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. The Unwanted Houseguest Rebooted 4

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Stormbringer, Mar 14, 2019.

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  1. Stormbringer

    Stormbringer Well-Known Member Author!

    Chapter 4: Sexy on South Beach

    Beth was still exhausted when she returned home. She tossed her keys and Ashley’s underwear on the bureau and stripped off her clothes. David was still sleeping, snoring softly. She unhooked her bra, sighing with relief as her breasts sprang free of their constraints. My panties are rather boring, she thought, pulling them down over her legs. She grabbed Ash’s panty and held it over her crotch. The sexy bottoms were too big for her. Ashley’s hips and rear end being larger than her own. She tossed the panty into the trash bin and climbed into bed beside David. Still exhausted, she quickly fell back asleep.

    After a few hours of sleep, Beth was on her side and felt David’s penis poking her in the rear. She could hear him snoring softly. She’d been dreaming about the hardcore scene she’d witnessed between Titus and Ashley last night, only in her dream she was Ashley. Half asleep and very aroused, Beth reached behind her for her husband’s penis. She moaned with disappointment when she felt the small prick that almost entirely filled her hand. Still, it was hard and ready, so she spread her thighs and guided it towards her wetness. No sooner had the little grape-sized head started to penetrate her was the penis yanked from her grip. David rolled over and leaped out of bed. A few minutes later, she heard him dry heaving in the bathroom. “I’m never drinking that much again,” groaned David when he came back. His erection was gone, and his penis had shriveled up again. The tip barely dangled over his balls. He slipped back into bed and was soon asleep again.

    Beth slept past noon. She got up, showered again, and dressed for work in the ugly waitress uniform. The extra sleep must have helped for she didn’t feel that bad except for a slight headache. David stirred, and she fixed him some soup. They barely spoke. The slightest noise made him wince and she was also hungover, horny, and working the night shift tonight followed by the breakfast shift tomorrow. Not a great start to the year.

    Beth was exhausted when she got home close to midnight. Titus wasn’t home, and it looked like he hadn’t come home. There was a half-eaten pizza on the table. She stripped and collapsed in bed next to David. He rolled over and pushed his hard penis against her rear. She groaned in disapproval and kept her thighs closed even as he reached around her nipple. “Too tired,” she mumbled pulling his hand away. He grunted in displeasure and rolled over the other way. She fell asleep almost immediately.

    It seemed like no time at all that her alarm woke her. The sun hadn’t even come up. Beth was wet between her thighs again, but she couldn’t remember the dream as she climbed out of bed. She went through the motions, showering, dressing in a clean uniform, and heading off to work. The only good thing about the breakfast shift was that she got home at noon, but she was always too tired to do anything and usually took a nap when she got home. She stripped, climbed in bed, and pulled her mask over her eyes. She closed her eyes and rolled on her side. Just as she fell asleep, she was woken up by the sound of Titus’ motorcycle pulling up outside. She heard the door open, then the sound of his heavy footsteps on the stairs. She couldn’t remember if she’d locked her bedroom door. Her nipples popped out and she felt her thighs turn wet at the thought of him bursting into her bedroom again. He stopped outside her door and it slowly opened. Beth sat up, clutching the sheet to her body as she ripped off the mask. “Get out,” she yelled at the giant black man standing in her doorway.

    Titus was wearing tight jeans and a white tee shirt that hugged his muscles. He was silent for a moment, dark eyes sweeping down her form and the way the bed sheet clung to her buxom figure. He was holding a bag. “Put that on,” he told her. “We’re going to the beach.” Then he turned and left.

    Beth gulped as he disappeared and went back downstairs. She finally relaxed her grip and let the covers fall off her breasts. She reached down for the bag. It was from Spicy, the same sleazy story that the Christmas lingerie had come from. Inside were a box and several sets of skimpy bras and panties. The underwear was lacy and sheer. You’d be able to see her nipples and pubic hair right through it. She’d never be wearing them. She pulled the box out and opened it. At first, she didn’t even recognize what it was. The black and white material was just triangular patches and strings. The box said it was called a wicked weasel and from Australia. She lifted it out of the box and finally realized that it was a tiny polka dot print string bikini! It was black with small white dots all over it. “I can’t wear this,” she whispered, staring at it.

    Beth slid her legs out and sat up on the edge of the bed. She eyed the bottom. It didn’t make any sense at all. The material was only on one side. Beth stepped into it and sat up, pulling the bikini up. The material just covered her crotch and she had to stretch it out to make sure her pubes were tucked in. She twisted her hip and stared down at her bare ass. The rear piece of material slid up between her buttocks. “I can’t wear this,” she said again. Beth took the top and had some trouble figuring out how to put it on. It tied behind her neck and again behind her back. The top was tight, the polka dot triangles only covering half her breasts and squeezing them so tightly, the outlines of her nipples stuck out. Beth walked over to the full-length mirror. My god, she thought, I look like a whore. “I can’t wear this.”

    Beth pulled her robe on and walked out to the stairs. “TITUS!” she yelled down to the bottom floor. “I can’t wear this. It’s too small.”

    He appeared downstairs, a beer bottle in his hand. “What the fuck’s the problem?” He climbed the stairs, his huge bulk filling the space from the railing to the wall.

    “It’s too…” Beth untied her belt and held her robe open for him. “I’m practically naked in this thing.”

    He froze momentarily, and his eyes widened approvingly as he took her body in. His gaze made her nipples swell, becoming even more prominent under the top as they stretched the material out. She caught herself smiling, enjoying the effect her body had on this man. But she hated him, and her frown returned even as she realized her vagina was leaking. “See,” she said.

    “Yeah, I see, and I like what I see.” He continued to the top and she stepped back. “Keep it on and we’ll go hit the beach.”

    “I can’t wear this out. I’ll go put my normal suit on and we can go…” The words trailed off as Beth froze in surprise.

    “What’s wrong?”

    Beth shook her head. “I’m not going to the beach with… with YOU! I don’t… know… what I was thinking.”

    Titus smirked. “You weren’t thinking. You were following your womanly instincts.”

    “What do you mean?” Beth closed the robe and pulled it tight, suddenly uncomfortable under his gaze.

    “To obey the superior male.”


    “Then why did you put the bikini on? Why does it arouse you, displaying your body to me?”

    “Screw you, Titus. It does no such thing.”

    “You think I can’t tell?” He smirked. “I can smell that needy pussy from here. I can’t wait to introduce it to my big black cock.”

    “Shut up!”

    “Turn out that white pussy for the black man.”

    “Shut the hell up!”

    “You won’t be able to feel David’s little penis ever again after the Titan gets done integrating your fine ass.”

    “That’s never going to happen, asshole.” At first, he had started to scare her. Now she was just livid at his arrogance. “Get out now,” she ordered. “Get out before I call David.”

    Titus’ stare had been intent and intimidating, but at that, he suddenly laughed. “Call the sissy. He can watch my cock turn you into a slut. Wimp would probably love it.”

    “Get out before I call the police.”

    Titus quit laughing. He reached behind him into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He didn’t speak, just turned it around and showed Beth the video. The color drained from her cheeks as she watched herself jerking off Titus’ huge cock. Worse, she didn’t even look disgusted. She was staring at it intently, focused on making him cum, then turning and looking right at the camera. She was checking the stopwatch, but the video made it look like she knew she was being filmed. She couldn’t take her eyes from the screen watching the whole incident replay. “Cum for me,” she said before looking at the camera. “Give me your cum.” The 13” black cock was so angry and swollen looking, it looked like it was about to explode. “Here it comes baby,” said Titus. “Cum already. I want this big black cock’s cum.” She looked back at the camera. “Noooo!” And then it did explode. One large wad covered her face and it kept cumming and cumming, wad after wad.

    “What do you want?” she said, softly. Beth fully expected her nigger brother-in-law to demand her sex. She shivered. It was bull shit, but a part of her feared that his huge cock might just turn her into some sort of slut. It had to be bull shit? Another part of her down between her legs was rapidly lubricating itself in the anticipation of finding out. There was no way it could be true?

    “Well, I’d like to share this on social media,” he said. “But I’ll settle for a trip to the beach. I’ll be waiting on my bike.”

    Beth stared in disbelief as he turned around and walked back downstairs, draining the beer. She stumbled. Her legs had gone weak. Her breath came out in rasps. She’d been holding it. She turned and staggered into the bedroom. Beth dropped the robe and went to her bureau, grabbing a dress, and pulling it over her head. She was filled with relief that he wasn’t blackmailing her into sex but also felt frustrated and angry with him. Even angrier then she had been before.

    Titus was sitting on his bike when she came out. Beth knew she looked lovely. The dress was one of her rare form hugging outfits. It was a short summer dress that left most of her legs as well as her arms bare. The tight bikini top had her displaying more cleavage than normal. He wasn’t happy with it. “Just the bikini,” he ordered. “Lose the dress.” Beth froze, angrier than ever, but with little choice, she pulled the dress off over her head and dropped it on her lawn.

    Soon she was mounted behind him and roaring off nearly naked through her neighborhood. Her hands wrapped tightly around his broad chest. Her hands felt his hard muscles beneath the tight tee shirt. Motorcycles scared her, and she pressed her breasts hard into his back as she held on in fear. They turned onto I-95 and headed South. She laid her cheek down on his back watching male eyes turn on her from each car that passed. One lowrider filled with Cubans fell back just behind them. She looked over her shoulder to catch the young male in the passenger seat taking a picture of her bare ass, thrust out above the seat. They sped up and passed the four men laughing. “Yo, your puta is muy fino,” yelled the man that had taken her picture. Titus gave him a thumb’s up as they drove off. If there was one class of male she hated more than niggers, it was spics, especially Cuban spics since they were all over Miami. Their treatment of women was just as misogynistic as any black man.

    Titus pulled off the interstate and headed towards South Beach. Of course, he was taking her to the most popular beach. He found a parking spot on Collins Avenue. Titus stripped off his shirt and pulled his pants down. His swimsuit was as obscene as hers. It didn’t fully expose his ass but left some cheek exposed. He shoved his phone under the fabric. The front was little more than a sack that tightly gripped his wadded-up cock and balls. He placed his clothes in a storage compartment and removed a small tube of tanning lotion. Titus had no shame and proudly took her hand as he headed East to Ocean Drive. Beth liked South Beach but found the cafes and bars too expensive. Across Ocean Drive from the buildings was a manicured park with palm trees and then the beach.

    Miami is second only to New York in the number of modeling agencies and their numbers doubled in the winter. The beach reflected that. It was filled with young attractive people. Several were actively modeling. A handsome young man was modeling swimsuits, posing by a palm tree as a photographer snapped his picture. On Ocean drive, a young woman in an American flag bikini was jumping into the street between cars as another man snapped her picture. Just at the edge of the manicured park, another model was posing. She was stunningly attractive with fake breasts and wore a black bikini with a spider web mesh covering over her body. Her lips were full, and she wore dark eye shadow under equally dark hair. Titus stared at her even as she stared at him, eyes widening when they rested on his bulging crotch. The photographer noticed him also.

    “You are magnificent, my brother,” he said, staring at Titus as he lowered the camera. He stared hungrily at the black man’s crotch but didn’t appear to be gay. “You pose for me sometime? I pay you big cash?”

    “I might be interested,” said Titus.

    Titus turned to speak with him, revealing more of Beth. His eyes fell just as hungrily on Beth’s body. “Your woman is very fine too. I give you a thousand dollars to both pose for me.”

    “When and where, bro,” said Titus.

    “No thanks,” said Beth. She instantly disliked the man. He was Cuban, sweaty and ugly. His shirt was open showing a big gut and a sweat-drenched hairy chest. He also had an exaggerated manner of speaking using his hands and scrunching up his face. She had the distinct impression he was purposely doing an impression of Al Pacino from Scarface.

    “Ella vendra a,” said Titus.

    The photographer smiled. “Tendrá que pagar más por un video de ti puta.”

    “Voy a ver lo que puedo hacer.”

    “Soy Esteban,” he said. “Si no su tal vez, ella desesperada para el dinero.” He cocked his thumb towards the model.

    “Por qué no ambos?,” said Titus and they both laughed.

    Titus knew she didn’t speak Spanish and that she hated hearing people speak it around her. All Beth had caught was that his name was Esteban. The man handed Titus his card and turned back on his model. “Yo te llamo más tarde, hermano,” were his last words.

    “I’m not modeling for him,” said Beth as they walked down the beach.

    “Pays more than that stupid diner,” said Titus.

    “I don’t like how modeling objectifies women,” she stared off over the clear blue water. “This isn’t the first time I’ve been asked, but they only wanted swimsuits or underwear, nothing tasteful. I might model everyday wear.” She paused. “Not for a creep like him though.” Beth looked down the beach at all the young people. “Can we go now? I feel like they’re all staring at me.”

    Titus looked around. “Many are,” he concluded. “And many are staring at me.” He faced her and flexed making a muscle with his right arm. “God’s gift, baby.”

    “You are quite impressive,” she admitted, somewhat reluctantly. Neither Beth nor any of her straight feminist friends liked men with muscles largely because they tended to by pigs. One complained about them all the time, yet she only hooked up with fit men. Her eyes took in his chest. His abdominals were amazingly defined. “Very impressive,” she admitted, less reluctantly and suppressing a desire to run her hands over his chest. It wouldn’t upset her too much if David were a little fitter.

    “It’s not just my upper half that’s impressive either,” he said with a chuckle, finally relaxing his arm from making a muscle.

    Beth’s eyes automatically went down to his bulging briefs straining to contain his enormous penis every bit as much as her bikini top was squeezing her breasts. It looked like he had an extra-long kielbasa coiled up in his suit. The stretched material hugged every ridge and vein on the obscenely large cock. Beth felt her nipples swelling. They hardened to their maximum length, her entire areola puffing up and out from her breast. She quickly took her eyes off his crotch.

    “You’re equally impressive, sis,” he said. “You’re built like a stripper.”

    “I hate my body and I hate it that men don’t see past my figure. I hate showing it off and I hate this bikini.”

    Titus reached out and took her shoulders. She looked up at him and found herself trembling a little. She half felt that he was about to pull her into his arms and kiss her, but what he was doing was worse. His strong hands slid up over her shoulders to her neck. His fingers yanked behind her neck. “Well if you hate it that much, maybe you should take it off.”

    “Titus!” she gasped, her hands catching the stretched triangles on the bikini just as it was falling off.

    “Relax baby,” he said, smirking, and stepping back. “Most of the girls here are topless.”

    “I don’t want to be one of them,” she complained, holding the cups over her breasts and trying to grab the neck strings.

    “Take the top off Beth,” he ordered. He pulled out his phone and held it up.

    “I’m not going topless,” she said, shaking her head. “Hey, no pictures.”

    “I just want to show you another video.”

    It was hard to see the screen in the sun, but Beth saw herself lying on her back, breasts, and face covered in the black man’s sperm after he had used her breasts to get off. She was watching Titus leave the bedroom. “Nigger,” came her voice over the phone and then to her horror, she watched herself scooping up his sperm on her fingers and licking it off, clearly loving the taste. Then she got up off the bed and walked into her bathroom. Titus reentered the room, giant black banana cock sticking out in front of him. His penis grew, filling the screen and then he turned the phone up to his face, winking at the lens before turning it off.

    “Call me a nigger again and I’m going to spank that fine ass red.”

    Her face was already scrunched up in horror that he had filmed him going down on her and then titty fucking her. He’d fast-forwarded the video to the end, but the whole file was nearly thirty minutes long. Her face scrunched up even more at the threat of being spanked like a petulant child. “What do you want?” she gasped. David had watched her stroking Titus’ cock off, but he didn’t know that Titus had snuck into her bedroom, performed oral sex on her and then used her breasts to get his cock off. She could claim she thought it was her husband at first as she’d been asleep, but she couldn’t explain her obvious enjoyment at the taste of his seed or the orgasms. “What do you want?” she said again.

    “Just what every black brother wants,” he replied, grinning. “To walk down the beach with his topless white sister-in-law.”

    “Let me see you delete the two files and I’ll do it.”

    “Sure baby,” he held the phone up. “Beep beep beep,” he said, pretending to press the phone. “Deleted.”

    “Fuck you,” she grunted. She held her arm over her breasts and reached behind her for the string at her back.

    “You’re not in charge here, I am.” He shook his head. “Like I said the other night, you’d be beautiful if you smiled more and wiped the ugly look off your face. It’s not just me either, you usually walk around like you hate the world, Beth.”

    “Damn you,” she grunted, handing him the top when he held his hand out, palm up. “You’re nothing but a misogynistic, blackmailing pig.” She straightened her back and slowly lowered her arm.

    “You are quite impressive also, your highness,” he said, taking in her tits and body. She was practically naked but for the thin strip of fabric covering her pubes. “Uh oh,” he said with alarm, looking down his body.

    Beth glanced down just as his penis swelled and started to uncoil just as her nipples had turned swollen while staring at him. The sides of her mouth curled up in a smile before she quickly suppressed it, angrily frowning again. The effect her body had on the black man shouldn’t fill her with pride, but to her shame, it did. “What now?” she hissed.

    “Now we go for a walk.” Titus held out his hand. She stared at it for a second and then took it. He pulled her down near the water and they walked South along the beach.

    Beth looked around as they walked hand in hand. The beach was filled with gorgeous people, but everyone paying attention was staring at her and to be fair, they were staring at Titus too. More than one person checking them out, reacted with surprise when they noticed his crotch. One positive about being with a muscle-bound oaf was that no one bothered her. There’d been plenty of times she’d been out with David and men still blatantly hit on her, much to her husband’s dismay. None would dare approach her with Titus by her side.

    “This isn’t so bad, is it?” he asked, looking down at her. “If you got it, flaunt it.”

    For the first time in Beth’s life, she didn’t feel constricted by her clothing in public. No, it wasn’t so bad and there were plenty of other topless women around. “I’m only doing this because you’re making me. Promise me that you’ll delete those files.” She looked up at him hopefully.

    “No, I like watching them. Gives me something to jerk off to.”

    “You jerk off looking at me?”

    “Since the day, I stopped by my mama’s and saw the picture of you and David on the beach. You’d be surprised but the Titan needs to get off at least three times a day and I can’t always have a partner to take care of it.”

    “I’m not surprised,” she said, wryly.

    “Besides, they’ll give me something to remember you with when I’m on the road.” Titus stopped and looked around. “Let’s head back.” He looked down at Beth and for some reason, she stood proudly, breasts upthrust. “You should put on some lotion.”

    “Oh yeah,” she said, worried. There were large areas of her body exposed now that had never been exposed to the sun before. “Let me have the lotion.”

    Titus still had the tube in one hand. “Sure but let me get your back first.” He grabbed her shoulders and spun her around away from the water so that she was facing the crowded beach. She caught several men pretending to look in their smartphones while secretly taking pictures of her body. She heard him squirt lotion into his hand. “Hold your hair up.”

    Strong black hands grabbed the back of her shoulders. They were wet and smelled of coconut. He ran his slick hands over her shoulders and to the nape of her neck. He didn’t rub the lotion in, he massaged her back. Beth moaned, her eyes growing lidded. “Hmm, that feels good,” she said, unable to help herself and swaying on her feet. His hands ran down her arms, roughly squeezing them down to her hands. He released her, and she moaned again, complaining that he’d stopped. SQUISH! Lotion splattered on her back. He leaned close and wrapped his arm around her chest to steady her as his free hand began rubbing the lotion into her back. If you had told her three months ago, that a giant muscular well-hung black man would be touching every square inch of her body while she stood nearly nude on a crowded beach, she would have vomited at the thought. If you had told her the other stuff she’d done with the same hung black man, she would have punched you in disgust. David hadn’t even touched her like this. All he’d ever done was rub her shoulders and he never put much strength behind his massages.

    Her back coated, the hand moved to her exposed rear end. That too felt good and she didn’t complain. “Your ass is near perfect,” he whispered in her ear. “Firm and tight.” He gave it a playful little smack

    on one cheek. Titus bent, his hand cupped under one cheek and the hand moved to her thighs. He released her and squatted getting both thighs and calves.

    “Hmm,” she moaned, still swaying a little. “I’ll take the bottle now.”

    SQUISH! SQUISH! “Not quite,” said Titus. His hands grabbed her hips and slid up her sides and back down to her hips. He yanked and pulled her ass back into his crotch. His swollen cock pushed against her ass.

    “What are you…?” Her eyes flew up when his wet hands slid around to her stomach. More people were watching now, and more men were blatantly filming or snapping her picture. They captured the big black hands as they moved up to coat her breasts with lotion. “Titus?”

    “Almost done babe,” he whispered. Her nipples depressed and bent each time his hands slid across them. He was very thorough in making sure her breasts were well protected. “Can’t risk these perfect tits getting burnt.” He blatantly pinched her nipples sending pangs of pleasure straight to her vagina. “Don’t want these sweet nubs getting blistered.” Her body’s response was to thrust her ass back into the hard cock pressing against it. “Look at them,” he whispered in her ear. Beth was sucking her lower lip into her mouth and she was watching them. Watching them staring at her. Her body was on display to hundreds of eyes. “They’re staring at your hot body. All those men want to fuck you, Beth.”

    “Stop it,” she whispered.

    “It should be a crime to hide a body like yours.” He pulled on her nipples again. “I wonder how many hard dicks are out there from staring at your stacked body?”

    “Stop it, Titus,” she whispered again. “Please.” One hand left her breast and slid down her stomach.

    “I think you like them staring at you.”


    “All wanting to fuck you,” he whispered, his lips right by her ear. “But they won’t. You know why?”

    “Why?” Beth trembled as his slick hand slid under her panty and over her pubic mound.

    “Because they think you’re fucking me and none of them could fuck you like I could. Not one of them, not David, no one.” He bent and kissed her neck even as the tips of his fingers slid far enough down to slide over her swollen clitoris.

    Beth gasped just as she almost came, but Titus had quickly yanked his hand out of her panty. Her body continued to betray her ideals. She wanted to cum. She needed to cum. Her need was so bad, she wouldn’t have cared that so many people were watching her.

    “I think your skin should be protected now,” he said, loudly. Titus took her hand and led her back up the beach.

    Beth was silent as she walked beside him. Her inner thighs were soaked. Her nipples were in their puffy hyper-aroused state. All that and her newly oiled body glistening in the sun had more eyes staring at her now then there had been walking South on the beach. “Can we go now?” she asked, voice shaky.

    “Sure babe,” he replied, leading her into the park and onto Ocean Dr.

    “HEY! You can’t walk here like that.”

    Beth turned her head and saw a police officer approaching her. She quickly held her arm over her breasts. She hadn’t even thought to put her top on. “Oh sorry, I forgot,” she said even as Titus handed the bikini top to her. The police officer stared at her breasts admiringly as she lowered her arms and adjusted the cup while Titus tied the string around her neck.

    “That’s fine ma’am,” said the police officer. “It’s not like that top covers much anyway.” He grinned. The grin faded to surprise when Titus stepped out from behind her.

    “Thanks, officer,” said Titus. “It just slipped our mind.”

    The police officer nodded, still stunned and staring at the bulge in Titus’ suit. Titus’ cock looked like it might rip the suit right off. The policeman finally pulled his eyes away from it looking shaken and a little disturbed. He checked Beth out again, eyes roaming from her feet up to her head. He nodded at them and turned away.

    Titus didn’t put his shorts back on when he reached his motorcycle. He just straddled the seat and let her climb on behind him. They roared off onto the street. Beth wrapped her arms around his chest again and squeezed her body against his. She laid her cheek against his back and closed her eyes. Her brother-in-law was so big and strong. She moved her hands lightly over his chest, feeling his hard chest, especially his abdominal muscles. She smiled, sliding her hands further down as her still slick body rubbed his back. They were still on the beach, but now it was her turn to oil him up. Her pussy was throbbing with desire. Her hand slid further down, feeling his briefs and the bulge. Beth would have preferred never even shaking hands with a black man before and now she was hungrily exploring every inch of Titus’ well-developed body. The throbbing in her pussy turned to a constant vibrating. She squirted lotion in her hand and pulled his briefs down, hungrily coating every inch of his huge cock and squeezing the head as she looked up at Titus where she kneeled before him. Her hand squeezed the fat head of his cock through the fabric of his suit even as she leaned forward on the beach and took it in her mouth. “Aaahhhhh!” she cried out, waking up.

    “You alright back there?” he called.

    “I... I fell asleep,” she said, still feeling the waves of pleasure from her orgasm. The vibrations from the motorcycle seat still making her pussy tingle with lust. She realized her hand really was on his cock and quickly moved it back to his stomach. “Uh… sorry,” she said.

    “No apology necessary,” he called back. “It’s always there if you need something to hold on to.”

    She smiled and then frowned quickly. Don’t start to like the pig, she told herself. I can accept that he has a very masculine sexual presence, but don’t start to like him.


    “Thank god that’s over,” she muttered stepping off his bike as he hit the kickstand.

    “Come on now, sis,” he said with a smirk. “It wasn’t that bad.” He glanced down at the wet spot on the back of his seat and the smirk grew.

    She didn’t have her house key and waited by the door for him to unlock it. He unlocked the door. “I can’t wait to get out of this… thing,” she hissed, grumpily, grabbing her dress off the lawn and entering her house while he held the door for her.

    “Neither can I,” said Titus behind her. Beth turned and watched him bend over and push his tiny bathing suit down. His giant black cock sprang up, sticking out, but bent slightly down. “Fuck,” he said, drawing it out like he felt relieved to free his cock from its prison. The same way she felt when she stripped her clothes off. “Don’t suppose you’d care to suck it again?” he asked.

    Beth was growing used to the sight of the Titan, but she still didn’t believe its size nor could she take her eyes off it. “No thank you,” she replied watching it rise some more at the thought of her sucking it again.

    “Get down there and suck my cock, bitch,” he growled. “On your knees, Beth. NOW!”

    Beth’s legs suddenly grew weak and she almost fell to her knees. She kept staring at his rising cock remembering how good his seed had tasted. He waited, watching her. His forceful order was much more compelling than when he simply asked her, but she didn’t have a submissive side. She wasn’t submissive to any man, especially a pig like Titus Cetewayo. “Are you going to blackmail me if I don’t suck your cock?”

    “Never. You’ll realize soon enough that you want to suck it.”

    “Then the answer is still no,” she replied, looking at it. His seed had tasted good. “I’m not going to suck your cock again, Titus. I don’t want anything to do with your big cock.” Maybe another hand job? Then she could sneak a taste. “You can put that big black cock away. I don’t want to ever see it again or you for that matter. She turned and walked up the stairs.

    Titus followed and watching her bare ass shake as she climbed didn’t help deflate the Titan. “Well, it looks like it’s just me and you, hand.”

    Beth grunted in distaste and went to her and David’s bedroom. She was about to change back into her clothes when something occurred to her. Beth turned and stormed out of the room. The guest bedroom door was open. She walked into his room and froze. He was sitting on the foot of the bed, nude, lubricating his cock up with the tanning oil. She stared at his giant hand sliding along the shaft making it shine in the light. A smaller white hand would have looked better on it. “Come to help?” he asked.


    “Then why are you here?”

    “I don’t want you doing… that thing you’re doing while watching a video of me.” His phone was beside him on the bed slightly propped up. He picked it up and showed her the video he was watching. His huge black cock was sliding between her tits. “After running my hands all over them, I thought I’d watch this one.” He turned the phone around and fiddled with it. “But I don’t have to,” he added. He set the phone on the nightstand propped up against the alarm clock and facing the bed.

    “Thank you,” she replied, surprised he’d relented so easily. “Just the thought of someone… jerking off while watching me is disgusting.

    “Yeah, why watch a video when the real thing is right before me.” He slowly stroked his cock while staring at the outline of her nipples under the bikini top.

    “You’re disgusting,” she said, unable to take her eyes off his cock. “I’m leaving.” She took one last look at it before heading out to the hall.

    “Maybe you’d better go,” he grunted. “It’s torture watching you stand there, knowing I can’t have you.”

    Beth turned around and walked back into the room. “Oh! This is hurting you?”

    “God yes Beth,” he groaned, still slowly stroking his cock. “I want you so bad it hurts. I want to titty fuck you again.”

    “That’s not going to happen.”

    “I know, that’s what hurts. I don’t think I could handle seeing those perfect tits again without being able to touch them.”

    “Oh really,” she replied. Beth reached behind her neck and untied the string. “I think you could handle it.” She smiled as he groaned. It really did sound like he was in pain. “You touched them enough earlier that I don’t see why you’d even want to touch them again.” She dropped the top and hefted her breasts, displaying them to the big black man.

    “Dammit, bitch, they’re too sexy,” he growled. “Don’t run your hands over them.”

    “Don’t do this?” she asked, caressing her own breasts. “They’re still so slick for the lotion.”

    “Stop it,” he groaned. “Not the nipples.”

    Beth smiled evilly. The grin left her face the moment she ran her fingers along her engorged nipples. The spasm of pleasure that rocked her body caught her completely off guard. She was already horny, but now there were little spasms inside her vagina. Its muscles were contracting inwards as if it were trying to pull something inside it and the contractions were aligning with each stroke of Titus’ hand down his giant black cock.

    “Are you enjoying tormenting me? Just leave the panty on.”

    Beth didn’t even think about it as she dropped one hand down and untied the string at her hip. It was enough for the panty to fall open before dropping to her feet.

    “Noooo,” he groaned. She brought both hands up to her nipples again. This time the spasms in her vagina were larger and she started thrusting her hips out towards his cock. “Oh, the torture. Now you’re dancing for me,” he lamented.

    “Dancing?” she asked.

    “You know, like a lap dance.”

    “No, I don’t know.”

    Titus spread his legs. “Come closer and start swaying your hips.” Beth stepped closer and started moving her hips around just like she danced at clubs with her college girlfriends. “Run your hands all over your body.

    “Like this?” Beth did as he said.

    “Yes,” he hissed. “Now turn around and shake that ass.”

    Beth spun around and stuck her rear outwards, making it shake. She jumped forwards when he slapped his hard cock against it several times. Beth spun around but didn’t stop dancing, her eyes still focused on his cock. He was trying to slowly pace himself, but from time to time he’d speed up his strokes. She wanted to see it cum again. She moved her hands up to her nipples again and his strokes increased before slowing down. “You want this body?”

    “Yes, I want that sexy body. I want to fuck you so bad.”

    “Stop it,” she said, bothered by his words, but his strokes increased.

    “I want to fuck that tight pussy.”

    “Stop,” she whimpered. One hand left her breast and slid down her undulating stomach.

    “Everyone on that beach wanted to fuck you, Beth.”

    “NO!” Her hand slid over her pubic mound.

    “You liked them staring at you, wanting to fuck you,” he said, watching her. Beth’s face was all scrunched up, but still eyeing his cock. Her fingertip was circling her clit. “You want to be fucked, Beth. You want to be fucked by a man-sized cock for a change.”

    “Aahhhh!” Beth plunged two fingers into her pussy, embarrassed by the amount of fluid that shot out. She’d never been this horny or needed to cum this bad. “Oh, my god,” she gasped. “Will you to lick me down there again?” she asked, face turning red with embarrassment. He shook his head. “Please? I’ll… I’ll jerk it off for you.”

    “No thanks.”

    Beth fell to her knees in front of him. She hefted her breasts again. She scooted forward. “You can use these to get off again?”


    Titus let go of his shaft when she reached out to take his cock. “Fine, I’ll suck it again.” She pulled it down and wrapped her lips around his cock head, sucking it into her mouth. The tanning oil ruined the natural taste for her.

    Titus let her slurp on the head for a minute before pushing her head up and off his cock. “You want to cum?” he asked. Beth nodded. “Stand up,” he ordered. Beth stood up by pushing down on his knees. “Straddle me.”

    “I’m not going to have sex with you,” she told him, staring at his cock. Her hand had found its way back to her vagina.

    Titus laid back and his ebony shaft slapped on his stomach like a felled redwood. “Just run your pussy over it. It doesn’t have to go in.”

    Beth was skeptical, but she stepped over his lap and slowly lowered herself onto his crotch. She felt the hard shaft pushing against her wet labia. “Ohhhh,” she moaned, humping it. “This might work.”

    “Slide your pussy over it,” he ordered.

    Beth worked her hips back and forth. She could feel its heat and power between her legs. “Yes,” she moaned. Beth closed her eyes and threw her head back just enjoying the sensation. It felt really good, but it was only stimulating the outside and her vaginal muscle spasms were still contracting inwards.

    “Slide up more.”

    Beth walked her knees, sliding her vagina further up his cock. She stopped and worked her hips, running her vaginal lips along more of his shaft. Her arousal was running down the huge shaft it was pouring from her so fast. “Mmmmm,” she moaned. She was sitting on the thick dark vein that ran up the underside of his cock and she could feel his rapid pulse sending tremors through her labia. It matched the beating of her own heart.

    “Open your eyes, Beth.”

    Beth’s head was still thrown back, with a rare smile across her lips that made her look stunning. She opened her eyes and looked down at the black man. She gasped in surprise at how much it looked like she was fucking him. Beth sucked her lower lip into her mouth as she watched her own hands come off her knees and over to his chest. Why did she find the contrast so fascinating? Her dainty white hands ran over his chest, feeling the hard pectorals. She still didn’t find muscle men attractive, but there was something incredibly masculine about Titus’ level of fitness.

    “You’re beautiful when you smile,” he said.

    Beth quickly dropped the grin, embarrassed. She wasn’t enjoying this at all. “I just need to get off,” she grunted. She tried to turn her head to look away, but Titus grabbed her chin and turned her face back towards his.

    “You need to see who is getting you off.” Beth found herself staring into his eyes as she slid her crotch along his shaft. “Come a little closer,” he said, and she couldn’t resist. Her vaginal lips slid slowly up to the tip of his cock, spreading wider around the crowned head. She could feel the very tip of it pushing against her swollen clitoris. “Now hump that black cock.”

    Beth pushed down and gasped as her vagina spread open around the golf ball sized head of his cock. She did as he ordered, humping the head, and loving it. “Unh, unh, unh,” she grunted every time she pushed down, her grunts followed by a squishing sound. Her body was pushing down hard into the head, trying to get more in much to her humiliation. Beth whimpered loving it and hating it at the same time. She had the brain of a true feminist thinker, but the body of a shameless whore and her body was winning the fight at that moment. “Unh, unh, unh.” Beth didn’t want to stop humping the end of his cock and didn’t think she could have stopped if she had wanted to. There was a pressure growing in her womb, her much-needed release was approaching. “AAAAHH!” Beth cried out, not from an orgasm, but from the stab of pleasure coursing her body as Titus pinched both nipples.

    “Bring these closer,” he grunted, squeezing her breasts, and pulling them.

    Beth slid forwards a little on the end of his cock, arching her back and thrusting her large bosom outwards. He flexed the muscles in his shaft, raising it up slightly just as she pushed back into it. “AAAAHH!” She cried again, this time as his entire cock head thrust into her, followed by, “FFUUCCKK!” as she exploded all over the cock head when one of her nipples was suddenly sucked between Titus’s large black lips. “YYEESS!” Her orgasm grew and turned into a second as Titus lifted his hips, ramming his cock deep into her, filling her up like no man ever had before.

    Only he hadn’t.

    Beth’s orgasm lasted a full minute. She’d never felt anything like it before and it hadn’t even satisfied her. Or it had, but the way Titus was greedily sucking on her erect nipples, alternating from one breast to the next was turning her on again, making her want more. She looked at him in astonishment not believing what she had just felt. “I can’t believe it’s in me,” she said in disbelief. “I feel so full.”

    “Relax,” he said, taking his lips off her thoroughly engorged right nipple. She’d never seen her nipples look so big. They were wet and glistened in the light, darker than normal. A strand of saliva ran from the tip to his lips. “It’s only about three inches.”

    “What?” she cried in disbelief. She worked her vagina around the end of his cock, realizing that all that was inside her was mostly just head and another inch or so. “You’re in deeper than David.”

    “My brother’s pathetic, but not that pathetic. I’ve seen his little dick and it’s about this big.”

    “Aaaahh,” she moaned as Titus worked his cock almost out and then in again several times, pushing another two inches in.

    “That’s as deep as David goes. Feels about the same doesn’t it.”

    “Not the same at all,” she squealed. Even when he was talking, he wasn’t relenting on her nipples. One was always being pinched and tugged on by his fingers. “It’s much bigger, thicker than David’s, so big, harder too, so much bigger.”

    “What’s the biggest you ever had?”

    “David… please quit playing with my nipples,” she gasped. “David… the only… oh god… virgin. You’re so big.”

    “A virgin! You’re fucking kidding me? Well, let’s put a little more in.”

    “Wait! No… NO! So big! So big! So big! So big! CUMMING!” He gently bit her nipple as her pussy vibrated around the new inch or two he pushed inside her.

    “No more,” she begged when she recovered. “No more. I can’t do this to David.”

    “Nah, come on Beth. Work that pussy on that big black cock. We won’t count it as fucking since you only have half in you.

    “Oh my god,” she moaned, sitting up, bouncing on her knees. “Oh my god! So big! So big! So big! So full!”

    “Titan’s opening up that white pussy good,” he laughed, reaching around, and smacking her ass cheek.

    “No more, no more, more, more” she whimpered even as she continued taking inch after inch inside her like an addict wanting more and more. “So full… can’t take it… big… so good.”

    Titus was used to the crazy way women reacted to his cock, but this was something new. “Get off on that big black cock,” he grunted as Beth shuddered from a large orgasm. This time she didn’t cry out, she just trembled and shook.

    The orgasm left her weak and Beth slid down another inch. “OWWW!” she cried at the sudden pain. It brought her out of her sexual stupor. “Thank god,” she moaned as it pressed her cervix. “No more, thank god, no more.” She seemed to relax at the thought that it was over. “Mmmm,” she moaned. “Mmmm, yes Titus. Titus? TITUS? What are you doing?” His cock was vibrating inside her as he flexed the muscles in the shaft. Each time it jerked sent a teaspoon’s worth of precum to soak her cervix until it softened and began to open. Before Beth even realized what had happened, she sank down to sit in his lap fully impaled by her black brother-in-law’s thirteen-inch cock. “I don’t believe it,” she muttered.

    “Believe it, baby,” he grunted. “Now you know what it’s like to have a real man’s cock in you, it’s time you found out what it’s like to be fucked by a real man.”

    “No, we can’t fuck. I can’t cheat on David. Besides, I don’t have the strength to move.”

    Beth squealed as Titus flipped her over on her back. He sat up, kneeling between her legs. “Then I’ll take over. Don’t worry, it ain’t cheating unless I cum in you. I’m just gonna work it around for a little while. I’m getting close anyway,” he lied.

    “Okay,” she said, staring at his huge black frame. Her hips raising up even before he cupped his arms under her knees. “Just don’t cum in me.”

    Titus adjusted himself, lifting her ass off the bed to line up with his cock. “Now do you prefer me just moving a little bit in and out?” he asked, keeping most of his cock stuffed in her, only pulling out a couple of inches before pushing it back in.

    Beth grunted when he sank it in again. “Oh yes, that’s good.”

    “Or do you like a full shafting?”

    This time Beth screamed as he nearly pulled his entire cock out before slamming it forward. Her hips bucked upwards into his thrusting cock. “Full shafting! FULL SHAFTING!” she begged.

    “Full shafting it is then,” he chuckled.

    “YES!” she squealed. “So good.” Titus gripped her knees tight and began slowly sliding his cock in and out using the full length. The head would just about leave her pussy when he’d thrust it deep again. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” she muttered repeatedly. Her body wanted to react. Her hips tried to rise into his thrusts. Her belly was undulating towards her pussy. But he was in control. Titus was holding her firm, using her pussy to get himself off. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!” Beth came all over his cock again. He was using her as an object for his pleasure and her body was loving it. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she cried. “FUCK! Fuck me! Fuck me! So fucking big!”

    “You lovin this big black cock,” he grunted, panting some from the exertion.

    “Yes, damn you, Titus. I love it,” she admitted. “I fucking love it.”

    “Better than David’s?”

    “Stop it, Titus. Don’t bring him up. Noooo,” she wailed in complaint. He’d completely pulled his cock from her. She looked up her body. His cock was rearing up, gigantic and rampant as it glistened with her juices. “Put it back in,” she begged.

    “Tell me you like my cock better than my brother’s.”

    “Fine,” she said. “I like your cock better than David’s.” She stared at it, throbbing between her thighs. It rose up, gigantic and dripping her fluids onto her belly. “Please,” she begged. “I love your big black cock.” He finally pulled his hips back and moved his cock down. He skillfully lined it back up with her pussy and pushed it deep. “Yessss! Fuck me. Keep fucking me.” He was working it faster now and she was going to cum again.

    “Dayumn, gonna blow,” he grunted. Titus was glistening now as a thin sheen of sweat covered his body.

    “Not yet,” she begged. “I’m close. Getting closer. Don’t forget to… pull out. Yes! Yes! YYEESS!”

    “Me too, slut,” he growled, shoving his cock deep and holding it.

    “Noooo!” she cried in alarm when she realized he was cumming, but feeling his hot seed filling her womb doubled the intensity of her own orgasm. Her body betrayed her, vaginal muscles clamping down around his shaft milking it for every drop of his sperm. Her muscles were gripping it so tightly, he probably couldn’t have pulled it out if he’d tried.

    “Filling that pussy good,” he grunted as his cock continued bucking.

    Beth continued cumming all over his erupting shaft. Her eyes rolled up in her head and she just about passed out when her abdomen began hurting, the pain grew. “Pull out,” she begged, coming to her senses. The pain had her pussy relaxing its grip and Titus pulled out. His cock lunged forwards and upwards, sperm landing from her chin to her navel. The monster cock continued bobbing, shooting sperm onto her tits, ribs, and belly for another half minute.

    He dropped her knees and her lower body fell to the bed. “What’s wrong?”

    “It hurt,” she said wincing. It still ached. Her belly was distended. She pushed down on it and immediately felt some relief, but a steady stream of semen began pouring from her pussy.

    “Filled your womb up like a balloon. Your body will get used to stretching. Next time won’t be so bad.”

    She looked up at Titus. “There won’t be a next time.” His cock had softened. It was still swollen and long, but it had collapsed on her crotch and looked like a slithering black eel. “There shouldn’t have been a first time.”

    “Fuck that. You loved it.” Titus lifted his spent cock up and squeezed out another squirt of semen onto her belly. There was already a small pool spilling out of her navel and trickling down her waist. He then scooted back and fell over beside her.

    “It was good,” she admitted.


    “Alright, it was incredible, but I just cheated on David. This can never happen again.”

    “We’ll see.”

    “I mean it, Titus.”

    “It’s hard to go back to weak little white boys once you been integrated by a black man.”

    Beth sat up and stood, immediately hunching over and trying to stop the flow of sperm from her well-used pussy. “Be nice, you’re half white.”

    Her eyes followed his huge hand as he grabbed his crotch. “Does this look white?”

    “No,” she conceded.

    “That’s because black genes are superior.”

    Beth shook her head at the man’s arrogance and fled the room, waddling into the hallway with her hands cupped between her legs. She couldn’t keep all his sperm from dripping to the carpet, so she used the guest bathroom in the hallway as it was closest. She turned the shower on and stepped inside. Semen dribbled to the shower tiles the second she removed her hand. She licked her lips, tasting his sperm on her lower lip.

    The hot water splattered her back as she looked down her torso. Her body was covered in more sperm than David had ever ejaculated in his entire life and what she was looking at was the tail end of one of Titus’ ejaculations. The bit of sperm she’d just tasted left a desire for more in her and a large glob was sliding down the curve of her breast to her protruding nipple. Beth lifted her breast and brought the teat to her mouth. She sucked the wad off. It was good but not as good as it had been hot and fresh from the head of his cock. The sensitivity of her nipple also surprised her. She should have been completely satisfied, but her body seemed more aroused than ever.

    Beth squirted some body wash into her hand and began lathering up her breasts. Pangs of arousal grew each time her hand slid across her nipples. She began to wonder if they’d ever go back down. She squirted some more wash into her hand and began rubbing her stomach. His sperm had turned into dried flakes around her navel, but the inside of her belly button was still sticky and wet. She moved her hand down and washed the insides of her thighs. Beth jumped when the shower door opened.

    “I thought we might share,” said Titus stepping inside with her. “Let me help.” He squirted some lotion into his hand and began lathering her breasts.

    “Titus?” she whimpered.

    He smiled and grabbed the body wash. He held it upside down towards her until she held her palm out. He squeezed the bottle, filling her hand. “My cock needs cleaning.”

    Beth reached out and grabbed the base of his shaft. It was limp, but fat and still near to full length. She coated it with lotion, feeling it swelling in her hand. She kept stroking it watching the lather form along the shaft. Titus tweaked a nipple before grabbing her chin. Beth looked up at him as he brought his face down. Her pink lips met his flat brown ones and they kissed. Beth moaned. He placed his hand on her back and pulled her tight against him angled so that she could keep stroking him. Her breasts mashed into his chest. His tongue pushed into her mouth. Her tongue tried to force his out, instead they danced around each other. She melted against him as his hands moved down to squeeze her ass cheeks. His cock was fully hard now, her hand rapidly gliding up and down the long shaft speeding up as her passion grew.

    Titus broke the kiss and pulled back, her lips following his not wanting it to end. Instead, Titus rapidly turned her around and bent her over against the door. She braced herself as she felt his huge cock head

    push its way back inside her. She took him easier this time. She hated being taken from behind and never let David do it, but her body pushed her ass back into his thrusts as he fully buried his cock back in her.

    “Fuck me!” she growled. Soon the black man’s strong thrusts had her breasts mashing against the glass door of the shower just as she had witnessed him doing to Ashley just yesterday. “Fuck me. I fucking love your cock, Titus,” she moaned. In no time at all, she was coming again.

    Titus fucked her to two more orgasms before pulling it out. He spun her back around and moved her to the back of the shower. He lifted her up as if she weighed nothing against the wall and lowered her back over his cock. He moved to the center of the shower, his strong hands on her ass raising and lowering her over his shaft at a slow pace. Her arms wrapped around his neck she bent his cheek towards her and then kissed him again, moaning from an orgasm as their lips touched.

    Not too long ago, the thought of kissing a black man would have disgusted her. The thought of kissing Titus would have made her sick to her stomach. Now she was kissing him more passionately then she’d ever kissed David and she didn’t want to stop. But even Titus had his limits. “Getting close,” he muttered, keeping his lips against hers. “Still want me to pull out?”

    “No, I want it in me,” she said, alarmed that he would even consider pulling out. She needed to be seeded again.

    Getting close to Titus meant another five minutes of him bouncing her on his cock as fast as he could while they groaned into each other’s mouths. His groan turned into a growl and he dropped her to the base of his cock just as it began to jerk inside her. The bucking cock spraying his hot seed in her womb had her vaginal muscles doing contractions around his shaft, trying to suck out as much sperm as it could get.

    He lifted her up his shaft and off his still spurting cock setting her on her feet. The black man placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down. He braced himself against the wall and the door accidentally pushing the shower door open as she sucked his cock into her mouth, jerking the remaining sperm from his cock. There was the hot thick pudding she’d been craving. Beth gulped it down as rapidly as her mouth filled.

    “Drain those black balls, you sexy white slut,” he groaned.

    Beth bobbed her head rapidly over his shaft, looking up his hard body. Titus was looking out the door. She turned her head suddenly worried that David had come home and caught them, but there was no one there. Just the mirror and the sink beside the door. Beth turned her attention back on swallowing his cock. No more was coming out, so she just grabbed the base and pulled her mouth back. She kissed the head. “Thank you,” she said, looking up at him. Beth gasped in surprise and released his shaft, horrified by her behavior. Had she just thanked him for fucking her again? Or for letting her suck his cock?

    “Any time. So much for it won’t happen again,” he chuckled arrogantly. He turned and stepped out of the shower.

    The gratitude left her at his smugness. “You caught me off guard. We’re done Titus. No more.”

    “Like I said, once you been black integrated you won’t ever be satisfied with Lil Davey’s pencil dick.” He grabbed a towel and dried off, his cock which was still hard and sticking straight out.

    “Fuck you, Titus,” she said, sobbing, still on her knees. She hoped the shower water was hiding the tears that ran down her cheeks.

    “Any time you want it, sis,” he said, “which will be sooner than you think.”

    “I think I can resist,” she answered, climbing to her feet.

    “We’ll see,” said Titus. He paused. “Aren’t you worried about getting pregnant?”

    She suddenly looked alarmed. “I hadn’t thought of that.” Beth bent her head back and let the water soak her already wet hair. “I should be safe, I don’t think I can have children. David and I have never used protection. We’ve tried for years.”

    “Good,” said Titus, smirking. He’d caught his brother masturbating and teased him about not just his tiny dick but for the weak runny teaspoon’s worth of semen it produced. “Then we can fuck all you want and not worry about it.”

    “Never again,” she said, closing the shower door.

    Titus grabbed his smart phone off the sink, winking at the lens as he turned the video off.
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