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. The Tutor – Ch. 2

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Titslave, Jun 29, 2017.

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  1. Titslave

    Titslave Active Member Author!

    The Tutor – Part 2

    In Part 1, condescending and riding high Ted Olson was abruptly fired as an assistant athletic director at a Division I university. To make ends meet his voluptuous wife with a big round ass had to take on a role as a math tutor of Jimmy, a well-built and bashful freshman on the football team. With very little time spent on his math book, Suzanne Olson used creative methods to help her God-fearing client succeed, and succeed he did.

    Ted Olson looked intently at his wife. Her reaction to the news that Jimmy had aced his algebra examination was subtle. She merely nodded her head and smiled. “I just knew he would,” she said confidently, hanging her jacket.

    “I have some major job irons in the fire,” Ted offered, following her into the kitchen, “so you won’t have to do much more tutoring to bring money in.”

    She said nothing and called Jimmy on her cell.

    He was at the team gym with some of his buds. He had told them, with a new found swagger, how Mrs. Olson had come on to him, sucked his dick, and fucked him twice. It had excited him to describe this carnal wickedness, and how sex had improved his math skills. And propelled him into a thrilled awakening. So when he, now pumping iron, saw her number on the display, he put the weights down, and lunged for his phone.

    He had to conceal how horny he was. “Mrs. Olson! Can you believe it?! Wow! I was done with the exam way ahead of everybody else. And then I chatted with my instructor about other ways of solving quadratic equations. I love algebra!”

    “Jimmy, I never doubted that you would do just fine.” Ted hovered, wiping off a counter near her. Part of her was astounded at how her risky approach actually worked. Jimmy and she had not even talked about quadratic equations. Her new job suddenly was vibrating with potential.

    His lust taking over, Jimmy’s voice deepened, and with a hint of conspiracy: “Maybe I could have some more tutoring with you today? I don’t think I can wait until Saturday.”

    “Sure, today is good, and would you please call me Suzanne?” she was barely audible to her husband and stepped away. He followed her.

    Jimmy matched her sotto voce: “Great! In an hour? Oh,…… three other guys on the team are interested in signing up with you. They need your kind of help. Maybe they could stop by with me and get acquainted? Could you show them how you do it?”

    Suzanne tingled. “I would LOVE that,” she said, “and my rate is now $300 an hour.”

    Jimmy flinched at the number, but he was in a fever of sexual desire and mumbled, “Sure.”

    Ted made a demonstrative “time out” gesture, shaking his head. Suzanne covered the phone by pressing it against her tits. Ted’s eyes followed and he glared at her. Then she thrust her chest out and placed the phone into her cleavage. She pushed her breasts together.

    “Ted ---- I’ve got this.”

    He glared at her. “The agreement with the University says 100 dollars an hour maximum! I know his father. Don Phillips will NOT pay it.”

    She grinned and retrieved the cell. “See you and your guys in an hour, Jimmy. Goodbye handsome.”

    Ted sat down at the kitchen table. “Suzanne, I need to know what you and Jimmy were doing in the study. Obviously you two were not going over algebra problems with the music that loud. And I hate to say it, but it sounded like you two were having sex.” He leaned back and stared at her, then said: “Talk to me. What’s with the $300 an hour? Jimmy’s father is wealthy because he’s cheap. He’s an influential alum and hard core Baptist. When he hears about this he’s going to shut you down.”

    “I don’t want to discuss my teaching methods,” she said, grabbing bottled water from the fridge. “You asked me to sign up to help Jimmy, so I did. He’ll pay the $300 rate. Because of me he hit a fucking grand slam in his math class. Oh, and he’s bringing three more players on the team with academic problems. If I take on these three, that’s at least $1,200, and if twice a week, I’m gonna make $2,400 a week.”

    She looked unblinkingly back at him. “You do the math. But I don’t have time to tutor you. I have to shower and look professional.”

    “Three more? You agreed to this?”

    “Uh-huh. You’re damn right I did,” she almost whispered.

    Suzanne went upstairs and looked in the mirror. I’m a genius, or rather I turned Jimmy into one. She stood in the walk-in closet that had mirrors everywhere, deciding about what to wear. The thought of meeting Jimmy and his friends, made her shake her head in disbelief. She set the music in her phone to shuffle the rap genre.

    Ted heard a thump by the front door. He opened it and eagerly picked up the Amazon package he was expecting. In it were small containers of mini-cameras and microphones, with Wi-Fi connectivity. Amazon had promised “HD quality.” He installed the special batteries. His heart beating faster, he set about to get the electronic devices up and running in the study.

    Meanwhile Jimmy and his colleagues hustled out of the gym after showering, and raced to his parents’ spacious home not far from the campus. He grabbed cash kept in a safe in his parents’ closet. “This will be so worth it.” He held the cash and raised it in the air. “You guys gotta pay me back by tomorrow.”

    “I still think it’s bull crap,” one of his friends laughed.

    Hurrying to avoid being seen, Ted Olson inserted one of the miniature cameras on the bookshelf opposite the couch, with microphone attached. A second camera-mike fit into the housing for the lights of the overhead ceiling fan, with the lens facing toward the couch. The two other cameras and microphones were installed at the base of each table lamp flanking the couch, the lenses cocked so that they took in the couch area and the area of the room beyond. He turned on the Bose player to a voice recording, at the volume of someone speaking softly, just above a whisper.

    He then configured the cameras with the four-monitor computer work station in the basement. Testing these cameras was a revelation. The high resolution of the video from each camera amazed him, and the audio came through clearly.

    All this took no more than twenty minutes. He tweaked some of the cameras to make sure they gave maximum coverage of the study. However the camera right of the couch wasn’t feeding smoothly. He would solve that problem later. He was surprised at the excitement that had come over him when he opened his purchases, and it would not let up.

    This thrill only heightened when he heard knocks at the front door. It was all going to fit together, he thought as he headed to the vestibule. He was going to get to the bottom of his wife’s wickedness. It will be the end of her tutoring endeavor. Then he’ll land a new job and he’ll teach her a lesson.

    He opened the front door. “Hello Mr. Olson!” Jimmy said, “Is your wife available? We spoke on the phone.” Ted stepped aside and without waiting for an invitation to cross the threshold, Suzanne’s client walked into the vestibule. His shy manner was less genuine. He and three other well built, obviously very athletic young men entered the Olson home saying empty hellos, not looking at Ted, merely smiling as they walked past him. They began to look around the living room, and beyond, high and low, their attention on something missing.

    Jimmy re-introduced D’Shawn, an African-American freshman linebacker with a powerful build; Billy, a blonde, strapping young man with a crew cut whose father Ted remembered was a pastor in town; and Daniel, a Caucasian sophomore, a 6’ 3”, virile looking tight end . “You remember D’Shawn, Billy, and Daniel?” Jimmy said absently as they sat down in the living room.

    Ted coughed. “So how are you guys? Great to see you again!” he managed.

    Jimmy smiled. “I’m great! Mrs. Olson is the best mentor. I can’t wait for my next lesson. I have told everyone on the team about her special abilities.” Ted smiled, but wondered if the falsity of his expression was that apparent.

    D’Shawn, Billy, and Daniel sat restlessly, then Billy said: “She sure worked wonders with you, math genius.” They all snickered. They either tapped a foot or drummed with their fingers.

    “Hello!!!” Suzanne descended the flight of stairs slowly. All eyes went to her tight red stretch pants that started below her waist and ended halfway down her calves. A white blouse was unbuttoned at the top and bottom, with knotted lapels and hems. This top, that she used to wear when she was thinner, attempted to pack her large, braless boobs together. It showed plenty of cleavage that rippled enticingly. Red high heels and vivid crimson lip gloss matched her sprayed-on pants.

    Ted shook his head, trying to remember when she had dressed like that for him.

    The four youngsters stood up and Suzanne threw her arms around Jimmy. She smiled at Ted, pointing at Jimmy: “Algebra Stud!” She turned back to Jimmy and planted a kiss on his lips while embracing him. At first his bashfulness resisted her affections. But when she in Euro style gave him kisses on each cheek, then kissed him on the mouth again, his reserve melted away. It was so wicked to kiss Ted’s wife in front of him.

    “OK, take a break with the congratulations,” Ted laughed, his blood simmering. “You’re – uh – under-dressed, don’t you think?” he needled his wife, a comment more than a question.

    Jimmy introduced his friends. Suzanne gave them warm hellos as she turned so that Jimmy was behind her, his hands on her shoulders. Ted noticed how openly each of the young men had focused on her body the second she came downstairs. They kept on doing it.

    “Honey,” she said in a perky voice to her spouse, “take a picture of Jimmy and me, you know, tutor and tutee.” When he hesitated she persisted with an icy smile, “this is an historic occasion. The triumph of the Suzanne method of mentoring athletes.”

    He mumbled, “Let’s skip it.” Daniel and Billy openly gazed at her fat tits.

    She leaned her head back on Jimmy’s beefy shoulder. Giggling, she lowered her voice, “get the fucking iPhone out! Don’t make me angry!”

    The room went quiet and everyone looked expectantly at Ted. He took out his iPhone and took one snapshot. “OK, happy now?”

    Suzanne’s left hand reached to Jimmy’s face and she turned him toward her. “Not happy yet,” she said, kissing her him again on the lips, “but getting happier.”

    Ted fumed at watching Jimmy’s arms embrace his wife, pulling her toward him. She pushed her big ass against Jimmy. “More pictures, honey,” she said, her arm reaching back, her hand on his neck. Jimmy’s crotch vibrated at the feeling of her large cheeks planted against him.

    Jimmy’s friends were getting more aroused. Two stood on each side of her behind the couch for pictures, and they saw Jimmy’s hand, getting bolder, covertly caressing and squeezing her ass. His fingers burrowed under the pants. Her bare ass was so smooth. Ted took more snapshots at his wife’s insistence.

    “Pick me up!” she giggled, and Jimmy immediately did so, for a couple photos, and then each of the others did the same. Only the thin, tight fabric separated their itchy palms from her overly developed booty.

    “Well that was fun!” Suzanne purred. She went to the kitchen. The males sat around the table in the living room, chatting about nothing. Mostly the youngsters superficially paid a modicum of attention to the former assistant athletic director, while openly craning their necks and leering at his wife’s king-sized ass and boobs. Ted boiled.

    He went into the kitchen and slid the pocket door closed. “What the hell are you doing??” he raised his voice.

    “Heating up cinnamon buns for the guys,” she said.

    “I mean the way you’re dressed and all the flirting. And the way you kissed Jimmy!” his voice grew louder.

    “Back off, slick,” she said calmly, “I’m about to collect badly needed money so we can keep the lights on.”

    He vented even louder and the door slid open. Jimmy and his friends poked their heads in, then entered the kitchen. “Everything OK in here?” he asked. D’Shawn with a broad smile reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of currency.

    “This should put a smile on your face, Mr. Olson. You being out of work.” He counted out 50s and 100s, totaling $3,600, and handed the cash to Suzanne. Her face lit up.

    She smiled at her husband. “Dear, could you print out three more tutoring agreements off the website?” Then she turned to Jimmy’s teammates. “Oh, and – uh - what courses am I helping you with?” She took Daniel and Billy by the hand and headed to the living room. Her three new students just mumbled. Daniel basically talked to her big tits.

    Billy sighed at the sight of her backing into the space between Daniel’s and his places on one of the couches, then plopped herself down as they scooted only slightly out of her way. Each grew hornier at the feeling of her hips against theirs.

    After some more small talk she said: “You guys must know about this twerking thing girls your age do. What’s involved, exactly? I saw that clip last year of Miley Cyrus.”

    D’Shawn’s eyes widened. “Yeah, it’s girls bending over and shaking their booties. Miley doesn’t have much to shake. But someone with junk in the trunk, they get my attention.” He pointed in the direction of Suzanne’s ass. The other youngsters snickered. Jimmy poked him.

    “So that’s it? All they do is bend over and shake their asses?” Suzanne asked with a serious look, phone in hand. “’Well, I got plenty to shake.” She found the playlist she had set up earlier and the sounds of rap music via Bluetooth emerged from the Bose speaker in the corner of the room.

    “Tell me if I’m any good! Be honest!” she laughed, and with that she moved to the center of the room, Daniel and Billy to her right, D’Shawn and Jimmy at the couch behind her, and her sulking husband to her left. Inwardly Ted was in a rage. But he was done showing it. He was going to bide his time, catch her in the act, get a new gig, and leave her.

    Suzanne bent over slightly, her hands running through her hair, and slowly ground her large curvy ass at D’Shawn and Jimmy. The guys began clapping and cheering their bawdy approval.

    Her red pants, worn just above her ass crack, stretched amazingly over her plump buttocks. She did this for a few minutes then walked over to Daniel and Billy. Her fingers touched the table in front of them and she ground her butt a little faster. Her hips oscillated back and forth, inches away from the horny guys’ faces.

    “This is amazing,” Jimmy said. “If my dad were here he would go crazy!” Suzanne turned and faced him.

    “I thought your dad was straight-laced,” she said, for only him to hear. She turned and made a dirty bumping motion, her crotch leaving no doubt that these youngsters were as hard as steel.

    “My mom used to be built like you but went on this crazy diet a couple years ago and lost a bunch of weight. I don’t think my dad liked that.” After a pause he laughed: “I don’t know why I’m telling you this!”

    Suzanne danced over to where Ted was sitting and grabbed the roll of cash, opening it, and stuffing the bills in the side of her pants. Her husband was confronted with a phat booty grinding away tauntingly. Suzanne laughed and smacked one cheek, then the other.

    She walked over to D’Shawn and Jimmy and crouched down in front of them, so that her big ass pointed down and shook back and forth. She looked back in their direction and smiled: “So is this twerking?”

    “Definitely!” D’Shawn laughed, and then yelled: “Love the way you move!” “Oh yeah!” Billy joined in his enthusiasm.

    “It’s great!” Jimmy agreed. More applause. He looked over at Daniel and Billy, whose eyes were riveted on Mrs. Olson’s wicked ass.

    She reached and snatched her husband’s phone and tossed it on the couch between Jimmy and D’Shawn. “Photo op!” The guys took turns getting pictures of their tutor, until Ted Olson snatched his iPhone. “Do you mind?” he complained. “OK, use mine,” she laughed, but each guy grabbed his own phone and took dozens of pictures and videos.

    Then she stopped the music and said: “Honey, you may want to put that cash in the bank and go to Starbucks or someplace for a while. I’ve got some educational responsibilities and as you can see, I am going to have my hands full for a few hours.”

    Daniel, who had been quiet, surprisingly said: “Yes you are. And we should get started.”

    The lads stood up in this sexually charged living room. “Now we can pay the electric and water bills,” Suzanne said as she pulled the money out of her stretch pants and handed it to Ted.

    He watched as she led Jimmy and his teammates toward the library, its door being in a line of sight with where he stood in the living room. His wife opened the door for the four young horn dogs and looked back at him defiantly, then waved at him.

    “Now don’t interrupt my lessons, Honey!” she called.

    He grabbed his ATM card and keys and headed for the garage. He left the garage and mud room doors open. He raced to the ATM and deposited the money, then floored it to get into his driveway.

    Suzanne closed the door in the study and embraced Jimmy. She started making out with him in front of the others. Jimmy responded tentatively, and then opened his mouth to receive her aggressive tongue. His hands went to her full breasts and he licked her ear. She moaned, thrilling at the situation. D’Shawn coughed nervously. Daniel was mesmerized at the sight of this married woman deep kissing his friend. Billy trembled when she reached and put her hand on his arm and said in a 1-900 voice: “So has Jimmy explained my approach to tutoring?”

    She put on hip-hop music. She pushed Jimmy down on the couch, bent over toward him, and began rubbing his crotch. “Pull my pants and thong down,” she cooed. His fingers worked the fabric halfway slowly down her butt, revealing half of the oversized buttocks. The others watched her shake her emerging fat curvy bottom while she French kissed Jimmy. Billy’s prick was aching with desire and he sat down at the chair next to the couch.

    Suzanne moved to him and bent over, kissing him open-mouthed. D’Shawn at first caressed her ass, then began squeezing each plump cheek. Billy grabbed one of her breasts and she moaned. She turned and did a lap dance with Billy. D’Shawn leaned in and began making out with her. He pulled the buttons open on her blouse and untied its bows. The voluptuous Mrs. Olson was dying to earn her tutoring fee.

    After about five minutes she looked over at Daniel, now shirtless, sitting in the chair at the other end of the couch. He was emotionally spinning at the site of this display of flesh. She got up and laughed when D’Shawn spanked her ass several times. She walked over to Daniel and sensed the tension and lust leaving him quivering on the brink.

    Now bare-breasted, Suzanne straddled Daniel and began kissing him. The others rubbed themselves while admiring her smooth, queen-sized booty squirming over Daniel’s crotch. Daniel kissed her neck and mouth, panting. She grabbed her tits and smashed them into his face.

    Then she rubbed his dick. He stood up and struggled to pull his pants off, feverishly jamming them against his shoes. Suzanne grabbed his cock and fastened her lips over it. He stopped his clumsy tugging and moaned. Her fingers explored his buttocks.

    She laughed: “Better get those shoes off, fucker!”

    She paraded from one young man to another, pushing her shaking bare tits and bare ass at them. Two, sometimes three, fondled her and kissed her face and body at the same time. The room’s soft sounds were all sighs, hands groping flesh, lame attempts at humor masking sexual heat. D’Shawn claimed her fat ass until someone challenged him. He was on his knees, his tongue traveling up and down her long and deep ass crack.

    Then it was Daniel’s turn. He lay on the floor but with his back against the couch. She came to him and turned around, then sat on his head. His arms struggled to embrace the big and smooth, overwhelming cheeks. She ground her ass crack into his face, and reached down and stroked his dick. Jimmy, his cock raring to go, stood at her right side pushing his hard meat into her face. She stroked it and snickered as Billy, to her left, smacked his prick against her shoulder and neck. Daniel kissed her asshole and stuck his finger in her pussy.

    Outside the house Ted had quietly gotten out of the car and practically crept into the mud room through the garage, and with his shoes off stole downstairs to the basement. On his way he heard no music blaring from the library. His pulse was like a hammer.

    He sat at the work station and turned on the three monitors, then clicked on the live feed icons, one on each screen.

    Fortunately for him he was sitting down. As he looked at the first screen he gasped.

    His naked wife was straddling what appeared to be Jimmy, also nude, lying on the couch, his head furthest from the camera Ted had placed in the lamp. Past Jimmy’s feet, up over the arm of the couch toward the camera, Suzanne’s hair was all over the place but she was obviously in the midst of giving him a blowjob. To her side the screen showed three football player hands jacking three very erect manhoods. Ted heard no male voices, but her moans of pleasure bounced off her husband’s ears rudely.

    Ted warily turned to the feed from the camera in the bookshelf opposite the couch. All he could see was the three naked college football players blocking his view of Suzanne gobbling up Jimmy’s achingly erect cock. Ted went to screen 3 for the view from above just as Suzanne reached for the hard dicks at her side. But the camera caught only parts of this wickedness.

    Ted sat back and was amazed at the quality of the video streaming in. It could not have been presenting a more vivid movie.

    But as he sat trancelike, he was frustrated. He was not getting great views from the second and third cameras.

    “Fuck me,” he grunted, “I can only see from one angle.” His hand instinctively went to his crotch. His eyes went back to camera 1. His emotions poured over him: anger, bitterness, and sexual excitement.

    In the library, Suzanne rose and made Jimmy sit up. Grinding her ass from one young male to another, she told D’Shawn to sit down next to Jimmy. She straddled Jimmy’s lap and aimed his cock into her pussy, her hands planted behind her, above his knees. The others lusted after her tits and squeezed them while she fucked Jimmy, bouncing energetically. She began jacking D’Shawn, and leaned to her right to kiss him open-mouthed. The fornication made for a smacking noise. After about five minutes Suzanne stood up and vamped like a stripper around the library, shaking her hefty boobs and fingering herself. She mounted D’Shawn’s lap and spread her lips, welcoming the invasion of his fat dick.

    “Mmmmmmm, well equipped for tutoring” she sighed. His large hands were all over her ass and he sucked on her tits as they began a slow fuck. She looked at Jimmy and panted, “stick your finger in your mouth and then in my asshole while he does me.” Her willing first student stared into her eyes. He ran his index finger in and out of his mouth, and then hers. Then he slowly worked it into her bouncing monster butt.

    After about five minutes Daniel leaned over and French kissed Ted’s wanton bride. Eating her ass had driven him crazy and he now said: “Can I, uh, have sex with you?”

    She and the others snickered and stood facing Daniel while D’Shawn poked two fingers in and out of her very well packed behind. Then the bashful Daniel, his knees bent, placed his hands on her waist and his powerful arms turned her 180 degrees so that she was inverted. Her tits slapped against her chin and face. Daniel’s stiff prick rudely poked at her.

    Suzanne giggled, screaming “What the hell??”

    Then as suddenly as he had turned her upside down, he flipped her again, bent his knees, and found her wet pussy. Suzanne felt his virile hands anchor her ass cheeks, and she stretched her arms around his shoulders. Daniel began fucking her standing up. A great gasp and moan left her mouth and she held on tight. Up and down they went. Their flesh collided in smacks.

    At first the others were too amazed to speak, then began encouraging the pair. “Make her cum!” D’Shawn yelled.

    Cock in hand, Ted stared dumbfounded. He tried to take it all in, the boy’s big hands buried in his wife’s rippling, round ass cheeks, her tits smashing against him, the others jacking themselves and making more and more dirty comments. Why didn’t her husband march upstairs and barge into the library? He reminded himself that recording as much as possible would seal her fate. Ted stroked his cock, now out in the open.

    Then Jimmy in his sexual excitement backed into the one lamp next to the couch, and a miniature camera fell on the floor. It took a moment for him to comprehend this surprise. Suzanne and Daniel were too immersed in their copulation to notice. But Jimmy picked it up and placed it on the couch.

    “I’ll be damned” D’Shawn said, examining it.

    Ted cursed. The screen for this camera now showed the randomly gyrating, huge face of D’Shawn, then the library ceiling, then an extreme close-up of his eyes. The young man pointed it at Suzanne. Her face in close-up, Ted heard a voice: “You recording us? Or is this a security camera?”

    Another voice: “It fell out just now when I bumped the lamp.”

    Suzanne got up off of Daniel and stared at it for a moment, then stuttered disingenuously: “It’s a security camera. We – uh – had a break-in a month ago and my husband ordered a bunch of these things.” She turned around and shook her fat ass and began sucking Daniel’s cock. She put one knee on the chair and, slowly jacking the hard prick inches away from her face, she looked back at the others and said: “I don’t even think the cameras are on. Give me some dick.”

    The others got over their puzzlement at the camera. D’Shawn bent his knees slightly and poked his fat eight-incher at her buttocks, then rubbed it up and down in her deep ass crack. He heard her moan with pleasure at the taste of dick in her mouth. His hips went to work after he slid into her tight wet pussy. The smacking of his loins against the shameless housewife drove the others wild.

    After ten minutes of this deep fornication Billy pushed his teammate aside and aimed his dick at Suzanne’s overdeveloped ass. The feel and sight of her big, round curvy butt seemed to add another two inches of thickness to his roaring erection.

    “Dang Billy! I thought I was the king of the hardwood!” D’Shawn laughed.

    Reaching around Billy stuck his fingers in her mouth. Her saliva flowed wantonly over them. He carefully penetrated her anus, with one, then two, then a third digit. The feel and sight of her big ass drove him wild and he slowly worked his cock inside it. She moaned and squealed, pushing her butt back at him. He came and came inside her. She laughed softly at his cries of sexual release.

    Then Daniel wanted his turn. He pushed her playfully onto the couch and pulled her legs up over her, and entered her pussy. The young stud wasn’t interested in long, slow screwing. He was raring to go and pulled on her tits.

    “Oh my!” she yelled, rubbing her clitoris. Then Suzanne, her dam breaking after this lavish assault by her young suitors, came in a torrent of sex. “Fuck yeah!!” she screamed and then moaned and cursed with no limit.

    His balls unloaded as his hips rammed her into the back of the couch.

    Downstairs Ted had a five-finger version of this carnal pleasure. Immediately after savoring the bizarre experience of his semen shooting out of him like the first day he ever masturbated, he put his face in his hands. Then he looked up and saw the Jimmy and D’Shawn on either side of his wife. It was almost as if she had manipulated the situation so that she knew he was watching, and there she was, framed with two fully aroused dicks poking into her face or being sucked. She went back and forth and looked directly, wickedly, into the finest low-end camera lens China had to offer.

    Her magical fingers grasping each boner, she slapped them against her face. “Fucking amazing,” she cooed.

    Ted turned away, flipping off the computer monitors and the speakers. What kind of a screwed up scenario was this? He stood up and walked to the foot of the stairs to the kitchen, then stood thinking, then went back to the work station. He did this several times and finally relented, turning the video and audio back on.

    By now Suzanne had moved the camera so that the screen was all boobs. He heard her panting, and moans from the two horndogs hovered over her excited breath. She shook her tits and then suddenly jizz from one side, then the other, shot all over her.

    Ted gave up, already feeling a reawakening in his groin.

    For the next two hours Suzanne and the four students indulged in non-stop sex, often three or four at a time. Twice, even five.

    He wouldn’t admit it, but Suzanne’s husband enjoyed every minute.

    That night the Olsen dinner table was quiet. Ted was ready to confront her but now that she had discovered the camera, he feared that she would deflect the subject and play the card of being the sole breadwinner. And part of him was willing to sweep aside the incredibly gross and evil behavior she had shown – sweep it aside and allow another part of him to react with the sexual stimulation he had experienced in the basement.

    “So how’d the tutoring go?” he asked finally.

    “Great!” she said.

    The phone rang. Ted answered it. After a ninety seconds of conversation he handed the phone to his wife. Covering it he said in stage whisper, “it’s Don Phillips. He wants to talk to you. I told you so.”

    “Hello, Don Phillips calling. I don’t think you and I have met but I know your husband from his efforts at the University. First I wanted to call and thank you for the amazing work you have done with my son Jimmy. Very impressive!”

    “Thank you Don.”

    “And I also wanted to talk to you about the rate you now charge for tutoring sessions. With all respect, it’s way beyond what the University allows. You need to change your rate back to $100 an hour.”

    “Don, I appreciate your concerns, I really do. But given the success of the tutoring in such a short time……”

    “Again, you did a remarkable job. But rules are rules. I need to stop by your home and pick up the excess money you collected today. I’ll be there in an hour.” He hung up.

    She told Ted what transpired. “We need the money,” she said, “and you know it.” They didn’t speak for five minutes. Ted noticed her expression go from nervous to confident.

    “I’ll handle this,” she said, then after a beat, “I’m going to talk him out of it. And I wish there were cameras running to record how I do it. It’s going to be beautiful.”

    She headed upstairs to get herself pretty. “Honey, there’s no need for you to be in on this conversation. Go downstairs to your home office.”

    After hanging up Don Phillips complained to his wife. “How do you like this woman? Some nerd in the tutoring program thinks she can flaunt the system and charge three times the maximum allowable? Seriously?”

    His wife was finishing up the dishes and he studied her with mixed emotions. He was attached to her but ached for the former version, the one with all the curves. For years he had been struggling with a sex life that was far from OK.

    Lust was where he fell short of attaining Christian purity. He had never been unfaithful but he too eagerly noticed women with pulchritude and dreamt of making love to them. How nerve wracking it was to close his eyes and picture himself fondling a smooth, firm, overdeveloped feminine behind. His fantasies were unrelenting: meeting strange women in faraway places, having sex with them, having anal intercourse, cumming on their breasts. Of these dreams, which were frequent, anal penetration obsessed him. He had tried it once with his wife when they were first married and he could not believe how good it felt. But she thought it was perverted. So sacrifice and abstinence trumped pleasure. Prayer was a comfort, but God seemed to play games with him: relieve him from this sexual fever, than impose it on him. It helped to stay away from attractive women.

    And his business was suffering – a huge payout from a customer was stalled, over superficial complaints about service. Getting this money would solve all his problems.

    A half hour later, after another heated chat with his son about the Suzanne Olsen overcharging problem, he got in his Mercedes and drove off. He stopped at church and prayed for help to manage his urges, as he did at least once a day. He also asked God for that $9,000,000 payment from his customer.

    Afterwards he made his way across town to the Olsen’s, his blood began boiling again. This uppity tutor had really irritated him. He wanted every dollar back that she had overcharged his son. I don’t want to spend any more time with Olsen’s wife than I have to, he thought.

    He did some messaging on his cell and sat in the car, picturing what Ted had probably married: a petite, slender blonde built like Katie Couric and of course wearing glasses. I’m good at guessing beforehand what people will look like, he smiled to himself.

    Suzanne had remembered what Jimmy said about his father’s tastes in women. Maybe Don Phillips likes a woman with a phat ass and big tits.

    She reached for a sheer, tight blue sleeveless top and a push-up bra. Then she lay a short, very snug, denim skirt on the bed, debating whether to wear anything underneath it. It stopped more than halfway up her thigh. She opened her wardrobe and took out black, lace-top stockings. In five minutes she was downstairs.

    The doorbell rang. Suzanne, now all made-up to the hilt, noticed that the door to the basement was closed and light peeped through the bottom. She stopped at the front room mirror to slip on gold bracelets and to check her earrings and lipstick.

    Phillips was intent on timing himself. This will take five minutes! Hello, give me the money, thank you, don’t overcharge again, goodbye nerdy person. He tapped his foot after he had to ring again.

    The door opened. Suzanne looked over the middle-aged man who was a matured version of Jimmy. “You must be Don Phillips,” she said smoothly.

    He was speechless. Who was this incredible woman? Composing himself, he managed, “hello, I’m looking for your – uh – mother, Suzanne Olsen?”
    “Aren’t you a charmer,” she smiled, extending her hand. “I’m Suzanne. And you, you handsome man, must be Don Phillips.” She looked him up and down.

    All of her beauty and sexiness came at him like a truckload of bricks. Have mercy! “Oh, Ok,” he said, “so you’re Suzanne. Yeah, well……….that’s great……So…..nice to meet you.” He tried hard to avoid looking below her chin.

    “Follow me,” she purred, “Ted says hello, he’s busy. We’ll go in the library.”

    Phillips’s eyes surrendered and stared trancelike at Suzanne’s big ass as she walked slowly through the house. Her big round butt cheeks jiggled incredibly. She looked back at him, catching him checking out her very ample boobs, and said: “let’s stop in the kitchen. Can I get you something? How about a cocktail?”

    He could not believe how erotic Ted’s wife was. His vision of a demanding money from a nerd and jumping back in his car had dissolved. “What are you offering?” he put on a smile.

    “Bourbon on ice?” she suggested. As he stood in the kitchen she bent over and slid open the freezer compartment, aiming her phat derriere at him. She reached for the two glasses on the counter and looked back at him. “It would help if I had these while I’m grabbing ice,” she giggled. The skirt was rising above her stockings, and he could see her thighs meet her ass. Her butt cheeks’ curves were peeking at him. Was she wearing no underwear?

    Phillips just stared and stared at Ted’s wife. God help me, he thought.

    She scooted over to a liquor cabinet and with her huge-looking curvy flesh projecting in ways that were driving him crazy, looked back and said: “So bourbon is OK?”

    After a beat he said: “That would be great.” She squatted down to reach into the cabinet for the Jack Daniels, her skirt fitting below her waist, riding on her hips. Phillips sighed when he saw her ass crack. She done this before and prolonged her squat. Her ass was working its magic.

    She stood up, poured them two stiff drinks, and led him to the library. The door closed, the two settled in on the couch.

    He started to speak but she cut him off. “I can see where Jimmy gets his good looks,” she said softly. She raised her glass. “A toast to one very handsome man.” They clicked glasses.

    The bourbon relaxed him immediately. “Thank you,” he said. Rather than bring up the tutor fee, he said: “And a toast to one very beautiful woman.” They drank again and then said nothing for a minute. “That is a very nice top you’re wearing,” he added, but regretted saying it. What was he doing?

    Ted sat frozen. Was she going to fuck him too? His hands gripped the chair.

    Suzanne and Don chatted, him mostly pouring out compliments. She was thrilled. “Yes, that blue looks so pretty on you, and you fill it so wonderfully.” He was in a twilight zone between shutting himself up and letting his long pent-up desire open all the way. They sipped their bourbon and when their glasses emptied, which was soon, they walked back to the kitchen.

    “I really like your skirt,” he offered.

    “Do you think I fill that out nicely also?” she smiled, caressing his face as they stood by the liquor cabinet. He just nodded and made a thumbs up signal.

    “I just love it when a sexy guy tells me how hot I am,” she said, leaning back against a counter and reaching behind to plant her hands on a cabinet. “I don’t get a lot of that lately from the man of the house.” He drank in her charms openly now. She saw how he was drooling and put more coals on the fire. “Everything I eat lately goes to my chest or my huge butt.”

    His phone rang, his wife wondering if he was still at Olsen’s and when he would get home. “Did you get the money?” she asked, and she reacted when he stalled and said he was working on it.

    “We’re talking about it,” he said, staring helplessly at Suzanne. His wife reminded him that every dollar counted because he was failing to collect from the big customer. She nagged him about his inability to confront people.

    He put his hand over his cell phone and said: “sorry, I’ll be off in a minute.”

    Suzanne followed her instincts. “Take your time,” she whispered, then, to his astonishment, she stepped closer to him and pulled her top off. Her eyes gloried in the obvious carnal desperation that shown in his. She shook her tits at him, then pulled out one then the other, so that they stood proudly with incredible fullness. He had not seen another woman’s breasts, much less a pair this size, since forever.

    He listened to his wife while he listened to his army of virtue give in to the army of lust. Suzanne leaned in to him and rubbed against him, then took the phone away from his face and gave him a wet, deep kiss. Mrs. Phillips’s voice squeaked on while the insatiable tutor moaned at the feel of Mr. Phillips’s hands on her tits.

    Suzanne walked over to the island in the center of the kitchen, leaned over so that her ass pointed upward, and pulled her skirt so that it fell downward toward her back. She stared at Don Phillips and slapped her abundant behind. She squirmed and shook.

    He pulled out his fully erect tool and rubbed it against her ass. He aimed it at her cunt and wetted his cock with the very ample pussy juice. Slowly he entered her and the sensation completely delighted him. She felt his thick prick begin to stroke inside of her and how a fat cock felt wonderful with her very busy twat taking yet another eager man.

    It had been so long since he had had sex with a curvy woman and he wanted to fuck her for hours. So he kept his strokes deep but slow. All the way in, then sometimes back out all the way. He grabbed her tits and squeezed them. He pulled on her nipples. Suzanne moaned and cried, and told him to keep on shoving his dick in her.

    After about twenty minutes she suggested they go to the library. Ted had fallen asleep but was awakened by the sight of Don and Suzanne naked, on the couch, she straddling him. “I love how you fuck me with that big cock, Don,” she said in one of her many 1-900 voices.

    Then she stood up, and as he rubbed her clit, she said softly: “I want you to fuck me in the ass. I want your cock in my asshole.” She knelt on the couch and spread her cheeks. Her rectum was somewhat still loose from the hours of fucking earlier in the day.

    On his knees Don aimed his dick at her face. She took it all into her mouth and petted his balls. Then he leaned over her backside and worked himself into her asshole. How marvelous this felt, her beautiful ass his for the taking. He pushed his way in. She encouraged him with filthy comments and squeals of pleasure.

    His tempo increased and his dick seemed to get harder and harder. “Let me fuck you,” she said. His hips in place, Don almost cried with joy at the pleasure of watching and feeling Suzanne work her ass back and forth, swallowing him deep, then moving forward so that his rock hard tool almost came out. His squeezing and swatting fingers could not get enough of her phat buttocks. He reached around and groped for her clit. Their hands took turns caressing it.

    They fucked for twenty minutes and then he let out several yells. He shot buckets of semen inside her anus. A half hour later they did it all again.

    She worked her way upstairs for bed after kissing Don Phillips good night. Ted came up from the basement and looked in on her as she headed for a late shower.

    “Well, what happened to that money?” Ted asked.

    “It’s ours. And I helped him with a business deal – he should be solving that problem, which will mean I can charge more money for tutoring the students. And for advising him on his business affairs if my help today solves his problem with a big customer.”

    Don wasn’t quite sure what she meant. His dick was sore from jacking off several times in one day and he went to bed.
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