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. Total Submission Chapter 4

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by ZeroRise, Oct 23, 2017.

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  1. ZeroRise

    ZeroRise Active Member Author!

    Ashley and I drove home together after the locker room orgy concluded. She was in bliss for hours after had Malik pumped her full of his thick sperm. Her aura had completely changed, she seemed radiant. Maybe I was just seeing her through a new perspective, but Ashley had never been as happy or as beautiful. I wasn’t romantically and sexually in love with her like I was with Sarah, but our relationship was more now than just siblings. I shared in her sexual fulfillment, watching and supporting Malik fucking her was a way show her my love.

    My family’s household dynamic drastically changed after that day. Ashley became very comfortable with partial nudity around mom and me. Unintentional flashes were very common since she often skipped out on wearing a bra or panties around the house. My mom had also started to dress a little differently. It wasn’t anything as radical as my sister, but her outfits usually displayed cleavage or showed off her legs. I was getting a lot of boners around the house. Ashley and Mom weren’t shy about pointing it out, they often teased me about my “little guy”.

    Malik was a busy man, but he made time for Sarah and Ashley at school. Their hook-ups were impromptu, so what I saw of them was just because I happened to pass by. For example, I had seen Sarah sucking Malik’s cock in an empty classroom after school had just let out. One time I found Ashley getting fucked in Malik’s car right before softball practice started. Another time I walked in on Sarah and Malik having sex in the men’s bathroom at school. Some poor guy was in one of the stalls at the time. Malik was forcing him to stay put inside until Sarah could be properly fucked. Malik was nice enough to let me stay and watch that time.

    Two days after that encounter Sarah and I had a study date at my house planned. We were both sitting on my bed pouring our chemistry textbooks when Sarah perked up.

    “I’m really happy that you’ve accepted Malik, Chris. I’ve never been happier with our relationship. Really, thank you.”

    It felt great to hear her say that. Malik had done so much to bring us closer together.

    “But… I think Malik deserves to have a bigger role in your life, in our life.” Sarah said.

    My cock twitched at the idea. I didn’t know what new sex act Sarah wanted to perform with Malik, but I was excited. Watching him fuck my girlfriend and sister was the most fulfilling experience I’d ever had. I was desperate for more.

    “I’ve been talking to your sister about this… and we both want to go forward with it.” Sarah continued.

    I was hanging on to every syllable now. The idea of watching my sister and girlfriend work together to pleasure Malik was almost enough for me to cum on the spot.

    “What do you think about having Malik dominate all of the women you love?” she asked.

    I wasn’t sure understood the question. Malik had already taken Ashley and Sarah, it was hard to imagine a way he could dominate them even more. After all, I had already completely surrendered them to him. All three of us got our sexual satisfaction through Malik in one way or another. After fantasizing over the possibilities for a moment I answered:

    “Are you talking about BDSM? I’m surprised Ashley would be into that, it doesn’t seem like her kind of thing.”

    “No no no” Sarah answered with a laugh, “I’m talking about Emily. Your mom.”

    “My mom?!” I said exclaimed. I knew that my mom liked Malik and supported his relationship with us, but that was the end of it. My mom and dad loved each other, I had never imagined that she could be with anyone else. I was certainly imagining it now though. Thoughts of Malik bending my mother over the kitchen table and fucking her senseless invaded my mind. Malik could have ultimate power over my family, each of us a slave to his black cock. It excited me but wasn’t sure it was actually a good idea. My dad was out of town now, but he was coming back next week. I was already anxious over how he would react to Malik’s domination of Ashley and me, but if mom was also worshipping black cock… It could destroy our family.

    “I don’t… I don’t think that would be a good idea. It’s just that…”

    Sarah interrupted me with a silencing finger over my mouth.

    “Chris… I understand how you feel but can you imagine what it would be like for Malik to own your entire family? Could there be anything more wonderful than that?” Sarah asked. Her words were like a siren’s call. The idea of Malik enslaving my mom to his sexual desires penetrated my mind. It was intoxicating, I was getting light headed as the blood rushed to my cock.

    “What do you have in mind?” I asked her.

    “We should have Malik over for dinner and just take things from there.” Sarah looked determined to make this happen, it was practically a done deal. She correctly assumed that my obvious arousal signified my approval.

    “Ok, if it’s what my mom wants.” I said while avoiding her eyes. Sarah wasn’t pleased with my response.

    “No Chris. You have to want this too. You’re a white cuck, it’s your responsibility to make sure all of the girls in your life have a black master.” Sarah declared. “You’re mother is not an exception.”

    Her forcefulness put me in my place. She had never used language like that before, Malik must have been whispering in her ear. She wasn't wrong though. Of course, Malik should be fucking my mother, it was only natural. He was the better man and it was my job to help facilitate his conquests. I apologized for my hesitation and agreed to present my mother to Malik.


    Sarah didn't waste any time setting up a date. The very next day Malik was coming over for a family dinner. Ashley put on a rather slutty schoolgirl outfit and Sarah wore a thin crop top that barely covered the bottom of her breasts. It was obvious that neither of them was wearing a bra, their nipples poked out prominently through their tops. Mom dressed more conservatively but was still dressed to impress. She wore a long dress that didn't expose much skin but accentuated all her womanly curves.

    The girls were giggly all afternoon before Malik arrived. They bustled around preparing dinner and tidying up in anticipation of the evening. I didn't know if Sarah or Ashley had told my mom about their seductive plan or if it would be a surprise. They seemed to enjoy keeping me in the dark about it, my nervousness apparently turned them on. Soon enough we heard the doorbell ring.

    All four of us went to greet Malik together. I opened the front door and stepped aside as Ashley and Sarah rushed to embrace him. They each pressed up against his sides and gave him a syncronized kiss on each cheek. Malik didn't miss the chance to grab their asses in the process. He gave me an acknowledging shoulder grab as he walked by to greet my mother. Malik opted for the direct approach and planted a quick kiss on her lips while lightly pulling her hips into his crotch.

    "Oh my, a French greeting." my mother said, blushing.

    "I was there last summer. Beautiful country, have you been?" he responded.

    "No, I... I haven't" my mom answered. Malik hadn't let go of her hips, their crotches were still pressed together. She seemed a little skirmish but wasn't pulling away. After a few more seconds Malik released her and we headed to the dining room. Malik took his place at the head of the table, with Sarah and Ashley sitting on either side of him. Mom and I sat on the far end.

    Dinner progressed smoothly with some pleasant conversation. Nothing erotic happened outside of Ashley or Sarah giving him a few quick kisses here and there, mostly when they passed him a plate or refilled his glass. I was a little disappointed that things were moving so slowly. Eventually, dinner concluded and Malik headed to the living room with his girls. Mother and I remained to clean up the table. We could overhear them having fun in the other room. It sounded like they were intensifying as we finished cleaning up.

    Mom and I joined them in the living room a few minutes later. Malik, Ashley, and Sarah were all topless when we walked in, our presence didn't interrupt their threeway makeout session. My cock immediately hardened at the sight of their soft white breasts pressed up against Malik's hard black chest. I looked to mom to check her reaction to the sudden sex show. She seemed almost hypnotized before subtly licking her lips and swallowing. We both just stood there and watched Malik pleasure the girls for a few minutes. My mom's breathing was getting louder and her face noticeably reddened.

    Eventually, Ashley broke away from the intense make out and addressed mom.

    "Sorry mom, I hope you don't mind but Malik was just so horny after dinner." she said.

    "Honey, it's okay. I know that you need to please Malik, no reason to hide it from me." mom reassured my sister. Satisfied, Ashley returned to her deep make-out session with Malik. Mom and I took our seats and just watched them put on a show.

    Their hands were all over each other. Malik was grabbing their breasts as they competed for space in the threeway kiss. Their tongues glided over one another in an orgasmic flurry. Malik grabbed the back of their heads and guided them into a sapphic kiss. Sarah and Ashley sparked into a passionate embrace. They crawled over Malik's muscular form to push deeper into each other's mouths. Malik sat back and enjoyed the view while massaging their breasts and asses.

    I could see the outline of Malik's massive cock in his pants. Sarah and Ashley kept trying to grasp it through the fabric. I wanted so much for him to take it out and subjugate the girls with it. Subjugate my mom with it.

    My wishes were granted when Malik directed Ashley and Sarah to pull down his pants. They delighted in the experience, slowly revealing his glorious cock inch by inch. I was mystified by how they seemed to slowly expose more and more of his cock as if it was without end. I was so turned on that I almost forgot to check my mother's reaction, but thank god I did. She looked captivated. Her mouth hung slightly open, her breath was deep and labored, she subconsciously leaned in to get a better view. She didn't seem to know what to do with her hands. They seemed to gravitate towards her crotch but mom kept pulling back, trying to resist her obvious lust.

    Ashley and Sarah freed Malik's brilliant dick and were about to accept it into their mouths when Malik stopped them.

    "Stop." Malik commanded. Ashley and Sarah looked heartbroken, robbed of their ultimate desire when it was right in front of them. Malik looked towards my mother and addressed her by her first name.

    "Emily, you look distressed."

    My mom was alarmed by his sudden attention. She quickly tried to compose herself before answering.

    "I'm uh, I'm fine Malik. Don't let me interrupt" she said, looking away and blushing.

    "No... come over here." Malik said without breaking his stare.

    My mom slowly stood up and approached without saying a word. I could see her ample breasts moving up and down with her breathing as she moved towards Malik. The outlines of her erect nipples were prominate. She took a seat on the couch next to my topless sister and looked to Malik for further instruction. He maintained his piercing stare and addressed her further.

    "You seem troubled. What's wrong?" he asked.

    "Oh, I'm just a little light-headed, must have been the glass of wine." my mother answered unconvincingly.

    "No, I see the way you look at these two handling my cock." Malik responded. He paused for a moment and then issued a nearly hypnotic command.

    "Try it yourself."

    My mother interrupted their intense eye contact and looked down to Malik's crotch. His half-inflated dick laid across his right leg, it must have been 8 inches even in its flexible state. As if on command, Malik's dick began to harden. My mother watched as Malik rose to full force, his dark cock danced in her eyes as it gained strength. Without a touch, Malik had grown to a full erection while my mom sat by and stared. His cock now pointed up like a spear, the tip glistening with his pre-cum. My mother suddenly exhaled, she had forgotten to breathe while watching.

    "I shouldn't... I'm married. He'll be back in three days." my mom whispered.

    "You husband is just like your son over there. Look at him, can barely control himself watching me fuck his girlfriend and sister." Malik declared.

    Mom looked around the room. First, she looked to me sitting helplessly, I must have looked so inept. I was rubbing my little cock through my pants, my eyes darting between her eyes and Malik cock. Then, she looked to Sarah. She was topless and cuddled up under Malik huge right arm. Sarah tugged on one of her nipples as she bit her lower lip and gave my mom a wink. Mom finally looked at Ashley. Her daughter was much the same as Sarah, pushed up against Malik's powerful body. Ashley gave her an encouraging look, nodding her head towards Malik's hard cock.

    My mom seemed to be paralyzed, unable to pull away from Malik's seduction but also unable to fully give. Malik could see that a final push was required. He stood up, his cock hung perfectly perpendicular to his masculine form. Malik commanded all of our attention as he moved to stand in front of my sitting mother. Her mouth was only inches away from his thick cock, she must have been able to smell it. Malik didn't take any further action, he clearly wanted my mother to complete the act herself. Ashley and Sarah moved to mom's side to share the view of his enticing dick.

    My mother's lips began to part ever so slightly. With each breath, she moved a tiny bit closer. Malik was too much, her eyes appeared to gloss over as he slowly overpowered her better judgments. Her lips lightly touched the tip of his cock and it was over. My mom was immediately captivated by the contact. She opened her mouth wide and accepted Malik into her. He grabbed her by the hair and began to thrust into her mouth.

    My mom surrendered herself to his black cock. Ashley looked ecstatic at over mother's acceptance of Malik's dominance. Sarah moved to remove my mother's dress. Mom felt Sarah's hands unzipping her from the back and frantically moved to help shed the dress. Her breasts burst out as it fell away. She was only wearing a black thong now. Mom pulled the cock out of her mouth just long to say:

    "Oh my fucking God. Take me, PLEASE take me, Malik."

    She was unleashed. I had never seen this side of my mother. She sucked Malik's cock with expert efficiency, even Sarah and Ashley were impressed.

    "Wow, mom! Leave some for us."

    Ashley and Sarah joined in on the action. The three girls shared in Malik, feeding off each other's lust to increase their own. My mom was frantic to embrace as much of his flesh as possible. She stood up to hold Malik in a close hug and passionate kiss. Malik's cock stuck out from between her thighs. He was taller than her so it was angled down but Malik had enough length for Ashley and Sarah to be able to continue sucking him off. Mom began to grind up and down on Malik's full body, Sarah reached up to pull down her little black thong. My mother's pussy rubbed against his cock as she attempted to milk him with her thighs.

    I was so mesmerized by what was happening that I didn't notice that I had cum in my pants. I was still unbelievably turned on but my dick wasn't returning to full strength. The inability to satisfy myself was debilitating. My option was to passively watch my family lose themselves to Malik.

    Mom was being more active than any of us had anticipated but Malik was prepared to respond in turn. He forcefully pushed her down to the floor and fell down on top of her. He held her hands against the ground above her head as they continued kissing. Her pussy lips parted as Malik's shaft ground against her. She let out a deep shudder with every pass his cock made over her clit.

    "Please, fuck me." she breathed into his mouth.

    Ashley helped by grabbing his cock and guiding it towards mom's pussy. She nudged the head in, prompting an orgasmic moan from mom. Malik didn't waste any time with incrementalism, he shoved his full length inside with a single trust. They paused there, fully engaged with each other. I could see a subtle bulge outlining Malik's penetration through my mother's stomach.

    Sarah and Ashley sat back and watched Malik fuck. They cuddled up together on the couch and started masturbating each other. They kissed a little but didn't want to take their eyes off Malik and mom. Sarah slipped two fingers into Ashley and began to work her towards orgasm.

    "I want you to cum together with your mother." she whispered in Ashley's ear. Ashley shuddered and pulled Sarah in closer, begging her not to stop.

    Malik fucked my mom with slow and deep thrusts. She locked him into place with her legs and moved with his rhythm. Each time Malik pulled his cock out it was wetter and wetter. His muscles flexed with every movement. Mom seemed to have better synergy with Malik than Sarah or Ashley did. Perhaps it was just an experience gap.

    A few minutes of fucking later, Mom was nearing her limit. She tensed up and held Malik tight. Malik picked up the pace and mom started begging for his cum. Sarah also started to push Ashley to the brink of orgasm. Her fingers picked up the pace and she sucked greedily on Ashley's tits. In unison, mother and daughter cried out in orgasm.

    Mom, Sarah, Ashley and I all laid there in the afterglow. Malik's cum was oozing out of my mom. He was the only one who still had any energy left. Malik announced that he would spend the night and headed upstairs towards the master bedroom. He called back to the girls from the stairs, directing them to join him in the bathroom once they work up the energy. They were all too out of breath to respond.

    I fell asleep to sound an orgy in my mom's bedroom that night. I would have watched but mom sent me to my room as punishment for cumming too early. She was adapting to her new role very quickly...
  2. AllenJ

    AllenJ Well-Known Member Member

    Oh, man, I was rock hard not even half way through this one
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  3. ZeroRise

    ZeroRise Active Member Author!

    I was rock hard while writing most of it;)
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  4. SissyHub

    SissyHub Member Member

    OMG amazing!
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  5. Beta Boi Chastised

    Beta Boi Chastised Member Member

    Yes Malik's domination over the women in Chris's live is complete. Next up should be the best friend Matt. Showing matt's complete surrender to Malik's dominance.
    SissyHub likes this.
  6. krushone

    krushone Member Member

    Great chapter. Love this. As far as suggestion about where to go, certainly don’t forget the father. He should come home and any resistance he may have had should be be smoothly surrendered by the women and son, prior to themes. Someone reluctant and then shown the light. Would be great if you worked something like that into it. Nice work so far! Looking forward to much more.
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