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. Tiffany's Wine Stained Sweater

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by TiffanysHubby, Oct 10, 1999.

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  1. TiffanysHubby

    TiffanysHubby Member Author!

    Tiffany's Wine Stained Sweater Leads To Semen Stained Sheets by Tiffany's Hubby

    Many women find a glass of wine a way to relax and escape their inhibitions. In this account, Tiffany's first experience with a Black Lover results not from her consuming wine but instead from spilling a glass of red wine on her new white, wool sweater.

    My wife Tiffany was 24 and I was 26 when we married. We had finished college and were both school teachers. She is a natural blond on top and jokingly said that her only imperfection was that her thick, pubic triangle was not blond, but black. Her mother had told her to never shave her pussy and she never would. She loves to sunbathe and go swimming and would only carefully trim the tufts that peeked out of her bikini. She is 5'6" 130 lbs and her measurements are 36C-28-38.

    Tiffany's family are strict Baptists and she had remained a virgin until her last year in college. She went on a ski trip with her sorority sisters and she lost her cherry in Dave's room at the ski lodge. Shortly after that, she graduated; we met and got married. At college she got into women's lib and since I am pretty easy going, she liked to be in charge when we made love.

    Our sex life was good and we both were faithful to each other. My sister-in-law, Pam gave me a subscription to a popular men's magazine that featured letters of people's sexual adventures. The letters turned me on, but like so many other prudes and women's libbers, Tiffany wasn't interested in anything she didn't think of. We knew one couple and I heard that Frank would screw around on his wife. I had the hots for his wife Judy and he admitted he would love to fuck Tiffany but neither wife was interested. I would try to get Tiffany turned on by having her say his name when we made love, but she wouldn't do it.

    We were invited to a party at some friends house about a year after we got married. She just bought a new white wool sweater and wore it to the party along with a pair of tight, pink jeans. Her ass looked great in the jeans and her cunt, which is cut very high, could be seen as her labia hugged both sides of the vertical seam.

    Whenever I told her how sexy she looked, she always pooh-poohed it and said she felt men should be attracted to her mind and not her body. I thought to myself how funny it was for her to expect a man to pay attention to her mind when her 36Cs are swinging invitingly in front of her and large pouting pussy lips could be seen at the bottom of her belly.

    When we got to the party, most of the people had broken down into small groups. I happened to notice that there was a single black gentleman there who was talking to several friends of ours. I hadn't seen him before and didn't think much about it one way or another. We joined one group and talked until the host, Jeff came to me and asked me if I would drive him to the store to get some more beer. He assumed that since we were the last to arrive, I was probably the most sober driver there.

    I got Tiffany a glass of red wine and told her I would be back shortly. She kept talking with our group of friends.

    We went to the store and when we got back about 20 minutes later, Tiffany wasn't there. At first I thought she was in the bathroom and I just drifted around having a beer and talking with several friends.

    I had to take a leak and went to the only bathroom in the house. As I came out, I realized that Tiffany couldn't be in the bathroom. The hostess Jenny was outside the door waiting to use the bathroom, I asked it she knew where Tiffany was. "Oh, poor Tiffany, she spilled the glass of red wine on her new white sweater. She was so upset and embarrassed, she didn't know what to do. She asked if you were back so she could go home and try to wash the stain out of the sweater. Someone volunteered to take her home to wash the sweater." Jenny said, "Bob, I really have to pee, she'll be back soon."

    I hung out in the living room and then about an hour later, I walked out onto the porch to get some fresh air. The street was lined with parked cars and I saw a sports car go by and park at the closest space, three houses down. The black man I had seen at the party earlier got out and went around and opened the passenger door. It was getting dark and I saw him help a blond woman out of his car. He closed the door and the blond, wearing a black sweater and dark pants, leaned back against the car as he took her in his arms and kissed her. They broke the embrace and I watched as they started to walked toward the party. Suddenly, I realized it was Tiffany. I quickly stepped inside the house, went to the bathroom, closed the door and just stood there.

    My wife kissing a black man. I was angry at first and then noticed that my own cock was starting to stir. I needed another beer. I went into the kitchen and got one and then saw Tiffany come in. I went to her and said, I heard she had an accident. She looked a little embarrassed and then picked up the opening I had given her to talk about her sweater. "The stain came out of my sweater. I'm so glad," she said. I was going to ask her about her pink jeans, but didn't want to say anything to her in public.

    She told me what had happened, leaving out the fact that the "friend" who drove her home was the black man. We both pretended that we were happy that she did get the wine stain out of the sweater, and then a girlfriend of hers walked in and they went off to talk.

    The party ended about midnight and we got in the car and drove home.

    As we walked in the back door of the house through the utility room and past the washing machine, I noticed her pink jeans were on top of the washer. We walked past them and she asked if I wanted another beer. She went into the kitchen and I stepped back and picked up her jeans. Her panties were under them and as I picked them up, the crotch was wet and gooey.

    I walked into our family room and sat next to her on the sofa. As she handed me a beer I noticed that she didn't have her wedding ring on and she said, "Honey, I have a little confession to make."

    Tiffany's version of the story

    After you left, someone bumped me from the back and the wine got on my sweater. I was embarrassed and asked if you were back yet. When Jenny said that you and Jeff were still gone, I didn't know what to do. I felt an arm on my shoulder turning me around. The black man standing there just guided me toward the door as he said, "Sugar, you look like you need some help, put my jacket over your shoulders and we'll go outside and figure out what to do."I felt the comforting weight of his leather jacket, and the combined scent of the leather and his aftershave and his strong comforting arm around me completely relaxed me. I no longer felt like a dumb blond, but a damsel in distress who had been rescued by a knight in shiny black armor.

    He walked me out to the street and to his sports car. After opening the door for me, he got in the driver's seat and put his arm around me again. "You look like you need a hug baby," he said as he pulled me to him. I let myself go and let him hug me.

    He said, "Tell me how to get to your place so you can change your sweater. I'm Doc, what's your name?" I told him my name and gave him directions. We got to the house in 5 minutes and he parked in the carport and we went to the back door. As soon as we got in, I gave him his leather jacket back and pulled my sweater off in the kitchen, I was so intent on getting the stain out, it didn't dawn on me that I was standing in my bra in front of a complete stranger. I started washing it sink and the red began to disappear.

    I turned around and shouted, "Yessssss" in my most enthusiastic cheerleader's voice. I looked at Doc and said, "Oh, how can I thank you?" Doc stepped up to me and put his arms around me. I felt one hand grip my buttocks and his other behind my head bringing my mouth to his. His kiss was aggressive and I opened my mouth to accept his hot tongue. I put my arms around him. His hand left my ass and quickly unfastened my bra. I felt his hands on my breasts and I felt my breathing increase as I responded to his touch. He broke our kiss as he took my bra off and then went back to admiring my 36C's. I watched his dark fingers play over the contrasting white of my tits and my tan line.

    I felt him push against my belly and then felt something midway down my leg. You know that I love your 4 ? inch cock honey and I never imagined that I would want anything else, but my God, I shuddered at the thought that Doc's soft penis was twice as big as yours.

    When you and I get romantic you know that I am in charge and we do what I want. In Doc's arms all of my women's lib thoughts went out the window and I felt totally submissive to Doc. I knew I would do anything he wanted including letting him used my married, white pussy. For one moment my Baptist programming came back and I whispered in Doc's ear, "Doc, I'm married, I shouldn't be doing this, please don't make me." He picked up my vulnerability and the fact that I wanted him, and that by my saying "Don't make me," he knew I would do it if he "made" me.

    I felt his large hands on my shoulders as he pushed me to my knees in front of him. "Girl, you're going to do what I want you to." He opened his pants and let them drop, he wore red silk boxers and pulled them down, revealing his limp 9 inch cock. "Take it Tiffany, how big is your husband's dick?' When I told him "4 ? inches" he laughed and said, "Doc's love stick is going to touch you where you never been touched before, take off your wedding ring and give it to me if you want my dick." I put one hand on his cock and lifted his meat and kissed it and then took it in my mouth. I reached to my ring finger and slipped my engagement ring off first and then my wedding band and held them up to him. He took them and I worked his thick black dick with my hands, (two hands on one dick, I couldn't believe it) and my mouth.

    Doc put his hands through my blond hair and rocked my head back and forth as he fucked my mouth. "Girl, I knew when I got to the party and saw your blond hair, you showing off your titties and your pretty ass that I was going get me some of you."

    My lips and tongue worked his penis until it stiffened and stuck out. I felt his hands reach down to my breasts and lifted them by the nipples. He shook them and then said, "Stand up and turn around, time for your pussy to meet your daddy's meat." I stood up and turned around, he reached around me and undid my jeans and pulled them down to my knees. I felt him push his finger inside the edge of my panties and into my wet vagina.

    "Bend over and open your lips wide so I can put my meat in you." I bent over the sink resting my shoulders on the edge and reached between my legs and took my labia and spread them. I felt him step behind me. His stiff cock slipped between my legs and I felt the head of it enter the opening I had created. I rocked back so the angle was right and pushed the head in with my fingers. I felt his hands on my hips as he started pushing his large powerful masculine pole into me. He was thick but I was wet with anticipation and as I relaxed my lower belly, he pushed in inch by inch. Soon I felt him against my buttocks and knew he had buried his black prick in me.

    Slowly he began pulling out and then pushing in again just as I felt like I would lose him. I reached between my legs and held his balls as they pounded back and forth against me. I wanted him to unload in me. My tits swayed as he fucked me and then he took his hands off my hips and encircled my waist with one arm while the other grabbed, squeezed and played with my white love melons.

    Doc's pace increased and I knew he would come soon. I was on the pill and didn't have to worry about him impregnating me. I felt a final thrust and heard him grunting that he was coming. His cock was deep in me and he said, "Girl, you gonna be Doc's baby machine." I didn't say I was on the pill and in the passion of the moment, I responded "Oh Doc, I want you to come inside me." Never did I realize that he was serious about knocking me up.

    After he came, he pulled out and I knelt and licked him clean. Some of his gooey come ran out of my cunt into my panties and pants. I had to put on clean panties and jeans. I knew I was dripping come and put a maxi pad in my panties to catch Doc's load. We dressed and went back to the party.

    Bob's story

    As Tiffany told me, I got a raging hardon. When she finished telling me what happened, Tiffany kissed me and said she was so happy that I didn't want to divorce her. I told her everything was fine and she said, "Oh honey, there is one more little thing. Doc wants to come by and give me my rings back and talk to you." I told her we could talk about it later, but she said, "Honey, he wants me to call him tonight." I told her to go ahead and went to the bathroom while she dialed a number she had written on a slip of paper. I could hear her talking on the phone briefly and then she hung up.

    I went to bed and she said she was going to make something to eat and wait for Doc. I fell asleep and heard the doorbell ring. I woke up and heard Tiffany talking with someone. She came into the bedroom and said, "Honey, Doc wants to talk to you." I got up and went out into the living room. Doc told Tiffany to get us a drink. It was odd having a stranger tell Tiffany what to do, and considering her assertive nature, it was stranger that she did it.

    Doc, told me to sit in the chair opposite the sofa. He asked, "Did your wife tell you she traded her wedding ring for my big dick?" I said that she told me. When he saw I didn't seem to object he said, "Tiffany said you have a small dick." I admitted I did and he said, "She also told me you tried getting her to pretend that your friend Frank was fucking her, that true?" I quietly said, "I did try to get her to fantasize about another man." Doc stood and said, "I think we can all three have what we want, I'll have your wife's hot white pussy, she will have my big black cock to fill her, and you will get to have your fantasy of watching her in action with me. You don't have a problem with me being black do you?" I told him I didn't have any prejudices.

    Tiffany came in with our drinks and served Doc first and then me. He told her to sit on the sofa next to him. He said, "Stand up baby and take show your hubby that sexy body of yours that I'm going to fuck again tonight." She stood in front of him and took her clothes off. "Turn and face your small dicked husband and tell him that you want my cock in you again." Tiffany turned and Doc stood up behind her, one hand came around her waist resting on her lower belly and stroking her labia hidden in her dark, bushy triangle. Doc's other hand cupped her breast, squeezing and milking it. Tiffany's voice was husky as she said, "Honey, you know I love you, but Doc is so much bigger, and so much more of a man than you, I have to have him."

    Doc stood up, put his hands on Tiffany's waist and said, "Good-night white boy. This cute little married white pussy and I are going to bed. You can stay at the door and listen to her say my name while I fuck her."
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