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. Valerie Used

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by errolflynn, Dec 2, 2016.

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  1. errolflynn

    errolflynn Member Author!

    My wife Valerie has always been up for a dare or a challenge. Valerie is 26 years old, slim and is quite pretty. She has small 34B tits, great legs and a very pronounced pussy. Even when she wears Levis her camel toe is very obvious. The fact she never wears panties probably helps too. Valerie is not the least phased by the stares her crotch gets from men and women. When Val wears her Wicked Weasel bikini on the beach it always causes a commotion. We both enjoy reading the stories in Darkwanderer and watching videos on the 'net. One video that caught our attention was about a guy who leaves his girlfriend/wife tied up in a voyeur area to be used by strangers. Already knowing my wife's response I challenged her to allow me to do the same. Valerie accepted the dare and we did it two weeks later.

    I found a park not too far from our house that I knew was a bit of a lover's lane and dogging area. I wanted to be reasonable distance from home so as to allay Val's fears but not too far. I liked the idea that one of our friends or neighbors might stumble across her. A couple of my friends have already fucked her so another one or a neighbor using her seemed like a good idea. We did it on a weekday to lessen the chance of a family or young kids finding her in a very compromising position.

    Val keeps her pussy shaved, her bikinis are to small for any hair, and has a great tan. The only white on her body is a triangle on each of her tits and and a little V covering her pussy lips. The patches of white tend to highlight her small tits and big lipped cunt. When we got to the park we walked around for 40 minutes looking for the best spot. We found a spot that was well shielded from the car park and the highly frequented areas. There was only about twenty other people in the park. Several couples were enjoying the sun near the small lake and 6 older teenagers were playing ball near the amenities block. The rest were single guys catching some rays or reading books. Every person in the park stopped to look at my beautiful English wife as she walked past in her impossibly short sundress. The young guys wolf whistled and made some sexist remarks. Valerie enjoys all of that.

    The spot we chose was about 400 yards from the amenities block and was shady enough to allow Val to be left tied for some time. The young ballplayers watched us walk up into the secluded area we had chosen. Two of the older guys also seemed intent on watching us. I'm sure they all thought I was going to fuck my beautiful wife behind the bushes. As soon as were were out of sight Val removed her dress and helped unpack the blanket, ropes, tent pegs, blindfold and handcuffs from her beach bag. We spread the large blanket on the soft grass behind a small tree. I had sprayed some insect repellent on the underside of the blanket in the hope it would stop ants attacking my wife before she was used by strangers. It did. With Val's head close to the trunk of the tree I drove the tent pegs into the ground either side of the blanket near her feet. I spread my wife's legs and tied them carefully to the pegs. Valerie's legs were spread as far as they could comfortably go. The ropes were very soft and I knew they would cause a minimum of chaffing. Valerie's pink outer and inner labia spread like a beautiful rose. I gently cuffed my wife's hands around the small trunk of the tree. Val looked absolutely beautiful spreadeagled naked on the blanket. Before applying the blindfold I asked Valerie if she was sure she wanted to go through with the dare. She assured me she was.

    Before I left I took six disposable cameras out of my backpack and placed them between Val's spread legs. I also used a black marker pen to write SLUT above her tits and FUCK ME on her belly. Val was more than OK about the writing but the cameras were my idea. I kissed my wife and after checking her dripping pussy, I slowly walked down the hill to the amenities block. I watched one of the single guys start to walk towards the bushes that hid my wife. I asked one of the ballplayers where I could get a couple of coffees and he told me there was a food truck on the far side of the park. All six young ballplayers headed towards Val as soon as I started for the distant truck. I had told Val I would be gone for about 40 minutes but I knew I would be gone for over an hour. I slowly walked towards the food truck knowing at least six guys were now using and photographing my wife. The truck was a good twenty minute walk and I sat and enjoyed my coffee while thinking of Val being fucked and ravished by strangers. After I finished my coffee I ordered and extra hot latte for my wife. It had been 45 minutes since I left Valerie handcuffed to the tree and it would be at least 20 minutes before I got back. All the way back my mind was racing with thoughts as to what was happening to my wife.

    When I was passed the amenities block I noticed the ballplayers were all standing around laughing and giving each other high fives. They also made a point of yelling out their thanks. I ignored them but noticed 3 of the disposable cameras on their sports bags. I continued up the slope towards where I had left my wife. Several men were standing just to the side of the bush that hid Valerie from view. When they noticed me coming they headed off in the opposite direction. By the time I reached my wife I could see there was six men walking away not three. I rounded the bush and saw my wife. A young man of about 18 was still fucking her and Valerie seemed to be nearing orgasm. I stood back and let the young man add his cum to my wife's hole. When he stood to leave I realized he was fucking Val in the ass.

    Valerie's blindfold was gone and her face was covered in cum. She had cum matting her hair and the writing on her tits and belly was illegible from the sweat and friction of her lovers. All the cameras were gone as was her dress! Valerie smiled at me and mouthed the words, Thank you. Her legs had already been untied, obviously for easier access to her ass, and I released her hands from the cuffs. Apart from some minor chaffing on her wrists Valerie was unharmed.

    Valerie told me that the first man arrived within about 10 minutes of my leaving. She said she could hear the disposable camera as he took photos of her. Val said he fucked her hard and was starting to get really rough when she heard the voices of the young ballplayers. They told the guy to leave some for them and Valerie said the young guys fucked her one after the other. Because of their staying power the young guys fucked her over and over again. They, she said, after untying her legs, used all her holes and she could hear them laughing at her and taking photos. Valerie said they were calling me a loser for leaving her there. My wife said she told them it was her idea and she wanted more men to fuck her. One of the young men removed her blindfold so they could take clear photos of her face. After the young men finished using her they wandered off calling her a SLUT and a WHORE. Valerie said that more men started to arrive and only left when they saw I was coming back. I asked my wife how many men had used her body and she said it was 14 or 15. The most worrying thing for her was that one of the men called her Valerie. She said she didn't recognize any of the men but that one obviously recognized her. Valerie said she was annoyed when she saw the disposable cameras but thought it added to the thrill. We had to wait till dusk to leave as Valerie dress was someone's souvenir. My tee shirt barely covered her ass and cunt and we didn't want to be arrested after such a great day.

    So far none of Val's photos have turned up on the 'net. None that we can find anyway. I'm sure the young guys are bragging about the MILF they gangbanged in the park. And they have photos to prove it! The guy that used Valerie's name hasn't made himself known either. Valerie finds it quite exciting wondering who her anonymous lover is. Will he use the photos to fuck her again? I hope so.
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