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. Two Policemen Get Their Way

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Sep 1, 2016.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Two Policemen Get Their Way

    by Tony and EroticWriter


    Formerly titled Cop Stop in Vermont and written by a friend from England named Tony and modified, with new people added, such as two men met in a bar, and lengthened and enhanced by EroticWriter with consent.

    I have Americanized things such as using dollars instead of pounds, and inches instead of centimeters. Of course, as we all know, every sex story has to mention inches.

    Tony has a lovely wife who is supposedly still innocent, and this story constitutes one of his fantasies about her. I do not know if his wife is actually named Kim, but he seems to use that name in his storys the most.

    (Tony, if I ever make it to England, I want to meet your wife.)

    This is the second rewrite. Last time I rewrote this, Tony really liked my changes, except for one thing. When he writes about his wife, the men who get her, like her boss, (see story titled Kim's Boss Finally Has Her) they never have a larger cock then he has. When I change his stories, and I have done three, Tony knows that at last his wife is being had by a big one.

    Last year my friend Carole won a week's holiday at a plush health resort in the USA, in Vermont. Not surprisingly Carole's husband didn't fancy a week of manicures and spa treatments, so she invited me instead.

    Tony, my husband said I deserved a break and as he was happy I had said yes he even paid for my plane tickets instead of allowing Carole to do it. Tony is so sweet and it is no wonder I have never looked at other men. When you have the best, why stray?

    For two women in their late thirties it was to be a wonderful week of relaxation and pampering. We stayed in a luxury log cabin in the Vermont hills and they provided a rental car which we used to drive the 3 miles each day to the spa building.

    The cabin was superb though it was meant for a couple so Carole and I had to share a king-sized bed. We tried to switch to one with twin beds, but nothing was available and anyway it was no big deal.

    It was strange, after so many years of being married to Tony, to be sleeping in a bed next to a woman. I normally sleep in the nude with my husband but for now I was using a slip with nothing under.

    Sharing a bath with a woman I must say was different too. We quickly found we needed to find space on the bathroom counter for all the items two women need to keep themselves looking lovely.

    Carole had come more prepared and was wearing a negligee around the cabin. I will have to say that Carole, like me, has a really nice figure.

    On the last night but one we went to a local restaurant and bar combined that had been recommended to us. We had a lovely meal with a couple of bottles of wine and then stayed on in the cozy bar and had a few more glasses of wine.

    Two guys came on to us and I wondered where they had come from since this resort area was mostly for women. When I asked they said they were maintenance men for our resort part time and worked for the power company full time.

    We laughingly told them we were married but were willing to dance, only. Wow. I had danced with men before, but as my man's arms went around me and he gently pulled me in close, I quickly realized that this was different.

    During the first two songs they learned that we were away from our husbands for the week. Encouraged by what they thought were ‘prospects,’ the being married bit didn’t seem to put them off much.

    We were older, married (and therefore supposedly experienced) women. The playing the innocent virgin bit no longer applied to us. Besides that, we were two women far away from home, and our husbands.

    Matter of fact, I think the fact that we were married encouraged or maybe challenged them to try harder. Carole and I picked up on what was happening and we decided to accept the challenge.

    “I'm Kim and my girlfriend's name is Carole. And you are....?”

    Their names don't matter here.

    Since Carole and I were enjoying the dancing, we welcomed them when they asked to join us at our table. I don't know what Carole and I had been thinking, we had an image of them sitting across from us I guess, and all of a sudden we found ourselves sitting next to men who were close, very close. So close that their thighs were against ours.

    Thank goodness we were all wearing clothes.

    I, or maybe we, had not been thinking that far ahead because now our two men were able to sit close to us, right up against us because our table was one of those that is enveloped on one side by a leather lounge, and when each guy went to an individual side and plopped down, it placed the four of us together.

    At first, in an effort to not be sitting with his thigh touching mine, I moved in closer to Carol. She did the same, moving closer to me. We ended up, Carol and I, pressed together, and the men were still close enough to touch.

    Getting up to dance was like an escape. We were free to move around, sort of, and we didn't have to make conversation when there really was nothing in common to talk about other than they were men, and we were there.

    I guess I should admit it here, it was kind of exciting, the dancing part, being held close in another man's arms, my breasts pressed against his lower chest, his legs sometimes coming into contact with mine as we smoothly moved about the floor.

    Thinking that maybe I was drunk, (I was halfway there), the guy I was dancing with began taking liberties with his hands, mostly on my rear on top of my dress as we danced. I was enjoying the ‘attention’ and did not try real hard to fight him off. If this had been in England, I would have been afraid of someone who knew me or my husband seeing, but here, across the ocean, I felt safe.

    Safe from prying eyes, that is.

    Of course, with this man or in both our cases, Carole and I could have been playing with fire, but they seemed nice enough. Carole I could see, was also having fun in playing the game with her man.

    Over the course of an hour and some sipping on my drinks he managed to cop feels of my breasts on top of my blouse and at one point while sitting beside me he got his hand under my skirt and all the way up my thigh but I stopped him before he could slip any fingers under my panties.

    Another man had been able to place his hands on me recently, and with only a towel partially blocking his view, when I had gone ahead and allowed a man to give me a massage at the spa. I had laid there naked under a towel on my stomach, and he had moved that towel around over my body as he skillfully worked my body from neck to ankles.

    I allowed him to massage my buttocks, and thankfully he never went for more. But the towel was up and out of the way. When he did my inner thighs I allowed them to open some. I knew what he could see, and I must admit I was feeling a tingling sensation though he never actually touched me there.

    At one point I had to roll over, of course. That towel, the one towel, now needed to morph into two when I was on my back. My breasts were exposed, and as I covered my breasts with an arm, he placed the folded towel over my pubic area. I knew he had seen my breasts as I turned over, so I slowly dropped the arm.

    He didn't offer to get a second towel, and I didn't ask.

    I know, knew, the masseuse was catching more than just glimpses of my breasts, ass and maybe even my pussy from time to time as he molded my body skillfully with his hands, but you see, that folded up towel on my lower half was 'protecting' my modesty. His hands got close, his fingers even closer, but I guess he takes his job seriously because he never tried to move them under that towel and to more intimate areas.

    More intimate areas on my lower half that is. Yes, I allowed him to massage my breasts, but he did it in a sliding sideways motion and never gripped my breasts like he was copping a feel. He never touched my nipples, but I knew they were erect.

    It was exciting. Never before had I been massaged by a man. In England I might never have done it. If he had moved his fingers closer to some intimate part would I have allowed it? I don't know because it had not happened.

    Tipping was at our own expense of course, and I wrote in a nice tip on my hotel tab.

    Now I was involved with another man, a stranger in a bar, and I again reminded him that I am married and had no plans to cheat. Laughingly, he assured me that his intentions did not go that far, that like me, he was just having fun. I do have to admit, this was fun.

    However, in the course of telling him I had no plans to cheat, I allowed his hand to remain on my bare thigh, but kept my legs closed. That touch, his hand on my bare thigh was a first for me, allowing a man not my husband to touch me intimately.

    I think of that man who had massaged me as being in a different category, sort of like my doctor. As my dance partner and I talked at the table, he would keep his hand in place on my thigh but kept caressing my skin with one or more fingers.

    He was getting me aroused, I’ll give him that. Part of it was the drink, and part of it was the fact that I had never had another man and was now curious, but not enough to cheat.

    Oh, those drinks. At first, Carole and I paid for our drinks. But the men kept insisting that they would pay. I didn't want to be in the situation of feeling 'obligated', nor did Carole, but eventually we relented. They could pay for the drinks.

    I was watching Carole and could see that the man she was with was not having as much ‘luck.’ For that reason it was easier to keep holding my man back.

    I happened to turn my head to say something and he surprised me by locking his lips over mine. Our tongues met, and curious, I allowed him to probe. Then I gasped and pulled away. I think my face turned red and I said, “That isn’t supposed to happen.”

    He frowned, but I saw a twinkle in his eyes when he said, “What isn’t supposed to happen? Being kissed, or being turned on?”

    “Both,” I admitted.

    I sighed as I felt his fingers slide the rest of the way up my thigh and onto my panties. During the brief kiss, I had unthinkingly allowed by lower body to turn toward him. Now he had easier access.

    “Please,” I said softly while keeping my legs together but not as tighly as before and hoping Carole didn't know what my man is doing. He was caressing my pussy hard enough to make my lips tingle. “That feels good, but you need to stop.”

    His fingers stopped caressing but remained in place. Then I looked more serious like. “I won’t cheat on my husband. You seem nice and I’m attracted to you, but I won’t do it.”

    “Well, let’s dance then.”

    I readily agreed. Dancing with this strange man got me away from the lounge, and where, in the darkness under the table, he could be having his hand on my lower half. As he slowly guided me around the floor, I was more leaning into him rather than away because of the effects of the alcohol.

    “Feel it.”


    “Go ahead, feel me. It’s out.”

    'It.' I don’t know how he had managed to get it out since his hands had been on me the entire dance, maybe he had left the table with his pants already open. Curious, I allowed him to guide my right hand down between our bodies and onto his penis.

    I had expected to feel something soft. He was quite the opposite.

    “Ooooh!” He was also quite the thickie.

    “That can be for you…”

    He allowed me several seconds, long enough for me to test the length and thickness with my fingers and then said, “It’s not all that long, but as you can see, if I stay close to you I’ll be able to give you a good fucking.”

    He had used the ‘F’ word, which shocked me since I did not know him all that well. I gave his penis another squeeze. His man part was only five to six inches in length, I calculated, but it felt as big around as a Coke can. Well, maybe not that thick, but close.

    A very thick shaft, and a knob even wider. My fingers were around his shaft, and his knob was up in my palm, and it felt huge, and smooth. Soft, yet hard.

    Very warm too, maybe even hot, the way it felt.

    I kind of liked this man and though I actually didn't know how his penis would feel inside me, I gave him an answer I was sure he would like. “Maybe you could with that, if it didn’t hurt me.”

    Since I had not thought it out in advance, that answer using the word 'maybe' also told him that his cock is much wider at least, than my husband's. I had also told him the truth. His being much thicker than what I am used to with Tony, I really didn’t know if I would enjoy it.

    “Oh, I wouldn’t hurt you. I’d be real gentle. What do you say baby?”

    I guess, maybe based on past experience, he thought that just showing me how thick his cock is would be enough to convince me. But allow him to fuck me? Allow him to stick his penis, his obscenely thick penis into a special place reserved for my husband by the bonds of marriage and abuse my pussy by stretching it way open?

    And maybe worse, he could be leaving me with a lasting impression about a cock like that, spoiling me with it so that in the future I would feel that thicker is better, if that was the case? Every time my wonderful man Tony made love to me, I might be thinking about getting something larger.

    No thanks.

    “I’m sorry, but I just can’t. I love my husband and he’s always been so good to me.”

    “But does he have…this?” I had sort of loosened my grip and he placed his fingers over mine, tightening my grip. We were barely moving now on the floor, or dancing. Fortunately, it was dark in here and there wasn't that much of a crowd to see, and wonder.

    He wanted to hear me say it. His hand had moved away and I was still encircling his cock with my fingers. “No,” I answered honestly while feeling guilty as I allowed him to in effect, belittle my husband. If this had been happening in England, no way.

    “It would feel really good you know.”

    I didn’t know, but I agreed with him by nodding ‘yes’ with my head while my voice was saying: “I’ve never had one like this, so I can’t say.”

    He laughed. Well, millions of women can’t be wrong.”

    “You’ve had millions of women?” I knew that was silly, but I wanted to make light of the situation.

    “No silly. It was just an expression, but from what I’ve heard plus my own personal experience, women like fat cocks more than skinny.”

    “That might be true, but I wouldn't know from experience and I still won’t cheat.”

    “In that case, why don’t you jack me off?”

    Instead of simply declining, I said something stupid. “Here?”

    I realized that my response had sounded more like a yes to somewhere else rather than a 'No, I won't do it.'

    ‘Let’s take a walk. Out back.”

    Suddenly, I don't know why but I wanted to do this, I agreed with a nod of my head and taking me by the hand he began to lead me off the floor.

    “Carole,” I yelled over to her in order to be heard over the music? “We’re going outside for some air, be right back.” I was trying not to have her worry.

    Boy oh boy how that must have made my dance partner happy to hear that. He was at least, going to get a handjob, and the odds were, maybe he was thinking, he might get more.

    I was surprised when we went out. Expecting maybe an alley, it was like a little park. I think it belonged to the town and not the bar. There was lighting, not bright, but bright enough to see. He might have been out here before as he took me right out to a marble picnic bench sort of in the shadow of the building and turning me around, said, “You can lean against this if you want.” I was sort of tipsy and took him up on his advice..

    Without further fanfare, he opened and dropped his drawers and shorts all the way to his ankles! Boom, just like that! As I giggled like a teen and reached for his cock, which at the moment because of his walking maybe, was not fully erect like before, he reached for my breasts and at the same time moved his lips to mine.

    He didn't ask, but since this seemed appropriate under the circumstances, I allowed him to uncover and expose my breasts, and as he touched them, he found that my nipples were hard and sticking out almost an inch.

    I had agreed without saying to give him a hand job, and already it had gone beyond just that.

    “Wow,” he exclaimed as he ended the kiss and moved his head back in order to get a good look at me. 'These are really nice tits.”

    “Thank you,” I said. “And they're real.”

    “I can tell baby,” he said as he loved on them with his hands.

    Readers, I'm hoping not to be sounding like I'm bragging, but my breasts have always been nice, and even in my late thirties, they are holding up quite well. He caressed, fondled and teased while I stroked, jiggled and squeezed, but not too hard.

    Honestly? I was in no hurry to bring him to orgasm.

    He had complimented me on my breasts. I wanted to say the same for his cock, but frankly, I didn't know if it was really nice since I had never had one like this inside me., His very thick cock was probably bigger around then it was long and I couldn't stroke it all that far back and forth anyhow since he was circumcised.

    Tony is uncut and between my husband having foreskin and the difference in size, it was like night and day, the difference between this man and the man I love. His lips and tongue of course, felt different as well.

    Even his hands on my breasts, with fingers that were longer and thicker, that touch felt different.

    “Kim, ever do this with anyone besides your husband?”

    “No never.” He looked dubious, and giving him my most sincere look, I added; “It’s the truth, really!”

    “Then, that makes me special.”

    “Yes.” I raised my face to his and we kissed. “I want to taste your cock, just for a minute.” I think I might have surprised myself more than him when I said that.

    I went down before he had a chance to answer. My mouth had to open wide but I got it around him. Then I got a surprise I had not thought of in advance. As I ran my tongue around his head I felt what seemed like gallons of pre-cum begin pouring out of him.

    Excited now, I sucked, I swallowed, all the while taking note as I explored with my tongue as to how the skin on his head seemed to be rougher in feel compared to the smooth skin on my husband’s cock, probably because he was circumcised.

    The texture of the skin on his head was rougher, but all that slippery pre-fluid was allowing my tongue to envelope and explore him quite easily.

    Delighting in the feel, the difference, I ran my tongue all over and around, over and over. He was too thick to do much moving back and forth like the fucking motion, so I made my tongue work hard.

    In the palm of my hand his knob had felt somewhat smooth, but my tongue, being much more sensitive, could tell the difference.

    I sort of sensed his body tensing up as he was getting close. I pulled my mouth away and looked up at him, as if to say, 'What next?'

    He knew why I was doing it. “Do you want me to cum in your mouth? I'd love that but I'd rather be placing it in your pussy.”

    “No, not my mouth or my pussy. I want to see it.” I stood up again and began jacking. That was only partly true. Yes, I did want to see him cum, but mainly it was because I had never swallowed my husband's cum, so why start now?

    “Slow down a bit baby. Make it last for me.” He giggled, “And for you.”

    “Yes.” I stroked slower, easier. On my own I met his mouth, and tongue, with mine.

    “Do you want to cum with me,” he asked as his hand went towards my groin?

    I wanted to say yes, but I knew, if I allowed him to get his hand on me there, on my bare pussy, his cock would follow. “That’s O.K., I’m fine with this. I want to see you cum.” I squeezed my knees together so he could not go up my skirt. If he got his hand there, I would probably end up fucking him, or trying to.

    He twisted his body a little to one side. "Let's put my cock a little more in the light."

    "O.K." I answered breathlessly.

    “Watch it baby. Watch it!”

    That amazing cock actually got harder. “Wow!” As he was cupping my breasts, his fat cock was shooting, and all over the place. I was lucky I had it pointed away from me.

    We kissed and I held his penis as it slowly went soft. I was surprised as the thickness mostly remained, but the length got even shorter. When he was done going down, his cock was barely long enough to have a head going beyond my palm. A still big head.

    “Thank you,” I said. “That was nice.”

    “Thank me? No, thank you,” he replied. I’m the one who got to cum.”

    I giggled. “Still, it was fun, a stolen moment with my hand on a strange and big cock and that my husband will never know about.”

    “And your mouth,” he added.

    “Yes. My mouth.”

    My tits were still exposed and he grabbed them. “Nor will he know that a strange man had a good feel of these lovely tits while you jerked that man off!”

    He removed his hands and I again surprised myself. “Feel them for a little longer.”

    “Sure baby, I guess you like this.” He fondled, he squeezed, he teased my nipples

    “Yes I do. Since I am doing this just once in my life, my married life, might as well do it long enough to sink into my memory.”

    “Baby,” he said, “you might have a more vivid memory if you allowed me to sink my cock into your pussy.”

    “I can't. I just...can't.”

    We kissed once again, a nice romantic long one with gentle tongues. He kept trying.

    “Kim, it might be nice if you went back to Merry Olde England with something to remember. You are thousands of miles from home and no one would ever know. Are you sure you don’t want me to fuck you with it? I can get hard again.”

    I was so tempted. “Please. We'd better get back in,” I whispered. “My girlfriend will be getting worried.”

    “She'll never know,” he said almost into my mouth. “Fuck me and it will be your secret. A trip to America to be remembered, always.”

    He had persistence.

    “I’m sure it would, but let’s just leave it at this.” He had shown me his cock. I had played with it, sucked it, made it cum with my hand. He had seen and gotten good feels of my breasts. I had not allowed him to get his hand under my panties, not out here. How close had he came to seducing a formerly innocent wife?

    I didn't know, but I had enjoyed this.

    We returned to the bar. Carole was dancing and gave me a ‘did you’ look. I shook my head and she returned her attention to her man.

    I must say that I almost, repeat almost took him up on his offer. I had never been away from my husband like this before and certainly the opportunity to pull it off without being caught was there.

    Allowing him to come to my cabin and getting completely naked and doing some wanton fucking on a bed would have been great fun. But I was with Carole, and she is a bit of a prude. Still, that was the closest I had come to having anyone ever besides my husband inside my body.

    Had I cheated? I did not fuck the man but I had taken and allowed a man to take liberties. Some form of cheating I guess, technically.

    I know that Carole had never been with another man either, not since her marriage I mean. I guess, for two women together at our age, that innocence made us unique.

    We danced some more. I was spending more time on the floor than Carole (plus the time while I had been outside) so as a result Carole was consuming more alcohol than I was. I noticed now that her man was getting his hand up her skirt, and the way it looked and how she seemed to squirm, he was fingering her at times. Alcohol does tend to lower resistance.

    Surprisingly, we got no argument from the men when they finally came to realize that we were not going to give in. Some bye bye kisses and I think Carole's man got some feels while my man got his.

    Saying they had to work in the morning, they left before we did.

    It was almost midnight by the time we left and Carole, feeling good, said she would drive. She had signed the papers for the car rental, so since I wasn't thinking so clearly myself at the time I got into the passenger seat.

    As he car sort of lurched away, I glanced back at the bar. Nice place I was thinking, filled with memories. Saying goodbye to my new friend had been hard to do, but he, at least, had gotten his cum.

    Carole claimed she was ‘sober.’ However after she'd started out on the left side of the road before remembering we are in America and moving to the right lane, she made a mess of one bend and nearly put us in a ditch.

    Stopping, she said that perhaps it was better if I drove. Yes, defininitely now I wanted to drive. We both got out and swapped places.

    We'd only gone a few hundred yards when I noticed another car behind us. Then the blue flashing lights came on and I realized that it was a police car.

    “Carole? It’s the police. I’m in trouble, I think.”

    I was panicking looking for a place to stop when I saw a parking sign indicating a lay-by. I pulled in to where we were completely off the road and stopped. Hitting a button I wound the window down as two officers came across. They were coming up real slow like, on both sides of our car, probably making sure we weren’t dangerous.

    “Turn your inside light on ma’am and roll down the right window too.”

    There were two inside lights operated by one button, and when I fumbled around and turned them on, the one between the visors seemed a bit blinding. I again found the window buttons and rolled down the right window, and I saw Carole quickly glance out and and nervously look up at the policeman who had came up on her side.

    We were both blinking as they were looking into both sides of the front seat, and I saw the officer use his light to take a quick look down my blouse.

    They soon realized we were English tourists and the senior, older officer explained that we had been stopped because of Carole's erratic driving.

    He was talking to me. “You saw us switch drivers?”

    “Yes ma’am, but we still needed to check for your own safety.”

    I tried to explain that we were just lost in the dark and gave him the name of the lodge where we were staying. As I was talking, I was sort of leaning forward so he could better see down my blouse. I think, in England, that trick got me out of a ticket once.

    "Has either of you ladies been drinking?" he asked as he looked where I intended.

    I am sure he could smell the alcohol. Besides, in this little tourist trap, what else could we be out doing at this later hour? There was no point lying, so we admitted we had. But I was quick to add that I had only 'had two over two hours.'

    The officer said Vermont has a zero tolerance policy for drunk driving so we would have to take a breath test. If the result was no lower than a .10 we'd get a ticket and a fine, but if it was lower than .10 it was more serious.

    “We,” I asked?

    “Yes ma'am, both of you since we watched you switch drivers.”

    We stepped out of the car and Carole went first. “Blow into the tube real hard and keep blowing.” Her reading was .08- way over. Next it was my turn and I just prayed that by some miracle it was above .10. No chance - it was .10 exactly.

    "OK" said the officer. "You’re both over the legal limit. I'm afraid I have to read you your rights, arrest you and confiscate your passports. You'll be jailed overnight and only bailed out if you can raise security of $20,000 each. Your case will come up in about 3 week’s time and the minimum you will receive if found guilty is a 2 month jail term."

    We were horrified at this and explained that we had husbands and families who were expecting us back in two day’s time. “We have plane tickets and everything…”

    "I'm sorry ma'am," he said. "That doesn't change anything."

    We would find out later, like several days later that the bails, fees, fines and jail terms they were quoting us were for third time offenders, not first offenders. But they had found two British tourists, two female and pretty tourists, and were taking advantage.

    "Look officer," said Carole, her voice pleading. "There's been no accident, no-one's been hurt. Going to jail would be horrendous. We'll do something, anything if you help us out."

    "You'll do….anything?"

    Carole gulped and nodded. She had heard the way he had pronounced ‘anything.’

    He looked at his younger colleague. "What do you think, Gary?"

    "It’s up to you, Sarge. Perhaps we can find a way to help these ladies."

    The older guy nodded and looked at me. I stared back at him, promising nothing.

    "Step over to the police car ma'am." As he said that, I saw him also reach inside the patrol car and the flashing lights went off.

    I had not agreed to do anything but as he held the back door on the left side open, I got in. At the same time I noticed Carole being ushered into the back seat of our rental car. Then I knew for sure. Separate cars! That meant that these two officers planned to either have us suck or fuck them, maybe both.

    At that moment the thought hit me…if I had agreed to fuck that man at the bar, this wouldn’t be happening now and I would be with a man I wanted.

    The sergeant closed my door and before going around, he went to the driver's door and rolled down both the windows in the back. It was then I noticed that there were no door handles or buttons on the rear doors. I guess that is so a prisoner being transported can not open the doors.

    That accomplished, he went on around and got in on the other side. Now he was on my right so he could use his right hand on me as he slid in close until his left hip was touching my right. My heart was pounding and I hoped he couldn’t hear it.

    He placed his left arm around behind my neck and pulled me slightly closer, very close.

    "Unbutton your blouse please ma'am." He was so close his warm breath swept across my face.

    "Do I have to? I'm willing to just take care of you." I had been thinking that he would want a blow job, quick and easy and it would eliminate having him violating much of my ‘personal space.’ Of course, if he wanted a blowjob, I undoubtedly would be expected to swallow for the first time ever.

    "Kim, get the blouse off." My first name, coming in the form of an order from a policeman. For the first time he had addressed me as other than ma'am.

    Slowly, reluctantly I unbuttoned my blouse. It came completely off as I raised my arms while leaning forward away from the seat and he tugged it off. Then he reached over and pulled my brassiere up so that my breasts were exposed. I shivered when he reached and had himself a nice feel of both globes.

    There wasn't much in the way of city lights happening but the moon was shining brightly enough to fully illuminate the inside of the patrol car.

    Once again, tonight, my married breasts were being touched by a man not my husband, and all because I had taken some drinks.

    “These are C cups?” My nipples had become achingly erect.

    “Yes.” I sighed as he cupped my breasts again and jiggled them up and down.

    "Your breasts are beautiful ma’am. You're seated and still there's virtually no sag. They’re very nice for a woman of 39.”

    “How do…oh yes, you saw it on my license.”

    “Now remove your skirt and panties."

    “My panties?”

    I knew that just squeezing my legs together like I had done with the man in the bar would not work this time. "No please, something else, not that. Not all the way. I have a husband and I’ve always been faithful."

    "Ma'am, you've no bargaining power. It's either that or tonight you'll be sharing a jail cell with junkies and whores."

    I hesitated, then with trembling fingers I unbuttoned my skirt, pulled the zip down and raising my ass, slipped it off. Next I hitched my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and started peeling them down. My panties had a tight fit and I was having trouble with them.

    Could he tell that my panties were already wet? So far, it had been quite the evening, and it wasn't over as yet.

    I sort of expected he would help tug them down but he just sat there and watched. As I was raising my hips to slide the panties under, I saw his eyes grow wide at the sight of my naked vagina.

    I was very aware of how he could now see my vagina as I worked the panties down and off one raised leg and then the other.

    I put my hands across my vagina to preserve what little modesty I had, but the sergeant told me to remove them, then he ordered me to part my legs.

    The moonlight was flooding into the side window and he could see me clearly. He nodded approvingly.

    “So now I’m seeing what no other man has seen except for one, is that right?”

    “Yes,” I nodded. “Only my husband has seen me like this.”

    “Until now,” he snickered. “And soon enough, you no longer will be able to say that only your husband has fucked that nice little snatch.”

    I shivered as he reached out and placing his hand on the inside of one thigh, pulled my legs further opened. "Ma'am you sure have a lovely furry pussy." He was caressing me now.

    A comment that made me blush. I trim my bush on the sides of course, but my husband likes for me to keep it untrimmed on top and over my vaginal lips. I tried to make light of the situation since I knew now that rape was inevitable. “My husband likes for me to keep it long in the center”

    If I had to do this, I was trying mentally to get myself into a better mood, maybe an acceptance mood. “So you think I have a lovely furry pussy for a woman of 39, do you?”

    I could see his smile in the moonlight. “Kim, you have a nice pussy for any age.”

    For the second time he had used my name. Getting more familiar with me perhaps.

    Somewhat dumbly, probably because of the alcohol I had consumed, I thanked him and happened to say it just as his fingers found the split between my pussy hairs. I trembled at his intimate touch. Involuntarily, oh what the heck, let me change that, voluntarily, my legs opened wider.

    “Really nice and furry bush,” he said softly as he caressed my folds. He caressed my outer lips, then went for the inner. He was greeted by my wetness, welcomed actually.

    He moved his face close to mine, and I could feel his hot breath on my cheek as he caressed first my slippery inners, and then moved up to my clitoris.

    "Does this feel good Kim?"

    No use lying. Either way, I get fucked. "Yes," I breathed. "Yes it does."

    I waited for him to slip a finger deeper in. As a matter of fact I wanted him to use his fingers to help prepare me, but instead he unbuckled his belt, pulled his zip down, moved between my legs with his knees on the floor and guided his prick towards my love hole.

    I got a quick glimpse of a skinny looking but long cock with a knob that was a little wider than the shaft. On the end, that tip, he was wider than my husband. The rest? About the same in thickness I thought, but longer.

    Fate perhaps? My first fuck with another man was to be given by a cock that was slightly longer than my husband's cock and with a wider head.

    I knew in advance. During the first moment of penetration, he'll feel larger than my husband.

    It was aimed at me, and my lovely furry pussy was just about to accept its’ first strange cock. Worse, as this man moved in between my opened legs, I was very aware that he was now invading my ‘personal space, that area around your body that is normally only entered by a close family member for a friendly hug or peck on the cheek, or by a lover.

    In writing, some define 'personal space' as that area all around one's body that is close, maybe a foot or two away. I have always considered my personal space to just be that area directly in front of me. For instance, seated in that bar beside that man, with his hip and thigh up against mine, I had not thought of him as being inside my personal space.

    Outside, while he had fondled my breasts while I jacked him, he had been in that space.

    But now this policeman was also inside that space, and there were no closed legs in front of him, no panties, and he was going to get his way, way inside me.

    Before moving his penis closer he again brought his upper body close so that his face was next to mine.

    Then, I trembled as he moved forward with his hips, which brought his penis up against my vaginal lips while at the same time he tried to put his mouth against my other lips. I pulled my mouth away. I needed to speak, to beg.

    I think I wanted this now, but still, I needed to voice my protest.

    “Ooh! Oh no, don’t put it…Uuuuh!”

    He had pushed the knob partly in, and strangely, excitingly, it felt big, causing me to gasp. Dammit, it felt good, sorta. At the same time, I thought of the cock, that very thick cock that I had passed on.

    My body trembled. “Ooh please, my poor husband. That’s his place that you’re invading. It is special and meant only for him,”

    “No longer honey. Now it's my special place to enjoy.”

    I tried to shame him, to cause him to re-consider perhaps, but to no avail. “He married me, my husband. We took an oath with a pastor, a vowel, in front of witnesses, and signed a contract to always be faithful to one another.”

    He eased in another half-inch. "You feel really tight. Tell me, what's your husband's name?"

    I saw no reason to lie since he already had all my information, but still I withheld the name by not answering. He had shoved in another half-inch, almost all the head actually as I felt my tight inner lips struggle to close around his knob. He could tell. He knew.

    “I'm giving you more than your husband can, I'd bet on it. He can't hold it against you Kim, what you're doing now. It's a choice that is being made for you.” He laughed a little. “Of course, it you start enjoying this, things will be a bit different.”

    “I don't think...OOOH!”

    He could tell by the tight feel that I had only received the same or smaller in the past. He had pushed the knob the rest of the way in and paused. I think he was doing it that way, slowly, to observe my reaction.

    It felt good, that initial stretch with his head, but I hated the fact that it felt good. I somehow wanted to keep this man, this cop, this rapist from knowing it felt good. Then he gave me another inch, perhaps teasing me with it.

    “Ooh Tony, I’m so sorry,” I sniffed while at the same time my hands were going around the policeman and beginning to hold onto the cheeks of his firm ass. I felt some hair between my fingers and thought to myself, 'that's a strange place to have hair, unlike my husband's totally smooth ass.'

    “Tony? Is that your husband?” He took one stroke back and forward, then two.

    “Yes, the husband that loves and takes care of me.”

    “And all your married life, Tony is the only one to have his prick in you before me?”

    “Sniff. My husband is the only one to have his…his penis in me…ever!”

    “That is, until now.”

    “Yes, until now.”

    “Well, Tony can have his married pussy back when you get to England and you can have your memories of this!”

    “Uuuuh!” He had shoved it in another two inches.

    I sighed, and reaching up, I made a show of wiping away a tear before I tried again. “Now you have it in more than halfway. You’re in a place where only my husband has been. He took wedding vowels you know so he could have me for the first time on our wedding night.”

    “You were a virgin bride. Well, good for you. That's special.”

    I couldn't tell if he was making fun or actually meant what he was saying. Me? This had became a game, almost.

    “Uuh Uuh.”

    He had begun pumping, using short strokes without penetrating deeper and my fingers involuntarily clutched deeper into his ass. Something in me, his prick maybe, wanted me to let him know how significant this was to me.

    “So now you’re fucking me and I’ll have to keep this from him, my husband, the very intimate fact that some man, some stranger managed to get his most intimate flesh within my most personal and intimate place."

    For some reason I wanted to turn this further into a dirty conversation. "Our body parts are being rubbed together, and my natural lubrication is flowing. Do you realize what you are doing, what you have done to me? You've got me cheating and liking it and all the remaining years of my marriage it will be my guilty secret.”

    Shaming him, that's what I was trying to do. This, obviously, was a very significant event for me, and I wanted this man, this rapist, this policeman to know it.

    Instead, he began using my use of the word 'intimate' word to tease me, or maybe to irritate or just make fun.

    “Hee hee. I hope, honey, that my most intimate flesh begins to feel really good in your most personal place. Now feel my intimate flesh as it works your intimate personal place in an impersonal but intimate manner.”

    He was pumping now, back and forth, and for some reason, delaying the inevitable, he was not trying to go his deepest. No, not yet.

    If he wanted to bury it, there was nothing stopping him. I wasn't wet enough yet maybe, but his cock was hard enough that my tightness would not be enough to impede his final entry.

    I was trying to shame him, but if felt like my complaining was arousing him and making his cock grow harder.

    I began to cry real tears while my arms went around him as he worked it further in. He probably didn’t understand how I could cry and be thinking of my husband while at the same time be pulling him in by the ass with my hands. I’m a woman you see, and we women are allowed to be emotional.

    I was mostly dry at first and it had been hurting a little, but now I wanted it in. Once he had buried his long but slim prick and brought it back once, I was truly ready. With our hands on each other’s ass, we, for the first time, started fucking in synchronization.

    There was no doubt now, I was voluntarily giving myself to him.

    But, once his having made final penetration, we had one problem.

    “Can you pull your pants further down?”

    “You want my pants down?”

    “Yes. Your zipper is feeling uncomfortable when it hits me.”

    “Oh. Sorry.”

    He took a good look around the outside first, and so did I. No one around, only mostly darkness and the sounds of crickets chirping. His pants came further down as he sort of rose up onto his knees and tugged them down.

    His gun belt was making things difficult. Finally, in desperation, he pulled the pants below his knees and as his pants complete with gun belt dropped to around his ankles and hit the floor of the patrol car with a clunk, he slid into me again.

    We were naked together now, huge portions of us. His skin, the skin on the outsides of his thighs, was now touching me on the insides of mine. Between his cock, his legs and his hands on the cheeks of my ass, there was a lot of bodily contact going on.

    His cock had looked thin when I first saw it, but now it didn’t feel thin. Inside, it felt sort of like my husband’s cock but a little thicker, and it was going deeper and with each stroke, especially when he came way back and almost out, I felt that thicker knob touch me, stretch me more like Tony's cock never had. I guess his cock had looked skinny when I first saw it because of the length.

    “Kim, how does your first strange cock feel in your previously virgin for your husband cunt?”

    Besides using my name once again, emphasizing how he was trying to change this from the impersonal to personal, he had used the C word, and I had never liked that word, but now, under the circumstances, it seemed to fit the situation.

    I was becoming aroused. Since hopefully I would never again see this man after tonight, I decided to tell the truth. I wanted to share what I would be remembering with him, actually.

    “The head of your cock is noticeably bigger than his, and your shaft is a little wider and longer, more than an inch longer, so you're going deeper.”

    He laughed. “Kim. by the way your ass is starting to move, I'd say that you are beginning to like getting your first strange cock.”

    “Yes. Yes I am. Now let's make the best of a bad situation.” I had told him, even now, that mentally I was not attuned.

    Then he asked the question I really did not want to answer. "Better than your husband's cock?"

    'Please," I whispered. It's not fair to ask that."

    He snickered. "You've already answered. If it didn't feel better, you would say so."

    I don't know what it is about men, so worried maybe how their cock might compare to a previous lover. Earlier tonight the man in the bar had wanted to know, and here it is again.

    I quit resisting with my mind since my body had stopped resisting several strokes ago. Then it was me who suggested it. “Let's lie down. I think, if we do, that I'll be able to cum.”

    I don't think he felt real secure doing that as he took a quick look out all the windows first. Then, since I we were still on the left side of the seat as you face it, he slid out of me, then grabbed my ass and pulled me so that I was laying sideways and with my head to his left.

    Then struggling a bit since those pants were down around his ankles now, he got on and I became aware of how much closer I now was to a strange man. His lips were just above mine as he entered again and began to stroke. He moved to kiss me, but I turned my head away even though I think there was mutual desire there.

    If were were going to be fucking, I wanted it to be totally physical in nature.

    And that's how I came to be spreading my legs and moaning as I laid across the back seat of a police car and allowing a sergeant to fuck me, whilst in a car a few feet away my best friend was crying out as another officer worked on firing his spunk into her cunt.

    I had almost forgotten Carole in the excitement, until she became noisy.

    I was worried about Carole. She seemed to be rather noisy as they went about it and I wondered if she was being hurt. I had never heard another woman being fucked before this, so her lovemaking sounds seemed foreign to me.

    “I think my girlfriend might be turned on,” I admitted to the man on top of me.

    “Does she always make sounds like that when she is being fucked,” he asked?

    “I don't know. I've never been around Carole when she is being fucked, by her husband only I should add.”

    “Is her body as nice as yours? You should know since you two are sharing a cabin.”

    “I don't know. I've only seen Carole in a nightgown or a slip.”

    “You two don't sleep naked together? That might be fun, you know. “

    “Mister officer sir. We are not gay, I mean lesbian I want you to know. We have always been faithful to our men, until now.”

    Carole's moaning, so obvious even though they were in the other car, was easy to hear. When I heard her crying out ‘fuck me,’ it spurred me on. If Carole is liking this, why not me?

    The man between my legs had had heard it too. “Did you hear your girlfriend begging to get fucked just now?”

    That did it. Carole's sound effects, and his cock in my pussy, they both did it. I started talking dirty to this man, more so than I had ever done at home.

    “Yes, I heard her, and I want it too. Fuck me you bastard. Go on, work that pussy. It was my husband’s exclusive property and now you’re privileged to be seeing what it feels like. He tells me it’s a good pussy. Is it? Tell me as you test it with your thicker and longer than his prick…”

    His voice grew very excited. His body? Already there.

    “Shit yes, your pussy is good. Fits me nice and tight and feels all warm and cushy like inside, so you might as well hear how I feel about the rest of your body. Your tits are great, your ass under my hands feels fantastic, your face is beautiful, and…I still don’t know how you are at kissing.”

    That did it. Now comes the mental along with the physical.

    A minute later after receiving a more than warm response he said, “And you’re great at kissing too. A really good fuck you are, all over your body!”

    Hearing Carole and knowing she was enjoying it helped to get me off. Surprising myself, I came with the cop. The much sought after and cherished achievement for married couples. A simultaneous orgasm. I tried to hide my enjoyment from him but he knew as I moaned quietly and dug my fingers into his bottom.

    I was having a pretty good one. My first with another man. Was it better? Was it more intense? I don't really know, but it was definitely different. Yes, I might as well admit it, it was probably my best ever. The man on and inside me seemed to know more about my orgasm than I did.

    He slowed down in his pumping, now doing maintenance rather than construction work.

    “You tried to keep it quiet, but based on how long you were moaning, I'd say it was a pretty good one. Too bad you didn’t let that out. Maybe your girlfriend would have liked hearing you cum.”

    “I’ll tell her later.”

    “Yeah baby. And you two are sharing a room? I was correct?”

    “Yes,” I answered, and already knowing where this conversation might lead.

    “Good. You can lie in bed with her and compare notes later. Shit, you might even get turned on enough that you both end up eating some pussy.” He laughed and still mostly erect, he pumped harder. Then he laughed again as he thought about it. “Do the kissing before you do the eating. It's easier that way.”

    “I doubt that we'll be doing anything like that,” I said rather loudly. “We are not that kind of women.” Inwardly though, the thought of talking about this later with Carole and maybe, even, getting turned on, seemed a possibility.

    He pumped until he had drained his prick dry. Then he stared down at me. “So tell the truth Kim. How was your climax? It was good, wasn’t it?

    I hugged him, my attitude completely changed now about him. “You know it was good, you fucker!”

    I sighed. “Now what do I do with all that cum you pumped into me? It will get all over your seat.”

    He laughed. “Do you feel the seat under you? It's made of vinyl and not cloth.”

    “Yes,” I answered. “Why is that?”

    “This seat is usually used for transporting prisoners. They throw up, they piss their pants, all kinds of things, so this seat is designed for easy cleaning.”

    “Well,” I said, talking softly. “You might be cleaning up after me the way it feels.”

    “Wait, I’ve got more.” He laughed and kept pumping, squeezing the last drops out for me to clean with the hanky he handed me from his vest pocket. “You can wipe with this.”

    “It won’t be enough.”

    “It’ll have to do. You can catch the rest in your panties.”

    “Thanks a lot.” Suddenly it seemed, the atmosphere between us had taken a new turn. Casual. It was like we were long time lovers, and this was something we had done before, and often. If we had been in a bedroom, who knows, I might even have used the toilet to drain in front of him.

    Amazing that. How things had gone for me from being embarrassed and shy, to casual and feeling ornery.

    I raised my face towards him for a last kiss, but he missed seeing it as he pulled out, and looking down, started pulling up his underwear and pants. His cock looked small now, like Tony's, except for the head.

    When he'd finished with me the sergeant got out and spoke to Gary as I was putting myself back together. I couldn't find my panties. Finally I found them, on the floor where I had apparently tossed them though I did not remember doing it.

    I almost didn't put the panties on again because I was wondering if perhaps the two officers were planning to switch places but instead, Carole came across and got in the back seat next to me. She wouldn’t meet my eyes.

    I guess they had finished first. Since Carole was already back together again, I raised my hips and proceeded to pull my panties up my thighs, and all the time, Carole was watching. Though I knew she knew I had been fucked, her seeing me like this was visual confirmation, and I think my face might have turned red.

    The two officers came over, and the sergeant, sounding official again as he called me ma'am, explained that due to our high blood alcohol levels they couldn't let us drive, so he would take us in the police car, whilst Gary would follow in the rental car.

    As the patrol car began moving Carole leaned over towards me. I placed my ear up to her mouth and heard three excited words that got my attention. “He was fucking huge.” Oh did I just say three words? Well, i had been drinking so you'll have to excuse me.

    Carole and I, during one session drinking Long Island teas in my backyard, had talked about our husbands, and she had admitted that her Joseph ‘has a small one.’ I had told her that my man Tony wasn’t ‘small, but rather…average in size according to statistics I had read.

    But Carole probably knew a little more as to what constituted small and average since she had been fucked by two boys while in high school.

    ‘I didn’t have an orgasm with either of them,” she had said, “so in a way, it’s like we never did it.”

    Since she was now saying the young cop was hung, I wanted to hear more but only a couple of minutes later we were at our lodge. We had been that close to making it home without all this hassle.

    "Where's the door key, ladies and we'll make sure you're in safely. There was a robbery here last year, so we might as well make sure."

    I told him they were on the same key ring as the car key, so Gary passed them to him. No card key here since this was a genuine antigue cabin nicely restored and modernized. He unlocked the cabin door and held it open for us. We stepped inside, both officers followed us, and then, to my alarm, the sergeant locked the door and slipped the key into his pocket.

    "What are you doing?" I demanded.

    "Oh I think we've still time for some more fun. My colleague tells me that your friend is a fine piece of ass and I sure would like to find out if he's right."

    The sergeant went up to Carole who seemed resigned to her fate and stood calmly compliant while he unbuttoned her blouse.

    I was annoyed, they really were taking advantage of us, but it seemed there was nothing I could do. So when Gary approached me I reluctantly allowed him to start undressing me.

    Meanwhile Carole was naked and the sergeant took her hand and led her into the bedroom. This was the first time I had ever seen her body nude, top and bottom at the same time, and it looked very nice. I knew the Sergeant was going to enjoy getting to use her body.

    I saw that Gary was staring too, and then I remembered that he could not have gotten a truly good look at Carole's figure in the rental car, even though he had been deeply inside her personal space.

    Through the open doorway I could see Carole watching Sarge starting to undress. I didn’t bother to keep watching because I already knew what the good sergeant had between his legs. The shaft was about the same width as my husband and noticeably longer.

    I turned my attention to the business at hand. Gary had removed my blouse and was pulling my skirt down when the sergeant shouted through for him to hurry up.

    "Just about to remove her panties, Sarge," Gary shouted. Then he knelt in front of me and slipped my panties down and off. When he'd done that he delivered a light kiss to my bush. I think he was about to take a lick and I said, “Better not, your sergeant put quite a load in there.” That seemed to put him off, so he stood up, and taking my hand, he led me into the bedroom.

    “We don't have a lot of time,” Gary began.

    “I still need a minute. It'll be better for you, the way it feels.”

    I immediately went to the toilet, grabbed some tissue, wadded it up into a ball and took a swipe at my pussy. It was covered in the Sergeant’s cum. I grabbed another tissue and wiped again. I turned toward the bedroom after tossing the tissue and saw that Gary had been watching.

    “All dried up,” he asked?

    “I hope so. He gave me a handkerchief when we finished but it was nowhere near enough.”

    “So you got him so excited he blew a big load into you?”

    I could not believe this conversation. I had never before talked like this, not even with my husband and here I was doing it with a second strange man. I decided to spice up the conversation since I had already decided to try and enjoy myself with Gary.

    “He not only blew a big load into me, I almost blew it back at him.”

    “You came.”

    He said it like a statement rather than like a question.

    “Yes. I didn’t want to at first, but then…” I looked off into the distance as I remembered. “And that climax was a pretty good one, about like I have with my husband.” I had not admitted that it had been better because I wanted to hear him say that he could or would fuck me better than my husband could.

    But he didn't. I guess Gary figured that his actions would speak louder than his words.

    “Let’s get you all dry so I can start out fresh on you.” He grabbed another tissue and boldly placed it under my crotch. I spread my legs so he could wipe.

    Never, in all the years of my dating and subsequent marriage, had my husband ever wiped my pussy for me. Gary's hand, his fingers were into my crotch, but his eyes were meeting mine, and I think I turned red.

    “Now it will feel tighter for you”, I said with a little smile on my face. I had accepted my fate. After having one strange cock in my married pussy, another under the same circumstances wouldn’t matter

    “Honey, with me you will feel tight anyhow.”

    Then I remembered. Carole had said he was huge.

    I walked past him into the bedroom. Then it struck me like a brick. We have one bed, and we’re all going to be on it!

    The room lighting was very subdued with only a single bedside lamp on. Carole was sat on the bed, one arm across her breasts and her legs folded in a way which kept her pussy hidden from view. I went and sat on the bed next to her in a similarly modest pose.

    The sergeant was sat in a corner chair, naked, his semi-erect and slim dick resting on his leg. He wasn't a bad looking man about 5 ft 9, so not especially tall and a bit stocky round the middle.

    Gary was undressing and I made several surreptitious glances to see what I would be getting next. Also, Carole had been rather noisy with him and I was wondering if he was really huge like she said. Gary was probably in his late twenties, stood a good two-or-three-inches over 6 feet, dark crew cut, broad chest and flat stomach.

    I began to sense excitement as he came down to that last piece of clothing. He pulled his boxer shorts down and a nest of dark curls came into view, followed by an impressively thick cock. It was only pointing out a little ways from his body so had a ways to go yet, but already I could see that it was close to the width of a coke can.

    The length was nothing to be sneezed at either. It looked to be over seven inches, and still growing!

    You will have to excuse me for saying inches instead of centimeters. I have looked up the charts for converting the metric measurement for you Americans so you will know.

    Now I knew why Carole had been so noisy over there in the other car earlier. It might sound silly but I was idly looking at his cock when it suddenly dawned on me that in a minute or two Gary's impressive column was going to be inside me.

    I was a virgin when I met my husband and throughout our marriage I have always been faithful. So the sergeant was only the second man to have me and soon a third would be added. An average length relatively thin prick followed by a longer and slightly wider in the head prick and now followed by a thick and long one.

    Would those cocks constitute small, medium and large in range? I guess, if that was how I had been destined to be fucked by multiples, that was the proper order. Or maybe it would be, good, better, and best? I was soon to find out.

    Gary stood naked, his cock hanging heavily in front of him. I noticed, now that she could see it again and this time in the light, that Carole was joining me in staring, and she was not trying to keep the sergeant, who was soon to be fucking her, from seeing her staring at another man’s penis.

    That poor sergeant, I was wondering what he might be thinking at having two women making comparisons and his cock coming up short. Surprisingly, the sergeant decided to bring what was obvious out into the open.

    ‘Shit Gary. Never saw you before in the light. No wonder our friend Carole here was being so noisy.”

    ‘Sorry about that Sarge,” Gary grinned sheepishly.” I guess Nature was good to me.”

    ‘Sarge’ laughed, and we two girls laughed with him, but I felt sorry for Sarge being on the short end of the draw. Still, he had fucked me, and I had reached orgasm with him.

    "We need a bit of encouragement ladies," said the sergeant. "Can you please sit on the end of the bed?"

    We moved forward. The sergeant stood in front of Carole, and Gary stood in front of me. With one hand he pulled my head forward and with the other he held his prick ready. ’What kind of warm up is this supposed to be,’ I was thinking.

    I delayed enough to make it clear that I was reluctant and then I pulled the foreskin the rest of the way back off his glans and licked the tip of his penis.

    Next, very aware of the size of this head compared to the one on my husband’s prick and the one I had placed into my mouth about an hour ago, I took the head in my mouth and as I sucked it was obvious he was becoming larger and harder. I cupped his balls with one hand and squeezed and Gary grunted approvingly.

    Now with more enthusiasm I went to work on him. His cock swelled even further. I took it out of my mouth and began to jack it slowly. That foreskin, something I was familiar with because my husband has it, certainly made it easier to do some wanking.

    At the same time I ran my tongue from the tip to the base of his cock. Once there I took one of his balls in my mouth and gently sucked it, then I did the same to his other ball.

    I glanced over at Carole. She too seemed to be enjoying her treat.

    Perhaps it was the wine or perhaps it was just Gary's impressive cock, but I was beginning to enjoy servicing this well hung young man!

    "I think that's enough, we don't want to get too excited," said the sergeant.

    Since the sergeant had called attention to Gary’s member before, I called attention to it again. “Look at his prick now.”

    Both the sergeant and Carole stared.

    “Fuck Gary! Did you leave anything for me with Carole, or did you stretch her out of shape?”

    I was waiting for a comment like that because now I could reassure him. “Sarge, even though I was fighting it at first, you made me cum pretty good with that smaller prick of yours, and your prick is bigger than my husband's. so you needn't worry yourself over it.”

    I looked over at Carole, who I saw, was still staring at Gary’s cock and probably wondering how she had managed to take it. But she then turned to take another look at the sergeant’s cock and I realized that I had said his cock is larger than my husband's. Now she knows.

    “Carole,” I asked? “Do you have anything left for the good sergeant here?”

    She understood and smiled. “I’m looking forward to it!”

    “Then we’d best be getting on with it then,” said Sarge as he spoke up. ”We need to get back on patrol. Can you girls go on all fours on the edge of the bed."

    I hated the way we were being bossed about, but anyway Carole and I turned round and went on our hands and knees facing the head of the bed. There we were, poking our pussies out for two men, two men not our husbands, to see.

    "No," said the sergeant. "Go down on your elbows not your hands and spread your knees further apart, we want to be able to see all your charms."

    Blushing like mad I went onto my elbows and parted my legs at the knees.

    "Now ain't that a pretty sight," said the sergeant. “Both of them.”

    I suppose to them it must have looked quite something – our rounded asses and pussies being fully exposed and a striking difference between Carole's sparse blonde pubes and my furry brown bush. A thought hit me, ‘oh Lord I hope they aren’t planning to fuck us in the ass. I could never take that thing on Gary in my ass.’

    “Ooooh!” I was happy now as I felt Gary rubbing his prick against my pussy in order to get some lubrication on him. I was actually quite wet - a mixture of my juices and the sergeants cum which was still leaking out of me.

    I tensed as Gary gently but firmly guided his prick into me. Part of me was apprehensive - worried that he was going to hurt me. But if I'm totally honest, I was also excited at the prospect of being fucked by another man (and a good looking young man at that).

    “Ooh fuck Carole!” I grabbed her hand as Gary pushed the fat head of his prick into me. Carole squeezed back and moaned as she felt Sarge penetrate her, how deep I didn’t know.

    Thank goodness that the good sergeant had already prepared me for Gary with his spunk. I could feel Gary penetrating deeper, but it didn't hurt as much as I thought and my quim could take it, though I did feel incredibly full up.

    Never again would my husband feel big to me, not after this. I sensed it, knew now. I would never forget this fuck. Neither man, actually, since the good Sarge had also been my first.

    I do like being taken from behind, add on the fact that I was able to accommodate Gary's large cock, and it's not surprising that I began to respond. Like Carole had done earlier, I was groaning rather than moaning.

    However I did find it very disconcerting having sex right next to another couple even though Carole and I were still holding hands.. At one stage I sneaked a look at Carole, but it was at exactly the moment she chose to glance at me, and we hastily averted our eyes, but not before I saw that she had a little grin on her face. She had already had Gary, and she knew why I was being so noisy.

    Gary reached forward with one hand and started playing with my tits. Then his hand went between my legs and he began to play with my clit. I do like that and I pushed back against him, grinding my ass into him.

    I began wishing that I could have Gary on top of me so we could be close, and kiss. He must have read my mind.

    "Turn over," said Gary. "I want to cum in you when you're on your back."

    "You too miss," said the sergeant. So both Carole and I laid on our backs and spread our legs invitingly There we were, with smiles on our faces, two now very willing and excited wives, until tonight innocent and now ready to cheat and enjoying it.

    I don’t know what sounds Carole was making about then but I know I was gasping as Gary slid back into me. He really did have a lovely big cock.

    Now it was some serious hard fucking and the room was full of the sounds of sex - our gasps and cries as we were fucked and the men's cries and groans as they did the fucking.

    The men had already shot once in the other man’s partner and now they could hold back.

    Carole, innocent and prudish little Carole surprised me when she yelled out loud enough for all to hear. “Shit! We’re having an orgy. Before tonight, before Gary and now Sarge, I had never been with any man besides my husband. Now look at me. I never dreamed that I would be in the middle of an orgy and enjoy it like this. Both of you, both men, you sure know how to fuck!”

    She squeezed my hand and I squeezed back. “They do, don’t they?” I had agreed with her. It was a statement and not a question.

    Carole had said, for the two men’s benefit, that she had never fucked anyone besides her husband before tonight, but I knew better.

    Gary was really using his big prick on me, twisting it sideways inside me as well as using almost full-length strokes in and out. As we all clawed and humped at one another the weight of the four of us sort of made the mattress sag and before long our bodies were all touching one another hip against hip and shoulder to shoulder.

    That includes the men, their naked bodies were rubbing together just like Carole and I.

    The sergeant reached over and squeezed my tits, and Gary did like-wise to Carole.

    We went further as each man took turns leaning way over and kissing the woman the other man was fucking.

    “Gawd this is fun,” Carole almost screamed it out!

    “I feel the same way. I never dreamed it could feel like this.” Well, now Carole knew we were on the same page.

    I was craving being kissed because now Gary was not only deep into me physically but I was becoming attached to him emotionally as well. I kept looking up into his eyes and hoping.

    Gary either sensed my need or had one of his own because he began kissing me, and I responded hungrily with my tongue. I wrapped myself around him as much as possible. My legs were as high as I could get them and I was hugging him tightly. I think I even had tears in my eyes it felt so good.

    I heard Carole now, making a sound I had heard earlier tonight. She was cumming with the sergeant’s cock and I was more glad for him than her.

    Now, now it was getting on to being my turn.

    Gary whispered into my ear, on the side away from the other two. “Loving it?”

    “Yes,” I unthinkingly answered back, as I went on to add, “and you.”

    I don't know what Gary thought when I said that, loving him, but it seemed to inspire rather than put him off as he fucked me with even more vigor.

    “Your cock, your cock…Oh Gary, I'm going to cum!” I had wanted everyone to hear that, and I began to shudder as an orgasm racked through me. I became completely carried away and not concerned about the couple next to me hearing as I went out of my head.

    I yelled at Gary not to stop, to fuck me harder, to do it in me. He thrust extra deep into me, then gave an almighty groan and I felt his prick jerk and jerk as he pumped his sperm into me.

    The fucker. His cock grew so big as he was coming it almost hurt.


    He wasn’t alone in his orgasm, I was cumming a second time. That was something I had never done, one right after the other. Since we were in the middle of an orgy, I wanted everyone to share it.

    “Oh Gary honey. That was twice. I came twice in a row. That’s never happened before. Thank you!”

    As I was coming down from my incredible orgasms, Gary wiped away the tears that were running down my cheeks.

    “Are those tears of happiness?”

    “Oh yessss.” I kissed him. With Gary still semi-hard in me, we lay there for a while, and then the sergeant said to Gary that they had better go.

    He had had his orgasm, and Carole, I didn't know if she had came once, twice, or more.

    “Don’t get up. Just lie there so we can remember what you two look like while we get dressed.”

    “Like this,” I asked as I opened my legs wide, displaying my soaked and sweaty pussy for all to see?

    “Yes! Like that and Carole too.”

    Smiling over at me, Carole pulled her knees back to her chest and displayed herself. “How’s this?”

    “That’s great,” said Sarge as both men saw how all that cum was dribbling out and running down her crack and making her anus shine,” but we can’t see your tits real well.”

    “Then look at this!” Straightening them out, Carole raised her legs toward the ceiling and then allowed them to spread wide open.

    She was feeling really ornery. “Now that you two have started something, can you guys come back when your shift is over”?”

    Carole had not asked me first if I wanted a re-run, but I guess she knew. Hell yes.

    Now it was Gary’s turn to speak. “We’d like to, but our wives will be expecting us.”

    Carole pretended to be shocked and looked at me. “There they are, two men out cheating on their wives! Well I never…”

    “Yes you would!”

    We all laughed.

    They had dressed quickly and the sergeant said thanks, he hoped we had enjoyed it as much as they did.

    Carole, oh she can be so nasty at times, answered for the both of us as she sat up, leaned forward and looked between my legs.

    “See that,” she said to Gary and pointing at my pussy. “Look at what your mighty cock did to me girlfriend, how red and swollen her pussy lips look. And I suppose I look the same...” Carole continued as she once again laid back and opened her legs.

    “Shit yes Carole,” Gary said as he stared at Carole. “The Sarg did a good job. Your pussy looks about the same as Kim's.”

    Never, never in a million years would I have thought that Carole and I, upon coming to America, would be talking and acting like this after cumming in America.

    Now it was time to say the real goodbyes and already I was feeling sad and lonely.

    The sergeant went across, kissed Carole on the cheek and squeezed one of her breasts. Gary came across to me, pushed my legs apart and caressed my gaping, spunk filled quim.

    "You are a great fuck," he said as he looked into my face and saw the tears.

    “You too,” I responded, “and I wish you weren’t married.” Then, remembering how I had said 'I love you' and not wanting to scare him off, I corrected that. “I just meant, I wish you weren’t married so you could come back.”

    I felt Carole look at me in surprise as I reached up and pulled his head down for one last kiss. I smiled as Gary used the corner of my bed sheet to wipe his fingers.

    Then they were gone.

    As soon as their patrol car pulled away we locked the door and crawled into bed. I think the both of us just wanted to lie here, full of lover spunk, and enjoy the feel. Besides, my pussy was still tingling and I just did not want to go in and wipe it now for fear of spoiling the feel.

    "You know," Carole began, "it would have been nice if they could have stayed over a bit. I kind of wanted to see what it would be like to have Gary on a bed."

    I nodded. "Know how you feel. I got to be with Gary on the bed, but I wouldn't have minded another go with the good Sergeant and the next time on this bed. It was pretty good with him on the car seat, what I was feeling I mean, but there wasn't much room, and he had to keep most of his uniform on."

    Carole laughed. "It was all good though, every minute."

    "I'm afraid dear," I said laughing, "That I have to agree. And now, let's get some sleep and talk about it tomorrow."

    Sometime during the night I awoke to find Carole’s arm around me, surprising since we had a king sized bed.

    I looked into her face and saw that Carole was looking at me. She looked sad so to console her I moved my head closer and just like that, we kissed, complete with our tongues.

    “You alright,” I asked?”

    “Yes. I’m just feeling a little bit guilty while thinking about my husband.”

    “Me too, but it will pass.”

    “Do you think so?”

    “Yes. Just tell yourself it was the drinks and the situation. We really had no other choice.”

    We kissed again, this time lightly in order to maybe keep from going further, and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

    The following day was our last, but we stayed at the cabin and didn't go to the resort. I noticed now that Carole was no longer bashful over me seeing her naked. It was kind of fun, actually, seeing her cavorting around the two rooms naked, so I pulled my slip off and joined her in mutual nudity.

    At first nothing was said about the events of the previous night, but we did discuss it in the afternoon. As we lounged on the bed, I in my slip and Carole again in her negligee, we began to talk about last night.

    I told Carole that I too was ashamed of what we had done.

    "Well I'm not," she said. "I’ve thought it over. Think of the horrendous consequences of being held in the cells, then being jailed for drunk driving. Not just the time, but also the money - plane flights, hotel bills, lawyer’s fees - over $20,000 each I bet. So if you think we acted like tarts then at $20,000 a fuck we are very high class ones."

    "Well $20,000 for two fucks actually," I said, laughing.

    "Yes that's true," smiled Carole. "Two fucks and I came with both of them. And Gary did make you cum. didn't he."

    I couldn't deny that he did.

    "Well don't worry, or feel ashamed," said Carole. "I didn’t want it at first but when Gary started fucking me on the back seat of a car like some love-struck teenager, he really made me cum."

    “I heard you. It was good, wasn’t it, that fat cock of his?”

    “Hell yes, and let’s not ever tell our husband’s.” She paused, as if thinking. "Both of them are bigger than my husband." She looked at me. "And you?"

    I knew she was thinking ahead, of going home and maybe at some later time, maybe a swap? I told her the truth. "Gary was much larger. The good sergeant? A bit larger than my husband but close."

    Carole sighed. "Oh Carol, you're so lucky. Do you suppose I could borrow your husband sometime?"

    "And I get yours," I laughed?

    She laughed back. "That would be really nice you know, if you actually did it."

    I waited five minutes. “Do you suppose our husbands would ever do what we all four were doing last night?”

    She looked funny at me. Before, five minutes ago, it had been fantasy. Now, she knew, I might actually be thinking of doing it. “You mean, like the orgy part, with everyone kissing the other?”

    “Yes. Like that.”

    “I think first we need to make some comparisons. So you'll know for sure, my husband’s cock is the same size as the Sarge in width, but not as long.”

    “That’s my husband too. Almost the same size, and like your husband, a little shorter than Sarge.”

    Carole looked excited. “Maybe they're the same exact size!”

    We needed to know. “The sergeant's head, the head of his cock, is bigger than my husband's cock. Not a lot, but enough you can see the difference.” Then I added, giggling, “and feel the difference.”

    Carole nodded. “That's good to know. My husband's cock is like that too, with a head smaller than the Sergeant's.”

    “I think it might work. If their cocks are the same, no reason to be jealous of the other, at least not in dick size.”

    “It would still be fun to swap I think, even if they are the same size. I mean, like they are bound to feel different when they kiss, and also in the way they move their cocks around.”

    “I know how we can make it happen,” I offered.

    “Tell me Kim, please. I think now, that I would really like to do this, swap our husband's.”

    “When we get to England, they will probably be real horny even if they have yanked off, which, knowing Tony, he probably did.”

    “Yeah, my man too. So how do we set this up?”

    “They will both be picking us up at the airport. We say we want to go to dinner, or maybe just somewhere where we can all four be alone and somewhat private. Then Carole, I suggest we tell them a story, about how we got half drunk on the last night, and during the night in bed we just sort of...well, say it happened.”

    “We made out?”

    “Yes, made love we'll call it.”

    “And then?”

    “Carole, I'll tell them if you can't. I'll say afterward, we talked about our husband's, compared notes and decided they must be about the same size. That will keep them maybe, from stopping what I say next.”

    Carole giggled. “Next comes we say we want to try a swap.”

    “Yes, but in the same bed, all four to make it interesting and no one is jealous of his spouse being alone in another room.”

    “I think that might work,” said Carole.

    If neither man has reason to be jealous of the other man’s cock because they are the same size, or close, they might do it.”

    I nodded.” But we would have to work it carefully, with no hint of what happened over here.”

    “Let’s work on them when we get back to England,” said Carole.

    “Alright, and maybe someday we could find a bloke with a really nice wanker and share him,”

    “Yes yes! But how?”

    “Oh, there’s ways I suppose. On the internet or asking other women.”

    “I don’t know about asking women, they might not want to share a good thing, but I am pretty good at finding my way around websites. First we fuck each other’s husbands, and then on the side find us a man with a really big cock to share between us!”

    “Yes, let’s. But first…” Carole moaned when I kissed her while my hand found a nipple. As a finger worked into her, she moaned and opened her legs. We didn’t know what to do, but nature has a way…

    One mutual orgasm later we were lying together, cuddling, when someone knocked at the door. I looked through the peephole, and then excitedly opened the door. I stood there sort of sweaty as well as naked as a surprised Carole, also naked, joined me at the door.

    They knew as soon as they saw our nudity and the shiny bodies, what the answer would be.

    “Hi! We’ve got over an hour before we go on shift.”
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