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. The Virtues of Infidelity

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by MichaelD, Oct 10, 1999.

  1. MichaelD

    MichaelD Member Author!

    From: MichaelD38 Subject: {ASS} NEW: {MichaelD} "The Virtues of Infidelity" (cheating, wife, teen) (4/4) Date: Tuesday, April 13, 1999 9:54 AM

    *********************************************** The Virtues of Infidelity Copyright 1999 by [email protected] Free redistribution permitted; no commericial use without authorization. ************************************************


    Saturday came sooner than Kathy would have liked. Paul rose early as he usually did when he was going to work, which was just about always now. She went downstairs to make his coffee and waited for him. He appeared about fifteen minutes later, and his eyes went right to the coffee she held in her hand. "Thanks." "Will you be all day?" "Probably. What are you going to do?" She tried to take a breath without being obvious about it. "I don't know. Casey is coming to mow the lawn later. I might do some gardening." She watched his reaction, and it came. The tiniest flash of anticipation before he looked away from her. She swallowed hard, having to grip the edge of the counter. It was true. "I have to go. I'll see you later." "Goodbye, honey." She was unable to move for nearly a minute after he left. Was he going to do it again? Come back and wait for Casey to show up? If she knew him as well as she thought she did--and she wasn't so sure of that now--he would. She had seen the interest in his eyes. She went upstairs and prepared to take a shower. Before she climbed in, she wet two strands of hair and pasted them across the sliding doors of Paul's closet. She stayed in the shower a long time, long enough to give Paul a chance to come back if he was going to. When she stepped out, she had to restrain the urge to run over and check the hairs on the door. She forced herself to dry off and remain calm before walking out to the bedroom. The hairs were gone. Again she had to stop to regain control of herself. She leaned forward against her dresser, still naked, wondering what she was supposed to do. Casey would be here in about half an hour. Should she turn him away, tell him she wasn't feeling well? She didn't think she was capable of going through with it knowing Paul was watching them. Paul. Oh, God, honey, she thought, how did we get to this point? She still loved him more than anything, no matter what had happened or what she had done. All she wanted was to be happy with him. To make him happy. Something clicked in her head. Paul wanted this. For whatever reason, he wanted to watch her with Casey. She still wasn't sure how she felt about this, but she knew one thing: she was still horny as hell for Casey. If Paul was not going to make love to her, if Wednesday night's aborted encounter was just the start of some problem, she was not going to give him up. She was addicted to what he could make her feel. She took a deep breath, steadying herself. She looked down at her body, at her breasts, at her sex still tender from where she had shaved the stubble in the shower. She thought of Paul in the closet. She thought of Casey, of him fucking her with the abandon he always had. And she began to get ready. She dried her hair and styled it. She put on a little makeup, no more than necessary. She perfumed her breasts and sex. She dug out her black bra and garter belt combination and put it on. Then she lay down on the bed and waited for her lover.

    She heard Casey come in the house about ten minutes later. She had to force herself not to look at the closet, but she could see out of the corner of her eye that one of the doors had somehow slid back just an inch. Casey appeared, and she regained some fortitude. "Hello, Casey." He looked at her with the lust that had always turned her on, with the nervous shyness he had never been able to shed. "Hi." "Why don't you get undressed, Casey? Let me see that big cock of yours." He struggled out of his clothes, shoving down his jeans and boxers together. Of course he was already erect. She scarcely ever saw him without an erection. When he was nude, he stood there nervously, not sure what to do. "Stay there, Casey." She slid off the bed, approaching him. She took his cock in her hand, squeezing it. So hard it was about to burst. She positioned herself so Paul could see them. "What do you want, Casey?" As many times as she did this, he had never lost that crazed expression of anticipation he had just before she sucked him off. "I want you to suck my cock." She stroked him gently. "Are you sure, Casey? Do you still need me to do it now? We could just fuck instead." He gasped. "I need it." She grinned. "Okay." She dropped to her knees, taking him instantly into her mouth. She sucked him all the way in, knowing that Paul was probably masturbating now watching them. She tried to force Casey's cock into her throat, ignoring the gag reflex burning in her chest. She got some of it in before having to withdraw. Then she gripped his balls tightly in her hand and began bobbing as fast as she could. She wet her middle finger in her mouth and then slipped it between his thighs. She found his sphincter and forced herself into him. She wasn't sure what to do, but she found his prostate quickly, a bumpy protrusion just inside him. He cried out, almost losing his balance at what she was doing, but she held on. She sucked him madly as she massaged him with her finger, keeping her other hand tight around his balls and the base of his cock. He survived only about ten seconds of this treatment. She felt his balls tightening and his sphincter pinching down on her finger. His prostate began to throb, and a moment later, his come spurted into her mouth. His legs buckled, and he cried out again, hands tight on her head. She sucked up his sperm, not swallowing it as she usually did, instead holding it in her mouth. She pumped his cock with her hand until she had it all. She withdrew, forcing a drop of sperm out onto her lips. She licked it across her mouth, hoping Paul would see it. The sour taste of it intensified in the air, rising into her nose, but she ignored it. She looked up at Casey, but his eyes were still closed as he gasped for breath. "Did you like that, Casey?" "Uh." She listened carefully. It was faint, but she thought she could just hear Paul's labored breathing. He had come watching them. He must have. She knew his rhythms too well not to know. Kathy stood, leading Casey to the bed. She laid back and let him undress her, let him lick and suck all over her body, finally burying himself between her thighs. She could have looked straight at Paul's closet, but she still forced herself not to. She closed her eyes, thinking of Paul beating off in there while she sucked Casey's cock, squirting all over his door when he saw that drop of Casey's sperm on her lips. The heat was rising in her, rising even faster than it usually did. Casey was attacking her mercilessly now, fucking her with two fingers as he ate her. She gave in to it, spread herself wide, opening herself to Casey's tongue and Paul's eyes. Paul couldn't possibly be hard again this soon, but she somehow knew that he was probably trying anyway. She came. She exploded. She cried out so hard one tiny portion of her brain was afraid the neighbors would hear. She didn't care. The eruption Casey drew out of her was so fundamental that it knocked the wind from her lungs. She could only lay there and gasp for breath, the tremors still racking her body. Casey was on her. He was erect again already and unwilling to wait for her to recover. He thrust himself into her, up to the root. She cried out again, lifting her legs and throwing them up over his thighs. He rode her like a madman, face contorted in lust. She thought of Paul watching them, thought of him masturbating again as he must be doing. She came again. And again. The arousal was so intense now that it rose and fell in enormous waves. She thrashed helplessly under Casey's attack. Then, at least, with a guttural cry, he stabbed the last bit of himself into her and filled her with his sperm. His sperm, she suddenly thought. Oh, my God, his sperm! She had completely forgotten! She was ovulating this week! She had been so obsessed with the idea of Paul knowing about her and Casey that she hadn't even thought of it. She dug her fingers into Casey's quivering buttocks and clenched her eyes shut. Oh my God, no! It was too late. Somehow, she knew it was too late. She could feel his sperm inside her. She could just see them wiggling and swimming up into her. He had gotten her pregnant. Somehow, in some deep, primeval way, she knew she was about to get pregnant. It hadn't happened yet, but it was going to. She could just feel that ovum inside her, waiting for Casey's sperm. Casey rolled off her, but she lay there as if dead. It took her a minute or two to force herself to act. "Casey?" "Mmm?" "I'm sorry, but we have to cut this short this week. I have some things to do today." "Okay." "I'll see you next week." She felt him get off the bed, and she opened her eyes, watching him get dressed. "Um, bye. Thanks." "Goodbye, Casey."

    She waited until she heard the front door shut. "Paul, please come out of the closet." For a moment, nothing happened. Then the closet door slid back slowly. Paul emerged, his face as red in embarrassment and humiliation as she had ever seen it. She lay where she was, legs still spread wide, Casey's sperm still dribbling out of her. He couldn't seem to look at her. His eyes were fixed on the carpet before him. She could only look at him for a moment before beginning to cry. "Paul, I'm sorry," she sobbed. "I'm so fucking sorry." He shuffled up to the bed. Very slowly, he looked up, eyes moving across Kathy's naked body. Finally, their eyes met. Kathy blinked away the tears, not sure what she was seeing in his face. He looked her over again, breathing hard. All at once, he seemed to explode into action. He tore his clothes off in a matter of seconds and dove between her legs, impaling her with his tongue. She recoiled in surprise, but her held her down, almost trying to eat her alive. She realized in shock that he was seeking Casey's sperm, licking around inside her to get at it. She forced her hands down to his head, forced herself to hold him. His merciless attack was beginning to turn her on, as shocked as she was. Her breath came more rapidly, and her legs began to shake. She whimpered in arousal and confusion as her orgasm approached, rising higher and higher. Paul continued to lick her frantically, driving his tongue into her. Her climax, when it came, was a tornado, ripping through her and shredding the remains of her reluctance. She convulsed on the bed, limbs flailing wildly. Paul threw himself onto her, buried to the hilt in an instant. She wrapped herself around him, urging him on. Yes, yes, yes, fuck me, come in me, please, you have to come in me. She met his every thrust with a roll of her hips, spreading herself wide. She pulled her legs up to her chest, letting in as far as he could get. He fucked her wildly, even more intensely than Casey had. Her climax began to rise again, and she cried out Paul's name, begging for him to come. He shook; he shuddered; and as her climax took her, he rammed all of himself into her and came for all he was worth. Kathy held herself up, squeezing him, trying to pull the last bit of his sperm into her. Maybe it would be enough. Maybe. She wouldn't know for a long time--nine months at least--but maybe Paul's sperm would outrace Casey's. Because she would be pregnant tonight, whoever had done the deed. Paul collapsed on top of her, gasping for breath. She lay still, waiting for him to move. He rolled off her after a minute or so. "Paul?" He didn't answer her. "Paul." He put his hands over his face. Part of her wanted to start crying again, but she was too drained to do it. "What do we do now?" "I don't know." "I love you." "I love you, too." "I don't want to get a divorce." "Neither do I." "How did this happen?" "I don't know. It's my fault." "No, it's not." "Yes, it is." She rolled over, trying to hug him. He put his arm around her, and she snuggled against him, at last beginning to cry. "I'll stop seeing Casey," she sobbed. "It will never happen again. Whatever you want me to do to make this up to you, I will." He took several deep breaths. "No." She sat up in alarm. "No? What, no?" "Casey. You don't . . . you don't have to stop." Her eyes bulged. "Paul . . ." "How did you know I was in there?" "Last week . . . afterward . . . I smelled your sperm in there." He stared up at the ceiling. "And you went through with this anyway." She sobbed. "I'm sorry. I told you, I'm sorry." "Why?" She gasped for breath, trying to stop the sobs that convulsed her. "I thought . . . somehow, I thought you wanted this . . . oh, God, I thought you wanted me to." She put her hands over her face and lost it, sobbing like a baby. Then she felt his arms going around her, pulling her back down. He held her for a long time before saying anything. "I did." She tried to catch her breath. "You did?" "Yes." "Why?" "I don't know. But I did." "How did you find out?" "I found your garter belt under the bed two weeks ago. Something seemed weird. So I pretended to go to work, but instead I waited down the block. I saw him come in." "Oh, God." "I followed him in. I saw you with him. And somehow, I was just overcome. I couldn't help myself. I started masturbating while I watched you with him. I came in my pants after about thirty seconds. I don't understand this, but it turned me on." She panted against her confusion. "To watch me with Casey?" "Yes." "Why?" "I don't know. But it does." She sat up, wiping her eyes. She stared down at him. "Paul . . . you're saying you want me to keep seeing him? You want to do this again?" He gulped. "Yes." She put her hand on her forehead. "Kathy, I saw the way you were with him. You're not like you are with me. You turn into this sexual animal, this insatiable . . . I'm sorry, but this insatiable slut. I know you were enjoying that." "I was, but--" "Isn't this better, not sneaking around? You would have kept seeing him if I hadn't found out, right?" "Yes, but--" "So keep seeing him. I want to watch him fuck you like he was, then I want to fuck you the instant he leaves. Honey, I've never felt anything before like I did when I was fucking you just now." She looked down at him, dazed. What he said made sense, but she was unable to get a grip on it. How could her husband want her to have sex with someone else? "This is what you want?" "Yes. But only if you want it too." She fell back on the bed, staring at the ceiling. "I need to think about this." "Okay. Think. But I mean it. When I saw you sucking him off, when I saw you licking his come off your lips, it took every ounce of my self control not to burst out of the closet and fuck the daylights out of you." "Did you come? When you saw that?" "God, yes. I was in pain. I thought my balls were going to come out through my cock." Kathy tried to imagine him in there, lusting after her so intensely. Hadn't that been what she had wanted? For Paul to want her again, to desire her, to look at her the way Casey did, insane with needing her? Even if this was what it took? "Honey . . ." "What?" "I can't promise anything. I'm still in shock about this. But maybe, just maybe, it might work." He pulled her to him again and hugged her. But there was something else she had to say. "But Paul . . . I have to tell you something." "What?" "You know that I'm ovulating this week." She felt him freeze beside her. She closed her eyes. He let go of her, sitting up. "Are you saying . . . ?" "Yes." He said nothing for several long moments, and she forced herself to look. His jaw hung open, a dazed look on his face. "He could have gotten you pregnant?" "But, honey, so could you." "But it could have been him?" She nodded, unable to respond. It was then that she noticed his cock erecting again. She stared at it as if she had never seen one before in her life. "He could have impregnated you. He could have knocked you up. You could be pregnant right now." "Uh . . ." "He could have." Paul finally noticed his arousal. He looked at his penis, then at her. He seemed as surprised as she was. She would never know why, but she lay back on the bed for him. She spread her legs and waited. Two seconds later, they were making love again.


    She kept seeing Casey. Paul kept hiding in the closet. Two weeks later, the strip turned blue. Paul insisted it was Casey's. Kathy wasn't sure. She might never know, since Paul and Casey had similar features. But she was happy. She had all the sex she wanted and a husband consumed with lust for her. She was still a little confused about this, but she was happy. She began to think about other things, about telling Casey and having them both at once. She wasn't sure how either of them would react to that idea, but it was something to think about. One thing was certain, though. It would be a long, long time before she needed another set of batteries in her vibrator.


    *********************************************** The Virtues of Infidelity Copyright 1999 by [email protected] Free redistribution permitted; no commericial use without authorization. ************************************************
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