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. To Catch a Cheating Husband

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Sep 29, 2017.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    To Catch a Cheating Husband

    By RLM]

    There were five couples at Mary's party plus one third wheel, me. Actually, I was surprised that I was even here. When Drew's bimonthly inspection trip to the firm's eastern sales area had been moved up a week, I had called Mary to tell her that we needed to cancel since my husband would be out of town. But Mary was having none of that.

    "What in the hell has Drew's inspection trip got to do with your coming to the party?" she had demanded to know. "Are you supposed to become a recluse just because he's out of town? Get with it, Girl. I damn well expect you here, and I expect you to have a great time without your husband... in fact, I expect you to have an even better time than if he were here."

    "What is that supposed to mean?"

    "Just what it sounds like, Kati. With no husband looking over your shoulder, you're free to flirt outrageously with all the other men. You should have a blast."

    "And your husband, Ron? Am I also free to flirt outrageously with that handsome hunk?"

    "Absolutely. You keep him busy and out of my way so I can flirt with the other men at the party. Speaking of other men... I guess you know that Darren has the hots for you."

    "Darren? You mean Darren Elliott? Marcia's husband?"

    "Who else? Now there's a real hunk, as you put it."

    "That doesn't make any sense, Mary. Marcia is drop-dead gorgeous. She makes me look like a boy. Why would Darren have the hots for any other woman when he has Marcia?"

    "I don't believe what I'm hearing! I would have sworn that you were in your late 20s. I had no idea you were still a teenage girl."

    "What in the hell are you talking about, Mary? I'm 28."

    "I know you're 28, but asking why a man would be interested in a woman other than his wife when his wife is beautiful sounds like a question a 13-year old girl might ask. Men like variety, haven't you heard? For that matter, so do women."

    "Well, maybe. But I'm sure that Darren doesn't have the hots for me."

    "You're sure about that, are you? Why would you think that Darren is any different than Drew?"

    "Drew? You mean my husband?"

    "He's the only 'Drew' that I know, Honey."

    "Are you saying that Drew has the hots for other women?"

    "Oh come on, Kati. Your husband is on the road away from home 7 to 10 days a month, every month. Do you think he just sits alone in a hotel room 7 to 10 evenings a month watching TV? He's a sexy looking guy, or haven't you noticed?"

    "I know he's sexy... very sexy. And I don't think he's out chasing women."

    "Ok... Ok. Look, Kati. You're my friend. If you say he's not chasing, then he's not chasing. End of story. You will be at the party won't you?"

    "Sure, I'll be there. I might even flirt a little," I said with a laugh. Then, in a more serious vein, I asked, "Mary, do you have any reason to think my husband is running around on me or was that just talk to get me to come to the party?"

    In an equally serious tone, Mary replied, "Mostly just talk, Kati. Some of the women have been talking, but it's just speculation on their part, I think."

    "What are they saying?"

    "Just that Drew is a sexy-looking stud and they can't believe he's not banging women in every place he visits... that sort of thing. Just gossip... no facts. Don't worry about it. You know more about your husband than anyone else."


    I was sure I did know more about Drew than any of the other women, so I had taken Mary's advice. And I had also come to the party just as I had promised. When I was getting dressed earlier in the evening, I kept thinking about my statement to Mary that I might just flirt a little. I had to admit to myself that the thought of some harmless, sexy flirting was sort of exciting. In the end, those thoughts had persuaded me to put my conservative blouse and slacks back into the closet and select something more appropriate to flirting.

    At first, I took out the micro-mini skirt I had bought for slut wear when Drew and I went on vacation a year ago to Cancun. After I had it on and looked at my reflection in the mirror, I was shocked to see how short it was. It just barely covered my ass. One-half inch less and my ass cheeks would have been on display. I could hardly believe that I had actually worn this outfit in Cancun. If I wore this to the party, I would probably be gang raped... or maybe gang banged would be a better term.

    I was laughing when I returned the micro-mini to the closet. In its place, I took out a tight, red dress that I had bought a month or so back for evening wear. The hemline was several inches lower than the micro-mini, but even so, the V-neck exposed not just a little cleavage.

    I was still undecided, but finally I thought, "Well, if I'm going flirt a little, I'll need a little bait to attract the fish." I was still laughing at that thought when I left the house for the party.


    By 10 PM, it was obvious that I really hadn't needed to worry about "bait". All six husbands had, at one point or another, flirted with me in some way. Rusty Randle had brought me a cup of punch and just stared at me. If I intended to flirt, this was as good a time as any, I thought.

    "Like what you see, Rusty?"

    "Oh my god, yes! You look fabulous in that red dress. It looks like it's sprayed on."

    I kept a straight face even though his remark had made my pussy throb in a sudden, hard spasm. "It's supposed to look like that. I'm glad you like it."

    Not more than 10 minutes later, I caught Art Walton staring at my exposed thighs as I sat on the couch with my legs crossed. He looked away quickly... typical response of some men when a woman catches them looking, but a few minutes later he couldn't resist looking again. This time I had my dress hiked even further up my thighs, and I was smiling at him when he looked.

    At first, the poor guy didn't know what to do. I helped solve his problem by recrossing my legs in the opposite direction giving him an excellent view of my panties in the process. Of course, with my legs open, my dress rode even higher on my thighs. I saw the bulge in his pants growing and a moment later, he hurried off before he embarrassed himself even more.

    Gary Frawley told me that if I were his wife, he'd never go off and leave me alone. "Why," I asked in my most innocent voice.

    "First, because I couldn't bear to be away from such a gorgeous woman and secondly, because I would be afraid another man would steal you away from me before I got back." After he said that, it was my turn to blush and feel embarrassed. I couldn’t suppress my sharp intake of breath when he leaned closer and whispered, “Your tits are beyond belief. Pull your top down enough so I can see your nipples.”

    “Here? I can’t go that, Gary,” I whispered back.

    “Please… just a little. I can’t believe how hard you’ve gotten me.”

    My vagina throbbed hard when he said that, and before I knew it, I was pulling the top of my dress down enough to expose my nipples. Gary clutched his groin and moaned. I knew I should cover myself, but he was so turned on, I just let him stare. Finally, my brain began to work again, and I covered myself.

    My outfit was certainly attracting male attention, but I was
    shocked to find myself using a lot more
    “bait” than I had intended.

    Just when I had concluded that my "harmless" flirting had gotten out of hand, Darren Elliott approached me. “Hi, Sexy. You know you’re the hottest woman here. I saw your legs and panties when you showed them to Art, but I’ve been told that Gary got to see that gorgeous tits. I feel left out. Show me what you showed Gary.”

    “I shouldn’t have done that,” I whispered.

    “How did it make you feel?”

    “Like a slut… but an excited slut,” I admitted.

    “Come on. Be an excited slut again for me.”

    Having let Gary see my tits, I couldn’t think of an excuse to refuse Darren. Again, I pulled my dress down, this time taking the bra along with my dress. Both of my breasts jiggled erotically as the swung free.

    “My god, you’re drop dead gorgeous. Open your legs again.”

    “You’ve already seen my panties.”

    “Open your legs!”

    Once more, I couldn’t think of an excuse since I had done it for Art.

    Darren’s crotch bulged outward as his penis surged to full erection. Acutely embarrassed, I again covered myself. “That’s enough. Obviously, I’ve had too much to drink.”

    "Time for the beautiful, unescorted lady to dance." With that preamble, he took my arm and led me out onto the patio where the Lufkin's hi-fi was playing slow dance music. Earlier, several couples had been dancing, but at the moment, we were alone.

    I started to protest, but Darren ignored me and pulled me into his arms. After a few moments, we were slowly moving to the music as his body pressed firmly against mine. My 34DD breasts were mashed against his chest, something that he certainly didn't mind, and I could feel the bulge in his pants pressing against my mound, something that I knew I should mind, but didn't.

    "MMmmmmm... you feel marvelous, Kati. Just marvelous." He pressed us even more tightly together.

    "Don't. Please."


    "I'm married. So are you."

    "We're just dancing, Kati. Mary was dancing with several of the other men earlier. You saw her."

    "I don't think it was this close."

    "You saw her. You know very well it was... maybe even closer. Besides, you like dancing like this. I can tell. Isn't that the truth?"

    "Yes... I like it, but I shouldn't."

    "Why? Drew is probably doing the same thing right now with another lady."

    "No. I don't think so," I stammered as Darren's hand moved below my waist onto the swell of my buttocks. I knew I should stop him, but for some reason, I didn't.

    "You husband is a handsome, very sexy guy. I don't think he's spending his evenings alone 7 to 10 nights a month. Do you?"

    "You're just saying that. You don't really know that."

    "True, but I’m pretty certain. There’s talk... by the women and by some of the people in Drew's firm, and Drew doesn’t deny it.”

    "That's just talk. Doesn't mean anything."

    "Probably not, but I still love dancing with you in any case. I would love to do more." Darren's hand moved even lower on my ass. Slowly, as we danced, he moved it in sensuous circles about my ass letting his fingers trace up and down between my cheeks

    He was getting me hot... really hot, but it did feel so erotic... so sensuous. Then I felt his fingers on my leg moving up under my dress.

    Jerking back out of his embrace, "NO! I'm sorry, but no." With that, I turned and walked rapidly back into the house leaving Darren with what I knew was now a very hard erection.

    As I poured myself another glass of the spiked punch (I needed it), Mary came up and said softly, "That's probably the first time Darren's ever been left standing alone on a dance floor with his big erection sticking out."

    "You saw?"

    "Of course... we all saw. We were... eh... sort of spying on the two of you. Someone even suggested a betting pool as to whether or not Darren would bed you tonight."

    "Who's we?"

    "Me, Leana, and Susan. Both Leana and Susan were betting that he would."

    "And you?"

    "I know you pretty well. I took the other side and won five bucks from each of them. Frankly, I wasn't sure I had made a good bet. Darren is a real stud and considering that Drew is probably doing the same thing... well, as I say, I wasn't sure."

    "Everyone keeps saying that Drew is cheating on me. There's no evidence or indication of that. Why does everyone keep saying that?"

    "There are rumors from some of the other people at Drew's firm, and it just natural for a man as sexy as Drew to seek some female companionship when he's alone as much as he is. I’m certain, and I think your are as well, that he wouldn’t any problems bedding just about any woman he wanted.”

    "Well, I don't believe it!"

    "I hope you're right, but right now let's you and I do a little sexy spying ourselves."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Darren just took Leana Wellon out to the patio to dance. She was already hot from watching the two of you. I don't think he's gonna encounter a lot of resistance. Come on. Let's watch. We can get a very good view from the study."

    "But where's Leana's husband Art? I know he's here somewhere. He was staring up my dress earlier."

    "Yeah, I know. And I saw you flashing your panties at the poor guy. Naughty ... naughty. Anyway, he's been putting away that spiked punch for two hours now. The last time I saw him, he was in the den feeling no pain and talking with Ron. Come on. Are we going to watch or not?"

    "Lead the way," I whispered feeling my panties getting wet again.


    Darren had wasted little time on preliminaries once he had Leana out on the patio and in his arms. Their feet were moving slightly with the music, but to conclude that they were dancing would have required a gross stretch of the imagination. Leana's hips and ass were doing much more moving than her feet as Darren ground his rigid erection hard against her mound. If it were possible to imagine Leana being screwed while fully clothed and standing up, that would have been a better description of what was happening on the patio than to say there was a couple out there dancing.

    "Oh god... look at him hump her," Mary whispered in my ear.

    "Do you think they're going to do it right there on the patio?"

    "Probably. It certainly looks like it."

    "But what if Art wanders out onto the patio to check on his wife," I asked still stunned that it could be happening.

    "I don't think he will, but if he does, my guess is that he will turn quickly and walk away. Art's not the type to create a huge scene in public. Look at that!" Mary hissed as she pointed toward the couple.

    When I looked through the study window out onto the patio, the intake of my breath was easily audible. Darren now had Leana's dress unzipped and lowered to her waist. Either she hadn't worn a bra or he had removed it when I wasn't watching because both of tits were now naked. As big as they were, my guess was that Darren had just removed it. Their feet had now stopped moving entirely as he hefted one of Leana's tits and sucked hard on her nipple. She had her eyes closed and appeared to be moaning, which didn't surprise me in the least. I can't keep from moaning when my nipples are sucked like that.

    "That is so incredibly erotic," I whispered to Mary. "I think you're right. He's going to fuck her right there on the patio."

    "You know that could have been you getting it, Kati, if you had just relaxed a little and not been so damn up tight. Darren would have loved getting your big tits out like that."

    "I know... I know, but I couldn't do that. I'm married."

    "So is Leana. Just watch how much she's going to love it when Darren sticks his huge dick into her pussy. You would have loved it just as much."

    I moaned at the thought as I watched Darren pull Leana's skirt up to her waist exposing her blue panties that were sunk deeply into her crack and pussy slit. Over half of her buttocks were exposed. "Ohhh fuck! Look at him working on her ass now. Leana really has a sexy ass."

    "Does it turn you on?" Mary asked with a sly grin.

    "It does when I see a man playing with it right out in the open like they are. Does it excite you?"

    "My panties are soaked. Are yours?"

    "Oh yes. Totally. Oh my god... look. He's taking off her dress right there in public. She's going to be naked except for her panties," I hissed in Mary's ear.

    "And you can bet that he's not going to let her keep her panties on very much longer."

    "Do you think we're the only ones spying on them?"

    "Are you kidding, every guy except Ron and all the women are watching. The guys are probably making bets as to which position Leana's going to be in when Darren's cock first sinks into her."

    "Where's Art?"

    "Still in the den with Ron keeping him busy. Darren's going to owe him big time."

    "How's he going to pay him?"

    "My guess is that Ron's going to be banging Marcia some time this coming week... maybe several times. Look! Leana's going to suck him!"

    As we watched, Leana knelt in front of Darren, unzipped his jeans, and extracted his huge cock. I was stunned when I saw it's size... long, thick, and hard... really HARD!"

    "Think that cock would have made you cum, Honey?" Mary asked.

    All I could do was nod as I watched in total fascination as Leana's mouth closed over the first three inches of Darren's cock. A moment later, her cheeks hollowed... sucking hard. Her hand moved up and down the rest of the shaft as he thrust half of his rod in and out of the brunette's mouth.

    "Jezz... look at the size of that thing!" I moaned as my hand moved beneath my skirt to my crotch. When I looked over at Mary, I saw that she also her hand at her crotch rubbing herself frantically.

    She saw me watching her masturbate and moaned, "I can't help it. It's just too damn hot!"

    "I can't either. I'm doing the same thing!"

    As Mary's hand moved faster over her panties pressing them hard against her throbbing clit just as I was doing, she groaned, "Don't you feel silly, Kati? You're frigging your clit like crazy instead of having Darren's big cock pleasuring you."

    "I hadn't thought about it like that." My hand was now under my panties on my clit while two fingers pumped my excited vagina.

    "You should, you hot Slut. It's stupid to masturbate when you could be getting laid like Leana. Look, he's taking off her panties."

    "And he's bending her over... oh god!"

    "That should be you bent over."

    "Yessssssssss... God... it's going in! How can she take that?"

    "Couldn't you?"

    "Yessss... ohhhh... YES! He’s fucking her… gawd look that huge dick stretching her pussy!”

    Mary and I continued to masturbate furiously as we watched the hot blonde ride Darren’s cock after which he put her on her back and screwed her missionary.
    All the time he was fucking Leana, I imagined
    that I was the woman taking that huge cock.

    Phone Calls:

    The next morning, Drew called me as I was sitting down to have breakfast alone.

    "Hi, Sexy. Having breakfast now?"

    "Yes... all alone. I'm lonesome... really lonely. I wish you were here."

    "If I were, what would you do?"

    "I'd rape you."

    "Damn, I can hardly wait for this site visit to end."

    "When will you be coming home?"

    "Not until Wednesday. It's going to take a couple of days longer than I expected."

    "I need you, Honey."

    "Not any more than I need you, Kati."

    "Really? I bet you've got several women taking care of you."

    "You know better than that."

    "I suppose, but I'm really horny. I went to a party at Mary's last night."


    "And Mary and I spied on Leana Wellon while Darren was fucking her out on the patio."

    "You're shitting me, right?"

    "No. It's the truth. He screwed her while Mary and I watched from the study. I think some of the others were watching her get it too."

    "And that got you hot and horny, didn't it?"

    "Oh god yes. I know we shouldn't have been watching but it was so hot! You can't imagine."

    "Oh yes I can! I'm hard as stone thinking about what you must have seen. Leana is a sexy woman."

    "Sexier than me?"

    "NO WAY!"

    "Good. Please hurry home."


    Around 8 PM that evening, I was more lonely than ever. Wanting to at least hear my husband's voice, I called his hotel room. There was no answer. "Shit," I thought. "He must be having a late dinner."

    At 9 PM, I called his room again with the same result... no answer. At 10 PM, I repeated the call... no answer. I tried his cell phone but got no answer. Finally, around 11:30 PM, Drew picked up when his phone rang. "Where the hell have you been? I've been calling since 8 PM this evening."

    "Why? Is something wrong. Are you ok?"

    "I just wanted to hear your voice. Where were you?"

    "I got tired of sitting around the hotel, Darling, so I went to a movie. Afterwards, I stopped for a hamburger. I just got in when you called."

    "What did you see? Was it any good?"

    "The Happening."

    "Was it any good?"

    "Yeah. I enjoyed it. If you really wanted to talk to me, why didn't you call my cell phone?"

    "I did, but you didn't answer that either."

    "Oh shit! You're right. I see my cell phone lying on the desk. I forgot to take it with me. I really sorry, Honey."

    For the next 15 minutes we chatted and toward the end, Drew asked me what I was doing. When I told him I had my vibrator inside my pussy getting off on the sound of his voice, we ended up having phone sex. Not as good as the real thing, but a lot better than nothing.


    On Monday evening, I called Drew's hotel room around 9 PM. Again, he was out. "Well, that's not a problem as long as he's got his cell phone," I thought. Using the quick-dial, I had his cell ringing within a minute. He answered on the third ring.

    "Hi, Beautiful. I see you remembered to call my cell this time."

    "I did. Where are you?"

    "I'm with Leroy Hawkins. He's the top sales rep in the area. He invited me over to his house for a beer so I wouldn't have to spend another night alone."

    "What are you guys doing? Talking about women, I bet."

    "We're mixing it up... first women, then business, then sports, and then back to women."

    "Are you talking about me?"

    "Some... hard not to when we're talking about women."

    "What have you told him?"

    "I'll tell you when I get home."

    "No. Tell me now."

    "I told him you're a great wife."

    "A great wife or a great piece of ass?"

    "Come on, Kati. You know better than that."

    "Yeah. Ok. I'm just hot and horny. Tell Leroy that your wife is hot and horny and needs to be fucked."

    "No way."

    "Yes. Tell him... please. Just thinking about you telling him that is going to get me off and I need to get off."

    "All right, but no complaining later on."

    When I broke the connection, I was both hot and worried. Hot because I hadn't been screwed for over a week. Worried because in the background I could hear bed springs squeaking and what I thought was a woman's voice... she was moaning like she was being fucked.

    I was still thinking about the sounds I had heard over the phone when another sound interrupted my thoughts. It was the front door chimes. When I looked through the spy hole on the door, I saw a smiling Darren Elliott standing on my front porch. As horny as I was, I wasn't at all shocked when my pussy throbbed at the sight of him. He was male... what more was needed.

    Opening the door, I said, "Hi, Darren. Drew's not home."

    "I know he's not home. That's why I'm here. Can I come in?"

    "I'm not sure that's a good idea," I said , but that was my brain thinking, not my cunt.

    "Of course it is. It's a great idea. Open the door. We can at least chat and have a drink."

    My cunt took over the thinking, and I opened the door. As soon as he walked across the threshold, he pulled me close and moved to kiss me. At the last moment, I turned my head and all he got was my cheek.

    "Oh come on, Kati. You can do better than that. Considering the way you teased me on the dance floor at the party, the least you can do is give me a kiss.

    I was still trying to decide when Darren again took me in his arms, turned my head toward his, and kissed me full on the lips, his mouth open... his tongue pressing... seeking entrance. He was already hard, and he made certain I knew it by pressing it firmly against my mound as his lips worked over mine.

    With my cunt still doing the thinking, my mouth opened to admit his tongue. It entered and explored my mouth thoroughly before moving sensuously over my tongue. At the same time, his hands moved to my ass and pulled my mound hard against his thrusting erection. In moments, my vagina was a throbbing swamp.

    With my brain taking control, I broke the kiss and tried to move away, but he held me tightly against his body, his hand now under my dress on my panties as his lips planted hot kisses and sensuous tongue strokes in the nape of my neck.

    Once more, I attempted to extricate myself from his embrace, but he was much stronger. I felt him lifting my body so that his cock was no longer pressing against my mound, it was grinding directly on my pussy and clit. He was using his hands to move my slit over the length of his rigid shaft.

    "Don't. Please. I don't want this," I moaned.

    "Bull shit. You're so hot, I can smell your cunt, Kati.

    "No. Stop! I don't wa...." His mouth crushed against mine again, cutting off my protests in mid-sentence. His cock was now grinding deeply into my sex trench. Much more of this, and I would cum. He would know it and after that I knew there would be no possible way I could keep him from spending the entire night fucking me.

    Mustering all my strength and will power, I twisted my body violently and pulled away from his embrace. Then I screamed at the top of my voice, "DAMN YOU. I TOLD YOU TO STOP, AND I MEAN IT. STOP! RIGHT NOW!"

    "Why? I know you're hot. I really can smell your pussy. You want it... I want it. Let's fuck."

    "Of course I want it. I haven't been fucked for nine days. I've been wet all day, but I want it from my husband... not from you! He'll be home tomorrow, and we're going to screw all night long. Now get out of here, Darren. I mean it."

    "I know you mean it, Kati. But I can't understand it. Drew is fucking around on you every time he's out of town. The guys at his firm talk about all the pussy he must be getting. The women have heard the rumors. Marcia even told me come over here because you were horny as hell while your husband is banging one woman after another."

    "Your wife told you come over here and fuck me? I don't believe you."

    "It's true. She's in bed with Ron Lufkin right now. Marcia told me to spend the night with you or go to a hotel. Her exact words were, "I don't want to see you until tomorrow morning."

    "Well, you're not spending the night in my bed or even getting in it at all. Please leave."

    "Ok. But how come you insist on being faithful when Drew is fucking who knows how many different women?"

    "I don’t' think he is."

    "You don't? Have you called him at his hotel? You have haven't you? He didn't answer did he? Of course not. He's fucking some hot, sexy woman. I bet you even called him on his cell phone and he still didn't answer... probably told you later that he had forgotten to take it with him."

    "Well, what would be so unusual about that?"

    "For me, nothing... nothing unusual at all. But Drew's out of town on important business. If the firm's CEO wants to speak with him about something urgent, he damn well better have his cell phone with him and it had better be on. You know that."

    Now I hesitated. Darren had practically recited exactly what had happened the last couple of days.

    "See! That's almost exactly what happened isn't it? Come on, Kati. I know you're attracted to me... you're horny, hot, and wet. Let's go to bed and pleasure each other."

    Again I hesitated, but my brain took over. "No. I'm not sure Drew is cheating on me. You're right though. I am attracted to you. You're a handsome, sexy stud, but I want Drew, not you."

    "Well, this is twice in three days you've gotten me so damn hard, my cock hurts. The least you could do is get me off so I won't have to do it myself in a motel room tonight."

    "I have no intention of fucking you or sucking your cock, Darren. I'm sorry, but the answer is no."

    "All right, Kati, I'll go, but when you find out that Drew is screwing other women, I expect you to give me a call. Considering how hot and hard you've gotten me twice now, I think that's only fair. Deal?"

    "All right. Deal. But don't get your hopes up. I know Drew's not cheating."

    "I won't argue, I'm content to wait. But when you find out the truth, plan on spending the entire night with me."


    On Tuesday night, I called Drew at his hotel room and got no answer. When I called him on his cell, I got the same result... no answer. It was the same story twice more that evening. Finally, I gave up.

    I had just gotten into bed around 11 PM when the phone rang. It was Drew.

    "I'm really sorry, Honey. I was in a hurry to get to an evening conference, and I left my cell phone lying on the dresser in my hotel room again. I saw all the missed calls when I got home. I hope you weren't too worried. I'm really sorry."

    I told my husband not to worry about it, but I was too sleepy to chat now. "I hope your ready for sex when you come home tomorrow because I'm going to fuck you half to death," was the last thing I said.

    More Rumors and Some Evidence:

    Drew had told me that he would be home in time for dinner. I told him I would keep it hot and ready. I was certain he knew what his dinner was going to be.

    That morning, I paid an unexpected visit to Drew's sales department. Everyone in the place knew me, and I was greeted warmly. Several people asked about Drew... was he Ok? When did I expect him home? That sort of thing. I knew the questions reflected sincere concern for him, and they made me feel really good.

    After greeting everyone, I knocked on Gloria Sanchez's office door. When she saw me, she motioned for me to come in. I did and took a seat. While Gloria poured us both a cup of coffee, I looked over the attractive Latino woman, who was Drew's second-in-command of the sales division. Around 5' 7" and 148 lbs, Gloria was a full-bodied, sexy woman who, according to Drew, was highly competent. He had told me several times that the firm was lucky to have her services.

    Although Gloria was a sensuous woman who had probably given men thousands of erections over the years, I knew that her relationship with Drew was strictly business. Women just have a sixth sense about such things.

    "What brings you here, Kati? Any problems? Is Drew Ok. He called early this morning and told me he would be in late and see me tomorrow morning."

    "I'm not sure whether I have a problem or not, Gloria. Can I ask you some straight forward questions and get straight answers in return?"

    "Ask away."

    "At least a half dozen people, men and women, have told me that there are a lot of rumors and scuttlebutt to the effect that Drew is screwing several women on every one of his inspections trips. Some of these people are with the firm; some are not. Are there such rumors? If so, are they true?"

    "I figured that what you were going to ask me. I'll tell you what I know... straight. Ok?"

    "That's why I'm here, Gloria. I'd rather know than not."

    "So would I. Here's what I know for certain. There are such rumors. With Drew on the road as much as he is, the only way there would not be such rumors would be if he were openly gay, which we both know is out of the question."

    "Are any of them true?"

    "Hard to know. He's never... ever... hit on me, and I'll be very honest and tell you that for the first month I worked as his Associate Director of Sales, I thought he had to be a closet homosexual because no man had ever been around me as much as Drew and not tested the waters, so to speak. He was always all business. He didn't even look at my thighs when I wore a short skirt and would deliberately give him a peek up my skirt."

    I had to laugh. "The way you look, Gloria, I have to say that's hard to believe."

    "That's what I thought too. At least until I saw him with you at the first party I attended. He was coping feels of your ass and tits like you were newlyweds. You really turn that man on, Kati."

    "Thank you," I said blushing deep red.

    "That's the good news. The bad news is that the rumors persist. Some of the guys in this division claim to have seen Drew with women when he's on a trip and they been in the area on vacation or other business for the firm. A couple of the women say they know Drew is fucking every thing in a skirt when he's out of town. I've asked them how they know this. They just said, 'Look at the guy. He's a stud. You think he's sitting in a hotel room alone 7 to 10 days month when most women would spread their legs for him in a flash if he asked."

    I nodded and asked, "Tell me your personal opinion, Gloria. Is he cheating on me?"

    "I don't know. I really don't know."

    "I know you don't know. I asked for you personal best guess. Please."

    "Ok. But remember, you asked. The women the guys have seen him with could very well be sales reps and probably are. Many of our reps are female and that's what the trip is all about... to assess their performance. But I agree with the women's view... most women would spread for Drew in a lightning stroke... he's handsome, sexy, virile, confident, discreet, and has a powerful position... just the kind of man who gets women wet and ready. And 7 to 10 days a month with no pussy... I don't believe it. Bottom line: I think he loves you deeply, but I also think he's getting his cock into a lot of women when he's out of town. Just my best guess."

    "Thanks for the information and for your candor. Can I ask one more personal question?"

    "Go ahead. I'm reasonably certain I know what you're going to ask."

    "Has Drew fucked you? Would you spread if he asked?"

    "Easy questions and the ones I thought you would ask. The answers are 'No' to the first question and 'Yes' to the second one."


    It was slightly after 6 PM when I heard the front door being unlocked... opening... closing. This was followed by, "Hello, Honey. I'm home!"

    Drew carried his bags in and set them down just inside the entryway. When he entered the den, he stopped short, puzzled by the line of kitchen chairs starting at the three steps leading down into our sunken den and continuing across the den and from there into the hallway.

    At the first chair, he found a sealed envelop with the words "Open Me First" written across the front. Smiling, he tore open the envelop and extracted the single sheet of paper within on which he saw, "Remove all your clothes. Now! Right here. When you're done, go to Chair Number 2."

    When Drew was naked, he practically ran to Chair #2 where he found a second envelop. Inside was the message, "Go to the fridge and remove the bottle of champagne and tray of two chilled glasses. Bring them with you to Chair Number 3."

    Chair #3 was just inside the hallway. The envelop on that chair contained three hand-written notes and three large glossy photographs. The note attached to the first two photos read, "This is what I've been doing to the last 10 days, several times a day." The first photo showed me naked except for my heels, on a couch, legs up and wide open, pleasuring my wet, open cunt with a glass dildo. The second photo showed me masturbating with three fingers buried in my cunt. The note attached to the third photo said, "This is what I've been needing for the last 10 days!" The large glossy photo showed me on a bed wearing five-inch CFM heels with my dress bunched uselessly around my waist. My legs were wide open in female fucking position with a big-cocked stud between them driving his huge cock into my waiting cunt. The third note contained the next instruction: "Take the photos with you to Chair Number 4."

    I knew the first two photos would get Drew’s cock hard. The third one
    would turn it into a steel-hard ramrod but drive him
    crazy wondering who was fucking me.

    Chair #4 was right outside the door to the master bedroom. The envelop contained a note that read, "Stare at your wife getting fucked by that huge monster fuck stick... jack your cock until its hard... really HARD!... when you've got it hard as stone you may enter the master bedroom and use it. I trust that you still remember how I like for you to use it. Your loving, hot-cunted slut, Kati."

    When the bedroom door burst open, Drew's cock was rigid with lust. A long strand of precum hung from its engorged head. I almost came just looking at it. He was as hard as I had ever seen him. He got even harder when he looked at the bed and found me wearing a very short, purple silk dress that covered less than half of my tits. I had the dress hiked up around my waist completely baring my ass and my cunt. My legs were bent and raised just as the were in the photo.

    "See anything you want to use that big fuck stick in, Stud?"

    "You hot Bitch! Who in the hell is fucking you in that photo?"

    "Later, Stud. I need cock just like in that picture. You want me like this? Or would you prefer me in doggy position?" I turned onto my knees and thrust my ass high in the air. Reaching back, I spread my buttocks to completely expose my cunt and ass holes.

    My husband was speechless, but his cock looked like a steel bar of masculine lust for cunt. "I think you want me in female fucking position on my back, with my legs up, ass and cunt holes both available like in the photo. Right?”

    That was all my husband could take. He threw himself between my thighs as I locked my legs about his hips and arched my ass to bring my cunt into position.


    Drew fucked me like a wild beast... slamming his cock in and out of my throbbing pussy with hard, rapid, deep strokes that thudded with authority into the bottom of my cunt bringing hot female grunts from me.

    "Ohhhh Shit... you awesome fucker... you're already making me cummmmmm.... fuck me... harder... slam that meat to me, Baby!"

    Drew's cock exploded deep inside my contracting cunt filling it with gush after gush of his thick load. I was having one orgasm after another. He didn't even get soft after he had pumped in his first load.

    The hot, squishing sounds of cock pumping cunt filled our bedroom. Those sounds mixed with Drew's male grunts of hot pleasure and my female shrieks of orgasm. The rampaging stud rolled me over onto my side, jerked his throbbing prick out of my cum-filled cunt and nailed it hard into my ass. Six inches sank into me on the first thrust.

    'UUGGHHHH... JEZZ.... TAKE IT EASY... THAT'S HURTS! Your cock is just huge... go easy!"

    "Shut up, you hot assed Bitch. Spread your legs wider." I knew better than to argue with a rampaging bull stud like I had in me. Quickly, I raised my left leg high in the air to provide better access to my now fully-plugged asshole. Drew drove his rod in and out of my ass hard and deep. As soon as the initial pain of entry had abated, I began to throb again. After a few more thrusts, I was cumming again.

    "Aahhh god... tight-asshole slut... gonna shoot again... in your hot asshole. Ugh ugh ugh ugh... yeahhhhh... here it comes, Slut! Take it!"

    I felt his cock jerk spastically several times inside my ass. Each time it pulsed, another jet of semen and sperm fired into my ass. We lay like that for maybe ten minutes. My pussy continued to throb and pulse as a river of cum flowed from both my widely stretched vagina and ass. Drew's cock jerked and pulsed slowly inside my ass.

    After ten minutes, he started getting hard again. As his rod hardened, he began fucking my ass again... slowly at first and then harder. When he was fully hard and pumping me, he growled, "Time for you to do some of the work, Baby."

    With that warning, he pulled me on top of him in reverse cowgirl position and grunted, "Now fuck your hot ass on my cock, Slut. And do a good job of it or I'll whip you sexy butt with my belt until you can't sit for a week."

    I knew he meant it. For the next 15 minutes, I hammered my ass up and down his shaft. I came twice more and was finally panting with exhaustion. "Please, Darling. Shoot in me now. I can't keep this up. Just exhausted."

    He knew it was the truth, so he took over and plowed into me with hard ramming strokes until I felt him spewing his third load into my depths.
    My husband was a raging satyr. His steel-hard cock
    fucked me for hours. I couldn’t stop screaming
    nor climaxing on his thick shaft.

    We never got out of bed that evening. From time to time, we would sleep. Sleep would continue until one of us wanted to fuck again. If it was me, I would suck his cock until he was hard and then mount him. If he woke up with a hard-on, he would wake me up with his tongue on my clit until I came and then mount me. It was glorious.

    The next morning, we were both starved. We had not only fucked like newlyweds, we had also skipped dinner the previous evening. "You want the shower first or later," he asked me.

    "Let me go first so I can get breakfast started while you shower." He nodded and I climbed over his nude body to get to the bathroom. When I did so, I noticed three long scratches on his chest. I stared at those scratches, transfixed. It was obvious to me what they were.

    When Drew saw me staring at his arm, he said, "They're not as bad as they look. Just a mild allergic reaction."

    "What?" I said confused.

    "Martha Wilcox... she's the district sales manager in region 4... has a Siamese cat. When she went to pour us a cup of coffee as we were going over her sales figures, her cat came over and rubbed its head against my leg. I foolishly decided to put it in my lap and pet it. When I picked it up, the cat got scared and lacerated my chest in its frenzy to escape. My fault really. I should know not to try to pick up cats that don't know me. Martha offered to take me to emergency room, but I didn't think it was that serious."

    "As long as those scratches are, it must have torn up your shirt," I said thoughtfully.

    "It sure as hell did. Ripped it right open. It was covered in blood in less than a minute. I cleaned up in the men's room while Martha had her secretary go out get me a new shirt."

    "What did you do with the old shirt?"

    "It was ruined. I threw it into the waste basket in the men's room. Come on. Let's get breakfast going, Honey. I'm starved."

    During breakfast, Drew asked, "Are you going to tell me who the man is who's fucking you in that photo?"

    I started laughing. "It's not me, silly. You should know that."

    "It certainly looks like you."

    "It's my face but that's all. I'll show you after breakfast. I just found a photo on the web of a woman with my build and then used Photoshop to superimpose my head on her body. I thought the stud was really fucking her hard. Do you think I looked good under that guy?"

    "Sexy, hot Bitch!"

    "Thank you, Darling."


    For the next week, Drew and I hardly missed a day without having hot sex. After that, things began to cool off somewhat until after he had been home three weeks, we were down to every other day, which had been our average. Then came his next inspection trip. This was going to be one of the 10-day trips to the eastern district, which was the most extensive of the various sales districts that were his responsibility.

    He left on a Monday morning, and at 8 PM that evening, I called his hotel room. No answer. I was certain there wouldn't be one. Next, I dialed his cell. It rang five or six times before he picked up.

    "Hi, Kati. Glad you called. I was already beginning to get lonesome."

    "Where are you?"

    "I'm having dinner with some of the sales reps at a nice restaurant."

    "It took you a long time to pick up. Anything wrong?"

    "No. Every thing's great. I was just coming back from the men's room."

    At that moment, I heard a woman's voice asking Drew who was on the line. Suddenly the sound became very muted. Clearly, he had put his hand over the phone's pick up. After a few moments, the sound became loud and clear again. "Still there?"

    "Of course. What's going on?"

    "Nothing. Mrs. Bullock just wanted to know who was on the line. You know the type... always has to know every thing. I told her to hold it down as I was speaking with my wife. Are you as lonesome as I am?"

    "Yes, but you seem to have friends to keep you company... Mrs. Bullock for example."

    "That's funny. If you saw Mrs. Bullock, you'd see what I mean."

    We chatted for a little longer and then promised to call again tomorrow. As soon as I had hung up, I went to my computer and logged into the web site for Drew's firm. When it came up, I accessed the eastern sales district from the drop-down menu. When that screen appeared, I clicked on "Personnel". A complete listing immediately filled my screen. Half way down the list was the name Linda Bullock. I clicked again on her name.

    A large amount of information about Linda Bullock appeared. I had assumed that she would be either the district director or one of the associate directors... wrong! She was one of the newer sales reps in her first year with the firm. And for some reason, she had been invited to dinner with the Division Chief, Mr. Drew Lamare. When I looked at her photo, the reason was obvious... Mrs. Bullock was 23, blonde, and beautiful.


    The next morning I was in the offices of Carson, Lambert, and McElroy, Private Investigations, Inc. After giving Mr. Lambert all of my information about the rumors, the opinion of Drew's Associate Director, Gloria Sanchez, the phone call in which I had heard a woman in the background moaning and obviously having sex, the so-called "cat scratches" on Drew's chest, and finally, the beautiful busy-body, Mrs. Linda Bullock, I said, "The bottom line is that I want you to get some hard evidence that my husband is cheating. I think it is obvious that he is, but I want something more concrete and substantial."

    "That will not be a problem, Mrs. Lamare. We have incredibly sophisticated equipment and very skilled operatives who do the job and do it right. It will be expensive. Are you seeking a divorce?"

    "No. Not at all. But I want the evidence ... let us say for my own protection. How expensive?"

    "I understand completely. The expense depends on how long it takes us to secure the evidence. In a case like this where the husband is not actively seeking to hide his activities, it should be simple. I would say by the time your husband returns from his current trip, we will have the job done. If that's the case, the cost will be between $4,000 to $5,000. It could be less, but that's my best estimate. Is that satisfactory?"

    "Very. Where do I sign the authorization forms?"


    Slightly after 1 PM, I placed a call to Mr. Darren Elliott. He picked up on the second ring: "Good afternoon, this is Mr. Elliott speaking. How can I help you?"

    "You can begin by finding some excuse to get away this evening and taking me out to dinner and dancing. After that, I'm sure you can think of numerous other ways to please me, Darren."

    "Kati? Is this you?"

    "Yes. Have you already got a hot date for tonight?"

    "No. Not at all. I take it you finally figured out that Drew is sampling other women?"

    "Yes. I did. I'm surprised it took me so long. So, I'm keeping my word and giving you a call."

    "Do you remember what I told you when we last discussed this?"

    "I do. You said that when I find out the truth, I should plan on spending the entire night with you."

    "Precisely. And what are your plans for tonight?"

    "I plan on spending the entire night in bed with you and with your cock in me... any place you like, Darling. Can you get away from Marcia?"

    "I don't sneak around on my wife, and she doesn't sneak around on me. I'll just tell her what's happened. She'll probably suggest we have a threesome, but I'll tell her not this first time. I'll pick you up at 8 PM. Wear something hot."

    "You want me slutty?"

    "Very slutty."

    "You got it, Stud. I hope you're not too embarrassed to take me out. I expect to be wined and dined before I'm screwed and fucked."

    "You will be. Promise."


    When I opened my front door at 8 PM for Darren, he started to speak but no words emerged from his open mouth. All he could do was stare at me. His eyes first took in the wide expanse of my tits that were on display. After that, they traveled downward to my bare thighs and legs that were revealed by my short red dress.

    It was, in fact, a very simple dress that left my shoulders completely bare. The top looped around my neck with two panels partially covering my breasts. The deep V-neck came almost to the bottom of my breasts. Below my waist, the dress was form-fitting molding every contour and crevice of my thighs and ass. The garment ended a two inches below the junction of my thighs and ass.

    Darren first word was, "Jesus! No bra!"

    "Obviously not," I replied.

    “Show me. Show me your big tits.”

    Grinning, I pulled the top of my dress down allowing both tits to surge out. “Like them, Honey? As you can see, my nipples are hard. They get that way when I expose my tits to a guy.”
    “That’s so fucking hot! And you aren’t wearing stockings either… are you?"

    "None, Baby."

    "Panties?" It was a question.

    "What do you think?"

    "I don't see any panty lines. Damn! You're naked under that flimsy dress, aren't you?"

    "Very naked, Baby, and very ready."

    "Show me!"

    "My cunt? You want to see my naked cunt, don't you?"

    Darren was now squeezing his very erect and very hard cock. "Oh fuck, yes! Show me your cunt."

    Leaning back on the couch, I steepled my left leg. When the dress fell to the top of my thigh, I knew that Darren could see the narrow landing strip of my bush uncovered by panties. Darren squeezed his cock even harder. Lying back onto the couch, I raised my right leg high forcing my dress up over my hips. Darren began stroking his erection as he stared at my naked cunt.
    Darren loved my tight, short dress. He really liked the way my ass was exposed when
    I bent over. When I showed him my braless tits, he got hard. When I
    exposed my naked cunt, he began to jerk off.

    "So? Do you enough courage to be seen with me wearing this dress, Lover?"

    "I do if you do. Everyone's gonna think you're a prostitute."

    "Slut, Honey, slut. I don't charge for it."

    "What about your hubby? Any problems?"

    "I'm sure my darling husband is having fun tonight. Are you going to make sure I have fun?"

    "All you can handle, Kati."

    "Promises... promises."


    The roadhouse where Darren took was off the beaten path, which didn't surprise me. When a guy takes a hot, whorish slut out, he usually doesn't take her to the best places. The music was loud, the food was calorie-filled but tasty, the women were all dressed hot, and the men were all half hard as they stared lustfully at all of us.

    Darren led me to one of the booths that lined both sides of the place. There were a few tables and there was a bar. The center area was used for a dance floor, two pool tables, darts, and several video games. All the cocktail waitress wore skimpy uniforms that exposed half of their tits and most of their thighs, but amazingly, they didn't look nearly as slutty as most of the female customers.

    One woman was wearing short shorts that exposed half of her ass. When she bent over the pool table to shoot, the crotch of her shorts slotted in her cunt slit exposing one of her pussy lips. Obviously, she wasn't wearing panties. She had small tits but her form-fitting sweater exposed almost half of them.

    Several women wore micro-mini skirts. Two were sitting with their legs open enough to allow the men to see their panties. A third was dancing, and her partner had her short skirt hiked high enough to expose her thong to the crowd.

    "This is some place," I commented to Darren. "Do you bring women here often?"

    "Only when they're dressed as hot as you are. As you can see, you fit right in with what you're wearing."

    One of the waitresses came over and took our drink orders. They came promptly, but we seemed to be unable to get the attention of a waiter so we could order something to eat. After 15 minutes, Darren was becoming agitated. "What the hell does it take to get some service here?" he asked sarcastically.

    "You want service, Honey? Not a problem." I turned sideways in the booth and put my heel up on the seat, steepling my knee, and causing my dress to hike high on my thigh. As soon as a waiter happened to glance in our direction, he was treated to a perfect view between my legs. He hurried over immediately. While Darren gave him our order, he continued to stare between my open legs right at my now very wet cunt. Before he left, his cock was fully hard.

    "Let's dance while we wait, Kati."

    Before the first song had ended, Darren had my dress pulled up above my thighs giving all the men in the place a new ass to ogle. Normally, I would have been acutely embarrassed, but as I looked around the dance floor, I realized that most of the women were putting on a show at least equal to the one I was giving the men.

    When the second song started, I felt Darren pulling my dress away from my breasts. As soon as the two panels were pulled off to the sides, both of my naked tits were on display right there on the dance floor. I could feel the moisture seeping from my excited pussy and a very hard cock pressing against my mound.

    I was so turned on, I whispered to Darren, "Let's forget the dinner. I'm on fire. I want your big cock in me. NOW!"

    At just that moment, we saw the waiter bringing our dinner. "We can eat fast," Darren suggested. I nodded, and we hurried back to our table. I think we set a world record for fast eating, and five minutes later, we were back in the car. I was sucking his hard cock before we even got out of the parking lot.

    I sucked him all the way back to my house. When I felt his prick swelling and beginning to jerk inside my mouth, I would stop without allowing him to cum. By the time we pulled into my driveway, I had done that 7 or 8 times, and he was begging me to let him cum.

    As I was trying to unlock my front door, Darren jerked my skirt up around my waist and bent me over. I felt his rock hard cock thrust against me. His first thrust missed my cunt hole, but the second nailed it dead center. His iron-hard rod sank into soaked vagina.


    I felt my shoulders being pushed lower and lower until he had me bent almost double. His was fully into me now... ramming me hard and deep on every stroke as his masculine grunts filled the air. I already had him so close there was no way he could last long.


    There was no need for him to tell me he was blowing his load into my cunt. I could feel his rod jerking and throbbing deep inside my vagina, and every time it jerked and pulsed, another gush of cum was being pumped into me.

    When he had emptied his balls into me, his strokes slowed and his body sagged over my back. "Can I unlock the door now, Stud? So we can get to the bed and fuck properly?"

    Between gasps, he laughed. As soon as I had the door open, we practically ran to the master bedroom. He shoved me onto my back, still fully clothed. As I fell onto the bed, my legs spread wide open with one of my hands rubbing frantically at my pussy under my dress and the other one squeezing my tit.

    Darren stripped rapidly and then, in one quick motion, he bunched the dress around my waist baring both of my tits and completely exposing my cunt and ass. "Now, you hot Bitch. Spread wide open. Show that hot precious cunt of yours that you've been guarding for all these weeks. SPREAD WIDE, YOU HOT SLUT! SHOW ME YOUR CUNT!"

    I jerked my legs wide open and spread my pussy with my fingers so he could see into the depth of my wet, eager hole. I closed my legs momentarily to allow him to pull off my dress down my legs. As I held and squeezed both tits, he pushed my legs up and back and moved his face deep into my sex saddle.

    "OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... YESSSS," I hissed in hot passion when his tongue invaded my sex trench and attacked my engorged and wildly contracting clitoris. I came convulsively in less than a minute. Frantically, I tried to push his head away from my ultra sensitive clit, but he was too strong... too determined... too hot.

    I felt my pulsing organ being sucked hard inside his mouth. Again I convulsed, my vagina whooshing air in hard spastic contractions. His tongue began rotating slowly around and around my erect clit sending wave after wave of spasms through my vagina that surged up to my belly causing the muscles to spasm in hard ridges from one hip to the other.

    "OOOhhhh god... stop... stop... too much... can't stand it... PLEASE... AAAHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK... NOOO... AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!" I came again on his tongue.

    He wouldn't stop. His fingers invaded my vagina and assholes at the same time as his lips and tongue lashed my now exploding clitoris causing my juices to spurt again and again. I was babbling incoherently now. My hole continued to open and close spastically in one intense climax after another. I lost bladder control and drenched the bed covers.

    When Darren finally stopped, I collapsed onto the bed, my entire body quivering and shaking in the aftermath of the hardest orgasms I had had in years.

    We rested and cuddled together for maybe a half hour before I felt the hot stud grinding his cock into my thigh again. Turning toward me, he said, "Suck me. Suck me hard again, Kati."

    He didn't have to ask me twice. Rolling him onto his back, I bent over his thighs, grasped his organ at the base, and sucked the first three inches into my mouth. Slowly, I jacked the stud while sucking and rotating my tongue around his now pulsing cock ridge. His hips began to surge upward on the bed as he tried to force more of his now hard cock inside my mouth.

    Instead of letting him get it in deeper, I pulled it out and began licking the head and sucking the first inch. He was going wild with desire to push all of into my throat.

    "Suck me all the way, you hot teasing bitch. SUCK ME!"

    I let him push three or four inches inside and he groaned with hot pleasure. Once more, I started jacking him while allowing another inch to enter. His hand flew to my head and forced me down on his rod.

    After a couple of minutes, he had it all inside my mouth hole, fucking it like it was my pussy. I could feel the big pulsing head stretching my throat as it slid in deep.

    When he began to throb seriously, I pulled off amid his moans and grunts and mounted him. He slammed his hips upward and impaled my cunt completely on his hard shaft. Once planted deep inside my vagina, he was in control. There was nothing I could do but moan and take the hard fucking he was giving me... not that I would done anything to stop him if I could have. I came twice more in just a few minutes. It was just glorious... delicious fucking. I couldn't believe I had denied myself such incredible pleasure for so long.

    "I can't hold it much longer, Kati. I want to be on top when I cum in you this time."

    "Then roll me over, you hot stud. Get on me. Fuck the shit out of me!"

    He did just that. My legs rose and rode his ass as he pumped my throbbing cunt hole. I groaned and came. He felt my vagina contracting on his cock and that was all he could take. With a huge roar, he pulled his huge spasming cock out of me and shot gush after gush all over my face, mouth, tits, belly, and cunt.
    Darren fucked me seven or eight times during the night
    I must have had 20 orgasms on his hard cock
    and fantastic tongue. I loved
    every minute of it!

    As he had promised and warned me, Darren spent the entire night in my bed. Every couple of hours, he would wake up and fuck me again... sometimes mounted between my gaping thighs... other times behind me in spoon position... sometimes doggy and once with me on top hammering my cunt up and down his thick shaft.

    In the morning, I fixed breakfast with Darren playing with my cunt and tits. While we were waiting for the bacon to cook, he bent me over the kitchen cabinet and fucked me again. After breakfast, he took me back into the bedroom where he gave me a hard ass fucking that had me howling in orgasm before he filled me with another cum load.
    Breakfast the morning after was another hard fucking with
    me bent over the kitchen counter. After “breakfast”,
    Darren screwed my ass again.


    It didn't take Darren long to spread the word among our circle of friends that Kati Lamare's pussy was now on-line. The first call came a little after noon on Wednesday, only four hours after Darren had left my bed that morning. I was surprised, not by the fact that word had circulated so quickly, but by who was calling. I expected one of the men. Instead, it was Mary Lufkin.

    "Good afternoon, you hot, sexy thing," came Mary's whispered voice over the phone.

    "I take it that Darren has told every one," I replied.

    "Of course he has. He's a guy with a brand new notch on his big sex gun. And from the word going around, it's a big, deep notch that he worked on all night long. Is that right? Come on, Kati... fess up."

    "Yeah. That's pretty much right."

    "Tell me all the dirty details, you hot slut. How many times?"

    "On the drive home from dinner, I sucked him. Every time he was about to shoot, I stopped. Got him to the edge a half dozen or so times. He was begging me to finish him. I didn't. He got me the first time as I was trying to unlock my front door after we had gotten back to my place."

    "He fucked you right there on your front porch?"

    "He did... bent me over, shoved up my dress, and nailed me."

    "I'm not surprised considering the way you were teasing him in the car. Oh god... this is even hotter than I've been imagining. Go on."

    "We ran to my bedroom, and ..."

    "He fucked you in your marriage bed?"

    "You want to hear the rest of this or not?"

    "Oh yes! Sorry. Please. Go on."

    "Anyway, he got my dress off, pushed my legs up and back and ate me through a half dozen orgasms. I was begging him to stop, but that hot stud just shoved his fingers into my pussy and butt and kept licking me until I spurted and later peed all over the bed."

    "AAahhh god..."

    "You're masturbating aren't you, Bitch?"

    "I can't help it. Don't stop. What happened next?

    "We rested for a half hour and then I sucked him again until his cock was hard. After that, he had me ride him until I had gotten off twice. He told me he wanted me on my back. That's the position we were in when he came the second time. This time he creamed me... really creamed me... I mean my face, tits, belly, mound, pussy. He shot off a huge load."

    "Don't stop... go on... please... I'm about to cum," Mary begged.

    "He gave it to me several times during the night in just about every position you can imagine... doggy, spoon, missionary, side saddle, me on top. I think he shot off two or three more times. I probably got off 20 times or more. It seemed to me that I was climaxing continuously.”

    "And this morning?" came the moan over the phone.

    "Once with me bent over the kitchen counter... up my cunt. And a second time back in my bed after breakfast... this time up my ass. That where he shot his load."

    "AAAaaaaaaaaahhhh.... I'm cumming, Kati... ooohhh fuck... cumming!"

    After she calmed down, Mary said, "That was the hardest I've cum on my fingers in a long time. Just fucking incredible."

    "I came harder on Darren's cock last night, I'll bet."

    "I'm sure you did. Can you come over tonight? Ron is dying to fuck you, and I wanna watch and do you too."

    "What time?"

    "As soon as possible."

    "I'll be there around 8 PM."


    As soon as I had closed the Lufkin's front door behind me, Ron gave a hot wolf whistle. "Damn, Woman! You are hot! Just fantastic! I can’t believe it’s you. You look so damn hot and sexy in that outfit any movie or porn star would be jealous.”

    Needless to say, his comment did wonders for my ego. "How come you never told me that before, Ron?"

    "You weren’t wearing anything so incredibly sexy. Besides, I couldn't be certain you wouldn't have stormed out and never come back... or worse yet, slapped me silly and then stormed out."

    "And what makes you so certain that I won't do that right now?"

    "Well, Mary says you've discovered what all of us have known for a long time... that Drew is sampling a lot of pussy and you think turn about is fair play, so to speak. Am I wrong?"

    "Only with respect to what I'm interested in sampling... I'm a lot more interested in cock than in pussy. I've got one of those."

    "Oh I know you do! I've wanted to play with it and use it for years."

    "Oh shut up, Ron. You're embarrassing the lady," Mary admonished.

    "He's not embarrassing me, Mary. But he is getting me hot."

    "Mary, go stand beside Kati. I want to see both of you together."

    When Mary was posing beside me, I asked, "Well, Ron, what do you think? Are you man enough to handle both of us tonight?"

    Ron's cock slowly became harder as he stared at the two of us. "I'm not sure. Take off your dress, Mary, and you take off your skirt and blouse, Kati."

    I unbuttoned Mary's dress and pulled it from her shoulders. It fell in a puddle about her feet. After she had stepped out of the garment, she pulled my blouse over my head and then unzipped my skirt, which promptly fell to the floor to join her dress. We moved closer so that my hands could caress Mary's ass while she cupped and squeezed my tits.

    "Well, Ron. What's the verdict? Are you man enough to handle us both?"

    "No. No way. I don't think there's a man on the planet who could handle both of you... but I'm gonna love trying. I want those panties off both of you... NOW!"

    "If you want our panties off, Honey, then come over here and take them off," I said to him in my most seductive voice. Considering the fact that our tits was already naked, I doubted that a seductive voice was really necessary. Ron practically ran over to us.

    I got his attention first as he hooked his fingers in my thong and dragged it down my legs. I could smell the musky aroma of my cunt, and since he was just foot away from it, I knew he was inhaling the hot female scent coming from my very aroused pussy.

    When he had my panties off, he turned his attention to his wife and pulled hers off. "Oh Shit! Look at that!"

    "Why are you so excited, Honey? You've seen my cunt thousands of times."

    "Yeah, but not along side of another naked cunt at the same time. Come on, both of you. Sit down and spread your legs up. Show me those hot cunts!"

    I laid down on the couch while Mary took the chair right beside me. We looked at each other, grinned, and at the same time, spread our legs wide open exposing two wet cunts and two available assholes at the same time. Ron was jerking on his cock through his pants.


    Ron stroked his cock frantically as he stared at naked
    bodies… particularly at our exposed cunts.

    "Oh hot fucking damn! That's the hottest sight I've ever seen. Mary told me that Darren fucked you all night last night, Kati. Is that right?"

    "Someone certain did, Ron. But tonight, I want your big hard prick up my pussy. Come on... lets go to the bedroom."


    "Ooohhhhhhhhh don't stop, Ron. I'm about to cum! Lick my clit harder... aaahhhhhhhhhhh... cumming... uunnngghhhhhhhhh!"

    They had me spread out on the bed with Ron's head buried between my thighs and Mary's hands squeezing my tits as her mouth sucked and bit them. They had my entire body quivering as I came for the second time.

    My cunt just erupted on Ron's mouth, the juices drenching his face. I knew his fingers that were buried deep inside my ass could feel every contraction of my cunt and ass. I was still moaning when he pushed his wife onto her back and pressed his mouth against her throbbing pussy.

    "Ooohhhh suck me, you hot bastard. You cunt sucking pussy... do it to me!" she howled as his tongue lashed her convulsing clit. I rolled over and pushed my fingers inside her vagina and ass at the same time.

    "OOOHHHHHHHHH God, Ron. She's finger fucking me ... my cunt... aaahhhhhhhh... my ass... ugghhhh... suck meeeeeeeeeeeee!"

    This time, I was the one who could feel the intense spasms of orgasm surging through Mary's pussy and ass. Again, Ron's face was creamed when Mary's pussy squirted hard.

    As soon as he got his wife off, Ron turned his attention back to me. Flipping me over onto my hands and keens, he swabbed his rigid cock up and down my sex trench and thrust into me several times until his entire length was dripping with my secretions. Withdrawing from my cunt, he reared up over me and pressed his cock against my asshole. Having already been stretched by his fingers, his wet prick sank easily into me.

    "Uuhhhgghhhh... oohhh shit... he's fucking me in the ass, Mary. You're hot stud husband is sodomizing me."

    "And you're loving it, you hot Bitch. Fuck her, Honey. Fuck her ass hard. I'll work her clit while you pound her. Make her cum, Baby. Make her cum!"

    With Mary's fingers stroking my clitoris and Ron hammering his cock all the way in and out of my ass, it only took him a few minutes to bring me to the edge.

    "Her ass is jerking like crazy, Mary. She's gonna blow... hard!" He pounded me even harder until my vagina slammed shut and then opened in a hot spasm. Juices shot out of my pussy in a huge gush. Somehow, Ron had enough control to keep from flooding me with his load.

    Quickly, he pulled his steaming rod out of my ass, turned his wife onto her back, and drilled her wet pussy with his engorged cock. Mary groaned as she felt Ron's shaft sinking deep into her cunt. As he fucked her, I moved around to her head, straddled her face, and mashed my pussy hard against her mouth.

    Mary immediately sucked my throbbing clitoris into her mouth as I grasped her ankles and yanked her legs up and back. With her legs back, Mary's pussy was elevated into perfect fucking position for Ron who took full advantage. His strokes hammered into her ... hard and deep.

    "Lick me, you hot Bitch. I'm about to cum. Suck my clit, Honey... please... don't stop... gonna cum... oohhhh god... gonna cummm... yessssssssssss.... suck meee!"

    Mary was grunting incoherently with my cunt mashed over her mouth. Ron had reached his limit.


    Ron seemed to ejaculate again and again inside Mary's vagina before he collapsed on top of her. As he did so, my orgasm was ebbing, and I rolled onto my side beside the two of them. When my pussy left Mary's mouth, she heaved and gasped for breath while her vagina pulsed slowly about Ron's embedded cock.


    Ron was exhausted, but he had done a great job. He had cum four times,
    twice in each of us while getting both Mary and I off eight or nine times.


    At that point, we took a break. "Anyone hungry?" Mary asked.

    Ron and I both nodded, and the three of raced each other to the kitchen with four big tits and one semi-hard cock bouncing all the way there.

    After we made some sandwiches out of cold cuts and opened some beer, we sat around the kitchen table eating and playing footsie beneath the table. I had one foot in Ron's lap rubbing his now hardening member and my other foot between Mary's legs working on her clit and pussy slit. The position naturally had my legs wide open allowing Mary's foot to pleasure my pussy in the same way as I was doing hers. Ron was leaning over working on my tits and nipples.

    As soon as I finished my sandwich, I said, "I'm heading back to the bedroom. Anyone going to join me?" Mary put the dishes in the sink and Ron stayed to help. After finishing, they hurried to the bedroom where they found me on all fours with my ass high in the air, wet cunt gaping and ready.

    Ron mounted the bed behind me and used his newly hardened cock like a night stick to soundly thump my ass and cunt slit.

    "Oh Baby... don't tease me. Stick it in," I begged.

    The hot stud gave me what I had asked for. The iron-cock drove into the bottom of my cunt on the first thrust. Once he had it buried deep inside my vagina, Ron jack hammered his cock in and out of the cum-soaked vagina until I was howling in an intense orgasm.

    I was still cumming when he pulled me back against his chest and lowered his back onto the bed. Mary moved between my open thighs and sucked my engorged clitoris into her mouth as Ron’s cock again began to pound into my cunt.

    When my pussy erupted around Ron’s cock for the third time, he pulled out and moved behind Mary. She lifted her leg to open herself for her randy husband. She shrieked as Ron’s hard dick rammed inside her pussy. While Ron screwed her, I rubbed and sucked on her throbbing clitoris. In minutes, Mary was having one intense orgasm after the next.


    Ron screwed both us like a hot satyr who had been in prison
    for ten years. As he fucked us, we licked
    and sucked each other’s clits.

    “Get in doggie position, Kati, so I can mount you and filled your cunt with my load.”

    “Oh hell, YES! Mount me, Stud! Mount me and fill my cunt with your cum load!”

    Rom moved behind me and was just about to penetrate me when my cell phone rang. Mary got it out of my handbag and handed it to me while Ron continued to swab his cock head up and down the length of my slimy sex trench. Every time it moved over my clit, the entire length of my slit would throb and open at the same time as my clitoris contracted hard and retreated into its protective hood.

    When I opened the cell, I saw the call was from Drew. I told Ron and Mary to be quiet as my husband was on the line. They did stop talking, but Ron slowly pushed his cock deep into my waiting cunt hole.

    "Hi, Darling. Is every thing all right?"

    "Oh yeah. Every thing's going well except I'm bored and lonely. How about you?"

    "I felt the same way so Mary and Ron had me over tonight to cheer me up. I'm still here."

    "What's going on?"

    "We had dinner, watched a DVD, and now we're playing games."

    "What kind of games?"

    "Well, Ron wanted to play strip poker but Mary put the kibosh to that idea pretty fast."

    "I'll bet Ron was disappointed. I would have been... losing the chance to get two gorgeous women naked."

    "He was... big time."

    "How about you? Were you disappointed?"

    "Well... you're not supposed to ask a lady a question like that, Darling."

    "Would you have played if Mary hadn't objected?"

    "No comment, Darling."

    "So what are you playing?"

    "Trivial Pursuits. Whoever comes in last, has to answer two questions asked by each of the two winners. And right now, Honey, your wife is losing."

    "What are the questions?"

    "I don't know. I haven't lost yet. Probably something embarrassing. Now it's your turn. What are you doing now? What have you been doing?"

    "Same old... same old. Sitting in my hotel room, eating alone, going to business meetings. Watching a DVD right now."

    "What's the movie?"

    There was a pause and then my husband whispered into the phone. "Can Ron and Mary hear me?"

    Actually, I had my cell phone on the speaker so everyone could hear, but I replied, "No. I stepped out of the room to take your call. They're waiting for me to come back and finish the game. I think they feel like I'm going to lose and they can't wait. So what's the movie?"

    "It's a porno video starring Shyla Stylez."

    "Who's she?"

    "She's a fantastically sexy blonde who gets guys hard from a hundred feet away."

    "And are you hard?"

    "Like stone."

    "You're jacking off aren't you?"

    "Yeah... that's why I called. I wanted to hear your voice when I came."

    "Then go ahead Stud... do it. Pump me, you big cocked fucker. Give it to me... ram that big rod up my hot cunt... aahhh... uunngghhhh... aaahhh...oohhhh fuck... harder... harder... yesss... fuck me... fuck me! fuck my hot cunt!" I hissed into the phone.

    "ohhh shit yess... I'm fucking you, Honey. Hard. Can you feel my big cock slugging in and out of wet fuck hole?"

    "Oooohhhh god yes... it's stretching meeee... give it to me you hot Bastard... up my cunt... ah ah ah ah ah ah ah .... oohhh gonna cum... gonna cum... fuck me, Stud... fuck meeeeeeeee!"

    "I'm shooting now, Kati... shooting it!"

    "Oohhhh I can feel it... the load's going into meeeeeeeeee... big fuck load... aahhhh... I'm cumming, Darling... oohhhh god... I'm cumminggggg!"

    For a couple of minutes the only sounds on the phone were the heavy breathing of my husband and my panting. "Oh damn, that was fantastic, Kati. You made that so hot and so real... Thank you. I really shot a huge load listening to you. Best phone sex ever. Did you get off? I know I was pretty fast."

    "Oh hell yes, Darling. Couldn't you tell that your wife was cumming. My pussy just erupted listening to you cum."

    "If Ron knew what you just did, he would really be pissed that you left the room."

    "Well, I won't tell him unless that's one of the questions he asks if I lose the game."

    We said our goodbyes and I broke the connection. Behind me, Ron had collapsed onto the bed, his cock now flaccid on his belly. I rolled onto my back beside him as his load seeped out of my stretched and well-fucked cunt.


    For the rest of the week, I enjoyed some guy's cock every night. On Thursday, Rusty Randle spent three hours in my bed screwing me. I think he loved fucking my mouth more than my pussy though as he had me suck him off twice. In the middle of the sex, my husband called. This time I talked to him while riding Rusty's sex prong. It was erotic and hot, but very difficult for both of us to remain more or less still with my pussy slowly grinding on his shaft and his pubic bone working against my clit.

    On Friday night, I went out to dinner with Art Walton. After dinner, he took me to a club where we danced for a couple of hours while he dry fucked me on the dance floor and finger fucked me when we were sitting at our table. I found out that night that fucking in the back seat of a car, while not as comfortable as a bed, was still incredibly hot and erotic. Art pumped two loads into me that night, and I'm sure he had to have his car seats cleaned later on.

    Saturday night Gary Frawley fucked me on the couch in our den. After giving me a thorough screwing, he called his wife Susan who came over and joined us for a threesome. That night I had my first experience being fucked by a woman with a strap on.

    On Sunday night, Darren once again spent the night with his cock buried in me... either my cunt, ass, or mouth. He used them all. I lost track of the number or orgasms I had and even the number of times he ejaculated in me or on me.


    Rusty, Ar, Gary, and Darren all fucked me over a four-day span. Gary’s
    wife also had sex with me. I found that I absolutely loved it!

    By the time Darren left Monday morning after ass fucking me on our kitchen table, I was no longer angry at Drew for enjoying all the women on his long, boring inspection tours. I had found out how exciting and how much fun sex can be with a variety of partners. It wasn't the same as sex with the man I loved, but even so, it was easily the second most pleasurable thing in the world. I was kicking myself for not suggesting it earlier to my husband.


    On Monday night, Mary had another party with everyone of our group invited plus a couple of single guys I didn't know. Now that I had been already been fucked by most of the men at the party, and my husband was not present, there was no reason for anyone to be inhibited, and no one was.

    As soon as everyone had arrived, Mary got everyone's attention. "Ok, we're all here, so listen up. As you see, I've invited George and Mark to join us so we don't run out of hard cocks." All the women laughed, but none of the men joined them.

    "For George and Mark's benefit, I should tell them what all the rest of you already know. We've all been trying to get Little Miss Goody Two Shoes to loosen up for over a year." Here, Mary pointed at me.

    "Every time she's been present, we've had to tone down the fun and activities. But things have changed! Big time. During the last week, Kati has been fucked by every one of the guys here, except for George and Mark... so no more Little Miss Goody Two Shoes. Tonight, she's the official "Gang Bang Slut and Cum Receptacle". She's available any time... don't even bother asking her... just stick it in her anyway you like. And if you're having fun with one of the rest of us and need to shoot, pull out and put the load into Kati. Any questions?"

    I had no questions, but I was shaking with excitement and anticipation... also a little fear when Mary spoke again: "Rusty... Art, we need for the two of you to strip our gang bang slut... leave her heels on... so we can get the party started."

    I hadn't worn much, and it only took those two hot studs less than a minute to get me down to just my heels. Art was rubbing my pussy at the same time as Rusty was hefting my tits and sucking my nipples. My ass was already humping the way I imagined a gang bang slut's ass would be humping.

    Just as my clit was beginning to harden and throb, Gary called out to us. "Bring Kati over her, Guys, and stick her cunt on my cock." When we looked over, Gary was lying on one the mattresses that Mary and Ron had spread around the house. The two men promptly picked me up with each guy having an arm under one leg and a hand on my ass. The carried me over to where Gary lay waiting, his cock a rigid spike thrusting straight up in the air. The position I was in had my knees almost against my tits with my ass the lowest part of my body. It was the perfect position for Art and Rusty to lower my cunt directly onto Gary's cock.

    They moved my sex slit back and forth until the big head was wet and slick. As soon as they let my weight sink just a little, the big cock stretched my pussy open and entered.

    "AAAAAaaaaaaaahhhhhh... fuck! Oh, Honey, you're hard! I mean really HARD! Come on, push me down on that big fuck stick, Guys."

    They didn't have to be asked twice. Both men lowered me onto Gary's rod and then pushed my hips downward until I felt the big cock thud into my cervix. "UUUGGHHH! AH yes! You're in me, Gary. All the way into me!"

    Five minutes later, the party was in full swing with everyone of the women being fucked in one way or another. I was hammering my ass up and down on Gary's iron-hard rod. Every time I took its length into my cunt, the big head slugged into my womb. The friction on my clit was delicious as was the intense sensation of that thick shaft working back and forth over my G-spot.

    "FIRST LOAD GOING INTO THE GANG BANG SLUT!" Gary announced for the world to hear. Almost as soon as he said it, I felt the liquid gush of his load fill me and squeeze out of my tightly plugged vagina to cover his groin and balls.

    That night I learned how incredibly hot two men can get a woman when they fuck her at the same time. I got it from two men numerous times in the course of the evening.

    The first time Ron and Darren gave it to me. Ron was fucking my mouth while Darren was buried inside my pussy. The two men fucked me fore and aft in a regular rhythm until I was grunting and my vagina was convulsing in hard spasms.

    "Load Number Two going into the Cum Receptacle," Darren announced as he emptied his balls into me. As soon as he had finished, Ron turned me around and forced me to my knees. His cock slammed into me as soon as he had me bent over. It only took a minute or so until the room was informed that the third load had been pumped into me.


    I was being fucked constantly. As soon as one man would shoot in his load
    and leave, another randy stud would take his place.

    It seemed like my clit and vagina were throbbing
    in the midst of a climax all the time.

    There was a short respite that allowed me to go to the bathroom and get something to drink. However, it only lasted 10 minutes or so. As soon as I came back into the den, Mark pushed me onto one of the couches. His cock was stone hard and shining with some woman's pussy juices.

    "Get on your back, Kati. Hurry. Get you legs up in the air... hurry... I'm about to cum and Cara said I had to shoot the load into you."

    I threw my legs high and wide allowing Mark to nail his jerking cock deep inside my cum-slickened cunt. He pumped me several times and them spewed a huge load into me. Darren was watching and passed the word that I had just received a fourth cum load in my cunt.

    The second time I was double teamed, it was Art and Rusty, the two randy studs who had stripped me an hour before. They put me on my back on one of the mattresses. Art moved between my raised legs, aligned his prick with my opening, and filled my hole with man meat. Rusty was kneeling over my face driving his organ in and of my mouth as Art fucked me. The two of them put the fifth and sixth loads into me.

    It was another thirty minutes before George got me on one of the beds with Darren. This time I got it in my ass and mouth. While Darren face fucked me, George stretched my asshole open and sank inside. After he had shot in his load, Darren took his place and put more semen and sperm up my ass.


    I had never imagined how fantastic it would be to have two iron-hard cocks
    fucking me at the same time. Every orgasm was explosive!

    Again, there was a short break for bathroom needs and refreshments. After that, the sex was less frantic and more relaxed ... that is, it was for everyone except me. Since all the men had to shoot in me, no matter which one of the women they were fucking, at the end, they all put their near-bursting cocks into me and fired in their loads.

    Around midnight, I was exhausted and told Mary I had to get home... Drew might be calling. She helped me find my clothes, but before she let me dress, she called Mark and George over.

    "Our Gang Bang Girl wants to leave, but I know for a fact that Mark and George haven’t fucked her cunt and ass at the same time. Do you two studs want to double team her that way before she leaves? They grinned and nodded.

    "I'm too tired, Mary. Really. I've lost track of the number of times I've been screwed already tonight."

    "Tough. Don't worry about it, Kati. As soon as these two young studs get their cocks into your cunt and ass at the same time, you'll forget all about being tired."

    Mary was right. I was screaming in hot ecstasy before they shot off inside my cunt and ass at the same time.


    Mark and George fucked my cunt and assholes like they hadn’t
    had pussy in years. I had six more orgasms before
    they shot their loads into me.

    Lambert's Report:

    On Tuesday morning at 10 AM, I was seated inside Mr. Bertrand Lambert's private office waiting for him to give me his report that he had informed would be ready.

    "Well, have you completed your investigations, Mr. Lambert? Is the report ready?" I asked.

    "We have and it is. But, please, call me Bert."

    "Fine. And I would be pleased if you would address me as Kati. Ok?"

    "Perfect. Kati, I have some excellent news for you. Normally, I hate this part of the job... giving clients bad news... but this time it's different."

    "Good news? What's the good news?" I asked totally confused.

    "Several things. First, I estimated the cost would be between $4,000 to $5,000 as you remember. Well, the investigation was so easy and took so little time, the charges are slightly less than $2,500."

    "Really? I expected them to be more."

    "Frankly, so did I, but, as I say, good news. The second part is even better news.

    "Go on."

    "It's great news because, as I remember, you told me at our last meeting that you had no desire for a divorce. The investigation was just to find out the truth and secure hard evidence of the truth."

    "That's true," I confirmed.

    "The bottom line is that your husband, Drew, is not cheating on you. Not in any way. He's probably the most faithful husband I've ever seen in all my years in this business."

    "How is that possible... all the rumors, Mrs. Sanchez's opinion, the time I heard a woman having sex during a phone call from my husband, not to mention those so-called "cat scratches" all over my husband's chest. And what about his lies about that blonde slut, Linda Bullock? How can he be innocent?"

    "It's all in the report in detail. But let me give you a quick summary of the investigation. I'll begin with the rumors. We sent two agents to interview all the employees of your husband's sales section. They quickly confirmed the existence of the rumors. But these agents are very skilled interrogators. They also found out the source of the rumors within a day."

    "What was it?"

    "All the rumors were initiated by one of the secretaries, a Miss Carolyn Bentley. It seems that Miss Bentley flirted with Drew continuously for weeks. That fact was confirmed and cross checked by interviews with the other secretaries. On Secretaries Day, your husband invited all the secretaries out for dinner at his expense."

    "I'm aware of that. He's done that for years."

    "Precisely. However, this time, Miss Bentley decided it was time to seduce your husband. She wore a very revealing outfit, and throughout the evening she repeatedly took every opportunity to rub her breasts against your husband arms or chest. When the evening was drawing to a close, Miss Bentley invited Drew to stop at her apartment for an after dinner drink, 30-year old brandy I believe it was. In response, your husband politely declined her invitation. Within the earshot of two other secretaries, he explained that while she was very beautiful, he was married and loved his wife. All of this has been confirmed by interviews and cross checks."

    "Needless to say, Miss Bentley was furious at having her sexual invitation declined. In retaliation, she began circulating rumors of Drew's infidelities on his inspection trips."

    "Why didn't Drew fire her?"

    "He should have. He just too nice a man. He turns the other cheek, so to speak."

    "Oh my god," I moaned quietly.

    "As for Mrs. Sanchez's opinion, she was as taken in by the rumors as you were. When we informed her, she was distraught that she had assumed the worst. I'm sure she will be apologizing to Drew when he returns from his present trip."

    "What about the woman I heard having sex when I called my husband?"

    "That bothered us too. We checked the phone records and found that he had made the call from the home of a Mr. Leroy Hawkins, who happens to be the top sales rep for one of the districts under Drew. We interviewed Mr. Hawkins and he confirmed that he had invited Drew to dinner. After dinner, he had put on a new porno film that he had just obtained. They watched it together. Drew became bored and excused himself to call you. You heard the porn actresses on the film, Kati."

    "Now let's see... what's next? Oh yes, the cat scratches. We sent an agent to interview Mrs. Wilcox. She has a Siamese cat and when our agent started to pet it, she warned him not to do that. He asked why, and she told him about her Division Director who was in her home on business when he tried to pet her cat while she was pouring coffee and ended up with a bloody chest, a torn shirt, and three long scratches down the length of his chest. Her words were... just a moment while I refer to the report... yes, here it is. Her words were, "I was just horrified. Mr. Drew is such a gentle and considerate man, and my cat just mutilates him. He was extremely gracious about the entire affair and never mentioned it again."

    I was too stunned to speak. But Lambert still wasn't finished.

    "And let's see... yes... Mrs. Linda Bullock, hot blonde whom your husband described otherwise. He did lie about that, Kati, but for good reason. Her boss had invited her to the meeting with Drew because she's new and he wanted her to meet the Division Director and gain some experience. At the meeting, Mrs. Bullock flirted with Drew and came onto him. Her boss later apologized to Drew, and your husband just decided that he would downplay the entire incident. So he lied to you about her appearance and demeanor at the meeting.

    "Is that it?" I asked, hoping there wasn't more. There was.

    "Not quite. We run a very tight ship here, Kati. When we tell a client something, we want to be damn certain that we're right. To be certain, we hired a Miss Rhonda Monroe."

    "Who's she? What does she have to do with all of this?"

    "Miss Monroe is a call girl... a very, very expensive and a very, very beautiful and seductive call girl, I might add. I believe we paid her a guaranteed minimum of $500 with $2,000 more to come if she had to perform services."


    "Fuck your husband, to be blunt about it. Her assignment was to approach Drew in the lounge of his hotel one evening when he was alone and bored. She pretended to be a married woman who had just caught her husband cheating and she was interested in some payback. Without going into the all the details... they're in the report... she suggested they spend the night together in his hotel room."


    "And Drew was very cordial when he explained that he was married to a gorgeous woman whom he loved and he didn't want do to his wife what Rhonda's husband had done to her. Bottom line... he turned her down, and she didn't get the extra $2,000."

    "You have a completely faithful, considerate, and loving husband, Kati. Isn't that just fabulously great news!"

    Story written by RLM. If you have comments, please send them to

    [email protected]
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