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Tommi - My Cuckold Hubby

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DeeAnnaMontana, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. DeeAnnaMontana

    DeeAnnaMontana Well-Known Member Member

    Cuckold Confession: My first real serious girlfriend, was really the one to introduce me to cuckolding, but she didn't know it at the time. One night when we were with a bunch of friends and drunk at a party, one of my best friends asked if he could kiss her. I was okay with it, but I didn't know he was going to give her THAT kind of kiss! It took MY breath away, watching them! I was rock hard by the time they got done and took my GF to my car to suck my dick and thought about that kiss and came in her mouth almost immediately! After that I was suspicious at times, but could never really nail anything down and say I knew she was fuckin' around on me. I would kiss her and would come away with an odd taste in my mouth. I would eat her pussy and it would taste like I had just came in her, but I hadn't been with her in a couple of days. After a few months one of my best friends (the one she kissed at the party) had a birthday and I bought him some really good weed and had planned to surprise him at his house. I snuck in and hid in his loft. After a short while I heard him parking and I heard a female voice and some giggles and the door opened. In walked my friend and my girlfriend! Right inside the door I watched as he took her in his arms and kissed her. I was instantly hard, of course, and watched while they passionately kiss and undressed each other. This was not a one time deal, I could tell they were very familiar with each other's bodies. Clearly, at some point, she had shifted over to knowingly cuckolding me. I knew from gym class that Micky had a thick ten inch dick, but seeing my little blond girlfriend's small hand wrapped around it as she stroked it while they kissed made it seem even bigger! I came in my pants from just seeing that, and stayed hard. She was kissing him on the mouth, the neck, the shoulder, his chest. They undressed each other as they kissed. Gina had a gorgeous tanned body and we like to sun in the nude, and his hands were all over it! Then he put his hands around her head with all that beautiful blond hair and said, "Yeah, suck my dick, baby!" Baby? my baby? my girl? his baby!!? She giggled and looked up at him as she kissed his stomach and sunk to her knees. "I've been waiting for this all day, darling!" Darling? Waiting all day? They planned this? Wait, does she wait EVERY day? Holy crap, his house is on the way to my house, does she come by here every day on the way to my house and suck his dick?!! As I watched, I realized that she probably did just that. if not every day, many days. She didn't timidly suck his dick, she licked it, kissed it, played with his balls and stroked it. Her hands were all over his legs and ass and he had his hands tangled in her hair. "Damn that feels good, baby!" Watching her thick lips stretched around his dick and him feeding more into her mouth was enough to make me reach in and finally begin rubbing my little dick. Keep in mind that I was being quiet as I was just above them in the loft. Suddenly I heard a pop as he pulled his dick out of her mouth and she said, "Take me, baby!" He pulled her up and kissed her, then laid her across his kitchen table and took her from behind. She came almost immediately and kept telling him how good it felt and she told him how good it felt and how much bigger he is than me and how she loved being his slut and he told her how that pussy was his and ALL that things that I didn't want to hear my girlfriend and friend saying to each other. He turned her over and she wrapped her arms and legs around him and kissed him passionately as he drove that long thick dick into her, touching places I would never even come close to! I heard my girlfriend whimpering and saw her clawing at his back and soon she screamed out his name and bit his neck as she came again and he came with her this time - his body jerking attain and again as he pumped my girlfriend's pussy. I came again, too. They held on to each other, kissing and holding each other tight, wrapped up like lovers do while they enjoyed the afterglow.. She giggled as she caught her breath and said, "Tommi is going to think I'm all wet for him, again!" and they both laughed. He sat her down in a chair and had her clean him off and told her, "don't forget to give him a big wet kiss!" She looked up at him and kissed the head of his dick and said, "Oh, I won't, but I'm not done with you, yet. It's your birthday, I've got a special present I want to give you.!" She turned and opened a bag she had brought in with her and pulled out a negligee which she proceeded to put on! Damn that girl was stunning, anyway, but that made her look ten times sexier! His dick was getting hard again as she jumped into his arms and kissed him and he said he loves his present! She giggled and told him, "that's not your present, my dear, I want you to fuck me in the ass." NEVER in the two years I dated her had she ever talked that way! I was stunned. "Take me to the pillows!" The "pillows" were where Micky always told all of us that he would take his girls and fuck them until they begged him to stop. I this whole scene there were a variety of things that she did with him that she had never done with me and, of course, she had never had two orgasms or one as powerful as the one I just watched her have. He was kissing her as he ran his hands all over her body and was backing her into this bedroom. I couldn't believe how gorgeous my girlfriend looked - and that big hard dick pressed against her stomach! I could no longer see, but I could hear. When I heard them start to get passionate, I started creeping down the ladder. I took a peek around the corner and saw Gina on all fours as she unsnapped the crotch of her lingerie, exposing her pussy and ass to him. Just before I got out the door I heard her scream, "Give it to me, Micky, I can take it!" Later on when she showed up at my house she came in and kissed me passionately and told me she had been waiting all day to be with me. I got hard as we kissed, enjoying that now familiar taste on her lips. We went to my bedroom and she undressed, smiling and showed me the lace teddie she bought today so she could be sexy for me. (LOL!) She laid back on my bed and opened the crotch of her teddy, telling me how wet she was for me. I ate her pussy first, as usual, and felt her hands on my head as she told me to lick deep. I tongued her ass, too, realizing that the taste I had come to enjoy was my friend's cum.... I looked up and noticed a mark on her breast and asked her about it. "My cat bit me, dammit!" As I looked over her body I noticed many places where I could see hand and finger prints and red marks...and I could taste him on her skin, and thought about how hot she looked taking his dick, and kissing him, and the look on her face when she came! I thought about the times when I thought it took a long time for her to get to my house...the times I called her and she didn't answer. The times we were out at parties and she disappeared after saying she had to go to the bathroom...the time I saw her waiting to get into the bathroom at a party and the guy in front of her had left the door open and she was licking her lips and staring at his dick. I ate her until my tongue was nearly raw that night! Later on, when we were partying with or friends and I noticed the bite mark on Micky's neck, I asked him what had happened. He laughed and said, "One of my old girlfriends came over this afternoon and gave me a birthday present." Then he proceeded to tell a group of us, including me and Gina, how he "took her to the pillows." So I got to hear all about what I didn't get to see that happened in the bedroom! What a long, strange trip it's been... ^Tommiboi^

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  2. luvpussy68

    luvpussy68 Well-Known Member Member

    Very hot, cock stroking, pussy rubbing story. It's always hot to hear how one becomes a cuck.

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