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. The Unwanted Houseguest Rebooted 3

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Stormbringer, Mar 13, 2019.

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  1. Stormbringer

    Stormbringer Well-Known Member Author!

    The Unwanted Houseguest Rebooted
    Copyright 2018 by Stormbringer

    Chapter 3: Pool on New Year's Eve.

    “Are you ready yet?” yelled David from the bottom of the stairs.

    “Ten more minutes,” yelled Beth back.

    “That's what you said ten min... oh never mind.”

    Beth smiled. She was looking forward to a night out and uncharacteristically for her, she decided to show off a little. Beth stood before her mirror in her underwear, plain white Walmart bra, and panties. She reached out and grabbed the little black dress. It shimmered in the light. She pulled it on over her head and reached behind her to zip up the back. She stepped into her heels and posed sideways. The dress was standard garb for New Year's Eve, but not something she'd ever worn before. It showed more cleavage than anything she'd worn previously, and the hem was shorter than even her shorts. It stopped mid-thigh where all her other dresses covered her knees.

    Beth leaned forwards and applied her makeup. She was a natural beauty and any sort of cosmetic was a rarity for her. She applied her lipstick then set it down. She'd already done her hair, curling it, the brown strands falling to the tops of her breasts. She looked stunning and was glad none of her college feminism professors could see her now. One of them, Ms. Dykstra didn't even believe women should shave their legs, let alone wear makeup and dress up for male oppressors. Beth thought she looked good and was dressing up for herself but knew a lot of male eyes would be checking her out and Titus would be one of them.

    Titus! Beth flushed with shame just thinking of him. The last week had been quiet and she'd seen little of the black brute. She'd had to work every day at the restaurant and David had been home all week visiting her at the diner for lunch. Titus hadn't been around much, not even sleeping in his room most nights, but only stopping for a change of clothes. She was glad, not wanting him around after what had happened and especially the way her body responded to his presence. Her nipples would swell every time she saw him, and her inner thighs would get damp. It was happening now, just thinking about him. “Damn,” she muttered, as her nipples and even the outline of her areola became visible under the dress. The sooner he left town, the better even if he was giving them free drinks tonight.

    They were still struggling to make the mortgage payment since Titus had taken half of it during the poker game last week. That was why Beth had given up several days of her holiday vacation to work some extra wait shifts at her job this week. David was putting dinner on his credit card but staying out until midnight and getting drunk was out of the question until Titus promised he'd hook them up with free drinks at the club.

    “Beth, we have reservations... OH WOW!”

    “Sorry, I took so long dear,” she replied smiling. Beth took the railing and began descending the stairs while her husband stared entranced up at her. His mouth was hanging open.

    “WOW! All is forgiven. I don't care if we're late. WOW!”

    “I take it you like?”

    “Me like,” he answered nodding like an idiot. “I can't believe I'm married to the hottest woman in Miami.” David totally meant it despite Miami being second only to New York when it came to the number of modeling agencies in the city. Hell, a large section of Miami Beach was filled with topless beautiful women sunbathing nearly every day.

    “Now David, please don't sexually objectify women,” she said. He nodded, looking embarrassed. Beth hated seeing all the female models in their skimpy bikinis posing for photographers on the beach and it was a constant sight. “Even if it is true,” she added, and David brightened up. “You look quite dashing yourself.”

    David straightened his tie and froze with one eyebrow raised like a male model. He was a decent looking man with an average build but also an ever-growing paunch. He did look good in a suit. David reached out and took her arm. “My lady, your carriage awaits.”

    Dinner was fantastic and even though it cost more than David should have spent, she refrained from chiding him for it. They enjoyed each other’s company so well, that Beth actually started to look forward to a little New Year's sex that evening. It has been a couple of weeks since they'd been intimate just after her period when she often found herself horny. Christmas night sex was a tradition, but Titus had ruined that. Beth had been hornier than usual, but David had been unreceptive to her advances. He’d yanked his penis from her hand one night when she’d reached over to fondle it. It hadn’t shown any signs of swelling either. She strongly suspected his mind kept seeing the same hand jerking off his brother’s giant black cock. Hopefully, a little booze would get him to loosen up and forget the incident with Titus. She sipped her wine and thought of the fun they might have later that evening, but her mind kept picturing David with a penis as big as his brother's. She frowned unable to even picture her husband's small penis in her mind and the big penis rising out of David’s crotch was always black.

    The club parking lot was already crowded. “What say we just have one drink and then head home?” she said. Beth didn't care for the bigger clubs. She preferred her bars quieter and more intimate. “We can snuggle up on the couch and watch the ball drop on TV.”

    “I'm cool with that,” said David, “but we shouldn't let free drinks go to waste.”

    Club Climax was big and crowded and not what Beth or David was used too. There were four different bars and string bikini-clad women selling beer from large coolers scattered about. The dance floor was crowded with young people having fun and lots of lights. Titus was at a back bar already busy filling drink orders. An attractive woman was bartending with him. She wore a tight half top that left her flat belly bare and when she turned her back had some sort of tribal tramp stamp. Beth rolled her eyes when she caught David checking the girl's stomach out. He had a belly button fetish and found any outfit that showed off a woman's navel sexy. The female bartender's bellybutton was pierced with a black spade pin.

    Beth turned to punch her husband on the shoulder but found he had turned his attention to another woman. This woman was dressed like Beth in a sequined black dress only hers was sluttier and like the bartender, her belly was on display. Her skirt was a little shorter too. The woman was lovely, but a little chubby. Her belly was flat but curvy. If she'd been seated there would be flesh rolls on her stomach, but standing she looked sexy. Her navel was pierced with a diamond stud. Her face was gorgeous if rounded with eye-catching naturally red hair that fell halfway down her back. Her skin was pale like most redheads. Her breasts were enormous, G or GG Beth guessed, and her rear end was quite plump.

    She turned and leaned over the bar, her tits practically falling out as she talked to Titus.

    The next thing that happened shocked both David and Beth. Titus reached under the bar and handed her a jewelry box. He removed the top and the girl squealed in joy. “Did he just propose?” asked Beth.

    “Maybe?” replied David, confused. The woman was stretching over the bar and hugging the giant black man. The skirt had ridden up her thighs and it looked like her butt cheeks might pop out.

    “Good to see you, bro,” said Titus, pulling back from the woman. She sat down on a stool while Titus came down to them. “What can I get you?”

    “Just a couple beers,” said David.

    “Want some shots?”

    “No thanks. We may not stay long,” said David. “It's not our scene.”

    Titus popped off the tops on a couple of beers and left to wait on someone else. David handed Beth a beer and she quickly pointed to a booth that had miraculously opened up. They quickly took it and sat down across from each other. They tried to continue their conversation from dinner but had to shout over the noise and were soon interrupted.

    “Hi guys, I'm Ashley,” said the woman that had been hugging Titus earlier. She sat down a tray with three shots on it. “Shots of Jaeger,” she said drawing it out and scooting in beside David much to his surprise. She sat the box Titus had given her on the table and passed out the shots. “Cheers,” she cried holding hers up. They clinked their glasses together and swallowed them down.

    “Friend of Titus'? asked Beth.

    “Yeah, we met here a couple of days ago.” She suddenly put her arm around David and leaned into him. “Are you really his brother? You two don't look alike.”

    “Same mom, different dads,” said David.

    Ashley's eyes flickered down to his lap and then back up. She withdrew her arm. “So, you're David and you're...”

    “Beth,” replied Beth. “No offense Ashley, but you don't look old enough to be in here.”

    Ashely leaned forwards, “Sssshh! Don't tell anyone, but I'm only nineteen. T-Dawg got me in.” She nodded towards Titus.

    “And what do you do Ash?” asked David. “You look familiar.”

    “I'm a model.”

    “You’re a model?” asked Beth.

    “Yeah, I do plus sized shoots. They’re becoming more popular and it keeps me busy. What do you do?”

    “Accountant,” answered David.

    “And you?” asked Ashley.

    “Waitress,” replied Beth. “You get a lot of work?”

    “Yeah tons,” said Ash. “Made 300,000 this year. Got more work lined up for next year too.”

    David choked on his beer. “Wow!” he exclaimed, still coughing.

    “Lots of work for a plus size model if you got nice skin and look good in a bikini,' said Ashley nodding. “Well, I need a beer,” she said, standing up. “Be right back.”

    Beth's eyes flickered down to the jewelry box. She wanted to know what was in it and she wanted to know badly. BBC Lover's Boutique, Miami, was on the lid. She wondered if she could take a quick peek. Her eyes moved up to David's and found him staring after Ashley. “You really find that attractive?”

    “Well yes,” he replied. “She's not the hot fox you are dear, but that there is a lot of woman.”

    “You don't think she's fat?”

    “No, she's got some jiggle is all and in all the right places. Her thighs are a little plump. But the rest of her looks amazing and she’s absolutely lovely.”

    “Hmm, still looks a little heavy to me,” said Beth. Every male eye around Ashley was on her. A couple good looking young men even tried to talk to her.

    “You know Beth, you really shouldn't objectify women,” said David repeating one of his wife's favorite lines. She gave him a glare back. “Men like all types of women. A woman with jiggle is as sexy as hell. Frankly, I find Victoria's Secret models to be a little scrawny. Now you my love, are perfect.”

    “Hi guys, got some more beers and some more shots.” Ashley sat another tray on the table.

    David reached out for a shot of Jaeger, his eyes on her sexy belly. He handed it to his wife. The three clinked glasses together and downed the dark liquid.

    “So, Ashley, what do you got there?” asked Beth, nodding towards the box.

    The young model reached down and opened the box. Both David and Beth leaned over to look in. It wasn't an engagement ring, but a black spade pin almost like the female bartender was wearing. “Isn't it awesome,” said the young woman.

    “Nice,” said Beth, “but honestly, I like the diamond better.”

    “David, can you give me a hand with these?” asked Ashley.

    “Wh-what?” he asked, eyes wide.

    Ashley stood at the end of the booth so that David was staring right at her stomach. He fought not to stare at it. “Take the diamond out for me,” said Ash, working on the pin with the spade. David gulped, his hands shook a little as he reached out towards her navel. He could feel his wife’s eyes glaring at him. David unscrewed the top of the pin through a flap of skin above Ashley’s navel.

    Beth frowned. She could not understand his fascination with women’s stomachs. He liked to plant kisses on her belly when he could, and his eyes always glanced at any woman with her navel showing though he tried to hide it. He’d tried to no avail to get her to wear half-shirts or bikinis with low cut panties. She didn’t consider her bathing suit a bikini, though it was a two piece. The bottom just covered her navel and the top was more of a sports bra. David hated it though she looked amazing in anything.

    Ashley handed him the spade pin. David tried to put Titus’s gift through her piercing, but he must have stabbed her. “I got it,” said Ashley, sucking her belly in away from the pin. She reached down and skillfully slid the pin through.

    “That’s sexy as hell…OW!” David jumped as Beth kicked him under the table.

    “I love it,” said Ash, framing her navel between her hands.

    “What’s the Q?” asked Beth.

    The new pin was a dangler. There was a black ball where the piercing went in and then a chain that dangled over her belly button so that you could see her navel where the diamond had filled it. Just under her navel was a white circle with a black Q centered in it. Another chain ended in the black spade. The bartender’s pin had just been a black spade filling her navel. “Q for queen,” explained Ashely. “Queen of spades! Whooo! Shots to celebrate.” She turned and ran off to the bar.

    David watched her plump bottom shaking as she walked to the bar, leaned over it and gave Titus a big kiss. “I’ll buy you a new car if you get that exact same piercing,” said David. Ashely stepped back and framed her belly for Titus. He nodded his approval. David thought a young man was eyeballing Ashley up, approaching her with two drinks in his hands, but he looked at her piercing then at the bartender and kept walking.

    “I’m not getting my belly button pierced,” stated Beth. “Here comes the teenager with more drinks. You’d better slow down or you won’t be driving home.”

    “Whoo Hoo! Sex on the beach shooters Y'all!” Ashley sat them down and slid in beside David.

    “I think we’re past the point of me driving us home,” said David, clinking shots with Beth and Ashley.

    “So Y'all dance?” asked the model.

    “I’m not much of a dancer,” said David.

    “You and me then gurl.” Ashely stood and grabbed Beth’s wrist before she could object.

    David watched both their asses this time as they walked out to the crowded dance floor. He grabbed his beer and followed them when they disappeared into the crowd. He silently sipped his beer watching the two women. Ashely was loose and wild, shaking her voluptuous body like a pro. Beth was more reserved, but much to David’s surprise, his wife tried to emulate the younger woman. He smiled, picturing himself in a sexy threesome with the two hot women.

    David quickly lost his dislike of dancing when nearly half a dozen male dancers began to surround the two women. Ashley threw her arms around one and started close dancing. Another guy grabbed Beth’s hips and tried to pull her rear end into his crotch, but the prudish loyal wife pulled away. David quickly inserted himself into the mix and started dancing with his wife. Beth was so delighted she started dirty dancing a little, grinding her rear into his crotch until he got a little stiffy. Drunk Beth was a delight! David became the center of attention when Ashley left one of her admirers and came in behind him. David found himself in the center of a hot babe sandwich and he loved every minute of it.

    David and Beth had to rest for a bit and returned to their booth. He got them a couple more beers and Titus assured them that he would drive everyone home and he could leave his bike here. David walked back with the two beers, looking out to the dance floor for Ashley.

    “You like the little slut don’t you?” asked Beth.

    He saw Ashely. She was now the sandwich between two black men. The men had their shirts off and their muscular chests glistened with sweat. One’s sweaty stomach was rubbing against Ashley’s sexy belly. “No,” he replied a little crestfallen. He sat down in the booth. “After all, she is with Titus.”

    “No accounting for taste.” Beth took a sip of her beer, suddenly hating the woman.

    “She is fun though.” David sighed. His good mood gone. “What can she possibly see in that big asshole?”

    Beth thought of his huge cock sticking out under his muscular chest and stomach, gliding between her breasts, the head entering her mouth, filling it with his seed. “I’ve no idea,” she responded, repressing a shiver. Her good mood was gone too.

    David flashed his wife a wry smile and downed his beer. He checked her beer to see if she needed another one. She was holding it. Her slim white hand wrapped around the brown bottle. It was as thick as “the thing” between his brother’s legs. He saw her hand holding Titus’ monster cock, jerking it off.

    David repressed his own shiver as he remembered the thing hosing his wife down with that nigger’s seed.

    “Whoo hoo, more shots,” Ashley sat a tray before them and slid in beside David.

    “Last shots, okay?” David was already feeling a little sick from looking at his wife’s hand on the beer bottle. He’d been looking forward to an intimate night, but his penis had suddenly withdrawn into his scrotum.

    “Party pooper. I’m going all night.” Ashley held the shot glass out and the Shorthoses raised theirs up to hers. “How about you Beth? Don’t tell me you’re done too?”

    “I’m done,” replied Beth. “David and I will stick with beer.”

    “Well, you’re not done dancing? Titus won’t get off until close to 1:00 am.

    “Dancing sounds good,” replied Beth thinking she could burn off some of the alcohol.

    “Hey, guys, ten minutes to go.”

    They sat and watched the clock countdown. The bubbly vivacious young beauty soon had their moods improving. Taste in men notwithstanding, it was hard to be in a bad mood around her. “Let’s go see Titus,” said Ashley with two minutes to go.

    Titus grinned as they approached, pouring four glasses of champagne in front of him. The crowd started yelling.

    10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Beth leaned into David and gave her husband a smack on the lips. “I love you,” she told him, taking a sip from her glass.

    “I love you too,” he replied.

    Ashley was still leaning over the bar, her enormous breasts practically falling out of her top, lips locked with Titus. They separated. David reached across the bar and shook hands with his half-brother, pushing his dislike aside caught up in the moment. New Year’s new beginnings. Ashely hugged Beth and kissed her cheek. Ashley turned and gave David a kiss on the lips. Titus leaned over the bar to kiss Beth. She wrinkled her nose, but leaned up, trying to kiss him on the cheek. Instead, Titus grabbed the back of her head and pulled her lips down upon his, his tongue pushing into her mouth. Aghast, Beth tried to push his tongue out with her own, their tongues dueling against each other until he released the back of her head so that she could pull away. Her breathing was heavy, and she felt her cheeks flushing. Her nipples had popped out and her panties felt damp. She threw him an angry glare and turned towards David who was clinking glasses with Ashley and not paying attention.

    “Whose up for dancing?” asked Beth, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

    “I’m exhausted,” said David. “How long until you can take us home?” he asked the big black man.

    Titus slid three more beers across to them. “At least 90 minutes.”

    “Damn, that’s late,” said David. He was swaying now on his feet, but he took the beer.

    “SHOTS!” yelled Ashley. “TEQUILA!”

    “Last time okay,” said Beth.

    “Don’t sweat it,” said Ashely. “We’ll dance it off.”

    The three threw back the tequila Titus poured for them. “Come on girlfriend,” said Ash, pulling Beth towards the dance floor. David headed back to the booth.

    Beth enjoyed the dancing and it did help sweat out some of the booze. Ashely danced a little too close to her for her comfort throwing her arm around Beth’s neck. It wasn’t long before one of the black men returned and Ashely moved away to dance with him. Beth felt hands on her hips. She smiled thinking David had rejoined her and shook her rear end back into his crotch. He pulled her hard against his bulge. It swelled when she wiggled her ass against it and it felt much larger then David’s penis. Beth pulled away, but her companion just spun her around and pulled her tight into him. She found herself looking up into the eyes of the other black man from earlier. His erection was pushing into her belly as he stared back into her eyes. His hands slid down from her hips and around to squeeze her butt cheeks. He bent his head and parted his lips to kiss her.

    Beth put her hand on his chest and pushed him back. He released her, looking somewhat surprised. “Thanks for the dance, but I have to get back to my husband,” she told him.

    Beth found David half asleep. His eyes were lidded and he was resting his elbow on the table. “Wake up sleepy,” she said. He sat up, yawning. “Don’t you dare conk out on me. I want to have some fun when we get home.”

    That woke David up some. “I’ll see if Titus is almost ready.”

    “Almost,” was Titus’ answer while he pulled some beer glasses out of the dishwasher. “Let me get your tab and you can settle up.”

    “Tab?” asked David, confused.

    Titus slid it across to him. “Yeah, here you go.”

    David looked down at the receipt. “This can’t be right. It’s $380! I can’t pay that. I thought you were hooking us up….”

    Titus reached over and grabbed David’s shirt and tie, pulling him roughly so that he was leaning over the bar. “Don’t fuck with me, asshole. Why the fuck did you buy all those shots if you couldn’t afford it. I’m gonna kick yo mutha fuckin little white boy ass.”

    “B-b-but Titus? You said you’d cover the tab.” David had gone white and his legs felt weak.

    Titus’ grip on the shirt tightened and his lips curled up into an angry scowl. “Yeah, I did. Must have forgot.” His scowl turned to a grin and he released his brother. “Just fuckin with ya bro,” he explained, ripping up the tab.

    “Ah,” replied David, his hands were shaking. “Good one.”

    “Here’s your tips, Titan,” said the female bartender handing Titus a wad of cash.

    “Thanks, babe.” Titus took the cash and pocketed it. He grabbed the girl on the hips and pulled her in for a deep kiss. David watched her literally melt into him as he kissed her. “Happy new year,” said Titus when he broke the kiss.

    “Happy new year,” she replied, licking her lips. David hardly noticed. His eyes were focused on her nipples which had suddenly turned very prominent while kissing the black man. Her eyes wandered down the big black man’s muscular body lustfully. “Wish I wasn’t working all night,” she said before turning away to wait on some customers.

    “Hey,” said Ashley coming up to the bar with the two black men. “Can I get a last round of shots, Titus. She looked at the men, both were fit and handsome. “How about Jaeger, I like my drinks dark like I like my men.”

    “This hot thang wit you bro?” asked one of the men.

    “Yeah,” replied Titus. “But I’m heading out West soon. Ashley give both my homies here your number.”

    “Good idea,” she said, holding up the shot. “CHEERS!” They threw back their drinks. “Let me have your cells and I’ll put my number in for you.”

    David watched her enter her number into their phones and kiss both men. “I’ll get Beth,” he told Titus, returning to the booth.

    Soon they were on their way home with Beth and David in the backseat. Ashely stuck her head out the window in the front seat. “HAPPY NEW YEAR,” she yelled at some people walking down Collins Avenue. “I want to party all night. HEY YOU! HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

    “HAPPY NEW YEAR,” many yelled back.

    “I’ll keep you up all night,” said Titus, grinning.

    “And I’ll keep you up all night,” she replied, sliding over and kissing him. He turned to kiss her back.

    “Whoa, eyes on the road,” cried David. He noticed Titus had his arm around the young girl and was squeezing one of her big breasts.

    Titus turned onto their street 30 minutes later and hit the garage door button on the car. The Shorthoses had a two-car garage and the door went up. Beth’s car was on one side. “Hey, a pool table!” said Ashley, seeing the pool table they kept in the garage. “Can we play?”

    “Sure babe,” said Titus. He parked the car behind Beth’s in the driveway and the foursome got out. “We’ll play couples. Beth fetch us some beer.”

    Beth glared at him but didn’t want to seem bitchy to Ashley so she went and got everyone some beer.

    She returned just as David broke the racked balls. “Nice break, honey,” she said. He smiled back satisfied with himself.

    Titus played well, but Ashely wasn’t very good. David sank most of the balls and finished with the eight. “One more game?” said Ash. She was swaying on her feet and her eyes were lidded. “Can I break?”

    Ashely’s break barely moved the balls. She went over to sit down on a cushioned love seat near David’s tool rack. David sank a ball and missed the next one. He rubbed his eyes. They were bloodshot, and he was swaying a little. Titus put a few balls in as did Beth. “Your turn, babe,” the black giant told the young woman. Ashely was spread-eagled on the couch fast asleep, legs spread in an unladylike way.

    “So much for staying up all night.”

    “Amateur,” snorted David.

    Titus took her shot and sank all his balls but missed on the eight. Beth picked up the remaining balls and won the game. “I’d better put her to bed,” said Titus.

    “We should all call it quits,” suggested Beth. David nodded.

    “One more game,” said Titus. “I’ll be right back.” He walked over to the couch and effortlessly lifted Ashley in his arms.

    Beth watched her husband swaying on his feet. “You sure you’re up for another game?” she asked.

    David sat down heavily on the couch. “No,” he answered, “but it looks like I finally found something I can beat Titus at.” His words were slurred as he spoke. He had some other drunken traits such as holding his head down on his chest and the more he drank, the wetter his lower lip got until it started sticking out. He was doing both at the moment.

    “Well don’t pass out on me, I want to break in the new year right.” Beth leaned in and kissed him.

    “Whoa there, get a room,” said Titus returning with three more beers in his hand and a tray with 2 shots of vodka on it.

    “Oh god, no more,” said David staring at the shots.

    “Don’t wimp out on me, pussy,” said Titus. “I wanted to share a drink with my brother.”

    “Easy for you to say,” replied David. “You haven’t been drinking all night.” He took the shot anyway while Beth looked on with disapproval.

    “To my brother David. Thanks for putting up with me both when we were younger and letting me stay with you this winter.”

    “Only because mom asked,” said David. He wanted to add that Titus hadn’t been a bother, but that was a lie.

    “Well, as Ben Franklin said, “Guests, like fish, began to smell after three days.”

    David snorted. The black man looked like a big dumb brute, but he was exceptionally smart and well read. “What does a fish smell like after three months then?”

    “Touché! Here’s to you, bro,” said Titus clinking shot glasses with David and tossing the drink back.

    David wheezed and shook his head for a moment. “Alright, my break.”

    Beth decided to sit this one out. She sat down on a bar stool they kept around the pool table. David leaned over the table, lining up with the cue, and sent the white ball into a side pocket missing the break entirely. He collapsed over the table, gasping for air. “I think it’s bedtime then,” said Beth. She stood and helped David up. “See you in the morning, Titus.”

    “Hold on. We got a game to finish. You can take over for yo husband.”

    Beth grimaced. She didn’t really want to spend any time alone with the arrogant pig even before the events of Christmas night and the next morning. On the other hand, all the drinking and dancing had energized her, and she wasn’t the least bit sleepy. Plus, she was actually very good at billiards and the thought of a woman put the arrogant black man in his place would be a good start to the year for her. “Alright, one more game. Let me put David to bed.”

    “Want me to carry him up?”

    “No, I’ll manage.” Beth led her drunk husband to the stairs and helped him climb up to the bedroom. He stumbled enough that she wished she’d taken Titus up on the offer. She laid David out on the bed, pulling the tie off and loosening his shirt. She left him dressed but pulled his shoes off.

    Beth left her bedroom and passed by the guest room. She glanced in as she passed and then took a couple of steps back to look back at what she’d seen. Ashley was laying on her back on the bed. Titus had removed her dress and left her in her bra and panty. They were very sheer and sexy, displaying the nipples and her wispy red pubes beneath the black material. The bra was too small and her breasts were practically falling out of the cups. “I see it now,” she mumbled in admiration, realizing how attractive the young woman really was and why men liked a voluptuous body type. Ashley looked good and was worth 300 grand a year.

    Beth returned to the garage to see Titus pouring some vodka into a shot glass for her. “I think I’ve had enough.” She stared at the tray. There were six glasses. Three in front of him already filled. He filled her last shot glass. “One maybe, but three?”

    “Come on lightweight,” he snorted, handing her the first glass. “I gotta lot of catchin up to do and I don’t want to drink alone.”

    “Since when?” she replied. She took the glass and threw it back. Beth gasped and shook her head to clear it. Her slight buzz turned her drunk quickly after that.

    “Women can’t hold their drinks like a man can,” he said.

    “Screw you.” Beth picked up the next glass. “I outlasted David, didn’t I?” She held the glass up.

    “Correction, women can’t hold their drinks like a REAL man can. Salute”

    “Cheers,” she answered, swallowing the vodka. This time she wheezed and coughed. “Whew, no more. I’m basically just a wine drinker.” She patted her chest.

    Titus sat the tray down. “You can break,” he told her. Titus watched her lean over the end of the table. Her cleavage growing as her dress hung down. Beth’s great ass thrust out behind her. Her legs looked great in the heels too. “Care to make this interesting?”

    “A bet?” she said, straightening up and raising an eyebrow at him. “What did you have in mind?”

    “Well, it looks like my date is out for the evening, so how about another hand job, I’m assuming you don’t want to completely fill in for her tonight as my fuck toy.”

    “Fuck you, Titus.”

    “That a yes?”

    “Yes, I mean no, that’s not a yes,” she said, angrily. Damn him! He’d put the thought in her mind again. Her kneeling before him, pumping that giant black cock in her hands. Her nipples had popped out again and she swore she could feel them throbbing with blood. “I want nothing to do with your big cock… your big penis… I mean “that thing” between your legs.”

    “Sorry, didn’t mean to make you all flustered.”

    “I’m flot nustered,” she growled. “I mean flustered. It’s the booze talking asshole.”

    “What about strip billiards then?” he asked. Her eyes narrowed at him. “We remove an item of clothing for each ball the other sinks.”

    Beth’s vagina dripped at the thought of seeing his cock again. It wasn’t just her body reacting either, her mind wanted to see it again, she just didn’t want to touch it. “Why would I want to do that?”

    Titus reached in his pocket and pulled out the wad of cash. “If you win, I’ll pay your entire mortgage as my rent this month.”

    “Hmmm,” she thought about it but knew it was a bad idea. Still, she was good at pool and the thought of her running the game, standing clothed before an embarrassed and humiliated naked Titus made her smile. “What about the garage door?”

    “Screw it, no one’s out this time of night and we need the breeze.

    “Alright then, deal.” Beth glanced out on the street. One neighbor’s house was dark. The other didn’t even have cars in the driveway and she assumed they weren’t home. She leaned over and broke the rack. It was a good scatter, but none of the balls went in. “Damn,” she muttered.

    Titus stood off the stool and walked around the table examining it for the best shots and there were quite a few opportunities. He leaned over and sank a ball. “One article.” He sank another with the next shot. “Two balls going deep.” He narrowly missed a third shot. “Shouldn’t have had that vodka,” he said frowning. “That’s two, baby.”

    Beth gulped. She kicked off her heels and stood up. She examined the table. Beth sank two balls in quick succession. “Looks like I can go two balls deep too,” she replied and wondered why Titus appeared to find that amusing. He was wearing Docksides which he kicked off leaving him barefoot. She’d never noticed how big his feet were, like freaking sasquatch feet. Beth put another ball in and turned to Titus with a triumphant grin. He shrugged and grabbed the hem of his shirt, slowly pulling it up and off revealing his hard stomach, abs, and then his broad chest. She might hate this man, but his physique sure was impressive. Not that she was one of those that liked muscle men. She bent to make another shot and the shirtless Titus walked around to watch her. She glanced at his chest again and…missed.

    “Bam!” he said, hitting and sinking a ball. “Bam!” he said triumphantly when the second went in.

    Beth reached up and removed her earrings. “Hey, no jewelry,” he complained.

    “It counts,” she said, setting her earrings on the side of the pool table.

    His dark eyes roamed her body. She wasn’t wearing a necklace, no watch, and no rings other than her wedding ring. “Wedding ring doesn’t count then.”

    “Fine, I promised never to remove it anyway.” After that, Titus turned and sank another ball. Beth stared at it in dismay. Up until now, she hadn’t really considered losing was a possibility. She reached behind her and unzipped the back of her dress, but before pulling it off, she walked over to the tray and threw back her last shot of vodka. “Whewwww,” she said drawing it out and shaking her head. The liquid courage traversed and warmed her body. Beth turned away from the staring black man. She didn’t want to look like she was stripping for him, so she let him stare at her back as she slipped out of the dress.

    Titus saw that he didn’t have any more shots, so he cheated. He reached out and tapped his stick on the table while dropping one of his balls in a pocket. “And there’s another,” he said as she was turning around. Beth stared in horror at first him before glancing out the open garage. She turned around again. Her hands fumbled with the hook in the back of her bra. “Let me get that,” said Titus. His hand grabbed the straps of her bra. “This bra is hideous,” he said. “Sexy women should wear sexy lingerie.” He unhooked the bra and stepped back.

    “Thank y…” she started to say, then stopped realizing she was thanking him for making her topless. Beth was naked except for her panty. “A there’s nothing wrong with my underwear.” Red-faced, she walked around the table while he was deciding on his next shot.

    “They’re rather plain.”

    “They’re practical,” she responded.

    “I see, they’re a hand me down from yo grandma.” He bent down and aligned the stick. Beth looked concerned at the shot he had lined up. It wasn’t easy, but it was doable. She hated women who used their bodies to manipulate men and she hated herself at that moment. She leaned down and noticed his attention raise from the ball to her large dangling breasts. He shot and… scratched. “FUCK!”

    Beth smirked. She walked around the table. She had four to go to his one. His eyes were on her breasts the whole time and she felt her nipples harden even further until they physically ached reaching their full puffed out inch in length. Beth bent down, rear thrust out, nipples scraping the green felt on the table which sent spasms of pleasure straight to her vagina. She sank a ball.

    Titus didn’t turn away when he unbuttoned his shorts. In fact, he was kind of slow pulling his zipper down. He opened the shorts. She stared at his crotch as he let his shorts fall down. The “thing” in her husband’s brother’s pants was swollen with blood, but not erect. His underwear was stretched out so tightly she could make out the veins on his big penis. She tore her eyes away from it, wondering why it fascinated her so much. Titus walked around the table lining the bulging white underwear up with her next shot. She stared at it behind her last ball. She grimaced when she totally blew the shot. “Well played, she thought.

    Beth watched in horror as Titus scanned the table for the right shot to sink his last ball. He called the shot, a bank into the corner pocket. She hated doing it, but… “Darn, this Miami humidity has my nipples really hard,” she said. This time she hefted her breasts and pinched both her nipples while staring concernedly at them. Even Beth was shocked, by how much that triggered spasms of arousal in her vagina. Her crotch was contracting as hard as it did when she had an orgasm.

    “Fuck,” hissed Titus, his stick barely moving the ball and scraping the felt.

    Beth sneered and examined the table. Titus moved again. The thing straining his underwear had swelled even more. The white fabric was open at the top, his swollen cock bent, the plum sized head ready to push out to freedom at any minute. Her hands shook as she lined up a shot, the bulge beyond in her vision. She cursed herself and focused on the stick, the ball, and the hole. She shot. “Slam,” she said, mimicking him. Before he could move, she snuck around the table and made her next shot. “Slam.” One ball to go and… “Slam.”

    “Hold on, missy. I gotta pay off the bet.”

    Beth looked up from the table where she was lining up the eight ball. “What?” she asked, just as he flicked the front of his briefs down under his crotch. His huge cock sprang up free and then fell forward. It wasn’t completely hard, maybe 11 inches, but it stuck out, bent down slightly. “Wow,” she said, slapping her hand over her mouth when she realized she’d said it aloud.

    Titus chuckled. “Yeah, I get that a lot.”

    Beth gulped. “It’s growing bigger,” she whispered.

    “It likes it when sexy white women stare at it.”

    Beth turned her head away from the elephant in the room or more accurately the elephant’s trunk in the room. No matter how many times she saw “that thing”, she’d never get used to its immense size. “Let’s finish this game.” She focused on the table. The eight ball was an easy shot; one she’d never miss in a hundred tries. Titus walked around the table, his cock bobbing before him. It was fully erect now. She ignored it. She shot and… Beth stood up straight totally surprised by the outcome.

    “Good job,” said Titus, through gritted teeth. “Fuck! Fuck!” He watched Beth walk over to the edge of the table and sweep up the money. “Fuck!” he said again.

    “Good night, Titus,” she told him, smiling. There’d be no extra shifts at the restaurant for her.

    “Hold on there,” said Titus. “I want a rematch.”

    “I don’t think so. David and I need the money.”

    He walked over to his shorts. His cock still bobbed before him seemingly disinclined to deflate. He grabbed his shorts and reached in a pocket. “I’m willing to put it all up. I made $1200 in tips tonight minus what you just took.”

    “Seriously! You make that kind of money and you haven’t offered to pay rent before?” Beth stared at him, but he just shrugged. She looked at the wad of cash, she’d need to work more than two weeks for that kind of money. She was almost too afraid to ask. “What do you want?”

    “I want a blow job.”

    “There’s no way that’s happening.”

    “Why the hell not? It’s just a blow job and for this kind of money?”

    “No!” Beth was stunned that he appeared genuinely surprised she didn’t want to put his penis in her mouth. “Why is it so hard for you to understand. I don’t perform oral sex. In my college feminism class, all my sisters and I vowed never to engage in that disgusting act of female submission to the patriarchy.”

    “Blah, blah, blah,” he responded. “I bet you let David go down on your pussy, but you won’t suck on Lil’ Davey for him. That’s just selfish.”

    “I’m your brother’s wife? How can you even ask me to do such a thing?”

    “Easy, I want your lips wrapped around my big black cock. You think you’re so much better than me Beth, but let’s see what you think on your knees sucking on some nigger cock. David don’t need to know nothing. I don’t even consider him my brother, just the white wimp I grew up with.”

    Beth stood staring at him speechless over his dropping of the “n” word and his feeling towards his half-brother. Her eyes roamed down from his face. His cock looked even more swollen then it had earlier almost as if it were as angry as he were. She pictured herself on her knees guiding it into her mouth and she shivered. Titus was right about one thing, David wouldn’t find out which meant when she beat Titus, she could keep all the money as spending cash for herself. “What about another hand job?”

    “No, I want you on your knees sucking the Titan.”

    Her eyes moved back down to the swollen cock. “You can use my breasts again?”

    “Sure, but some other time. Tonight, you bob the chocolate knob or nothing.”

    “Nothing it is. Goodnight.”

    “Chicken. Not so sure you can beat me again are you?

    Beth was almost at the door to the house. She stopped and turned. “I could beat you with my eyes closed.”

    “Then put your mouth where my money is. Take the bet.”

    She stared down at his cock again. A part of her couldn’t believe she was even considering it, another part of her wondered why she was hesitating. She was better than him after all. Beth walked back down the steps that led into the house and over to where she’d put the pool stick on the rack. She took it back down. “Fine then. I’ll take the bet and your money.”

    “Great and I’ll take your lips, mouth, and throat.”

    She glanced down at his cock. It had finally deflated some, now hanging out and down. “I’ll take the bet on one additional term.”

    Titus was reaching for a chalk cube. “And that is?”

    “When I win, I get your money and you move out of the house tomorrow. David and I never ever see you again.”

    “Wow Beth, you must really hate me.”

    “You have no idea. Is it a deal or are you too chicken?”

    “Just put some of that hate into your cock sucking when I win. You rack, and I’ll break.”

    Beth walked over to the tray on an unused stool. Her hands were shaky as she reached for her last shot of vodka. She threw it back, not wheezing or coughing this time. She looked down at Titus’ last shot glass and considered downing it too, but let it go. She walked to the rear of the table and racked the balls.

    The naked black man placed the cue ball on the table and leaned over lining up the stick. His break was powerful pocketing two high and one low ball. Titus smiled and called the next shot. It went in. He called his next shot. It went in as did the next one. Beth began to sweat, staring in disbelief as the last of his balls were pocketed leaving her with six on the table and the eight ball in a perfect place to shoot it into a corner pocket. Titus stood and stretched his neck, cracking it. He leaned backward, his cock dangling like a fat spoiled banana. He held the stick behind his back and lined it up with the cue ball. Then he seemed to think better of showing off, stood back up and took the shot. The eight ball went down. For a brief hopeful moment, Beth watched the cue ball close on the hole, but the angle was off, and it stayed on the table. She’d lost without even getting a turn! “Son of a bitch,” she whispered. “You snookered me?”

    “Played a lot of pool on base during my six-years active reserves.”

    “What have I done?” she asked, her eyebrows raised as she stared off into space.

    “Nothing yet,” said Titus, “But it’s time to fix that.” He laid the stick down on the pool table and walked around to her side. The large banana penis slapped back and forth from thigh to thigh slowly swelling with blood and rising upwards in anticipation. It was sticking out before him but angled down when he came to a stop before her. Titus reached out and placed his hands on her shoulders, the pressure grew, forcing her down.

    “Never put a male’s sex organ in your mouth,” said Ms. Dykstra, staring up at her students. “It is not the womyn’s place to kneel submissively before the patriarch servicing him for his pleasure with his foul erect phallus in her mouth. It’s a way the patriarchy shows its dominance over womynkind. They shove their penises into our mouths to shut us up. Well womyn, WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!”

    Beth fell to her knees on the cold cement of the garage. She found herself staring down the shaft of Titus’ reinvigorated cock. She vividly recalled him thrusting the thing between her breasts, the head emptying multiple loads of his seed into her mouth. Her tummy rumbled. She looked away from it and up the black man’s hard muscled belly and chest and into his arrogant eyes. Her pussy squirted. It wasn’t just the thought of willingly taking a man’s penis inside her mouth that disgusted her about oral sex. It was the thought of kneeling submissively before a man and servicing him for his pleasure alone that she hated. Now she was on her knees, kneeling before her overmuscled brother-in-law with his huge black penis poised to enter her mouth meekly acquiescing to his masculine authority was both everything she’d feared it would be and much to her shame, it also felt natural. Her pussy squirted again.

    Beth looked away from him in shame and embarrassment. She found herself staring out into the dark. The garage door was open so that anyone walking down the street could look in and see her humiliation as she kneeled nude except for her panty before a well-endowed naked black man. “That thing will kill me.”

    “From now on Beth, it’s a cock. It’s not a “thing” or a penis, it’s a cock, a big cock, or a big black cock. Real men have cocks, wimps have penises.”

    “Fine,” she answered. “Your cock is too big. There’s no way it will fit in my mouth.” Titus was right. You don’t suck penis, you suck cock and Titus had a big black cock. David had a penis. Something small, white, and under six inches when hard was a penis. “What do I do?”

    “Imagine you are chalking the end of a pool stick with your tongue.”

    Beth reached up and grabbed his shaft. She stared at the big bulbous tip of his cock with trepidation as she sat up while pulling it down towards her lips. You’re just chalking a pool stick with your tongue, she thought to take his advice. Beth stared up at him as her tongue flickered out and twirled around the tip of his cock. He looked down at her triumphantly, an arrogant smirk on his lips. Looking up at him from her position made him look huge like a giant or like his cock’s namesake, a titan. Precum squirted across her tongue and she immediately wanted more. Her tongue licked faster, covering all over the bulbous dark head, licking his urethra, the underside and the flare of his crown. Beth stretched her jaw wide and took the head in her mouth, sucking the tip while her tongue continued polishing his knob. She bobbed her head over the end of his cock for a while. This wasn’t too bad, but her jaw was stretched open to the point it ached.

    “Try taking some down your throat,” ordered Titus.

    Beth pushed forwards, the huge head pushed into her throat and scraped her uvula. She felt herself choking and pulled back, gagging.

    “Damn, you really suck at this,” he grunted out. “Should have practiced on Lil’ Davey so at least you’d have the motions right.”

    “Your thing is just too big,” she said, between coughs.

    “My what?”

    “Your cock is too big.” Beth turned her mouth towards the wet head of the huge cock. “I don’t see how anyone could swallow this monster.”

    “Ashley can manage about ten inches and gets better by the day. I’ve known some bitches that can kiss my pubes.” He looked down at her staring down the length of his thirteen-inch shaft with skepticism. “Just relax your throat.” Beth started with the head again. “Titan’s gonna make you choke. When you feel it coming, quit for a bit and jerk it off while catching your breath.” Titus felt her snort, the air from her nose striking his shaft. She pushed forwards and another inch of his thick shaft disappeared into her mouth. She bobbed her head over the end several times. On instinct, her hand came up under his scrotum and she started kneading his nut sack. It made his cock jerk and she gagged again.

    Beth took his advice and jerked his cock off while trying to catch her breath. Her other hand massaged her throat. “You’re so thick.”

    “No excuses. I thought you could handle it. Try talking dirty when you’re not sucking.”

    “I’m not going to talk dirty,” she informed him before licking around his cock head. She took the end back in her mouth and soon the head was pushing a little deeper down her throat. Her left hand returned to his balls while her other hand started twist jerking his shaft a little faster.

    “It’ll help get my balls churning if you talk some shit. Like you did jerking it off the other night only make it hotter and dirtier.” Titus’ phone was lying on the edge of the pool table. He picked it up and started fiddling with it.

    Beth pulled back, coughing into her hand. Nearly five to six inches of his shaft was wet with her saliva. She was close to halfway and the head had felt like it was in her stomach. “It’s impossible,” she muttered watching her hand gliding up and down the shaft, gaining traction as it slid along the lubricated part. She looked up at him and found herself staring into his phone. Rude to be checking his email while she sucked his cock, but then he was the most obnoxious narcissistic man she’d ever met.

    “You’re just worthless.” Titus could see the hurt in her eyes through the video camera on his phone. “You can quit. I’ll get Ashley to finish sucking me off. Bitch knows her way around a cock.”

    Beth sat up straighter, staring down his shaft. “It’s impossible,” she said again.

    “What’s impossible?”

    “Sucking your big black cock. I want you to cum for me. I want your cum.” The words seemed foreign coming from her mouth. “P-please cum for me so I can taste your seed again.”

    “You better try harder then.”

    Beth took a deep breath and wrapped her lips around the end of his cock. She bobbed her head, taking another inch with each forward thrust. She felt a thrill of triumph when her lips reached halfway down his cock but she was forced to pull back and catch her breath.

    “Just give up already,” he stated flatly. She looked up at him, still looking at his phone.

    “No, I can do this. I want to make you cum again. I’ve never sucked a real man’s cock before.” She wrapped both hands around his shaft, jerking it as fast as she could. “Your cock is just so big and black.”

    “Not like ‘Lil Davey’s sissy prick?”

    “N-no, my husband… is small… pathetic... compared to your big black cock. David isn’t a real man like you are Titus.” She swallowed his cock down again. It felt bigger, the dirty talk was working.

    “At least you’re trying,” said Titus. “I’m starting ta feel it now.

    Beth put more into it. She sucked half his shaft rapidly now and she was lasting longer. She pushed forwards again and found three-quarters of dark cock meat was down her throat. She pulled back and jerked his shaft off rapidly with both hands, looking up into the phone. “I’m going to make this big black cock cum,” she told him. “Pay attention to me, asshole.”

    He looked away from the view screen and brought up the stopwatch feature. He turned it around for her. “Just timing you,” he said. The screen read 19:34. He turned it back around, the video was still running. “If you can get me off in 30 minutes, I’ll let you have all my tip money anyway.” Titus watched her swallowing his cock through the screen and then much to his amazement, she swallowed the whole thing, her lips pressed hard into the pubes. “FUCK!” he grunted loudly. “No one’s done that on the first time.” She rested her hands on his hips then let them slide up over his hard stomach, so manly and ridged compared to David’s. Once again, the contrast of her white hands on his black skin appealed to her. The races shouldn’t mingle, but the contrast was strangely a sexy sight. Beth looked up at him, pulling back a few inches and then kissing his pubes again a few times before she was forced to take another breather. She smiled up at him in triumph and swallowed his cock again. Titus held the phone down at his side, but still aimed at her while he watched her go to town.

    Beth pushed deep and pulled back several times sucking the full length of his shaft, but it wasn’t easy, and she didn’t think she could get him off quickly like this. She released his cock again. “I want your cum so bad, Titus. Why don’t you cum for me? I know this big black cock is dying to fill my white mouth with its seed.”

    Titus growled. “Damn Beth, you just might be a natural at this.”

    His words filled her with joy. Beth sucked over a third of his shaft while jerking the remaining shaft with both hands. His cock was getting bigger, harder to suck, but she now knew it was close. Beth pulled back. “How’s my time?” She swallowed him whole again before going back to jerking his big black cock. She stared up at him. He turned the phone around and showed her the timer, 31:25. He shook his head negatively. Beth didn’t slow down though. His cock grew some more forcing her to pull back until just the head was in her mouth. She jerked his shaft off with one hand while her other hand went back to kneading his scrotum. His heavy balls were shaking and then they started bucking at a rapid pace. Her hand felt the semen racing up the shaft and then it exploded in her mouth with such force, it shot out around her lips, dribbling down her chin. Beth gulped and then gulped again. Last week when he’d cum in her mouth while titty fucking her, she’d been surprised that his seed didn’t taste bad at all. This time, she found him delicious. The hot ejaculate filling her mouth was almost addictive and it only made her want more. He was cumming so fast now, she couldn’t keep up and Beth had to release his cock. She was rewarded with a face full of jism. Beth bent the spurting monster away from her face and received several blasts on her tits. “Hmmm, it’s so good Titus,” she moaned. “I love the taste of your seed.” She jerked some more blasts onto her tits before pulling the cock back up to her mouth. “So much cum for me. You like having your big black cock cumming all over your brother’s wife?” She swallowed the head and jerked out a few remaining shots of sperm into her mouth, greedily gulping it down.

    Titus stopped recording and put the phone down. “You got me off Beth, you can quit talking dirty.” Beth’s cheeks turned red and she let the cock fall from her mouth. She had a strong urge to lean forward and kiss the big head but resisted it. She had talked and behaved like a slut and didn’t feel good about herself at the moment. “I owe you an apology, Beth. You’re a great cocksucker. Next time, I’m sure you’ll do even better.”

    Beth finally released the base of his shaft and stood up. “Don’t call me that,” she said.

    “But you really enjoyed yourself?”

    “I hated it and there won’t be a next time. I only did it because I lost the bet after you hustled me.”

    “In my defense, I really wanted a blow job. Just like last week, I really wanted you to give me a handjob so I added the fourth queen from the deck while you an Lil’ Davey was in the kitchen.”

    Beth stepped away from him, staring at him in horror. He’d cheated! “You… NIGGER! I don’t want anything to do with you or your big cock. I hate it and I hate you.”

    Titus stood, towering above over and Beth felt her legs tremble. He raised his finger to her. “Call me that again and I’m going to throw you over my knee and spank that fine white ass raw. “And we both know you’re lying about hating it. I gave you several chances to quit, but you only tried harder.”

    Beth opened her mouth to speak then closed it. She didn’t have a good answer to that other then she took his belittling of her as a challenge. Beth just turned from him and grabbed her bra and dress. She found herself holding her clothes and staring out into the darkness from her lit up garage. Titus walked up behind her and placed his hands on her hips. “You have an amazing body, Beth, the best I’ve seen on a woman.” He caressed her sides. Her skin was slick as was his, covered in a sheen of sweat in the hot Miami night. “You should dress sexier. Show off this sexy bod.”

    “A woman should be judged on her mind and talents, not for her figure,” she replied. Titus pulled her back against his chest and she felt his reinvigorated monster cock press against her back.

    “But why should you hide your body because of men? Why can a man go topless in public, but not a woman? I think you like showing this body off.”

    “No, I don’t,” she answered. It felt good being held in his arms.

    “You felt sexy in the Christmas lingerie and I think you enjoyed having David and I staring at you. I think you’re enjoying being semi-nude right now.” He kissed her shoulder and stooped. His hands grabbed the hem of her panty and pulled them down her shapely legs. Beth didn’t object and stepped out of them. Titus stood up but hunched over so that his cock was pushing between her ass cheeks. He reached around and slid his hands up over her tits. They were wet with his semen. He rubbed his seed into her already hard nipples. Beth moaned and pushed her ass back into his cock. He pulled his ass back so that his cock fell down. Titus stooped some more and pushed his cock between her thighs. Beth looked down at the end of the huge shaft sticking out between her legs as he slowly moved it back and forth along her slit. She pushed down against it and moaned again. “Look world upon the nude form of Beth Shorthose,” whispered Titus in her ear. “This is a real woman and she needs a real man.”

    Beth shivered and moaned. His shaft pulled back disappearing from between her legs. He stooped again, the fat head of his cock probing against her labia. She was soaked and already opening for him.

    Her body on display, his fingers skillfully pinching her nipples, and the probing head of his monster cock was too much for Beth. She opened her stance and pushed down onto the head, feeling her labia opening for it. She came! Her fluids coated the head, dripping to the cement before he’d even fully entered her. The cock head pushed up, her pussy trying to suck it in. She wanted it in her. Just before he penetrated her, headlights appeared on the street.

    Beth jumped forwards in alarm and ran deeper into the garage. Titus turned and slowly followed, his huge shaft bobbing as he leisurely followed her not particularly caring about the car. Beth squatted behind the pool table. “Get down, you fool,” she told Titus. He kneeled in front of her while she turned and peeked over the table. The car turned into the driveway across the street. Her neighbors were home! Beth watched the car turn off and suddenly felt Titus cock back between her legs. He’d bent his cock down and was sliding it back along her slit. “Stop,” she hissed. He didn’t, and she turned her head back to look over the table. The neighbor couple was laughing and heading into their house. They sounded drunk. Beth pushed her slit back down on his shaft several times. The head found her opening again and Beth was pushing down on it, trying not to moan as the neighbors entered their house and the lights came on. Almost getting caught had brought her back to her senses and she sprang up off his cock now that the neighbors were gone.

    Titus stood too and grabbed her hips. He lifted her up on the pool table. “No Titus, we can’t have sex.”

    “If that’s what you want, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few more orgasms.”

    Beth found herself laying down on the pool table, hands tightly wrapped around some pool balls which were close to the size of the black man’s testicles while Titus’ skilled tongue wiggled its way into her pussy almost as far as David’s penis could reach. She screamed a little too loudly as his tongue brought her off and then she started whimpering when his long thick fingers took over. Her hips humped up into his fingers like a wanton slut until she came again, soaking his fingers and the felt of her pool table. “Oh my god,” she gasped, coming down from the intense pleasure.

    Titus stood and poised the tip of his cock back up against her pussy lips. He pushed the tip against them. “You sure you don’t want this?” he asked.

    Beth hesitated so long, he took her silence as a yes and started to push. The head had spread her lips apart and almost fully penetrated her when she finally said, “No. I admit I’m curious, but I can’t do that to David.” Titus grunted and pushed the head fully inside her. Beth squealed, and she almost came again but he pulled it out. NO! Fuck me! Fuck me! Take his big black cock. Her body pleaded her mind. “Sorry,” she told him. “I’ll… I will suck you again if you’d like.”

    “Some other time.” Titus worked his wet fingers around his cock and then used them to scoop up even more of her vaginal fluids to further coat his shaft. Beth wondered what he was doing until he squeezed her thighs around his shaft and began fucking her like that. He seemed in a hurry to get off again, bucking his hips rapidly. His shaft slid over her pubes, thrusting up over her belly. His balls began slapping her thighs and her vagina. The slap slap slapping was hard enough it stung, but the combination of pain and stimulation made her cum again. Beth cried out loudly and hoped the neighbors couldn’t hear as her juices sprayed all over the black man’s heavy scrotum. She came three more times over the next twenty minutes before his cock erupted shooting a strong spray of sperm from her face down to her ribs. Beth opened her mouth and held her tongue out, luckily catching a large wad in her mouth so she could taste him again. She realized she did want to blow him again at that moment.

    Titus pulled out from her thighs, jerking the last of his sperm onto her body. He sprayed more on her breasts and enough on her belly that a pool formed in her navel. He aimed the head down at her pubes and squeezed the last few strands into her pubic hair.

    Titus stepped back and retrieved his phone. “It’s late and I got a hot redhead waiting for me in bed. Ashley wanted to start her year off taking a black cock in every hole,” he said, pretending to check the time on his phone while taking a photo burst of her sperm covered body. “See you in the morning.” He grabbed his clothes and left without even helping her up.

    Such a disgusting man, she thought, her hands running over the sperm on her body. She scooped up a large white glob and started rubbing it into her nipples, yanking her hands back when she realized what she was doing. Beth was exhausted and struggled to rise off the table. Pools of white cum were all over the felt and on the cement floor. She was dripping with his seed and the smell filled her nostrils. She walked back to the front of the garage where there was a coiled hose and spigot. She turned it on and stepped out onto the driveway. Beth held the hose away from her watching a large blob of thick sperm sliding down her belly. She scooped it up with her fingers and brought it up to her mouth licking all of it off. Asshole, she thought. He was right about her. She had enjoyed sucking him off and she hadn’t wanted to quit when he told her she could. She brought the hose up, spraying her breasts. It was warm at first but soon turned cold causing her to shiver as she tried to get all the sperm from her body. She looked over at her neighbors. Their bedroom light was still on. If they were to glance out their window, they’d see her nude wet body illuminated in the light of her garage. She turned to face the lit window across the street. Titus was right about that too. She was starting to like showing off her body. Standing outside nude was exhilarating. Ever since wearing lingerie the other night, her normal clothes and practical underwear had started feeling constrictive.

    Beth turned the water off. She was dripping wet and still had stringy sperm all over her, but at least she wouldn’t be dripping his cum all over the floor. Beth could still taste his seed in her mouth and she wanted to wipe away all traces of her repulsive brother in laws seed from her body. She reached for the last shot on the tray, grabbed it and filled her mouth without hesitating, but instead of the burning sensation of alcohol, cool water filled her mouth. She swallowed, cheeks turning pale before flushing red with anger. He’d fed her vodka shots while secretly drinking water himself, an old bartender trick. He’d scammed her again.

    Beth grabbed some paper towels off a workbench and cleaned the white pools off the green felt on the billiard’s table and then cleaned the white puddles off the cement. Satisfied all traces of Titus’ cum was gone, she grabbed her clothes and headed upstairs to shower off the last of his semen.

    Beth didn’t want to use the master bath for fear of waking David. The guest bath was across from Titus’ room. As she neared the room, she heard loud moans and slurping sounds. The door was open, and the light was on. As she passed, she glanced in the room and froze. Titus was on his back with Ashley now nude, laying on top of him facing the other direction. She was going to town on his cock, sucking and slurping it for all she was worth. Titus was pulling her plump ass back into his face sucking on her pussy with as much gusto. Beth had seen this position performed in David’s pornos before and thought it disgusting. After all, Titus’ nose was practically in the young woman’s ass. The girl may have been nineteen, but she was sucking on Titus’ cock like an old pro that knew how good the black man’s cum tasted and craved a bellyful. Beth hated her at that moment. Ash suddenly reared back and cried out, grinding her ass back into Titus’ mouth. God, he knew how to make a woman orgasm!

    Beth turned away and stepped into the shower. The sperm had dried and was easier to get off with a washcloth this time. She soaped her body and washed her hair, unsure if a stray wad had made it that far. She grabbed her clothes and didn’t bother dressing. She exited the shower and froze again. The scene in the bedroom had changed. Ashley was now bouncing in Titus’ lap and she looked beautiful. Beth understood why the men found her so attractive. She was plump, but not fat, and her skin was still young and smooth without rolls under her belly when her back was arched. Her huge breasts were flopping up and down. Titus grabbed them and squeezed, holding them still. The young woman bent down dangling them over his face, so he could suck her engorged nipples. Her areolae were large, about the diameter of a can, but her nipples weren’t very long though they were thick. Again, Beth was struck by how sexy the skin contrasts looked between the black man and the white woman. They looked better together than any of the white couples in David’s pornos. “UNHH! I’m cumming all over your big nigger cock! AAAAAHHH!” cried Ashley throwing her head back, but Beth pictured herself astride the big black man cumming all over the huge nigger cock.

    Beth turned and left. She found David in the position she’d left him. She loosened his pants and pulled them off, but just unbuttoned the shirt. His belly stuck out slightly, his chest pale without the hint of a muscle anywhere. She sighed and pulled his underwear down. His penis had withdrawn into the scrotum making him look even smaller than normal. She reached out and tugged on it, stretching it out and watching it swell a little. Beth was filled with guilt over what she’d just done with her husband’s hated brother. A thing she’d never done for her husband. She laid down between his legs and took his limp penis in her mouth. Swallowing the whole thing was nothing. She felt him harden completely. The head only reached her uvula and it didn’t stretch her throat out in the least. She started slowly sucking.

    “Hmmmmm,” he moaned in his sleep, moving a little.

    Beth bobbed her head more rapidly and less then five minutes, a small wad of sperm shot down her throat. She pulled back, so she could taste him just in time to get a few drops across her tongue. It was runny and bland, the sperm of a weakling. Still, Beth wanted it inside her. Despite her many orgasms, Titus’ short penetration had only left her pussy needier. She was developing an itch that needed to be scratched, but it was far deeper inside her then David’s penis could ever reach. She kept sucking hoping David would stay hard, but his penis just withered and shrank until it plopped out from between her lips totally spent from a three-minute blow job.

    Beth got up and walked to the bathroom to wash her mouth out with Listerine. She wanted to remove the insipid taste of his weak seed from her mouth. She spat the mouthwash out and returned to her husband. “Harder! Gimme that big black cock,” screamed Ashley from a few doors down. Beth found her feet heading towards the door of the bedroom and back into the hall. She peeked back into the guest room. This time Ashely was on fours while Titus fucked her hard from behind. “So good, so good,” she was mumbling. “I’m cumming again.” The young woman apparently came so hard, there was a loud farting sound from their crotches. Her head fell into her arms, ass thrust up into the air. “Titus please,” she begged. “You know what I want.”

    “I know slut, I know,” he answered. Titus pulled his hips back. Beth could see his shiny rampant cock, dripping with Ashley’s cum. He grabbed the shaft and lifted it up above her pussy, pressing it down. He gritted his teeth and pushed forwards.

    “Shove that big nigger cock in my ass,” cried Ashley.

    Beth stepped back and put her hand in her chest in shock. Ashley was begging to be sodomized! Beth always refused to even watch an anal scene in an adult film, leaving the room when one came on. It was totally disgusting, and she’d never believed real people did it. “Yes, god yes, fuck my ass,” groaned Ashley from the room. Beth quietly stepped back and returned to her bedroom, slipping into bed beside David. She listened to more grunts and moans and cries of pleasure for the next half hour. Ashley even sounded like she had an orgasm once while being sodomized.

    Finally, Beth fell asleep to more weird dreams. She was playing pool with Titus, only he was standing behind her playing with her nipples while she used his cock as a pool stick. It was as long as a pool stick in her dream. At some point, she was miniaturized running around the pool table trying to dodge the balls which were all pitch black 8 balls. They were always sideways so that the eights looked like infinity symbols.


    Beth was still dreaming when the sun shone through her window. Now she was outside and nude rinsing herself off with the hose. Only this time, it was broad daylight. Her neighbors pulled up, but instead of going inside they came over to talk to her. The man and woman were Frank and Joan, in their fifties, but fit and good looking. They both admired her nude form under the hose which was more of a shower then a flow of water. “I didn’t know you had such big tits, Beth,” said Frank. He reached out and grabbed one, running her hands over her body. “Feel these honey,” he said. Joan grabbed her other breast. “Nice! Firm, but real. I’m impressed.”

    “Thank you,” said Beth.

    Both stepped into Beth and started kissing her while running their hands all over her nude body. “You really need to dress to show off these tits,” said Joan before kissing her on the lips.

    Beth smacked her lips in her sleep. Her lips were wet and tasted salty. Joan began to strip, and Frank pulled out his penis, only it was a cock and it was as big as Titus’ and as black too. Frank and Joan had turned into the two black men from the club. Beth grabbed the one giant black cock while pulling the second towards her mouth. She licked the head, tasting the precum on the tip. It started pushing into her mouth only it was real, and Beth opened her eyes. She looked up at Titus in horror. He was naked, his cock mostly hard, sticking out, but bent slightly down. Thankfully, she could hear David snoring behind her. She raised her eyebrows up at him as she turned her head away from his cock.

    Titus bent down. “Ash needs to get home soon. We need a ride back to the club.”

    “Fine, just get out of here before David sees you.” Beth watched him go before climbing out of bed. She walked over to her bath and took a quick shower which immediately made her feel better. She dried off and walked back into the bedroom nude. David opened his eyes and whistled softly, groaning in regret at the noise. “I had the best dream last night,” he said. I dreamt you woke me up in the middle of the night and sucked my cock.”

    “Well it must have been a dream,” she told him. Beth considered telling him the truth, but it had been so unrewarding that she didn’t want him to expect it again. “And don’t be crass. It’s a penis, not a cock.”

    “Sorry,” he groaned. “How much did I drink last night? Can I borrow your sleeping mask?”

    “Sure,” she replied, handing him her mask. “I’m giving Titus and Ashley a ride to the club. I’ll be back soon. Stay in bed, you look horrible.” She pulled on her running pants which hugged her fit legs and ass more tightly then she would have preferred. She pulled a flowery top on over it.

    “Hey, you don’t look that great either. Your cheeks are all puffy.”

    “See you soon, David,” she replied while he put the mask over his eyes. She pressed her finger against her cheek as she left the room. They were puffy, but it wasn’t from drinking. She left her bedroom while sucking her cheeks in a bit.


    My god they’re at it again thought Beth. The bathroom door was open and the shower running. She walked by and stopped. Ashley’s breasts were smashed against the shower glass door and Titus’ giant dark form was behind her giving it to her hard. Her belly kept pressing against the glass every time Titus pushed deep and her dangling spade belly button piercing hit the glass with each thrust. “Oh god, love black cock. I love your black cock. Own my pussy, T-dawg.” Her eyes opened, and she saw Beth through the door. “Hold it stud,” she said. Ashley opened the door. “Morning Beth, care to join us? Titus looked over her shoulder and wiggled his eyebrows invitingly.

    “Uh…no thanks,” said Beth.

    “Too bad,” said Ashley. “But hey, more for me.” She closed the door again. “I want that big nigger cock balls deep, stud.”

    Beth was shaking as she walked downstairs. She brewed some coffee and was halfway done her cup when Ashley and Titus came downstairs. She was dressed in her two-piece dress from last night, but it was obvious her boobs were bouncing freely. Titus was wearing a white tank top that left his muscular arms bare and tightly hugged his chest. He was also wearing sweat pants and his giant banana cock appeared to be swinging freely under the fabric. “Let’s get going,” he told Beth.

    Ashley sat in the passenger seat while Titus spread out in the back seat and appeared to nap. “Thanks for the ride,” said Ash. “I had a great time last night.” She reached over and placed her hand on Beth’s thigh. “Sorry if I made you uncomfortable, but I was hoping you might be into girls too.”

    “Sorry, no,” Beth replied. She looked down at the hand on her knee and Ashley withdrew it. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” she added. More than half her feminist sisters had been lesbians and every one of them had expressed an interest in Beth. One even claimed it was Beth’s Sapphic duty as a feminist to spend an evening with her, a bullshit line to get her in bed. She was on the heavy side and butch, not as attractive as Ashley.

    Ashely reached down and picked up Beth’s phone from between the seats. “Here’s my number. Give me a call if you change your mind or even if you just want to go clubbing. I’ll call those two hot guys we were dancing with last night.”

    “You’re forgetting I’m married.”

    “Oh, I thought David was cool. Oh well, I might just have to call those guys myself. Do the hot Oreo cookie.”

    “Is there anything you won’t do?” asked Beth.

    “Nope, I do whatever feels good and makes me happy. I’m a liberated woman.”

    No, you’re a slut, thought Beth, turning the car into the South Beach area of Miami. She frowned. Ashely’s behavior was certainly not what her professors or sisters would have called a “liberated woman”, but could they be wrong?

    “Oh, by the way,” said Ashley reaching into her small purse. She pulled out her wadded up sheer underwear. “Titus wanted you to have these. He thinks you need to dress sexier like a real woman.”

    “Uh, that’s not necessary.”

    “It’s nothing,” said Ashley, “men buy me underwear all the time.”

    Of course they do, she thought. “Here we are,” said Beth turning into the club and pulling in beside Titus’s motorcycle.

    “Thanks again for the lift,” said Ashley opening the door. “And give me a call if you want to have some fun.”

    Titus sat up. “Yeah thanks, Beth.” He slid out the door.

    “Wow, she does not shut up,” whispered Beth watching Ashley throw her arms around the giant black man and give him a deep kiss. She turned and walked to a nearby car. Titus straddled his bike and started it up.

    Beth turned the car and headed home. She’d never felt more confused in her life. Ashley and Titus were making her question her entire world view and like most people, she resented it.
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