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. Took Him Only Five Minutes To Seduce My Innocent Wife

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Feb 7, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Took Him Only Five Minutes To Seduce My Innocent Wife
    by Otis Holmes with revisions by EroticWriter
    Details about story at the end.


    It was rather more than just long, it was huge. Huge and with a thick foreskin covering what looked like a head the size of a plum. It looked almost like...like a birth defect.

    A birth defect that big? No, I don't think it was a defect. It was that big, and he was still soft.

    It was a hot late July day. I was working out of the house as usual. My wife, Anne who works in town had taken the day off to go to the beach with friends.

    Around 10 as Anne was getting ready to leave. her friend Mary called to say that she couldn’t make it, Mary's son had come down with the flu and she had better stay home with him. Anne was a little disappointed but said she understood and perhaps they could do it another time.

    Anne said to me, "Think I should go ahead and go on in to work?"

    I was not getting a lot accomplished myself. Seems like July and August people are in vacation mode and if you can reach anyone they’re really not focused. "What the hell," I thought, "I’ll take Anne to the beach, it’ll be a nice little get a way."

    "No baby. Let's relax and just have fun spending some time together. Seems our weekends are always tied up so let's enjoy this time of our own."

    "OK honey. Anything in mind?"

    I thought I’d take her to this little nude beach along a small river I learned about while chatting on the net. Anne didn’t know about it and I thought the shock might do her good.

    She might not end up getting down dirty naked, but I knew that for sure, as good as my wife looks, that men would be coming by not only to look at her, but to be looked at.

    They would be naked.

    Yeah, I guess, since my wife had lived such a sheltered life, that I wanted to have her to see, and to be seen. If I happened to see some cute naked women in the process, that would be an additional extra.

    I loaded up two folding back rests that could be used to keep our backs up when sitting, a small ice chest with a six pack of RC Cola and four waters. Oh yes, and sun screen along with two long brightly colored towels to lie on.

    On the way there Anne talked non-stop about this and that. I don’t know really, I was totally caught up with my imagination and what I thought might happen once we got there. We had dated for over a year, been married for two, and for now, holding off on having any children.

    I had taken Anne's virginity before our marriage, and knowing that I had been the only one, I proposed not long after. But I always had this thought in my head. 'Does she ever wonder?'

    There would be naked men here, and if things went right, so would be my wife. I must admit I was getting quite aroused just thinking about the possibilities and had quite the woody as we pulled into the parking area.

    All Anne could see were trees. "The beach is in the other direction dear. What's this?"

    "You'll see. There's a beach here too."

    "A beach in the trees? Have you been here before," Anne asked as we climbed out of the car and I was gathering up our stuff out of the back?

    "No, read about it on the net."

    "Well, then, if you've read about it on the internet, it must be true," she joked.

    At the edge of the lot I saw that there were three paths leading into the woods. Which one to take, I wondered? Hoping for the one most traveled, meaning where the most people might be, I chose the middle and in we went.

    As we walked down the wooded path towards what turned out to be a beautiful sandy and pebble beach along an open yet secluded section of a small winding river we saw others coming and going down various paths leading to the same point.

    So far, since they were in transit, they were all dressed.

    So far, so good as Anne commented on how pretty it is here.

    I picked out a spot surrounded by tall grass where we had a pretty good view of those around us yet we were rather secluded. As I was spreading out our towels Anne stood holding our books and looking around. I was watching her face, looking for signs.

    Suddenly her eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped. Now Anne’s not a prude and she’s pretty hot to look at and touch.

    But lets just say that she’s not too experimental and definitely we were in a sexual rut. She turned to me and whispered, "Steve, I see people in both directions and they have no clothes on."

    I looked up as if totally surprised and unaware. None were all that close to us. I would say the closest for the moment were probably 25 yards away.

    I wanted them to be closer, but felt I needed to be pushing her a little slowly at first. "Cool! I exclaimed, well you know what they say, when in Rome."

    With that I dropped my shorts, reached over and took my book out of her hands and lay down on the blanket.

    "Did you plan this Steve," Anne asked as she gawked at my exposed cock in public and like she had never
    seen me naked before?

    "How could I be planning this honey? It was supposed to be your day with a girlfriend, remember?"

    Anne just stood there looking around. "Quit staring and join me," I suggested.

    “Steve, I’m not taking my clothes off” she replied.

    "You don’t have to," I said, "but you’re going to look totally out of place and besides who’s going to look at you when everybody is the same.”

    I had never been to a nude beach or similar but I knew that wasn't true. Not everyone, every female, looks the same as Anne. Men especially, would be looking for sure.

    Anne was looking around and sort of had her tongue sticking out and touching her upper lip like she was thinking about all this and trying to absorb it.

    “Look just take your top off,” I continued. “If you feel uncomfortable in a bit put it back on, if you don’t and you want to join the party then you can take your bottoms off too, OK?"

    She was still just standing there. “If I take my top off and any man walks by, he will be the first one ever to see my exposed tits. Are you sure you want that?”

    “Honey, that guy so lucky won't even know how lucky he is. They're all strangers to us. Anyone that sees you, he is going to think to himself, 'nice breasts' and keep on walking by.”

    I guess she must have thought it sounded logical because she lay down on the towel, took her top off and began reading her book. Or rather, maybe she tried to read it. Only a minute later she spoke. "Men see me, and I see them. You want me to be seeing nude men?"

    "To tell the truth honey, it's kind of exciting to me, the thought of it. My guess is you will be looking at them and all the while be pretending not to. So it will be fun watching you not watching them if you know what I mean."

    "But they will be different than you Steve. Smaller, some maybe. But also, maybe larger. You want me to see them too"

    "Honey, you can never tell how large a man is between the legs. A small one soft can possibly grow longer then one that looks longer when it's soft."

    "You read that on the internet too I suppose," she joked.

    "Yeah baby on the net."

    "Well, if you want the truth, I heard the same thing from Mary Jane."

    I knew who Mary Jane is. Jane is her middle name. Mary Jane and Anne had been friends in high school and after graduation. But with Anne being married they had drifted apart, especially since Anne had to ld me that Mary Jane had started 'being promiscous' with the men she is meeting.

    But sometimes they still communicate on the phone, keeping in touch, and recently, Anne and Mary Jane had gone to the mall together to window shop. I had asked Anne about that and she had said that sometimes she still might visit with Mary Jane, but only during the day.

    "So Mary Jane has been keeping you informed on the men, their sizes that she has been screwing?"

    "Except for an occasional trip shopping, we hardly ever talk anymore Steve. We have gone our separate paths so to speak. It's just nice to hear from her time-to-time and hear what's up."

    Anne was asking for this as I responded that what she had unthinkingly said. "She's keeping you informed on 'What's up,' like men's cocks? I laughed.

    Anne giggled. "Yes, sorta, sometimes she has told me and I have listened, and to be honest, Mary Jane has asked me to go to some dance bar with her and see for myself. That Steve is why I no longer associate with her except during the day. We mainly just talk on the phone, and that's it."

    My cock was tingling and had grown a little in size but was still pointing down. In a way, I sort of wanted Anne to notice it now while it was looking a little larger, so I asked, "Mine is good enough to keep you happy?"

    She looked. "I'm happy with your body Steve, all of it. Remember that. If it looks like I am looking at some man today, it will be at all of him, not just," she paused, 'what he might have hanging down."

    "When someone is going by, I'll be enjoying how they pretend not to be seeing your tits while doing their best to see them," I laughed.

    "So let them be looking," Anne said as she resumed her page.

    Them be looking? Shit, I was looking. Anne's breasts, a beautiful creation, were even more noticeable since the rest of her body was already a golden tan but her breasts, almost pure white since they had never been exposed to the sun.

    What I also was thinking is that Anne might see some naked men up close as they come by and see that they look the same as me or smaller. I knew now, she had talked to Mary Jane about men, and their different sizes. I wondered if Mary Jane had ever said anything like the bigger ones feel better.

    My cock is not one of the really big ones when hard, but it hangs looking somewhat long when soft. I am circumcised which means my knob, which is wider than my shaft, is noticeable.

    I had never sunbathed in the nude before, and the sun was feeling good on my cock, and my balls. I was sitting against my backrest, staring in both directions hoping someone would come by, and keeping my legs spread.

    Anne, also, was seated facing the water since the sun was coming from that direction, and I kept hoping, waiting for her to give in to the feel of the sun and get totally naked. I hinted.

    "Anne, the sun feels really good on my cock and balls. You should try this."

    She looked up from her page. "No dear," she joked. I don't have any of those."

    "You have mine, anytime you want." She nodded. "Appreciate that," and again her head turned to that
    darned book.

    Ten minutes later she was still wearing her bottoms.

    I didn’t press the issue and Anne seemed to be OK with everything. A few men walked by, and one couple. They all smiled and me as I nodded to them, and I noticed that all of them without exception, made sure to look at my wife and her exposed, bathing suit marked breasts.

    An older man, quite skinny and looking tanned all over was the first to see Anne. He nodded with a little smile as he went by, and his eyes immediately flipped from me to her. He even looked back as he kept walking. My cock? I could feel it tingle. The ice had been broken.

    I looked at Anne. I suspect she had been looking while still holding her head down. She saw me looking
    at her. "Your first man Anne. He saw, and he kept looking."

    "Yes Steve. I knew. I just happened to see him before he came alongside of us. I was feeling embarrassed but I'll admit it, it was fun too."

    "I've always loved your body Anne. Now I get to share my joy with others, even if it is only for a few seconds as they go by."

    "Were you looking at his lower half and pretending not to," I joked, but I wanted to hear.

    "Yes Steve if you must know. I saw that he looked no longer than you, if that makes you feel good, and
    I also noticed that he was uncircumcised."

    I grinned. "Yes, a man's secret probably, if he is uncut. What's under that foreskin, women are wondering?

    Anne shook her head. "Steve, no matter what you men think, we women do not spend our waking hours wondering about men's cocks."

    I had her again. Anne had laid herself out for another joke. "Their waking hours? But what about in their dreams?"

    She giggled. "Oh, then we dream about cocks all night, especially the big ones."

    I nodded. My wife is responding nicely to this talk about cocks, but I was wondering, does she ever think or even dream, about a big one?

    "What about my lower half Steve, my pussy? You want to share that with them too? I'm keeping it covered, so far."

    "I sort of do Anne. But you've got it covered so it's a mute point for now. Besides, all they would be able to
    see is some hair unless you are lying like I am now."

    "My legs spread like that," she said looking to her right and at me? "Steve, can you imagine what they would be seeing? All my secrets..."

    "Yes, I am. They'd see what all men dream of, a really tight pussy that feels better than all the rest I'm sure. Ready to take the bottoms off now?"

    "No dear. My tight pussy shall remain our secret, yours and mine. Now forget it and let me read. I've been trying to get through this book since last Friday."

    I smiled. "OK Anne. I'll just lie here and enjoy your lovely breasts and once in a while, enjoy seeing their faces as they go by."

    She ignored me. Anne's breasts are exceptional tits, but being white like that while the rest of her body and face is golden tan, well, that had the effect of bringing those breasts to the forefront.

    Her pink nipples were looking fine too.

    Like I said, we had apparently entered the area where people gather and get nude somewhere in the middle rather than at the end.

    So as a result, there were not that many going by us. I could see naked people off to the right, and more off to the left, and none real close to where I had set up.

    I kept thinking, since I wanted to have Anne see and be seen by naked men, that I should have came through the woods and set up maybe more downstream.

    Too late now, I might try that the next time, since I now knew the layout. The only question is, will Anne come here again? If I can just get her naked today and she feels comfortable while others might see her, maybe.

    More naked people coming by and being cool about it, that is what I wanted. Let Anne get used to it. But everyone was pretty much staying in place. Still, a few were coming by as time went on.

    I saw a guy approaching from the right. Then I remembered, Anne needs some tan lotion on those tits, and now is the time to be doing it.

    I picked up the plastic bottle. “Anne,lie down so I can put some lotion on your breasts.”

    Fortunately for me, she didn't look left or right first as she laid onto her back. 'Great,' I was thinking, 'Anne doesn't know a man is coming by.'

    As a guy that looked to be no more than 18 walked past, I was applying lotion to Anne's lovely breasts, that even while flat on her back were sticking way out, or up, there.

    His eyes got wide as he walked past us. Fortunately, Anne's eyes were closed as she enjoyed the feel of my caressing fingers.

    I caressed, he slowed down as he came by and stared, and I smiled up at him and nodded. His medium sized softie maybe changed a little in appearance. I wanted to invite him to stop, but right now, if I did that, Anne might get mad.

    He was still staring, looking back, as he went on. I felt my cock tingling. That had been fun, but had he actually stopped, Anne would have shrugged him off as far as her being attracted to him. I know my wife, and she is attracted to more mature men.

    I say attracted, but she has never done anything with anyone but me. He was out of sight now. “OK Anne, all done. You can sit up now.”

    Back to normal. I had managed to show my wife off some, but to a teenager. Still, it had made my dick tingle.

    Anne was pretending to be involved in her book, but I am sure she knew when they were coming by. I was hoping she was glancing at them because all of the men, all, looked no larger than me between the legs.

    Of course they all were soft and dangling, if they had one long enough to dangle, which two did not. Yes, those two had been smaller than me. At least soft they were.

    'Yes Anne, yes Anne. Look at that guy,' I was thinking, and later, 'and that one.' I was hoping she would be looking so she could see that my dick is larger then some.

    It might sound like my mind was totally onto sexual subjects while we were enjoying the sun and atmosphere. Want to know something? That's exactly where my mind was. Not on starting anything, but just seeing and being seen.

    Mainly, though I wanted to see naked women, it was Anne that was topmost on my mind.

    I had a hunch that when I got Anne home, that I was going to get laid tonight.

    I reminded Anne to turn around or lie on her stomach for awhile so as not to burn her white tits, and she listened for a change to one of my suggestions and laid on her stomach for a while.

    Then Anne turned over and sitting up, accepted an RC from me and resumed her book. By now I had decided that this trip, though different, was really just another day at the beach. The nudity seemed to be making no difference.

    I would guess we had been there about an hour overall when the sun on my face became blocked. I looked away from my book to see what was up, Anne did the same as he came to a stop where his body would be shielding her face, not mine, from the sun.

    I couldn't see what my wife was seeing, but I could see her face, and her mouth had dropped open.

    I moved a couple of feet to the left so that I also, was in the shade of his body.

    There standing over us was a tall, tanned, guy of perhaps 25. He was skinny but appeared to be in pretty good shape and had a rather large cock hanging down between his legs.


    Did I just describe it as 'rather large?” Shit. Even soft it had to be at least nine or more inches long.

    It was rather more than just long, it was huge. Huge and with a thick foreskin covering what looked like a head the size of a plum. It looked almost like...like a birth defect.

    A birth defect that big? No, I don't think it was a defect. It was that big, and he was still soft.

    I had heard of men being described as 'human tripods,' but I had never before met one to my knowledge.

    And he is white. What gives here? I had seen a few, just a few photos of black men whose cock hung like that. Usually, the black cocks you see on the net are hard.

    I had harbored fantasies a few times of Anne meeting a hung black man and wanted to see how she
    would react, but that opportunity was unlikely to happen naturally, and would probably have to be set
    up somehow without her knowing in advance.

    I am saying this because in my fantasies, and they were for the most part just fantasies, when the
    man had a big cock, it was black. The odds were better that way, I figured.

    And today, without either of us knowing in advance, a well hung man has appeared. His color? Didn't
    matter to me.

    A totally naked white man, an extremely well-hung man was now making contact with me, and more importantly my wife, and he was wearing only a small leather shoulder bag.

    Had he been black, and with a cock like that, yes, I most definitely would have treated him the same. But I had not seen one black man, all day.

    "Hi," he said, "I’ve been sitting on the other side of the river watching you guys and thought I’d come over and see what you’re reading."

    The other side? There had not been that many people over there. The trees shade the beach most of the day on that side, which is probably a good thing if you already have your tan and want to stay a bit cooler. But almost all the people were on our side of the narrow river because this is the side you drove in on, and in order to cross, you have to wade through about 100 feet of water that varies in depth from a foot or two to over your head.

    In that direction the sun had been in our eyes, but I had noticed him on the other side, and he had sort of been half hidden by a bush so I had not seen what he is packing until now.

    Now a cock, that cock with a man attached was right here in front of us, and we needed to be cordial.

    Trying not to be obvious in my looking, I asked him what was in the bag and he said he used it to carry his cell phone, billfold and car keys since he certainly couldn't leave those with his chair and towel.

    I told myself to watch and make sure he didn't try to slip in a photo of my nude wife. Her job would not mix real well with a nude photo of her showing up on the internet. Anyone who would do that would be in no trouble because if an adult person decides to go nude in public, with emphasis on the word public, photos of them can legally be taken, and also be placed on line.

    So people, be careful if that might concern you.

    We kept talking, and I think he sensed that I was more being acceptive to his presence rather than annoyed. So he was sticking around.

    He was being sure to use his body as a shield from the sun for us as we stared up at him. Normally someone would do that to allow someone to see their face.

    I suspected his motive was lower down. 'Yes yes,' I was thinking, 'my wife is finally seeing something interesting.'

    Jealously? Fear that my wife is seeing a cock way bigger then the cock she has married? Oh yes, I was experiencing those feelings, but the excitement I was feeling topped both.

    He said his name was John, I introduced myself and Anne to him. He pointed to a chair across the water where he had been seated and then looked back at us.

    That chair had not been visible before so he must have moved it further out onto the beach before walking away. John and I exchanged pleasantries while Anne just kind of sat there watching us.

    Watching us? I am sure my wife was watching John not me. and his cock, oh yes, that cock was right there.

    Far as I knew, Anne had never been exposed to another man's cock. She had been a virgin for me, so this might be the first naked man besides me she has ever been close to.

    I don't think she had gone exploring on the net to see naked men. Women supposedly don't do that, do they? But at work, I am sure after all these years she has heard stories.

    Today she had been seeing nude men, and a few women, from a long ways off, and of course there had been some that had walked by, but still, they had been maybe 15 feet away at the closest point.

    This is important readers, that's why I am repeating it. This was my wife's first real exposure to another naked man, and he had turned out to be way larger than me.

    I wasn't sure rather to be jealous, or excited. I was already thinking ahead. If all he does is talk and leave, Anne probably will pretend not to have noticed, and she will probably ignore my questions as to whether she found his cock, or him to be appealing.

    Something more needed to happen before we lost contact with this man, but I didn't know what or how to bring it about. At this point, I was not, definitely not, thinking of allowing him to fuck my wife. Not with that cock.

    And besides, no way would she go for it, so no way would I dare to be asking, or even hinting.

    I knew though what he was doing. With that cock, he wanted to come over here, let it wave around and show it to another man's woman, and in the process, get some thrill from seeing her reaction, and the husband's.

    It was working. Though neither of us was saying anything, he was getting an internal reaction from us. That reaction was probably something like: 'Oh wow look at that.' from my wife and 'Oh Shit look at that' from me.

    I had shifted my sitting on the towel from facing front to being halfway between John and Anne. There was this brief awkward moment where we either invited him to stay or sent him on his way.

    I broke the ice. “We have RC Cola or water in the cooler if you'd like some.”

    He smiled. “No thanks, I just had some on the other side. But I'd like to stay and visit if you don't mind?”

    “Sure. Stick around.”

    I hadn't looked over at Anne to see if she wanted this. But based on how she had been staring, I think she too, wanted him to remain.

    John squatted and then sat down on my towel, taking a position halfway between Anne and I. He made sure to sit with his legs out and his feet over a foot apart.

    That cock was so long and wide it was sort of lying across the towel in front of him, reminding me of an aircraft carrier as viewed from above.

    And it was pointed at Anne.

    I was perhaps, sealing my fate. Anne apparently, did not mind that I had invited him to stay because she marked her place in the book and closed it.

    I could tell my wife kept looking at his cock though she didn’t want either one of us to notice. I could also tell that Anne was getting quite aroused as her nipples had grown quite large and pointed up to the sky.

    Then, before any more small talk could ensue, out it came. Sex talk from him.

    At this point John looked at me and said, "I couldn’t help but notice that you have a rather nice cock. I really like the ones with large heads like that."

    Bam! Just like that he had brought up the subject of cocks, my cock, and in front of my wife. It was strange, really. He had said that I have a large head, but his, it was easy to see, even hidden under that foreskin, was much larger.

    When erect, I had always thought my cock was average at best, a little on the thin side in the shaft, but still I thanked him for his compliment.

    Just knowing he was actually looking at my circumcised cock that way gave me a shiver and it jumped and twitched a little. I blushed and told him that his was very nice too, quite impressive actually.

    I had said it, and in front of my wife. His cock is impressive.

    Anne smiled and nodded in agreement, a quite breathless 'yes' slid out of her voice.

    I am sure that a goal of John's had been met, to get my wife to look at and acknowledge what she is seeing.

    John had her attention, that was for sure. My wife had agreed with me, and in front of him, that his cock is impressive.

    "Can I touch it?" John asked, nodding his head toward my cock.

    Unusual? John was asking me, a man, if he could touch my cock in front of Anne, my wife, instead of boldly asking if he could touch maybe, her breasts.

    With a total of just three sentences from John, this had gone from sexual talk to the physical. If I allowed John to touch my cock in front of my wife, this could only continue down an ever increasing act of erotica.

    Now I am not gay but I am open to pleasure, besides I thought, I brought Anne here to get out of our sexual rut.

    If he touches my cock, it will most certainly get hard. His probably will also, and then, what do we do with them?

    I wanted Anne to be involved in this and not just be a bystander.

    "If Anne say’s it’s OK I replied, “then please be my guest." We both turned to look at her, my cock now semi erect, John’s beginning to show signs of life too. I saw her run her tongue nervously across her upper lip.

    Anne tried to reply but no words came out, slowly without taking her eyes off John's growing member she nodded her head yes.

    I knew where this might be going. She lets him touch me, I get hard, he gets hard, and then it is her turn to touch, or be touched.

    John lowered his knees to rest on the blanket in front of me. He then looked at Anne and whispered thank you.

    Turning back to me he reached out with his right hand and wrapped it around my now hard throbbing cock. I heard Anne moan and turned to look her in the eye and smile.

    "Ummmm," John whispered, "this is so nice." He started to slowly slide his hand up and down my shaft. After a few strokes he wrapped his hand tightly around it and put his thumb over the hole and squeezed and pressed down with his thumb in unison. I let out a huge moan and almost came right there.

    I looked at Anne and was shocked to see that she had her hand down the front of her panties rubbing her clit.

    Wow! Just like that, my wife is horny. Is it John's stroking my cock that has affected her, or the possibility of his cock coming her way?

    "Take them off,” John asked Anne as he removed his hand from my shaft and rubbed my balls to calm me down. “Please, I want to see you too."

    Hmmmph. She wouldn't take them off for me, let's see what she does now. She didn't even think about it as she quickly began to move.

    Anne didn’t look to me for approval. Lifting her cheeks off the towel, she eagerly it looked like slid both her shorts and her panties up over her folded knees, down to her ankles, then kicked them off.

    In the process both John and I had been able to see Anne's pussy while her legs were up, and she looked wet and shiny.

    This guy was really smooth, I'll have to give him that. He had came over here and within four to five minutes had my wife's bottoms off and my hard cock in his hand.

    Clever, this guy is. He gets me hard first so I won't be resisting what comes next.

    "Oh my, you’re beautiful," John panted as he openly stared down at the area of Anne's crotch. “Please spread your legs wider so I can see all of you."

    Without hesitation Anne lay back on her elbows and with her feet on the blanket she pushed her knees out and down showing John her beautiful wet and now dripping pussy.

    I couldn't believe it. Instead of acting indignant or maybe reluctant or shy, Anne is opened wide and allowing John to see her in the most intimate manner.

    I am pretty sure that my eyes and mouth were opened wider than John's. He was seeing her yes, and she is another man's wife. But I was also seeing her, and I could not believe my wife is actually doing this.

    Ther it is, my wife's pussy, spread and looking so inviting. Her purplish inner lips were opened slightly, allowing a view of an inch or so of the inside. Still, she looked to have a tight hole.

    That I could verify. It's a tight hole, even for my average in width cock.

    "Oh God," he exclaimed, "May I touch you too?"

    I don't think...no, he wasn't talking about her toes.

    Anne simply closed her eyes and let her head fall back.

    I don't know at that point if Anne was giving permission with her silence, or waiting for me to give the answer. John wasn't sure either so he looked to me and we both smiled as I nodded yes. "Please do," I said.

    He had said 'May I touch you TOO?' I thought that meant he wanted to keep one hand on me and put the other on Anne since he is sitting between us and we were both close enough to touch.

    But John’s hand slid off my cock leaving it feeling cold and alone without his soft warm stroking. I must admit I had a moment of jealousy as he released me and reached for her.

    Not because I didn’t want John to touch my wife, but because his hand had felt so good around my cock.

    It hit me right then! Going for my cock first, John had tricked me in order to get to Anne. Yet, I was allowing this to happen.

    He sat down beside Anne midway and pulled her to him. Leaning over her and staring down into her eyes he let his hand fall to her mound. She seemed to melt into his arms.

    John was doing this with authority, sort of like my wife already belonged to him, to do with as he pleased.

    Five minutes! Five minutes at the most and my wife, just like that, is allowing a total stranger to see and feel her pussy.

    Of course, at that point, I knew she was going to go all the way with this if I allowed it to happen.

    Anne moaned and twitched as the weight of his hand pressed down and his fingers cupped her throbbing dripping pussy.

    His index finger lifted and found her clit and began rubbing and pushing it around. Anne bit down on her lower lip and lifted her pelvis up to his hand.

    Her breathing became hard and erratic and soft whimpering moans began to escape her mouth.

    Without a word my I had thought, 'reluctant' wife reached over and grabbed John’s massive hard standing cock. He must have had close to ten inches and it was as big around as her wrist.

    Both she and I studied how it looked with her little hand wrapped around his shaft. There was fully room for another hand above, and another below her hand.

    Anne began stroking and rubbing John as he continued to tease her clit.

    This was not only Anne's first strange cock, but her first big cock, and also, let's not ignore this, her first uncut cock.

    “Look honey,” Anne said to me as she demonstrated with her hand, ”how easy it is to stroke his penis with all this foreskin.”

    She sounded almost like a little girl with a new found toy. The only difference was she had not giggled. But she had used an interesting word.

    Penis. Say that word to yourself as you read this. Does it sound and feel strange to use it? I know what you are thinking if like me, you never use it. Penis.

    It really sounded strange to me, foreign almost to hear my wife call another man's cock a penis. I know that is the formal correct medical term, but she had never used the word while referring to my cock.

    “Yes,” I answered back. “I guess he has it all.”

    I had told my wife, and she agreed with a nod of her head. He has it all, an attractive mature appearance, a big cock, and a beautiful foreskin for her to enjoy.

    He also, at this point he already had and was going to have more of my wife.

    Though I was thinking ahead to their fucking and can she take all that, I was also thinking that they are going to masturbate each other to orgasm and that will be that.

    Now his head was back and his breathing was labored and matching hers. John slid first one, then after giving her two strokes he slid two fingers into Anne’s pussy making her gasp as he began thrusting and pushing against her.

    Penetration! A strange man has just penetrated my wife. True, with his fingers, but penetration just the same. Two fingers, and his fingers looked thicker than mine, were stretching her quite a bit.

    Anne usually only wanted me to use one finger during the rare times when I would finger-fuck her. She had told me that two fingers are 'uncomfortable'.

    He has two in her., and they're bigger around than mine!

    Know something" I think women are willing to undergo some discomfort, even be abused, when they are enjoying the adventure of having a new man.

    Anne did not protest, did not try to squirm away from his two fingers. Instead, Anne just moaned harder and louder as he applied weight and friction while finger fucking my married pussy.

    If a finger could experience orgasm, I'll bet his fingers would have been cumming because I know how tightly her pussy fits, even around my one finger.

    My married pussy that I was thinking is being abused, but I guess not based on Anne's reactions.

    Now I love Anne but it has always been so difficult to get her to suck my cock. I only ask once in a while and after my almost begging she will lick it and suck it a few times and that’s it.

    She has said she doesn't like the way my cock pours out pre-cum so easy when she does that. I can understand that because I do drip a lot. Right now while watching John finger fuck her I was pouring out all over the place.

    I have argued with her that pre-cum has no real taste, and Anne has said that I won't want to stop there, that I might sooner or later cum in her mouth without warning.

    She accidentally got a taste of my cum once, and it was a case of Yuck!

    You can imagine my surprise when she lifted her head and put it in John's lap without being asked.

    Then she opened her mouth and after a few seconds of adjustment to his size began sucking his huge hard cock like she does it every day.

    Bitch! Still, I was finding this to be exciting.

    One hand was cupping and fondling his balls as her mouth bobbed up and down on his big cock. Wide as he is, she wasn't bobbing all that deep, but Anne was somehow managing to make the entire head disappear from my view.

    "Oh my God," John moaned, "that is so damn awesome."

    Without taking her mouth off his cock Anne looked up at John and smiled. Then she said it, asked it, unbelievably something to him that I had been denied so far in our marriage.

    “Do you want to cum in my mouth?”

    Immediately I again thought: "Bitch!' But I said nothing.

    “Yes,” John replied with a confident aire, 'but there is something else I'd rather do with it.” As he was speaking, he had his eyes visibly centered on her pussy.

    Next was to come the shock. I mean it actually shocked me how boldly and yes, daringly considering the size of his cock how she did what came next.

    Putting her arms around his waist and letting her warm dripping mouth slide off his cock Anne rolled over onto her back pulling John with her. She raised her upper body, kissed him for ten seconds using tongue it looked like and whispered, "Then fuck me John, please."

    Just like that, Anne was on a first name basis with him. No, I'm just kidding about that. But, John had came over here uninvited, and maybe eight to ten minutes at most later my formerly reluctant or maybe I should say resistant wife is begging John, a stranger, to fuck her.

    My wife hadn't even bothered to look at me to see how I am taking this, to see if I might be willing to allow this to happen. Allow her to let a man place a monstrosity into her tight and married to me vagina. I think she knew that I was so enraptured by what is happening, that I couldn't bring it to a stop.

    I had fantasized on my wife getting a big one as her first one, but not THIS big!

    John didn’t need to be told twice and knelt between her legs. Anne grabbed his cock and pulled it up against her waiting, wanting pussy.

    I couldn't help it, I had to say something. I knew that Anne was making her decision and taking the risk, but I wanted John to fully realize that this was no casual fuck. He needed to know what a big event this is not only for Anne, but for me as well.

    Besides, I suspect that John, having a cock like that, knows that just about any woman he enters, married or not, has probably never been fucked with a cock such as his.

    So I said it, and in the process letting Anne know that I was right here with her. “Easy John, go slow. She's never had one like yours.”

    I saw his eyes and face light up with a hidden smile as his hips eased forward, and thankfully like he knew what not to do, they moved slowly.

    I saw Anne's body shake as she groaned from the stretching.

    You can bet I was right there where I could see every inch of his cock as it was entering my married pussy. I saw her shiny with wetness inner lips open what looked like painfully far and then, suddenly giving up the battle, they allowed the fat head of his cock to enter.

    I couldn't be sure if her groan was from pleasure or discomfort since I had never heard my beautiful wife make that sound before.

    This was so significant for me, and I am sure Anne, that I felt compelled to tell John another personal secret about my wife. I sort of wanted him to stop, to pause when he was maybe halfway in, or less.

    "As a matter of fact, John. to tell the truth, not only has Anne never had a cock like yours, your cock is the only one besides mine she has ever had."

    John was listening to me, but he was looking down at Anne with eager eyes. "Thank you," he said to her.

    Anne reached up with her arms and gripping his shoulders with both hands, squeezed her acknowledgment.

    "Ready for more," he asked with a smile? But what I had wanted had worked. John had paused and was giving my wife time to adjust.

    She smiled up at him. "A little while longer. It's...I'm getting used to you. Don't stop completely. Keep going in, but slow."

    He was barely inching his way in as he gave Anne maybe ten seconds to adjust while looking down into her eyes, eyes that seemed to be looking back at John like she is in love, in love with and hot for him.

    Of course, from my angle, I was not looking directly into her eyes so I can't be sure as to what signals my wife was sending him.

    Then he began moving, not only forward but back, and then forward again. John was going slowly at first but picking up with intensity as John worked on finishing the pumping of what what I estimated to be at least ten inches of meat into my pretty, petite wife. He almost had it all in!

    "Please go easy," I said softly to John. "I'm not sure Anne can take it all."

    I think, hearing that, John went right ahead and buried it and Anne let our another groan I had never before heard from her.

    Damn! She has it all it looks like. I actually moved in closer to better see. I didn't care if they saw me looking. Those balls, with his scrotum tightly drawn up at the moment, were lying on her ass cheeks.

    Yes, he is in, all the way and wait, up he goes, about six or seven inches up and still leaving a lot inside, and now down again, and all the way in.

    She wrapped her legs around his ass and was meeting his every stroke. I sat there with the biggest hard on of my life watching this guy we had met only ten minutes ago giving my wife the fucking of her life.

    So smooth how John did it. Came over, waved that cock around, asked to touch my cock until I got hard and my resistance had been lowered, and then he fucks my wife.

    And oh boy is John ever fucking her.

    With each stroke Anne was whimpering, gasping, moaning, and making these little squealing noises. Never before had I heard these sounds from her, not like this.

    I was wondering now how he can be holding back so long?

    Anne was crying, begging John to fuck her harder and he complied with her every wish. She even announced her orgasm, something she only rarely would say to me.

    "It's, it's..."

    I could see her face changing, all over as her eyes closed tight and her mouth opened wide and she sort of tensed up all over her face.

    “I'm cumming John, oh yes, I'm cumming hard! Really hard!”

    With me, Anne could cum of course, but usually she uses her hand on her clit at the same time I am stroking into her. That way she can cum easier and quicker.

    I can sometimes make her cum without her hand there, but it takes longer when it happens. Rarely does or has she ever called out her orgasm to me.

    Now John is making her cum, and hard, really hard she is saying.

    This was my wife's quickest orgasm ever, no hand, and it sounded like her most intense. To verify it, not only her face but her entire upper body from the breasts up had turned almost a bright red.

    Of course I also did what any red-blooded husband would do if his wife had just came so hard. I looked
    under him, under those balls, and saw that Anne's pussy looked to be even redder than her face and

    Anne looked into my face and saw that I was staring at her body, down to her pussy, and back to her tits.

    "That was so intense. Magic almost."

    Is she telling him or me, I wondered?

    She turned to look at him “Oh John. You're fucking amazing.”

    I guess Anne had been telling him.

    Again I interrupted, but like I have said, this was a significant event in our marriage.

    I guess my next lines might come under 'transparency in marriage.'

    "John, that sounded to me like my wife's longest and most intense orgasm ever." I had said 'my wife's' rather than saying 'her' to put emphasis on the significance of this happening.

    I looked into Anne's eyes. "And John, I won't mind if she tells you if it was."

    Anne's face actually turned redder than it already was. She looked at me, maybe not wanting to hurt my feelings.

    "Go ahead baby. I know he's got that cock. You can tell him if it's true."

    My loving wife actually looked relieved, like she had wanted to let John know, but had not because her husband, the man she loves, is here.

    "John. It's so nice of him to allow me to speak my piece. My husband is right. That was my best orgasm ever. Thank you."

    Now reader, I don't plan to tell much about how it had affected our marriage after this day, but one thing is so significant that I want to mention it here.

    We talked about this day that same evening.

    My wife said that though that orgasm had been her best and most intense. that it had also been the most strange. Most strange because his penis was stretching her inner lips and vaginal walls so much that as her contractions were going, it seemed like her pussy had nowhere to go.

    She was contracting, and all her muscles were trying to twitch, but they felt restricted almost like something was holding it back.

    A contraction of a vagina is like a squeeze, and release, over and over. But she said it seemed her pussy could not squeeze because she was stretched so tight, and it could only release.

    Intense pleasure, incredible feelings, restricted. Perhaps only a woman who has had a really big cock knows the feeling.

    Oh, now back to Anne on the beach.

    Anne raised her head a little. John bent down, and their lips met, long enough for some tongue twirling.

    "My pleasure baby." John said as he began pumping again, going slowly.

    “Stop!” No, I had not yelled that. Anne had.

    John paused in his stroking and stared down at her. I was thinking what the fuck, why stop now, he needs to cum too.

    “Then she said it. “I could feel you getting close. Not yet John. We need to make this last a little longer. Cool down and make me cum again first.”

    My wife is still in the middle of her fuck, and she is asking for seconds. Meanwhile, I was thinking, 'the more time his cock spends stretching my wife, the less chance there is she will pop back to normal.'

    As John waited, he leaned his head down and they kissed. Yes kissed, this time with obvious passion, and I could see that she was meeting his tongue with hers. All the while his cock was in Anne and staying hard.

    Then something happened that would end up adding a new factor to today's events.

    I had been so involved in the action that I had not seen him approaching. All of a sudden, I saw his head beside me. Another man was here, and watching.

    He was naked of course, and now, I don't know how long he had been seeing the action, he was fully erect.

    I took instant note of his cock. Same erect length as me, smaller head, wider shaft. I couldn't tell if he is uncut or not since the head was totally exposed.

    He saw that I was aware of his presence now, and as he looked worried, I raised my eyes from his cock and winked. He smiled. He is going to get to watch.

    I estimated him at maybe 28 to 30. Slim, not bad looking, and with a fairly recently added tan since it still had a tint of red in it.

    I put a finger to my lips to indicate he needed to be quiet, and he nodded. Then he sort of frowned and pointed toward my wife and back to me and then at John. I could tell what he was asking.

    Does she belong to him, or to you?

    I pointed at Anne, then pointed to the ring on my finger and back to her. He knew now, I am watching my wife being fucked.

    I wanted to bring this new guy up to date as to what is happening. John too, I wanted him to know. Also, for the new guy, draw attention to the size of John's cock in case, since he had been behind me and couldn't see it up close, he had not noticed.

    Now that he knew I wasn't going to shoo him away, he crept closer and bent down, and I saw his eyes widen at the sight of a huge cock stretching another man's property all out of shape. That's what it looked like to me anyway.

    I wanted this new man to know so he would be sharing the excitement with me, and John was my ticket.

    “John, I think you might like hearing this," I said rather loudly. " Like I said, you're the first man besides me that my wife has ever fucked.

    It's obvious John, based on how hard and fast she came, Anne's really likes being fucked by you and that huge cock you possess. For a little while you've taken possession of the woman I love and married.

    I think this might be just as exciting for me as it it for her. So do it John, do it for Anne and see if you can hold back and make her cum again.”

    I moved closer, almost up against John's left ear. "Then John, when you've worn out her pussy. I want you to fill it with so much hot cum that it will still be coming out three days from now."

    Those phrases I had just said, like 'you've take possession and she's liking getting fucked by you' I had read in stories on the internet. Now I was putting them to use in my personal life. Maybe it was silly of me, or stupid, but I was also using my wife's name in front of him.

    Of course Anne had already told John all that, but now our visitor knows. I took it further.

    “Shit John. I'm looking under you, and you're really doing a number on my wife's pussy, the way it looks all stretched out.”

    Finally, after totally ignoring me since he had first let go of my cock, John Spoke without looking at me. "I bet your cock is still just as hard as it was when I let go, isn't it?"

    "Harder," I answered excitedly. I waited, but that seemed to be all John was to say, for now.

    I paused for effect as both the new guy and I stared from close up. "Shit John, Anne's pussy is all red and looks sort of swollen all around her lips. I've never seen my wife looking like that before, down there. I think you might have ruined her for her husband."

    I had my stiff cock in my hand as I could feel the new guy looking at me as I gave it a stroke. He was probably a bit puzzled at the things I was saying to the man who is manipulating my wife's pussy
    as no one should ever be doing to a man's wife, but I could tell, he was enjoying this, all of it.

    Our visitor's eyes had widened at what I had said to the man over and in her and of course, in effect to my wife as well. I had even used her name, making this all the more daring and revealing.

    This was so horny, and with the new guy watching, it was affecting my thinking, maybe my sanity.

    Yes, John was stretching her. Holding Anne's vagina opened and making it adapt to his thickness and maybe causing it to crave that size in the future in order for her to achieve total satisfaction.

    “Are you cooled down now,” Anne asked John and choosing to ignore my sexual comments?

    “Yes Anne. I'm officially ready for your round two.” He was being funny, I'm sure.

    They went at it again. Both the visitor and I stayed low and moved our heads in close to improve the viewing. Unfortunately, it didn't take but a minute or two.

    That cock. Those lips. It looked like they were playing tug o' war.

    “Oh. Oh oh oh, I'm cumming. NOWwwwwwwwwwww! Oh yes, John. You've made me cum so fast. Again you did it.”

    He kept pumping, increasing the pace.

    A minute after Anne, John arched his shoulders backwards as he pushed his cock deep into Anne’s pussy and held it there. We could see his balls working as he groaned and blew his load into her hot box.

    I was paying more attention to John's anus, however, and I was counting the contractions. Six, seven, eight, nine. And then a couple of little pulsations. I looked over at the new guy. He too, had known where to look, at John's asshole and was seeing it all as John pumped passion juice into my loving wife's pussy.

    It had been a good one for John. He started slowing, and my wife grabbed the cheeks of his ass and kept him moving. I think Anne was more the moving creature as her hips were thrusting up and at him.

    My wife was still cumming! Anne trembled with one orgasm after another as she pulled John down to her and kept moaning and kissing his lips as she continued to thrust her hips up at him.

    Then Anne went limp and was suddenly quiet. They kissed.

    After maybe a minute John pulled out of my wet with sweat wife and sat down between us. "Wow! That was fantastic!" he sighed. Then, seeing the visitor for the first time and his erection, John grinned.

    Looking down at my still throbbing rock hard cock John ignored the newcomer and said, "Here, let me help you with that." John was feeling cocky now I think and started joking around. "Your husband's got a situation going on that I need to get a grip on. Hope you don't mind."

    "Go for it John. My husband is being very generous today, and I, I mean we, owe him that."

    I was dripping as John bent over and began sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. After a minute, Anne was able to raise her body and I saw her eyes widen when she saw that we had a spectator.

    She looked shocked, and I smiled at Anne and whispered, “He's cool. He's been here for a while.”

    Anne shrugged, as if to say, 'What the heck?”

    I’d like to say that John blew me for a good five minutes before I came in his mouth.

    This was nice, and unexpected. John had managed to cuckold me with my wife, taking her almost instantly and giving Anne something way more substantial in quantity than me.

    I guess I should add in quality too, based on how my wife had reacted.

    John could have gotten away without doing this, but he was doing payback now, truly a nice payback as he worked on my dripping cock. It definitely was feeling different, this blow job compared to one Anne might give.

    His mouth felt bigger, and hotter, his lips as well, and the tongue, it was moving over and around my head and doing so with authority. I could feel it all. My mind even went inside and I visualized in my mind how it was looking.

    His tongue, wider than my wide head, and I could see with my mind what I was feeling as he was sliding it back and forth and all around the glans.

    I had said that I'd like to say that John blew me for a good five minutes, but I think it was closer to 90 seconds.

    John certainly knew how to fuck and please my wife, but he also was giving me the best blowjob I’ve ever had.

    Sorry Anne, and my two high school buddies. You three will have to take third, fourth and fifth place. Did you readers notice anything? What happened to whomever was in second place?

    That had been an older man, maybe 35-40 who had given me a ride to my college dorm one night when my car had broke down. I'm still not sure how he managed it, but he had my cock out within 30 seconds of when he had parked his car, and even though I warned him that I had not had a bath since the day before and my cock might not be the cleanest, he went to work.

    And wanting it to last, he knew how to tease my cock, bringing me close and allowing it to cool down again. I am not homosexual, at that time not even bi-sexual, but it seemed like I should be doing something for him. I didn't want to suck him, but maybe yank him off while he was sucking me.

    I wanted to see and touch his cock, but only in my hand.

    It was strange, He vigorously shook his head 'no' as my hand went to his hard bulge, and at the same time
    he moved his hips away from my grip. I didn't try again, but I had felt a rather nice bulge between my fingers, maybe thicker than mine.

    I came hard in his mouth, really hard, and that man swallowed it all. When I had completely dwindled from his having drained me, he was still loving on my soft cock with his mouth and hands. This had been nice, but I was greatly relieved when he allowed me to exit his car without having to give out a name or number.

    Most of all, I was glad that he had not tried to kiss me. Then, that early in life, I had not been ready.

    Now it was John who was sucking me, and I was not complaining, not after how he had given my wife's
    vagina such a punishing. Our visitor, I could see, was slowly stroking his cock now, allowing both John and I to see, and more importantly now I was thinking, my wife.

    My cock is short enough that John was able to deep throat me. Being careful not to force, I held onto John's head as his lips and nose were buried in my pubic hair and groaning, I shot deep down his throat.

    I waited and watched to see if John would dribble my cum onto the sand, or swallow. Surprise. He swallowed. I noticed that Anne had been watching to see if he would do it too.

    Now my wife knew. If John can do it, she can certainly do it for her husband too, sometime in the future.
    I planned to make it happen in the near future.

    John seemed almost little girl-like now as he lifted his head up off my lap and turned to Anne, bending to kiss her. Then his masculinity returned as he kissed her full and hard, and I am sure the taste of my cum was still in his mouth.

    John then turned back to me. Taking me totally by surprise he bent in and also kissed me full on the lips. Yes, I could taste cum, my cum.

    He reached down and fondled my now limp cock as his tongue found mine. I returned the kiss as a moan escaped my lips again. Strangely, the thought was going through my mind, 'what is that guy thinking of
    all this?'

    I took the opportunity to feel John's cock, giving that foreskin a stroke, something I had been wanting to do.

    Now soft but still so large, it felt so nice in my hand. I badly wanted to stroke it and see what if feels like when filled with a gallon of blood, so hard and throbbing. But only Anne had been given that opportunity. I had an urge to return the favor on the blowjob, I might even swallow, but things were over now, it seemed.

    I had a sudden urge to ask John for his phone number and reconsidered. Somehow, it did not seem that it would be a wise decision to keep something like that around for my wife to enjoy on a steady diet.

    Standing up he looked to both of us, Ann and myself. "Thanks a lot," John said, "it was great to meet you. I hope to see you around again some time." I noticed that he winked at Anne.

    “Yes,” I said. and ignoring the wink and the large grin Anne returned. “We'll probably make a return trip someday soon.” I glanced at Anne for confirmation, and she nodded.

    With that John turned without another glance at our visitor, strolled back and using some rocks, waded back across the river,and as we watched, he picked up his chair, waved, and walked away.

    John's day, had been a good day.

    I was to find out later, much later, that John had used that shoulder bag for more than just carrying items like his cell phone. Apparently in advance, he had placed his name and phone number on a little slip of paper just in case.

    When I had not been looking, John had somehow managed to slip it to Anne. Suspicious at how my wife seemed to be acting sometimes, I went looking and found it in her wallet one day. Over a month later I found it, and right now, as I write this, I don't know if she has been following up.

    I don't know if Anne is fucking John, but she has had a few chances to get away and that is when I became suspicious, especially when I learned that Anne has gone 'shopping' with Mary Jane not just once, but twice in the past three weeks.

    Has my wife introduced Mary Jane to John? Have they been having threesomes? I've been wanting to ask, and if she is, invite John over. and maybe Mary Jane too. But I don't want Anne to know I nibbed in her wallet.

    One good thing, maybe. If Anne is sharing John with Mary Jane, then John is not spending as much time inside of and stretching my wife's pussy as he otherwise would be.

    Anne's pussy? It never has returned to dime size. It usually looks and feels like a quarter's worth, and when I am in my wife, I don't get any change back. Two or three times in the past few weeks, she has felt more like a half-dollar's worth.

    It's probably John who is keeping her that way. My Bitch wife! He's probably getting her blowjobs too because so far, she's only done it once for me. She did swallow though, and that's a good thing.

    Back to our story.

    John was gone as I looked over at my wife. “Don't talk to me,” Anne said with what sounded like an annoyed voice and ignoring the spectator. “We can talk about this later, after I have sorted it all out in my head.”

    Then Anne resumed reading her book like nothing had happened.

    I could still see John in the distance. What a man. In less than 30 minutes he had fucked my formerly innocent wife with an unbelievable cock, turned me into a bi-sexual, and had gone out of our life. Or at least, mine.

    What to do with our watcher, maybe 28 to 30 in age, and with his raging cock that still was not going down?

    “Baby,” I said sort of jokingly. “We still have one hard cock that needs to be satisfied.” As Anne took a look, I had my hand on it and wriggled it to show her.

    Of course no way was my wife obligated to take care of this man who had just walked in and started watching. But she had looked up from the book and at his cock. Thankfully Anne smiled instead of acting mad.

    “So you take care of it,” she said with a little laugh. “You just showed me that you might go for guys too, so why not?”

    I wanted to see Anne fuck another man, and if she was going to be taking an average-sized cock after John, I wanted it to be another man before me.

    Then maybe, with her having had a contrast, I wouldn't feel so small to her when I reclaim my property.

    I don't know which was more important to me at the moment.

    I wanted to see Anne being fucked again, yes. and also see if she could or would cum with still another man, not because he has a big cock, which he didn't, but because he is new and strange.

    And now, new guy had became important to me. He had been cool, and quiet, and had shared and enjoyed the sight of Anne being fucked with me. I wanted him to enjoy my wife, to be close to Anne, to be able to maybe kiss her if she would permit it, to feel her breasts, and fuck Anne's pussy, even if she is stretched out.

    “Baby,” I said with a bit of pleading in my voice. “He's got a really hard cock that needs to be taken care of, and I'd like to see you take another one. You're already wet inside, I am sure very wet, so one more won't make much difference.”

    Anne stared. “You really want me to fuck another man?”

    “Yes, he might be swimming around in all that cum I am sure you have inside, but he'll love the feel just the same, and maybe you can suck me at the same time.”

    I was putting Anne on the spot. She had blown John, so she could hardly deny me now, and especially not be embarrassing me in front of another man.

    I offered I hope, more incentive. I pulled him over by his cock until he was standing almost over her
    head. "Look at his cock Anne. Same length as me. It's a little smaller in the head than mine, but it's thicker in the shaft. It might feel good, even after your having fucked John."

    I doubt that was much incentive, but Anne, I could tell, was still aroused. With a twinkle it looked like, I hoped, in her eyes, my beautiful wife laid back and spread her legs. A small blob of cum chose that moment to start dribbling out of her.

    Her pussy looked like it had been not only fucked, but overfucked, you know, like something on the stove
    might be overcooked. Anne's pussy hair was all shiny and matted down against her pubic mound, and her lips still looked swollen.

    No longer red, they had gone back to bright pink. If left untouched, they would eventually just be pink again.

    Her opening, formerly the size of a dime, for the moment looked to be the diameter of a half-dollar. I was thinking, 'the least John could have done is leave my wife's hole looking no larger than a quarter in diameter. Fuck, a half-dollar? I might fall in.

    Even so, it looked delicious, and I was sure that our new guy would not be deterred.

    Ann was looking squeezable, kissable, and fuckable.

    "What's your name there, new guy," Anne asked as she smiled up at him?

    "Charlie," he beamed.

    "Welcome to the club Charlie."

    Anne was seated against the backrest, so she was able to stay upright as she reached down and sort of tugged her soggy lips wider. Another blob poured out as Charlie and I stared.

    “Come on then, both of you.”

    As I crawled up to place my cock in her mouth, Charlie walked up between her legs on his knees, and reaching out with both hands, began caressing her breasts, which were no longer pure white, but had
    turned pink from the sun.

    Charlie was enjoying the squeezable.

    His cock was right there, and before Anne could reach for it, he started easing forward.

    I don't know if she could even feel him at the moment, but Anne let out a nice gasp to let him know she knows he is in there.

    Her right hand was in the way, but staying up a little off her arm, Charlie leaned down and placed his
    lips on hers. Anne groaned a little as she responded.

    Charlie was enjoying the kissable.

    He began pumping, and Anne let out a soft sigh.

    Charlie was enjoying the fuckable.

    I was enjoying the watching, and then my wife said it. "Steve, you sort of asked for this. First John and now another man. Charlie feels larger than you too, once he put it inside."

    Charlie might be feeling bigger, but already, maybe anticipating that she is going to need it, Anne had begun rubbing her clit.

    Just like that, in less than an hour, my wife had gone from being afraid to even expose her breasts in front of strangers to having been fucked by a cock to end all cocks, and is now taking a second strange man.


    Readers, I saw this story on another site written by someone named Otis Holmes, enjoyed it, so I did what I sometimes do. I lengthened it, using a lot of added erotica, and where it seemed appropriate, I added detail to make the story easier to understand.

    In my stories, my women are usually new, maybe as a wife, girlfriend, bride, next door. They either have never been fucked, or only had one two or three. That I feel, makes them more desirable. Some writers say 'My wife had already fucked a bunch of guys before I married her, and now I was seeing her.....etc.

    So she is getting fucked, again, who cares?

    I like to make my telling of the sexual last, build up, linger, and take a while to come down. You know, like your cock. So enjoy my stories if they are the kind you like.

    The visitor in this story named Charlie? Totally my idea. A girlfriend named Mary Jane? My addition. John slipping Anne his phone number. Mine.

    My compliments to the original author for the basic theme of this adventure.

    This story was originally titled 'A Day at the Beach.' I think there are probably several stories with that title out there, so I changed it as well.

    I considered going on and telling what happened with the second guy, but you can pretty much piece the rest together.

    Now I need to look for some photo, hot of course, that hopefully will match the text.

    Yeah, I found it. Didn't have to go to the net. It is a photo I have had stored in my PC for some time. Probably taken at a nudist park. What a cock on THAT guy.

    Erotic Writer
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  2. AllenJ

    AllenJ Well-Known Member Member

    I really enjoyed what you've done here, a lot - though I confess that it was enhanced by the fact that Anne is the name of a friend's wife and she's been in a few fantasies of my own. Also, I thought of the beach as being in Jamaica and John as Jamaican. Yes, it's a cliche, but it hits buttons for me.
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