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. Two Nights Before My Wedding, Two And Then Three Men

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Feb 17, 2019.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Two Nights Before My Wedding Two And Then Three Men

    by unknown and EroticWriter

    Shaved Cutie.
    Just like that, this stranger had walked into my bedroom and was looking at my pussy, a part of my body that until now had only been seen by one other man.

    And this man was seeing my pussy exposed like my fiance Billy had never seen it, since I was now shaved.

    Note readers: I found the origins of this story with a different title on another site a long time ago and found it to be hot enough to save. As I often do, I started rewriting if for fun to suit my tastes. In the end this story is much enhanced, made hotter with more participants, (the original only had one strange man) and lengthened. I also changed the ending.

    I don't know the name of the original author, but as I have stated before, I never take credit for someone else's work. I either use my own material from actual memories, or take a joke I have heard and make a story out of it, or I create a story from scratch, or I do this.


    Two Nights Before My Wedding, Two And Then Three Men

    Hi! My name is Jessie and I've got a story to tell. I hope you find it as exciting to read as I am finding it exciting to relate.

    As the seven men plus my future husband at the two tables played poker, there was a lot of drinking and smoking going on. I can stand the drinking, but cigarette smoke does not agree with me. Fortunately Billy, my fiance does not smoke. If he did, Billy would not be my fiance.

    They were playing in the den and I was more than willing to sit in the living room and watch TV so I could be avoiding that smoke. They had just organized these games two weeks ago and this was Billy's first time to hold the games at his place. I played the perfect hostess for a while, bringing in drinks and chips and yes, even emptying ashtrays. Then I would go back into the living room and watch TV.

    I only knew three from this group, Billy and his best buds Adam and James. The other five were mostly older men that Billy had invited from the bowling alley and I didn't know any of them. I especially enjoyed the furtive glances they would give me. Maybe the fact that the dress I was wearing barely covered the bottom half of my breasts as I would lean over the table had something to do with their interest in me.

    I was wearing no bra, but that top of the dress, cut to show some cleavage, had an elastic string in it so that even when I bent over, my nipples would stay covered, barely. I knew they were looking. Billy's two buddies tried not to, but they could not help it. Those other men though, the strangers to me, they sometimes would look, and openly.

    Finally, around ten, I yawned visibly in front of Billy and said I was going off to bed. They had started playing at 7:30 and I figured I had done enough of playing the hostess. Billy looked to be pretty much under the weather himself so I asked him how much longer they planned to play.

    “We'll be quitting in a while but probably sit around and shoot the shit. You go ahead baby. I'll be up later.”

    I knew that was bull. Since there were still several six packs left, they would continue playing for hours.

    “Goodnight.” Giving all of them one last show as I bent over and kissed Billy a long one, one guy cracked up and yelled from the other table, “Hey Billy, if Jessie's going up are you sure you want to keep playing cards?”

    All the men were still laughing as I went up the stairs. That dress fitted me tightly on the lower half as well and did more to show off my curves than hide them. I could feel several pairs of eyes staring at my ass as I climbed, and I deliberately allowed it to sway a little.

    I knew that my panty line was probably showing under the dress which is supposed to be a 'no no' among women who are fashion concious, but Billy has told me that seeing the panty line is sexier than when none shows. I tend to agree.

    Billy's buddies Adam and Jim had known me for a while and were used to seeing me. But I knew that Billy was enjoying having those older men ogle me and be knowing that he was the one that would be marrying me.

    I had taken a couple of drinks myself, and that plus the cigarette smoke kind of had me zonked out. I only took time enough in the bathroom to wash my face to get some of the cigarette smoke off and take a pee, then I pulled my dress over my head and threw it into a hamper to be washed tomorrow.

    I guess in the process I pulled off my panties and only put the tops of my pajamas on. I didn't think to put on my bottoms I would learn later. I had not fucked Billy for several nights, telling him that I wanted to remain 'pure' for my wedding night.

    Staying 'pure when the man you are marrying has already taken your virginity might seem silly, but I wanted things to sort of build up again, so that the wedding night would seem to be more special. Besides that, I had shaved my pussy just the day before yesterday and then decided that I wanted to surprise Billy with it on our wedding night.

    I was still living at my own place but for tonight I had told Billy I would sleep upstairs rather then driving home alone or having Billy leave the game to take me home. For two days I had not gone around naked in front of him on purpose so he wouldn't notice that my pussy was now bare.

    Billy of course had complained and asked how I could remain ''pure' when we were now almost living together and had been fucking for coming up on three months. But I had remained firm and said “No more sex until our wedding night.” I had kissed him and softly said, “Isn't it worth waiting for?”

    Billy of course had agreed, since I had a way of controlling him at times. My pubic hair had started to grow in already. Not much, but enough that I could feel the ends under my fingertips. So I had shaved it once again just today, and would probably have to shave once again on our wedding day.

    I was already having my doubts about keeping it shaved. If my pubic hair filled in this quick, it would be a chore to keep it bare. But for now, I'd let Billy have his fun.

    Something woke me up. The noise of the party was still going on downstairs and I had dozed off to the sound of music and loud voices, but this noise had been soft and somehow had alerted me. I realized that the sound I had heard had been the bedroom door opening, because now, in the dark, I heard it close.

    Someone was in the room. I could feel whoever it was. Then the light went on.

    My second man, ever.

    It was not my fiance. This man was one of the older ones I had seen downstairs earlier, but we had never been introduced. Early in the evening this same man had boldly walked up behind me in the kitchen and grabbed my ass. I had jumped away and said, “What's the matter with you, doing that? I don't even know you, and besides, I'm engaged.”

    He had laughed and reached into the frig for another beer. “Sorry, I saw that great ass and couldn't resist.”

    I had stormed out, but of course had said nothing about it to my fiance. I noticed that when I came by the table he was seated at a couple of minutes later that he now had two beers in front of him. One half drunk and the other so far, untouched. Yes, that beer was untouched, but I had been touched by him in the process of his coming out to get it. I had been the reason, obviously.

    I didn't know how much time had passed since I had come upstairs, but now he was in my room. I was almost naked under the sheet and was not sure as how to get this man out of my room without maybe screaming or having to get up and expose myself.

    As I stared at him, trying to discourage him with a frown, he was looking around the room, checking it out to make sure we were alone maybe. I spoke with a loud whisper. “My fiance is downstairs and is coming up any minute now. You had better get out!”

    He laughed and said, “Your boyfriend is passed out drunk. I made sure before I came up.”

    I knew right then that I was screwed, or soon might be.

    He was slowly walking towards me and smiled. “Do you remember me? I'm that nasty man that grabbed your cute little ass.”

    “Yes, I remember,.” I said. “You came out to get a beer that you didn't need.”

    He laughed. “I wondered if you had noticed.”

    All of a sudden a flush went over my body as I realized how vulnerable I was, with a strange man next to my bed.

    He pulled the sheet down slowly as I blushed bright red, knowing that I wasn't wearing any bottoms. As my pulse rate sped up, I hurriedly crossed one leg over the other to hide my pussy as he gazed down at my half-bare body. Now the sheet was all the way down, past my feet.

    "No panties. I see you have been getting ready for me", he said in a cocky tone as he placed one hand on my left foot and uncrossed my legs. I could tell by the firm grip that fighting him would be stupid.

    "It's not for you, I always sleep like this", I said defiantly.

    "I was talking about your pussy, doll. Shaved nice and bare, just like I love them" He pulled my leg further over and open, revealing my inner secrets, and I felt my pussy tingling as he stared at it. Just like that, this stranger had walked into my bedroom and was looking at my pussy, a part of my body that until now had only been seen by one other man.

    And this man was seeing my pussy exposed like Billy had never seen it, since I was now shaved.

    Several seconds of silence passed as he stared down between my opened thighs. I thought about telling him that I had done the shaving only for my future husband for our wedding night, in hopes that he might sympathize and change his mind, and then remembered that for most men that would only make them hornier. Stupid men and their competitive sexuality.

    Still, I had to try.

    "This isn't right," I began. "No one is supposed to be seeing me like this. Please, I'm engaged to be married."

    He snickered. "Getting married? When?"

    "In two days."

    "Two days? Good. You'll have time for your pussy to be back in shape after I bust your cherry."

    "Oh, but I'm not a virgin." I don't know why I told him that but I guess it made no difference since he had already said he was going to take my virginity.

    "Might be good for you then, baby. You'll enjoy fucking me much better since you're already broke. Open those legs and let me see inside your hole."

    I did, opening myself wider, I don't know why, but it seemed to be the thing to do. He leaned down to look and surprised me by reaching with both hands and tugging my lips apart.

    "Still looks like a virgin pussy to me. Maybe you haven't been fucked real proper like."

    He was still tugging me open, and it felt good. "Yes I have. My fiance is the best."

    "The best? Had anyone before him to compare with?"


    "Then it's time you learned. Take the top off," he commanded. I think right then, since I had not jumped up and tried to run out, or had not made a lot of noise, he knew he had me. I really don't know why I did not try to stop this. Maybe I was curious, at least that's what I have been telling myself.

    I just looked at him, somewhat surprised at his harsh tone. That was a mistake. With one swift motion his hand raked down the front of my PJ top, buttons flying. My tits were exposed to him.

    "Do not hesitate when I tell you to do something, do you understand?"

    I shook my head yes. It would be a lie if I said I didn't feel a bit of wetness between my legs. He was so authoritative about it. I was pissed off at myself for even thinking that. I sat up and peeled the tattered top the rest of the way off, naked for him now. I crossed my arms over my chest but only after he had a good look.

    He stood up and took off his khaki's and socks. He took his time with making that zipper come down, and all the time he was watching my face. I guess he caught me looking. He had those tight briefs on that came down almost to the knee, and his bulge was clearly visible. I had another moment of panic.

    “Why don't you lie your head down on that pillow again and we'll see if I can't show you the time of your life?

    "Can I use the bathroom first," I asked, my voice shaking? I was hoping to come up with some plan if I could just get away for a few minutes to do some thinking.

    But again, maybe I had handled this wrong. I had asked if I could use the bathroom 'first.' That was like saying, 'first I pee or wash my pussy, and then we fuck.'

    "No", he said plainly, and pulled his briefs down and then off his body. I couldn't help but notice that he was hanging down big, both long and wide big, considerably more so than Billy who I considered to be perhaps a spot below average based on what I had read and seen on the internet.

    I kept staring, again probably making a mistake as I unconciously gave him encouragement. I felt guilty for noticing his penis and comparing his size to Billy and tried pushing it back in my mind.

    What I noticed even more prominently though was that he was uncircumcised. It was the first time I had seen one like that in real life. I watched a porn film with some girlfriends once that had a guy like that.

    For like a week after that I kept having these sex dreams about the guy in the movie and how the two girls sharing him had stroked and studied his cock, with that foreskin covering and uncovering his head. Something instinctual about it I guess.

    I knew I should look away, try to act indifferent, maybe even try to talk him out of this, but instead I kept staring at that cock, right there in my line of sight since I was in the bed and he was standing beside me.

    He was getting harder, probably because like an idiot I was staring at how the skin was peeling back from his head as he grew. He looked to be huge now and it was scaring me.

    “Feel it,” he said.

    I did, reaching out almost eagerly and wrapping not a finger or two but my entire hand around his shaft. It felt hot and filled my hand and then some. Wanting to see how it felt and worked, I stroked the skin forward, pushing it up over the exposed head and then pulling it back.

    “Like that,” he asked?

    “What? You mean the size?” That is what I was mainly thinking.

    “Yes, the size. How does it compare to what you've had before?”

    “I've only had one.”

    “So how about the size?”

    He was persistent. “Yours is really big, it seems.” I gave it another stroke.

    “Bigger than his?

    “Yes, bigger, and different.”

    “Besides the size, how else is it different?”

    “You have foreskin,” I said softly. “I've never seen one like this before.”

    He laughed. “You've only fucked one you said, but how many have you seen?”

    “Just Billie's, he's the only one.”

    “Billy? That's the guy that owns this place, isn't it?”

    “Yes, we're getting married Saturday.”

    That didn't cause any distraction for him apparently. He knew what he wanted, and he was determined to get it.

    “You're already living with him?”

    “No. I still have my own place.”

    He laughed again. “So it looks like you are going to get fucked in Billy's bed then.”

    I looked away as he climbed between the sheets and started touching me. His hands moved over my bare skin as I looked at the far wall. He pulled my arms off of my bare chest and cupped my tits, the nipples rising.

    Other men had touched and cupped my breasts, but until tonight only Billy had been able to see them completely uncovered and exposed and in the light like this man was doing.

    “Fuck you have nice tits baby. Just big enough to almost fill my hands. I was staring at these babies downstairs, but uncovered they look even bigger.”

    He had big hands, I guess the size of a C or D cup, and I had full Bs. Regardless, he was taking advantage of the chance to cup them, and he went back and forth from one to the other, and my nipples were straining for his touch.

    I don't know if it was the alcohol or what but fuck if this wasn't making me just a little horny. Still I wanted him out. I wanted to turn back time and lock the bedroom door so this jerk could have never come in here.

    A wave of anger pulsed through me and just as his hand left my breasts and started between my legs I spit in his face and just as quickly my hand came up hard across his cheek. He was stunned for about two seconds, then he forced my legs open with his knees.

    I stared helplessly as he crawled up onto the bed and moved between my legs. I saw that dripping cock of his swing back and forth as his legs moved into place. A split second later I felt the head of his cock on me.

    I wanted to cry out that he was too big, that he would hurt me. Thankfully I was still a little moist because as he pushed into me, hard, there was a lot of friction, but he was able to do some sliding as well.

    I was instantly aware of how much longer it took for his cock to slip deeper into me compared to Billy's shorter shaft. There was just a bit of pain as he buried himself inside of me and I pushed futily against his chest.

    Never, in all of my times with Billy had I felt so much in contact with a man. His body was bigger than Billy's, and his cock was so much bigger and it was now totally inside me, filling me, making my legs shake.

    I was on the pill thankfully because he didn't even pause as he moved in and out of me, my helpless body taking his weight and his cock. This man, this person whose name I didn't even know was inside my personal space and inside me.

    He was against me from head to toe, and knowing me in a way that until now, only Billy had known. Except that he was knowing me more because he had more with which to explore me inside. As I write this, I am thinking how strange it is that different men can know a woman in different ways, especially a man equipped with a long cock.

    “Big, so big and hard...” I didn't realize, I was saying it out loud.

    “You like that, don't you baby?”

    I hesitated for only a second. “Yes.”

    He was doing me hard and steady, grinding against my clit at each powerful thrust. So many thoughts were going through my mind. I think I was more scared at this point that Billy would walk through the door. Even though I was praying for that just moments ago, now I was terrified that he would think I was cheating on him.

    He kept fucking, and the way it was looking, he was in no hurry to finish. By now, Billy would be cumming, or ready to.

    He felt so fucking good!

    My mind was changing. Now I no longer wanted Billy to barge in, because I wanted this to keep going.

    Yes, I know that Billy would have thought that I was cheating on him at that point if he had came in because now my legs were high and wrapped around this man, and if I could have reached it, I would have had my fingers digging into his ass. Instead my arms were around his shoulders, holding him tightly.

    He really knew how to use that cock of his. But not once did he try to kiss me, not once, and I was missing that.

    Even without the kissing it would be a lie to say I didn't cum. I had already done so, twice, and that was the first time I have ever had orgasms during sex. I've had them in the past, but always during oral sex with Billy or when I'm alone.

    I had never climaxed with Billy inside me, and this man was making it happen. Was it his size? Was it his no-bullshit attitude? Was it the fact that he was forcing me? Could I really be enjoying getting used like this?

    I had already cum twice.Two really intense orgasms and I was used up. But he kept pumping, and I was marveling at how long he could last. Billy never went this long. Maybe it was because this man had consumed some alcohol or maybe it was because he was in his late thirties or maybe forties and not just 20 like my Billy.

    Whatever it was, he kept pumping and my body kept responding with a will of its own as I felt my hips moving upwards with each shove downward of his cock.

    “Liking it now, aren't you? I knew you were a hot little bitch!”

    He knew he had me now, perhaps even owned me, because I was his, responding in ways that only a woman in need would do.

    He kept talking dirty and I found it to be arousing me as I reached still another climax. “Cumming again are you? You are a hot little bitch with a tight and hot pussy that needs cock, lots of cock. I wonder if your little Billy boy is going to be able to keep you satisfied.”

    'Your little Billy Boy' he had said. Well, I guess I had asked for that since I had admitted to him that he had the bigger cock.

    Before I had a chance to wonder about that he grabbed my left hand and using a couple of fingers, made my engagement ring roll around my finger. “Yes,” he said again as he continued to twirl my ring, “A hot little engaged soon to be a wife bitch that needs good fucking!”

    So what did I do? I should have cussed him out, but instead I responded with still more upward shoves of my hips to meet his thrusts.

    “You like getting a cock that's bigger than your little Billy Boy's, don't you?”

    It was annoying how he was putting down or maybe making fun of my fiance. Especially since he was a guest. I was annoyed, but I was also barely able to breathe I was so aroused, and now, after having came so many times, weak.

    “Yes, bigger.”

    “Maybe after you've been married for a while you'll start looking around. We'll see.”

    This man was mean-spirited it seemed. He was putting my fiance down, this guest in Billy's apartment. But I didn't care about that. This man was right. I had begun to wonder that myself. After my wedding will I be happy with Billy after having had this? Maybe I can train Billy to please me.

    I decided, as he as fucking me so skillfully that I owed him an explanation, or maybe I owed it to Billy, to his reputation. "I don't plan to be looking around. I love Billy and I want to be faithful, a faithful and loving wife. You just happened to catch me at a bad time, that's all."

    He snickered. "No baby, that's not quite right. I happened to catch you at a good time."

    I so wanted to admit that to him, that he was right, but somehow, I managed to hold it in.

    When I felt his body stiffen and his cock enlarging as I felt it throbbing and his warm load shooting inside of me, I came again even harder. I think it was his saying out loud what I had been thinking, and that made my orgasm all the more intense.

    His cock was bigger than my fiance's and I was very aware of that with every talented stroke he was taking. This man had put it right out there in front of me. Said it to my face. I was engaged, committed, and now for the first time I was getting a really big cock, not only getting it, but getting it from a man who truly knew how to fuck. Four times I had climaxed! Four times.

    I don't know how loud I had been, but thank goodness, apparently Billy was so sound asleep that he wasn't hearing it downstairs. I wondered about some of those other guys. Do they know? If they are still playing cards, some of them, they must know that this man is somewhere else.

    I had orgasmed it seemed almost continuosly, and this man hadn’t even kissed me, not once. I had wanted to hide my pleasure, my orgasms from this man who in effect, had been raping me. But it is pretty hard to hide your pleasure when you are making moaning sounds loud enough to be heard in the next county.

    He left a few minutes later, leaving me lying there filled with his cum and exhausted. As he had been getting his trousers back on, I had just laid there looking up at him with my legs spread, and he was grinning down at all the damage he had done.

    His last words to me, he planned, were in the form of a question: “So this is where you will be sleeping with your husband? When's the wedding did you say?”

    “Yes, this is my fiance's place, and the wedding is this coming Saturday.”

    He laughed. “That gives you just two days to get all rested up. Maybe I'll be seeing you again.”

    "Wait," I yelled out. "Before you leave, I want you to know that you've ruined my wedding night. Now it won't be the something special I was looking forward to."

    "But you're glad I came into your room aren't you?"

    I sighed. "Yes. No use denying it. I'd say 'thanks,' but you know how it is."

    I tried one last time to maintain some dignity. I glared at him and softly yelled out, "Bastard."

    And then with a big grin he walked out, leaving the light burning. I was too tired to get up and turn it off.

    Though I had served him drinks and chips, I didn’t know who he was. I didn’t know when he went downstairs who he would talk to, if any. I hoped that Billy really was drunk and asleep downstairs as the man had claimed. If so, maybe he wouldn't hear anything this man might say to his buddies. I was hoping that Billy's two buddies had already left and were unaware of this man having come up the stairs.

    I was still lying there, maybe I had dozed off, when I opened my eyes. I didn't remember the first guy turning off the light when he left, so maybe it had been left on. Then I remembered, yes, he had left it on.

    My third man, ever.

    Now there was another man there, a naked man!. He was standing at the foot of the bed. I could see him, and he could see me. I realized that I had gone back to sleep and had left the covers off.

    Strangely, I didn't react even though he was seeing me naked. Instead, I just laid quietly and looked up at him. Like the man before had been, this man was older than the group Billy usually hung with was. He was maybe 30 to 35, naked with a slim body, and he was looking down at me and had his prick in his hand.

    It was dripping and had a long string of pre-cum hanging from the tip. He might have been looking at my naked body and jacking it, I don't know, but it was hard. It too was larger than my fiance's cock, but not so large as the man who had just left me here.

    He had quit stroking, but as he realized that I was still allowing him to look at my nakedness, he started again. As he was slowly jerking off his cock, he happened to change the positioning of his hand and I saw that his testicles looked to be quite large, larger than the set on the man who had just left.

    I was already filled with cum, and if this guy had his way, I would be overflowing.

    I was just too tired to move and as I just laid there all spread out, he grinned and said, “You don't have to worry. I'm the only one that knows what you did. My buddy told me to come up just before he left.”

    “Do you know who I am?” My voice was surprisingly, calm, considering what I knew was about to happen.

    “No. Not your name. The guy who came up here before me said that your fiance' is the guy passed out on the couch, but I don't know him personally.”

    “Did he, did my fiance' look like he is going to keep sleeping?”

    “Yeah, I'd say he is good for the night the way he looked. He won't be coming up anytime soon.”

    I was looking him in the eyes, but that cock was right there, in my vision too. “You won't say a word, to anyone. You promise?” As I was speaking, I spread my legs further apart.

    That told him all he needed to know. I was willing to be fucked. As he crawled on the bed, I opened my legs even wider to him and folded them up at the knees. “You don't have anything to worry about, baby. I won't say a word.”

    He took his time. Kissing me around the ear and feeling my breasts and, I suspected, not fingering my vagina because he had probably been told it was full of cum. He lingered over me long enough for me to feel the heat from his body near mine, and that included the heat that seemed to be radiating from the head of his cock as I felt it touch me at the entrance to my vagina and then linger.

    He pushed, but slowly.

    “Fuck. Feels like Fred left quite a load.” He was inside me now, having slipped in rather easily, and I could feel him, but the fit felt kind of loose compared to my last man, I guess whose name had been Fred. The feel of a loose fit was probably because I was so wet inside. Although he was not quite as thick as Fred, he was definitely larger than Billy.

    “I'm sorry I'm so wet. I didn't get up, afterward, after Fred. I was too tired.”

    He snickered. “Fred did say that you two had quite a wild fucking spree.”

    I was honest. “We did. He was pushy, very, and caught me in a weak moment. I was sleeping when he came in, and things just...happened. To be honest, I don't know if I have anything left for you.”

    “Maybe. We'll see.”

    He was, at the moment, staying high above me. His penis was buried but he was taking advantage of the opportunity to caress and squeeze my breasts, and my nipples were responding to his touch.

    I knew that this fuck might end up being different than the last one though because this man was looking into my eyes and smiling down at me. For the moment he had not as yet begun to pump.

    For some reason I wanted him to know that I was not 'easy,' that I was not a slut. “Just so you'll know, you're only the third man to ever be inside me.”

    'Fred was the second, just tonight?”


    “And when are you getting married? Fred said you are engaged.” He looked at my left hand. “I can see your ring.”

    “This Saturday. The wedding's Saturday.”

    “Looks like you are having a night to remember, just before your wedding.”

    He had started to pump now, slow and easy and with long strokes. “Yes,” I sighed, “I think I definitely will be remembering this.”

    I saw a frown sort of appear on his face. “I'm sort of curious. Since you are engaged and you have had your second and now are getting your third guy ever just tonight, how do we all measure up?”

    I knew what he meant. “Does it matter? You feel just fine.”

    “Normally it wouldn't matter, except for the circumstances. You are getting married, and just tonight right before your marriage you are being fucked by two strange men. So it...I'd like to know what we three men are, were giving you and how it is affecting your thinking just before your wedding.”

    “You're in the middle.”

    “In the middle? What do you...”

    I knew what he was going to say and cut him off. “I meant that my fiance is the smallest, Fred was the largest, and you are in the middle.”

    He giggled. “Any preference?”

    It was my turn to giggle. “First you have to show me what you can do.”

    “It will by my pleasure baby, my pleasure, and hopefully, yours.”

    I knew, would have bet on it, that he would sooner or later end up kissing me. Then, after getting good feels of both breasts while he continued to pump, he laid his body, most of his weight but not all, onto me.

    Fred I had permitted to fuck me with some reluctance on my part. But I was wanting to participate and cum with this man. Again I asked. “You won't say anything? You promise?” My arms had gone around him now, and my legs were coming up.

    “No baby, not a word. Of course,” he added grinning down at me, “You have to make it a good fuck.”

    I made it a good fuck, and one reason is because, as I had hoped, he started kissing me. He knew how to use that tongue and those lips, just like my previous lover had used his cock, skillfully.

    We fucked, and it was good, every inch of him, every moment of our togetherness. I suppose one reason this new guy was able to last so long is because I was so wet from previously deposited cum within. Regardless, I was glad he was lasting, because I was responding.

    I was moaning now, and strangely, the fit seemed to be getting tighter between us. Maybe I was adjusting to his size, or maybe the pumping was squeezing out all of that cum, but now we seemed to be fitting perfectly, just like it had felt with Fred.

    “Fuck baby you feel good. I love the way you move that tight ass of yours.”

    I wanted to build up his ego. I had told him that his cock was smaller than Fred's and I knew how men are with their ego. “Your cock feels about as big as Fred did now. I like it.”

    He responded with some harder pumps and I responded with my ass.

    I had decided that what the hell, I had already been fucked by one stranger, so why not two? This was my chance to see what it is like with other men before I am committed by my wedding vowels. One last chance to enjoy, to cum, and yes I came with this man too, but just once. But it was a good one.

    He had been lasting a long time, and so was I. Now he was cumming with me, and we were kissing. I put my very heart and soul into this orgasm, and it was probably as good, maybe better, than the ones I had enjoyed with the previous man.

    Size isn't everything, I had learned. There still needs to be a desire there.

    He stayed on me afterward, for several minutes, and we kissed as his softening cock drained into me. I didn't owe him anything, but still I said it.

    “That was good. Thank you.” Yes, I thanked him.

    “I know it was. As soon as our eyes met, I knew we would be together as one.”

    “Yes. We were. But...I don't want to know your name, or where you live, and I won't meet you anywhere. Just this one time, is that alright?”

    He was slipping out of me now, getting up and off. “That's all I expected baby. One time, and it was even better than I expected. And I thank you too.”

    “Do you plan to keep coming to the card sessions?”

    He looked into my face. “I'd like too, if you don't mind...”

    “Just never a hint to Billy, never. This will be our secret.”

    “Yes, our secret.” Then I thought of Fred. “But your buddy Fred sent you up to me. He'll know.”

    My new man sighed. “Yes, he knows, and he will probably be coming to those future card games.”

    “Is he a buddy of yours?”

    “Just casual. We don't hang out together.”

    “Then how was it that he told you that he had fucked me, and then you came up?”

    "We were playing cards and I happened to glance over at your fiance' already passed out on the couch and I made a joke about how 'that little cutie is going to waste upstairs,' and he said that you didn't have to go to waste since he had already gotten some.”

    “That's how you found out?”

    “Yes. So I immediately asked him to tell me more since we were alone at the table for the moment. A few minutes later he left and it was only then that I decided to come up.”

    “So he doesn't know then, that you are up here?”


    “Please don't tell him.”

    “I promise.”

    “Thank you.”

    I needed to know. "You said Fred told you more about me. What, exactly, did he have to say?"

    When I had first became aware of his presence, he had been totally naked. Now, as I watched, he bent down to the foot of the bed and pulled his trousers off the floor as he prepared to dress. His cock was still visible to me and I kept staring.

    "You want to know what he said, about you?"

    "Yes. I'm curious since I really had no experience before tonight."

    "He, Fred, said you are probably the best fuck he ever had. That's one more reason for me deciding to come up here and try my luck."

    "When I first saw you, you were staring down at me and, jerking off. Were you planning on cumming that way if I didn't wake up?"

    His face sort of turned red. "I was. You looked so beautiful just lying there with your legs spread and Fred's cum seeping out of you. Out of your shaved pussy. I was close to orgasm when you woke up. Your timing I must say, was right on!"

    This man was so nice. I realized then, this might be my last chance before marriage. Another man, a man whom had already fucked me, and he was still here.

    “I want it again.” I don't know where the sudden energy had came from, but I wanted more of this man.

    “Really? Then maybe you have a...preference between the three of us?

    ”Let's leave my fiance out of it. Between you and Fred, yes. I prefer you.”

    “Even though Fred was larger? Just out of curiosity, in what way was he larger?

    “He was thicker than you, but I don't think he was any longer. He was just a little bit thicker.”

    “Did his thicker feel better than my cock does?”

    “At first it sort of hurt. He felt huge at first. Then it did, felt good after I made my adjustment to his size. When you first went into me, you felt smaller, or maybe I should say the fit was not as tight. But I think it might have been his cum making me so wet inside. Once you and I got going, you felt really good.”

    “How about technique? Who is best at making the moves?”

    “You are. Well, maybe you are. Fred was good, but his fucking was sort of...'mechanical.' He was like a machine. He knew how to use what he had, but he never put any real feeling into it.”

    “Feeling? You mean as in mental?

    “Yes. Mental for sure. Fred never even kissed me. He just used my body and manipulated it. You and I seem to be linked together with our eyes, our mouths, our genitals, even our minds.”

    “I sensed that. When I was looking down at you just lying here, before you opened your eyes and looked up at me, I sensed that we would be good together. I've already said, but I want to say it again.

    To be honest, I was just going to jack off and admire your body and cum since you were sleeping and I didn't know how you would react to me coming in the room.

    Then when you woke up and looked at me, I knew it would be alright. Now, do you still want it again?”

    He had asked, but he already knew what my answer would be. “Yes, if you can manage...”

    “Oh baby I can manage!”

    Maybe I should have gone into the bathroom and drained off some of that cum, his and the man's before, but it seemed like we needed to hurry. Not because of the fear of being interrupted, but because we wanted each other now.

    We fucked. He used that cock on me like there was no tomorrow, and I think he hit me just about everywhere possible inside with that magic prick of his. But perhaps more importantly, he was fucking me with his mind.

    Something else happened, something new to me. At one point he was putting the tip of a finger into my ass, and that felt really good.

    We fucked for what seemed like hours but I am sure was only several minutes more. But he had already orgasmed once into me, and now he had staying power, and he was staying...inside me.

    “Let me know when you want to cum again and I'll speed up, do it harder, or anyway you want.”

    I giggled. “Anyway you want is fine with me. I'm in tune with you. When you get ready to cum, let me know and I'll join in for the fun.”

    We were that good together. So well joined, so compatible, that it was probably the perfect fuck. If he wanted to cum, I knew that I could cum with him, and do so easily. All the while the kissing was going on I think that I was in love with this stranger, and I think, I hope, that he was in love with me too.

    It was strange in a way. With Fred, the man before, I had been cumming multiple times, physical times. With this third man it was different. Not so much physical, but mentally we were tuned together. We wanted to orgasm, but only when it was together.

    A simultaneous orgasm is hard to achieve, they say, with many couples. We had no problem in our coupling, as this fuck, just like the last, had us cumming together.

    Finally, when I could no longer feel him stretching me, he slid out and up and off of me. Again, as before, I continued to lie there with my legs spread as my newest lover stared down at me as his pants went on.

    He grinned. “I love that shaved pussy of yours. First one I've ever had.”

    I smiled up at him and spread my legs even wider. I could feel it and I knew. I also had some cum starting to leak out. “You're seeing me like my fiance has never seen me. I shaved this for him, for our wedding night, and you are seeing it first.”

    His eyes widened. “Fuck that's hot. Two men have seen and fucked that shaved pussy of yours, and the man you are going to marry has never seen it looking like that.”

    Looking like that? “How does it look,” I asked?

    He laughed. “Well, besides the fact that it is shaved and has cum coming out, it looks all red around the edges now, your lips.” He grinned again. “If it wasn't all slimy with cum, I'd love to go down on that!”

    I gave him my warmest smile. “If you are as good with your mouth down there as you are up here...” I pointed to my mouth, “that would probably feel wonderful.”

    “Maybe the next time.”

    “There won't be another time. This was it, one chance to try a strange man, or men, before my marriage.”

    He nodded. “Probably better you did this before you get married than after you have taken the vowels.”

    At the moment I was feeling a little guilty as he had reminded me of what I had just done, and willingly. “When you leave, no one else comes up. You promise?” I was looking up at him with eyes that were pleading.

    “I already made that promise, remember?”

    “Yes.” I gave him my biggest smile as he turned to leave. “One more kiss...” I pleaded. He turned around immediately and leaning over the bed, gave me a long and passionate but gentle kiss. Again I thanked him.

    This time, taking no chances, I got up and headed for the toilet. I had lots of cum to drain, two men's worth, and I didn't want to be caught on the toilet or in bed again by anyone else. But no one came in. I didn't even bother to go downstairs and check on Billy.

    I did, however, take a look at the bed I had been lying on. As both men had fucked me, I had been lying on the same part of the bed, the same sheet, and that sheet, I could now see, was soaked with cum and sweat, probably from me as well as the two men who had given their share.

    I didn't even bother to pull the sheet. I could do that tomorrow. When I climbed back into bed I got in on the other side, Billy's side. If Billy happened to come upstairs during the night, he could sleep on the wet spot. I figured that what had happened to me was just as much his fault as mine.

    I don't know what time it was, but it was still dark outside though there was a little bit of light coming in the window. It was Billy, and I just laid there, quietly, as I listened to him stumbling around while removing his clothes. He seemed to be having a hard time getting his pants off and I knew it was from too much alcohol. Then I felt the mattress sag as he crawled in beside me.

    I was hoping that the sheets were dry now so he wouldn't feel a wet spot. Thinking he would go right to sleep, I closed my eyes. And then I felt his hand go onto my breast and squeeze. I reached up and tugging on his arm, guided him onto me.

    Previously, I had told Billy he had to wait until our marriage to make love to me anymore. But now I wanted to make a direct comparison, going from two bigger men right to being under my future husband.

    This time I would be starting out with a drained and dry vagina.

    Billy had not as yet touched my shaved snatch and I wondered if he would be able to tell when he put his groin against mine.

    Something was different all right. But it was me who knew as soon as his groin touched mine, because at the same time his cock started to slip in.

    My fourth man, ever.

    I gasped, not just in pleasure but also with some slight pain because I was still dry. But mostly I had gasped in shock at learning it was not my Billy. His aim had been perfect. His cock was no longer then Billy's, but thicker. Maybe thicker than Fred had been.

    He must have known that he was not the same size as my fiance by the way he paused after my gasp, as if he was waiting to see if I would allow him to remain. There had been eight men downstairs. Counting my fiance. I had already fucked three of them, and now here comes a fourth.

    So I was being fucked, or had been fucked by half the men I had been serving tonight counting my Billy. It was strange to be thinking like this right now, but the thought was going through my mind that the gang would be returning, and there would still be four men that I had not fucked.

    Billy's buddies amongst them. It was a fantasy, but what if, over the next times they came to play at Billy's, I ended up fucking all of them?

    That would probably not be cool if I was to fuck the two who were Billy's buddies, but both of them I found to be sort of attractive.

    But this guy, whoever he is, was feeling really good. I was so sleepy and used up but still I waited, and after almost a minute, I hugged him with my arms.

    He began pumping, and not wanting to say a word, I allowed him to pump. I grew wet. Now for sure I knew, I loved being stretched like this. After a couple of minutes my hips began matching his. Which of those strange men is this? Whoever, he was feeling good.

    I didn't know who it was until he moved his head down to kiss me and I felt the beard. I pictured him in my mind. It was not one of the older men, the strangers. It was Jim, one of Billy's best buds, and he was having his way with me.

    Jim and I had spent a lot of time together, with Billy always there of course. Usually, Jim had his girlfriend along, but tonight, no girlfriend, just Jim and the boys.

    I decided to welcome him and used his formal name. "Hi, James."

    He stopped pumping. Then, and I could feel his heart pounding as he laid on me, he started to apologize. "I'm sorry Jessie. I thought you wouldn't know who it was."

    "It's alright. A few times I wondered about you, and what you might be like. So it's O.K. Just promise me you won't tell. You promise?"

    "I promise Jessie. Is it alright if I kiss you? I've always wanted to do that."

    "Please do." Then I decided to build his ego. "You've got the thickest dick I've had."

    "Really? Does it feel good?"

    "Yes. Very." I hugged him tighter and raised my legs higher around him.

    He resumed fucking me again. We kissed, and with passion from the very beginning.

    I was sleepy, and maybe he was sleepy or still high from all that alcohol they had been consuming downstairs. In any case, Jim was giving me a 'lazy fuck.' Taking his time, sort of laying about half of his weight on me, and giving me these big, sort of sloppy kisses. It was fun, actually.

    Fun, and very sweaty since we remained so close. He would slowly push forward, and over two or three seconds, bury it. Then he would come back, but slowly, stopping at the point where that rim around his thick dick head would start to tug my lips outwards. Then back in. He was doing this, over and over, and I wanted it to go on forever.

    At one point Jim slipped out and got behind me. I raised one leg sort of high to ease his entry, and as he fucked me from behind, both his hands were cupping my breasts while his tongue and lips were teasing my neck and ears.

    In this position and with only maybe six inches of length to work with, he could not reach and make full penetration in me I don't think, but he was getting most of it into me, and thick as he was, that was good enough.

    He wasn't trying to make me cum, and I wasn't trying to cum. For now, this was all good. Because of our positioning, I think Jim spent more time cupping my breasts then the other two men combined.

    Then, after maybe ten minutes, Jim turned me on my back and again climbed on. Again with the slow fucking. No banging, just allowing his thickness to do the work. Sometimes, just for a little while, Jim would seem to get a little softer. Then we would kiss, and his cock would instantly get stiff. Like a rock stiff.

    Enjoying him, I allowed this to happen and said not a word for a long time. Finally I was talking, whispering. “I love it. Love this. You feel so good. Your big cock, so good.” But Jim, maybe trying not to be putting his buddy Billy down, kept silent.

    I wanted to tell Jim more, that of the four men I had now fucked, that he was the biggest. I mean, the thickest. But I didn't dare because for all I knew, he might not have known about those other men coming to my room.

    This might sound funny, but at one point we both fell asleep. I know I did, and I am pretty sure he did too. It wasn't that our fucking had grown boring. No, quite the opposite. It was just that we both had done some drinking, it was late, and we seemed to be so compatible together that it just seemed natural to doze off while he was in me.

    I don't know how long we laid there with Jim's thick cock inside me and mostly erect the entire time, but it might have been 30 minutes or more. That's a long time to be remaining still while your vagina is being stretched wide, but it happened.

    Imagine that. A formally innocent bride to be, just lying there and allowing a man with an unusually thick cock to remain in her for a long time, stretching her pussy and maybe taking away some of the future pleasure for her intended husband.

    But when we awakened, Jim first, it got hot really fast. His orgasm was timed to meet mine, and the only sounds we made during the entire final fuck session were our mutual cries of satisfaction as our orgasms blended into one.

    I don't know who was being the loudest, but it was probably me. Yes, in case you are wondering, I think that was my best orgasm, ever.

    Jim crawled off after spending another two or three minutes kissing me tenderly. When I felt and heard him leave the room, I wondered if Jim thought I was just a slut since I had cheated on Billy. Our secret would remain his secret, or so I hoped Jim would think.

    I was wondering if Jim had known about the other two men before he had came up to have his way with me. I hoped not.

    It was after 9 in the morning before I got up, and when I checked, Billy was still zonked out on the couch downstairs. I had half expected to see another guy or two hanging around as well, but everyone had gone.

    A Fresh Start.

    Well, I guess Billy had never came up and found the wet spot, because the wedding is this afternoon and after doing a fresh shave on my pussy I decided that I just had to do more on this story I started that morning. I plan on finishing this story after my wedding night and to see if Billy can maybe, I hope, satisfy me. I didn't tell Billy what had happened of course and risk ruining the wedding.

    The wedding night went as planned for me, or maybe I should say as hoped. Billy loved discovering and seeing my shaved snatch 'just for him' and we fucked twice.

    Billy did not seem to notice any change in my pussy internally but I was very aware of the sizing difference between his cock and Fred and that other loving guy, name still unknown.

    And of course there had been Jim.

    I still didn't cum with Billy while he was in me, but the 69 we did worked out pretty well. I even swallowed for the first time. Shaving my pussy really had him excited, and I think that is why Billy was so anxious to have oral sex with me.

    I have my hopes that an orgasm while Billy is in me will happen sooner or later, and hopefully sooner.

    Know what happened at the wedding? Jim was there of course, and when his eyes met mine I probably looked away too quick, and that probably told him that I did not plan to allow what had happened between us to happen again.

    And that damned Fred showed up. I didn't notice him at the ceremony but there he was at the reception. He even managed to get in line and kiss the bride. I had to pull away lest the kiss appear to be too long to anyone watching. The entire time, while he was waiting in line to kiss me, during the kiss (our first by the way) and afterwards, his eyes kept boring into mine.

    And Fred was watching when my garter was pulled off and tossed. He had positioned himself to where he could be looking up my wedding dress at the time. (Yes, I wore white. I had been a virgin until three months ago, so I guess that is close enough).

    I think Fred tried to get close enough to talk to me but I managed to avoid him. I know he is still out there, and waiting his chance. Damn it, I hate to admit it, but when I knew he was getting closer in that line to kiss me, and during our first kiss, my pussy had been tingling.

    Jim I don't know about. I very definitely had enjoyed our fuck, or maybe I should call it our lovemaking session. But he is one of my husband's best friends, and he may never come near me again. We'll see.

    It's been two weeks and I thought I had finished my story, but there's still more to tell.

    Billy and I are settled in now and I have completed my move to his place. He wants to keep going to the bowling games and the weekly poker nights. Turns out that the guys had enjoyed their first two nights together and wanted to keep the games going.

    I said that would be alright with me. Then Billy asked if he could still hold some games at our place. I hesitated, then reluctantly told him I don't mind as long as it is not a weekly thing. Once or twice a month, I told him.

    It won't be as bad as that. Billy said that since we normally have eight players, that it might only be once every other month.

    When the poker nights are held, it is tradition that the woman living with or dating the man who owns the place where the poker is being played, sort of caters the event like I had that night.

    That might put me once again before those men, all three maybe, and I had acted reluctant to Billy, but he wanted me to do the hostess bit so I agreed.

    I asked Billy if he drank as much at the other men's homes when playing poker as he did when he was here and he said 'No, that he only felt safe 'getting loaded' at home.'

    Maybe I can put up with some more poker nights. My turn is coming up again in two weeks. We'll see...
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