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. The Unwanted Houseguest Rebooted Ch 1

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Stormbringer, Mar 9, 2019.

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  1. Stormbringer

    Stormbringer Well-Known Member Author!

    The Unwanted Houseguest Rebooted
    Copyright 2019 by Stormbringer

    Note: This is a rewrite of my story “The Unwanted Houseguest” written back in May of 2000. It has been read over one million times at one website with an average score around 9 out of 10. The original was written at a time I was considering retiring and I wanted to write the ultimate cheating wife story. It had all the themes and elements including lost bets, blackmail, exhibitionism, voyeurism, the wife cheating with her brother-in-law, an interracial scene, and threesomes. The story was to be my magnum opus before retirement. I never quit and kept writing. Houseguest was also my attempt to codify the roll of the alpha male in my stories, sort of a Nietzschean Ubermensch, above modern morals and driven to spread his seed to as many women as possible. Houseguest is both a fan favorite and hated because the ending turned out just to have been a dream which I referred to as my “Dallas” ending. The dream ending was not my original intent. My plan was to have Beth go riding off on the back of Steve’s motorcycle. This new version is a complete rewrite with only some similarities to the original plot. The interracial element had been dialed up and new scenes added. More importantly, the controversial “dream” ending has been dropped.

    An illustrated chapter can be found on my blog at storiesbystormbringer.blogspot.com

    Chapter 1: Poker on Christmas Day

    Beth slammed the beer down in front of her husband with a hard thud. She slid the other can over towards the giant black man. She wasn’t one for waiting on men even though she reluctantly waited tables for a living. She also thought alcohol brought out the worst in men, though David’s black half-brother already possessed every trait she found reprehensible in males.

    “What?” asked Titus, his broad black lips turning up in a smirk. “You ain't gonna open it for me?”

    “You’ve got fingers. Open it yourself,” she replied.

    Titus laid his cards on the table face down before reaching over for the beer and popping the tab. “You need to train yo woman better, little brother.” David was the older brother, but much smaller than the black giant.

    David's cheeks turned redder than they already were. He'd drunk a little too much and that always made his face flush. He also hated when the massive black man reminded him of their size difference and their familial relationship even though they were technically brothers. David's mother had been seduced by Augustus Cetewayo during a family vacation to Jamaica when David was five. The affair had destroyed David's parents’ marriage nine months later when Titus was born after which David's mother, Mary confessed everything. David didn't talk about it, but once when he’d drunk too much, David confessed to a vivid memory of seeing Augustus for the first-time walking nude down the beach, approaching Joe and Mary in a friendly manner and offering them a ride on his boat. The five-year-old David had first believed the man had a giant eel hanging between his legs.

    David had once mentioned the Jamaican arriving in America soon after the baby was born and insisting that he be named Titus Cetewayo even after Mary had already named him Steve on the birth certificate. Augustus only stuck around for a few days after that, but David vividly recalled hearing his mom screaming from the bedroom dozens of times over those few days. Then Augustus left on a motorcycle. He visited, but rarely, sometimes years apart to check on his son. Mary was always thrilled to see him, and the screams would resume from the bedroom. The rest of the time, his mom was lonely, and she had a series of black boyfriends stay over nearly every weekend for company.

    Beth stared at her husband waiting for him to stand up for her, but she should have known better. Apparently, Titus had bullied David during their teen years, even six years younger than David, the boy had been large for his age and had started pushing the seventeen-year-old David around the year Titus turned eleven. Joining the Marines when he turned eighteen had made Titus even bigger and more intimidating.

    “Women aren't trained by their husbands, jerk, we are equal partners in a marriage,” she told him.

    “It is the female’s nature to be submissive to the male.” Titus sat back and drained his beer. “Real males anyway. Didn't the lingerie make you feel sexy and feminine?”

    Beth froze as she was about to retort. She turned on David. “You told him?” David chugged a large gulp of beer and didn't answer. “I'll never wear anything that objectifies women like that,” she lied. She'd hated her husband's Christmas gift, but when she saw the hopeful look in his eyes, she'd agreed to model it for him later tonight after all it was Christmas. That was one of the many reasons she was pissed off. They should have been in bed a long time ago, but Titus had insisted on playing cards with David and downing a few beers. “You should have known better,” she told her husband.

    “I did...” said David.

    “I talked him into it,” interrupted Titus. “It looked sexy as fuck on the mannequin and I thought it would look damn sexy on you.”

    Beth practically choked, her hate-filled eyes staring at Titus. He was the real reason she was pissed off tonight and in a pissy mood in general over the last month. There was absolutely nothing good about Titus Cetewayo. The black man was a hulking brute at 6'6” and built like a heavyweight boxer. He towered over David's 5'6”. His face was hard, clean-shaven, his hair a military looking flat top. He wasn't handsome, his face craggy and rugged with very African features, including a broad flat nose and thick lips. He'd inherited nothing that she could see from his white mother except maybe lighter skin, his dad had apparently been very African black. Titus was a chauvinist and a pig. He expected her to wait on him, do his laundry, cook his dinner. He had no modesty and walked around their house in tight-fitting jockey shorts that bulged out so obscenely in the front, Beth was convinced he stuffed socks down in there to impress her. He was also fond of leaving the bathroom door open when he showered or peed, but Beth always looked the other way if she had to walk past. Worse, he was a bad influence on David, insisting they drink beer daily and in the month since Titus had shown up at their house uninvited, she swore David's paunch had grown larger. Now, Titus had talked him into playing cards for money and a good chunk of their mortgage payment was sitting in the pot.

    Beth hadn’t even met Titus until a month ago. David didn't keep pictures of him around. David and Beth had married two years ago. They met in the college library, soon becoming study partners which led to grabbing coffee and eventually actual dates. The beautiful woman so awed David, that he'd stuttered trying to talk to her. Beth had long curly brown hair that fell as far as the nipples on her rather oversized breasts for such a thin framed woman. Her hips flared out and her rear was plump and firm. The day they met, she wore a conservative blue dress that stopped just under her knees. Her face was buried in books by Dworkin, Friedan, and Atwood. David shared a table with her but found her presence distracting and kept glancing at her. She let him stare, she was used to it from men. That day and most days, her body always looked like it wanted to burst free from her clothing. She was a feminist intellectual at heart, but she had the body of a stripper. She resented male attention, but there was a part of her that liked having a killer figure. She dismissed the awkward young man at first.

    David couldn't believe she wasn’t seeing anyone. Truthfully, she got lots of offers, but she was hard to date, and most men left when they realized she wasn't going to put out for them and had no intentions of having sex until married. David pursued her but took his time and went slow. She finally agreed to go on a date, David was cute and awkwardly charming. He took their relationship slow too, which was fine with her as she was busy with her women's studies and only allowed him one weekend night for dates. They had been dating a year when she found out he had a brother after he took her to his mother’s house for dinner. Mary rolled her eyes and explained that Titus was the black sheep of the family. Beth was a big believer in family and insisted they invite Titus to their wedding. He never RSVP'd, but Mary explained his unit was in deep shit somewhere in the middle east. They married six months after graduating. Beth’s wedding present being that she agreed to take his surname becoming Mrs. Beth Ann Shorthose.

    David and Beth's marriage got off to a slightly rocky start. They didn't consummate their marriage on their wedding night. David's penis was an angry red five inches and so swollen, it looked like it might pop and pop it did the second she reached down to touch it, filling the palm of her hand with a teaspoon of semen. She was forgiving, and they were young, David was ready to try again within the hour, but it popped again the moment he saw her completely nude. Beth tried not to laugh watching his penis twitch up and down as more runny drops spewed from the end. She stayed nude to let him get used to seeing her body until they made a third attempt, but David only managed to push the tip of his penis between the folds of her womanhood when he blew again. He apologized, acting surprised by how hot her vagina had felt while pushing it in. Beth finally lost her virginity early the next morning, when she climbed on top of him and lowered herself over his penis in the dark. He broke her hymen, ejaculating almost immediately, but the deed was done. She kept bouncing in his lap, feeling his penis reverse and shortly he was grunting, and she assumed cumming again though she couldn’t feel anything squirting inside her, but his penis did quickly grow limp. They drove down to Key West for their honeymoon. David continued ejaculating too quickly and Beth responded by making him go down on her for long periods of time. By the end of the week, David was skilled at licking her and lasting longer once he got inside her. Beth finally started feeling pleasure from the act and had a few small orgasms.

    Mary called them a little over a month ago, saying that Titus had shown up on her doorstep out of the blue. He had his military duffle bag and little else. She told Beth, that Titus was out buying a motorcycle and planned to travel the country. One of the things Titus had expressed the most interest in was reconnecting with his brother. Mary said he talked about it all the time and was fascinated with their wedding and honeymoon pictures that Mary kept on her mantle. Beth knew the pictures she'd sent her mother-in-law, David in his tuxedo holding Beth's hands as they stared into each other’s eyes on their wedding. The honeymoon picture, they'd had a tourist take for them at Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas. David was in his bathing suit and Beth in a modest bikini holding each other as they stood on the seawall surrounding the Civil War era fort with the light blue gulf waters behind them.

    A few days later, Beth heard a motorcycle pull up in their driveway and went out to greet her brother-in-law. She stumbled when the man took off his helmet and she saw the black face. He grinned and hugged her tightly to a chest as broad and as hard as a brick wall. Her mind kept telling her something was wrong, David didn't even like black people, hated them even and she was inclined to agree with him most of the time at least where black males were concerned. She considered black men to be horrible oppressors of black women. Her husband got home and was as shocked to see Titus as she had been. They were both shocked when Titus asked to stay with them for a few days, but David relented and offered him the use of the spare bedroom. After a week living with one, Beth liked black males even less and after David got drunk with Titus one night, confessing about Mary's encounter with Augustus, she started to hate black men especially men like Augustus and Titus Cetewayo. A few days had turned to a month and Beth wanted nothing more than for Titus to leave on the road trip the obnoxious black man was always talking about. Now, Titus was indicating he would be with them all winter while he earned some money for his trip by bartending at a big Miami club, but he did offer to help with the bills. This was good as while David did all right as an accountant, woman's studies hadn't opened a lot of career opportunities and Beth was forced to wait tables which she found somewhat demeaning for an intellectual woman, but she did it dutifully waiting for something better to come along.

    Life with Titus wasn't all bad. He didn't even stay there most nights and Beth assumed he had a girlfriend. That worried her a little because if he fell in love with her, he might want to stay around longer. When he didn't stay out all night, Titus borrowed David's adult movie collection and most nights she could hear Titus grunting to the moans coming from the TV in his room. She objected to pornography for its treatment and depiction of women, but David had bought them attempting to spice up their sex life and not for self-gratification. She'd watched disgusted for an hour until a new man appeared on the screen, some big breasted blonde with fake tits and a lot of work done to her face, pulled his pants down and started sucking on what soon grew into a seven-inch penis, longer and thicker than David's. All the men had been bigger than her husband, but this actor was impressive. She stared raptly at it, mouth slightly agape, aware her breathing had grown heavy. The man ejaculated on the woman's breasts and outstretched tongue. Beth stood up, wondering why she’d suddenly become aroused. “I'm never putting your penis in my mouth,” she reminded him before marching off to bed. David came up later, mounting her, and finding her wet and ready for him.

    Several nights after borrowing the DVDs, Titus had returned them in disgust. Beth insisted David throw them away and he did as she asked. Titus came home the next night with some new titles, all featuring black men with “the biggest blackest cocks” and white or Asian women “taking the biggest blackest cocks” in all their holes. Titus insisted they watch a movie together, but Beth refused. David lasted an hour downstairs with his half-brother before climbing quietly into bed beside her. She reached down for his penis, but he was limp as a noodle. Beth was horny and a little disappointed, but also proud that her husband was no longer turned on by that crap. She laid in bed a little frustrated, hearing Titus come up to his room and for the next hour she listened to women screaming in pleasure as they cried “fuck me with that big black cock” or “I love your big black cock”.

    She threw away the disgusting movies the next day, but that didn’t stop Titus. He wasn’t even that mad. He just opened a laptop and soon pornographic noises were coming from his computer’s speakers.


    “Raise ya another fifty,” said Titus, grinning cockily.

    Beth came out of the kitchen with some more beer, bottles this time. “I think this is getting out of hand and you both should quit.” She stared at the pot. There had to be over $500 dollars in it. They'd be late on their mortgage if David lost the hand. She moved around to look at David's cards. She forced herself to keep a straight face when she saw the four sevens in his hand. It didn't look like David would lose this hand, but then if Titus lost, he might end up staying with them even longer while he tried to earn more money for his trip. “I don't have enough,” said David looking from his cards to the pot to Titus' grinning face.

    “Well then,” said Titus triumphantly, “I guess the pot is mine.”

    “WAIT!” cried David as Titus reached for the money. “Maybe I can offer you something else?”

    “Like what?”

    David asked, “What do I have that you want?”

    Titus' eyes narrowed, and his face turned serious. This was the kind of black man a white couple would cross the street to avoid. His eyes turned on Beth. “I want a blow job from that hot wife of yours.” David stared in shock at his half-brother, hearing Beth gasp and the sound of both beer bottles hitting the floor, one shattering.

    “You sick pervert,” she hissed at the black man before turning away. She came back with some paper towels and a broom to clean the mess up. She had to put up with this shit every day at the restaurant, both getting hit on constantly and cleaning up spills now it was happening in her own home.

    “I can't do that, Titus,” said David, his face flushing. “She's not mine to bet with and besides, adultery is a sin.”

    “Bull shit!” stated Titus. “Everyone knows a blow job ain't adultery. “But I'll make ya a deal. You win, you keep the money. If I win, I keep half the money, but Beth jerks me off.”

    “That’s not going to happen, Titus,” said David. He was still flushed, but now his hands were shaking a little.

    “Hold on,” said Beth over his shoulder, staring at the four-of-a-kind in his hand. “We'll take that deal.”

    David turned on his wife. “No Beth. There’s no way you're going anywhere near that thing.”

    “In the kitchen, NOW,” ordered Beth, wondering what he was talking about. David followed and tried to talk her out of it saying they both could work overtime and his fingers were crossed that a big promotion was coming his way. She told him they couldn't afford to lose the money and besides, she was confident he had the best hand. “And what do you mean by “thing”?” she asked before they started heading back to Titus.

    David froze, his flushed cheeks losing color until he went pale. He’d been home on break for college one time, smitten with his new girlfriend Beth. David had been masturbating, eyes closed trying to picture Beth nude when his bedroom door burst open. Titus just started laughing at the little penis David was trying to shove back under his boxers. Titus reached into his jeans and whipped out a massive dark-skinned penis. It took David a month to get an erection after seeing “that thing”. He recalled taking showers after Titus and the glass door being covered in a thick white goo from the black boy's constant jerking off. Titus' room would stink of semen, his trash was filled with crusty tissues that reeked of sperm. David finished college two years before Beth. When he moved back home, he began hearing rumors about Titus and dozens of school girls, even one about Titus and the hot teacher all the boys including himself had a crush on. There were even rumors about him banging some of the mothers of his classmates and apparently one encounter had gotten him in enough trouble, he’d run off and joined the Marines. Titus’ penis might not even have been fully grown the last time David had seen it. “His penis is rather on the large side,” he said softly. David had never forgotten how wet Beth had been in bed after watching the porn of the man with the seven-inch penis.

    “Oh,” said Beth, pausing, recalling the obscene bulge under the black man’s briefs. She suddenly felt uneasy but shrugged it off “We still need the money and your hand is virtually unbeatable.

    They walked back out to the dining room table. David gulped. His face had lost its flush turning a pale white. “All right, it's a bet.” He gathered his cards up off the table.

    “It’s a bet then,” said Titus. His face was expressionless, but there was a predatory look in his eyes when he glanced at Beth. “But she has to wear the lingerie I picked out for her while she does it.”
    Beth clenched her teeth with rage. “Ass,” she grunted. She sent David a glare that promised he would be paying for this for quite a while. “Let’s get this over with,” she said, her heart thumping rapidly from nervousness.

    Titus smiled. “Let’s see what you got.”

    David spread his cards out on the table revealing the four sevens. Titus' look of surprise made the couple grin. Beth looked over at David and they high-fived. David was reaching out for the pot when Titus stated, “Not so fast.” He slammed his cards down on the table. “Four queens.”

    David felt like he was going to throw up. Beth whimpered. He glanced up at her to see her shaking with fear. “Come on now bro, you're not going to make my wife go through with it, are you?”

    Titus smiled and chuckled nicely so that the Shorthoses thought he was going to call it off. “Now seriously Lil’ Davey, what kind of brother would I be,” said Titus pausing for effect. Beth was looking at him hopefully. David knew better. Titus only called him “Lil’ Davey” to humiliate him. “If I didn't make sure you followed through with your promises. A bet is a bet, bro.” Titus turned his eyes on Beth so intensely, she felt her legs turning to jelly with fear. “You were going to keep all the money if you won, right Lil’ Davey? Beth run upstairs and change into that sexy outfit and bring back some Vaseline with you.”

    David looked at his wife. He'd never seen her look so unsure of herself. She'd gone pale too and was shaking a little. She was usually the strong confident one. “Don't do it, Beth. Let him have all the money and you can pick up some extra hours to cover the mortgage.”

    Beth slowly turned her face towards him, the look of fear on her face faded and turned to disgust. “No god dammit! Serves you right for getting me into this mess.” She turned and stomped up the stairs.

    “But...” David tried to say, reminding her that this was her decision. He looked over at Titus. The black brute was dividing the money up. At least he wouldn't need to be worried about the mortgage. Titus pocketed his half and rose from the table. He stretched before pulling his shirt off over his head. Shirtless, the huge black man walked over to the couch. He unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down. David wanted to cry when he saw the enormous bulge stretching out the front of Titus' boxer briefs. Titus hadn't just whipped “that thing” out after catching David masturbating, He'd smacked David in the face with it several times and the heavy beast had hurt. The eighteen-year-old black teen had laughed watching David's penis shrivel up and withdraw inside his scrotum from his humiliation. Titus sat down. He closed his eyes and sat waiting, breathing heavily, his large African nostrils flaring out with each breath.


    Beth let her dress fall around her waist and struggled to push it down over her hips. She sighed with relief when the confining dress fell to her feet. Her heavy dresses made her feel stifled and claustrophobic, but she endured wearing them as intelligent self-reliant women didn't put their bodies on display for male pleasure. Her bra unhooked in front and she pulled the clasps apart, her bra flying open as her breasts sprang free. She sighed again as the cold air from the air conditioner caressed her breast flesh. Her bras were always too tight. She refused to admit that her breasts pushed EE and only brought DD cup bras. As much as her mind told her to cover up, her body seemed to prefer freedom. She had been quite content to walk around the house nude when she was home alone for the first couple of years of her marriage.

    Beth was surprised to see her nipples jutting out about half an inch. She attributed it to the cold air. They'd always been sensitive to any stimuli and reacted by swelling out nearly ¾ of an inch and a full inch from her breast when her areola puffed up. She reached up and pinched them, her vagina quivered and moistened immediately. She quickly let go before she became too aroused. Beth bent over and slid her plain white panty down her thighs until it fell to her feet on the dress.

    Nude, she walked over to the fancy box from the lingerie store. Their mall didn't have a classy store like Victoria's Secret for skinny models and sexy underwear. Their store was called “Spicy” and catered to bustier women and sleazier outfits, corsets, garter belts, skimpy teddys, barely legal bikinis, and sex costumes every holiday with Halloween being the worse when it came to objectifying women as sex objects. It was popular with the many strippers that worked the Miami area.

    Beth opened the box and pulled the panty out. It was bright red but see thru. She stepped into them and pulled them up. The strings around her hips had three bells on each side. The top of the panty was fluffy white. She frowned seeing that her brown pubes were clearly visible through the clear fabric. She turned around. The back of the panty disappeared between the crack of her rear end. Her cheeks stuck firmly up and out, free of any blemishes. There was another stupid bell on the string above her butt crack. Beth rolled her eyes at the ridiculousness of it all. Only a sex obsessed chauvinist would come up with an outfit like this, but then sex obsessed chauvinist applied to most men.

    The bra was like the panty, but there was a sheer red satin covering that fell off the bra to cover her belly and the panty. The bra cups were too tight, worse than her regular bras, and breast flesh stuck out around them. She suspected they were only C cups. David should have known better, but then that black jerk had apparently picked this out. White fur laced the tops of the cups and there were series of bells dangling under her breasts and several on the string between her cleavage and along her sides. This bra hooked in the back and she struggled to stretch the elastic out to hook it the top was so tight.

    Beth looked at herself in the full-length mirror. A sleazy porn star looked back at her. “Fuck you, David,” she told her reflection, “and fuck you, Titus.” The outfit was ridiculous, but as she took her entire body in and turned around to look at herself from the back, her hate-filled face curled up into a smile. Beth might despise the sexy outfits men liked their women to wear, but she wore it very well and she couldn’t entirely suppress her vanity. Beth pulled the last item out and adjusted the Santa hat on her head. “Woman though art gorgeous even if you look like a slut,” she told her reflection. She looked better than any woman in David's pornos. Her smile faded when she remembered that this outfit was supposedly her Christmas present, but, was in reality a present her stupid husband had bought for himself and that his pig of a nigg... black half-brother had selected. Her frown turned hate filled again when she remembered what she had to do now to that same black half-brother to pay off her husband's stupid bet. She had to put her hand on his ugly nig... black penis... no, fuck it, his stinking nigger penis and jerk it off. Or did she? Beth opened the door under the bathroom sink and pulled out a pair of blue rubber cleaning gloves. She pulled the gloves down over each hand. Now she could jerk “that thing” off without even touching it.

    The expression of hate was still on her face when she left the room.


    “Jingle bells, jingle bells,” said Titus, slowly opening his eyes from his meditative position on the couch when he heard Beth coming down the stairs. Both he and David turned to look at her. She was wearing a full-length robe, but the bells on her lingerie could still be heard if somewhat muffled. She owned a smaller robe but had bought the longer one for modesty when Titus started staying with them and it appeared, he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

    “Don't do this, Beth,” said David.

    “Shut up. This is all your fault.”

    “But you're the one that took the bet,” whined David, certain his wife now completely blamed him and that he would be suffering for it for quite some time.

    “She told you to shut up, Lil’ Davey,” grunted Titus, staring at Beth. His eyes took in her gloved hands as she reached in the pocket of her robe and pulled out a bottle of Vaseline. She tossed it to him and he caught it, setting it beside his phone which was propped up on the couch. Titus' dark eyes stared intensely at her face. He considered himself to be a connoisseur of women and Beth was the finest specimen he’d ever seen. Her brows were high and imperious with her haughtiness, her nose fragile and patrician, and her mouth was finely chiseled, yet sensual with lips dark enough she didn’t need lipstick. Every square inch of skin he’d seen on her was flawlessly perfect. The nape of her neck was sexy when she had her hair and falling over one shoulder. One gracefully curved ear would often stick out of her hair. Her feet were dainty, her toes like her fingers unadorned with polish. The strong shapely calves she displayed in her waitress uniform hinted at more shapeliness under the skirt. He’d wanted to see the hidden parts for some time now and he was certain the rest of her would be just as exquisite. Her only flaw was her resting bitch face. “You know something Elizabeth Shorthose,” he said.

    “What?” asked Beth, untying the belt on her robe.

    “You'd be beautiful if you smiled occasionally and wiped that hateful expression off your lovely face.”

    Her eyes narrowed, and Titus felt that a lesser man might wilt under that venomous gaze. He even thought he heard his wimp of a half-brother whimper. “My expression depends upon who I am staring at,” she said, dropping the robe.

    “Oh, my god!” gasped David. He was seated in his recliner and had a side view of the two. He was staring mostly at her perfect bare ass.

    Titus and Beth continued staring angrily into each other’s eyes in a contest of wills. Beth won the contest. Titus needed to look down. He didn't move his head, but his eyes swept down her body. “Your tits are magnificent,” he stated. She was built like an internet pinup model, but these breasts weren't bought and paid for, they were the real deal. His lip curled up a little when he saw her nipples were slightly hard. This situation was somewhat arousing to her even if she'd never admit it. Her torso was sexy as hell. She was trim with little fat. Her ribs were outlined, and her stomach was flat with some abdominal bulges around her navel. Luckily, she was tall, or her breasts would have taken up most of her body making her look compact. Her thin waist tapered down and then flared out into her hips. He could see partially behind her, a firm up thrust ass that was one of the best he'd ever seen. Her legs were firm and athletic from her daily jogs. His eyes roamed back up to the perfectly trimmed triangle of hair behind the panty. Exactly as he’d imagined her body would look like. “Gurl, you are stacked,” he grunted.

    “Woman,” she corrected. “I am a woman.”

    “What?” he asked, shrugging, and not getting the point. “Woman then.”

    “Beth, don't do this,” pleaded David. She turned and glared at him, but he just gasped as he took in her body in the sexy lingerie. He hated his brother, but Titus had been right about the outfit looking sexy on her. She turned back to the black man without speaking. David looked over at Titus too. Any man would be jealous of the black man’s broad chest, the rippling muscles, and the underlying strength behind them, but all that concerned David and made his stomach sink was the sight of Titus' underwear. The waistband had now stretched out and was opening around the top as “that thing” expanded in his underwear.

    “Shut up Lil’ Davey,” said Titus without looking at his white brother. He was staring at Beth's body. “You shouldn't have bet your wife.”

    “But I didn't,” whined David.

    “Shut up David,” agreed Beth.

    “I can't watch this,” said David, standing up.

    “SIT DOWN!” she ordered, turning on him. “Watching me do this disgusting act is part of your punishment. You're going to pay for humiliating me like this.” Beth kneeled between Titus' legs as David sat back down heavily in the chair.

    “Allow me,” said Titus, opening the lid on the Vaseline.

    Beth snatched it out of his hand and scooped some up with two of her gloved fingers. She rolled her eyes and for the first time allowed her eyes to fall on his bulging briefs and the plum-sized dark head of his penis that had now pushed up past the waistband. She froze and stared. “I'm going to need a lot more Vaseline,” she muttered eliciting a chuckle from Titus.

    “Please,” pleaded David one last time, but he was ignored.

    Beth turned her head, not wanting to see the thing Titus was packing in his pants. She reached out for the waistband, her hand coming down on the bulging crotch. It swelled, and she yanked her hand back as the black plum pushed up to his stomach trailed by a floppy tube as thick as her wrist. There was no padding in his shorts like she’d always suspected, only a thick caged snake yearning to break free and it was swelling and growing. Beth's hand was trembling as she reached back up to his briefs, keeping clear of the black tube steak. She pulled the waistband out and down. She couldn't help herself and moved her eyes to stare at the thing. The ebony plum passed his navel as the shaft straightened and hardened, thickening as it swelled. Beth finally turned her head towards the huge penis, mouth agape in disbelief.

    “Oh god,” moaned David, horrified at the sight of his brother's monster cock. It was a lot bigger then he remembered.

    “It's not going to jerk itself off, Beth,” said Titus, smirking. He wasn't in too much of a hurry. He enjoyed seeing them stare at it. Titus lifted his hips up off the couch. “Pull it off,” he ordered.

    Beth's hand was still on his waistband. She was frozen staring at his penis. It was at least eight inches long. His voice brought her out of her trance. She pulled down on the waistband some more and brought her other hand up to grab the other side of his briefs. His underwear still covered the base of his huge penis. Another inch appeared and another, a bulging purple black vein ran up his shaft. Then another inch and another. She pulled his briefs down under his rear and down his thighs pulling it all the way to his ankles. He pulled his feet out and spread his legs open further. Her eyes fell on his wrinkled black scrotum. If the tip of his penis was as big as a fat plum, then his testicles were the size of apples. One of Titus' testicles was bigger than David's entire crotch.

    Beth reached out one blue gloved hand and grabbed his shaft, pulling the now fully hard black penis upwards and it was a very black penis, much blacker then Titus's dark brown skin. She looked at the palm of her other hand and at the pathetically small dollop of Vaseline in it. She moved her fingers back to the open jar and scooped up some more. Satisfied, she grabbed his shaft and started coating it with Vaseline which allowed her to examine all the ridges, bumps, and veins along the shaft. It was hard now, as hard as steel and straight, missile shaped with no curve. The shaft maintained the same thickness throughout its length, the swollen member left a gap of several inches between her thumb and fingers, before it flared out into the black helmeted head. She ran her hand up to the head and thoroughly coated it with the lubricant before removing her hand and scooping up another dollop.

    When it was completely lubricated, she paused, holding it upwards with one hand that she slid to the base and then laying her palm on his crotch as she tried to hold it up with just her finger and her thumb. Titus' big horse penis was longer than a foot. “Your thing is so BIG!” she blurted, staring down at it.

    “That thing is a real man’s cock, a thirteen-inch big black cock,” he told her smugly. “I call it “The Titan”. You’re used to David’s little boy penis.”

    “Titus please,” she said, taking her eyes off his big black cock and looking him in the face angrily. “There's no need to disparage my husband just because he has a small peni... just because his penis isn't very big… I mean not as large as yours.”

    “Beth... please,” whined David.

    “Um, sorry honey, your little penis is just fine,” she explained.

    “Don't worry Lil’ Davey,” said Titus looking down at Beth's breasts. “You've nothing to worry about unless Beth here is one of them size queens.”

    “Size queens?” she asked, furrowing her brow as she began stroking the huge cock. “What's that?”

    “A woman turned on by huge cocks,” he said, meeting her eyes. He moved his gaze down to her breasts and she followed his stare down to her bosom. “Your nipples get hard.” Beth watched with embarrassment as her already semi hard nipples swelled and grew to their full size under his penetrating gaze. Her nipples swelled and puffed out to their full inch length. She gulped and bent her elbows in forwards to cover her protruding nubs. “And your pussy gets soaked just at the sight of a big... thick... COCK,” he finished. “It's the natural order of things for a female to get aroused at the sight of a real man's cock, a big… black… cock.”

    “You're full of shit,” she told him, fully aware that her vagina was dripping.

    “You should be safe then, bro,” said Titus. “Nothing to worry about.”

    For some reason, that didn't reassure David very much. He couldn't see her vagina and most of her breasts were blocked by Titus' muscular thighs. Still, it was obvious Beth was shocked by the size of Titus' cock. Beth was holding the base of the huge black shaft and jerking him off with her right hand with slow deliberate strokes. David was grateful she'd thought to put gloves on. He wasn't sure he would be able to stand her touch knowing her skin had physically touched his half-brother’s black penis. “Yeah, stroke that big black cock, baby,” moaned Titus. David cringed. Titus was smirking, saying it more to irk Beth then out of seriousness.

    “Damn this thing is big,” said Beth. She switched hands and started stroking him with her left hand. “Aren't you close yet?”

    “No baby, it's only been fifteen minutes.” Titus laid back against the couch and spread his legs wider.

    “No way, it's been fifteen minutes?” she asked in disbelief. She wasn't sure when she’d started and didn't wear a watch, so she couldn't check the time.

    Titus picked up the phone beside him. It was aimed at her while he typed some buttons. He turned it around to show her the screen which displayed the stop watch feature. The running clock read 16:47. “If you can get it off in 30 minutes or less, you and Lil’ Davey can have the rest of the pot.”

    “Shit!” said Beth, still not believing it had been over fifteen minutes. David could get erect, penetrate her, ejaculate, and be fast asleep in under ten minutes. She brought both her gloved hands up to his shaft and stated jerking him off as fast as she could at the thought of getting all their money back and then some. She felt a shiver course through her body when Titus groaned. It was for real this time. “Come on, come on,” she whispered, staring at her hands gliding up and down his shaft in a blue-black blur. 21:57. Her arm strength was failing rapidly. “Come on. Come... cum. Cum for me. Cum for me, Titus!” 23:12.

    “Oh, yeah baby, talk dirty to me.”

    “Beth!” pleaded David.

    “Shut up! I'm trying to get our money back,” she snapped at her husband. She looked at Titus. “And quit calling me baby, I’m not your baby, pig.” 24:37.

    “Yo bitchy attitude ain't helping me cum.”

    Damn! She thought. “Sorry. Give me your cum. Come on, you know you want to cum.” She released her right hand and shook it to work out a cramp. She was nearly exhausted. 26:08. She grabbed his shaft again, using the last of her arm strength to stroke it as fast as she could. “Damn, arms are getting tired.”

    “Use your mouth then, baby.”

    “Fuck you! No man's penis will ever pass these lips.” Her arms were feeling weak. 27:15. “Come on.”

    “What do you want, baby?”

    “I want you to cum, dammit.” 28:32. “I want your cum. Whoa, it's swelling even thicker!”

    “I'm close, baby.”

    Thank god, she thought. Beth sped up her arms, with the last of her strength. 29:10. “Cum for me.” 29:21. “Give me your cum.” 29:34. Damn, the head of his penis was expanding, turning harder, and growing even blacker.

    “Here it comes, baby.”

    29:47. She was going to make it. Beth was grateful for the gloves. She didn't want any of this black man's spunk touching her skin when it dribbled out over her fingers. 29:52. “Cum already. I want this big black cock's cum,” she growled. She glanced at the phone. It read 30:12. “Noooo!” she wailed just before her face was splattered with his seed.

    “YESSSSS!” moaned Titus, thrusting his hips up, fucking her hands with his cock.

    Beth closed her mouth just in time as another splatter of his seed hit her lips and chin. She bent his cock down away from her face, more of the black man's sperm splattering on her neck, chest, and breasts, coating her red lingerie with his semen. She wanted to scream, but kept her lips pressed together to keep his spunk out of her mouth. Beth released his cock which made things worse. Now it just bucked up and down, out of control, spewing sperm all over her. She climbed to her feet, a load splattering all over her stomach, getting in her navel as the diaphanous material covering her stomach rose up, another blast ruined her panty making it cling to her pubic hair.

    Beth stepped back, several jets of sperm shooting after her, but falling short of her body and landing on the tops of her feet. Finally, his cock quit bobbing wildly and fell with a thud against his stomach and chest. Sperm dribbled from the swollen head, leaving a growing white puddle on Titus's hard black chest. The thing lost its swollen look and began to shrink.

    Beth turned towards her husband as if begging him to help her. “My god,” gasped David, aghast at the sight of his wife coated in Titus' sperm. She looked horrified and seemed to be pleading with her eyes for him for help but wouldn't open her mouth afraid some of his sperm might pass her lips. “I'll get some towels.” David sprang to his feet, Beth’s eyes falling to the small tent under his pants. She just shook her head and ran for the stairs.

    “I'll take the towels,” said Titus, climbing to his feet.

    David went to the kitchen and returned with some paper towels. He stared in horror at the giant black man, standing nude in front of him as he handed Titus the towels. He'd hoped never to see that oversize penis again or his half-brother for that matter. Titus' black cock was sticking straight out before him, still dripping sperm onto David's carpet. Even as Titus was wiping the semen off his chest, the huge black cock was pulsing and shrinking. It bent downwards and finally quit dripping sperm. By the time Titus had cleaned himself off, his cock was a fat ten-inch tube dangling between his huge muscular thighs. His mind pictured the black Jamiacan’s fat tube dangling as he walked down the beach 27 years ago. His mind quickly returned to the present and Titus’ thing cumming all over his wife. “How could you do that to me?” he said, voice shaking as he spoke.

    “Come on Davey, brothers should share things, right?”

    “Stay away from my wife Titus,” he said, voice a little stronger. “I mean it.”

    Titus smirked in amusement. He crossed his huge arms across his even huger chest, making him even more intimidating. “Or what?” he asked.

    David stared up at his giant half-brother and felt his knees shake. The words came to his mind unbidden and he blurted them out before he could stop himself. Words he'd said to his brother many times when they were kids. “Or I'll tell mom.” Titus looked surprised for a second then started laughing, his mirth turning into bellows of amusement deep within his chest. David's cheeks turned red and he raced for the stairs to check on his wife.


    Beth's nostrils were filled with the scent of semen. She wanted to breathe through her mouth, but her lips were still slick with the black man's sperm. Large globs of it were starting to slide down her body, covering even more of her skin with that... nigger's... viscous spunk. She stripped off the ruined lingerie and dropped it in the bathroom's waste basket. It was kind of a shame she thought, wondering how much David had paid for it. Sexist garbage, but it had also felt somewhat liberating wearing something so sexy and the reactions of both men seeing her in it.

    Beth turned on the water in the shower and got in the tub before it had even warmed up closing the door behind her. The cold water shocked her a bit and she stepped out of the spray, grabbing a cold damp used washcloth to wipe her lips off, breathing deeply when her mouth felt clean. Beth grabbed her body wash and didn't even bother pouring it in her palm. She just turned the bottle upside down and squirted it all over her chest and breasts, the thick black plastic bottle reminding her of Titus' big black cock, just not as hard or hot or vibrant with life. The water had heated, and she turned around stepping up into it. The body lotion was clear and white and almost indistinguishable with the sperm all over her body. She raised her face to the water and let the shower rinse her face off even as the spray was removing all the lotion from her body, while leaving large globs of sperm clinging to her skin.

    Beth turned her back to the spray and ran her hands down to her belly and chest. She scooped up the large clumps on her body and ran it all over her skin. Both hands came up to her breasts scooping up more of the thick “lotion” rubbing it into her breast flesh. She got an intense shock when her hands rubbed her still hard nipples. They'd never felt so alive or sensitive before and she mewled with pleasure, even pinching them, and sucking he lower lip into her mouth to keep from moaning. Her left hand pinched its nipple hard as her right hand slid back down her belly, finding more clumps of lotion under her navel. She pushed her hand through her wisps of brown pubic hair, two fingers pushing inside her needy pussy.

    It took just a few wiggles of her fingers for her to have her own orgasm and it was a big one. She cried out as her wiggling fingers prolonged the orgasm. Beth was gasping from the intensity of the orgasm as she slowly opened her eyes, a lazy smile forming on her lips. That had been her best orgasm in years, maybe ever. She looked down her body. There were white strings all over her body. She pulled her fingers off her nipple. One of the strings ran from her index finger to the tip of her nipple. She crinkled her nose in disgust realizing she'd just body washed herself with the black man's semen.

    “B... Beth, are you alright?”

    Beth froze and turned. David's form was in the bathroom doorway. The shower door was clear. Had he seen her playing with herself? “No, you jerk. I'm covered in that NIGGER'S SEED!”

    “Shhhhh! Not so loud he'll hear.”

    “Fuck him.”

    David cringed, picturing the three white seniors rolling around on the football field doubled over in pain. Blood spewing from one's broken nose. They'd called the fifteen-year-old Titus a nigger too. The students watching the fight cheered Titus as the three eighteen-year-olds were disliked bullies. Everyone had cheered, but David. He'd been routing for the bullies. “I'll be in bed,” he told her.

    Beth ripped the strand of wet sperm of her nipple and flicked it to the bottom of the tub. She looked further down her body. It was all over her belly and mixed into her pubic hair and worse of all. The hand that had just fingered herself to orgasm was covered in it. “YECH!” she spat, feeling sick. Beth quickly turned her body back into the spray of water. This time, she poured body wash onto the wash cloth and used it to clean her body. It took almost as long to get his spunk off her body as it had to make him cum in the first place. She finished and dried herself off, covering her body with a towel. The bedroom was dark, David already in bed.

    Beth normally slept in pajamas, but she felt too exhausted to even dress in them. She dropped the towel wrapped around her body and climbed into bed beside her husband. She laid on her back, staring at the ceiling. She could faintly hear porn sounds coming from the guest room. Titus grunting. Was he really playing with himself again after she'd just jerked him off? She couldn't believe it and almost got up to go peek in on him then decided against it.

    Beth turned on her side, tossing and turning for an hour, unable to sleep. She'd heard Titus cum a half hour ago, and he'd finally shut off the porn. She wanted the porn out of her house. She wanted the black man and his big black cock out of her house. She wanted a cock in her body right now. The orgasm in the shower had been one of the best in her life yet she was still horny. Really horny! Beth turned towards her husband. He was on his back too. Her hand slid across the bed to his hip and across to his crotch. His entire scrotum fit in her hand, penis and balls. She picked his penis up with two fingers and began fondling it, tugging it out to make it hard for her. Instead, his penis seemed to shrink into his scrotum. She wouldn't be getting any tonight. David let out a soft snore that sounded distinctly fake to her. Frustrated, she flipped around to her side, facing away from her husband. It took her three hours to fall asleep.
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