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. Third Time's A Charm

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Feb 14, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!


    By EroticWriter

    47-Yr-Old Francis.

    Naked on the bed, Francis had decided to ignore the figure with the camera moving
    around her and concentrate on the business at hand, and this business seemed
    to be getting to be quite the business in her hand!

    So you will know in advance readers, this unusual story tells of an innocent wife being
    raped by three men who do not know they are committing rape. How is that possible?

    Included is BBC. In this story you will learn all there is to know about one beautiful woman's sexual
    experiences, both in high school and during her marriage.


    Just like the year before at about the same time, a tear appeared in the
    corner of Francis Parker's eye. She was standing in their driveway and
    her husband was mounted on his black beast. Bill was riding off with his
    buddies again, on his way to Sturgis with several other Harley riders.

    As Bill saw the tear, he apologized for leaving Francis alone and pushed
    the starter on his black beast. That pretty much killed any further
    conversation as his pipes drowned out her voice.

    Bill revved the engine and then smiled and winked at her under his
    little black half helmet, just big enough to meet the minimum state
    standards for a motorcycle helmet.

    If Bill ever went down on his head, the top of his head might survive if
    the helmet stayed in place, but it would be bye bye jaw, teeth, whatever.
    Outwardly, with that smile, it looked like he was giving his wife a sincere
    goodbye, but inside Bill had other thoughts.

    If she doesn't want to get with it and ride along, then she can stay home alone.
    This will teach her! I did it last year, I'm doing it this year, and I'll keep
    doing it long as I can stretch my legs over a bike seat.' As he shoved on the
    foot shift, first gear engaged with a 'clunk.'

    Francis had not seen it, but inside one of Bill's two saddlebags, he had
    a T shirt that was emblazoned on the back with...IF YOU CAN READ THIS,
    THE BITCH FELL OFF. Bill planned to put the shirt on when he reached

    "Goodbye," Francis yelled and waved as her biker husband released the
    clutch and rode off to meet his buddies at the Cracker Barrel at 7 A.M. They
    would have a light breakfast and from there they would ride off together
    on the two motel trip to South Dakota.

    'Let him sit on that seat and ride mile after mile in the burning sun'
    she thought, 'but there is no way I would sit on the back seat and just
    hang there. God, how do those other women do that? If I can't have at
    least some amount of control, I don't want to be forced to do something
    I won't enjoy.'

    Francis felt that Bill was in his second childhood, maybe his third,
    because when Bill had turned 50 last year he had immediately bought
    himself a Harley Glide for his birthday.

    'At least it wasn't another more expensive Corvette,' she had thought, but
    in the Corvette he'd have a better chance of keeping life and limb. Francis
    had ridden in the Corvette Bill had purchased when he had turned 40.

    She had ridden along with him as he drove to car shows, cruised the
    drive-ins, and even once all the way to Myrtle Beach. And on occasion,
    he had even let her take the wheel. But with that Harley, Francis
    refused to get on the back. 'But baby, you'll learn to love it, believe me.'

    Francis had seen some of the women that rode on the back of Harleys, and
    quite frankly, she had no desire to look like them. So as to not insult
    any of the women that belonged to her husband's new 'friends,' Francis
    had responded with, 'I'll believe you when you are recovering from some
    accident and tell me you aren't going to ride anymore.'

    Well, that had ended that. After that, Bill would take day rides and sometimes
    overnight trips like to Gatlinburg and the Dragon's tail with his
    buddies, and Francis 'had to' stay home.

    Yeah, she 'had to.' But staying home was part of her 'secret.' For the
    second time in her nearly 30 year marriage, Francis was truly getting
    some time to herself. She could be alone at home, for a whole week, and
    without having to make conversation, repeating what had been said
    before, dozens of times.

    Now she could watch her favorite shows on cable, and keep the remote in
    her hand. She could snack when and what she wanted, and not have to
    listen to her husband make a crack that she would get fat.

    Bill was the one who was fat. Since her husband had become a 'biker,' he
    seemed to be picking up weight, with a gut so typical of many of the
    Harley riders she saw.

    Crap, when he would step out of the shower, a feat he seemed to like to do
    just as she was doing up her hair and stuff while getting ready for bed, Bill
    was probably doing it because he liked to walk around naked in front of her.

    He would deliberately grab a towel off the rack, stand just off to the side
    behind her where she would see him in the mirror, and make a production
    of drying himself, with special emphasis on his dick and balls while she
    plucked her eyes or whatever in the mirror.

    That had been kind of fun a few years back, but Bill's body had changed,
    and he apparently couldn't see himself in the mirror like she did. Once
    in a while she had taken a peek at his dick and giving him a little
    smile she would say, 'gonna use that on me sometime?'

    He would respond with a "I don't know, how about tonight?" His dick
    would be halfway erect by the time he finished the sentence.

    But that was then, and now she could hardly make out his limp penis when
    it was hiding under his belly somewhere down there in his pubic hair.
    She could tell when he was standing, his pubic mound had really became a
    mound, the skin that held all that hair trying to jut out just like the
    stomach above.

    As a result, it looked like her husband had lost two inches either soft or
    hard. A little bald headed guy peeking up out of the tall grass it looked like.
    Bill had always been on the 'heavy and muscular' side, but now he carried an
    estimated 30 extra pounds, maybe more. Guzzling beer with your buddies
    and riding instead of walking can do that to a man.

    When he was erect, the head on Bill's dick was smaller in diameter then
    his shaft, unlike most men whose head is maybe a little wider than the
    shaft. In fact, Bill was kind of thick in the back half of his shaft where
    it merged into his hair.

    One time before Bill had put on all those extra pounds, Francis had
    been sitting on the toilet draining herself after sex, and as Bill had
    came in from the bed to wash his just used penis, it was still firmly

    Feeling good because she had experienced an orgasm this time, Francis had
    looked at it and said, 'You're pretty thick on the back half of your dick.'
    That had made him proud. But now, she couldn't even see most of that
    part though she could still feel it when he pressed himself deep into
    her during sex.

    In the area of how Francis was getting along in her marriage, it was
    better in the aspect that her husband's adventures with the motorcycle
    were allowing her time to be 'herself,' therefore some peace of mind.

    But in other areas she sensed that her husband's new outside interests
    were pushing them apart. Francis didn't know if Bill had any outside
    interests in the way of women, but he was away often and long enough to
    be carrying on an affair if he wanted to.

    So far, Francis had seen no evidence of another woman being involved as far
    as it went with Bill's work hours, his cell phone, or how his clothes looked or
    smelled when he came home.

    Bill was picking up pounds. Francis, on the other hand, had no problem
    with weight. At age 47, she looked pretty nice, great actually according
    to strange men who usually never said anything to her in public, even
    when she was alone, but she could tell, they wanted her.

    One man, just a week ago, had commented to Francis, telling her that she
    looked good and asking if that ring was for real or meant to scare
    'dirty old men like me' away? Francis had merely laughed, feeling safe
    to stop and talk for a minute because she was in a department store so
    relatively safe. But he seemed masculine, and virile.

    He was tall, and as she kept looking up to see his eyes, he kept moving
    his eyes over her body and not trying to hide it like most men as he
    smooth-talked her. The one minute she had started to give him turned
    into two, then three and four.

    The conversation lasted long enough for her pussy to be tingling as she
    rebuffed his not so subtle attempt to bed her by asking if she wanted to
    meet for a drink, later in rhe evening.

    Francis had felt justified in turning the man down when an hour after
    that she saw him in another part of the mall, and the overweight woman
    with him apparently was his wife. But still, before that, during their
    conversation, he had her going for a little while.

    With a face that she felt looked maybe 40 or 41 at most, and her
    girlfriends and hair-stylist said looked younger, Francis was in a
    period of her life in age where she could appeal to ALL men, young and
    old. Further, she had a body that matched or beat out most 30 year olds.

    Francis had no problems getting the looks. No, she was not a
    blue-eyed-blonde, but rather a green-eyed-brunette. At five feet six
    with a body that was slim, her 34B chest filled out a blouse or dress
    quite nicely. Francis's waist went in quite deeply, and she had hips
    that evened out her body on the lower end and supported two ass cheeks
    that many men would just love to hang onto. Francis could be considered
    to be a 'knockout.'

    She preferred wearing slacks or jeans because she had been a tomboy
    since childhood, but when Francis slipped on a dress or skirt, look out
    for those long and shapely legs. Up, down, or sideways, Francis was a
    treat for hungry and horny eyes.

    Despite all this, Francis had never been with any man other than her
    husband. With parents that gave her a relatively high amount of freedom
    once she turned 16, she had dated a lot and fooled around in cars with
    teen boys, but that had not gone far.

    A couple of boys managed to get a hand inside her brassiere at drive-in
    theaters, but that was about it. When their hands had gone lower, they
    had been met with two very firmly closed legs that were usually
    enclosed by jeans.

    In fact, in high school, Francis had a 'reputation' of sorts, but not
    the kind they usually talk about. Francis was known as the beauty
    queen that if you took out, she'd be wearing jeans and you were not
    going to 'score.'

    But it was not the football star senior she dated for a little while, or
    the kid who had won a scholarship to Harvard based on his scientific
    thesis that had managed to do some heavy petting with Francis.

    No, not them. The furthest Francis had gone with any male before marriage
    was with a geeky looking 16-year-old boy named Jimmy Brannon who was
    on his 'first real date' according to him. He was even six-months younger than
    Francis, the only time in high school she went out with anyone who wasn't
    at least a grade higher.

    They were both Sophomores.

    Daddy had loaned Jimmy his older vehicle, a Ford pickup truck and of
    course that meant it was off to the drive-in theater since he had a

    The pickup had a bench seat and after their twilight trip to the snack bar
    for refreshments, it was change the seating from driver left to move the
    passenger over toward the driver's side. Right-handed boys need
    that setup, you see.

    Because of who he was and feeling pretty sure there would be no 'games',
    Francis had worn a flowing dress tonight. After about 20 minutes of
    snacking and the previews while they waited for it to get dark enough for
    the main feature to begin, the smooching started.

    Francis went along because she had already seen the movie once before,
    only now because it was funny what Jimmy was trying to do, she found
    herself more teaching than responding.

    Teaching Her Date How To Make Out

    "No Jimmy, kiss me like this. No, don't hold your lips so tight against your
    teeth, loosen them a little. That's right, now try it again...use your
    tongue...no, not like that...open your mouth more and just touch my
    tongue with it.........There you go Jimmy, see how nice this is?"

    Because she was 'teaching,' Francis sort of allowed Jimmy to progress to
    phase two. She knew that he was quiet in school and didn't hang with the
    guys, so he likely would not tell stories on her. Because of her having
    gone into the teacher mode, for the first time Francis sort of helped a
    boy to explore her body rather than having to fight him off.

    Besides, deep down though Francis had never really thought about it, she
    had long had a desire to show off her body to someone, a male, just to
    see his reaction.

    "My bra's too tight to put your hand in that way. Here, let me unhook it
    in the back....now you can lift it up...both sides...there, now you can
    see them. You've never seen any before in person but you can tell they
    are extra nice? Well thank you.

    Now watch this when I straighten my back. Look how they stick out in
    front now. I've always been careful Jimmy to have good posture, and I
    notice that you tend to slouch some like most of the other boys in school.

    I've never let any boy see them before you, you know...No no, Jimmy!
    I didn't say you could... Ha Ha. O.K, go ahead and touch them since
    your hand is already there. That's it, do it soft. Remember that there's
    a real person attached to that breast. Squeeze gently and put your fingers
    all the way around.

    There! See how my nipple got hard? Tee hee, now do the other..."

    Francis was not turned on, well, maybe a little, but it was more the
    sort of 'this is all silly and let's see how far I can lead this geeky
    boy without committing to anything.' But Francis was underestimating
    Jimmy as she allowed him to keep his hand on her breasts and start with
    the kissing again. Tongue, squeeze, tonguing harder and longer. Feeling
    both breasts as the heavy breathing increases for both.

    At that point Jimmy became your typical young man with six hands. Taking
    her willingness to show him how to kiss and how to touch her breasts, he
    assumed that anything was fair game. He became agressive, probably too
    much so.

    During the next few minutes he tongued and kissed her almost
    ferociously while at the same time running his hand from one breast to
    the other. The movie was blaring into the speaker hanging on the
    driver's door. No one was paying attention so Francis, surprisingly, was
    the one that reached back behind her head and turned it down.

    Francis was finding the speaker squawking near her ear to be annoying,
    but Jimmy took her action to turn the sound off to indicate she was more
    interested in making out than watching the flick. Encouraged, Jimmy
    renewed his efforts.

    Somehow after several minutes had passed and the windows in the truck
    had steamed up, Jimmy managed to open his slacks and get his hard dick
    to dangle outside while at the same time kissing her and all the time Francis
    was not aware of his activities below.

    Francis, meanwhile, was trying to figure out how to bring all this activity
    to a close. She wanted to do so without hurting Jimmy's feelings because
    at this point his hand was under her skirt and all the way up between her
    legs and even though she had tried to close her legs tight his fingers had
    found their way around her panties and were now on her hair.

    Now it was official. Jimmy Brannon, nerd high school Sophomore, was
    the first boy ever to get his hand on her vagina. So far, he had not managed
    to slip a finger inside. If he managed to penetrate her, his finger would be
    met with a maidenhead.

    She lowered her left hand from behind his neck and dropped it to pull
    his arm away. When her hand 'landed' on his penis by accident Francis
    immediately looked down. Trying to hide her embarrassment and seeing a
    chance to get Jimmy back and away from her, Francis nervously giggled
    and said "What do we have here?"

    It was cool things down and explore time. It worked, because Jimmy
    immediately sat up straight and quit kissing her and trying to wedge a
    finger into her pussy.

    Jimmy was completely hard. Fully erect as far as it could reach. That
    wasn't very far, but not out of the norm for most boys at that age.

    "Let me touch it."

    As Francis wrapped the fingers of her left hand around it, her four
    fingers completely covered his shaft and half the head. Thinking that
    she might be thinking how short if is, he said defensively, "I'm only
    16, and I still have a lot of time to grow."

    His voice reflected his fear and uncertainty that he might not 'measure up.'
    Jimmy was experiencing the pain and worry that so many teen males go
    through when they have an average-sized dick, yet hear exaggerated jokes
    and stories about guys having 'ten and twelve inch' penises.

    What Jimmy didn't know was that he had nothing to fear because Francis had
    never touched anyone's penis before tonight. Francis studied his penis
    after she had given it a good squeeze. It did seem smaller to her than a
    boy should be, but Francis had no way of knowing.

    "It's bigger than I am."

    "Bigger than you? How do you mean? You're a girl." Jimmy's voice sounded
    hopeful, somehow, like she was going to make it all O.K.

    "It's, your thing here, is bigger around than I am where you were trying
    to touch me." France's vocabulary had not yet matured where sex was
    concerned. "It would probably hurt."

    "You...you're a virgin?" His voice sounded hopeful, yet doubtful.

    "Yes silly. Who do you think I am, some kind of...whore?"

    "Oh no, not at all. It's just that...it's just that you seem to be
    dating so many boys..."

    "Well, that doesn't mean I have done anything with them. This is the
    most I have ever done with a boy, letting you...see and touch me there,"
    she said, nodding down to her breasts, "and down there. And I have
    never even seen a boy here," she said while giving his penis a squeeze,
    "let alone touched one!"

    Jimmy was speechless and could only say a whispered..."Wow. I'm the

    Feeling sorry for Jimmy because he seemed so constantly apologetic,
    Francis started stroking as best she could with a circumcised cock.

    "Am I doing it right?"

    Silence...then...."Yes....do it a little slower." Jimmy seemed to forget
    about trying to seduce Francis and reaching down, raised his ass and
    pulled his jeans lower so that not only his cock was being exposed, but
    his testicles as well.

    He stretched his legs out across the seat as best he could in the cab of the
    truck and allowed Francis full access to his male goodies. She immediately
    took advantage of the opportunity to feel his testicles, and she lifted
    them in her hand and sort of held them, testing their weight.

    She felt Jimmy sort of tense up, like he was afraid she might hurt him.
    "Don't worry Jimmy. I'll be gentle, just like I want you to be with my

    Then having explored his balls, she resumed her jacking.

    "Spread your legs more."

    In order to spread his legs Jimmy had to again raise his hips and pull his
    trousers further down. This time they ended up down around his anbkes.

    "Oh yes, your cock feels longer with your balls out of the way. Have you ever
    done this to yourself?"

    Jimmy was afraid to answer honestly, because maybe it wasn't 'masculine'
    to admit you played with yourself. Actually, he had been playing with himself
    almost every day or night for the past several months but until recently
    had never gone long enough to reach orgasm.

    His first orgasms had begun just three weeks ago, and only this past week had
    he shot forth his first 'load.' His first loads had been more clear than milky
    in composition.

    "Well, I've done it a little bit. You know, just fooling around..."

    "Tee hee, this is fun!" Francis was having fun with her first penis, and
    Jimmy was hoping she would continue till his orgasm.

    "Want me to keep going?"

    "Yes. Please."

    Now, except for the speaker hanging on the door, things got very quiet
    as Francis concentrated on maintaining the speed he seemed to like, and
    Jimmy was quiet, holding his breath and trying to breath at the same time
    as he felt his orgasm begin to build.


    In only two minutes or so his penis did the typical, erupting upwards a
    few inches and coating the entire back side of her hand with a pretty
    good shot of boy juice. The rest dribbled down into his pubic hair. It
    wasn't 'man' juice because it was still the clear fluid that shoots out
    when a boy is young and hasn't started to go with the flow of real
    semen. Until a week before, all of Jimmy's orgasms had been dry.

    Jacking Jimmy off had worked, however. Jimmy was no longer trying to
    fuck her. Matter of fact, he seemed to have forgotten to even continue
    kissing her. Francis without knowing, was experiencing that time when a
    man is through, and the woman isn't.

    Of course, tonight, Francis was not knowing the frustration of not
    achieving her own orgasm. She would not be worrying about those
    times until after she had been given a first orgasm of her own.

    Tonight, Francis had taken the situation from almost out of control back
    to where she was in control, and at the same time while teaching, she
    had been learning. She grabbed up a handful of napkins from the snack
    bar and after wiping her hand, started cleaning Jimmy's dick and pubic
    hair as best she could.

    Neither seemed to have much to say now as they pretended to be cool
    about the happenings and stared at the movie screen.

    The first movie ended and the lights in the drive in came up for patrons
    to go to the snack bar. It was intermission, and now Francis could better see
    the cum she had been trying to mop up. Fortunately, they were sitting higher
    up in a pickup and people could not see in all that easily.

    "Gee Jimmy, it even ran down under your balls! Good thing this seat is vinyl."

    Jimmy's penis never went down more than a little, because Francis was
    holding it. With Francis moving his penis around and lifting his balls,
    it took the entire supply of paper napkins they had brought back from the
    snack bar to finish cleaning Jimmy up. And again, though he was smiling
    when she wasn't looking at his face while enjoying her touch, Jimmy was
    apologizing, this time for making a mess.

    "Don't apologize Jimmy, I'm the one who made it happen."

    Francis grasped his semi-soft penis by the head and moved it around in a
    circle. "Is that all of it?" She moved her face closer, much closer and
    looked around. Jimmy was holding his breath in the vain hope that she
    was about to place her mouth over his cock.

    Francis, on the other hand, was looking for cum, studying his dick, and
    becoming aware of the strong odor of cum when it was still warm and fresh.
    Sucking his dick was the farthest thing from her thoughts at this time.

    As he was stretching out his legs, raising his ass off the seat and
    pulling up his pants, Francis was stuffing the soiled napkins into her
    half-eaten popcorn box and making a face as her fingers came into
    contact with a sticky surface.

    Then, as Jimmy zipped up, she said, "Take this to the snack bar trash
    can.' Because of the floodlights shining down into the cab of the pickup
    truck,Francis had taken note of how little Jimmy's penis looked now
    that it had gone soft.

    "Want to come with me?"

    "No. I'm good just sitting here." Actually, Francis preferred not to be
    seen on a date with Jimmy. After all, he was only a Sophomore and
    sort of a nerd.

    "You can bring me back another coke though if you want. Get a large
    with only a little ice in it and we can split it."


    Jimmy at least had the sense to return with some fresh napkins, but they
    were no longer needed because the second movie was one that Francis
    wanted to see. But Jimmy didn't give up. His penis was young and full of

    Reluctantly, during the previews that showed before the second feature,
    Francis allowed him to uncover her breasts again and hold one, but she
    refused to go further or even kiss at the moment. "I want to see the movie
    when it starts, Jimmy."

    His dick was buried somewhere down in his pants, but he was ready to go
    again as he begged her. "Can I put it in?"

    "No Jimmy, why would I do that and risk getting pregnant and/or ruin my

    "You saw my 'stuff' when it shot out, didn't you?"

    "Of course. I helped you clean it up, remember?"

    His voice was hopeful. "Then you must have seen that it was clear?"

    Francis frowned. "Yes. Why?"

    "I've talked to my older brother, the one in college now, and he said
    that a boy shoots out clear stuff first, and the milky thick stuff that makes
    babies starts coming out later when the boy reaches manhood.'

    He hesitated..'That's one reason why I said I still have lots of time to grow."
    He hesitated..."When I said 'grow,' I meant I will get bigger and also my cum
    will get thicker and be able to make babies."

    Francis did not seem to be volunteering any thoughts, so he sighed and
    tried to kiss her as Francis moved her head away. Failing that, he tried again. "So
    anyhow, if we did it right now, I'd be smaller for you when I was breaking you in
    and maybe it wouldn't hurt so much, and when I finish, you wouldn't get pregnant."

    He tried again to kiss her, and this time Francis allowed his lips to touch hers, but
    only for a few seconds. Then he said, "You really should let me be the first one to
    do it to you since I'm small now. It will be easier for you than doing it a first time
    with some big guy."

    He looked flustered. "I mean, with some guy that might be big. If he is big as in
    tall like a football player or something, that doesn't mean he is big between the

    Jimmy was a skinny and nerdy high school Sophomore, and of course, the opposite
    of him would be a football playing high school Senior.

    "Jimmy. I'm not looking for 'big,' that way. So don't worry about it. I'm still a virgin,

    "That's nice to hear. But you might change your mind. I've seem lots of the other
    Sophomore girls, and even some of the Freshman girls, and they seem to be going
    with the older guys."

    "Jimmy, that's probably because the older guys, some of them, have cars. You
    just got a car, a pickup, for the first time tonight, remember?"

    Then she giggled. "And already you're on a date!"

    Jimmy nodded. "Yes." What he did not ask is if Francis had only gone out with him
    because he in fact did have a vehicle to use.

    Francis could not believe her ears, what Jimmy had said about size and a boy's cum
    and rather it could make babies. She had talked to her girlfriends, and they had joked
    and laughed over boys and how they tried to plead, beg and make promises and
    excuses in order to get into a girl's panties.

    Some of them, she had been told, had even claimed to have a 'big one, so therefore you
    should let me be the first to see what it is like.'

    But this was a new one. As far as the size went, saying it to a virgin, Jimmy's plea
    and excuse made more sense. 'I'm smaller so it won't hurt as much, and I shoot
    clear cum.'

    She tried to be logical about this. Francis sensed that Jimmy was not giving her
    some made up story since she had seen the 'proof' all over her hand and his
    shaft and pubic hair.

    "Jimmy, I don't know about how sperm, it's called sperm, is supposed to
    look when it's ready to make babies, and you may have a valid point, but it doesn't
    change the fact that I am a virgin and plan to stay that way until I'm married. But...thank
    you for the offer."

    There, she had turned him down as nicely as possible, and later, Francis
    planned to do research on clear vs. milky sperm so she would know. Maybe
    in the library.

    "O.K. Let's watch the rest of the movie, but would you do something for me?"

    "Sure. What is it?"

    "Hold my dick while we watch the movie." And with that, Jimmy pulled it
    out, and sure enough, it was pointing straight up.

    "O.K., I'll do that while you hold your arm around me and behave yourself."

    "Can I keep holding your tit?"


    Jimmy immediately raised his ass and pulled his jeans midway down his
    thighs so that all his goodies would be free and more 'grabable.' Francis sighed
    as she reached over to Jimmy and wrapped her hand around his rigid penis.

    "You might as well pull your trousers the rest of the way down now that the
    lights have gone off so that I can do a better job of holding you."

    As Jimmy was eagerly raising his ass and pulling his jeans down, Francis was
    thinking: 'I wonder what it would be like to go on a date and not have to fight off
    the guy or do something like this.'

    That was how they sat through the rest of the movie, his left arm around her shoulder
    and his right hand on her tits, one or the other, while she cuddled up to him. Down
    below, her right hand was resting across his left thigh with her fingers wrapped
    around a very stiff prick.

    All told, Jimmy racked up over an hour of having his hard dick being held while
    feeling the breasts of the prettiest girl, he thought, in high school.

    The movie ended, and what Jimmy had been dreading had begun. Francis let
    go of his stiff prick and started to do up her blouse. Reluctantly, he began to
    'put it away,' and because he was still stiff as a board, Jimmy had to raise his ass
    and once again pull his underwear and jeans up, this time while trying to stuff a
    hard cock into his jeans without catching it on the zipper.

    Trying to be funny and make light of his predicament, Francis looked at
    his stiff cock as it disappeared, finally, under his jeans and waving at it with
    her hand, said..."Goodbye, proud cock."

    Francis sensed his disappointment at their not going 'further,' or maybe her
    just masturbating him to orgasm a second time. "Your penis is nice Jimmy. I
    really feel I got to know it after holding it all the way through the movie."

    "Well, just remember, it will keep growing and get big, I mean, bigger."

    "Do you know how big?

    "No, of course not, but my older brother says he is big, and that I
    should get like him."

    He giggled and went on..."and I guess that I really got to know your
    breasts too since I held them all the way through the movie."

    "Jimmy, that's just for you to know, and like I said, you are the only one I
    ever let see or touch them, so there is no doubt you know them better than
    any other boy."

    That had been the only time Francis had touched a cock while in high
    school, and it had been for well over an hour, plenty of time for her to forever
    fix Jimmy's penis in her mind.

    Jimmy pretty much kept his promise about behaving himself, and did not
    push it on the way home. At her house, Francis said, "It's late, so you don't
    need to walk me to the door."

    "I can't walk you to the door? You're not mad at me, are you?"

    "No. Of course not." She managed to get away with just a peck on
    the cheek, then she waved as he carefully drove away. That was the way
    Jimmy was, slow and careful, except for when his six hands came out.

    That was their first and only date, but Jimmy had managed to 'score' on
    Francis to a higher level than any of the others in high school.

    He of course called for another date, and Francis turned him down, but
    as politely as she could. "But why Francis? I thought we had fun. We
    did, didn't we? I know I did, and if we go out again I promise not to be
    so pushy next time."

    "Jimmy, you're very nice but what happened, you and me, should not
    have happened. I'm still surprised at myself for allowing things to progress
    as far as they did. The only way I know to keep it from happening again
    is simply not to go out with you again.

    But don't worry, I have no plans to do it, go all the way with any boy
    in high school, no matter what size they are. Consider yourself lucky,
    what we did, what you got to do. You will probably be the only boy
    in high school that got to do that."

    Jimmy had tried once more after that, but Francis had held firm.

    Though it undoubtedly grew larger, Jimmy's circumcised penis at that
    time had been small, even smaller than the man she eventually chose to

    Francis never was to find out Jimmy's hoped for size, but one day in the
    hall of the high school, when they were both seniors, Jimmy walked past
    her, whispered, "It's bigger," and kept going.

    As Jimmy moved further down the hall, he looked back to see if Francis was
    watching, and she gave him a little smile of acknowledgment. Francis
    did not bother to do a follow up, but she had wondered, 'by how much?'
    Her fixed memory of how his penis used to be was just that, 'used to be.'

    It was Jimmy, more than anyone else, whom had made her aware that men
    come in different sizes, and that they seem to be very self-concious
    about the size of their anatomy.

    Francis did not know how much her future husband carried between his
    legs until Bill deflowered her on their wedding night. Because of his
    small head, it had gone in the first inch or so fairly comfortably. Then
    he had hit her maidenhead, and once breaking through came his thicker
    part. Her eyes had widened as he penetrated her more deeply, and then,
    finally, his body was resting on hers.

    After almost an hour, they did it a second time. Bill of course reached
    orgasm both times. Francis not, but in time she knew she would

    After Bill had fallen to sleep, Francis had laid awake for perhaps
    another half-hour, and thinking. Bill's penis is noticeably larger than
    the way I remember Jimmy's penis to be for sure, and Bill must be
    plenty big enough she figured, because it had hurt to lose her virginity.

    That had been almost thirty years ago. Bill had confided in her
    recently, and said that sometimes he would have this period of time,
    maybe two or three days long, where his dick would be tingling
    constantly and seemingly ready to get hard with just the slightest

    At other times, sometimes a week or two long, he admitted, it was like
    his dick was dead. He then went on to say that he could still be aroused,
    but it required thoughtful 'effort' instead of happening 'naturally.

    Francis had laughed and said it was the same for her, except she didn't
    have a dick to tingle.

    Of course Francis did not have the fear of not achieving an erection. That
    was his duty. The sex between them was what many would consider to be
    'ho hum.' Bill reaches over without speaking, and does a little fondling
    to see if Francis will turn towards him.

    If she does, a little more fondling, this time between the two of them, and
    then on top he goes. Hopefully he doesn't lay too much of his bulk down
    onto her. Francis would still feel a hint of excitement as his thicker lower
    half first starts to spread her.

    Mostly slow steady stroking, using the bottom three or four inches in
    order to ensure the top two or three don't fall out.

    Five to ten minutes later she is draining on the toilet, he is washing
    his shrinking dick in the sink and then it is off to Slumberland. A kiss
    or two for her beforehand? Once in a while. A kiss afterward? Rarely.

    Bill always cums of course, and Francis, once in a while. Oral sex? Oh,
    once in a great while, with her usually doing the doing. But Francis was
    unconcerned. This is the way it usually is in a marriage after many
    years, isn't it? They fight only rarely, they are financially secure,
    unlike many of their friends, and sometimes they have sex. Boring sex,
    but sex.

    Variety in their sex play? Sometimes, once in a blue moon, she would
    mount Bill, and by controlling him she could make it last for ten
    minutes, maybe more, and Francis would be ensured of having her orgasm
    before he 'pops.'

    Bill would become more excited than usual during these events, and he
    would hold both her breasts in his hands if she was sitting straight up, and
    if she was lying over him face- to-face his hands would be on her perfect two
    hand-holds ass.

    Francis could be sure of getting her kiss(s) at this time, because she
    would kiss him when she was cumming, and he would kiss her when he was
    cumming. Then would come the usual draining on the toilet while Bill
    washed his shrinking dick in the sink.

    Sometimes Francis would be watching him from the toilet and still, even
    after all these years be wondering how such a dinky little thing could get
    as big as it does, around six inches, though at times because of his bulk
    and thick pubic hair, only three inches or so would show. .

    In recent months, maybe because of hanging with his biker buddies, Bill
    had been exploring the net and sometimes looking for a particularly
    'good' picture to show Francis. "Isn't that a pretty shot dear,' he
    would say? Francis would act not interested, but she would usually catch
    a glimpse of the photo before walking away.

    Pretty? Hardly. It would usually be a shot of some overly large probably
    plastic tit girl either on top of, under, holding on to or sucking on
    some overly large dick, and that dick was often attached to some
    tattooed creepy looking guy. Francis would pretend not to see and reply,
    "Not interested dear. We're married, remember?"

    "Francis, come back here and look at how big he is. Maybe you can tell
    me how a girl could take one like that."

    He was testing her. Wanting to see her reaction and maybe hear her make
    a comment about that large cock looking good, or even disgusting and
    why would a woman want something that big.'

    If she ever did make some kind of comment about a large cock looking good,
    and maybe going on to say something like, "I wonder how that would feel."
    she knew he might have more questions for her, but Francis would never
    take the bait.

    Not out loud she wouldn't.

    She had come back a couple of times, taken a good look, thought to
    herself 'I wonder how that would feel,' and then said to Bill, "I don't
    know why you ask me questions like that. I've never been with anyone
    besides you, so how would I know?"

    Francis wondered why in the Hell Bill would do that, show her photos of
    guys with bigger dicks than his own, because now when she saw his cock,
    she was no longer thinking, 'look how big it is.' Instead, now it was,
    'At least, so far, he can usually stay hard until I cum.'

    You have probably figured where this is going, 'This is a sex story. Her
    husband is fat, has a relatively little dick and doesn't give her good loving,
    she's bored and she's going to look for someone to fuck,' but you'll be
    wrong. Francis had no desire to 'fool around.'

    Despite the fact that Francis was not getting the sex, or rather, the tender
    loving she craved like in the days of old, she was basically content. Bill
    didn't push her for sex all that often, and when he made the hints, she usually
    responded positively, and the next night he might take her again, and
    then seemingly forget about her.

    Bill had gotten rather brazen recently, about three weeks ago. He had
    shown Francis his new Olympus high definition digital camera while she was
    relaxing on their bed under the ceiling fan. The weather was hot, and
    even with the air conditioning, it was nice to lie nearly naked under a

    Bill had probably waited for that moment, when she was down to her
    undies, to 'show you my new camera.' Then he had asked her to 'pose for
    a couple of shots on the bed.' "Do this for me baby, and then I'll show
    them to you on the computer and delete them."

    Francis was unaware that Bill had already peeked in the door and taken
    two shots of her while she was laying there bare chested with her eyes

    Francis had her legs spread wide so that the cooling air off the ceiling
    fan would have the most effect, and even though she was wearing white
    panties, she looked extremely sexy.

    Bill had taken one from down low, showing her from the feet up, and then
    another almost directly above her, from her thighs up. Francis never
    knew because the new digital cameras are almost totally silent when
    you take the shot.

    After his taking two photos where she just sitting up on the bed with
    her arms over her knees and wasn't really revealing anything, Francis
    had asked, 'Don't you need a flash?" Bill had replied that with this new
    digital camera he could do indoor photos even in fairly dim light with no
    flash and get a good photo. "That's why I want to try out my new
    camera, baby."

    "Well, wait until I get my bra on."

    Bill had seemed especially excited as he started shooting her in her
    underwear, which was white bra and panties. He was wearing only his
    pajama bottoms, and Francis noticed immediately that penis of his poking
    his pajamas outwards in front.

    She called this to a close fairly quick, but not before Bill talked her
    into giving him a shot of her ass in the air in the doggy position with
    panties on, then when he wanted to see her tits, it was a 'No,' and then
    a reluctant, 'Alright, just one.' Francis uncovered just one breast.
    Bill changed his angle slightly, took the photo and said...'Got it.'

    'Great great,' he was thinking. "I got some of her flat on her back,
    and those looked good, but now I've got one at least of her upright
    with her tit sticking out.'

    Then it was, "Let me see your 'pretty little pussy.' She thought about
    it, then opened her legs for access and pulled her underwear to the side
    with one hand, exposing her slit for the time it took his shaking hands
    to get the photo.

    "Honey, your hand is in the way, move it over." Actually, Bill had gotten
    a revealing shot, but he pretended not so that he could get more. In
    response Francis moved her hand to the side and in order to do so and
    keep pulling on the panties she had to move her leg further out to the side
    to make room.

    The movement opened her pussy ever so slightly.

    "That's great, hold it!"

    "Now, that's enough!" Francis had never posed before while wearing
    anything less than maybe, a bikini. Bill tried to tell her that a bra and
    panties was the same size and thing, but she insisted that it was 'different.'

    Then he said with an excited sounding voice, 'just lie here while I go
    put these on the PC so you can see them all blown up."

    Shaking her head at 'how silly,' Francis laid back on the bed. She
    opened her legs again. The breeze from that fan feels so good. Francis
    closed her eyes.

    "Come here, dear!" Francis stirred. She had almost dozed off it felt so
    good to just lie here.

    "See? They're out of the camera now and just on here." Bill had them set
    up so that they were blown up full size on his 19-inch computer screen
    when he clicked on each one. It shocked Francis to see how much of herself
    had been revealed.

    That one tit shot showed her entire right breast complete with
    erect nipple. Also, in the photo, you could see most of her left breast
    as well, except for the nipple. Above, her face had a look of what
    looked like orneriness.

    The ass shot doing the doggy was especially erotic, with the thin
    panties stretched so tight over her ass that it looked like she was
    naked, and between her legs, the panties were fitting up into her pussy
    crack, creating what Bill called her 'camel toe.'

    "Look how hot that is baby. Were you getting turned on? It looks like
    your panties are a little bit wet there too! See that spot?"

    "That's natural Bill. I'm a woman." But Francis had to admit to herself,
    that yes, it was a 'hot' shot in what it showed. And it did not help
    that she had been looking back over her shoulder and grinning at Bill at
    that particular time.

    The open leg shot where she had moved her hand and therefore her leg
    further over revealed more of her pussy than she had intended because it
    had parted her lips and you could actually see partially into her crack,
    and the pinkness showed in high detail on his high definition screen.

    In that shot Francis was looking into the camera with wide eyes and a
    smile. She had been saying, "Like this?" But it looked like...'see my

    "Bill, that one shows way to much of me. I'd never want anyone else
    to ever see me like that."

    Francis asked him to delete them and Bill had begged off at first,
    saying he wanted to study them for a day or two more, then he would
    delete them.

    But she knew better than to allow him to keep them, laughingly saying
    he might make her 'a star on the internet.' He had laughed, said
    "I would never do that,' and had finally deleted them in front of her.

    She had gone into his PC two days later to make sure there weren't
    copies he might have made before calling her in to see them, but sure
    enough, they were gone, or at least, she couldn't find any. She checked
    because she had been suspicious of Bill because lately he seemed to
    spend so much time on the net.

    Financially, like I have said, they were doing alright. Bill has a law
    firm of which he is an equal partner with two others. At work, you would
    never guess Bill to be a 'biker,' but one of his partners, the one whom
    had talked Bill into a Harley, was also.

    Francis receives a retirement check from the law firm she had worked at
    for 26 years, and she had made some investments, so her finances were
    adequate, even if she and Bill were to separate.

    Still, extra money is always nice. Despite her being retired, Francis had
    a part time job as a bookkeeper at her church. Bill usually went to church
    with her on Sundays, Francis always.

    Finally Frances Gets Some Strange, Unwillingly Perhaps?

    O.K., readers. I have told you that Francis is not going to go out looking
    for someone to fuck. So, since Francis won't do it, I guess we have to
    bring the sex to her.

    On Wednesday nights, twice a month, the church would hold a meeting and
    discuss finances and future plans. Francis attended the meetings, and would
    stay later to bring the books up to date with the latest information she had been
    given. She had a key to the church, and preferred to work alone in her

    Until her husband had purchased the Harley, her Wednesday nights working
    alone had been the only times Francis was really away from her husband. But
    that was only for two to three hours.

    Closing her books, Francis placed them into a file cabinet, which she
    locked, then, turning out the light, she closed the door to her office.
    Humming to herself, she walked down the hall and out a side door of her
    church, but not before taking a look around the parking lot, which was
    dimly lit since most of the lights were turned off once any evening
    gathering had left.

    Her Honda Accord was the only car in the lot, parked near the side door
    and next to the trees that lined the edge of the lot. Walking quickly,
    Francis headed to her car, key at the ready.

    Suddenly, without warning as she reached the door to her car, a damp cloth
    was forcibly placed over her face from behind, and before Francis could make
    a sound or struggle since she was being held in such a tight grip, she was

    Her life changes.

    Francis awakened from a dreamless sleep and a blinding light was hitting her
    face. She closed and immediately covered her eyes with one arm. She realized
    that she was on her back on some kind of soft surface and lying with her legs
    stretched way out to each side. Francis closed her parted legs and discovered
    that she was totally naked as she sat up!

    'Somebody undressed me!'

    Her mind was already racing ahead, because she knew what this must mean.
    Her heart beginning to pound, Francis placed an opened palm above her eyes
    and looked around, blinking in the strong light. Just then, a strong male voice
    came to her from somewhere on the other side of the glaring beam.


    Francis was now trying desperately to cover herself, using two hands in
    a vain attempt to cover three places. Looking around again, she realized
    that she was sitting on one side of a double bed when the voice again

    "No use trying to hide your bod, I 've already had more than a good
    look when I pulled your clothes off, and you've been laying there
    with your legs spread wide for about 15 minutes.

    And yes, I have been sitting here and admiring your lovely body while
    waiting for you to wake up."

    Trembling, but no longer trying as hard to hide her nakedness, Francis
    looked around for her clothes, but saw none. Only a dresser and two
    lamps beside each side of the bed on night stands were visible, and both
    of those lights were also on.

    "Can I have my clothes please," she asked of the voice that had no body?

    "Of course not Francis, at least, not for a while. We have some work to
    do first."

    "Wha...what do you mean, work?" Francis tried to cover her eyes and peer
    past the bright light obscuring her vision, but to no avail.

    "You'll see soon enough. But first, some questions."

    "Questions," Francis asked, her voice now sounding resigned to the

    'Yes, questions. I have looked at your driver's license, and was amazed
    at your age. Forty seven and with a body like that. Amazing. And now that
    you are awake, I can see that your face is quite nice too.

    If I had to guess without knowing, I would have placed you in the late
    30s in the face, and maybe in the twenties with your body."

    She was being complimented, but Francis was hearing only the possibility,
    more likely the probability that she was soon going to be raped, and hopefully,
    be permitted to live afterward.

    With no idea of where she is, whom she is facing or how many, Francis went
    right to the point, skipping the obvious questions and any attempts to talk her
    way out of this. If this man has gone to this much trouble, he is not about to be

    Her voice sounded resigned, almost tired as she answered. "I'll give you
    what you want. Will you let me live and go back to my car when we're through?"

    She thought she could hear a chuckle, then the second part of his answer
    surprised and shocked her. "I'm glad you've accepted the inevitable and decided
    not to fight it. But it won't be a case of 'when we are through.' I'm not the one who
    is going to fuck you. I have some friends along for that while I do the filming."

    Her heart pounded. "Friends? Filming? Please....."

    "That's the way it's going to be. I will however tell you that this video I will make
    will be strictly for me to enjoy. I have no intention of putting it on the internet
    or anything stupid like that. There is a good possibility you will enjoy this,
    and if you do, my enjoyment of the film will be that much better."

    Francis was accepting the inevitable now, but she did not plan to go
    along with movie-making and show any apparent signs of enjoyment. "And why
    should I enjoy this in order to help you to enjoy yourself?"

    She heard another chuckle. "There is an old saying amongst women. 'If rape
    is inevitable, just lie back and enjoy it.'"

    Francis sniffed. "I think a man must have made that up. And that's what this
    will be...a rape!" Then she remembered something he had said, about having
    some friends along that will do the...the fucking while he films her.

    "You said 'friends.' How many friends?"

    Her heart pounded when she heard the word 'three.' And her heart further
    pounded as she received her 'instructions.'

    "Only one man will be in the room and on the bed with you at a time. You both
    will be totally nude. I want you to lie beside each man in turn and I want you
    to reach out with your hand and play with his penis.

    It may be starting out soft or maybe it will be hard or partially so. I want you to
    look at his penis as you stroke it and appear to be curious and love on it
    until it starts to grow, then take it into your mouth and suck."


    "Yes, suck. I assure you that each man is freshly bathed and disease free.
    You can do it gently and slow, just enough sucking to get him thoroughly
    hard. Don't bounce your head up and down over him while you do it either.

    I see women do that in those semi porn movies on R-rated cable where they are
    pretending to suck a man and they have their long hair blocking the view and
    are bouncing their head up and down real fast and you can tell they're faking. I
    want you to suck slow, and lovingly, and do it nice."

    He had paused, and Francis saw a chance to interrupt. "Are you sure this
    isn't going to be some movie for the internet? It sounds like it."

    A chuckle. "No honey. This will be a movie, true, but only for me. Now
    listen. After a couple of minutes, I want you to stare at the penis you have
    made hard, like you are admiring that cock and also how well your work is

    His erection will be proof that you have made your request, and he has
    answered. Then, as he is completely erect, I want you to mount him, face to
    face and work yourself down slowly, do it slowly so it will look nice on camera.

    Keep going lower over his penis until you are bottomed out. A nice groan
    of pleasure would be nice to hear at that point if you are so inclined,
    when the tip of his cock first opens you, and maybe also as you bottom out."

    Francis was feeling a strange tingling beginning between her legs when
    she cut him off. "I have to do this with three men in turn?"

    "Yes, but allow me to finish. If, in the process of fucking your strange
    penis you find yourself actually becoming aroused, it is permissible to lean
    down and kiss your subject if you so desire. Though his eyes are covered, his
    mouth will be exposed."

    "His eyes are covered, like he is wearing a mask or something?"

    "Oh yes I guess I forgot to add in that detail. He will be masked, so you
    will be able to see all of him except for the part of his face that is covered.
    He, on the other hand, will be able to see none of you, but he will be
    feeling you."

    "Tell me again why they will be wearing masks."

    It for your protection as well as theirs. They will not be identifiable in
    the video, and you can rest assured that based on the very slight possibility
    one of the men might know you, your identity will be secure. "

    "Well, that's a positive I suppose."

    "Most definitely. Now to go on. If you are turned on, kissing your partner
    might even aid you in achieving a climax of your own. If not, it will probably
    make your subject reach orgasm all that much quicker, and you can move
    on to the next man when he enters the room."

    Francis had turned red once again. She was becoming resigned at having
    to sit naked before an unseen man, but the things she was expected to do, three
    times in a row was embarrassing for her, to say the least.

    "What if they really do know me, recognize my voice or something? This
    could ruin my life, my job, my happiness and of course my marriage."

    "Oh yes, your marriage. I have seen the rings on your finger and was wondering
    if you are married, divorced or maybe single and just wearing a ring to keep men
    from coming on to you."

    Francis wanted to tell this man of her marriage in the highly unlikely
    chance that he would let her go, but it was to backfire. "Yes, I'm
    happily married and my husband is waiting for me to be home right now."

    "I'm glad to hear you're happily married, that makes this even better.
    The thought that you will be happily married and fucking strange men is
    very exciting to me, and maybe it will be for you too. Tell me Francis.
    Is this your first marriage, or....?"

    Her answer was quick. "It's my first and only marriage. I love my
    husband and would never do anything behind his back."

    "But Francis, you still won't be doing anything behind his back if you
    choose not to tell him about tonight. You can tell yourself you were forced,
    and therefore innocent of blame."

    "Even if I enjoy it....I mean..." Francis blushed, for she had not meant
    to say that. "I meant, that...that..."

    "I understand Francis. I mentioned the possibility of you enjoying this
    and maybe kissing your subject, make that multiple, subjects, so you just
    made a 'Freudian slip.'"

    "Yes, that's it," Francis responded gratefully.

    "Is your husband the only man you have been with, or were there more?"

    "He's the only one, from our wedding night and for the past almost
    thirty years!"

    "Thirty years and with only one man? Aren't you curious?"

    Francis shook her head at the light vigorously. She was no longer trying to
    block the light with her hand, or to cover her body. "Not enough to cheat!"

    He laughed. "Not enough to cheat, maybe, but you've thought about it.
    Tell me, Francis. What size is your husband's cock?"

    Silence. Several seconds passed while the voice gave her time to reply.

    "Why do you want to know?" Francis thought she knew why he had asked,
    but she still was going through the motions.

    "Because, Francis, I don't know what you are used to having. These three
    men will each get progressively bigger as you take them. They will be
    deliberately arranged in this order. The first is maybe..average size. We of course,
    at this moment do not know if your husband is the same size as this man,
    smaller, or larger."

    "Do you want me to tell you, at that time?"

    She again heard a chuckle. "That would be nice. It would be very exciting to know
    how your first man compares to what you are used to, and so on. The next man will
    be larger than the first, and the next..." The voice paused for effect, "the third man
    will be quite large, quite large indeed."

    Francis was silent as she thought about what he was saying, and she wondered
    where in that lineup her husband would measure up, but she figured it
    was probably the average size. "Do...do I...no you. You don't have to do this."

    "Ha ha. That's what they always say, "You don't have to do this.'"

    "I don't understand."

    "It's from a movie, Francis. Sort of a modern Western type of movie. Took a best
    picture award. It is called "No Country For Old Men', and it was about some guy
    who was a hired killer and almost every time he was about to kill someone, he
    would tell them first and they would say, "You don't have to do this.""

    This scared her. "You plan to kill me?"

    "Oh no. I'm sorry, I should not have said that. It just seemed funny to hear
    you say that line, 'You don't have to do this.' I'm sorry Francis, but I have
    to do this. And so do you."

    "I have to do it." Her voice was resigned.

    "Francis, Francis, of course you do. And I would guess, based upon your
    facial expressions, that you might be looking forward to it."

    "I'll be looking forward to getting it over with! When do we start?

    A laugh. "Whoa Francis, not so fast. First I thought I would tell you something
    you'll like hearing. Like I said, all three men will be wearing a mask over their
    eyes that will keep them from seeing you. Also the masks should keep you from
    recognizing any of them on the remote possibility that you might recognize one
    or he you."

    "I'm glad they will be wearing a mask. But why not me the mask and them none?
    Wouldn't that be simpler?" She paused, then said softly while thinking maybe she
    shouldn't be saying it, "They'd probably enjoy seeing my body."

    "Francis...think about what you are saying. You are the one who gets to
    see, touch, make erect, stroke and suck on that cock that you will be taking into
    your body, and they will not be seeing you as you do it. I think, for your protection,
    that there is way less chance of you maybe being recognized that way rather than you
    being the one to wear the mask."

    Francis nodded, realizing immediately that what he was saying was correct.
    His next statement further explained his reasoning. "Besides, you see, I
    want to get your face on video as you see, touch, stroke and suck each penis to
    erection and take it inside yourself.

    I want your face on video, your eyes especially, as you admire this strange cock,
    a cock that is waiting excitedly for your very lovely body to climb over it and ride it
    until it shoots a massive load up into your lovely little cunt."

    Francis was staring as best she could at the unseen voice behind the light. It
    was shocking what he was saying, but Francis could feel a strange almost
    unwelcome tingling on her lower half.

    "And then Francis, once you have felt his penis throbbing inside you, I'll be shooting
    you as you can ride it slowly up and down, milking it with your tight pussy until
    it goes soft. Then you can slide off, do it slow, and study your handiwork."

    Francis did not immediately answer, as if she was thinking about what
    she would be doing. "What then, about the next man. How does he get there if
    he is wearing a mask?"

    "Francis, I like the way you keep thinking and planning ahead. You will guide the
    first masked man with your hand to a door over to your left that you will be able to
    see when I shut off this floodlight. Open the door, and you will see the next
    masked man waiting his turn.

    Leave one and bring the other back to your bed. He will lie on his back, and
    you will repeat what you have already done with the man before."

    He paused. "I can see by that far away look on your face that you are thinking
    about that, going from one man to the next and the adventure with his cock to
    follow. Though you are being forced to do this, you will be the one in charge
    of what transpires on screen. Does that excite you?"

    Francis did not answer quickly, but she decided, since she had to go through
    with this, to admit a little bit to him. "It might be...I'll call it fun. I've never been
    with anyone but my husband, so this...this playing a game will...definitely be

    "Yes, no doubt about that. And hopefully, as exciting for you to be doing it
    as it will be for me to be seeing it. Oh, and as I said before, you may kiss your
    subject if you so desire. And at the same time, he has been told that though he
    can not talk, he can reach up with his hands and feel your tits, and he may place his
    hands on your lovely ass if he so desires."

    "I see," Francis said, answering softly. "That might have been my next question,
    whether the man is just going to lie there like a bump on a log."

    "No, he won't be a 'bump on a log,' and I think you would enjoy it more if he, if
    they are to touch you. Once their hands go onto that fine body of yours, it will
    arouse them to new heights, and if you have any thoughts by then of having
    yourself an orgasm, or two, or three, you might have to hurry along to stay ahead
    of them."

    Francis was picturing all this in her mind. As he had said, 'If rape is inevitable...'

    "Have you ever had multiple orgasms, Mrs. Parker?"

    It shocked Francis to hear her formal last name, and then she remembered. 'Of
    course, he has my driver's license.' She sighed, which was probably not the right
    thing to do right then. "I...I...well, I'm not a 'multi-orgasmic' type of woman."

    He seemed to snicker in his laugh. "Sounds like you've never enjoyed any.
    Well, there are multiple ways you can experience multiple orgasms I suppose.
    All at once, one after another, or several in a row, minutes apart and maybe
    with multiple men. We shall see."

    "Mister..whoever you are. This is a 'rape,' remember?"

    "You never know, happily married Mrs. Parker, you might enjoy this more
    than you think. Oh, and one last thing because we need to be getting on
    with this.

    If you, while you are riding and hopefully enjoying your strange cock or
    cocks, decide that you would like to be fucked rather than doing all the
    fucking, you can roll off and tug on your partner's body as you lay yourself down
    beside him. He will know to roll on top of you and take over.

    Like I said, these men do not know who you are, they have not seen you
    yet, and won't get to. This should make if more 'fun' for you if you
    want to play along. I'm playing a little trick on them actually, and this should make
    it more exciting for you.

    "A trick?"

    "First, I want to tell you that I have been waiting for all three men to arrive. I see
    on my phone that the the third man has arrived, so we can be getting on with
    things any minute now."

    "Well, what about that trick you're pulling on them? And am I to tell them?

    "No, don't tell them and you will increase your chances of enjoying this. I have
    told them that I know a twenty-something wife whom has never been
    with a strange man and is curious.

    They know that I plan to film them getting fucked, and that they will be
    wearing masks so she will feel secure in not being recognized.

    I have told them that her reward is getting to fuck strange men with no strings
    attached, and my 'reward' for providing this opportunity is I get to make a video
    of her doing it. You, of course Francis, are that woman."

    "So...I get to be 20 again...."

    Francis was nodding her head slightly as she began realizing that this
    could turn out to be a game that maybe she could play to satisfaction, her

    "You will be that twenty-something wife, Francis. From a distance you looked
    to be in your late twenties. After I grabbed you and took a good look at you
    in the light, I thought you were in your mid-thirties.

    Then I was a little concerned while I was driving you to my home and read
    your age on that license. But once I saw your body, with the skin still so tight
    and smooth, I knew for sure that none of the men will even begin to guess
    your true age.

    They will be touching your body and think they are being sucked and fucked by
    and maybe doing some fucking of their own on an innocent little twenty
    something wife who is seeking adventure. Even your tits will feel like a
    younger woman's to them."

    "You've touched them?"

    "Seeing them was proof enough. But yes, of course, I've felt both of them,
    although doing it while you are awake would have been more fun. It felt to me
    like I was a doctor performing an exam, actually."

    Francis was silent for perhaps ten full seconds. "So you felt my breasts. Then what?
    Did you also do a gynecological exam?"

    "Honestly, yes. I checked you out to make sure you didn't have anything
    wrong down there, or maybe have a tampon inside, and I must say, you have a
    very pretty pussy. By the way it looked when I tugged your lips out sideways
    with both hands, it looked like it would feel quite tight wrapped around a
    dripping wet penis.

    There Francis, was that descriptive enough for you?"

    Francis stared into the face mask as best she could in the glaring
    light. She sniffed, though his words were stimulating her. "My husband
    has said the same thing about me, in so many words."

    "He opened it up and looked inside, and talked about how your pussy
    would look tightly wrapped around a dripping wet penis?"

    "Well, you see...my husband knows how it feels."

    "Lucky man, and pretty soon three other men will be taking their turns
    at 'getting lucky.' He looked at Francis. "By that look on your face, I think
    this talk might be arousing you."

    "Let's just say that I'm beginning to accept my...'fate.'

    "Ha Ha. Tell me, Francis, are you ready to play the game?"


    "Well, I think I'll let you know now that you have become accepting of
    your situation. The video started when you began to wake up."

    "Everything we've said, I've said is already recorded?"

    "Yes Francis. And you've said nothing to be ashamed of."

    "I hope not. I'll admit, this could prove to be interesting."

    "Good, and remember, if you don't want to risk being recognized, simply
    don't talk. If there is something you might like the man to do, show him
    with your hand or body, or if you must, just whisper and try to change
    your voice a little."

    "I'm already thinking along those lines. But if I cooperate you promise
    to get me back safe and sound to my car?" She pretended to look around
    though of course she was still be blinded by the light.

    "I can assure you that I have no idea who you are, or where I am, and
    if I do this, of course I would never report it knowing you have the video
    and if they, meaning the police caught you, they would be seeing it."

    "Exactly, the policed would see the video and probably make copies. So
    keep quiet about this, the video will be in my safe except when I review it,
    and your life will remain secure."

    "Thank you."

    "And thank you Francis, if you do this they way I ask. Remember, there
    will be a camera on you all the time. If you do the acting or the for real
    like I have requested, there might even be a little surprise in your purse
    for you. Now let's start. Go to that door and bring in your first man."

    Francis was about to reply that she wouldn't take any money, then
    changed her mind. Appearing to be a prostitute by taking money was
    irrelevant now. Either way, she had to do this, and extra money could be
    nice. Yeah, she'd act like it was fun.

    The flood light went off, leaving the room still brightly lit but much softer
    to the eyes. Francis tried to see her captor, but only saw a figure dressed in
    dark blue pants and shirt and wearing a fullface mask and hidden behind
    his hand-held video camera.

    Actually, now Francis was not concerned about him and was wondering
    about her man, and men.

    For most of the conversation Francis had not known that the camera had
    been running during her entire conversation with her captor. Later, as he
    studied the video, he would enjoy seeing how it showed on her face and in
    her eyes as she slowly became aroused during the talk.

    Francis had tried to disguise her feelings, but it would come out on the video.

    Her breasts jiggling slightly, Francis walked naked to the door. She was only
    slightly embarrassed as she opened the door and saw a naked man standing
    before her.

    He was masked and she wasn't. She took him by the hand and guided him to
    the bed, and with a soft shove, showed him where to lie by sitting him

    Now sitting on his butt and with his penis front and center, she studied
    it. At least his penis does not look like a bald head sticking out of the grass, though
    the head still looks bald.

    'Circumcised,' she thought in passing as she watched his penis sort of swing
    to the side as he hooked his second leg up on the bed and laid down flat.

    Aware of the fact she was on camera, Francis was trying to look interested as
    she studied her first man. Only the bottom half of his face was showing, so
    she couldn't determine all that much about rather he was handsome or not.
    She was taking in his body, which was nice, but not great.

    He had hair, quite a bit of it actually on his chest. and the hair continued
    somewhat thickly all the way to his cock, which for the moment was soft,.
    about three inches long and lying over his left testicle. Studying it closer
    she confirmed it. He is circumcised like my husband, and it looks different
    but still about the same size.

    Francis, perhaps unwittingly, had ran her tongue over her lips as she
    studied the cock. On video, it looked like she was licking her lips in
    anticipation. This man, apparently, was to be her average-sized man, and
    except for all that hair on his chest, this will be like fucking my husband, Francis
    now knew.

    She was about to be surprised when his dick turned out to feel 'different'
    to her.

    Trying to provide a good angle for that camera, which was right beside her,
    Francis sat down on the edge of the bed on the man's right, so that she,
    being right-handed, could better mess with him. She laid her left hand up onto
    his chest and sort of dug her fingers into all that hair. 'Just like a rug,' she
    thought as she ran her fingers through it. Let's see about the rest...'

    Her body trembled slightly as, for the first time in her 30 years of
    marriage, Francis took another man's penis into her right hand. She
    sensed rather than saw her captor bring his camera around to the front
    so her face would show. She smiled, despite the situation and the camera
    on her when she felt the cock growing.

    Remembering to study it as it grew for the camera, and wanting to, she
    stroked it best she could. Since it seemed to be so tightly cut from the
    circumcision there wasn't much looseness around his shaft to allow her
    to easily stroke up and down.

    She sort of jiggled his shaft, marveling at the feel of having a strange
    cock to play with without the embarrassment of having the man see her face.

    Of course, there was that camera....

    For Francis, this was turning out to be quite the adventure. She can
    do what she wishes with this man, and he doesn't know who she is. She
    gave the penis another stroke and smiled again. She could already tell,
    the head on this cock is wider than my husband's skinny little head.

    Remembering her commands, Francis excitedly leaned down and took the
    almost erect penis into her mouth. This was experimentation for her, not just
    sucking on a stranger's prick, but doing so in a semi-public setting.

    She could tell even better by having it in her mouth over seeing it, this
    head is thicker than my husband's, but it still seemed to fit nicely between
    her teeth.

    The fact that he was circumcised meant that his dick head had rougher
    skin in texture than one that is uncut, but she would not learn that
    fact until later.

    "Ooooh." The man was beginning to thrust his hips around as he enjoyed
    the feel of a twenty-something cheating wife's lips around his cock. And
    then her tongue came into play. Another sound, this time an "Mmmmmmmm."

    Inspired, Francis gave her chore even more concentration, trying to
    tighten her lips on him and shove her tongue more firmly into his flesh.

    "Ooooh gawd..." Reaching out, his hand found her hair, and he pushed
    down gently, allowing his arm to rise and fall with her mouth.

    'This is fun!' She thought it, but of course didn't say it.

    He was ready, his dick was flowing pre-fluid, and a now ready Francis,
    her body trembling, mounted him. She wanted this now, even with a man
    that might feel no different than usual. "Let's make it a good shot
    for the camera.'

    Her eyes were closed as she eased downward. Her aim, without using a
    hand, was perfect as her vagina found his knob and slid slowly down
    over. "Mmmmmm."

    She could feel a bit more initial stretching than with her husband. Despite that
    dick head being larger than Bill's, it was an easy fit. She was now wet, and
    this was close to the size she is used to.

    Of course, he did feel slightly different. Bigger on top, not quite as wide
    down below. Wanting to feel that penetration again, Francis rose up and
    allowed his penis to fall out, then without aiming she lowered herself and
    he slid right back in.

    She sighed on cue, like the man had asked her to do, saying it would be nice.
    'He feels better actually, at the top part, but maybe it is just the situation.'

    That scene, on the video, would become one of the hottest shots
    of all. Her taking a strange cock for the first time, and repeating the
    move, her reasoning and desire, as well as that stretching, could clearly
    be seen on video.

    Then his hands found her breasts, and again he made the 'oooh'sound as
    he found these twenty something breasts to be even nicer than his own
    wife's 33-year-old tits.

    Her pussy was tighter too. Of course the man under her knew why. This
    young wife wants to feel new men before she has her pussy stretched
    during childbirth.

    He was squeezing gently. She was stroking steadily and it was feeling
    good as she stayed high on his cock, riding that head and loving it.
    Francis sensed that her object of attention was not going to last very long.
    'I want to make it better, for both of us.'

    Leaning down, she whispered into his ear...'You're my first strange
    cock. Hold back..."

    That was probably the wrong thing to say for it told him that this
    unknown but fantastic woman over him was enjoying this first time
    adventure, and she wanted it to last. He had felt it as she had taken
    him in, and then repeated the move.

    Her tightness was feeling fantastic, but it was the knowing, knowing
    what she is doing and why that made this even more exciting for him.
    Now excited even more as his mind raced, his cock started building.
    He needed for her to quit moving.

    "Can you slow down, just for a minute?" He had sort of broken a
    rule by speaking, but this was important.

    Francis did, even stopping at one point and allowing him to cool down.
    Apparntely he had become so aroused that he even had to stop feeling her
    breasts in order to cool down.

    It was obvious on the video that she had paused for his benefit, and
    also for her own. It occurred to her that all she had to do was lean
    down a little and she could kiss him. But that might make him cum
    even faster, and this being her first time, she now wanted it to last.

    'I wonder what he is like out of bed? Does he had a wife? How do I feel
    to him compared to her, or others? How did he end up here in the first
    place? He doesn't know that in actuality he is raping me.

    I know this much, I want it to be really good for him.'

    Delaying the inevitable, she stayed high and away. Still, it did not last
    much longer after she resumed her moves. In just a couple of minutes he
    was grasping her breasts perhaps a little too hard as Francis felt his
    penis pumping up and into her.

    Now he was feeling larger than her husband. In the head yes, always, but
    even down below he seemed to be larger, longer maybe.

    Her whisper was loud enough to be heard on video. She buried herself on
    his dick so that his cum would be placed deep into her. "So soon? Oh
    baby, cum for me. I can feel it and I love it. There you go..."

    He was cumming, her first strange man, and it was good, but not good
    enough for Francis did not make it. Almost, she had been, but almost was
    frustrating. More so then when this happened with Bill, her husband,
    because she was used to it with Bill.

    'At least I didn't have to kiss him,' Francis was thinking as she
    continued to pump, milking him. It was over now, and the reality of her
    situation had returned. 'But for a minute there, I wanted to. Maybe I
    should have kissed him, because then I might have climaxed.'

    It had excited her though, to feel him throbbing into her. Her not
    achieving orgasm had allowed her a better feel of his. She knew how good
    a climax could be if you were turned on at the time to your partner, and
    there was no doubt, he had been very turned on, indeed.

    Wanting to make it an even more unforgettable adventure for him, she
    once again leaned down. "I could feel every throb from your nice cock."
    She thought about the size of his dick and wondered if he was sensitive
    about the size.

    He is supposed to be the 'average size' first man. 'Does he know his
    placement in this activity? Does he know about the other two men and
    that they are supposed to be larger than he is?'

    For a brief moment she thought back on Jimmy, his concerns and how he
    had said 'it will get bigger.'

    Wanting to please a man whom she did not know but had just fucked, she
    spoke once again. He was supposedly thinking that she was young,
    married, and this was her first foray with other men, so she said it
    into his ear. "Your cock is larger than my husband's."

    There, she had said it, the half truth, because yes, he was bigger on
    the top half, but smaller on the second half, but it seemed to please
    this faceless man tremendously because his response was to smile broadly
    and move his hands from her tits and reach around to her ass, feeling
    it for the first time as he pulled her deeper onto his slowly softening cock.

    Francis responded by pumping him slightly, though it was obvious from
    the feel that he was dwindling. She ran her fingers through his chest
    hairs, caressing him. Strangely, she was now feeling very close to this
    unknown man and desiring to be his friend. Of course, that was out of
    the question.

    This man, this unknown strange man, with a mask over his
    face had just managed to fuck, or be fucked by, a lovely
    and elusive woman whom for years had been admired both
    by school boys and then by men from all strata of society
    who wanted to fuck her. But no one except for her husband
    Bill had ever succeeded.

    Now, he, this unknown man, had known and was still knowing
    her body in the most intimate manner with both his cock and hands,
    and he would never know whom, for a little while perhaps, had
    been giving him such such intense pleasure.

    If he were to learn her identity, it might be the end of the world
    for Francis, for by extreme co-incidence, he was a member of
    her church. He in fact knew her but only as the bookkeeper he
    had seen making brief presentations during the one or two times
    he had came to a financial meeting.

    Fortunately, the church was large, with several hundred members,
    and Francis and this man had never met face to face. Ray knew the
    man through their being members of the same gym and they sometimes
    shared workouts. He had no idea that this man was a member of the
    church where she worked and attended.

    Their learning of one another's identity would be bad for Francis, but
    also for him, because he had been a true blue faithfully married man
    until tonight. But the offer as made to him by his buddy Ray had been
    too good to pass up.

    A lovely young thing, a faithfully married wife wanting to experience
    strange men. He could fuck a woman, and she would never know his
    identity. He had been told by Ray that he was to be the average sized
    man, her first of three.

    So he would be the smallest, but so what" She would hopefully enjoy
    him, he would for sure enjoy her, and she would never know the identity
    of the man who had fucked her with the smallest of three cocks.

    What better deal could a happily married man get than that?

    Being told by Ray that the happening would probably be 'within the
    next two or three days, he had even saved up his cum. Francis's first
    load from a strange man, had been a large one.
    Sensing that it was time, Francis slowly, almost reluctantly,
    dismounted. She was remembering her captor's words, to come
    off slow. She did, an inch at a time, and four inches later felt his
    penis leave her now wet hole as it fell out and laid once again over his
    left testicle.

    On screen, this would be a highly sex-charged shot. Her rising from
    a slippery and dwindling penis and her vagina remaining slightly
    opened as the penis fell out. Then her hole oozing out a small amount
    of jizz while she remained above him and the penis below slowly went
    from straight to curved and then to soft and wrinkled as it nestled
    once again over his testicle.

    Francis had not received any instruction on what to do about
    her now cum-soaked pussy, so she rose off the bed, grasped the
    man's hand in hers and gently tugged him upwards.

    He followed her like a puppy on tippy-toe steps as she guided him to
    the door, opened it, and expecting to see her next man, was surprised
    that no one was there.

    She led her first lover inside, and closed the door behind him. Then,
    confused about what to do next, she looked toward the man with the

    "Now I need to know, how did he compare to your husband's cock? Was
    it the same size, smaller, or what?"

    Francis sighed. "I guess I can say it. His head was larger then my husband's
    and the shaft was a bit skinnier."

    "I see. And how about the length?"

    A shrug. "Same size far as I could tell." Then, after a pause, she added: "He
    seemed to grow longer than my husband just as he was cumming."

    "And how did it feel? You seemed to be enjoying it."

    "It felt good, especially when I felt it begin to open me, but I didn't get to cum.
    He was too quick."

    "Were you trying to cum?"

    "Not real hard, but I would have with a little more time. It might have been nice
    if I had came." She shrugged slightly.

    "He had a good time though, no doubt about that. I could even feel his cock
    throbbing hard when he came in me."

    "Thank you for that Francis, and now go and get your next man."

    "I need to wipe first." Francis went over and grabbing a corner of the bed
    sheet, wiped her pussy gently. Her face turned red as she saw her captor

    He spoke. "I guess I screwed up. I didn't think of putting out some tissue
    for you in advance."

    "I'll make out O.K." She said, with an almost smile. "Now do I go get the next

    "Yes. He's there now."

    Francis did, and as she opened the door, she saw a well-built and naked man and
    looking like he was halfway to erection already.

    'Oh nice! Francis had left one behind, and almost excitedly led her new find
    to the bed. She had not seen the man who was to be her third so they
    must be coming to the door when their turn is up, and not before.

    This man, however, had her excited, because he was nothing like the
    first man, whom had been almost a twin physically to Bill.

    "Oooh." The 'oooh' sound this time had not come from the man.
    Francis had made it when she first placed her hand on his cock
    and found it to be growing, very rapidly, and it was filling her

    Thoroughly aroused now from having been fucked minutes ago
    and left hanging, and now with an exciting new prick in front of
    her, Francis stoked and admired, doing it almost lovingly.

    Unknown to Francis, the camera was being zoomed in some and her
    smiling facial expressions were all being recorded. Francis had decided to
    ignore the figure with the camera moving around her and concentrate on the
    business at hand, and this business seemed to be getting to be quite the
    business in her hand!

    'Fuck he has a nice cock.' Francis almost said it out loud, this
    cock so excited her. It was not necessarily the larger size, but the fact
    that this cock was uncut, and she was marveling at how easy it
    is to stroke his penis.

    Up and down she went, enjoying the feel of an uncircumcised cock,
    something neither Jimmy in high school, or her husband or the guy just
    before had.

    His dick was dribbling pre-fluid, tons of it actually, and the head of
    his cock was shiny under the lights. Francis went down on him after
    only giving him maybe half-a-dozen strokes. She was excited now,
    her face was revealing it on video,and any viewer later would be able
    to enjoy her pleasure.

    'It's smooth!' She was pulling his foreskin down and Francis had begun
    running her tongue around the head of an uncut penis for the first time.

    This penis was perhaps seven inches in length, maybe a little more,
    and Francis was remembering what her captor had said...'the next
    larger, and the next, quite large..indeed!

    'If this man is this big, then the next man must be huge,' she was thinking!

    Francis took longer to mount this man. She was sucking him now, enjoying
    the taste of his pre-fluid and even swallowing some. And she was especially
    enjoying the way his skin moved up and down on the shaft, the thick shaft.

    Her face looked happy and her eyes were wide as she moved her mouth up and
    down over the nice cock with the skin so smooth. 'I get to fuck this guy, and it
    is going to feel soooo good!'

    She studied his face, of which she could only see the lower half. 'He looks
    kind of like Bruce Wayne in the Batman movies with that chin.'

    Then Francis did something quite unexpected by her captor. She
    removed her mouth and looked right into the lens of the camera, which
    had been placed just a foot or so away, ran her tongue once around
    her lips, said "Yummy," and smiled. Then she returned to her sucking.

    Francis had not been acting when she had looked directly into
    the camera. She not only sucked, she loved on this cock. She
    even explored the balls, moving them around and lifting them gently
    with one hand.

    The lucky man enjoying her ministrations was gently holding her head
    with two hands. Not shoving her down, but sort of guiding her movements.
    It went on perhaps too long, because finally she heard a soft whispered 'get on.'

    Again she was receiving direction from the man with the camera.

    'Get on.' That had been her plan from the first. Matter of fact, Francis
    was anxious to mount this fine specimen of manhood, but it had been so
    much fun to feel it, to stroke it, and to suck it. She climbed over his body
    and used one hand to guide him into herself.

    As she slowly started down over that nice head, she felt his hands come up
    onto her breasts for the first time and grasp her. She was watching his face, the
    lower half, and he was giving her this big smile.

    Now, after 30 some years of being faithful, Francis was about to feel her
    first big cock. Big to her though in actuality it was just on the upper
    side of average.

    "Ooooooh!" This time the oooh sound was made by Francis. She had
    been advised to not talk, but making sounds? Maybe none of the men
    would recognize her by just sounds.

    Francis did not repeat the entry portion like she had with the
    first man. This guy was not only thicker than Bill on the head, but
    all the way down. There was no need to return to the top until
    she had explored him all the way to the bottom.

    "Ooooh yesssss." Francis had no script to follow, but if there
    had been one, she was probably saying what might have been
    on it. She felt her body touch his. 'It's buried! I can take it, and
    I plan to take more and more of it.'

    "Oooooh fuck fuck fuck!" Now Francis was talking louder as she
    lost control and pumped ever faster up and down. On the other
    end of the lens, the operator was thrilled. This was going even
    better than hoped.

    He was getting footage of a lovely woman with a lovely snatch
    wrapped all around a lovely looking cock, and her face was filled
    with joy as she expressed her pleasure vocally.

    Her wedding rings were still on, and just for the heck of it, the man
    with the camera zoomed in and held the shot of her hand on the pillow
    besides the man's face, and the rings were in plain sight.

    Her second man might not have had the thrill of knowing he was
    her first strange fuck, but he was about to have the thrill of being
    kissed by an obviously very excited woman who was using his cock.

    The joy became passion for Francis as she leaned forward and placed
    her mouth on the man who was offering up his cock while at the same
    time he was fondling the tits, the wonderful tits of a mysterious
    twenty-something housewife.

    When he felt her breasts suddenly being pressed against his chest and
    locking in his hands between their bodies as her lips met his, he pulled
    his hands out and grasped her tight little ass, pulling Francis down onto
    himself and forcing her to take him as deeply as possible.

    Aroused as never before, Francis made it better for him as well.
    She was supposed to be the young and innocent housewife, wanting
    to experiment, and Francis was enjoying her 'role.' Her next words were to
    be spoken louder than a whisper, and every word would be caught on video.

    "You're my third man, ever in my life. And you are so big, my biggest ever,
    and I can tell. I'm going to cum like never before." Again, her words were
    caught by a camera just inches away.

    The man sort of giggled. "You don't feel maybe a bit guilty over fucking
    strange men when you are married?"

    She had not planned on carrying on a conversation with this man, but now
    that he had asked, she wanted to tell.

    "My husband is older and has been with other women, I don't know how
    many. I wanted my chance, and to do it before I have any children."
    "He doesn't know then?"

    "Of course not."
    "I want you to know baby, that your pussy is probably the best I have
    ever felt. After you've had childbirth, it might change, but right now, you
    are the perfect fit for my cock."

    "Thank you. So far, you're the best fit for me as well. Of course, so far
    I've only had three counting my husband."

    With that, and to cut off further conversation, Francis leaned down to
    kiss him.
    That camera was roving, going from closeups of her stretched pussy
    around to her lovely face during the kissing, then back again to her pussy
    when the action or angle changed.

    It was not bound to last much longer in any case, but the passionate
    kissing sped things along. "Ooooooh shit. Oooooh noooo, it's so good....!"
    Francis beat her new man by seconds, just enough seconds to have her
    snatch twitching a record 12, 13, and then 14 times in what to date, was
    her strongest, longest and best ever orgasm.

    She was saying it into his ear as his cock was throbbing powerfully into
    her. "That was my best cum, ever." He groaned loudly as his hands
    pulled down on her ass and he pumped gallons of cum deeper into her than
    she had ever had.

    "Oooh Gawd. You too baby!"

    By the time his strong orgasm was over, Francis was almost worn out, and
    she still had one more man to go, a 'quite large indeed' man. As she
    raised her hips high in order to dismount since he was still firm enough
    to be pointing up, Francis sensed what felt like a gallon of cum pour
    out of her pussy, and she sensed that the cinematographer had moved in
    close and was getting it on video.

    "That should be quite a shot,' she thought. All that cum. They were going
    to have to move over on the bed next time around.

    Once Francis was off, she reached down onto the side of the bed and
    pulled up a corner of the sheet, then too embarrassed to look at a
    camera she knew was still focused onto her, she wiped her pussy, took a
    look at the huge stain of slime on the sheet, and then looking down at
    her snatch, wiped once again.

    Thankfully the man she had just fucked was just lying there and unable to
    see what she is doing.

    Now dry, at least on the exterior, Francis looked at the camera, or rather, tried
    to look at the man behind the lens.

    Then Francis spoke before leading her second and until now best fuck
    ever off to the door. "Can I take a little break?"

    "Want to leave him here during your break so you can talk to him since
    you two seemed to be having so much fun?"

    Only a brief pause while she stared at that wonderful penis, still
    looking good to her even though it had dwindled. She wished she could
    look into his eyes. That was the problem, his necessary mask. And what
    in the world could she be saying to this strange man on camera when she
    was still trying to conceal her identity?

    "No, not with another one waiting. I just need a minute or two to relax
    and wind down."

    Actually, Francis would have loved to be able to talk to this man and
    even remove his mask. But only if they were alone and had time. To her,
    he had the perfect cock and if there were a way, she might have arranged
    to see him again. That is, if the fact became known to him that he had
    just been fucked by a 47 year old woman and was still interested.

    'It would have been nice to be under him and see what he can do.' Now it
    was too late, she realized, because if she had thought of it, she might
    have rolled him over.

    "Sure baby, take your break. Lead this man to the door and leave him
    there. He's already there, but I'll tell the next guy to wait a few..."

    "Thank you. I just need a little while, my legs are shaking so..."

    Francis obediently led her latest to the door, opened it, and saw her
    next man standing there. She stood there, staring at her next cock with
    mouth agape while her captor did the talking.

    "She wants to take a little break. We'll be back in a few minutes."

    The masked man nodded, though you could see the disappointment on his
    face, even with the mask on. Francis squeezed the hand of the man she
    had just fucked in a goodbye and closed the door, leaving the other man
    to wait.

    Francis went quickly to the bed and sat down. Now she really needed a
    moment to think. The next man had been big alright, even hanging down
    with his foreskin covering the head, and he was black!

    "Are you alright?"

    "Yes. I just need a moment..."

    "I think I and the camera already know the answer, but how was that fuck?"

    She blushed. "I think I might have said it out loud. That was my best
    fuck ever."

    "Was it the size of his dick, or you, or what?"

    "A combination of those I think. Larger than my husband but not way
    larger. Plus I might have been left hanging by the first guy though he
    seemed nice enough."

    "Well, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Did you see your next man?"

    Silence, then..."Yes, and I'm not sure I can do that."

    "Do that? Do you mean make it with a black man?"

    Silence, then...'It's not that. As long as he doesn't know my identity I don't
    mind fucking him. It...it's just that he looked so big...down there.
    I'm small, I think you can tell that in your camera if you have been looking
    where I think you have been looking. That last man was about perfect, but
    what he had was about all I could handle."

    "I want to hear you say it again. He was bigger than your husband?"

    He really seemed to want to know, and she had already pretty much given
    it away with the second man. "Yes. You might as well know. What I have
    at home is almost identical to man number one."

    Her captor, whom she was beginning to like, laughed. "Through my lens, I
    figured out that the second man was bigger by how excited you seemed to
    get, not just when you were fucking him, but when you first saw his cock."

    "Well, there are two reasons, actually. He was big, but also, he was not
    circumcised. My husband and man number one are, so I've never played
    with a uncircumcised dick." She looked towards the man, who was still
    masked. "Was it was that obvious?"

    "Oh yeah. It looked like you had a lot of fun jacking that dick and studying
    his foreskin and once it was in it looked like a very intense orgasm to go along
    with things...."

    "It was. My best ever. I even whispered it into his ear."

    "Really?" He knew that she had said it much louder than a whisper, but
    said nothing. "Sure glad I've still got the camera turned on."

    "You're still filming this conversation?" Then Francis noted that though the
    camera had been sat down on a table in front of the bed, that it was
    still on. "Oh well, why hide it?"

    'Ready for number three so you can go home?"

    A sigh, then..."Yes, but if we stopped now I'd be perfectly satisfied."

    "He laughed. 'Satisfied,' that's what I like to hear. But aren't you
    curious to see what a truly big cock feels like?"

    Francis swallowed. "I...well, before guy number two I was. But now I am
    pretty happy at how good that last orgasm was. But I...it might be fun
    to try another one."

    "Mrs. Parker, what are you going to tell your husband about getting home
    so late? Do you have a girlfriend maybe who will help you make up a story?"

    Francis decided to be honest with a half-truth. No need to tell this man
    her husband was gone for a week, he might not let her go home. "He's not
    waiting for me at home. He's out with his buddies and won't get home
    till maybe midnight. He does this every time I work at the church."

    "So...it's just a little before ten, and you are in no hurry..."

    "Yes I am!: Francis paused, thinking about her next man. "Well, maybe
    not." She had seen his cock, and once again her pussy started tingling.

    'That's my girl. If it feels good, make it last."

    "I'm not so sure about the 'feels good.' He looked so big."

    "Yes, and that was soft. Just wait."

    Francis hung her head. "I'll do what I must, or...die trying."

    "Why don't you just lie down this time, and I'll bring him in and guide
    him to you."

    "O.K. That would be nice." She smiled at the camera.

    Francis laid quietly as the tall, nicely built and well hung black man
    was guided towards the bed she was laying on. She was eyeballing his
    penis, a huge uncut blob of thick meat, with a foreskin around the head
    that seemed to be thicker than the skin further down the shaft.

    That thicker foreskin around the head even looked to be a slightly
    lighter shade of brown, almost orange. Francis watched fascinated as the
    dangling penis sort of swung from side-to-side as he was guided
    towards her. Francis estimated that cock to be at least seven inches, soft.

    Francis had heard rumors of black men with huge cocks. She
    had heard the occasional joke, and shrugged them off. Why
    should she be concerned or interested in a man with a big
    cock, no matter the color? After all, she was happily married,
    and for going on 30 years.

    Then her captor spoke to the black man, speaking to one
    of her 'partners' for the first time and building the excitement.

    "She's lovely man. Too bad she won't let anyone see her face,
    except for me." The black man came to a stop when he had
    reached the bed and stopped right beside Francis because his
    hand had been released.

    The cameraman kept talking. "I learned tonight that her husband
    has an average-sized or maybe little peter, and the guy before you,
    we won't say his name, was larger than she has ever had, and now
    she is looking at your cock, and I mean, really looking at your cock.

    She's already told me from seeing it before at the door that it's more
    than she can handle. She says she is satisfied and could stop right now.
    What do you have to say about that?"

    The black man sort of chuckled, and Francis took note of the
    fact that his penis had started to grow. It was now pointing
    out instead of down, and getting larger. But the foreskin was still
    covering the head.

    "Can I speak to her?"

    "Sure man, go ahead."

    "Baby, I know you're young, married and having yourself a good time.
    You don't need to be afraid of my dick. You'll never know what it's like
    unless you try it. You can try it on top and just take the amount you want.

    If it starts feeling really good, and you want to roll over, I promise to be
    good to you, nice and gentle and only go as deep as you can comfortably
    take. I've been with women before who were scared of it. Some of them were
    married, just like you, and they all ended up liking it, the whole bunch."

    She could see his lips go into a grin below the mask that was covering
    his eyes. "I've even had a woman leave her husband so she could get
    more of my nice dick."

    "A white woman?"

    "Matter of fact, she was." Then, unseen under his mask, he frowned.
    "And you are white I presume?"

    "Yes. But I...I'm not prejudiced, just afraid. Did you really break up
    a marriage with that cock?"

    Unseen by him, Francis was shaking her head at what she considered
    to be a sad story. She was beginning to learn how exciting a big cock
    could be after her second man, but to hear of some woman breaking
    up her marriage over some other man's big cock? There must have
    been more to the story than that. But she didn't ask.

    He told her anyhow, a bit of it. "She was ready to leave him anyhow.
    I just maybe helped her to make her decision.

    Now how about you baby? Ready to leave your man for my cock?" His
    grin indicated that he was probably joking.

    She laughed nervously. "No, but I'm willing to give it a try on
    a temporary basis."

    "How do you want it, first?"

    Francis was trembling, and it could be heard in her voice as she
    replied. "I....I'll try you on top, and we can go from there."

    With a cock that had risen to almost a full ten inches, a very thick ten, he
    felt his way to edge of the bed and laid down. His body touched hers
    and he said, "Oh, you're right next to me. Come here."

    They were now in the normal making out on the bed position, except that
    Francis was on his right so she could use her right hand on him instead of
    the left. Francis rolled onto her side and shyly at first, took his penis into
    her hand.

    It looked so large, and yet was still soft in texture. For the first time tonight,
    she took a penis into both hands, and marveled that there was now more cock
    in length than her hands could cover.

    Her latest lover was also taking advantage of the time alloted to him as
    he caressed and squeezed her breasts and trying to visualize in his mind
    how they would look if he had the mask off.

    From habit from lying beside her husband for years, Francis almost
    slid closer to this man and kissed him, and she was interrupted by
    a directive. "Remember what you are supposed to do." That was the
    movie director.

    "Oh yeah," and Francis began stroking and observing the penis
    as it seemed to grow a little more in length, but mainly it got
    thicker as it grew harder. She slowly turned her head from looking at
    the cock and stared directly into the camera lens. "It's a nice one, I
    think. I'll know soon as I get it in, if I can!"

    As she slowly moved the foreskin up and down, covering the shiny
    head and exposing it again, her eyes were wide and wondering. Francis
    was building the excitement, not just for the man she was touching, but
    also for the man holding the camera, to be placed on the disc, and also
    for herself.

    The camera spoke to her. "Are you excited about fucking this cock, a
    long and thick cock that belongs to a black man? You do know, don't you,
    that white women, and especially married white women are not supposed
    to allow black men to fuck them."

    She giggled, and a broad smile came across her face. She knew what this
    man wanted to hear on camera. She was playing the game now, and went
    along. "The deal I made with you was to have three men, each one larger
    than the last. No mention was made of one of them being black. But, now
    that he's here, I'm glad."

    "Glad that he's big, or glad that he's black?"

    "Both. My husband would die if he was to find out. If you...if you saw
    how little his cock looks compared to this, you would understand why.
    I'll say it so you both will know.

    I can barely see my husband's cock peeking out of his pubic hair when it
    is soft. This is...this cock, well, I'll be honest, I'm enjoying this.
    I'm surprised to have a black man in front of me, but now that he is
    here, I want to enjoy it. Like I said, I'll know soon as I get it in, if
    I can!"

    "And now I suck it..." Francis giggled, her confidence returning. She
    began to suck, afraid at first to taste a black cock, then getting into
    it as she learned she could get her mouth over the shiny head, but with
    a little difficulty. With two hands wrapped around the shaft and his
    entire head still exposed, she sucked, and sucked enthusiastically.

    When the juice started to flow, she kept sucking, enjoying her work so
    much that once again, as with the last man, she heard, "Get on."

    Her getting on was followed by..."Ooooh shit! Ooooh fuck! Wait...."

    "Wait? You're the one in charge baby. No need to tell me to wait."
    As he was laughing, the man under her had started fondling her tits, but
    had quickly placed his hands on her ass to pull her down once she
    seemed ready for it.

    "I know. I'm the one who needs to wait." Francis was trying to slide
    down over a head that was now like a big and purple plum it felt so
    thick. "In a minute.....Oooooh!"

    And she was in, or rather, on. Francis held still for a minute, trying
    to adapt to the meat that was spreading her beyond belief. But if she had taken the
    head, no reason not to keep going, as far as she could manage.

    "Ooooh my gawd...I...I ...Oh shit! fuck it! This is a tight fit, but I'm
    going to keep pushing until I can take this and then when it's in you're going
    to fuck me silly, no two ways about it!"

    "Can I take this face mask off so I can see you?"

    Fraancis waited maybe five full seconds before answering. "No. I'd like that,
    but no." Francis was still playing the role of adventurous young housewife,
    and allowing him to see her face would blow it

    "Oooh, Ooooooooooh!".

    In a minute Francis had almost buried herself over the throbbing shaft, so
    slippery, so thick and yet so soft. 'If he truly got hard, I mean really
    hard, he would be too much to take. But now, oh yes, now, it's just perfect.'

    She didn't know about this man's personality, what he did for a living,
    whether or not he was married, but he seemed nice so Francis wanted to
    make it good for him. 'Show him that I'm not prejudiced, that's what
    I'll do.'

    Her heart pounding from the feel of being stretched so wonderfully, Francis
    placed two hands onto his massive pecs, leaned down and kissed him. The
    kiss was tentative at first, and then after taking another almost full
    stroke of his wonderful penis, she jabbed her tongue into his mouth and it was met
    with a tongue that shared her passion.

    His hands were roaming, going back and forth from her tits to her wonderfully
    rounded, tight little ass.

    Staying for the most part high, she rode, and rode, taking him in a
    range of five to eight inches.

    But Francis couldn't cum. She tried, oh how she tried as the sweat
    poured off her. But she was too tired, and finally, in desperation, she
    said, 'Let's turn over." Until now, she had yet to take his full length.
    But that would change. She was placing her trust in him, and he had
    promised to be gentle.

    Her next moan as he entered was not loud, but soft, and passionate.
    "Oooh baby, be gentle, and be nice...."

    They fucked, slowly at first as he carefully went ever deeper, trying
    to get to the bottom of things and stopping each time she seemed to flinch.
    Finally, ten minutes and ten inches in, he had it buried.

    Surprisingly, she found, Francis was able to raise her hips and place her legs
    high around his waist. Now all was well as they swapped tongues, hands,
    organs, fluids and sweat.

    And the movie making was fine, the best ever. Down below, with her
    ass in the air and her legs high around his waist, the stretching of her
    pussy, complete with her lips being tugged out each time he pulled back was
    probably the most erotic thing ever placed on video.

    Francis seemed to be into it now, this movie making, because she asked..
    "Are you getting all this on film?"

    "It's not film. That's the old days, but I'm getting some great fucking
    and loving on DVD."

    "Well, keep shooting, because I'm about to cum." And she did, long
    and powerfully, and again a new record, tying perhaps the number of
    her previous man with around 13 or 14 twitches, but these were stronger
    and perhaps more fulfilling.

    "That was my best ever, truly it was. I'd like to keep this going
    forever, but I'm wearing out and I do need to get home. Cum in me baby.
    Put your biggest load ever deeper into me than any man ever has."

    "Can I see your breasts? Please? Just for a minute. You can cover your
    face maybe with something so I can see them."

    Francis looked over at the camera. "Do you have a mask, for me?"

    She had told both men, the man on and inside her was going to see
    her breasts.

    "I've got one. Put this on."

    Francis reached and placed the mask, a full one, over her head and face.

    "Now you can take your mask off." She felt safe about revealing herself
    to this man. Her breasts would pass muster for a twenty-something woman.
    And her face is covered.

    "Nice. These tits are lovely and even better than I imagined them by feel."

    "Can I kiss you too?

    "Please do." With that, Francis daringly pulled the lower half of her mask
    sideways on her face. Not far enough that he could ID her, but far enough
    that they could lock lips.

    A kiss, and then another, longer kiss as she felt his penis begin
    throbbing. It was powerful, his throbbing, emphasized by the extremely
    tight fit between their two organs.

    Feeling his cock throbbing, having his tongue in her mouth, having
    his hands on her breasts, Francis came with him. Her first time to cum
    so soon after another climax.

    "I'm finished. Put your mask back on and get off. Oh, I didn't mean it
    to sound like that. I meant, get off, please so I can catch my breath."

    "I guess it's time to go." Now he had restored his mask, and Francis pulled
    hers off.

    "Yes," she giggled, 'first you get to cum, I cum with you, and then you
    have to go. Let me guide you back to your room."

    This time she did not bother to grab the sheet and wipe since there was
    not to be a next man. Giggling again because she could feel his cum
    oozing out, Francis guided her latest lover to the door and opened it.
    There was no one else in sight.

    "Goodbye," she said, standing on her tip toes trying to reach him. He
    sensed what she was doing and leaned down so they could kiss one last
    time, one really nice last time.

    For the first time he was able to feel and caress her body while standing,
    and of course her breasts felt larger than when she had been on her back.
    He had felt them while she was on top of him though, and oh shit what
    a nice pair.

    Now too, he was able to grab onto her ass and hold them while they
    kissed. Finally, she pulled her head away and he had to let go.

    "Goodbye mister black man with the big cock," she said, giggling.

    "Fuck I wish I could see all of you. You must be a fantastic looker. Goodbye."

    Then he was gone, behind the closed door.

    Back at the bed and alone at last with her movie director, who had
    not really had to do much directing because Francis had taken most
    of the initiative, she sighed and asked, 'Are they still waiting out there
    somewhere, or what?"

    "No. They were to dress and leave as soon as they were done, one
    after the other."

    "Will they be coming back and seeing this video?"

    "That is not in the plan. Like I said, this video is private stock."

    She sighed and smiled at him. "What now?"

    "I guess we take you back to your car. Want to take a shower first?"

    Francis couldn't decide. She felt dirty, sweaty and used up, but she
    did not immediately want to wash away the remains of her most exciting
    night. Then the thought struck her. "Don't you want to fuck me?"

    The answer came quickly. "I've wanted that all night, but after that last
    guy, I would feel small in comparison."

    "How small? Like number one?"

    "No, like number two, only longer."

    "Want to take me doggy? I'm too tired to be on top."

    Bang! Just like that, she was offering to do the above and beyond, and it
    sounded like she really wanted to! A very excited voice replied, "Let me
    set this camera on a tripod so I can get the shot."

    Francis giggled. "I'm thinking about this video. First you will be seeing me
    taking strange men, one, two, three, and then you will get to see yourself
    as the video comes to a close."

    "I am hoping as the video comes to a close, that it will feature you cumming
    once or maybe twice as it comes to a close."

    "That will be up to you mister, how good you are at fucking me."

    'Wow, did I just say that?' Francis was shocked at her own language.

    She tried to change the subject. "He put quite a large load into me it
    feels like. Do you want me to grab the sheet and wipe?"

    "No, leave it all in there. I'm going to feel small to you anyhow, and
    all that cum won't help any, but if I get a chance to fuck you, I want
    to last more than a minute and you'll be nice and slippery inside."

    "You would only last a minute?"

    "After watching you sleeping naked with your legs spread and then seeing
    you fucking three guys and liking it, if you dried your pussy and make it feel
    tight again, I'd only last a minute, maybe less!"

    And she took him doggy, shaking and wriggling her ass as she took a man
    deeper into herself in this position than ever before. "Your cock feels


    "Yes, really. This is a new position tonight. Go for it, and take your

    "You aren't tired?"

    "I regained my strength soon as you put it in. Besides, you're the one
    doing the work."

    "I can't believe it now. I stripped you and studied your pussy with my eyes
    and a little bit with my hands. Then I had to watch as three other men got
    to enjoy your charms."

    "Why didn't you go ahead and fuck me first?"

    Oh baby how I wanted to. But that would have changed everthing. I didn't
    know until you told me that you had only been fucked by one man, your
    husband, and as soon as I heard that, I knew the video would be damned
    fucking exciting to have.

    "I guess I can understand that. What if I had not offered to let you fuck me?
    Would you really have dropped me off at my car without trying?"

    He sighed. "Probably. My pride would have been too strong I guess, for me
    to ask after what I had put you through."

    'Well then, I'm glad I asked, because obviously you wanted to do this so
    bad, and quite frankly, the more I heard your voice and the rest of it, I
    wanted to fuck you."

    Oh baby, Oh Francis. Thank you. Now, finally, it's my turn. The view
    back here is fantastic, but I wish I could be kissing you at the same time."

    "Fuck me two or three minutes more and then I'll turn around!"

    Looking down and studying every change in her pussy as he moved around,
    he reached under her, grabbed her hanging breasts and fucked her good.
    He also fucked her bad, and then he fucked her sideways and in and out.

    "Another minute...Ooooh, ooooh, I'm cumminggggggg!" And she moaned and
    begged for more as the camera continued to 'roll.'

    "Now I'll turn over and we can kiss."

    And she did, and she grabbed his body and pulled him down onto herself
    as he guided his penis to the place he had been craving while watching
    it being plundered by three men before.

    "You're in, now kiss me."

    The kissing continued for some time, ignoring any time constraints
    she might have about getting home before her husband. This was
    what it was all about,

    "You can let it go anytime you want." Francis was telling him to cum, but
    actually, she was in no hurry. He was still wearing a mask, and it was a
    face mask that allowed him to see but also covered most of his face but he
    had turned the bottom part slightly sideways so they could kiss.

    She looked sad. "They're sort of hidden deep inside that mask and I
    can't see your eyes when I kiss you."

    "You can now...!" He pulled the mask off and allowed her to see his face.

    With his dick buried in her, she looked up and studied his face. It was
    nice and she estimated him to be late thirties. "I don't recognize you from
    anywhere. I was kind of afraid inside that you might know me because of
    how and where you...where you kidnapped me."

    "No, I had never seen you before tonight. I saw you go in because I was
    pulled off into the lot so I could make a call. When I saw you go in, I
    waited, no matter how long it was going to take. I was lucky because the
    few other cars in the lot left first." He kept stroking as he talked, only
    slowly and gently, making it seem romantic now.

    "That's because they were there for the business meeting and I stayed
    to do bookwork."

    That sounded a little strange that he had grabbed her just a while ago,
    because he had managed to have three men waiting to fuck her.
    "What about those men? How...."

    He cut her off. "They knew to be ready on a moment's notice
    when my 'housewife' decided to go through with it. When I had
    you in my vehicle, I made the call, and fortunately, they all happened
    to be available."

    Wanting to change the subject that was a little uncomfortable for him to
    be talking about, he leaned down and kissed her. She wasn't all that
    concerned about how this had all come about, because Francis was
    now in seventh Heaven.

    Smiling, she responded to his kiss. He had to come down to her to make
    it easier, and Francis wrapped both her arms and legs around him.

    "It would be nice if you came with me."

    "I've cum so many times...and with you in the doggy, but we shall see.
    Let it go whenever..."

    Still, he was in no hurry either, and he made it last another five full
    minutes before he let go.

    "Ooooh sheeeeit...I'm cumming..." His hands were under her ass, and he had
    managed to slip one slippery fingertip into her anus. Then, as his orgasm
    was almost over, he felt her start twitching around his fingertip.

    "Mmmmmh, uhhhh uhhh uuuh!"

    "You too? I felt you cumming around my finger."

    "Right behind you. It was nice."

    "Thank you. I didn't expect you to want to fuck me, after all I had made
    you do."

    "You turned me into a slut, you bastard!"

    "Well, in that case, let's do it once more and with some kissing!"

    Somehow, he had remained hard, and perhaps saved a second load to shoot
    into her body. She did not cum this time, but was happy just the same.

    He took her out of his house blindfolded so she would not know the
    location of his house in case she decided to claim 'rape,' even though Francis
    fervently assured him that she had no such intention.

    "You opened my eyes tonight. I might never do anything like this again,
    but I really enjoyed it for a one time event."

    "One time event? Want to get together and do it again, just you and me?"

    "Yes!" Just like that, she was his. To love on, to fuck, to make over,
    to do his bidding anytime he called, and she told him when it was safe to call,
    and codes to use if needed.

    "One last thing Francis," Bill said as he dropped her at her car. "This is for you."

    He handed her an envelope stuffed with ten one-hundred dollar bills. "It was
    worth it, believe me."

    Francis did not look into the envelope as he placed it in her hands. She did not
    know how to react at taking it. In a way, it was like she was being a paid
    porn actor, but she knew better. Ray liked her, she could tell.

    "Thank you, but even without this, it was...nice."

    Frances was to drive home, alone, and alone in her shower she would wash,
    and wash, and feel the tenderness of her pussy as she lightly washed and then
    lightly dried those lips.

    The very next morning, he, his name was Ray, received a call that would turn
    out to be a very long conversation. "How did it go," he heard from the
    other end?

    "I got her on DVD, just like you hoped."

    "Any problems?"

    "No, your wife was satisfied enough not to want to tell the cops."

    "She took all three guys? No argument?"

    "No argument once she realized what was up. She took them like three ducks
    in a row, only it was three fucks in a row. Each one was better than the last."

    "And every guy got bigger?"

    "Bill, let's just say that your wife might throw rocks at you after having
    the third guy. I don't know what size you are in comparison to the
    first two, but I seriously doubt you could match number three."

    Bill apparently did not want to answer that since he changed the subject,
    but Ray knew from Francis what size he was...small, average small.

    I know you said you would use a couple of buddies. Where did you come
    up with the third and biggest guy?"

    "It was almost a last minute deal. I found him working at the garage where
    I get my car serviced. I had a chance to talk to him when no one else was
    around, so I told him I had a thing going with a beautiful woman and I
    needed one more man who was well hung and did he know anyone?

    I was thinking him of course, but did not want to come right out and ask him
    if he has a big cock because, well, you know.."

    "Ha! Yeah, he might think you are gay or something. So he offered his

    "Yep, and I made him confirm that big dick by whipping it out behind
    my car. It passed muster soon as I saw it soft."

    "It was that big, soft?"

    "Bigger than I am hard. Don't mind admitting that to you."

    " We're lucky to have come up with a guy on short notice. I'm still
    up in the air about how you got three guys to go along with it and wear masks."

    "I just told them I had an innocent little housewife that had never been
    screwed by anyone else and when she told me that I said I could arrange
    for her to have two or three. Then I told them that she was going along
    with it as long as they wore face masks. I also told them she was in
    her twenties."


    "Yes, for two reasons. One, less chance of them ever figuring out who she
    is, and two, they might be more aroused at the thought of a young woman
    over them, and your wife's body, once you showed me those photos is nice
    enough to pass for being in her twenties."

    "And they believed it, while she was on them?"

    "They had their hands all over her as well as their cocks in her, and
    all three left with big smiles on their faces. They went home to their wives, two
    out of three, thinking they had just had themselves a sweet little housewife who
    wanted to do some fucking before she had kids with her husband and got
    all tied down. Also I told them she wanted to do it while her body was still

    He paused, 'But shit, why am I telling you this and spoiling the surprises.
    You need to be watching the video."

    Bill needed to be sure. "And you are sure that none of them knew or
    even had a hint as to her true identity."

    "Not at all, and I made sure that they left first and did not see where I
    took your wife to get her back to her car."

    "And she took this alright? No threats of calling the police? You're pretty
    sure of that?"

    "Just like the three guys, she left with a big smile on her face too." Ray
    paused, "Have you called your wife yet this morning?"

    "Not yet, I wanted to get your feedback first, then when I call her it
    will be interesting to see how she acts on the phone."

    "Well, whatever you do Bill, don't say something stupid that might 'tip
    her off.'"

    "Ray, I'm a lawyer, remember?"

    "Oh yeah. You can handle it."

    "And you didn't fuck her?"

    "Bill, I'll be honest with you, I sure wanted to. But she was pretty worn
    out after those three and I didn't want to be in the position of being
    compared to her number three man, whom was pretty big.

    Besides, you and I had an agreement, I don't fuck your wife because I know
    you as well as who she is. I honored our agreement."

    "That's great. We're on the way back," said Bill. We've got motel units in
    Kansas City reserved for tonight, and we'll riding on in by tomorrow
    night, but probably too late to call you."

    "Ha! Gonna see the old lady first? Hope you don't fall in!"

    A pause, then, "One of the guys was that big?"

    "The third or last one was, like you wanted. Great shots of a lovely little
    pussy being stretched. Just wait till you see it. If you get in a little
    early, you might not want to let your old lady, Francis, know that you are in town
    and stop by to see the video first. Of course, it is over an hour long."

    "I'm with a group and can't speed them up, but if you don't mind me
    calling later at night, like 10 or so, I'll come by to see it, but I won't
    have access to my account till the next day."

    "Hmmm. That's a thought. Once you see how much Francis seemed to
    enjoy herself once she got into it, you might get all upset and not want to
    pay, so maybe we had better wait till the next day. You give me the money
    and then I give you the DVD.

    I can guarantee the results on the video, top notch quality and everything you
    wanted to see. But I have no guarantee about how you will handle it once
    you actually see your wife sucking, fucking and being fucked by other men."

    "Is there anywhere in the video where it looks like she is really upset or
    being forced, like I wanted there not to be?"

    "I'd say no. She took it really well once she realized there was no escape.
    And quite frankly, I think she was about ready for this after, what did you
    say...30 years of marriage?

    "Yes, in a couple of months it will be 30 years, and she's never
    cheated, far as I know."

    Ray avoided asking Bill if he had ever cheated. For sure he probably had.
    "I got that impression too. First time everything for her. She is one fine
    woman and maybe you need to treat her a little better, especially after

    By the way Bill, your wife was pretty secretive and protective about her
    marriage. When I asked her what king of 'excuse' she was going to make
    up to her husband about getting home late, she finally said you were out
    late that night, but never once did she let on that you were out of town.

    Also, while I was telling her there would be three masked guys in a row,
    each one bigger, I asked her how big her husband was and she wouldn't say
    at first, not until she became involved.
    She was maintaining your privacy, even though I did not know you. So I'd
    say overall, you have a really fine wife, and up till now at least, I would
    say she has been loyal."

    "I'll try paying more attention to her in the future."

    "If she acts like nothing happened when you get to her tomorrow night
    and in the future, what do you plan to do with her? Just go on as normal
    and secretly have your video, or maybe try to get her to fuck other men
    while you watch, or maybe swap mates with some couple? I can visualize
    all kinds of scenarios you might go through."

    A pause... "I don't know Ray. Haven't thought that far ahead, but if I
    like seeing this video as much as I think I will, I might slowly work on her
    to maybe try some variety, but only with me involved."

    "Well, if you do, I volunteer to act as your 'variety'...ha ha ha.
    Actually, I'm just kidding, because even though I was masked all the time, she did
    hear my voice, and we could never risk that."

    "Well, you might never get to fuck her, but you surely got some good
    visuals. At this moment, you know a lot more about what my wife looks like naked
    and involved with other men under and over her than I do."

    "She's beautiful Bill. Absolutely a first class woman, not only physically but
    I'd say mentally based on how she handled what she thought could have been
    a bad situation. You can try experimenting with her, but if she bolts, I
    would give it up pronto. She's too good to lose."

    A sigh could be heard before Bill answered. "Sounds like some good advice
    and it sounds good Ray about the video. I'll plan on picking it up day
    after tomorrow."

    O.K. I'll have the DVD ready for you, and you'll have the money ready for
    me, right?"

    "You got it, three thousand for your trouble."

    "I strongly advise you not to keep this DVD at home. Sure as shit if you
    do, your wife will find it!"

    "I'll keep it in my safe at work. Got my own office, and I can watch it
    there when my employees go home."

    "You're going to be jerking off big time, when you see how excited your
    little wife gets. Once she got going, look out!"

    "It's about time she had some action. I've always wanted to see my wife
    with other men."

    "Well, ever since you showed me those photos of your wife on the bed,
    I've wanted to see her with other men too." They both had a laugh over

    Then Bill said, "See you day after tomorrow..." he hesitated, then
    said, "Ray? Give me another minute. I'm kind of curious how she is going
    to act, especially when I get her into bed and she has to act like nothing

    "You probably won't notice any difference in the way she acts, but I
    won't make any promises about how she will feel, I mean physically
    when you put it in."

    "Do you think it changed her, stretched her out?"

    "I don't know man. I'm no expert. I'm just kidding, but maybe I should
    have fucked Francis before the three guys, and then after, then I would
    be able to tell you. Too late for that now. Just kidding you understand.

    I guess I can tell you this. When I got her to my place, she was still
    'out' so I laid her down on the bed and stripped her, completely. That was our
    plan anyhow, to have her wake up naked to save time.

    I'll be honest with you. I got me some feels, but it wasn't as exciting
    as it might have been because she was 'out.' Then while I was at the foot of the
    bed and waiting for her to wake up, I was so turned on by looking at her
    that I went over and spread her legs way out to both sides, then I sat
    there and stared at the prettiest little snatch I think I have ever seen."

    "Shit! That sounds really hot."

    I...her legs were wide enough that her slit was opened and I could see
    inside. I was wondering how it was going to go to see that cute little
    pussy being opened wide by some dicks, especially number three."

    "Yeah, I wish I could have been there to see it live, but I'll have the next
    best thing. She was really stretched out then?"

    "She was, at least, temporarily. I do know that both my wives felt
    different, not as tight after they had kids, but a kid is way bigger than a dick so
    I don't know if a big dick would do enough 'damage' to make a woman feel different.

    I've never, far as I know, had a woman be only with me, and then try some guy
    bigger and then come back to me. Tell you what Bill, you let me know if you
    feel a difference once you've fucked Francis, O.K.? I think we know enough
    about her now to be able to discuss it."

    "Hmmmmph. Yeah, Francis has never had any kids coming out, but now she's
    had 'big' going in. I'll let you know how it goes, how she feels..."

    "She was tight for you, I presume?"

    "Yes, very."

    "If you're lucky, she might still feel tight for you, but you'll always know,
    she knows now what other men feel like."

    "Yeah, three men, different sizes."

    "Bill, I kind of got an idea as to what size you are while filming the video, but
    I'm wondering if you will admit anything to me."

    "Like what size I am?"

    "Yes, so I can remember in my mind how she was acting with each man
    as they got bigger. All the time I was wondering what size she had been
    getting at home."

    "I might as well tell you. I'm average-sized, about six inches and medium

    "About the same size as her first guy it sounds like. That's good, because
    the next two were both larger."

    "Yes, that was my plan, what I hoped to see." Inwardly Bill was thinking,
    "Shit, her first guy was probably larger than me.'

    Bill had exaggerated his size, and Ray knew, but said nothing about what Francis
    had said about her husband's cock. Bill would soon know the truth, when he
    saw his wife being so talkative on the video.

    "You planning on calling her this morning?"

    "Yeah, soon as I get a quick breakfast. My roommate is waiting for me. I'm
    outside the motel room for privacy and after I eat I'll give her a call
    before we hit the road."

    Ray was anxious to get off the phone. This was dragging out too long.
    "Be interesting if you detect anything in the tone of her voice, but
    I'll bet she keeps her little 'secret' real well. Call me when you get in or are
    ready to pick up."

    "You got it." Bill clicked off his cell phone and smiled. 'Yes, yes! At last
    I'm going to get to see my wife in action. I can never tell her, or show
    her, but I will have the DVD to watch anytime I please. This has worked out
    really great.

    Getting those photos of Francis and then 'begging' her to let me keep
    them knowing full well she would say 'no' was a bit of genius on my
    part, hee hee. She thought they were gone, and all the while I had already made
    copies before I called her in to see them.

    Fuck. My showing those shots to Ray got him all inspired. Once he saw
    her body, he was ready and willing to pull this off. Giving him the money
    for taking the risk is well worth it.'

    Bill returned to the motel room he was sharing with one of the men
    in the biker group he was riding with on the return from Sturgis. He smiled
    at his biker buddy and received a smile in return. "How's it going at
    home," the guy asked?"

    'If only you knew...' thought Bill. "I didn't reach her on the phone.
    She might be in the shower, so I'll call her again soon as we eat and just before
    we get on the road."

    When Ray hung up the phone, he grinned and stretched his body by
    waving his arms over his head. What a dream last night had been. It was the
    deal of the century. His earning money for himself while getting some
    buddies laid, getting to fuck Bill's wife twice, and then keeping a copy of the
    DVD for himself. He would give Francis's husband a copy that ended with her
    fucking the black guy and finishing up.

    The copy that included his discussion with Francis and ending up with her
    fucking Ray would be kept by Ray. Ray knew better than to be honest
    and tell Bill that he had fucked Francis because he knew her identity and
    knowing that someone had fucked his wife who knew who she was might
    not sit too well with Bill.

    Not only did Ray have some big bucks coming from Bill, he would be
    getting some big fucks from Bill's wife in the future, and he had that DVD.
    Ray had kept some cash on hand for just such an eventuality as Francis
    willingly going along, especially if she might have a financial incentive.

    Giving Francis a grand for her 'work' on the film had been like giving
    candy to a baby. Ray had plenty of money, and when the time came, he
    would spend lots of it on Francis.

    Fuck! An amazing thing had happened during his adventure with Francis.
    Well, actually the entire thing had been amazing but when Francis had
    suggested his doing her doggy first, Ray had almost blurted out the
    truth, that ever since her husband had showed him that ass shot of her wearing
    panties in the doggy, and he had seen her 'camel toe' and that wet spot,
    Ray had dreamed of getting her in just that position.

    And then she had suggested it. Holding onto and looking down at her lovely
    ass while watching his cock opening her pussy and going deep had been a fantasy
    like no other...fulfilled. Is life great, or what?

    And then, after waiting an hour, Ray called Francis.


    "Hi baby."

    "Ray? How did you know it was safe to call me now?"

    "You told me that if it wasn't safe you would say...'This is Francis.'"

    "Oh yes, I sort of forgot. I wasn't expecting you to call so soon."

    "I was wondering how you are feeling this morning now that you have
    had a chance to 'sleep on it.' and also, if you have talked to your husband
    yet, or did you pretend to be asleep when he got in? Has he already
    left for work?"

    Of course Ray knew that her husband was still out of town, but he had
    to play the game.

    "Hee hee. To tell the truth, Ray, now that I know you dropped me
    off safe and sound, well, maybe not completely sound if you know what
    I mean, I'll tell you what I didn't dare last night. My husband is off on a
    motorcycle trip to Sturgis and is probably on his way home about now."

    "Shit. That means, if you had felt safe in telling me, we could have spent
    the night together."

    "That might have been nice, but after that workout you three, no...four
    counting you gave me, about all I could have done with you would be to
    cuddle. Are you a cuddler?"

    "Yes, actually, and I can't think of anyone I would like to cuddle with
    more than you."

    "That's nice. Maybe I would have been recovered enough this morning
    to...have sex with you."

    "I notice you didn't say..'fuck me.'

    "Now that the...'orgy' is over with, if you and I start anything, I'd
    like to drop the dirty talk and have a little bit of 'romance' in it, even if it
    is pretend."

    "Francis, I do want to start something, and I would just love to have
    a little bit of romance in it. I can think of nothing better and there'd
    be no need to 'pretend.'"

    "We'll see. Next time we get together, we can do some talking first..."

    "When do you expect your husband to get home? Have you talked to him
    since...last night?"

    "Just a few minutes ago. Bill, that's his name, called me from some motel
    and expects to get in late tonight."

    "Then, if you like, we could get together today and...talk?"

    "Oh...are you ever anxious....but truthfully, I am too. We can talk yes,
    and maybe...a little more. Let's see how it goes."

    "And you don't plan to say anything to your husband about..last night?"

    "No, never. There would be too many questions, and probably some
    accusations, like I 'asked for it' or that maybe I 'enjoyed it' or something."

    "Would he act like that?"

    "Maybe. Sometimes I think I know him after all these years, and then he
    goes through changes, like since he got his motorcycle."

    "When and where do you want to meet? And if you like, after we talk, I
    can show you my place."

    Hee hee. "You mean the 'scene of the crime?"

    "Glad to hear you laugh about it. Let's meet at..."

    Everything was arranged. They would start their 'affair' today, and after
    some talk, fuck.

    Ray was a scoundrel. He had not told Bill any details about the third guy
    in advance other than he was huge. Bill would find out that the man was
    black when he viewed the DVD.

    A black man had fucked Bill's wife. Ray suspected that Bill might be a
    little prejudiced since he had talked about how some of the 'black bikers'
    were giving all bikers a bad name at Myrtle Beach.

    That was the real reason why Ray had told Bill that it was best that they
    waited until Ray had his money before Bill saw the video. Yes, Bill might
    be a bit upset when he saw his lovely, faithful wife getting off both on
    top of, and under a big black buck!

    Not only had Francis fucked the black guy, but she had done it in two positions
    and even allowed him to remove his mask so he could see her breasts, and quite
    frankly, her entire body in the process.

    And she had kissed him, feverishly. And climaxed, more than once. Yes, if
    Bill was prejudiced, he was about to get a shock to his system. But ultimately,
    Ray knew, Bill would not only jack off to seeing the other two men wirh
    his wife, he might spend most of his jackoff time watching Francis with
    the black man.

    The black guy might not have known who Francis was, but Francis
    knew that she was getting fucked to totally satisfied exhaustion by a black
    guy. Ray had been behind her and shooting as she said her 'goodbyes.'

    'I still can't imagine,' thought Ray, that anyone would actually pay big
    bucks to see his wife get fucked by strange men. How weird is that? But, the way
    it looked, it all was working out pretty good for everybody. He thought
    back to that video....

    You could see his cum oozing out of her and dripping on the floor as
    Francis stood on her tippy-toes and kissed the black guy goodbye. Bill
    would see that on the DVD, first his wife with a black man deep into her as
    she pumps away on top and then her turning him over.

    Then seeing the black guy making her moan and reach an intense orgasm, and
    then later her willingly kissing him with a big smile on her face while his cum
    was running out of her.

    Yes, it was a wild video, and Bill would be getting perhaps more than he had
    paid for.
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