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. The wankers

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Apr 16, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Ever wondered what cucks talk about when they are comparing their humble lot as wives build a better sex life with black men? Well, one conversation is certainly about wanking. What women do with black alphas provokes a lot of ejaculatory need. Here I've recreated for you how one such went. I'm paraphrasing but its still pretty accurate. In the interests of discretion, I've changed names. 'Richard' is my husband, and Mike is his friend. At the time of this conversation both Sue and I were in steady relationship with a dominant black guy. If you have experiences, if you have judgements to make, then please do add your responses afterwards. I will make sure that my husband sees them!

    Mike: Go on then, does she let you wank?

    Richard: Only, only on her terms. I am allowed to wank as long as it's centred on her.

    Mike: How do you mean?

    Richard: Well, as long as I am looking at her, her body, as long as I am talking about her and what she does, she might let me wank. For example, there was one evening when she had been out with her man and she came back after the fucking. You could see they had done a lot of it. She was wearing a pleated little skirt and she lifted up the hem of it, and held open the top of her panties so I could see how much she was covered in his jizz. She ordered me to wank over her pubes, looking at that, knowing that he had been up her again.

    Mike: You did that for her, tugged yourself off over the mess that he had made?

    Richard: Well, er yes. I did. I'd been locked up in a cage a while. She had taken it off so I could clean myself and she was feeling really bitchy from being out. So she showed me her cunt and told me to jerk my load. It made me feel shit, because she was watching me grimace. She was watching me staring at her sex, and their mess.

    Mike: They like to see you wasting it don't they...so near and yet so far. Sue would sometimes take off her panties, after she had been with him. The material, it was always kind of slimy from where she had been draining. She would take her knickers out of her shoulder bag, hand them to me and I was to wrap them around my bare cock and empty my load into her panties.

    Richard: She always watch you whilst you did it? You weren't allowed to go some place to relieve yourself?

    Mike: No! Oh no, never. I had to tug with her knickers around my cock and she would watch my face when I lost it, ejaculating into her knickers. She would sometimes prize my fingers open so she could watch the stuff belching out.

    Richard: A woman likes the feel of that control, doesn't she. She likes to know where the wasted stuff has gone. She likes to see that it has gone to waste, that its somehow less valuable than what he has pumped into her?

    Mike: I'd say so. It's like not only do you look weak doing it, tossing your load as she orders, but that your spunk is less worthy. Because she has given her cunt to a man with a bigger prick and a much bigger attitude, you're meant to dismiss your own spunk as something just jettisoned. The proper spunk, the creamy spunk, the spunk with the right genes are inside her.

    Richard: What then, after you'd spurted into her panties?

    Mike: I had to lick the mess of the crotch of them. His mess, her mess, my mess, the soup of it.

    Richard: In front of her? You have to eat it?

    Mike : Of course! You said once that you did that too. After she made you waste your load all over her pubes, you had to lick it up from there.

    Richard: True. She'd been playing squash at a tournament. She won her match, then he fucked her, then she came back home and I had to unload on her pubes, and then I had to lick the lot of it up, her sweat, the semen, her cum and what I'd emptied there.

    Mike: Tell me something...when you do wank your load, is it as thick? I mean, if you're required to do it as she watches you?

    Richard: Most times its pretty watery. Most times there is a spurt of nearly clear fluid and then a thin goo comes out and its nothing like he stuffs in her.

    Mike: Me too! I don't produce thick stuff....you know (laughs) its hardly a milk shake. But I don't know why? Is it because Sue is constantly putting me down about him, telling me that I disappoint her all the time, or is it that she watching me do something so weak and dirty.'

    Richard: I get told that my balls are shutting down. He's giving everything she needs, to feel hot, to feel a bitch, to have his kid if he would let her come off the pill, and that means that my balls were giving up the ghost and just letting it all happen. I don't know whether that is true, but I know she wants that. She wants for my balls to pack in and there only to be prostate juice. She likes the idea of me being emasculated, in the head that way.

    Mike: Sue likes the shame of that. She likes that sometimes I grunt and groan like crazy but produce just a thimble full.

    Richard: That's because your head is messed up. If she's been out with him, if she's dressed up for him, if you've let your imagination do you in, then sometimes you try to come, you need the relief, but it just strangles inside.

    Mike: She ever wank you, ruin your orgasm?

    Richard: Yes. She knows how to grip very light. She pushes her hand inside my jeans and her grip is tight. She goes after it. But when she has it out, it's like the thing is made of bone china.

    Mike: She won't grip it, tug it?

    Richard: No, she won't! I try to push my cock into her hand at a different angle, but she moves her fingers around so its just a slight touch. Then she has me kiss her throat, her tits, whilst I'm doing that and it does my head in.

    Mike: You never allowed to kiss her mouth?

    Richard: Never, no, not really. I sometimes stare at her mouth when she is working me. I stare at her rouged lips and think of them against his or on his cock, maybe snogging and cock teasing his mates. Her mouth, its a little bit open as she works me and I even try to wriggle away from her embrace, but she is intent on using me. I'm like a little puzzle that she will solve. She will wank me off and just as my cock starts to jag she let's go completely and watches the thin fluid jolting out.

    Mike: Sue laughs then...she always laughs like you've done a card trick that has fallen flat on its face.

    Richard: Mine laughs. She says that I'm easy to use. She can milk me in a minutes. She can take me in hand and show to anyone how easy it is to empty some weaker men.

    Mike: She does that, show how she works you off?

    Richard: In front if Sue, did she not tell you?

    Mike: No. Fucking hell no. I get told little.

    Richard: I reckon that the more they use you, having you toss your load, or else making you ache through a light touch one, the harder, the more cruel they become.

    Mike: May be.

    Richard: I think its like that! It's like once they have better, then they want to disgrace what you offer them. It's like sneering at a guy on a bicycle when the little bitch first dates a guy with a sports car. They learn to be cruel.

    Mike: Sue was always cruel. She was always a bitch I'd say.

    Richard; But once they've seen you loose control. Once they've watched your face crease, thinking of them and their choices, and then the spunk has lurched out...then they enjoy making the judgements.

    Mike: What does she say about your cock then?

    Richard: That's it's fuck all use save for peeing.

    Mike: yes, mine too. They must talk. May be they go to belittling classes' (laughs ironically).

    Richard: They've got pretty, torn up, women's cunts. Its like its made them suited to judging. It's like its made them destined to judge you.

    Mike: You think of her cunt?

    Richard: all the time.

    Mike: What?

    Richard: Licking it, licking it deep, him ploughing her.

    Mike: Me too. Sue asks me if I'm thinking about her cunt. She laughs that I'm obsessed, that I have to suck it.

    Richard: You do! (laughs).

    Mike: She likes it that I'm fixated on her cunt and how she has given it to him. She likes me to talk like that whilst I'm wanking.

    Richard: It's like a catechism isn't. Your life is built about how she gets her mistress cunt filled and how that makes her so superior, because she is going with a black guy. Has he seen you wank, her man?

    Mike: Yes. You?

    Richard: No....not yet. I've begged to have a little privacy. But I know its coming. I'll be shamed like that in front of him and then she'll insist I suck cock.'

    Mike: They all want that, you on your knees to their man.

    Richard: Yes, its bitch. That's what makes them bitch.

    [Must say that I'm impressed by Richard's grasp of female sexuality, the cruelty that dwells inside women like Sue and I. We want and need to be cruel and controlling the wank is all about that. You won't like me, I know, but there it is. Sorry, its not a story. But understanding Richard, that's good too may be. ]
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