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. Time with my wife

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Woreout, Dec 31, 2016.

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Has your wife had sex in publc with out you?

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  1. Woreout

    Woreout Cuckold of my own doing Author!

    Today we had to run out to West Georgia, it's just over an hour ride. As we where driving down the highway i pointed out the home of one of my wifes old fuck buddies. It has been over ten years since she has seen him. I said does that house bring back memories?

    She said Tim's place? I said yes ,that house has lots of history. She said it sure does, the first time he ever fucked me in the ass was in that house. What else happened there I asked. She said that is the house I drove to wearing only a garter belt, stockings and heals.

    I said I remember one day while you and I where there visiting Jeff came over and while he had me out in the drive way looking at his Camaro you and Tim went into Tim's room and had sex. My wife laughed. I asked what was so funny? She said while Tim and I were in his room to told me that he had called Jeff and asked him to get you outside and keep you there untill he called him. I nodded my head, I remember Jeff answering his cell and telling me Tim is wondering where you and I are
    So Jeff knew about you and Tim.

    Yes Tim and Jeff shared everything. I said everything? She yeah but not me. Tim tried to get me to have sex with once but I didn't want to. Why I asked. My wife said I just didnt find him attractive. I knew from the first time I saw Jeff he would never get my pussy.

    I asked if she wanted me to stop at Tim's on the way home. She gave me a mean look. I said OK OK. I never knew why he stopped coming over. She said he got to controlling, he wanted me to only have sex with him. I said he didn't want me cut off did he? She said yes. OH HELL NO. I blurted out. She said I'll cut you off when I want to, no one will tell me to.

    But you and him had a lot of history I said. She said yes we did some crazy things together. I told her yeah you two fucking in the men's restroom in the Omni at the ZZ Top concert. She laughed , that was exciting she said, there where guys looking over the stall calling NEXT.

    She said he took me to downtown Atlanta one Christmas and we stayed in the Westin Peachtree motel over night. She added he recorded us fucking. I said I never saw that video. She said Tim recorded us several times.

    I asked out of all your adventures what stands out in your mind. She said me marrying you with another man's cum in my pussy. I said yeah that night when I went down on you ,I just thought you really loved me and that's why you were so wet. She said honey no woman gets that wet over a man.

    We had a nice time when we got to our destination but the entire time I couldn't stop thinking about what she had said. I whispered to her I wished she would be naughty on the way home. She said we will see. But since it was cold and rainy I thought the chances of her riding home naked were zero but I suggest it anyway.

    Once in the truck heading home she reached over and turned up the heat. Then she began getting undressed. Once she was totally naked she tossed all her cloths in the back seat of the truck and laid her seat back so was almost laying flat. She put her feet on the dash and spread her legs. She started fingering herself. She said drop me off at Marks house. I said OK.

    When I pulled into Marks drive way it was just getting dark. She unfastened her seatbelt and jumped out still totally naked. I watched in the headlights as she walked to Marks door. She rang the bell and the door opened just enough for her to enter. I backed out and drove home.

    It was after eleven that evening when the phone rang, it was my wife ,she said Mark wants me to stay the night so I won't be coming home. She said you can pick me up tomorrow after nine o clock.

    That next morning I arrived at Marks at nine o five. I honked the horn and out came m wife wearing only one of Mark's dress shirts and it bearly covered her ass. She allowed me to play in her pussy on the ride home.
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