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. Total Submission Chapter 3

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by ZeroRise, Oct 19, 2017.

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  1. ZeroRise

    ZeroRise Active Member Author!

    Chapter 3 - My Sister

    I had begun to internalize my role as cuck over the past few days. My mom was right, it was best that I accept Malik’s role over me. He continued to go around school hooking up with his ever expanding harem of girls. It seemed another was falling under his sway every day. I had watched Sarah give a few after school blowjobs, but that was the only action I had gotten since their big show at my house.

    My best friend Matt revealed to me that Malik was fucking his girlfriend as well. He had been with her since middle school, I was almost surprised that she had fallen under Malik’s sway. Almost surprised. Malik had shown me what all the school’s girls were lusting after, and I couldn't blame them for doing so. Matt even admitted that he watched Malik fuck his girlfriend multiple times and helped clean up afterwards. I said that I also had cleaned up his cum when it stained the carpet, but Matt corrected me. He was talking about eating Malik’s cum out his girlfriend’s pussy. He even seemed proud of it. I had to admit the idea turned me on. The vision of his massive cock hadn’t left my mind since the afternoon with my girlfriend and family. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Even jacking off 5 times a day now, the mental image of his bullish black cock always set me over the edge.

    Ashley had started dressing differently around the house and at school. She often sported a very loose spaghetti strap shirt that displayed prominent cleavage and sideboob. Short shorts, skirts, and elastic pants that displayed her tight ass replaced her usual jeans. In the past, Mom had policed my sister’s outfits when she got too daring, but I hadn’t heard any objections recently. They had even gone shopping for the wardrobe redux together.

    Softball season had just started and my sister was spending all her afternoons at practice. It was Ashley’s second year playing and the team seemed like close friends. Last year it wasn’t unusual for Ashley to come home with a few team mates to hang out. As a result I was at least acquainted with all the girls on the softball team. I also knew that the team didn’t practice every single school day, so what was Ashley doing every afternoon? Soon enough I got my chance to find out. Ashley asked me to come with her to practice. I was to meet her at the softball field right after school ended.

    When I arrived everything seemed normal. Ashley and the other girls were practicing on the field and I sat in the bleachers watching. I was little confused why Ashley asked me to come, but it was a beautiful day outside so I just enjoyed myself. Practice wrapped up an hour later and the girls headed towards the locker room. I was about to go home when Ashley called me over to the gym building. She was waving at me from in front of the girl’s locker building. I went over to her and she thanked me from coming to her practice.

    “Thanks for coming Chris. I’m really happy that you’ll be here for me”

    “Didn’t practice just end? Do you have a scrimmage game or something” I asked.

    “No, come in, you’ll see!” she explained.

    Ashley grabbed both my hands and pulled me into the girl's locker room. My face went bright red when stumbled and fell into the room. Most of Ashley’s team were in various states of undress in front of the their lockers, but none of them really reacted to me presence. A few shot me a glance and smirked as I were somehow an amusing sideshow.

    “Ashley, what are you, what you doing?!” I exclaimed.

    “It’s okay Chris. Come to the showers” she cheerily replied. She walked me to the showers area and then pushed me in. I slipped on the wet floor and fell on my ass.

    “Be right back, sit tight!” Ashley said as she skipped back to the lockers area.

    My vision was blurry from how fast this had all happened. As my surroundings came into focus I saw the outlines of Ashley’s naked teammates through the shower mists. Their white skin blended in with the shower’s white tiles, but a large black figure stood out. As I came to my senses and everything became clear, I saw Malik standing there. Six girls were washing him, rubbing their breasts up and down his muscular arms, caressing his toned thighs, and grinding their bodies on his back. None of them seemed to notice I was sitting there.

    I started to get up but Malik snapped to attention.

    “Sit back down cuck. You’re sister wants you to be here for this.”

    I instinctively sat back down. Soon after Ashley came back to the showers, completely naked.

    “Ashley! What, what do you want me here for?” I asked.

    “You know I don’t have a boyfriend. I really want you to be here when Malik takes my virginity.” she answered with a pleading tone. Seeing my confused expression she crouched down and explained further:

    “I was so turned on when Sarah cuckold you in front of mom and and me. I just wish I had a loving boyfriend so that I could cuckold him myself. But you love me Chris! So you should be here when Malik first fucks me!”

    I searched her eyes and saw nothing but excitement and lust. It was my first time seeing her naked body and it was every bit as supple as I had imagined. There wasn't a body hair to be found and her breasts supported two little erect pink nipples. My sister was a natural beauty, just as attractive without makeup as with it.

    “Ok.” I said through a shaky breath. I would watch Malik take my sister into his harem. Ashley was elated and jumped back up with enthusiasm.

    “Thank you Chris! This is going to so fucking hot.” she said while teasingly grabbing her breasts. Ashley didn’t waste any more time and went over to Malik. Her teammates made space for her to press her body up against his powerful chest. He embraced her and leaned down for a deep kiss. They were all over each other, Ashley taking his cock in both hands to jerk it against her soft stomach. The other girls didn’t stop their activities either. They all worked as a team to pleasure Malik with their hands, breasts, mouths, and pussies.

    Ashley broke the kiss and moved down to suck his cock. She could barely fit her mouth around his throbbing penis but tried her best nonetheless. With one hand she held him steady for sucking, with her other hand she frantically rubbed her pussy. Two of Ashley’s team members started sucking Malik’s cock with her. There was certainly plenty of real estate for all of them. I watched their tongues rolled over each other as they each took in Malik’s taste.

    I couldn’t restrain myself any longer. I knew I looked ridiculous sitting on the wet shower floor fully clothed and soaking wet. My pants had picked up a lot of water weight from the showers and I was struggling to remove them. Malik and the girls didn’t take any notice of the white boy undressing himself on the shower floor. Eventually I got everything off and went to work masturbating my little cock. I had never thought of it as small until the events of the past few days, but Malik had changed me. The sight of my girlfriend sucking his big black cock had changed me. The sight of my sister worshiping his big black cock was changing me at that very moment.

    Ashley kept sucking Malik’s dick for a few minutes, getting visibly more aroused throughout. She keep trying to deepthroat him but couldn’t get much more than a third of his cock into her mouth. One of the other girls had started rubbing Ashley’s pussy for her so that she could dedicate both hands to Malik. It didn’t take much longer for Ashley to start cumming. I saw her toes curl and her legs start to shake as she collapsed to the floor in a debilitating orgasm. She laid there for a moment twitching and panting in orgasmic bliss.

    “Chris.” Malik barked at me. I snapped to attention at his sudden call.

    “Looks like I was too much for your sister. She’ll need your help for this.”

    “Help with what?” I asked. I hadn’t stopped masturbating myself. Even while looking Malik in the eyes I was instinctively jerking my white boy dick.

    Malik knelt down beside my sister. “You’re here to be her cuck when I take her virginity, so come over here and put my fucking cock in your precious little sister.”

    I could barely control myself. My entire body was shivering as I crawled over to Ashley and Malik. Malik assumed a position in front of her pussy and spread her legs wide. His cock was hovering a few inches from her womanhood and I was tasked with finishing the job. I hesitated for a moment, enthralled by the sight of his intimidating dick aligning with my sister’s perfect shaved pussy. One of the other girls broke me out of the trance with a quick kick to my back. I reached out and lightly grasped his cock. Shivers shot up and down my spine the moment I touched him. His black cock looked overwhelming in my pale white hands. He felt so smooth and was so hard, everything else faded into the background while dick seemed to grow ever larger.

    “Hurry up faggot.” Malik demanded with an amused tone. He seemed entertained by my captivation. I suddenly remembered and purpose and pulled his cock towards my sister’s inviting pussy. As I lined up his cock my sister grew impatient. She started trying to scooch down onto him. As a brother-sister team we pushed the tip inside of her. Malik was not an appropriate size for a girl’s penetration, but Ashley was more than wet enough for him to force his way inside. After a few inches slid into her I reluctantly released my grasp of his cock. Malik began slowly thrusting into my sister, gaining a bit more entrance each time.

    I retreated back to the wall and tried to start masturbating again. After holding Malik's cock my own dick felt pathetic. Jerking off didn’t feel the same anymore, it felt very unfulfilling now. Still, I couldn’t do anything else while Malik was busy dominating my little sister. The contrast of his dark form consuming her pure white body was painfully sexy. I was so aroused that my cock felt like it should be ten times bigger and harder than it was, I just didn’t have the ability in manifest that lust. Not like Malik did.

    Ashley was very vocal while Malik overtook her. In the beginning she sounded pained, but was quickly converted to cries of ecstasy. Two of her girlfriend’s laid down on each side and starting enjoying her body as well. Malik had quite the view of Ashley being impaled on his cock while two other girls sucked on her nipples. My sister moved in rhythm with his pumping, each thrust deepening her attachment to Malik. She was his now, and always would be.

    I sat there jerking my little cock as hard as possible. I had never been more turned on. The entire girl’s softball ball team was naked in the showers, some of girls hooking up with each other in the background and the rest tending to Malik and Ashley. My sister was losing her virginity right in front of me. Mailk rapturous cock was orchestrating all of us. Everyone was here for him, even me. Ashley was the only one receiving him at that moment, but all of the girls felt his enematic pull. With every movement Malik was breaking me down further and further. His incredible masculinity made mine feel completely insignificant. He had asserted his ownership over two girls I love, and through them he owned me.

    My sister cried out in penultimate orgasm at the same time I came on my chest. We both laid there in afterglow. She looked to me slumped over on the shower wall and smiled. I had never felt so connected to her. Our relationship had blossomed into something beautiful.

    Thanks for reading everyone. If you enjoyed and want more then please leave a comment. I'm open to suggestions on where to take the story next.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2017
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