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. To Banbury Cross

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Charmbrights, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. Charmbrights

    Charmbrights Member Author!

    To Banbury Cross

    By Charm Brights

    © Charmbrights All rights reserved.

    The author has asserted the moral rights under sections 77 and 78 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

    Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross,
    To see a fine lady upon a white horse;
    Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,
    And she shall have music wherever she goes.​

    Chapter One - Jury Call
    “There’s a brown official envelope for you darling,” said Eric to Julia, his wife, as he picked up the post on his way in to the house. “It’s from the Ministry of Justice. What have you been up to?”

    “Oh dear, nothing that I know of,” she replied flustered.

    “Don’t worry,” he said, “It’s marked ‘Jury Service’ so it isn’t a summons.”

    Opening it and reading it, Julia remarked, “It says I have to report to the Crown Court in Merthyr Tydfil at nine o’clock on the fifth of December. That’s over two months away.”

    “Yes,” Eric said, “They give a lot of notice so that arrangements can be made at work and at home.”

    “But what if work don’t want to let me go?”

    “Then they have to justify that to the Court Officials and the answer is usually that the person called has to go.”

    Chapter Two - Jury Service
    At ten to nine on the first Monday in December Julia duly arrived by bus at Merthyr Tydfil where the County Court building was conveniently just across the road from the bus station. Much to her surprise while her arrival was marked on a long list and she was sent into a room with a fair sized group of people, nothing happened for over half an hour.

    Then they were shown a film about jury service and were asked to prepare a statement of their expenses and were issued with a lunch ticket for the canteen on the premises.

    Some names were then called out and those people left the room.

    “What was that about?” Julia asked the woman next to her.

    “Search me,” was the reply, but a rather older man, perhaps in his fifties and well dressed, offered, “Those names have been selected for jury service today. Most probably we will just sit here scratching our noses until they let us go home, with orders to come back tomorrow. One of my staff was called a few months ago and he did nothing for the first week and then was put on a panel but the criminal changed his plea from not guilty to guilty very early on and he was sent home. Six days of my company’s time lost for nothing. My name is David by the way.”

    As the older man, who introduced himself as David, had indicated, they just sat around for two days without being wanted for a case. They were not released until four o’clock each day even though there was nothing for them to do.

    The worst part of it from Julia’s point of view was that a potential juror who introduced himself as Stewart was very persistent in trying to pick her up. As he looked to be about fifteen he was not of the slightest interest to her even as someone to talk to. His conversation seemed to consist of innuendo and overtly sexual remarks. He appeared to think of himself as God’s gift to a woman of her age.

    Then her name was called on the third morning and she was told that she was likely to be on a case that morning. In fact the whole morning was spent swearing in the jurors one by one, some of whom she had spoken to previously while they were waiting, but most she had not. The one she had talked to quite a lot was a much older woman called Matilda who had given Julia the impression that she would be “standing no nonsense from a gang of crooks” as she put it. “They wouldn’t be here if the police didn’t think they were guilty,” had been Matilda’s summing up of the whole experience.

    It was a relief to Julia that Stewart was not called to be on the same jury as her.

    Chapter Three - Rape Case
    Julia sat through the first outline of the prosecution case during her first afternoon as a juror. It centred round a family wedding, cousins of the two main figures in the case, Gary, a twenty year old who was accused of raping Tracy, his then fifteen year old sister. There were most of the family members at the wedding at noon, and this was followed by a sit down reception for some fifty people and then an afternoon/evening disco which went on until one the next morning.

    It was fully admitted by both parties that they had spent twelve hours eating and, more importantly, drinking. Gary said he had had about twenty drinks, lagers early on and switching to shorts about half way through. He thought he had had about ten of each, pints of lager followed by double vodkas, which he seemed to consider a normal amount of drink at a wedding. When the evening was over he had crashed out on a family member’s living room floor in a sleeping bag and claimed not to have woken up, even for bathroom trips, until seven o’clock the next morning when he was awoken by the police coming to take him to the local police station where he was questioned and then arrested.

    Tracy, well aware that the legal age for drinking in the United Kingdom is eighteen, admitted on a video link from a different room in the building to having “a few” Bacardi Breezers, but her friends estimated it at ten or so. She also admitted to not really remembering the last couple of hours of the party. What was not disputed was that she was expected to sleep sharing a bedroom with her aunt, but she claimed not to have been able to find it, so she slept on a day bed in the same room as her brother.

    The prosecution claim was that she woke in the early hours of the morning to find her brother on top of her trying to force his prick into her cunt. She managed to escape and went to another house where she knew her mother was and hammered on the door until it was opened and she told her story to the aunt whose house it was. Her mother was woken and took Tracy to the police station where a rape response team was called and made their tests. Then the police went to collect Gary, but were unable to make any sense of what he was saying until he had recovered from the effects of the drink, which was early that afternoon.

    The opening statement for the defence followed and agreed with most of the facts the prosecution claimed, except that they averred that Gary had not touched Tracy and thought she must have had a drunken nightmare, as he did not know she was even in the room.

    The other impression Julia got was that the case had torn the family apart, and she thought it ominous that four or five old ladies were in the public gallery listening to the case, and they reminded her of the story of the old ladies who used to sit knitting beside the guillotine during the French Revolution. Indeed one of them actually did spend part of the time knitting.

    As they were leaving the court building Stewart latched on to her and opened the conversation with, “I bet he gave her a good seeing to. Know what I mean?”

    Julia turned and stared at him for a moment before replying in her iciest voice, “No I do not. Now go away and stop bothering me.”

    “Ha ha, yes you do know …” but Stewart was interrupted by an older voice saying, “Leave the lady alone,” with some authority.

    “Who’s gonna make me?” Stewart snarled, but when he looked at the complainant he flinched a little.

    “That police constable just inside the courthouse door if she complains to him. Then you’ll find yourself in the dock for interfering with a sitting juror, penalty anything from five to fifteen years, with me as an eye witness.”

    Stewart grunted and then slunk away.

    “Thank you,” said Julia, recognising the older, richer juror called, if she remembered rightly, David, “Is it really five to fifteen years?”

    “I’ve no idea,” said David, laughing, “but nor does he.”

    Chapter Four - Hot Thoughts But Hubby Fails
    As she sat on the bus going home that day Julia’s thoughts were all about the case. She wondered what it would be like to be forced to have sex. Of course she had had sex with her husband from time to time when she wasn’t particularly ‘in the mood’ but that was her husband and she didn’t ever refuse him outright. If she didn’t much feel like it she would just say so, but if he made it clear that he needed sex, which he rarely did, she would let him and try to think of other things.

    No, the idea which was consuming her thoughts was out and out rape. Being forced to have intercourse in the way the man, possibly even a complete stranger, insisted on performing it and requiring her complete cooperation whether she wanted it or not.

    The idea of being forced to go to bed with young Stewart made her shudder. Then she thought of David, an older man, a richer man, gaining some sort of hold over her and expecting even demanding it. As she got off the bus she put David firmly out of her mind. That didn’t stop her wondering if this would make an interesting bedroom game with her husband. After all they did try, very occasionally, a game where Eric was her teacher at school, but that was a playing at seduction rather than a playing rape.

    Late that night after telling Eric some of the details about the case she actually broached the subject of playing at him raping her.

    He had been sufficiently roused by hearing the details of the case to want sex, but he was not interested in the playing out of a rape as Julia had suggested.

    After pretending to demand sex, just to please her, he stopped the moment she tried feebly to push him off and the whole game collapsed. Julia went to sleep thinking about David again and comparing his complete control of Stewart when he told him in no uncertain terms to leave Julia alone with Eric’s utter failure to enter into the spirit of the game, even knowing that was all it was.

    Stewart had been intent on linking up with her and providing “a good seeing to” whether she was willing or not. David had saved her from that, but she wasn’t sure if he wanted her for himself. It was deliciously tempting to let David try, but she would not go “all the way” of course.

    Chapter Five - Drink?
    Friday was filled with evidence for one side and then the other. Julia thought much of the evidence was totally irrelevant. It did not matter that Tracy, the girl had lost her hymen some years earlier, as that could easily have been through sports or gymnastics, rather than experimenting with boys. It did not matter that Gary was supposed to be very protective of his sister when they were both at a small village school, he had admitted to being drunk on the night and she knew that drunks can do the most surprising and uncharacteristic things.

    At three o’clock the evidence for the defence, such as it was, finished and the Judge ruled that the two closing speeches and his summing up would be the order of business on the Monday. With a curt warning to the jurors not to discuss the case with anyone, not even each other, outside the court premises and an exhortation to be there at ten o’clock on the Monday morning, he dismissed them.

    On the way out, apparently by accident, David was leaving just as she was and asked, “Why so sad today?”

    “Is it that obvious?” she asked and realised she had been thinking about the abject failure of Eric to react to her play rape suggestion, “Just a bit of a problem at home.”

    “Anything I can help with?” he asked, and it took her a moment to realise that he did not know the problem and so it was not as suggestive a comment as she first thought.

    “Can I offer you a quick drink?” he asked, “It may help you to cope with the nastiness we have been listening to all day.”

    She was about to refuse but then she thought, Nothing to lose if we are in a public place, so she accepted.

    “I suggest we go across the road to the Castle Hotel. It isn’t much good as a hotel, but it does have a relatively quiet bar.”

    The bar was indeed quiet. In fact it was shut, but the moment they appeared it opened with a very polite, “Good afternoon Mr. Francis, and madame. What can I get for your pleasure?”

    Julia noticed that no cash changed hands as David, Mr. Francis, she thought, has an account here. This he hastened to explain as because his company used it for meetings, and to entertain customers.

    Ignoring the admonition of the Judge, they proceeded to discuss the evidence, but quickly went on the more general matters. The subject of her sadness was brought up again and explained in the vaguest terms. Then David ventured to say, “I think you need help to find your needs.”

    “You may be right,” Julia ventured, but then she caught sight of the clock and said, “I must go. I need to catch the half past four bus.”

    As they went out of the side door of the hotel she turned to him and said, “Don’t come to the bus stop. Half the village will be on this bus and I don’t want talk.”

    “Quite right,” said David, but it seemed wholly natural to her when he took her in his arms and kissed her gently on the lips.

    On the Monday the two learned counsel gave their closing speeches and then the Judge summed up. That took till four o’clock so there was no chance of a repeat of the drinks episode.

    Chapter Six - Verdict
    “You will now retire and consider your verdict,” said the Judge, the following morning.

    As they filed into the jury room David suggested that Colin, with his Civil Service background, would be well accustomed to committee work and hence be a competent foreman for the jury.

    Colin took this as flattery, rather than as an insulting comment on Civil Servants, and graciously accepted the nomination. Since nobody else thought of themselves in that light there were no other suggestions. As they sat down David suggested to Colin that there should be a preliminary vote, and so Colin said, ”We will have a vote now to find out where we stand. All those who think he is guilty?”

    “A three way choice,” suggested David, “guilty, not guilty, or undecided.”

    “Yes, I was going to say that,” lied Colin, suddenly aware that he had been flattered into accepting a job with no idea what it entailed, or how to do it. The vote proceeded and there were three for guilty, six for not guilty and three undecided.

    Each member of the jury then said what they thought were the reasons for their thoughts and it quickly became clear that few had thought logically about it. Matilda, the oldest jury member, said, “Well, he must have done it or the police wouldn’t have brought him to court, would they?”

    This was immediately countered by Kylie, almost the youngest there, and obviously smitten by Gary’s good looks who opined, “He looks too nice to do such a thing.”

    Back and forth it went, with several people remembering that there was no forensic evidence of actual penetration. The defence explanation for each other’s DNA being on both sets of clothes in small quantities was that they lived in the same house, so it would naturally be there. The lack of semen when Tracy was examined that morning was attributed by the prosecution to the amount of drink Gary had had.

    In the end it came down to eleven not convinced and Matilda firm in her belief that the police never prosecute anyone who is not guilty. As it was nearing lunch time David tried to hurry things on by suggesting Colin ask the judge if he would accept an eleven to one verdict. “Of course he will need to know who the one is,” he added, without any idea whether this was true. It worked, however, as Matilda did not want to be shown up as the hold-out and so caved in.

    Colin suggested they discuss it a little longer, but David said, “No. We have a unanimous verdict, so there is nothing to discuss.”

    Ten minutes later Gary had been released, incidentally into the arms of the five old ladies who were evidently not there to see him beheaded, but to see him exonerated. The jury were being thanked by the judge. Half an hour later their expenses were being paid and the court officials said they would not be needed again on this call for jury service.

    Chapter Seven - Lunch
    As they left the court building David was again leaving at the same moment. “Well, that was quicker than I thought it would be,” he commented, “Wasn’t that woman unbelievable, assuming guilt just because someone is charged in court?”

    Julia’s intention to catch the next bus home suddenly dissolved and she felt she ought to stop and talk to him for as long as he wanted. Why am I under his spell? she wondered.

    “Well, I’m off across the road for a leisurely lunch. Join me, please,” he said and it was clearly an order, rather than a request as he took her arm.

    The Castle Hotel was just starting lunches and they were shown to a window table marked ‘RESERVED’. Menus were brought and a bottle of red wine which David tasted. As the waiter went to pour some into Julia’s glass she tried to stop him, but David said, “Would you prefer white?”

    “Actually I would, if you don’t mind,” she said, feeling guilty because she was going against his wishes.

    “No problem,” he said and just nodded to the waiter.

    Within moments an ice bucket arrived with a bottle of Prosecco, which the waiter proceeded to open and pour for her.

    David then ordered a light lunch of chicken salad for her, while he had a ribeye steak.

    Julia wondered what she would have chosen for herself, but it just seemed somehow natural to follow his lead.

    As the meal progressed they discussed mostly food and drink, with emphasis on eating out. Julia barely noticed that her glass was regularly being refilled, while David was only drinking sparingly. A sweet course arrived, without Julia realising that David had chosen for her again. The talk became more personal.

    “I really shouldn’t eat profiteroles. I need to watch my figure,” she said.

    “It’s a lovely figure,” David said, “Eric is a lucky man to have access to breasts like that.”

    Julia thought she should be angry that he said that. She had only known him a week, but the wine had lowered her inhibitions so she did not object.

    “Shall we have coffee elsewhere or here?” David said, “I think they want the table.” Julia could not really object as she assumed there was a lounge to have coffee in. “We’ll go up to my room for our coffee and perhaps a liqueur.” That set alarm bells ringing in her mind, but David then said, “Upstairs – that’s an order.”

    Julia just knew that he was completely in charge and she would do whatever he wanted. Her only worry was whether her underwear was sexy enough for him as she realised that she had expected this from the moment she agreed to today’s lunch.

    Chapter Eight - Upstairs
    She expected him to make a move in the lift, but he was politeness itself. His room was not what she expected. It was a suite and she was seated on a pleasant settee in the sitting room while David asked her favourite liqueur. He then ordered coffees and drinks from room service.

    As she expected, they were there in seconds, with a bottle of her favourite cointreau and a bottle of brandy for him. He served her a largish cointreau and sat opposite her.

    “Are you trying to seduce me?” she asked, and realised just how silly she sounded. Why do you think you are in his suite at his hotel except to be seduced? she thought, And you’ve already agreed to it. “Of course you are.”

    “Actually I am not,” David said, “Anything that happens between us will be entirely voluntary on both our parts. I do want to take you into the bedroom and enjoy you, but you are entirely free to leave now, or at any moment you want. Just say the safeword ‘crocodile’ and I will immediately stop whatever is happening and allow you to leave.”

    He sat and looked at her while she considered this. Then she made up her mind. This was not a chance she might ever get again and so she was not going to miss it. If Eric would not play a rape game when she needed it then this man would be allowed to play the great rapist. “Tell me what you want,” she said, “but don’t hurt me, please.”

    “I am entirely in charge,” David said, “unless or until you say the safeword. If I back off then is not your decision, it is mine.” He remained silent for some seconds to let that sink in.

    “Now we move into the bedroom,” he ordered, leading the way through the interconnecting door.

    The first thing he did was undress completely, allowing her to see his prick for the first time. It wasn’t completely hard, but did not look to be any bigger than Eric’s, which was a relief to Julia, as she was suddenly afraid.

    “Now, undress slowly, letting me savour each part of you as it is revealed,” was the next order.

    Julia took off her jacket, then released her skirt setting each down carefully on the sideboard. Her blouse and slip followed, revealing a matching blue brassière and knickers set. They were designed for a respectable lady to wear, not for a striptease.

    David made a circle with his index finger and Julia obediently performed a slow twirl for him. Then repeated it when he indicated again. “Shoes and stockings,” he said.

    She complied, grateful that she had worn self supporting stockings instead of tights or a garter belt.

    “Now the rest.”

    Her brassière and knickers joined the rest of her clothes on the dressing table and she stood before him naked. Without being asked she performed two slow pirouettes to show herself to him.

    “One other thing,” David asked, “Are you on the pill? I really dislike condoms.”

    “Yes,” she replied, “And we really don’t want another child, so I have a Dutch cap as well.” That was when she remembered that she had put it in that morning, without thinking why. Had I decided that early to say yes if he asked me? Is he what they call an Alpha male who must be obeyed?

    Chapter Nine - Consummation And Consumption
    “Last chance to get dressed and go home. Leave, or take it,” said David. He waited for a full minute to allow her to back out, without ever doubting her willingness for him to fuck her.

    “You will be on top,” he said, lying on his back with his erection proudly upright, “facing me so that I can play with those lovely breasts.”

    Julia remarked, “We never do it that way. Eric is always on top, or we sometimes do doggy.”

    David smiled and answered, “Well you may not have noticed but I’m giving the orders here, and I want you to lower your own cunt on to my prick. That way I know you are doing it willingly, and I can’t find myself in the dock like Gary was.”

    As she crouched over him and fitted his proud prick into her welcoming cunt he started to hum a nursery rhyme. “What’s that?” she asked, “Oh yes I recognise it now. It’s ‘Ride A Cock Horse’. Most appropriate.”

    “And you have ‘Rings On Your Finger’,” he replied, “ but no ‘Bells On Your Toes’,” moving in her in time with the music he was humming.

    The mention of her engagement and wedding rings abruptly reminded her that for the first time in her life she was about to be penetrated by someone other than Eric, and that meant she was being unfaithful to him, cuckolding him.

    The sex was mind-blowing for Julia, as she savoured the fact that although force had not been used, she felt that she had had no choice whatever in the matter. David had ordered her to have lunch with him, then ordered her to go with him up to a hotel bedroom, and then ordered her to undress herself, and now ordered her to impale herself on his manhood. She could in theory have left him and gone home at any point, yet she had no illusions that she had been forced by his dominant personality to do those things. Now she was losing coherent thought as she approached a perfect orgasm as a direct result of being ordered give herself to a man she had only met the previous week.

    A thought of Eric made her feel wicked, and that just added to her excitement instead of dissuading her from being unfaithful for the first time.


    As she came down from the delirium of pleasure she realised that she was now on her back on the bed and David was sitting beside her. “If madame would care for a little refreshment I am sure I can provide a nice warm drink,” he said, indicating his prick, which had not yet cum, “If madame would care to kneel on the pillow provided.”

    Julia did offer from time to time to suck Eric’s prick, mostly when she was having her monthlies, but she never swallowed. Usually she didn’t even get his semen in her mouth as she pulled off him at the critical moment. Now she was absolutely certain that David was ordering her to suck and swallow his sperm, moreover she knew that she would do exactly that.

    Chapter Ten - Offer
    After she had performed for him, and it took some time so her jaw was aching when she finally did swallow, he said, “Would you like to come and work for me?”

    “What as?” she asked.

    “You name it, but no knickers at work. What ever you do, I’m sure we can make room for another one on the payroll.”

    “What if I tell you that I earn a very good living translating Mandarin into English? I get it from my mother,” she answered mischievously.

    “No. I know you aren’t even a tiny bit Chinese,” he said, teasingly.

    So she fell for it, “How do you know that?” she asked.

    “Because your cunt slit goes up and down and every schoolboy knows that in Chinese women it goes from side to side, and that is the dominant gene. But seriously how about being my Assistant, twice the money you get now and your duties are being under my desk or in my office bedroom. I do want you to come, with the intentional pun there, and if necessary I will order you to do so.”

    “So I have no choice?”

    “No. You are my slave now, albeit a very well paid one.”

    She stared at him for several moments and then said in a very quiet voice, “Yes, Master. May I ask a question?”

    “Of course.”

    “Will I have to leave Eric for this job?” she whispered.

    David laughed, “Of course not. I only want access to your body, and I have no intention of wrecking your marriage or mine. In fact the less Eric knows about this arrangement the better. Just tell him and your present employers that you have had a better offer and allow the change to take place when it can. How much notice do you need to give?”

    “Oh, they won’t let me stay where I am once I tell them I am leaving,” she assured him, “confidentiality, the Data Protection Act, and all that nonsense.”

    That made David curious. “Why? What did you do for a living?”

    “I am a receptionist at the local doctor’s surgery, and I know all sorts of details of people’s private lives. Who had abortions and who had the clap and so forth.”

    “I can understand that, so you can start on Monday. Any other questions?”

    After a short silence she asked, “Will I … Will I be expected … Will I have …” she could not finish the question.

    “If you mean will I want to share you with customers or friends, only with my youngest son. He is nine now but when he is old enough I would like you to initiate him, say in five or six years time.”

    Relief flooded through Julia. It is one thing to start my first extra-marital affair, but to become a company whore is a step too far. For now at any rate, she thought, and then felt very guilty that she would even contemplate letting David order her to fuck someone else.

    Chapter Eleven - And On Her
    “Well, now that’s settled I would like to get back to the main business of the afternoon,” David said.

    “What do you want me to do now?” she asked, knowing what the answer would be.

    “You are to be fucked again, but this time you will be on top with your back to me.”

    “I … I don’t want … I’ve never let anyone …”she stuttered, scared that he was going to insist on anal. She and Eric had never even discussed it, let alone tried that route.

    “I don’t play in sewers so you needn’t worry on that score.

    It took Julia some moments to line her cunt up with his prick in this unaccustomed position, but once she had him firmly inside her and the nursery rhyme tune had started she felt her inexorable build-up towards another orgasm start straight away.

    Then she was suddenly pushed up and off his prick, and found herself on the floor beside the bed. “What is …?” she started but David interrupted her with a curt order to lie on the bed with her head on the pillow, on her back.

    “Now purely to help your education, and not for my pleasure, lie on your back.” Without complaining she did as she was told and David came above her between her legs, much as Eric usually did. Then he reached back and pulled her legs up in front of him and on to his shoulders. Positioning his cock at her cunt lips he gently leant forward so that it entered her as he came down onto her body and she was folded almost in two under him with his prick completely inside her.

    A very fast in and out motion caused her some pain, but the interrupted journey to ecstasy was restarted and soon she did not know who or where she was. Her climax had completely overwhelmed her normal senses and she was away in the dreamland that only a woman can know.

    When she had recovered from another superb orgasm she asked the question she had been wondering about for most of their couplings. “David, why do you give me so much better orgasms that Eric?”

    “I suggest you study the female anatomy a bit better than you have previously. Try looking up Gräfenberg for a start.” He lifted her ankles off his shoulders and rolled her over till she was kneeling with his prick neatly entering her cunt from behind. “Do you and Eric do this?”

    “Yes. It gets him very deep inside me, but it hurts after a few minutes.”

    “And you asked me not to hurt you,” David remembered, “So I had better be quick,” whereupon he started humping in and out again very much faster than the white horse music. That set Julia off again and the contractions of her cunt caused by her orgasm set him off.

    “Banbury Cross,” he panted, “All you on there for here get off,” and he rolled away from her.

    Soon after that a wholly respectable lady showing no signs of being ‘just fucked’ thanks to a shower and the care with which she had removed her clothes, boarded a bus to take her home.

    Chapter Twelve - Explaining Her New Job
    When Julia arrived home she wondered how to tall Eric about her new job. First she rang the surgery and explained that she had been offered a much better paying job, with no evening shifts. As she expected she was told to come in the following day to collect her personal belongings; she would be paid for four weeks notice period but not allowed into the records area. If she wanted to come in she could clean up spills, but have no contact with either the patients or the doctors.

    Her response was that they need not pay her as the new company wanted her as soon as possible, so that was agreed very amicably.

    Eric’s return from work was greeted with a passionate kiss and a very unusual quick grope of his trouser front.

    “What brings this on?” he asked and for an instant Julia imagined his reaction if she told him that she was going to be the boss’s full time mistress at Francis Engineering. Instead she explained that she had a new job at Francis Engineering which she had been offered by a fellow juror who was David Francis and he had been so impressed with her that he offered her his Personal Assistant job.

    “Why would he do that? Not that you wouldn’t be good at it, but it’s a bit … chancy like,” asked Eric, “He doesn’t know you, and you didn’t apply for a job there.”

    “Oh. I was the only one taking notes in the court case and everybody needed them to remind them of important points when we were deciding in the jury room if he was guilty or not.. Mr. Francis said it made our job much easier, and he was looking for a new PA as his present one was leaving,” she lied.

    “What happened anyway, apart from that?” Eric asked, realising that the court case must be over.

    “Oh, we said ‘Not Guilty’ because the police had not proved it beyond reasonable doubt,” Julia replied, happy to be on firmer ground than her previous few answers, “I think a lot of us would have liked the Scottish verdict of ‘Not Proven’ but it doesn’t exist in Wales.”

    “Did he probably do it?” Eric wondered.

    “Your guess is as good as mine. They were both drunk and he remembers nothing, while she may well have dreamed the whole thing.”

    “How much were you offered?”

    Julie completely misinterpreted this question and answered, “Nothing. Nobody even tried to bribe us.”

    “No, silly. How much are Francis Engineering offering?”

    “Twice what I am getting from the surgery, but some of the hours may be a little odd.”

    “How odd?”

    “Well I may need to go with Mr. Francis to meetings occasionally.”

    “Well it sounds like a good job. I expect you will enjoy it, if he is a good boss and treats you right,” said Eric, not knowing how true his words were.

    Chapter Thirteen - First Day
    On the Monday morning Julia reported to Francis Engineering at ten o’clock as had been detailed in the letter she had received on the Thursday morning formally offering her the job of Personal Assistant to the Chairman and Managing Director of Field Engineering at a very good salary.

    The receptionist, a quiet, slightly dowdy looking girl said, “Oh yes, Mrs. Jones. We are expecting you. Please take a seat and I’ll tell them you are here.”

    Julia sat down as the receptionist made a call. It was only a few moments before a fair haired young woman came down the stairs and said, “Mrs. Jones, please come up.” As they walked together up to the offices above the factory she said, conversationally, “I expect Mr. Francis, David will want to do the induction and show you your office and everything. I’m Helen Morrison, his secretary. You must be the Julia he has told me about, and I’m very glad you are here. I’m just taking you up to him so that reception …” she let the conversation tail off very oddly Julia thought.

    Then they arrived at the office door and Helen motioned for Julia to go in, but did not come in herself.

    When she went in David said, “Come through here,” and went through a second door at the back of his desk.

    There she found herself in a small bedroom with a shower in one corner.

    “Some of your work will be done here,” said David, “and you can start by undressing now.”

    This was much more frank and open than she had expected. She hadn’t been there more than minutes and she was being expected to strip. Still, I suppose he means to start as we will go on, she thought and unbuttoned her blouse.

    “Stop,” was the next order, “I’m glad you understand our relationship. The worst thing you could have done was object to that order. I would have fired you and Helen would have to have gone back to trying to find a replacement for you.”

    Julia’s relief at not losing her job in the first morning made her forget that she didn’t understand the comment about Helen.

    They went back out into his work office and he sat behind the desk which was slightly oddly positioned sideways on to the door. “Now a real order for you. When you bring in my coffee in a morning, promptly at nine fifteen unless Helen says otherwise, your next move is to get under my desk and give me a blow job. Try it now.”

    Julia moved to the front of the desk and dropped to her knees. The desk was comfortably high enough for her to get under it and he had his legs conveniently open as she slid the zip down, releasing the already burgeoning prick which she quickly disentangled from his underwear. It was as she took him in her mouth that she divined the reason for the desk being sideways to the door. It meant she could be under the desk unseen if anyone put their head round it to talk to David.

    She was brought back to the task in hand (in mouth actually, she thought) by David gripping her hair and ramming her head down on his prick. It was fortunate for her that he did not have an excessively long one, as throwing up on the boss’s lap isn’t recommended, at least not on the first day in a new job.

    Soon he came in her mouth and she managed to swallow it all without spilling any on his trousers. She wiped him off with her tongue and dried him with a handkerchief she found thoughtfully placed on the floor under his desk. Then she closed the zip carefully and backed out of the aperture she was in.

    “Good,” said David, “Helen will fill you in on details like where the powder room is and where to park if you use a car. She is really very friendly.”

    “But, Helen is your secretary. She seemed to … guess what was going on?”

    David shocked her by saying, “My secretary knows exactly what’s happening. You won’t be bothered by anything except your duties to me, she’ll handle all the business matters. Her name is Helen and she used to fill the rôle you are now taking.”

    “Won’t she be jealous?” wondered Julia.

    “David laughed, “No. She and her husband want to start a family, so she’s going off the pill. When it comes to maternity leave we’ll deal with any problems as they happen. I’m sure they are at least several months away. My immediate thought is to get in a really experienced older temp to cover her leave and simply explain the situation to her,” then he added, “or him.”

    Then David got up from the desk and went to the outer door, “I’ll show you your office. It’s the one beyond Helen’s. I expect you to be here no later than nine each morning, and still to be here at five o’clock. It isn’t that I need you all that time, but I don’t want the factory workers getting the idea that the office staff can come and go as they please. I work long hours and so do most of my staff. How you fill the time when you are not under my desk or in my bed is your problem. Personally I suggest that you read lots of sex stories on the internet to give you ideas for entertaining me or Eric.”

    The office turned out to be quite small but well furnished, with a computer which needed a card inserted to switch on. David took the card out and handed it to her, commenting, “As you see, that card is on a lanyard and you need to wear it whenever you are in the building. You take it home with you and if you forget it one day, or worse, lose it, there will be much trouble, and you won’t get into the building. Those rules are very strict, and enforced by loss of a full day’s pay if you forget it, even if you go home and get back here within the hour. Certain of our projects have a contractual requirement for that. It is also your door key to go through certain doors, but you are not allowed into the factory, so the only three which affect you are the front turnstile into the building, your own office and the ladies rest room and toilet.”

    Julia wondered why it was necessary to have a lock on the toilets, but his next sentence explained that, “We did that simply to make sure you take your computer key with you every time you leave your office. Yours will only have your private secrets on it, but there are many other computers in the building with important information on them.”

    Later that morning Helen came in with a cup of coffee and said, “Now you are here we can have a little talk. Were you able to please him under the desk?”

    This sounded ominous to Julia but Helen ploughed on without waiting for an answer, “David asked me to reassure you about our relative places in the office. You have just taken over about a quarter of my job, and as I want to start a family I am happy with that. I may give David the odd blow job for old times’ sake but I want my babies to be my husband’s. In the office you will be responsible for keeping David sexually satisfied, and making him coffee, but that is all. Any work related matter is for me or David to deal with. If we are both tied up either in a meeting or at a customer’s and a work telephone call is put through to you, just tell them one of us will ring back. You take their name and number but no messages. You will most certainly answer no questions. Is that clear?”

    “Yes,” said Julia.

    “Yes what?” asked Helen.

    “Yes ma’am.”

    “Just so you understand, I won’t be making any demands on you sexually. I’m not into girls at all. David will be after you a lot at first, like a child with a new toy, but it will settle down. I have met his wife and she is a little mouse of a thing who won’t cause any trouble, even if she finds out. I think she sort of knows but is happy with her big house and her four children.”

    They drank their coffee in silence for several minutes, then Helen asked, “I gather you met on the jury? Was it the drinks, then lunch, then bed routine?”

    “Yes, at the Castle Hotel.”

    “Did he tell you he owns most of it?”

    “No, but that explains the service he gets there, and the suite.”

    “He owns something like seventy per cent of the shares,” explained Helen, “but privately, not through Francis Engineering. Now I’ve got work to do but you just wait in here until the intercom call comes for you to do your ‘work’ this afternoon.”

    And so things settled down, with Julia making coffee for the three of them and running odd errands for Helen, but it was clear that her main duties were a long blow job each morning and either a good fucking in the afternoon, or another blow job if she was menstruating. She used the shower in the bedroom if their fuck was just after lunch. If, as happened about half the time, she was fucked when David had dealt with all his work for the day then she would have her shower at home as soon as she arrived.

    Chapter Fourteen - Hubby Quizzes
    Over the first few weeks of Julia’s new job Eric did not notice anything odd, probably because Julia was very careful not to allow any traces to show.

    Eventually, though, Eric did realise that Julia was much more keen on sex some evenings than usual, but at first he thought that was because the children were getting older and so less demanding of full-time attention than babies were. Then she came home one evening a little later than usual and when she kissed him he suddenly realised she was not wearing a brassière.

    This was explained by her saying that she had been too hot in the office and had taken it off in the ladies but had forgotten to put it back on again before coming home. That was another night when she was keener than usual on sex. He also noticed that she would take a shower some evenings immediately she arrive home from work.

    Finally Eric decided to confront her, so as Julia arrived home that evening Eric half led, half dragged her into the kitchen. “I want answers,” he demanded, “What is going on?”

    “Nothing. Let me go, I need a shower,” she replied, but could not stop herself from blushing.

    Taking that as a sign of guilt Eric pushed his hand up under her skirt and felt that her knickers were damp, actually wet rather than just damp. Sniffing his fingers he realised that he knew that smell. “Tell me,” he said, more assertive than she had ever known him.

    Crying now, Julia answered, “I’m no good at lying – some days he fucks me late in the afternoon and I shower when I come in to get rid of the sweat and ...”

    Eric was incredulous, “Why do you let him?”

    “It’s an order and he’s my boss. I do enjoy it, but it makes me want sex with you more, that’s why I’m so keen some nights.”

    “Do you only fuck him or are you just anybody’s?”

    “Nobody except you and David. There never has been.”

    “Why him? Is he … is his prick bigger than mine. Is that it?”

    “He’s no bigger than you – that doesn’t matter. He makes me feel … I don’t know … wanted?”

    “But I need you and want you. Don’t you feel that?”

    “It’s different. You have me, I married you, we love each other and in bed we want each other. We have children. It’s not that sort of want. I feel like I am a gold medal that he wanted to win … and he did. It isn’t a sexual want I sense from him but a need to win every time.” As she spoke she noticed his trousers were tented. This confession has given him a hard on! she thought, Maybe … and she reached out to stroke the front of his trousers. Then she dropped to her knees and released his prick.

    “No,” Eric said, lifting her to upright. He pushed her backwards until she was against the table, lifted her skirt and slammed his full length into her. The juices from her arousal by David’s session still provided enough lubrication to ensure that it was easy.

    They were both surprised that they achieved a mutual orgasm within seconds and it was mind blowing in a way that they had not experienced since they were trying for their first child more than ten years earlier. “Does he make you cum?” Eric asked.

    “Oh yes, every time. That’s what he does it for, to make me cum, for him that’s winning. But not like that, not both together. In fact he hardly ever cums himself. He didn’t this afternoon.”

    It was nearly midnight before they went to bed, but it was soon apparent that both of them were very horny. It started before they got into bed when Eric pulled her to him and pressed her shoulders down. She responded by taking him into her mouth and making him cum, swallowing his offering as she always did for David. Then they got into bed and a long slow deep fuck happened without either of them actually suggesting it – it was just inevitable.

    Julia closed her eyes and remembered the very first orgasm she had had from David in the Castle Hotel, and the exciting wickedness she felt. Eric also was imagining that he was a spectator watching another man seducing, no, fucking his beloved wife and giving her fabulous pleasures he could not, and it excited him unbelievably.

    Chapter Fifteen - Hubby Accepts
    The following morning when the children had gone off to their Saturday club, Eric asked, “Will you be bringing home a cream pie on Monday?”

    “Do you want me to?” asked the astonished Julia.

    “If we get to have sex like last night’s it would be worth it. I would have to be sure you wouldn’t leave me.”

    Julia thought for several minutes and then asked, “Are you sure you are OK with this? If not you would have to go and tell him to stop. Quit my job for me or he will carry on fucking me and I won’t tell him to stop.”

    Monday morning Eric telephoned to the factory and made an appointment to see David in the afternoon, “About a personal matter. He will know what it is,” he told Helen, who wondered if Julia might be leaving because her husband had found out what her job entailed.

    When Helen showed him into the office he was a little in awe of the man who had such an opulent office, and in his own company at that. This despite having met David at the Christmas party.

    David went straight on the offensive. “I take it that this is about me screwing your wife?”

    Eric nodded, speechless.

    “That means one of two things. Which is it, are you going to make her resign, or do you want to watch?” David continued, driving home the advantage of surprise.

    Eric was completely floored by this approach, so David pressed on. “If I want to fuck her I will, if she works here or not. If you get too awkward about it I’ll simply make her leave you. Now I don’t want that because it would cause endless complications, but I do want some small comforts in the office, such as a regular blow job or quickie fuck. Not to put too fine a point on it, she gets very well paid for her favours. It is entirely up to you what happens, but she tells me you were very aroused by knowing she had been fucked on Friday.”

    Offering Eric a drink, he gave him a brandy, remarking, “Brandy is recommended for shock.”

    “Let me show you something,” he said and led Eric over to a door in the corner of the office. Through that there was a small bedroom such as could be used if working very late, or leaving very early. “This is where I fuck her. Blow jobs are usually under the desk.”

    Eric needed to sit down and recover for a few moments. Then he asked, “What now?”

    David said, “I have a proposition for you. Come and work for me and you can have sloppy seconds sometimes. I won’t require the cuckold to clean me up, but Julia will need cleaning usually. You will know exactly when she has been fucked, and can be sure that I’m not offering her round my customers or staff. Actually I have another, much younger girl who does that. Well, do you agree? I hate to rush you but either you will go for this arrangement or not, and I’m sure you know now.”

    “I have a question, sir,” said Eric.

    “Of course I’ll answer,” said David, sensing complete victory.

    “What about children?”

    “Do you want any more? I gather Julia is happy with two,” replied David.

    “Yes. We’re happy with two.”

    “Well I much prefer bareback fucking, but if she continues on the pill as I gather she is then that should be OK. Do we have an agreement, or are you and Julia walking out of here now?”

    Slowly Eric nodded his agreement, feeling the power of this man’s personality. He finally understood why Julia had yielded so completely to him. More than that, he understood that there was no element of love in the arrangement; it was purely based on lust, and power.

    David pressed a button on the intercom and said, “Come in please, Julia.”

    She wondered as she walked along the corridor to his office what she would find there.

    “Come in, Julia. Eric has something to tell you.”

    She looked at her husband, but he could not meet her eye.

    “Eric,” growled David.

    “Er. Er, we agreed that …” he couldn’t quite bring himself to tell her.

    David took over, “What Eric is trying to tell you is that you are going to continue working here. He is also starting to work for me.”

    “What? How? Why? …” she ran out of breath.

    “He’s joining my sales team, and I expect his present boss will want him go immediately, so he starts now. Just a little office work today and he joins the sales team tomorrow.”

    Julia was lost for words.

    “There will be quite a lot of office work in his duties,” David continued, “Starting immediately by locking the door, stripping you, and fluffing you. Go ahead Eric,” and he sat back in his chair as his new employee did exactly as he was told.

    Julia tried to stop Eric as he unbuttoned her blouse, but he said, “We agreed. You will continue to have David as before, but I can sometimes watch and clean you out afterwards, or even have sloppy seconds. I’m still your husband and you are still to be on the pill. Sir does not want to breed you, but does prefer bareback.” By this time her blouse was off and he unfastened the waist of her skirt. Next came the garter belt and the stockings. Then the knickers and brassière.

    Now naked, but still not quite believing what was happening, Julia was led through to the bed in the back room and persuaded to lie on it with he feet on the floor at the bottom of the bed. Then her husband went down on her and licked her almost to orgasm, something he hardly ever did at home.

    David came over and said, “I think she’s ready. Allow me,” and dropping his trousers and boxers in one movement he released his cock, which Eric was relieved to see was not enormous. Opening Julia’s legs wide he ordered, “Put it in!” As Julia squirmed trying to reach his prick he snapped, “Not you. The cuckold will do it.”

    Eric carefully positioned his new master’s cock head between the folds of his wife’s cunt and held the lips open while David pushed it in, beginning to hum a nursery rhyme. He pushed in and pulled almost all the way out in time to his humming.

    Then Eric was surprised to see his wife begin to react to the pleasure she was receiving, as hr legs came up over his back and finally her knees straightened and pointed her feet to the ceiling in ecstasy.

    Julia had never been very vocal during sex, and while the children were small she was almost silent so as not to wake them. Now Eric heard her whispering, “Yes. Yes, Eric. Yes fuck me Eric,” and he realised that he eyes were closed and she was pretending it was him bringing her to completion.

    “I can’t break her of that habit,” said David conversationally while still pumping in and out of the now thoroughly roused woman, “Whenever she gets close she says your name. It’s a bit off-putting but then I’m rarely very excited at this point. Just wait a moment and listen.”

    As she finally came her legs thrashed in the air and she said, “Oh, I love you Eric!”

    David pulled out and said, “Go ahead, cucky, your turn.” Then he noticed that Eric’s trousers had a large wet spot where he had cum involuntarily while watching his wife being thoroughly fucked by her boss. “Never mind, cucky, better luck next time. Not even any of my cum for you to lick out of her.”

    Only moments later, now fully dressed, David said, “Take your time in here. I’m going to a meeting now and won’t be back this afternoon.”

    Julia had come down from her climax by then but Eric’s prick had shrunk. They stayed in the little bedroom and she soon had him hard again by careful use of her mouth and she swallowed his second climax of the morning.

    “Happy now?” Julia asked him.

    “I don’t know how long this will last,” he replied, “but I think we both enjoyed today?”

    “Yes, my love. Come home now and I’ll wash those trousers. I think we both deserve a half day off.”

    And they all lived happily ever after.
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