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. The Unwanted Houseguest Rebooted 2

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Stormbringer, Mar 9, 2019.

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  1. Stormbringer

    Stormbringer Well-Known Member Author!

    The Unwanted Houseguest Rebooted 2
    Copyright 2018 by Stormbringer

    Chapter 2: These Tits Were Made for Fucking

    Beth groaned when the alarm went off and rolled on her side as David got up. “You really have to go to work?” she complained. Her thighs felt damp and her hard nipples scraped against the bed sheet.

    The little sleep she'd gotten had been filled with strange dreams. In one she'd been a mannequin, dressed in last night's sexy lingerie while Titus and David stared up at her, the black man telling David how good his wife would look wearing it. In another, she was nude in a farmyard while giant black feathered roosters were chasing her around. Most of the other dreams she couldn't remember, but they were sexual and left her in a hyper-aroused state.

    “Just today,” answered David, meekly. “Tax season is coming up and the boss wants me to do some prep work on our bigger accounts.”

    “You should tell him no occasionally, it's Christmas break for god's sake. You let him boss you around too much.”

    “That's what bosses do, hence the name.”

    Beth fell back asleep while David was in the shower, but he woke her back up turning the closet light on so that he could dress. She rolled on her back, groaning in complaint, and pulled his pillow over her head. Her hand reached out for the nightstand, encountering her skin cream before finding her sleeping mask. She pulled it over her eyes and shoved the pillow aside. She heard him leave and fell back asleep. She dreamed again. This time she was a fairy dancing around a black mushroom with a bulbous helmet-shaped cap. Her nude winged body polished the stem of the large fungi until it erupted a fountain of white liquid. She quickly danced under the fountain and began ecstatically washing her body with the white liquid spores.

    Beth awoke again but was groggy from lack of sleep when she felt David's heavy weight press down on the bed. She groaned in objection, wondering what he was doing as he tugged at the bed covers. He grabbed her ankle and pulled at her leg. She tried to kick out in protest, but he just grabbed her other ankle and his grip was stronger than usual. Beth groaned again and tried to turn on her side, but he held her firm. All she wanted to do was get some sleep. What the hell was David doing? He pulled her legs open and scooted forwards. She came fully awake when the large flat tongue licked up her wet slit. Beth opened her legs wider for him as the tongue began lapping at her vagina. Her sleepy groan of protest turned to moans of pleasure. This was exactly what she needed, and it had been a while since he'd gone down on her.

    Beth bit her lip trying to fight it, but her hips started humping up into that lapping tongue. She reached out and grabbed handfuls of the mattress cover, her fists clenching. It was shameful the way her body was reacting to David's incredibly prehensile tongue. He'd never shown such eagerness or such skill for that matter. Big hands slipped under her thighs, grabbing, and squeezing her butt cheeks when she lifted herself off the bed. The hands moved over her hips and up her sides, the rough hands caressing her breasts. She bit her lip again when her throat started making mewling noises. Her belly was undulating, and she gave up fighting it, gasping out loud now, letting her husband know how much she was enjoying this as she moaned The hands on her breasts suddenly moved up. She cried out and came when he pinched both her hard nipples. Her entire lower body lifted into his fantastic tongue before dropping back down to the bed.

    The orgasm lasted longer than any of her previous ones, helped along by the pressure on her nipples. “Wow! That was the best ever,” she whispered, panting from the pleasurable exertion. David did something else unusual, he didn't stop. His right hand moved down her body and between her legs while his left index finger made little circles around her left nipple. Two thick fingers slipped between the folds of her labia and pushed deep. He started working the fingers in and out of her vagina while his tongue flickered over her protruding clitoris. What had been complete satisfaction a minute ago, turned into a growing need for another orgasm. Her hips rose into each thrust of his fingers. Another orgasm started growing from all the stimulation. Sex had never felt this good. She couldn't be mad at this man for his stupid bet or for not kicking his brother out. Everything was forgiven. She had to reward him somehow and the only thing that came to mind was for her to repay him the same way, but liberated women did not get men off with their mouths. The second orgasm came, and it was bigger than the last. She screamed this time before clamping her mouth shut to hide her embarrassment over her wanton behavior. His fingers felt better than his tongue had, they even felt longer and thicker than his penis. She collapsed back down on the mattress nearly passed out from the pleasure.

    Beth came back to her senses, aware that the same tongue that had given her so much pleasure was now licking up the sides of her pubic mound. Both hands had returned to her breasts. The fingers of his right hand, on her left nipple, felt wet from her vaginal fluids. Odd that David was using his right hand when he was left-handed? Big lips planted a kiss on her bellybutton, the tip of his tongue wiggling inside and making her suck her stomach in as she gasped. His tongue licked up the top of her stomach towards her breasts. Two huge orgasms yet still her arousal came back with an almost painful need for more from his skillful ministrations. She writhed in lust beneath him as his body climbed over hers. Beth gasped in joy when the broad lips clamped down over one nipple and sucked it in. Her legs spread wide to receive her husband.

    Deep down, she knew what was happening. The weight on the bed, the wrong hand, the broadness of the shoulders, plus the simple fact that this man seemed skilled at what he was doing told her this wasn't David. But the pleasure was too intense for her to make him stop and she blamed her groggy sleepy state. She did come to her senses when the large head of his penis began to push past her labia. Her vaginal lips parted wide around the head, opening wider than ever before and the shameless muscles in her vagina began trying to grip the head to pull it deep inside her. Beth's hands flew down to the strong shoulders and she pushed hard. Titus didn't budge, but she slid up the bed and away from the probing end of that thing between his legs. She quickly squeezed her thighs together.

    “What gives, baby?”

    Beth flicked the sleep mask off and looked in horror at the black man's rugged face hovering over her breasts. Everywhere under his broad flat nose was slick and wet from her arousal. “What are you doing?”

    “Thought we'd fuck.” He looked surprised that she was rejecting him like his mind couldn’t comprehend being turned down. “You can't tell me that you don't want to find out what a real man's cock feels like?”

    “NO! I don't want that thing in me.” His eyes narrowed for a moment and the intensity of the gaze made her shiver. “I'm married to your brother for god's sake.”

    Titus pushed himself up off her with his arms and she used the chance to squeeze her legs closed even tighter. He slid his own legs up and straddled her thighs, his weight holding her down. “That wimp ain't no brother of mine.”

    Titus slid his way up her body. “What are you doing?” she asked in alarm, staring with awe and a little fear at how rampant his thirteen-inch cock looked. Half the head was wet from her vaginal fluid and the tip was dribbling precum onto her breasts. He straddled and sat on her stomach, leaning over, and grabbing her hand cream off the nightstand. “What are you doing?” she asked again.

    “I gotta get off,” he said, squirting lotion into both his hands and coating his shaft with it. He tossed the hand cream aside.

    Beth stared at the slicked up black penis as Titus leaned forward so that the straight shaft rested on her chest. His hands were still slick with lotion when he grabbed her breast flesh. “What are you doing?” she asked again even as he squashed her breasts together with his fat black shaft wedged between them.

    “I'm gonna titty fuck these big white breasts.” Titus began working his hips, the well-lubricated black phallus sliding easily between her well-cushioned white breasts. “These girls are built for titty fucking.”

    Beth had never heard of such a thing, but then there was no telling what the perverted minds of males might conceive of to abuse women. She stared with fascination at his cock, the giant plum head thrusting forwards only to disappear into her tit flesh a moment later. There wasn't much to this and she wished he'd just hurry up and finish so that he would go away. She did like staring at his penis though and her neck was starting to hurt. She reached out and pulled a pillow under her head to prop it up so that she could keep staring at it. Surprisingly, her gaze left the slowly thrusting dark shaft instead focusing on the large black hands holding her breasts. Her breasts were a pale white and largely unblemished but for the occasional freckle. There was something captivating about the contrast of his dark skin on her pale flesh.

    Beth stared at his hands, her eyes following his thumbs as he arched them up and brought both down on her nipples. His thumbs began circling her nipples, sometimes pushing them down into her tits and other times just flickering back and forth over them. Their sensitivity had her moaning almost instantly and her arousal grew again. Her hips started raising and her eyes moved back over to the thrusting black cock. Each time his cock pushed forward, her hips lifted and for the first time, Beth started picturing him kneeling between her legs pushing his huge cock inside her needy pussy.

    His cock shot up so far, she jerked her head back, feeling the tip scrape her lips. It came forward again, a spattering of precum coating her lips. She reached up and grabbed his arms trying to pull him back, but he was too strong, and his cock kept hitting her mouth. She kept it tightly closed lest she taste his vulgar seed. The head was hitting her lips a little harder now, smashing them against her teeth. Beth moved her hands up his arms, noticing how bulging and hard his incredible biceps felt before she moved her hands over to his chest and tried to push him back. Instead, she encountered a hard-muscular chest as solid as a brick wall. Once again, her eyes were drawn to the contrast of her small white hands against his solid black manly chest. Instead of trying to push him off, her hands slid across his chest, examining the lines of his muscles so different from David’s chest. Titus chuckled, and she jerked her hands off him in shame at her behavior. Her hands stopped just above her breasts. Titus nodded down to her, “You hold them together,” he ordered.

    Beth eagerly obeyed. Anything to stop his ministrations on her sexually charged nipples. When he stopped though, she found she missed the sensations and her own fingers replaced his, pinching and squeezing her erect nipples while she stared at his penis. Her hips continued to lift with each thrust of his cock. A cock that looked even bigger and more swollen then it had a short time ago. She stared at it hardly noticing Titus turn his body slightly reaching behind him until she felt his finger on her swollen clit. She jerked in surprise, moaning, her lips parting enough that his urethra pushed between them squirting precum into her mouth. Titus pinched her clit and started flicking it with his finger just as he had done with her nipples. Her mouth opened wider as she cried out in pleasure. This time half of the rounded tip of his cock pushed past her lips, a jet of precum shooting across her tongue. Beth was horrified, but it was nothing compared to the horror that came next. Titus' finger left her clit and she slammed her mouth shut, but then two of his fingers pushed deep into her pussy, her mouth opening wide as she cried out in pleasure and came all over his fat fingers. His cock shot forward, the entire head entering her mouth just as he came. Hot sperm filled her mouth until her cheeks bulged out. Beth was forced to swallow it, gulping his hot seed down her throat and into her belly. Disgusting, but the taste wasn’t that bad at all.

    Titus cock retreated, shooting a wave of sperm over her face, more falling into her open mouth. Her vaginal muscles suddenly clamped down around Titus' fingers as she came again. This time when his cock shot forward, the head stayed in her mouth, pumping several more cheek bulging loads of semen into her mouth. She swallowed it with less reluctance this time, but she still didn't want his seed in her mouth. Beth reached out to grab his shaft, struggling to pull it away from her mouth, but he pressed forwards every time she pushed it back which served to jerk more spunk out of his cock and into her mouth. She swallowed several more mouthfuls not realizing that he had quit thrusting his cock through her hands, yet she was still jerking all the cum from his shaft as she suckled on the head of his cock like she was craving his hot repulsive seed. Then much to Beth's shame, her tongue licked over the head of his black cock to get the last pearl of his delicious cum dripping off the tip. When Beth realized what she'd done, she did yank his cock from her mouth and turned her head sideways sickened with herself.

    Titus gave her clit a final pinch and lifted his weight from her stomach. He slid backward. Beth thought he was getting off her, but instead, he moved backward and worked his way between her legs. He smacked his huge floppy cock down against her pelvic mound several times hard enough that it stung her. Beth winced and looked back down her body. His cock started hardening again with each smack much to her shock. He scooted back some more and started bending the now rampant shaft back towards her vagina, lining the head up for penetration.

    Beth came to her senses just as he thrust his cock forwards. Instead of pushing into her vagina, it encountered the back of her hand. “Hey what gives?” he asked wincing a little as it had been a hard thrust.

    “Get out,” she ordered.

    “You don't want to fuck?”

    “No, you pompous ass,” she growled, pulling up and sliding over to the edge of the bed. “Get it through your empty head that I do not want to fuck you. I don't even like you. Now get out of my bedroom.” His look of stunned disbelief stunned her. This man wasn't used to rejection. “We are never going to have sex, Titus,” she said slower and calmer, spacing her words out like she was speaking to a child.

    “You don't want this?” he asked, grabbing her hand, and putting it on his shaft before she could yank it back.

    “Oh!” she gasped, her body trembling. It was sticking straight out from his body fully hard and ready for another round. She squeezed it tightly, so thick and hard, hot and pulsing with power.

    “It wants you, Beth. It wants you real bad.”

    “Well, I don't want it. Your thing disgusts me.”

    His dark eyes roamed down her body. “I've never seen a body like yours, tits, ass, legs, you're damn near perfect. That body is built for servicing big cock.”

    She looked up his chest and into his eyes. She fought to keep herself from trembling. Until now, David was the only man to see her nude body and even he had never seen her this hyper-aroused. “My body is perfectly happy with David's little peni.. my husband's small... tiny penis is perfectly adequate for my needs.” Damn Titus and his big black cock for making her all flustered.

    “Bull shit bitch!” He snorted. “I seen the look in your eyes when you stare at my cock.”

    “Get out.”

    “Suit yo self, but since you got it all hard again, how about another hand job?”

    “No, I want nothing to do with your big black cock... I mean I don't want to ever see your huge penis ever again or you for that matter.”

    “Then maybe you should let it go.”

    Beth looked down at her hand, gliding up and down the thick shaft. Her arm had several sticky wads on it from where his thing had shot little jets of precum. A part of her wanted to fall down to her knees before her black brother-in-law, jerk him off again, and aim his spurting black cock to cover her with his seed before guiding it back into her mouth so that she could swallow more of his disgusting cum, so repulsive yet so rich and delicious. Instead, she let go and yanked her hand back, leaving his cock bobbing and weaving. “Get out or I'm calling David.”

    Titus threw his hands up. “Don't do that,” he begged. “Please don't tell David. He might hurt me.”

    Beth realized he was teasing her, but he did turn around and head for the door. Her eyes stared at the giant cock until it disappeared. She didn’t even notice him pick his phone up off the dresser where it was aimed at the bed. “Nigger,” she whispered when he was gone. She ran to the door and locked it.

    Beth turned leaning on the door and fighting back tears. She'd always felt that crying was a weakness of women. Instead, she brought her hand up to her face and bit her knuckle, her anger growing. She was madder at herself and her body’s reaction to Titus then at the black man himself. Seconds later, porn music came back on from the guest room and she could hear Titus grunting.

    Beth shivered, picturing him lying in bed masturbating himself just a couple of dozen feet from her. She pictured him cumming. His huge cock blowing out sperm like a fire hose. She could even smell his semen then remembered her face was covered in it and it was starting to dry. She took her knuckle out of her mouth and absentmindedly licked a large glob of his precum off her arm before heading to her bathroom.

    Beth showered and washed but soon found herself masturbating again. She squeezed her hardened nipple almost painfully as she angrily fingered herself her mind filled with images of Titus and his huge cock. She came, moaning loudly, hoping he couldn't hear her in his room. Her anger at herself wavered and she redirected it, not towards Titus, but towards her husband.

    Why couldn't he have been the brother to inherit the big cock?
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