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Draft Total Submission Chapter 6

Discussion in 'SUBMIT YOUR STORIES HERE' started by ZeroRise, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. ZeroRise

    ZeroRise Active Member Author!

    Malik was the man of our house now. Everyone, myself included, lusted after him and his big black cock. We were all so enthralled by it that we collectively forgot that my dad was due home today. Thankfully, we got an early warning when he called us from the airport. Mom didn't tell him about the family's changes over the phone, she only said we were all excited to see him and that she loved him. She was also happened to be rubbing Ashley's clit as Malik fucked her during the phone call. They managed to keep quiet enough that Dad didn't overhear anything.

    After Malik finished filling my little sister and mom with cum, we had a family meeting to decide what to do about dad. There was absolutely no way that any of us were willing to give up Malik's cock. Mom initially suggested ways to hide the truth from dad, but Malik wasn't having it. He was adamant that my father become his sissy bitch cuckold just like I had. The only problem was that my father wasn't a little pliable teenage boy like I was. My father was by all accounts a masculine and confident man.

    To help us brainstorm, mom shared some stories about dad that surprised me. Apparently, when their relationship started my dad had stolen her right out from under a previous boyfriend. It wasn't anything like how Malik took girlfriends, but my dad was apparently a player back in the day. I wouldn't describe my father as far past his prime either, he kept in great shape. Mom also told us about how dad had always been very dominant in bed. Turns out that I didn't inherit my dick from my father's side of the family. He apparently boasted an impressive 9-inch cock, almost rivaling Malik. We all used this information to brainstorm ways to introduce him to Malik and make him submit.

    We didn't have enough time to come up with a proper plan. Dad's car drove into our driveway while Mom, Ashley, Malik and I were still sitting in the living room discussing tactics. Malik and Ashley went upstairs, leaving Mom and me to welcome dad home. The good news was that Mom just happened to be dressed conservatively today. It was still much sluttier than what she used to wear, but safer than what she usually wore around Malik. Her breasts were about two-thirds covered by a low cut V-neck, and she had on a normal pair of high rise leggings.

    Dad came in and greeted us with a big smile and a hug. He gave mom a kiss which she did return. Malik's dick was in mom's mouth only half an hour ago, I was sure that my dad was unknowingly getting a taste of black cock.

    "So where is my beautiful daughter?" dad asked us.

    "Probably upstairs in her room." my mom replied with a slight twinge of nervousness. My dad didn't notice her tone.

    "Didn't tell her I landed? I'll go surprise her."

    Mom opened her mouth to object but couldn't find the words. Dad was already halfway up the stairs, mom and I silently followed. I expected that Malik had already snuck out a window or hid in a closet, but I underestimated how bold he was. Dad opened Ashley's door and saw Malik and Ashley on the bed. Ashley had her shirt pulled up and Malik was sucking her breasts. Malik's huge cock was sticking out of his pants like a weapon. Neither of them immediately noticed dad.

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