening on Friday as we left the house. Ty had called and left instructions for her to make sure she went to the salon and get waxed, she was to wear her work clothes which consisted of a blazer, satin white shirt (per earlier instructions no bra), and a knee length skirt (again no panties per earlier instructions), and high heels. She was to drive her car to the park around the corner after it closed at 10pm there was a corner of the parking lot that conveniently had the light out. At 1045pm Val was ordered to pop the hood of her car and act like she was trying to figure out why it wouldn’t start.

    I kissed Val and told her “You got this, go push those boundaries!”

    Val hopped in her car and drove to the park, when she got there there was a van in the parking lot but no other cars, she drove to the darkened corner and followed Ty’s instructions. After about 5 minutes of her looking at suddenly rough hands grabbed her from behind one hand choking her as the other threw a blindfold on her then a hood was thrown over her head also.

    “You white bitches always flaunting your shit, we’re going to show you how a white bitch is supposed to act. It’s time for payback for every nigger you ever thought you were better than you stuck up bitch.” Immediately Val started to panic, this wasn’t Ty’s voice! Val heard an electrical crackling sound then something pressed against her lower back and every nerve in her body lit on fire.

    The man threw her over his shoulder and took her to the van, the door was opened and Val was tossed onto a soft mattress and the doors slammed.

    The van drove for a while and soon Val lost all sense of time, she lay in the back of the van listening to two men talking about this “fine white bitch they found and how they were going to fuck that shit up”. Val was pretty sure Ty was one of the voices but the hood they threw on her muffled everything so she couldn’t be sure.

    Eventually the van stopped and Val heard the doors open, she was dragged from the vehicle and she screamed “No please, let me go! I never thought I was better than black people, I just want to go home! I’m sorry people treat you bad, but that’s not me! Please let me go!”

    Out of nowhere a fist smacked Val right in the solar plexus and knocked the wind out of her. He blazer was ripped from her and she immediately felt colder causing her nipples to harden. Val’s pussy was literally dripping at this point her arousal at not knowing what was going on or who was doing this to her was fitting the bill for her fantasy to a T. The adrenaline coursing through her right now was causing her heart to pound so hard she could hear her own heartbeat.

    “Shut up bitch, doesn’t matter what you said or didn't say, white bitches owe us, every black man in US history has had to put up with shit white people do controlling our lives since the days of slavery. Today you pay a bit of that back.”

    Val was dragged down a hallway and thrown in a chair, it felt like the examiners chair at her doctors office, her legs were put into stirrups and strapped down, then her wrists were tied down to the armrests. She could see a bright light was pointed at her but nothing else, her blouse was unbuttoned exposing her breasts to the room and rough hands pawed at them. Her nipples were tugged and pulled then she felt an ice cube rubbed on her nipple. When her nipple as hard as a rock she felt some sort of a clamp bite down on her nipple. Val whimpered at the feeling and suddenly a loud clack and her nipple lit on fire! Val screamed at the sudden pain and thrashed against the bonds strapping her to the chair. Whatever the mystery hands did to her the repeated on her other nipple.

    “Them’s some fine ass titties you brought to me man, fine damn titties. Now that they got rings in em they even better!”

    Oh my god! Val thought, they just pierced my nipples! Val’s legs began to quiver and she had an orgasm right there on the examining chair.

    “He said this bitch is crazy, she just came from that shit!” the voice said.

    Vals heard a clattering sound and her legs were forced apart, causing her skirt to ride up and exposing her cleanly waxed labia to the room. Val tried to bring her legs back together but the chairs stirrups wouldn’t budge.

    Not knowing what was next Val simply lay there panting on the verge of hyperventilating.

    “What you think man? Tatoo this shit or you want more jewlery?”

    “Why not both” said another voice.

    Val felt cold metal against the hood of her clit causing it to harden and she heard the electrical crackle of the taser again before she felt something pressed against the inside of her thigh.

    “Ok bitch you get a choice, its either through the hood, or rings on them juicy lips. What’s it gonna be?”

    “No please! You can’t do this to me! I’m not a bad person! Please please just let me go!”

    “Wrong answer I’m going to bring some pimp ass bling to that pussy.”

    Val felt the taser shock her again and she went limp as she passed out, when she woke her pussy was on fire. Her clit was burning and her labia felt like she had weights attached to them.

    Val heard a buzzing sound and something pinched the inside of her ankle. It burned also but nowhere near as bad as her nipples and vagina.

    The buzzing went on for another 10 minutes before the voice proclaimed “All done, bitch’s been tagged with a fine ass spade if I do say so myself.”

    Val could hear more than one person moving around the room until she heard one of the men say “I’m getting the best fucking video of this shit, going to be the best documtary shit I’ve ever made. Going to call this shit “Reparations”. To which Val now heard at least three different laughs.

    Suddenly a cock was shoved into her and the man pumped away hard and fast.

    “Yeah boy, hit that shit, remember this bitch asked for it. Shouldn’t have been in our park strutting that stuck up ass around like she owned the place. Teach that shit a lesson and take back what these white whores owe you!”

    The man hammered into her causing her breasts to bounce and the rings to shift, the feeling was unlike anything Val had ever experienced and it triggered her second orgasm of the night. Her pulsing pussy set the man using her off and he whipped his cock out and shot a rope of cum from her pussy straight up to her cleavage, the second shot landed right next to the first and a final thick fat rope painted her swollen clit.

    Someone produced a towel and whipped the cum off Val’s chest and pussy. Then the hood was pulled from her head but she still couldn’t see because of the blindfold. The back of the chair was laid back and her head hung over the back of the chair.

    A new cock was brought to her lips and she was ordered to open. Val complied and the cock slid into her mouth. This one didn’t seem as big as the last one but it was pretty long. Before long it was buried to the hilt down her throat and a voice proclaimed “That’s 8 inches of payback right there!” The man began to thrust in and out while pawing at her breasts.

    While her new man was taking her by the throat she felt the head of another cock at the entrance to her cunt spreading her lips slowly stretching them. This was by far the largest cock of the night. He teased her popping the head in then pulling it out, as he did so it caused the new rings piercing her labia to jiggle which was a very strange sensation.

    The man fucking her throat removed his cock at the same time the man toying with her pussy did and she heard the now familiar sound of the taser crackling. She tightened up and pleaded “No Please not again! Not that thing! I swear I’ll be good”

    ZAP the taser fired off against her clit! Val screamed in pain as her muscles contracted. Her body was suffering involuntary contractions legs and arms quivering when all at once both men slammed their cocks back into her with a vengeance.

    “Fuck that bitch! Hell yeah Reparations you fucking white whore!” one of the voices yelled.

    All three men started chanting Reparations.

    The fucking continued, the man pounding her cunt slamming his mammoth cock to the root in her pussy slamming against her cervix with each thrust, then pulling out all the way and slamming home again and again. It hurt feeling the head of his cock pounding her cervix but with the pain of her new piercings and being tased multiple times she was borderline delirious.

    The cock in her mouth surged forward and embedded itself down her throat as she felt it swelling.

    “Take my nut you racist white whore, for Kunta Kinte!” as pulse after pulse of scalding hot cum rained down her throat.

    “That’s some funny shit nigga, for Kunta Kinte god dam wish I thought of that” someone said.

    The rigid cock in the throat continued sending streams of cum directly into her stomach, five, six, seven pulses each as thick as the last. He grabbed her nipple rings and twisted them savagely while still rooting his cock down her throat. Val attempted to scream but couldn’t with the cock buried in her throat. Finally the cock started to soften and was removed from her throat. She gasped for air and sobbed as she had another orgasm. Her shuddering breath coming in gasps as the massive phallus continued to hammer against the walls of her cervix.

    Reduced to a quivering mass Val didn’t even notice movement near her head until another cock was shoved down her throat. This man wasn't as long as the last but was definitely thicker. He only pumped against the back of her throat and wasn’t making progress in his attempt to get her to deep throat him as his partner had just done. Val was choking and gagging causing her breasts to heave and the rings to stimulate her nipples again.

    “Look at them titteys, damn looking good with them gold rings, fucking white whores shouldn’t be covering that shit up, it’s a fucking insult to brothers everywhere. Woman you best learn this lesson, you owe every black man in the world for what your people did to us, you fucking piece of shit racist cunt!”

    He slapped her breasts the roughly grabbed them squeezing them as hard as he could her nipples sticking towards the ceiling rings pointing straight out of her rock hard nipples as he slammed his cock down her throat. Val couldn’t take his fat cock and heaved letting out a snort as he relentlessly tried to shove his cock down her throat.

    “Fuck you bitch, I wanted to feed my seed right into your belly but your fucking worthless just take my nut.” With that he began pumping his cum into Vals mouth as he kept trying to shove is cock as far as it would go. Val surged again and gagged as the thick nut flooded her mouth. Cum sprayed out the sides of her lips as she tried to swallow but there was so much she couldn’t keep it down. Again he crushed her breasts in his vice like grip and Val snorted again. As Val heaved cum came out through her sinuses and poured under her blindfold and into her eyes burning her.

    “Hell yeah! Angry Dragon bitch, get this shit on video man, whore has my nut coming out her nose!”

    The cock was removed from her throat and Val was gasping for air. Crack the taser was fired off again this time directly to her left nipple, Val went rigid and just as her body started to relax Crack her right nipple got lit up by the taser. Her whole body locked up stiff as the cock buried in her cunt finally let loose a torrent of seed. As Val came to the sensation of the cock hammering her insides and the repeated tasings caused her to convulse, she turned her head to the side and began to heave. Suddenly the loads of cum that she had swallowed came bursting fourth and she vomited a pint of semen onto the floor.

    The hard cock in her cunt continued to pound away even having just cum it began to fire off in her again. Flooding her gaping hole foaming out the sides of our tortured pussy and puddling on the floor below her. The man fucking her ripped his cock from her and a flood of semen rained out of her cunt.

    “Damn that pussy’s wrecked, get some video of this shit”.

    Val could feel the breath of the camera man on her thighs as he zoomed in with his camera filming every inch of her cum soaked body.

    Without another word the men packed up and left, leaving Val tied to the examination chair.

    I got a text from Ty with the address of a warehouse in an industrial district and he said the back door was unlocked and I could find Val there but I probably want to put a towel in the passenger seat of my car because she’s a fucking mess. He’ll have the video present for me in about a week.

    I got to the warehouse and found a large open room with a spotlight on the ceiling illuminating Val tied to a medical exam chair passed out, semen still oozing from her gaping vagina and dried cum all over her face and neck. There were bruises all over her breasts in the shape of fingers, her nipples, clit and labia were pierced with gold rings with little beads on them and she had a black spade the size of a quarter tattooed on the inside of her left ankle. There’s no way she’ll be hiding that at work unless she’s wearing slacks or an ankle length dress. Ty and his friends well and truly marked their territory this time.

    I woke her up and untied her, she sobbed as I helped her off the chair and held her up to stand. I took the blindfold off her and she squinted against the bright lights.

    “Are you ok?” I asked.

    She blinked a few times and her legs gave out, I threw her arm around my shoulder and swept her up in a bridal carry, as her legs bent a burst of cum shot out of her cunt and ran down the legs of my pants. She looked so dazed and confused but just smiled at me.

    “So dick drunk, my god I feel numb that was everything I dreamed it would be, tell me you still love me even if I’m a marked whore.”

    “I love you babe, you’re my whore forever nothing will ever change that.”

    She nestled her cum crusted face against my shoulder and I walked out to the car and placed her in the passenger seat. When we got home she stayed in the shower until the hot water heater gave out then went right to bed, well and truly fucked out.

    As always feedback/suggestions are always appreciated and help me to craft better stories in the future. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it.
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