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. Total Submission Chapter 5

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by ZeroRise, Oct 29, 2017.

. Total Submission Chapter 5 4.9 5 8votes
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  1. ZeroRise

    ZeroRise Active Member Author!

    Malik was spending a lot of time in my family's home now. He had the run of the place. Mom, Sarah, and Ashley lusted after him at all hours of the day and I got off watching. The girls usually wore little to nothing whether Malik was home or not. That presented a problem for me because if any of them noticed I had an erection when Malik wasn't there, I got punished. It was Malik's idea and the girls loved it. Mom usually opted for denial as my punishment. She knew how much I loved to watch Malik fuck, it was devastating when she sent me out of the room. Ashley had developed a bit of an incest fetish, she loved to torture me with orgasm denial. Her expertise at pushing me to the brink of orgasm and them shutting me down was agonizing. Sarah's punishments were more physical. She even bought some toys to flog, spank, and whip me with. I guess my mentioning BDSM during our study date gave her some ideas.

    It was a Sunday morning. Sarah had slept over like she did every weekend night. Apparently, I had passed on on the master bedroom floor and just slept there until morning. No one else was in the room when I awoke. I headed downstairs and found Sarah laying on top of the kitchen table, legs open with Malik brutally fucking her. Mom was sitting on Sarah's face and holding up her boobs for Malik to suck on. I immediately grew to full erection when I saw Malik's cock sliding in and out of Sarah. I took a seat at the table and held Sarah's hand, my other hand went to work jerking my dick.

    My mom pushed her pussy onto Sarah's face. Sarah greedily lapped at it and sucked up my mom's juices. Malik's attention to her breasts and Sarah's tongue on her clit brought mom to a quick orgasm. She screamed in pleasure and came all over Sarah, who had an orgasm of her own as a result. Sarah's face was drenched in pussy juice, her eyeliner smeared down her cheeks. Mom tried to clean up by licking the juices off Sarah's face. She drank all of the sex juices off Sarah and then returned it to her with a deep kiss. Their entwined tongues were glossed with girl-cum.

    Satisfied, Mom crawled off the table and gave Malik a hug while tugging on his cock.

    "What a way to start the day." she seductively whispered to Malik.

    "You are the best fuck I've had yet. I'll be around here a lot from now on." Malik said to my mom. Mom was extremely happy to receive his praise. She pressed her naked pussy against his leg and leaned against him. She pulled his cock up to point vertically and sandwiched it with her belly, the tip just barely graced the bottom of her breasts.

    "I aim to please." she said in a sexy voice while looking up into his eyes.

    Sarah recovered shallowing mom's orgasm, she sat up to address me.

    "Morning Chris, you know where Ashley's at?" she questioned.

    "She was in the shower upstairs when I woke up." I answered. Sarah shrugged and pulled mom and Malik back in for a second round. I went about preparing breakfast for us all since they were too busy fucking on the kitchen table.

    A few minutes later, Ashley came downstairs wearing only a bath towel. She had it wrapped around her waist like a skirt so her perfect breasts were on full display. I could see her little pink nipples extend when she saw Malik mouth-fucking our mother. She gave me a quick hug from behind and thanked me for making breakfast before joining the others in worshiping Malik's cock. The feel of her breasts on my back sent shivers up my spine, she clearly enjoyed teasing me.

    I finished preparing scrambled eggs and toast while Malik gave the girls a few more orgasms. I almost burnt the eggs because I lost track of time staring at Malik's black cock. After transferring all the eggs to a serving platter and setting out plates for everyone, I took my seat. Mom stopped me before I could make my plate.

    "Wait, Malik could you add your spice to the eggs? It looks like Chris burnt them a little." Mom said. She pointed Malik's hard cock towards our breakfast and started coaxing out his cum. Ashley and Sarah were thrilled with the idea of eating his cum with breakfast, they each shoved their breasts in his face to expedite his orgasm. Malik unloaded his cum onto the plate a few moments later. He came with such power and volume that I didn't even think about how he was ruining the meal for me.

    The girls quickly dug in after Malik coated the dish with a thick layer of cum. Malik sat back and just ate the toast, he obviously wasn't going eat his own cum. I, on the other hand, couldn't help but start considering it. It was like I was being magnetically drawn towards it, the girls were making it look the most delicious thing in the world. My natural aversion to it was being broken down, quickly.

    Hands shaking, I slowly reached out to move some of the cum glossed food to my plate. My mouth was watering. The only thing stopping me from eating as greedily as the girls was a faint voice in my head telling me that I shouldn't. That voice wasn't enough to stop me.

    My first bite was hesitant. Malik's white hot cum graced my lips as I slide the spoon into my mouth. The taste immediately sent jolts down my spine. My mind was fogged with arousal and my cock grew to full size. It was as if Malik was overpowering me from the inside out. All I could think about was getting more of his cum down my throat.

    Mom was the first to notice that I had started eating the cum-flavored food.

    "You better savor every bit of that." she said, "Maybe Malik's semen will give you a bit of masculinity." Mom smiled and considered for a moment.

    "No, on second thought you're just becoming more a sissy faggot with every bite." she said mockingly.

    The insult did nothing to discourage me, in fact, I was only more turned on by it. Malik was still sitting naked at the table. He was right next to me, so I could see his semi-hard cock resting between his muscular thighs. I couldn't tear my eyes away from it as I swallowed more and more of his intoxicating sperm.

    Ashley decided to take advantage of my new-found penchant for cum. Ever the incestuous incubus, she wiped some of Malik's cum across her bare chest and offered it to me.

    "Here Chris, maybe you'll feel a little less gay if you eat the cum off your little sister's boobs." she said teasingly.

    I wasn't in the mental state to resist. She put her cum-soaked breasts in front of me and I began to lick. Malik's cum wasn't diluted by the food anymore, its full power was flowing into me. I licked around her pink nipples as she pulled me closer into her chest. Her supple breasts slid over my checks with Malik's cum acting as a lubricant.

    Malik seemed amused by my hunger for his seed. He saw the look in my eyes, he knew that I was now completely and truly under his control. I would do anything for him now. His cum inside of me was like a virus controlling my mind. Until now, I had only partially understood why the girls were so drawn to him. His body and charm were obvious even to a straight man, but Malik's full power was now exerting its control over me.

    As I lost myself in the taste, I thought off all the people that Malik had added to his harem over the past few weeks. Sarah's cheerleading friends were who initially introduced her to Malik. I was sure that Malik had fucked every girl on the team by now. I'd already gotten visual confirmation that Ashley's softball team was under his spell. I'm sure the time I watched wasn't the only instance of Malik fucking high school girls in that locker room. Also, my best friend Matt had been cucked by Malik. He admitted to eating Malik's cum days ago. Now that I knew what it was like, I was sure that Matt must lust after it 24/7.

    That was just the students at my school. Malik skipped most of his classes to find time for sex so he must have some of the teachers under his control too. Mental images of Malik bending our middle-aged math teacher over her desk flashed through my mind. Then, I also remember that Malik didn't keep his conquests a secret. My mother found out quickly when he started fucking my girlfriend, how many other families at my school were in the same situation? I was almost surprised there hadn't been an angry father that tried to confront Malik by now.

    Thinking about how far Malik had spread his seed sent me over the edge. Still licking his cum off my sister's breasts, I came hard. My eyes rolled back and my toes curled from the intense orgasm. Ashley pulled my sissy-cock out of my loose basketball shorts and pointed it towards my face. Usually, I don't cum with enough force to splash my face, but this time I did. She pumped my cock as I unloaded all over myself.

    "Wow Chris! You must have really like Malik's cum!" Ashley exclaimed. Malik nodded in agreement and said:

    "You're officially my sissy bitch now Chris, addicted to my cum just as much as the rest of your slut family."

    His words sunk into me, I was gradually accepting their truth. It felt like a natural progression. Just a few weeks ago I was a straight dude, almost an alpha even. Malik started to change all that when he started fucking my girlfriend, then my sister, then my mother. Now, watching him fuck was the only way I could get off. Maybe it had always been just a matter of time until he dominated me directly. Accepting another man's cum into my body... I had just fully surrendered myself.
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