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. The Teacher Does Her BBC Assignments

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Aug 3, 2018.

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  1. RLM

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    The Teacher Does Her BBC Assignments
    by Nancy and RLM


    World History Class:

    Nancy Norvell was walking back and forth in front of the students in her 3 PM 12th grade World History class. As she lectured about the precipitating causes and event leading up to World War I and the ineffectual manner in which the leaders of the world had handled those events, she knew that every boy in the class was thinking more about her shapely legs clad in her beige nylons and the sexy 3-inch heels she was wearing than they were about the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.

    As she moved from one student to another, she could feel the boys' eyes following her movements. She also knew that the boys who were out of her line of sight on the side of the room had their eyes locked on her undulating buttocks, which were perfectly outlined by her tight black skirt. Nancy could feel the nipples of her firm 38DD breasts trying to punch holes in her tight black stripped blouse. Her plastic surgeon had done a great job as evidenced by the fact that males had great difficulty taking their eyes off her huge globes.

    At 5' 7", 128 lbs, with short auburn hair and shining green eyes, she was a striking woman partially because she worked out in the gym twice a week and walked every day to stay in shape, but also because of her openly sensuous attitude. Her tight skirt, blouse, nylons, and heels were examples. It was the last class of the day, and Nancy was perfectly aware that ever since she had entered her first class at 9 AM that morning, the boys were circulating word that Mrs. Norvell was dressed hot again today. She knew and could see that every male in the room had a hard erection. The white guys tried to steal glances at her big tits and legs and conceal their erections while the black guys stared openly and even spread their legs so she could see how hard they were.

    Stopping directly in front of Bobby Jackson, the starting halfback on the school’s powerful football team, she saw that his eyes were alternating between the indentations her hard nipples were making in her blouse and the flare of her hips in her tight skirt. It was obvious that he was doing his best to try see right through her clothes to the delights beneath. Moving her feet further apart in an openly provocative stance, she put her right hand on her jutting hip and said, "Bobby, you're not listening to a single word I'm saying. It's no wonder you're close to failing this class."

    Knowing that he had been caught staring, Jackson did nothing to cover up his interest in what was beneath her tight dress. He just replied, "I'm listening Mrs. Norvell. Really. I was just trying to keep every thing you're saying straight." His eyes remained locked her big tits as he said it.

    "You were studying the important things? Is that what you're telling me, Bobby?" she asked the powerful athlete.

    "Yeah... the important points... I was... was trying to ... to study them."

    Nancy moved closer... no more than a foot away right in front of the handsome black student. With his face no more than a foot away from Mrs. Norvell's pussy, he couldn't tear his eyes away. Leaning over allowing her blouse to fall away from her chest, Nancy said, "If you're listening to what I've been saying, tell me Mr. Jackson, what was the Maginot Line the French were relying on during the war?"

    When Bobby raised his eyes, all he could see were Mrs. Norvell's sexy tits that were now more than half exposed as she leaned over. He could almost see her nipples... god... if she would just lean over a little more... his cock was now fully hard and pulsing inside his tight jeans.

    "Well, Bobby. Are you going to tell what the Maginot Line was or are you just going to sit there with your mouth open but no sound coming out?"

    The class laughed, particularly the girls in the class. "I think... I think the Maginot Line was a line of trenches surrounding Paris," Bobby whispered. There were giggles of laughter from the girls and even some of the boys. Bobby couldn’t have cared less. Mrs. Norvell had leaned over even further letting him see the top of one of her nipples.

    "Really... a line of trenches you say. Can you tell me what phosgene is and what it was used for during World War I, Bobby?"

    "Yeah... yeah... phosgene was something they put in the food for the soldiers to make them not so afraid to fight."

    'Interesting... all right everyone, for the next 15 minutes, I want all of you to write a short essay on the Maginot Line and the use of phosgene during the war... be certain to state whether you agree or disagree with Mr. Jackson's view. You have 15 minutes... starting right now!"


    As my students began to write, I retreated to my desk which I used while the students worked or took a test. For five minutes, I leaned over my desk providing the boys with a nice view of the tops of my breasts. Needless to say, they were having a difficult time trying to concentrate on World War I and my tits at the same time.

    A few minutes into the exercise, I opened my notebook and placed it on my knees. I almost couldn't restrain my laughter as Bobby and several other male students were trying to write the essay while watching my legs. I couldn't resist... to tell the truth, I really didn't even try to resist. Slowly I opened my knees so that more and more of my thighs came into view. Bobby stopped writing completely and just stared. Several other boys were having increasing difficulty.

    Five minutes into the 15 minutes I had given the class, I had my legs open enough so they could see my sexy blue patterned panties. None of the boys on the front row were making any attempt to write the essay. Bobby and another boy were staring and trying to adjust their pants.

    I felt the moisture seeping into my panties, which were already very wet from flashing students most of the day. But now I was doing more than just flashing... I had my legs open letting them see my panties. I wondered if they could see my cunt through the thin fabric. I was almost certain that the boys were hard, and I was absolutely certain that I was throbbing.

    With two minutes left, I laid my notebook on the desk and turned to face the class. In the process, my legs spread even wider. I kept them open for most of the remaining time. When the 15 minutes were up, I closed my legs and stood up. I thought I could hear some of the boys groan.

    "All right everyone. Time's up. Turn in your papers. Now." As they handed them in, I saw that none of the boys on the front row had managed to write more than a few lines.

    With classes over for the day, the students began leaving, but most of the boys lingered as long as possible still hoping to see more. I rewarded their efforts by sitting on the edge of the desk with most of my thighs exposed. Bobby was the last to leave. He paused in the doorway staring lustfully at my legs. Just as he was leaving, my legs opened wide to give him a full view of my legs and panty-covered pussy.


    Bobby and the other boys were hard, and my pussy was a swamp.

    Quickly, I stuffed all the papers into my briefcase and beat a hasty retreat to the ladies room. Once inside a cubicle, I locked the door and frantically yanked up my skirt and shoved my panties down around my thighs. Leaning over the toilet with the lid closed, I spread my legs wide open. A moment later, I had my fingers stroking my sex trench and clit stopping only to finger fuck my excited pussy.

    I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning as I rubbed my throbbing clit. Bobby was between my thighs, his pants down, his hard cock out. He was aligning it with my pulsing sex hole. His hips snapped forward driving his shaft into my slick, wet cunt hole. In my mind's eye, he fucked me hard and fast... ordering me to hump my ass and to spread wider. He whacked my ass hard when I didn’t spread fast enough. It only took a minute or so before my cunt and clit erupted in convulsive orgasm. Juices poured from my excited pussy and ran down my thighs as my hips thrust back and forth in hot fuck motions. As I was cumming, I imagined that Bobby Jackson’s black cock was throbbing hard as it shot a huge cum load into my eager vagina.

    Medical Problems and Menopause:

    After 20 years of service, my husband, Mac, retired from the army and started a new career as a construction foreman. It was a good choice, and he has done it successfully from the start. Unfortunately, his military service and all the awful things he had seen began to work on his mind until he reached a point that he was having great difficulty achieving erections. Shortly after the turn of the millennium in 2000, Mac became impotent.

    At first, he gave me a lot of oral sex and used his fingers in an effort to take care of my sexual needs, but he couldn't do it, and finally just gave up. After that, I masturbated a great deal... so much in fact that once our oldest daughter Cheryl walked into my bedroom and caught me finger fucking my hot hole furiously. I saw her out of the corner of my eye, but I was too close to orgasm to stop. She continued to watch with her hand between her thighs until I had convulsed in a series of intense orgasms. Every time my pussy exploded, I squirted as my vagina contracted in hard spasms. Cheryl’s hand was now furiously working between her thighs. When I finally collapsed to the bed, exhausted, she had left the room.

    Even though my daughter was watching me masturbate, I
    couldn’t stop I was cumming so hard. I’m pretty
    certain that she got off watching me.

    My husband's impotence was obviously not a good situation but I had already started menopause and I figured that that would take care of the problem. My sex drive had never been huge; in fact, Mac had complained that it was below average. And with the onset of menopause, I assumed that it would decrease still further, maybe even up to the point that my husband's impotence would cease to matter. However, it was clearly not working that way. Instead of decreasing, my libido and desire were increasing... increasing a lot! With every passing day, I found myself thinking more and more about sex, men, cocks, fucking.

    I masturbated with increasing frequency and with wilder and wilder fantasies as I pleasured my wet, throbbing pussy. Unfortunately, no matter how much I pleasured myself, it wasn't enough. Fingers and vibrators are a very poor substitute for a wildly excited male mounted on me and thrusting a hard cock in and out of my pussy.

    Educational Conference:

    After four months of celibacy caused by Mac's impotence and an uncountable number of orgasms on my fingers or a vibrator, school was out for Thursday and Friday to give all the teachers the chance to attend the statewide educational conference. In high school, at least half of the teachers and most of the administrators are male. I really hadn't noticed this fact before, but now that I wasn't getting laid, the first thing I noticed at the convention was that there were many more men present than women.

    As I was getting dressed in my hotel room for the mixer Thursday evening, I was shocked to realize that I was so excited my entire body was trembling. After four months without being fucked, I wanted a man, and I wanted his cock in me.

    The mixer was crowded and most of the attendees were men. Well over half of them were checking me out. Some of them tried to look without letting me see that they were taking in my legs and cleavage. Others looked me over openly but would look away when I my eyes met theirs. A few men checked out my legs and tits and when I looked at them, they smiled and continued to stare. Some even licked their lips. Those were the men who made my cunt gush.

    I was still trying to decide which man I wanted in my bed that night when I noticed an attractive, virile looking man who appeared to be in his early 40s staring at my legs and cleavage. When I returned his stare, he smiled and squeezed his cock to show me its size and the fact that he was hard. I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

    When I finally managed to move my eyes back to his face, he added fuel to the flames shooting through my pussy by motioning with his hands for me to spread my legs. With almost no conscious thought, I sat on a table edge, and raised my foot up onto the seat of a chair. The position spread my legs causing my skirt to move high enough on my thighs to expose the crotch of my wine-colored, nearly transparent panties.

    That was all the encouragement this man needed. I could feel myself shivering with anticipation when I saw him walking rapidly toward me. I keep my legs open as he approached. His eyes remained locked onto to my panty-covered cunt. As soon as he was close enough for me to hear his whispered words, he said, "Hi, I'm Ralph and you look delicious. You know that I'm going to fuck you, don't you?"

    "I... I'm not sure... I'm... I'm married," I stammered.

    "Married women are the hottest. Show me your tits."

    "There are people every where. I can't do that here," I protested.

    "Take your tits out of your dress. Now. You know you want me to see them. Your nipples are already hard, aren't they?"

    "Ooohh god."

    "Answer me. Your nipples are already hard, aren't they?"

    "Yes," I moaned in a hushed voice.

    "Take your tits out. I won't tell you a third time."

    I yanked the top of my dress open letting both of my tits spill out. Both nipples were hard and erect.

    "Lean forward so they dangle."

    I leaned forward and gasped with pain as his fingers closed around my nipples... squeezing hard. I gasped ... then moaned in hot passion. He twisted my now throbbing nipples. My moans grew loud enough for several nearby men to hear. They all watched as he hefted, stroked, and squeezed me.

    "Your room or mine?" he asked.

    "I don't care," I moaned in helpless heat. "Just take me somewhere and fuck me... please."

    Ralph took my arm and led me toward the elevators. When I started to put my tits back inside my dress, my hands were quickly slapped away. "You tits stay out. Pull your skirt higher."

    When I didn't pull up my skirt, he stopped and just kept me standing there as men and women walked by and looked at my naked tits. "Please... everyone is looking at my tits."

    "Pull your skirt higher on your thighs."

    This time I did what he told me do. When my skirt was three inches above my knee, I stopped. He growled firmly, "Higher... almost up to your panties. Now."

    I pulled my skirt higher until it just barely concealed my panties. Once more, I was walked toward the elevators. As my legs moved, my panties would come into view along with my bouncing tits. Every man we passed watched and stared at my panties and then at my tits or vice versa.

    Once we were safely in the elevator and it had begun its accent to the ninth floor where my room was, Ralph again gave me an order. "Pull your skirt up to your waist."

    "But someone might come in or be in the hallway when we get to my floor."

    "Skirt up to your waist. Now or I'll have you pull down your panties as well and walk you to the room that way."

    Instantly, I had my skirt up to my waist. When the elevator doors opened, his hand was inside the back of my panties caressing my ass. That's the way I was led down the hallway... my tits both sticking out of my dress and bouncing as we walked... my skirt up around my waist and his hand inside my panties leading me down the hallway by my ass. We were still several doors away from my room when the door to one of the rooms opened and a middle-aged couple stepped into the hallway.

    The woman saw me first. "Look, Darling. Look there. He has his hand inside her panties. She's a hot looking slut, isn't she?"

    "She's his wife. See her rings," her husband said.

    "She's married, but she's not his wife." The brunette approached but the hand stayed inside my panties. "She's not your wife, is she?"

    "No. She's married, but not to me."

    "I didn't think so. My husband did, but I didn't. You're going to fuck her aren't you?"

    "Many times."

    "Is she good in bed?"

    "I think she will be, but I haven't fucked her yet. I just met her at the mixer."

    "Oh... that's so hot! Don't you think that's hot and sexy, Darling?"

    "Oh hell yes," her husband replied. "You've already got her humping her ass."

    "That's because I'm finger fucking her now."

    "Are you really finger fucking her right here in the hallway?" he asked.

    Before Ralph could answer, the brunette said, "Of course he's finger fucking her. Can't you tell from the way she hunching on his hand?" To prove her point, she knelt in front of me, and in one motion, pulled my panties down around my thighs. I spread my legs wider so both the brunette and her husband could see the two fingers pumping in and out of my dilated, dripping cunt hole.

    "Go ahead, Honey. Feel her. I know you want to. It's Ok. I won't be angry. Rub her clit while the gentlemen finger fucks her cunt."

    The brunette's husband moved in front of me, hefted one of my tits, and slipped his other hand between my thighs. As soon as I felt his fingers rubbing and squeezing my clit, I leaned back against Ralph and thrust my hips forward against those fingers.

    "Ooohhhh... ooohhhh... oooohhh... AAHH! AAHH! gonna cum... ooohhhh my god, I'm gonna cum," I moaned.

    At almost the same time, the fingers on my clit moved to my cunt hole while Ralph's fingers moved to my asshole. Fingers circled and stroked both of my openings at the same time as other fingers trapped my swollen clit and moved sensuously up and down its pulsing shaft.

    "Oh god... oh god... oh god... OOUUU OOOUUUU... push in... push into meeeee!" As my hissing moaning echoed off the walls of the hallway, both men thrust their fingers into my waiting holes. I came instantly and explosively:


    When my orgasm had abated, the brunette pulled her husband away. "Come on, Honey. Let the man take the hot slut to her room so he can fuck her." She felt her husband's rigid, iron-hard cock.

    "I think I'd better take you back into our room and help you with this thing, Darling. That hot slut has your cock hard as a rock."

    "Take it out so she can suck me."

    His wife grinned and turned to Ralph. "Do you mind if my husband uses her mouth?"

    "Not at all. Suck the man, Nancy. Suck him off... make him cum."

    His wife took out his cock and as I bent over, she fed his rock-hard, pulsing prick into my mouth.

    He was just huge... at least two inches longer than my husband and much thicker. Most importantly, he was hard... god... was he ever HARD!" I shoved my mouth over the big mushroom head and began sucking him. The portion of his rod that I couldn't get into my mouth, I jacked off while I sucked him in the hallway. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Ralph was now finger fucking both me and the man's wife. Her hips were pumping hard as she watched me sucking her husband's big fuck stick.

    It didn't take him long to cum. Just before he shot off, he pulled it out. "Keep your mouth hole wide open," he ordered. I did and he jacked his big load into my open mouth. I tried to swallow all of it, but he was shooting in too much, too fast. A lot of his cum creamed me and ran down my face.

    When he had finished emptying his balls into my mouth and over my face, the brunette took her randy husband back into their room while Ralph ushered me into mine.


    Being nearly naked in the hotel hallway as I sucked the woman’s husband turned my pussy
    into a swamp. I came when he shot off in my mouth.

    "Lie on the bed and steeple your knees, Nancy."

    I heard myself moaning softly as my knees rose into position and I realized that my hips were making small hunching motions.

    "Spread wider."

    "I can't. My panties are around my thighs," I hissed with my need mounting by the second.

    "You want your panties off, don't you?"

    "Oooohhh god."


    "Yessss," I gasped. "Please, take off my panties."

    "Why? Why do you want them off?"

    "So I can spread wider, like you ordered."

    "And what else?"

    "Ohhhhh... I want them off... please."


    "So you can see my hot married cunt... so you can see it and then fuck it... oohhh take off my panties... please... hurry! I haven't had cock in four months... PLEASE!"

    Ralph slowly drew my panties down my thighs as I raised my legs so he could get them over my heels and off of me. As soon as they cleared my feet, I had my legs gaping wide open, my hips thrusting high in the air. I reached down to open my pussy so Ralph could see inside my throbbing hole. When my fingers touched and then slipped over my hard, pulsing clitoris, I almost came.

    "OOOhhhhhhhhhhh.... I'm so close. FUCK ME!"

    By this time, Ralph had removed his clothes and was mounting me. His rigid cock dragged along my nylon-covered thigh bringing moans of delight from my lips. I was wild for it.

    "OHHHhh... put it in... STICK IT IN MEEEEEEEE!"

    "Be quiet! You get it when I decide you get it." My cunt throbbed even harder when I heard that.

    Slowly, Ralph's head descended downward... his lips planted kisses over my belly and then on my mound as my hips heaved upward, my legs flying even further apart. When his lips sucked my clit into his mouth and lashed it with his tongue, my vagina slammed shut whooshing air. He licked up the length of my clitoris, and my vagina flared open and pulsed as my clit danced and throbbed in his mouth.

    My entire cunt was mass of throbbing passion as I felt his tongue trace the length of my exposed sex slit until it reached my hard clit which was now protruding from its protective hood. The tongue stroked me... again and again... forcing my hips to rise high off the bed as sex juices literally boiled out of my hot cunt.

    Ralph quickly took advantage of my raised hips to push a pillow below my ass cheeks. With the pillow beneath my hips, my ass and cunt were lifted off the bed sufficiently to give Ralph easy access to either hole.

    "Fuck me! Damn you! Fuck me! Please. Put your cock in me."

    The sexy bastard ignored me. Once more he ran a finger along the wet, throbbing lips of my pussy making me moan with need. Then, again, he bent forward with his tongue outstretched. As soon as it pushed into my folds and dragged over my convulsing clit, my thighs clamped spastically about his head as my orgasm erupted.

    "AAAaahhhhh cummingg... I'm fucking cumminggg aaaahhhhhhhh!!"

    His tongue flicked my tender clit quickly back and forth not allowing my orgasm to end but making build on the last until I was cumming in repeated rapid bursts. When I began to scream and beg for his cock, he finally took mercy on me and moved into my sex saddle.

    I held my breath as I felt him aligning his cock with my opening. Then the big, bloated head pressed against my cunt. I exploded in an intense orgasm.

    "My god... you weren't kidding, Nancy. You really do need it. I've never seen a woman cum like that as soon as she felt my cock touch her cunt."

    "OOOOhhhhh shut up... Please... stop talking and fuck me! Stick it in meeeeee..... FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE!"

    Ralph drove his shaft all the way into my erupting cunt hole in one stroke causing me to explode... my juices shooting out forcefully... drenching him and the bed sheets. Fuck noises filled the room as I wailed every time his dick pumped me. I screamed even louder when I felt two fingers plunging into my ass as his cock drilled me hard and deep.


    I lost track of time and the number of times I came on Ralph's cock. Finally, he shot his load and fell beside me on the bed. He rested for awhile, but my ass and hips never stopped churning and thrusting, and I never stopped begging him to fuck me again.

    Finally, he pulled me onto his body and said, "Suck it. Suck me hard if you want more cock, Nancy."

    I sucked it... oh god, did I ever suck it.... hard... deep... all the way in... all the way out... desperately trying to get him hard so he would fuck me again. It only took a few minutes until I had his shaft rigid with lust and throbbing inside my mouth. He began to throb and swell as his orgasm approached. Immediately, I jerked my mouth off his organ and rolled onto the bed on my hands and knees. Looking back at Ralph as he rose up behind me, I hissed, "FUCK IT! FUCK IT! FUCK IT!!"

    I felt the bed giving as Ralph moved behind my raised hips. When his hands spread me open, I heard myself groan in hot anticipation. I couldn't stop telling him to fuck me, to ram it all the way in. Then, his cock head was against my hole. "AAAAaahhhh... yessss... YESSSS! PUT IT INNNNNNNNN!" His shaft entered me, stretching me wide open. His masculine grunt of pleasure when his cock thudded into the bottom of my vagina was music to my ears. I was already about to cum.

    Abruptly, he pulled it out causing me to whine with the loss. "No... please... fuck it back into meeeeeeee!"

    "I haven't had your ass yet, Nancy. Spread your cheeks open for me."

    "OOOhhhh god... my ass... you're gonna ass fuck meeeeeeeee," I howled. Although I was certain it would hurt, I still reached back with both hands and pulled myself open for him. Carefully, he used his fingers to scoop my cuntal secretions and his cum load out of my pussy, which he used to lube my ass. His cock was already slick with our combined juices. When I felt the big cock head pressing against my sphincter, I relaxed and he slipped inside my ass without much pain. As soon as the head was in me, he reared up over me and drove it balls deep into my asshole.

    My fingers flew to my throbbing clitoris and rubbed it furiously as Ralph fucked my ass with hard, determined strokes. Every thrust caused his balls to bang against my cunt. My vagina convulsed and throbbed. I squirted explosively. Ralph pulled back and hammered it into me hard. Again, I squirted and screamed. He fucked me even faster… harder. I howled as my pussy erupted.


    I had already sucked him to the edge so that once inside my tight ass, Ralph couldn't last very long. After five minutes, he screamed that he was going to cum. That wasn't a problem as I had already cum several times and was convulsing in another orgasm when his prick exploded its load inside my bowels.

    I had orgasm after orgasm on Ralph’s hard cock. When he
    rammed my ass, I squirted again and again.

    I didn't awake until almost 10 AM the next morning. Ralph had left shortly after screwing my ass. I had been too exhausted to even raise up to kiss him or thank him for a wonderful evening. I spent a half hour soaking in the tub and another half hour getting dressed before going to the hotel dining room for breakfast.

    As I enjoyed the pancakes, eggs, bacon, and coffee, I realized that in spite of the intense sex of the previous evening, I was still checking out the men as they came and went. Every time I saw an attractive, sexy man, I found myself wondering about the size and thickness of his cock and how good he might be in bed. By the time I had finished eating, my pussy was wet and ready for more sex.

    When the afternoon sessions began, I arrived early and got a seat on the front row facing the lectern. For an hour, I listened to dull presentations about new teaching methods and audio/visual teaching aids. Not one of the men giving the lecture gave me a second glance even though I had my legs crossed with my skirt high to show a lot of thigh. I was about to give up when a young, black education professor who looked to be in his mid-30s walked on stage to make the next presentation.

    As he opened his notes and set up his laptop for his slide presentation, his eyes kept darting back and forth between his material and my thighs. Within a couple of minutes, I could feel the dampness between my thighs. I rewarded the man's stare by pulling my skirt higher on my thighs. Since he was the only person on the stage, and I was on the front row, no one else except the two of us knew what was happening.

    By the time his lecture began, I had my skirt halfway up my legs showing a wide expansion of my crossed thigh. Every time he looked, he seemed to trying to see between my tightly crossed legs. At first, he paced the stage as he spoke, but the higher I pulled my skirt, the harder his cock got. Finally, he had to stand behind the lectern to conceal his full-blown, throbbing erection. I wasn't giving him any help as my skirt was close to the top of my thighs and I had uncrossed my legs.

    As he spoke, my legs parted... more and more ... until he could see my wet panties. Leaning forward, I also gave him a great view of my tits. I had mixed urges... on the one hand, I wanted to get him so hot and excited that he would cum in his pants... but on the other hand, I didn't want him wasting that beautiful erection that way.

    During the discussion period after the completion of his lecture, I raised my hand to get his attention. That didn't prove to be a problem.

    "Yes?" he said looking directly at my panties.

    "I'm Mrs. Nancy Norvell, Professor Larson. There are a couple of points that I don't see clearly... and I think it's very important that we see every thing in the clearest possible light... wouldn't you agree, Professor?"

    "Absolutely! I always want to see every thing that interests me clearly."

    "Could you explain in more detail how the techniques you've discussed are best applied in a history class for high school junior and seniors?"

    "I'll do my best, Mrs. Norvell, but we only have a short time. Perhaps, we can discuss this after the session?"

    "That would be fine, Professor. Thank you." I opened my legs even wider as I accepted his invitation so there would be no doubt in his mind about what I hoped he would help me with.


    We had spent no more than 10 minutes in the lounge and none of the discussion was about teaching methods or audio-visual teaching aids.

    "Well, Mrs. Norvell, it's a pleasure to meet you. Now that we have time, how can I help you?" he had begun. I quickly moved the topic to sex.

    "You can take me to my room or yours and spend the rest of the afternoon fucking me anyway you like."

    "Damn. You are one direct woman. Are you always this direct?"

    "When we only have one afternoon after which the opportunity will have passed. If I had waited for you to suggest sex, we would both have been very disappointed... right?"

    "I appreciate your point, Mrs. Novell."

    "Nancy, please. If you're going to fuck me, I think you should be using my first name, don't you?" I said with a devilish grin.

    "Good point... good point. My first name is Grant. Am I going to fuck you?"

    "Not if we continue to sit here and talk. I'm in room 905. Would you like to follow me, Grant?"

    "I think you should go alone. I'll come by in about 10 minutes."

    "MMmmmmm... good. Are you hard?" I asked as I reached for his crotch and discovered a bulging, rigid erection.

    "Wow! That feels like an iron bar… a very big iron bar!"

    "That's your fault," he whispered. Now it was his turn to explore. His hand moved under my dress, up my thighs, to my panties. I spread my legs for him. "Oh fuck! Your panties are soaked."

    "That's your fault," I moaned as I spread even wider and arched my hips off the chair.

    "What would you say if I finger fucked you right here in the lounge?"

    "I'd say...'Don't stop'." I felt his fingers slipping under my panties to my wet slit. He moved them up and down my sex trench savoring the slick, hot feel of my pussy.

    "MMMMMmmmmmmm... Don't Stop!"

    He explored every inch of my sex. I had lucked out... this was a man who loved women and pussy and knew how to pleasure them. I was shaking with desire before he ever touched my clit. When his knowing, skilled fingers finally captured it, my eyes slammed shut, my mouth opened in a silent hissing scream, and my tongue rapidly flicked over my top lip as my clitoris jerked and throbbed in a hard climax on Grant's fingers. At the same time, I squirted all over his exploring hand.

    "Jezz! You came!"

    "Oh did I ever... did anyone notice?"

    "I'm not sure. If anyone was watching you, they certainly know you came... that's for sure. My wife has never... ever... had an orgasm that hard even in our bedroom... much less in the lounge of a public hotel."

    "You know that after you've fucked me, you're going to be thinking about my cunt and body every time you’re screwing your wife for a long time."

    "I know."

    "Good. I'm leaving for room 905. Do you want me naked when you arrive? Dressed? In my panties and heels? What?"

    "Naked. Stark naked. Hot, wet, and ready. Wait.. on second thought, leave your stockings and heels on.”

    "I'm already hot, wet, and ready, Grant. All I have to do is get naked. Don't dally. I want your cock."


    "OH SHIT! SUCK ME! YOU HOT SLUT!" Grant growled in hot, male heat as his rigid sex weapon slid in and out of my sucking mouth. He was incredibly long and really thick. I had to stretch my mouth as wide as possible to take his organ. I couldn’t even get my hand all the way around its girth.


    "Ohhh... soooo good. So good! Wilma will never suck me. Says it's dirty. OOHhhhhh god... I'm about to cum."

    "Don't you dare cum, you hot Bastard. I want the first load up my cunt."

    "Then bend over the couch. NOW!"

    I was finding that I loved for men to control me... order me around... make me do hot sexual things. I was bent over in a flash. A moment later, Grant's rigid cock slammed into my raised cunt and raced down my vagina forcing it open as it sank into me. I howled with hot pleasure.

    He was shocked when he felt my cunt contracting about his cock. As close as he was, he had assumed that he would cum first. Wrong! I was boiling hot from all the sex play. It didn't take more than a dozen strokes into my hot sex pit to make my cunt erupt. I was still cumming when he ejaculated his big cum load into the bottom of my vagina where it pooled against my womb.

    'Shit. I'm sorry. I was so damn hot I forget to ask if I needed to wear a condom."

    "Don't worry, Lover. I'm safe and I assume as a professor you are as well. Come on, Honey. Lie on your back so I can suck this beautiful cock. I want you to pump it to me again."

    It took about five minutes of head before I was able to get his thick organ part way down my throat. I couldn’t get the head very deep into my throat, but it certainly stretched it.

    "My god... I can see your neck bulging every time my cock goes in."

    Pulling off his cock, I grinned. "Does that excite you? Seeing your big pussy stretcher also stretching my neck?"

    "Oh hell yes! It's the hottest thing I've ever seen."

    "MMmmmmmm... good." Again, my mouth descended on his rod and swallowed about half his length. His masculine cries of pleasure had my pussy gushing. When he was fully hard, I moved up his body and mounted him. Raising my hips, I whispered, "Put it against my cunt, Lover."

    He did as I had ordered. For a few delicious moments, I rotated my cunt over the throbbing cock head bringing moans from Grant. Then... slowly... I let my pussy sink down his shaft until my clit banged into his pubic bond and his rod jerked wildly inside my hot channel.

    I fucked him. He howled in pleasure. I fucked him harder and faster forcing his hips up off the bed to try to get his cock even deeper into my pussy. Every time I felt his rod swelling and throbbing inside my vagina, I stopped and just held him in the tight embrace of my cunt.

    I held him there... motionless... until he was begging me to fuck him. Again, I would begin to slowly move my pussy up and down his throbbing erection until he was once more grunting and gasping, losing control as his hips rammed upward. Again, I stopped. He begged and begged me to fuck him... to let him cum. I felt like a powerful sex bitch... what a high!"

    For over a half hour, I kept Grant on the edge of an orgasm without letting him cum. At the end of that time, he was almost crying as he begged me to let him shoot.

    "Ready to flood my married cunt, Honey?" I asked knowing full well what the answer was.

    "Ohh shit yes... fuck that hot cunt on my cock, Nancy. I want to cum in you so badly. Fuck me!"

    It only took a half dozen pumps of my pussy up and down his engorged, throbbing shaft until he grabbed my hips, pounded it in to the bottom of my hole, and pumped gush after gush of hot sperm and semen into me.

    Grant’s huge cock made me cum
    repeatedly as he screwed me.


    After that afternoon session and the hot sex with Grant, the conference was over. I was spending one last night at the hotel but with most of the conferees gone, it didn't look hopeful that I would be able to find a playmate for my last night. I had asked Grant if he wanted to spend the night with me, but his wife expected him home.

    I had taken a shower and was about to dress for dinner when the phone rang. I expected it to be Mac seeing if every thing was going well, but instead I heard Ralph's voice.

    "Are you leaving tonight or in the morning?"

    "In the morning."

    "Good. I was hoping that was the case. Put on something sexy, we're going out for food and dancing. No panties. Meet me in the lobby in thirty minutes." The phone went dead.

    Thirty minutes later I was in the lobby and found Ralph waiting for me. "You're on time. I like that. Ready?"


    "I thought as much." He led me to his car, held the door open for me, and in return, I treated him to a hot thigh show as I slid into the passenger seat. As he drove out of the parking garage, he looked over at me. "Pull your skirt up around your waist and leave it there. If you're wearing panties, I'm going to have you get out on the sidewalk and take them off." When I heard that, I wished I had defied his orders and worn panties.

    All the way to the restaurant, my pussy was on display. Before we arrived, Ralph ordered me to put one heel on the seat and spread wide. I was still in that position when Ralph brought the car to a stop in front of a roadhouse.

    My skirt was so short there was no way I could get out of the car without putting on a pussy show for the four guys standing at the front door, each drinking a beer. When I swung one leg out of the car all four of the men whistled and hooted.

    "Wow! You got it, Darling. Man, you put most of the younger chicks to shame, Baby." Another one was more blunt: "Gorgeous cunt, Honey." Then to Ralph: "Hey, Man. Have your lady show us her hot snatch again."

    "You heard the man, Nancy. Show him your 'hot snatch'."

    I blushed deep red, but as I was walking through the front door being held open for me by Ralph, I turned, pulled my skirt up to my waist and humped my pussy at the men.

    The menu wasn't elaborate, so Ralph ordered two Bar-B-Q plates for us and two Buds. As we ate, the four men must have been passing the word because quite a few of the men were staring at my legs beneath the table hoping I would cross them or better yet, spread them.

    "A dozen men are staring at me," I whispered to Ralph.

    "Of course they are. They all want to see your cunt again."

    "Maybe we better leave before they attack me," I suggested.

    "No need, Nancy. A lot... I mean a lot of women get fucked in this place or out in the parking lot, but no one ever gets raped. See those two big guys beside the bar... they're the bouncers. The one on the left is a former middle linebacker for several of the pro teams, and the other guy is a professional wrestler. Ok?"

    "Yeah. Ok. I guess I'm safe."

    After we had finished eating, Ralph took me out on the dance floor where he alternated between spinning me around which caused my skirt to rise up to my ass and feeling me up underneath the skirt or with his hands buried in my blouse.

    "Ralph," I whispered. "A bunch of men are watching you feeling me up and showing off my pussy and ass."

    "Is that why your cunt is a swamp. I can feel your wetness halfway down your thighs."

    "You know it is. You've got me so damn hot I'm creaming right here on the dance floor."

    "I think one of those men is heading our way, Nancy. He's probably going to ask you to dance. Do you want to or not. He's black."

    "I'll do it if you want me to, Ralph."

    "All right, dance with him. Let him feel you up and then take him out to our car in the parking lot and do him."

    "I don't want to be fucked by any of the men here. I want you."

    "Ok. Not a problem. I'll tell him that you don't fuck... just suck. When he takes you out to the parking out, suck him off. Then, we'll head back to the hotel."


    I led Brent through the dark parking lot to our car. He had gotten my tits out of my dress when we were dancing, and they were still out. He now had my dress bunched about my waist with two thick black fingers buried in my cunt where they were slowly fucking in and out. I could hardly walk. All I wanted to do was lie down and spread my legs for this hot stud.

    "The car’s right over there. Come on. Hurry,” I moaned.

    “Fucking in the back seat of a car is for teenagers. I gotta a room in the motel here. This way, you hot slut.” With his fingers hooked into my pussy, I really had no choice but to follow him.

    As soon as Brent had me in his motel room, he stripped off his jeans and shorts and thrust his cock toward me. "Suck it, Slut...Get your mouth hole over my cock and suck me. Hurry up!" I was stunned by the sheer size of Brent's cock. It had to be at least 10 inches and thick. He was easily as big as Grant… maybe bigger.

    Bending over his lap, I took his huge shaft in my hand and began jacking him off. Brent was having none of that. "Don't jack it, Slut... Suck it!" he commanded. My pussy contracted hard at being ordered to suck.

    Stretching my mouth as wide as I could, I pushed several inches of prick inside. The huge fuck stick filled my mouth with at least five inches still sticking out. Once Brent had the first half of his cock lodged in my mouth, he held the back of my head, thrust his hips upward, and drove his cock into my throat. I gagged and tried to pull away, but he held my head in place. At least he stopped shoving more cock inside until I stopped gagging.

    Ralph was right outside the motel room watching through the window as my head was forced downward. More inches of hard cock disappeared into my throat. Surprisingly, it didn't make me gag. Then, slowly, Brent dragged it out as my cheeks hollowed, sucking hard. When it was all out except the big head, the shaft started back in. Four inches... Five inches... Six inches. My eyes bulged. More cock was pushed inside. I could feel my throat bulging as the head entered. Again, I gagged. Brent held my head in place and then gradually pushed his entire shaft down my throat.


    "All right, Bitch. Now show me you know how to suck a big cock!"

    My throat seemed to expand as the entire cock pumped in and out of my mouth and throat. But there was no more gagging as I deep throated his entire big shaft. Brent began to grunt as his dick throbbed hard inside my throat.

    "Oh Shit! You are some cocksucking bitch. Eat my meat, Slut. All of it! AAAaahhhhh fuck! What a mouth! Suck it, Baby!"

    I continued to suck his cock for at least 10 minutes before I felt it jerking wildly and swelling as his load rose and prepared to shoot into my belly.

    "STOP!" Brent ordered. "I want to fuck my load into your cunt, Baby." He pulled his rigid, black shaft out of my mouth and pushed me down on the bed.

    "Didn't Ralph tell you I only suck," I moaned as he spread my legs and pushed my knees back against my tits.

    "Yeah, he told me. You've already sucked, Baby. Now it's fucking time. You ready for 10 inches of hard black cock up that hot white pussy? Don't matter though... it's going up your cunt anyway. Get ready... gonna put it in you."

    When I felt the big head pushing against my opening, I grunted and tried to pull away, but it was useless. He had me pinned on the bed, legs up and back, my cunt a wide open target for his cock. He pushed harder and the big head entered.


    Two more inches were pushed into my sex channel... spreading me... opening me up."

    "AH... AH... AH... AH... YESSSSSSSSSSS!"

    Brent pulled it out and then shoved six inches into my hot hole. I hissed with hot pleasure as it stretched me open and speared my gushing vagina. His hips snapped forward, and two more inches sank into my hot hole thudding into my womb with two inches still outside my pussy.

    Brent now began fucking me with slow, deep strokes. I howled with pleasure. When he had worked in the ninth inch, I exploded in an intense orgasm, my juices bubbling out drenching his cock and balls.

    Hot squishing noises filled the room as he gave it to me again and again. "I gotta shoot, Honey. Can't hold it no more. Here it comes, Slut. TAKE MY LOAD!"

    His cock slammed into me hard burying the entire length inside my cunt as he emptied his balls. I came again before he had finished shooting his load into me.

    I didn’t expect to be fucked, but when Brent’s
    huge cock stretched me open and filled
    my pussy, I wasn’t about to object.

    After I had left Brent in the room, Ralph drove us back to the hotel. He made me masturbate all the way there. When we entered the elevator, he told me bend over and grab my ankles. A moment later, his cock was buried inside my cunt. Before we reached the ninth floor, he hit the stop button and continued screwing me until he had pumped his cum into my throbbing vagina.

    Later that night as I was lying in bed waiting for sleep to overtake me, I thought about my two lovers. Grant was the more polished, the more intelligent. He had a thicker and longer cock than Ralph. He gave better head, and it was a new experience for me to tease a man like I had teased Grant, almost making him cry and beg me to let him cum.

    Nevertheless, I enjoyed Ralph's fucking a lot more than I had Grant's, a fact which puzzled me. After a lot of thought, I realized that it was because Ralph had taken control. He hadn't asked me for sex... he had just come up and said, "I'm going to fuck you." Then at the road house, he had told me to suck or fuck that black stallion.

    Grant, on the other hand, had asked me if we were going to fuck. For the first time, I realized that what really turned me on more than anything else was for a man to take control of me... tell me what I was going to do. I knew I had to have more of that sort of sex.


    Unfortunately, educational conferences only occur about two or three times a year. Once the conference was over, I was back to leading a celibate lifestyle except for my constant masturbation and sexual fantasies about my students.

    Hardly a day went by that I didn't end up concocting a new, dirty fantasy about one of my students kidnapping me and screwing me every couple of hours for days on end. By the time the last class of the day was over, my cunt always felt like it was on fire. On more than one occasion, I made my pussy sore from my constant masturbation.

    One day, during the 3:00 PM world history class, the students were all congratulating Bob Jackson. I asked one of the girls in the class what the occasion was.

    "It's Bob's 18th birthday. We're all wishing him a happy birthday, and tonight we have a surprise party planned for him. But don't tell him... promise?"

    I nodded, and Susan took her seat still giggling. I wasn't giggling; I was boiling hot for the birthday boy's young cock. He was 18! No longer a minor! I could fuck him 10 times a day and it would be legal. I wanted to fuck him 10 times a day... I wanted him to take me... tie me up... fuck me 10 times a day. I was about to cum right there in my classroom before the period even started. I had no idea how I was possibly going to get through the class.

    To make matters worse, Bobby sat on the front row. And like most teenage boys his age, he wore tight jeans and sat with his legs wide apart. When he leaned back in his seat, I could see the outline of his cock... exactly where it started and where it ended. It was soft, but I could still see its outline very clearly.

    When I looked up, I found his eyes on mine, smiling knowingly. He had caught me starting at the bulge of his cock! He knew! He knew I wanted it! At first, I thought about what would happen if he told the principal. I would be fired. God. Finally, reason took over. Teenage boys don't run to the principal complaining that some woman is looking at the bulge of his cock.

    All through the class, he seemed to be thrusting it at me. He sat with legs spread wide, his hips seeming to thrust his organ right at me. And it was getting bigger... much bigger. He was getting hard, and he knew I saw it... he knew I wanted it... he knew his history teacher was hot and horny. What he probably didn't know was that I was much more than just horny; my cunt was a swamp of hot lust.

    I hadn't been fucked since the convention... three months previously. I needed cock... and Bobby's just turned 18-year-old cock would do just fine. As I lectured the class about the French Republic and the Napoleonic wars, my hole throbbed. I tried not to look at Bobby, but just as soon as I had managed to tear my eyes away from his big bulge, he would ask a question so that I had to look at him ... at it... again.

    By the time the class was over, I was panting... my breasts were heaving, and my face was flushed. If Bobby had had more experience with women in heat, he would have realized he could have stayed after class on the pretext of asking some questions and just bent me over my desk, flipped up my dress, yanked down my panties, and fucked me. I would have cum a dozen times if he had done that.

    The students had left for the day as had all the teachers. I was still sitting at my desk thinking about Bobby's cock and my hot, contracting cunt. I needed to be fucked... God... I needed cock in my pussy!. Gradually, my hand moved beneath my skirt, up my thighs, to my wet slit and hard, erect clit.

    As soon as I touched my panties over my slit, my clitoris went into a wild dance of orgasm. I just sat at my desk, my hands gripping the arm rests of my chair, as the hot sensations surged through my spastically contracting vagina. I knew I should go to the ladies' room, but I was wet, horny, hot for cock. I couldn't wait.

    Leaning back in my chair, I raised my ass and pulled off my panties. After stuffing them into my handbag, I extended my legs in front of me, wide open, arched my hips to bring my sex hole into position. I started slowly... just sliding my finger up and down the length of my slit just inside my labia.

    The lips were swollen, engorged with blood from my wild fantasies about Bobby fucking me. They flanged open to expose the hard, erect knob of my engorged and now throbbing clitoris. Juices were seeping from my cunt keeping it ready for fucking. God... it was so good... every time my finger slipped inside, hot spasms rippled up and down the length of my sex channel. If I so much as touched my clit, it contracted hard ... dancing in and out of it protective hood. A few strokes on my clit, and another hot orgasm surged through my pussy as more juices spurted out wetting my skirt that was now bunched about my waist.

    I had already cum twice when I heard the door being unlocked. I had no time to move before the man entered and stared directly between my spread legs at my gaping cunt. It was the janitor, Carlos, who had unlocked the door and come in so he could clean the room for tomorrow's classes.

    He was a Mexican man. I looked at him and then continued to touch my pussy. I let him watch. It was either that or stop, and there was no possible way I could stop at this point. Carlos took out his hard, erect, and very thick cock and began stroking it as I fingered my cunt. He moved closer. I spread wider. One thing I really enjoy is watching a man stroke his cock in front of me. He pumped and I finger fucked. When he did speak, it sent shivers through me.

    "Put your legs up over the chair arms. Do it now. I want to see your cunt."

    As soon as he ordered me to expose my cunt more, I had a climax. I draped my legs over the chair arms and spread as wide as possible.

    "Good! You have a beautiful fuck hole, Senora. Now, you will pleasure your fuck hole as I watch and jerk on my thick cock. I will cum on your cunt when you cum."

    "OOohhhh god, Yes! Cum on my cunt. Shoot it all over me," I moaned as my fingers literally flew over my engorged clitoris. I came and a few minutes later he pumped a huge load all over my throbbing cunt.

    "Thank you, Senora. Until next time," he grinned as he stuffed his thick cock back into his jeans.

    "Aren't you going to fuck me," I asked surprised and not just a little disappointed.

    "Perhaps next time I will fuck your delicious cunt. Tonight, my wife is expecting me home very soon. She would smell the aroma of your enticing cunt on me... then it would be very, very bad."

    A Call From Dean:

    With Mac's impotence showing no sign of abating, I continued to masturbate as my sole source of sexual release. The only break was on Thursday evenings when Carlos would tell his wife that he had to work late cleaning the gym for Friday night's basketball game. In fact, the only extra thing he had to clean was my randy pussy, on which he did an expert job with his tongue. In return, I would suck him off, but he was still too nervous to actually fuck me. Finally, I caught a break when Dean called me.

    It was a Friday night two days after my husband had left for a two week business trip. I had just finished eating dinner when my cell phone buzzed. When I answered, I heard a male voice but not one that I recognized.

    "Hello, Nancy. You don't know me, but we have a very close friend, Mr. Ralph Morrison. I'm sure you remember Ralph from your last educational conference."

    "I remember Ralph very well. Do you know him?"

    "We're very close friends. My name's Dean, Dean Lancaster."

    "I'm Nancy... Nancy Norvell, but then you seem to already know my name. What else do you know about me?"

    "Just that you're a luscious woman who enjoys being controlled and that your husband is impotent, which is creating great problems for you."

    "Ralph tell you that?"

    "Not at first. But when I told him I was being transferred to your area, he gave me your name and particulars. I'll pick you up at 8 PM. We'll have a few drinks and get acquainted."

    "I don't know... my husband...."

    "Your husband is out of town for two weeks. I'll be there at 8 PM."

    "Not tonight. Maybe another time."

    "You don't seem to listen very well. I didn't ask you; I told you that I would be there in an hour. Wear something attractive." The phone went dead.

    By the time I closed my cell phone, my panties were already getting damp. I hadn't been screwed since the convention several months before, and just the sound of a male voice was enough to excite me. And when that voice took on a commanding tone and ordered me to wear something hot, I could feel the hot juices seeping out of my now throbbing slit.

    At one minute before 8:00 PM, the chimes on my front door rang. When I opened the door, a nice-looking, man, maybe late 30s, stood in the doorway.

    "Hi, Nancy. I'm Dean. And I like what you're wearing. Very attractive. Ralph said you have great legs. Shall we have a drink before we leave for the dinner?"

    He entered without my ever inviting him in. Taking a seat in my husband's favorite chair, he said, "I'll have a gin and tonic."

    In spite of myself, I hurried to fix Dean his gin and tonic. As I poured the tonic over the gin, I realized my hands were shaking with excitement. He looked me over as I handed him the drink, and when I started to take a seat in the chair beside him, he put up his hand to stop me.

    "Sit over on the couch so I can see you better."

    It never occurred to me to question Dean's order. I just smiled and took a seat opposite him. His eyes roamed over the entire expanse of my body, particularly my legs.

    "Lean back, cross your legs, and pull your skirt higher so I can check out your thighs."

    Again, I did as he had instructed, but he wanted more. "Pull your skirt higher. All the way up to the top of your thighs."

    I was beginning to shake as I pulled it up high enough that my panties were peeking out from between my crossed legs.

    "God! Ralph's description didn't do your legs and thighs justice, Nancy. 'Great legs' is not adequate. Your legs are cock hardening."

    "Are you hard now? You've been looking at my legs long enough," I asked with a seductive smile.

    "Like stone, Nancy, like stone. Shall we go?"

    He stood up and held out his hand to help me up. It was now my turn to have my eyes locked onto the big bulge at his crotch. He hadn't been exaggerating when he had said he was hard as stone. It certainly looked that way.

    Dean took me to a sports bar. After selecting a table, he ordered drinks for both of us and then peppered me with questions. With every question, I seemed to get more and more excited until I could feel the wetness on my thighs.

    "When is the last time you had cock, Nancy?"

    "I suck off the janitor at the school on Thursday evenings."

    "So you sucked cock last Thursday?" When I nodded, Dean asked, "Does the janitor fuck you?"

    "No. He's afraid his wife will smell my pussy on him later."

    "Mmm... careful man. So when is the last time you had cock in your cunt?"

    "At the convention where I met Ralph."

    "And Ralph was the last to get into you?"

    I again nodded. "Yes. It was several months ago."

    "You must be wild for cock by this time?"

    "Very. Right now, my panties are soaked and my thighs are wet."

    Dean pushed his chair back from the table and moved it toward me. "Turn toward me, Nancy. Yes... like that. Now open your legs wide. Really wide open. I want to see your wet panties and thighs."

    I turned my chair toward him and spread my feet far apart opening the entire plane of my panty-covered cunt no more than three feet from his eyes.

    "Damn! You are wet and ready. Not surprising since you've gone months without cock." I started to close my legs, but Dean stopped me. "No! Keep your legs open so I and others can enjoy the sight of your wet panties that don't do a very good job of covering your hot cunt."

    I did as he ordered. After a few minutes, I was so turned on, I could both feel and smell the musky fluids from my pussy seeping out.

    "You forced celibacy is about to end, Nancy. You understand?"

    "Ohhhh yes... I hope so!"

    "I don't mean just my cock. I mean from many cocks."


    "Whomever I select. You will spread and fuck whomever I select. Ralph told me you got off on being controlled... so I intend to control you. Like right now... right here in this sports lounge. Pull your panties aside and expose your cunt!"

    "ooohhhhhhhhhh... please."

    "Please what? You want to stop? Have me take you home now?"

    "Nooooo! Please make me do things like that... and more!"

    "Then do it! Show me your cunt keep it on display."

    Lifting my hips, I pulled off my panties and gave them to Dean. When I sat back down, I spread wide open putting my pussy on display for him and any other male in the bar who wanted to see it. Quite a few did.

    As the crowd began to gather, Dean abruptly pulled me to my feet and led me back to his car. He started to open the door for me, but stopped. "Strip naked. Leave the heels and stockings on. Do it! Now!”

    I quickly unzipped the dress and let it fall to the ground. Next came my small demi-bra. Dean now had me standing beside the car nearly naked. Several men and some women were enjoying the view. He opened the door and let me get inside. Throughout the drive back to my house, I sat with my legs open.

    When we arrived at my house, I assumed that Dean would fuck me right there on the front seat. But things didn't work out that way. He took me into the house while sliding his fingers through my soaked pussy. Once we were inside, he extracted his rigidly erect cock and ordered me to suck.

    "Take it all the way into your throat and make me cum, Nancy. Do not... I repeat... do not masturbate."

    Kneeling in front of Dean, I licked his cock until it was dripping with my saliva. Then, I pushed it inside my mouth. Slowly, he pulled my head toward the base of his cock forcing it deeper and deeper. The head popped into my throat and very quickly, Dean pushed his entire length into my mouth causing my neck to bulge as the big cock head pumped me.

    I only took me five minutes or so of hard sucking and deep throating his organ to make him shoot his load. He fired two big jets of semen and sperm straight down my throat and then pulled back and pumped eight or nine more into my mouth.

    Dean shot off a monster cum load
    into my wife open, waiting mouth.

    "Aaawwww.. fuck... that's good. Ralph told me you were a terrific cocksucker. Damn!"

    Once he had cum, he got dressed and, as he was standing in the front doorway, said, "Tomorrow night I'm taking you out for night of erotic, kinky sex. Do not masturbate tonight or tomorrow. I want you climbing the walls." A moment later, he was gone leaving me naked in my den, my pussy gushed, my clit throbbing, with orders to keep my hands off my cunt. I didn't get to sleep until 2 AM.

    Dean arrived promptly at 8 PM the next night. He was on time, but I was climbing the walls in sexual heat. As soon as he entered, he took control.

    "Turn around and pull up your dress. Show me your ass."

    In my excited state, that was almost enough to make me cum. Turning my back toward him, I raised my dress so he could see most of my ass and my pink panties that were deeply slotted into my pussy slit.

    "Nice... very nice. Sit on the couch and open your legs. Let me see the front of your panties."

    Again I obeyed. This time, Dean knelt right in front of me and ran his fingers up and down my panties right over my cunt slit. When his fingers reached a point right over my clit, he stopped and rubbed it in slow, circular motion. He had me hunching wildly within seconds.

    "Ooohhh god... please... do it to me... fuck me... or least make me cum. Aaaahhhh aaaahhhh... more... just a little more... please." He stopped, pulled me to feet and led me out the front door. I was panting in heat.

    I was surprised to see a luxury limo parked at the curb with a driver dressed in a black suit holding the back door open for me. I climbed into the limo and the Dean followed. A moment later, we were on our way... somewhere.

    We had only been in the limo for a few minutes when Dean ordered me to spread my legs for the driver. When I made eye contact with him in the mirror I was to lick my lips. Dean had his cock out with my hand wrapped around it. With my wedding rings in plain sight around his hard shaft, it was incredibly dirty and erotic.

    Next, Dean ordered me to pull up my skirt and spread my legs wide open for the driver to see. I quickly had my dress up around my waist with my feet on the seat in front of us, my knees out to the side with my legs gaping open. I could see the driver's eyes glued to the crotch of my panties.

    "Pull your panties aside so he can see your cunt, Nancy."

    Hooking the fingers of my left hand in the crotch band, I pulled it far to the side completely exposing my cunt. I used my right hand to spread my lips and strip back the hood of my clit so the driver could see every thing.

    "Masturbate for him, Nancy, but don't cum."

    I began rubbing my clit, but could only do it for 30 seconds or so before I had to stop and let my excitement ebb some before I could start again. I was so close to orgasm, it took all my will power to stop.

    Dean motioned for the driver to find a place to park. When he did so, he came to the back door. By this time, I had both tits out as well as my legs gaping open. Dean got out and moved to the front seat... sitting so that he had a clear view of the driver and me.

    "Take out his cock and suck him, Nancy."

    I unzipped his pants and out came a very hard and very large cock. The driver pulled my face toward it and my mouth opened. It didn't take long for him to get six inches of it inside. Dean told him to get in the car and use me. He didn't have to be told twice.

    In moments, the driver was beside me in the back seat sucking on my nipples sending hot sensations through my belly and down into my cunt. Every time he sucked or pulled my nipples, my clit throbbed. I already so close to orgasm that it only took a minute of this treatment before I gasped, arched my hips high, and erupted in an intense climax. Juices poured from my contracting hole.

    When the driver felt my body shaking in orgasm, he moved down to the floorboard and pushed his face between my thighs where his lips captured my dancing clit. I came again almost immediately.


    Dean allowed me to calm slightly from my third orgasm before he ordered me to suck the driver again. He got up on the seat, and I bent over his lap taking the huge phallus back into my mouth. This time, he humped and face fucked me hard until six inches of prick were pumping in and out of my mouth.

    "Get on him, Nancy. Fuck him with your cunt."

    I threw my leg over his, and mounted him cowgirl. He aligned his cock with my pulsing cunt, and I slide down on his hard shaft. As the driver fucked me, Dean got into the back seat so I could jack him off. Finally, he pulled me to him and we began to kiss while the cab driver was fucking me.

    "Turn her around, Martin, so I can see your big cock sinking into her cunt."

    Martin spun me around on his shaft until my back rested against his chest. Again and again, his cock slugged into my pussy as Dean watched, rubbed my clit, and twisted my nipples. I shuddered in another intense orgasm.

    When Martin felt my vagina contracting about his shaft, he told Dean, "I need to cum. Can I shoot my load into her cunt or do I need to pull out?"

    "You want to pull out?" Dean asked him.

    "Hell no!"

    "I wouldn't either. Shoot it in her cunt!"

    This man I had just met was going to shoot his load inside my cunt. I was shaking hard in anticipation, knowing that when he shot in me, I would cum again.

    "Let me get her on her side so I can really ram her."

    "Go ahead. Fuck her anyway you want."

    Martin put me on my side, got behind me, and pulled my leg high in the air to fully expose the connection. A second later, he nailed his throbbing cock into me. All eight inches sank into my hole as he fucked me like a wild man. All I could do was grunt, moan, and cum. Dean stroked his cock as he watched the thick prick pumping in and out of my gushing vagina.

    In just moment, I felt Martin's cock jerking hard inside my hole as he filled me with his cum. Dean began kissing me again as the limo driver pulled out and returned to the front seat. A moment later, we were moving again.

    Dean told me to put my finger in my full pussy and wet my lips with his cum. Put it on my lips like lipstick. I did so and then he pulled me back to him and we kissed. We did this a few times and then he wanted me to bring as much cum out of my pussy as I could and eat it. I did it until I could no longer get any out and then we kissed again.

    "Aren't you going to fuck me?" I asked surprised.

    "Not yet. I'm going to spend the night in your bed screwing you continuously. Actually, both Martin and I are going to spend the night in your bed. Ever had two cocks in you at the same time?”

    My entire body shuddered in anticipation.

    The limo took us to our destination, a very nice restaurant. We had dinner, all the time with my legs exposed and part of my breasts. Then, we went to a concert. During the performance, Dean had me pull down my panties and leave them on the floor. He played with my cunt as the orchestra played. Every time there was a forte note, his fingers rammed me hard. I had come twice before the concert ended. Dean also made certain that the man sitting next to me had a good view of my cunt as it was finger fucked. Before we left, he and Dean were taking turns fingering me.

    On the way home, we stopped one more time at a convenience store.

    "Go inside, Nancy, and seduce the clerk. Show him your tits and ask him if he would like to fuck you... no charge. Tell him your boyfriend shot off too soon and left you high and dry and you need to cum."

    Seducing the young clerk was easy. He was hard as soon as I pulled my dress down below my tits. He put a "Back in 10 minutes" sign on the door and took me to the ladies rest room. He told me to get on my hands and knees and put my head on the couch. I did and he rammed it in to the hilt on the first stroke and slammed me hard. It only took him a little more than five minutes to fill me with his load. I did get off once as he screwed me. After he came, I left the store with my breasts showing. A group of boys came by and saw my breasts and hard nipples before I could get back into the limo.

    When we reached my house, Dean asked Martin if he was ready to put another load into me. Of course, he was.

    “I assumed you'd be more than ready. Let’s take her inside and both fuck her. I’m sure Nancy would love to entertain two huge cocks at the same time. Isn’t that right, Nancy?”

    All I could do was moan as my fingers probed my pussy and furiously masturbated my engorged clit.

    Five minutes later, the two studs had me on the desk in our study with my legs high in the air. Martin’s cock was buried inside my throbbing cunt while Dean’s pumped in and out of my widely stretched mouth. As my first orgasm erupted, Martin jerked his shaft out of my convulsing pussy and rammed it into my asshole. A climaxed again within a few minutes as both cocks pounded me.

    Later, they did me on the couch with their cocks ramming my pussy and ass at the same time. I couldn’t stop screaming as repeated climaxes wracked my trembling body.

    My body shook in multiple orgasms
    as the two studs double fucked me.

    Good Neighbors:

    My next door neighbor and his 17-year old son both try to see my body every chance they get. Before Mac became impotent, he was fucking me five times a week, and I paid no attention to them. After he could no longer perform, I became more and more interested in both of them.

    During the day, whenever I notice the neighbor on his patio trying to see me, I have an urge to change my dress and let him look. I really can't imagine him fucking me (or can I?). He looks like a shy nerd with big, horn-rimmed glasses. I've often wondered what his wife sees in him. But now that I don't have a steady supply of cock, I find myself increasingly interested in him and his son.

    I did see his cock once when we had them over to enjoy our Jacuzzi with us. It looks long, but it's his thickness that made my pussy wet. It looks like a coke can. I can imagine it driving in me with his hot body on top, almost smothering me, fucking me, driving me insane with that massive thick cock. It doesn't always have to be a good-looking man (they are preferable), but when in the right mood, or when someone pushes me over the edge, I get so hot that I'll fuck anything.

    I know the neighbor's son wants to fuck me. I wonder if he's had pussy yet. He could have mine. I've teased him enough. If he were a little older, he would have already drug me into the bedroom and fucked my brains out… making me beg him to fuck me again and again.

    I saw him last night spying on me as usual. I went out on the patio in just my robe and heels pretending that I was looking for something. He was on his patio so I went over to chat. Since I teach high school, it was natural for me to ask him about school and how he is doing.

    While talking, he was having problems not looking at my breasts ... especially since I let my robe open slightly. When I let it open more so that my nipples could be seen, the bulge in his pants grew larger. I asked him if he liked what he saw. All he could manage was a nod. When I then moved my hand to my pussy, his bulge began to pulse.

    Reaching over, I touched his cock through his pants. I felt it lurch. He moaned, his hips thrust against my hand, and he came in his pants. I just laughed and told him that maybe some day when he developed more control, he could come over to my house. When I walked again, my pussy was gushing, and a big, wet stain was spreading over the front of his pants.

    Now, it was his father's turn. With Mac away on business, I'm alone in the house. Around dusk, I had seen my neighbor on his patio with his binoculars around his neck. There's no way I could resist.

    Retreating to my bedroom, I put on a red teddy with matching CFM red heels, dark stockings, and skimpy black, nearly transparent panties

    When I returned to the den, the thought that he is watching me is making my cunt throb. Impulsively, I turn on all the lights in the den and stand in front of the window.

    At first, I pose erotically, cupping my breasts and slowly pulling the teddy down sufficiently to expose the tops of my nipples. Tremors are surging up and down my body as I sit on the couch and cross my legs. The teddy exposes my thighs all the way up to my ass. I can almost feel his eyes locked onto my thighs while staring through his binoculars. I just know he is desperate for me to spread my legs so he can see my panties while hoping to see my cunt.

    But while I make him wait, I do ease his pain by pulling the teddy even lower exposing more of my tits. Casually, I turn toward the patio door to give him a good view of my now very erect nipples. Without being told, I know he's jacking off with one hand while trying to hold the binoculars with the other. While he's watching, I spread my legs so that the binoculars are now locked onto my black panties. I wonder how much of my pussy he can see through the thin material.

    For the next 10 minutes or so, I recline on the couch with my tits in full view but my legs closed. I know my neighbor must be wild with lust to see more. Taking pity on the nerd, I again open my legs and this time slide my hand up and down over the crotch of my panties. Once more, he has a good view of my legs. I hope he hasn't cum yet.

    Not wanting him to give up, I begin to move my fingers up and down my panties right over my now very wet slit. Gradually, I spread my legs wider until I'm lying on the couch with my legs gaping. Slowly, teasingly, I drag the thong away from my gushing pussy and begin to rub my engorged and very erect clit. I know the binoculars are focused right on my cunt.

    Furiously, I finger fuck my throbbing pussy and clit. To prolong our pleasure, I stop just before I cum and spread my labia open. I know his binoculars are focused on my pulsing hole and hard, throbbing clit.

    The patio door is closed, but unlocked. I wonder how much courage the nerd has. Mounting the desk on my knees now, I bend over so that the top of my head touches the desk arching my ass high. The nerd has a choice now... he can focus his binoculars on my ass and cunt and jack off, or he can do more. I wait, slowly rotating my ass seductively.

    I hear the patio door opening. Looking between my legs, I see the nerd in his usual horn-rimmed glasses. His eyes are locked on my ass and cunt; his thick cock is sticking out of his open fly.

    It turns out that the nerd has a lot more nerve than I had given him credit for. He moves around the desk, takes hold of my hair, and pulls my head toward his thick member.

    "Suck it, Bitch!"

    I almost cum when I hear that. My mouth flies wide open, and the nerd takes full advantage pulling my head toward his crotch and driving his steel-hard cock into my open mouth hole. Once inside, the cock throbs wildly. The nerd's moans fill the air.

    "OH shit! Suck it you hot Bitch Whore! I'M GONNA CUM!"

    He does. His load erupts inside my mouth after only a minute of my sucking him. One huge jet of semen after another fires into my mouth and throat. The nerd grunts with each eruption as he rams his ejaculating rod all the way into my mouth. Semen spurts out the corners of my mouth as I can't swallow it fast enough.

    "Your turn, Baby. Suck my pussy and make mama cum. I'm so damn close. Hurry!"

    The nerd pushes me onto my back on the desk, spreads my legs, and dives between my thighs like a thirsty man stranded in a desert. His glasses get in the way, so he pushes them higher on his nose and presses his mouth and tongue between my wide open labia. He gives better head than I had anticipated... in fact, he has me wailing and my ass pounding up and down on the desk in less than a minute.

    "Ooohhh god! Lick my clit, Honey... I'm almost there... make me cum!"

    My hole contracts ... just slams shut as my clit begins to dance and pulse in an intense orgasm. The nerd stays right on it even though I'm trying to push him away... I start screaming... my juices spurt out drenching the nerd and the desk top.

    My pussy is still throbbing when I find out that the nerd is actually an in-control, demanding stud in disguise. I also find out that he knows how to use his thick cock to pleasure a woman. He flips me over onto my belly on the desk and pulls my ass to the edge.

    "Spread your legs. I'm gonna fuck you, Nancy!"

    "I didn't say you could fuck me," I protest, but not too much.

    SPLATT! I feel the stinging slap on my ass and also the burning imprint his hand has made. "Shut up and spread your legs, Nancy."

    "Oh god... at least put on a condom," I moan as my legs fly apart.

    "Right. I'll put on a condom when hell freezes over. I hope you're not fertile cause the load's going up your hot cunt," he growls as his thick shaft splits my cunt lips and sinks into me. I can't suppress my moan of hot pleasure as his coke-can thick cock stretches my vagina into a huge circle as it plunges in deep. When his balls bang against my clit, I howl with female pleasure.

    "OOohhhhhhhhhhh fuck meeeeeeeeeee! AAAhhhhh... uunnghhhh.... harder!" He does.

    Having just shot off a huge load, the nerd has great staying power. My moans increase in volume and frequency as he plows my hole. I cum again, and he knows it from my spastic contractions around his embedded prick.

    "Damn! You are one hot Bitch. I wish to hell my wife was half as hot as you. Turn over onto your back. I wanna hold your tits while I fuck you."

    I'm no longer protesting anything this hot stud demands. I turn onto my back, spread wide, and steeple my knees. He moves into my sex saddle and nails that thick sex spike back into my waiting cunt.

    "OOohhhhhhhhhhh... what a cock... what a cock! Fuck me with it, Baby. Hard and deep!"

    Again, I cum before he does. I now find out that the nerd is a lot stronger than he looks. He lifts me like a rubber fuck doll while keeping his prick deep inside my cunt. He walks around the room bouncing me on his deeply embedded shaft. I can’t stop howling as he fucks me. I feel my back being pressed against the wall; he hoists my legs higher, spreading me, exposing my cunt to his relentless attack. He rams it in… hard! I scream as I feel it stretching me. His masculine grunts mix with my female shrieks as the cock plunges in and out of my gushing cunt. I hiss with pleasure as another climax explodes. Spastically, I squirt even though his thick organ has my hole fully plugged.

    He sits down in the chair with me riding him. As I begin to pound my squishing pussy up and down on his rod, I can't keep from hissing with pleasure as he sucks and squeezes my nipples.

    We're both about to cum when he says, "I want you on top riding me reverse cowgirl when I blow my load up your pussy, Nancy."

    I scramble off his prong and wait until he's lying on the desk. Straddling his hips facing his feet, I lower my cunt over his cock as he directs it back into my pussy. The sensation of his entry again brings hot moans of delight from my lungs... he's so damn thick!

    After another five minutes of furious fucking during which I cum again, he grunts, grabs my hips and rams himself deep inside my pussy where he plants another load of cum.

    Before he leaves, he makes me clean his cum-coated cock with my mouth. I almost cum again when he orders me to suck it clean.

    As soon as the nerd leaves, I drag myself into the bedroom, turn back the covers, and fall into an exhausted sleep. I have no idea how long I get to sleep before I feel myself being turned onto my back and mounted by a hard-cocked randy male. A hard shaft splits me open and sinks into my vagina. I moan as it fills me.

    Opening my legs, there was just enough light to see that the nerd's son is in bed with me. I try to push him away, but he easily holds me down and whispers with masculine authority, "Open your legs, Bitch." Obviously, his dad has given him some lessons in how to handle me.

    His hands snake beneath my ass pulling it upward and he again growls, "Open your legs and put them up in the air... Do it NOW!"

    Obediently, I jack my legs up and spread wide. A moment later, I feel the delicious sensation of my pussy again being split open by a hard cock. He isn't as thick as his dad, but he’s longer and before I have all of it inside my pussy, I feel it thud into my womb. He grunts, pulls out, and drills me again. This time, his cock shoves my womb back and fills me completely.

    “Hot fuck hole,” he growls.

    His fingers probe between my raised buttocks and drive into my asshole at the same time as his dick again thuds into the bottom of my vagina. Now we’re both grunting as he fucks me.

    “AAhhh gawd damn… fuck me harder, you big-dicked bastard!”:

    “Fuck slut!”

    “Oh yes… fuck your slut harder, Baby. Give it to me!”

    “Like this?”


    “Or this?”


    I cum before he does, but not by very much. After he has emptied his balls into my pussy, I expect him to vanish into the night, but I forgot this was a 17 year old boy in the prime of his sexual power. He stays in my bed for three hours, fucking me almost continuously… in my ass, in my cunt… in my mouth. Before he leaves, I have three more loads of cum pooled inside my cunt and another in my belly, and a fifth deep inside my rectum.


    My oldest daughter Cheryl is married to a nice looking man, Phil, who works as a construction foreman. Mac and I visit them about once a month as Cheryl and I are very close.

    On one such visit, we had stayed up late exchanging stories and having some drinks. None of us were feeling any pain when we went to bed for the night. For some reason, I woke up early, around 6 AM. Naturally, Mac was still sound asleep.

    I put on my robe and slippers and went to the kitchen to start some coffee. On the way, I passed Phil and Cheryl's bedroom. For some reason, their door was partially open and when I looked in, I saw Cheryl naked and bouncing wildly on Phil's cock as he lay on his back. She was riding cowgirl bent over him with her big 36C tits shaking in Phil's face as his cock pumped in and out of her vagina. I could see the connection clearly with my daughter bent over as she was.

    That was the first time I had seen my son-in-law's cock hard. He was big, really big, and it was obvious that Cheryl was loving every stroke it made into her wet cunt. Since my daughter's back was toward the door, she had no chance to see me, but when Phil looked up, he saw me watching with my hand pressed between my thighs where it was moving back and forth.

    He grinned at me and began fucking Cheryl even harder. She came very quickly. Her throbbing cunt triggered Phil's climax and their moans got me off at almost the same time. I retreated very quickly, but I knew that Phil had seen me cumming.

    It was a day later when Cheryl and I were getting ready to go together to the beauty shop when she grinned at me and said, "You know, Mom, Phil told me that you saw us fucking yesterday morning."

    I blushed deep red and stammered, "I'm so sorry, Darling. I didn't mean to but your door was open and I was on my way to the kitchen to make coffee. I just happened to look in and saw the two of you."

    "Phil said you got so excited and turned on that you masturbated while you watched him fucking me."

    "Oh god." I started to cry. "I don't know what to say."

    At that point Cheryl wrapped her arms around me, and, with a sexy grin, you don't have to cry, Mom. It's Ok. Really it is. I just wish I had known you were watching me getting screwed. It would have made it even hotter."

    "You're not just saying that to make me feel better?"

    "Absolutely not! Phil and I have a somewhat open marriage. He knows I like being watched. That's why he told me."

    "Really? That's very erotic. And I'm glad. I feel a little better now."

    "I do have a question. It's sort of personal, but since you watched Phil fucking me, I think I'm entitled. Ok?"

    "Yeah. I would say you were entitled. What's the question?"

    "Well, I used to hear you and Dad fucking all the time when I was in high school. And after Phil and I got married and the two of you visited, we would get hot as hell listening to Dad giving it to you. We used to see if we could cum at the same time as you did."

    "Oh Jezz... I didn't think we were that loud."

    "Are you kidding me, Mom? You start moaning as soon as Dad sticks it into you... The longer he fucks you, the louder you get, and when you cum... I mean... it's like WOW!"

    I was blushing again. "I suppose you're right," was all that I could say. "So, what's the question? Why am I so loud?"

    "No... I know why you're loud. You heard your darling daughter screaming yesterday morning when Phil made me cum. My question is for the last several years, there hasn't been a sound from your bedroom when you and Dad visit us. Are you mad at Dad and won't fuck him any longer? Did he cheat or something?"

    "No... no... no! It's nothing like that, Honey. The sad fact is that your father has become totally impotent. The doctor says it's his mind... a result of all the bad things he's seen while in the military. We've tried every thing, but nothing works. Mac hasn't been able to get an erection for almost five years now. But please don't tell him that I told you. It's embarrassing for him and he doesn't want others to know."

    Cheryl was quite for awhile. Then she said in a whisper. "You're telling me that Dad hasn't been able to fuck you for five years?"

    When I nodded, she hugged me... then kissed me softly right on the lips. "It must be awful for you. No wonder you couldn't resist masturbating when you saw Phil fucking me. But you need much more of a sex life than masturbating when you happen to catch us screwing."

    I didn't reply but just sort looked helplessly at my daughter as she said, "I want you to wear a short skirt, low-cut blouse, thong, thigh-high stockings, and heels today."


    "Because, we're going to get you laid... that's why."

    When I came out of my bedroom a half hour later wearing what she had told me to wear, Cheryl walked around behind me, put her arms around me, cupped my breasts, and bit my ear lobe as she squeezed my nipples. I moaned as my nipples are very sensitive and when they're squeezed or pulled, it makes my pussy throb.

    "Hmmmm... thought so. Like daughter... like mother. When a man works on my nipples, I just go wild. As soon the guys I dated before Phil would find that out, I would be helpless. Every single one of them fucked me the same night he found out about how hot I got when they worked on my nipples.

    Cheryl continued to caress and squeeze my nipples until I couldn't keep my hips still. "Thinking about a hung stud doing this to you? Then fucking you. You are, aren't you, Mom?"

    "Ooohhhh god, yes. It's been so long."

    Cheryl turned me around, kissed me on the lips... passionately... slipping her tongue into my mouth as she kissed me. My pussy was on fire, and she knew it. "After we're done at the beauty shop, Mom, we'll see what we can do about your problem."


    When we were done at the beauty shop, Cheryl drove to an adult book/video store and led me inside. "I don't think we should be here, Honey," I whispered to her, but she just ignored me.

    I was shaking with excitement when she took me to a small video booth. We sat down, and she started the movie. It was of a woman, fully dressed who was sitting watching another woman. A man came in and she watched them, but she never removed her clothing. While we watched, Cheryl touched my breast. Even though she had done it earlier, I was still a little shocked. I forgot about being shocked when she opened the buttons on my blouse and slipped her hand inside capturing my nipples between her fingers. Instantly, they hardened. When she began pinching them, I couldn't keep from moaning.

    "Spread your legs wide open, Mom. There's a guy watching us through the hole. Show him your legs and panties."

    When Cheryl pointed at the hole, I saw movement on the other side and knew she was right. A guy was watching us. When she again told me to open my legs, I spread them wide apart.

    Cheryl kissed me on the cheek and then on the ear, which she started to fuck with her tongue as she pinched my nipple. I had never been in an adult video booth and didn't notice the hole in the wall. With two women playing on one side of the hole, it didn't take long before a thick black cock appeared. Cheryl took my hand and placed it on the cock. She then began to whisper for me to stroke it... to get it really hard... to make it cum. I hadn't been fucked in weeks and was beside myself with lust.

    Cheryl felt my body trembling. She turned my face and began to kiss me like a lover. My painted fingernails looked positively sensuous as they danced over the strange cock while Cheryl had her soft lips on mine with her tongue dancing in my mouth.

    Abruptly, she stopped kissing me, and pushed my face toward the cock, which was now very hard and fully erect. "Suck it, Mom. Make him cum," she hissed in my ear. My mouth opened and took in his black shaft. My cunt was throbbing as I sucked the stranger's thick cock while Cheryl played with my nipples and rubbed my pussy. His grunts mixed with my moans.

    The man began to pump harder and faster in and out of my mouth. It was obvious that he was about to shoot off. "Take his load, Mom. Suck him really hard. He's gonna shoot!" A moment later, his cock contracted hard and spewed a huge gush of cum into my mouth. I couldn't swallow fast enough and a long, thick strand bubbled out of the corner of my mouth and ran down my cheek. When I backed off his throbbing organ, it contracted several more times shooting semen all over my nose and face.

    Cheryl jerked my mouth back against hers, and we kissed, sharing the man's cum back and forth. Her fingers were on my clit rubbing me... making my clit dance until finally I gasped and came in hard spastic contractions.

    As I was cumming another black cock appeared through the hole. Cheryl pointed at it and smiled at me. I shook my head and said, "It's your turn. Suck it. Make him cum." My daughter didn't need to be told twice. In a flash, she had the big cock buried in her mouth sucking half of his length while she jacked off the other half.

    When it was fully hard, erect, and throbbing with a strand of precum hanging from the tip, Cheryl stood up and quickly stripped off her clothes. When she was naked, she backed up to the wall and pressed her pussy against the throbbing cock.

    “Put him in me, Mom. Stick that big dick up your hot daughter’s cunt. Hurry!”

    It was a first for me. My vagina gushed as I spread my daughter’s labia open and fitted the guy’s dick into her soaked vagina. As soon, as he felt her pussy lips surrounding his cock, his hips snapped forward as Cheryl rammed her ass backwards. The sight of that black dick disappearing into my daughter’s cunt had me rubbing my clit furiously.

    “Oohhh shit! He’s in me, Mom. He’s fucking mee!”

    “Take it up your hot cunt!” I heard the deep voice on the other side of the wall command.

    “Oh yeah! Fuck me, Baby. Fuck me hard!”

    The man was so excited he didn’t last long. Even so, my clit throbbed in orgasm on my fingers before he pumped his load into Cheryl's cunt. When she finally pulled away, semen streamed from her widely stretched pussy down her thighs.

    “Now it’s your turn, Mom. Get out of your clothes… bra and panties too. Hurry.”

    “Why bother? That guy is finished. You drained him.”

    “He is, but a fresh cock all primed and ready will be coming through the hole in just a few minutes. Get naked.”

    I was down to my bra and panties when Cheryl prediction was proved to be spot-on correct. The guy’s black cock was fully erect and looked hard as steel. It was easily the biggest of the three.

    “Hurry up, Mom. This guy's cock is fully primed and ready to shoot."

    As I removed my bra and slid my panties down my thighs, Cheryl slowly jacked the big prick keeping it hard and ready. We could hear the man on the other side of the wall groaning with need. "Suck it, Baby," he pleaded.

    "Wouldn't your rather stick it up a hot wet cunt?"

    "Oh god yes... back up to the hole, Baby."

    "Not me, my Mom wants it up her cunt."

    "AAHHH FUCKING SHIT! HOT! Come on, Mom. Put your hot pussy up against the hole."

    Cheryl turned me around and guided me up against the hole. "Bend your knees a little, Mom. Your pussy's too high for him to get into you."

    As soon as I bent my knees and my daughter pushed my ass back against the wall, I felt the thick shaft stretching my pussy open and sliding into its wetness. Cheryl assisted him by keeping my hips pressed firmly against the wall so he could force his rod into my cunt.

    "OH god, Cheryl. He's in me! He's fucking meeeeeeee!" OH-HUH... OH-HUH OH-HUH OH-HUH. BIG... HE'S JUST HUGE... GIVE IT TO MEEEEE!"

    "This is what you need, Mom," my daughter whispered in my ear as her fingers worked my clit while the unseen man pumped my eager pussy with hard, fast strokes. I began to cum. "OOOOOHhhhh fuckkkkkkk... cumming... I'M CUMMING!"

    Cheryl rubbed my clit harder and the cock pumped faster and deeper into my spasming pussy. We both heard the male grunts on the other side of the wall.

    "He's cumming... he's shooting his cum into me, Honey... Ohhhhh fuck me harder, Mister... harder... faster... AAHHH AAAHHH AAAHHH AAHHHH... I'M CUMMING AGAIN!"

    As soon as he withdrew, his load gushed out of my cunt and formed long cum ropes.



    When we left the store, Cheryl made me walk out with my blouse open. That night, she trimmed my pussy so it didn't look so wild. She said that she wanted me to have a bush, that all older sluts have them. But maybe she would shave it later. While she trimmed it, she finger fucked me. Before she finished, I had an intense orgasm.


    Our next visit at Cheryl and Phil's house was over the Thanksgiving holidays. Not much happened the first couple of days except some quick fondling between Cheryl and I. It was hard to do any more with our husbands, Donna, my youngest daughter, and all the kids around.

    Donna and our husband's slept late on Friday, but Cheryl and I went shopping. I wore a little dark blue sundress, and she wore very tight, white jeans. Of course we both wore heels. Cheryl was driving and as soon as we stopped at the first sign down the street, she ordered me to take off my dress and panties. When I had taken them off, she placed my hand on my cunt and told me to make myself cum before we got to the mall.

    As I was stroking my pussy and rubbing my clit, she whispered, "Don't you wish you had a real live cock at home?" And when I was close to cumming, she said, "Don't you wish daddy could fuck you?" I couldn't hold it. My pussy just erupted in an orgasm when Cheryl asked me that question.

    "You know I do," I managed to stammer when the throbbing of my pussy decreased.

    "Have you fucked someone since we went to that adult book store the last time you were here?"

    I blushed but finally managed to blurt out, "I got laid by the trainer at my exercise club."

    "Really. Tell me all the hot details."

    "I was just so hot... your Dad can't do it any more... I just couldn't resist."

    "Of course you couldn't. I couldn't either. No highly sexed woman could. Come on, tell me every thing. Just that little bit has me throbbing."

    "All right, but remember, you asked me to tell you. I went to a tea at the library. Afterwards, I went to the workout room. I have a locker there so I could change into workout clothes without going home first. I keep two one-piece skirt/blouse outfits in the locker. One is white (Dane skin) and the second is baby blue. I put on the white one and went out to use the machines." At this point, I felt myself turning red and stopped.

    "Come on, Mom. Fess up. What did you do?"

    "All those men in their tight workout clothes ... god! I got so damn hot from just looking at their bodies. I made sure that I showed myself, and I hadn't worn any panties. It wasn't long before the men were staring at me. At first, my hard nipples were attracting their attention, but when but when I laid down on the bench to lift weights to strengthen my arms and pecs, they could see my pussy. They all got hard, and I got wet."

    "Oh that is just so wicked, Mom. Did you have your legs spread so they could see it?"

    I noticed that my daughter was now rubbing her pussy, which made me feel less embarrassed.

    "Not at first, but the hotter I got, the wider my legs seemed to spread. Soon, one of the young trainers came over and asked if he could help me with a routine. He was probably in his early thirties, black, and really hung. His tight shorts outlined his cock, and it looked huge!"

    Cheryl pulled the car into a park and stopped in a grove of trees. Immediately she opened her jeans and pushed her hand into her panties where I could see it stroking her clitoris. Her tongue was sliding over her top lip with excitement.

    "I said, 'sure'. There was the small talk, you know, like 'Why do I work out?' That sort of thing. I said, 'To lose weight, to tone muscles, etc."

    "He smiled and asked if their was any other reason? I nodded and replied, "So I can have better sex."

    "Oh my god, Mom. I'm about to cum!" My daughter's legs were now spread as wide open as possible in the front seat of the car. I reached over and pulled both her jeans and panties down her thighs. Her hand continued to work furiously between her thighs.

    "Anyway, the trainer smiled and as I stepped up on the bicycle, he touched my leg. I smiled back and he moved his hand up my leg to my pussy. That was a brief touch."

    "Oohhhhhhhh... I'm cumming, Mom. I'm cumming!" Cheryl's hips were arched six inches off the seat. Her hand was a blur as it feverishly stroked her erupting clitoris. I watched my daughter's clit dancing wildly... pulsing and throbbing... contracting in repeated spasms.

    I had stopped talking while she was climaxing. But as soon as her contractions ebbed, she began slowly stroking her pussy again. "Go on, Mom. Tell me the rest. Please."

    "Well, we went to the machine where I could work on my shoulders as it accentuates my breasts. He sat down in front of me, and, as I was working my arms, he again put his hand on my pussy. But this time he didn't move it. As I worked on the machine, his hand moved in rhythm with me. He pushed his fingers forward beneath my shorts, and since I wasn't wearing panties, they went inside my cunt."

    "Oh fuck yes! He was fingering your cunt right there in public. Did you cum?"

    "I would have except he would stop when he felt me getting close. He just kept working on me ... getting me hotter and hotter. Several men were watching."

    "What happened next?"

    "He told me to follow him as he had something to show me. I knew damn well what it was, and I couldn't wait to see it. We went into one of the private workout rooms in the back. As soon as we entered, he pulled his shorts down, and there was his long, thick, black, and very hard cock. My pussy just gushed when I saw it. It had been so damn long since one had been inside me."

    My daughter now had her feet up on the dashboard as she fucked two fingers rapidly in and out of her squishing pussy. "You got that one though, didn't you?" she moaned between strokes.

    "He took my hand, the one with my rings on it, and placed it on his cock. My red nails and rings made it so exciting. He asked if I wanted it to pleasure me. I nodded, but then, he told me to beg for it. Oh Cheryl Honey, I did! I begged and pleaded for him to fuck me with it." Cheryl was obviously about to cum again.

    "He grabbed the top of my outfit and pulled it down to my knees and pushed me over the desk. I spread my feet as far apart as possible and arched my ass. He started sliding it up and down my slit. I was howling then, but I screamed when he put it into me. He started fucking me… hard… really hard. It only took a minute or so for him to get me off. As soon as my pussy started throbbing around his cock, he screwed me even harder. Before I could cum a second time, he carried me to a couch and ordered to get into female fucking position. After that, he fucked me for half an hour… in my cunt and then in my ass. I couldn’t stop howling or cumming.

    Cheryl's cunt was erupting now, juices running down her ass.

    "He fucked me hard, Honey. Oh god! He rammed me so damn hard. I was cumming over and over and over. All the time he was fucking me, he was mocking me as a country club wife, a trophy wife made for his hard cock. Soon he came in me. My cunt was a river of his cum.”

    “I sucked his cock, and he got hard again in less than a few minutes. He swabbed some of the cum load and my juices over my anus, spread me wide, and pushed that monster dick into my ass. He stretched me wide open and began jack hammering his cock into my ass while his fingers worked on my clit.”

    “Oh gawd! I’M CUMMING, MOM. I’m cumming again,” Cheryl squealed as her pussy gushed.

    “After he had pumped another cum load into my pussy, he told me to put on my clothes and go back and work out some more. My cunt and ass were both a swamp with my juices and his cum."

    After cumming several times and taking three of the Trainer’s loads,
    I was shocked to realize I didn’t even know his name.

    Once we were at the mall, Cheryl told me to open the top of my dress. It buttoned down the front, and, once opened, my breasts were fairly easy to see. We shopped around a bit. We tried on shoes and she had me show my pussy to whomever was waiting on me. I noticed that Cheryl's panties were easily visible sticking out of her pants. Once when a sales girl was waiting on us, she leaned over and kissed me. The girl blushed, and Cheryl kissed me again, this time with passion and tongue. My legs opened so the girl could see my wet pussy.

    I was so hot, but nothing more came of that. We shopped around in a jewelry store where my daughter had the saleslady hold up several pairs of gold rings that she told her were for my nipples. The saleslady, a woman in her late 30s, blushed but was obviously excited. Cheryl asked her to pick a pair that she thought would look good in my nipples. She brought out a pair, and my daughter said, "Let's see how they would look."

    Cheryl opened my dress wider to expose my breasts, and the saleslady held them against my nipples saying, "I think they look fabulous, don't you?"

    Eventually, we had to leave as we were supposed to be back in time for lunch. At the car, Cheryl unzipped her pants and told me to make her cum. I put my hands in her pants as she was driving. I couldn't get at her pussy very well as the pants were too tight.

    Finally, she pulled over at the same park we had used earlier, let her seat down, and said, "Now, Mother, make me cum. Fuck me with your finger like you would want to be fucked." It only took me about five minutes to get her off.

    Random Encounters:

    As we didn't get to visit with Cheryl and Phil more than once every six to eight weeks, and educational conferences are only held two or three times a year, most of the time I was left without any means of satisfying my sexual needs. Although I saw my students everyday, they were all underage, and Carlos was only interested in oral sex once a week.

    Fortunately, at somewhat unpredictable, random intervals, I would have an opportunity to get a cock into my pussy, but it wasn't nearly as often as I would have liked or as often as I needed. With Mac's impotence showing no signs of abating, I had to take advantage of every such opportunity that arose. Otherwise, I would go crazy.

    On two occasions I actually got laid at a service station. I hated cleaning the windshield and pumping gas. I had no idea how or when to change the oil on my car, so I always went to a full-service station to have the attendants do those things for me.

    The first time I got laid, I had gone to the station wearing a short dress with thigh-high stockings. As the young attendant was cleaning the windshield, I spread my legs enough that he could see up my dress all the way to my panties. I wasn't the least bit surprised when he took a very long time to clean and polish the windshield. By the time he had finished, I was certain that I had the cleanest windshield in town.

    At that point, I rolled down the window and asked him to check the oil. Naturally, he told me to open the hood, but I replied that I didn't know where the release was. That was a lie, but what the hell, my pussy was a raging inferno after several weeks without a cock.

    He came around to the driver's side, and I opened my door. With one of my legs half in and half out of the car and the other one still on the floor board, he had a great view of my thighs and panties. He slipped in beside me and pulled the hood release. At the same time, I opened my legs even wider. As he stared at my panties, I said, "I need my fluid level checked too. Do you know how to check a woman's fluid level?"

    He didn't need an engraved invitation. Without hesitation, he put his hand up my leg, under my panties and into my cunt. I felt my vagina contract around his fingers as he slowly fucked them in and out of my cunt. I was so wet erotic squishing noises filled the car along with my moans as his fingers pumped me.

    "Seems to me that your fluid level is brim full, Mam," he said with a broad grin.

    "I don't think your probe was in long enough or deep enough to properly check it. Do you have a dip stick that's any longer that you could use for a long enough time to give me thorough check up?"

    I got out of the car giving him a full spread shot and walked to the ladies' restroom. I wasn't surprised when he followed. When he entered the ladies' room, I was already bent over the sink with my dress up and cunt ready for his probe. His long 'dip stick' slid right into my steaming cauldron where it checked my fluid levels for the next half hour. When he had finished his examination, my levels were a lot greater than they were when he first inserted his long 'dip stick'.

    After that first check of my fluid levels, that young attendant or his buddy would check me out a couple of times a month if I came in when their boss wasn't around.


    Mac and I are invited to quite a few parties, and we always reciprocate. The parties are a lot of fun, but usually there aren't many opportunities for sex. Mac is almost always present as are the other wives who seem to frown on my making use of their husbands' cocks to take care of my ever-present problem. But every once in awhile, some guy wants me badly enough to take a chance.

    When it happens, it's usually in some dark corner or out in the woods or garden. The most erotic encounter I've ever had occurred at a formal party two years ago.

    I was wearing a red gown with heels, thigh-high stockings, and sheer black panties. As I was sipping a glass of champagne, a man came up behind me. I felt him touch my ass, and I immediately shivered with desire. At the time, it had been almost a month since I had had a cock inside my cunt.

    Feeling my response, he pulled me to a dark corner in the study. His hands easily moved my dress aside as it had long slits, and, once he had it out of the way, his fingers began playing with my asshole. He would move beneath my panties to my cunt, slip his fingers inside to wet them, and then push them into my ass.

    It took all my will power to remain still and quite pretending that nothing was happening. The first words he spoke to me were "Bend over."

    As soon as I did, I felt his cock probe me. I looked around making sure no one was watching. He pushed and it entered, stretching my ass around his thick rod. My knees went weak and he had to hold me. I was moaning softly as he ass fucked me. My moans grew even louder when he switched to my cunt and buried his rod on the first thrust. My mystery lover’s cock thudded into me with masculine authority. As my body shuddered in my first orgasm, he spoke for the second time.

    “Arch your ass higher. Spread wider!”

    I obeyed his command instantly by rising up on my tiptoes and moving my feet even further apart. His balls slapped my clit again and again as he pounded his full length into me on every stroke. My mouth stretched wide as another climax shot through my tightly plugged pussy. When he was about to cum, he switched back to my ass, and a moment later was shooting his load deep inside my colon.

    Although the entire fucking had lasted less than ten minutes, I had cum twice and my vagina was still throbbing. I staying bent over with my pussy and cum-filled ass on display while he was busy pulling up his shorts and pants. I watched as he departed and saw that he was a man I had been teasing throughout the evening by exposing my legs and bending over to give him a better view of my tits.

    I was still watching when he approached a gorgeous woman who must have been his wife. I wondered if he told her that he had just fucked the teasing bitch in her ass.

    That night in my bed, I masturbated to three hard orgasms thinking about him and what he had done to me.


    Once when I had gone over five weeks without a man, I just couldn't stand it any longer. Mac was at a four-day conference so I had time on my hands. On impulse, I went back to the adult video store Cheryl had taken me to several months previously when I had first told her about her father's impotence.

    Before leaving, I entertained myself for an hour deciding what I was going to wear. When I left the house, I was wearing a tight, tan sweater with a plunging neckline. The thin black and red half bra did little more than cover my nipples. At least half of my tits were on display. My black pencil skirt stopped at mid-thigh. With thigh-high, dark stockings with red tops and four-inch heels, I thought I looked hot and ready. In fact, I was a lot more than just ready; I was in heat for it.

    Every man looked at me when I entered, but none approached. Men always seem to want sex, but when there's hot woman around, most of them just look. Some even pretend not to be looking. It's incredibly frustrating, particularly when my pussy is dripping and I need cock.

    I spent ten minutes inspecting several of the magazines all featuring slutty women begin screwed by one, two, or more cocks. For the most part, I always selected the ones on the bottom shelf so I had to repeatedly bend over, which caused my short skirt to rise enough to expose my thighs up to the my ass. I had the attention of all the men in the store, but still no one approached me even though I could see that several of them had erections.

    The next ten minutes were spent inspecting the dildo and vibrators in a glass case. Whenever I leaned over the case to get a better view, the entire inner slopes of my tits were exposed. More men got hard, but still none approached.

    I was about to leave for the Hilton lounge to see if I could find a sexy businessman in town without his wife when a group of four black men entered. Like all the other men in the store, they noticed me immediately. However, these guys weren’t shy. In less than a minute they had me surrounded.

    “Hi, Mrs. Norvell. You gonna buy one of them fake cocks?” one of them asked as they pressed even closer.

    I was shocked that he knew me, but also excited… very excited. “How do you know me? Who are you?”

    “I’m Max… Max Larsen. I was in your world history class five or six years ago. Just barely passed, but loved the way you showed off and got all the guys hard. So are you gonna buy a fake cock?”

    “Maybe,” I replied with a smile which I hoped was encouraging.

    “You like’em big?” another one of the black studs asked.

    “Most women do. I’ve been thinking about getting this one,” I said as I leaned over the case and pointed to a thick, black combination dildo-vibrator.

    “Shit! What a rack you’ve got, Baby! How big?” As he asked the question, his hand slipped into my cleavage and hefted my naked breast.

    “Oh hell yeah! At least 38DD,” he confirmed for his buddies.

    As his hand closed over my breast, his fingers moved to my very hard nipple, working it and rotating his finger over the sensitive tip. At the same time, I felt my short skirt being pulled even higher until my ass was exposed. Hands caressed both of my buttocks. I couldn’t tell whether it was one guy using both hands or two guys sharing my ass cheeks.

    “Ooohhhh gawd… everyone is watching. Who are the rest of you guys? Aaahhh… uunnghh… mmmmmm….”

    The stud working on my breast answered. “I’m Houston and of course everyone is watching. You’re a fox with a dynamite body. Hell, two guys are jacking off watching. Let’s get those big tits out.” A moment later, both of my tits were out with Houston’s hands all over them.

    “Is she wearing panties, Hawk?” another guy asked.

    “Yeah. Very thin ones… they’re black, Max. They don’t cover nothing… I can see her cunt easily. Oh fuck… the hot bitch is wet and ready!”

    “Pull’em down,” Max ordered.

    “I got’em pulled to one side. Shit… her fuck hole is hot!”

    “You fingering her?”

    “Hell yes! Three fingers up her cunt now.”

    Another hand captured my other breast as I felt fingers exploring my the entire expanse of my buttocks.

    “Ooohhh gawd… stop…. Ooohhh… please… aaaahhhhh,” I moaned helplessly.

    “Ok,” the owner of one the hands on my ass said. “Is this better?” he asked as his fingers left my ass and moved between my thighs to my engorged clit.

    “Do her clit, Mike,” Houston ordered.

    I couldn’t suppress my excited moan. “Ooohhh fuck… yess… much better.” Mike’s hand moved over my erect and now fully exposed clitoris at the same time as Hawk’s fingers fucked my pussy. With two hands covering my tits, a third hand working on my pulsing clit, and a fourth hand finger fucking me, my entire body began to shudder.

    “Do you want to buy that fake black cock or would you rather have four real ones?” Houston asked.

    “Ooohh gawd yes… yes!”

    “Yes what?”

    “Four cocks… four big black cocks… your cocks!”

    Max had a wide grin on his face as well as a huge erection in his pants. “You always gave us hard assignments in class, Mrs. Norvell. Now, it’s your turn to do some assignments for us… really hard assignments.”

    A couple of minutes later I was in the back of their SUV working on my assignments. Max was sucking on my nipples while Hawk’s cock was shoved down my throat. Mike had his hips firmly socked between my thighs as he fucked me. My legs were straight up on the air with my heels almost pressing against the car’s top. Every time he hammered his huge cock into me, my legs jerked spastically back and forth. The cars driving beside us on the expressway matched our speed as their occupants watched me being gangbanged.

    “Ooohhh gawd, YES! Fuck me with that huge dick, Baby. Give it to me,” I squealed as the thick shaft repeatedly pounded into the bottom of my vagina.

    “How do you like Big Mike’s nine-inches in your cunt, Nancy?” Houston asked from the driver’s seat. “Make sure you do all your assignments well or you’ll have to repeat the course.”

    All I could do was moan as Mike stuffed my pussy, and Hawk used my mouth. Mike fucked me even harder and faster. My vagina convulsed.


    “She’s already cumming,” Mike announced. “Her snatch is squirting and throbbing on my dick.”

    “Cum in her!” Max shouted as my pussy continued to throb around Mike’s cock.

    “Hell yes!”

    “Fuck her. Give it to her. Shoot the load up her cunt!”

    “Shooting it innnn! NOW! UNGGHHH! UNGGHHH! Load’s going up her cunt!”

    Fifteen minutes later we were in Houston’s home. The four studs had me stripped down to my heels and stockings. I still had my bra on, but it was bunched uselessly beneath my tits. The men were all naked, and I couldn’t believe how big their cocks were. Not one was less than eight inches, and they were all thick and incredibly hard.

    I was on all fours on a mattress in the middle of the floor with Hawk kneeling behind me drilling my ass with his huge schlong while Houston’s cock pumped in and out of my mouth. Mike and Max were on either side of me with me giving them hand jobs.

    Before long, they were fucking my cunt and ass at the same while I sucked another cock and jacked off a fourth. I lost track of my orgasms. It seemed to me like I was squirting and climaxing almost continuously as the men switched places. Everytime one of them ejaculated, he let everyone know that I getting another load and exactly where it was going.

    The four studs screwed me again and again, two,
    three, or four at a time. I loved every second of it.

    After several hours of constant fucking, I had had all four cocks in every one of my holes, and every one of the men had cum in one of them at least three times. I was naked and exhausted with semen oozing out of my pussy and ass.

    After spending 30 minutes soaking in the tub and another 15 minutes working on my makeup, I returned to the living area to search for my clothes. The guys were all partially dressed in their tight jockey shorts and T-shirts. The aroma of frying bacon filled the air making me realize how hungry I was.

    After searching the entire place for my clothes, all I could find were my stockings and heels. My skirt, bra, and sweater were no where to be found.

    “Hey! Do any of you guys know where my clothes are?” I shouted into the kitchen area while standing there in nothing but my heels and stockings.

    “You’re wearing all the clothes you’ll be needing, Mrs. Norvell,” Max replied with a lecherous grin that he made no attempt to hide.

    “Really? I can’t go home like this.”

    “What’s at home except an empty house? Wouldn’t you rather spend the time with six randy studs and six big, hard black cocks?”

    “Six? Didn’t you learn to count, Max? There’s only four of you.”

    “Yeah… for now. But two more of our friends are coming over later tonight, and the last time I checked four plus two equals six.”

    A shiver ran down my spine and ended at my pussy which throbbed at the thought of six black studs on me and in me. It was all I could do to keep my voice steady.

    “Six guys? Oh fuck… I don’t know.”

    “Doesn’t matter. We’re gonna fuck you anyway… all night long. Now come have some dinner, Mrs. Norvell. You’re going to need it.”

    “Well, if your going to fuck me all night, you probably ought to call me Nancy.”

    Max moved up beside me, hefted my tits, one after the other, and then dropped his hand onto my naked ass. “No way. I like calling you Mrs. Norvell. Fucking teacher’s married white cunt is much hotter. Don’t you think so, Mrs. Norvell? Don’t you like having your married cunt filled with huge, black cocks?” His hand moved between my thighs.

    “Spread wider,” Max commanded.

    I did, and a moment later I felt his fingers sinking into my pussy. I couldn’t prevent my hips from grinding on his probing fingers. As Max led me into the kitchen where three more men with newly hardened erections were staring lustfully at my bouncing tits and humping ass.

    Tiny and Trevor arrived around 8 PM. Houston greeted them at the door and led them into the living area where I was mounted cowgirl on Hawk’s cock while Mike rammed his in and out of my butt and Max fucked my mouth.

    “Say “Hi” to Tiny and Trevor, Mrs. Norvell,” Houston ordered.

    “Ooommmpppfff… Oooommmppfff…”

    “Looks like she can’t talk right now, guys. Her mouth is sorta busy at the moment.”

    “Now dats one fine lookin cunt! Who is she?” Tiny asked.

    “That’s our former history teacher… Mrs. Nancy Norvell. She still teaches, but this is what she does best.”

    “How often do you fuck her?”

    “She spreads and fucks whenever we tell her to.”

    “Bullshit!... Really?”

    “Go ahead ask her. Max, take your cock out of Mrs. Norvell’s mouth hole so she can talk to Tiny.”

    “You fuck on command, Bitch?”

    Hawk picked up the pace ramming his hard cock in and out of my cunt like a battering ram. Mike matched him stroke-for-stroke.


    “You fuck like this on command, Mrs. Norvell,” Tiny repeated.

    “YES.. YES… YES! I fuck and spread whenever you want it. Aaahhhh… fuck meeeeeeee!”

    Those six black studs kept me naked, or in just my heels, for the rest of the night and all the next day and night. I don’t think a waking hour ever passed without one of them mounting me and sinking a hard black shaft in my cunt or ass or both. During the night, Houston let me use the large bed in the master bedroom, but I was rarely alone in it. I would sleep for a couple of hours before being awakened by a hard cock fucking me.

    On the second night, Houston and Max invited two more of his friends over to enjoy sex with his married, white slut. Tiny, who was anything but tiny, also showed up. So I spent the evening and the rest of the night enjoying the attention of seven randy males, each hung like horses. I rode them; they screwed me missionary; they fucked my ass and mouth at the same time or my cunt and pussy. Load after cum load filled my vagina, my ass, and my belly. I also got several facials.

    At one point during the night, the guys got hungry and took a break from screwing me. Someone made hamburgers while Trevor made a beer run to the store. Naturally, I was kept naked except for my heels while we enjoyed the burgers and beer.

    After eating, the men swapped stories about the women they had fucked recently while I moved from chair-to-chair sucking their erections. They all said I sucked cock better than any of the other women they had been banging.

    When they were all eager to fuck me again, they took me to the basement where I was bent over and bound to a fucking post by my wrists. My feet were spread wide apart and cuffed to posts set in the floor. My four-inch heels arched my hips into perfect fucking position.

    For the next hour or maybe longer, the men took turns hammering my cunt and assholes while I hung onto the post for dear life as orgasm after orgasm convulsed my body. When it was Houston’s turn to screw me, he fastened a belt around my waist so he could pull my hips toward him every time he rammed his cock into my cunt. He called it a fuck belt.

    During a short rest period, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the large puddle of semen forming on the floor between my wide-spread legs as it dripped from my cunt.

    When the last man had ejaculated for the second time, they left me tied to the post with my legs and ass quivering in the aftermath of multiple orgasms while they all enjoyed a beer and watched my body shudder.

    The seven studs fucked me almost continuously…
    one cock after another. Around midnight, they
    bound me to a fucking post and all screwed me.


    After those two days with Houston and his friends, I never had to go for a week without cock. At least three times a week, one or two of them would call and tell me they were coming by after school hours to fuck me. I would hurry home, put on my fucking uniform of heels, garter belt and stockings and meet whoever called at the door. Since Mac didn’t get home from work until around six, they had an hour or so to fuck me several times.

    On the weekends when Mac was home, I would frequently get calls instructing me to meet one of them somewhere. Naturally, I couldn’t leave the house wearing my fucking uniform, but underneath my conservative dress, I was always naked except for my usual uniform.


    On our next visit to Phil and Cheryl's after our trip to the adult video store and the mall, I was shaking with anticipation wondering what Cheryl had planned for me on this visit. I was disappointed when nothing happened for the first two days. On the morning of our third day, Mac slept late, and Cheryl and Donna went off on a shopping trip.

    I thought that Phil had already left for his construction job, but he was still sitting at the kitchen table sipping a cup of coffee when I came in.

    "Good morning, Nancy. I was hoping you'd get up and not sleep late this morning. I've been waiting for you."


    "Oh, I was wondering if you'd like to see the construction site where I'm working now?"

    "Am I allowed on the site?"

    "Not normally, but, after all, I'm the boss. So who's to say no?" he grinned.

    "I'd love to."

    On the way to the site, he told me that Cheryl had told him about my problem with Mac.

    "I asked her not to tell anyone," I said somewhat perturbed.

    "No harm done. I would never let anyone outside the family know about Mac's problem. She just told me because she knows you're climbing the walls for lack of sex. How long has it been?"

    Since I had no intention of telling Phil about my stable of black studs, I replied, “About three weeks right now. I have a few guys who I see occasionally, but they can't always get away."

    When we arrived at the site, an office complex, Phil waved at one of the crew as we started my tour. We had not gone very far when I felt his presence behind me. I looked and his cock was out and poking me.

    "Remember this? I saw you watching me fuck Cheryl the last time you were here. I also saw you finger fucking your hot pussy. I guarantee this will feel much better inside your cunt than your fingers."

    "I can't fuck you," I protested. "You're my daughter's husband."

    "If you don't let me fuck you, Nancy, my wife is going to be very, very pissed off with me, and I probably won't get into her pussy again for a week."

    "You mean...," I started to say, but then stopped when Phil pushed me back onto a table, lifted my dress, and stuck his big, thick cock up my more than ready cunt. There was no foreplay. I didn't need any. My cunt as already a swamp. He thrust two or three times then pulled out and positioned it at my ass and shoved it in. I moaned and he fucked. He told me I was a hot piece and that he had always wanted to fuck me.

    "Ooohhhhh fuck meeeee," I wailed, my ass a blur of motion as I thrust upward every time he entered my ass or my cunt. "OOohhhhh shit... soooo good. You can fuck me anytime you want, Honey. Please... give it to me harder!"

    He soon came in my ass and pulled out. I started straightening out my dress, but he grabbed me and asked what I was doing. He opened my blouse and slapped my breasts. Two or three slaps had me whimpering and also wet again. He pushed me down to my knees, and I saw that he was hard again. He put his cock on my lips. It was natural for me to open and begin to lick and then suck it.

    About that time a big, very large black man appeared. Phil, pulled out of my mouth and told me to go kiss the man. I walked toward him, my breasts out of my blouse and I kissed him deeply, my tongue fighting with his. While I was doing this, he unzipped, pulled out a snake of a cock, and took me standing up. Phil came up behind me while the black man was plunging in my cunt and I felt his hard cock again at my ass. In moments, I was impaled on two cocks, and loving every second.

    Phil shot off before the black stud even though he had already put one load into me. After Phil pulled out of my ass, the black guy put me on my back and slammed that huge black pole deep into my cunt. I convulsed in an intense orgasm... the first of three before the guy filled my pussy with his cum.

    For the rest of that visit, Cheryl would keep Mac busy talking or showing him her latest projects while Phil fucked me every chance we had. Unfortunately, our visit came to an end, and we returned home. Of course, that meant that once again I was back to my life of near celibacy. Except, of course, for my black studs who continued to screw me several times a week, sometimes two or three at a time.

    I keep hoping that my husband's potency will return, but it doesn't seem likely after so many years. I guess I’ll just have to be content with my seven black studs and their 8, 9, or 10-inch cocks along with any guy who picks me up at an educational conference and orders me to strip and fuck. I never refuse. After all, my students have to do their assignments, and their teacher has to do hers.

    Story written by RLM based directly upon e-mail messages from Nancy. DeanMartinDPNancy.
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