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. Thrift Store

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by SenorS.S, Dec 11, 2009.

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  1. SenorS.S

    SenorS.S Member Author!

    The economic downturn had been particularly rough on Rachel and Steve. Credit card interest rates had increased almost twofold on their high balances, but the quick raises he'd expected at his new mid-level management position hadn't happened. In fact, his company had been laying people off, and the young couple was starting to get worried.

    The couple had been married for almost five years now, but had put off trying for children until they felt they were economically stable. Rachel had tried finding a job to help out their situation, but with a fine arts degree, she'd had no luck finding anything in their business-oriented city.

    Rachel was a cute young 26-year-old blonde, with a bobbed pixie haircut, blue eyes, a firm c-cup bust, and nice curvy hips for her height. She'd spent a few months as an exotic dancer when she was in college to help pay the bills.

    The couple's financial situation had become bad enough that they were reduced to shopping for clothes and household goods at the local Salvation Army thrift store. On this particular day, Steve was off looking at furniture, and Rachel was shopping for a couple new skirts. She'd found a couple short denim ones she liked, and headed over to the fitting room to try them on.

    The fitting room consisted of a couple small booth-type enclusures near the back of the place, with curtains hung around them for privacy. As Rachel removed her running shorts to try on the first skirt, she was shocked to see a large black penis sticking into the booth from a hole in the rear curtain. She froze, not knowing whether to scream, run, or what. But then, as she stared at the massive cock, a $50 bill was slid in next to it, and she heard a whisper say, "Suck me off and it's yours, sexy lady."

    Rachel was still frozen in place, but for a different reason. That $50 could go a long way in her current situation. And as a dancer, she'd had her share of "champagne room" experience. Steve knew; she'd told him right from the start about the things she'd done for money back then. She'd never had actual intercourse, but there were plenty of hand jobs, and a few blowjobs for her high-paying regulars.

    But this was different, this was a complete stranger. And her husband was right there - what if someone, especially Steve, were to catch her in the act? But it was for them, and they needed this desperately. So she decided it would have to be quick. She dropped to her knees, grabbed the bill, and started licking the purple head of the anonymous black man's cock.

    Grabbing the base of it near the balls, she worked the head between her plump lips and into her mouth. She used as much spit as she could to get it nice and wet, and then went for the deepthroat. She could easily throat her husband's modest seven inches, but this thick eleven-incher was going to be a challenge. But Rachel knew that was the way to get him off the quickest so that she could get out of there.

    She worked the stiff rod deeper, calmly suppressing her gag reflexes, and worked her tongue along the underside. She could her his moaning from behind the curtain, and the thought of how depraved she was acting suddenly hit her. She could feel the wetness start to well up from her pussy, dampening the string crotch of her exposed thong panties.

    Steve realized he hadn't seen his wife for quite a while, and he hadn't found any furniture worth their cash anyway, so he walked back toward the women's section to find her. With no Rachel in sight, he thought he heard a strange slurping noise as he passed by the dressing booths. Assuming Rachel was in there anyway, since he couldn't find he anywaher else, he moved the curtain aside a tiny bit to see. What he saw was more of a shock to him than the first sight of the huge black cock had been to Rachel.

    There, on her knees, right in front of him, was his gorgeous young wife with her hand and lips wrapped around the biggest, blackest penis he'd ever seen. Ans her other hand was busily working away rubbing her clit through the small patch of fabric of her thong. Steve quickly looked around behind him, both to make sure no one would see him peeking, and to make sure no one would discover what his wife was doing.

    He could not believe it. His heart had almost popped through his chest at the sight, and he barely suppressed the urge to burst into the booth and pull her away. But for some reason, he didn't. And also, possibly for the same reason, he could feel a warmth and a swelling in his crotch. His erection was almost instantaneous. For whatever reason Rachel was doing this, Steve wanted to watch and not interfere. He'd deal with the aftermath later, he thought. His hand slowly sank down, and as he watched his white wife blow a random black stranger, he started to jerk off through his pants.

    Rachel was really getting into sucking the massive dong, and she could tell by the noises the man was making, as well as the increased swelling in his member, that it wouldn't be too long before he climaxed. She planned to swallow - it would be the easiest way to hide the evidence of what she'd done. She could feel the balls tightening. Any second now.

    And then, another $50 bill slid through the curtain. She stopped, and the voice said, "Anoth $50 to come back here with me."

    Well, Rachel rationalized, if I'm already sucking him off, doing it in front of him for an extra fifty can't hurt. She stood up, leaving her shorts in the booth, and following the mystery man behind the curtain.

    Steve saw the money being handed through the curtain, and then saw is wife get up and disappear behind it. He was dumbstruck. She was... sucking dick for money? Were they really so desperate that his Rachel felt she needed to prostitute herself? Or was there more to it than that? He didn't know, but he needed to find out, and his straining erection told him he needed to see the rest of it. He quickly slipped into the booth and peered through the rear curtain to see where they'd gone.

    The light in the back area was dim, and Rachel followed the tall middle-aged black man through a narrow space into what looked like a storage room. It must have been one of the places they used to keep and sort through recently-donated items. He truned to her, his stiff cock bobbing out the front of his fly, and gestured toward a big green stuffed couch. Rachel looked at him questioningly, not knowing what he wanted her to do - should she sit down so he could stand in front of her, or would he sit so she could kneel in front of him?

    Before she could ask, he grabbed her by the wrist, turned her around, and bent her over the back of the sofa so her ass was sticking out toward him. She started to protest, and he said, "Come on, you knew what that second fifty was for."

    And Rachel admitted to herself that she did. She may have been trying to play dumb, or to deny it, but she knew that when she accepted the offer, she was going to let him fuck her for money.

    Steve slowly made his way through the dim back area until he came to the storage room. Peeking in from the shadows, he saw Rachel and the big black man. She was bent over a couch with her barely-covered ass facing him, and they were talking.

    "Ok, you're right. But you have to wear a condom. I'm not on any birth control," she bargained.

    Steve was shocked yet again - would it never end? She was actually going to fuck a stranger for $100! Poor Rachel was turning herself out as a two-bit whore, just because he couldn't support them. But the guilt Steve felt was pushed away by his lust, as he quietly opened his fly so he could stroke his penis as he watched her degrade herself. He felt bad, and yet he couldn't make himself stop her.

    "Sorry," the black said, "but I don't got any rubbers. And even if I did, you think they'd fit on this thing without breaking?"

    Rachel got brave. Two could play the bargaining game. "Bareback is $300, and you WILL pull out. Final offer, or you walk out of here $50 poorer and with a set of blue balls."

    She had him. He fished around in his pocket, and threw a couple $100 bills on the floor at her flipflop-clad feet. She turned back around and wiggled her ass at him. Her own depravity turned her on, and her juices were flowing, dripping down her inner thighs. The black man, whose name she didn't even know, used a couple fingers to push the thong aside and spread her wetness around, getting her ready for the impending invasion.

    Steve watched as his wife was readied by the man who'd paid for her. He knew she'd had her share of sexual partners before they were married, but this was the first time she'd be having one after, breaking her marriage vows in the process. The thought struck him that maybe she hadn't told him everything about her days as a stripper, and the possibility that he'd married an actual whore caused his cock to pulse.

    The black man spread Rachel's pussy lips apart with two fingers, and slowly fed the engorged head into her, his pre-cum and her saliva mixing with her oozing pussy juices, making a slippery and easy entrance for him. More slid inside her, and she arched her back in pleasure.

    He grabbed onto her hips with both hands and thrust his hips forward, fitting a full seven inches worth into her stretched pussy. That was as much as Steve had to give her, but this guy was a lot thicker. The remaining four inches pushed her to her limit - it was starting to hurt, but a GOOD hurt. She jumped a little as she felt the tip make contact with her cervix. She'd never been penetrated so deep before, and never been stretched so wide. The pleasure made her head swim, and she felt her knees almost buckle.

    Steve couldn't believe that massive cock was actually balls-deep in his wife. With no protection, at that. He hoped she would make him pull out before he coated her insides with semen.

    The black man started to slowly piston in and out of Rachel, and she closed her eyes and thrust back. Her left hand strayed down to her clit, working it madly as the waves of pleasure built in her. He rammed her for ten minutes before she started to feel the quickening of pace, and the sudden growth in his girth, that let her know he was about to cum. She was moaning with abandon now, not thinking or even caring that anyone else might hear. Steve's hand moved furiously on his own penis.

    She was so close to cumming. She'd never felt an orgasm come over her like this, with the full stimulation of clit, pussy, and the depths of her cervix. If only it would happen soon...

    "I'm gonna nut, lady. You want me to pull out, right?"

    He gave her a last chance to change her mind. Steve thought, "Yes, of couse she does!"

    But aside from her panting, Rachel was silent. Just keep fucking, she thought. Almost there.

    She felt him start to pull out.

    "No!" she yelled. "Don't pull out. Keep fucking me. I need to cum!"

    Steve's mind exploded.

    "Really?" asked the black man. "How much?"

    A pause.

    "Two fifty."

    "How much?" he asked again, more emphatically, pulling out almost all except the tip.

    "One fifty!" Rachel yelled, turning her head to plead with him. She'd lost the bargaining match, and was now simply begging.

    He pulled out, leaving her stretched pussy empty and pulsing.

    "Alright, fifty!" she screamed. At that, he plunged all the way back into her in one thrust. His nuts tightened, and he started shooting thick ropes of potent black semen right into her cervix. Rachel saw stars, and the orgasm exploded through every nerve ending in her body.

    Steve's penis exploded. All over his shoes.

    The ride home was quiet. Steve had managed to sneak out of the storage room without being seen, and met up with Rachel not long after. She hadn't bought any of the skirts.

    When they reached home, neither of them said anything. Closing the door behind him, Steve grabbed her, spun her around, and planted his lips on hers. He played dumb, and so did she. She wasn't sure if he knew. He wasn't sure if she knew he knew.

    He peeled down her shorts, sat her down on the couch, and placed his face right next to her stretched, leaking pussy. He flicked his tongue on her clit, and then dove in, drinking down as much of the black man's oozing cum as he could.

    Steve, with his cock in his hand, climaxed at the same time as Rachel, with her husband's tongue in her used cunt.

    To be continued...?

    All comments to senoressess, care of yahoo.com
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