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. Val meets Dr. Kimbo

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Dodger, Apr 9, 2019.

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  1. Dodger

    Dodger Member Author!

    Val meets Dr. Kimbo owner of 13th Amendment studios by [email protected]

    Things had been progressing well for us. I had secured a significant promotion at work. Val was still working at the library and she received her check from 13th Amendment. Apparently the audition video broke a studio record for new hires and the feedback they got online caused the producers to call her back and invite her to a party to meet the owners of the company and a few of the higher tier actors they employ.

    I was working quite a bit more due to my promotion so I asked Ty if he could accompany Val to the party in my stead, which he instantly agreed to.

    The morning of the party a package arrived for Val from the studio with her outfit for the night. They went with a classic “hot for teacher” outfit of a black lace garter belt with fishnet stockings and matching shelf bra, white satin blouse, a short black pencil skirt that ended just past the clasps of her garter belt, and modest 5 inch stiletto heels. I immediately noticed the lack of underwear and smiled to myself.

    Val loves to be the center of attention and has roughly the same outfit she’s worn to work from time to time to tease the boys that come into the library at her school. She comes home horny as hell after teasing the young men of the athletics department who have mandatory study sessions at the library when they get put on academic warning. So I was assured this would be running through her mind the whole day.

    Ty picked Val up around 8 and headed to the address provided. When they arrived it was a gated residence in the hills and they were quickly admitted and shown where to park. Upon entering they were immediately greeted by the director from her audition Mr. Jackson. Val introduced Ty to Jackson and explained that he was her chaperon for the evening.

    Mr. Jackson just smiled and said “Does your fiance know a strapping young black man is escorting his wife out tonight?”

    Val laughed “Ty and hubby have been best friends since high school, and we’ve fucked on camera for hubby as well. In fact Ty’s the one that really introduced me to big dicks in the first place, you could say he was my gateway BBC.”

    Mr. Jackson laughed and slapped Ty on the shoulder “Well done nephew, another white girl for the cause. You ever consider working in the business, you’ve obviously got the body for it. And if Val says you’re big after what I saw her take during her interview we could do business together if you’re interested.”

    Ty just shrugged “Not sure, I own my own gym but money is money lets talk later”.

    Mr. Jackson lead us through the house to the back patio that was on the edge of a huge swimming pool with grottos just like the Playboy Mansion. A yard that looked like a golf course lined with 10 foot tall walls.

    “The owner of 13th Amendment is quite the voyeur and loves when we shoot here, he’s always around watching women getting owned by hung black men. I must warn you he has certain views towards white people and I don’t want you to be scared. He’s all bluster and does it to humor himself, please just play along and allow an elderly man his humors.” Mr. Jackson explained that he wanted to meet Val and thank her for joining the company, as well as introductions to several of the men he’d like her to work with as soon as possible.

    Ty and Val were lead to a gazebo where an elderly black gentleman was relaxing with a cigar and a glass of brandy. As they walked up he got to his feet and waved them over.

    “Dr. Kimbo I’d like to introduce you to our current leader of the popularity vote on your site, Valerie. Valerie this is Dr. Kimbo owner of 13th Amendment studios.”

    Dr. Kimbo gazed upon Val with a warm grandfatherly smile.

    “So you’re the new white woman offering herself as restitution for the wrongs done to our people by the white race? Very nice, very nice indeed. It’ll be a pleasure some day to see you bread with a black baby suckling at those beautiful tits.”

    Dr. Kimbo then turned to Ty reaching out his hand to shake and said “And whom do we have here, I don’t think I’ve seen you at the studio before.”

    “My name is Ty, sir. At my friend’s request I’m escorting his fiance to your beautiful home this evening.”

    “A charmer, manners my boy make a gentlemen and I commend you on being respectful. Had our people been treated with a modicum of respect in the past we wouldn’t have such a heavy burden to carry to this day. Tell me have you been doing your part in seeding this white whore?”

    Ty was a little off guard by the direct question and fumbled for a moment “I have had sex with her, yes.”

    Dr. Kimbo scowled “You’ll have to do better than sex, your mission as a black man is to make sure this woman has black baby. Your job is to fuck her as often as you can and as hard as you can, never forget the pain and suffering her kind brought to our people. She is breeding stock nothing more.”

    Val looked at Mr. Jackson who just winked at her and mouthed “play along”.

    “He’s definitely tried sir, the first time we fucked Ty made my husband watch while he made me swallow his seed, then he proceeded to pump me full of two loads of cum before he was done with me. I could barely walk after what Ty did to me.” Val said as she stood demurely next to Ty.

    “Good, then it is as it should be. I’d like for some of my men to meet you before I see how well you service a black man. Mr. Jackson if you please will you summon the men.”

    Dr. Kimbo sat back down and motioned for Ty to join him, they spoke while Mr. Jackson left to speak with several other men at the party.

    Val moved to take a seat but Dr. Kimbo stopped her.

    “You’ll sit when you’re told to woman.”

    Shortly Mr. Jackson returned with four other men all of which looked quite thuggish. Two were carrying a padded bench which they placed in front of Dr. Kimbo before taking their seats.

    “Disrobe now woman, and let the men see our latest conquest.”

    Val slowly unbuttoned her blouse leaving it tucked into her skirt but fully unbuttoned She swayed her hips and slowly turned in a circle as she reached behind herself to unzip her skirt. As she eased her skirt to the floor she kept her legs straight with her back to Dr. Kimbo ensuring he saw her ass and as she reached the floor the lips of her flower. As she stood back up she turned and shrugged the satin blouse off her shoulders exposing her hard nipples with small gold rings to Dr. Kimbo and the men.

    “Excellent find Mr. Jackson. She’s quite beautiful, those breasts are delicious.”

    “Now tell me woman, what is your duty to the black man?” Dr. Kimbo asked as if testing Val.

    “To be bread by a black man?” Val said unsure of the correct answer.


    “Uhm, restitution for the way whites treated slaves?” Val answered.

    “Correct, you learn quickly. Who do you wish to make restitution to first?”

    Val looked around at the men gathered unsure what to say.

    “You sir?”

    “No you stupid whore, I’m simply here to observe.”

    “Then can I service Ty, since he was nice enough to bring me this evening?”

    Dr. Kimbo looked to Ty “Are you ready to do your duty young man?”

    Ty shrugged “I’m always down for a piece of Val, every chance I get.”

    With Ty stood and began disrobing. Val came over and knealt before him and took his cock into her mouth quickly sucking him hard. She fingered herself while taking Ty’s entire cock down her throat. Ty grabbed the back of her head and began to fuck her face. Val’s drool pooled out her lips and down her face oozing cabled of saliva onto her breasts. Her pussy was dripping wet and her lips swelling and spreading as she furiously fingered herself.

    “Mr. Jackson if you please, I believe she’s ready for the bench.”

    With that the padded bench was brought over directly infront of Dr. Kimbo , Val was pushed over and her hands secured to cuffs forcing her to remain bent over and exposed. A blindfold was tied over her eyes completing the setup.

    “Now son, for the pain and suffering of the black race, by no means should you hold back. Take your pound of flesh from this whore. Make me proud” Dr. Kimbo ordered Ty.

    Ty got into position and eased the head of his massive cock into the folds of Val’s box. Slowly he pushed farther into her.

    “No, damn it! Not like that, remember any time you’ve been mistreated by society. Any slight, any time you have been passed on for an opportunity, any time you’ve been harassed for no reason other than the color of your skin. Feel that rage and let this whore suffer for how you’ve been treated.”

    “Do it, fuck me! Use me, that pussy owes black men restitution!”

    With that Ty slammed his cock to the base and held it deep in Val’s. She let out a grunt as his cock slammed into her cervix stretching her walls to their limit.

    Val let out a growl “Again, do it again!”

    Ty pulled out all the way grabbing Val by the hips and aiming his massive rod before slamming forward as hard as he could. The cheeks of Val’s ass rippled from the impact. Her breasts swinging in mid air. The bench let out a screech as it moved forward a little.

    “More, fuck me. Take what I owe you! Give me that black dick!”

    Ty once again ripped his cock from Val’s cunt and spit on himself for extra lube, slapped Val’s ass as hard as he could causing her to cry out. And once again slammed all 14 inches balls deep, forcing a loud queef as the air that had gathered in Val’s cunt from the previous thrusts escaped around his cock.

    “Excellent, that is the way white cunts should be treated. You do your people proud now breed her for the glory of the black man!” Dr. Kimbo cackled.

    Ty began thrusting as hard and fast as he could for almost 10 minutes straight Ty pounded Val.

    Ass rippling and tits swinging Val couldn’t do anything but take the beating Ty was laying down. She sobbed as she rode an almost continuous orgasm knowing that 6 men were watching her get taken was just the ultimate turn on for her exhibitionist nature. The role playing of paying back black men was new to her and she was really getting into it as Ty hammered away at her insides.

    “Oh my god it hurts so good, it feels like you’re going to break my walls.”

    All around the men had taken their pants of and were all stroking big black cocks watching Val being used for the enjoyment of Dr. Kimbo.

    Ty felt his balls tightening and grabbed a fist full of Val’s hair.

    “Take it bitch, take my nut in that white whore cunt of yours!”

    With that Ty planted himself as deep as he could and shot stream after stream of black seed into Val’s abused cunt.

    “I can feel it! Give me your seed, I need it all.” gasping Val’s legs began to quiver as an overpowering orgasm hit her. From her hair to the tips of her toes it felt as if her body was hit by lighting.

    Ty began rapidly fucking Val again, never losing his erection. With a fist full of hair he reached with his other hand around her throat and began choking her, knowing this really got Val off he knew it would be a great show of power for Dr. Kimbo to enjoy.

    “Fucking white whore, take that black dick!” Ty demanded as Dr. Kimbo raised a fist in approval.

    “Yes breed the whore, this one is special I can see that now.”

    Val screamed “I’m yours, that pussy belongs to black dick!”

    “I love black dick!”

    “I’m a whore for black dick!”

    “This pussy owes black men restitution!”

    Ty tensed up a second time firing off a second load deep into Val’s cunt before he let go of her hair and pulled himself from her now gaping hole.

    What Ty hadn’t expected was the moment he vacated Val’s cunt Dr. Kimbo snapped his fingers and the four thugs that had been watching all lined up and took their turns on Val as well. One after another they all planted loads of black cum into the helpless white whore restrained on the breeding bench.

    Much to Dr. Kimbo’s delight Val continued her dialogue about how she was a whore for BBC and that she was doing her part to pay them back.

    Somewhere around the third man Val had passed out. As the last man finished they all gathered their clothes and left.

    Dr. Kimbo stood and walked around to look at the job the men had done.

    Val’s cunt gaped open, a pool of cum visible inside as well as a torrent running down her legs, a small puddle on the ground between her spread legs.

    “This is how a white whore is to be treated. It brings joy to my heart to see a small bit of the injustice reaped upon our people paid back.”

    “Young man, I’m impressed by your vigor and willingness to entertain an old man’s whims. Thank you for doing your part.”

    “The pleasure’s all mine sir, it felt good to let loose. And believe me I’ll continue to do my part in keeping her full of black cum as often as I can.”

    “Good, good. Now it’s getting late, take this whore back to her fiancee. Make sure he knows she’s full of the cum of many black men that she serviced this evening. If he doesn’t like it that’s just tough because we own this pussy it’s ours by right.”

    “I don’t think that will be a problem sir, he’s a good man and does his part in support of the black community. Offering his woman to us is right up his alley.”

    With that Mr. Jackson helped untie Val and helped wake her up. She dressed and escorted back to the car. While walking through the house cum ran down her legs with every step.

    “Holy shit, how many people fucked me it feels like there’s a gallon of cum in me.”

    “Well I fucked you twice, and the four guys who were watching all jumped on you before I could say anything. I hope you don’t mind you seemed to be really into it. And since they all work for your agency I assume they’re clean. Way too late to talk about condoms I guess?”

    “You think? I was into the role playing and I was pretty sure I was at least fucking you tonight but I had no idea I’d be gang banged in front of an old man just so he could watch. That’s going to take a while for me to wrap my head around.”

    “Yeah, you definitely took one for the team tonight. I’m just glad I drove your car tonight you’re a goddamned mess and I don’t want my car smelling like five guys came in it. At least you’ll have a reminder of tonight, provided nobody got you pregnant.” Ty laughed.

    “Oh shit, I totally wasn’t thinking about that. I’ve been on the pill for so long when we fuck it doesn’t even enter my mind. But I’ve been off the pill as a special present on our honeymoon in two weeks. I think I’m good but there’s a small chance. Holy crap what if I actually got knocked up?”

    “Well it’s going to eventually happen if you keep letting guys cum in you, that’s how it works you know.” Ty taunted her.

    “Damn it Ty, I’m serious I could end up preggers. And its’ not like you black guys ever even fucking listen when I say you need to wear a condom anyway.”

    “True, you know how it is, just doesn’t feel the same. You got that pussy that just begs to be pumped full.”

    Ty opened the passenger door and Val tried to adjust her skirt so she wouldn’t put a wetspot on the seat but there was no way. As she sat down she actually made a squishing sound.

    “Damn you really are a nasty piece of work Val.”

    “Just get me home Ty, I’m too tired to give a shit right now. I just want a shower and sleep.”

    I heard the garage door open and met Ty and Val. As I opened the door for Val to get out of the car I held it open as she turned and spread her legs to step out I could see she was a total mess and looked over to Ty who just shrugged.

    “You know how she is bro, girl’s down for anything. This old dude who owns the studio she works for made me fuck her in front of his guys, then she ran a train on them. You’re going to need to shampoo the seat she’s absolutely full of cum right now.”

    As Val stood and gave me a hug she just said “I need a shower. I’ll tell you about it later.”

    I guess this is my new life, we went from encouraging her to have sex with Ty to her turning into a total whore, but at least she’s my whore.

    As always thank you for taking the time to read my stories. Please feel free to provide feedback as that's the only way for me to improve as a writer.
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