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. Total Submission Chapter 2

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by ZeroRise, Oct 17, 2017.

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  1. ZeroRise

    ZeroRise Well-Known Member Author!

    Chapter 2 - Confrontation

    The following week at school was humiliating. Sarah was constantly attached to one of Malik’s arms, and the other arm was usually occupied by a different girl. Malik’s girls also started to dress noticeably sluttier. Sarah was wearing crop tops and skirts that were a clear violation of our school’s dress code, but the administration seemed not to notice.

    Every day it seemed like Malik had a new a girl. It didn’t take long for the other guys in school to notice. When Malik was seen groping Kim I thought that her boyfriend Jacob would surely confront him. Jacob was the school’s star running back and was even bigger than Malik, I’m sure that he would win a fight. Any ideas of that happening were crushed when I saw Jacob holding Kim’s hand while she kissing Malik in the hallway. Jacob just faced away and pretended not notice what was happening. It seemed that Malik had put him in the same spot I was in.

    Sarah and I hadn’t had any more sexual contact since Malik took her. She was still nice to me but always seemed to be busy when I tried to set up a time to hang out. She often shot me down by saying she had to run some errands for Malik. After a few days of this I brought up how I didn’t get see her except in passing anymore. Surprisingly, she seemed to agree and said she would make time for me very soon. I figured I couldn’t expect much better than that, so I dropped the issue for a while.

    Sure enough, the next day Sarah called me to set up a time to be together. She said that she would come to my place in the afternoon around dinner time. I was very excited but also nervous. She seemed like almost a different person ever since meeting Malik.
    School ended and the dinner time rolled around quickly enough. I sat in my living room waiting to hear the doorbell. Ashley was there too, wearing a deep cut V-neck shirt and tight yoga pants. Mom was in the kitchen making dinner.

    The doorbell rang and I went over to let Sarah in. I didn’t intend to hang out with her at home but she was good friends with my Mom and sister, so she would want to say hi before we left. When I opened the front door and saw Malik standing next to her my heart dropped.

    “O..oh.. Hey Malik. Hey Sarah.” I said.

    “Hey kid” Malik said as he walked by me. Ashley saw him come into the room and run up to give him a big hug. When did they get so close I wondered. Ashley and Malik exchanged a few greetings before Mom overheard the commotion and came over.

    “You must be Malik! Welcome to our home!” my mom graciously said.

    Was she expecting him? I was beginning to feel like I had walked into another trap.

    “Please make yourself comfortable, dinner is almost ready. Ashley could you come help me finish up in the kitchen?” my mom said. Mom and Ashley both retreated to the kitchen and I was left standing in the entrance hall with Malik and Sarah.

    “I’m excited for tonight Chris.” Sarah spoke up.

    “Where… where are we going?” I asked even though I knew the answer. My mom had clearly been expecting Malik and had made dinner for us all. I was going to have to sit through an afternoon with the bastard who was fucking my girlfriend. With that thought panic struck me. Did my mom know about Malik’s situation with me and Sarah? It was certainly possible that Ashley had told her. Even Sarah might have told her, they were close after all.

    Mom called us into the kitchen a minute later. She offered Malik dad’s usual seat the the end of the table. Sarah and Ashley sat on either side of him.

    “It’s so great to finally meet you Malik” my mom said, “Ashley as told me so much about over the past 2 weeks. You seem like quite the young man.”

    My mom was showering Malik with praise as kept my head down and ate my food. I want to get up and leave but I had been rock hard since sitting down. If I stood up now everyone would definitely notice.

    Dinner eventually finished and Sarah, Malik, Ashley and I all headed to the living room. Mom hung back to clear the table. I thought my afternoon of torture was finally over but Ashley pulled me to the couch. Malik sat down and Sarah practically sat in his lap. Ashley and I were sitting together on the far end of the couch.

    “Sorry to keep you waiting Chris” Sarah said, “I know this is what you have been waiting for.”

    Before I could think about what she had said Malik took hold of Sarah and started a passionate kiss. I was frozen in place, my sister cuddled up beside me, both us watching my girlfriend make out with this black man. I started to say something but no sound came out. Sarah and Malik didn’t stop there, after about a minute Malik slid his hands under her shirt and began to fondle her tits. Sarah was moaning and grinding on Malik’s leg in between kisses. I felt like my cock was about to explode when suddenly I felt Ashley’s hand. She gave my cock a quick tap over my jeans and then chuckled, “That’s my brother.”

    Sarah and Malik continued their show and before too long my mother walked in.

    “Oh, looks like I’m late. Sorry Chris I wanted to be here to support you from the start.” mom said while giving me an apologetic look.

    Support me? My mom knew that Sarah and Malik were planning this? I felt completely betrayed by my own family and it made my cock so hard it hurt. Sarah and Malik hadn’t skipped a beat since mom walked in. Both of them seemed lost in eachother’s bodies. Mom took a seat on the recliner and as a family we just watched my girlfriend make out with this black man. Eventually Malik tired of feeling around underneath her shirt and elected to just remove it. A renewed wave of lust and embarrassment washed over me when it was revealed that Sarah wasn’t wearing a bra tonight.

    Malik only spent a few minutes sucking her nipples before Sarah let out a deep and full-body shudder.

    “Ohhhh Malik. Just like thaattt” she breathed. Her entire body was shaking from her apparent orgasm. I had made her cum before, but it was a lot of work. Malik had just done it using only her nipples. I looked back back at Ashley and Mom to see if they were just as shocked as I was at the entire situation, but they both just glanced at me with an approving smile. I thought the show was over for sure but Sarah seemed to have other ideas. As she recovered from her intense orgasm she went to work pulling down Malik’s pants. I wanted to intervene but felt paralyzed.

    Malik stood up and Sarah removed his jeans,, and then his boxer-briefs. His semi-erect cock flopped out his pants. Ashley let out a gasp at its sheer size. Malik had to be 10 inches and he wasn’t even fully erect. Sarah didn’t waste any time beholding his enormous member, she must have been familiar with it already. She started by licking around the tip, giving it little kisses every so often. Her tongue ran up and down his shaft as she simultaneously pumped it with both hands. After working it to full size she turned to me and said:

    “This what has all the girls at school so giddy.” She looked me up and down and frowned, “Baby, you don’t have to torture yourself. Feel free take out your own little cock and satisfy yourself. I can see it trying to break out of your pants.”

    I just sat still, unable to come up with a response. My mind was racing and the sight of Malik’s cock in my girlfriend’s mouth had be a trance-like state. My sister, still sitting closely beside me, saw my nonresponse and shook me out of it.

    “Come on Chris. You can’t keep it all pent up inside.” she said as she fumbled with my belt. Mom gave me an approving nod as Ashley pulled off my belt and unbuttoned my pants. Ashley reached into my boxers and pulled out my hard cock. I tensed up at her touch but didn’t really move. She just held my cock for a moment before laughing and asking:

    “Well are you gonna take it? You wouldn’t want your own to sister to jack you off right?”

    “N.. No! Of course not!” I said trying to hold on to the last bit of pride I had remaining. I took hold of my comparatively small 6 inch cock and started pumping. I didn’t even think about why I did so, my sister had practically tricked me into masturbating myself with her question. My attention returned to Sarah and Malik as the blowjob continued. I jerked my cock harder and faster than ever before, nothing mattered to me more than getting off right now. It didn’t take long. After a measly minute I cam, my cum splashing on the carpet a few feet in front of Sarah and Malik. Sarah noticed but didn’t take Malik’s cock out of her mouth to say anything. After another few minutes Malik grabbed the back of Sarah’s head and pushed his cock further into her throat. He let out a few grunts and pumped her mouth full of cum. Sarah was swallowing it as fast as she could but Malik proved too much for her and some of his cum spilled on her face and the carpet.

    Clearly very satisfied with herself, Sarah pulled back from his deflating cock and said:

    “Well, this was fun. I guess it’s time to go now though.”

    Malik spoke up as he was putting his pants back on, “Yeah, I’ll drop you off at your place Sarah.”

    “What a gentleman! Chris, you’ll need to clean up this cum on the carpet, but first show our guests out.” my mom said.

    I still had my sad, emptied cock in my hand after cuming a few minutes ago. Now that the show was over my senses slowly came back to me. I quickly fumbled to put away my cock and pull up my pants.

    “Sure mom, no problem” I said, defeated. I didn’t have any more will power to oppose the situation, Malik had entirely dominated me. Sarah retrieved her shirt and made her way over to our front door. She had bothered to clean any of Malik’s cum off her face, her lips were practically glossed with it. Before leaving she gave Ashley a kiss goodbye, on the lips. It was just a peck but I could see a glistening string of cum connecting their lips as Sarah pulled away. Ashley just licked her licks clean and smiled. My mom then pulled Sarah in for her own goodbye kiss. She took Sarah’s face in her hands and gave her two quick pecks on the lips. I could see plenty of Malik's cum on my mother’s hands by the end of it.

    After Sarah and Malik left I found the words to confront my mother and sister.

    “What was all that? Did you both plan this entire afternoon?” I asked.

    My mom responded, “Of course we did. Ashley told me about what happened when Malik first came over. I suggested that we help you along and Ashley brought it to Malik at school. He took over from there. Very dashing gentleman that one.”

    “How.. how could you do this to me? We’re family…” I asked in a broken voice.

    “That’s why we did it honey. We care about you and we know that you love Sarah. You just needed a little push to really becoming a her cuckold. Maybe you don’t understand now, but I promise you will come to appreciate what happened here.” my mom said.

    “I’m not a cuckold!” I protested, “this is all so fucked up and wrong!”

    Ashley interrupted: “After cumming all over the carpet just now you aren't a cuckold? You even admitted it directly to Malik a week ago. Just because he isn’t here now doesn’t mean you get to act like a big strong man.”

    “You’re sister is right. You need to accept your role as a cuckold and I promise you will learn to love it. Now, it’s been a long night. Time for bed, schools tomorrow” my mom said.

    I wasn’t able to get another word in before they both left. The realization of what I had become washed over like a crushing wave. I was a cuckold, and I couldn’t wait to see Sarah and Malik again.
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