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. The Water Park

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Titslave, Oct 10, 2016.

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  1. Titslave

    Titslave Active Member Author!

    The Water Park
    By Titslave

    Oakmont had spent $14,000,000 to expand its municipal water park, now renamed “Water Nation.” The Husseys from Riverdale, about seven miles away, didn’t mind paying the extra money for a family pass. Thirty something, very generously endowed, Joyce Hussey lay with her husband Fred in side by side pool chairs as their two young children splashed with other youngsters in the wading pool. “I guess the Riverdale mayor won’t have that kind of money for any pool upgrade,” she said, sharing his amazement that Oakmont spent that much.

    “This place is huge,” he agreed, “Riverdale only has two small pools.” They laughed about the wrong choice of town; they should have bought in Oakmont when he was transferred from Atlanta.

    The radiant noon sun was toasty. Mrs. Hussey applied more sun block to her shoulders and arms. “Not sure I like Water Nation,” she griped. “No one’s friendly. It’s really crowded and noisy.”

    They people watched. She hid behind her shades and studied the builds of lifeguards, college-aged guys on summer break, and even the beefy high schoolers. She picked out one or two that she assigned as raw materials for daydreams, her habit since they wed. As time passed they lasted longer -----wicked little what-ifs. They hung around to get her to climax during her steadily diminishing love-making with Fred.

    She snuck in flirtatious moments with attractive young men that she encountered. Like chatting in the basement with the well-built guy in his twenties who checked the furnace a few weeks in their new home. And small talk with the fit, wide-eyed stock-boy at the supermarket. They responded to her remarkably curvaceous physique, and she played these moments back when in bed with her husband. She just had to have male attention. Her fantasies increasingly went directly from passionate stares to wicked physical intimacy.

    Joyce now had to use a water park bathroom, but wasn’t a fan of the locker room. She wanted privacy, away from other parents, teens screaming after spending hours on the water slides, and seniors showering after laps in the pool. She stood up, stretched, and cleaned her sunglasses..

    Her white one-piece suit was tight on her voluptuous body. Breast feeding had ballooned her boobs, and they had kept enlarging. Her posterior was plump, wiggling for the slightest reason.
    “Now I navigate my way through Water Nation,” she muttered, walking away.

    “See you in an hour,” Fred grinned.

    The attractive blonde of medium height, with vivid green eyes, fine skin, and nicely curved legs, sauntered past the wading pool, then a full-sized one, and looked around to find an alternative restroom. Fred’s eyes followed his wife and noticed how slowly she walked, as if to be seen.

    She found herself stopping to ask a young, shirtless workman, who was in charge of a crew constructing a picnic area. After a few minutes of feasting her eyes on his muscles, she asked him sweetly if there was an alternative bathroom. She stood straight and ran her fingers through her hair. She felt the familiar glow of a man staring, x-rays through his sunglasses at her flesh.

    Then he said in a confident tone: “Go through that door,” pointing to a two story building further away from her family, “and walk upstairs. There’s a john there that nobody uses. It has a passcode lock on the door.” He gave her the code. She thanked him.

    She noticed how ripped he was, like how Fred used to be. Big brown eyes. Yum.

    She turned toward him and pointed at the door as if to ask “this one?”, posing in a profile that showed off her chest. He nodded, and did not stop looking at her body until she disappeared through the door. His iPhone had grabbed pictures and a video of her chest and her big ass.

    Joyce entered into a hall and walked up stairs. Near the end of a short hall she found a room with two parts to it, the first a powder room about 10 feet by 20 feet. It had a sink at the far end and a large mirror to the right of the sink.

    Around the corner in the other section of the room was a toilet at the end of a long, narrow space. The drywall was fresh. There were two grapefruit-sized round holes in the right wall near the toilet space, at waist level. The lighting was only half installed in the hallway and in the sink and toilet spaces it was dim. The whole room was very warm. But the silence and solitude were a treat and the rooms were clean. She wrote down the passcode.

    When she came back outside the workman noticed her and muttered to his three helpers. The four boldly stared hard, as if they had been in prison for three years with pent-up desire. Eight male eyes leered at her breasts. Her curious eyes checked out these brawny workers. Her freckled cheeks dimpled.

    “Thanks again. So is that my private bathroom?” she smiled, tilting her head.

    “It can be,” the tall one said flatly. Then he and the other young men kept on looking her over.

    “Kind of hot up there,” she said, fanning her chest with her hand, as if to focus more male eyes on it. She had attracted enough attention to her body since college and knew when guys were drinking in the sight of her monster boobs and salivating. But these were spooky, openly gawking but not coming on to her like other guys.

    As she walked away, the tall one grabbed his iPhone, and took more videos and pictures of her unbelievable body. He smiled slightly and said “Let’s make it open only to her.”

    Joyce sat down and rested her head on the chair, half listening to Fred chat about the block party coming up. She was moved by the sight of the young construction workers and the vibe she got from their stares. After a half hour Joyce and Fred collected up their young ones and drove home.

    On the way she said: “We should come back tomorrow. What a place, right kids?” They agreed.

    “Really?” Fred said. “Before you were complaining about the unfriendly people and the loudness.”

    After a pause she said: “But it does kind of grow on you.”

    Saturday morning was busy and Joyce seemed a bit preoccupied. The heat was raising the mercury. They had an early lunch. Joyce felt the need for a mimosa, offering one to Fred as the kids, ages three and five, devoured hot dogs and cherry tomatoes.

    He declined the mimosa and was surprised to see her grab a second, tall one.

    With her lobbying (and her encouraging the kids to plead to go to the pool) they were back at Water City. Before they left, Joyce had called the water park office to inquire about swimming lessons for her children, and child care that the website said was available for parents while in adult fitness swims, or in the upcoming yoga classes.

    In the car Joyce had the visor mirror down and carefully applied lipstick and eye makeup. “You look all dolled up today,” Fred said as they paid for the daily family pass on the way in.

    “Thanks,” she said.

    “What’s the occasion?” he asked.

    “I just wanted to look hot,” she said, winking at him. Her face wore a blush from the champagne, which glowed inside of her.

    They found a spot near yesterday. When Fred turned his back to her to get the kids’ towels set up and clothes off, Joyce looked around for the tall young man and his workers. She took off her white terrycloth robe.

    In the water with the kids, her husband did a double take. Instead of the one-piece from yesterday his wife had on a vivid red bikini. It was not a string outfit that bared practically everything, but it was extremely sexy. The way Joyce was built the cups in the suit’s top struggled to contain her boobs.

    Her very round and firm breasts had become so large that it was almost evil for her to wear such a revealing two-piece bathing suit. Although her nursing days were over a couple years ago, she had remained a GGG cup, or HH, depending on the day. The top piece hoisted them, somehow. Her shapely legs and broad hips glistened with sun block.

    She got into the water with Fred and the kids, and at waist deep she shook with the initial envelopment of colder water on her skin. Her breasts rippled.

    “That’s one hell of a swimsuit,” Fred said discreetly, “haven’t seen that on you in a while. Wow.” She smiled. Fred noticed other men admiring her. The soaked fabric tightened on her body.

    Her kids playfully, sometimes affectionately, called their mother’s prominent breasts “pumpkins.” Fred had taught them to say it for family kidding around when they were toddlers, but now the children were comedians when out in public, and from time to time would announce “Mommy’s got real big pumpkins!!” Their father had also taught them “cakes” meaning her full and round buttocks.

    So now her youngest, Tyler, heard his sister yell, “hey Tyler, look how big Mommy’s pumpkins are!! And I can see her cakes. Wow!!” Fred put his finger to his lips with a tentative frown, then grinned but looked around a little nervously. Joyce shooshed her daughter.

    After some splashing, Joyce had Fred take the kids out of the pool and to the other side of the park to talk to swim instructors about lessons. While drying herself and freshening her lipstick she texted him and said she had to make a stop in the bathroom.

    Joyce headed toward the building where she had been yesterday. The handsome guys she hoped to see were missing. She kept looking, and found herself trembling. Suddenly she found them behind an almost done new concession building. They were taking a work break at a picnic table. There were about six guys, young and very fit. She let out a heavy sigh of excitement.

    “Hi!” she waved and called out, wearing a big smile. She walked in from the edge of the construction area and they drunk in the sight of this voluptuous housewife. She turned to the tall one she spoke with yesterday. “Is it all right if I use that bathroom again?” she asked sweetly.

    “Yeah,” he said, and the others mumbled greetings. Looking directly at her chest, one said in a deep voice, “Fuck me!.”

    She put her hand on his arm, “OK, settle down. Is that bathroom still available?”

    “It’s all yours, right guys?” he said, while looking directly at her tits.

    The mimosas felt good in her. “What’s with your friend?” she asked the others, “hasn’t he ever seen a bikini before?” No one spoke. “I haven’t worn it for a while,” she said as they stared, “do you think it fits me all right?” The crew leader made a thumbs up gesture. “Are you sure?” she teased, “I need your objective opinion.” She was talking out of nervousness. She looked down at her bust, then leaned forward. She put her palms on the picnic table and her stare shifted from her bosom to their faces.

    Two of them quickly snapped some photos with their phones. “Hey!” Joyce protested.

    “We turned on the AC in there for you” the tall one said softly.

    “Just for me?” she smiled. She stood up straight then said, “thanks.” These guys had the military demeanor of sentries at a check point, and their sparing talk and bold stares were turning her on. The more she flirted, and the less they made any effort to flirt back, the more stimulating. The tall one’s eyes veered to her left and down. His eyebrows lifted.

    “Hey Mom!” Joyce’s daughter was suddenly at her side.

    “Oh!” her mother said, “how long have you been there???”

    Her daughter looked at the men and asked “do you think my mom’s pretty?”

    “Huh?” one of the six laughed.

    “You’re looking at her pumpkins a lot,” the youngster said.

    The tall one half smiled, “yes, your mother is very pretty, and it’s rubbed off on you.”

    “I can tell you like her,” Joyce’s little girl said, “you really like her ginormous pumpkins!” And then she pointed to the closest one to Joyce on the left: “And you were looking at her big cakes!” The little girl spanked her mother’s fat ass.

    Joyce, flustered, said: “Let’s get you back to the pool,” and abruptly left her stolid admirers.

    “Weren’t you watching her?” Joyce asked her husband when she handed off her daughter to him. “She slipped away, I think she spotted you and said ‘I’m going to see what mommy’s doing.”

    “She was talking to some guys who really like her pumpkins!!” their daughter yelled, “and one guy was looking at her cakes a lot!”

    Fred with a forced smile turned to his wife and said quietly: “Really?” He wondered at her blushing.

    “Well, I better get going before I pee right here.” Fred nodded.

    “Stay where your dad can see you,” she admonished her daughter, looking with a slight scolding expression at him.

    Joyce heard a teasing melody: “Mommy has boy-friends” as she ambled away, and Fred and their kids went back to the meeting with the instructors.

    Joyce was shaking from getting busted by her daughter. But rather than ignore them, she found the young men. Joyce smiled at them and pointed in the direction of her family, “my daughter’s a pistol. Thanks again.”

    “We’ll escort you,” one of them said,

    “It’s the least we can do,” another chimed in. She smiled.

    “Ok, but I have to pee,” Joyce said, walking briskly. She glanced furtively to see if her family was watching. All clear. They made their way to the door to the building, the guys following her silently through the crowd, ogling her large tits and her plump ass. At the building door she turned and said: “That AC feels great! OK, thanks again!”

    “We can carry you upstairs,” one of the crew offered, a short, very muscular nineteen year old who was talking to her boobs. “And back down,” another said helpfully. “And everything in between,” the tall one said, again without any expression. All of them wound up in the first floor hall, the door closing behind the last guy.
    They gazed up the stairs as she walked slowly up the steps. She stopped twice, looking down at them. At the top, for a few minutes, she stood in a profile in the quiet while they eyeballed her, then left. She noticed that dim, orange and red lighting had been sort of stapled on the walls. She had felt the cool air on her skin, lifting her from the heat and humidity. A thick carpeting had been installed, and very large mirrors were along the walls by the toilet and the back wall in the first alcove, the primitive powder room.

    She closed the door and locked it. Their fading footsteps punctuated her sense of imbalance, and their voices, trailing off, made her sexually confused. Why were these silent guys so hot?

    Her cell rang, Fred wondering where she was.

    “Stomach issue,” she said, composing herself from the encounter with the young men.

    “Well, I hope you’re OK.”

    “I’m fine, it’s the lower GI again.”

    “Take your time,” he said over the crowd noise, “the kids are working with swim teachers. We’ll be tied up for another half hour.”

    “Great,” she said, sitting down in the powder room, “I’ll be a while.”

    Joyce sat on a small bench that faced the full length mirror in the powder room. The flirting with the young men, openly coveting this married woman and her prominent assets, was nerve-wracking. She heard herself in a quiet pant, and a persistent blush painted her smooth skin, a product of the champagne and the charged atmosphere.

    She decided that the boredom in her marriage justified the thrill. Their quiet but intense boring into her body preoccupied her as she regarded herself in the mirror. The new lights put her in her own private club. Joyce’s iPhone began a playlist of Rihanna mixes. She stood there, swaying. The odd, raunchy feeling grew in her. She grinned about her husband hearing that guys were checking her out in her bold bikini. In here she could act out any fantasy.

    The muffled talk of her he-men admirers faded to silence. Joyce looked in the mirror and played with her hair and caressed herself. She turned to her side, admiring her FF tits. She stuck her chest out and planted her hands on her buttocks, then squeezed the rounded, smooth cheeks. She turned her back to the mirror and removed her top slowly, teasingly. It fell to the floor and she bent over, pulling her bikini bottom into her butt crack. Her ass thrusting out, she writhed to the club mix. Her back still to the mirror, she shook her huge boobs. They took enticing turns swinging out to the side. She imagined herself as a pole dancer in front of men.

    Joyce faced the mirror and shook her breasts back and forth, squeezing them, raising them to her face and letting them plop down, smacking onto her chest. She walked to the bathroom in the space around the corner, her iPhone squeezed into her bikini bottom in her ass crack. She danced in front of the mirror to the right of the toilet.

    But something, or two somethings, moved into her peripheral sight. They were below her, at about stomach level. They were flesh, they were thrusting in and out of two of the circular holes in the wall. They were erect, large, penises.

    “OHH!!!!” she yelped, frozen in place. Joyce gasped and put her hand over her mouth. Could this be possible? What the hell? She could not move. These were long, and fat, and kept moving back and forth slowly. Never in her life had she seen anything like these.

    Then they vanished behind the wall. She sat down on the toilet, not comprehending. And then through each hole protruded a one hundred dollar bill. The currency dropped softly onto the floor, inches from her feet.

    Joyce sat on the toilet in a daze. She picked up the money and stared at the two bills, incredulous. Then the two long and red male organs reappeared. Veins highlighted the shiny surfaces. One male organ confronted her, in a coital motion. The other, protruding from a larger hole, managed to shake a bit. It disappeared, then came back, fingers squeezing the testicles through the opening so that they plopped lazily out into the open.

    She looked around furtively as if someone might be watching, then cautiously directed her eyes back to the wall, and babbled aloud: “I can’t believe -----who ------you are is doing this!” With the brazen presence of two healthy males in this shocking display, she nevertheless had not gotten up and left. Nor had she put her bikini top back on. She walked briskly to the door across the room and slid a bolt across the door, locking it. She walked back to the wall excitedly, her jumbo tits rippling, and crouched down. Her big ass grazed the opposite wall in the narrow space.

    After a prolonged thirty seconds she reached out and poked them.

    Her pulse was speeding. Her fingers wrapped around one, then the other. This was unimaginable, an eerie, thrilling dream. Her hands tingled at the sensation of the turgid tools. She began to stroke them slowly. Joyce knelt on the floor between them. They were warm. They were magnets, pulling on her overheating emotions.

    Joyce was taken over by powerful feelings that were brand new. She knelt on the carpeted floor at a spot between the two rock hard pricks and stared at them as she kept stroking. She was alone with this duo of anonymous flesh, the thicknesses of ketchup bottles, in a dimly lit alcove in a town several miles from the one they had just moved to. Moans of pleasure through the wall excited her even more. Her arms pumped away, faster, as her hands gripped tighter. The two dicks were purple looking, aimed no longer at her but higher, more toward the ceiling.

    Whose were they? She imagined in her trance of passion which two members of the construction crew she was servicing. One of the cocks leaked a bit and then the other. She stroked as rapidly as she could. Joyce was almost salivating at the sight and the feel of the turgid manhood. After what seemed like an hour she kissed one cock, then the other.

    Then suddenly, almost violently, the owner of the one to her left let out a yell, and she pulled the two cocks toward her face. The cock on the left swelled even more then spat some small drips of semen. Two seconds later it exploded with four strings of warm jizz, some of them splatting on her face. The rest shot and landed on the opposite wall a few feet away. As if triggered by this blasting the other dick came, amid moans, and in rapid shots of hot cream on her tits. Loud moans and gasps penetrated the wall. Joyce kept milking the manhood until each hot poker softened. Her eyes had never left them, but now her lids came down as she felt the man juices run down her face and chin and her big tits.
    She slowly, reluctantly, mopped it all up with toilet paper.

    Then, as if this second person fled from her body, she abruptly got up, in a panic. She gathered her things, and dashed out of the room, down the stairs, and outside to the din of the water park. She waved at Fred when she neared their spot at the pool. “Are you all right?” he yelled, struck by the redness of her face and its sweat. “I’m OK, I think I need to go home and rest,” Joyce said. They and the kids walked to the parking lot. Within an hour she was napping in the bedroom. The pictures in her mind of her visit to the special bathroom at the water park were vivid and persistent. Joyce thought to herself: “I am a dirty girl. That will NEVER happen again.” She noticed, for the hundredth time, the two one-hundred dollar bills in her purse.

    That night, with the kids in bed and the lights out in the house, she grabbed Fred when he came out of the bathroom and as he lay on their bed she stroked him. Two glasses of wine at dinner had replenished the buzz from the lunchtime mimosas. As he played with her boobs Joyce pulled on his dick, her eyes closed. Without trying she pictured the much larger organs her hands had caressed and squeezed when at the pool. She mounted her husband and aimed him at her wet crotch, and impatiently, with her eyes closed, she began to bounce up and down. He grabbed her breasts. How eager she was.

    “You are a horny wife,” he whispered, trying to catch up. “Oh yeah,” she gasped, lost in a dream, “I’m dying for it.” Usually he was the one who went too fast and left her far from satiated. But tonight she vibrated aggressively on top of him, her mind lost in the wicked dreams of her exclusive little world at the water park. Then she came, slowed down in tapering gasps, while Fred achieved his climax.

    She fell to his side and, her arm draped over him and her head on his shoulder, she stared at the window until sleep overtook her.

    She arose early and with Fred asleep Joyce went on Amazon at the family room computer. She shopped intently in the swimwear inventory. She bought two bikinis she liked and tried to be discreet about the purchases since her daughter was an early riser. Sure enough her daughter snuck up behind her and may have seen. Each bikini was a size too small. She ordered overnight delivery.

    At Sunday breakfast her older child said:. “You’re different.” “Every day is a new day,” Joyce said, planting a kiss. “I’m going to call about your swimming lessons,” she said. “How come we can’t take lessons around here? I don’t know anyone in Oak Mount.” “You like the teachers you met, though, right?” “Yes, they’re nice.”

    Fred was puttering around in the basement, unpacking boxes that lingered from the move. Joyce called the water park, which directed her to the village park district to sign up the kids for lessons. “Are there spots open now?” she said intently, “my husband and I really liked the two college kids we met, the brother and sister going to Wesleyan.” “You’re in luck,” the village employee said, “we can get you in starting this coming Wednesday morning.” Joyce’s heart rate jumped a little. “Would you like to pay by credit card?” There was a pause, Joyce’s focus taking over. “Ma’m? Are you there?” “What about the yoga classes? Can I sign up for those for myself for this week in the evenings?” Joyce asked.

    “There’s an intermediate class starting up week after next,” was the response. “OK” Joyce said, “so that starts on what day the week after this one?” “Thursday at 6:30” “Perfect,” Joyce said.

    That night Joyce told her husband that she had booked the kids for their first swimming lessons on Wednesday. “And I have yoga lessons starting this Thursday at 6:30,” she told him. “Where? At the community center down the street?” Fred inquired. “No,” she said in a halting voice, “they’re at the water park.” “The water park? Why would you bother? Don’t Becca and Brenna go right here in town?” he asked, referring to two of her Starbucks coffee break friends. “Yeah, I know, but Diana told me that the yoga instructor they’re bringing in is really great, and I got a funny vibe from the instructor in Becca’s class.”

    Her daughter then offered, “hey mom, you said to the lady on the phone that the yoga starts next week!” Joyce flinched and said, “you’re right sweetie, but then she called back and gave me the correct schedule.” Fred looked at her for a moment and then said: “So you’re sure yoga starts this Thursday?” She sat up straight, and smiled: “positive.”

    After Fred headed off to work on Wednesday morning Joyce got in the shower and afterwards spent some time with her make-up. “Are you going to a party or something?” her kids asked. She had already received and tried on her daring, too small swimsuits. The tops were tight and the way she set the straps in front made her breasts thrust and bulge upwards.

    They drove to Water Nation and Joyce, her pulse accelerating with each minute, walked her two children to the pool where the lessons were set to go. She was chewing gum vigorously. “I am NOT repeating what happened here,” she attempted to promise herself, “that was sick and perverted.” But part of her mocked this oath.

    She met with the two young teachers and sat briefly, her foot tapping, while they worked with her children. After about five minutes she got up and excused herself. “Come back in about forty-five minutes, we’ll take them for treats afterward” the college girl yelled with a smile. Her kids waved and Joyce, her robe still on, walked quickly toward The Building. She tried not to look obvious about it but her eyes took in everybody left and right along the way. She craved the faces of her admirers and was very nervous about running into them. She almost bit her tongue while chewing her gum. She put on earrings from her handbag and freshened her lip stick.

    She almost walked into him. There was one of the workmen, standing right in front of her. He had a crewcut and a tattoo the length of his right arm.

    “Hello,” she barely managed to get out the words. “Looking for your private bath chamber?” he said, after regarding her body, “it’s right there, all set for you.”

    “Thanks,” she said, smiling, looking back at him. “Got that red bikini on from last time?” he asked. After a few beats she undid her robe, revealing her new bright blue two-piece. “This one’s new,” she said. “Good choice” he said, drinking in the sight of her amazing tits, bursting out in all directions, then while glaring at her lower body, he commanded, “turn around”. For no logical reason she complied, then faced front. His crass attention stirred her. “Your pumpkins and cakes look great,” he said. “Thank you,” she said softly.

    “Uh ---,” she said, reaching into her handbag and holding out her hand to him, “I found two hundred dollar bills up there last time. Do you know if someone was missing this money?” He said nothing and pushed the money back toward her.

    “It’s yours,” he said. She held it out to him, “no, really.” He shook his head and for the first time began grinning. “I will take you up there,” he said, his eyes glued to her chest. “No thanks, I’m good” “I insist,” he said, his arm around her shoulder. They began to walk. She was slightly taller than him and he pulled her close, her fat boob in his side. He opened the door to the building and stared at her as she mounted the steps. Again she looked down as he looked up. “And keep the money,” he said as he dialed his phone while walking away. She opened the door to the bathroom and then closed it but remained outside. He was in the hall of out of sight and she thought she heard him say: “Guess who just showed up!”

    Feeling humiliated yet aroused in a way that made her heart race, she discreetly opened the door and went in. She took a deep breath. The lighting had been changed and the walls re-painted to a dark blue. Orange and red LED lights had replaced the bare bulbs. Everything was darker and like a night club.

    She stood in front of the mirror by the toilet and took off her robe. Her resolve to act with some morality was teetering. I’m here, this is secret. Everyone has a secret life. I did not have sex with those two guys, and I have no idea who they were. She again reached into her handbag and freshened her make-up, then fidgeted with her nightclub style gold earrings. She sat on the toilet and took off her sandals, replacing them with stiletto heels. She took the two one-hundred dollar bills and stood up, then squeezed them into the shoulder strap of her bikini. Her iPhone began playing Rihanna again. Joyce stuck out her chest and shook her big tits until the two bills floated to the carpet. A carpet that was thicker ran along the wall by the two holes.

    How can this be evil? No one knows I’m doing it. No one’s getting hurt. Women I have known actually get involved with guys and they take all sorts of risks. That’s betrayal. Not this.

    The two holes at waist level were not alone. There were somewhat larger ones at the height of her shoulders. And out of one of them reached an arm, a muscular one, stretching in her direction. She took in the biggest gulp of air since her first labor in pregnancy and then stepped toward the hand, pushing her breasts against it. Joyce stood at a right angle and closed her eyes, her heart hammering. No man had ever touched her like this, except Fred, since before she married him. The hand impatiently pulled at the bikini top and played with her boobs. Another arm emerged from the other hole, and soon her back was to the wall, phantom hands grabbing her breasts, caressing her tummy, exploring her flesh.

    When one arm withdrew, she turned and stuck her left breast through the hole. The unknown male gave an appreciative moan and then sucked on her very well developed tit, slurping on her nipple. The other arm reached around her to her back, practically tearing off her bikini top.

    It was all excitement and lust and was moving fast. Joyce had stopped thinking or weighing choices. All she could do was be a bad girl, to own it. She pushed her right tit through the hole. The sucking went on for a few minutes, and then she felt a log of flesh press against her thigh. “Oh God!” she called out.

    She knelt on the carpet and stroked the large masculine meat in her face. The feeling of its vein and its warmth intoxicated her. Joyce gazed for a moment as her hand worked it, and a second hard dick announced itself through the cock hole, anonymous fingers coaxing its oversized scrotum through the gloryhole. Sighing at the thrill she moved to a spot between the pair of big genitalia and while her hands caressed passionately, her lips planted kisses back and forth. These were not the same dicks she jacked off the first time.

    She was impatient to feel them in her mouth. In went the one to her left, the swollen head forcing its way back and forth against her lips and then plowing past her gums. Joyce began to suck it, slowly at first then more quickly, bobbing her head back and forth. She licked its full length and kissed the head several times while jacking the fat prick. After a few minutes she moved her cock-pleasuring to the right. As her fingers moved up and down the first guy’s shaft she energetically took the second big cock in her hungry mouth. This second monster was steel hard and she worked it as far back into her throat as she could.

    Intense desires were now fully in control. For the next twenty minutes she went back and forth, so sexually excited that she almost lost her sense of the time. Her children’s lesson was over in – she looked frantically down at her cell phone, rubbing one of the horny, stiff pricks against her face as she did so. She cursed the ticking clock and hurried her blowjobs. The owner of the one on the left moaned as she worked her tongue over him, her nose against the bathroom wall, and suddenly the first of several hot gobs of semen blasted into her hungry mouth. Joyce kept sucking and working the male organ until it was well spent and slowly softening. She hesitated, then swallowed the mouthful of warm cum.

    Her hand caressing it, she turned to the second and very soon after she began to jack it and an instant before she was going to ingest it for more sucking, the second cock shot cream onto her face. She cried out with “Oh fuck yeah! Shit!” as her hand continued its frantic motion back and forth. Then it spat steaming strings of man juice on her big tits three times. She lifted each tit and licked it lovingly.

    As the two dicks withdrew she sat back, breathing like a diesel engine, then slowly stood up. Fifteen minutes were left before she had to get to her kids. Her half-open eyes gazed in the mirror at the sperm on her cheeks and forehead, some of it running down to her neck. She picked up one of her breasts and instinctively she lazily extended her tongue to the cum on her large boobflesh. Her other hand went to her crotch. Her finger encountered a very moist pussy.

    She heard the soft sound of four hundred dollar bills, floating from the same hole to the carpeted floor. Two more fleshy tools appeared. They were long and arrogant looking. Joyce admired them and moaned, then called out: “Oh yeah!” These were yet two more cocks that were new to her. She fell to her knees and grabbed the money, turned to tuck the bills into her handbag, then hungrily wrapped her eager fingers around these kingly pricks. Her moans became constant when her hand passed the rock hard dick to her mouth and her energetic tongue. The veins of these cocks were more pronounced than those of the guys 3 and 4. She toyed with the rigid flesh, pushing it against each cheek, stretching her mouth.

    “I want those big tits,” she heard a voice as she fellated the men. “Yeah, me too,” another cried. She stood with her back to the wall and jacked off the two wicked erections while unknown hands helped themselves to her breasts. The second set of hands played with her nipples, pulling on them.

    This was excitement that made her body vibrate. No thinking, all sex and flesh. The mystery of the identities of the now four aroused males made her head and body hum. Joyce’s pussy was soaking wet. Any minute she might cum.

    She knelt down and sucked them off, impatient to get hot jizz in her throat. The one on the right ejaculated so much juice that she almost choked. She stroked the still stiff dick and went to work on the guy to the left. She moved her face back and forth to feel the rock hard lance thrust against her cheeks, her forehead, her chin, her eyes. Then she went all the way down and smashed her lips against the wall. Could this monster make her gag? She jerked her head as fast as she could, then planted her face so close that the wall deformed her nose and rammed her teeth. She paused as she suddenly choked, then went back to him. The cock pushed against her throat, and it was as if he was invading her stomach. This happened a few more delirious times and then his hot cream impregnated her slutty insides.

    She stood up after more stroking and rubbed her clit, staring at the upper holes, searching for male eyes. The more she rubbed the faster she rubbed, and, one leg on the little chair near the toilet, she had an orgasm. She played with her tits and kept touching her pussy, yelling obscenities and peering into the wall’s windows of depravity. She was bursting with pleasurable release.

    Joyce’s afterglow came down and after her panting receded she gathered up her things and walked slowly to the other room. Five minutes later she descended the stairs. It was amazing, she thought, how easy it was to have this filthy whore experience with four unknown males (the construction guys?) and turn it off in time to go pick up her kids.

    Thursday morning came with a thunderstorm. Joyce had her neighbor Becca come over and watch her children for two hours. It was raining hard. She wore a raincoat over a sleeveless pink top that stopped at her navel and a short white, form fitting skirt. And a red bra that she used to wear until her tits got too large for it.

    She drove with haste to the water park, having run two stop signs in Riverdale and almost running two lights in Oakmont. The rain had stopped, but the parking lot was almost empty. She went to buy a day pass and was given a very warm good morning by a grinning young man at the desk. Was he one of them? She wondered.

    “She gets a comp,” a voice said. The tall guy was standing behind her. She took a deep breath. “Hi,” she said. He looked at the part time life guard, part time pass checker and seller. “Remember? She’s our VIP guest, she and her family. Do you have it?” Joyce looked on, feeling that excitement and almost intolerable anticipation about this place. The first guy handed her a season pass for the Hussey family. “Here you go,” he said, once again looking boldly at her tits with his Schwarzenegger “Terminator II” demeanor.

    He took her arm and they walked into the park, where there were few others. “You shouldn’t have done that,” she said. “Take off that rain coat,” he said like a commanding officer, his eyes doing their usual scrutiny of her, “it stopped raining.” She unbuttoned her coat and the nasty wanton in her made a point of opening it slowly. His gruff voice was a turn-on – the exact opposite of Fred’s overly polite way with her sexually. He stood behind her, breathing huskily in her ear as he looked down at her extra large bosom. She said softly: “I was in the neighborhood and need to run up to the bathroom. I was wondering if the park was going to be open this evening. I need to get in some swimming.”

    “Go. As long as my guys and I are around,” he said, then: “This section of the park will be closed after 6.” He noticed the disappointment on her face. “I was really hoping to get in some laps,” she said. “Get here after 6,” he said, and park in the lot so that you’re near the concession stand we’ve been building. One of us will let you in, and you’ll have the nearest pool all to yourself.”

    They walked and said nothing as they neared the building. “So my private lounge is open?” she asked, almost pleading. She faced him. He stared at her then said: “You want it?” She paused. “Definitely,” she finally said. She smiled and left. He texted his crew: “She’s here. Just went upstairs to use the bathroom”.

    Her private space had more changes. In the toilet alcove there was a small bannister installed on the wall where she had had her encounters. There were holes all over the place. On the other side was a large mirror with shoulder level holes on each side, and two more holes at her waist level, and two more holes on the wall by the toilet. And there was a large cushiony backless chair on the floor in front of the toilet. In the space by the sink there was a hole in the ceiling and a hole in the floor.

    She was dying for the forbidden pleasure that had kept her up the half the night and she gazed in the newly installed wide mirror. Was it a window too? In a slow grind, she slowly pulled the pink top up, exposing the hard working red brassiere that lifted her tits and squeezed mammary flesh up and out to the sides. She held the top above her neck, then concealed her face with it for a few minutes. She swung her hips. She felt a hand on her breast and sighed loudly when another caressed her thigh. She held the top at head level, concealing her face, and writhed so that her tits rippled. She threw the top down and pulled the straps of her bra off her shoulders. Joyce shook her boobs then pushed one, then the other through the hole to the left of the mirror. Heavy rain outside pelted the room’s only window.

    “Give me some dick,” she said, and when she repeated these words twice her heart went up and down with the slutty sounds coming from her mouth. Six hundred dollar bills dropped on the floor behind her. Two hard cocks slowly pushed out from the wall, one on the side of the mirror, and another through one of the holes by the toilet. She enthusiastically took turns with them, moaning as she sucked one, as deeply as she could, while stroking the other. Her tongue worked tirelessly. She could do this all day, she thought. After five minutes one cock, then the other, blasted warm semen on her face and her shoulders.

    She laughed and cooed while scooping cum into her mouth with her fingers. Joyce mashed her boobs against the mirror, rubbing jizz on it. She leaned and licked it. Disbelieving male eyes behind the one-way mirror stared.

    She went to work on a second hard dick to pop out of the wall, this time through the hole on the left side of the mirror. She bumped her sizeable ass around for the anonymous suitors to behold, and stripped off her white skirt. There was nothing on underneath. She bent over to suck this third cock and called out as mysterious hands from the opposite wall explored her thighs, her back, and her crotch. Fingers squeezed her big ass and poked at her asshole. Hands competed for her cunt and her butthole.

    She craved dick inside her and but could not get enough of her new life as a cocksucker. While blowing two guys on the wall to the left of the toilet, Joyce said to one mystery cocksman: “cum all over my tits like the last two guys.” He shot his hot jizz on her and some ran down her big tits. Within two minutes of his member turning a happy limp, and vanishing, a black skinned replacement thrust out toward her. She pulled each tit in turn to her face and licked the sperm, then stood up. She opened her mouth and stuck out her cum filled tongue.

    She went back to the black cock. It was thick and long and easily the biggest male organ she had ever seen. All she could do was stare and caress, and reach through the hole to the testicles bearing witness to this wanton housewife’s descent into iniquity.

    Its veins were amazing, its length, its fatness, its arrogance. Her life up to a few days ago her sexual experiences had been limited to Fred and a boyfriend in college. But Joyce had been enjoying several different pricks lately and she had a much richer sampling to draw a comparison. She laughed in shock. This was one huge boner. As she handled this ebony ketchup bottle sized love rocket the guy to its right shot his wad all over her face, thick gobs flying from the head of his cock. Her other hand grabbed this shaft near the emptying balls and wiped the dick all over her cheeks and eyes..

    After lovingly stroking the monster cock she endeavored to fit him in her enthusiastic, dirty girl mouth. But he had other ideas. “Turn around,” he ordered. Her heart pounded. She took a deep breath and bent over, backing her fat buttocks against his hard manhood, instinctively seeking his penetration. She put her arm on the toilet and guided the fleshy club slowly inside her wet pussy. “Fuck!” she gasped as his strokes began. After about five minutes he went from slow to quick. She pressed her booty against the wall, glorying in the feeling of this penetration.

    “How do you expect me to walk straight if you fuck my like that?” she laughed, then closed her eyes and moaned loudly with pleasure.

    Another cock emerged from the opposite wall. Joyce eagerly grabbed it and turned her head to work it into her evil mouth. Balance was difficult but then she learned what to do with the bars built into the walls. And all along the Black monster was causing all that commotion in her pussy.

    She held on to the bar while the White dick fucked her mouth and the Black one pounded her cunt. Her hanging tits shook enticingly. Hands found their way through the walls to her flesh. One squeezed her big tits. Another caressed her thighs. This went on for about ten minutes, then the monster dick withdrew slowly.

    “Hey!” she gasped, “keep fucking me.” This was exactly the kind of men she was dying for. Anonymous, non-stop, just hands and hardness.

    She felt a finger work its way into her soaking vagina then travel north to her asshole, poking modestly at first. She shook her ass and laughed, “I don’t know about this. I’m married.” Then she heard fingers jamming five hundred dollar bills, landing on the floor to her right. She jacked the cock she had been sucking and looked down at the currency. The fucker then added a second finger to his exploration of her rectum. He took his time, and Joyce, now back with a blowjob with the other cock, was too pumped and overwhelmed with desire and pleasure to object to the painful good feeling of this digital fucking.

    A second hand reached around and began a slow rubbing of her clitoris. She turned and aimed tried to aim the center of her body at the hand. Then the withdrawing hand extended its index finger as if to say “follow me.” She planted her crotch at the hole as closely as she could and was startled to feel a long tongue lapping at her clit. From the monster black cock hole a black arm extended around to her ass and resumed its penetration of her anus. Three fingers were now insider her while she got a licking from the next door guy. “Stand up,” a voice directed her.

    Now she was up, planted flat against the wall, and she found herself kissing lips and tongue at a hole above at head level, while a hand below made her dizzy with joy by fingering her. Its movements quickened over her clit.

    The black fingers steadily stroked in and out of her fat ass. The more they worked and loosened her, the more she liked it.

    It built and built. Suddenly she shook from head to foot and came. “Oh!...... Oh!....... Ahhh!” …….“Oh!”……. “Oh fuck, FUCK!” she squealed. After five minutes she noticed two long erect cocks on the other wall. She backed into the first and eagerly bent over, offering her pussy and impatiently handled the male turgid staff. It poked, then slid into her. She jerked her hips back and forth while jacking off the other stiff prick. This guy was raring to go and within a few minutes shot his man cream into her twat. She switched over to the other hole, and something made her lower her ass more. She guided the second cock into her stretched asshole. Although not as massive as the black one, this was long and rock hard. Joyce whimpered at the welcome painful feeling, moaning for more.

    “Fuck my ass,” she insisted. He went after her tight hole. For the first moments she was struggling, then as if his dick commanded it she relaxed her anus and began to squeal. Joyce was amazed at the noises she was making for the first time. She heard grunts through the wall. This buttfuck went on for about ten minutes. He swore as he came inside her butt.

    She turned and positioned herself where the black dick had been, shaking her big ass at the hole and looking up and over at the mirror. Hands appeared and fondled her tits, and groped her buttocks. Sweat dripped everywhere. Then the big black phallus announced itself and she cautiously, but enthusiastically, backed her slutty butt into it. “Christ!” she screamed, balancing herself with her hand, then reaching back to stroke the testicles hanging through the hole. “You like that big white ass?” she cooed. “Take your time,” she said, “I love the way you’re loosening up my asshole.” He went directly to the deep strokes, plowing into her body. She surrendered to the shameless, amazing feeling of huge cock inside her married ass.

    Yet she waited impatiently for him to cum inside her. And he did, in strong, impudent strokes. He delivered what felt like a gallon of sperm into her stomach.

    Joyce laughed afterwards, shaking her head at her good fortune.

    “Well,” she said, retrieving two more hundred dollar bills and stumbling toward the powder room area with her clothes, “I will see you guys later. I can’t get enough.”

    She had twenty minutes to freshen up, jump in the car, and get home to her kids.

    She could not wait for all the swimming lessons and the “yoga classes” to come. And those hundreds.

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