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. The Virtues of Infidelity

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by MichaelD, Oct 10, 1999.

  1. MichaelD

    MichaelD Member Author!

    From: MichaelD38 Subject: {ASS} NEW: {MichaelD} "The Virtues of Infidelity" (cheating, wife, teen) (2/4) Date: Tuesday, April 13, 1999 9:54 AM

    *********************************************** The Virtues of Infidelity Copyright 1999 by [email protected] Free redistribution permitted; no commericial use without authorization. ************************************************


    Casey walked home, dazed. What had just happened? He didn't have much experience with girls, but he thought he could read the look on Kathy Charles's face when she paid him. She was pale, nervous about something. What else could she have been nervous about besides him? And what was that spot on her robe? Okay, let's think about this for a second, he thought. She was sitting inside thinking about me, getting wet and turned on watching me mow the lawn. When he put it like that, his excitement deflated. No. That was ridiculous. It had to be something else. The idea of this woman getting all gooey because of him just didn't work.

    When he was gone, Kathy stared at the floor for a few moments, wanting to cry. She had just made a complete fool of herself. Casey had to have suspected something, and now he was probably going to tell all his friends about this horny woman whose lawn he mowed. He was probably making up stories to tell them right now. She trudged upstairs and lay on her bed. She had been turned on for so long now that her whole body ached. She had to give herself some relief, no matter how humiliating it might be. She rolled over and dug her vibrator out of her nightstand. She thought of Casey, imagining what might have happened had she thrown herself at him. She probed herself with the vibrator as she thought of his broad shoulders, his muscular butt. It took but a few moments to bring herself to the brink. The doorbell rang, and her incipient orgasm fizzled. Damn it! Who could it be? Fuck them. She was not going to answer the door in this state. Then she thought, what if it's Casey? What if he had come back, realizing she wanted him? She tiptoed down the stairs and peeked out the peephole. Good God, it was him! She paused for a second, wondering what was going on. She opened the door. He stood there fidgeting. "Um, hi, sorry, but I think I left my edger in your backyard." The disappointment that remark engendered almost tore her in half. "Oh, that's okay. Why don't you just come through the house?" As he walked past her to the kitchen, Kathy stood in a daze. Someone else had just said that. She hadn't just invited him into her house ten seconds after she had been masturbating.

    Casey saw the edger where he had left it, leaning against their fence. He had almost not come back to get it, not wanting to further embarrass himself. Then he had found her still dressed in that robe. Whatever was going on, he realized it had nothing to do with him. Had she dressed like that for him, she would have changed by now. He turned around, intending to escape out the side gate, but he saw Kathy holding the door for him. With no other option, he reentered the house, walking past her as quickly as he could do without being rude. "Um, Casey, wait." He saw her standing there, face pale. Neither of them said anything for a moment or two. Her jaw was vibrating, and he realized with a shock that she was as nervous as he was. What was going on? She took a short step toward him. He thought he could smell her perfume. She inhaled, straightening her back. "Would . . . would you like to make love to me?"

    No! No! She hadn't just said that! She was possessed by aliens! She wanted to drop dead on the spot rather than live another second knowing what she had just done. Casey looked as if she had shot him between the eyes. He stared at her, jaw agape. He glanced at the edger as if he had never seen if before, then back at her. There was nothing else to be done. She took another step toward him, then another. He remained as still as a statue, watching her approach. She took the edger from his hand and leaned it against the wall. Hand shaking, she reached out for him, laying her palm against his cheek. He started at her touch but did not withdraw. "It's all right. I'm nervous, too. I've never done anything like this before." She took his hand and led him down the hallway, then up the stairs. He followed her into the bedroom, face like a ghost. She shut the doors behind them. She returned to him, laying her hand on his face again. Then she reached for his T-shirt, pulling it out of his jeans. He lifted his arms, letting her remove it. The scent of his sweat was suddenly thick in the air. His chest was smooth and hard. Though he was less brawny than she had expected, every muscle was crisply defined. He was too young to have accumulated any body fat. She put her hands on him, sliding them down his chest to the waist of his jeans. He let her unbutton them, let her shove jeans and boxers down at once. His cock was so hard she thought it was about to burst. A tiny drop of fluid oozed out of the top. He was bigger than Paul was. Though only slightly longer, he seemed quite a bit thicker. She was suddenly aflame at the thought of this gorgeous penis splitting her open. He struggled awkwardly out of his jeans and sneakers and finally stood naked in front of her. More in control of herself now if not one iota less nervous, she managed a smile at him, and let her robe fall off.

    Casey thought he might faint when Kathy's robe dropped to the floor. She had been naked under it this entire time! And she was even better than he had let himself hope for. Her breasts were incredible, firm cones of flesh that stood out away from her body. Her nipples were long and puffy, almost upturned at the ends. And he was right-- she was a natural blonde. Her pubic hair was only a few shades darker than the hair on her head and trimmed just like the models he beat off to at night. He couldn't move. The slightest motion would have him coming all over her. He had no idea what to do. He had never gotten this far with a girl before. Sure Maryanne Margolin had let him fondle her breasts to his heart's content before they had broken up in April, but anything below the waist had been off limits. Kathy stepped up to him until her breasts pressed against his chest. She looked up, smiling. "Kiss me, Casey. Please kiss me." He bent down toward her, awkwardly pressing his lips against hers. She opened her mouth to him, and he dared to slide his tongue forward. He felt her hands come to rest on his waist, and he tried to put his arms around her. He kissed her inexpertly for a few minutes before she moved down, kissing and gnawing on his neck. She reached up to tweak his nipples, then bent to suck on them. Then he realized she was moving further down. But not until her mouth finally settled over his cock did he really believe it was going to happen.

    Kathy pushed his penis to the back of her mouth until she felt her gag reflex twitching. She sucked on him, moving slowly, knowing he was probably going to come any second now. She didn't care. She wanted to please him, and she knew he would be up again within five minutes at his age. She took the base of his cock in one hand and his balls in the other. His scent was strong in her nose, and she could taste the salty sweat on his cock. Preparing herself for his orgasm, she began moving rapidly over him, sucking as hard as she could. He cried out, grabbing at her head and making fists in her hair. She didn't stop. He convulsed, legs buckling, and a moment later, his sperm flooded into her mouth. She gulped it down as it came, salty and thick, and pumped it out with the hand on his penis. He tried to steady himself, still holding her head close to his groin. "I'm sorry," he gasped. She withdrew far enough to answer him. "It's okay. Don't worry." She took him back into her mouth and returned to work. He let out another hoarse cry, getting too much stimulation from her, and she tried to slow down. His erection subsided, but she refused to let it disappear. She tickled his balls with her free hand, wanting to slip a finger into his ass, though she knew that was too much for the first time. Up and down she went, a steady rhythm, working her tongue against him. In a few minutes, he was as hard as he had been before. She stood, smiling at him, less nervous now in her need. She stepped backward and lay on the bed before him. "Come here, Casey." He crawled onto the bed above her, not sure what to do. She guided his face to her breasts, and lay back as he began to suckle them. He was too excited, and he almost bit her in his eagerness. "Not so hard. Gently."

    Damn it! Casey thought, damn it! What the fuck do I do? He tried to calm down, to suck on her breasts less roughly, but it was hard. God, he couldn't believe how horny he was, and she had just sucked him off five minutes ago. He worked his tongue against her, moving from one breast to other, then back again, wishing she would give him some direction. When he had suckled her for a few minutes, he suddenly realized she was pushing him downward. Oh, fuck, he thought. She wants me to eat her. Now he really had no clue, but he tried to comply. She stopped him as he got down between her thighs. She was obviously wet, and he could smell her arousal. She smiled at him and brushed his hair with her fingers. "Have you ever done this before?" she asked. "No." "Are you a virgin, Casey?" "Um, yes. I'm sorry." She smiled again. "It's okay. I'll show you what to do." As Casey watched in a daze, she opened herself with her fingers. He saw her inner lips, glistening with her moisture, and her clit peeking out of the top. She touched it with her index finger. "This is the most sensitive part, so be gentle. I like to be licked all over, and inside me, but don't forget about this. When I get more turned on, I'll want you to concentrate on it. But don't get rough. Just touch me, don't attack me." "Okay." He bent down, the smell of her both arousing him and repulsing him. He forced himself to extend his tongue and lick her. The taste of her was strong and salty, but he quickly grew used to it. He tried to follow her directions, and applied himself to the task.

    When Casey began to lick her, Kathy finally let go. Oh God, she thought, do it to me, eat me, lick me, just make me come. She wanted to say it aloud, but she knew it would scare him. So she just lay back, spreading herself open for him, and rolled her hips against his tongue. It took scarcely a minute for her to reach orgasm, as turned on as she was. She cried out, holding his face against her, bucking wildly on the bed. He was licking her frantically now, moaning between her thighs. She prayed he wouldn't stop, and he didn't. She humped herself at him, convulsing under his attentions. When her second orgasm peaked, she finally pushed him off. "Now fuck me, Casey," she gasped, "fuck me with that big dick." He moaned in anticipation, crawling up her body and thrusting at her. He missed the mark on his first pass, and she reached down to guide him in. She held him tightly for a few seconds, getting him at the angle she wanted. Then she let go, let him loose in his adolescent eagerness, let him ride her as he pleased. She smiled in bemusement at the agonized, contorted look on his face, then lay back and let it happen. He soon lost all control, thrusting madly in and out of her, but she was aroused enough not care. She came before he did, crying out and digging her nails into his pistoning buttocks. Then, with a hoarse grunt, he stabbed himself deeply into her and came for all he was worth. He kept thrusting at her, convulsing with the sensations, before finally collapsing on top of her. She wriggled out from under him a minute or so later, and he rolled on his back. She laid her head on his chest and tried to rest for a few moments. She had done it. She had just cheated on Paul. Well, fuck him, she thought. I don't care anymore.

    Casey came out of his daze a few minutes later. He smiled despite himself. I'm not a virgin anymore, he thought. I did it, and I did it with this gorgeous older woman, too. The buzz that suffused his body now was a hundred times better than he had ever gotten from beating off. So now what? She lay across his chest, not moving. He put his arm over her back, and she moved against him slightly, nuzzling her head against his chin. Was he supposed to say something? He wasn't sure, but he wasn't going to say something stupid either. So he just lay there and waited. Kathy finally rolled over and set her arm on his chest, looking up at him. "I bet you found this very shocking." "I . . . I don't know. I like you." She smiled. "I like you too, Casey. You're very handsome. And very sexy. But you need to understand some things." "What?" "I'm a married woman, and I don't want to get a divorce. But my husband and I have been having some problems. We're not making love very often any more, and what I get isn't very good. That's why this happened. I don't expect you to understand everything, but that's what's going on here." "Okay." "I do want to see you again, if you want, but we have to be very careful about this. You can't go bragging to your friends. People will talk, and things like this have a way of finding their way back to the source. Telling them about this will end it." "I won't tell anyone." "All right. I have to trust you, Casey. I don't have any choice. Please try to understand that." "I think I do. I guess." She smiled again. "Okay." She snuggled with him, and a few moments later she was kissing him again. They began to play gently, and she let him explore her body. He was less tense now and was able to take the time to enjoy it. He sucked on her nipples for a while, playing with them, pushing her breasts together to suck both at once. She let him inspect between her legs, smiling in amusement at his fascination with her. He began licking her again, not caring about the taste of his sperm. He slipped one finger, then two, into her as he pleasured her, feeling all around inside her. He watched her arousal this time, waiting to see what would happen when she came. He was amazed to realize he could actually feel the vibrations inside her when it happened. Then she pulled him up beside her and went to work on him. She sucked his nipples briefly, then took him back into her mouth. His dick ached as she brought him to his third erection. She licked over it, then over his balls, smiling up at him to watch his reaction. She sat up beside him, throwing a leg over his waist to straddle him. Holding his penis in her hand, she sank down, swallowing him inside her. Not sure what else to do, he lay back and let her do what she wanted. She rode him for a few minutes, leaning backward to let him all the way inside her. She played with her breasts as she swayed over him, working herself back and forth. Then, smiling at him, she reached down and began to play with herself. Amazed at the very idea of it, he could do nothing but watch.

    The thrill Kathy felt at the look on Casey's face was like nothing else that day. When was the last time Paul had looked at her like that, so eager and full of lust? She stroked her clitoris gently, watching Casey's reaction. His eyes were glued on her fingers, as if he had never conceived of something like this before. "Do you like that, Casey? Does that turn you on?" He grunted, unable to respond. "Do you want to watch me come? Do you want to watch me get myself off like this?" Another grunt, and she smiled in satisfaction. She began to move her hips back and forth, feeling that thick cock buried inside her, pressing against nerve endings already raw from his early ravishment of her. She kept staring at the disbelieving look on his face as she rubbed herself. She was going to come any second now, and it was going to be a big one. She thrust herself at him, leaning backward to expose her clitoris, rubbing furiously with her fingers. She cried out once, twice, then exploded like a hydrogen bomb. She lost control at that point, and when the sensations became too intense, she threw herself forward onto his body, gasping for breath. When she came to, she squeezed herself, moving slowly, trying to tell if he had come. He hadn't seemed to. Holding tightly to him, she rolled over, pulling him on top of her. "Fuck me, Casey," she said softly. "Come inside me. Just fuck me." Moaning, he started to move within her. She squeezed herself as tightly as she could but lay still otherwise, just wanting to please him, just wanting to experience his orgasm. He moved faster, grunting with each thrust. The grunts became cries, and the thrusts grew more energetic. After a minute or so, he cried out as if in pain, shuddered above her, and spurted off deeply inside her. When it was over, he fell flat onto her body.


    Kathy stood in the shower, washing the remains of their lovemaking from her body. She worked a finger in and out of herself, wanting to clear out any remaining sperm. Their sex had been unprotected, but she wasn't worried about becoming pregnant. She knew she had already ovulated that month--Paul had grudgingly consented to a quickie that night--so she was already pregnant or not. She laughed bitterly to herself. Suppose Casey had gotten her pregnant. It was about the only way she was going to have a baby the way things were going with Paul. She was sore but essentially happy. She couldn't remember the last time Paul had come three times with her. Probably their honeymoon, though she wasn't sure of that. Certainly not since then. She thought of Casey's face when she had kissed him goodbye. That was the look of infatuation if she had ever seen it. She hoped she wasn't getting in too deeply with him. If Casey convinced himself he was in love with her, there was no telling what might happen. The thought of it made her feel slightly guilty. Though Casey was sweet enough, it was little more than lust with her. They were too far apart otherwise for her to really feel anything else for him. She pushed the issue to the back of her mind and tried to forget it.

    When Paul returned home that night, Kathy was surprised to discover that she felt no guilt at what she had done. There was something there--some subconscious rationalization maybe--but guilt? No. She took the dinner out of the oven and sat with him. "How was work?" "Insane. But I think we'll get it done on time." "Is it always going to be like this?" "For the time being. We've talked about this, honey. Until I get established with the company, and they feel comfortable assigning me some people to help me. Once I get to that point, things will calm down." She realized it was no longer such a big deal to her. "Okay. I understand. What have you been doing?" Kathy listened vaguely to details of Paul's current project, but she kept seeing Casey's face in her mind, and the things they had done. As far as she could tell, Paul had no clue. She wasn't sure how she felt about that.

    Casey woke up the next morning still thinking about Kathy Charles. He still couldn't believe it had really happened. The images and sensations were all jumbled together in his memory, and he tried to relive the experience in his head. One thing stood out above all, and ironically it was the event he had probably enjoyed the least when it happened: Kathy sucking him off at the beginning. He thought of how it felt to have her lips tight around his cock as his sperm flowed out, how he could feel her swallowing each ejaculation as it came. Up to now at least, the only sensation he knew at orgasm was the feel of his own fist around his erection. His dick was stiff by this point, but he suddenly didn't want to go back to beating off. From now on, he wanted to come only with her. Beating off was for kids; he was a man now. Well, almost. Anyway, he was getting laid. It was better to save it for her. So he got up and took a shower, trying to find something else to think about.

    Kathy got through two days at work before she felt like she had to see Casey again. But she suddenly realized she had no way of getting a hold of him--she didn't even know his last name. What to do? She pondered for a moment before remembering that she had seen him mowing their neighbor's lawn on Sunday. She called information and got their number. "Hello?" Trying to keep her voice even, she began. "Hi, Betsy, this is Kathy Charles." "Oh, hi. How are you?" "Fine. I'm calling because I wanted to know if you knew how to get a hold of the boy who mows your lawn. He's been doing ours, but I need to talk to him about it." "Oh, sure. I don't have his number, but his name is Casey McBean. They live at the end of the street on the corner." "Okay, thanks. I can call information I guess." "No problem."

    Casey answered on the second ring. "Hello?" "Hi, Casey, it's Kathy. How are you?" She heard his intake of breath even over the phone. "I'm okay." "Are you doing anything this afternoon?" He answered instantly. "No." "I'd like to see you. I'm going to take the rest of the afternoon off and come home. Why don't you come by at three?" "Okay. What about your husband?" "He works late. He won't be home until seven or eight at least. Don't worry." "Okay. I'll see you at three." Hands shaking slightly, she hung up. This was easier than it ought to be.

    She went straight home and took a quick shower. When she got out, she felt like dressing up for him. She went to her dresser and uncovered her lingerie collection. What to wear? Black would be sexy, but it might intimidate him. The same with her favorite outfit--one Paul didn't really like--a jade green satin bra and garter belt combination. She finally settled on basic white, realizing a moment later that it was the very underwear she had worn on her wedding day four years earlier. Taking a deep breath, she dug it out of the drawer. She slipped on the demi bra and thong panty, then hooked the garter belt around her waist. She dug through her pantyhose drawer until she found the white stockings that went with it. She rolled them on, taking a moment to align the backseam. When both stockings were hooked to the garter belt, she put on a robe and went down to the first floor. She didn't feel like meeting him at the door. Instead, she wrote a quick note: "Casey: please come inside" and taped it to the front door. Then she went back upstairs, hung up her robe, and laid down on the bed to wait for him. She heard the front door opening at precisely three. She smiled, thinking that he had probably paced around outside, trying to time it perfectly. She heard him climbing the stairs, and arranged herself on the bed, lying on her side with one thigh pulled up. He peeked around the door, and she smiled at the thrill she saw in his face. "Hello, Casey." "Hi. Wow. You, um, you look really pretty." "Does this turn you on, Casey? Does it make you want to fuck me?" He gulped, unable to respond. She slid off the bed and walked up to him. She smiled, reaching out to feel his crotch. As she suspected, he was already erect. He had probably arrived at her house with a hard-on. "Is this for me?" She unzipped his fly and slipped her hand inside. She found his erection through his boxers and began to stroke it. "Do you want me to do what I did last time? So you have more control?" "Uh . . . uh." "Just say it, Casey, and I will." "I . . . I . . . " "Say, 'I want you to suck my cock.' Just say it." "I . . . I want you to suck my cock." She smiled again and dropped to her knees in front of him. He was gasping for breath, almost shaking in anticipation as she pulled his stiff penis out of his pants. Keeping her eyes focused on his, she bent forward and licked it, running her tongue around the head a few times. Then she took it in her mouth, sucking in as much as she could get. He moaned, grabbing at her head as she began to bob up and down. Oh God, he was thick. She wanted to swallow him whole, even though she knew it was impossible. Each time she went forward, she forced the head against the back of her throat until she gagged. She sucked as hard as she could, bobbing rapidly. Only fifteen or twenty seconds into it, he cried out, convulsing, and his sperm flowed into her mouth. She swallowed it all, continuing to suck until she had it all out, then withdrew. He was still wobbly on his feet, and she helped him out of his clothes. They lay together on her bed, and she let him rest a moment or two, caressing his body. She nuzzled against him, inhaling his scent. What was it about him that did this to her? She was never like this with Paul, talking like a cheap slut. Casey stirred, rolling against her and kissing her. She lay back and let him move over her, kissing and sucking on her as he had before. She helped him undress her, first bra, then stockings, then finally her panties. Then he was between her legs, licking her frantically until she lifted off the bed in orgasm, crying out. She pushed him off, pulling him up the bed, then climbed on top of him, straddling his mouth. He grabbed her buttocks as she had fantasized about that first morning in the shower, pulling her close until he could suck most of her between his lips. He sucked on her clitoris like it was a penis, and she began to shake uncontrollably, thighs battering his head. When she came it was a tidal wave, knocking the wind out of her, and throwing her back across the bed. She lay there shaking for a few seconds, grabbing at his arm beside her. When she came to a minute later, he was watching her. She smiled at him, and reached for his penis. She curled around until she could take in her mouth again, and a minute or so of work had him erect. Then she climbed above him and sat down, swallowing him into her belly. Both of them were less urgent now, and she rode him slowly, eyes closed, thinking only of that wonderful cock inside her. She felt his hands on her thighs, then groping at her breasts. She leaned forward, letting him suck on them. She luxuriated in the sensations, rubbing herself against him. She came again in a few minutes, a long, lovely, rolling climax. When it finally shuddered to an end, she lay down flat against his chest, kissing his neck. "Did . . . did you just have an orgasm?" She laughed softly. "Yes. Could you tell?" "I think so." "You have a beautiful cock, Casey. I don't have to work hard to come with you." She felt him quiver slightly and lifted up to look at him. "Does it embarrass you when I talk like that?" "Uh, no." "You shouldn't be shy. I talk like that because you turn me on." She could tell she was making him nervous, so she kissed him again, then rolled over, pulling him on top. He began thrusting awkwardly in and out of her, and this time she slowed him down, explaining how she liked it and how to position himself. He complied in a way she knew Paul would never have done. She realized then another thing that attracted her about Casey: he had no hang-ups, no history at all. She could mold him into the exact lover she wanted, and he would go along with it without complaining. He brought her to another orgasm in a few minutes, and only then did she release the brakes, telling him to come as he wanted to. He did, filling her with a spasm of thrusts in less than thirty seconds. Then he lay on top of her, and she let him, feeling his erection gradually subsiding inside her.

    They did it a second time a while later, and again Casey had no trouble reaching his third climax. He did it taking her from behind, as Kathy buried her face in her pillow, driven to distraction by that thick penis cleaving into her. When he left, she cleaned herself and her bedroom up, and waited for her husband to return home.

    *********************************************** The Virtues of Infidelity Copyright 1999 by [email protected] Free redistribution permitted; no commericial use without authorization. ************************************************
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