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. To Please A Husband

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, May 10, 2017.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    To Please a Husband

    by RLM

    A Cold Wife:

    After finishing work at 4:50 PM, Stan Henson had left his real estate office before 5:00 PM. It was the first time he had done that in at least a year. Even though he had left early, Stan didn't stop at Marty's Sports Bar for a quick beer with his friends who generally met there after work for a quick one and to talk sports before heading home.

    Although he knew it was pretty much hopeless, he still entertained hopes that Nancy would have finished her housework, shopping chores, and her volunteer work at the hospital and would be interested in having dinner out followed by some dancing. At 16, their son Carl was old enough and responsible enough that they didn't have to worry about leaving him alone for the evening.

    However, as soon as Stan opened the front door to their spacious and beautiful home, he knew it was a lost cause. Nancy was dusting the furniture in the living room, and he could smell the aroma of the food cooking in their kitchen. She was wearing a loose-fitting shirt buttoned well above her breasts so that there wasn't the slightest hint of cleavage. Instead of the short, mini-skirt he dreamed about his wife wearing, she wore slacks that covered the tops of her shoes.

    When Nancy saw her husband of 16 years, she stopped her dusting for a moment and said, "Hi, Honey. You're home earlier than usual. Is every thing all right?"

    "It's fine. I came home early to have time to shower and change before our evening out tonight. I told you about it this morning, didn't I?"

    "Yeah, you did, but it's such a waste of money to pay those high restaurant prices when I can fix us a nice dinner for one-third the cost. Besides, the furniture in the living room hasn't been dusted in several days now."

    "You know I make a lot of money at the agency, Nancy. That's why we have this expensive home, two cars, a swimming pool and bathhouse in the back, a gorgeous sailboat, whatever clothes you and Carl want... so on and so forth. The cost of dinner out is totally negligible. What I really wanted was time alone with my wife. Not so long ago when we were dating and first married, we used to go out and have a great time together."

    Nancy laughed. "Not so long ago? That was 16 years ago, Stan, when we were just kids. We're old adults now with responsibilities. We wouldn't be much in the way of role models for Carl if we went out carousing and dancing every night. Besides, I don't look good enough any longer to be doing that."

    "You look great, Nancy. Just fantastic, even though you dress in ways that hide it. I'm not suggesting we go out every night. Just once a week or so. What's wrong with a husband wanting to go out on a sexy date with his wife, dance, hold her in my arms, and maybe park by the lake and make love in the back seat?"

    Nancy just stared at her husband for a full minute. Finally she asked, "Are you drunk, Stan? Did you stop off at Marty's again and have several drinks?"

    "I did not! I'm stone cold sober, and I want my wife to put on something sexy and go out on a date with me."

    "Ok. You're sober. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have accused you of being drunk. But the way you're talking it certainly sounds like you must be drunk. Dress sexy... go dancing... park by the lake... make love in the back seat. Good grief, Stan! I don't even own any sexy clothes like you're talking about."

    "Yes you do! I know. I've bought you two dozen outfits in the last couple of years. Everyone of them is sexy and you would look great in anyone of them."

    "Oh those," Nancy said with a dismissive tone. "Those were just things you bought as a form of foreplay... they excited you. You know very well I couldn't possibly wear any of those clothes... ever. Now let's not argue about this, Stan. I have a very nice dinner cooking and Carl will be home soon. Why don't you go take your shower, put on some comfortable clothes and we have a nice evening at home?"

    "A nice evening at home... just like we've had every night for last 10 years or so," Stan said in a totally defeated voice as he left the living room to take a cold shower.

    Just before he left the room, he turned back to face his wife and said quietly, "You know, Nancy, there are a lot of women who would like to have a dinner date and go out dancing with me... women would be excited to be asked to park by the lake and make love in the back seat. Even if they felt they had to say no, they would still be excited and pleased to be asked. You should think about that."

    "That sounds like a threat. Are you threatening me?"

    "Yes." With that, Stan turned and walked to his bedroom.


    Stan had started dating Nancy when he was a senior in high school. At the time, Nancy was a precocious 15-year old freshman. After Stan graduated, he enrolled at the state university where he majored in business. Since the university was in same city, he continued to date Nancy while he completed his B.S. degree. During his last year at the university, Nancy, who had completed high school the previous year, worked as a secretary for a legal firm.

    Stan had always felt he was exceptionally lucky to have a girlfriend like Nancy. Although Nancy was very reserved sexually, she was fantastically beautiful. It was their third date before Stan succeeded in getting a goodnight kiss from his beautiful girlfriend.

    Stan had been dating Nancy for six months before he managed to feel her breasts. He had been very nervous when he had tentatively pressed his hand against her sweater-covered breast. He had expected and had been prepared for her to object and quickly remove his hand, as she had many times on previous dates. This time, however, she permitted the liberty. Stan had been thrilled, not to mention hard as stone. It gave him confidence that it wouldn't be too long before Nancy broke out of her conservative shell.

    Surprisingly, Nancy was a senior and Stan was a junior at the university before she finally consented to give him oral sex. They had been parked by the lake, when Nancy finally allowed Stan to persuade her to do it. She had bent over his lap and began tentatively licking his big, seven and a half inch shaft. Of course, Stan was iron-hard and had had to struggle to keep from ejaculating as soon as Nancy put her mouth over the top four inches of his cock. After licking and sucking him for 10 minutes or so, Stan had reached his limit and told her so. Nancy had immediately removed her mouth and finished him with a hand job as she had been doing for several months.

    As blowjobs went, Nancy's first was poor at best, but Stan was again encouraged that she would soon cast off her conservative inhibitions and become an enthusiastic sex partner for him.

    Eventually, Nancy reluctantly agreed to deep throat his penis, but no matter how hard Stan tried he was never allowed to fuck Nancy until they finally married in June after his graduation with a degree in business. Nancy was 19 at the time. Her new husband was 22. Carl was born nine months later. He had just had his 16th birthday, so Nancy and Carl were now 35 and 38, respectively.

    Although all the textbooks state that a woman reaches the pinnacle of sexual power and desire in her 30s, to Stan’s enormous disappointment, it had not worked out that way. All of Stan's hopes and dreams about his wife eventually casting off her sexual inhibitions had crashed and burned.

    Soon after Carl's birth, Nancy stopped wearing anything remotely provocative. Her high heels were discarded in favor or more practical shoes or even tennis shoes. Her dresses became looser and longer, the necklines higher. Thigh-high hose, bikini panties and thongs gave way to cotton panties and pantyhose. Usually, she wore little or no makeup.

    A year after Carl's birth, Nancy's bedroom attitude and performance had become even more conservative, not less. She insisted that Stan use the most expensive condoms and for added protection, she took birth control pills. During the second year of marriage, Stan and Nancy were having sex no more than twice a week. By the fifth year, the frequency had decreased to once a week, and the intensity had dropped to near zero levels.

    On several occasions, Stan had asked his wife why she was behaving in this fashion and ruining any chance they had to enjoy the wonderful sexual pleasures available to men and women. Her answer was always the same.

    "Well, it's just not morally right to behave like rutting animals, Stan. Married couples need to behave responsibly and be role models for their children. Besides, I've gained weight, I'm older, my beauty is fading. This sort of thing happens to all couples. You shouldn't let it bother you, Stan. I still love you more than life. I just don't do wild, irresponsible things. If you wanted a slut for a wife, you shouldn't have married me."

    Now, after 16 years of marriage, spontaneous, hot fucking and sexy, erotic clothing were out of the question. Stan couldn't even get a date with his wife. With each passing day, his despondency over the situation increased. It had reached the point that it took a huge effort on his part to even make an effort. He was reaching the end of his patience and endurance.

    A Concerned Wife:

    I had heard Stan complain so many times about my refusal to dress and act like an amoral woman, that I paid very little attention to his threat to find another woman to do what I, and any decent woman, refused to do. I did notice that with each passing day, my husband seemed to withdraw into himself to a greater extent. He rarely smiled and spoke only when spoken to or answering a question from me or from Carl. It was obvious that he wasn't happy with my attitude, but he knew how I felt about these things. I had certainly made that clear when were dating.

    It was about 10 days or perhaps two weeks later when I was noticed that Stan's suit jacket needed to cleaned and pressed. He always relied on me to take care of those things, and I always did so. Since Stan often had appointment books, correspondence, loose change, and receipts in his pants and jacket pockets, I always checked before taking the clothes to the cleaners.

    This time, while I was going through the pockets and placing whatever was there on the dresser for him to retrieve later, an envelop fell out of the inside coat pocket of his jacket and tumbled to the floor. When it hit, part of a photograph was ejected from the envelop. Before I even bent over to pick it up, I could see that it was a photo of a nude woman.

    I knew I should simply push the photo back inside the envelop and place it on the dresser along with the other things I had taken from Stan's pockets. But what wife could possibly resist looking at the photo of a naked woman her husband was carrying around in his inside coat pocket.

    I figured I had better sit down before examining the contents of the envelop. Naturally, the first thing I did was look at the photo. When I emptied the contents, I found not one, but two photos. The first showed a voluptuous blonde, totally naked except for her heels. She was seated on the edge of a bed with her legs wide open providing a clear and unobstructed view of her pussy and big, erect clitoris. To provide an even better view, her fingers were spreading her pussy wide open exposing her huge clit and wet hole. At the bottom of the photo, she had written, "See what you're missing, Honey."

    In the second photo, the same blonde was standing with her butt facing the camera with her panties pulled down below her buttocks. Her large breasts were seen in profile. She was looking over her shoulder at the camera. With her panties pulled down as they were, the second photo was, in a way, even more obscene and sexy than the first one.

    In addition to the obscene photos, there was also a letter inside the envelop. I knew it was on scented stationery as soon as I extracted it. The message was handwritten in a very, nice flowing script that seemed familiar, but I couldn't place it.

    How long do you intend to keep me waiting, Honey. I know you want me. Your pants were tented with your sexy hard-on when you were staring at my exposed thighs at work today.

    You're certainly not getting any from that ice queen you're married to. Look at my photos, Stan. I know you wish your were between my thighs sinking your big cock into my pussy. All you have to do is ask, and it's yours. Don't you like my ass, Stan? It's very tight. I promise you'll love fucking it.

    Love, kisses, and pussy... Cora.

    "That dirty, slutty, worthless, Bitch!" I screamed. "Stan's my husband, not hers!"

    I had a near overwhelming urge to tear the photos and letter into a hundred pieces, but somehow managed to stop myself. I knew that wouldn't do any good. In fact, it would probably make things worse somehow. "She called me an "ice queen". I'm NOT an ice queen. I'm not!" I was shouting aloud to myself.

    When I finally managed to calm down, I began to cry as I stared at Cora's slutty photos and letter. Obviously, she worked in Stan’s agency, which is why the handwriting looked familiar to me. She was so sexy... so erotic. Exactly the kind of woman who excites the baser impulses of men. I had no idea how to fight a woman like that. Appeals to her moral character would certainly do no good... she didn't have any morals. With a shock, I realized that I didn't have anything to threaten her with. It seemed to me like I was totally helpless.

    After replacing its contents, I pushed the letter in the middle of several other papers. I doubted that Stan would realize that I had read it and seen Cora's photos. Since I intended to say nothing about it, I was pretty certain that he would think that I had not seen it. It was obvious to me that I needed advice from a woman with a lot more experience in things like this than I had. I picked up my cell phone and called Gail Largo.

    She answered on the first ring. "Hello. This is Gail Largo speaking."

    "Hi, Gail. It's Nancy, Nancy Henson. Remember me?"

    "Of course I remember you, Nancy. We used to be inseparable. But, you know, this is the first time I've heard from you in a long time. I thought you had written me off as a lost sinner. What's up?"

    "I'm really sorry, Gail, for the way I've treated you and for the things I said. I just didn't understand what you were facing, and what's even worse, I didn't give you the benefit of the doubt. Well, now I do understand it, and I'm in trouble. I really need your help, and I need you to forgive me. It won't happen again... I promise."

    "There's really nothing to forgive, Nancy. Given your moral code, I knew in advance what your response was going to be. But if you're calling me now because you're in trouble and need my help, it must really be bad. Of course, I'll try to help you. Why don't you come over to my place this afternoon, and we make up and see what we can do about your problem."

    "Oh god... thank you, Gail. It's a lot more than I deserve. Is 1:30 PM too early?"

    "That's fine. But to properly express your apologies, you can bring over a good bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers."


    Gail Largo and I had been close friends in high school and for many years after that. However, about five years ago, Gail had confided in me that she had begun seeing other men and cheating on her husband. When I had expressed my strong disapproval of her actions, she had told me that it was either see other men or divorce her husband because he was cheating on her with his secretary. As I drove toward Gail's, I recalled our conversation with more than a little chagrin.

    "You're telling me that you either have to divorce Martin or cheat on him? Did I hear you right, Gail?"

    "Yeah. It's one or the other. I'm not about to sit home alone, fix his meals, and wait to see if he's willing and able to take care of my sexual needs while he's out fucking his slut secretary."

    "So, it's essentially revenge sex that you're doing?" I had asked.

    "It was at first, but not now. After fucking a couple of different guys several times each, I found out how much fun it is. Now, I'm doing it because it's really exciting. I never fail to have several orgasms. As an added benefit, I've been able to understand why Martin's screwing his secretary ... he still loves me. It's just fun for him to get his cock into another pussy. Same thing for me. I'm no longer angry with Martin. In fact, we're having the best sex together we've ever had."

    "Gail, that just sounds unbelievably amoral and disgusting to me. I can't believe you're doing it."

    "Don't knock it until you've tried it, Honey," Gail said sweetly.

    "That will be a cold day in the place down below," I had responded.

    Today was the first time I had spoken to my friend since that day five years ago. I could only hope that she would forgive my intolerance and tell me what to do.

    We had been talking for over an hour. Half of the wine was gone and almost half of the cheese and crackers. I had shown Gail the letter and the photos of Cora that I had accidentally discovered in his coat pocket. I had also told her about Stan's threat to find another woman if I wouldn't change my attitude toward sex, dressing provocatively, dancing, etc.

    "Anyway, that's pretty much the whole story. Now that I'm facing what you were facing five years ago, I realize how you must have felt, and I can't tell you how sorry I am that instead of being understanding and helpful to my best friend, all I did was pass puritanical judgment on you. I wouldn't blame you if you threw me out of your house right now."

    "It's like I told you before, Nancy. Given your moral upbringing and attitude, there really wasn't anything else you could have done. You just didn't have enough experience to understand. Now you do. I'm really sorry that you had to get the experience in this painful way, but in the end, I think your life will be vastly improved because of it. Anyway, you're forgiven, and I don't want to hear any more about it. Ok? Agreed?"

    "Ok," I said with a warm smile. "Thank you."

    "Great. Now that we've got that stuff out of the way, how can I help you? You said over the phone that you needed my help."

    "I need your advice as to how I should handle this situation. Should I confront Stan with the evidence and divorce him? Should I see other men? What? I'm just clueless."

    "All right, Nancy. I'll do my best. Tell me, what do you think Stan is doing?"

    "Isn't it obvious? He's seeing that woman... Cora."

    "Honey, you can see someone at work, or at the movies, or at the grocery store. What do mean when you say he's seeing that woman?"

    "You know what I mean, Gail. He's having sex with her."

    "Nancy, if we're going to get you past this problem without destroying your marriage, you're going to have to relax your moral code in a lot of ways. A man wants a wife, not a paragon of virtue. I'm sure you remember how I expressed my situation to you five years ago. So, tell me again what you think your husband is doing."

    "HE'S FUCKING THAT BITCH!" I screamed.

    Gail grinned, "Now that's better. That's a hell of a lot better! So tell me the truth. Don't you feel better now that you've let your hair down and said it like it is?"

    I grinned back at Gail and admitted, "Yeah. I do. For some reason, I feel a lot better."

    "Ok. You think Stan's fucking her. I don't think so. At least not yet."

    "Why? My god, he's carrying around dirty pictures of her in his coat pocket."

    "Dirty pictures? No. They may be sensuous, kinky, sexually explicit photos, but they aren't dirty. They're pictures of a good-looking, sexy woman who wants to be fucked... specifically by your husband. Do you really think there's anything dirty about a woman wanting to be fucked by a good looking man like Stan?"

    I opened my mouth to reply, but no words emerged. I was too shocked to answer because I suddenly realized that that was exactly what I thought... that there was something dirty about a woman wanting to be fucked... about her wanting to have orgasms while a man screws her or gives her oral sex. I started to cry.

    "Stop crying, Nancy! Stop crying and let's start fixing things."

    "All right," I responded while still sobbing a little. "Why don't you think Stan's fucking her?"

    "Because of Cora's letter. She's pulling out all the stops trying to seduce him. Read it again. The first sentence says, 'How long do you intend to keep me waiting, Honey?' If Stan was already pumping his dick into her, she wouldn't still be trying to seduce him. Right?"

    When I didn't respond but remained silent, Gail finally asked, "What's the matter? What are you thinking about, Nancy?"

    "About what you said... about Stan pumping his dick into her.... Mmmmm... my husband pumping his dick into her... into her cunt. You're right... he's not pumping it into her... yet. She just wants him to stick it into her... into her pussy."

    "You know, Nancy, you don't sound mad... actually, you sound excited. Do you realize that?"

    I felt both cheeks flushing bright red. "Well.. I mean... it is sort of erotic when you say it like that. So what do you suggest I do? Start having sex with Stan like a total slut?"

    "Like I do with Martin and my other lovers, you mean?"

    "Oh god... there I go again. And I promised I wouldn't do that any more. I'm sorry. Old habits die hard, even when they're stupid."

    "I know. Don't worry about it. Actually, I don't think that's what you should do. I think it would certainly work if you could really do it, but I don't think you could. And if you tried and Stan sensed that you were just faking it, it would make the situation ten times worse. No... you can't just start playing the part of a hot, sexy woman all at once. You just can't do it, Nancy."

    "You don't think so? Why not?"

    "It just like I couldn't just immediately start out having great sex with other men. I had to work up to that point. You're much further back than I was, so it's going to take awhile, but if we do it right, Stan's going to love every minute of it, and eventually, you'll be the fiery hot piece of ass that Stan dreams about having in his bed. Shall we start your training program or not?"

    Our First Outing:

    On the following Friday night, Stan came home at his usual time from the agency. He hadn't been inside the house for more than a few minutes before he got a puzzled look on his face. From our upstairs loft, I could see him looking around obviously wondering where everyone was.

    "Nancy?" he called out. Getting no answer, he tried again, this time for our son. "Carl? Is anyone here?"

    When he still go no answer, he set his briefcase down and walked into our kitchen. His bewilderment grew when, for the first time in months, he found no food being prepared for dinner. "Nancy?" he called out again. This time, I answered.

    "Oh, you're home, Honey. I'm sorry. Did you call out to me before?" I said from upstairs.

    "Yeah. Where is everyone? What's going on?"

    "I'll be down in just a moment. Why don't you fix us both a drink? There's ice in the bucket. I'd like a Tom Collins, please."

    I had to suppress an excited giggle when I saw my husband walking toward our wet bar in a daze. I rarely took a drink, and certainly, never one before dinner. He fixed our drinks and then called out again.

    "Are you coming down or should I bring your drink upstairs?"

    "I'll be down in a moment. Just be patient, Honey."

    "Where's Carl?" he shouted from downstairs.

    "He wanted to spend the night at Larry's house. Larry's parents are gone for the night, and he asked John and Carl to come over for the evening so he won't be alone."

    "You think it's Ok for those three boys to be alone over there, Nancy?"

    "Sure. Why not. Larry's 18, John's 17, and our son is 16. Besides, they'll have a lot of fun. From what Glenda told me, Larry has some porno videos. I think they plan to watch them tonight. I bet they all jack off. What do you think?"

    My husband shook his head. His expression looked like he had just entered the Twilight Zone and couldn't understand what was happening to him. I had always said no when Carl wanted to spend the night away from home. Now, I was happy to let him do it. I had frequently expressed the view that Larry was a bad influence on Carl. Now, that seemed to have changed. The porn videos almost blew my husband's mind. A year ago, I had caught our son looking pictures of naked women in a men's magazine and had grounded him for a week. But the coup de grace, so to speak, was my betting that our son would be jacking off with two other boys. I had hardly ever used the word "masturbate", and now it was "jack off".

    Stan finally recovered enough to ask, "What about dinner? There's nothing cooking? Should I fix some bacon and eggs... maybe with some pancakes and coffee?"

    "Thanks, Honey, but don't do that. I think I prefer some veal picatta tonight at Lugio's."

    My husband again found himself deep inside the Twilight Zone. "We're going out to dinner??" he asked, his voice cracking as he asked the question.

    "Unless you make me go alone, we are. If you're too tired and don't want to go, that's all right, Honey. I'll just have to call around and find an escort for the evening."

    "What? Who? What are you talking about?" he stammered from his cage inside the Twilight Zone.

    "I'm talking about a male escort for me for the evening, Honey, if you don't want that job. I don't think it's safe for a woman to be out alone at night, do you? My friend Gail Largo is visiting her mother so her husband Martin is home alone. I think he would be my escort if I call him. Are you too tired to go?"

    "No. No! Absolutely not. I'd would love to be your escort. I'm just surprised... really surprised. Very pleasantly so. Should I call Lugio's and get reservations?"

    "All done, Darling. I called earlier. Our reservations are for 7 PM, so with 30 minutes driving time, we still have a half hour to enjoy a drink together. Be down in a sec."

    Actually, I was already dressed and had been for the last hour. For that entire time, I had sat in our bedroom going over and over the plans Gail and I had made. It was almost like I was fighting a war with myself. I spent half of the time wondering if I had the nerve to do any of the things we had planned. The other half of the time was spent in a near euphoria of sexual excitement thinking about the upcoming evening. An hour later, I was still alternating between fear and excited anticipation of what I was going to do. One moment my body was trembling with fear; the next it was trembling in sexual heat that was soaking my panties. I had already changed panties twice, and now Stan was downstairs waiting for me. A final thought of that slutty bitch Cora trying to take away my husband decided the issue for me. I felt my pussy gushing again as I started down the stairs to our den.

    "I'm ready for that drink now, Honey. Is it ready?"

    "Sure thing," he said as he turned toward me holding both drinks in his hands. He stopped in his tracks when he saw me. His mouth dropped open. I was certain that he was going to drop both drinks and ruin the carpet, but he recovered just before they fell out of his hands. "OH MY GOD!" he gasped. I loved it!

    "Are you all right, Stan? You look a little pale, and you've been acting sort of funny. Are you getting sick?"

    "No... I'm not getting sick. I'm just stunned at how you look!"

    "How is that?"

    "Gorgeous! Beautiful! Sexy! Alluring! Magnificent! Give me a minute, and I'll think another half dozen adjectives to describe how you look, Nancy. I love it!"

    Moving close to him, I took my drink from his hand and whispered, "I'm glad you like my new outfit, Darling. You know just what to say to a woman to make her feel great." I leaned closer and kissed him tenderly on the lips... then harder... my mouth opened into a full blown, passionate, French kiss. It took my startled husband a moment recover from his surprise, but when he did recover, he returned my kiss with hot passion. His cock was almost fully hard by the time I broke the kiss.

    "MMmmmmm... is that for me," I hissed sliding my hand up and down his rigid, throbbing shaft.

    "Oh fuck, yes!" he moaned. A moment later, he quickly apologized. "I'm sorry about the four-letter word, Honey. You're just so awesome, and I'm so pleased."

    Moving closer, I squeezed his erection and whispered in his ear, "I like for my husband to think about fucking me when I dress hot for him." His cock lurched and throbbed like crazy. I let go of his shaft for fear that he might shoot off in his pants. While I would have loved it, I thought it would embarrass him.

    "MMmmmm... this drink is delicious. I hope you don't mind, Honey, but I plan on getting a little drunk tonight. Is that all right?"

    My husband stared at me. I knew he was wondering if an alien being had taken over my body. Visions of the "Body Snatchers" were probably swirling through his brain. "No... That's fine. I'll join you, but I have to watch it as I have to drive."

    "Good. You watch it, Honey, and I'll just let my hair down and enjoy myself."

    We chatted about what had happened at the agency that day while we sipped our drinks. When I asked Stan to make me a refill, he again got the "Twilight Zone" look on his face. As I downed my second drink, I asked my husband, "Do you think Larry will invite some girls over this evening or do you think they'll just watch the porn videos and jack off?"

    Stan swallowed his drink the wrong way and coughed for the next minute or so. Finally, he stammered, "I don't know. What do you think?"

    "I'm not sure either. Glenda has told me a lot stories about what a sexy stud her son is with the girls. I'm thinking he'll show off to the other guys by inviting some girls over, but who knows, they have to be satisfied with the videos and their hands." Stan swallowed the wrong way again.

    Setting down my empty glass, I said, "We need to be going, Honey. Don't want to miss our reservations."

    "No big deal. We could just wait for a table. I wouldn't mind staring at my beautiful wife while we wait."

    "That's really sweet of you, but if we have to wait, we might lose our reserved table at "The Rendezvous".

    "We're going to 'The Rendezvous' after dinner?" Stan asked, now totally bewildered.

    "Um-huh. We have a reserved table at 9 PM in plenty of time to dance, have some drinks and then see the 10:30 PM show."

    "Show? What show?"

    "They're having an amateur strip contest from 10:30 PM to 11:30 PM. No pros allowed... just single girls and housewives. Afterwards, we can dance some more if you want to and if I'm not too drunk by that time."

    Just before we left the house, I tugged on my husband's arm. He turned toward with a questioning look. "What?" he asked.

    "I need to tell you something to see if you object. I'm not wearing a bra tonight. It's going to be such a sexy evening, I thought it would be add a little something if I left my bra in my dresser drawer. See." I leaned forward and pulled my top away from my tits so my husband could see that I wasn't wearing a bra.

    "Is it too much? If you think so, I'll go put one on, Honey. Should I?"

    "OH FUCK NO!" This time, my husband didn't even apologize for the four-letter word.

    Nancy’s outfit was the hottest I had ever seen her wear in 16 years. When she showed
    me that she wasn’t wearing a bra, I got so hard it hurt.

    Dinner at Lugio's was fabulous. The food was excellent, as usual, but the best part was my husband. He was having trouble taking his eyes off of me so he could eat.

    "Is something wrong with your Chicken Marsala, Stan?"

    "No... no. It's fine. In fact, it's very good."

    "Then why aren't you eating anything?"

    "Because all I can think about is how good you look."

    "That's all you're thinking about? Nothing else?"

    "You know what else."

    "Tell me. I want to hear you say it."

    "I'm thinking about tearing off your clothes and fucking your brains out. I'm so hard, I can't believe it."

    "Mmmmmm... that's so sexy. Eat your dinner, Darling. You'll may need the energy later on."

    "You're not wearing a bra. I've never seen you go out without one... ever,” he groaned as his hand disappeared beneath the table.

    For my part, I couldn’t take my eyes off my husband’s arm that was now moving rhythmically. “Are you stroking your cock under the table?” I whispered.

    “Oh gawd… I can’t help it. You’re so gorgeous and sexy. Are you wearing any panties?"

    I had to bite my lower lip to keep from moaning. I had my husband so hot he couldn’t resist jacking off in a restaurant. The thought was turning my pussy into a swamp.

    “Well?” my husband asked again.

    “Well what?” I teased.

    “Are you wearing panties?”

    I felt the wetness in my panties increase. "Maybe... maybe not. Just keep your eyes on my legs... maybe you'll find out before we get home this evening."

    Stan turned his attention to his dinner, ate about half of it, and then laid his knife and fork down. "I just have to ask, Nancy. What brought all this on? I love it, but what happened?"

    "You threatened to get another woman. I don't want another woman stealing my husband, so I figured I'd had better make some changes or I was going to lose you. Is this what you wanted? Am I going too far? Not far enough? I need some help here, Honey."

    "I don’t know... really. I never imagined that you would change at all. All I'm sure about is that I'm loving this."

    "Ok. I'll trust you to let me know what you want or don't want. Now finish your dinner or we'll miss our reservations at the Rendezvous."

    The Rendezvous was an after-hours night club that catered to adults seeking erotic entertainment. It also served as a meeting place for men looking for a woman, for women hoping to get laid, and for swinging couples. The decor was elegant and sensuous. There was a dance floor, game room, bar, and stage. The cocktail waitresses all wore abbreviated uniforms that showed off some of their ass and half of their tits.

    When we placed our initial drink orders, Stan barely looked at the big-titted blonde who was waiting on us. While taking our orders, she bent over slightly to give Stan an opportunity to look down her cleavage and see her nipples. He didn't bother. Instead, he kept staring at me. I still wasn’t certain that I could go through with everything Gail and I had planned, but Stan’s reaction so far had almost destroyed my reservations.

    After we had finished our first drinks, I pulled Stan out onto the dance floor, pressed my body tightly against him, and we moved sensuously to the soft, slow music. His big, iron-hard dick was rammed into my mound. It felt even bigger than his usual seven and a half inches, and every time I pressed my mound against him, I felt his cock throb.

    "Stop," he finally whispered. "If you don't stop, you're going to make me shoot off in my pants." Since I didn't want my husband wasting his load that way, I did back off a little.

    When we returned to our table, the place had become really crowded, and Stan was unable to get the attention of our waitress to order a second round of drinks. "Don't worry about her," I said. "I'll go to the bar and get the drinks."

    "I'll go with you," he volunteered.

    "I'd rather you didn't. Just keep an eye on me."

    As I walked across the club, my short dress kept rising as I walked exposing most of legs. I wondered if some of my ass was also exposed. With a shock, I realized that I was hoping it was exposed.

    Almost every man I passed was checking me out. As I approached them, their eyes were locked onto my legs. After I passed, I hoped they were looking at my exposed ass. “I know if I bend over, my ass will be exposed,” I thought. My vagina throbbed hard in response to that thought.

    Once at the bar, I took a seat on one of the stools. The entire bar area was crowded, mostly with single men who were pressed close to me on both sides. They were standing up while I was sitting down.

    The bartender came over and stared down my cleavage grinning. Finally, he asked what I would have. I ordered a screwdriver and a gin and tonic. "You got it, Gorgeous," he replied, but he didn't move away to make the drinks until he had checked out my tits once more. He saw me watching him check my tits out and shrugged, "Hard not to look, Honey. That's a hell of a rack you've got."

    While I waited for the bartender to prepare our drinks, the man beside me moved even closer and said, "You know, that bartender is right. You do have a fantastic rack. I love them. I'm Art, and you are?"

    "Nancy," I said smiling.

    "Hi, Nancy. It's obvious that you're not wearing a bra. How about panties?"

    I knew I should been insulted, even furious. A week ago, I would slapped him as hard as I could, but tonight, his outrageous question just sent a tingling thrill through my body ending up in my pussy which grew even wetter. When I didn't answer, he repeated his question ending it this time with, "Well? Are you or not?"

    Gail had adamantly insisted that I not wear panties, but my nerve failed. I wanted to my pussy to be naked under my dress, but no matter how much I tried to work up the courage to do it, I couldn’t. But now, I wished that I taken Gail’s advice.

    My voice was no more than an excited whisper when I replied, "Yes... I've got panties on."

    "I don't believe it, Nancy. Prove it," he said with a grin.

    There was nothing I wanted more at the moment than to jerk my dress up around my waist and let Art and all the rest of men check out my wet thong that just barely covered my pussy, but it was so slutty, my nerve failed again. Instead, I made up a compromise.

    "When the drinks I ordered arrive, I'll have to reach for them, and my knees will probably spread a little. You can collect your own proof, Art."

    "Now that's a plan I like," he replied as his eyes locked onto my knees.

    A minute or so later, the bartender set the two drinks on the counter. When I reached out to get them, my knees just naturally spread on the bar stool. I watched with excitement when Art's eyes lit up. I knew he was staring directly between my thighs at the small, yellow strip of my thong. It was so erotic… so incredibly exciting… I found myself holding the position. When Art moved even closer to get a better view, I was shocked to find myself opening my legs a little wider for him.

    "See, I told you," I said with a laugh as I got off the stool with the two drinks in hand.

    "You did, and it's my loss that you're wearing panties. But I'm an expert at removing panties. Come back and we'll dance. Ok?"

    "I don't think so, Art. Sorry, but I'm with my husband."

    "So? This is the Rendezvous. Essentially every woman here is with either her husband or her boyfriend. That doesn't matter at this club. Everyone is here for a good time. Husbands and boyfriends all know that, and they enjoy it as much as their wives and girlfriends. Come back... please. I want to dance with you."

    "I thought you just wanted to take off my panties?"

    "I do... believe me, if you come back and dance with me, before you leave the dance floor, your panties will be off."

    Once more, my vagina throbbed, and another small gush of fluid spurted into my thong. I found myself actually wanting Art to take off my thong. My breasts were heaving with excitement.

    When I set the drinks on the table and took a seat beside Stan, he had a ton of questions.

    "I saw the bartender speaking to you, Nancy. What did he say?"

    "Nothing, Honey. It was nothing. Please forget it and lets enjoy ourselves. Ok?"

    "I am enjoying myself... more than I have in years. Please tell me what he said."

    "It wasn't an innocuous comment, Stan. You really don't want to know."

    "You have no idea how much I want to know, Nancy."

    "Really? It's turning you on seeing all the attention other men are showing me? Is that it?"

    "Yes... oh hell yes! It's just incredibly hot for me to see how much other men want my wife. I probably shouldn't have told you that since I know that it will infuriate you."

    "A few months ago, it would have, but the way I feel right now, it just excites me... at least as much as it does you. The bartender told me I had a hell of a rack."

    "Ooohhh..." my husband moaned. I saw him squeezing his dick. My pussy started throbbing again. "What about that other guy who was talking to you?"

    "His name's Art. He said he agreed with the bartender that I had a fantastic rack. He told me that it was obvious that I wasn't wearing a bra. He asked me if I was wearing panties."

    "Aaahhh... god. He really asked you that?"

    "Yeah. I told him yes, and he asked me to prove it."

    "Did you?"

    "Sort of, but not the way wanted me to. I opened my legs when I reached for the drinks so he could see the crotch of my thong."

    “Thong? Oh fuck… you’re really wearing a thong?”

    “MMmmmmm… I am. And it just barely covers my cunt.” When I called it my cunt, Stan’s hand began moving over crotch again.

    "How do you know he saw them?" I groaned as his hand moved faster.

    "Because I told him that I was going to open my legs and prove it. Not only that, but once I had my legs open enough for Art to see my thong, I just kept them open for him.”

    Stan’s eyes closed as he pressed his thighs together trying desperately to avoid ejaculating in his pants.

    “He moved closed so he could get a better view… and… of gawd… I can’t believe I did this.”

    “What,” my wildly excited husband gasped.

    “I spread my legs a little wider so he could get a better view of your wife’s thong.”

    “Oohh fuck… ooh fuck,” my husband hissed as he squeezed his thighs together even harder. When his near orgasm abated a little, he asked, "What else did he say?"

    "He wants me to come back and dance with him. He promised that if I did, he would have my panties off before we left the dance floor."

    "Are you going back?" he asked his voice a passionate whisper.

    "Do you really do want me to tease and play around with other men, Honey? Maybe let them touch me and fondle me... take off my panties on the dance floor... you know he won't stop at just taking off my panties, don't you, Darling. He's going to feel my naked pussy... probably finger fuck me if I go back and dance with him. Do you want me to go back? That’s so slutty."

    "Not if you don't want to. Do you?"

    "I know I shouldn't. I can't believe I'm even considering doing it. I just losing all control I’m so turned on. Are you furious, Honey?"

    "Can you see Art now? What's he doing?"

    “He's still at the bar. He's looking right at me. His cock's probably even harder than it was when I was at the bar."

    "His cock was hard? How do you know?"

    "His pants were tented, and he had it pressed against my thigh."

    “Why do you think his cock is even harder now?”

    “Because my dress almost up around my hips. I’m letting him see a log of leg and thigh.”

    “Can he see your panties? I mean your thong?”

    "No. Just a lot of thigh. I have my legs crossed."

    "Cross your legs higher, Nancy... so your skirt rides way up and exposes the crotch of your panties."

    "Ooohhh... you want him to see your wife's panties, don't you, Darling? You want me to cock tease Art, don't you? Dance with him and feel his cock against my mound and his fingers on my pussy... in my pussy... probably playing with my tits. Is that what you want, Darling?"

    "Oh god," Stan groaned. "You're about to make me cum."

    "Let's go home and fuck," I hissed, my pussy now a boiling cauldron of desire. "I'm so hot, I need your cock in me."

    "Open your legs, Nancy. Let Art see your legs, thighs, part of your ass, and your thong. Please. Do it."

    I scooted down in my chair until my ass was right at the edge. I was torn between a hot desire to let Art see me and my fear of following Gail’s advice. I decided that didn’t have the courage to do it, but before I could get up and leave, my cunt starting thinking for me. I watched enthralled with my clitoris throbbing as my legs pointed right at Art and then spread wide for him.

    I could feel the cool breeze against my thighs and my exposed ass. A quick glance at the bar let me know that Art was staring right at the junction of my thighs. My husband wasn't the only person about to cum. My cunt had quickly become a raging inferno of lust.

    "He's staring at my ass and pussy, Honey. Right at it. He knows that I'm deliberately showing myself off to him."

    "He probably wants to fuck you."

    "There's no probably about it, Stan. He's wild to fuck me now."

    "Are you going to dance with him?"

    "I can't. If I go back over there, he'll fuck me. I won't be able to resist him. But it's you that I want. Let's go. Please. Take me home and fuck me until I can't walk."

    A minute later, we were on our way out the exit. Stan never even mentioned missing the amateur strip contest.

    As soon as we were inside the car, my husband growled, "Get your clothes off. All of them. Now! I want you naked except for hot heels. Hurry."

    "But someone's liable to see me," I protested.

    "You weren't worried about Art seeing your big tits and panties. Get naked or I'll tear your dress off."

    "Would you really tear my clothes off?" I asked, my pussy gushing at the thought.

    "Just stay dressed for another 30 seconds and you'll find out!"

    "Ooohhh yesss," I moaned as my vagina throbbed harder and harder with each thing I took off. When I pulled off my top and bared my tits and saw the hot, naked lust in my husband's eyes, I came... not a huge orgasm, but I came as my vagina twitched and throbbed while my clit erupted in several intense spasms.

    "Lose the fucking dress!" my hot, out-of-control husband screamed. I almost tore it in my haste to get it unzipped and off. A moment later, all I had left was my black, bikini panties and my heels. Stan's hand pushed between my legs and rubbed my sex trench and clit.

    "Aaaahhh yesss... do meeeeeeeee," I hissed throwing my legs wide open.

    "Get that fucking thong off!"

    "Yes! Yes! Yes! Get me naked. AAAhhhh," I groaned as I raised my ass off the car seat and pulled my thong over my ass and up my legs.

    "Get on your knees, head down, and stick that sexy ass up next to the window," Stan growled.

    A moment later, I had my naked ass and pussy on display through the car windows as we slowly left the parking lot. The only thing saving my modesty was the dark interior of the car made it hard for people outside to see inside. But that advantage disappeared when my husband switched on the interior lights. Now every person we passed as we left the parking lot was staring into the car at me.

    When we passed a couple of black guys, they both stared at my exposed pussy. One of them whistled and called out to Stan, "Hey Man! Is her hot snatch available? Would love to plug that hot hole!"

    As we pulled out onto the highway, all I had on was my heels. “Now, spread wide and show me your cunt," he howled. I spread my legs wide open and frantically rubbed my clit.

    On the drive home, we passed a big, 18-wheeler, semi rig. Stan pulled along side of the truck, matched his speed to stay just abreast of him, and then switched on the internal lights again. I was still spread out on the front seat with my legs wide open.

    "Oh god," I moaned.

    "Is he looking at you?"

    "Yesss... right at me," I replied. "This is so embarrassing, Stan. Please."

    "You can quit if you want to. Just close your legs and turn out the interior lights... or you can keep doing it and make that truck driver shoot off while he watches you finger fucking your pussy. Your choice."

    Again, my cunt did my thinking for me. I spread even wider and began to hunch my ass high off the seat at the same time as my fingers plunged in and out of my soaked pussy. As I got closer to orgasm, my mouth stretched wide open and howls of pleasure filled the car. The driver probably couldn't hear me screaming as I came, but he could certainly see my gaping mouth, my tongue out, and my ass thrusting hard and fast in fuck motions as my pussy erupted again and again and again. I stared right at him as I fingered myself.

    "He's jacking off, Honey. He's staring at me fingering my pussy and jacking off."

    "Keep doing it, Nancy. Make him shoot off."

    Turning in the seat to face the truck driver, I put my heels up against the side panels up near the ceiling and arched my ass so that my pussy was right in the window of the car. From his cab, he was looking almost straight down into my vagina. Stripping back the hood of my clit, I rubbed frantically and erupted in another climax. I saw his load shoot high in the air just before I came.


    After that, my husband picked up speed and quickly pulled away from the truck. For the remainder of the trip home, Stan left the interior lights on and again made me bend over and put my ass and pussy right in the side window so the drivers and passengers in other cars could see me.

    By the time we pulled into our driveway, my husband was nearly out of his mind with the need to fuck me. He was too hot to even wait until we got into our house. I was fucked right there on the front seat in doggy position with all the lights on... not only the interior lights in the car, but the headlights, the porch lights, and the large mercury lamp the illuminated our entire front yard.

    Stan filled my pussy with his first load in less than a minute, but didn't even start to lose his erection. He just continued to ram into me until his second ejaculation was pooled deep inside my vagina right up against my womb.

    More Letters:

    After finding that first letter from Cora, I had started checking my husband's pockets every night, either while he was taking a shower or after he had fallen asleep for the night. I knew I shouldn't be spying on him like this, but I just had to know if he had starting fucking that blonde bitch.

    I found nothing over the weekend or on either Monday or Tuesday, but on Wednesday, there was another opened envelop in Stan's inside coat pocket. From the scented stationery, I knew without even looking that it was from the same blonde slut.

    Once again, there were two more photos of her, both obscene,. This time, however, each photo was attached with a small staple to a separate note to my husband. Both notes just blatantly tried to seduce my husband. The first photo showed the blonde reclining on a couch somewhere. She was naked except for her slutty heels. She had her legs wide open and had four fingers buried up her pussy, which didn't surprise me. Cora had probably been fucked so many times by so many cocks that she could put her entire fist into her widely stretched hole. She was also squeezing her nipple in the photo.

    The attached letter read:

    Hi Stud,

    I saw you staring up my dress today. Could you see that I wasn't wearing any panties? I think you could. I know I spread wide enough. I'm sure you've noticed how big my clit is. It's really sensitive. I'll come so hard when you lick it. You're going to love making me cum and cum and cum by stroking and licking my clit until I begging you to please stop and stick your cock into me.

    I know you're going to a real estate convention at the end of this month. Take me along with you. You'll love fucking me six times a day any way you want me, Lover.

    Your hot Slut, Cora

    The second photo was even more obscene. It showed Cora on her knees with her ass up in the air. She had two fingers in her pussy and one up her ass. You could tell from her expression that she was having an orgasm when the photo was taken.

    The attached letter read:

    Hi again, Lover,

    I bet your wife never allows you to fuck her ass. Mine is really tight and I love having a cock buried in it. When we're having sex, Darling, you can ass fuck me anytime you want. You can screw me any time you want... in any hole you want... where ever we are... day or night... and you don't need a condom with me... just pump the load into me, Lover.


    I cried most of the day on Wednesday. On Thursday, I was again over at Gail's getting more advice.


    "So, Nancy, did you take my advice and dress hot for Stan last Friday night? By hot, I mean a really short skirt, tight, low-cut blouse, no bra, no panties, and some sexy come-fuck-me heels. And even more importantly, did you turn on the heat in what you said and what you did during the evening?"

    "I think so... at least I did some of that, but not all of it."

    "Listen, Girl. Some sexy bitch is trying to take your husband away. This is not the time for half measures or for worrying about being a prim and proper wife. Start doing that and you can probably start getting used to living alone. Now tell me... the truth... what didn't you do that I told you to do?"

    "Well, I wore panties for one thing."

    "Oh shit. Tell me you didn't do something that foolish! Of all the things I advised you to do, leaving off the panties was probably the easiest. Why in the world did you wear panties?"

    "I started not to... I sat in my bedroom for a long time trying to decide whether to wear them or not. Finally, it just seemed so slutty to go out in public with my pussy naked under my short skirt, I just couldn't do it."

    "Nancy, it is slutty. That's the whole point. It is incredibly erotic and slutty. I can tell you that Stan would have loved it so much that he wouldn't have thought about Cora all night. All right. What's done is done. What else didn't you do?"

    "I didn't flash my tits or my pussy. I did pull my top down until about half of my breasts were showing. The bartender and a guy at the bar both told me I had a fantastic rack. That was good wasn't it?"

    "Oh yes. That was very good. Now if you had followed that up by letting Stan get your tits out in public, it would have been great. And obviously, you didn’t flash your pussy. How could you? You made sure it was covered up with a pair of panties... Yuck!"

    "I'm sorry... but I'm having a hard time doing all these things I've never, ever done before. I also didn't flirt with other men in the club even though Stan suggested I do it."

    "Did anything happen along those lines at all?"

    After I told Gail about Art and how he had told me that he wanted to dance with me and take off my panties right there on the dance floor, she said, "And you refused? Did you tell Stan about what Art wanted you to do?"

    "Yeah. I did manage to do that. He encouraged me to do it while he watched."

    "But you refused.. right?"

    "What else could I do, Gail. It was obvious that if I went back and danced with Art and let him take off my panties on the dance floor, he was going to fuck me. After letting him take off my panties like that, how could I have possibly stopped him?"

    "You couldn't... and why would you want to?"

    "But Stan was right there. He would have known."

    "True, but he knew that when he suggested you go back and dance with Art. A lot of men get off on knowing that their wife is off somewhere being fucked. Some love to watch or hear all the hot details later. You should have gone when Stan suggested it. I can see that we've got a lot of work still to do if you're going to keep Cora from stealing Stan. She's a hot, sexy woman."

    "When we were driving home from the Rendezvous, Stan had me strip naked in the car. Then he turned on all the interior lights and made me masturbate for a truck driver as he drove along side."

    "And you did it?"

    "I was so turned on and excited, I couldn’t resist doing it.”

    "Did you cum?"

    "Oh yes... several times... really hard. It was so dirty, but it was so exciting, and Stan was a wild man when we got home."

    "Good going, Girl. I bet that did light his fires. Maybe we don’t' have as much work to do as I thought. I think you should ask Stan to take you back to the Rendezvous on Friday night again. Only this time, follow our plan and get it right."

    I nodded my agreement. After that, we dropped the subject of Cora and Stan and had some coffee and cheesecake. About a half hour later, when I was about to leave, Gail gave me a light kiss on the cheek and said, "I wish you luck, Nancy. But if you just follow the plan, and I don't really think you'll need any luck."

    "Can I ask you a really personal question about you and Martin?"

    "If you don't get angry if I refuse to answer, no problem. What is it?"

    "Are you still seeing other men?"

    "Oh yeah. Frequently," Gail said with a smile.

    "So you're still cheating on him, and he's still cheating on you?"

    "No. Absolutely not. I don't cheat on him... he doesn't cheat on me. We play together. We have an open marriage, and we have the hottest sex together that you can imagine. Martin's my Number One stud, and he says I'm the hottest woman he's ever had in bed."

    I stared at my friend for maybe 20 seconds and finally said, "Wow!" Then I left.

    Another Visit to The Rendezvous:

    That evening after Carl had retired to his room, and I was licking the swollen head of Stan's very hard cock in the master bedroom, I stopped for a moment and asked, "Can we go to the Rendezvous again Friday night, Honey?" After asking the question, I immediately resumed licking his dick. When he hesitated, I slipped my mouth over the head and slowly took more and more of my husband's throbbing shaft into my mouth until three inches were down my throat, and I had my lips locked about the base.

    After sliding my lips up and the entire length of his pulsing rod, I again stopped and asked, "Well? Can we?"

    "I thought you were really uncomfortable with what happened last week, Nancy," my husband groaned while thrusting his hips upwards trying to get his cock back inside my mouth. Once more, I deep throated him and this time continued to suck and slid my lips up and down his dick until I felt his cock swelling inside my mouth. I knew in about a minute, Stan would blow a huge load down my throat. Again, I stopped.

    ""Oh shit... Don't stop, Nancy. I'm almost there. Finish me, Honey... Please."

    "Of course I'm going to finish you. Lover... then I'm going to suck you hard again and fuck you again and again until you can't get it up any longer.... but first I want to know why you think I was uncomfortable last Friday night. Actually, I loved it.... just loved it. Can we go again Friday night? Please?"

    "Finish me first... do it... then we'll talk about it... Hurry. I'm about to shoot off!" Stan screamed.

    It only took a half dozen trips of my mouth and lips up and down his throbbing, iron-hard cock before it began to jerk inside my mouth. He grabbed my head, pulled me all the way down, and rammed it deep into my throat. I had my hands on his buttocks and felt them contract hard. Instantly, a huge wad of semen gushed into the back of my mouth and down my throat. It hadn't even finished the journey down my esophagus to my belly when two more thick loads fired into me. Before Stan's ejaculation ebbed, I had over a half dozen thick jets of sperm-filled, thick semen pooled in my belly and two or three more all over my face and tits when my husband pulled his dick out of my mouth and creamed me with the last several spurts.

    After I had licked the semen that was on my lips off with my tongue, I left the rest of Stan's ejaculation splattered over my face, laid back on the bed, and asked again, "Now why do you think that I was uncomfortable at the Rendezvous last week?"

    "Well, when that guy, Art I think his name was... when Art hit on you and invited you to come back and dance with him so he could take off your panties, you were obviously very uncomfortable with the situation. Even when I suggested you go dance with him, you didn't want to do it."

    "That's where you're wrong, Darling. I was uncomfortable, but not because I didn't want to go back and dance with Art. I was uncomfortable because I really did want to do it."

    "Really? You wanted to go back?"

    "I sorry, Honey, but I did. He had me so hot and so wet I couldn't help it. I knew if I went back, he would take my panties off right there on the dance floor and get me so excited that we would end up fucking. You were right there watching me. I just couldn't do that to you. But I loved going the Rendezvous. It was exciting. Can we go again?"

    "Nancy, isn't is obvious from the way I had you show off your naked body to those black guys in the parking lot and to that truck driver on the way home that the thought of Art fucking you was turning me on... big time."

    "Yes... it is, but that was after we left the Rendezvous. I didn't realize that you felt that way while we were at the club."

    "If you had known... what then?"

    "I would have gone back and danced with Art."

    "He would have taken your panties off right there on the dance floor with two dozen people watching."

    "I know... oh god... I know! Every one of those men would have seen my ass and my cunt. Ooooohhhh sooo hot!”

    "After your cunt was naked under that tiny skirt, he would have pulled up your skirt and finger fucked you in front of everyone."

    "Ooohhhh... god... I know... I know."

    "He would have told you that he wanted to fuck you either out in the parking lot, in a motel, or at his place."

    "He told me that before I came back to our table... he said he was going to take off my panties on the dance floor and then he was going to fuck me."

    "Would you have let him?"

    "I was so hot, I wouldn't have had the will power to stop him. If you didn't come over and stop him, I would have been royally screwed. Are you angry?"

    "No, but I'm hard again. I want to fuck you."

    "And I want you to fuck me, Lover. Can we go back to the Rendezvous Friday night, Darling?"

    "What if Art's there again?"

    "Then I suspect that your wife will be very thoroughly fucked."

    "Oh yeah... spread your legs, you hot slut. NOW!"

    I steepled my knees and spread wide. My husband ordered me to lift my ass. When I did, he shoved a pillow beneath my hips to keep my pussy elevated. A moment later, I howled in hot pleasure as Stan's thick 7.5-inch sex spike rammed into me.

    An hour later, as we were lying side-by-side in our bed, both panting as we struggled to suck oxygen into our tortured lungs, I gasped, "Ooohhhh god... what a fucking! Wow!" I could see my husband glowing with masculine pride. "Can we go to the Rendezvous Club tomorrow night, Darling?"

    "Short skirt... lots of cleavage on display... Ok?"

    "Whatever you say, Honey."

    "No bra... no panties."

    "Ooohhh yes!"

    "Shave your pussy before we go."


    "And if Art's there, don't say no to him again."

    "Oooohhh god! That's so hot. My pussy's throbbing again, Honey. Please suck me, Stan... Suck Me!"

    All I wore Friday night was a tight purple sheathe and a pair of sexy sandals with four-inch heels. When I walked, my thighs showed almost up to my pussy. The dress just barely covered my ass. As ordered, I wore no bra or panties. The top showed a nice amount of cleavage and as soon as one of the men at the club lowered the zipper in back, one small tug on the top of my dress would expose both of my tits. When I bent over just a little, my ass came into view. A little more and no one would have any trouble seeing my naked cunt.

    Just the thought of going to the Rendezvous dressed like this was sending shivers of fear up and down my spine, but at the same time I was acutely aware of my turgid, erect clitoris and wet pussy. I had already taken off the dress once, but Gail’s warning that I could either suppress my fears or resign myself to losing my husband to Cora was enough to convince me to put it back on.

    Looking at my reflection in our full-length mirror, I couldn’t resist cupping my breasts and pushing them outward as if offering them to a lover. When I raised the hem of the dress an inch, my pussy came into view. Another inch exposed it completely. My body trembled with excitement when I ran my fingers through my wet slit. Just a light touch on my swollen clitoris sent an erotic spasm through my vagina. “OOOhhh Nancy,” I moaned aloud. “You’re going to be fucked tonight… a lot!”

    As I walked down the stairs, my body was in a sexual euphoria of excitement. My dress was so short I knew that anyone below watching me would be able to see my cunt. I was disappointed that Stan wasn’t at the bottom of the stairs. At that moment, Carl entered the room. When he looked and saw me, his eyes grew wider. Even though I was his mother, he couldn't keep from getting an erection. When I saw it tenting his pants, I felt my vagina pulse. I wondered if my son could see his mother’s pussy throbbing.

    "Wow! You really look good, Mom! Rad! Just totally off-the-wall Rad! Are you wearing a bra? It doesn't look like it?"

    "That's not a question you should be asking your mother, Carl, but since you asked, the answer is no, I'm not."

    "OH Man! I didn't think so. I can see your nipples poking out."

    My son's penis was growing larger by the second. I wondered how big he was at 16? I thought I knew a way to find out... approximately anyway. Leaning over, so that he could see down my dress, I whispered, "Don't tell anyone, but you know that I'm not wearing panties either."

    The effect of seeing most of my tits plus having just seen my naked pussy under my dress had an instantaneous effect. My son's dick surged to full erection. It looked to me like he was already as big as his father. No wonder he wasn't having any problems finding eager girlfriends. When I stood up, Carl tried to cover his erection by bending over, but his pants were tented so much, he wasn't having much success.

    Changing the subject, I asked, "Will you be all right here alone? We may be late getting home."

    "I'll be fine, Mom. Don't worry. You and Dad have a good time. Larry's coming over to keep me company."

    "I know you guys watched some porn DVD's last weekend. Are you going to do that again tonight?"

    Carl turned red. "It's Ok," I quickly added. "I know guys like to watch those sexy movies. Your dad and I also watch them occasionally. Have you invited anyone else over?"

    Carl's face got even redder, which told me all I needed to know. "Just be careful," I advised. "Use a condom. Don't get the girls pregnant."

    When Carl saw that I was cool with the idea of him having sex, his face returned to a more normal color, but then again got redder again when he replied, "I don't have any condoms, Mom. I forgot to get any."

    "You have time. Go to Walmart's and get a box. You might also want to get a tube or KY jelly or some Astroglide. Get the Astroglide. You'll like it better."

    As we drove to the Rendezvous, Stan asked me if I was wearing a bra or panties under my dress.

    "That's for me to know, Lover, and for you to find out once we get to the club."

    "That's sounds like fun. I think I'm really going to enjoy the evening."

    "Honey, I need to know if you're really Ok with me flirting with the other men there."

    "Absolutely. You know it turns me on."

    "How far can I go?"

    "As far as you like."

    My vagina was already soaked, and we weren't even halfway to the Rendezvous. "Did you know that our son knew I wasn't wearing a bra as soon as he saw me?"

    "Carl knew? How do you know that?"

    "He told me. Actually, he just told me that I looked really good, and then he just came right out and asked me if I was wearing a bra."

    "What did you say?"

    "I told him I wasn't. As soon as I told him, he started getting hard. I mean really hard. His pants tented it was so hard. I probably ought to tell you that I found out that Larry's coming over tonight, and they've invited two girls to join them… actually, it might more than two."

    "Really? Do you think anything will happen?"

    "Well... nothing more than what you would expect. The girls are going to be fucked… I suspect multiple times. I told Carl to be certain to use a condom. He left to go to Walmart to get some about ten minutes before we left the house."

    "I hope Carl doesn't get too nervous and embarrass himself. That would really be traumatic for him. After all, he's only 16 and not all that experienced."

    "I don't think you need to worry about Carl, Honey. While I was talking to him, he got rock hard just from looking at his mother. Imagine how hard he's going to get over those girls when he gets their clothes off."

    "He got that hard just from seeing you in that dress?"

    "Well, it was a little more than that."

    "What? Tell me!"

    "I was curious about how big our son's penis is, so I leaned over to whisper in his ear. He was looking straight down my dress. I sure he could see most of my tits and both of my nipples. He really got hard."

    "I'm not surprised. Hell, I haven't gotten to see anything yet, and I'm already so hard it hurts."

    "Good. I want you to stay that way... all night... hard as stone. If you're really nice, I'll take care of your hard problem later."

    After the cocktail waitress brought our drinks to our table in the dimly lighted club, we spent a few minutes checking out the place. The club was just as crowded as it had been the previous week with at least twice as many men present as women. I could see that most of the men were spending time checking me out.

    My husband was talking to me, but it was hard for me to concentrate on what he was saying with two guys in their middle to late 20's sitting two tables away constantly staring at my legs, most of which were exposed by my crossed legs in the short dress I was wearing.

    "Are you listening to anything I'm saying?" Stan suddenly asked me.

    "I'm sorry, Honey. It's really hard for me to listen with men all around us staring at my legs and cleavage."

    "How many are staring right now?"

    "I'm not sure. The two young guys at that table over there are, and several guys standing around talking are spending a lot of time looking. I'm sure they're waiting to see how much they can see when I uncross my legs."

    "Do it. Uncross your legs and leave them open."

    "Are you sure? I should tell you, Darling, that I'm not wearing any panties. If I uncross my legs and leave them open, all those men are going to be looking right at your wife's naked pussy."

    "I think they'll be looking at your naked cunt. Do it."

    The instant I uncrossed my legs and left them open, the interest of the men watching me increased dramatically. Some even leaned over in their chairs to get a closer look. Stan was obviously making a point not to look at the men checking out my pussy and legs. After a few minutes, he asked, "How many are looking now?"

    "Who knows? At lot. At least a dozen or more."

    "What can they see?"

    "All of my legs and my pussy... sorry, Darling... my cunt."

    "Run your fingers through your slit and spread it open for them. Keep it open for a few seconds and then we'll go dance."

    "Ooohhhhh... this is so hot... so wild. Your wife is getting really hot, Honey. Are you sure you want me to do that?"

    "Do it. Spread it open."

    I followed my husband's order and almost had an orgasm before he stood up and took me out onto the dance floor.

    Once we were on the dance floor, Stan's hands quickly slid down my body, over my hips, and onto my ass. He pulled me close and pressed his erection against my mound and pussy. "You feel good... really good," he whispered in my ear.

    "I know I feel good, Lover. My pussy's already wet and tingling."

    "The way your tits are bouncing when I twirl you around makes it obvious that you're not wearing a bra."

    "Do you think the other men have noticed?"

    "Not all of them... Certainly not more than 90%. Almost all of them know that you're not wearing any panties."

    "There weren't that many watching me, Stan."

    "No, but the ones who were watching have spread the word. Bet on it." I heard myself moan when Stan told me that.

    "Why don't you go sit at the bar and see what happens. I'll be at our table keeping an eye on you. Don't leave unless you let me know. I need to know that you're ok and haven't been abducted."

    I walked to the bar alone. I could feel male eyes on me... mentally undressing me… ravishing me. It was electrifyingly sexy. When I leaned over the bar to order a drink, I could feel the cool air on my naked ass as the short dress pulled high on my buttocks. From somewhere in the crowd of men, a hand pushed my dress higher still. I made no effort to pull it down.

    A couple of the men at the bar began chatting with me. One of them complimented me on my sexy ass. Having a complete stranger compliment me on my ass was so wild I couldn't keep from giggling. The second man commented that he bet my tits looked just as good as my ass. Two more men joined in the conversation about my charms and soon I was surrounded. I could see that most of the men already had erections.

    The men bought me second drink, and when I reached for it, one guy behind me pulled my dress off my shoulders exposing my tits. I playfully slapped the guy's hand away, but made no effort to pull my dress back up onto my shoulders.

    As I sipped my drink, I felt a man behind me grinding his erection into my ass crack. Another hand was cupping my almost exposed breast. The guy in front of me leaned close and whispered, "I'm so fucking hard. Can't remember when woman has gotten me this hard, this fast. Feel me."

    When I hesitated, he growled, "Feel me! We're feeling you. Feel me."

    I moved my hand to his crotch expecting to feel his tented pants over a very rigid, throbbing dick. Instead, my hand encountered his exposed, naked cock. He had unzipped his pants and taken it out. I wrapped my hand around the base and could just barely circle his organ with my fingers he was so damn thick.

    "Mmmmm... Like it?"

    "OOohhhh god," I moaned in response.

    "Jack it."

    "Like this?"

    "Yeah... like that. Run your fingers over the head and around the cock ridge." I did it, and it was his turn to moan. He pulled me close and kissed me, his tongue sliding deep inside my mouth as my hand stroked his hard-on.

    As the guy kissed my mouth, I suddenly felt another pair of lips on my ass cheeks... first one... then the other. The lips moved away and hands spread my buttocks to expose my holes. From behind me, I heard, "Bend her over a little so we can see her cunt."

    The guy kissing me took his lips off mine for a moment and said, "You heard him. Bend over a little so they can see your pussy. I bent slightly at the waist and at the same time, I heard several moans of male excitement behind me. Several fingers began exploring my exposed clitoris, vagina, and ass hole.

    The cock in my hand throbbed and jerked like an angry snake, and a male mouth again covered mine. His thick tongue instantly thrust deep inside my mouth.

    The man kissing me and the one behind me who now had his hand between my thighs had pretty much taken control. As he slipped his fingers into my pussy, the guy behind me said, "I'm Greg. The guy whose cock you're jacking off is Fred. Let's take this out to the dance floor where we'll have more room."

    Neither of them gave me any time to think. They just guided me out onto the floor and we began to dance... sort of. With one man pressed tightly against my back and another against my front, it probably couldn't be called dancing, but it was so exciting I could hardly breathe. I saw that my husband had moved to a position near the dance floor where he could watch.

    My dress was now up around my waist, and I had two iron-hard dicks between my thighs... one from the front, the other from the back. Fred still had his mouth covering mine. His kisses were a combination of normal French kissing and what I could only characterize as tongue fucking. Whatever it was, it had me gasping. While Fred was French kissing me, Greg reached around me and captured both tits. When his fingers began working on my nipples, my hips began humping frantically on their cocks.

    "We'd better take her over into one of the alcoves and pull the curtain," Greg suggested, and Fred agreed. As soon as I heard that, I was certain that Stan was going to be very disappointed at not getting to watch. But when I felt myself being led toward the alcoves with two of Greg's fingers inside my asshole, all thoughts of my husband vanished.

    The two of them led me toward the back of the dance floor, which was even more dimly lighted than the rest of the club. All the way there, Greg's fingers pumped back and forth inside my rectum while Fred's hands were busy pulling me along by my tits. At the back, there were small alcoves whose only furniture was a couch. A curtain could be pulled over the entryway.

    We passed a couple of alcoves whose curtains were drawn and from inside each of them, we heard a mixture of female moans and masculine grunts punctuated by the sounds of flesh thudding against flesh and of the squeaking of the couch springs. Inside the second alcove the woman being screwed gasped, "Oh god... harder... harder... fuck me harder... I'm cumming... ooohhhhh fuckkkk meeee... I'm cumming!!"

    The third alcove was empty, and Fred and Greg quickly got me inside. While Greg was pulling the curtain, Fred pulled me against his body, thrust his cock back between my thighs, and began French kissing me again. A moment later, Fred's cock slid between my thighs from behind.

    As the two hard cocks moved back and forth, they took turns slipping between the lips of my pussy. Fred had the advantage of being in front so that his cock was sliding over my clitoris every time he moved. I couldn't keep my hips still.

    "I'm gonna cum," I hissed in Fred ear.

    "She's about to cum, Greg. Pump her faster.”

    "AAaahhhhhh... OOohhhh god yesss... Aaahhhhh… UUUNNGGGHHH!!

    I couldn’t stop shrieking as my clitoris went into hard spastic contractions and my vaginal juices flooded over the two cocks between my legs. My orgasm was still rippling through my vagina and clitoris when Greg ordered me to get on my knees and arch my hips so he could get his cock in my ass. It only took me a few seconds to get into position.

    “Spread your ass cheeks, Nancy. Show me your hot holes.”

    Using both hands, I jerked my buttocks apart exposing my cunt and ass holes. I was trembling in anticipation as Greg moved over me.

    My dress just barely covered my ass and pussy. Before I got to the bar, some guy had raised it enough to expose my ass. A few minutes later, my tits were sticking out of my dress. The men bent me over so they could see my cunt and ass holes. Finally, Greg had me spread my ass cheeks so he could fuck my ass.

    "AAGGhhaaaa... it's going innnnnn," I hissed as the iron-hard shaft forced my sphincter open and entered me. Greg pulled my hips back and more cock surged into my rectum, stretching me. His hips pulled back and four inches of dick exited my ass, but only for a moment. An instant later, that much and more was thrust back into me... back and forth until Greg's shaft was buried balls deep inside me.

    "Hoist her up," Fred said. "Put your arms under her knees and pull her knees up to her tits."

    At first, I didn't understand what Fred was telling Greg to do. But it became much clearer when Greg lifted me off my feet, locked his arms beneath my knees, and pulled them up against my tits. I was bent almost in half. As little as I weighed, Greg had no problems lifting and dropping me, over and over. Each time he lifted me, part of his cock slid out of my ass. When he dropped me, all of it sank back inside me.


    Greg continued to jackhammer his cock in and out of my rectum. My entire body was shuddering. Frantically, my hand flew over my throbbing clit. I could feel the liquid heat spurting from my empty vagina. They didn't even wait until my climax had ended before Greg pulled my legs open and Fred stepped between my gaping thighs. I was certain that my husband and everyone else could hear me howling when both cocks penetrated me.

    After they had their cocks planted deep inside my pussy and rectum, the double fucking started. I had never, ever felt anything as wildly exciting in my life. My entire body was shaking uncontrollably as the two men pounded me through a near continuous series of orgasms.

    Even though the two men were fucking me through one orgasm after another, I kept screaming at them to please fuck me harder.

    After double fucking me, Fred and Greg stripped off my dress and had me suck their cocks until they were again hard. While I sucking one guy, the other one was licking my clit. Before I got both of them hard, I had cum twice, once on Fred's tongue and once on Greg's.

    When both men were hard, I laid back on the couch with my legs open. With a big grin, I asked, "Well, who's going to fuck me first. Make up your minds. My guy's waiting for me."

    "You pick," Fred said.

    "Not a problem. You first, Fred, then Greg. How do you want me, Honey?"

    Before Fred could decide, Greg said, "Get behind her on the couch, Fred, and nail her from the side. That way I can see your cock sinking into her cunt."

    "You heard the man, Fred. Come on, Baby. Get behind me and nail that dick into my pussy. Come over here, Greg. Sit on the floor and watch Fred's prick fucking my pussy."

    After I had lain down on the couch, Fred climbed on behind me. Raising my left leg high in the air, I gave Greg a perfect view. He groaned and clutched his hard shaft. From his position, Fred couldn't see anything. As a result, his first couple of attempts to get into me failed when he missed the opening to my cunt.

    "Help him, Greg. Put his cock into me," I moaned, again anxious to feel a hard cock inside my cunt. Greg used one hand to spread my pussy open and the other one to guide Fred's cock into my hot hole.

    "UUUmmmmmmm... yessss... right there, Honey. RIGHT THERE! AAAaahhhhh... so damn big. Fuck me, Fred. Fuck me hard.!

    Greg's face wasn't more than a foot away from the connection between Fred's pumping prick and my hot, receptive hole. I was so full of semen and pussy juices, squishing noises filled the alcove as Fred screwed me.

    "Oh Fuck Me! I'm about to cum! RAM ME HARDER! AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! Greg! Greg! Rub my clit while Fred fucks meeeeee... Hurry! Do It!!"

    As soon as two of Greg's fingers trapped my clit, my ass went into overdrive as I hammered my pussy back and forth on Fred's big cock.

    "Ooohhh... fuck meeeeeeeeee!!! I'm cumming.... NOW!!"

    Fred held onto my bouncing tits for leverage and powered fucked me until his load exploded inside my pussy.

    By the time, Fred pulled out of me, Greg's cock was bloated and hard as stone. The big head was purple with blood. I rolled onto my knees and lowered my head to the couch lewdly presenting my ass and pussy to Greg. "Doggy, Baby! Fuck me Doggy."

    Greg climbed onto the couch behind and aligned his cock with my hot hole. Just before he put it in, I said, "Wait a moment before you start fucking me, Honey. One of you give me a cell phone."

    "Why?" Greg asked.

    "So I can call my guy and talk to him while you're fucking me, Honey. That sound sexy to you?"

    "Oh hell Yes! Give her your cell phone, Fred. Hurry, Man. I'm so hot I may cum all over her ass before I even get into her cunt."

    "Don't you dare," I warned. "I want that luscious cock and that load up my pussy, Baby, not all over my ass."

    I punched in Stan's cell number. He answered on the first ring."

    "Hi, Honey. Are you Ok?" I asked.

    "I'm Ok, but I'm so fucking hard, it hurts. Where are you?"

    "In one of the alcoves behind the dance floor getting fucked."

    "Who's fucking you?"

    "Fred and Greg. They double fucked me at first. I sucked them and Fred fucked me again. Now, Greg's about to ... aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... ooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk!!!"

    "What? What's happening?"

    "He's putting his cock into meeeeeeee... I'm bent over .... he's fucking me doggy... aaaahhhhhhh.... shit! His cock is just huge!"

    "Is he bigger than me?"

    "Oh fuck yes! He's about an inch or so longer than you and thicker. AAAHHHHHH GOD... IT'S SINKING INTO MEEEEE... SO FUCKING BIG!!"

    "What's he doing now?"

    Greg answered before I could. "I'm holding your wife's ass and moving her cunt back and forth on my dick. What a view! I can see her asshole opening and closing every time I sink my big cock into her cunt. Oh shit! She's so wet...so full of cum!"

    "How many loads are in her?"

    "Three and number four about to shoot into her."

    "Aren't you wearing a condom?"

    "No way, Man! I'm screwing your wife bareback. She's loving it. Put the phone between your thighs so hubby can hear my big cock squishing in and out of your pussy."

    I did as Greg ordered. Actually, I held it as close to Greg's dick as I could. Every time he slid into me, there was a wet thudding noise when his cock hit my cervix. When he pulled out, Stan heard only a loud sucking sound as my pussy tried to keep his cock inside me.

    Then, those sounds were lost as I began screaming in the midst of another intense orgasm. A moment later, Greg was grunting loudly as he emptied his load into me.

    The two studs gave me my first double penetration fucking. Then they both fucked me separately,
    first Fred, then Greg. When they finished, their loads gushed out of my vagina.

    Before leaving the alcove, I slipped back into my dress, but left the hem up around my waist and my tits sticking out. When I emerged from behind the curtain, my husband was waiting. Stan had obviously been just outside the alcove listening to Fred and Greg fucking me for real as well as over the cell phone. His cock was so hard it looked like it was at least eight inches long, more than a half inch longer than his usual erection.

    "That was the hottest fucking thing I've every heard in my life," he moaned. "I thought I was going to cum inside my pants."

    "Did you?"

    "No. I would have if I had stayed. I had to leave and calm down... then, I came back about ten minutes before you came out. Your pussy looks soaked. There are drops of semen all over your mound."

    "That's what happens to a girl when two randy studs shoot four big loads of semen into her." My husband moaned and had to press his thighs together to keep from ejaculating in his pants.

    I pulled my dress down to cover my pussy, but before I could button the top of my dress, my randy husband told me to leave my tits out. "A lot of the women here have their tits out. Yours are the nicest of all of them. Leave them out."

    We went back to our table, ordered more drinks, and I saw that Stan was right. A lot of the women were now topless. "What did you do while Fred and Greg were fucking me, Honey? With that monster erection, I'm surprised you didn't pick up a woman and use it on her. As big as that thing is, I don't think you would have had any problems finding a woman who would have loved to have it."

    "You're probably right. I did see two women being screwed right at their table. They were sitting on a guy's lap being screwed. One of them asked if I wanted to join them."

    "Really? Why didn't you?"

    "I wanted you... not her."

    "Wow! That's probably the nicest thing you've ever said to me. Your cock's so hard its hurts and you still wait for me. Take it out, Honey, and let me sit on it like that other slut was doing."

    I didn't have to ask my husband twice. We both worked together to get his pants open. His cock just surged into the air as soon as his pants were open. I was right. It was bigger than his usual 7.5 inches; it was probably closer to eight now.

    I started to mount him with my tits pushed into his face, but Stan stopped me and told me ride him reverse cowgirl so other men could see his cock fucking me. As hot as he was, I was stunned by my husband's control. He had been banging me steadily for almost ten minutes during which time I had already cum once, but he still controlled his orgasm.

    One really handsome guy came over as I was humping wildly on my husband's cock and asked if he could watch. Stan nodded but was too hot to concentrate on anything except my throbbing vagina around his dick. The man pulled up a chair right in front of me and from about a foot away, watched as my husband screwed me. I even leaned back against Stan's chest to give the guy a better view of my pussy being stretched by Stan's raging cock.

    Finally, my husband could endure no more. As his hips surged upwards nailing his shaft deep into me, he moaned, "I'm about to cum, Nancy. Can't hold it any longer. AAaahhh... HERE IT COMES!" For the next minute, my husband continued to ejaculate one thick stream after another into my honey hole.

    When Stan's orgasm finally abated, he just sagged in the chair with me still on top and his dick still inside my pussy. The guy watched as my husband's load slowly seeped out of my vagina.

    "God, that was so fantastically hot," he moaned.

    "What's your name, Honey?"


    "Hi, Morgan. Do you want to fuck me?"

    "Do bears live in the forest? Hell yes. Where? Here?"

    "No, it's time for us to be heading home. While my husband washes up and takes care of our bar tab, you and I can have some fun in the back seat of our car. If you're not finished fucking me by the time my husband arrives, he can watch us. He would love to watch, wouldn't you Honey?"

    I laughed and said, "I think that's a 'yes'!"

    "He didn't say anything. How do you know he's cool with the idea?"

    "I can feel his cock getting iron hard inside my pussy. Any woman knows that means it turns him on. Come on, Morgan, take me out to our car and fuck me."

    Morgan had stripped me naked as soon as we were in the back seat of our car. I returned the favor and when he was as naked as I was, I laid down on the seat on my back, raised my legs, and moaned. "Fuck me, Morgan!" He was on me and in me in a flash.

    "Ah yesss... bang it, Morgan. Bang my cunt, Baby. Hard."

    "Like this? Unggh! Or like this? UNGGH! Or maybe you like this better? HUH! HUH! HUH!"

    "Oh fuck yes. Hammer me, Lover. Hammer my slutty ass into the seat. Give it to me!"

    After twenty minutes, Stan got back to our car and seeing us both naked, stripped off his own clothes. From the front seat, my husband watched as my ass was being driven downward every time Morgan's cock rammed into my waiting hole. Stan was jacking off furiously. As I took one hard thrust after another, he began urging Morgan to fuck me harder... faster... deeper.

    "Give it to her, Morgan. Ram the dick to her. Suck her big tits while you fuck her hot hole," he shouted. Morgan followed my husband's orders and was soon giving me my hardest fucking of the night.

    It was too much for my husband. His load just exploded out of his cock, arched into the back seat and splattered all over the two of us. It was probably the first time Morgan had ever been creamed. It just drove him wild, and in less than a minute, his huge cum load was roaring down his sex spike and firing into the bottom of my cunt. I was cumming continuously by this time.

    Morgan fucked me twice, once missionary and the second time with me on my knees, my ass facing the front seat so Stan could see Morgan’s cock sinking into my cunt. Morgan fucked vigorously almost 20 minutes. Several times he was about to unload, but each time he would stop fucking me until he got control of his near orgasm. I never stopped shrieking as his powerful cock drove me from one climax to the next.

    Stan watched and jacked off. Every time Morgan would stop, so did Stan. As soon as my lover began fucking again, Stan’s hand started stroking his throbbing shaft. each time shooting off another big load.

    “Damn… what a cunt your wife has, Stan. It sucking the cum right out of my balls. Can’t hold it. FUCK! CAN’T HOLD IT. I’M GONNA CUM IN YOUR WIFE’S CUNT. NOW!!!”



    My husband came while Morgan was ejaculating powerful, thick streams of semen into my vagina that literally filled my vagina full. When he finally pulled his semi-hard cock from my cunt, the load gushed out of my throbbing hole.

    After Morgan had cum a second time, he was pretty much finished. I tried to suck him hard again, but after 10 minutes, we gave up. I was surprised until he told me that I was the fourth woman he had fucked that evening.

    On the way home, I just cuddled up against Stan and we talked about the evening.

    "It seems like I had all the fun, Honey. Next time we go out to a club, I want you to enjoy another woman or two. Ok? That way I won't feel like you're being cheated."

    "Don't worry about me, Nancy. I had a great time! I've been fantasizing about evenings like this for the last 10 years. I loved it!"

    We were about a half mile from our home when I noticed the clock on the dashboard. In bright, lighted numerals, it read 11:05 PM. "Oh Honey, it's only a little after 11 PM."


    "I told Carl we wouldn't be home until really late. I thought it would be 1 AM or 2 AM before we got home. If we go home now, we're probably going to catch Carl and Larry fucking their girlfriends."

    "Well, that wouldn't be a disaster, would it?"

    "Not for the guys, probably, but it certainly would be for the girls. Girls that young would be so embarrassed they probably wouldn't accept another date for god knows how long. Believe me, we don't want to barge in on them while they're having sex."

    "Ok. I believe you. So what should we do? Go out for a late night dinner and drink for a couple of hours? What?"

    "Well, you know that Glenda told me that Larry has a huge dick, much bigger than his dad's. And wouldn't you like to see if Carl knows how to please a girl? If he doesn't, you could have a man-to-man talk with him... give him some pointers... because you are one hot, sexy stud."

    "But I thought you said we shouldn't barge in on them?"

    "We shouldn't, but we could spy on them and they would never know it. We could park the car down the street and walk back to the house. Instead of using the front or garage entry, we could use the stairs to the deck outside of the master bedroom. We have keys to that door and could quietly let ourselves in that way. We might be able to see what's happening without letting them know we're home. Are you up to a little sneaking around, Honey?"

    "I think you just want to see Larry's big cock."

    I couldn't keep from blushing because my astute husband had seen right through me. I knew he knew so I just confessed. "Yeah, you're right. I do want to see it. Can we?"

    "Why not? They won't be using the master bedroom. That would be too hard to conceal from us."

    It turned out that every thing went exactly as planned. In fact, it was a cake walk. Larry and Carl had the girls downstairs in the den. As soon as we were in our bedroom, we could hear their excited, high-pitched squeals as the boys fucked them. My pussy was already wet from listening to them, and when I looked at Stan, I saw that his pants were tented.

    "Take your cock out, Honey," I want to jack you off or have you fuck me while we watch them," I whispered.

    "What about you?"

    "I'm naked under this dress, remember?" I asked with a seductive grin.

    "How could I forget?"

    "Where are the binoculars?"

    "On the shelf in our closet. Why?"

    "I want to see those cocks up close... not only Larry's but Carl's. I'm curious to find out if he's going to be as big as his father. And besides, aren't you interested in a close up view of the girls' cunts?" Stan's cock jerked and throbbed when I asked him that.

    "I think your cock just answered my question. Come on, Honey. Let's go spy on them."

    We had a great view from the loft overlooking our den. It was, in fact, perfect. In the darkness, they couldn't see us even if they looked up at the loft, but with the den fully lighted, we had a near perfect view of the two couples.

    Larry had a sexy brunette who looked like she was about 17, either a junior or senior in high school, on one of the couches. She was totally naked as was Larry. He was lying on his back while the girl was riding his cock cowgirl. Every time she plunged her ass down on his thick shaft, she groaned. When it bottomed out in her cunt, she shrieked with pleasure.

    "She got nice tits for a young girl," Stan whispered in my ear.

    "You think she's got nice tits? Just look at the size of that cock she's riding! My god... He's only 18 and it's already thicker than yours and, I think much longer. Can't tell for certain until he pulls it out of her cunt, but I think it's over eight inches!" I whispered back just awestruck. The girl was wailing every time that big prick stretched her cunt when it entered her. It sounded to me like she was having one orgasm after another.

    "Check out Carl's dick," Stan said in my ear.

    Reluctantly, I tore my eyes away from Larry's monster and stared at Carl and his girlfriend. She was lying on her back on the other couch while our son fucked her missionary. She had her legs up to take Carl's dick as deeply as possible. Carl's dick wasn't the equal of Larry's but he was about seven inches and about as thick as Stan's. By the time he was fully grown, he was going to have a big sex spike between his legs. I didn't have any doubt that he would have it buried in dozens and dozens of pussies before he finally got married.

    The girl Carl was fucking looked to be about 16 or 17. Still, she had nice, firm tits, probably a B cup. Our sexy son hadn't bothered to take off her panties. Instead he had just pulled them aside and was nailing her while she still had her panties on. That was so erotic. He had also let her keep her top on, but had it pushed up above her tits.

    "Bend over," Stan ordered. When I did, he pushed my dress up over my ass and nailed his cock into my eager pussy. I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out it felt so damn good.

    "Hand me the binoculars. I want to watch those cocks up close while you fuck me, Honey."

    I was having my first orgasm when I peered through the binoculars at my son. Turning the zoom adjustment, I focused in on Carl's cock as it plunged in and out of the girl's gushing vagina. Her legs were now flailing the air as she throbbed in another orgasm. "Oh fuck me, Carl. I'm cumming.. Fuck me harder!" she cried out as her pussy convulsed.

    My son's cock was even bigger than I had thought. I thought he was about the same size as Stan. Looking at it close up, I now thought he was bigger. I also saw that he had ignored my warning to wear a condom. He was fucking the girl bareback. I could even see some of the previous loads that had been shot into her being squished out of her pussy by Carl's plunging cock. Obviously, the astroglide lubrication I had recommended was unnecessary. The girl’s pussy was awash with her fluids and multiple cum loads.

    On the other couch, Larry had now gotten to his feet and had his girl bent over the back of the couch with her ass up in the air. He was holding her hips and ramming his cock into her cunt with hard, deep, authoritative masculine force. The helpless girl was screeching continuously. We could even hear the hard thud of Larry's cock as he gave it to her balls deep on every thrust. Suddenly, the impaled girl howled. "Ooohhhh god, Larry. You're killing meeeeeeee... I can't stop cumming... aaaahhhhhh.... oh fuck! what a cock! Bang my hot hole, you big cocked stud. Ram meeeeeeeeee!"

    Frantically, I focused the binoculars on Larry's plunging shaft. When I saw it covering my entire field of vision, my vagina went into hard spasms around my husband's cock. I hissed, "I'm cumming too. Oh fuck me harder, Honey. I'm cumming."

    We watched them for over an hour. The boys had remarkable recovery abilities. While we watched, they each shot two loads into their girlfriends. They rested for a bit while the girls sucked on their cocks. When both boys were again erect and ready, they switched partners. Carl's girl was now taking Larry's monster dick. She screamed even louder than the older girl had and came even more often. Meanwhile, our son was making the older girl cum with no problems. Before we left, I had another orgasm when Stan flooded my vagina with his load.

    After that, we slipped out of the house the same way we had come in. Once back in our car, we called the house on our cell phone and told the kids that we'd be home in about 15 minutes.

    When we entered via our front door, the girls had gone, the den had been policed, and Carl and Larry were watching a war movie on our DVD. They asked if Larry could spend the night, and, of course, we agreed.

    As soon as Larry saw me in my sexy dress, he lost interest in the war movie. His eyes followed me as I tidied up the house. When I bent over to pick up something that had fallen onto the seat of one of the chairs, I knew his eyes were glued to the bottom of my ass cheeks that my posture exposed.

    As Larry checked me out, I used every opportunity to check him out. In particular, I wanted to see if he got hard. After watching me clean up for ten minutes, his cock was partially hard. I wanted it fully hard. So just before I said goodnight to the boys, I dropped a magazine to the floor and while facing away from Larry bent over at the waist to pick it up. I held the posture just long enough for him to get a good look at both my pussy and ass.

    After standing back up, I replaced the magazine on the side table and told the boys goodnight. "Don't stay up too late watching porn, Guys," I said with a smile. I was delighted to see that Larry's cock was fully hard and creating a huge bulge in his pants. I was also surprised to see that my son's cock was equally hard with a sizable bulge in his pants. My son had seen my ass and pussy, and had gotten as hard as Larry had.

    As I walked to my bedroom, I heard Larry say, "Damn! Did you see her ass and cunt? Your Mom's a fox... a real fox. God, I'd love to fuck her!"

    As soon as Stan and I were in our bedroom, I essentially raped him, I was so hot.

    Afternoon Delight:

    After that second visit to the Rendezvous, I couldn't get enough of Stan's cock; he couldn't bury it in my pussy often enough. We were fucking constantly. On several occasions, Carl was in the house, and we both knew he could hear the bed springs squeaking and me moaning as Stan and I got it on, but neither of us cared. Our son was regularly getting into a lot of the girls at school so why shouldn't Stan and I fuck?

    At least once a week, we went out somewhere... sometimes back to the Rendezvous, but we had begun to expand our experiences. On Tuesday evening following our second visit to the Rendezvous, Stan and I had dinner out. On the way home, we passed an adult video store. Without even bothering to ask me, Stan pulled into the parking lot.

    After parking the car, he turned to me and said, "I want to fuck you in one of the arcade booths while we watch a dirty movie. Are you Ok with that?"

    My answer was short and simple. "You can fuck me any where you want, Lover. Anytime. Come on. Let's go fuck."

    When we were inside the booth, I saw the large holes in the walls between us and the adjoining booths. I had never seen nor heard of "glory holes" before, but as soon as Stan explained what they were for, I was already pulling my skirt up to my waist and opening my blouse. Stan put $10 into the slot and started a movie showing a woman being gangbanged by three black studs.

    "My god," I moaned. "Look at the size of those cocks! I don't believe it. Those guys must be at least 10 or 11 inches long and thicker than my wrist." I was even more amazed when I saw the blonde porn actress taking those huge cocks in her ass and pussy at the same time. They were sinking into her holes all the way to their balls. She was howling with pleasure, and so was I as I rode my husband's cock.

    "Does seeing that hot slut taking those huge black cocks turn you on, Honey?" I asked my husband as he rammed his hard dick into me.

    "Oh hell yes! How about you?"

    "Can't you tell from how wet I am, Honey? God! I wonder if I could get cocks that big into my pussy? I can't imagine being able to take them in my ass."

    "That blonde's doing it. I bet you could too."

    "MMmmmm... fuck me, Honey. Fuck me hard. I'm about to cum."

    I was having my first orgasm when I noticed two guys watching us through the two glory holes. Five minutes or so later, the first cock appeared in the glory hole to the left.

    "Jack him off, Nancy," my husband whispered.

    I was giving the guy a hand job when a second cock was shoved through the other glory hole. This one was black and at least eight thick inches in size. He was also hard as stone. It only took me a couple of minutes to make the first guy shoot off, and then I turned my attention to the second guy.

    "Fuck me while I jack him off, Honey."

    I bent over in front of the big cock and began stroking him. Stan moved behind me and nailed his cock into my wet hole. After a minute, Stan's groans, my moans, and the black guy's grunts all mixed together.

    "Oh yes," I wailed. "Fuck me harder, Honey. I'm about to cum again."

    "Me too. Gonna fill you hot pussy, Baby."

    From the other side of wall, the black guy said, "Me too. Suck it, Bitch. Suck me off."

    I came instantly. A moment later, I felt Stan's load filling my pussy. I looked back at my husband, "Shall I suck him or finish him this way?"

    "Suck him off!"

    I did. The guy didn't last a minute once I had his cock down my throat.

    Thursday started out the way most Thursdays start. I fixed breakfast for Stan and Carl around 7 AM. by 7:45 AM, Stan was on his way to his real estate agency for the day, and at 8:20 AM, Carl headed out for school. He had Debate Club practice later that afternoon so I didn't expect either Stan or Carl home before 5:30 PM or so. Consequently, I had the entire day to myself.

    After doing a little housework and making up the beds, I went shopping, which was something that I rarely did before I found those photos of Cora in Stan's jacket pocket. Now, I did it much more often, and usually, a lot of my shopping was done at Victoria's Secret. I also liked to visit shoe stores and tease the young clerks by letting them see up my skirt as they fitted a variety of shoes to my foot.

    On this particular day, I had purchased a couple of sexy outfits at Victoria's and was really looking forward to surprising Stan the next time we went out. I had also done the shoe store thing so that by the time I got home, I was more than ready for Stan to come home and service my very wet and very eager pussy.
    At 1 PM, the front door bell sounded. Naturally, I checked my watch wondering who it could be this early in the afternoon. I assumed it was Gail coming over to hear all about our outing at the Rendezvous the previous Friday night. So, when I opened the door and saw Larry there greeting me with a big smile, I was surprised but pleased.

    "Hi, Larry. Carl's still in school. He won't be home for probably another four hours or so. He's got debate practice after school. For that matter, why aren't you in school now, Larry?"

    "I know Carl's still in school, Mrs. Henson, but I'm 18 years old now and a senior. Seniors who have good grades and enough credits to graduate, don't have to go to school in the afternoon of their final semester. So I was finished at noon."

    "Oh. I didn't know that. You're 18 now, Larry?"

    "Yeah. Had my birthday about four months ago."

    I was still puzzled about the purpose of Larry's visit, and he hadn't given me any clue. I suddenly realized that I was wearing a very sexy dress. My black mini skirt had a slit that extended high up my left thigh so that most of my left thigh was exposed and a lot of my right one. The pullover T-top I had on was tight and my bra was pushing my large breasts out even further. I felt my face flush with excitement when I saw that Larry was taking in every inch of my body. I could also see that his pants bulging over his rapidly hardening cock.

    "So, would you like something to drink, Larry? A beer? Soft drink? Coffee?" I asked to get my mind off that big bulge in his pants.

    "A beer sounds good if you join me."

    "I will," I replied with a smile. I walked into the kitchen very much aware that Larry was following me.

    "So, what brings you over today, Larry?"

    "I came over to see you."

    "Really? What about?"

    "About how gorgeous you are and how hot you got me last Friday night when you let me see your sexy legs and your fantastic ass."

    I started to turn around and protest Larry's remarks, but I never made it. His strong, powerful body pressed against mine from behind pinning me against the kitchen counter. His arms circled my body and came up to cup and heft my tits while his erection thrust into the crevice between my ass cheeks.

    "Stop it, Larry. Don't!" I protested loudly, but I made no effort to break free. Like a much older, experienced man, Larry knew enough to pay attention to my actions, not my words. His hands left my breasts momentarily and moved down to the bottom of my T-top. A moment later, his hands slipped underneath where they explored the deep valley between my now heaving breasts.

    “It should be illegal for a woman with tits like yours to wear bra,” the hot male behind me whispered in my ear.

    Shivers of excitement surged through me when I felt Larry jerk the bra downward giving his hands total access to my naked breasts.

    "Christ! Your tits are as magnificent as your legs and ass, Nancy."

    "Larry! I said stop! I'm married and I'm old enough to be your mother. Stop this instant!"

    Since I was still not fighting or struggling, he ignored all my female protests and squeezed my nipples. "Your nipples are hard as rocks, Nancy. I don't think you want me to stop at all. Are you wearing panties?"

    "Yes," I said with a soft moan. Larry's cock surged against my ass when he heard the excitement in my voice.

    "Pull your skirt up, Nancy," he whispered in my ear as his fingers danced over my nipples and caressed my tits at the same time as his big cock pressed harder against my ass.

    I jerked it up to my waist. One hand moved away from my throbbing nipple and dropped downward to cup my panty-covered pussy. Larry moved his hand through my slit and up to my clitoris where he gently stroked my hot button until it became rigidly erect and was throbbing. My hips began to thrust against his hand.

    "Pull your top up, Nancy, so I can see your big tits."

    "Please... I can't... oohhhh god... your fingers are driving me crazy," I moaned in desperation.

    "Take your tits out," he repeated, this time with more masculine authority making it clear that my tits were coming out one way or another. My body was shuddering in sexual heat. I pulled my T-top over my head exposing both tits.

    "God! What a rack! I've never fucked a woman any where close to as beautiful and as hot as you."

    "You're going to fuck me?" I asked knowing that my question was silly.

    "Of course I'm going to fuck you. Many times... often,” he whispered in my ear as his fingers pulled my panties aside and entered my vagina. When my hips began thrusting, he again whispered, “Let's take this to the bedroom."

    Once we were in the bedroom, Larry quickly removed my skirt leaving me in just my panties and heels. "Sit on the bed, Nancy, and watch while I strip for your pleasure."

    The idea of a man stripping for my pleasure had never occurred to me before. But when this young Adonis began stripping, I wondered why not. It was one of the most erotic and pussy exciting things I had ever seen. Slowly, Larry pulled his form-fitting sweater up over his chest. He flexed his pecs and his gym-toned muscles rippled across the broad expanse of his chest sending ripples of excitement through my pussy.

    "Feel my chest, Nancy."

    When I pressed my hand against him, his muscles flexed beneath my hand. His hard body was beautifully toned. I kept my hand against him when he pulled his sweater over his head. "Feel my biceps, Nancy."

    Hesitating only briefly, I closed my hand around his bulging, powerful biceps. The sheer masculine power of his strong arms sent shivers through me. I shuddered even harder when he turned and let me see his triceps flex into steel-hard bands.

    "Oh my! You're body is just awesome, Larry. You're beautiful."

    "I took off your skirt, Nancy. You take off my pants."

    The soft passion in his voice and the command to remove his pants made my clitoris contract in a hard spasm. I couldn't suppress a groan of excitement. Larry grinned. He knew my pussy was throbbing. I undid his belt and lowered his pants. Squatting in front of him, I removed his shoes and then his pants. All he had on was his jockey briefs, which were stretched beyond belief. His briefs couldn't possibly contain his massive cock. At least three inches of iron-hard prick thrust up out of his briefs, throbbing in the air with fluids flowing from the tip.

    "Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!" I moaned again and again. "You're just huge, Larry. I don't think I can possibly take that thing."

    "Don't worry about that, Nancy. High school girls have taken it. You will to." Larry's flat statement that I will take his cock up my pussy already had me close to an orgasm.

    "Pull down my briefs, Nancy. Get my cock out."

    My fingers were actually trembling as I hooked them into the waistband of his briefs and pulled them down totally exposing his rigid shaft. It stood almost straight up in the air reaching above his navel. It was easily nine inches in length and I so thick that I didn't think that I could get my fingers around it. "I've never had a cock this big... ever," I moaned, half in hot anticipation... half in fear of being split in two by Larry's sex spike.

    My hand came up and encircled his cock as Larry began to hunch his hips, fucking my hand. My fingers didn't quiet touch. My other hand took hold of him and with both of my hands wrapped around his cock, there were still two or threes inches of dick extending beyond my hands.

    "Suck me, Nancy," he ordered. I couldn't wait to do it.

    Pulling him toward my mouth, I licked his cock head and then opened my mouth. Larry pushed the head inside stretching my mouth wider than any cock had ever stretched it. I managed to get four inches of his dick inside before I gagged a little. Larry pulled back and let me recover. Again, he snapped his hips forward driving the four inches back inside my mouth. I gagged a little, but not much. Slowly, Larry mouth fucked me with four inches of his cock.

    "Put your hand inside your panties and finger your pussy, Nancy." I did it instantly and groaned when my fingers stroked over my engorged clit and two more fingers sank into my swampy hole.

    As I finger fucked myself, Larry pushed another inch of dick into my mouth. I was stretched so wide my jaw ached! The head was right at the entrance to my throat. Again, Larry began mouth fucking me... this time with five inches of his cock.

    Abruptly, my vagina clamped down hard as my clit went into spastic contractions. Jerking my mouth off Larry's dick, I gasped, "Oh god... I'm cumming. I'm already cumming! Don't believe it... aaahhh.... oohhhhhh fuck... it's so good!"

    Larry fondled my tits and stroked my nipples while my vagina throbbed again and again in my climax. When the contractions ebbed, I gasped, "Wow! I've never cum that hard from just sucking a guy."

    "Open your mouth, Nancy." I obeyed immediately, and Larry pushed his rod back inside my mouth. It took at least 10 minutes before he could work the head of his cock into my throat without my gagging. It felt like my jaw might dislocate.

    "That's enough cock sucking, Nancy. We'll take it gradually. After a few weeks, you'll be taking all of my dick down your throat. But right now, I need to get you out of those panties. Lie back on the bed and lift your ass, Nancy." As soon as my butt cleared the bed, Larry had my panties off. I couldn't wait. I just couldn't wait! I wanted that cock in my cunt... not in my pussy... in my cunt!

    I spread my legs wide and Larry moved between them. When his cock head touched my pussy, I lifted my legs into female fucking position, reached between my open thighs, and fitted his big cock into my opening. "Fuck me!" I hissed. "I don't need any foreplay, Larry. I just need your cock in me... filling me... fucking me."

    I couldn't keep the grimace off my face when Larry's cock split my pussy lips and stretched my opening. It was incredibly erotic, but it was also a little painful. Skillfully, my young lover worked his cock back and forth just inside me until about three inches were in my vagina, but it was still tough going.

    "Stop a moment, Honey. There's some Astroglide in the top drawer of the side table. Squirt some of it over your cock and up my pussy, Lover." Larry followed directions and a minute later, my hole was lubed and ready. Astroglide dripped from his monster shaft.

    Once again, Larry mounted me and pushed his cock against my opening. Three inches slipped into me easily. I moaned as it filled me. Another inch of dick was pushed into me. I could feel him stretching the walls of my vagina to accommodate his girth. The erotic feeling of being stretched like this had me racing toward another climax.

    Larry went very slowly, fucking me with short half-inch strokes, stopping every seven or eight strokes to put on some more Astroglide onto his cock. With each passing minute, more of his massive pole was disappearing from sight into my pussy. My legs were now straight up in the air, my feet jerking wildly, as his dick sank deeper and deeper... pumping me... stretching me... filling me... fucking me.

    "AAahhh... AAahhhh... AAahhhh... AAAhhhh...AAahhhh... oohhhh god... ohhhh god... fuck meeeeeeeee," I howled.

    It took Larry over ten minutes to get all of his cock into me. But finally, I he was all the way inside me. I felt his balls slapping against my ass each time he drove it inside me.

    "Is it all in?" I gasped.

    "Yes... all nine inches. Are you ready to be fucked, Nancy?"

    "Oh fuck yes! Give it to me, Stud. Fuck the shit out of meeeeeeee!!"

    Larry started working his cock in and out of me... first he fucked me with short strokes, each one of them thudding hard into the bottom of my cunt and bringing hot wails of pleasure from my mouth. Then, gradually, he began to pump me harder... deeper... with longer and longer strokes until he was pulling eight inches of dick out of my vagina before pounding it back into me. My body shuddered in hot lust. My lips pulled back and bared my teeth. My mouth stretched wide open as my tongue flicked deliciously over my top lip. My cunt was convulsing in hard spasms.

    I heard myself wail as the spastic contractions surged through me. "OOOHHHHH... CUMMINGGG! GGGHHAAAAA!!!" As Larry rammed his cock back and forth inside my erupting vagina, my body shook and thrashed around on the bed, garbled noises issued from my mouth, juices poured from my tightly plugged pussy and cascaded down my ass crack. Then, every thing went black and I fell back to the bed, limp, my eyes glazed over.

    Larry hadn't cum yet and he kept pounding into my limp body. His thrusts came faster and harder. Each stroke rammed my ass deep into the mattress. I had never been fucked like this. Suddenly, my cunt and Larry's cock were the center of my universe... nothing else mattered... My legs shot up into the air and locked behind his back. At the same time, my hands grabbed his butt in a death grip pulling him even deeper inside my core. The muscles of my belly rippled, my thighs strained upward. I heard myself moaning.

    "Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" The words ran together in an obscene sexual sound. "My cunt... Fuck my cunt! Oh god! Fuck my cunt! Don't stop! Don't you dare stop! Cunt fuck me, you hot Bastard!"

    Larry was now driving into my hole hard and deep. All I could do was hold onto him for dear life as he fucked the shit out of me. Pressing his mouth against my ear, he hissed, "I'm gonna shoot. Can't hold it much longer, Nancy. Gotta shoot!"

    "Oh no! Please, not yet, Baby. Not yet! I'm almost there. Please wait... Please wait for me. Make me cum with you... please!" I begged.

    Larry fucked me even harder. Two of his fingers rammed into my ass. That did it. My entire body surged into a massive orgasm at the same time as Larry drove home into my erupting cunt hole and held himself deep inside me while his balls drained.

    For five minutes or so, we laid there on the bed, breathing hard and not moving with Larry's cock still buried to the hilt in my soaked and cum-filled pussy. Suddenly, my eyes flew open in shock. Larry's cock was again hard as stone inside me... no more than five minutes after shooting a huge load into my hot hole.

    "Your turn on top, Nancy," he grinned as he rolled us over keeping his big cock buried in me through the entire turn. Now I was top with nine incredibly thick inches of cock up my widely stretched and fully lubricated cunt. My pussy was now adjusted to his size, and I was so full of his cum load, Astroglide, and my natural lubrication, I was taking him easily and fully into my pussy. My hips rose and fell on the Larry's thick shaft... all the way up until only the head was still encased inside my hole... then all the way back down until I felt the big head thud into my womb and my pussy lips wrapped firmly around the base of the big prick.

    Larry took hold of my ass and powered his cock up into me hard and fast. Again and again, he slammed his cock into my eager cunt. I just went crazy with lust and desire. I heard myself begging him to fuck me harder and deeper... to never stop. Then, I began to cum. One orgasm after another roared through my body. Saliva was running out of my mouth as I was too excited think about swallowing. All I could think about was my erupting cunt and that fantastic cock fucking me senseless.


    Larry grunted like a bull, again shoving two fingers up my ass, as he pumped his second load into my throbbing hole. I collapsed on top of him totally drained. Larry let me rest for maybe 10 or 15 minutes. Then, he pushed me onto my back once again and moved down in the bed. Spreading me wide, he pressed his mouth against my swollen and cum-filled hole and began eating me licking our combined juices from my cunt. After five minutes, he had me howling again. My clitoris wouldn't stop throbbing as Larry's tongue stroked it. I came again and begged him to stop. He ignored me and continued to lick my clit. His fingers probed inside my vagina, located my G-spot, and began rubbing it as his tongue lashed my convulsing clitoris. I came again... and then again... juices spurted every where.

    When I came for the fourth time on his tongue, my pussy whooshed air as my vagina slammed shut and then opened... repeatedly. Larry now changed positions, mounted me again, and drove his cock all the way into my honey hole with one hard thrust. I grunted like a mare being bred as Larry bottomed out. He started to fuck me hard and fast as he held my ass in place so all I could do was take his hard fucking. Amazingly, I realized that I was going to cum again. My arms and legs came up and gripped him tightly against my body.


    I lost all track of the number of times I had climaxed before Larry exploded inside me for the third time. When he finally pulled his cock out and got off the bed, I just laid on the bed, legs wide open with Larry’s thick cum loads draining from my cunt, sliding down my ass and soaking the bed covers. I felt totally fucked out, but fantastically well satisfied. I

    "Let's get something to eat, Nancy, and then I want to fuck you again before I leave. As I walked beside my lover to the kitchen, I was shuddering both from thinking about the awesome fucking Larry had given me and about the one he was going to give me after we had eaten.

    As we dined on cheese, crackers, beer, and cheesecake, both of us still naked, I asked, "Will you come by again tomorrow, Larry?"

    "Do you want me to?"

    "Oh god yes! Please."

    "Then I'll be here at 1 PM again. How often can I fuck you?"

    "Darling, you can screw me anytime my husband's not here. If Carl's home, I'll get us a motel room."

    Larry’s nine-inch cock was awesome. The 18-year old stud fucked me for hours filling my cunt
    with huge loads. Before he left, I had told him he could fuck me anytime.

    Presents for my Husband:

    My once drab sexual life had undergone a radical change since I had discovered those hot photos of that slut Cora in my husband's jacket pocket. Stan and I were now having sex everyday, sometimes twice a day, and on occasions even more. Once or twice a week, we went out for a sensuous exotic evening. He had even loosened up and was now occasionally making it with another woman while I was playing with some guy.

    Of course, Larry was a daily visitor to our house during the week. He had fucked me every weekday since that first Tuesday afternoon. Occasionally, we managed to get together on the weekends but not often since Carl wasn't in school and Stan didn't work much on the weekends since he owned the agency.

    Although I was virtually certain that Stan would have loved to watch Larry mounting me and see his thick shaft disappearing into my cunt, it was so sensuously erotic to have a secret lover that I preferred it this way... at least for the time being. When the novelty wore off, then would be the time to tell Stan.

    Carl and Larry were still banging high school girls in our home whenever Stan and I went out for the evening. In fact, according to Larry, Carl had fucked his mom on a couple of occasions. I just hoped Glenda was having as much fun with my son as I was having with hers. I was almost certain that our sons were trying to think of a way to arrange a party with Glenda and I as the entertainment. I just wondered if they planned to invite some of their friends or if they planned to be the only guys present. I was sure it wouldn't be long before we found out.

    It was Sunday, and Stan was getting ready to go to a week-long real estate convention in Kansas City. He was leaving early Monday morning and planned to return late Friday night.

    I also had plans for the week with several interesting things on my schedule. Of course, I planned to enjoy Larry's cock in the afternoons, as usual. But I also had plans for the evening, and I wanted to spend some time finding out who Cora was. I just hadn't decided whether to thank her or to scratch her eyes out. I was leaning toward thanking her since I was virtually certain that Stan had lost interest in her. I could hardly get him to fuck another woman when we went to the Rendezvous or some other club ... even when I was off with another guy.

    After Carl came home from school on Monday, he told me that he and two other guys were getting together at Larry's house to play games and that he would be home late. "What about dinner?" I asked.

    "We're going to order pizza and eat while we play, Mom."

    "Ok. Sounds like fun. Have a good time."

    At 6:30, I was still trying to decide whether to fix myself something to eat or to go out. Naturally, going out was the hands-down winner of that debate. Stan and I had eaten at the four-star restaurant at the Hilton a few times. The food was great so I decided to treat myself to dinner at the Hilton.

    The Hilton was an up-scale, elegant hotel, so I dressed accordingly in a black sheathe with two small spaghetti straps over my shoulders, pink panties, and black sandals with a four-inch, stiletto heel. I thought about wearing a bra but decided against it because I had a feeling I would enjoy my evening out more if I went braless.

    The Hilton's 4-star restaurant was busy, and since I hadn't made reservations, I was told there would be 45 minute wait for a table. Even the few couches and chairs provided for the patrons were limited. As a result, I ended up sitting on the edge of the counter beside the reservations desk, which was now deserted as it was too late to make further reservations for the evening.

    After a 15-minute wait alone, I was just about to decide that this had been a very bad idea and was considering going home. Fortunately, I had waited the 15 minutes because at that point a very handsome, well-built black man in his mid-30s or so approached me. His approach was smooth and polished.

    "Good evening. I'm Allen, but my friends call me Al. I've been watching you for the last 10 minutes wondering if it were actually possible for the most beautiful and sexy-looking woman in the room to be unescorted. At first, I assumed that you were waiting on your husband, but that's obviously not the case. I'm also alone, but I have a table. Would you like to join me for dinner?"

    I looked Al over carefully. His dress was casual, but expensive. The sterling silver chain he wore about his neck, the black onyx and gold ring on his finger, and the Rolex watch on his wrist were even more expensive. His clothing fit his muscled, powerful body perfectly, suggesting the work of an expensive tailor. His broad shoulders, the perfectly toned and large muscles in his arms, torso, and legs were obvious even beneath his clothes. The huge bulge between his legs was even more obvious. His broad, engaging smile sent shivers through me. The man just oozed virility. There was enough testosterone surrounding him to impregnate ten women. He had only said a few words to me but I was already ready to do anything with him.

    With no conscious thought, I shifted my position on the counter top causing my dress to ride a little higher on my thighs. I wasn't surprised when Al noticed it instantly. My damp pussy was beginning to flood with desire.

    "Your legs are gorgeous... a perfect match for your face, if you don't mind my saying so. Please say you'll join me for dinner."

    Al knew exactly which buttons to push, and he was pushing all of mine at the moment. "You're right, Al. I'm not waiting on my husband, but I am married. He's out of town."

    "I'm also married, and I'm also out of town. Will you join me?"

    "I'd love to, Al. I'm Nancy, by the way."

    "I'm delighted to meet you, Nancy. May I?" He extended his hand to help me off the desk. When I scooted forward, my dress rode up high on my thighs, almost, but not quite, exposing my panties. That was accidental, but my leaning over as I dismounted from the desk to exposed almost all of my breasts was not.

    Just before I got off of the table, I raised my eyes and caught him staring down my dress at my exposed nipples. I grinned at him as asked, "Do my tits measure up to my legs and face, Al?"

    He didn't blush or look away. Instead, he smiled and continued to stare down my dress keeping me on the desk for a moment while he looked. "I think so. They're certainly appear to be a perfect match, but I would have to see more of them to say for certain." At that point, he helped to my feet. I took his arm, and he led me to his table. When I pressed my breast into the side of his arm, he licked his lips and whispered, "They feel every bit as good as they look."

    By the time Al pulled my chair out for me, and I sat down, my panties were wet and the musky aroma coming from between my thighs filled my nostrils. I wondered if Al could smell my excitement.

    Dinner was excellent, but I was having difficulty thinking about anything other than my pussy and Al's cock. When the waiter came over to see if we would like anything else, I asked for separate checks. Instantly, Al said to the waiter, "Ignore that. One check please. I think we will skip dessert... too filling, but I would like a bottle of your best German Auslese to take to our room. Please have it delivered to room 1110 in a wine bucket chilled with ice." The total confidence of this man was setting a fire between my thighs.

    "Yes Sir. We have two excellent vintages available. Would you care to choose?"

    "I'm afraid I wouldn't know which is the best. Please ask your chief wine steward to make the selection for us."

    When the waiter left the table, I said, "A bottle of auslese for "our" room?"

    Al smiled. "I like to think positively. You're alone. I'm alone. You're awesomely gorgeous and sexy. I would love to spend the night making love to you. You won't be disappointed. I promise."

    "I only make love with my husband," I replied softly.

    "Of course. My mistake. I usually do not make mistakes like that. My sincere apologies. Please permit me to rephrase. I would love to spend the night fucking you."

    "Get the wine and let's go, Honey. I'm already wet."

    "I know you are."

    "Really? Are you a mind reader too?"

    "Not at all, but I can detect the musky aroma of your excited pussy. I can't wait to taste it."


    "I see our waiter. He's on his way. Pull your dress up, Nancy. I'm sure he would appreciate the view in addition to the financial tip I'm going to give him."

    "AAaahhh." The waiter was staring at my exposed panties as he approached our table. "He's looking," I moaned softly.

    "Of course he is. Lean forward so we can both see your gorgeous tits."

    I did, and both men stared at my now extended, hard nipples.

    After paying the check with a generous tip for our waiter, Al guided me out of the restaurant to the elevators. Once inside, he pressed me close to his powerful body, which smelled fresh and clean and added more fuel to the fire raging between my legs. His lips touched mine, his tongue probing and thrusting. My mouth opened instantly. When his hand unzipped the back of my dress, I heard myself moan into his mouth. A moment later, the top of my dress was down and Al's hands had taken possession of my tits.

    The elevator had just begun its accent toward the 11th floor when one of his hands slipped under my short dress and quickly moved upward to my soaked panties. His finger traced the swampy slit forcing even more fluid to gush into my panties.

    Suddenly, the elevator stopped at the fourth floor, the door opened, and a middle-aged couple entered. Al ignored them. His fingers moved expertly under my panties and searched out my clitoris. The woman, who appeared to be about 40, smiled knowingly at me as my mouth opened and my tongue began to flick rapidly over my top lip. When Al's finger began to move over my clitoris, I couldn't keep my hips still. By the time the elevator doors had closed, I was thrusting my pussy against his hand while the woman’s husband stared at my naked tits.

    The women winked at me and then said to her husband, "Look, Honey. He's either doing her clit or finger fucking her. Isn't that just incredibly exciting?" She pressed her hand against her pussy and began moving it slowly.

    When the elevator reached the sixth or seventh floor, Al's finger began probing for my G-spot and found it. Quickly, another finger joined the first one and both slid deep into my anxious pussy while his thumb worked back and forth over my engorged and throbbing clitoris. Involuntarily, I began to hunch my pussy against his hand driving his fingers even deeper. My hot moan filled the elevator: "OOoohhhhhh!"

    "Is he on your clit or G-spot," the woman asked as she rubbed her own pussy faster.

    "Oooohhhh... both... He's doing both," I gasped.

    By the time the elevator was slowing down as we approached the 11th floor, Al was squeezing one of my tits and its hard nipple with one hand while his other one worked rapidly between my legs. The elevator came to a stop and I experienced a powerful orgasm at the same time. My body shuddered violently.

    "She cumming! Look at her cum, Honey," the woman groaned. She now had one of her hands under her dress and the second one squeezing and jacking off her husband through his pants.

    My clitoris and vagina were both still contracting in hard spasms when the doors opened. Al had to hold me up as he led me out of the elevator. We were almost out and into the hallway when the woman's husband spoke for the first time. "After you've fucked her, if the two of you would like to have a foursome, give us a call. We're in Room 1350. I'm David. This is my wife Corine."

    "We just might do that," Al said as his fingers once again penetrated my vagina bringing another groan from me.

    Corine suddenly jerked her dress up around her hips and pulled her panties aside to let Al see her cunt. "I'm not as gorgeous as she is, but I'm a great piece of ass, Honey. I'll do anything you want. Just call us," Corine moaned in a passion-filled voice.

    As soon as we were in Al's hotel room, he kissed me again while his fingers continued to work their magic on my clit. Breaking the kiss, he ordered, "Pull your dress up around your waist, Nancy, then lie down, spread wide, and pull your panties aside. I want to see your hot cunt. Show it to me!"

    I couldn't remember ever wanting a man to see my pussy and tits more than I wanted this man to see them. In one smooth motion, I had my dress up around my waist. Lying down, I raised my left leg, hooked my fingers in the crotch of my panties and pulled them to the side. Al moved close and stared at my wet pussy. I spread it open for him. He was waiting with an expensive digital camera in his hand. "Wider," he ordered. I stretched it open so that he was staring several inches into my vagina. I could feel my secretions sliding down the crack of my ass. He pointed the camera between my open legs, and I heard the shutter click several times.

    "What a hot fuck hole!" he hissed squeezing his huge erection through his pants. "Get out of that dress and lose the panties, Nancy. I want you naked, but leave on those hot heels."

    I practically tore my dress and panties in my frantic urge to get naked for this man. As soon as I was naked, Al ordered me to squat in front of him and again open up my pussy. Actually, he ordered me to open up my "fuck hole". He got down and moved his face to within inches of my gaping pussy as I held if open for him. Again, I heard the camera click several times.

    "God, I love the aroma of your cunt, Nancy. So musky and sensuous. Now turn over. Onto your knees. Stick your ass up high in the air and put your head all the way down. I want some photos of that fantastic ass with your fingers holding your cunt wide open."

    When I was in the position he wanted, the camera clicked over a dozen times. I was on fire with cock lust. There was no way I could resist rubbing my clit. As soon as I did so, Al snapped more photos of me. I couldn't hold off. My clitoris and vagina erupted in a series of hard contractions as my cuntal secretions spurted. I wondered if Al had captured my ejaculation on camera.

    "OH Fuckkkkkkk! I'm cumming again, you sexy Stud!"

    "Time to show me how good a cocksucker you are, Nancy."

    Like an obedient slave, I knelt in front of Al who had now stripped naked except for his tiny, tight Speedo briefs. Hooking my fingers in the tiny garment, I pulled it down his muscular legs. His shaft surged out, bloated and hard as iron. It stood straight up past his navel, throbbing and leaking fluids from its tip. It was just huge!

    His powerful pussy spike was uncut, the big head still covered by the glossy foreskin. I wrapped both hands around his monster. At least three inches of dick still protruded beyond my second hand. My pussy throbbed strongly in anticipation of feeling Al's cock sinking into my hot cunt. I felt my lubricating juices seeping out and sliding down my inner thighs.

    Leaning forward, I lowered my mouth over the big shaft. His precum flowed into my mouth. My vagina pulsed in hot response. Several months ago, the sight of Al's cock about the enter my mouth would have filled me with fear and revulsion... now, I couldn't wait to get his entire 11 inches of prick down my throat.

    I sucked it all the way into my throat the first time my lips slid down its huge length. Pulling my lips back, I licked the throbbing cock head and ran the tip of my tongue around his cock ridge before once more taking him into my throat. After four passes, his balls were slapping against my throat while the big head throbbed at least six inches down my throat.

    "Oh fuck!" Al growled in amazement. "You're deep throating me! Hot fucking shit! Never had a woman who could take it all like that. Suck it, Nancy... Oh Man! Suck my dick!" As I sucked his entire shaft down my throat, I again heard the camera clicking, but then the clicking changed to a soft whine when Al switched the expensive camera to video mode.

    My body was convulsing in spasms as I sucked the huge shaft. Al began to groan... then grunt. He held my head and mouth fucked me. In just a few minutes, he blasted his first thick stream of sperm-filled semen directly down my throat. His second gush filled my mouth so full some of the load spurted out the corners and ran down my cheeks forming long cum ropes from my chin. There was no way I could swallow all of it with my mouth stuffed full of man meat. After his second spurt, Al pulled out and shot one thick cum jet after another all over my face and tits. By the time his balls were empty, I was drenched with his load.

    The hot stud didn't even give me time to catch my breath. He picked me up like I weighed nothing and deposited me on the couch. I lay there panting, sucking air into my lungs, as thick streams of semen cascaded down my cheeks and splattered over my chest and tits. Al came back from the bathroom and handed me a towel. "That was an awesome blowjob, Nancy. Best I've ever had! Period. Clean your face and tits off, Honey, then I'm going to eat that luscious cunt."

    Al moved his head between my thighs and stabbed his tongue into my sex trench. I wailed like a slut. His thick tongue swabbed up the length of my slit to my clit. Instantly, my ass jerked off the couch and thrust high into the air. His tongue lashed my clit causing my ass to hump and dance in the air. My hands clutched my tits... squeezing them and twisting the nipples. His fingers probed into my hole and found my G-spot. Instant climax!

    "Oh lick me! Suck me! AAahhhhh god, you dirty Bastard... harder... I'm gonna cum again!"

    "Cum, you hot Bitch. CUM!" I did.

    "Are you ready to be fucked, Nancy?"

    "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck Me!" I howled.

    Al put me on the bed and a moment later, his powerful black body loomed over me, his huge fuck tool hard as stone, jerking wildly, a thick, 11-inch cunt destroyer. My swollen labia gaped open exposing the pulsing sex hole. Liquid heat flowed from my vagina.

    The hot stud rubbed his prick head along my throbbing, wet gash. I wailed with the intensity of the sensation of having his big shaft teasing me... letting me know that he was going to fuck it into me and there was nothing I could do to prevent him using my hole... stretching it... fucking it... and filling me with his potent seed.

    He began to enter me. I screamed and arched my hips upward to take his dick. I was so wet and open, he easily entered my hot tunnel. As he sank into me, I felt more stretched than I ever had. The sensuous pressure of being spread open by a huge male phallus had my vagina quivering with pleasure. When the thick organ slid repeatedly over my G-spot, I arched my ass high and soared toward a colossal orgasm.

    More and more cock filled me.... six inches... seven. At seven and a half inches of dick, he passed the deepest point my husband's cock had ever explored. That thought triggered another intense orgasm that caused my vagina to clamp spastically around the thick male piston. Eight inches of dick entered me. Unable to swallow with my mouth wide open, saliva ran out in streams. When the ninth inch shoved my womb back to make more room for his cock, my legs shot up into the air and locked in a death grip around Al's plunging buttocks.

    His cock pulled back and drove into me again. Ten inches of cock filled me. I came again. "It's all going in on the next thrust, Nancy... all 11 inches of my cock... ready to take it?

    "Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee!" I screamed. "PLEASE! FUCK ALL OF IT INTO MEEEEEE!"

    Al's buttocks and hips rammed his shaft into me with authority. The big head raced down my fully stretched hole as I thrust upward to receive it. His balls slapped against my ass... the cock head thudded against my womb opening it up. I was babbling incoherently.

    The hot stud paused with his cock buried fully inside my hole. My legs were locked about his hips ensuring that he stayed balls deep inside me. He kissed me and ground his pubic bond against my engorged and sensitive clitoris. I came again... quivering, moaning, shuddering. He stopped and let my climax subside as his tongue explored inside my mouth. As soon as it did, he again worked his pubic bone over my clitoris until I was convulsing in another climax.

    This time, Al didn't wait for my climax to subside before his powerful hips began hunching in hard fuck motions, each one driving his enormous penis deep inside me. Each time that huge shaft entered me, my mouth flew open, my face contorted into a grimace which was quickly replaced by incredible pleasure. I was cumming continuously now. Again and again, my hole throbbed and pulsed around Al's cock.

    As Al power fucked me toward his own climax, my legs unlocked and flew high in the air where they flailed helplessly, my toes curling back. Wild, female screams of intense pleasure filled the room every time his huge black shaft sank into my depths. Repeatedly, Al showed me how a woman's cunt should be filled by a cock.

    "Are you on the pill, Nancy. I'm about to cum."

    "No... but it's not my fertile time, Lover. Shoot in meeeeeeee... hose my cunt, Lover. AAAahhhhh god! What a cock! Pump me... Pump my fuck hole full of your seed, Honey."

    I felt the big shaft expanding to impossible thickness inside me, stretching my vagina into a huge ovular hole. Al pulled back and hit into me with a hard short stroke. Again, his penis expanded and stretched my opening. The next stroke drove my ass deep into the mattress. His sex gun erupted sending a torrent of semen into the neck of my womb and inside it. My pussy exploded! Loud screams of a female being fucked senseless echoed out into the hallway causing other guests to turn with knowing smiles in the direction of our room.

    After five huge streams of semen has been shot into me, Al pulled out and shot the last three spurts all over my mound, my cunt, and my ass.

    By midnight, Al had fucked me five times, and I had had dozens and dozens of orgasms on his magnificent cock and also on his fingers and tongue. By the time he had pumped his fifth load into my ass, I was so full of cum that I felt like it was sloshing around inside me when I walked.

    I cleaned up a little, and stayed another hour letting Al take hot photos of me. He also set up a tripod and hooked a timer to his camera so we could take some of us together with his fabulous dick fucking me. During the last half hour, he set up his lap top and transferred all the digital images and videos to his laptop.

    We both got so hot looking at them that I ended up being bent over the back of a chair watching video of him fucking me while his cock powered in and out of my cunt. When his sixth load was deep inside my vagina, I slipped my panties back on to let them soak up his cum loads as they ran out of me. I got dressed while Al copied the photos and videos I had selected onto a CD for me.

    We exchanged phone numbers and e-mails after which Al asked, "Will you see me the next time I'm in town? I really want to fuck you again."

    "You can fuck me anytime you're in town, Lover. Just give me a call or send me an e-mail."

    I opened the door to leave, but didn't make it out before Al pulled me back inside with my ass pressed against his cock. I couldn't believe it, but he was hard again, even after fucking me for hours and shooting six loads of cum into me using every one of my holes at least once. "Bend over, Nancy. Grab your ankles and spread your feet apart."

    It didn't even occur to me to protest. I felt the cool air on my thighs and then, when Al pulled my panties aside, on my swampy, cum-filled cunt and ass. Holding my hips, the big cock easily pried my lips apart. His ass thrust forward and all 11 inches of man meat charged up my eager vagina. I wailed when his balls slapped against my clit.

    After Al's seventh load of the night had been shot into my receptive cunt, he adjusted my panties so that they covered my gaping hole, and pulled my dress down to make me presentable. He kissed me once more, and as I was leaving, patted my ass and said, "I'll call you to let you know when I'll be back in town."

    Around noon on Tuesday morning after Carl had left for school, I placed a call to Stan's cell phone. He answered on the second ring. With caller ID, he knew it was me before he answered.

    "Hi, Nancy. Is every thing all right?"

    "Oh yes. Every thing is great, except that I miss you. Is the meeting as boring as usual?"

    "Oh hell yes! I'm bored to tears with this meeting. Go to lectures... talk about upcoming trends in real estate... go to mixers... get drunk. Not a hell of a lot of fun. I can't wait until it's over and I can get into bed with my sexy wife."

    "That's why I called, Honey. I figured you would hate the meeting like you usually do. So, this time I've sent you a really hot, sexy present via express FedEx delivery. It will be there by 8 PM tonight. I told the FedEx people to take it to the front desk at the Marriott West and have you paged. So... if you want your present, be sure to be in the lobby around 8 to 9 PM tonight."

    "What is it?"

    "Now that would spoil the surprise, Honey. You'll just have to wait."

    "Fuck! I'm already getting a hard-on just thinking about it."

    "Good. After you get the present, you aren't going to believe how hard you're going to be."

    "That sounds incredibly hot, but what am I supposed to do with my hard-on?

    "What men at a convention without their wives usually do, Lover. Fuck one of the sexy female real estate agents. The convention has to be full of married women away from their hubbies and on the prowl for cock. You have my blessing to let them use your big hard-on, Honey. Enjoy. See'ya Friday night."

    When Nancy hung up, I couldn't believe how excited her phone call had gotten me. A present? Why would she send me a present and, more importantly, what could it be that's going to get me so hard I'll have to find a hot woman.

    It was hard for me to concentrate during any of the sessions that day. All I could think about was a FedEx present that would arrive around 8 or 9 PM.

    Although it was only 7:30 PM, I was sitting in the Marriott lobby trying to concentrate on reading the evening paper, but having little success. Several of the other agents stopped by and asked if I would like to join them while they hit some of the strip clubs. When I turned them down, they gave me a weird look, shrugged, and walked away.

    At 8:15 PM, I heard my name called over the public address system. "Will Mr. Stan Henson please come to the front desk. We have an urgent FedEx package for you." The message was repeated twice more before I got to the desk. I showed my ID and signed for the package.

    I had been anticipating a normal-sized FedEx envelop. Instead, it was a large box. It wasn't particularly heavy, and when I shook it, the sound and feel suggested that there were several different things inside. On the front of the box, my wife had written with broad strokes in bold red ink, "Highly confidential. For addressee's eyes only!!"

    If I hadn't been on the eighth floor, I would have run up the stairs rather than wait for the elevator. As soon as I safely alone inside my hotel room, I locked the door and put on the safety chain. When I opened the FedEx box, I found four separate packages, each with a note written on the package's surface. The one on top was envelop sized. The note read, "Number 1: Open me first."

    Inside, I found a letter from Nancy:

    Hi Stud,

    I'm afraid your wife was very naughty Monday night. You hadn't been gone a full day before she started acting like a total slut. This box of presents will share some of the fun with you, and, I hope, turn you into a raging satyr who spends the rest of the week banging every hot pussy you can find. But be sure to save some for Friday night. You'll need it.

    Before you read further or look at your presents, there is one non-negotiable rule: You cannot jack off and shoot your load... stroking your cock is acceptable, but you're NOT allowed to cum that way.

    Let's see... where should I start. Carl spent Monday evening at Larry's home with two other friends. They ordered pizza and played games. Since I didn't have to cook, I decided to have dinner at the Hilton. I wore a nice black dress with pink panties to the Hilton for dinner. While I was waiting to be seated, Al invited me to join him for dinner. He was so handsome... so powerfully built... so virile and sexy looking, my pussy was already wet. And the monster bulge in his pants was unbelievable. I just couldn't say no, Darling. Besides, Al is black and I've always wanted to experience a huge black dick.

    As soon as he got me up to his hotel room after dinner, he made me strip and kneel on the floor. ....

    Nancy's letter had been typed on her word processor. It was over a dozen pages in length and every event was described thoroughly and in total detail. It was so vividly written that my cock was rock hard and throbbing before I had finished her description of how she sucked Al off. I was jacking off furiously after the fourth page. Because of Nancy's rule that I wasn't permitted to ejaculate, I was forced to stop reading and take my hand off of my throbbing dick repeatedly.

    By the time I had finished the tenth page, Al had fucked my wife in several different positions and in her ass. Nancy had tried her best to describe her orgasms and count the number of times Al had made her cum, but she admitted that it wasn't possible. At this point, I had to stop reading and take a break. My cock had swollen to at least eight inches. I could no longer even stroke it once without soaring toward orgasm.

    After a half hour intermission, I couldn't wait any longer. I began reading once more and quickly got a huge painful erection. When I finally reached the last page of the letter that described how Al had made Nancy bend over and hold her ankles as he plowed her cunt one final time and shot his seventh cum load of the evening into her vagina, I was totally drenched with sweat. I didn't see how I could possibly not ejaculate I was so hard.

    The final line of the letter read, "I hope this letter lets you enjoy my sex-filled evening and gets your big cock iron hard. I also hope that you didn't shoot off. Please don't. Now, open the package labeled Number 2."

    Frantically, I tore open the second package. Inside a collection of hot photos greeted my eyes. Precum was running out of the tip of my cock as I looked at them... one-by-one.

    The first pic showed my naked wife squatting on the floor with her legs wide open, her fingers in her pussy. All she wore was her heels. In the next two, she was trying to suck an absolutely huge cock. The note attached to the photo read:

    "Al's 11-inch cock got iron hard when he saw my naked cunt, tits, and ass, Honey. Just look at the size of that cock that's in my mouth, Honey! It took me almost 10 minutes but I eventually got all of it down my throat. Al said I was the first woman who had ever been able to do that. I was finger fucking my cunt while I sucked him, Darling."

    The next four photos were pictures of my wife being fucked in missionary position by Al's huge dick. Two of the pics were close ups of that shaft stretching my wife's cunt open and sinking into her hole.

    "The first time Al fucked me, he gave it to me missionary on the couch. Just look at the size of his cock, Honey... 11 inches of man meat is pounding your wife's cunt."

    "My second fucking was on the bed with my legs up on Al's shoulders and spread wide open. I had a dozen orgasms before he filled your wife's hole with his load."

    The missionary fucking photos were followed by three more of Al's cock buried in Nancy's asshole. I had a hard time believing that she could take it in her ass.

    "Al finally let me rest, but soon he had his dick down my throat again. When he was iron hard, he told me that it was ass fucking time. It took him 15 minutes to work that gigantic shaft up my tight asshole, Honey, but as you can see he got it into me. Once the ass fucking started, I couldn't stop cumming."

    The next four photos were shots of Al fucking my wife in doggy position. A couple of them showed close ups of his thick, black cock stretching her pussy open and sinking inside.

    "Of course, my favorite position and Al's is doggy. Oh Baby, I just came and came and came when he bent me over and power fucked my hot hole with that monster dick. Before he let me leave, he had shot three loads into me while fucking me doggy. Just look at the size of his black shaft pumping me. People out in the hallway of the Hilton could hear me screaming when Al doggy fucked me. My hot cunt hole belonged to his black cock, Baby."

    "I picked the next two photos because they show just how monstrously thick Al's cock is. Look how your wife's cunt is being stretched, Honey. Oh god... I came so fucking hard!"

    My wife's photos of Al fucking her had me hotter than I thought it was possible to be.

    That was the last photo. My hands were trembling when I opened the envelope marked Number 3. The only thing inside was a short note.

    Honey, I hope by this time your cock is so fucking hard and you're so wild to get it into a woman, that you'll hurry down to the Marriott Lounge and pick up the first sexy woman you see and enjoy her pussy and ass the rest of the night. But before you do, there are two more presents for you. Log onto your e-mail. I've sent two video clips showing Al cunt fucking me with his monster dick. In the second one, you can almost hear me screaming. Go look at them, but DON'T CUM!

    My balls hurt I was so hard. When my e-mail account was open, I saw the two video clips attached to Nancy's e-mail communication to me. The titles were "Big Black Cock Missionary" and "Big Black Cock Doggy". The titles were very descriptive of the contents of each file. I opened the first gif file.

    "Can you see some of Al's previous cum loads running out of my cunt as he fucks me, Honey?"

    I almost lost it, but hung on grimly. I opened the second gif file.

    "Look how Al's big black cock makes your wife grimace when he sinks it into my cunt. I came almost every time he entered me.

    I had to press my thighs together to prevent my load from exploding out of my throbbing dick. I opened my last present marked Number 4. Inside the envelope was a sealed plastic bag. Through the plastic, I could see a pair of Nancy's pink panties. The panties were almost swimming in a sea of thick, viscous, milky white stuff. There was a note.

    This is your last present, Lover. These are the panties I wore to the Hilton on Monday night. After Al filled my cunt and ass with seven thick cum loads, I put my panties back on and he sent me home. As soon as I got home, I took off my panties and put them in the plastic bag for you. Then, holding the bag under my pussy, I squeezed as much of Al's cum loads out of my hole as I could and collected it in the bag.

    Go ahead, Honey. I know you want to. Do it! Take out my panties and lick Al's cum load off the soaked crotch. This is what happens to a woman's panties when she spends four hours with a hung black stud getting herself fucked seven times.

    Now take that hard cock down to the lounge and pick up a hot, sexy women. Keep her in your room for the rest of the week and fill her full of your cum.

    Love you, Your hot slutty wife, Nancy.

    Since Nancy wouldn't allow me to masturbate and cum, I knew I was either going to have to find a willing woman quickly or I would end up shooting off inside my pants. My cock was so hard it hurt. Normally, I'm seven and a half inches when erect, but I swear it felt much bigger than that after spending an hour with my "presents" from Nancy.

    I was so hot, I didn't even take the time to pull on a pair of briefs or an undershirt. When I walked into the Marriott lounge five minutes later, all I was wearing was a pair of tight slacks and a form-fitting sweater. My cock tented my pants obscenely, but there was nothing I could do about that.

    It was 9:30... a little early for the women to have made their selections for the night... so several unescorted women were in the club having a drink. I recognized all of them as real estate agents or owners of agencies who were attending the conference. However, I only knew one of the women reasonably well. Rita Garrison was sitting at the bar alone sipping a drink.

    I walked up to her and said, "May I join you, Rita?"

    At first, she glanced in the direction of the male voice with interest, but then she saw it was me and her smile faded. Things did not look hopeful, but doggedly, my painfully hard cock made me plunge ahead. "Well? Can I join you?"

    "Suit yourself, Stan."

    "Thank you. Now that you've let me get this far, may I buy you a drink?"

    Rita turned on the bar stool to face me. She was about 40, but still fantastically attractive with what I estimated to be firm 34C breasts, excellent complexion, beautiful face and a trim, sexy body. Rita immediately noticed my eyes lustfully roaming over her body. She got a surprised look on her face and finally said, "You're hitting on me, aren't you, Stan?"

    "Yes... I am. I hope I haven't offended you."

    "You haven't, but why?"

    "Have you looked in the mirror lately, Rita? You're gorgeous, fantastic body, beautiful face, engaging smile. Men must be hitting on you constantly at these conventions."

    "They have been... almost every guy at the convention who's not with his wife or girlfriend has hit on me, and several have been successful. But at the last two conventions before this one, I've come on to you several times, and you've turned me down every time."

    "Well, I have news for you, Stan. I've got feelings just like everyone else. That really, really hurts a woman's ego to invite a guy to share her bed and end up being turned down... not once, but several times. Now, here you are trying to pick me up. Frankly and honestly, I'm so damn mad at you that I doubt that I could even have an orgasm no matter how long you fucked me. Find some other woman. Get lost."

    "I guess I deserve that, Rita. I'm very sorry. I certainly didn't turn you down just to hurt your feelings. The fact was that at the time, my wife was totally faithful and a very conservative prude. I had tried for years to get her to loosen up and enjoy being a woman, but she absolutely refused. So, if Nancy was going to be a totally faithful wife, I felt I had to be an equally faithful husband. That's why I turned you down. I'm sorry. I'll leave you alone now. Have a nice evening, Rita."

    I got off the bar stool and turned to leave when Rita's voice stopped me. "Wait a minute, Stan. Sit back down for a moment."

    When I did, she said, "You know, most men stuck with a prudish, conservative wife would be so angry they would be banging every pussy they could find. But your response was to remain faithful. Wow! Hard to believe... So tell me, what changed? Why are you hitting on me now?"

    "Simple. She's no longer a faithful wife. A few months ago, she started dressing hot, teasing and flirting, and recently, fucking other men. Of course, I loved it and every thing is ten times better between us now than it ever was before. And tonight, she sent me a box of sexy presents via FedEx and my e-mail."

    "What do you mean by sexy presents?"

    I spent 15 minutes telling Rita about Nancy spending the evening with Al, about his huge cock, about him fucking her seven times, and all the things that were inside the FedEx box and on my e-mail. By the time I finished the story, Rita was squirming on the bar stool, licking her lips, and breathing deeply. Her sexy tits rose and fell with each breath.

    "Oh my god! That is beyond sexy... it's out of this world hot! And she ordered you not to masturbate or cum?"

    "Yeah. Several times. By the time I had read her letter, viewed all those hot photos, and gifs on my e-mail that showed Al fucking my wife's into nirvana with that monster cock of his, I was so hard I was in real pain. Nancy's letter told me to go to the lounge and find a sexy woman to take care of my problem. I hurt far too much to ignore her orders. So, I came here, saw you, and you know the rest."

    "So from now on, you intend to have fun at these conventions?" Rita asked with a sexy smile.

    "Oh yes. If I hadn't struck out with you, I was going to ask you to spend the rest of the week in my hotel room and going out on hot dates with me every night."

    "Give me two good reasons why I should forgive you and say yes."

    "That's easy. Here's reason number one." I put her hand on my iron-hard, throbbing erection. With no briefs on, the front of my pants was soaked with the precum flowing from my penis.

    "Oh FUCK! That's hard! And your pants are wet! Women get wet when they get excited but I've never seen that happen to a man."

    "No briefs... just these pants and I can't stop the precum lubrication from flowing out my dick I'm so hot and turned on."

    "Ooohhh... sooo sexy. How big is it?"

    "Usually seven and a half inches, but I'm so hot for a woman right now, it has to be closer to eight inches."

    Rita moaned and clutched her breast. I don't think she realized that she was even doing that right here in public. "The second reason you should say yes is that I desperately want you, and I intend to make you cum more times than you can count... tonight and every other night you'll spend with me."

    "Will you tell your wife?"

    "Absolutely. In fact, I thought we might call her while I'm fucking you. The two of you can compare notes."

    Rita's legs pressed tightly together and she almost doubled over on the bar stool. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Mmmmmm... Aaahhh... oh my god. I don't believe it," she moaned. "Ooohhh... Oooohhh Ooohhh fuck... fuck," she hissed under her breath. Her eyes opened wide in amazement as she stared at me.

    "I came. You made me cum and you haven't even touched me yet. Take me to your room and fuck my brains out, Stan. Hurry!"

    "Not so fast, Rita. I know you're not wearing a bra under that sexy top. Pull it up and show me your tits. I've wanted to see them even since the first time I saw you two years ago."

    She grinned at me. "I knew... I just knew that you'd be a hot, sexy, kinky stud. We'll compromise. I'll show you the bottom half now, the rest when you take me to your room."

    "Show me."

    She did and I almost shot off in my pants. She knew it, and she loved it. "Oh fuck. You're about to make me cum again."

    Although it was hard for me to believe, Rita seemed as anxious as I was. Once I had removed my shoes, she practically tore my sweater off of me and then jerked down my pants leaving me naked. As she pulled her top over her head, her tits jiggled enticingly. We both worked together to get her tight, form-fitting jeans over her thrusting ass and down her legs. She kicked off her heels, and we were both naked.

    "Lie down, Stud. I'm going to smother you with my cunt and see how well you eat pussy."

    Following her orders, I laid down and Rita quickly mounted my face. The sight of her wet, open cunt descending down onto my face and lips was deliciously erotic. I stabbed my tongue upward into her trench bringing a low-pitched moan of pleasure from her.

    "Oh fuck yes! Get your tongue on my clit and work it!"

    Her hips were grinding so furiously over my face and mouth that I had to hold her steady so I could get my mouth onto her engorged clitoris. When I located it, I quickly sucked it deep into my mouth and lashed its bloated shaft with my tongue

    "OOOohhhhhhhhhhh god! Suck meeeeeeeeee!" she howled.

    Lashing her throbbing hot button again and again, I had Rita on the naked edge of an intense orgasm in about five minutes. Just before she exploded all over my face, I lifted her pussy off my face and pulled my tongue away from her quivering clit.

    'Don't stop! Don't stop! Please... Don't stop, Lover. I'm about to cum! NO! NO! NO! Don't leave me like this... make me cum, Baby. Please... Please... get me off!" she wailed in the throes of hot sexual need.

    I lashed her turgid clit twice with my tongue. A high-pitched shriek of pleasure erupted from her lungs, but the sexual heat in her cries made her cries sound like they must have originated from her throbbing cunt. A third, slow swipe of my tongue up her pulsing clitoral shaft had Rita grunting and moaning, once more on the edge of an intense climax. Again, I stopped. She began to beg.

    Again, I stabbed her throbbing clit with the tip of my tongue. Her body went rigid as it prepared for the hard climax about to erupt. When she began to quiver, I pulled my face and tongue away from her swollen clitoris.

    "Oh god! You're torturing meeeee... Please. Let me cum, Stan... Please. I'm sorry I was so bitchy. You can fuck me anytime... I promise. Just let me cum... I can't stand this."

    Once more, I jerked her cunt down onto my face and rammed my tongue as far as possible into her hole. After giving her four rapid fuck strokes, I moved back to her pulsing clitoris. I could feel it throbbing crazily against my tongue. I knew it would only take a few more strokes to make it erupt in a convulsive orgasm. I ran my tongue up the side of her clit. Instantly, Rita went rigid. Her body began to shudder in hard spasms.

    When I simultaneously sucked her clit into my mouth and drove two fingers into her asshole, Rita exploded. Her vagina and clitoris both went into spastic convulsions causing her juices to flood over my face. She screeched and wailed as her hips thrust back and forth in a frantic effort to get even more friction on her throbbing clitoris. Each contraction of her vagina sent torrents of sexual fluids all over my face. When I finally lifted her pussy off my face and stared up into the pulsing cavern of her vagina, she was still ejaculating small spurts. With no penis to guide her ejaculations, her fluids covered my face, my chest, my arms... some even got into my hair.

    It took her a full minute to regain sufficient control. When she did, she groaned, "Ooohhh, Honey. That was out of this world fantastic. Oh fuck! Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?"

    "You really know how to inflate a guy's ego, Rita."

    "Right now, what I'm really interested in doing is deflating that iron-hard erection you've had all evening. Lie back, Stud. Rita's gonna suck the cum right out of your balls."

    "I should warn you that I'm so fucking hot now, I doubt that I'll be able to last a minute."

    "Don't worry about holding back, Honey. Just shoot me full of your hot load. As hot as you are, it won't take me five minutes to get you hard again, and then you can fuck my slutty ass off."

    Following orders, I laid back on the bed while Rita bent over my cock, took it in her hand and licked the head. I moaned as my dick throbbed wildly. When she took my rod into her mouth, I was looking straight up into her wet, open cunt. Even if I hadn't been right on the edge, the feel of her sucking mouth around my cock and sight of her dripping pussy right above my face would have had me cumming in record time.

    Rita sucked me in deep. I howled with pleasure and then howled even louder when she deep throated me. It seemed to me like I came almost instantly, but Rita later told me that I lasted a little less than two minutes. When I did cum, it was an explosion of sperm-filled semen that just blasted into her mouth.

    Some of the first two loads shot straight into her belly. She managed to swallow some more of it, but there was too much, too fast. Semen poured out of the corners of her mouth. As semen was spurting out the corners of her mouth, I ejaculated several more times. More and more semen covered her face and chin. Finally, I jerked her head off my still throbbing dick and shot the last three streams over her face and tits.

    "Oh fuck! What a load! Jezzzz... It felt like a cannon going off in my mouth!"

    I turned Rita around so that she was lying on my body, here spermy face close to mine. She was shocked when I kissed her passionately and then pressed my tongue inside her semen-filled mouth."

    "Oh Honey. Stop. You don't have to do that. I'm a total mess."

    "You are, and I love it." I kissed her again and this time, she kissed me back with passion as we shared my semen.

    After all the semen had been cleaned off her face, she moaned, "I've never had a guy do that before. I just loved it... it was so erotic and so kinky. I hope you liked it as much as I did. OOohhhh Baby, you can shoot off in my mouth any time you want."

    "That's the most erotic invitation I've ever had, but I need your pussy now. I really need to fuck you, Rita."

    Glancing down at my still rigid dick, she gasped, "My god. After that monster load you shot into me, you're still hard. Can I ride it? Please let me ride it the first time."

    "Get on it, Rita, but spread your legs wide so I can see it sinking into your pussy."

    "Oh yes ! I want that too. I want you see your hard cock sinking into me... stretching me open and disappearing into my cunt."

    Rita planted her feet far outside my hips and slowly lowered her pussy over my rigidly erect cock. Taking it in her hand, she swabbed the head through her trench to wet it and then took the head and another inch or two up her cunt.

    "Ooohhh shit. Your pussy feels like a tight, wet, hot, velvet glove on my dick, Rita. Lower your pussy, Honey. Take all of it."

    She gave me a wicked grin. "You made me wait when you sucked my pussy, Honey. Now, I'm in control and you have to wait." She squeezed my shaft with her vaginal muscles and rotated her hips but didn't take me inside her any deeper.

    For five minutes, she kept me on edge... teasing and torturing me by letting her pussy slide all the way down my cock, but then when she felt me throbbing hard, she would raise her lips until only two inches were still in her cunt. Again and again, she brought me right to edge and then backed off.

    "Oh god. Fuck my dick, you teasing Witch. Please. Let me cum in you."

    "Do you promise to pump a huge load up my pussy, Honey? Fill me really full?"

    "OH PLEASE. FUCK MY COCK. LET ME CUM!" I screamed.

    "Would you like to be able to see your cock in my cunt when you fill me with your load, Lover?" All I could manage was a strangled moan.

    "I think that means yes." Rita quickly reversed her position so that she was riding me reverse cowgirl. Bending over toward my feet, she hissed, "Do you like this view of your cock sinking into my pussy, Lover?"

    "Love it!" I groaned.

    "So do I. I'm going to lean over your legs, Honey. My pussy's all yours. Fuck me like a whore and shoot it in. FUCK AND SHOOT, Baby!!" She rammed her hips down and frantically pounded up and down on my shaft. I erupted inside her cunt within seconds. Jet after jet of thick, hot semen filled her and then spurted out between her lips and pumping cock.

    I must have ejaculated seven or eight times before I was shooting blanks and finally stopped thrusting into her. She collapsed over my legs. I could still feel her vagina pulsing around my semi-hard dick.

    When I finally managed to catch my breath, I slipped out of her and moved downward until my face was once again between Rita's thighs and my mouth over her pussy. She tried to push me away.

    "Stop, Honey. I'm a total mess down there. You don't have to do that."

    I ignored her protests and let my tongue slip between her labia and then over her swollen clit. Her ass arched off the bed, and a hot hiss of pleasure spewed from her open mouth. When I sucked her clit, the swollen organ began to contract in hard spasms, and Rita began shrieking with the intensity of her climax.

    Five minutes later, she was still wailing and screeching. "UUnnngghhh... ooohhh fuck... stop... Stop... STOP! You're driving me crazy, Stan... aaaahhhh... fuckkk.. can't take this.... ooohh... ooohhh oooohhhh... cumming... oohhh god, I'm cumming again... don't stop...don't stop... Don't Stop, you hot Stud... Suck Meeee!!"

    After pleasuring her for another five minutes, I finally rolled onto my back beside her. For several minutes, I felt Rita's body continuing to tremble in the aftermath of her series of intense orgasms. After regaining some control, she pressed her breasts into my chest and cuddled against me. "Oh Honey, that was marvelous. That's another first for me... two in one evening with one guy."

    We were both quiet for a bit as I slowly recovered. Rita speeded my recovery a lot when I felt her hand caressing my now semi-hard prick. "Mmmmmm... you're getting hard again," she moaned. "Next time, I want to be on my back with my feet up on your shoulders and you fucking my ass deep into the mattress. Did you really mean it when you said we could call your wife while we're fucking?"

    "Yeah. I meant it. Would you like to do that?"

    "MMMmmm... I would love it. I've heard a lot of stories about women talking to their husbands while they're being fucked by a lover, but never the other way around. That thought is so sexy and kinky, it has me hot just thinking about it."

    "Ok. I'll call and talk to Nancy first... then I'll give you the phone and you can talk to her. All right?"

    "Oh god... I'm going to be talking to your wife while you're fucking me... I can't believe it. That'll be still another first for me... three in one night... all with you. I can hardly bare to wait."

    "Then why wait?" Rita grinned and got on her back with her legs raised, knees bent. I moved into her sex saddle and hoisted her feet up onto my shoulders. Her wet, stretched pussy gaped open... an inviting target for my reawakened cock. My hips snapped forward. The cock head hit her hole dead center, and my entire length sank into her. We both groaned.

    As I slowly moved my cock back and forth in Rita's pussy, I hit the speed dial on my cell. On the second ring, I heard Nancy voice. "Hi, Honey. Did you like my presents?"

    "Loved them. I just absolutely loved them."

    "Did they get you hard and hot," she asked with a giggle.

    "Like iron, you hot slut."

    More giggling. "And did you disobey me and jack off?"


    "Really? I didn't think you'd be able to resist. So did you go down to the lounge?"

    "What other choice did I have. You had me so hard with your presents, I couldn't have resisted even if I had wanted to."

    Now my wife laughed. "And did you have any luck, Honey?"

    At that point, Rita, who had been listening on the speaker phone, groaned loudly, "OOohhhhh fuck that big cock into me, Honey... Harder... OOohhh fuck. I'm gonna cum again."

    "Oh yes! It sounds like you did get lucky. Who is she?"

    "She's a real estate agent. Her name's Rita. Here, I'll let you talk to her."

    "Hi Nancy."

    "Oh yes. He's fucking me hard. This is the third time this evening. Your sexy husband has already made me cum a dozen times... and... aaaahhhh... uuunngghh... Oooohh shit... he's really pounding it into me."

    "On my back... my feet are up on his shoulders."


    "You're kidding?"

    "Who is it?"

    "That's so hot... sooo sexy.""AAahhh just a minute... I'm about to cum... ooohh oohh oohh... cumming.... I'm cumming!"

    "Oh fuck yes... do it now. Stan's shooting in me.... Ohhh god... me too... I'm cumming again... mmmmmmm..."

    Abruptly, Rita broke the phone connection and groaned, "Shoot me full, Stud. Ram meeeeeeeee... I'm cumming with you."

    Later, as Rita and I was relaxing naked in the hot tub, I asked, "What was that conversation you had with my wife all about anyway?"

    "Sex, Honey. Just girls talking about sex."

    "Yeah, I know that. But still, it sounded sort of strange."

    "It did? Why? What was so strange about it? It was incredibly hot to be talking on the phone while getting fucked."

    "Yeah, I understand, but at one point, you said something like... 'You're kidding... who is it?' or something similar to that. What was that all about?"

    "Fucking, Honey. Just hot, sensuous fucking. You fucking me and Larry fucking your wife."

    "My wife was being fucked while you talking to her?"

    "She was. We were both getting our hot pussies plowed by two hot studs at the same time. Isn't that just incredibly hot. I loved it. By the way, who is Larry? One of your friends? A stranger? Nancy said he has a huge dick."


    On Wednesday morning, I decided it was time to find out something about that blond slut, Cora. Most importantly, I needed to find out if she was still after my husband, and if he was seeing her behind my back.

    Since finding the second letters and photos, I had found nothing further, so it appeared that Stan had lost interest in her now that he had the kind of wife he had been dreaming about for years upon years. But I knew that I couldn't be certain of that. The woman was sensuous and gorgeous... so much so, I could certainly understand why Stan or any man would want to fuck the hot bitch.

    It was pretty obvious that the place to start was Stan's computer. As a real estate agency owner, he was entitled to have an office-in-home, which he did. The computer in that home office was clearly the best starting point.

    Although, Stan kept his computer secure, I had discovered, while cleaning his office two years previously, where he kept his hidden note about his password. Stan always used a high-order security on his passwords so they would be nearly impossible to break, but the flip side of that security is that such passwords are easily forgotten. Therefore, he needed a backup in case he forgot. I knew where he kept that backup for both his computer and his e-mail account.

    A few minutes after sitting down at his desk, I was logged on to his computer and had replaced his hidden note as I had found it. A search of Stan's correspondence turned up no information about Cora. I was somewhat shocked.

    Next, I logged into his e-mail account. I had to smile when I saw the sexy gifs files of Al fucking me. I wished I could have seen my husband's face when he opened those files... more to the point, I wished I could have seen how hard his cock had gotten. For thirty minutes, I examined every stored e-mail message without finding any information about Cora.

    "Shit!" I said aloud. "He must keep everything on his computer in his agency office."

    As a last chance effort, I decided to check to see if Stan and Cora communicated using a web page at which they left messages. If that was the case, the URL was probably book marked under "Favorites" on his web browser. I opened his browser and began checking every URL he had book marked.

    On the fifth try, I found something interesting. It wasn't what I expected to find by any means, but it was "interesting", to say the least. When I clicked on the URL, a web page came up whose heading was "Welcome to Cora Latour's Hot Site". When I scrolled down, I found two dozen revealing photos of Cora Latour along with the usual sales pitch that for the next month you could join her site for the special rate of only $9.95 per month. It was obvious that Cora Latour, or whatever her name really is, was the same Cora in the photos I had found in my husband's jacket pocket.

    This discovery made very little sense since the Cora Latour on the internet site lived in California thousands of miles away. There was no way she could possibly be after my husband. In addition, there were the hand written letters that were clearly in a woman's handwriting.

    As understanding slowly dawned on me, I had to smile. My husband was not only a sexy man, he was also a very clever one... even if he was devious. I picked up the phone and dialed Gail's number.

    "So what's the problem that's so urgent?" Gail Largo asked after she had poured us both a cup of coffee.

    "There's no problem, Gail... just a little bit of mystery to clear up. You remember that sexy bitch Cora who was trying to get my husband to leave me and enjoy himself in her bed? Remember the photos? Big titted, hot, blond-headed slut?"

    "I remember them very well. But I think the changes you've made in your attitude toward sex has more than shot Cora out of the water, so to speak. Stan is walking around on air over the new you."

    "Well, I'm sure of that too, but then again, I don't think Cora was ever "in the water", so to speak. You see, I just discovered that woman in the photos I found in my husband's jacket pocket and a Cora Latour, who is a sexy pornstar from California, are the same woman. The photos in my husband's jacket came from her web site. And I'm quite sure that as sexy and as sensuous as Stan is, Cora Latour has never met him, much less spent time trying to seduce him into her bed."

    Gail grinned, "Well, I bet you're relieved over that. So what's the mystery you spoke of?"

    "The photos were accompanied by letters from "Cora". The letters were in a woman's handwriting. The thing that really got to me was that the handwriting seemed familiar, but I couldn't place it. After all, remembering what someone else's handwriting looks like isn't something that we can usually remember, is it?"

    "No, not usually," Gail replied, still grinning.

    "But now I do remember. You wrote those letters, you devious slut," I charged, but with a smile.

    "Guilty as charged, I'm afraid. Are you angry?"

    "No. It's pretty hard to be angry when all of this has made my life ten times as much fun as it was before I found "Cora's" letters. But I would like to know why and how it all happened?"

    "The how is easy. Stan is a very smart man. He realized that the only chance he had to change your attitude toward sex was to make you think that you were in danger of losing him. So he came up with the idea of making you jealous and fearful of losing him by using photos of a gorgeous woman that he would let you "accidentally" discover. But he also knew that the photos alone wouldn't be enough. He needed letters from a woman who was apparently trying to seduce him. But even here, he was smart. He wanted the letters to make it clear that he was trying to resist, but it was very hard because you were so unbending in your attitude toward sex. That would give you a much stronger incentive to change."

    "It was clever. I have to admit it. But why you? I didn't even think Stan liked you very much."

    "You were wrong about that, Nancy. Stan liked me a lot. It was you who wouldn't speak to me, remember?"

    "Yeah, I do. I'm really sorry about that."

    "We've already discussed this. Forget it. It's water under the bridge. Everyone makes mistakes. Anyway, after Stan told me about his plan and asked me to write the letters, I was eager to help him. We both figured that you would seek my advice and we could renew our friendship, which I really missed. And in return, I would advise you to do what Stan wanted you to do, and what I knew you would love doing once you tried it. The rest is history... right?"

    "Yeah. It is. But I still don't see why Stan thought of you in the first place."

    "Stan's a very sexy man, Honey. And I'm a very nice looking, sexy woman. We've wanted each other for a long time, but because you were my friend and Stan always felt the need to be faithful since you wouldn't bend an inch, we've never had each other, but we've always wanted to."

    "I'm beginning to get the picture."

    "Only part of it, Nancy. There's another part. Martin has wanted to fuck you for years. Stan knew that, just like Martin knew that Stan wanted to fuck me. The three of us figured that this was a chance for all four of us to win big time. Frankly, I think it worked. Did it?"

    "When will Martin get home from work?"

    "I'll called him right after you said you were coming over to talk about Cora. He's waiting for you in the master bedroom."

    Turning my back to Gail, I hissed, "Unzip me, you devious Slut."

    "Mmmmmmmmmm... oh yes! Can I watch?"

    It was 7 PM, my plane was 10 minutes away from landing, and I still didn't understand Nancy's phone call that morning. For some reason, she had told me that she was going to be too busy to come to the airport to meet me, but I didn't need to worry because she had made arrangements for someone else to give me a ride home. When I had asked what was going to be keeping her busy, she had said she needed to take care of things that had been neglected far too long... whatever the hell that meant.

    As soon as I cleared the security area of the airport, I saw Gail waiting for me wearing an ultra-short mini-skirt, luscious 4-inch CFM heels, and a blouse that exposed over half of her gorgeous tits. She was smiling at me, and I had a pretty good idea who was going to be driving me home.

    "Did it work?" I asked after I had kissed her passionately.

    "Like a charm, Honey. Like a charm. Come on. I'm so hot, I'm about to melt."

    After we picked up my luggage, we walked eagerly to her car with her tits pressed against my arm all the way there. "You drive, Honey," she said handing me the keys.


    "Because, Lover. I'm going to be very busy showing off my legs, tits and pussy to you on the way home so you'll be hard as stone and ready to fuck my ass off as soon as we get there. I've waited long enough for you, and I don't want to wait another extra minute."

    "Well, that does sound fantastic, Gail, but what about Nancy?"

    "Martin's fucking her right now. Don't worry about your wife... just shut up and drive."

    Before I got the car started, Gail already had her blouse off and her tits out. As soon as I cleared the parking lot and paid the parking fee, she tossed her skirt into the back seat, and spread her legs with her panty-covered pussy facing me. For the first half of the drive, Gail rubbed her crotch and hefted her tits for me. During the last half, her panties were on the floor board, and she was finger fucking her hot hole and rubbing her engorged clit. When I pulled into our driveway, my cock was hard as steel.

    I was mounted on Gail and had her knees pressed into the mattress several inches outside of her bouncing tits. Her heels were jerking back and forth in the air each time I rammed my cock into her upturned and waiting cunt. We were both grunting and moaning on every delicious stroke.

    As I pounded her ass deep into the mattress, from the doorway to our bedroom, Nancy yelled, "Give it to her, Honey. Fuck the hot Bitch's cunt!"

    "Speaking of a hot cunt, I think I'll fuck yours right now... right beside them," Martin growled as he tossed my naked wife onto the bed with us. A moment later, an equally naked Martin mounted her and nailed a thick cock into her cunt. For the next ten minutes, the excited cries of two women and the hot grunts of two men filled the room as four female legs flailed wildly in the air.

    "I'm cumming inside your wife's cunt hole," Martin yelled.

    "Go for it, Man. Shoot it in her!" I screamed.

    "Stan's cumming in my pussy, Martin... Cum in Nancy's!" Gail moaned as her vagina convulsed around my erupting cock.

    A half hour later, after the women had sucked our cocks back to life, we switched partners, and I mounted my wife. Nancy spread her legs to receive my cock, and as I slide into her spermy depths, she whispered, "Welcome home, Darling."

    I fucked her steadily until she was about to cum. "I'm almost there, Baby. Pump it to your hot wife hard and make her cum," she gasped.

    Suddenly I realized that I had no idea where our son Carl was. "My god! I forgot all about Carl," I said in a near panic.

    "Don't worry about Carl," Nancy moaned. "He's over at Larry's house fucking Glenda. Just worry about your hot wife, Darling. I need to cum... Fuck me, Lover. Don't ever stop fucking me."


    Story written by RLM. If you have comments, please send them to

    [email protected]
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