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. The Year-long Visitor and His Black Friends

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Mar 14, 2019.

. The Year-long Visitor and His Black Friends 4.8 5 6votes
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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    The Year-long Visitor and His Black Friends
    by RLM


    A Pool Party with the Raynes

    I had already showered, fixed my hair, and done my makeup when Gordon came in from his office as VP of Engineering and Director or Research Operations. Since I had not yet put on my dress, he caught me wearing nothing but heels and a sexy pair of mint green panties.

    "Wow! Hot! Sexy! That's the way I like for my wife to welcome me home!"

    Gordon pulled me into his arms and a moment later our mouths were crushed together in a passionate, long kiss during which his hands explored my naked tits, my ass, and thighs. Before our mouths parted, his hard 8.5-inch erection was grinding into my belly.

    "I can't wait any longer to fuck you, Paula. Shall we?" my virile, sexy husband said nodding his head in the general direction of our master bedroom. I wanted to race him to the bedroom, but I had already accepted the invitation from Bryce and Ginger to come over for dinner followed by a pool party and sexy games. If I went to the bedroom with Gordon, we wouldn't get out of bed for two hours.

    "I want your big cock as much or more than you want to sink it into me, but Ginger called me this afternoon and insisted we join them for dinner at their house followed by a pool party, and some sexy games. She would be furious if I brought you over already totally drained. She's really looking forward to ravishing you after dinner tonight, Honey. So you need to get dressed and don't forget to take a bathing suit."

    "What makes you think I'm not up to taking care of both you and Ginger?"

    "Only in your dreams, Baby. Only in your dreams. Wear something tight and sexy. I'm wearing my white dress that just barely covers my ass and looks like it's sprayed on."

    "Sounds like Ginger's not the only woman who has plans for the evening."

    "How did you guess? Come on. Hurry up and get dressed. Ginger and Bryce are expecting us at 7:00."
    Having gotten a substantial head start on Gordon, I was ready before he came out of the bedroom dressed and ready to go. He looked hot! "Christ, what am I doing going over to Ginger and Bryce's home when I've got the sexiest stud on the planet right here?" I asked myself as I stared at my husband in his tight shirt and slacks. Every time he moved, I could see his toned and powerful muscles rippling beneath the shirt. The slacks molded his cock perfectly. Even flaccid, it was still a thick 6 inches of pussy-wetting man meat. When it got hard, Ginger was going to go wild... just like I was right now.

    "My god, Gordon. You're the hottest looking man I've ever laid eyes on. Let's go to bed."

    "Would love to, Honey, but we have a dinner date at 7 PM, remember? And speaking of hot! You're positively smoking. Bryce is gonna shoot off in his pants when he sees you in that dress."

    "I hope not. That's not where I'm planning for him to shoot. Come on, Stud. Let's go."

    It was 7 PM exactly when we rang the front doorbell at Ginger and Bryce's home. Bryce was a senior engineer at one of the largest oil companies in the midwest. As such, he commanded a great salary and their home reflected that fact. With 3500 square feet of living space, beautifully decorated and furnished, and complete with a gorgeous pool and bath houses in the back, it was one of the nicest homes in the area.

    Bryce answered the door, and did a double take when he saw me. I loved it. His eyes filled with unconcealed lust. The effect on his cock was very evident as his pants bulged outward with his erection. His shaft wasn't as long as Gordon's but it was just as thick... maybe even a little thicker, but I never told Gordon that. Best of all, he knew exactly how to use his big dick to make a woman explode repeatedly. I had always enjoyed Bryce, and I had no doubt that I would again tonight.

    "Hi, Bryce. It's been awhile," I said in a low whisper.

    "It has. Too long. You look fabulous, Paula, but then you always do." Turning to Gordon, Bryce asked, "Do you mind if I kiss this gorgeous wife of yours?"

    "I think you had better do that unless you want to make her angry, and take my word for it, that wouldn't be a smart thing to do, Bryce."

    "I hear you, Man!"

    I moved easily into his powerful arms. Bryce was a big man, not fat, just muscular and sexy. He lifted me easily onto tip toes as his open mouth meshed with mine. As our tongues explored, he lifted me even higher so that his hard cock was pressed directly against my pussy. Effortlessly, he raised and lowered me on his shaft grinding the head against my clitoris with authority until he had me gasping and hunching against his concealed weapon.

    Our kiss continued as his hands moved under my skirt onto my ass. Then, they slipped beneath the panties and probed at my anus.

    "Aaaaahhh... Aaaahhhh... Aaaahhhh," I moaned softly. "Oh Honey, if you keep this up, I'll cum right here in the doorway. Let's save it for later."

    "Your wish is my command, Paula. You're just very, very hard to resist."

    "You aren't supposed to resist, Bryce. You're supposed to get hard and hot for me."

    "I am. Couldn't you tell?"

    "Easily. Your hard cock was a good clue."

    "I suppose it was. How about you? Are you hot for me?"

    "Why do think I was about to climax? It's hard for a woman not to get hot when you grind that big cock into her clit, Honey."

    "I like that! Well, come on in. Ginger's waiting for us in the dining room."

    When we entered the dining room, I wasn't the least bit surprised to find Ginger sitting with her legs crossed and her dress hiked almost up to the tops of thighs. She was leaning forward exposing over half of her tits and giving Gordon a perfect down her cleavage. Ignoring me, she stared right at my husband, in particular, right at his perfectly molded semi-erect penis.

    "Hi, Gordon. It's been far too long since I've seen you. Bring that big, hard thing over here for me to feel, Honey."

    My husband didn't put up any more resistance than I had when Bryce was all over me and grinding his erection in my pussy. In spite of our open marriage and my behavior with Bryce a few minutes previously, I felt a rush of jealousy rising as I watched the sexy brunette's hand feeling my husband's hard cock while the two of them kissed. When she started stroking his erection while Gordon hefted her big tits, I felt my face flush.

    Embarrassed by my reaction, I turned to Bryce and said, "How about fixing me a before-dinner drink, Bryce."

    "You got it, Paula. What's your pleasure?"

    "How about a glass of white wine? Anything will do. Red's ok if you don't have white."

    I walked with Bryce to the bar and watched as he fixed himself a scotch and poured my wine. However, out of the corner of my eye, I continued to watch Ginger and Gordon. The sexy bitch now had his pants unzipped with her hand inside feeling his cock, which I knew by this time had to be fully erect. Even though Bryce had almost made me cum five minutes previously right in front of my husband, I still felt a surge of jealousy that Ginger was getting to feel Gordon's hard dick instead of me. The double standard works just as well for women as it does for men, I thought to myself.

    All through dinner, Bryce had his leg and thigh pressed against mine and half the time, one of his hands was under the table on my thigh or between them. Several times, he pressed against my inner thigh letting me know he wanted me to spread my legs wider to give him better access. The first couple of times, I resisted, but on the third try, I grinned at him and spread my legs. In a flash, his hand was on my pussy rubbing me through the thin material of my panties. With his fingers working sensuously over my clit, it was very difficult for me to concentrate on eating.

    After Bryce's hand had worked over and around my erect, throbbing clitoris for five minutes, dinner was totally forgotten as he brought me higher and higher ... closer and closer to a huge orgasm. My body slowly slid lower and lower in the seat until my ass was right at the edge of my chair.

    Just before I lost all control, I noticed that Ginger's body was slumped down in her chair with her ass as close to the edge as mine was. I could see her body trembling, as mine was. She was as close to cumming on Gordon's fingers as I was on Bryce's.

    At almost the same time, Ginger's mouth and mine stretched wide open, our tongues shot out flicking rapidly over our top lips. Our bodies shuddered as blood rushed into our swollen clits. Mine throbbed hard. I groaned right along with Ginger whose clit was throbbing just as hard as mine. They throbbed again and again forcing us to shriek in hot pleasure as our orgasms erupted. I wondered if Ginger's clit was throbbing as hard as mine. I howled uncontrollably when my vagina contracted spastically. A moment later Ginger's groans mixed with mine.
    The men cleared the table, rinsed the dishes, and put them in the dishwasher while Ginger and I were changing into our swim suits. We were already sunning ourselves beside the pool when Gordon and Bryce joined us. Both men were wearing form-fitting Speedo bathing suits that just barely managed to contain their cocks when flaccid. There was no way in hell their suits would be able to manage that when they got erections, which seemed imminent when the men saw us in our revealing suits.

    As Bryce stared at me with barely concealed lust, I posed for him with one arm raised behind my head so that my tits thrust right at him. "I think your husband likes what he sees, Ginger."

    Bryce's cock was already becoming erect as his eyes darted back and forth between my tits and barely concealed pussy. However, a quick glance at my husband let me know that Bryce's cock wasn't the only one getting hard. Gordon's big dick was already about to thrust up over the top of his suit as he stared at Ginger posing beside the pool with her bra pulled down below her tits.

    "Both of you are just drop-dead gorgeous," Gordon groaned as the swollen head of his cock made its first appearance above the top of his suit.

    "They're all of that," Bryce agreed. "But you're seeing more of my wife than I'm seeing of yours. That's not fair. Come on, Paula. Lose the bra," he complained.

    Turning sideways, I untied my bra but didn't allow it to fall away from my tits. "I've done half the work, Honey. I've untied it. Why don't you come over here and finish the job?" Ten seconds later my bra was lying on the side of the pool.

    "You guys certainly took your sweet time," Ginger said. "Paula and I have been waiting for you for close to 15 minutes. We were beginning to think you weren't interested in joining us."

    "Bullshit," Bryce exclaimed. You had us doing the dishes before we could put on our suits. That's what took us so long."

    "You could have forgotten the suits, Honey. I can tell you that neither Paula nor I would have objected. Anyway, you're here now. How about rubbing some suntan lotion on my back, Gordon. I'm sure you wouldn't want my back to get so burned I couldn't lie on it later on," Ginger teased.

    "That's for certain," Gordon agreed as he grabbed the bottle of sun block and moved beside Ginger at the edge of the pool. As my husband coated Ginger's back and thighs with the lotion using one hand, his second hand slipped underneath the bottom half of her bikini and coated her ass.

    "This side's done, Ginger. Turn over."

    "Whatever you say, Lover." As she turned over, she spread her legs and steepled her right knee. "Do me, Honey," she whispered.

    While Gordon was working on Ginger, Bryce was busy with me. His hands captured both of my tits as his mouth covered mine. In just moments, we were grinding our bodies together feverishly causing. Three inches of his thick cock was now exposed above his suit, and as it thrust against my pussy, I couldn't keep my ass still.

    "Oh fuck," he moaned.

    "Yes... YES! Fuck... into me. Hard. AAAahhhhh."

    "Take of the damned suit, Paula."

    "AAAaahhh... oh yes.... let me lie down, Baby, so I can get it off."

    Bryce lowered me to the side of the pool, stepped back and pulled his suit down his thighs. His thick organ thrust upward, quivering, fluids dripping from the tip of his swollen helmet. "Cunt! I want to see your cunt," he growled.

    Frantically, I untied the side of my bikini and pulled it away from my pussy. Lying back, I spread wide. "Can you see it, Bryce?"

    "Fuck it, Paula. Finger fuck it!" he ordered.

    "That's your job, Lover."

    "Stretch it for me, Baby. Get it ready for cock."

    "Honey, it's always ready for your thick cock. Get on me. Get in me!"

    "Not yet. I want to watch you finger fuck."

    "Mmmmmm... Kinky bastard," I hissed as I plunged my finger into my wet hole. "This what you want to see?"

    Before Bryce could mount me, we both heard my husband moaning on the other side of the pool. When Bryce and I looked over, we saw why. Ginger had all 8.5 inches of Gordon's cock buried in her throat. Her lips were locked around the base of his dick as her cheeks hollowed with the suction she was applying to his shaft.

    "Ohhhh FUCK! Suck it, Ginger! Jesus! That's incredible!!"

    "I never knew your wife could suck that much cock," I whispered into Bryce's ear.

    "She started dating a guy with a 10-inch cock about a year ago. He taught her how to do it. Man, I'm telling you, I felt like sending the guy a thank-you note. Can you do that?"

    "I need to cum, Baby. Fuck me with that thick dick of yours and get me off, then I'll give you a demonstration."

    "You drive a hard bargain, Paula."

    "Deal with it, Stud. Now shut up and fuck me!"

    "OOOHHH GAWD, YES! RAM IT INTO MEEEEEEEEE!!" I howled as I jerked my legs up and back. Bryce moved between my legs, and I aligned his rigid shaft with my opening. A moment later he drove it into me.

    Bryce gave it to me hard, fast, and deep. When his thick organ stretched me open and sank into my hole, hot spasms rippled upward into my belly causing my muscles to knot. He pulled back slowly and then rammed back into my waiting hole bringing wails of pleasure from my lungs.

    I could see my husband watching as I got fucked. Licking my lips, I smiled at him and raised my legs even higher in the air so Gordon would see the thick dick disappearing into his wife's cunt. His response was immediate. He grabbed Ginger's head, and began rapidly fucking her mouth. Somehow, she stayed on his cock taking every inch down her throat on every thrust.

    As Bryce fucked me harder, Gordon did the same to his wife. Our eyes locked. Our passionate groans mixed ... my female shrieks coming each time my vagina was stretched and filled with cock ... Gordon's masculine grunts exploding each time he drove his dick down Ginger's throat.

    After five minutes of hard fucking, I was right at the edge. Nodding my head at my husband, I mouthed the words, "I'm cumming". In turn, he mouthed the words, "Me too". My vagina convulsed around Bryce's ejaculating cock at the same time as Gordon's cock filled Ginger's throat with his load.

    After our orgasms abated, we slipped into the cooling water and swam a few laps of the pool. I would have done more but Bryce had other things he wanted me to do. Specifically, he wanted me to keep my promise to demonstrate my cock sucking skills.

    Climbing out of the pool, I said, "If you want that demonstration, Bryce, get your big cock out of the pool and come over here." He was out of the pool and sitting beside me in a flash. "Lie down, Lover, and enjoy."

    I spent several minutes caressing his body, licking up his chest and balls while my fingers lightly stroked his turgid shaft. It only took about five minutes to get Bryce's dick hard as stone and throbbing in my hand.

    "Oh god, Paula. Stop teasing me. Suck it."

    "If you want a woman to suck this big, thick dick, you have to ask her nicely, Honey."

    "I know a lot of women who would love to get this cock in their mouth."

    "Really? Why don't you give them a call then? I'll watch."

    He laughed and said, "Please, Honey. Suck my dick."

    "Whatever you say, Lover."

    Bryce lay back and stretched his legs out, spreading them to give me full access. Bending over his body with my tits mashed into his thigh, I circled his balls with both hands. His thick shaft stood upright... throbbing in the air... its head bloated and pulsing.

    "Oh god, hurry. My cock feels like it about to explode already."

    I licked the head. It jerked spastically bringing a hot moan of pleasure. I pulled back. Another moan... this time, one of frustration and need. Kissing his cock head brought more groans. His ass arched upward desperately trying to get his organ into my mouth. Squeezing his balls produced another series of grunts accompanied by hard, spastic contractions of his blood-engorged cock. Bryce was now begging me to suck him. Finally, I engulfed his entire organ... all the way to his balls... and gave him what he wanted.


    Not more than 15 feet away, my husband had Bryce's wife on her back with her knees pressed back on either side of her head, her body almost bent in half. The position elevated her cunt into perfect fucking position, and Gordon was taking full advantage by ramming all 8.5 inches of meat into the wailing brunette's helplessly waiting hole.


    At that point, Bryce jerked my mouth off his throbbing cock. "What's wrong?" I stammered.

    "Your pussy! I want to fuck you, Paula, and shoot up your cunt at the same time as Gordon pumps his load into Ginger."

    "Oh yes! How do you want me?"

    "Stand up and bend over."

    Rising to my feet, I spread wide and bent over at the waist with my pussy thrust back toward Bryce. "Is this the way you want me, Honey?"

    "Not quite. Bend lower, Paula. Press those big tits against your thighs and put your hands behind your back. Hurry! Gordon's really ramming it into her Ginger. Now. He's gonna cum in her soon."

    When I had assumed the position Bryce had ordered, he took hold of my hands and pulled my cunt back against his engorged sex spike. An instant later, it stretched me open and surged up my vagina, thudding hard against my cervix.



    All four of us were groaning and screaming as we all came at nearly the same time.

    After getting out of the pool, we took showers and dressed. Naturally, Bryce and I shared the shower in their spacious guest bedroom while Gordon and Ginger used the one in the master bedroom. I expected that Bryce would be screwing me again before we finished in the shower, but he was still recovering from his two orgasms at the pool so I had to settle for some kissing and making out.

    When I asked Gordon later that night if he had fucked Ginger again in the shower, he seemed surprised... almost shocked. "Well, yeah, of course I fucked her. Is that a problem? Is there some reason I wasn't supposed to get into her in the shower or something?" he answered, obviously confused.

    "No. No reason at all, Honey. I was just curious," I replied. My husband grinned clearly relieved that he hadn't stepped across some boundary he wasn't supposed to cross.

    I knew that some wives might have been angry with their husbands for fucking another woman in the shower when they hadn't gotten any, but I was elated. Although Bryce was an excellent lover with a very nice cock, he just wasn't in my husband's league. As I had known for a long, long time, Gordon is the best... the absolute top-of-the-line, and since I have him all the time, I don't begrudge my friends a taste of the best from time to time.

    After getting dressed, the four of us relaxed in the den while Ginger brought in some wine, several cheeses, and an assortment of crackers. Even though dinner had been excellent, all the sex had given the four us renewed appetites and we thoroughly enjoyed the snacks.

    As we ate, Ginger said, "Paula, Bryce and I need to discuss something with you and Gordon. It's sort of serious so we've waited until we can all concentrate on something other than sex to bring it up."

    "Gordon nodded as he popped another cheese-covered cracker into his mouth, and I replied, "Sure. Is something wrong?"

    "No. Nothing's wrong. In fact, in a way, it's good news. Bryce has just been offered the Managing Director's position for Alaskan and Off-shore operations with his corporation. My husband constantly says it's just a different title on the door of his office, but he's just being modest. The truth is that it's a huge promotion for him."

    "That's fantastic, Bryce!" Gordon exclaimed rising to his feet and giving his friend a sincere high-five followed by an enthusiastic handshake. "I'm delighted to see that the upper-level administration of your corporation can recognize real talent when they see it. Well-deserved. Congratulations!"

    I think Bryce actually blushed he was so pleased with my husband's obviously sincere reaction to the news. He certainly had every right to be pleased... Gordon is not given to diplomatic, gushing complements. I joined him by saying, "That is wonderful, Bryce. I know you're both very pleased, and so are we. So, is there a problem?"

    Ginger and Bryce looked at each other. Finally, Bryce nodded at his wife indicating that she should tell us what was on their minds. "Yes, there is a problem, Paula. Before Bryce gets the promotion to the Director's position, the CEO wants him to spend the coming year at our Alaskan headquarters and visiting our north shore and off-shore sites so he will have hands-on experience with the problems, needs, and changes that may need to be made. After the year in Alaska, we'll be returning here with Bryce as the new Managing Director."

    "Oh good! I was afraid you were going to tell us that you were moving to Alaska permanently. Even so, we'll certainly miss you for the next year. We'll just have to have some extra parties when you return to make up for lost time together and in bed," I said with a grin that got an even bigger smile from Bryce.

    "We love that idea, Paula, but I haven't gotten to our problem yet. Our son Brian just turned 17. He'll be a senior in high school this coming fall. While he's happy for us that Bryce's value to the company has been recognized with this promotion, he's really distraught about have to spend his senior year at a new school at the north shore of Alaska. The temperatures are just awful. With essentially no snow or ice here, he's never learned to ski or ice skate... or for that matter any winter sports. So, he wants to stay here for the next year while we're on the north shore."

    Now Gordon spoke. "I'm getting the picture. You don't want your son to be unhappy during his final year in high school, which he certainly would be in the frozen tundra of the north shore with no friends, girl friends, no sports, nothing to do but huddle inside the house, study, and watch TV. But, it would be crazy for Bryce to reject this promotion because of that, and Bryce doesn't want to be alone on the north shore without his wife anymore than Brian wants to be there without his friends, his girlfriend, sports, etc. Right? Moreover, at 17, neither of you are comfortable with having Brian alone and on his own for a year. All sorts of very bad things could happen. Have I got the picture correctly?"

    "I would say you have pegged perfectly," Bryce commented. "What we wanted..."

    Gordon held up his hand interrupting Bryce's statement. "Let me finish. As I was about to say, this really is not a problem. Paula and I have plenty of room. We'll give Brian one of the guest bedrooms as his room and let him fix it up anyway he likes. We'll be his substitute parents for the year the two of you are gone. Provided, of course, that this is satisfactory to Brian and provided he'll willing to accept what Paula and I say as he would if it came from his parents. Is that what you were going to ask us?"

    "You make it very easy, Gordon. Thank you," Bryce said.

    Are you certain Gordon's suggestion is Ok with you, Paula?" Ginger asked.

    "Absolutely. Brian won't be any trouble at all. In fact, it will be fun having him with us for a year."

    At this point, my husband spoke again. "I just have one question. Are the two of you certain that you're comfortable with having your 17-year old son spend a year with Paula and me?"

    A broad smile crossed Ginger's face. "More than comfortable, Gordon. Much more. Brian is a very young man who has a lot to learn, and quite frankly, I can't think of any way he could possibly get a better education than spending a year with Paula... eh... both you and Paula, I mean."

    "Don't worry. We'll take good care of him," I replied.

    "I'm sure of it," they both said almost in unison.

    "Ok. So much for the serious stuff. How about something more fun? I would really like to fuck these two foxes again... right here, side-by-side on these two couches. That sound like a plan to you, Gordon?" Bryce asked.

    "I'd say that's a perfect plan. If your plans as the new Managing Director are just half as good as that one, you're going to be a huge success. But, as usual, the final decision in such plans always rests with the women. What say the two of you?"

    "Why are you two guys still dressed?" I asked in response.
    Our clothes were scattered all around the room. Ginger and I had gotten the two men side-by-side on one of the couches and given them head until they were both thrusting frantically into our mouths. When they got close, Ginger gave me our pre-arranged signal, and we both pulled away from their throbbing erections.

    Both husbands groaned with frustration. "Don't stop," Gordon moaned.

    "No way, Lover," Ginger hissed. The two of you can't have too many more loads left in your balls, and Paula and I want whatever you have left in our pussies."

    "How about your asses," I heard my husband ask.

    "Mine's available," I responded.

    They didn't need any more encouragement than that. The men spread us out on the two touching couches on our backs. Bryce mounted me and quickly nailed his rigid prick into my more than ready pussy. A few feet away, Ginger howled as Gordon's thick cock hit her opening dead center and quickly socked 8 inches of dick into her cunt. The two men fucked us hard and deep. I came once very quickly and then a second time just as Ginger was groaning in her first orgasm.

    Neither of our husbands had yet shot off when they pulled out of our convulsing pussies and sat on the couch. "Mount it," Bryce commanded. From the other couch, I heard my husband giving Ginger essentially the same order.

    "You heard my husband, Ginger. Ass sit his cock," I said.

    She didn't have to ask what Gordon meant. At the same moment that I was sliding Bryce's cock into my overheated vagina in reverse cowgirl position, Ginger was doing the same with Gordon's cock except that his tool was going into her ass. Both men held our hips and drove into us hard and deep. Very quickly, a chorus of female groans filled the room.

    As Bryce fucked me, I couldn't tear my eyes off of my husband's big cock as it slammed into Ginger's widely stretched asshole. Before the men shot their loads, I had come again and Ginger had gotten off twice.
    Bryce and Gordon screwed us deliciously side-by-side.

    Brian Moves In:

    At the beginning of August, a week before the scheduled departure of Bryce and Ginger for their year-long stay in Alaska, we all had a meeting over dinner in our home so Brian would have the opportunity to check out his new home for the next year and see if he was still cool with the plan.

    While Ginger and the men were setting the table and finishing up the cooking for dinner, I asked Brian if he would like a tour of our home. His response was an enthusiastic 'yes'. As I led him through the downstairs portion of the house, I was very aware of the attention he was paying to my face and body. In fact, he was having a difficult time looking any other place. This was no surprise as most men usually check me out, and being a randy 17-year old guy, Brian was very close to his sexual peak, which for men arrives between the ages of 18 to 19.

    After showing him around the downstairs paying particular attention to the utility room in case he had any washing he wanted to do himself, the den and associated TV and sound systems, the study, and our three-car garage where he could park his car along side of ours, I took him outside to the pool area.

    "You and your friends are welcome to use the pool provided your friends first allow either Gordon or me to check out their swimming ability. None of us wants anyone to drown."

    "I can check that first, if you like Mrs. Baxter," Brian volunteered.

    "I'm sure you could, but that puts a lot of pressure on you if you have to deny someone access. It's better if we take care of this oversight responsibility. Are you Ok with that?"

    "Sure. No problem. I'll tell all my friends in advance and also let you and Mr. Baxter know in advance when I want to invite anyone over."

    "That's perfect, Brian. And by the way, you're welcome to use our first names. Mine is Paula and my husband's is Gordon."

    "That's cool. Thanks, Paula. But when others are around, I would be more comfortable using Mr. and Mrs. Baxter, if that's Ok?"

    "That's fine. Oh, one more thing. When you use the pool, no diving is allowed. The deepest part of the pool is only six feet, which is plenty for swimming and water games but not nearly deep enough for diving. Be certain to let your friends know that."

    "I will. Absolutely."

    "Any questions about the downstairs part of the house?"

    "Will I have a house key?"

    "Of course, and also an electronic garage door opener. Just be careful not to lose the key, or we'll have to change all the locks. Anything else?"

    "Nothing I can think of at the moment."

    "Great. Let's go upstairs so I can show you your room and the facilities and see if you would like us to make any changes before you move in. Follow me."

    As I led the way up the stairs, Brian followed two steps behind me. When I was halfway to the top, I realized that my young charge had fallen even further behind. From where he was, I knew he was getting a great view of my ass and panties as I climbed the stairs. Grinning to myself, I bent forward a little more and undulated my ass as I ascended the last half of the staircase. When I reached the second floor landing, I turned and watched Brian climb the remaining steps. His erection was obvious, and I couldn't help wondering just how big he was.

    After showing Brian where the linen closet was located, I pointed out the largest guest bedroom that would be his for the coming year. He was impressed with the room and with the private, connecting bathroom that he would be using. "Well, what do you think? Any changes you would like for us to make?"

    "It's great! Just perfect as it is."

    "I think you'll have more than ample closet and drawer space for your clothes. As you can see, there are two large drawers on each side of the bureau," I said as I leaned over and pulled open the bottom drawer. Brian was directly behind me, and once more, he got a great view of my thighs and panties.

    I was still bent over when I asked, "Well, do you like what you see? Are you sure there isn't anything you would like to change?" When I straightened up and turned to face our new visitor, his erection was even harder and more pronounced than it had been on the staircase. "Well? Do you like it?" I asked with a smile.

    "Yes. Oh hell yes. It's great."

    "I'm glad you like it, Brian," I said as I sat down on the desk. Once again, I could see his erection throbbing inside his pants as he stared at my legs and cleavage. I pretended not to notice. "Now that we're alone, Brian, I need to ask you frankly if you're comfortable living with Gordon and me for this coming year?"

    "Oh yeah. Totally. I was really afraid I was going to have to spend my last year in high school on the north shore of Alaska in some frozen company school with virtually nothing to do. I really appreciate your letting me stay with you."

    "No problem. Your parents are very good friends of ours... very good friends. We're happy to have the opportunity to help them out. It would be awful if your dad felt he had to turn down this promotion because of having to force you to live for a year on the Alaskan north shore. Now, as to cleaning your room... I'll vacuum and clean it once a week and change the bed sheets. Any more than that will be your job. Ok?"

    "Sure. Actually, I don't expect you to clean my room for me."

    "I know, but 17-year old guys have more fun things to do that clean house," I said with a grin. "Anything else on your mind? I want you to be comfortable here and feel free to bring any problems you might have to us. I'm a substitute teacher and Gordon is a first-rate professional engineer. We will be delighted to help you with any of your studies that might be a problem for you."

    "I'm not all that good at math and science. Any help will be appreciated."

    "Just let us know, and we'll give you whatever help you need. Anything else?"

    I could see Brian hesitating, obviously trying to work his courage to say something. After perhaps 30 seconds, he said, "I'll be certain to let you know if I need anything. I promise... And you're really beautiful, Paula. I mean just fab!"

    That did surprise me. This 17-year old guy already had more confidence and courage than over half the men 10 years older. As a reward, I gave him my best, warmest smile and said, "Thank you, Brian. Your mother's a beautiful woman too."

    "She is, but she's my mom. You're not."

    Again, I was surprised. I quickly revised my estimate from half the men 10 years older than he was to three-quarters of those men. I gave him another warm smile as I replied, "I know. Dinner's probably ready. Shall we join the others?"

    a3. -------------------------------------------------
    We got most of Brian's stuff moved into our home before Bryce and Ginger left for Alaska, but not all of it. In fact, I was still helping him move in and put his things away in places where he could find them a week later.

    Brian had just begun his senior year when he came in from school around 3:30 PM to find me trying to store some of his things on the top shelf of a storage cabinet we keep in our utility room. When he entered, he found me with my knee resting on the arm of a chair standing on tip toe in an futile effort to reach high enough. My short jean skirt was hiked up exposing all of my thighs and lower half of my buttocks, which my brief thong didn't come close to covering.

    Unaware that Brian was watching, I continued to try to stretch high enough to reach the top shelf. The more I tried, the higher my skirt rose. When I had extended my arms as far as I could, my skirt had risen up so high that almost all of my ass was exposed. Finally, realized that I needed a ladder and gave up, but when I lowered my arms, my skirt was so tight that it stayed in place.

    At that point, I turned and saw Brian standing there, motionless, his eyes glued to my exposed ass. Instinctively, my hand went to the hem of my skirt to pull it down, but the sight of the large, tented bulge in his pants stopped the motion of my hand. I stayed in place with my knee resting on the chair's arm and my skirt almost up to my waist and let him look.

    Some men would turn away when they saw me looking at them. Not Brian. He just smiled and continued to drink in the contours of my exposed hips, thighs, and ass. "I didn't know you were home," I said in a soft whisper.

    "I know," he replied before he said, "You're gorgeous. Unbelievable!"

    "Me or my ass?" I teased still not lowering my skirt.

    "You, your thighs, legs, ass, all of you. Just drop-dead awesome!"

    "You haven't see all of me, Brian," I challenged. He was more than up to it.

    "I know. Do you need some help?"

    "Obviously. I can't reach the top shelf to store your sports equipment."

    "I'm taller. I can reach it."

    "I know," I replied, but Brian didn't move.

    "Aren't you going to help me?"

    "If I do, you'll pull your skirt down."

    "Jezz!" I thought as I again revised my estimate from three-quarters to 80%. I willed my hand to move and a moment later, my skirt again covered me to about two inches below my buttocks. "There. Now you don't have an excuse not to help. Come on. I need some help here."

    Brian grinned broadly, and a couple of minutes later, all his sporting equipment was safely stored on the top shelf. "Anything else you need help with?" he asked.

    "I'll let you know."
    For the next month, it seemed like Brian and I were playing a secret, erotic game in which I would either "accidentally" flash my body or do something that gave him the opportunity to "catch" me in a compromising position. Of course, I knew that the game was an enormous turn-on for a 17-year old guy. However, I was surprised... almost shocked... to find out that I was equally excited by it.

    When my husband was at work, and I was alone in the house, I often found myself changing into something revealing an hour or so before Brian came in from school. It didn't come as a shock when Brian dropped out of some of his after-class activities, such as chess and debate clubs, in order to get home as soon as possible.

    Brian had been with us for about five weeks, when he brought two of his football teammates home with him to show them his new digs for the year. They were both black, handsome, and appropriately impressed, particularly with the pool area, the game room, the three-car garage, and Brian's large bedroom with private bath. However, they were far more impressed by his new foster mother in her micro-mini yellow, print dress that just barely covered her ass and not more than half of her tits.

    When Brian introduced me to Chad and Lennard, I don't think either of them ever looked at my face for more than a few seconds. I could see Brian grinning at me as his friends stared. To break the ice, I said, "I guess Brian has told the two of you that he's staying with my husband and me for a year while his parents are in Alaska. For some strange reason, he preferred to be here than on the north shore of Alaska."

    Chad and Lennard continued to stare. Finally, Chad said, "Any guy who would rather spend a year on the north shore of Alaska rather than here with you needs a brain transplant."

    "I guess that's true," I responded. "There isn't much to do on the north shore. Here, he has all his friends... like the two of you. Well, make yourselves at home. There's some soft drinks and cheese in the fridge. If both of you know how to swim, you can use the pool."

    "That sounds like fun, but we didn't bring our suits," Lennard commented.

    "I promise not to look, and there are no other girls around, so why worry about suits. It's up to you. I've got some things I need to do in the garage. Let me know if you guys need anything, Brian."

    "Why don't you join us in the pool, Mrs. Baxter?" Lennard asked.

    I laughed and said, "Since you guys don't have suits, I don't think that would be appropriate."

    "You could wear a suit. We wouldn't mind," he persisted as he stared openly at my tits. A quick glance downward confirmed what I already knew... both boys had hard erections. The thought of them naked in the pool made my pussy throb slowly, but deliciously.

    "You guys have fun. I've got some work I have to do. But thanks for the invitation. If I were younger and weren't married, I would take you up on it."

    Even though I didn't join the three guys in the pool, I couldn't resist spying on them from my upstairs bedroom window that overlooked the pool area. Even though Brian had a suit, all three of them were skinny dipping. Carefully, I opened the window nearest the pool so I could hear a lot of what they were saying.

    "... fucking biggest tits I've ... seen. Shit! They're .... huge!"

    "Yeah ... boobs. ... you ever seen .... tits naked, Brian?"

    Brian yelled at Chad and Lennard so I could hear every word of his answer. "Of course not! She's sort of my foster mom. Now you guys shut up before she hears you!"

    "... you think... naked ... that dress? .... no panties?"

    "I bet no... just naked ass."

    As a matter of fact, Brian’s friends were right… I had already removed my panties and was now naked under my short dress, which was now bunched around my waist.

    "Would you two shut up about Mrs. Baxter?" Brian pleaded.

    "... so fucking hard! gotta jack off!" It was obvious what the missing words were when Chad lay down on one of the deck chairs and began stroking his thick cock. From where I was, it looked like he was pretty big for a 17-year old guy... thick and about six inches or maybe a little more. When his hand began rapidly stroking his hard cock, his ass rose off the deck chair as he fucked his cock into his stroking hand.

    My eyes were locked on that thick, black shaft and the hand stroking it as my own fingers worked furiously over my hard, pulsing clitoris in rhythm with Chad’s stroking hand. Juices were oozing out of my vagina.

    "Come on, Chad. She might come out and see you at any moment. Then I'd catch hell."

    "Can't help it, Man! She's so fucking hot! Gotta shoot it!"

    "I feel ... joining him," Lennard said. "Don't you ever jerk off thinking .... her?"

    Lennard reclined in one of the deck chairs, raised his legs, and began jerking his cock. It was larger than Chad’s… at least seven inches… maybe eight, and it was rock-hard and rigid with lust. As the young stud fucked his hand, my fingers began fucking in and out of my cunt. My secretions were now cascading down my thighs.

    Chad groaned loudly, "OH Fuck! Here it comes! I’m gonna cum… gonna cum in Paula’s hot cunt hole! AAAahhhhh… FUCK YES!” he grunted as copious wads of semen shot from the tip of his throbbing cock.

    It took about 30 seconds for Chad to empty his balls all over his hand and the deck of the pool. When his orgasm ebbed, he sank back onto the deck chair and lay there panting, the deck dotted with numerous pools of his semen.

    I had my first orgasm as Chad was shooting his load all over the deck. My clit was still throbbing when I heard Lennard groan, “Oh shit… got my cock buried in Paula’s hot cunt… fucking her… aaaahhhh… fuck she’s so damn wet and tight! Gonna put another cum load in her… NOW! Shooting it in her!”

    Lennard’s load poured out of his dick in steady stream running over his hand and from there down the crease of his ass onto the deck chair. The thick river of semen continued to grow for 15 or 20 seconds as his cock ejaculated spurt after spurt. My juices squirted all over the wall and floor of my bedroom as he was cumming.

    Brian threw each of his friends a towel and told them to clean up and get dressed. Again, he told them to leave before I came out to the pool. This time, they did get dressed and leave.

    Brian didn't know it, but there was no reason for him to have worried about me showing up at the pool. I was far too busy masturbating in my bedroom. Watching those two studs stroking their big cocks while fantasizing about me had me too hot to wait for Gordon to come home. I was still hot… really hot!

    It only took me 20 seconds to strip off my micro-mini dress leaving me naked except for my heels. Lying back on a couch with my dildo, I steepled both knees and spread my thighs wide open. As I stroked the dildo up and down the length of my soaked sex trench, my clit vibrated like crazy every time the dildo raked over its tip and across its swollen shaft.

    "Aaahhhh... fucking shit. So good. Fuck me, Chad. Ram that big dick up my married hole, Honey. You too, Lennard. I know you want to fuck me... Just look how hot and wet my cunt is for you, Baby. Get between my thighs and sink that thing into me," I fantasized aloud as my ass frantically undulated against the dildo.

    I kept it up as long as I could before I got so hot I had to have the dildo inside my vagina. Arching my hips, I pushed it in. My entire body shuddered hard as it sank down my throbbing channel. Once it was buried deep inside my pussy, I began fucking myself with hard, deep strokes. My ass rose off the couch. My clit throbbed every time the plastic cock slid over my sensitive G-spot. I screamed just before I exploded in a hard orgasm. For a moment, I wondered if Brian could hear me.

    “Give it to me! HARD. UUNNGGHH! Oh fuck, YES! Like that, Honey. Bang me... bang my cunt! Cum in me! Both of you. Fuck me! Cum in me! Fill my cunt full!" It didn't take me any longer to convulse in an intense orgasm than it had taken Brian’s black friends.


    As Chad and Lennard jacked off fantasizing about fucking me,
    I had several intense orgasms on my fingers and dildo.
    Ginger had warned me that Brian wasn't very interested in school and wouldn't study, but I wasn't seeing much evidence of that. In fact, by the time the second month of his stay arrived, Brian began bringing his books into the den to study almost every single night. We even set up a desk for him across from where we sat to watch TV. That way, whatever we were watching on the tube wouldn't be in his line of sight and hence, wouldn't be a distraction for him.

    A typical night in our household found me sitting on the couch watching some show while Gordon was either in his woodshop or in his study working on engineering or administration business at his firm. Brian was always sitting at his desk studying.

    For a couple of weeks, I wondered why Ginger couldn't get her son to study while I couldn't get him to stop and go out with his friends or get a date with a girl for the evening. He seemed to prefer to hit the books every night.

    It was a Monday evening during the third week of the second month of Brian's stay before I finally figured it out. The evening had begun much the same as dozens of other evenings had... Brian was at his desk pouring over his chemistry text and homework while I watched a movie on TCM.

    For an hour, Brian hardly glanced up from his work, When my movie was interrupted for a commercial break, I took the opportunity to pull my shoulders back and stretch my muscles. I also lifted my heel up onto the couch so I could rub my leg as it had gone to sleep and was tingling. As soon as my breasts thrust outward when I stretched, I noticed that Brian had lifted his eyes upward, but not his head. If I hadn't been looking right at him, I would have thought he was still deep in his studies whereas the only thing he was deep into at that moment was my cleavage.

    Without letting him know I was on to his game, I rubbed my leg to get the circulation going again. His eyes left my cleavage and homed in on my exposed leg and then moved to the crotch of my panties that was on display by my raised leg. When I lowered my leg and returned my attention to the movie, Brian returned his attention to chemistry.

    A little later in the movie, I shifted my position on the couch, and in the process, opened my legs a little... not much but a little. Hearing movement, Brian again raised his eyes and checked me out. When I didn't spread my legs any wider after a minute or so, he returned to his homework.

    About five minutes later, I reached over to the coffee table to get a hard candy, unwrapped it, and popped it into my mouth. When I settled back, my legs were open even wider. Brian's head was still down, but his eyes were up and focused between my legs.

    I kept them open for the next ten minutes while he continued to stare. After five minutes, his hand disappeared under the desk. He squirmed a little, obviously getting his cock out, and then his arm began to move very slowly.

    His arm was still moved slowly, his eyes still locked onto my panties, when I again reached for another candy, and once more, spread my legs even wider. I knew he could now see the entire plane of my panty-covered pussy. I felt my clit pulsing hard as Brian's arm moved faster.

    The movie was almost over when Gordon came into the room from his study. As he entered, I flashed him a big smile and spread myself wide open draping one leg over the arm of the couch. Gordon glanced to the left and saw that Brian's head was bent over his textbook and then winked at me while squeezing his cock through his pants. With both Gordon and Brian staring intently between my legs, neither aware that the other was doing it, I felt my vagina and clitoris contract in a delicious spasm as a small orgasm surged through me making me shudder. I kept my legs open... even arching my ass slightly... as I climaxed. When it finally ebbed, I lowered my leg and assumed a more ladylike posture.

    When Gordon sat down beside me, his cock was erect and hard. Brian was again concentrating on his studies, his arm now still. I was pretty certain that he had cum when I had. I wondered if he had enough experience with women to realize that I had had a small orgasm. My husband certainly did.

    "You came, didn't you?" he whispered in my ear.

    "Hard not to cum when a sexy stud is checking out my cunt, Darling," I whispered back just as passionately.

    "That was so fucking hot... your doing it right in front of Brian. Did he have any idea?"

    "None. He's too deep into chemistry."

    "Too bad. He'll never know what he missed. You know I'm going to fuck you as soon as I get you in the bedroom, don't you?"

    "I would hope so. Otherwise, I'll have to go visit Brian's room."
    Almost every weekday night after that, I watched movies or some TV show while Brian worked steadily at his desk waiting patiently for me to "accidentally" let him see more than he should be seeing. Usually, I limited things to letting him see my legs and thighs and then occasionally my panties when I spread my legs too wide. Other nights, I wore a halter with no bra and leaned over a lot to give him repeated views of my tits and even sometimes, my nipples.

    An experienced man would have known immediately that I was deliberately teasing him, and hit on me, but Brian just didn't have enough experience to figure it out. Or, if he did, he didn't know what to do about it other than enjoy my shows.

    One evening at the beginning of the third month, Gordon was having to work late at his office so Brian and I were alone in the house. The movie that night was "Body of Evidence" starring Madonna whose character in the film is a murderous slut. The plot and the movie were so erotic that I got hotter and hotter and I watched. Brian, of course, was getting the benefit of my overheated condition. When I went to the bathroom during a commercial, I even removed my panties I was so turned on.

    During one scene when Madonna is seducing her lawyer, he's going down on her as the camera focuses on her face as the waves of hot pleasure surge through her pussy and exploding clit. The scene was protracted getting me hotter and hotter until I suddenly realized that I had pulled my bodice aside and was squeezing and twisting my nipple at the same time as the female lead in the movie was having an intense orgasm. When I looked over, Brian's eyes were carefully raised and locked on my naked breast as his arm moved under his desk.

    I stopped immediately and covered my exposed breast, but the movie just got hotter and hotter. As things happened, Brian went to the bathroom just as the lawyer in the movie was handcuffing his murderous client with her arms raised over her head. Once he had her handcuffed, he ripped off her panties and shoved her legs apart. The film even showed her very wet and ready pussy. At that point the lawyer moved behind the bound blonde and circled his hands around her body grasping her tits. He kicked the woman’s legs even further apart and his hips rammed forward causing her body to shudder and her mouth to stretch open in a hot scream. When he began fucking her, my legs just seemed to automatically spread as my hand moved to my pussy and throbbing clitoris.

    As the lawyer on the screen fucked the hot, writhing blonde harder and harder, my fingers worked frantically in and out of my own vagina and over my engorged clit. The scene got even hotter when he raised the woman’s right leg enough to let the viewer see his cock moving in and out her pussy. My hips arched upward as my pussy and clit both contracted in a series of hard spasms. On screen, the blonde was howling. On the couch in my den, another blonde was biting her lower lip to keep from screaming right along with her. I was just pulling my skirt down to cover my cunt when Brian came back into the room and sat down at his desk. I wondered how much he had seen.



    In the beginning of Brian's fourth month with us, I was changing into something sexier before he came home from school. I had selected a tight yellow dress, very short, and intended to wear it without the benefit of a bra along with a sexy pair of heels and thong. However, I had no way of knowing that he had cut his last study hall period and headed home an hour early.

    I was upstairs in my bedroom just stepping into the tight dress when Brian appeared in the open doorway. Hearing his footsteps, I turned in his direction with the dress up to my waist but my tits still uncovered. I was shocked and embarrassed to see him standing there staring open-mouthed at my 32DD breasts. But mostly, I felt a huge rush of excitement that increased significantly when I saw his cock rapidly becoming larger and tenting his pants.

    "Oh god! You're gorgeous, Paula. So big, firm, just perfect!" Brian moaned as his hand unconsciously moved to his rapidly growing cock. When I stepped closer without making any effort to cover myself, his hand began to stroke his rigid dick through his pants.

    "I'm sorry, Brian. I didn't realize you were home early."

    "I'm not sorry," he moaned. "I've been fantasizing about seeing your tits ever since I moved in. God! They're even more awesome than I imagined. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten myself off thinking about what you would look like naked. I know that's awful since you're sort of my foster mom, but I can't help it."

    "Really? You've jacked off thinking about me?"

    "Every night. I don't think I've missed a single night."

    "Every night? Wow! That's impressive. I guess 17-year old guys have a near unending supply of semen and sperm. Well, now that you've seen my tits, I don't have to worry so much about staying covered up when you're around," I said with a seductive grin.

    "I hope not," he gasped his erection growing harder and larger by the second.

    I smiled and reached for my dress to pull it up over my breasts. As soon as Brian saw me pulling up my dress, he groaned, "NO! Please don't do that!"

    My hands stopped leaving my breasts still naked and my hard nipples on display. "Why? You've already seen everything about my tits there is to see."

    "I don't know. I just... that is... I was sort of hoping that..."

    "Brian, if you want girls or women to respond to you, you have to have confidence and control. So why don't you start again and see if you can't do better."

    "I don't want you to put on your dress. I want you to drop it to the floor so I can see if you're wearing anything else beneath it."

    "Mmmmmm... now that's better. Much better. But it could be a lot better still if you tell me what to do rather than tell me what you want."

    He stared at me and my naked tits for a moment. "Forget putting your dress back on, Paula. Take it off so I can see what's beneath it."

    Now, my nipples were not only hard, but my clitoris had enlarged and my pussy was quivering. "Whatever you say, Brian," I whispered. Turning my back toward him, I looked back over my shoulder into his eyes and dropped my dress down to my hips. Then, I slowly pulled it up in back until all of my ass was exposed to his eager, probing eyes.

    "Oohhhhhh god," he groaned as his hand rubbed his shaft. "You're not wearing any panties! You're naked under that dress," he whispered hotly.

    "I'm wearing panties, Brian. Look at the top of my ass crease. Can't you see my thong between my buttocks?"

    "Yeah, I see it, but it's not covering anything."

    "It's not supposed to cover much, Honey. Just a woman's pussy." I dropped my dress to the floor and stepped out of it. Now facing Brian, he could see the tiny yellow triangle of cloth covered my pussy. "Can you see my panties now, Brian. Don't any of your girlfriends wear a thong when they go out with you?"

    "I don't know. They've never let me see them or feel under their skirts."

    "Really? I think that's going to be changing and very soon. So have you seen everything you wanted to see, Brian?" I asked knowing perfectly well what the answer was. I just wanted to see if he had the confidence and courage to say it.

    "No! Take off the panties. Let me see your pussy."

    "Is that what you guys call it? A pussy?"


    "And the other times?"

    "There must be two dozen names for it, Paula. Most of the guys prefer cunt."

    "MMmmmmm.... so do I."

    "I thought girls didn't like that word?"

    "Girls probably don't like it. Women... particularly women who are standing nearly naked in front of a man... love it. Do you want me to take off my panties so you can see my cunt, Brian?"

    "Oh Yes!" he moaned.

    "You have to do something for me first."


    "If you want me to remove my panties, Brian, then you have to take out your cock. Quid pro quo... so to speak."

    I think Brian set a record for getting his pants unzipped and his cock out. It stood almost straight up... hard... rigid... and more than seven inches long and thick. "My god!," I gasped. "THAT is a gorgeous cock, Honey. I knew you were big, but I had no idea you were that big!"

    "Is it really big, Paula? I know I'm bigger than most of the guys I see in the showers at school, but relative to men, am I at least average?"

    "Most men are about 6 inches, Brian, and that big thing has to be a least an inch and a half longer than that, and more importantly, it's thicker than most cocks."

    "More importantly? I thought length was what women wanted."

    Length is important... that gets you deep inside a woman's pussy but thickness is what stretches her vagina and puts pressure on her clit and G-spot. Thickness is what makes her have intense orgasms.... that plus the guy's technique. By the time you've gotten your full growth, you're going to have a huge pussy pleaser inside your pants, Brian."

    "Now its your turn, Paula. Take off the panties."

    "Will you jack off while I do it?"

    "Do you want me to?"

    "Oh hell yes. Do it for me." Brian had his hand wrapped around his shaft stroking it almost as soon as the words were out of my mouth. Instead of immediately removing my panties, I bunched the gusset into a narrow band and pulled upward slotting my panties in my slit so that they covered essentially nothing.

    "Oh my god! That's so fucking hot!" he groaned as he knelt down so that his eyes were level with my pussy. His hand continued to move up and down the length of his shaft. He was so close, I knew he had to be able to smell my arousal.

    Facing Brian, I hooked my fingers in the waistband of my thong and began to slowly lower it down my hips. His cock jerked spastically as more and more of my mound was exposed. Brian leaned closer. The thong was now below the crease of my ass just barely covering my slit. Most of my closely-shaved mound was visible.

    "Come closer and take off my panties, Brian," I hissed licking my lips and cupping my tits for him. His hands were shaking as he pulled the panties down my legs. When they were bunched around my ankles, he helped me step out of them. He was so close, I could feel his hot breath on my cunt.

    Brian never took his eyes off of me as I sat down on the couch and spread my legs wide open. When I used my fingers to spread my pussy for him, he groaned and pressed his legs together trying desperately to hold back his orgasm.

    "Don't hold back, Brian. Shoot it. Come closer and shoot it all over me. Do it! Now! After you cum, you can go down on me if you like, and I'll give you a lesson in eating a woman's pussy."

    "AAAGGHHHAAAAAAA!" he screamed as his load exploded out of his throbbing cock. Several thick streams of sperm-filled semen splattered all over my belly and pussy.

    I wasn't the least surprised when Brian's cock hardly lost any of its rigidity, and when I ran my hand up and down the length of his shaft several times, whatever small portion of his iron-hard erection had been lost quickly returned. Wrapping my hand around his tool, I led him toward the bed.

    "Come on, Brian. I need to be on my back on the bed to give you your first lesson in eating pussy."

    Once I was on the bed, I rolled onto my back, steepled my knees, and opened my legs. Brian's cock got harder than ever when he realized that in just moments he was going to have his head between my gaping thighs and his tongue inside my pussy.

    "Do you eat the pussies of the girls you date, Brian," I asked as I slid my fingers through my soaked sex trench and up over my hard clitoris.

    "I've tried, but they won't let me do it. There was one girl at a party who took me into a bedroom and had me lick her pussy, but I don't think she had an orgasm. I guess I wasn't very good."

    "You just need some instruction, Brian. Come on. Get naked and get your head between my thighs." He was there in a flash and immediately started to lick me. I stopped him as soon as his tongue touched my pussy.

    "Not yet, Honey. Take your time. It isn't a timed race. The champion pussy eater is the guy who finishes last, not first. Use your fingers, Brian. Open me up. "MMmmmmm... yesss... just like that. Now let your eyes explore every fold... every crevice... every ridge of my lips. Check out the shape of my opening... enjoy me... make me wait for it. The longer you make a woman wait, the hotter and more eager she becomes, and then when you start, the louder she'll scream and the harder she will eventually cum."

    Brian followed my instructions perfectly. For several minutes, he explored me. He opened me wider... then pushed my lips together... then pulled on them and traced his finger over every fold and crevice until he had me squirming on the bed.

    "You've been on my pussy for several minutes, Brian. It's time to move upward to my clit. I have a large one and right now, it's very hard and erect. Can you see it?"

    "Oh fuck yes!" he moaned.

    "Some women have smaller clits. You need to first strip back the hood... that's the protective fold of a woman's pussy that covers her clit and protects it so she won't be having orgasms every time she takes a step or crosses her legs. Put your fingers on either side of my clitoris and pull the hood back. Expose the tip and the shaft completely. Having their clits exposed like that is enough to make most women hiss with pleasure. Do it to me."

    His fingers moved to the sides of my clit and pulled the hood back. Getting very close, he examined me, as I squirmed and my ass began to hunch. I hunched even harder when I felt him blowing on my turgid organ.

    "Oh Damn! I thought you said you'd never eaten pussy before... aaaahhhhh... god yessssss.!"

    "You clitoris is so swollen... the skin is so tight and stretched. I just knew if I blew on it, it would throb."

    "Ooohhhhh god... did it?"

    "Yeah... hard... really hard. And your pussy hole contracted every time I blew air over your clit."

    "Use your fingers... in my hole first," I groaned as my hips humped upward.

    Brian stroked his fingers through my soaked slit and then pushed them into me with slow, steady strokes. His other hand moved to my mound and began rubbing my clit. My excitement rose steadily as he worked on me.

    Without warning, Brian lifted my legs and draped them over his shoulders. He leaned into my saddle and I felt his mouth covering my pussy. When his tongue slashed up the length of my sex trench and then over my engorged clitoris, my legs flailed helplessly against his back. His tongue moved steadily against my clitoris... up one side ... then down the other... over the tip bringing wild howls of pleasure from me... and then downward into my vagina for a moment before returning to my eager clitoris.

    Brian had my body shuddering so hard, my tits were bouncing back and forth as my chest rose and fell at a faster and faster rate. I tried to keep my eyes open, but they closed automatically.

    "OOOhhhh fuckk... when you feel your partner beginning to throb and shudder, Brian... lick her harder... concentrate on her clit ... make her cum... then slow down to let her enjoy her climax... but don't let her come down from her high. As soon as her orgasm ebbs a little, start on her again."

    "Make her cum a four or five times... or even more... until she's babbling and her juices are pouring out of her cunt."

    "Like this?" His tongue went into overdrive against the side of my clit as he drove three fingers into my pussy.

    "OOOooh OOOooohhh... OOOoooohhh... fuck... aaaahhhh... do meeeeeeee!"

    I now had my lower lip caught between my teeth as my body shook uncontrollably. My breathing was labored and uneven, my tits bouncing and quivering as Brian worked me higher and higher. Brian added a fourth finger stretching my pussy erotically. Forcefully, like a determined, experienced stud, he finger fucked my hole.

    Suddenly, I was there! My ass arched up off the bed, gyrating and humping in hard thrusts. My vagina contracted hard causing my hole to whoosh air. At the same time, my clitoris just detonated.


    Brian proved himself an apt pupil when he backed off and allowed my orgasm to surge through my body causing me to quiver and shake. He licked my inner thighs while waiting for me to finish. As soon as I did, he gave me no time to come down from my high. Again, his tongue found my engorged and still twitching clitoris. This time, he changed his technique. Instead of keeping his mouth and tongue on my clitoris, he sucked my clit for a few moments and then moved down my slit to my hole, which he tongue fucked. It only took him a few minutes before he had my ass up off the bed again.

    Brian gripped my thighs firmly and elevated them to bring my cunt into perfect sucking position. Bringing my head up, I watched as Brian lowered his face toward my waiting pussy. My eyes flew open when his tongue swirled around and around my clit. I felt like my organ would burst open it was so swollen and hard. His hot tongue moved to the tip of my clit bringing screeching howls from my lungs.

    When Brian's probing fingers somehow found my G-spot, my head began thrashing from side to side as I gripped the bed sheets so hard my fingernails dug into the palm of my hand even through the sheets. I came a second time, but this time, Brian didn't have the patience to allow my orgasm to abate before attacking my hot hole again.

    "Ooohhhhh Gawd Damn! I love it. SUCK ME YOU HOT BASTARD! SUCK MEEEEEEEEE!!"

    He did, and I screamed in sheer bliss as Brian drove me into another climax. He didn't even pause this time. I was still exploding when his fingers pushed into my rectum and his lips suctioned my clitoris into his mouth where his tongue worked up and down its length. When I came a fourth time, my juices squired out of my hole high in the air, my body shuddering and shaking almost as if I were in the throes of an epileptic seizure.

    Ten minutes later, I was still gasping in the aftermath of my climaxes, my legs sprawled lewdly apart, my vagina and clitoris still quivering and twitching.

    "Did I do it right?" Brian asked with a grin.

    "Not bad for a first lesson," I teased.

    "I'm so hard it hurts, Paula. It really hurts. Can I fuck you?"

    "No. I don't think that's a good idea, Brian. But I won't leave you like this. Lie down on the bed and I'll suck you off."
    Over the next two weeks, I gave Brian two more lessons in eating pussy. After that, he didn't need any more lessons. I continued to tease him while he studied, but if Gordon ever left the house for anything... fill up the car with gas, pick up some groceries we needed for breakfast, or get something done at his office that he had to have ready the next day ... as soon as the front door closed behind him, Brian had his head socked between my thighs eating my pussy and pleasuring my swollen clit. Since I was always hot and ready from all the teasing I had done, it never took him long to make me cum the first time. He usually got me off three times before Gordon came home unless he had told us that he wouldn't be home before midnight. When that happened, I could count on Brian making me cum so many times, I always ended up begging him to stop and let me rest.

    Of course, Brian wanted to fuck me. With all the teasing and oral sex, I couldn't really blame him for trying. In fact, if he hadn't tried, I would have been very disappointed. But after nearly four months of living with us, his cock had still not visited my pussy.

    The first trimester of the school year ended near the middle of the fourth month, and Brian got his first set of grades since moving in with us. Both Ginger and Bryce had warned us not to expect too much from their son in the way of academic performance. "He's more into sports," Bryce had told us. The day after he had gotten his grades, Bryce and Ginger called us from Alaska. Gordon answered and put the call on the speaker so I could hear.

    "Hi. This is Bryce and Ginger. How's every thing going down south?"

    "Great! We're all having a great time having Brian with us. Are the two of you Ok? We were getting worried since you hadn't called."

    "We should have, but we didn't want you and Paula to think we're helicopter parents... hovering over our son. Thought we'd wait a few months to give you guys time to get settled in."

    "Well, your plan worked perfectly. Brian's taking a shower. I've got the call on speaker so Paula listening too. Want me to run up and get Brian?"

    "No, not yet. We would like to talk to you and Paula first. Then, we'll talk to our son. He should have gotten his grades for the first trimester by now. Has he? If he didn't bring them home, he's hiding them."

    "Oh. He brought them home yesterday. I'm going to FAX them to you when I get to the office in the morning."

    "Did he fail anything," Ginger asked, the nervousness in her voice very obvious.

    "Fail anything? Of course not. You're kidding, right?"

    "Not at all. Brian's a very poor student. If he's lucky, he makes C's, but usually he's not lucky. How bad was it?"

    "This is sort of confusing," my husband replied. "Are we talking about the same young man? Dark hair, nice face, good build... name's Brian Raynes?"

    "What's happened?" Ginger asked, her nervousness now replaced with confusion.

    "Frankly speaking, Brian's grades were somewhat surprising to me. He made an A in chemistry, an A in physics, an A in trigonometry, an A in American history, but a B in English. As hard as he studies, I really expected straight A's across the board. Paula and I are going to spend some time with him to help him understand some of the short stories and poetry that seem to giving him trouble. The next trimester, I'm pretty confident that he'll make an A in English."

    The phone went silent for at least 30 seconds. "Are you still there? Did we lose the connection?" Gordon asked.

    "We're still here," came Bryce's voice. "We're just too stunned to speak. What do you mean he studies all the time? He hardly ever studied before."

    "I don't know what to say. As soon as dinner is over, he parks himself in the den at his desk which is situated so that he can't see the TV screen. He starts studying while Paula watches movies and shows and I usually work in my study or join Paula to watch a movie. Brian hits the books usually 3 to 4 hours a night."

    "How did you manage that," Ginger asked still stunned.

    "Nothing special," Paula replied. "He seems to enjoy studying and being with us. He didn't want to study in his room though... said it was too lonely like that. So we put the desk in the den with us. Works like a charm."

    "Amazing... just amazing!" Bryce replied. "What other surprises do you have for us?"

    "Brian doesn't spend much time on sports now... he's more interested in his academic work. There is one thing that really concerns me though. Need some advice here," Gordon said.

    "What is it?" both Bryce and Ginger said almost at the same time. Paula answered their question.

    "He's been with us three and a half months and so far, he hasn't asked a girl out on a date. He has a car. He has his own room, and we assured him of complete privacy if he brings a date home. I've danced with him a couple of times when we went out to dinner, and he's very good. He's also a nice looking guy. So what's the problem? I know he's not gay."

    "No, he's not gay," Ginger responded, "but how do you know that?"

    "Easy. Gay guys don't look at pictures of naked women in men's magazines and jack off to them. I came home early and he hadn't shut his bedroom door all the way. He doesn't know I saw him though. I just quietly left the house and came back later. Didn't want to embarrass him."

    "I understand. I've caught him jerking off a couple of times too, and I did the same thing you did."

    "So what's the problem?"

    "He's just very shy around girls. Actually, he's almost tongue-tied around them. We've been hoping he would grow out of that, but so far, it hasn't happened."

    "I'll work on it," I replied. "Oh, here's Brian now. Gordon and I are going to wash up the dinner dishes and give the three of you some privacy."

    "Why don't you ever ask a girl out on a date, Brian?" I asked a couple of days later after dinner.

    "Girls aren't really interested in me, Paula. Besides, it's much more fun to stay home, study, and hope to get lucky with you."

    "Look, Brian. You and I have some fun together. I enjoy having a young 17-year old guy, and you enjoy the pleasure of an older woman who can teach you some very important lessons. But I'm very temporary. To begin with, I'm Gordon's wife, and he's a fantastic lover and husband. Secondly, you'll be moving out in about 7 or 8 more months. You need to start honing your skills with girls your own age."

    "I know, but like I said, girls aren't really interested in me."

    "That's absurd. You're a nice-looking guy, obviously highly intelligent, with a good body and a really talented tongue. Girls are going to go crazy over you."

    Brian squirmed in his chair and was silent for almost a minute before blurting out, "I'm a virgin. I've never had sex with a girl. The most I've done is have oral sex with you, and you were teaching me. I'll make a fool of myself with a girl."

    "Don't worry about the sex part, Brian. That's like a baseball pitcher worrying about how to throw a curve ball before he learns how to get the ball over the plate. First things first. In fact, we've already sort of gotten out of sync by concentrating on oral sex first. That's essentially an advanced course. A lot of grown men don't know how to do it properly... some won't even try. You on the other hand are already great at it... and I ought to know, right?"

    That brought a grin to Brian's face. I could almost see his male ego rising and smell the testosterone in the air. "The first step is leaning how to carry on a conversation with a girl. The trick, if you want to call it that, is to ask some questions about her and then listen to what she says. Ask her about her subjects... what she thinks of her teachers... if she's on the cheer leading squad, ask her about how cheer leaders practice and learn to do all those fantastic routines. And after you ask, pay close attention to what she says and follow it up with more questions."

    "What about asking her about sex?"

    "That too, but don't be crude, and be truthful. It doesn't hurt at all to tell her confidentially that you don't have much experience. Every girl has something that's attractive... some have a lot. Pick out her best points and tell her. If she has a beautiful face, tell her she's the best looking girl in school."

    "What if she has a great rack, like you do? Can I say something about her rack?"

    "Certainly. If she has great tits, she knows it. But don't tell her she has a great rack, at least not at the start. Instead, tell her she looks awesome when she wears a tight T-top or a low-cut dress."

    "Some girls have a really sexy ass... like you do. What do I say about that? 'You've got a great ass' doesn't sound so good."

    "Later, when you more intimate, telling her that she has a great ass is fine, but at the start, tell her that she looks every bit as good walking away from you as she does walking toward you."

    "Wow! That's cool!"

    We continued the discussion for another two hours before Brian started reading one of Poe's short stories for his English class, and I turned on the TV. When Gordon came out of his study after another hour, Brian was studying and I was watching a movie. When Gordon saw that I was showing our young guest a lot of thigh as well as my tits, he grinned and winked at me. I winked back knowing that my sexy husband didn't yet know just how much I was showing Brian.

    Gordon watched the movie for awhile and then asked if I wanted anything from the kitchen. When I shook my head, he asked Brian the same question. Brian indicated that he was fine. As soon as Gordon went into the kitchen to himself a snack, I opened my legs and let Brian enjoy my barely-covered pussy until Gordon came back into the room 10 minutes later.


    At the start of Brian's fifth month with us, he started dating Belinda. When he told me about it, he played it down even though I could tell that he was really excited.

    "What's she like?" I asked more than a little curious.

    "She's like you, blonde, beautiful face, big tits, and a really sexy body. I can't believe she actually said 'yes' when I asked her if she would like to go to a movie with me this coming Friday evening."

    "You may be surprised, but I'm not. Have you asked her out before?"

    "No. I wanted to, but she's so gorgeous, I couldn't get up the nerve. I thought she might burst into laughter."

    "Get over those silly ideas, Brian. Only a brainless idiot of a woman would do something like that. She might say no, but she's certainly not going to laugh when you ask her out. Women love to be asked, even when they say no."

    "I've heard that but I'm not sure I really believe it."

    "Believe it, Brian. I should know. Did Belinda say anything besides 'yes' when you asked her?"


    I waited but Brian didn't continue. "Well... come on... give. What did she say?"

    "She asked me why I waited so long to ask her out."

    "Good question. And your answer was...??"

    "I told her that she was so gorgeous that I was certain that she had dozens of guys asking her out, and I really didn't want to be just another guy pestering her for a date."

    "I'd say that's a good start, Brian. Just remember what I told you about women and girls and you'll do great."
    It was about 11 PM Friday night when Brian got home from his date with Belinda. Gordon and I had practically run to the bedroom as soon as Brian had left. My randy husband had fucked my brains out for over three hours before he couldn't get it up a fifth time.

    "I'm going to wait up for Brian, Honey," I whispered in his ear after our last fierce coupling.

    "Ok," he said. When I started to slide out of the bed, Gordon pulled me back and kissed me lovingly. "I loved it, Paula. Christ, have I got a wife or have I got a wife!" He kissed me a second time. "I'm really tired. Is it Ok if I don't sit up with you?"

    "No problem, Lover. Go to sleep. After the fucking you gave me, you earned it." I was reading in the den when Brian returned about a half hour later. "Well? How was it?"

    "It was really great," he said with a broad grin.

    "From the looks of that grin on your face, I gather the two of you did more than just go to a movie and then have a hamburger or something afterwards. Come on. I'm dying of curiosity. Tell me."

    "When we went to the movie, I waited until the lights dimmed and then I told Belinda that I would like to hold her close. I put my arm around her shoulders, and when she didn't object, I pulled her closer."

    "Perfect. Did she respond or hold back?"

    "If she had held back, I would have apologized and removed my arm, but she just sort of snuggled closer."

    "That's sexy. Did you try to go further?"

    "No. I just held her. A while later I leaned closer and whispered that I really liked her perfume. She didn't say anything, but a little bit later she told me that the arm between the seats was really uncomfortable. I said I could remove my arm, or we could go up to the balcony where they have love seats with no arm between the two seats."


    "And we went up to the balcony. With no arm between the seats, Belinda moved right against me. All I could think about was how good she felt. I couldn't tell you a thing about the movie."

    "My guess is that she couldn't either. Go on."

    "After the movie, we stopped for a hamburger and a coke and then went by Paul's Place and danced a little. At 11 PM, I took her home. Her dad had told me to have her home by 11:30, so I gave myself a little room for error."

    "Did you get a goodnight kiss?"

    "Oh yeah! Did I ever. When I took her to the door, I pulled her closer, she tilted her head back, and I kissed her like you told me to... tenderly, but with feeling. Then, I kissed her cheek and her ear before moving back to her hips for another kiss. When that one ended, she just moaned and pulled me back against her body and kissed me again... hard... and this time with her mouth open."

    "Get you hard, Honey?"

    "Like stone. I was already halfway there before she kissed me, but when her tongue pushed into my mouth, I got hard as stone instantly."

    "Good. Guys are supposed to end up their first date with a sexy girl hard and hot."

    "Well, I'm certainly that. I've been hard or partially hard almost the entire evening. I've got a really terrible case of blue balls, its hurts... really hurts."

    "Gordon's asleep. Why don't we go to your bedroom. I have a wonderful cure for blue balls, Brian, provided you don't mind sloppy seconds."

    "Sloppy seconds?"

    I smiled and whispered in his ear, "My husband fucked me four times tonight after you left for your date. Having sex with a woman after she's been with another man is called sloppy seconds. Some men love it. Wanna try?"

    "Oh hell yes!"

    I took Brian's hand and led him toward his bedroom. On the way, he asked, "You say you and Gordon did it four times?"

    "Um-huh. I tried for a fifth, but he was exhausted."

    "Then why isn't it called sloppy fifths?"

    "Good question. Come on, but be quiet. Wouldn't want to wake up my husband."
    Brian had me on my back in the middle of his bed. Our clothes were strewn all over the floor surrounding his bed. As hot as he was from holding and kissing Belinda all evening, I had expected him to mount me like a wild stallion and shoot off within a minute. I was wildly surprised and pleased when my young charge demonstrated a lot more savoir faire than that.

    Brian was taking his time. Grasping my legs behind my knees, he had raised them and pressed my knees back almost to my breasts. Raising my head, I watched him as he gazed into my soaked, oozing pussy. His cock was iron hard, rigid with lust, over seven thick inches. It was jerking and throbbing erotically, the head swollen and leaking fluids.

    "I can see why it's called sloppy seconds," he said. His shaft pulsed and jerked when he said it.

    "Want me to go clean up first?"

    "NO! That's the hottest thing I've ever seen! I can't wait to slide into you."

    "Then don't wait. Fuck me, Brian. Hard."

    Pressing his hips into my sex saddle, the young stud leaned over my body, smiled, and then using his hand aligned his erection with my wet opening. I arched my hips into position and quivered with anticipation. Brian teased me by rubbing the bloated head up and down the length of my trench.

    "OOohhhh... fuck... put it in. Now!" I demanded.

    "When I'm ready," he whispered causing my body to shudder.

    "Oh god... please. Now."

    His response was to slide his flesh over my swollen button bringing more hot moans from my lips. Then, using his rock-hard dick like a club, he whacked my clit with it... once... twice... three times. I hissed in hot pleasure as my clitoris throbbed spastically each time he spanked it.

    Then... slowly... deliciously... he pushed his organ into my vagina... spreading me... sinking in ... inch by hot inch.

    "OH! OH! YES! Give it to me! Damn you. Ram it into me!" I hissed. Brian ignored me and continued to sink into me with excruciating slowness until his pubic bone hit my engorged clitoris. He pressed into me, grinding himself against my erupting clitoris. My legs flew straight out, shaking as I got closer and closer to an intense orgasm.

    I had expected Brain to cum within an minute. Instead, I was the one who was going to climax within that minute. When he began to fuck me, my pussy quickly erupted in my first orgasm.

    "I'm cumming, Brian. OOOhhhhh god... fuck me harder.... I'm cumming," I moaned into his mouth.

    His hips picked up the pace. Each time, he pulled about five inches of cock out of my pussy and then rammed it back into me hard driving my hips deep into the mattress and forcing another hot groan from my lips. He screwed me full blast for at least five minutes bringing me closer and closer to a second orgasm.

    "How are you doing this?" I asked between my gasps of pleasure.

    "I had a good teacher," he replied as his pushed my legs even higher and drove himself to the bottom of my hole. "I can't hold it much longer... want to cum when you do. Are you almost there?"


    Our groans mixed together as our organs exploded at the same time. While we throbbed in our mutual climaxes, Brian kept his cock buried inside me as our bodies quivered with pleasure. When my orgasm abated, I lowered my legs and locked them around his hips to keep him buried deep inside me.

    Finally, our breathing began to return to normal, and I felt Brian's body again moving against me as his dick hardened inside my soaked vagina.

    "MMmmmmm.... you're going to fuck me again, aren't you?" I whispered in his ear.

    "More than once... unless you kick me out bed."

    "I don't kick hard-dicked studs who have a big cock buried inside me out of bed, Lover. Fuck me with that thing."

    "I want to fuck in a different position this time," he hissed in my ear. He didn't wait for my agreement as he turned me onto my side and moved behind in spoon position. I was impressed that he managed the position change without ever taking his cock out of my pussy. Once he had me where he wanted, his arm circled my hips and his hand moved to my clit. Using his cock inside my throbbing pussy and his fingers on my turgid clit, Brian very quickly worked me toward a third orgasm. I was grunting with female pleasure and urging him to fuck me harder.

    I came a third time and was well on my way to a fourth climax when Brian unloaded inside my cum-filled hole. Again we rested with his cock still inside me. This time I was so close to another orgasm, I needed him to get hard again and finish me. Using my vaginal muscles, I milked his dick and kept up a string of hot words in his ear.

    "If you fuck Belinda like you're fucking me, you're going to make that girl your sex slave, Honey."

    "I don't know if she'll let me," he groaned as my pussy squeezed his cock again.

    "Girls who are going to say no don't rub themselves against you and give you repeated French kisses on the first date, Brian. AAAahhhh... you're getting hard again."

    "Can't help it... you pussy is almost jacking me off."

    "Like it?"

    "I love it! Squeeze me harder, Paula."

    "I think you like having your foster mom working your cock with her pussy."

    "Ooohhh shit... I'm getting hard again."

    "I know. Love it. Wanna try something new?"

    "Oh yes... what?"

    "Anal sex. Would you like to fuck my ass this time?"

    "Won't that hurt?"

    "Not if we lube it first and you go slow until you're all the way into me."

    "Can you cum like that?"

    "Harder than you'll believe, Honey." Five minutes later, Brian had lost his anal cherry, and I was having repeated orgasms as he rammed me like a wild bull.

    Brian screwed me in several positions like an experienced stud.
    Finally, I introduced him to anal sex. Of course, he loved it.
    Brian continued to date Belinda for the next month, usually two or three times a week. After their third date, they were parking by the lake or somewhere else and making out in the front seat of Brian's car.

    "She looks like she has really nice breasts," I had said to Brian when he was telling me about their most recent date. "Does she?"

    "Oh yeah! They're not as big as yours, but they're C or maybe a D cup and really nice. Her nipples are really sensitive. When I suck them, she loves it."

    "Does it get her off?"

    "Belinda gets really turned on, but I don't she's ever had an orgasm when I played with her tits and sucked her nipples."

    "How about when you play with her legs and pussy?"

    "I rubbed her legs, but she won't open them."

    I smiled and said, "Give her time, Honey. Just give her time and you'll end up being amazed at just how wide she can spread them."
    Toward the end of the third week, Brian didn't come home from his date with Belinda until almost 1 AM. His face and lips were smeared with second-hand lipstick. His shirt hadn't escaped either as there was lipstick all over collar and front. His hair was rumbled, and his pants were wrinkled. I would have assumed he had finally gotten some from Belinda except for the fact that he was sporting a monster erection in his pants.

    "Looks she was all over you," I said with a grin.

    "Yeah. She was. And this time she did open her legs. I got her panties off and masturbated her to three orgasms... maybe four."

    "Sounds hot, but why do you still have that monster hard-on in your pants, Brian?"

    "She wouldn't let me fuck her. Said she was afraid of getting pregnant."

    "Very reasonable. Did you tell her you had condoms and would use them?"

    "I did, but she's afraid the condom will break."

    "Ok. She wouldn't let you into her pussy, but that doesn't explain why you've come home with another extreme case of blue balls while she had three or four orgasms. Why is that?"

    "She didn't do anything to get me off, and I didn't want to shoot off in my pants."

    "That's unacceptable, Brian. The next time you date Belinda, before you do more than just kiss her, you need to tell her that you love making out with her, but if you do, she can't send you home with an unsatisfied, raging erection and a very painful pair of blue balls. Tell her that sex has to be a two-way street, otherwise it doesn't work. Let her know that if she wants it all her way, then she's going to have to find a wimp for a boyfriend rather than a man."

    "But she may refuse to date me again."

    "She might, but so what? There are a lot of good looking girls around who would love for you to ask them out."

    "Ok. Everything you've told me has worked great... I tell her that."


    "Eh... Paula...?"


    "I'm really in pain."

    "I'm not surprised, but Gordon and I were having sex when you came home. I just took a short break to be sure you were Ok. He's waiting for me in the bedroom, Honey, with an erection even bigger and harder than yours. You're just going to have to make love to your right hand tonight."

    Disappointment spread all over his face, but he didn't say anymore. Just nodded and headed toward his bedroom.


    He turned toward me. "Yes?"

    "I don't mind if you want to listen at our door. Or you can go outside and peek in the window if you like. The blind doesn't come all the way to the bottom of the window. Just be certain to stay in the shadows and be quiet. Good night and have fun."

    At breakfast in the morning, Brian was grinning at me. Gordon hadn't come in yet, so I asked him why the big grin. Moving closer, he whispered, "That was the hottest thing I've ever seen. My god. Your husband is a hung stud!"

    Now it was my turn to grin. "That he is, Brian. That he is. I trust you took care of your bad case of blue balls?"

    "Five times. You're going to need to wash off the outside wall of your bedroom."

    "Five times? MMmmmm... Belinda is either crazy or a brainless idiot."

    "I think you might be right. I think I'll cool it with Belinda for awhile and see what else... or who else... is out there."

    "Good. Let me know how it's going."
    About 10 days later, Brian was bubbling over with excitement when he came home from school. "What's going on? You look like you're floating on air."

    "Belinda told me that she had been so depressed that I hadn't asked her out on a date for almost two weeks that she decided to talk to her mom about our last date. You remember that night don't you? I didn't get home until 1 AM and had that awful case of blue balls. Remember?"

    "How could I forget? What happened?"

    "She said that when she told her mom about what we had done that night and how much pain I was in when I brought her home, her mom had really gotten angry with her and said she wasn't the least surprised that I hadn't asked her out again."

    "Good. That was something her mom should have told her when she started dating. But better late than never. Go on."

    "She said her mom was just furious that she had left me like that after I had gotten her off four times. Belinda was blushing a lot, but she finally told me that her mom had said to either keep her legs together or learn how to take care of her partner. She also told her that she owed me an apology."

    "And did she apologize?"

    "She did, and she promised not to do that to me again, if I would give her another chance."

    "Are you going to give her another chance?"

    "Oh yeah. I think it would be mean after her telling me all that to not ask her for another date. Besides, she also told me that her mom put her on the pill when her last period was over... that was almost a week ago."

    I laughed. "Well, I'm delighted to see that you're big-hearted enough to give the poor girl a second chance. That's very considerate of you, Brian... so very considerate." We both laughed.

    When Brian told me that he had a date with Belinda for Saturday night, I was virtually certain that he would be fucking her before the night was over. Smiling to myself, I had asked, "Where are you going to take her, Brian?"

    "We'll go dancing for a bit, have a bite to eat, and go to a movie if she wants to. Then, I'm planning on taking her to the lake and hopefully get her into the back seat."

    "I'm sure that will work. She's on the pill now, and she's ready to apologize properly for what she did to you on your last date. But it will work a lot better if you're in a bed rather than in the cramped back seat of a car where she's going to be worried about someone looking in and seeing you between her legs."

    "You mean a motel?"

    "No. They won't rent a motel room to underage minors. Neither of you is 18. I was thinking of your bedroom here in our home. Totally secure and safe. She won't be worried about anything."

    "She won't do it with you and Gordon around."

    "I know. That's why we won't be around. We'll go out to dinner and dancing, and then out to the lake where I'm sure Gordon would love to bang me in the back seat of our car. It will bring back a lot of sexy memories. We won't be home until 1 AM. That should give you more than enough time to ring Belinda's bell 10 to 12 times and get off four or five times yourself."

    "That's great! Are you sure you don't mind?"

    "Mind getting laid by a sexy stud with an 8.5 inch, iron-hard cock in the back seat of a car? Well, it will be an awful task, but just for you, Honey, I'll do it."
    On Thursday, Gordon and I went out dancing after dinner, and as we danced, I told him everything Brian had told me about his date with Belinda on Saturday.

    "Certainly sounds like our foster son is going to score," he said with a grin as his erection moved sensuously over my mound.

    Pressing my pussy against it, I whispered, "I'm sure he will. Would you like to watch him fucking her?"

    "Do bears live in the forest? Of course I'd like to watch. She's a gorgeous girl, but how?"

    "I told them we would go out to dinning, dancing and then out to the lake to make out and not be home until 1 AM or later. That way, they can use his bedroom, and Belinda will be not worried about someone catching them in the back seat of the car."

    "I'm sure Brian loved that idea. I sure as hell would. But how does that allow us to watch?"

    "They're in the main guest bedroom, Honey. Remember the audio and video systems we have in that room?"

    "Of course I remember. We've enjoyed watching other couples fucking in that room often enough. But we're not going to be home."

    "Yes we are. I lied," I said with a devious grin. "We go out, have dinner, dance a little, and then sneak in through the outside deck to our bedroom. All we have to do is go into our large walk-in closet, get comfortable, and activate the video and audio pickups while we watch them fucking. I'll even bend over so you can get into me while we watch. Sound like fun?" I felt my husband's cock and found him rigid and rock-hard. "I think you like my plan, Darling."
    Brian left the house around 7:30 on Saturday night. As he was leaving, I told him Gordon and I would be leaving at 8 PM and wouldn't be home until after 1 AM. "Are you ready for tonight, Brian?" I asked.

    "Hell yes. I can't wait to fuck her."

    "Don't be impatient. Make certain she loves every second of it and you'll be getting into her anytime you want."

    Gordon and I left around 8 PM, had dinner, danced a little, and then headed home at 9:15. We parked down the street in one of the city parks and walked the two blocks to our home. Brian's car was still gone, so we wouldn't have to worry about being heard as we made our way to our bedroom. Even though we could have entered through our front door, we took the steps up to our second floor deck just outside of our bedroom. A minute later, we were inside. Gordon had the video and audio systems up and going a short time later.

    Our home has a loft with a balcony that overlooks the den. The kitchen and patio areas can also be seen from that vantage point. Since Brian and Belinda weren't home yet, we decided to move some furniture around enough to permit us to spy on the den and kitchen areas so we could see the early stages of the seduction. If they went immediately to their bedroom, we could easily retreat to ours before they climbed the stairs.

    It was 9:45 when we heard the garage door opening. A few minutes later, our front door opened and Belinda entered with Brian following closely behind her. While Brian locked the front door, she stood with her back toward him, her legs spread wide apart. Looking back over her shoulder, the gorgeous blonde said, "I like what I see, Brian. Do you like what you see?"

    "Looks good so far, Belinda. I'll give you my final appraisal later tonight," Brian responded. I loved the confidence in his voice, which made it very clear to the hot blonde that he fully intended to strip her naked and fuck her silly.

    "Damn! She's fucking gorgeous," Gordon whispered hotly in my ear.

    "SSshhh... they might hear you, Honey," I whispered back. Even as I was urging my husband to be quiet, I could see why he was so excited. Belinda was wearing a light purple top that looked like it had been sprayed onto her body. Every curve of her large breasts was molded and emphasized. Beneath her top, she was dressed in a pair of brief cutoff jean shorts. To say they were brief was an understatement. Even from the balcony, I could see that a substantial portion of her ass cheeks were exposed, and the crotch of her shorts were pulled so tightly against her pussy, I knew that as soon as she turned toward me, I would see a very prominent camel toe between her thighs. Her legs were bare, but she was wearing a pair of white sandals with at least 4-inch heels.

    I could feel my vagina beginning to seep as I watched Brian removing his shirt to expose his powerful chest. Belinda licked her lips as she watched. It was obvious that she like what she saw. Moving behind her, Brian smoothly pulled her purple top over her head and tossed it aside. I heard Belinda moan when he did that.

    She was wearing a matching purple bra beneath her top, which surprised me. I would have bet that she was braless. In any event, her bra didn't last long as Brian's hands captured her tits and worked the nipples through the material of her bra. Belinda's hips began to undulate as he pulled and twisted them one after the other.

    It only took Brian a moment to pull Belinda's bra down below her tits. Turning her to face him, the couple kissed feverishly. After grinding their lips together for almost a minute, Belinda pulled back and moaned, "Your cock feels so big, Brian."

    "That's because kissing you and feeling you rubbing yourself against me has me so hard it hurts."

    "Mmmmm... Do you like my shorts? I thought my mom would freak out when she saw them, but she just smiled and told me to remember to apologize properly."

    "Are you going to?"

    "Just get my shorts off, Honey, and I'll show you."

    "Bend over."

    "MMMmmm... like this?"

    "Yeah. Just like that."

    Gordon had one hand on my tits and the other between my legs as we watched Brian unsnap and then pull her shorts over her ass and down her thighs. She looked back over her shoulder and wiggled her ass. "Like my pussy and ass, Honey? Are you gonna fuck me?" she asked in a hot whisper.

    "For the next three hours...both of those sexy holes."

    "Oh my god," she groaned, half in excitement, half in fear.

    "Spread your knees and arch your ass, Belinda, so I can get a good look at you."

    "Like this?" she said seductively as she thrust her ass high in the air and hunched in erotic fuck motions.

    "Yeah. Exactly like that. Shall we take this up to my bedroom?"
    As soon as Brian suggested heading for his bedroom, Gordon and I were on our way to the master bedroom. We made it easily as they had to climb the stairs and both of them were taking their time feeling each other up as the made their way to Brian's bedroom. By the time they had reached their destination, we were relaxing in our large walk-in closet with the audio on and the video pickup displayed on the large TV screen in front of us. The walls were soundproofed so there was no chance they could hear us.

    "God, you've got an absolutely huge cock, Brian. I can't believe I let you go home with this gorgeous thing still hard. I'm sorry, Baby. Can I suck it now? My mom told if I didn't suck it, she would ground me for two weeks."

    "You mom really said that?"

    "She did. She's really a cool mom. All my friends are envious of me. I think she cheats on my dad. She must. I don't see how one man could possibly keep up with her. But enough about her... I've got a huge, hard cock that I need to take care of."

    Inside the closet, Gordon's fingers slipped inside my wet pussy. His thumb was working steadily over my hard clit when he whispered, "Sounds like I need to give Belinda's mom a call. She sounds like someone I'd like to meet."

    "Forget her, and fuck me, you hot Stud," I moaned.

    Inside Brian's bedroom, we watched as Belinda knelt in front of Brian and took the head of his cock into her mouth. As it entered, the blonde's mouth was stretched wide. My pussy throbbed when I heard Brian moaning with pleasure.

    My hips were hunching on Gordon's fingers as I watched a third of Brian's cock sinking into Belinda's mouth. Her eyes bulged as he forced her to take another inch. She grunted and then issued a muted scream as Brian sank half his organ into her mouth. The young stud put his hands behind her head and pulled her firmly against his shaft. She began making gurgling noises when five inches of dick were buried and pushing against her throat.

    "Do you think she can take all of his cock?" Gordon asked as he thrust his cock against my hand and probed me deeper with his fingers.

    "She's had a lot of experience sucking cocks. She's take all of it," I replied confidently as my own hips humped against my husband's hand.

    "How do you know she's that experienced?" my husband groaned.

    "Simple. She's already got five thick inches of cock in her mouth with the head in her throat, and she hasn't gagged on it yet. Take my word for it, Honey. She's sucked a lot of dick, but probably not dicks as big as Brian's."

    We both watched Belinda's body jerking and thrashing as Brian fucked his thick cock in and out of her mouth and throat. Her breasts were heaving as she tried to breathe through her nose. Seeing she needed to breathe, Brian pulled his cock from her mouth. Immediately, she was breathing deeply and gasping. Brian sat down on the couch and again pulled Belinda close. "Bend over and suck me like this, Belinda."

    When she bent over at the waist and again engulfed his cock, her ass and cunt were totally exposed to our view. My husband's cock lurched in my hand when he saw her wet holes.

    "See something you'd like to fuck, Honey?" I teased.

    "I don't think she's 18," he moaned.

    "She will be in just a few months. I think we should invite Belinda's mom and dad over for dinner soon, don't you?"

    "Oh fuck Yes!"

    Belinda's lips were now widely stretched as she pushed more and more cock into her mouth. This time, she took all 7.5 inches down her throat. She did gag a couple of times, but after that Brian's entire length disappeared into the teenager's hot mouth. She kissed his pubic hair and then began to slide her lips up Brian's shaft stopping just before the helmet escaped her mouth.

    Belinda speeded up her sucking motions ... her head rising and falling over the thick shaft. After a few minutes, her head was ramming down on his organ at the same time as Brian was thrusting upward into her mouth. Suddenly, he grabbed Belinda's head and held her still as his hips humped upward burying his organ down her throat. The shuddering of his body made it obvious that he was shooting a huge load down Belinda's throat.

    As Brian's orgasm ebbed, Belinda stayed impaled on his cock until he lifted her head allowing his cock to slip wetly from her mouth. She gasped, her body shook, as Brian's juices ran from the corners of her mouth.

    I was now riding Gordon's cock in reverse cowgirl position so we could both watch the action in the bedroom. Every inch of his huge cock was sinking into me every time I lowered my body.

    Brian now had Belinda on her back with her knees steepled. After raining kisses over her mouth, face, and nipples, he moved downward between her wide-spread thighs to her pussy. As soon as his tongue slid up her sex trench, she squealed with pleasure. Her hands flew to the back of his head and pressed his mouth even harder against her pussy.

    "Oh god... Oh god... Oh god! Don't stop... Please Don't Stop! DO IT TO MEEEE!" she hissed.

    Although Brian's head blocked our view, we really didn't need to see his tongue sinking into Belinda's pussy or raking over her swollen clitoris to know what he was doing. Her loud, uncontrolled shrieks kept us fully informed. After a few minutes, her ass rose off the bed and hung in midair, gyrating and pumping against his face. When her legs shot straight out and her toes curled back, it was obviously the girl was having an intense, body-shaking orgasm.

    For almost a minute, she shook and frantically thrust her pussy against Brian's face before falling back onto the bed. "Ooohhh stop... aahhhhh god... let me rest. Please, Brian... don't... ooohhhhh god.... nooo... aaaahhhhhhhhhh.... OOOHHHH FUCK!"

    Just as I had repeatedly advised him, Brian ignored Belinda's protests. We saw his arm move as two of his fingers disappeared into Belinda's pussy. He curled them upward, found her G-spot, and began stroking it.


    I was saying the same thing as Gordon pounded upward into my convulsing pussy. On the bed, Belinda thrashed wildly. On Gordon's lap, I was grinding my cunt furiously against his ramming cock.

    Belinda's ass was again up in the air. When Brian's head began to move, we knew his tongue was again working on her clit. She screamed and bucked, but he rode out her gyrations with his head socked firmly into her sex saddle, his tongue rotating against her exploding clitoris, his fingers working her G-spot inside her throbbing vagina.


    Brian's mouth stayed on the shuddering girl's cunt bringing her to orgasm after orgasm until her vagina began to whoosh air. Then, she squirted spastically, her ass hunching rapidly in the air. Finally, she fell back to the bed and lay there quivering and groaning.

    I grinned when Brian raised his head from between the girl's thighs where it had spent the last half hour and moved his body between her legs. His cock was engorged with blood, a thick, 7.5-inch sex spike. He whacked Belinda's clit with it bringing squeals of pleasure from her.

    "Do you want this cock in your cunt, Belinda? Tell me," he commanded.

    "Yes... Oh god yes," she gasped. "Yes! I want your cock in my cunt. Hurry. Fuck Me!"

    Brian growled and pressed his hips forward. I saw the big head and the first inch of his shaft part Belinda's pussy lips and push into her hole. I thought he would ram it all the way into the helpless girl, but instead he stopped with only three inches of dick inside her. He stayed in that position until Belinda thrust her hips up off the mattress and slid her pussy further onto his cock.

    When Brian held back instead of driving his cock deep into her cunt, Belinda begged, "Please, Brian. Please fuck me."

    Brian fed another two inches of cock into Belinda's cunt before stopping. Again, the wildly excited girl began begging him to fuck her... to give her all of his cock. When he still didn't ram into the bottom of her throbbing pussy, she screamed,

    "Oh... please... I need your cock in me... fucking me! Give it to meeeeee!"

    With a roar and a sudden thrust of his hips, Brian's cock shot into Belinda's pussy. She cried out in hot passion and arched her back to receive the thick, pleasure-giving shaft. Brian's dick thudded into the bottom of her hole driving her ass deep into the mattress. Locking her heels behind his knees, she began moving frantically with him... meeting his thrusts with equally hard thrusts of her own.

    "I'm cumming!" Gordon hissed in my ear as his thick shaft exploded inside my pussy. The hard spasms of his cock quickly had me cumming again. Although Belinda and Brian couldn't hear me, I was squealing and howling as loud as she was ... maybe even louder.

    I was still groaning and Gordon was still shooting into me when Brian screamed and began filling Belinda's cunt with his load. She felt him throbbing inside her pussy and that triggered another orgasm. Her legs shot straight up in the air and danced erratically as she convulsed beneath Brian's body.

    For the next two hours, Gordon fucked me while Brian banged Belinda. By the time it was past midnight, both of us had cocks up our asses, and both of us were cumming repeatedly as the men screwed us.

    "OOOHHHH FUCK... CUMMING ... CUMMING AGAIN!! FUCK MY ASS!" Belinda screamed.



    Belinda couldn’t stop screaming as Brian made her explode
    in rapture. After that night, he owned her cunt.

    An Unexpected Visit

    After spending three hours buried in Belinda's mouth, pussy, and ass, and bringing the hot teenager to two dozen or more orgasms while shooting off inside her five times, Brian rapidly evolved into a young version of Don Juan and Casanova combined. The major part of his success with the girls was due to his greatly enhanced confidence plus the advantage of having an older, experienced woman to teach him the best ways to turn women on and give them intense orgasms. But in addition, the fact that Brian never talked about the girls he dated gave the girls the confidence to let themselves go with him. In doing this, he was following my advice perfectly. When one of his buddies asked how he made out with a particular girl, he usually said he got a nice good night kiss. but other than that, he had struck out.

    Although he still dated Belinda once or twice a week, he usually dated one or two other girls during the week as well. Amazingly, his grades suffered very little if any.

    Brian usually came home promptly at 3:00 and studied until 4:30, while I provided an occasional erotic diversion. At 4:30, we would sometimes spend a hot 45 minutes with Brian's iron-hard dick buried in one or another of my eager, throbbing holes. Making it with a young, handsome, well-endowed 17-year old guy who was like the energizer bunny in bed was fantastic. By 5:15, we had each showered in our own bathrooms, and Brian was back at his studies while I prepared dinner for the three of us.

    One week, however, I had had a late lunch with one my friends on Monday and hadn’t gotten home until nearly 5:00 PM. Brian was clearly disappointed, which made me smile. The same thing happened the next day when I went shopping and then had to run some errands for Gordon. On Wednesday, I had to do substitute teaching at the high school which, counting the weekend, made five days without having any sexy fun with Brian. Consequently, I planned to surprise our young visitor on Thursday.

    For the occasion, All I wore was an ultra-short white dress that just barely managed to cover my ass and a pair of 4-inch, clear plastic heels. With no bra or panties, more than half of my tits were on display and almost any movement exposed either my ass or pussy and sometimes both. I wondered if Brian would be able to spend any time studying that afternoon.

    A few minutes past three, I heard the front door open. As planned, I posed for Brian in the doorway leading to our den with my left heel hiked against the door frame. The position exposed my legs almost up to my buttocks. As soon as I heard his footsteps in the hallway, I said in the sexiest voice I could manage, “You’re late, Honey. Don’t you know you shouldn’t keep a woman waiting?”

    When I looked down the hallway, I was shocked to see that it wasn’t Brian there, but his two black friends, Chad and Lennard.

    “Oh my god! I thought it was Brian coming home,” I stammered quickly assuming a more ladylike posture even thought that really wasn’t possible given the way I was dressed.

    At first, neither Chad nor Lennard could reply. All they could do was stare at long expanse of leg I was showing as well as over half of my tits. Finally, Chad managed to gain enough control to respond.

    “Brian invited us over to use your heated pool. I guess we should have knocked, but actually, I’m glad we didn’t.”

    His confident tone both shocked and excited me. “Ok. Obviously, he didn’t tell me. Where is Brian anyway?”

    “Mr. Blaylock called an extra debate team practice this afternoon. He said he wouldn’t be home until around five. We offered to make it another day, but he told us to come on over and he would join us later in the afternoon.”

    Both Chad and Lennard were now staring lustfully at my nearly naked body, which was fair since I was staring at their hugely tented pants. Finally, Lennard said, “I guess we should leave.” The way he said it made it obvious that leaving was the last thing either of them wanted to do.

    “Nonsense. You’re already here, and the pool is nicely warmed. We have the deck enclosed for the winter. Go ahead and enjoy. I’m having a beer. Would either of you like one? You’re both 18 aren’t you?”

    “I’m 18,” Chad offered. “Lennard’s 19. A beer would be great.”

    As I moved into the kitchen to get two beers, I realized that I was deliberately swinging my hips. I could almost feel their eyes caressing my ass. Without looking back, I asked, “Did you guys bring swim suits this time?”

    “Yeah, we did. Brian told us to.”

    When I opened the fridge door, I saw that the Budweiser was on the top shelf in easy reach while we had several bottles of Heineken on the lower shelf. “We have both Budweiser and Heinekin. Which one do you guys want?”

    “Either one will be fine, Mrs. Baxter, but I do sorta like…”

    Chad’s words stopped in mid-sentence when I bent over to get two bottles of the Heinekin. The cool air on my naked, fully exposed ass made my clit throb with excitement. I took longer than necessary to retrieve the two bottles and in the process even moved my heels further apart. I wondered if the two black studs could see my pussy. The thought made me throb even harder. When I raised up and offered them the beers, their erections were obvious.

    “You can change in the guest bedroom,” I said. It’s right down the hallway on the right.” Their eyes were now locked onto my wide expanse of tit flesh I was showing. Both cocks got even harder.

    “Why don’t you join us this time, Mrs. Baxter?”

    “You really want me to? You’re not just saying that to be polite?”

    “Oh yeah,” Lennard moaned.

    “Ok. For a little while. You guys go ahead. I’ll join you later.”

    Upstairs in my bedroom, I debated about which one of my bathing suits I should wear. I had a full, one-piece suit, two bikinis, and an erotic blue thing that I had worn on a vacation Gordon and I had taken to Jamaica. The “blue thing” had several small triangles held together by thin, white cords. It covered my nipples and pussy but not much else. The thong left my entire ass exposed. I knew that I should wear the one-piece suit, but those two hard erections had turned my pussy into a swamp. Although, I took my time deciding, I knew that I was going to wear the “blue thing”.

    I almost backed out when I had put it on and saw how much it exposed. Small patches of the suit covered my nipples, pussy, and some of the rest of my body, but it left little to the imagination. However, my pussy won the fight with my head. I even wore four-inch heels to make it even more erotic. As I walked down the stairs toward the pool, I wondered if they would have enough nerve to actually try to fuck me.

    Chad and Lennard were swimming laps when I entered the pool area. As soon as they saw me, they stopped swimming and stared at me. Chad happened to be in the deep end of the pool and sank beneath the water as he stared. He struggled to the surface coughing up water he had swallowed. Even as he coughed, his eyes were locked on my body.

    Slipping into the water, I began to swim laps. Very quickly, Chad and Lennard surrounded me. We continued to swim laps matching stroke for stroke with me between their powerful bodies. Finally, the guys stopped when we were approaching the end of the pool where the water was six feet

    deep. They could stand, but the water was over my head.

    “Don’t worry, Mrs. Baxter. We’ll hold you up. Can’t have you drowning on us.” Lennard was behind me, Chad in front. As their bodies pressed against mine, two iron-hard cocks pressed against me. Lennard’s was moving sensuously through the crevice of my buttocks while Chad’s mashed against my mound and belly.

    “What happened to your suits?” I asked in a voice that was little more than a moan.

    “We decided not to wear them,” Chad replied as he ground his shaft even harder against my mound.

    “I told you to wear suits,” I protested. “I’m wearing a suit.”

    “It’s not much of a suit,” Lennard whispered in my ear. “It don’t really cover your big tits at all.”

    “It covers my nipples,” I groaned.

    Chad’s hands moved upward and pulled the small triangles to the side completely exposing both of my breasts. “Not anymore, it don’t. Just big, naked tits and hard nipples.”

    “Don’t do that, Chad. I can’t be in the pool with you two like this! Stop it.”

    “You don’t really want me to stop, do you? Even in this cold water, your nipples are hard… really hard.”

    While I was trying to get my suit over my nipples, I felt Lennard’s arms circling my hips. His hands moved to my pussy where he quickly pulled my suit to one side exposing my pussy. He quickly found my clit. Trapping it between two fingers, he began masturbating me.

    “Her nipples ain’t the only thing that’s hard, Bro. You should feel her clit. It’s huge and its hard as a rock”

    “Oh fuck,” I groaned unable to stop my hips from hunching against the probing fingers.

    “Good idea,” Lennard said as he worked his fingers even faster up, down, and over my throbbing clit. “Let’s do that.”

    “No. I can’t!”

    “We’ll show you how, Mrs. Baxter.”

    “Oh shit! That’s not what I meant. Brian may come in at any moment,” I protested as Chad’s mouth closed over my right nipple. At the same time, Lennard’s hand pressed demandingly between my thighs. With no conscious thought, my legs opened, and two black fingers slipped into my vagina.

    “OH FUCK! You’re in meeee!”

    The two men moved me to the side of the pool where they quickly got rid of my suit. Chad stretched out on his back and arched his hips. His thick, 8-inch black shaft was rigid with lust. “Suck it, Mrs. Baxter.”

    “You can call me Paula,” I hissed as I bent over Chad body and wrapped my hand around his throbbing rod.

    “No way! Ain’t nothing hotter than married, white pussy, Mrs. Baxter. Oh fuck Yes! Suck it! Suck it all the way in!”

    Chad’s hips thrust upward as soon as my mouth closed over his cock. Five inches of black dick filled my mouth and thudded against my throat. Wrapping my hand around his shaft, I jacked off the bottom half while I sucked the top half. Chad’s hands grasped the back of my head and pulled me down forcing the big cock into my gullet.


    “Oh Man! Look at my dick going in! She sucking all of it! Take it, Mrs. Baxter. Take all of it!”

    Within a few minutes, my lips were wrapped around the base of Chad’s throbbing shaft which was pumping furiously in and out of my mouth and throat.

    “Oh shit… FUCK! Gonna cum! Gonna shoot!” Chad howled as he throbbed and jerked inside my mouth.

    Just as I tightened my lips around his cock and began to suck harder, I felt Lennard mounting me. His rigid dick swabbed up and down the length of my sex trench. It only took him a few moments to center it right at my opening. His hips snapped forward driving his cock into my cunt hard and fast. Chad pumped his load down my throat at the same time as Lennard began fucking me.

    “UNNGH! OOOHHH YEAH! FUCK ME! You’re so fucking big…. AAAahhhh yes… give it to me!”

    Straddling my hips, the hot stud began driving his entire dick into my pussy on every stroke. Every time he entered me, I felt the big head shove my womb back until his cock was fully buried inside me. The friction on my clit was delicious. In minutes, he had me howling in orgasm.

    “Harder! You sexy bastard. Fuck harder! I’m cumming! I’m fucking cumming on your big black cock. Now! Now! AAAHHHH….. OH-HUH… OH-HUH… Don’t stop. Don’t stop! Fuck it! Fuck it! Aaaahhhhhh…. Yessss… like that!”

    With my pussy throbbing around his cock and me screaming like a hot whore, there was no way Lennard could hold off his own orgasm. I felt his cock jerking and throbbing as it spewed gush after gush of thick semen into the depths of my cunt.
    After Lennard had finished, the black studs took me into my bedroom where they continued to fuck me. As soon as they had me on my bed, Chad mounted me missionary pushing my legs high over my head as he pushed his cock deep into my eager, cum-soaked pussy. The erotic squishing sounds his dick made as he pumped me had Lennard’s cock rock hard. Chad made me cum several times before he finally ejaculated and added his semen to Lennard’s load.

    Lennard was lying on his back beside us as Chad’s load filled me. As soon as he pulled his now semi-hard rod out of my widely stretched pussy, Lennard screamed, “Ass sit my cock, Mrs. Baxter! Get on it. Hurry!”

    The eager stud protested when I first took him balls deep into my pussy. “Have to get it wet with your buddy’s cum before I can take it in my ass, Honey. Just be patient.”

    After a few strokes, his cock was dripping with my vaginal secretions and Chad’s semen. Lifting my hips, I slid my hips toward Lennard’s feet, centered his cock at my anus, and pressed downward. He stretched me open and sank into my depths. A moment later, I was riding him reverse cowgirl as his big schlong stretched me open.

    “Oh god, Yes! Fuck me, Lennard. Fuck my ass! AAAahhhh…. So fucking big! Harder, Stud… Fuck harder… Make me cum! Ooohhh yeah!... Like that… like that… Bang it!”

    Abruptly, Lennard pulled me back against his chest and jerked my legs high. “Spread wide, Mrs. Baxter, so Chad can get into your hot cunt.”

    “Ooohhh shit… both of you? I don’t know… you’re both so damn big… I don’t think I can take … AAHHHHH SHIT! He’s sticking it into my cunt! It’s going inn…. AAAHHHHHH GAWD! You’re both fucking me! Aaahhhhh…”

    “Do you like having two big black cocks in you at the same time, Mrs. Baxter? Sinking all the into your hot holes?”

    “Aaahhhh yesssss… Fuck me… Both of you… FUCK ME! Fuck my pussy… fuck my ass… Unngghhh…. I’m gonna cumm… Oh fuck… gonna cum… AAHH! AAHH! AAHH! NOW! NOW! FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!”

    “Oh, Baby! You so fuckin hot! I can feel yur pussy throbbing and squeezing my dick…

    “Her ass is throbbing too,” Lennard screamed as my body shuddered and shook. I couldn’t stop cumming as those big cocks pumped into me again and again and again.”

    I was gasping for breath when they pulled out and had me mount Lennard’s cock cowgirl. He pulled me forward mashing my tits into his chest and elevating my ass at the same time. Chad quickly straddled my hips and easily drove his hard cock into my widely stretched asshole.

    “More… more… fuck harder… fuck me you big cocked bastards… Aaaahhhh … ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh… Ooohhh yesss… fuck… fuck… fuck…” I heard myself screaming as my vagina again exploded on Lennard’s cock.

    “I’m shooting!” Chad screamed. “Cumming in her ass…. Now! NOW!”

    “Me too,” Lennard grunted as I felt his thick rod pulsing inside my erupting vagina.

    The two black studs screwed me one at a time and
    then together. With two cocks in me,
    I couldn’t stop cumming.

    After we had all gotten off, we took a short break. Within ten minutes, both guys were hard and wanted to fuck me again. I told them we had to hurry because Brian would be coming home soon and I wanted them in the pool swimming when he arrived. Chad shoved my legs apart and mounted me. His cock slammed into the bottom of my vagina on the first thrust. He grunted like a rutting bull with each thrust forcing shrieks of pleasure from me. In less than 10 minutes, I felt his cock jerking in hard spasm as he pumped his load into my eager pussy.

    As soon as Chad pulled out, Lennard was on me. His cock made erotic squishing noises every time he slammed it into my cum-filled pussy. He forced my legs high and wide as he powered his hard cock in and out of my slick vagina with hard, fast thrusts. It only took him about five minutes to put another cum load into my throbbing cunt.

    Although I asked them to keep quite about the sex we had enjoyed, I was certain they would tell all their friends. I was also certain that none of them would believe much of what they said since everyone knows guys always exaggerate their sexual adventures.


    Playing the Field:

    Later that evening after a leisurely sit-down dinner, Gordon and Brian cleared the table and did the dishes. We adjourned to the den and chatted until 8:00 PM after which Brian hit the books while Gordon and I enjoyed the evening together chatting and watching TV. Of course, Gordon and I had an hour of hot sex when we were in bed later in the evening.

    On the evenings when Brian had a date, he would skip the additional studying and leave the house around 8 PM usually returning between 11 and midnight.

    After dinner on a Saturday two weeks after screwing Belinda's brains out in his bedroom, Brian said he wanted to discuss something with us.

    "Sure. No problem. What's on your mind?" Gordon asked.

    "I don't know any simple or clever way of asking this, so I'm just going to ask the question straight out, if that's Ok with you."

    "You've been with us for over six months, Brian. I haven't seen any problems yet. Go ahead and ask."

    "I'm dating a lot of girls now. In fact, I can hardly believe it, but sometimes I don't even have to ask them. They're asking me. As I'm sure you can guess, I'm making out with all of them... we don't always have sex, but we usually do a lot of heavy petting. Being underage, I can't yet rent motel rooms, and even if I could, I don't have enough money to do that every time I take a girl out. So... I usually park somewhere and we make out in the car. For safety, I always lock all the doors, but we all know that windows can be broken and any guy with the right tool can open a locked car door in five seconds or less. Consequently, we're still in a little bit of danger. I'm strong, in good shape, and I know how to defend myself, but I couldn't fend off several guys."

    Brian paused, and I smiled at him. "Go on, Brian. Ask," I encouraged.

    "It would be a lot safer and lot more fun to bring my dates here to my room upstairs like I did with Belinda the first time we had sex. My first question is how do you feel about that?"

    "You make a good point, Brian," Gordon said thoughtfully. "It is a lot safer for you and particularly for your date to be here in our home in your bedroom than to be parked alone out on some lonely road or at the lake. You're almost 18, and you're going to be making out with girls and having sex one place or another. In fact, if you weren't interested in doing that, then we would really be worried."

    Brian smiled, but then Gordon continued. "If we were your parents, we would say yes, but we're not, so before we say it's Ok, we need to call Bryce and Ginger and get their approval. If they say no, then it's not possible. Understood?"

    "Perfectly. I wouldn't expect anything different," Brian replied. "But I have another question."


    "Assuming that my parents agree that it's all right for me to have female company in my bedroom... and by the way, if my date isn't on birth control, I always use a condom... if my parents agree, will you be embarrassed or inconvenienced? If so, let's forget it."

    Now it was my turn to respond to Brian. "Embarrassed? ... no. It takes a lot more than someone having sex to embarrass us. Inconvenienced? Again, no. We don't enter your bedroom period. That's your room, and we respect your privacy. However, if you think most girls will be willing to come here while we're home and go to your bedroom for sex, you're wrong. Most will flatly refuse. I guarantee it, Brian."

    "You're right. I didn't think this through well enough. The whole idea is stupid. Sorry."

    "Now that's first rate!" Gordon exclaimed. "Knowing when you've blundered and being willing to admit it is probably the biggest hurdle a man has to overcome on the road to success. Most men never manage it. You're only 17, and yet, you've already done it. Congratulations. Superbly well done!" Brian just beamed and deservedly so. It was probably the finest complement he had ever received.

    "But now let's modify your idea to take care of that one remaining problem. You go out on dates two or three times a week. Paula and I have a lot of friends we love to visit. We also love to dance and enjoy ourselves. So when you have a date, let us know a day in advance, and we'll have other plans for those evenings that will take us out of the house. But remember, Bryce and Ginger have to give the Ok first."

    "Can we call them now?" Brian asked.

    "Why not," I said. "Gordon, why don't we go into your office and call. You talk to Bryce first. Afterwards, I'll discuss it with Ginger"

    Although Gordon and I stayed on the phone for almost 20 minutes talking to Bryce and Ginger, there was never any doubt that they thought the idea was first rate. In fact, both Bryce and Ginger were stunned by the news.

    "Let me get this straight, Gordon," Bryce had said. "You're telling me that our son, Brian, who has never had a real date in his life, is now dating several different girls every week?"

    "Yeah. That's about the size of it."

    "And you say he's making out with all of these girls and fucking many of them?"

    "Yep. But don't worry. I've talked to him about using condoms, which he always does unless he's certain his girlfriend is on birth control. The point is that if he continues to use the back seat of his car on some lonely road or at the lake, it's only a matter of time before a group of assholes attacks them."

    "I'm in full agreement. Ginger is right here beside me nodding her head vigorously. She agrees too. But are you sure you don't mind going out two or three times a week when our son wants to bring a date home?"

    Now I spoke into the extension phone. "Well, while we miss you and Ginger a lot, we do have several other couples with whom we enjoy intimate and fun-filled evenings. So look at it this way... every time your son enjoys a girl in his room, Gordon and I get have an erotic evening out. Doesn't that sound good?"

    Now it was Ginger's turn to interrupt. "That sounds absolutely deliciously hot, you sexy slut. I can't wait to get home. You'd better tell that sexy husband of yours to stock up on viagra before we get back because he's going to need it. My pussy's on fire after six months up here in this frozen wilderness, and we still have six more months to go. So tell him, he's been warned."

    "He heard you, Ginger. Big time. His cock's hard as stone now, and it's all your fault. It's going to take me hours to take care of that thing tonight."

    Needless to say, Brian was elated with the news. Of course, we left out the parts about his mother's pussy being on fire and how she was going to fuck Gordon to death when she returned.
    Less than a week after we had come to an agreement with Bryce and Ginger about allowing Brian to have female visitors in his room, he told us that he had a date with Doris Ballentine on Wednesday evening. Their plans were to have a hamburger and hang out at Paul's Place where they could dance.

    "Should Gordon and I plan to be gone that evening, Brian? Or do you think it's unlikely that Doris will want to spend time in your bedroom on the first date?" I asked fully expecting him to say that he was certain that Doris wouldn't want to do that on the first date. To my surprise, his answer was very different.

    "I wouldn't have thought so either, but after asking her for a date and her accepting, I suggested that we could either go see a movie and have a snack afterwards, or if she preferred, we could skip the movie and hang out at Paul's Place where we could have a snack and dance. Her response almost blew me away."

    "What did she say," I asked, now more than a little curious.

    "She told me that skipping the movie was a great idea and that hanging out at Paul's, having a snack, and dancing was fine provided we left early enough for her to find out if I was really as good in bed as Belinda has been telling everyone. I didn't realize girls talked out-of-school like that."

    "It's better you learn that now than later, Brian. Girls talk about sex and their sex partners a lot more than men do. For some strange reason, a lot of girls think it's perfectly ok to tell everyone in sight about a guy... and I mean everything about him... his stamina, his recovery powers, his cock size, his oral skills, his techniques, the positions he likes... on and on. But if a guy does the same thing about them to his buddies, those same girls get mad as hell. I know it's not fair, but that's the way things are, Brian. So what did you say?"

    "What could I say? I was shocked. I finally told her that I was just a high school boy, not an experienced lover, and that she shouldn't believe all the rumors she hears."

    "You came up with that on the spur of the moment?" I asked astonished.

    "Yeah. Was that the wrong thing to say?"

    "No way! It was the perfect thing to say. After hearing you say that you're just a high school boy, I can guarantee you that Doris Ballentine can't wait to find out for herself if what Belinda has been saying is true or not. I'll make plans for us to be out of the house Wednesday night."

    Later that evening I told Gordon about my conversation with Brian that afternoon. "Damn! I should take lessons from Brian," he said with a grin.

    "I don't think you need any lessons in how to handle women, Darling. Brian is doing as well as he's doing because of the advice you've been giving him for the last six months."

    "Not just me," he said slyly. "I think you've given him a lot of ... a lot of advice as well as me. In any case, it looks like we're going to be spending a lot of time out of the house for the next few months. Any plans for us Wednesday night?"

    "I thought you might like to get together with Art and Tracy Bonner. We haven't partied with them for a couple of months now."

    "Well, it's true that I haven't had the pleasure of enjoying Tracy for a couple of months, but sometimes Art jumps the fence, so to speak. Has he been doing any fence jumping the last two months?"

    Gordon's question caught me by surprise, and I felt myself blush. Having blushed like that, I knew that I was already busted and therefore, there was no need to be evasive. "Well, fences aren't the only thing Art's jumped in the last couple of months, Honey. Shall I give them a call?"


    "Are you angry with me, Honey?" I asked in the best seductive voice I could manage.

    "Just furious... absolutely livid with rage. You can count on severe punishment the next time I get you bed."

    "I don't think that will keep Art from jumping the fence, Darling."

    "Then I'll have to punish you again. Understand?"

    "MMmmmmmm... promises ... promises. Oh, by the way, if we're with Art and Tracy, we're not going to able to spy on Brian and Doris. So why don't you set up the video and audio equipment to record what goes on Wednesday night. We can watch later when we're in bed."

    "Do you have any idea how hard you've gotten me, and I haven't even touched you, and you're fully dressed."

    "Of course I know how hard you are. I've been stealing glances at your bulge ever since we started talking."

    "So what are you planning to do about it?"

    "Nothing now. I like it when my main man gets hard when I'm around him. Besides, by the time we're in bed tonight, your cock will be like an iron rebar," I said as I squeezed my husband's rock-hard shaft.

    Doris and Brian:

    On Wednesday evening, things didn't go quite the way I had planned. I did take Doris to Paul's Place after I picked her up at her home, but she was too wildly excited to eat more than one or two bites of her hamburger. She had left her fries untouched. After dancing to two songs and feeling my raging erection grinding into her belly, she moaned in my ear, "Do you think your parents will have left the house yet?"

    "I'm not sure, but probably." This produced a hissing moan from Doris who again whispered hotly in my ear, "Let's go then. I'm so hot, my legs feel like they're going to collapse."

    When we were back in my car and I had pulled out of Paul's parking lot, Doris snuggled against me and mashed her tits into my shoulder. A moment later she was squeezing my dick. "Oh fuck! It feels even bigger than what Belinda said." She undid my pants and screamed, "Come on, Stud. Lift your ass so I can get your pants down and your big dick out. Hurry!"

    I followed her orders, and as soon as my cock surged out of my pants, Doris shrieked and then gasped, "It's huge... just huge! I don't think I can take it... oh my god... so damn big... so thick. I'll never be able to take that thing."

    "You'll take it, Doris. All of it. Just as soon as I get you home. You'll be taking it for hours, and in all your hot holes. You're going to lose track of the number of times you cum."

    "Oh god! Rub me, Brian. RUB ME! If you just rub me a little, I'll cum."

    She did… explosively! Even after that monster orgasm, she stripped off her panties and continued to masturbate while I drove. She was having maybe her third orgasm when I pulled into our driveway.

    Tracy, Art, Paula, and Gordon:

    We had just pulled out of our driveway and were on our way to the Bonner's home when I glanced at my rear-view mirror and saw Brian's car entering our driveway. "They just arrived, Honey," I said to Gordon.

    "Already? Obviously, Doris couldn't wait."

    "Maybe it was Brian would couldn't wait," I countered.

    "Do you actually believe that?"

    "No. Of course not. She'll be riding him before we get halfway to Art and Tracy's home."
    Art and Tracy were waiting for us on their front lawn when we arrived. "I can see that Doris isn't the only woman who can't wait," I whispered to my husband.

    "Maybe it's Art who can't wait."

    "Do you actually believe that? Remember, Art's jumped the fence a couple of times. Tracy hasn't. I'll bet the hot slut's panties are already dripping."

    "Are you jealous?"

    "Some," I replied honestly, "but that's the price a wife has to pay for having a fantastically hot and handsome stud for her husband. Besides, being a little jealous will make me fuck your brains out later tonight."

    As soon as Gordon had brought the car to a stop, I got out of the passenger seat to make room for Tracy, and climbed into the back seat where Art joined me a moment later. He has his month on mine before Gordon had pulled away from the curb. By the time, he reached the freeway, Art's tongue was inside my mouth, and his fingers were under my panties exploring my very wet vagina.

    "Oohh.. MMmmmm... uuggh... aaahhhhh... ooohhhhh!"

    "Your wife's already about to cum, Honey," Tracy moaned. "I'm so hot for you, I feel like my pussy is on fire. Put your fingers in me, Gordon. Feel me. I'll cum so hard you won't believe it... please... do me. Art's already finger fucking your wife."

    We were still only halfway to the restaurant when both Tracy and I climaxed around the fingers working inside our pussies and on our clits. Even with all the windows closed, I was sure some of the pedestrians could hear us moaning and gasping.

    We made Gordon and Art behave themselves in the restaurant, but as soon as we were in the car heading back to Art and Tracy's home, we were again making out. This time, however, I was the one who pushed Art onto his back and quickly got his cock out of his pants. Just as I slid my lips down his shaft, I saw Tracy's head disappear below the seat.

    Doris and Brian at Home:

    As soon as Doris and I entered the front door, we were locked in an embrace, our tongues dueling together. Slowly, we moved toward my bedroom shedding clothes as we went. By the time we were up the stairs and at the doorway to my room, I had her naked save for her tiny panties. She had done an even more thorough job stripping me.

    "You're gorgeous," I whispered in her ear.

    "How can you be sure, Brian? I'm still wearing my panties. You haven't even seen my ass and pussy yet," she teased while grinding herself against my throbbing erection.

    "A woman as deliciously sexy as you has to have a to-die-for pussy and ass, but just to be certain, I guess I should check it out." I knelt in front of her, nuzzling my face against her sex and inhaling her musky aroma.

    "I love the musky, sensuous aroma of your cunt, Doris. Inhaling your essence makes my cock throb."

    Doris moaned and pressed her pussy even harder against my face. "Pull down my panties," she hissed.

    As soon as her wet slit came into view, the near overpowering aroma of her excited pussy filled the air. Smelling her own arousal, her legs spread as she began grinding and humping my face.

    "Just as I suspected. Your ass and pussy are delicious," I said while sliding my tongue through her trench.

    "AAahhhh god... OOooohhh... that feels so good! Do you really think I'm sexy, Brian?"

    "Can't you feel how hard my cock is, Doris."

    "Oh fuck, YES!" she gasped.

    "Get on the bed, Honey. Raise your legs."

    She scrambled onto the bed, rolled onto her back and hiked her legs into the air. "Like this? Is this the way you want me?"

    "Not quite. Spread wider so I can see your hot pussy. You do want me to see it, don't you?"

    "Oh yesss!" she moaned as her legs opened. "Can you see it now, Brian? Can you see how wet I am for you?"

    "Oh yeah! I can see it. It's gorgeous!"

    "Get on the bed with me, Honey. I want to suck your big cock. I don't think I can even get half of it inside my mouth, but I want to try."

    As soon as I rolled onto my back, Doris leaned over me, captured my hard dick in her hand and rubbed it over her face. "Oh god! I didn't know cocks got this big... Oh my god... I don't know if I can take this huge dick."

    "Suck it! Just relax and let it sink into your throat. If you gag, just stop and wait until it passes and then push in more of my cock."

    "Oh I want to ... I want to! I want to suck all of it," she moaned as her lips slid down my shaft.

    For five minutes, she tried to take more and more of my dick down her throat. At first, she was taking only four inches. She gagged... waited... then tried again. Eventually, five inches were disappearing into her eager mouth each time her head descended.

    "OH Damn! Don't stop, Doris. That feels fantastic!"

    With her mouth tightly plugged with cock, all she could do was groan and nod her head. Her cheeks were now hollowing each time her lips slid down my dick. When the head popped into her throat, she gagged but stayed on my cock. Another half inch sank into her throat, and her entire body began to vibrate. I first thought that she was choking, but when her hand began frantically rubbing her clit while she emitted a high-pitched series of squeals, I realized that she was cumming.

    She was still shuddering in her climax when the sixth inch of my cock entered her throat. Her eyes rose and stared at me. I pumped my dick even deeper, and her eyes rolled back as she came again... this time even harder than the first time. Before this orgasm finished, she was deep throating all seven-plus inches of my cock.

    It only took her a couple of minutes to make me blow a huge load down her throat. My balls were so loaded she couldn't swallow fast enough and some semen spurted out the corners of her mouth. After sending a half dozen thick jets of semen into Doris' mouth, I pulled out allowing her to suck in deep breaths of much needed oxygen.

    "Your turn, Doris. On your back. Legs wide, pussy elevated." She was shaking when she assumed the position. Her clit was erect and hard... more than ready. The opening to her vagina glistened with her juices.

    As soon as I buried my face between her thighs, she hissed with anticipation. When my tongue entered her trench and slid upwards, she wailed. Finding her clit with the tip of my tongue, I circled the shaft. Her ass rose off the bed. When I swiped my tongue rapidly over the tip of her swollen organ, she screamed... her pussy went into hard spasms as her clitoris pulsed hard... again and again. She was screaming loud enough to wake the neighbors. Rather than urge her to hold it down, I slashed my tongue even harder over her bursting clit. She squirted and whooshed air. A moment later, another orgasm was racing through her body.


    Tracy, Art, Paula, and Gordon:

    Five minutes after we had entered Tracy and Art's home, Gordon had the big-titted brunette's bra and panties off and her tits sticking out of her the top of her dress. A few minutes after that, my wildly excited husband had Tracy on her back on one of the couches in their den nailing his 8.5-inch cock in and out of her eager pussy. Her big tits bounced as she took Gordon's entire shaft deep into her cunt on every stroke, wailing and howling as he plowed her.


    "That's only fair, you hot Bitch," I screamed back at her. "Your hot husband's got his big cock up my cunt too. OOhhhh shit... he's in me! So fucking deep! UUNNGH! UUNNGGH! UUNNGGH! HE'S FUCKING THE SHIT OUT OF MEEEEEEEEE!! AAAAHHHH!


    Doris and Brian:

    I had been eating Doris' cunt and clit for almost 30 minutes bringing her to at least eight intense orgasms. Every time her pussy would explode in wild contractions, she would arch her ass and scream at the top of her lungs.

    After her fourth or fifth climax, she tried desperately to push me away, but being no match for my strength, she would soon give up and began to pump her pussy against my face as she rose rapidly toward another orgasm.

    "Ooohhhh Brian... please... I can't take any more.... please... let me rest... ooohhhh please."


    After her sixth spastic explosion, she moaned, "Aaahhhh fuck... I don't believe it... never.. ever... cum so much... aaaahhhh... ooohhhh ... ooohhh... ooooohhhhh... oohhh shit... you're gonna make me cum again.... aaaahhhhh... NOW! NOW! PLEASE! NOW! I'M CUMMING!!"

    When Doris came for the eighth time, the bed sheets were drenched. The entire room reeked of her musky cuntal aroma and sex. Her body was shuddering in what seemed to me to be a near continuous orgasm.

    "Please, Brian. Fuck me now. I need a cock in me. PLEASE. STICK YOUR BIG COCK IN ME AND FUCK ME!"

    Over the next two hours, I put four loads into Doris' cunt... two in the missionary position, the third while she was riding me in reverse cowgirl position, and the last time while I was screwing her doggy. Each time I came, she would quickly change positions so she could suck me. With her now taking my entire shaft down her throat, it never took her very long to get me hard again.

    "Oh I love this!" she moaned each time she felt my cock again hardening inside her mouth. "I love being able to get you hard like this. I never knew guys could get it up again and again. Oh jezzz... you're hard!... so fucking hard! Are you going to fuck me again?"

    "What do you think, you sexy witch?"

    "Oh yes! YES! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me again! HARD!"

    "On your knees, Doris. Bent over. Doggy fucking time!"

    "oohhh Yes... Screw me like a bitch in heat!"

    "You are a bitch in heat, aren't you?"


    I sank my dick into her raised hole. She groaned and thrust her ass back to get more of my shaft into her vagina. She howled even louder when I fucked her with hard, deep strokes. She surged into another orgasm in just a few minutes. I continued fucking her right through her climax as she shrieked and gasped each time my dick thudded into the bottom of her erupting hole. Fifteen minutes later, I told her that I was about to cum.

    "OH Yes! Shoot it into me! You can cum in me anytime you want Brian. Are you going to tell everybody in school that you've fucked me... that you're going to fuck me again? Aaaahhhh.... OOOOOoohhhhh.... cumming... i'm cumming.... aaaahhhhh! Oh Baby, you can fuck me anytime!"
    Tracy, Art, Paula, and Gordon:

    It was after midnight. Art had already emptied his balls into me three times and was about to give me his fourth load of the night inside my ass as I rode him in reverse cowgirl position. His huge dick slugging into my widely stretched rectum had me howling each time he entered me.

    Ten feet away, Gordon had Tracy bent over and standing on one foot while she balanced herself with one hand on the back of the couch. My husband had her other leg hooked over his arm spreading her wide so Art and I could see his thick shaft disappearing into her ass on each thrust. Flecks of semen from previously deposited cum loads dotted her pussy and thighs. As the two men ass fucked us, I wondered how many loads Tracy had taken and how many Brian had pumped into Doris in his bedroom.

    Brian's Stable:

    After laying Doris on Wednesday night, Brian settled into a routine for the next month. He spent one afternoon a week with Belinda and a second afternoon with Doris. The other days of the week, he filled his time with studying and lots of practice between my legs. On the weekends, he pretty much let the studying go. On Friday and Saturday nights, he dated Belinda one night and Doris the other. By the end of the week, he never failed to have been inside Doris' and Belinda's pussy at least once and inside of mine at least twice.

    A month after bedding Doris, Brian broke out of his rut and essentially forgot all about his steady routine with Doris and Belinda. Within a month's time, he had begun seeing Joanne Crawford, Helen McGraw, Susan Hawkins, and Laura Malone. On his first date with Helen McGraw, Brian nailed her in the back seat of his car at the lake. He hadn't asked us to let him have the house because he had not expected to get into her panties so quickly.

    It took him three dates with Joanne Crawford and three with Susan Hawkins before they eagerly spread their legs for him. Laura Malone won the prize for holding out the longest, but on their fourth date, Brian fucked her for three solid hours in his bedroom using all of her holes and screwing her six times.

    After dating his stable of six girls for another month, Gordon and I had quite a collection of erotic videos complete with sound of each of the six girls screaming and thrashing on Brian's bed as he made them climax repeatedly on his talented tongue and cock.


    Brian completed his last two terms in high school with A grades in all subjects. Gordon helped him fill out the application to the state university and also provided advice on how to prepare his application for a scholarship. Although his grades during his senior year were spectacular, his much lower grades during his first three years in high school made the decision close. In the final analysis, it was Gordon's exceptionally strong letter of recommendation submitted on corporation letterhead over his signature as Director and Vice President of Engineering Operations that carried the day. His letter concluded with the statement,

    "When Mr. Raynes completes his engineering degree, I hope that we are able to convince him to take a permanent position as a member of our in-house, engineering staff. He is an exceptionally talented young man, not only intellectually but also with outstanding people skills. In these terms, I recommend him to you."

    Brian was admitted to the university with a full scholarship covering all fees and tuition for the duration of his undergraduate studies. It was conditioned only upon his making satisfactory progress toward his baccalaureate degree.

    During June and July, Gordon also arranged for Brian to take an engineering apprentice's position with his corporation. The position provided a very nice salary for a new high school graduate and in addition, gave him the opportunity to learn something about being a professional engineer in a large corporation. With my husband's help, he made the most of his opportunity and saved almost all of his salary for his upcoming college expenses.

    Since Brian got off work at 4:30 in the afternoon and didn't have to study long hours during the summer, he had more time than before to enjoy his stable of girlfriends. Joanne Crawford and Helen McGraw were gone for the summer, but Belinda, Doris, Susan, and Laura were still around, and he was seeing all of them at least once a week and sometimes twice.

    Although I knew I was still his favorite "date", with Brian at work until almost 5 PM every weekday, our opportunities for sex were much more severely limited. Gordon got home from work at almost the same time as Brian, and he rarely went out without me in the evenings. The only exception was Saturday and sometimes Sunday during the day. Gordon frequently had to go to the office to get work done on those days. When that happened, Brian was usually on me and in me within minutes of my husband leaving for the office.

    In early June while Brian was out on a date with Laura Malone, we had an extended phone conversation with Bryce and Ginger during which they let us know that they would be returning the second week of August. To say that they were both anxious to return would be understatement of the year.

    "Bryce is great in bed," Ginger had said at one point in our conversation, "but the same cock day after day gets old. I told you before, Gordon, that you'd better stock up on viagra... well, I'm so horny now that whatever supply you have stashed away, you'd best double it, Honey."

    "What makes you think I'm going to let you borrow my husband to take care of your horny pussy, Ginger," I teased.

    "You aren't going to be around to object, Paula. Bryce is so hot and hard for you, he can drive nails with his cock. He's going to have you in bed 12/7 for who knows how long."

    "12/7," I questioned. "Whatever happened to 24/7? Where did the other 12 hours a day go?"

    "He's just a man, Paula. I want him back before you fuck him to death."

    Eventually, the conversation turned to Brian. Bryce was stunned to hear the developments.

    "Brian was actually accepted at the state university? That's unbelievable! I really didn't think he could get into a junior college with his grades."

    "Well," Gordon responded, "except for that B in English is first trimester, all the rest of his senior grades for the year are all A's."

    "Yeah. You told us. Neither of us has the slightest clue how you guys got him to hit the books like that. Just fucking amazing!"

    At that point, Ginger interrupted and said, "That's not what I'm most amazed by. I just can't believe that Brian is dating six girls... four now that summer is here... and from what you guys have told us, he's fucking all six of them!? Before we left, he couldn't even talk to a girl and hadn't had a single real date since he had been in high school. How is that even remotely possible?"

    "He just matured, I guess," Paula suggested.

    "Bullshit!" came Ginger's response. "When we get home, you and I are going to have a girls' night out together, and you're gonna tell me how you two managed it."

    "I hope neither of you are angry about you son's success with the girls," Gordon said with total sincerity.

    "Hell no, we're not mad. I'm elated," Bryce nearly shouted. "I really thought for awhile that Brian was gay."

    "You can forget that, Bryce," I said. "He's a long, long, long ways from being gay. His girlfriends can't stop screaming when he's banging them in his bedroom."

    "Sounds like they're at his beck and call," Ginger commented.

    "Very much so. Sometimes after studying until 11 PM or so, Brian calls one of his girlfriends and just tells her he's horny. Five minutes later, he's on his way out of the house. He picks up the girl in front of her house, takes her somewhere, and fucks her two or three times in the back seat of his car."

    "I'm getting hard listening to this," Bryce moaned. "How do you know that?"

    Gordon seemed unsure how to answer, so I did it for him. "We've both heard him on the phone to his girlfriends several times doing just that. I usually wait up for him to make sure he's Ok, and when he comes home, I always ask him if his horny problem is worse or better. He just grins and says something like, "Three times inside a hot girl always takes care of horny problems."

    "Oohhhh god... OOOOHHH... AAAHHHH! UUUmmmmmm! Bryce is fucking me," Ginger gasped. "Hard. Really HARD! AAAHHHH... YESSS!"

    "You two have more important things to do than talk to us. Talk to later. Have fun," Gordon said just before he broke the connection.

    The next evening, while Brian was out with Belinda, Gordon and I were taking advantage of the time alone to discuss Brian and his year with us. At first, we just discussed some amusing things that had happened during the year. After that, we lapsed into silence until I changed the subject.

    "Honey, I want to tell you that you've been just magnificent this last year. You've pitched in and helped with the housework in spite of your heavy workload at the office. You've been enormously understanding and tolerant of all the things I've been doing with Brian. Where a lot of husbands would have thrown Brian out of the house, you've helped him with his mathematics and science homework, explaining the things his teachers aren't able to explain. You've treated him like a beloved member of our family."

    Gordon started to interrupt, but I held up my hand, and he closed his mouth, smiled, and let me continue. "Most recently, you've gotten him accepted into the university and helped him win a full scholarship. And if that's not enough, you've also given him a fantastic job over the summer that not only gives him a great salary but also a great educational opportunity. The whole thing is just beyond belief. I can't thank you enough, and I promise... absolutely promise... that I'm going to find a way to reward my magnificent husband."

    "Can I speak now?"

    I grinned and said, "All right... but don't expect little favors like this all the time."

    "First, you make it sound like I did a lot, and while I did do some things that really helped Brian, you are the one who made all the difference... and I mean ALL the difference. Without you, he would still be making D and F grades; he would still be a shy nerd who's never had a date; he wouldn't be enrolled in the university with a full scholarship; he wouldn't have a great job with my corporation. Instead, he'd be looking for part-time work fixing hamburgers or something. You changed his entire life, and I can't tell you how proud it makes me to have you as my wife."

    "He would have done most of those things without my help, Honey."

    "To paraphrase Ginger, Bullshit! and double Bullshit! Without you, he would have never studied like he did."

    I started to object, this time it was Gordon who held up his hand. "Be quiet, Woman. I'm talking."

    I followed my husband's lead, closed my mouth, smiled, and settled back in my chair. "As I was saying, he would have never studied if you hadn't provided the most fantastic incentive any young man ever had in those short skirts, low-cut tops, skimpy panties or no panties and most of the time no bra. If he studied, he got to enjoy an erotic show that exceeded any wet dream he's ever had. If he didn't, then the show stopped."

    "You noticed? Why didn't you say something?"

    "Does the sun rise in the east? Did I notice? Let me tell you Paula Baxter, as soon as Brian sat down to study in the evening, we both got iron-hard erections."

    "Brian didn't stop studying because he didn't want your erotic show to stop. I didn't say anything for exactly the same reason. But let me go on. Suddenly, a young nerd who can't even talk to a girl without stammering and blushing with acute embarrassment, is flirting with Belinda Carson, a drop-dead gorgeous girl who has every boy in school masturbating over thoughts of her. And he's not only flirting, he's doing it with an amazing amount of savoir faire that would do credit to a seasoned libertine. The only way he managed that was to have a great... absolutely great... teacher, and I know who that was."

    "I wasn't the least bit surprised when Belinda accepted his request for a date, but I was surprised to see his shirt covered with lipstick when he came home from his first date. I was even more surprised when he was making out with her after a couple of weeks or so. But the real eye-opener came when we spied on them in his bedroom. The guy fucking that sexy girl was no nerdy virgin... he was a consummate stud who knew which buttons to push, when to push them, how to push time, and what to do after he had pushed them. Brian must have gotten Belinda off two dozen times. By the time the evening was over, a satyr had been born and Belinda was his sex slave."

    "I only know one woman in the world who could have taught him that well, and she changed his entire life. Whoever Brian eventually marries owes her a debt that she will never be able to repay. So don't even look like you want to tell me you aren't the architect of the new Brian Raynes. Like I said, I'm proud to have you as my wife."

    "You're not angry that I didn't tell you everything up front?"

    "You couldn't... no way. If you knew that I knew, there's no way that at some point during the year, you wouldn't have slipped and given the show away to Brian. And once he knew that I knew, he would have never been able to continue. It would have all fallen apart. So, no... I'm not angry. I'm proud and I'm hard... really...really hard right now."

    Without saying word, I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor as my husband's eyes locked onto my legs and panties. Turning my back to him, I bent over at the waist, my ass not more than a two feet away from his face, and slowly lowered my panties down my thighs. I heard the sound of a zipper being lowered, and when I bent down to remove my panties from around my ankles, I saw my hot husband stroking his 8.5-inch, thick sex spike. My vagina contracted in a hard spasm at the erotic sight.

    Wiggling by ass, I reached back and spread my buttocks so he could see both of my sex holes. "Where do you want your cock, Lover? Which hole?"

    "CUNT!" he shouted. "Your hot cunt!" he gasped. My vagina throbbed several more times in anticipation.

    Kneeling in front of my husband, I pulled his pants and briefs down his legs as Gordon lifted his ass off the couch to assist me. His dick surged upward... a hot, rigid, engorged shaft. I couldn't keep from rubbing my clitoris frantically as I stared at it. Bending over, I licked the helmet bringing groans from my husband. I loved it!

    "That feels so damn good, Paula. But I don't want your mouth this time. I want that hot luscious cunt. Mount me... please."

    "Oh Lover. You never have to say please to me. If you tell me to mount... I mount." Having said that, I put my right knee on the couch beside my husband's left thigh and swung my left leg over him right above his rigid sex gun.

    "Put it in me, Stud! Stick that big cock up your slutty wife's cunt, and fuck me like a hot whore!"

    Quickly, Gordon centered his dick at my opening and I drove my ass downward skewering my pussy on his iron-hard erection.


    A moment later we were both hissing with pleasure every time that big prick pried me open and sank into my hole.

    By the time Bryce and Ginger had returned from their year's stay in Alaska, Brian had already moved into his apartment at the university. Although he could have lived in university housing, he naturally preferred a private one-bedroom apartment, and he had found a nice one.

    With Brian away at the university, Bryce, Ginger, Gordon, and I were alone. They never left our house their first weekend back. During the following week, Gordon was spending half of the nights in Bryce's bed fucking his wife while Bryce was in Gordon's bed returning the favor. We spent the other nights together having an erotic foursome with the men first banging my pussy and ass. After I had had several orgasms, they switched to Ginger's eager holes and pleasured her.

    The only time we took a break was to go out to dinner, and even then, I had to eat my dinner with Bryce's fingers buried in my pussy while Gordon's were deep inside Ginger's cunt. Several times during dinner one of us would arch our back and grind against the probing fingers as an intense orgasm shot through the vagina and clit of whichever one of us was climaxing.

    On the drive home, one of the men would drive while the other guy fucked both of us in the back seat. After we had emptied his balls, the men would switch places, and we would empty another pair of balls.

    By the end of the week, we were all ready to return to our more normal sexual schedules.

    Thanking Hubby Properly:

    It was a Wednesday afternoon during the last week of August just before the high school year began. Gordon came home from his office at 5:20 PM, which was a little earlier than usual. As soon as he came into the kitchen where I was fixing dinner, he asked, "There's a small foreign car parked in our driveway. Do you know anything about that?

    "Yep. Fix the salad will you, Darling."

    Gordon immediately began working on the salad so it was a couple of minutes before I heard what I knew was coming.

    "Well? What's going on?"

    "Oh. The car. We have a guest for dinner."

    "Oh? Anyone I know?"


    "How long have you known him?"


    "Just asked a question, Honey. Since it's someone I don't know, it must be someone you know. I just asked how long you've known him."

    "I know that's what you asked, but it's not a 'him'. It's a 'her'. And I've known of her for a couple of weeks, but I just met her this afternoon. Her name's Renata Belatsio. She's from Argentina. Now I need to warn you, Honey, her English is only fair, but I don't think you'll have any problems understanding her."

    "Argentina, you say?

    "Yep. She's from Buenos Aires."

    "And her English is only fair?"

    "Yep. Just fair."

    "And she's having dinner with us?"

    "Yes. Set the table, Darling. Three place settings."

    As Gordon set the table, he was still shaking his head in confusion. "What am I missing here, Paula? Why is ... Renata? Is that her name?"

    "Yep again."

    "Why is Renata here?"

    "Well, where else would she be?"


    "Where else would she be. She lives here. She's a senior exchange student from Argentina. They needed a good home for her stay this next year, so since we've already had a visitor last year, I didn't think it would be any problem for us to have another one for the coming year. I hope that's all right?"

    "Of course it's all right. How old is Renata?"

    "Oh I checked that very carefully, Honey."


    "And she's old enough, Lover. She's 18. We've spent all afternoon talking about you. She can't wait to meet you."

    "Old enough for what?"

    "My sexy husband isn't usually this slow on the uptake. Are you Ok? Well, dinner's ready. She's in her bedroom...same one Brian used last year. Why don't you go get her."

    As soon as Gordon walked up the stairs, I sneaked into our bedroom and hurried into our walk-in closet where the audio and video pickups were already in operation. When he entered, my husband stopped dead in his tracks as soon as he saw the dark-haired young beauty reclining on the bed. When she saw him, she gave him a dazzling smile through her steepled legs.

    "Hi. I'm Renata. You must be Mr. Baxter," she said in her Spanish accent.

    My husband had to struggle to tear his eyes from between Renata's open thighs. "Eh... yes. I'm Mr. Baxter. But please call me Gordon. Since you'll be here for a year, Mr. Baxter is just too stiff and formal."

    "Good. I like that. I call you Gordon then. Yes?"

    "Yes. I just came up to tell you that dinner's ready."

    Renata stared openly at my husband, her eyes moving over his body checking him out. "Thank you. Is this Ok for dinner... or must I dress up? It's only you, Paula, and me... yes?"

    "Yes. Just us. Do you usually just wear panties and a top at home?"

    "Yes... should I wear more? Do you not like me like this?"

    "No... No. That's fine. Shall we go?"

    "Good." Renata sat up on the edge of the bed, her legs still open, and said, "I need to put on my shoes, Gordon. They're under the chair beside you. Would you get them for me?"

    My husband knelt beside the chair and got Renata's shoes. When he turned toward her, he was staring directly between her open thighs. She leaned forward, took the shoes, and then raising first one leg and then the other, she put them on. When Gordon stood up, his erection was obvious. Renata stared right at it and smiled again.

    As we were enjoying dinner, Renata said, "I think Gordon even more handsome than you say, Paula. He very virile looking and very masculine. You a very lucky woman."

    "I think so too, Renata. Over this coming year, I'm sure you will find out just how marvelous he really is."

    Turning toward Gordon, she said, "Paula say you are engineer... Director and Vice President of a big corporation. She say you can teach me many things... I not very good in science, but she say you can help me. Is true?"

    "I'm sure I can help you, Renata. Maybe we can set up some times when you can study and I'll be there to help you when you need help."

    "Oh yes. I like that. Maybe I can teach you some things... some Spanish or other things... yes?"

    "I'm sure you can, Renata. Gordon's a very, very quick study."

    Later that night as Gordon and I walked hand-in-hand toward our bedroom, he asked, "What's going on here, Paula?"

    "I promised I would find a way to reward my magnificent husband. I hope you like my choice of rewards."


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