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. The Unwanted Houseguest Rebooted Ch 7

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Stormbringer, Apr 6, 2019.

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  1. Stormbringer

    Stormbringer Well-Known Member Author!

    Chapter 7 Flirting with Disaster

    “Something smells good,” grunted Titus walking into the dining room.

    “Mmmph,” agreed David, chewing his chicken. Beth’s smile had left her face as soon as she heard Titus’ motorcycle pull up. “Beth cooked me dinner,” he said after swallowing.

    Titus looked down the table. Arrayed on the top was a roast chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots, corn, and rolls. “Looks good. How very domestic of you Beth.”

    “Fuck you very much, Titus,” she replied.

    “Just haven’t seen a lot of home cooking come out of you and that’s one of your top wifely duties.”

    “We’re celebrating my promotion to partner,” said David, before Beth could respond to his sexist comments. “What you got there?”

    Titus held up a bag. “This? It’s a new phone.” He glared at Beth.

    “What happened to your old one?”

    “It decided to go for a swim. It’s all set up, just gotta get my info off the cloud. I always back up everything.” He winked at Beth. The giant black man went and got himself a plate. He sat down and started serving himself.

    “Seriously?” asked Beth, angrily. “We’re trying to have a romantic dinner. Titus.”

    “I’ll leave you alone after I eat,” he said, taking what was left of the chicken. “I’m picking up a shift tonight.” He also emptied the remaining corn. Beth looked like she was about to object, but he interrupted her. “And soon I’ll be leaving you alone for good. I’m hitting the road on Valentine’s day.”

    David’s fork clanged on the plate. “That’s great. I mean, I’ll miss you and all.”

    “Save it,” said Titus, taking most of the mashed potatoes. “I know what Ben Franklin said about fish and houseguests and I’ve been here a lot longer than three days. Longer then I wanted to be here even. I doubt I’ll be around much until then anyway. I’m trying to pick up as many shifts as I can at the bar and I need to give a proper goodbye to my female friends.”

    “Speaking of leaving, I’m going away another three days maybe longer.”

    “Really? Is that my life now?” Beth frowned at her husband.

    “Just during tax season. Most of the year, I’ll be working 9-5. Maybe if you quit the diner, I can get more meals like this?”

    Titus watched Beth give David a stern look. “Yeah,” said Titus. “Your dinner is fantastic,” he said, noticing that Beth looked a little pleased. “If you were barefoot and pregnant, you’d be perfect.”

    Beth looked like she was about to explode, but then she calmed down and smiled. “After giving us the good news that you’re leaving, I’m not going to let you get my goat.”

    “Your goat?” He chuckled. “I wasn’t after your goat. I was trying to raise your hackles or make your blood boil. Make you see red. Maybe even drive you crazy.”

    “Get under your skin,” added David.

    “Shut up, David,” she snapped. “As for you Titus, shouldn’t you be leaving for work?”

    “Yep, I should.” He pushed his cleaned plate back and stood up. “Congrats on the promo, David.” He turned to leave.

    “Titus, your plate,” yelled Beth after him.

    “Be a doll and take care of that for me,” he answered, turning around and giving her two thumbs up.

    Beth’s eyes narrowed, and she growled. “I’ll get it, honey,” said David, standing with his empty plate. “And I’ll clean up for you.”

    “You’re a good husband,” she said.

    “Why don’t you go take a bath?” he added.

    Beth sighed and rolled her eyes. “Why not?” She left the room, heading upstairs. Asking her to take a bath meant he was interested in sex. He liked her clean and smelling nice. Plus, the bath allowed her to shave her legs. She walked to the bathroom and ran her bath water.

    Beth left the bath, stripping off her clothes. Sighing as her breasts sprang free of the bra. She smiled as stripped enjoying losing the constricting clothes. She was bent over sliding her shorts down when she noticed the gift box on her bed. It was long and white, like a wine bottle and it had a red bow on it. How sweet, she thought, David had bought her a gift. Her smile fell when she realized it was probably some slutty piece of lingerie he wanted her to wear tonight.

    Beth sighed again and lifted the top off. There was something long and dark wrapped up in white paper. There was also a card on top. Confused over what it might be, she reached into the paper grabbing the hard-plastic cylinder while picking up the card with her other hand.

    For scratching that itch, your husband will never reach.


    Beth stared in disgust at the black dildo in her other hand. Like she’d ever use a sex toy! The black cock shaped dildo was incredibly lifelike and could have been modeled after Titus’ huge cock except it was only a foot long. What kind of woman used something like this? Women who’d experienced a man like Titus but were married to a man like David, that’s who, her brain responded.

    Beneath the dildo, there was an instruction sheet from the BBC LOVER’S BOUTIQUE here in Miami. She scanned the sheet. Use lubrication if needed. Spread legs. Insert in vagina repeatedly. Fantasize you’re being mounted by a black stud. Warning: The BBC LIFELIKE DILDO is no replacement for the real thing. Let us help put you in contact with a real black bull for total sexual satisfaction.

    Beth jumped when she heard footsteps on the stairs. She shoved the box and dildo under the bed scrambling for the bath. She made it just as David walked into the bedroom. She slipped into the bath just as the door opened. He had an inane question for her which was basically just an excuse to stare at her in the bathtub. He appeared dumbfounded that his wife was letting him watch her take a bath. She teased him, washing her breasts while he removed his tie. By the time she was sliding her razor over her lathered leg, He was down to his boxer shorts and they were tented out. She giggled when his little penis suddenly slid out through the slit in his boxers. It looked for all the world like a hot dog was sticking out of his underwear. “Hurry up,” he said, gulping, and staring at her body. Beth stood and started drying her body. His penis twitched, and she wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d squirted right then and there, but David wasn’t the young premature ejaculator he’d been when they married, and he held it together.

    David slid over to her side of the bed and started kissing her while playing with her nipples. She’d been horny lately and wanted sex, so she became aroused quickly. Her husband could arouse her, but he couldn’t satisfy her. He mounted her and grunted eight minutes later. He collapsed on her, his penis withering inside her just as her pussy muscles pushed the spent prick out of her along with almost all his semen. David groaned in pleasure and rolled off her while Beth reached over to the nightstand for a tissue. She’d spent the eight minutes wishing he was just an inch or two longer, an inch or two thicker. Wishing he could reach as deep as the dildo under the bed.

    David was asleep minutes later while Beth laid on her back, staring at the ceiling. Her body was craving Titus again. It had been four days since Titus had set her up for a photo shoot with the Cuban photographer. She’d started craving some big black cock the very next day. A day after that, her pussy was still craving some black cock while she was also getting hungry to taste his seed. A day later, she wanted to get her ass fucked again. Worse, last night, her brain had started wandering to Esteban’s large cock. It was no Titan, but it was satisfyingly large, and she was certain it was ready and willing to fuck her again. She squirmed under her sheets, subtly raising her hips into the thrusts of a hung imaginary lover.

    She managed to fall asleep briefly and awoke to Titus’ motorcycle pulling up outside in the early morning. It was well after his shift had ended, meaning he’d hooked up with one of his sluts. No telling what he’d done to her or how many times, but it still wasn’t enough for the fecund black man. Moments after arriving home, he had a porn playing and she could hear him masturbating. Knowing his thirteen-inch monster cock was hard and ready a room away did nothing to alleviate her arousal.

    Beth slipped out of bed and grabbed her tablet off the nightstand. She walked into the bathroom and shut the door. There were four new videos since the last one with Beth and Titus. She’d been so mad at him, she’d refused to check his online folder. One video was Ashley. She was crying and looked upset, but when he pulled out his cock and ordered her to suck it, she was down on her knees blowing him. “I’ll miss this,” she told him looking up into his camera. One last pearl of cum appeared on the tip of his dick. She kissed it, looking up at him submissively. The next was a wild looking tattooed woman with a purple mohawk, multiple piercings, grinding her pussy hard into his cock while sitting in his lap. She turned and looked at the camera lens, sticking a pierced tongue out at the camera. The last was his co-bartender and the bikini-wearing beer girl, sharing his cock, and eating each other out in a bedroom somewhere. Beth only fully watched the later, finding herself drawn to the attractive women as much as seeing them both serviced by Titus. It was the beer girl’s first time in a threesome or with another woman. The more experienced bartender helped instruct her and by the end of the hour-long clip, the younger girl was very much into it.

    Beth masturbated a little to the video but was unable to get herself off. She was still horny when she went to bed. Despite her frustrated state of arousal, she fell asleep dreaming she was laying nude in a giant bed alongside Ashley, Helen, the bartender, the beer girl, and surprisingly her man-hating college professor. The women were all nude, kissing, and caressing each other’s bodies while two Tituses were climbing onto either side of the bed, cocks already erect to satisfy them. The dream faded before any actual sex got started when she awoke to her husband shaking her shoulder.

    “I’m off. Not sure when I’ll be back, three days minimum and maybe as much as a week if I have to drive all the way to Atlanta.”

    “Be safe,” she responded, arching her neck and puckering. David bent down and kissed her goodbye.

    “Get some more sleep. You look tired,” he told her before leaving.

    Beth did just that. The dream didn’t come back. When she awoke, she glanced at her alarm. Beth jumped in fear, pushing herself back away from the nightstand and what was on it. The dildo was standing up beside her clock. Her mind was only confused for a moment. Titus had to have done it as a joke. Indeed, the note was leaning against the base. Her lip curled up in a brief smile. It was a little funny, but the smile faded turning into a sneer when she thought of Titus and the fact that he’d snuck into her room while she slept. She looked past the dildo at the time. “Shit!” she grunted. She was already late for her shift at the diner. She hadn’t set the alarm as her shift didn’t even start until 11:00 am. She never slept this late. She grabbed the dildo and hid it under her pillow in case David forgot something and came back.

    Beth slid out of bed, walking to her window, looking down at the driveway. Titus’ motorcycle was gone, so she was alone and safe. She took a quick shower, moving as fast as she could before dressing in the hated uniform. Beth tugged at the collar, pulling it away from her throat. The uniform was feeling more constricting every time she put it on. She felt a little relieved when she undid a couple more buttons than usual revealing some of her impressive cleavage. She briefly considered throwing on a white tank top under her uniform to cover her breasts, but there wasn’t enough time.

    Manager Bob was mad. “You're late,” he told her stating the obvious.

    “Sorry Bob, I overslept.”

    He snorted. “Well, get in there and go do some prep work in the kitchen.”

    Beth moved through the restaurant. It wasn’t even busy, and the other waitresses were handling it easily and probably even happy not to have shared their meager tips. Beth didn’t mind the prep work. It was mostly putting salads together, but over the couple of years that she’d worked here, she’d made about everything. The diner had basically taught her how to cook. Something she’d never been interested in as professor Dykstra considered cooking and cleaning domestic servitude. Manager Bob eventually let her take some tables after he felt she’d been suitably punished in the kitchen.

    The diner never picked up much that day. Beth counted her tips on her break. Twenty-six dollars and some change weren’t much, but her average per table was up. Probably due to her additional exposed cleavage, she thought, looking down at her chest. She decided to experiment a little and undid another button. Her cleavage now bordered on scandalous. She wondered if manager Bob would say anything to her and if her average per table would go up even more. After eating one of the salads she prepared, she took out her phone and went to Titus’ online shared folder. She went back to the beginning, watching the clip of her jerking off Titus while being timed. Watching it was a mistake as her pussy was dripping when she returned to work. Dinner was a bust probably because there were severe thunderstorms approaching and regular customers were staying home. The skies to the East were already darkening, blocking out the setting sun.

    Her first table was two older women, sisters and regulars who came in for the early bird special. They tipped like it was still 1965 in their minds. She had two more tables during the entire dinner hour. One was a married couple in their forties. The husband’s eyes went straight to her cleavage and he was embarrassed when his wife caught him looking. After that, he looked away from her each time she was at their table, but Beth caught him staring whenever his wife wasn’t paying attention. He tipped her thirty percent.

    Her last table was occupied by two men in suits. One was older, in his fifties, powerfully built, but a little heavy. The other man was early twenties and very handsome. It was the older man’s stare that had her nipples hardening as she took their drink order. He was blatantly staring at her cleavage. He had the same aura of confidence and masculinity that Titus or Esteban had. The young man was better looking, more fit, and closer to her age, but he was clearly subservient to the other man. It wasn’t just an employee-boss relationship either. The young man looked at the older one like he was a god. “I don’t know, are you on the menu?” asked the older man when she came back for their order.

    Beth felt her pulse increasing and she flushed a little. It was the oldest, stupidest line in the book, but instead of ignoring him, she giggled and placed her hand on his arm, leaning forwards so that her open blouse hung open. “Seriously fellas, what can I get ya?” She took their orders, winking at the older man. She flirted with the businessman the several times she came over to fill their drinks.

    “Trust me, you’ll love Temptations. It’s one of the classier clubs in Miami,” said the older man to the younger as Beth was coming up with the check.

    “Sure boss,” said the younger. “The wife doesn’t much approve of those places.”

    “Then don’t tell her,” laughed the older. “Well, here comes the best-looking girl in Miami. What’s that you got there, sugar?”

    Beth blushed. My god, the man was a dinosaur! “Dessert’s on me,” she said with a wink. She placed a dish with a slice of apple pie on it in front of him. A swirl of whipped cream covered the crust with a cherry topping it. She bent down again. Four eyes going to her cleavage.

    “Well thank ya, darlin,” he laughed. “I can think of better places to put the whipped cream.”

    Beth touched his arm and squeezed it again. “Here’s the check. I’ll take it when you’re ready. If I can get you anything else let me know.”

    “Where’s mine?” asked the younger man, looking enviously at the pie.

    “Only real men get free desserts, junior,” said the older man.

    Beth turned pale as she walked away. The man sounded like Titus. Her hands were shaking as she helped another server clear a table. The two businessmen were leaving when she came back. “I’ll be right back with your change.”

    “We’re good,” said the manly one.

    “Thanks then. Have a good evening.”

    “That depends on you, sugar.” He winked before turning to leave with the young man.

    Beth shoved the check and bills into her apron before taking their plates to the kitchen. After clearing the table, she went to the cashier to close out their check. The businessman had left her an eighty percent tip! She’d always been loath to use her looks and sexuality to her advantage, but eighty percent! That was worth a couple of buttons and some flirting.

    A business card fell out of the bills.

    The older man was an investment banker. Beth’s eyebrows shot up. That was some big bucks. She flipped it over. There was writing on the back. It read simply: Budget Inn #303. Her vagina had been wet flirting with him. Now that he’d invited her to his room, her arousal started running down her thighs. She needed cock…badly, but she couldn’t fuck a stranger. Could she? She already had with the nasty Cuban, but he’d caught her off guard. Instinct was telling her that… Lee “Mac” MacFarland had a big cock and could give her exactly what she needed not that she believed any of Titus’ “real man” bull shit. God, she needed a real man right now!

    “Excuse me, Beth. Can I see you in my office please?”

    Beth looked up just in time to see her manager pull his eyes away from her cleavage. “Sure, Bob.”

    She followed him into his office. He seemed nervous. Bob was a jerk, but he wasn’t a tough guy. Confrontation wasn’t his strong suit. “Shut the door behind you please.” He sat down at his desk and motioned for her to take a seat. “Beth, I need to talk you about your performance of late… blah blah blah blah.” Beth nodded. “Blah blah… disciplinary action.” She came alert. “I’m going to write you up and it will go in your file. Three of these is grounds for termination. I believe I’ve been very fair and patient with you, but your absenteeism has been excessive this year. You’ve never been the friendliest from a customer service perspective… blah blah blah… but I have seen great improvement along those lines over the last few weeks.”

    She stared at him. Bob was average looking, a little thin, cute in a mousy way. Beth started wondering how big his penis was. Big enough to satisfy her? David wasn’t going to cut it anymore after Titus. Manager Bob wasn’t much of a lady’s man and he didn’t have the aura of masculinity that Lee “Mac” MacFarland had, but he wasn’t a stranger and she could probably control him. Bob would be discreet too.

    “Blah blah blah… apply yourself and I might promote you to head waitress.”

    “Head waitress?”

    “Yes,” he nodded enthusiastically. “That’s the right kind of attitude. You know Beth, I’ve always thought you had what it takes, but I always got the impression you thought you were too good for this job. Honestly, you could go far…Unh!” Bob found himself staring down her cleavage at her dangling breasts as she leaned forward in her chair, putting both hands on his knees.

    “Maybe even assistant manager?” she asked, falling to her knees between his legs.

    He nodded, partially in shock. “Um, Beth… Mrs. Shorthose, uh what are you doing?”

    Beth ran her hands up his legs, rubbing them. “I don’t know Bob. This isn’t like me at all. I just feel so inspired by your coaching session and your faith in me. I want to thank you somehow.” He gulped as she moved her hands up to his belt buckle and started undoing it. “I really want to suck your dick.”

    “Oh god,” he moaned. “This is wrong,” he said, even as he opened his knees wider. “Um Beth, you realize I’m not promising you a promotion. Company policy prohibits…”

    “Shut up Bob. You’re not sexually harassing me. I just want your cock.”

    Beth realized she was making a mistake that moment when he whimpered. She pulled his belt apart and unbuttoned his pants.

    “Uh, Beth.” He gulped.

    “What?” she responded, impatiently.

    “Can I see your breasts…please?”

    Beth opened her blouse another couple of buttons. He was staring like a love-sick puppy at the cups of her bra. It unhooked in the front. She undid the hook, her breasts practically popping out when she let go. Her nipples were still hard from her encounter with Lee MacFarland. He whimpered again. “You like?”

    “They’re magnificent,” he gulped again. “I’ve fantasized about this.”

    “I’m flattered. Now let’s see what you got for me.” She pulled his zipper down. Bob had tighty whities with not much of a bulge underneath. She pulled the hem down, frowning at the little white penis. Bob was smaller than David and as limp as a wet noodle. She caressed it with her fingers. Bob whimpered again, but his penis didn’t grow. He was sweating and staring down at his penis in horror. Beth tugged on it. “What’s wrong?”

    “Not sure. I guess I’m nervous. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known.”

    Limp little penis or not, she liked his flattery. It bordered on worship. She bent down, kissing the limp noodle, knowing that this was going to be a one-time thing as she took him in her mouth. He moaned again, and his penis finally started to swell. Bob turned hard, the grape-sized head of his prick barely pushed at her uvula as she sucked him. He moaned again, squirming in his seat. Beth looked up at him.

    Bob was staring back at her, his lower lip sucked in. His face looked strained. He gasped, and his penis twitched. His semen shot across her tongue. Beth was surprised by the amount he ejaculated for his testicles were barely walnut sized. She guessed he simply hadn’t had a lot of blowjobs.

    Beth pulled up, making a face as she swallowed his semen. It was runny and weak, as disappointing as his small penis had been. Considering that he’d had trouble getting hard in the first place, his penis now looked like it was having trouble going down. It reared up between his legs, a thin five and a half inches or so. Beth began to suspect he might be a virgin. “Please Beth, can we have sex?”

    She looked up at him. “You want to fuck me?”

    He gasped. “God yes!”

    “Well, you can go fuck yourself, Bob.” She stood and squeezed her bra around her breasts until it hooked. “That little thing wasn’t even worth my time.” She buttoned her blouse up.

    Bob looked completely heartbroken. “But Beth?”

    “I quit Bob,” she told him, storming out of his office. She didn’t even say goodbye to her coworkers. Most of them thought she was a bitch, anyway. It was starting to rain as she reached her car. She was angry but quickly feeling bad picturing the expression on poor Bob’s face. She shouldn’t have been so cruel to him. But it was his fault for being such a weakling. If only he’d had a dick capable of giving her a little pleasure? She looked up as she drove down the block. There was the Budget Inn. She couldn’t, could she? No, she couldn’t stop even though her intuition was screaming at her that Lee was a real man with a cock that matched his attitude. She wasn’t going to go fuck a random stranger.

    Five minutes later, the elevator let her off on the third floor. She gulped nervously as she approached room 303. She’d let fate decide. If he answered the door, she’d be his slut for the night. Beth knocked. There was no answer. She knocked louder, holding her ear to the door. There was no sound of movement inside. “Damn,” she hissed. Beth turned and took the elevator back down to the lobby. Maybe I’ll just give him a few minutes, she thought, sitting down in the waiting area. The desk clerk raised an eyebrow but said nothing. She felt self-conscious in the diner uniform, but then this was the last time she’d be wearing it and she felt better. Maybe, she’d have David burn the ugly thing in the backyard firepit? Thinking about her husband made her feel guilty again. This was all Titus’ fault. He’d awakened some sort of need inside her. She didn’t even know that Lee MacFarland would have a big cock. He could turn out to be a complete dud like Manager Bob. But he wouldn’t. A man with Lee’s confidence wouldn’t have a little prick. She glanced at the clock, deciding to give him ten minutes.

    Beth waited a half hour before she decided that it wasn’t meant to be. Beth returned to her car and drove off. Another block away she saw Lee. He and the younger man were still standing in line outside Temptations under the awning out of the rain. Lee was holding up a bill between his fingers. He caught the doorman’s notice, who waved him forwards and let the pair inside. Beth stared at the nudie bar as she drove past. She didn’t want to hook up with the kind of man who attended those places anyway. She glanced in her rearview mirror at the flashing neon outline of a nude woman as she drove off.

    The lightning flashes and thunder had started by the time she made it home. Beth went to her kitchen and opened a microwavable meal. She went to the laundry room and stripped her clothes off while her dinner was heating. She didn’t toss her uniform in the laundry basket like she normally did, she tossed it in a trash bag. She returned to the kitchen, eating her dinner at the counter completely nude.

    Beth took the trash bag with her uniform out into the garage, tossing it beside her trash can. She glanced over at the pool table, remembering her New year’s game with Titus. There was a loud boom outside that made her jump. She hit the garage door opener and ducked behind the pool table while it went up. Chain lighting was illuminating the sky out past her neighbor’s house. There was no one in sight, so she came out of hiding and walked outside into the driveway beside her car. The neighbors were home, but they wouldn’t be able to see her unless they walked outside.

    Beth raised her head and closed her eyes, letting the rain wash over her nude body. She held her arms out. Lightning flashes constantly illuminated her gorgeous naked body. The rain instantly soaked her hair and skin. It was cold, raising her nipples into hard nubs as well as goosebumps all over her flesh.

    She felt the rain wash over her, wiping the stink of the diner from her body. She let the rain wash away the sin of almost cheating on David again. She wished it would wash away all her sins. She and David could start over when Titus left. Things would return to normal. Or maybe the rain was washing away what was left of the old Beth. She would forever after be at the mercy of her sexual needs. Lightning flashed illuminating her nude figure and crackling just above her. She ducked automatically as the thunder boomed almost instantaneously. Time to get inside.

    Beth hastily retreated to the shelter of her garage, hitting the button to lower the door as she entered her house. Beth left a wet trail as she walked upstairs, entering her bathroom, and drying off her body with a towel. The light flickered, and the power went out. “Fuck,” she growled. There went her plans to watch a movie. Might as well just go to bed.

    Beth sat on her bed. Her nipples were still hard, and she still needed to get fucked. Lee MacFarland’s confident smirk as he openly stared at her cleavage came to mind. She still had his business card. She could call his cell? It wasn’t too much trouble to head back into the city. She sighed and laid down deciding to just masturbate thinking about him. As soon as her head hit the pillow, she felt the cylindrical lump she’d hidden underneath it.

    She lifted her head and reached under the pillow until her hands closed around the plastic shaft. Beth pulled it out. She felt its length and width, the bulbous, life-like head. Beth placed it between her breasts and squeezed her tits around it, leaning up to kiss it like she would a real cock. Finally, Beth pulled the shaft down over her stomach and reversed it, standing it up on her pubes. She held it by the base, running her other hand up and down the shaft. She wondered how a male orgasm differed from a female one. A flash of lightning illuminated the room and the black cock rearing up between her legs. Feeling silly, she moved the dildo and stood it up on the nightstand beside her.

    Beth closed her eyes. Lee was leaving, winking as he handed her his business card with the room number on it. Her hands slid up the sides of her tits, squeezing around her nipples. Beth’s hips raised up as the spasm of pleasure shot out from her sensitive nipples. Lee opened the door to his hotel, bending down to kiss her hand. He led her inside. Beth walked up to the bed, turning to look at him. He was already nude, a cock as big as Titus’ spearing out towards her. One hand slid from her nipple down her undulating belly, fingers gliding through her pubes. She opened her raincoat. She was nude underneath. The look on his face showed he approved of what he saw. “Fuck me, Lee,” she whispered. Her fingers slid down her wet slit, pushing inside her. Beth gasped, moaning as she fingered herself. “Fuck me, Lee.”

    The loud boom of thunder brought her out of her fantasy. Multiple flashes of lightning illuminated her room. It lasted a long time. Three of her walls and her ceiling were suddenly alive with the shadows of giant black cocks. They were everywhere. She looked at the dildo, still lit up by the lightning. “Fuck it,” she said, grabbing it.

    Beth opened and raised her legs, moving the dildo down so that the head was pushing against her pussy. “Fuck me, Lee,” she moaned, closing her eyes. She was back in his motel. Lee MacFarland kneeled between her arched knees. He bent his cock down, only in her mind it was a foot-long black cock sticking out between his legs. “Yes,” she hissed, the head pushing her labia apart before entering her. She pushed the dildo deeper. Cold lifeless plastic was no substitute for the real thing, but the dildo and her fantasies might just keep her faithful to David. “Oh god, fuck me.” She pushed it all the way in, her pussy clenching around the full length of the dildo. Beth started trembling as she felt an orgasm approaching. “Fuck me, Le… Titus. Fuck me, Titus. Oh god, fuck me.” Lee was gone, replaced by Titus, on the beach in their little cove. “I’m cumming for you Titus.” Beth came, her fluids slipping around the plastic shaft. She squeezed the dildo out slightly, grabbing the end and fucking herself with the black dildo as fast as she could. “Oh god, fuck me. Seed me. Seed me.” She fucked herself so hard, she came again, collapsing down on her bed with half the dildo clenched by her pussy. Here was a big drawback. A fake plastic cock could never spend itself inside her.

    The dildo had come with a warning that it was no substitute for the real thing and it was right. The BBC Lover’s Boutique had even offered to find black bulls to take care of women in need. Women like her. Finding a bull was just too slutty for her, even though it would satisfy her needs. She’d stick with the dildo.

    Still, the orgasms felt good and were better than her fingers could have given her. She closed her eyes, contentedly falling asleep. Beth was walking on a farm, staring at hung naked black men behind fences. They were all big and muscular with large dangling cocks, rising as they looked at her. White women were crawling around on all fours munching on grass. All of them had large pendulous breasts. One black man came up and mounted one from behind. Another was facing away from her with sperm pouring from a splayed pussy “Now missy, you don’t want none of them,” said Lee MacFarland, dressed as a farmer. “You want my prized bull over there. That’s Ferdinand.” A huge black man grunted and bellowed. He was built like Titus with huge muscles. Bull horns shot out from his forehead and a tail flickered back and forth above his firm ass cheeks. “Now that’s a bull,” said Lee. Ferdinand’s cock was rising as he watched her and what a cock it was. A real monster, even bigger then Titus’ and his testicles were swollen bowling balls. Near Ferdinand were buckets filled to overflowing with his cum. He bellowed and charged her. Beth was suddenly naked, on all fours, facing away from the black bull. Lee nodded approvingly as the bull mounted her.

    Beth squirmed as she dreamed, her body trying to pull the rest of the dildo inside her. She moaned in disappointment as the dildo pulled out. She squeezed it with her pussy muscles trying to hold it inside, but to no avail. It pulled out entirely just as the end of her bed depressed as if under a great weight. The dildo returned, pushing inside her again and she sighed with pleasure. It started raining on the farm, but she didn’t care as Ferdinand shoved his black bull cock deep inside her.

    This time it felt different. It was hot, and it pulsed with life. It even felt bigger! Her legs lifted, cold hands cupped under her knees. Cold water fell on her belly and breasts as the living black cock pushed deep. Beth opened her eyes just as lightning flashed illuminating Titus’ black form leaning over her, his cock slowly fucking her. He was soaked, water dripping off his face and body. His skin was cold too. She winced with pain/pleasure as the head entered her womb. “Just what do you think you are doing?” she asked, squeezing her legs around him so he couldn’t pull out.

    “Answering your request, sis.” He grunted. “I could hear you calling for me to fuck you even as I was coming up the stairs.

    “You’re soaked,” she said, rubbing her hands along his chest.

    “I rode my bike through the storm just to have you again,” he replied, bending down to kiss her. She kissed him back, relaxing her legs so he could begin to work his mighty cock in and out. He pushed deep, and she shuddered, cumming hard, and it was so much better than the cold plastic dildo. “You needed this, didn’t you?” he whispered, before kissing her neck.

    “Yes, I need your cock,” she moaned. “Fuck me.”

    Titus worked his cock slowly, taking his time. Her pussy clamped down around his cock each time he buried it as if it were trying to hold his big shaft inside her forever. He hunched over her, bending so that he could kiss her nipples, sucking them inside his mouth before working his tongue around the hard nubs. Beth moaned, caressing his head, holding him against her breast. He kissed up her chest, kissing her neck and then planting his lips hard on her. She squirmed beneath him, raising her hips up into his thrusting cock. Beth whimpered as she came again. This was bad.

    Titus pushed himself up, working his cock faster now. She could see sweat forming on his brow as his own orgasm approached. Beth reached up placing her hands behind his neck, but she slipped them down over his broad shoulders to the huge biceps of his arms around them to his chest. She loved his muscles. She loved his body. Lightning lit up his brutishly handsome face as he shoved his cock forwards. It reared and shuddered. His first load of ejaculate spurted into her womb, her own orgasm gushing forth to welcome his seed. “I love your cock,” she moaned, tears of pure joy rolling down her cheeks. The endless waves of pleasure inside her womb as his cock continued to jerk and shoot cum inside her rolled through more than just her body. The sexual pleasure began to affect her emotionally. This was very bad.

    This had been too much like making love. It felt like they were two lovers reuniting after a long absence, hungry for each other. The lights suddenly flickered back on and Beth looked in horror at his face, eyes shut in concentration, but a slight smile on his face. When had this handsomely built stud replaced the ugly over-muscled black demon? He opened his dark eyes, working his cock out and in a little, letting her vaginal muscles squeeze any remaining seed out into her womb. He relaxed over her, embracing, and engulfing her body, but keeping his weight off her. He lowered his head to hers. Don’t kiss him back. Don’t kiss him back, she thought her lips parting as she kissed him back. She felt his mighty cock deflate inside her, but he kept it inside her. She wanted him to keep it inside her. Beth suddenly threw her arms around his neck, kissing him more passionately then she’d ever kissed anyone before as one last time her vagina contracted all around his spent cock in an orgasm so intense she wanted to throw her head back and scream out how much she loved him.

    Titus broke the kiss, pecking her on the lips again. He finally withdrew his cock and climbed off the bed. Beth listened to her black brother-in-law pissing in the bathroom. When he returned, she slid out of bed, cupping her hands under her pussy to keep from leaking all over the carpet. She opted to shower, climbing in the shower before the water had even warmed. She tried to squeeze his seed out, semen splattering on the floor of the shower, but only about half of what he’d spent.

    Beth lathered her body up, washing her crotch and her breasts. Her entire body was sensitive to the touch. Spasms of pleasure rocked her form each time she lathered over her hard nipples. They showed no signs of going down any time soon.

    Beth almost gasped when she returned. Titus looked like a black Adonis laying on her bed. His legs and thighs were partially covered by her sheet, but his cock was hanging out and his powerful chest was on full display. Hide his huge penis and Titus could have been the stud on the cover of a romance magazine at that moment. “I’m still mad about Esteban,” she said, trying to suppress these strong feelings of affection she was suddenly having for her hated brother in law.

    Titus grunted as a reply. He reached up and ran his strong hand over her hip, staring at her body. She felt a surge of pride as his cock began swelling again. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her on top of him. Beth lifted her head and looked him in the eye. “Don’t try anything like that again. Got it?”

    “Got it,” said Titus. He leaned up to kiss her, but Beth pulled away, sliding down his chest. She lifted herself off him a little, lowering her mouth over the head of his cock. It turned completely hard as she sucked the end. “Hmmm, that’s good,” he groaned, head falling back on her pillow. “Your a great cocksucker, sis.”

    Beth wanted to taste his seed, but she wanted his cock back inside her more. She thought about climbing on him but was worried that staring down at him as she came all over his cock wouldn’t help diminish these growing feelings she was suddenly having for him. She needed it nasty. Beth pulled her mouth off his cock and turned away on all fours. She wiggled her ass at him. Titus rose and kneeled behind her, inserting his cock back into her. “Mmmm,” she moaned. “Fuck me with that big nigger cock.”

    Titus grabbed her hips and picked up speed, slamming his cock in and out of her until she shuddered in orgasm again. He pushed her forwards staring at his slick shaft as it emerged from her tight white pussy. He proudly watched his cock appear until the glans appeared. He pushed forwards, but Beth pulled away and his cock sprang free, flying up above her ass. She groaned as if struggling with something. “What’s wrong, baby?” he asked.

    “Umm,” she hesitated, seemingly embarrassed. “Would you fuck my ass again?”

    He grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto his cock. “Tomorrow maybe. I want to seed this pussy again, but if you got a taste for anal now…”

    Beth was a little disappointed, but her disappointment quickly turned to surprise when she felt his cock head press against her sphincter even as his cock was thrusting past her womb. “Awww aww ahhhh,” she whimpered as her ass opened around the large cold plastic cock head. It pulled out and Titus disgustingly spat on her anus, adding some lubrication before returning the dildo to her butt hole. It pushed in again, this time more easily. “Ohmygawd,” she nearly screamed in disbelief as she was double penetrated by Titus’ cock and the dildo. She came hard as Titus pushed it as deep as it would go. He didn’t fuck her with it but left it in like a plug as he grabbed her hips and started pulling him back into his cock as he fucked her at a speed only a superman like himself could handle.

    Beth lowered her head to the mattress and buried in her arms while she let the big black man have his way with her. She saw herself in the private cove again, but this time, she was riding Titus while Esteban was fucking her ass. Suddenly Beth raised her head and screamed, the biggest orgasm yet with Titus exploding through her body. Her eyes rolled up in her head and her upper torso collapsed onto the bed, her ass still raised. Titus never missed a beat, continuing to fuck her hard.

    Beth was vaguely aware she was still being fucked and vaguely aware she was still cumming for him from time to time. It wasn’t until he buried his cock forwards and pumped her full of seed that she came out of her fog to the sound of a feminine voice repeating, “Oh you fuck me so good. You fuck me so good. Fuck me so good.” Her voice.

    Beth moaned as he withdrew his cock. The weight on the bed lessoned as he got off. She passed out for a bit, but not terribly long. His cum was still sloshing around inside her and he hadn’t removed the dildo from her ass. She wiggled on all fours, trying to keep her ass up, not wanting sperm to pour all over her bed. She ended up scooting backward off the bed, cupping her palm under her pussy as a flood of sperm began pouring out. She waddled towards her bathroom. She reached behind her trying to pull the dildo out. She was in that awkward position when Titus walked naked out of her bathroom. He was wet from a shower. The big black brute chuckled catching her in that awkward position with one hand between her legs and the other grabbing the tip of the black dildo in her ass. His pouring sperm was swiftly overflowing her palm, so she gave up on the dildo, adding her second palm between her thighs.

    Beth waddled past him into her bathroom, just stepping into the shower before dumping the still warm contents in her hands. She turned the hot water on then reached behind her for the dildo again. It hurt a little pulling it out. Titus hadn’t used enough lube on it. It was dry, and she winced a little, but it pulled free.

    Beth lathered her body up. She cleaned between her legs and her ass crack. She also lathered up the black dildo, jerking it off to clean it. The toy wasn’t close to the real thing, but it had its pleasurable uses and she just might need it when Titus left. Beth felt an ache in the pit of her stomach and almost started to cry. Oh no, she thought. She was feeling sad at the thought of him leaving! This was not good.

    Beth stepped out of the tub and dried herself off. She left the dildo on the back of the toilet, stepping in front of the sink to brush her teeth. She also brushed the water out of her long hair. Beth was exhausted and ready for bed. It had been a long day. She climbed on her bed and slipped under the covers, turning on her side. She half expected to hear the sounds of porn coming from Titus’ room. She heard nothing, but the steady patter of rain falling on the roof. The lightning storm had moved off with the occasional rumble in the distance.

    She closed her eyes and she was almost asleep when she heard Titus. His heavy tread thudded as he came up the stairs. She wished she’d fallen asleep before the porn music started from his room. No music or sex noises started. Instead, her bedroom door squeaked as it opened. Beth came fully awake. She didn’t think she had it in her for another half hour fuck session. She felt his weight on the bed, on her husband’s side. Titus pulled the sheet over him and turned on his side. He slid up behind her, wrapping his arm around her possessively. His hand cupped her breast. He pushed his crotch against her ass, his cock swelling as it pressed against her flesh. His mighty genitalia might never tire, but the man did. He pulled her into his body and was soon, softly snoring behind her.

    Beth whimpered, her body shuddering. It shouldn’t feel this good to be held in his arms, but it did. She felt safe and protected snuggled into him. These feelings were frightening to her, but she was exhausted too and when she fell asleep, it was the deepest, most restful sleep she’d experienced in a long time.


    Beth woke up smiling and feeling wonderful. She rolled on her back and stretched. Titus was still in bed, fast asleep and laying on his back. The bed sheet was tenting up around his crotch. Of course, he had an erection. He probably woke up with morning wood every morning.

    Beth reached over and gently pulled the silk sheets down his chest. The tip of his cock appeared well above his navel. She stared intently as inch after inch came into view until she pulled the sheet free of his crotch. She could stare at his cock a million times and never get used to the size of the thing. Beth brought her hand up and caressed the shaft, feeling its pulse in her hand. She ran her hand over the head, feeling his sticky wet fluid in her hand. Her own pussy was lubricating rapidly at the sight of it. Beth moved her hand down to the base and lifted his shaft up. She wanted it.

    Beth slid over his thigh and straddled his crotch, sliding her pussy up to the head. She was already wet enough to take him. When the tip slid between her legs, she pushed down, feeling it spread her pussy lips open. She laid down, pushing back, moaning as he entered her. She worked her hips over the end of his cock, taking him deep and cumming hard around it. Beth sat up, slowly bouncing in his lap. Titus stirred the third time she took him balls deep. “Good morning,” she moaned, her pussy tightly gripping his cock as she came all over it a second time.

    “Now that’s what I like waking up to,” groaned Titus. He stretched his arms over his head.

    “Me too,” she said, smiling as she checked out his biceps and chest. He was the hottest man she’d ever seen.

    “I know I’ve said this before, but you are beautiful when you smile.”

    His words triggered her to orgasm again. “OH GAWD!” she shuddered, cumming hard over his cock. She hadn’t felt it building up and it had caught her unprepared. Titus picked up the slack. He reached out and grabbed her waist, lifting her up and thrusting his cock in and out of her. He pulled her up a little until her nipples pushed against his face. He turned his head and sucked one between his lips, triggering her to cum again.

    Beth turned floppy, unable to give anything back as his cock triggered a series of orgasms, going off lack firecrackers in her womb. Pop! Pop! Pop! Never stopping, the last one the biggest as he pulled her down into his lap, his cock erupting the first large wad of hot fertile seed into her womb. POP! Her pussy came back to life, contracting around his cock making sure every subsequent shot of cum filled her womb. It was always hungry for this man’s seed.

    Beth didn’t move. She sat in his lap, eyes closed, feeling the last jerk of his cock, feeling it began to deflate. It softened, still plugging his seed inside her womb. Beth had never felt anything so satisfying in her life. She purred, opening her eyes and staring at the black Adonis laying underneath her. He reached one big paw up and rubbed it over her heavy breast, pinching a nipple between his fingers. “These may be the best breasts I’ve ever seen,” he said.

    Beth arched her back, presenting them to him. Her nipples were so hard and sensitive, his touch was still sending triggers of pleasure to her pussy. “Remember the first night I jerked you off?” she asked, suddenly looking serious. Titus just grunted and nodded in response. “I think I might be one of those size queens you talked about.”

    Titus laughed, deeply and loudly. “All women are size queens, Beth.” He laughed. “But I thought you hated me?”

    “I do,” she replied, only it wasn’t true anymore. “But I love fucking you, so why fight it? Plus, you’re gone soon. I want this big nigger cock as much as possible before you leave.” She ground her pussy into his crotch as emphasis.

    “You got it, slut.” Titus grabbed her hips and held her down on his cock. He flexed it inside her making it harden again. She whimpered. “You want this big nigger cock? It’s all yours, but with one condition.”

    “What? Anything,” she moaned, trying to ride his shaft.

    “You only fuck me until I’m gone. Wherever, whenever, and whatever I want and I’m gonna want it a lot.

    “Hmm, sounds good, but what about David?

    “Maybe, if I’m feeling generous I let him fuck his wife. It will remind you of his deficiencies. Alright, you fuck wherever, whenever, whatever, and whoever I want.”

    “Deal, but this goes both ways. You save that cock for me. None of your other bimbos and no more secret videos.” He hesitated. “Just my pussy and your cock,” she said, grinding into him.


    “Good, because, I’m going to want it a lot too,” she said, starting to ride him as he relaxed his hold on her hips.

    Titus moved his hands down to her ass and thighs, holding her high up on his cock. “Spin around.”

    This was new. Beth tried to keep his cock in her but failed. She turned around, facing away. He held his cock up as she rose and sat back down on it. Beth laid back on his chest while he cupped and squeezed her breasts as he pumped his cock up into her. She came again and again while he kissed her neck and nuzzled her ears. He lasted a long time, finally thrusting deep and sending a fresh load of sperm on top of the voluminous semen already sloshing around inside her womb. There was so much inside her she felt bloated.

    Titus held still until his balls were completely drained and his black cock softened again. He held her by the breasts yanking down on his hips, pulling his cock free. Then he pushed her so that she was sitting up. He smacked her hip. “Go get cleaned up and put your bikini on. We’re going for a ride.”

    Beth leaped to obey, racing to the bathroom, leaving a wet trail the entire way.


    Beth felt a strange sense of elation as she hugged the huge black man’s back while riding South from Miami. It was freeing to be riding along on his motorcycle while wearing almost nothing. Plus, she had the strange feeling that she and Titus had just agreed to go steady like they were boyfriend and girlfriend and she wasn’t an adulteress cheating with her black brother-in-law.

    Titus took her to a dockside bar on Biscayne Bay. It was a nice place. Not very crowded during a weekday afternoon. Titus pulled up beside another motorcycle. There were a couple of local fishermen types sitting at the bar. A rather large man wearing a biker jacket and a bandanna on his head at the end of the bar. He was an older man in his fifties, mostly white hair with some black in it and a large beard. He sat nursing a beer. An older couple sat at a dockside table, eating sandwiches. There was another young couple at a table eating lunch. The man was nice looking with shorts, a tank top, and flip flops. The woman was also in a bikini though not as skimpy as Beth’s. She had a trim, fit body.

    Every male eye turned on Beth and Titus as they walked into the open-air bar. Beth felt foolishly proud at the attention. The old man was trying hard not to stare, the two fishermen and the bartender openly checked her out. The young man’s head turned slightly, peering at her through his reflective sunglasses while the bikini-clad woman went on chatting with him. She kept glancing at the biker which was odd as he was at least twenty years older than her with a gut. He was a big powerful looking man and seemed to dominate the room at least until Titus walked in. His attention was on Beth and she felt her nipples swelling under his intense gaze as well as a strong desire to arch her back and present her bosom to him.

    They sat down at a table. There wasn’t a waitress, so Titus went up and ordered drinks and lunch from the bartender. The biker openly checked her out while she sat alone. Beth felt herself becoming aroused. She wanted to stare back, but turned her head, gazing out over the water at the fishing boats and sailing boats. The Miami skyline was lovely over the water in the distance.

    Titus returned, and they enjoyed drinks and a fantastic lunch. She’d been so jealous of Ashley and Titus’ Islamorada getaway and this was why. Titus knew how to enjoy life and have fun. Beth always felt reserved and uptight, slightly angry at the world. She rarely if ever enjoyed herself. Now she was having fun.

    Titus told her about his stint in the marines. He’d seen combat. A brief firefight with insurgents and thought he probably killed at least one of them. He seemed neither proud, nor upset about taking a life. He’d just done his duty. He was more upset about how the women were forced to cover their bodies from head to toe briefly sounding like he was a feminist, and in a way, he was.

    Titus kept her attention, but the biker still drew her gaze from time to time. She caught him staring and looked away only to glance back and see he was still staring not the least bit embarrassed. She also caught him turning his attention to the other woman in the room. Like Beth, she kept glancing at the biker and sometimes at Titus.

    The young couple was finishing up their lunch when the bartender came over and set another daiquiri down in front of the woman. He pointed at the biker who held up his beer, saluting the woman. She blushed, squirming in her seat. Beth noticed her hard nipples were also sticking out through her bikini top. She nervously took the drink and saluted him back.

    “He’s an alpha dog, like me,” said Titus.

    “What?” Beth asked, turning her attention back to her black companion.

    “He’s a real man. Alphas have a presence. Heads turn and look at us when we walk in the door. We’re strong, dominant, and competitive. Most of all, we’re confident. He doesn’t care she’s with another man. He knows that her male friend is a lesser man and that she’d much prefer fucking him and his big cock.”

    “Bullshit,” she said. Titus just smirked back with the same air of confidence that the biker had.

    The guy with the bikini woman was urging her to drink up. He seemed in a hurry to pay and get out of there. He left money on the table and took his girlfriend’s hand. He led her down the dock to a nearby boat, helping her on board. She glanced back at the biker several times.

    “The wimp knows he can’t compete and is getting his woman as far away from the real man as possible,” said Titus. “Removing her from temptation so that he doesn’t lose her.”

    “You don’t know anything,” said Beth, shaking her head in disbelief.

    “I know you’re next. I notice your margaritas about half gone.”


    Suddenly, the bartender was at the table with a fresh margarita. He set it down in front of her. “Compliments of the gentleman at the bar.” The bartender glanced at Titus nervously. He didn’t want to see any trouble breaking out between the two big men.

    “Thank him for us,” Titus told the bartender, not breaking eye contact with Beth. “Raise your glass to him.”

    Beth turned and saw that the biker was saluting her with his bottle of Budweiser. She found herself blushing as she saluted him back before turning her attention back to Titus.

    “I don’t understand,” she said, taking a sip of her fresh drink. She had a brief tinge of anger that she’d been his second choice but chalked it up to Titus’ presence.

    “Don’t understand what?”

    “He’s white. I mean, I thought it was a black thing. You’re always playing the race thing up.” She thought of Lee, the white businessman from the diner and the effect he’d had on her.

    Titus nodded. “Blacks are a safer bet, but there are white alphas. Might have been bred into us as slaves by the white man, but then I’ve known some African’s with absolutely huge cocks. So maybe not. I’ve certainly seen more black men with big cocks than white men, but I’ve seen some big whites. There was one everyone called Moose in my unit. His cock was bigger than mine, believe it or not.” He shrugged. “Real men need to travel around and spread their seed like me and biker man over there. Some will settle in one place if the women are coming to them.”

    “Like Esteban?” she asked. She thought of the nasty Cuban’s cock, surprised her memories of him were pleasant.

    “Like Esteban,” agreed Titus. “Or my boys down in Islamorada. They’ve got a never-ending stampede of fresh pussy coming to Holiday Isle to party. That kind of action dampens the wanderlust. Social and economic conditions have kept a lot of black alphas trapped in the ghetto with just a couple or so baby mamas to satisfy them. It’s not enough. They get angry and bitter. That’s where the violence comes from. It’s worse when you lock them up away from women.”

    “Yeah, I still don’t buy it,” she said, her mind calculating if there was something to what he’d said.

    She glanced at the biker again. Apparently, he’d given up and was paying his tab. He took his helmet off the next stool. He gave one last glance at Beth and gave her a nod. She smiled back, watching him leave. There was no way any of this crap was true, but both Lee and the biker gave off the same vibes that she got from Titus. “Impossible,” she muttered, draining her margarita.

    “Yeah, I’m just fucking with ya,” said Titus with a smirk. “Let’s get out of here.”

    Titus paid the tab while Beth tossed back the margarita. He put his arm around her waist to steady her as the double margaritas were making her a little unsteady. She wasn’t used to drinking and never during the afternoon. She hadn’t had any alcohol since New Year’s Eve. “You okay to hold on?” he asked watching the other biker roar off down the road.

    “I’m fine.”

    Titus straddled his bike and Beth climbed on behind him. He took off on the road, speeding up to catch up to the other biker. Titus pulled past and ahead of the white biker. He kept just ahead, letting the man get a good view of Beth’s ass. They drove like that for a few miles, Titus scanning the road ahead. When he saw what he wanted, he moved left and slowed down until the other biker was riding beside him. Titus pointed ahead to a picnic area pull off and motioned for the other rider to follow him. Beth wasn’t even aware of what was going on. Her cheek was laying on Titus’ back and she was staring out at the ocean trying not to fall asleep.

    Beth climbed off the motorcycle when Titus pulled into a parking spot. She turned when she heard the other bike pull in, pulling her little helmet off. Titus removed his helmet as did the grey-bearded white biker. “What’s going on?” said the big white man, climbing off his bike. His eyes swept down Beth’s body while glancing warily at Titus.

    “Titus,” said Titus. “The hottie is Beth.”

    “Dan Butcher, but everyone calls me Butch.”

    Titus grinned. “Butcher huh? Like a meat packer.”

    “What do you want?” asked Butch, eyes narrowing. He sized Titus up. They were the same height and weight, but Titus was all defined muscle where Butch had big arms, but also a big gut.

    “I was telling Beth here about men like us and she didn’t believe me when I told her you’d have a big cock. She wants to see it.”

    “No, I don’t,” cried Beth in alarm.

    Titus watched Butch’s eyes flicker to his storage area on his bike. Probably had a gun in there or another weapon. Butch glanced back at Beth.

    “Show her you’re packing some meat, Butcher,” urged Titus.

    “Alright.” Butch reached down for his belt buckle, deciding this wasn’t a setup of some kind. He kept his eyes on Beth as he loosened his belt. He opened his jeans and pushed them down around his hips. His yellow-stained underwear bulged obscenely. Beth still looked like she wanted to protest, but her eyes were glued on his crotch.

    “Told ya so,” said Titus as Butch pulled his underwear down under his balls. His swelling cock fell out, slowly climbing as it filled with blood.

    “Yeah,” she said, nodding, unable to look away.

    “Give it a tug and it’ll get bigger,” said Butch.

    Beth glanced at Titus. He gave her a nod. Her dainty hand reached out and grabbed the end of Butch’s cock. It swelled even bigger in her grasp. “It’s certainly big.” She stroked down to the base. It was sticking straight out now. Butch was a hairy guy. His pubes were a thick grey-black bush that ran down around his cock and covered his swollen balls. More thick hair ran down his thighs and a line of hair ran up from his pubes over his bulging belly to his navel. “Wow, it’s so… manly,” she muttered, gliding her hand along the completely hard shaft. Two months ago, she wouldn’t have given some chubby old biker dude the time of day, let alone be stroking his cock and having impure thoughts about what such a cock could do to her. “He’s almost as big as you, Titus.” Butch looked about an inch shorter but might have been a little thicker, giving the hairy cock a stubby appearance.

    “Almost?” asked Butch surprised, looking up from the hand on his cock towards Titus.

    Titus smirked and shrugged. “Show you appreciate Butcher’s meat, babe. Suck it for him.”

    “Seriously! I couldn’t,” she said, staring at her hand. She was holding it tighter as she stroked it.

    Titus walked behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. He guided her a few feet towards the closest picnic table. Beth didn’t even let go of Butch’s cock. “I can’t do that,” she protested as Titus pushed her down on the bench. She pulled the huge white cock in front of her so that it was now eye level with her face. “I don’t even know this guy,” she protested as Butch stepped forwards so that his cock pressed against her lips. Her tongue flickered out and ran around the squat head.

    A car sped past on the road. Titus moved around so that his body blocked them from anyone driving by.

    He stepped forwards and untied Beth’s bikini top just as she took the tip of Butch’s cock down her throat.

    “Dayumn,” growled Butch, looking down at her breasts.

    “She’s got great tits,” agreed Titus. Beth was now grabbing Butch’s big hairy ass, pulling his cock into her throat.

    “Fuck yeah,” said Butch. “Where’s she strip?” He put his hands on Beth’s head pulling her down on his cock just as she was pulling him into her mouth.

    “Waitress at a diner.”

    “That’s a waste,” said Butch. “Fuck, she’s good.” He groaned, fucking his cock down her throat until her nose pushed into the hairy-grey pubic bush. “What’s this about?”

    “I was telling her about men like us.”

    “Like us?” Butch took his eyes off Beth to glance skeptically at the black man. He’d obviously would never have compared himself to a black man.

    “You know, real men. uber males. You’re traveling alone with out-of-state Alabama tags. There a pale ring around your finger.” The white man looked guilty, glancing at the wedding ring mark. “You feel the urge to take off on your bike alone, away from the wife, and hopefully get as much pussy as you can.”

    Butch was scrunching up his face. “Yeah,” he nodded. “The wife understands. She was the other woman once when I knocked her up. Now I get a hall pass as long as I come back to her and the kids.” Butch looked strained now. Beth was sucking his cock rapidly trying to get him off. “FFUUCCKK!”

    The volume caught Beth off guard as his cock head swelled up even more in her throat, pumping a large amount of semen into her belly. She pulled back before she could gag, her mouth filling with his hot delicious seed. She gulped, having been craving the taste of rich sperm for a while now. She swallowed again. Butch pulled back, holding her head and letting his cum shoot all over her face and tits as she held her mouth open with her tongue out.

    “Men like us are confident, above the common man. You’ve hit on all your friend’s wives.”

    “Fucked a few, too,” Butch smirked.

    Beth leaned back. She used her finger to scoop up more of Butch’s sperm into her mouth while staring at his huge foot long cock. It was sticking straight out at her, but slowly moving down with each pulse.

    “You never thought you were different? Better than other men?”

    Butch shrugged. “I just always thought I was an asshole.” He thought a moment. “Your philosophy reminds me of Nietzsche.”

    Titus looked at him. “You understand Nietzsche?”

    “I don’t think anyone understands Nietzsche, but I took philosophy in college.” Butch petted Beth’s hair like she was a dog. “He had the concept of the uber-man, the superman. Human life was given meaning by how it advanced a new generation of human beings. The aspiration of women should be to give birth to an ubermensch. Supermen are above basic morality. They’re strong, dominant. They exude confidence and are competitive.”

    Titus was nodding along. “Yeah, supermen. We’re calm under pressure, don’t get emotional, and we don’t care what other people think of us. Yeah, I’m a superman.”

    “And Ubers seek out hardship.” Butch flexed his muscles and rolled up his sleeve. He had a marine logo tattoo on his bicep.

    Titus stood a little straighter, pulling up his sleeve to show the same tattoo, fainter on his black skin. “Semper fi.”

    “Semper fi, bro,” said Butch, holding out his hand.

    Titus slapped his palm, gripping the hand tightly. He stepped closer to Butch, glancing down at Beth, cleaning sperm off her chest. “Go ahead and fuck her? My gift to a fellow jarhead.”

    “That okay with you?” Butch asked Beth, looking down at her.

    “What?” she asked, staring at the bent banana cock that had suddenly started rising again.

    “You want that cock?”

    She glanced at Titus, then back at Butch’s cock now sticking straight out. “Hell yes,” she said, leaning forward and planting a kiss on the tip, before sucking it in to get it hard again. Butch pulled back, reaching down and helping her up. Titus was already pulling at the panty string around her hips. Butch’s cock was pointing upwards by the time her bikini bottoms fell around her feet.

    Butch lifted her up on a picnic table. She laid back opening her legs as he pushed his thick cock down between her thighs. They both moaned as he slid it inside her. A car horn honked as it sped past on the highway. Titus adjusted himself again to block the view from anyone else driving past.

    “Gawd damn, you are something special, girl,” growled Butch, working his cock in and out of her. “You just about the hottest bitch I ever fucked.”

    Beth’s hips leaped off the table as she came all over Butch’s big cock. Her pussy spasms were milking his hairy prick just like it did when Titus fucked her. “Fuck me!” she grunted, loving every inch of his cock. “I love it. Give me that big cock.”

    “She is damn near perfect,” said Titus, watching them.

    “I’m usually…” Butch was sweating now as he fucked vigorously. “Just happy when they got all their teeth. This slut is in a class by herself.”

    “I’m cumming! Oh god, I’m cumming!” Beth laid back on the picnic table, arching her back as her pussy squeezed every square inch of Butch’s cock.”

    “Me too, slut,” he grunted, angling his cock up so that his seed was aimed straight at her eggs. The thought of beating the black man’s sperm to her eggs had his balls tightening up. His cock exploded, flooding her womb with millions of sperm in just the first wad. He added millions more in the subsequent wads. Butch wanted to keep going, but he also wanted to cover the bitch in his seed. He yanked his cock out and shot several long strands of semen over her belly and tits. She immediately started rubbing his cum into her skin. “And I didn’t think you could look any hotter,” he smirked, staring down at her body now coated in his sperm. “Why don’t you come with me down to the Keys for a few days?” he asked, squeezing his hand up his swollen shaft. More sperm shot out to splatter in her pubes.

    “Watch yourself,” grunted Titus, standing up straight. “She’s mine.”

    Butch stepped back, standing up straight also. He glared at the black man, sizing him up. Butch nodded backing down and started pulling his jeans up. Maybe if he were thirty years younger, he would have challenged the black man. “Thanks,” he grunted.

    Beth climbed off the picnic table. “I should get cleaned up.” She seemed dazed as she stumbled to her feet and headed down to the water to wash off. The bay area was shallow, and she had to kneel in the water, grabbing handfuls of sand to scrub herself clean. Cloudy white trails spread out in the water from around her crotch. She peed, forcing as much of Butch’s cum out as she could, but knowing it would still be leaking out of her the rest of the day.

    A horn honked again as she came up nude out of the water. She hurried to retrieve her bikini just as Butch sped off. “He didn’t even say goodbye?” Beth watched him go. If Titus hadn’t been around, she would be on the back of Butch’s bike right now, heading down to the Keys. “I can’t believe you let him fuck me.”

    “You let him fuck you. Besides, you agreed to fuck wherever, whenever, and whoever I decide. Didn’t see you hesitate any.”

    “No, I guess, I didn’t,” she mumbled. The beer-gutted old biker was nearly as good as Titus in the cock department. “But the “whoever” I agreed to was just David. Yours is the only cock I want until Valentine’s day.”

    “Fine. Let’s go. I got one more stop.”


    The one more stop was in downtown Miami just off I95 in Overtown, the poorest neighborhood in Miami and all black. The store wasn’t poor or dilapidated though. The BBC LOVER’S BOUTIQUE was a large building with several sections. Some cars and two motorcycles were parked in the lot. Titus pulled up by the other bikes. Beth had never been in a porn store before. Rows of dildoes and sex toys, all black, greeted her upon entry. The store wasn’t busy that time of day, but every eye turned on her bikini-clad form including the women. She saw two other white women, a black woman, and two Latinas. All were shopping and dressed sexy except for one white woman who appeared alone. She looked nervous and was buying the same large dildo Titus had given her. She appeared like she wanted to get out of there as fast as possible.

    The woman paused at a billboard near the counter, eyes going wide as she stared at it. Almost instantly, a black man swooped down on her. After a few minutes conversing, he escorted her towards a curtain under a sign that read, “BOOTHS”.

    “Rooms that play porn,” said Titus, noticing her attention. “They’ll each have some glory holes too for women craving the black dick, but don’t want to see the black men they’re attached to.”

    “He just led her back there?”

    “She looked like a black virgin to me. Something got to her. A friend told her stories about a black hookup, she saw her first porn with a black man. Who knows? Now she’s got an itch.”

    Beth looked around. This was a world, she’d never known existed. She approached the billboard the woman had been staring at. It was under a sign that read, “BULL PEN”. On it were pictures of black men and their cocks. Most were mirror selfies where the men had shoved sweat pants under their plump cocks. Some were just pictures of black cocks, huge but soft and some were side views showing full erections. All were at least ten inches and some looked bigger then Titus’. Most of the pictures had rip-off phone numbers just as if you were hiring a handyman.

    “Take one for when you’re needing a real man after I’m gone.”

    “I hope my life goes back to normal after you’re gone,” she answered. Titus just snorted, not believing her and Beth didn’t believe herself either.

    “This way,” said Titus. He led her out of the porn area and into a tattoo and clothing section. Hanging from a rack were piercings and Titus started looking through them. The clothing was all themed. I “heart” BBC. BBC ONLY. BLACK OWNED. There were black roosters and spades everywhere.

    “This one,” said Titus. He held up a piercing with a thin chain connecting to a black spade with a golden Q inside it.

    “I’m not getting my belly button pierced,” she said.

    “Yes, you are,” said Titus. He looked for a clerk. “Hey, I’d like to buy this one and get it put on today.”

    “Sure thing yo.” The speaker was a young black man, thin, but fit with wiry muscles. He wore a white tank top to show off those taut wiry muscles. He looked ghetto and smelled like he didn’t bathe daily. He was wearing sweat pants and his thick appendage could be seen swinging back and forth freely beneath the material as he approached His eyes roamed Beth’s body, appreciating her figure. “This way,” he said.

    He led her to a reclining chair. Beth sat down and leaned back. He took a damp towel and rubbed it all around her belly button. She smelled ammonia where he’d wiped which she found preferable to his dirty stench. “Damn gurl, you fine. What club you working?”

    “Uh nowhere,” she replied, aware her nipples were hardening in his presence. Months ago, she would have considered him an “ugly street nigger” and crossed the street to avoid him. Now, she was reacting to his masculine sexual presence. Her instinct was telling her to open her legs a little. She wished she could smell him over the ammonia.

    “Shame gurl. I’d sure love to toss a little green yo way.” He sat up. Give it five minutes, then I’ll pierce ya.”

    “Yo, T-Dawg,” grunted a deep masculine voice. The new man reminded her of Titus. He was very large with muscles and a military flat top. His muscular arms were covered with blue tribal tattoos.

    “Deshawn, my man,” said Titus, handshake hugging him. “Your dad here?”

    “Right here, T,” said an older black man. He had a beer gut to rival Butch’s with big arms like his son.

    “Amir,” said Titus, fist bumping him.

    “Dayumn T,” you’ve outdone yourself,” said Amir, staring at Beth laying back in the chair.

    “I can’t wear this in public,” said a familiar female voice from the changing room by the two black men. The swinging doors opened. Everyone’s eyes turned to the voluptuous figure clad in practically all strings. Black spades barely covered her nipples and a large black spade covered her pubic mound all connected by black strings around her hips, back, and neck. Her bellybutton had the same piercing Beth was about to get. “Well look who it is. How you been, asshole,” said Ashley, looking at Titus.

    “Great,” he replied with no hint of guilt. “Looking good, gurl.” He stepped closer and kissed her cheek.

    She was breathing heavier when he stepped back and the little black spades over her nipples were suddenly stretching out. “No thanks to you, asshole,” she said trying to be angry, but she was gazing at him lustfully. “Thanks for abandoning me.”

    “I’m sure my boys here are taking good care of you,” said Titus, smoothly.

    “Oh, they are,” she replied. “We’re heading back to Islamorada to party with Mark and Gage.” She looked around Titus. “You here with Helen? Oh! Beth! Hey.”

    “Hi Ashley,” said Beth, blushing and feeling a bit guilty.

    The black man sat down and pinched the top of her belly button, tugging it out several times. “This is going to sting,” he said.

    “YOW!” Beth yelped, as he pierced the skin.

    “Where’s she dance at?” asked Amir, eyes roaming down Beth’s body as the store employee patted around her navel with more sterilizer.

    “She’s currently unemployed,” said Titus, with a smirk.

    “She’s his sister-in-law,” huffed Ashley.

    “You stole yo brother’s woman?” Amir glared at Titus a little contemptuously.

    “My white half-brother,” explained Titus.

    “OH!” Amir slapped him on the back. “That’s okay then.” He turned to his son. “We gotta hit the road if we’re gonna have some fun with Ash tonight. Gotta pick up in Key West early tomorrow.”

    “Yeah. Yo Ash, let’s go. You riding with me.” Deshawn slapped her plump ass, taking a moment to squeeze it.

    The black employee had gone from cleaning around Beth’s new piercing to running his hand down her thigh. “You’re all done,” he said. “You need anything else pierced, you let me know.” Beth gasped when he stood. The bulge had gone from a giant swinging banana to a rising slab of salami trying to rip out of his sweat pants. “Hey, can I get an autograph?” he called after Ashley.

    Beth winced as she sat up. Her eyes followed the employee. He didn’t seem the least concerned to be running around the store with an erection poking out his pants. He walked to the counter and grabbed a swimsuit magazine from behind it. Ashley was on the cover. “Got a pen?” asked Ash, reaching down and squeezing the bulging tip pushing out his sweats. “Hmmm nice,” her hand slid down to squeeze the shaft.

    He reached over the counter for a marker while Ashley stroked him through his sweats. She stopped when he handed the marker to her. She leaned over the counter and signed the magazine.

    “Let me see the marker,” he asked, standing behind her. He took the marker and drew a little spade on her bare ass cheek. He gave it a little spank. The man moved over to the Bull Pen sign and ripped a number off a picture. “Gimme a call some time,” he said, handing her the number.

    “Time ta go, Ash,” yelled Amir, from the store entrance. The three black men walked out the front door and headed over to the motorcycles.

    Beth moved up to the Bull Pen bulletin. Sure enough, the man that had just pierced her navel had an ad offering his services as a bull. His picture was of him holding his camera up covering half his face. He was shirtless with a fit muscular torso. His boxer shorts were pulled down under his genitalia. His cock was magnificent. His number was on multiple sheets of paper for tearing off. Da’rion was his name. Half the 20 or so phone numbers were already ripped off.

    “Hey gurl,” said Ashley coming up beside her. “You a spade girl now.” Ashley hugged her side.

    “What’s that?”

    Ashley smiled. “The queen of spades is a symbol for women who prefer black men, specifically hung black bulls.”

    “OH!” Beth looked down at her now ornamentally bejeweled bellybutton. Her eyes moved up to the spades covering Ashley’s nipples. There were lots of other symbols with spades and queens around the store. She’d have to cover her belly up until Titus left when she could get rid of it.

    “I’m happy for you,” said Ashely, still hugging her and rubbing her arm. “You’re lucky to have T-Dawg.”

    “I’m sorry. I know what he did to you.”

    Ashley looked a little sad but smiled. “It’s fine. I’m happy.” She cupped her womb with her palm. “And I have little Helios to remember him by.”

    “Helios?” said Beth, raising an eyebrow at the weird name.

    “If it’s a boy. Rhea if it’s a girl, but I know he planted a boy baby in me.”

    “Odd names. Must be a black thing.”

    Ashley laughed. “Greek actually. They’re Titans. Apparently, he thinks “The Titan” should beget more Titans. Hey, I know T-Dawg is hitting the road soon. Get up with me if you want to have some fun.” Ashley kissed her on the lips and Beth felt her body responding to her touch. Ash slid her cheek along hers and whispered in her ear. “And I have lots of friends a fellow Queen of Spades would love to meet.”

    “Uh, thanks.” Beth missed the contact when Ashley pulled back.

    “Beth,” said Ashley taking both her hands in her own. “You are lucky to have Titus, but it won’t last. “You’ll fall in love with him and he’ll move on. It’s what he does.” She squeezed Beth’s hands.

    “I’m not going to fall in love with him.”

    Ashley smiled, sadly. “Just fuck him as much as you can before he goes.” She waved and headed for the door. The voluptuous model turned at the door and yelled. “Call me if you want to have some fun.” Ashley turned and left.

    “You can call me if you want to have some fun,” said a voice behind Beth, startling her so much she jumped. She turned. The store clerk grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand downwards as he pulled his sweat pants open. Beth shuddered as her hand closed around his thick cock. The sweaty masculine stench coming from the opening in his sweat pants was stronger than the odor his regular skin was emitting. It was big, really big. She stroked his hard shaft. It was as long as Titus and almost as thick. She looked down at her hand on his shaft. The cock head was smaller than Titus’ but more bulbous. “Damn gurl. Take my number,” he hissed at her, breathing heavily.

    Beth reluctantly released his cock. “I know where to find you,” she said, hurrying to the door. She left the store, passing two enormous black men coming inside. They stopped, eyes turning to follow her until they saw her walking over to Titus on his bike. Then they proceeded inside.

    Beth climbed on behind Titus, grabbing his shoulders as her belly was too sore to hug him too tightly. “Ready?” he asked.

    “Ready for you to take me home and fuck me,” she responded, thinking of Ashley’s advice.
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