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. To Build a Fire

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Dec 19, 2017.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    To Build a Fire

    by RLM


    Reality Check:

    Alyson Linhart was still sitting at the breakfast table 30 minutes after her husband Roger had left for work at his office from which he managed the chain of fast food restaurants they owned. In a city with a Vo-tech school, a junior college, and a larger university, all filled with young people, the fast-food chain had prospered. Although not glamorous or exciting, the business had produced a substantial income for the young couple.

    Rising from the table with her cup of coffee in-hand, she strolled through their upscale, 3500 square foot home. She still adored the house with its spacious grounds, beautiful backyard swimming pool with bathhouse and redwood deck, and gorgeous, expensive furniture. Walking into the master bedroom, Alyson laid out the outfit she intended to wear that afternoon when she and Megan planned to go shopping and have a late lunch at one of the new cafes in the Magnolia Mall. She had just purchased the dress and matching heels the previous week, but now looked at them without interest.

    At age 30 and financially secure, Alyson Linhart was disillusioned and demoralized. Most of all, she was bored. Everyday, her 32 year old husband did the same thing with their chain of restaurants. Everyday, she did the same things with her friends and acquaintances. In the evenings, she or Roger cooked something to eat or they went out to dinner. Later, they made like couch potatoes as the watched meaningless and often ridiculous sitcoms or movies on TV.

    In the bedroom, it was even worse. For the first several years of their marriage, she remembered with a grin how Roger had said many times that she was an insatiable nympho... which was fortunate because her stud husband couldn't get enough of her hot body, her wet mouth, throbbing cunt, and tight asshole. Now... 8 years later, they were having perfunctory sex once or twice a week. Roger was so much overweight and out of shape, there was no way he could screw her vigorously for more than five minutes. For her part, she knew that she was a lousy bed partner and an unexciting fuck ... just lying there like a dead fish with her legs open letting her husband use her vagina.

    Stripping off her nightgown, Alyson entered her spacious master bath, which contained a sauna, whirlpool bath, shower, bathroom, and dressing room. She surveyed her nude reflection in the full-length mirror and got even more demoralized and disgusted.

    "Shit," she said aloud. "It's no wonder Roger has no interest in fucking me. I look like a sow. Just look at those ugly rolls of fat around my stomach and all that flab on my ass. What the hell do I weigh now anyway?"

    The Linharts had an expensive scale in their master bath, but Alyson hated to get on it. Since she had never seen Roger use it either, she figured that he hated to use it as much as she did. Gritting her teeth, Alyson mounted the scale. She started pushing the weights to the right. They passed the 125 mark, her weight when she and Roger were married, moved to the 140 mark but still the bar didn't drop. "Oh fuck... this is just awful," she moaned aloud. The weights reached the 150 mark. The bar stayed up. She fought the urge to get off the scale. She shoved the weight to the 155 position. Nothing happened nor did the bar descend when the weight reached 160. By the time the bar dropped at 166 lbs, Alyson was crying.

    She was still crying 10 minutes later when she stepped out of her shower. As she dried her large body, she cringed when she again caught sight of the unsightly rolls of fat the covered her once sexy body. Putting on a robe to cover her nakedness, she went back into the kitchen, poured herself another cup of coffee, this time without cream and sugar. At 11:00 AM, she headed over to Megan's for their afternoon at the mall.


    The shopping was no different than it ever was. All the clothes that I liked were too small to fit an overweight sow like me. At lunch, I ate too much. As I stuffed food into my mouth, I fully realized that I wasn't eating because I was hungry; I was eating to fill a void in my life... eating out of self-pity. When I dropped Megan off at her home, it was only 2:30 PM. I couldn't bring myself to drive home and spend three hours alone eating more food because I was so depressed over my life and how I looked. On impulse, I stopped at a bar, parked, and went in to have a stiff drink to dull my senses.

    At 2:30, the place was nearly empty except for a half-dozen or so men who were all at the bar drinking and exchanging sports and sex stories about the hot women they had banged over the weekend. At first, their conversation stopped when they saw a woman enter. But when they saw that I was just a fat sow, probably a drunk, they went back to their stories.

    I had been sitting alone at a table sipping my bourbon and water when I saw one of the men get up and approach me. He was a big guy, somewhat overweight himself, maybe early 40s, and obviously some type of day laborer judging from the sweat-stained T-shirt, old jeans, and work boots he wore. He looked like a red-necked hick with his bald head and the stubble of beard on his chin and under his nose.

    "Hi. I'm Jack. Can I sit down?"

    "Not much of an approach, but what can fat sows expect anyway," I thought. I hated being alone and no other man had shown any interest in me at all, so I heard myself saying, "Sure. Why not. I'm Alyson."

    "What'cha drinking?"

    "Bourbon and water."

    "Nother bourbon and water over here for Alyson, Max," he called out to the bartender. "And I'll have another Bud."

    After our drinks arrived, Jack said, "We don't get many ladies in here... particularly married ladies. What brings you here?"

    "Just thirsty... are you married?"

    "Me? Naw! Used to be, but my old lady got tired of being married to a hick garbage collector... so she split several years ago."

    "That what you are... a garbage collector?"

    "Yeah... they call us 'sanitation engineers'... ain't that a hoot! You look like you've been crying. What's the matter? Hubby cheating on you?"

    "No. Although if he was, I couldn't blame him as fat as I am."

    "You're not that fat, Alyson... and I ought to know... I've bedded some really fat ones."

    "I'm 41 lbs. overweight," my voice cracked, and I almost started crying again. "And if that's not enough, I'm a dead fish in bed... too fat and lazy to move my ass."

    "You gotta be home soon?"

    "No... not until 5 PM. I'm here because I didn't want to sit home alone for two and a half hours feeling sorry for myself."

    Jack stood up and said, "Good. Let's go."

    "Go where?"

    "To my place. It's not the Hilton, but it's clean. Come on."

    "I can't. I've never done that."

    "Didn't think you had... not a classy woman like you. Particularly not with a loser like me. Listen... It's been over three months since I've been with a woman. What woman would want to get it on with a garbage collector who has very little money and even less of a future? I'm a garbage collector... and that's all I can ever be. I got no other experience ... no education and my IQ is 95."

    "But as much as I want to fuck you ... never had a classy woman like you... you need this more than I do. Right now, you're so down on yourself it's just gonna keep gittin worse. And as bad as it gets fer you, it's gonna be even worse fer your man... it always works that way. I got no future... but you have a big-time future. I can't do nothin about being a garbage collector, but you can easily fix your problems and have a great life. You just gotta believe you're woman enough to do it. Now come on. I'm not much to look at, but I'm a really good lover."

    Naturally, Jack drove an old pickup truck. There was a hula girl hanging on a chain from the rear view mirror. But when he pulled me close, his strong arm hugging my body, and told me how good I felt, I wouldn't have cared if he had been driving a Model T.

    He kept his eyes on the road and drove carefully, but his arm hugged me all the way to his apartment. "Oh god, Alyson. You feel so warm... so feminine. Never had a woman like you in my arms... never."

    I couldn't believe I was going to this man's apartment to cheat on my husband. I was also having difficulty believing how good he was making me feel about myself. Before we were halfway to his place, I felt my pussy getting wet. A few minutes later, I felt the wetness coating my thighs. I hadn't felt like this in a long, long time.

    Jack's hand slipped down from my shoulder until it was gently caressing my breast. He may have looked like a rough, red-necked lout, but his touch was tender and erotic. When his fingers reached my nipple, they circled it... then carefully tugged on it as he rolled it between his fingers. I gasped with the erotic sensations his touch was causing.

    "Too much? Did I hurt you?"

    "Oh no! More please... more. It's wonderful."

    His big hand closed over my breast... squeezing it with just the right amount of pressure to let me know how much he loved feeling me ... just the right amount to make tremors surge through my belly and make my pussy throb ... just the right amount to make me feel like a woman pleasing a man.

    It had been more than a year since I had felt my husband's penis while he was driving. But there was no way I could resist feeling Jack's. I moved my hand lightly over his big bulge being as gentle with him as he was being with me. I was shocked at the rigidity of his cock! He was hard as steel.

    "Oh my god! You're hard... so damn hard ... and it's hot," I hissed as my hand moved over his organ.

    "I told you I've never been with a woman like you. I've been hard ever since I sat down at your table... but not this hard... when you let me feel your tit and nipple, I got so hard it hurt."

    "Can I take it out?"

    "Better not, Honey. I want to get to my place in one piece."

    "So you can get a piece of my ass?" I questioned teasingly. I felt Jack's cock lurch in his jeans when I said that.

    "I can't understand why in hell you don't think you're an erotic, sensuous, desirable woman. Do have any idea how hot it gets a guy when you say something like that? You're just an awesome woman."

    I snuggled even closer, and Jack was quick to take advantage of my new position by sliding his hand inside my dress and bra. The feel of his rough, workman's hand on my bare breast was electric. He cupped me, twisted my nipple, and then squeezed my large globe. My pussy and his cock both throbbed in response.

    I couldn't resist squeezing his cock. His groan was music to my ears. I unzipped him and slid my hand inside. His cock jumped to the touch of my fingers. It pulsed like an enraged snake when my fingers squeezed and stroked the sensitive head. I was hefting and cupping his balls when he pulled into his apartment complex.

    All the way to his front door, he was kissing me and running his hands beneath my dress up to my now soaking wet panties. He tried to unlock his door, but I was humping against him so hard, he couldn't get the key into the lock.

    "Be still a moment, you delicious woman, so I can get it in."

    "I can't wait until you get it in, Jack. Hurry. Oh god... please hurry. I'm on fire."

    When Jack got the door unlocked, he pulled me inside and the two of us worked frantically to get each other naked. If it had been a contest, I would have won. Men's clothes are easier to get off than women's, and besides that, Jack kept getting distracted every time he got some interesting part of me naked. When he got my dress open and saw that I was wearing a red teddy, he just moaned. "Fuck... that's so damn hot and sexy, Alyson.

    Slowly, he pulled the teddy down and released my left tit, sucked it, pinched the nipple, squeezed it. Then he started on the other one. When he had both of my tits out, he couldn't resist sucking my nipples until he had them both swollen, erect, and throbbing. He also had my cunt pulsing and gushing.

    His cock was cut, rock hard, about 6 and half inches in length and thick. Roger's cock was bigger, but I couldn't have cared less. This cock was driving me wild... this guy was driving me wild.

    "Oh god, Jack. Please. I'm about to cum right now."

    The hot, randy stud ignored me. He took his time, working me higher and higher. Every time he touched a new part of me, he felt every inch, licked and sucked every inch and then told me how sexy and hot I was. He obviously didn't care that I was fat.

    Jack moved behind me with me kneeling on his bed. His cock was pressed against my back, throbbing and pulsing. Precum was running down my back as his cock slid up and down in its own juices. Reaching over my shoulders, his hands circled both of my tits... squeezed and cupped them, pressing them together as fingers pleasured my erect nipples.

    Blindly, I groped for his cock, found it, and caressed its sensitive head bringing excited male groans from Jack's lips. His cock became impossibly hard ... throbbed... then jerked in my hand. Frantically, he pulled away before I could make him cum. He turned me and attacked my tits with his hungry mouth.

    When he pulled his mouth off one of my tits, there was a loud sucking noise before he moved to the other one. His tongue trapped my hard, throbbing nipple and licked it... up and down ... lashing and sucking. Suddenly, my cunt just erupted in hard spasms.

    "AAAahhhhhhhhhhhh.... I'm cumming, Jack! You're making me cum," I howled in rapture.

    My lover's response was to push me onto my back and thrust his face against my climaxing cunt. His tongue slashed at my exploding clitoris bringing garbled screams from my throat. My belly muscles convulsed in hard knots from the intense pleasure he was giving me. My sex hole contracted in another surging orgasm. At the height of my rapture, Jack sucked my clitoris into his mouth and tortured it with his tongue. I came again. Finally, I was begging him... pleading with him to stop.

    He did stop, but I wasn't permitted to collapse on the bed and fall asleep. He gently pulled me to my knees and presented his rigid, throbbing erection an inch in front of my face. I stared, mesmerized, at the swollen purple head that leaked a steady stream of fluids. "Suck it, Honey. Suck my cock."

    He didn't have to ask me twice. I literally rammed my mouth down his throbbing shaft until my lips were buried in his pubic hair. The head was in my throat, but I was too hot... too turned on to gag. Jack stood rock still in front of me, his teeth bared with the hot sensations my mouth was creating. I stopping sucking him for a moment so I could speak.

    "You can cum in my mouth is you want to, Darling. I promise to swallow every drop."

    "Oh god... that's so fantastic, but I'd rather cum inside your cunt. Can I? I have some condoms somewhere if I need to use them."

    "You can cum any where you want, and you won't need a condom. Just jizz my hot pussy and fill me full Stud."

    I went back to sucking him all the way. For variety, I pulled back and licked and sucked the head while I jacked him off into my mouth.

    "Enough! Enough! No guy can take much of your mouth without shooting, Alyson. You're just too fucking good. I want to fuck you now."

    Jack made me stretch out on my back. Holding his cock in his hand, he mounted me. I couldn't suppress a groan when I felt him probing the head of his cock between my meaty cunt lips. For a minute or so, he masturbated my clitoris with his cock head. It was indescribably delicious. Then, the swollen knob pushed at my elastic cunt mouth. I was about to be fucked by another man for first time in my eight years of marriage. I couldn't wait for it.

    "Ready for it?" he asked, his cock poised right at my opening.

    "YES!" I screamed. "FUCK ME!"

    "Tell me what you want."

    "I want your cock in my married hot cunt hole, Darling. Give me your cock!"

    He snapped his hips forward sinking his rigid sex spike deep into the steaming channel of my drenched and eager cunt.

    "OOOoohhhhhhhh god!"

    "Good? You like it in your pussy, Alyson?"

    "It's wonderful!" I screamed as my hips rammed upward against my lover's cock. I couldn't remain still. It was too exciting... too intense.

    Jack had told me he was a good lover and he proved it. For a moment, he let his cock throb and soak deep inside my pussy. His balls were moving slowly right above my asshole.

    "Please... please," I begged. "Don't tease me. Fuck me. I need it... Oh god how I need it!"

    Lowering his body onto mine, he began to fuck me. At first, he used long, slow strokes, sinking deep each time, and then pulling out, almost all the way, before plunging in again. I heard myself panting. My body writhed frantically against him as I pressed my eager cunt up to receive each powerful stroke. He fucked me like a master cocksman, and my wild howls of delight paid tribute to his skills.

    Jack supported his weight on his arms and watched my tits jiggling as I squirmed on his cock. My legs rose of their own accord and wrapped around his hips. The position tilted my cunt upward into perfect position. Immediately, I felt his cock slug deeper into my cunt.

    "I love the look of hot passion on your face when I fuck you, Honey. Your mouth is open ... love that... and watching your tongue slide over your top lip is out of this world. Can you hear the sucking slurping noise your cunt is making every time I fuck into you?"

    "Ooohhh god yes... I'm so full of juice... you have me so damn hot."

    "You want my load now?"

    "Oh fuck YES! Let me have it, Jack. Cum in my married cunt hole. Make me cum!"

    He started ramming me like a wild stallion. I locked my ankles around his back and held on for dear life as I took his fierce fucking. He was pistoning in and out of me with hard, powerful, rapid strokes, each delivered with masculine authority into my helpless, throbbing pussy.

    Within moments, we were grunting and gurgling together as Jack emptied his balls into the hot mouth of my quivering cunt, and my vagina clamped down on his ejaculating cock in the throes of an intense orgasm.


    We lay side-by-side on the bed for 15 minutes... hardly moving... just trying to catch our breath. Finally, I pushed myself up on my elbow, grinned at my hot stud and told him truthfully, "That was the most wonderful sex I've had in the last two or three years. I can't believe that you were that good with a fat sow like me."

    That comment brought Jack to life. He raised his body over me and said softly but with unmistakable male authority, "I don't ever want to hear you say anything like that ever again. You're overweight... yes... but a fat sow you are NOT! You said you were 40 pounds overweight. That can be lost in four months. If you lose the weight, you'll be so damn gorgeous, you'll make men cum in their pants, but you will not be better in bed than you are now... because that's simply not possible. You are a hot, incredibly delicious woman and an unbelievably good fuck. Understand!"

    When I nodded, he ordered, "Say it! Tell me what you understand."

    "I'm a delicious fuck... a hot piece of ass. A sensuous, exotic woman."

    "You are, and that might have been the best sex you've had in two or three years, but it was the best I've ever had in my entire life. Unfortunately, I know that this is a one-time thing for us, but I want you to know that I'll remember this afternoon to the day I die."

    He kissed me softly and we lay together holding each other for awhile before I asked, "Will you tell your friends at the bar that you fucked me?"

    "No. This is my private memory to cherish for a lifetime. I wouldn't share it with anyone besides you for any price."

    After a bit, I reluctantly said, "You have to drive me back to my car. I only have about an hour left to get home. We should leave."

    "I know," he said, the sadness in voice was obvious. He pulled on his T-shirt, then stopped, and asked, "Do you think you could spare another 15 or 20 minutes so I can fuck you one more time?"

    I felt my cunt throb. He wanted me again! There was no way I could possibly say “no” no matter how late it made me getting home. "Oh yes. Fuck me again, Darling. How do you want me? You can have me anyway you want."

    "When I masturbate, I often fantasize that I have a beautiful women here and I'm fucking her on the couch over there with her legs high in the air and me pounding her hard. Could we do it like that or are you too sore?"

    I was off the bed in a flash. I practically ran to the couch, got on my back, and pulled my legs high in the air. I spread wide open so he could see my cunt and ass holes. "Fuck any hole you like, Darling. Hurry. I feel like I already about to cum."

    Jack mounted me supporting his weight with his hands on the arms of the couch while I held my legs back with my hands beneath my knees. Unlike the first fuck, this one was hard and fast. His prick surged in and out of my dilated and pulsing cunt like the piston on a race car.

    "Oohhh god damn... I’m cummingg... aaaahhhhh... you're fucking meeee.... oh oh oh oh oh oh!"

    He held my ass and powered his raging sex spike deep into my convulsing channel. My clitoris was throbbing like crazy as it danced in and out of its protective sheathe. I came again before Jack told me wanted to try one more position before he filled me with his second load.

    "Anything, Darling. How do you want me?"

    "Move over to the center of the couch, Honey. Move your ass to the edge of the couch, raise your legs straight up in the air. That way I can put both feet on the floor for leverage and really fuck you hard. If it's too hard, tell me. Don't let me hurt you."

    "Darling... it doesn't hurt a woman to be fucked by a loving consummate stud like you." I was licking my lips in wild anticipation as I took the position with my legs high and wide, pointed straight at the ceiling. My lover stood directly in front of my waiting cunt, leaned over as I put his hard shaft into my cunt. We both screamed as it rammed deep into my hot pussy. It only took us a minute or so to reach a mind-blowing orgasm. Jack load filled me as I screeched like a mare being bred by a raging stallion.

    Jack fucked me twice, and I loved ever second of it. He made me
    feel like a hot, desirable woman again.


    When Roger arrived home from work that evening, he found Alyson dressed in a pair of jeans that were several sizes too small for her body, which wasn't surprising since it had been two years since she had been able to wear them. She also had on a sweater that was equally too small.

    "What's going on, Honey. Why are you wearing those clothes. You look ridiculous."

    "Of course I look ridiculous, Honey. I look ridiculous because I'm 41 lbs. overweight. I put these on so we both would see just how ridiculous I look. I'm so sorry, Darling. I don't see how you can even get an erection looking at me, much less fuck me and have an orgasm. And I know I've been a lousy fuck... lying there like a dead fish because I'm too fat and tired to fuck a man properly. But that's going to change! I promise. Now sit down, I want to talk."

    "Really? he questioned, obviously puzzled. "What makes you so certain?"

    "I just know we can do it. I know I can change," I said. Of course, I had no intention of telling him how I knew it ... that I had been a hot whore in bed with a man I had just met.

    Roger was too stunned to speak, so he sat down on the couch beside me. "You're just as much overweight as I am, Darling. You're only 32, but you huff and puff like an old man when you're screwing me. If we keep this up, in a few years, I'll be so fat you won't want to even look at me, and you'll have a heart attack. I know most of this is my fault. I've cooked the wrong food; I've let myself go and become a dull, lifeless screw and an unexciting woman for you. That has gotten you so demoralized that you've given up too. I want our exciting, wild life back. Starting today, we're going on a diet. I've enrolled us both in a daily, evening exercise program that involves aerobics, weight lifting, stretching exercises, the whole nine yards, and we're going every evening... no excuses!"

    Roger nodded, but he was obviously skeptical. And he had good reason to be. I had said a thousand times that I was going to lose weight and never had.

    "I promise, Darling. We're both going to get our health and our bodies back in shape. We're also going to get our sex life back in better shape than it's ever been. I'm going to be the hottest fuck you've ever had and you're going to be the sexiest stud any woman has ever had between her legs."

    My husband might not have believed me at the moment, but my words got him hard. That night he gave me a very good, hot fucking... not as good as Jack and not nearly as good as he had six years ago, but it was a great start. I had two orgasms, neither faked, and he poured a huge load into my excited pussy... my third cum load of the day. Of course, my darling husband didn't know that.


    After that night, I purchased several recipe books for dieters. The one I used the most was the weight watchers collection of tasty, but low calorie, dishes. I started packing lunches for Roger so he wouldn't go out and eat calorie-laden fast food. Dinner was on the table promptly at 6 PM and it was tasty but low calorie.

    The next day, I asked Roger for permission to cancel all the premium TV cable services, retaining only the basic package. After reluctantly agreeing, he asked, "What are we going to do in the evening for entertainment. Going out every night will get to be a drag after a very short time."

    My answer was to lie down on our couch, lift my ass and pull my skirt up to my waist, and then spread my legs. "I intend to keep you very well entertained with this, Darling." I pulled my panties aside and arched my naked pussy toward him.

    "I don't know. We can't fuck all the time. You'll kill me."

    "We don't have to fuck to have sexy fun, Lover. For example, don't you think it will be fun to watch your dirty wife finger fucking herself and masturbating?"

    I could actually see Roger's cock becoming erect inside his pants. It didn't surprise me because he had begged me repeatedly to let him watch me masturbate. I had always put him off one way or another with the result that he had never seen me pleasuring my hot pussy and making it cum. The thought of getting to do so put instant starch into his dick.

    "And that's not the only way we can hot, sexy fun, Baby. Wouldn't you just love to hear about the guys I fucked before I met you... what they did... how often they did it?"

    My husband got harder. "And if I run out of things to tell you, well... you know women talk just like men do. I know all the dirty little secrets of all of our female friends. Don't you think it would be fun to hear how Marsha Balanger is fucking her high school lawn boy this summer?"

    Roger's cock was now hard as stone.

    "And how about role play... wouldn't it be fun to take turns being sex slaves?"

    That was as far as I got. My randy husband ripped off his pants, jerked his shorts down, and threw himself between my wide open thighs. My raging tiger nailed his 7 and a half inches into my cunt on the first stroke. It hurt a little, but it thrilled me. There was no way I was going to tell my stud to go easy with me at first... I wanted him hard... I wanted him wild to bang me... and I wanted his cock in me. And I got it ... oh shit... did he ever give it to me. It was the hardest, most intense screwing he had given me in a year. My darling husband was 45 minutes late getting to his office.


    That night after dinner, we went to our first exercise/aerobics class. Although our trainers started us slowly on easy exercises, we were both panting after 30 minutes.

    Carson was the head trainer, a job for which he was very well qualified. With a degree in physical education and therapy from the state university, he was 28 years old, in excellent physical condition, and great knowledge about how to get other people into similar condition. Seeing us panting, he smiled and said, "Don't worry you two... that's normal. I want you both to rest for 15 minutes before you start the next set of aerobics and weight exercises."

    That procedure, exercise - rest, was repeated four times that first evening. Both of us were having trouble moving after that. Carson approached and said, "You're both doing incredibly well for your first time. We're done with the aerobics and weight work for tonight. Time for the stretching exercises. Marvin will work with you, Roger, and I'll show Alyson the stretching routines."

    A short time later, I was lying on my back on a mat with Carson at my feet. He picked up one of my feet and lifted my leg up to a 30 degree angle and held it there. I could see his eyes looking at my crotch. Even though my leotard covered my pussy, I knew my position made it erotic. "I want you to repeat this lift ten times with each leg, Alyson, then, rest. I'll come back to show you the next set."

    As heavy as my thighs were, the exercises that looked so simple became painful before the 10 reps were done. Carson allowed me five minutes for rest and showed me the second set. Again, he picked up my leg and this time moved it as close to vertical as my joints would permit. "This is harder, Alyson, so we'll start with five reps for each leg. Be sure to hold your leg up when you get it as high as you can. Then, you can rest again."

    Once more, I was panting with the exertion by the time I finished. Carson saw this and allowed me a little more time to rest. "Last set," he announced. This time, he lifted both of my legs as close to vertical as I could manage. Once he had them up, he moved them apart as far as his arms allowed. Standing over me as he was, we both realized that he was now staring at my leotard-covered pussy while I was in one of the classic female fucking positions. I had to give the guy credit. Somehow, he kept from getting hard... probably because I was so fat that I didn't turn him on enough, in spite of the erotic position he had me in.

    "Five reps for this, Alyson. Lift - open - close - drop your legs to the mat... over and over... five times."

    This time he stayed while I did the stretching exercise. Presumably he stayed to make certain that I was doing the exercise correctly, but I knew he was watching intently each time I opened my legs with them up in the air. I even kept them open longer than necessary. By the time I finished, I thought he had a partial erection. I loved it!... Just loved it!"

    That's it for the stretching, Alyson. Time for a relaxing massage so your muscles don't cramp up before our session tomorrow evening, and then a relaxing dip in the pool with Gloria leading you and Roger in some water aerobics."

    The fact that Carson had Roger in a different room than me did not escape my notice. Carson had me lie on my stomach on the massage table while he worked oil into my shoulders and arms, massaging each with firm strokes of his hands. Then he moved downward to my thighs and repeated the massage, again working the muscles with his talented hands. It felt marvelous!

    After ten minutes, he was done with my backside. I was disappointed at first, but then he said, "One side done. Turn over, Alyson." My disappointment vanished instantly at the same time as my pussy contracted in anticipation.

    Again, Carson worked the oil into my shoulders, biceps, and triceps. He massaged my pecs being very careful not to touch my breasts. I wouldn't have said a word if he had. When he had my top done, he moved downward and worked the front and back of my thighs and calves. Finally, he worked the inside and outside of both legs. I had to spread my legs a little when he was doing my inner thighs. Again, he got a partial erection that fitted perfectly with the slow pulsing of my pussy beneath my leotard.

    We finished the session with refreshing water aerobics. After a quick shower, we were on our way home. Although we were both tired, we were also excited with the thought that in just a few short months, our bodies would undergo major changes.

    "How was your massage?" I asked.

    "Relaxing... very enjoyable. First one I've ever had," Roger replied. "How about you?"

    "I loved it... particularly when Carson opened my legs a little so he could massage the muscles on my inner thighs."

    "Fuck! Did he touch you? Did he try anything?"

    "No, Darling. Not a thing, but the thought that he might have has my pussy wet. Tonight, I need for you to massage all the parts that Carson missed."

    My husband shook his head. "I'm so tired I not sure I can."

    "You just lie on your back, Darling, and your sex slave wife will do all the work."

    An hour later, after sucking my husband's cock until he was hard as iron, I was riding him... bouncing wildly on his throbbing shaft. He might have been tired, but he did a masterful job of getting his horny wife off twice. He even made me turn around and ride him in reverse position, and once he had in that position, he pulled his rock-hard cock out of my pussy and began ass fucking me. At first, he had warned me that he was probably too tired to be able to reach an orgasm. That proved to be an urban legend when his swollen, throbbing shaft contracted in repeated hard spasms, each one delivering a huge gush of potent sperm and semen into my waiting cunt.


    At the end of the second month, Roger had lost 19 pounds and I had lost 17. Just as importantly, we felt much, much better. I could see my breasts firming up and Roger's abdomen becoming flat and hard. He was working on the weights like a man possessed. His increased strength was obvious from the increased size of his biceps, triceps, pecs, and leg muscles. He told me his drives on the golf course were going 20 to 30 yards further than they had before. From my point of view, I could see the improvement most in the vigor with which he fucked me. His cock was again powering into my cunt with masculine authority... his hips were driving my ass deep into the mattress, and we were both exploding with more force when we came.

    By the end of the fourth month, my weight was down to 132 as I had lost 34 pounds. Roger's initial weight of 230 had dropped to 189 with his 41 pound weight loss. We were doing harder, more vigorous exercises and stretching routines. I was almost to the point where I could spread my legs into a 180 degree angle... not quite but close. Roger's body more and more looked powerful and hard with rippling, bulging muscles. It even seemed to me like his cock was a half inch longer and thicker. He was taking me like a consummate, demanding stud stallion. I just creamed when he picked me up abruptly and took me to bed to use my hot body.

    For my part, when I looked in the mirror, I saw a sensuous, sexy, desirable woman. My breasts... no my tits... my sexy tits... no longer sagged, but stood proud at 36D. My ass was full, but it was tight. Roger never stopped moaning and gasping when I worked on his embedded cock with my newly invigorated vaginal muscles, which I had been exercising both in bed and out. One morning, I decided it was time to reveal my new hot cunt fully. I spent an hour carefully shaving it completely. Afterwards, I oiled it and ended up masturbating furiously with my fingers until I exploded in a hard, squirting climax. I couldn't wait to see Roger's reaction when he went down me.

    There was also a significant change in Carson when he watched my stretching routines and later, when he gave me my massage. He could no longer keep from getting an erection. We were halfway into the fifth month. I was on the massage table with Carson working on my shoulders and arms while I was on my back. With my 36D tits thrusting upward, hard and firm, and half exposed by the fact that I had pulled my leotard down a little before mounting the table, Carson was having a difficult time. His erection was obvious.

    "That looks painful," I said with a soft smile.

    "I'm sorry. I just can't help it. Would you like for me to get Gloria to finish your massage?"

    "Why? I'm not gay. I like a man's hands on me."

    "I like having them on you."

    "My shoulders seem to really turn you on."

    "Why do you say that?" he asked, puzzled by my comment.

    "Well, you spend all the time with your hands on my shoulders and arms... nothing else. Judging from that huge bulge in your shorts, you must get off on shoulders and arms," I teased, seductively, I hoped.

    "I could be fired, you know."

    "Not unless you go around bragging about your conquest. The door's locked and I'm not saying a word. Do you intend to brag to all your buddies?"

    That was all the encouragement Carson needed. His hands pulled the top of my leotard down baring both of my breasts. For the first time, my tits were completely and thoroughly massaged by Carson's soft hands, by his even softer lips and tongue, and finally, as he straddled my body, by his very hard cock. He took pains to massage the inside of both tits by pressing them against his cock as he moved it back and forth in sensuous massage motions. He was hard as stone... maybe 7 and half or eight inches of man meat.

    I moaned with loss when he moved back to the foot of the massage table. My moans increased when I felt him unsnap the crotch of my leotard and push it up to my hips. At first, I had worn panties underneath, but I had stopped that practice a month before. If Carson ever unsnapped my leotard, I wanted nothing but my wet pussy underneath. It was his turn to groan when he saw my naked, wet cunt waiting for him.

    "I think this needs a very thorough massage with something soft, like a tongue."

    "Mmmmm... that sounds very nice, but I don't think the massage will be deep enough to get to every thing that needs to be massaged, Carson."

    "Then, after I do the outside with my tongue, I'll have to switch to a deeper probe."

    I started to say something, but then Carson's tongue spread my pussy open and sank into my slit. Once in, he slid it up and down my sex trench, going deeper and deeper with each stroke. My hips rose off the table as my cunt throbbed around his probing tongue. I had to bite my knuckle to keep from screaming, which would have let everyone in the place know what Carson was doing to me. I kept myself under control until his tongue reached my throbbing clitoris. That caused my legs to fly apart as my clit and cunt hole exploded in a series of hard contractions. My sex juices spurted all over Carson's face, but he didn't slow down. Stroke after stroke lashed my convulsing clit... more juice poured from my spastically contracting vagina.

    "Oh god... stop... stop. I can't take any more. I need a deeper probe... please," I moaned desperately.

    Carson stood up between my gaping thighs, pulled my ass to the edge of the table and gave me the probe I needed. He gave it to me hard... deep... ramming my ass back down onto the table as his full length plowed into my hot hole. He massaged me thoroughly. Back and forth... working on every throbbing inch of my cunt. My hands were balled into fists as they clutched the sheet. I felt my lips pull back as my mouth stretched wide open. He rammed me again... hard... then harder ... forcing my tongue out into the air where it curled, the tip sliding across my upper lip.

    His hands moved under my thrusting ass and his fingers massaged my ass hole while his cock was thudding into the bottom of my cunt on every thrust. I came. Hard. He felt the intense contractions of my cunt around his shaft and that was all he could take.

    "I'm going to cum, Alyson. Can't hold back any longer... too fucking hot," he gasped.

    "Wait... wait... cum in my mouth so my husband won't know you fucked me."

    He nodded, pulled out, and I scrambled to get off the table and onto my knees. After the marvelous fucking Carson had just given me, I didn't want him to shoot his load all over the floor. He deserved a woman to take his load. Kneeling in front of him, I could see his grimace as he struggled to prevent ejaculation until I was in position. Quickly, I opened my mouth wide, extended my tongue and waited for his huge load. Ten seconds later, two huge gushes of semen blasted into my mouth. The next spurt hit my nose and ran down my cheek. Two more splattered over my chin, and the final two cum jets hit my neck and tits. The hot stud had pumped a monster load into my belly and all over my face, neck, and tits.

    As Carson gave me oral sex and fucked me, I had 7 or 8 orgasms
    before he creamed my face with several huge cum loads.


    Halfway through the sixth month, I was at my target weight of 125 lbs, and Roger had also reached his at 175. I had lost 41 pounds of fat, and my husband had shed over 50. He was one hard-bodied stud. He had not just lost weight, he had replaced body fat with rippling hard muscle. Just looking at his body when he had his shirt or pants off made my cunt wet. At my request, he had thrown away all his boxer shorts and replaced them with hot bikini briefs that had to struggle to contain his cock. When he got hard, the briefs had no chance as the swollen, purple head and two inches of hard meat would stick out the top of his briefs. That, combined with his powerful body, would make any woman cream her panties and spread her legs if he told her to. I was no exception.

    My husband was even more turned on by my new hot body, firm tits, shaved cunt, tight ass, tight cunt, and powerful vaginal muscles. All I had to do to end up on my back with his cock fucking me was just take out one of my 36D tits, or show him some thigh or pussy. Although we had reached our goal, neither of us had any interest in restoring the premium TV channels. We were too busy teasing each other and fucking.

    After our first sex session, Carson fucked me three more times, but after that we decided to stop. He didn't want to get fired, and, although he was a good fuck, he really wasn't in my husband's league. Of course, I didn't tell him that. I just agreed it was too risky for us to continue having sex. Even though my husband was a better lover, I was delighted that Carson had wanted me so much that he had risked his job in order to fuck me. That did wonders for my female ego.

    A New Lifestyle:

    There was absolutely no comparison between the things Roger and I now enjoyed and our activities prior to what we now both referred to as "our transformation". Before that, I read, shopped, did some volunteer work, visited with my female friends, watched TV, and slept. Three or four times a month, Roger would put his cock into my pussy and cum. About half the time, I would also cum. The other half of the time, I faked my orgasms. Now, there was never a boring moment.

    For example, two weeks ago, I called Roger around 3 PM. He answered his cell phone on the first ring. "Hello, Linhart Restaurants. Mr. Linhart speaking. How might I help you?"

    "I spent some our hard earned money without permission this afternoon, Honey."

    "Did I give you permission to do that?"

    "No. I just spent it anyway... without permission. I'm sorry."

    "How did you waste our money, Alyson?"

    "I went to an adult video shop and bought some things, Darling."

    "Interesting. What did you buy?"

    "A belt, a particular kind of belt. It's called a fuck belt."

    "Sounds incredibly erotic, but tell me, what's a fuck belt?"

    "It's sort of like a chastity belt... in fact, if you want to protect my virtue, Darling, you can use it that way. Anyway, there's a belt that goes around my waist. Then there's a second strap that goes between my thighs with a lock in front. The strap between my thighs holds every thing in place."

    "What things?"

    "Why the vibrating dildo that goes into my pussy, Honey, and the butt plug that you push into my ass. The belt strap holds them in place deep inside me. If you make me wear it, I'lI have to spend the day with my ass being stretched and my pussy being vibrated. The manager guaranteed me that I would lose track of the number times the fuck belt makes me cum during the day."

    "Oh fuck! Are you wearing it now?"

    "Umm-huh ... and the manager was right... I can't stop cumming... aaaahhh.... god... almost there, Baby... almost there."

    "Was it expensive?"

    "It's really nicely made, Honey. The list price was $125 with vibe and plug included, but I got it for just the $8 sales tax."

    "That's quite a sale!"

    "Oh, it wasn't on sale, but the manager of the store offered to sell it to me for the sales tax alone if I would allow him to show me how it works, how to put it on, and how to properly insert the dildo and plug."

    "I don't believe you. You're making this up."

    "No I'm not! You'll see it on me when you come home, Darling."

    "Damn! I'm hard... I mean really hard! Did the manager try anything with you? Did he try to fuck you?"

    "Of course not, Darling. In fact, he was very helpful. He took a long time showing me how to put the belt on properly and insert the plug and dildo so that the belt would hold them in place perfectly. When I didn't understand, he showed me every thing again."

    "When he was convinced I knew how to do the insertions properly, he helped me put on the fuck belt. He even locked me in it. Of course, he gave me one of the keys."

    "One of the keys?"

    "Yes, Darling. Just one. He kept the extra one... just in case I lose mine and have to call him for help."

    Roger groaned and I said, "I'll be waiting for you, Honey. Don't be late. This thing is really driving me crazy for your cock."


    The erotic teasing and games weren't all one-sided. My hot, randy Stud kept me on edge wondering what was going to happen next. One morning he called me and said I would be receiving a package by special delivery. I was to put on the clothes that were in the box and nothing else.

    I said, "Sounds hot and erotic."

    "Oh it is. Don't cook dinner. We're having a late dinner out. A limo will pick you around 7 PM. The driver has already been paid in full with tip. He has full directions. Just get in and relax. Remember, wear only what's in the box and follow the instructions."

    My husband hung up leaving me incredibly curious and very excited.

    When the box arrived that afternoon, it was much bigger than I expected. When I opened it, I understood why. There were three different outfits, each wrapped in a separate clear bag. The three bags were numbered 1, 2, and 3. The letter in the box was a set of instructions from my sexy husband.


    Alyson, I have a very erotic evening planned for us tonight. Be dressed in outfit Number 1 when the limo arrives. Do not go out to meet him. When the doorbell rings, tell him to come in and be sitting so that he see all of your legs, half of your tits, and a good portion of the black thong. After you get into the limo, follow the remaining instructions. I can't wait to hear what happened. Love, Roger.


    The only clothes in bag Number 1 were a white dress that came only to mid-thigh and exposed half of my tits, a pair of white and black 4-inch heels, and a black thong. After bathing and fixing my makeup that evening, I put the dress on, pulled the thong up my thighs and stepped into the heels. I felt almost naked... and I felt hot and ready, which I was certain was exactly what my husband had in mind.

    Promptly at 7 PM the doorbell rang. Following the instructions contained in the letter enclosed with the clothes, I yelled out, "Come on in. The door's unlocked."

    The door opened and a uniformed limo driver entered. I had expected an older guy. Instead, my driver looked to be all of 19 or 20 years old. His eyes almost bugged out of his head when he saw me sitting on the couch with one foot up on the arm, my short dress all the way up to my hips so that my thong was exposed. I could see his eyes darting back and forth between my exposed cleavage, my openly displayed thighs, and the enticing black strip of cloth guarding my cunt.

    "Are you my driver?"

    "Yes... eh... yes Mam. I'm George."

    "Do you have a driver's license, George?"

    "Yes Mam."

    "Good... and don't call me 'Mam'. My name's Alyson. I hope you know where we're going, George, because I don't."

    "I do, Alyson. I have detailed directions as to where to take you. I'm to wait for you to... eh... get done... eh ... I mean finish ... and then bring you home."

    "Let's go. The guy I'm meeting doesn't like to be kept waiting."

    George held the door open for me as I climbed into the back seat of the limo. When George was seated behind the wheel, I saw him adjusting his mirror so that he could see me clearly. I followed the next instruction by leaning back and hoisting my left foot up onto seat. The position spread me wide open giving George an unobstructed view of my thong-covered cunt.

    "How far is it, George?"

    "It's about a half hour drive, Alyson, so make yourself comfortable."

    "I will, George. I will."

    Roger's list of instructions told me to take off the white dress and put on the second outfit from the box. "I have to change clothes, George. I didn't know where we were going, and there's no way in hell I could wear in public what the guy tonight wants to wear."

    As soon as I pulled the top of my dress down to expose all of my tits and hard nipples, the car severed slightly. "Haven't you ever seen a woman's tits before, George? Be careful."

    The only thing I left on was the black thong. After repacking the white dress and the black and white heels, I leaned back in the seat, lifted one leg after the other and pulled the dark, fishnet hose up to the tops of my thighs. Strapping the pink and black garter belt about my waist, I hooked the hose to the garters and then removed the matching pink and black, push-up demi bra from the bag. There were two small panels that could have covered my tits, but Roger's directions said to have the bra below my tits completely exposing them. The only function the bra served was to push them up and out. Finally, I slipped my feet into the black platform heels.

    I glanced at the front seat and saw George's eyes were switching back and forth from the road to me. Time to give him a show as my sexy husband had directed. Sitting back down on the seat, I steepled my right knee and spread wide open totally exposing my black thong. With the bra pulled below my tits, George was getting a great view.

    There was nothing to do now but wait. I watched George leering at me in his rear view mirror. I could feel... almost smell, the teenager's lust and desire. There was no doubt that his cock was rigid and throbbing. I spread even wider and pretended to adjust my bra, but what I was actually doing was hefting and cupping my tits for George's benefit.

    It wasn't long before I could see his arm moving steadily as he stared at my body. "You're jacking off aren't you, George?"

    He blushed deep red in embarrassment. "I'm sorry. I've just never seen a real woman as beautiful as you."

    "Real woman?"

    "Yeah... a real woman instead of the girls I date from high school."

    Now it was my turn to be turned on by this young man. "Don't stop, George. Just be careful. Would you like for me to spread wider ... maybe move my hips to the edge of the seat?"

    "Oh yes, please," he moaned.

    I scooted to the edge of the seat and put one heel up above the right-hand window and the other heel above the left-hand window. "You like seeing me wide open like this, George?"

    "Oh fuck.. oh fuck... oohhh fuckkk!" he groaned as his arm moved faster and faster.

    "If you save it for our return trip, I'll show you a lot more, George. I can't right now because the guy I'm doing tonight wants me dressed like this when we arrive."

    "I don't think I can hold it," he moaned.

    "A man can always hold it if the reward is great enough, Honey. Just think about algebra ... something other than my tits and hot cunt."

    The poor guy groaned even louder when I mentioned my 'hot cunt'.

    "Are you a ... you know... a professional?"

    "You're asking me if I'm a whore?"

    "Are you?"

    "I'm a very, very expensive call girl, George."

    "Can I ask how expensive?"

    "$1,000 for the two hours you'll be waiting for me... or less."

    "Why less?"

    "Some guys cum fast and can't get it up again, Honey. But you can count on waiting the full two hours with this hot stud. He's fucked me before and there's no way in hell he's not going to giving it to me for the full two hours."


    George stopped the limo in front of the Hilton bungalows. "Check the outside for me, George. Make sure the coast is clear and then knock on the door. When the guy opens it, I'll run in before I get arrested for indecent exposure." A moment later, Roger opened the door, smiled at me, and I ran inside.

    Once I was safely inside, Roger slammed the door shut behind me, pulled me into his arms, kissed me hard, and whispered, "I hope your worth the $1,000 I'm paying you, Slut"

    "I am, Honey. I am. But before I show you just how good I am, we need to take care of the financial arrangements."

    "Of course." As Roger picked up his pants to get his wallet, he asked, "Did you fuck George on the way over here?"

    "He couldn't afford me, Honey. He's only 19. I did spread wide open for him and let him stare at me while he jacked off though."

    "That was considerate of you. How big a load did he shoot?"

    "He didn't cum."

    "He didn't cum??? How the hell did he keep from shooting off with you posing for him?"

    "I promised him that I would do a lot more than just pose for him on the way back if he held his load. He's got a lot of control for such a young man."

    "What are you going to do for him on the way back?"

    "I'll at least strip naked for him and let him see my cunt while he jacks off. Any more than that will be up to you to decide before I leave, Darling. Now, where's my money, Honey?"

    My husband walked to the bed and dropped, one after the other, ten one-hundred dollar bills into the middle of the bed. I made them disappear, and then said, "I'm yours for two hours, Honey."

    "Are you wet, Baby?"

    "I'm soaked, you hot Bastard... I've been in heat all day since getting your call. If you don't do something soon, I'm gonna call George in here."

    "Let's see how hot and wet you are." My husband jerked my left leg high in the air leaving me to balance on one leg and with my hand on the arm of the couch. He pulled me close and pressed his sex spike into my cunt. It entered me easily. His hips thrust forward, powering six inches of cock into my cunt.

    "UUUINNNGGGHHHH... yeah... fuck it, Stud... Fuck it!" I screamed.

    "George will hear you."

    "I know. He's at the door or window listening."

    "He's probably watching as well as listening," my husband said between his grunts caused by my pussy throbbing wildly about his embedded prick.

    "How?" I hissed as I felt the intensely erotic pleasure of a hot male animal fucking me.

    "I ... UGH! ... left the ... UGH! UGH! ... the curtain... aahhhh UGH! UGH! ... open a... UGH! UGH! ... a little... aahhh shit... your cunt is tight and hot ... a little so he could... UGH! UGH! watch me fucking you! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!"

    Some time later, after my husband had made me cum six times, he was hammering my cunt in doggy position getting ready to shoot in his second load. His powerful hips slammed into me causing me to grunt like a sow. The iron-hard rod pounded against my womb sending shivers of female delight all over my body.

    "Cum in me, Stud. Cum with me. I'm gonna explode again on that huge prick of yours," I husked in hot heat.

    Roger pounded me so hard I couldn't keep my hips up for him... he just drove them down into the couch. Once there, I couldn't escape and got an incredibly hard fuck before I felt his cock expanding and throbbing deep inside my cunt. The load roared into me at the same time as my pussy squirted and my clit danced wildly in its climax.

    As we approached the two-hour mark, I moaned in Roger's ear. "This was wonderful, Darling. I've been in heat all day and tonight you made me cum 11 times. Do you want to cum again. I usually don't let my johns go over the time limit but for a stud like you, I'll make an exception."

    "Hot cunted whore," he hissed in my ear.

    "Oh yess... I am. Fuck me, Lover. Make me cum again."

    "Get on top of me, Slut. Fuck yourself on my big cock, Baby. Get us both off."

    It only took me a few minutes to squeeze another cum load out of my husband's now totally exhausted cock. When he was emptying his balls into me for the fourth time that night, I had my 12th climax.

    With my randy stud husband screwing me while a rock-hard 19-year
    old guy was watching and jerking off, I was so hot
    I had one orgasms after another.


    My husband was still lying naked on the bed when I was once again dressed in my hot fuck-me outfit, my tits completely exposed as before. "Well, Lover, I hope you got your money's worth. Call me again... any time, Stud. Now, I gotta go. My randy limo driver is waiting with his balls about to explode."

    "What are you going to do with him?" Roger asked.

    "Let him jack off while he checks out my naked, and now very well-fucked cunt."

    "Anything else?"

    "That's up to you, Darling. Am I going to do more with him?"

    "Do you want to fuck him?"

    "I've never had a 19 year old guy since I was in high school, Honey."

    "Really? How many did you have in high school?"

    "I'll tell you the next time you've got me naked in our bed. Now I really do need to go. George is going crazy waiting for me. He's been watching you screw me for two hours and listening to me screaming while you did it. He's got to have a terrible case of blue balls by this time. I'll see you back at the house later?"

    "Of course. No way I'm going to miss sleeping with you."

    I smiled and opened the door. I was halfway out when my husband said, "Honey..."

    "Yes?" I asked looking back.

    "Fuck him... take your time. I'll wait up for you."


    I checked to see if anyone was in the parking lot. When I saw no one, I hurried to the limo, my naked tits bouncing as I ran, a fact that was not lost on the wildly excited teenager. When I got into the back of the limo, I saw George staring at me, his face flushed with lust.

    "Did you shoot off, George?" I asked. If he said "no", I intended to believe him whether it was true or not.

    "No... Oh god... I wanted to! I listened and the curtain was open a little. Sometimes I could see that guy fucking you. He really gave it to you. I never seen anybody fuck that hard and that long."

    "Is your cock hard right now, George?" I asked knowing full well that he had to be so hard, he was in pain.

    His response was a groan followed by, "It's hurts. It really hurts. I've never been this hard for so long... can I jack off now? You said you'd show me more."

    "You can already see all of my tits, Honey. Let me take off my thong so you can see my cunt. If you turn on the overhead light, you can see all of me a lot better, George." He had the lights on before I got the thong off my heels. I spread wide open on the back seat, making certain to sit so he could see my shaved pussy.

    "Can you see it, Honey? Does my naked cunt turn you on?"

    "Ooohhhhh god... can I get in the back with you so I can see it up close while I jack off?"

    "Of course... come on, George. Get in the back seat with me."

    He was in the back with me in a flash. Kneeling on the floorboard, he got his head between my open thighs and stared at my pussy from a foot away as his hand began stroking his rigid cock.

    "Are you sure you want to jack off, Honey?"

    "Please, I can't wait any longer. Let me do it and cum... please."

    "I just wondered if you wouldn't have more fun fucking me than jacking off. I'm really a hot fuck. You'll love the way my cunt feels around that big hard cock of yours." I turned over, got on my hands and knees, and thrust my ass toward him. Slowly, I moved my knees further apart. His eyes couldn't have been more than a few inches away from my pussy.

    I looked back at George as he knelt behind me, uncertain as to what to do. "You shouldn't keep a woman waiting like this, Honey. Fuck Me!"

    George had had all of my teasing he could tolerate. His hips rammed forward driving his iron-hard cock deep into my cunt pit. His cum-filled balls banged hard against my clit at the same time as his cock battered against my womb. The hot pleasure of my wet, contracting cunt around his prick forced repeated loud grunts of masculine satisfaction that filled the car. As he machine-gunned his cock in and out of me, fucking me like an enraged stallion, my higher-pitched, female cries mixed with his deep growls. The limo was bouncing on its springs so much that anyone watching had to know that some woman was getting her ass fucked off by a hot, excited male.

    George's first load exploded... literally exploded... deep inside my cunt, filling me full. He didn't even slow down his thrusts nor did his cock soften as he continued to fuck me. His load was running down my thighs when I noticed the curtains of Roger's bungalow were parted. My husband was watching a teenaged stud fucking his wife! With the overhead lights on, I knew Roger was having no difficulty seeing what was happening.

    "Fuck me harder," I moaned. "I'm about to cum, Honey. Bang it into meeeeeee!"

    He hammered me so hard my head was bouncing off the cushion of the back seat. When my pussy began to contract in hard spasms, it drove George to even greater heights.

    "Turn over, Alyson. Get on your back so I can ram you harder!"

    It wasn't a request. I had no doubt that if I didn't flip over onto my back, this male animal would put me on my back in no uncertain terms. As soon as George pulled his raging rod out of me, I turned onto my back and threw my legs wide apart making my wet, throbbing hole a perfect target for his sex gun.

    Some men have a problem getting into a woman... they miss the opening... their cock isn't hard enough to penetrate... whatever. Not George... his cock hit my cunt hole dead center, and the hard, iron spike speared me deep on the first thrust.

    "AAAAaaaaaaaahhhhhhh... god... you're so damn hard! You feel like a steel rod inside me, George. Jezzz... what a cock! What a Stud! FUCK ME, HONEY. MAKE ME CUM!"

    His teenage ego swelled as he pounded himself into me with hard, determined thrusts. I came. He knew it and grinned. He fucked me harder... I came again... and then again. Finally, he had reached his limit. His cock lurched inside me... his buttocks contracted hard, and huge gushes of cum rocketed into my vagina.

    Being fucked by my teenaged driver while my husband watched and jerked off, had me so hot,
    I was having repeated orgasms as George shot two
    monster cum loads into my eager cunt.

    Three Months Later:

    My husband's birthday was on Saturday. Naturally, I wanted to do something very special for him... something that he would remember when we were old and gray. I knew just the thing. I was surprised how quickly I came up with the idea. All I really had to do was put myself in my husband's place and imagine what I would really, really like to have for my birthday. I knew instantly what he would have said.

    As it turned out, it was much easier to conceive the plan than it was to execute it. The problem was that I needed help from several other people, and all that had to be arranged. I did the easier stuff first.

    Everyone in the city knows that the hottest, most erotic night spot is "The Basement". The name comes from the fact that the decor makes the place resemble a Basement. Some sections look a little trashy and the lighting in some parts of the club is very low and subdued to provide privacy and a sense of intimacy.

    "The Basement" features live music, good, fast food for those who want it, a dance floor, pool tables, a game room, female strippers and lap dancers, and an erotic ambiance well-suited as a prelude to hot sex later in the evening. Among the men, it was common knowledge that "The Basement" was the place to go if you were looking to hook up with a woman and score. For their part, the women all knew that "The Basement" was the place to rev up your husband's or boyfriend's sex motor or get laid when hubby was out of town for a couple of days.

    Although in the evenings, "The Basement" was usually packed, in the afternoon, business was much slower. I had no problem getting in to see Ryne Kizer, the manager of the place. He listened patiently to what I had planned for my husband's birthday. When I had finished, I waited anxiously to find out if he would agree or say "no". I was both surprised and delighted with his answer.

    "Holy shit! I wish my wife would come up with birthday presents like that. Your husband is one lucky dude. Tell me exactly how you want to do this, and I'll set every thing up. I'll call you a couple of days in advance to go over things so that nothing will go wrong."

    "That's wonderful! Thank you. I really appreciate this. Will there be extra charges?"

    "No extra charges, Alyson. It's my pleasure to help. Of course, an appropriate ... eh... shall we say ... an appropriate gratuity would be appreciated."

    "I'm sure we can find something appropriate," I whispered.

    Ryne looked over my body and nodded. Then he asked, "Tell me, what about the other part. You already have that set up?"

    "Not yet, but I will."

    "Ok. I hope so. Obviously, I can't help you with that part."

    "I don't think it will be a problem. And now that we seem to have taken care of all the details, doesn't this couch fold out into a bed?"

    "It does."

    "Shall we?"

    We did ... three times.


    Lunch at the "Tea Garden" was expensive, but it was also excellent. Megan had naturally been delighted to accept my invitation since I told her it was my treat. I had spent the entire lunch explaining to Megan my plan for a fantastic birthday present to Roger. We were enjoying a low-cal dessert when she said, "Alyson, if your husband doesn't like that birthday present, you need to bury him, because he's dead."

    "Thanks. I can hardly wait to see his face. Every time I ask him what he wants for his birthday, he says the same damn thing, "Nothing. I have every thing I want, and besides, birthdays are no big deal any longer." Well... I don't think he's gonna say that this time."

    "Have you already talked to Kizer?"

    "Yes, four days ago. He's setting every thing up there."

    "How about the other problem? I don't see how you're going to solve that."

    "That's what this lunch is all about. The tab for the lunch, the wine, the bar bill, the dessert, and the tip will be well over $100. I consider it an investment in my husband's birthday present."

    "You're kidding me?"

    When I didn't respond, Megan said, "You're not? You're really serious?"

    "Serious enough to provide the best, most enjoyable luncheon in the city."

    "That's fucking wild!" she hissed in a low voice.

    "And wild fucking."

    We both laughed.


    When we awoke Saturday morning, my horny husband naturally had plans to fuck me with his morning hard-on.

    "Sorry, Babe. No pussy for you this morning."

    "Oh come on... you don't really want to waste this, do you?" he asked pointing to his very hard erection. "Besides, it's my birthday."

    "I know. That's why you're not getting into me this morning. I have a wonderful birthday planned for you and you need to be hot, randy, and primed."

    "Shit. Well, I guess I'll just have to jack off in the shower."

    I turned dead serious. "If you even look like you're going to jack that big cock and cum on the floor, it'll be a month before you feel the inside of my pussy again. Please, I'm serious. Don't spoil all my plans."

    My husband pulled me close and kissed me tenderly. "I was just kidding, Darling. No way I'm gonna shoot on the floor when I've got a woman like you for a wife. Besides, you must really have a gala celebration planned."

    I spent the morning and afternoon making certain every thing was ready. I even called the Marriott Inn a third time to check on our reservations, and a slightly annoyed clerk assured me again that it was all arranged and ready for our arrival.

    At 6:00 PM, I handed my husband a box. "Here's your first present. It's sort of like the one you gave me before the limo and that young randy teenage driver picked me up three months ago. Follow the instructions in the box."

    At 6:30, Roger emerged from the bedroom wearing the outfit I had bought for him. He was actually blushing! "You expect me to wear this?" he asked, obviously not just a little upset.

    "Of course. Why not? You like for me to dress hot. Don't you think women appreciate the same thing?"

    The tight T-shirt fit my husband's upper body like a second skin. The bulge of every one of his very prominent and powerful muscles was on display. Every time he moved, his muscles could be seen rippling beneath the shirt. The sleeves were very short to display his hard biceps and triceps.

    His jeans were a brand that was traditionally tight, and I had deliberately bought a pair that was a full size too small. I then had the waist adjusted just enough so that they fit. The legs of the jeans hugged his thighs and calves outlining every muscles and every movement. Most importantly, my husband's cock was perfectly and completely outlined by the tight material. From twenty feet away, you could tell exactly where his prick started and where it ended. The prominent ridge behind the head was molded perfectly by the jeans. And this was the effect when he was soft. When my husband's big cock got hard in those jeans, every woman who saw him was going to get hot and wet.

    "But my cock might just as well be naked," he protested.

    "That's the idea, Darling. Every woman is going to want you. The wives are going to be wishing their husbands were out of town... the single women are going to be figuring out ways to seduce you into their bed tonight. You look great! And very, very fuckable."

    My husband blushed again. Men just aren't used to being sex objects. I wasn't worried. I knew he was going to love it as soon as he got over his embarrassment... just like a woman wearing a dress that shows off practically every thing.

    "Ok... Ok. Now that's you've explained it so clearly, I guess it might be fun. Where are we going? What's the plan?"

    "I'm not telling you. Just remember that I've planned this entire evening for the love of my life. I want you to enjoy every single second. Don't worry about me. This is your day and my present to you. Understand?"

    "Ok. If you say so, that's what I'll do... enjoy every thing to the fullest. What's first on the agenda?"

    "First, is this glass of water and this little blue pill, Darling."

    "What is it?"

    "Guess," I said with a mischievous grin.


    "You win the prize, Darling. Now take it. Believe me, you'll thank me later."

    "Ok," he said with more than a twinkle in his eye. He swallowed the 100 mg magic pill and asked, "What's my prize?"

    "More than you can imagine, Darling. But the first part of the prize is another little blue pill every three hours for the rest of the evening."

    "You're kidding?"

    "Hardly. Let's go."


    "First to Logan's Sports Bar for a light dinner and to give me chance to show off my stud boy to the other women there. After dinner, we have reservations at "The Basement"." I was thrilled when I saw my husband's cock getting partially hard when I mentioned "The Basement".

    "MMmmmmm... I love that!"


    "Seeing you getting hard."

    "How did you know?"

    "In those jeans, Baby, every woman's gonna know."

    When I told him that, his cock lurched and got even harder. "Oh fuck! This is going to be a wild, wonderful night," I thought to myself as I led my husband and his hard-on out to our car.


    Dinner at Logan's turned much better than I had hoped. When we entered, every woman waiting for a table with her husband or her date along with all the single women... maybe 10 in all... couldn't take their eyes off my husband's hot body. It was hot watching them trying to take it all in... his hairy chest, his muscular arms and shoulders, his powerful legs, and, of course, his perfectly outlined thick cock.

    The waitress led us to our reserved table, she kept turning back... presumably to see if we were still following her... but in reality to look at my stud's big dick again. Not only did the waitress steal glances at Roger's equipment, every woman we passed had her eyes glued to his bulge. By the time we sat down, I was wet with pleasure, and my husband had a raging hard-on.

    Leaning over, he whispered, "Did you see all those women checking me out, Alyson? That was an amazingly hot feeling. I've never had that experience before."

    "Now are you beginning to understand why women love to wear hot, revealing clothes?" I laughed.

    Half way through dinner, I noticed a blonde at the next table boldly staring right at Roger's bulge that now extended 7 and a half inches down his thigh. He kept trying to adjust himself to get comfortable but in his tight jeans, the only way he was going to get comfortable was to take it out. "Don't look now, you sexy Stud, but the blonde across the aisle wants your cock in her cunt. She can't take her eyes off of it."

    "She's with someone... probably her husband," Roger whispered back.

    "Right now, she doesn't give a damn who she's with... she just wants your cock in her pussy."

    When we were leaving, the hot blonde was still staring. She got up and walked beside us on the way to the door. When we got to the bar area, she turned abruptly to get to the bar and bumped into Roger. A bunch of bull shit apologies followed. I moved away to give my stud some freedom to work the bitch.

    Once we back in the car I couldn't wait to ask what was said. "Not much," my husband responded with a grin. "She doesn't care at all for the real me. She just wants my body."

    We both laughed at that line all the way to "The Basement".

    As usual, the place was packed, but we had reservations that Ryne had arranged for us days earlier. Not only did we get seated immediately, but we got exactly the location Ryne had recommended. It was dimly lit but with a clear view of the stage. Perfect.

    Most of the women were wearing next to nothing. As a result, every one of them was getting hit on constantly. Roger ignored them, but they didn't ignore him... not with his cock tenting his pants the way it was.

    After being seated and placing our drink orders, Roger and I danced several times. The feel of his rigidly erect cock against my belly had me dripping after the first song was over.

    "I'm so damn hard from feeling your body against me, I can't believe it."

    "You think you have problems, Honey? My sex juices are seeping down my thighs. I can even smell my aroma. Can you?"

    "Oh hell yes... you smell delicious. Let's go out to the parking lot so I can fuck you."

    "Not yet, Honey. Trust me. It will be worth it."

    The strippers came on at 9:30 PM, and the place got pretty rowdy with the men yelling "Take it off... Take it off" and the women often joining and urging the women to take every thing off. At 10 PM, I turned to Roger, "Honey, I have to go to the ladies room and pay the bill for all the special reservations and drinks. You don't pay for anything tonight. It's your birthday. I'll be back as soon as possible." I kissed my husband passionately and hurried toward the back of the club.


    "Well fuck!" I thought. "This is a fine mess. It's my birthday and my wife won't let me fuck her for some reason and if that's not bad enough, I'm now sitting here alone looking ridiculous."

    I was beginning to feel sorry for myself when I noticed a drop-dead gorgeous blonde sitting at the table across from us. She was sitting with her dress almost up to the top of her thighs. I was stunned when I saw she also was sitting with one of her tits completely out of dress. My cock lurched to an instant throbbing erection.

    At that moment, the blonde turned toward me, saw me staring at her exposed body, got up and walked over to my table. She smiled broadly, and said, "Hi Roger. Put your tongue back in your mouth. Don't you recognize me? Maybe if I put my tit back in my dress you'll recognize me." I was disappointed when her gorgeous mound disappeared inside her dress.

    Suddenly the light came on in my sex addled brain. "Megan? Megan Zegal? Of course I recognize you. It's just that the light's dim and ... well..."

    "And you haven't ever seen me wearing so little and showing so much... does that about sum it up, Honey?"

    I couldn't take my eyes off Megan's flimsy dress that hugged every curve. There couldn't possibly be a bra under that dress... which seemed impossible considering the size of her huge tits. She was barelegged and I saw no trace of a panty outline. At most, she was wearing a thong underneath.

    "Well go ahead and ask me, Roger. I can see you're dying to know."

    I'm always amazed at how easily women can read men's thoughts. "Ok. Are you wearing anything under that dress?"

    "No... just me, Honey... just my big 38DD tits, naked ass and naked pussy."

    My cock was getting hard again... really hard. Megan looked at my crotch. "You don't look like you've got anything on under those jeans either... nothing except that luscious looking, big, hard cock. Am I right?"

    "Yeah... Alyson wouldn't let me wear anything ... said it was hotter this way."

    "It is, Honey. It is. Don't you think I look hotter being naked under this dress than if I were wearing a slip, bra, and full panties?"

    When I nodded my agreement, she asked, "Aren't you going to ask a girl to join to you?"

    "I'd love to, but I'm with Alyson."

    "You seem to be alone to me, Baby."

    "Well, Alyson said she be back in awhile. Where's Wayne?"

    "My husband is out of town for five days for five days playing in a golf tournament. So I'm free and available... do you like available women, Roger?"

    I had no idea what to say. This was my wife's best friend. I had played golf several times with Wayne and we had gone to many parties together. Megan spoke again. "If I take out both of my tits, will you invite me sit down?" Her hands moved to her bodice, pulled it aside, and both huge 38DD, firm, beautiful, sexy tits were sticking out straight at me.

    "Come on, Honey. Move over for a lonely girl. You're wife's deserted you; my husband is at a golf tournament playing with balls and holes, and I'm alone."

    I moved over and Megan immediately took the seat my wife had formerly occupied. I had no idea what to do if she returned. These thoughts left me when I felt Megan's hand on my bulge stroking and squeezing it. "Damn, Roger. You've got a great cock... thick... long ... but not so big it hurts a woman. Mmmmmmm... love the way you feel, Honey. Now my husband isn't the only one who has balls to play with. But he's still playing with a hole.... I need a hot guy to play with my hole... interested?"

    "My god, Megan. Alyson could come back at any time. Aren't you going to put your tits back inside your dress?"

    "Forget Alyson. She's going to be awhile. Your cock says you like my tits. And all the other men staring at me seem to like it better when I have them out. I think I'll just leave them out for awhile. MMmmm... how big is your cock, Roger?"

    "Not quite eight inches."

    "Oh yess... come on, Honey. Spread your legs and let me sit between them and lean back against you so I can feel this big thing pressing against me."

    I was nervous but I remembered Alyson admonishing me to relax and really enjoy myself. I decided to take her advice. I was certain that the viagra she had given me had a lot to do with my decision. I moved my legs apart and Megan leaned back against me, her dress now sliding all the way up to her hips. At least, she had covered one breast... but in a way, it was much hotter to see her sitting there with one tit exposed rather than both.

    The MC was announcing the next stripper, but I was so mesmerized by the feel of Megan's body, her naked tit, and the way she was grinding her back against my erection, that I heard none of what he was saying. Suddenly, she pulled my face to hers and kissed me... her tongue sliding into my mouth ... fucking me... then retreating to allow me to fuck her mouth with my tongue. Her hips were grinding and rotating against me.

    The room was suddenly filled with yells and whistles from the men around the stage. I looked at the stage and saw the reason why. A hot looking brunette wearing nothing but a black bra, black garter belt with a matching skimpy thong, thigh high black hose, and heels was leaning against the counter on the stage. Slowly, she began to move about the stage and runway grinding her hips to the sensuous beat of the music as her big tits bounced.

    When she got near the edge of the stage, the men there screamed "Show us your hot ass, Babe. Let's see the hot ass!"

    Megan unzipped my jeans and extracted my throbbing eight inches. She caressed the head gently, running her fingers around the ridge and then up and down my length. I couldn't keep my hips still. When I turned to look at her, she whispered, "Watch Alyson, Honey. Watch your luscious hot wife stripping for all those men. How are you liking your birthday so far? It's only going to get better. If you want to cum, tell me and I'll put your cock in my mouth so you won't shoot all over the place."

    My eyes flashed back to the stage. Alyson was bent over with her back to the men, thrusting her ass at them. The black thong was sunk so deeply into her ass crack, it was almost invisible. She hunched back and forth, obviously simulating the motions her hips would be making if she were being fucked. The men screamed continuously.

    "SPREAD IT WIDE OPEN, BABE!" some guy screamed. The call was taken up by one of the women. "You heard the man, Bitch. Sit down and spread so the guys can see if you're worth fucking."

    My wife pulled a bar stool over near the edge of the stage, sat down, and opened her legs wide with her feet on the rungs of the stool. The entire plane of her cunt was concealed only by the narrow black strip of her thong. Her ass pumped up and down in hot fuck motions as she called back to the woman, "Am I worth fucking, Honey. You think your boyfriend wants to fuck me tonight instead of you? Why don't we ask him." She looked at the guy whose arm was around the woman. "How about it, Honey? Want to sink your cock in me tonight... in this hot cunt?" My wife pulled her thong aside to show him her naked pussy.

    I turned to Megan who was jacking my cock harder. "I'm gonna cum, Megan. Suck me... please."

    "Love to, Honey... LOVE TO!" Her mouth closed over my cock, her lips slid down its length until she had seven inches in her mouth and throat. Then, she fucked my cock with her mouth.

    I heard the men screaming, "TITS OUT, BABY... TAKE THOSE BIG TITS OUT!" When I was able to drag my attention away from Megan's hot mouth, I saw Alyson was lowering her bra and dropping it to the floor, baring both of her tits in front a couple of hundred horny men, all of whom wanted to fuck her.

    "ASS.. ASS...ASS!" they screamed. My wife turned, bent over and pulled her thong down her thighs and tossed it into the crowd of men who went wild at the sight of her naked cunt and ass. She moved up and down the runway stopping every couple of steps to hunch her cunt and ass right in the faces of the men.

    At the end of her circuit, she moved back to the counter and put one heel up on its surface. The position spread her cunt wide open. She fucked an imaginary lover as the men watched.

    "Oh god, Megan. Can't hold it."

    "Don't hold it, Honey. Pump me full... pump the load in Megan's belly, Honey... uummmm... ugh ugh...aaahhhhhhhhhhh... mmmmmmmmmmm!"

    Gush after gush poured into the blonde's mouth and fired down her throat. She swallowed every drop as she played with my balls... I was certain she was having more fun playing with her balls than her husband was having playing with his on the golf course.

    When my throbbing cock was shooting blanks, Megan continued to suck me. Amazingly, I didn't lose my erection. The viagra kept me hard and within a couple of minutes watching my wife humping her cunt right in front of the crowd, my rod was raging hard again.

    "Time for a lap dance, Baby," Megan announced. I'm going to start with my back to you so I can watch your hot wife." She adjusted her cunt so that my cock was centered right at her opening... then she lowered her hips onto my lap as I slowly slid into her depths. She squeezed me with her cunt muscles. I couldn't suppress my groan of pleasure.

    "You like that, don't you, Honey. That's good, because I'm going to suck ten loads out of your balls tonight."

    On stage, I saw that my wife had slipped a red garter up one thigh and was now doing floor work right at the edge of the stage and up and down the runway. Lying on her back with her legs wide open, her knees steepled, she was rubbing her clit furiously a foot or two in front of the men fighting to get closer. When she was about to cum, she would roll away and move several more feet down the runway to the next group... whom she teased with fuck motions and hot sex talk as they begged her to get down on the floor and do it for them. Finally, she lowered herself right in front of them, spread wide again, and repeated her hot performance.

    Megan was ramming her cunt up and down my cock now. Several men and three couples were watching her lap dancing on my raging cock. One man asked, "Is she tight, Man?" Another man gasped, "Just look at the size of those tits!" Finally, one of the women, who had her hand beneath her dress rubbing her pussy, asked me, "Is she your wife?"

    "No. The brunette stripping up on the stage is my wife. This is her best friend who's giving me a birthday present." None of the men believed me. I heard calls of "Bull Shit" and "Only in your dreams Buddy... only in your dreams!" But the woman pulled her dress up right in front of us and rubbed herself furiously while saying... "It's the truth... oh fuck... that's so damn hot." Women can almost always discern the truth.

    Megan leaned closer and hissed, "Now I've got to cum, Baby. Sooo hot, Baby. Fuck me harder, Roger. Screw my pussy Lover!"

    "Do it! DO IT!" I groaned as I felt her hole contracting again and again in hard spasms about my throbbing cock. Then she howled as her vagina exploded. Every man within 10 yards knew Megan was cumming. On stage, Alyson was screaming as loudly as Megan. Both women were cumming at the same time. The men were awe struck as they watched my wife's cunt expand and contract as her juices gushed out and ran down her ass crack.

    When her orgasm ebbed, Megan turned around to face me in the traditional lap dance posture. The big difference, of course, was that I had eight inches of cock up her wet cunt. I sucked big tits, biting the nipples hard enough to make her groan. She ground her clit hard against me and in less than a minutes was wailing in her second orgasm.

    Some of the men were now sitting on the floor so they could see my cock pumping in and out of Megan's throbbing cunt. Again and again, she rammed herself down on my shaft.

    "Oh Baby... gonna pump another load into you," I warned. I'm not wearing a condom. Are you safe?"

    "Who cares!" she screamed. "Fuck my cunt full of hot cum, Stud. Breed me!" One the men watching who was jacking off came when he heard her say that.

    On stage, Alyson was now making the rounds of the stage and runway again. This time assuming the doggy position in front of the men with her ass right in their faces. As her hips pumped in fuck motions, she reached back between her thighs and spread her cunt and ass open. The men were looking straight into her hot, wet fuck holes. As they watched, she rubbed her clit sensuously bringing herself closer and closer to orgasm.

    Alyson’s wild and hot strip show had every man in the audience
    hard as stone and all the women hot.

    When my wife was about to cum, she moved very close to three couples who had been watching. Rubbing her clitoris hard and fast, her vagina began to pulse. One of the women watching gasped, "Oh god... she's about to cum... look at her pussy. She's cumming... right now... She's cumming, Honey! ... Look at her hole opening and closing. Get lower and you can see her clitoris throbbing and dancing."

    When I heard the woman announced my wife's climax, my second load emptied with force into Megan's cunt. Like Alyson, Megan frigged her clit hard and fast when she felt me ejaculating. I was still throbbing when her vagina clamped down hard on my prick. I took over rubbing her clit as she moaned in rapture.

    I couldn’t believe that I was fucking Megan while watching my wife strip for d
    ozens of people who were getting off watching
    Megan and me as well as my wife.


    Thirty minutes later, my wife rejoined us. When she got to the table, Megan and I were pleasuring each other with our fingers and hands. She had changed into a hot, skin-tight black sheathe. It was so short, it failed to cover her panties unless she stood up straight.

    "Have you been fucking my husband, you hot Bitch," my wife hissed.

    "Mmmmm.... I think so. At least someone put three big loads of cum into me while you were dancing and stripping."

    "Sounds like you've pretty well drained his balls."

    "I did my best."

    "Come on you two. Our reservations are waiting for us at the Marriott."

    I was shocked. The three of us were going to the Marriott for more sex?" My wife saw my hesitation and concern.

    "Don't worry, Stud. You'll be more than up to it. It'll take us 30 minutes to get there. Plenty of time for this to work." She handed me another little blue pill with a glass of water. "Take it, Darling." I didn't argue.


    When we reached our car, the women began arguing over who had to drive and who got to ride in the back seat with me. I just got into the back seat and waited with a big grin on my face for them to decide the issue. It was the first time I had ever had two gorgeous women arguing over who got to have sex with me in the back seat of the car. "This is one hell of a birthday, " I thought to myself.

    When my wife got into the back seat with me, I said, "I guess you won the debate?"

    "We compromised, Darling. I get you for the first half of the drive; then, we switch and Megan gets you for the second half."

    When Megan started the engine, Alyson said, "We need to hurry! I've only got 15 minutes or so, and I'm on fire. I need cock... big hard cock up my cunt, Honey!"

    My wife got naked, which wasn't hard since she was naked under her dress. She just pulled down the zipper and pulled the dress over her heels. Kneeling on the seat with her sexy ass arched and pointed right me, she hissed, "Hurry, Roger. Get on me... get in me! Fuck me hard! I can't wait any longer."

    "Who got you so damn hot, Alyson?"

    "All those men along the runway when I was stripping. It was all I could do not to invite several of them onto the stage to fuck me. Now shut up, Darling, and screw your hot wife. Please!"

    It took me about a minute to get out of my tight jeans, T-shirt, and shoes. Alyson's ass never stopped humping in doggy fuck motions, and she never stopped begging me to hurry. After getting my clothes off, I moved behind my kneeling wife and ran my fingers up the length of her soaked sex trench. She howled and her vagina contracted in a hard spasm.

    "Forget the damn foreplay, Roger. I'm on fire. Stick that big cock into me! FUCK ME!"

    Holding her hips steady to get my spear aligned, I drove four inches into her cunt on the first thrust and all eight inches on the second. The entire length of her sex channel went into hard, spastic contractions. My wife screeched, "AAAeeeaaahhh... cumming! I'm fucking cumming.... ahhhh ahhhh aahhhhh. Harder, you Bastard... fuck me harder... faster."

    I had never seen my wife so hot she came the instant I penetrated her. And she really didn't cum this time either... she exploded. I began thrusting... her wails increased. Reaching around her hips, I squeezed and rubbed her throbbing clitoris.


    I screwed my wife steadily... hard and fast. No sooner had one orgasm ebbed than her cunt would throb as her clit erupted in another hard climax. She was still begging me to make her cum again, when Megan drove the car into deserted parking lot of a furniture store.

    "My turn, Bitch. Get your hot ass up here and drive."

    "Ooohh god... please... please, Megan. Let me cum one more time... I'm sooo close... please"

    "All right... one more time... no more. Go on, Roger, fuck the hot slut... make her cum."

    I pulled my moaning wife onto her side with me behind her and drove my cock back into her gushing pussy. The new position added extra excitement, and she began wailing every time my cock pounded against her cervix. Then she began to scream for me to fuck her... to make her cum.

    My wife’s cunt exploded in an intense orgasm as soon
    as I entered her pussy. She never stopped moaning
    and screaming as I fucked her.

    "Would you hold it down, you raving cunt, before the police arrest us," Megan said, but in a teasing voice. "She's almost there, Roger. Squeeze the slut's clit and ram her hard. That'll finish her."

    It did. Alyson's pussy pulsed in hard contractions as another orgasm raced though her. Megan let her enjoy the cock slowly pumping her pussy for a minute, and then said, "Ok... that's it for your turn, you wild Slut. Get your pretty ass up here and drive. I suggest you put your dress back on so the other drivers don't have wrecks trying to see more of your sexy tits." At the same time she was advising my wife to put her dress on, she was stripping hers off.

    I pulled my cock out of my wife's still-throbbing pussy and watched as she quickly pulled the dress over her head. As she was getting into the driver's seat, Megan stretched our on the back seat with her legs lifted, knees bent. When she saw my iron-hard erection, she whispered, "You didn't cum in her did you?"

    I shook my head, and she grinned and hissed into my ear, "Thank you... love that. Now fuck me with it, Honey. Fuck me good and then cum in me. When we get to the hotel, I want to be walking through the lobby with your huge load running down my thighs."

    Lowering my hips into her wide open sex saddle, I drilled it deep into the hot blonde's waiting cunt. "OOOWWWWW... Big... so damn BIG! Give it to me," she gasped, her hips surging upward against me.

    Alyson pulled out onto the street as I began to fuck her friend. Megan's heels jerked wildly back and forth, high in the air.

    "You dirty Bitch," my wife yelled. "You tell me to put on my dress so my tits can't be seen and you're back there with your legs sticking up in the air, jerking back and forth, so that everyone knows you're getting fucked."

    "Ugh ugh ugh... aaahhh.... shut up, Alyson... aaaahhh... fuckkk... your husband has got an incredible cock! UUnnnggh... shut up and drive, Bitch! UUMMMMMM... its my turn to enjoy this pussy pleaser."

    Like my wife, Megan began to cum. Hard. Her vagina gushed her sex juices as her legs wrapped around my waist in a death grip. She squeezed me with her thighs and pulled my hips deep into her saddle to get all eight inches into her hungry cunt on every stroke.

    OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH... fuck meeeeeeeeeeee.... I'm cumming, Honey... Pump me, Baby... Cock my hot cunt... uuunnghhh... uunnghh... yes... yess... like that, Baby... oohhh yesss... fuck Wayne's private cunt, Lover."

    "I'm about to cum," I whispered. "Do you want it like this?"

    "NO! Doggy, Baby. Turn me over and ram it in. It goes so damn deep when I'm in doggy position... and I want your big load soaking my womb when you shoot it into me."

    I withdrew, and Megan flipped over. Immediately, she hoisted her ass high for me. Her cunt was a gaping wet hole that I filled on the first thrust. The hot blonde wailed and moaned... I grunted and growled. We both groaned loudly when my load blew into the depths of her cunt.

    Megan howled and shrieked even louder than my wife
    as I rammed my cock into her wet cunt.


    All the bellhops, clerks, and even the manager came over to look at the well-built man who was bringing two gorgeous, hot chicks into the hotel. It was the general consensus that both women were expensive call girls. The only point of disagreement among the hotel employees was whether they charged $1,000 a night, or $2,000 or even more. The men's full attention were locked on the four big, thrusting tits, the two sexy asses, and the four to-die-for legs on the two women. The female employees all noticed the streams of cum sliding down the blonde whore's legs.

    That night was one I will never forget. I sucked and fucked Alyson and Megan until daybreak. In between my fucking and sucking them, they sucked and fucked me. Twice during the evening, I took another one of the blue pills and that took care of any erection problems. Exhaustion, however, was another matter. When the sun peeked over the horizon, I was finished.... kaput.... wiped out... zonked... nearly dead. I might still have had a viagra-induced erection, but I was too tired to use it.

    Another Birthday Present:

    Our sex life had undergone a complete transformation from that of a year ago. Roger was now fucking me 10 to 12 times a week, and I was having three or four intense orgasms every time he took me. We had met a lot of other singles and couples and now enjoyed sex with several of them whom we really liked. Megan remained Roger's favorite extramarital sex toy, and after Megan and I had given her husband Wayne a birthday present similar to the one we have given Roger, Wayne had become one of my favorites. The four of us had fun together about once a month.

    I loved surprising my sexy husband with new and erotic things. He did the same for me, but since he had to work 40 to 45 hours a week, he had less time to prepare new activities. Nevertheless, he did a great job.

    Knowing that he occasionally really excited me with an erotic surprise, such as the teenage limo driver, I was on pins and needles wondering what he was going to do for my birthday this coming Friday night. He hadn't said a single word. For that matter, he acted as if he had completely forgotten my birthday was Friday. But considering the incredible surprise Megan and I had provided him on his birthday, I felt he was planning something.

    Thursday arrived with still no indication that Roger even remembered that tomorrow was my 31st birthday. We had hot sex that night after we went out to "The Basement", and I played the role of a sleazy whore who picked him up at the bar. I dressed the part, and five men had offered me between $300 to $500 for a fuck before Roger showed up and took possession of my pussy leaving all the other men disappointed. But even as he was pounding my ass deep into the mattress, he said nothing about anything being planned for Friday.

    I got my first clue Friday morning. Before he left for work, Roger said, "We're going out to the Dunes for dinner. Don't cook dinner, Honey. I'll see you around 6 PM. Our reservations are for 7 PM."

    To be truthful, I was very disappointed. The Dunes is a 5-star restaurant, but I was hoping my husband had something more exciting, more erotic planned. There was, however, no way in hell I was going to let him know that. I really wanted a hot, intense fucking tonight, and that wasn't going to happen if I hurt my husband's feelings.

    That night I wore my black sheathe, black thigh-high stockings, and my platform 4-inch stiletto heels. I looked hot, and was sure my husband would think so too. Dinner was wonderful, but not once did my husband explore under my dress to discover that I had not worn any panties, not even a thong. When dinner was over, he drove straight home without so much as saying "Happy Birthday, Darling." As much as I tried to remain upbeat, I was becoming demoralized and disappointed.

    When we entered our home, and I walked into our den determined to say something to my husband, I was shocked... no, not shocked... I was stunned. All the usual furniture in our den had been moved aside or taken into other rooms in the house. In their place, a queen-sized bed was now in the center of the room. There were pillows, a mattress protector, and a sheet, but no bed covers of any kind. There were some comfortable chairs in the room, but that was all.

    "What is this?" I gasped. "Why do we have a bed in our den?"

    "Have you forgotten, Darling? It's your birthday today, and I remember vividly the wonderful present you arranged for me on my birthday. I hope you enjoy the present I've planned for you as much as I enjoyed mine."

    "But, how did ..."

    "SSsshh. Be quite, Darling. Don't talk. Just feel and experience. Now, take off your dress and hose. Leave your heels on."

    "What about my panties?"

    "You're not wearing any."

    I gasped again. "How did you know?" I asked in a whisper.

    "By the way you were squirming in the restaurant. You were hot, wet... you kept opening your legs trying to entice my hand beneath your skirt."

    My cunt throbbed hard. "Oohh... Darling, you're getting me hot."

    "SSshhh... take off your dress and stockings."

    It only took me a few second to unzip the dress and pull it down over my hips. I stepped out of it and stood almost naked.

    "Get on the bed on your back, Alyson."

    When I was in position, Roger said, "Lift up on your elbows, Honey." When I did so, he fitted a black, leather hood over my head, It left my mouth and nose uncovered but completely covered my eyes blocking my vision. He pulled the strap tight, ran it through the small buckle at the side, and then snapped a small lock closed. There was no way I was going to get the hood off until Roger took it off.

    "Lie down, Alyson and lift your hips." A moment later, I felt my ass resting on a contoured cushion that elevated my hips. I didn't have to ask why. I was now quivering with excitement waiting for my husband to mount me.

    "Honey, you may be tied later, but I'm going to leave your arms and legs free for now. You are not ... repeat... NOT... to get off the bed unless told to do so. Understand?"

    "Oh yes... I promise. Hurry, Darling. I'm so hot. Get on me, Honey."

    "Sssshhhh... no more talking. Your birthday present will begin shortly, but you'll have to be patient. No talking... no getting off the bed... Happy Birthday, Darling."

    I felt my husband's weight leaving the bed... then some creaking as he walked across the carpeted floor. Then, I thought I heard the front door opening... closing. Then, nothing. I lay on the bed feeling my pussy slowly throbbing in anticipation. It was hard to keep track of time when you're blindfolded, naked, and nothing is happening. I don't know how long I laid there.

    Finally, I felt my husband climbing onto the bed with me. His hands moved over my legs... then higher... up my thighs, stopping just short of my cunt even though I spread wide in invitation. He bypassed my sex and moved up my belly to my tits, which were heaving with excitement. His fingers squeezed my hard nipples... pulled ... twisted them until I was groaning with need. His hands cupped both tits ... hefting and squeezing them... a tongue lashed across my nipples as my globes were squeezed.

    "Oh god... please... fuck me now, Darling."


    The hands started back down my belly and legs.. retracing his path on the way up. This time, his hands pressed under my knees letting me know he wanted them raised. I pulled my knees back until they were almost touching my tits making my cunt an inviting target for his cock.

    Finally, Roger mounted me. His hips moved into my sex saddle... his cock pressing against my opening... slowly stretching my lips apart and slipping into my wet folds. Roger moved his rod up and down the entire length of my sex trench caressing my clit with his cock head bringing cries of pleasure from me.

    I couldn't keep my hips still... it was too hot. Wild shivers of pleasure were shooting through my pussy up into my belly... knotting the muscles there into hard bands. I heard myself begging my hot stud husband to stick his cock into me. The wonderful bastard ignored me until his cock head raking back and forth over my throbbing clitoris caused an orgasm to rip through my cunt.

    Right in the middle of my climax, the big rod slammed balls deep into my vagina. It thudded with masculine authority against my cervix driving my ass down...down into the cushion beneath my hips. Roger kept his cock mashed hard against my womb as I throbbed around his hard shaft. Finally, he began to fuck me with determined, steady, hard strokes.

    I screamed and came again.

    Gradually, he picked up the tempo... fucking me faster and faster until we were both grunting as our bodies charged toward climax. I began to scream for him to fuck me harder... faster... as my orgasm was about to explode, my husband shoved a finger deep inside my ass as his cock expanded, throbbed, and then began to unload his cum into my climaxing cunt. I joined him when I felt the hard contraction of his cock that sent the first huge gush of sperm and semen into my convulsing sex hole.

    He collapsed on top of me as we both gasped for breath. We stayed pressed together for several minutes. Just before he got off my body, he kissed me. I kissed back even though his moustache tickled my lip.

    Moustache? Roger had never had a moustache. "Who are you?" I screamed. You're not my husband.


    Without a word, my unknown fucker snapped handcuffs on one of my wrists, which he attached to the rings at the top of the bed that someone had placed there. Obviously, I wasn't going to be allowed to get off the bed. "Who are you?" I repeated. The only answer I got was the sound of the front door opening and closing.

    Again, I was alone, but this time instead of my pussy slowing throbbing in anticipation, it was pulsing hard in response to the three intense orgasms the unknown man had given me. "I guess you could say he raped me," I thought, "but he really rang my bell... three times in fact." I smiled.

    I heard the door opening again. No one spoke but soon someone was climbing onto the bed with me. Again, I felt male hands exploring my body. This time my pussy wasn't by passed. When his fingers reached my cunt, he separated my lips, pulled the hood of my clit back to expose the erect, excited sensitive organ.

    My hips rammed upward when I felt two fingers slowly jacking off my clit as if it were a man's cock. "OOHHHH Fucking Shit! GAWD! UUNNNGGGHH!" I howled as the slow, intense caress continued. Soon, his fingers were replaced with a tongue, and my vagina exploded in another hard, throbbing orgasm. Juices ran from my cunt down my ass crack.

    I was still in the throes of my climax when he mounted me. A moment later, I felt his cock racing up the length of my cum-filled vagina. Obviously, whoever was fucking me this time loved sloppy seconds. My hips rammed upward to meet every one of his thrusts. The hard fucking continued for some time before he grunted hard and emptied his balls into me. Again, I was kissed and then my other wrist was handcuffed to the opposite bed post. I could feel the two big loads oozing out of my cunt.

    After my second fucker left, I was left alone for not more than a minute before another body was on the bed with me. Once more, I was licked and sucked, this time as fingers explored my asshole. The new cock was thick... really thick. I loved the way it felt when it spread my cunt open and sank into me. The man fucked me hard and fast. As hot as I was, I loved it. I came twice before he fired his load into me.

    I had expected him to leave, but apparently, he wasn't finished fucking me. "Are you going to fuck me again?" No answer. "Are you?" still no answer. "Do you want me to clean up? You'll be getting sloppy fourths or fifths." I had lost count. No answer.

    Suddenly, my legs were lifted up and pushed back behind my head. I felt his cock, now slick with our combined juices, pressing against my asshole. "Please... go slow... don't... UUNNGGHHHHH... AAHHHHHH!" He was in me... in my ass... fucking me... hard... his thumb worked my engorged, throbbing clit as he fucked me.

    His thick cock was stretching me... really reaming me out. It hurt at first, but my husband had been screwing my ass regularly, and I quickly accommodated myself to his girth. After that, with his thumb on my clit, his big cock pumping in and out my asshole, I only lasted a couple of minutes before my juices erupted out of my cunt. That ejaculation would have excited an eunuch. The man fucking me was no eunuch though. He roared like a lion, rammed his cock into the hilt, and filled my bowels with another cum load.

    Over the next half hour or hour... it was hard to tell time... eight more men visited our den. Each fucked me at least once. Once my ass had been opened up, all the men enjoyed both holes... some cumming in my cunt... some inside my ass. I had intense orgasms with every one of my mystery fuckers. Just before the eighth man left, he turned me over and put me on my hands and knees with my ass high in the air.

    When my next mystery visitor came in, the sight of my ass high in the air made up his mind for him which of my holes he was going to fuck. He spent some time licking my ass and my pussy. I begged him to put it in, but he kept licking me until my entire body was quivering.

    Knowing that I needed to cum, he got beneath me and pulled my cunt down onto his mouth. His lips sucked in my dancing clitoris while his tongue pleasured it. I came in just a few seconds of this treatment. My juices gushed out, drenching his face, which didn't seem to bother him.

    Once more, he mounted me, but this time he rammed his raging erection deep inside my dilated asshole. Although his cock was really huge, he sank into me without pain. I felt like I had a baseball bat up my ass. The stud fucked me like a mare being bred until his load pumped into me in a series of hard spasms of his cock. When he was almost done, he withdrew and pumped the last of his load all over my ass.

    The guy got off the bed, but I never heard him leave. I did hear two new men whispering to each other as they both got onto the bed. I realized that I was going to double fucked... I was shaking with anticipation, lust, and a little fear. One man slid beneath my body and pulled my hips downward. I felt his cock head searching for my cunt hole, so I reached back, grasped his rod, and stuck him into my pussy. Once inside, I let my lips drop, and he began fucking me with driving hard strokes. It was five, maybe ten minutes, of hard fucking before I came again.

    One man after another fucked me. Some used my
    cunt. Others screwed me in my ass. Some switched
    back and forth. After awhile, I was being doubled
    fucked by two unknown men.

    As soon as the other man saw my ass hole contracting in my orgasm, he mounted my hips and pushed his organ deep inside my ass. The two men began screwing me in tandem... one in... the other out... in and out... in and out... two loaded sex guns pumping me... my pussy throbbed with the intensity of the fuck. The didn't shoot together. The guy in my cunt was closer since he had been fucking me longer. His load fired in first and a few minutes later, I got the other man's cum up my ass.

    I was now losing track of the men fucking me. I think I must have passed out from all the orgasms I had had. When one of men bent me almost double with my cunt sticking straight up and then pressed a big vibrator against my clitoris, I came wide awake, screaming as the intense contractions of my cunt were too much... I begged him to stop... he never said a word... just held that big vibrator on my clit as I erupted in a series of orgasms that didn't stop until I lost control of my bladder and peed all over the vibrator, the man, and the bed sheets.

    The vibrator was yanked off my exploding clitoris and a big cock was rammed up my cunt. I was shaking so hard that I couldn't tell if I was cumming again or not... I do know that I was gasping and moaning continuously as he plowed my wet, throbbing furrow. The man decided not to cum inside my cunt. When he was right on the edge, he pulled out, lifted my head and pushed his throbbing organ deep inside my mouth. He only last a few seconds before filling my mouth with his load. I swallowed most of it, but it was too much. Some ran out and formed long cum ropes from my chin.

    After that, the door opened and closed three more times. I was again double fucked... this time in missionary position with my legs up in the air, the guy underneath in my ass, the guy on top in my pussy. The last man used both my pussy and my ass before withdrawing and jacking off all over my body and face.

    gangbang1. gangbang2.
    I was having repeated, nearly continuous, orgasms as the men fucked me, licked me,
    and vibrated my clitoris. Every time another man ejaculated
    in me or on me, my body shook with excitement.

    I realized a bit later that I was alone. Panting in exhaustion. The only sound in the room was my breathing. Then I felt a warm cloth washing me. The blindfold was removed and when my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw my husband bent over me, kissing my tired body. "Happy Birthday, Honey."

    He picked me up in his strong arms, and carried me to our whirlpool bath. For 30 minutes, he washed and cleaned me. When he finished, he again picked me up, put me on his lap while he sat on the commode. My body was slowly massaged and covered with a soothing lotion. Finally, he carried me to bed, crawled in beside me, covered us both with a sheet, drew me into his arms, and we slept.

    In the morning, I literally attacked my husband. The entire time I was fucking him, I kept whispering in his ear what a marvelous birthday present he had given me. But as he slowly made love to me, I realized that he had saved the very, very best for the last.

    A Favor Returned:

    A month later, after Roger had left for work, I took stock of the past year. When the year began, I was 41 pounds overweight, flabby, demoralized, and miserable. My husband had nearly 60 pounds of extra weight on his body. He was both demoralized and angry. We were having sex no more than once, or at most, twice a week, and I was faking my orgasms over half the time. We had few real friends, and all we did was work, eat, and watch TV. Basically, we were both pathetic.

    One year later, every thing was different. I now weighed in at a sexy 124, and the exercises, stretching exercises, and aerobics had firmed my 36D breasts so much that my husband and some other men called them my "twin cannons". All the ugly rolls of fat were gone, and I had great stamina to do all the things I really liked... such as fucking for hours on end.

    Roger was now a svelte 174 with rippling, powerful muscles all over his body. He had strength, stamina, and power. When he walked into a public place, he turned women's heads, and I knew got many of their pussies wet. We had developed numerous new interests and friends and no longer watched much TV.

    Instead of once a week, 5 minute sexual encounters, Roger was fucking me everyday, and sometimes two or three times a day. Once a week had turned into a dozen times a week and faking orgasms was a thing of the past. My randy husband was now a hot lover who drove a woman's ass deep into the mattress when he fucked her. It didn't matter what woman was receiving his cock, he always got her off several times. I usually came four times when he fucked me.

    We had many new friends, and we were intimate with several of them. Ever since I had given him every man's fantasy of having two women at the same time for his birthday present, he had been screwing Megan once a week or so. When Wayne's birthday had arrived a month later, Megan and I had given him the same present we had given Roger. The only switch was she did the stripping at "The Basement" while I did the lap dance for Wayne. Afterward, we had the same suite at the Marriott but this time it was Wayne's cock fucking us instead of Roger's. After that, Wayne was a frequent visitor to my pussy... usually once a week. Once a month or so, the four of us would get together and party.

    I had set out a year previously to light a fire under our marriage, and I concluded that I had succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. We now enjoyed an erotic, sensuous, fulfilling, and wonderful marriage. And all of it had come about because of the sympathetic and considerate way a garbage collector named Jack had treated me a year ago when I was in desperate need of help.


    The six men sat at the large round table in Sam's Watering Hole. It was just after 3:00 PM and they were the bar's only customers at the moment. Ray McNab, the Sanitation Director for the City, was holding forth, and since he was the boss of the other five men at the table, everyone listened attentively.

    "It's fucking clear... no doubt about it. The Bears shouldn't have punted with only 3 minutes left in the game. The should have gone for it on fourth down. And to think how much they pay the schmucks who make decisions like that makes me want to puke."

    Ron Dycus, the Assistant Director of Operations for the sanitation department, felt like he had enough stature to offer a counter opinion. "Well come on, Ray, cut the coaches a little slack. It was fourth and 8 yards to go on their own 30 yard line. The defense had been pretty good all day. They had all three time outs left. It wasn't that terrible a decision."

    Ray brooked no argument. "Like hell it wasn't! They weren't playing the Hoboken Alley Cats, you know. The Patriots have won it all several times recently. No way they give them the fucking ball!"

    Sidney Gammel, everyone called him Sid, had no idea which of the two directors was correct, but he felt that he should say something. "Maybe they should of compromised... you know... line up to punt and then fake it. Wadda you think, Waylon?"

    Waylon Gohn opened his mouth to speak... not certain of what he was going to say once his mouth was open. Fortunately, Waylon's problem was solved by McNab who announced the solution. "Fake punt? Fake punt?? Where did that shit come from? Punter who can't pass stands 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage... now it's fourth and 23 rather than fourth and 8... he gets the snap and now what?? Pass? Can he even throw the ball 23 yards? Dumb... Just totally dumb."

    Sid was sorry he had said anything. After all the years he had put in collecting garbage for the city, you'd think he'd learned enough to keep his mouth shut. He shook his head and told himself to listen, drink his liquor, and keep quiet.

    "How about you, Cecil?" Ron asked. You think the Bears should have gone for it or punted?"

    Cecil Hoberg wasn't born yesterday. "I agree with Ray," he said with total confidence.

    "Bull shit," Ron said. "You would have said you agree with Ray if he had suggested that the Bears substitute the cheerleaders to run the play. Your turn, Jack. You hardly ever speak. Come on. What's your view?"

    Jack Merrin downed the rest of his scotch on the rocks, and said, "I don't talk cause I don't know much. I collect garbage ... I know how to do that. If I knew how win NFL football games, I'd be a coach instead of collecting garbage at the stadium. I don't mean to put you off, Ron, but the truth is that I just fuckin don't know."

    At that moment, the argument among the workers and directors of the city's sanitation department was interrupted by a sexy female voice.

    "Well, I'll tell you some things you do know, Jack Merrin. You fucking well know how to seduce a woman out of her panties... get her so hot she starts cheating on her husband. You damn well know how to nearly fuck her ass off. And you sure as hell know how to dump her once you've gotten tired of her pussy. You're a fucking master pro at those things, aren't you Jack, you rotten son-of-a-bitch!" The woman had started her tirade at a normal volume. When she finished, she was screaming at Jack.

    Everyone of the six men stared at the gorgeous female who was screaming and cursing Jack. McNab thought she was nothing less than a hot wet dream of a woman. Her tight black micro mini-skirt just barely covered her sexy ass. She wore no stockings, but her tanned legs had no need of stockings. They were cock-hardening gorgeous. Her sweater zipped in front, but the zipper stopped completely at the bottom of her big tits leaving almost half of them exposed. Dycus estimated her boobs to be at least 36D or maybe even 36DD. Her beautiful, sensuous face was framed by her long, black hair. She was easily the sexiest, hottest looking woman any of the men at the table had seen this close in years. And she was apparently furious at Jack Merrin because he wasn't fucking her enough!

    Surprised at first, Jack was now smiling. The other five men were too stunned to speak... their mouths hung open in shock.

    Aren't you even going to invite me to sit down, Jack. You really are a bastard!"

    "Please, Alyson. I'm sorry. Pull up a chair, and I'll introduce you to..."

    "Can that shit, Jack," Alyson yelled as she pulled up a chair and sat down with her legs wide open. "I don't give a damn who these guys are. All I want to know is why you haven't called me in the last week... why you haven't responded to any of the two dozen cell phone messages I've left you. You damn well knew my husband was out of town over the weekend and that I was waiting for you hoping you'd spend the night with me. Did you show up? Hell no! Did you call to explain why you weren't going to come over and fuck me? Hell NO! I want an explanation... and I want it now! You're fucking some slut aren't you!"

    McNab realized his mouth was hanging open and abruptly shut it. He struggled to come to grips with the fact that Jack Merrin was fucking this gorgeous married woman regularly and was apparently screwing numerous other women as well. "Eh... Alyson.. I think.."

    "I'm not speaking to you! Who cares what you think! I want to Jack to explain to me why he's no longer interested in my hot body. You guys like to give opinions... so give me one. Don't you think this body is hot?"

    Alyson unzipped her blouse enough to expose more of her tits and then pulled her short skirt up almost to her waist revealing her panties. "Well, would any of you guys turn this down?" Five male heads shook from side to side rapidly. "Maybe my ass isn't hot enough for Jack. Is that it, Jack. You don't like my ass?"

    Alyson turned, pulled the skirt up to her waist, and thrust her ass toward the men. Only the very narrow strip of her thong between her cheeks covered anything. "Would any of you turn down this ass?" Again no one spoke. The fact was that all of them were in shock, and all five had hard erections. 'How about my tits? Aren't my tits good enough for you, Jack?" Alyson unzipped her blouse and pulled down her bra. Her rock hard, firm tits thrust forward like twin cannons. Males groans rose around the table.

    Alyson's voice softened. "Please, Jack. Tell me what I did wrong. You haven't fucked me for a week. I'm going crazy. Did I make you mad someway? Wasn't I good enough in bed?" Please tell me. I can fix it... just give me a chance... please. I know I wasn't able to deep throat your big cock... it's just so damn big. But I can learn."

    Gammel and Hoberg were clutching their cocks. Gohn was stroking his. McNab and Dycus were both iron hard, but as directors, they were too embarrassed to openly jerk off in front of their employees.

    "You didn't do anything wrong, Alyson. I've had the flu this last week, and I felt like shit. I didn't even want to answer the phone. I'm feeling much better now, and I had intended to call you later this afternoon before your husband comes home from work. That's the truth," Jack concluded solemnly. He was surprised that he was able to keep from laughing.

    "Oh god! I'm so glad! I'm mean... well, I don't mean that I'm glad that you had the flu, but I'm just so happy that it's temporary... that you're not mad at me and that you're not going to dump me." Alyson knelt in front of Jack and slowly ran her hands over his crotch. "Ooohhhh I think he still likes me.... mmmmmmm... my husband won't be home for another two hours, Honey. Interested?"

    "Of course I'm interested. I'll follow you in my truck."

    McNab finally found his voice. "Are you saying that you're fucking Jack regularly, Alyson?"

    In a rank ordering of stupid questions, McNab's had to be a strong competitor for the number one position. Alyson smiled sweetly at McNab and replied, "Why no, Honey. Whatever gave you the idea that I'm fucking Jack? Women don't fuck men like Jack. Jack fucks women... lots of women. Whenever he wants them. I was afraid he didn't want me any longer. Come on, Darling. I can't wait to get your big cock into my pussy."

    The two of them walked out of the bar, with their arms about each other. The five men sat in stunned silence at the table for over five minutes. At the end of that time, all five still had stiff hard-ons. Finally, McNab summed up the situation. "Gentlemen, I think we have seriously underestimated Mr. Jack Merrin." There was no argument on that point.

    If there had been any doubts, they were laid to rest when Cecil blurted. "Oh shit. Take a look out there beside Jack's truck. The hot bitch is kneeling in front of Jack sucking him off!"

    All five men were hard, and all five were stunned at the
    savoir faire of Jack Merrin.


    We weren't in Jack's apartment for more than a couple of minutes before he had me naked. I stripped his clothes off just as fast. Even though he had just emptied a huge load of cum into my mouth and belly in the parking lot, he was iron hard again and wild to get into me.

    He sat down on the couch, and I straddled his thighs. Reaching between our bodies, he held his cock still so I could get it into my cunt. His cock was so incredibly hard, there was no problem. I just worked my pussy over the big throbbing head until it found my opening. That was all the help Jack needed. Holding my hips he pushed it in... deep... making it thud hard against my womb. I hooted in female pleasure... then I screamed as he began slowly fucking me. He only had to keep this up for a few minutes, and I was racing toward my first climax.

    "OOhhhh I'm almost there, Lover. Bang me hard, Stud... bang me ... make me cum."

    His hips surged upward as his hands rammed my cunt down on his sex spike. It bottomed out and I gurgled and moaned as I came, my cunt and clit throbbing and spurting.

    "Mmmmm... I love the way your cunt throbs when you cum, Alyson. Your the absolute best I've ever had, ever will have, or have ever heard of. You're now drop dead gorgeous. You got everyone at the bar so hot they almost came in their pants, and all of them have jacked off thinking about you by this time. I told you a year ago that you're a hot, incredibly delicious woman and an unbelievably good fuck. You still are, and now, you're also impossibly beautiful."

    I began to thrust my pussy up and down his big cock faster. "Oh... you're one fantastic lover, Honey. MMMmmmmm... I can feel something throbbing inside my pussy, Jack. I think it's about to shoot in me." A minute later, I took several shots point blank... each one hitting the cunt's eye dead center.

    I wanted Jack to keep fucking me so I could cum again, but I knew I would be getting his cock a lot more, so I knew I could wait. Women do have some will power... not much, but some.

    "How long do we have before I have to get you home?" Jack asked.

    "As long as we want, Honey. Roger knows I'm here. He knows we both owe you big time. We swing, sometimes party separately. Most of the time, my husband is my lover. He either makes love to me or fucks me 10 to 12 times a week now... and he is one masterful stud."

    "That's wonderful. I'm really happy for both of you, Alyson. Please thank Roger for me for letting me enjoy you one more time. Every time I've jerked off during the last year, it's been to memories of the night I had with you. Now, I have two nights to think about when I masturbate."

    I grinned, got on my back and spread my legs wide open. The position fully opened up my cunt gash for Jack to see. His cock got hard almost immediately. Pulling my pussy open for him, I said with the best seductive voice I could muster, "Are you sure you only want to fuck this hot cunt tonight? Am I going to have to put on another screaming scene like I did in the bar every time I want you between my thighs?"

    It was too much for Jack to comprehend when he was looking at my gaping cum-filled pussy. All he wanted was to bury himself into me. I arched my hips and hissed, "Come on, Lover. Fuck me and make me cum." I screamed in ecstasy when he nailed his rod into me.

    Jack drove himself into me like a will bull. My hips dancing and gyrated beneath my randy stud. I was already on edge before he entered me... with his big cock slugging in and out of my cunt, I came within minutes. My contracting vagina brought groans of intense masculine pleasure from Jack. He fucked me harder... faster... until he exploded his load deep inside my cunt. I came again when he filled me.

    For the next hour, we fucked each other continuously. Sometimes, he had me mounted on his rod in reverse cowgirl position... his hands reaching around my hips to caress and stroke my engorged, sensitive clitoris. Every time he did this, I wailed that it was too sensitive... too intense, and I would beg him to stop. Fortunately, I was being fucked by a knowledgeable stud who knew better than to give a woman what she's asking for. He continued to stroke my clit with his fingers while his magnificent cock stroked my cunt. I began to cum almost continuously... of course, always crying out that I couldn't take any more.

    At one point, he spun me around on his cock until I was facing him. Now my clit was shielded from his fingers, but my tits were immediately attacked by his sucking lips and mouth. Once more, I wailed as my pussy throbbed in another orgasm. This time, Jack pumped his third load into me.

    While we rested, Jack asked, "What did you mean by your question did I only want to fuck you tonight?"

    "Just what it sounds like, Darling. I thought you'd like to have me on a regular basis. I love the way you make me cum."

    "You know that I would. But your husband is not going to like that."

    "For once, you're wrong, Jack. He occasionally enjoys himself with my best female friend, and her husband fucks me a couple of times a month. We don't see a lot of other people, but we do enjoy sex with others. I like two men at the same time. Jack loves to have me and another woman. Once a month or so, he fucks me and his secretary, Susan, in the same bed all night. And about that often, Roger and another man do me. Would you like to have a threesome with Roger and I?"

    "That sounds like a fantastic wet dream to me. You know how much better you're making my life? It was nothing before I met you. It's been better for the last year, and now if I get to see you once a month or so, I can't begin to tell you how much I would love that."

    "Great. You can call me during the day if you like and occasionally we'll fuck. I'll call you when I'm hot for your cock or when Roger and I want to set up a threesome. Just one condition. Roger and I are lovers everyday. I'm with him most of the time. We limit our playing with our friends to a few times a month. Will you be Ok with that?"

    "Will I be Ok? I thought that a year ago was the only time I'd ever see you. Then, came tonight, and I'm in paradise. Once a month would be wonderful. But I have one condition too."

    "What?" I asked curiously.

    "You have to promise me that if it ever gets burdensome or not fun for you and Roger any longer, you'll tell me and we'll stop. No hard feelings. I promise."

    "Ok. Deal. Now, I've sucked you off and you've fucked my mouth. You've already done my hot pussy several times, but my ass hasn't been fucked yet. I want your cock up my ass, Lover, and I want your next load there."

    We courted like high school kids for the next half hour. Jack kissed every part of me and I returned the favor. He finally went down on my cum-filled pussy and brought me to an intense orgasm. I was still throbbing when he whispered, "Ass fucking time, Honey."

    "Cunt fuck me first, Lover.... really hard... when I'm cumming, pull out and put it in my ass and fill me full of your hot load."

    Jack got me up on all fours, pushed my head down on the bed, and entered my cunt. I was so wet and stretched he sank all the way into me easily. For ten minutes, he slow fucked me... skewering his rod in and out of me. Occasionally, he would pull it out and tell me how hot I looked with my cunt stretched into a big fuck hole. On these occasions, he always spanked my ass with his cock and then used it as a probe to caress my clitoris. When he fucked it back into my pussy, the fucking picked up speed. I was getting close.

    "I'm about to cum, Honey. Fast fuck me... hard... when I cum, start ass fucking me."

    A moment later, my vagina and clit were contracting in hard spasms as my orgasm pulsed through my cunt. He continued to fuck me long enough to allow me to enjoy my climax, then he pulled out, rose over me, and drove his sex spike into my ass.

    "UUNNGGHHHHHHHHH.... OOOHHH FUCKKKK... THAT'S SO HOT. Ass fuck into me, Lover. Give it to me hard.... Use me... shoot off in meeeeeeeeee!"

    "Oh fuck, I'm cumming in you, Alyson... aaahhh... uggghhh... big load... oohhhh yess... I'm shooting it innnnnnnnnnnn... take it... aaaahhhh.."

    I came again when Jack's big load was running down my cunt and forming a long cum rope attached to my clit.

    Jack screwed me deliciously. He was even better
    than I remembered from the first time.


    The next night Roger and I went to bed at 8 PM so we would have plenty of time for intense erotic sex. I told him every single hot detail about my meeting with Jack and his friends at the bar and then related in detail the way Jack had spent three hours fucking me. Finally, I told him that Jack had gratefully accepted our invitation to join us for fun and games about once a month.

    "Do you think it will bother him to be in bed with another man even though you're going to be the center of our attention?"

    "Aaahhhh... oohhh... that's soooo damn good. Nobody can fuck you, Honey... Pump me a little faster, Honey."

    "Not until you answer the question, Slut."

    "Nooo...uuummmm... it won't bother him. He'll love it... just like you do. AAAAHHH... yeees.. you know what I like, you sexy stud. I'm about to cum."

    "Cum you hot Bitch!"

    "OOOHhhhhhhhh... cumming!!"


    Two days later our phone rang at two in the afternoon. I knew it would be Jack, and it was. But I did not anticipate want he told me.

    "Alyson, I had to call to tell you something wild."


    "Ray McNab called me into his office this morning. I thought he was going to fire me. Instead, he apologized for underestimating my abilities for years. I told him not to worry about it, as he pretty much had my abilities pegged. You know what he said to that?"


    "Bull Shit... he said 'Bull Shit'. Just like that. Then he added that I was the most modest, self effacing guy he had ever met. I almost remember his exact words: "You have a way with people that is the best I've ever seen. You make people feel good when they're around you. And your persuasive powers are awesome. Anyone who can get that gorgeous fox Alyson out of her panties, get her to cheat on her husband, and then go into a hot rage when you're not fucking her enough has got to be Don Juan and Casanova combined."

    "He's right, you know," I said.

    "No. He just doesn't know all the facts. But here's the best part. He reminded me that Marvin Hasselmire had resigned as Assistant Director of Public Relations and Personnel at the sanitation department two weeks ago. McNab said he had been trying to decide who to put in Hasselmire's position. When he saw how smoothly I had seduced you, and how smoothly I calmed you down when you were screaming at me, he said, "I knew I had found the right man. If you can get into that hot woman's pants, you won't have any problems handling dissatisfied sanitation customers."

    "That's FANTASTIC! Congratulations, Jack. Tell me about the position."

    "Well, I won't be picking up garbage any longer. I'll be working in a nice office, wearing nice suits, meeting and talking to people which I love to do. My salary will more than triple, and I now have a future. When McNab retires in about five years, I could advance to the Director's position. Or I might get an offer from another city before then, but I although I couldn't take such an offer, it would be nice to get it."

    "Why couldn't you take it?"

    "Because, if I did, I would miss my once or twice a month meetings with the hottest, sexiest woman on the planet. There's not a job in the world at any salary that could get me to do that."

    "You know, you haven't fucked me in four days, you rotten Bastard! Would you like to have dinner with Roger and I tonight at our place and then spend the night in our bed and in me?"

    "Do bears live in the forest?"

    "See you at 8 PM, Lover. I'll leave it up to you and Roger to work out who gets which one of my hot holes first."

    "Hot Bitch!"


    "I can't wait."

    "Neither can I."

    Story written by RLM. If you have comments, please send them to

    [email protected]
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