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. The Tutor - Ch. 3

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Titslave, Jan 6, 2018.

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  1. Titslave

    Titslave Active Member Author!

    The Tutor – Part 3

    After his illicit encounter with Ted’s wife Suzanne, Don Phillips was at war with himself. She was bilking him for tutoring his son and his teammates. Don had gone to her house with the determination to get the overcharges back and instead gave in to her wickedness. He was engulfed in shame but kept reliving the pleasure of fucking her tight asshole. He met with his pastor and worked his way into the subject of lust, and then adultery. He was told: “These are an effrontery to God. Only the sacrament of marriage contains lust, Don.”

    Standing in the church parking lot, as a drizzle started, Phillips called the Olsen residence. He heard her voice and trembled. But he was putting his foot down.

    “Good morning Suzanne, we need to talk, as soon as possible” he began formally.

    “We need to do more than that.” she purred.

    “No, that was a huge mistake, I strayed. I really did.” he had a speech ready. “You made me do sin. Meet me at the new McDonald’s on the parkway. We need to straighten this out. I want all the money back, minus the rate set by the university, times the hours.”

    She caught the affected stiffness in his tone and grinned to herself. He’s horny for me. “Why not come over here, Don? If you’re feeling anxious I can straddle your lap and you can stick your face between my tits.”

    Silence. Then “McDonald’s. Right now.” He hung up.

    Her gut told her that his remorse was in control at the moment, but over the phone was one thing. In person, he’d collapse. She interrupted Ted, who was at his home office in the basement obsessively watching his wife having sex with her young students. He covered all the active screens and turned to her.

    “Any luck with job hunting?” she asked, leaning down to kiss him on the cheek.

    “What’s up?” Ted asked. He surveyed her very short skirt and lace, thigh-high stockings. A push-up brassiere peeking out from her top gave her boobs such prominence he could not stop staring at them. Finally he turned back to the computer screen. “Going somewhere?”

    “Don Phillips is on the warpath again about my fees, so I have to meet him and mollify him,” she said, petting his neck. After a couple beats, “Honey, when he was here yesterday did you think about my suggestion that it would be great to record my sales pitch to him in the library? About charging a higher rate?”

    His voice cracked: “Sure, I did think about it.”

    She smiled and stood behind him, caressing his shoulders. After a moment she asked confidently: “Is it possible to find such a record of him and me in the study?”

    He stared straight ahead, then his eyes went to the desk. “Yes.”

    “Awesome,” she said, kissing him again. “What kind of a car does he drive and what color?” He told her a brown late model Mercedes SUV. She thanked him. “You’re an angel. Wish me luck.” Then as she left him she turned and held up one of his miniature cams. “Oh, I’m borrowing this – don’t worry, just for a couple hours.”

    “But….” He started. He stared helplessly as she walked to the stairs, her very endowed, curvy ass shaking in the tight fitting fabric. Her wide hips and cheeks seemed unconfined in their wiggling and wobbling. Was she wearing anything underneath, other than the skirt?

    When she reached the McDonald’s, drizzle had changed to heavy rain. She pulled in next to a brown Mercedes. The storm was now dumping tons everywhere. Suzanne looked at the front entrance and as she did so, it went dark. Then the whole restaurant. So did an IHOP across the street. The power was out. The sky’s blackness made things like night. She jumped from the car and ran around to the driver’s side of the SUV.

    Don Phillips took a deep breath, his mind racing in opposite directions. Suzanne had pushed herself against the window so when he rolled down the window her packed, soaking wet red bra greeted him as it protruded enticingly over her tank top. He resisted the sinful impulse to grab them. She placed her hands over the car door and pushed her boobs through the window. Then she leaned in and kissed him on the lips, her hand on his face.

    “Hi Don. Looks like McDonald’s is down with an outage. Kind of dark in there. Can I get in?”

    “Suzanne, it’s real simple. I can’t let you keep that money.” After feasting his eyes on her bra-contained knockers he impeded himself from any look at her.

    Scampering in the torrential storm she appeared at the passenger door. He reluctantly unlocked it.
    “Did you bring the money?” he asked in a strained tone, looking at the glove compartment. “You have to give me all the money.” He muttered about the crisis his business was in. “A major customer is not paying me, and you have to give me the money.”

    “What’s his name?” she asked sympathetically.

    “Latrelle Irving.”

    “Latrelle Irving, the pro sports wheeler dealer? Part owner of those teams? He’s got a hell of a home up in the hills on a private lake, I hear.”

    “Yes, he’s stiffing me out of a lot of money, over a million, and it’s giving me a heart attack.” He shook his head, why am I telling her this?

    She cocked her head and ran her hand up and down his arm, and began kissing his face. Then, in his ear: “I can’t give you back my tutor fees. But I can help you get that money. All I want is 10% of what you’re owed.” He groaned disapprovingly.

    “Think I’m kidding? I’ll get him to pay you. I get 10%.”

    He laughed: “Yeah right, fine, 10%. No wait, make it 15%.” He tried to act insulted and annoyed by her grand intentions. But she invaded his mouth with her tongue.

    She cooed: “And right now, I can give you what you’re dying for. You know how much you need it, Don.” Suzanne began rubbing his stiffening prick.

    “We can’t do this,” he sighed, pushing her hand away. She kissed him passionately and his tongue reciprocated. But he raised his voice, “no!”

    She kept up, ignoring him, and opening his fly, pulled his mouth even closer to hers. She licked his ear and planted wet kisses on his neck. He closed his eyes at the touch of her fingers around his cock. Up and down the erect shaft they crawled. Her lips replaced them. He was responding, inevitably, without inhibition. His hands played in her hair. Suzanne’s tongue traced circles around his dickhead.

    After a few minutes Suzanne turned in the seat to face the passenger window and planted her knees on the leather upholstery. She pulled her skirt up so that it rested on her lower back. She looked back at him.

    She had already laid her phone on his dashboard, the mini-cam taped to it. The miniature device was turned on in a wide-angle mode and aimed at him.

    He was inches from her bare, smooth, round, delicious, ass. Her very abundant derriere, indescribable and so wicked. And in her asshole, a red, bejeweled butt plug. The mini-cam was going to capture him and his wanton deviation from his pastor’s directive.

    His hormones leapt to high gear. She backed her extra large booty into him and rubbed her plump cheeks against his face. His whole being surrendered and he licked her ass crack, his hands squeezing her buttocks. She heard him gasp and moan in his forbidden pleasure. She reached back and slowly pulled the butt plug from her anus.

    “Push it in and out, Don” she encouraged him. His shaking hand took the sex toy and slowly did so. Don managed to invert himself in the driver’s seat, his legs folded against his door He played with the butt plug while pawing with his free hand at her buttocks and licking her pussy. Suzanne was aroused by his crescendo of moans and gasps.

    After ten minutes of foreplay Don was moaning and kneeling over her, his face pressed against her back. She reached behind and played with his balls. Her head mashed against the window and her other hand spread her crack open. The butt plug fell off the seat and onto the floor. He rubbed his manhood against her loosened anus, then wetted it by poking and penetrating her wet cunt. Her lips grabbed his cock. His deepening gasps of passion filled the air. He began fucking her ass. Nothing had ever felt so great.

    “Fuck me Don. Fuck me with your big dick like you did the last time.” She said his name several times. He moaned louder and louder. She had to admit, he was a bucking bronco insider her rectum. She was discovering the joy of promiscuity and demanded that he reach around and rub her clit while he pounded away at her fat butt.

    After twenty minutes of cornholing he came in buckets. Don had become an almost violent lover, flipping her around and burying his delirious tongue in her pussy. His semen dripped out of her ass as he paced his cunnilingus. His finger, then fingers, rocked in and out of her butthole. He licked her vagina then chowed down on her clit.

    “Don! Shit! Oh yes!!! Don’t stop!” Her hands pinned his head to her crotch until, at last, she came with a scream of ecstasy.

    They had been in his car for an hour. She was blowing him again, making him hard. They got in the back seat. She managed to position herself on the floor, with her head resting against the panel between the two front seats, so that he was fucking her mouth while he was facing the front, his hands planted on the seats. The mini-cam was rolling.

    He cried out as he came a second time, all over her face. After a short afterglow she said: “I’ve gotta go, Don Phillips. And I will get you your money.” She took her phone and its surreptitious accessory.

    “Please….leave,” he said between gasps, his lust receding, his sense of propriety reasserting itself.

    Suzanne turned on her laptop and watched him back out of the parking lot, his tires peeling as he entered the main road.

    She looked for Latrelle Irving on social media. He had his own website. He was on Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr. Everywhere she found two themes: how Irving had started with nothing and become filthy rich, and how devoted he was to his family. Within the same five minutes she learned that his spot “to chill” during the day was a club in town that he co-owned, Triple Double.

    Triple Double was a high-end sports bar. At 11:00 when Suzanne walked in she was the only customer. She had freshened up at home before heading across town. She was wearing black stretch pants, red high heels, and a red bra-like top under a short, brown leather jacket.

    A young woman at the host station said robotically, “Welcome to Triple Double. How many?” She began grabbing menus. Various screens were running NFL, MLB, and hockey games.

    “Just me,” Suzanne said, “and I’ll sit at the bar for now.”

    She took a stool and set her handbag on the one next to her. The host served her a coke. Suzanne looked around discreetly, noticing no one, and turned on her laptop. She had read the manual for the cam that her husband had concealed in the library and began the process of interfacing the two devices. With surprising quickness the video from Don’s car went copied to her laptop and her phone. The whole time the cam hid in her handbag.

    This process finished, she looked straight ahead into the mirror behind the bar. Four feet behind her was a tall man, staring at her reflection. Behind him was a shorter, powerfully constructed guy who, with his brawn, resembled an NFL linebacker.

    “Is there anything we can get for you?” the tall man asked smoothly. He was striking, and casually dressed, but elegant.

    She turned and smiled. “Hello, no, what I needed was the online dating guy who was supposed to meet me here. I don’t think he’s coming.”

    The two men were now at the bar next to her, checking her out. “Please don’t take this the wrong way,” the taller one said, “but with your looks……”

    “…..online dating would be unnecessary?” she giggled, interrupting him.

    “Exactly.” He and his companion leered at her as she strategically opened her jacket, her big tits proudly jutting out in the bra-top. She got off the stool and with her back to them bent over for longer than usual to place her handbag and jacket on the floor. The two guys gave each other knowing looks.

    She turned to face the tall one as he said: “….Call me Latrelle.” His eyes were filled with her voluptuous body. She took his hand and reciprocated: “Courtney.” He took note of her wedding ring and went back to admiring her lovely face and remarkable cleavage.

    “Online dating is great,” he said, standing close to her as she got back on her stool, “but just hitting the right notes serendipity is so much nicer.”

    They chit-chatted for a few moments, she sitting, he standing at her side. Then she went to work.

    “I am married but not in a good way.” She turned her stool to face him. “I have not been intimate with my husband in two years. I have tried - - -“ her voice affected sorrow and partly broke. Hesitation, then she resumed. “I have tried to get him to love me like he used to. It’s intolerable, being so alone.” He put his hand on hers. “So I had to look elsewhere. I feel awful about it but what am I supposed to do?”

    “I’m sorry,” he said tenderly, standing closer, his eyes irresistibly falling to her cleavage.

    “I don’t mean to embarrass you,” she began to sob, “but do you think I’m attractive?”

    He embraced her. “Courtney, you’re gorgeous.”

    As he held her she fought her feigned emotional outpouring. “He is mean to me. He mocks me, tells me I’m fat.”

    “He’s cruel,” Latrelle said in a comforting tone, “he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

    She went on, and turned around, bending over. “He criticizes me about my fat ass. He keeps saying I have a huge butt.” Latrelle gasped.

    “Oh my God. It’s beautiful,” he said. He wanted to grab it and manhandle her. Then, as she turned to face him. “You’re upset. Courtney, we have a private conference room in the back for special guests. You can relax. There’s a private bathroom. Come with me. You can hang out there as long as you want. You’re having a challenging day.” All he could think about was her sultry mouth, her big tits, and her incredible posterior.

    They walked to the back of the restaurant, her arm in his.

    He closed the door to a spacious, tastefully appointed chamber with a dining table for about 8 to 12, two black leather, expansive couches, a bar, and expensive, custom lighting. He pointed to a restroom in the corner.

    “You can relax here until about 4:30. We have it booked for 5.”

    She took off her jacket and he took a deep breath at her looks. She put her bared arms around him. “Thank you. You are a real gentleman.” She kissed him on the cheek.

    Latrelle pulled her against him and gave her a long open-mouthed kiss. “Oh my God,” she whispered and returned the kiss, her tongue lunging into his mouth. He dropped his jacket on the floor and stood behind her, squeezing her big tits. She leaned back and made out with him. His left hand tenderly stole touches of her crotch.

    “It’s been so long….” She sighed. He pulled the bra up, whimpering at the sight of her breasts falling out and down, rippling gloriously while he lifted them toward their faces, then watching them drop. She reached behind and caressed his groin.

    He sat on the couch, his zipper open, his hand fishing around within.

    Suzanne’s heart jumped when Latrelle presented a very large male organ. Her eyes were riveted to it and his slowly jacking fingers. She pulled off her bra top. She turned her back and bent over, opening her hand bag and setting her phone on the table at the end of the couch. The camera was still attached, with plenty of battery left. She pressed “record”.

    “Well,” she said timidly, now standing before him. “I haven’t been with a man for a very long time. I should freshen up my mouth.” She pulled her stretch pants halfway down her irresistibly over-developed ass, to the delight of her host. Suzanne’s handbag was on the floor. She bent over all the way, sorting through the bag, and came up with her cosmetics pack. She applied fresh lipstick, grinding her hips.

    “Courtney, the way you show off that booty, you are definitely hungry for it. I bet you could fuck me in two.”

    “I’m just so alone,” she cooed.

    Suzanne backed up into his lap and tossed her lipstick on the floor.

    His hands caressed and squeezed her abundant buttocks. How smooth, how full and delicious. “Baby, I can’t believe your husband is ignoring this.”

    “Latrelle, you like that big ass?” she moaned.

    Even with the pounding she had gotten earlier in the day from Phillips, Suzanne’s asshole was tight again. Latrelle licked his finger and slowly slid it into her. In and out. Her moans of pleasure made his dick go rock solid. He licked his fingers and crammed three of them into her large butt. He slid down off the couch to the floor so that his head was resting against the couch. He pulled her stretch pants down, one leg frantically untangled from her high heel, and off on the floor. She turned with her back to him and sat on his face, and he went to town with his head buried in her big ass. He rubbed his cheeks against it, his long, muscular arms hugging her big hips. He was in ass heaven, smacking it.

    “Latrelle,” she said after about ten minutes, “no one has done this to me in years.” She cried out as he caressed her clit and tongue-fucked her asshole.

    He couldn’t stand it anymore and pushed her onto the couch with her back to him. She looked back at him, her hair half covering her eyes. He at first teased her wet pussy with tentative entrances and exits, then began a steady fucking. His dick was king-size and plowed deeply. She was unaccustomed to a male this large.

    And he could not remember a White girl with such a big beautiful ass. “Why don’t you let me show you how much I want that booty?” he panted in her ear.

    “You want to fuck my asshole, Latrelle?” she moaned enthusiastically.

    Don Phillips had entered her butt in increments just a few hours ago. Latrelle had no such reservations with “Courtney”. He was obsessed with phat white asses and this one was the prize. The one he had been waiting for. The glorious feeling of plowing into her rectum with his oversized phallus was so overwhelming that he had to slow down his strokes and make an effort to not burst into a release within the first few minutes of this anal wickedness.

    She managed a giggle then called out, half out of wanton pleasure and half so the camera could hear her. “Guess you like my fat ass, Latrelle!.” Suzanne pushed against him. He reached around and plunged his tongue into her ear, then between her eager lips.

    They fucked in high gear. She squealed and exhorted him to get deeper into her body. When he finally came, he fell onto the couch next to her, and she put her head in his lap. She gently fondled his dick. “You’re mine now baby,” he said, “I gotta have that ass of yours every day. Every day Courtney.”

    After chatting and cuddling she rose. “Latrelle, I have to go.” He protested. “I’m feeling guilty.” He shook his head and said: “Can you get away tomorrow?” He sent her phone his contact information.

    “I’ll try,” Suzanne said, grabbing her things. The camera fell onto the floor. Her heart made a right turn. She scooped it up and calmly inserted it into her handbag.

    His eyes were on her handbag. “Got everything?” he asked, his face no longer lit with passion and affection, but colder.

    “You are something,” she said evasively, initiating a deep kiss. “But I have got to get to the University Board meeting. A board member needs financial help with his business venture.” She grabbed her phone and spoke to Siri: “Call Don Phillips.”

    This gave Latrelle quite a start. “Wait, you know Don Phillips?”

    “You know him?” she said. She turned off Siri.

    “He and I have done business.”

    “Don is a straight shooter, don’t you agree? My private equity firm is acquiring his business and I have to clean up messes. He has receivables and we’re going all out to collect. Whoever owes, fasten your seat belt!” She smiled.

    Latrelle’s face went cold, dead. “He’s overcharging me. He can kiss my ass.”

    “Latrelle, I gotta go. I’ll call you.” She kissed him again. “I really loved the way you kissed MY ass.”

    “Okay Baby.” Their conversation has gotten eerie.

    The next day Suzanne received an e mail from Don Phillips, and a text from his son. Don had chosen his words carefully. It reads: “This is my final request. Return the excessive tutoring fees to me by electronic deposit in the account shown below. I expect your full cooperation or I will find another tutor for my son and his teammates.”

    She told her husband to upload the video from her carnal moment in Don’s car and also to make screen grabs. She set up a dummy e mail account and using it sent Phillips this e mail:

    We have come into the possession of damaging evidence that shows you engaged in sexual relations with a woman other than your wife. We can protect you from disclosure to your wife, your pastor, and the university governance. All you need do is allow the current tutoring services provided to your son to continue, at the rate of $400 an hour. Failure to accept this proposal would be imprudent. This proposal expires midnight tomorrow. Advise of your acceptance as soon as possible.

    Suzanne attached a clip that excerpted their anal sex scene and also various screen grabs. She had to admit her husband and purchased quality cameras. She pressed “SEND”.

    An hour later a knock on the door brought Ted Olson to the foyer. It was Don Phillips, wearing a shit-eating smile. “Hey Ted! Is the lady of the house here? How the heck are you?” He shook Ted’s hand effusively.

    Wearing a sly grin and no shoes Suzanne emerged slowly from the kitchen in a short and very tight red skirt, panty hose, and tube top.

    She hugged Don and kissed him on the lips, her tongue invading him. She was all over him for a few minutes. She heard Ted clear his throat.

    “So what’s going on? Long time no see!” she said cheerfully, her arm around Don.

    “Well…I….uh,” he said, stuttering, his face filled with a deep blush, “I have thought about it and take back everything I said about the tutoring. You’ve earned every penny and in fact I have convinced the University to raise your fee to $400 an hour!” He shifted his weight from one foot to another, partly out of panic, partly from uncontrollable lust for Ted’s wife. He handed her a letter that represented an open-ended purchase order for tutoring services at the new, special rate..

    “Really?!” Ted managed to exclaim.

    Suzanne hugged Don. “That’s wonderful! I promise you I won’t let you down!” She began making out with him, as Ted nervously watched.

    Don abruptly broke away. “Folks, have a great day. I have to go.” She giggled and complained that he was leaving after just arriving, and walked him out.

    “You’re ruining me,” he said, trembling, “I don’t know how that video happened. I’m terrified.”

    “Don’t worry about it,” she said, leaning into his car and reaching down to his crotch. “I met with Latrelle yesterday.”

    “You what?”

    “I have it under control. And I better get 15% for my end.”

    He shook his head and backed out, almost taking her arm off. His car squealed as he sped to the intersection.

    She went back in the house and gave Ted the camera. “I need you to work on the files that I created from later yesterday. The same thing you did for the first ones. I need captures and clips that I can attach to an e mail.”

    An hour later Suzanne sat at her laptop and sent off video capture and video excerpt files to Latrelle’s private e mail, with this message:

    We are in the process of resolving all outstanding receivables for Phillips Industries. Your firm has a seriously past due balance of $9,120,000. Attached are documents you should review immediately. These documents will be destroyed exactly two years and a day after immediate receipt of this past due balance. Bank transfer instructions are as follows:……….

    Later that day Latrelle sat motionless in his family room, staring at his iPad. His children played near his feet, and his wife came downstairs from the kitchen, placing a beer at his end table.

    “So what are you working on?” she asked, “you seem extremely focused and scary serious.” She noticed he was doing online banking.

    After a moment he resumed his typing and said: “I have to get that big payment to Phillips.”

    She was involved in his business affairs and reacted with shock. “Huh??? I thought we were going to stretch that one out?!?!”

    “The company is being taken over by a large private equity firm. Its personality is the opposite of his. He was a wimp. These guys are predators.” He sent $9,120,000 to Don Phillips’s company. He pictured “Courtney” and vowed to track her down. He would not rest until he found her.

    After Don texted her the next morning, ecstatic, Suzanne waited three days and called him on the phone at his office. “15% of $9,120,000 is $1,368,000,” she said, “transfer the funds and I lose the video.”

    “Bring it to my office,” he said cheerfully. After her online bank page showed the transfer she told Ted about it, who nearly fainted.

    She showed up at Don’s office in a conservative suit jacket and short skirt. He was excited to see her, and told her how astounded he was at the turn of events. “How did you do it?” he asked.

    “I persuaded him,” she replied, handing him the USB drive. “You wired my share and here are the files you were concerned about.” She stood up and took off her jacket. She was wearing a sleeveless see-through top that pushed her big tits together, but let them jiggle.

    Don closed his door and locked it. She responded to a prompt on her phone. A message from Don’s horny son:

    "Hi! Where you been??????? Can D’Shawn and the other guys and I meet you for tutoring? We rented a party room and there are four other guys from the team who really want your help. How about all day on Saturday, start at 930, go to whenever? Please"

    She texted: “Great! I’ll block out the whole day!”

    Don got on his knees in front of her and pulled her skirt down. She was commando and his tongue went to her crotch. Suzanne was horny all the time now and his mouth felt good. She knelt on the conference table. He groaned at the sight of her smooth, luscious, phat ass. His quickly hardening dick pressed against her asshole, then plunged into her cunt. She was getting so used to constant sex, and it was taking a lot to satisfy her. Don’s hands tingled at the feeling of her plump buttocks.

    An hour later she was fastening her seat belt in the company’s parking lot and contemplating a relocation. Latrelle would be looking for her. As she pulled out onto Route 12 she in an instant saw Latrelle in a car speeding in the opposite direction, toward Phillips Industries. Did he spot her?
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