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. The Surrogate

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by sharonsmif, Jan 9, 2018.

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  1. sharonsmif

    sharonsmif Active Member Author!


    The most-exciting day of my life was also the most-frightening, and while that's not all that earth-shaking as news goes, I doubt I'll ever again experience something that changed my life so much, in so short a time.

    On that fateful night, my wife and I had prepared for bed by following the same routine as we had since our wedding night more than four years earlier. We'd spent the evening watching TV and talking about what had happened that day during the commercial breaks, and at 10:00 sharp we'd headed for our separate bathrooms. In about 20 minutes we were both climbing in bed, and since it was a Wednesday night, I wasn't expecting any sex, although I was more than a little horny, since Saturday night had been 96 hours ago. Ninety-six long, lo-o-o-o-o-ng hours, if you know what I mean.

    That particular night, though, Nancy didn't lie beside me reading a book as I worked my way through the latest issue of Time magazine. Instead, she lay there on her back for a long time, doing nothing but staring at the ceiling as I read. Then, as if she'd at last come to grips with a worrisome problem, she threw back the single sheet that covered us on that warm night, and said softly, "Honey, I want to show you something." As I put my magazine on the nightstand on my side of the bed, then looked at her, she added something that made me happy; really, really happy.

    "Unbutton my nightgown so you can look at something for me, please."

    Well, I guess I don't have to tell you that got my attention, for sure. My hands literally flew as they worked down the row of tiny buttons, while all the time my dick stiffened in anticipation.

    As soon as the last button had been undone, I pulled the flimsy gown away from her beautiful body, and then gazed at all those sights that can drive a normal man crazy with desire. Even though we were already in our fifth year of marriage, I was still deeply in love with my wife, and even the most-fleeting thought of having sex with her was enough to make me struggle to breathe. And that was exactly the situation that night.

    As my eyes traveled from her gorgeous breasts down to her delicious pussy, I could feel my erection trying to tear its way through the undershorts that were the only thing I'd ever worn to bed. Then, unable to control myself, I moved my head toward her breasts, prepared to lick and suck her nipples for a few seconds before climbing on top for several seconds of pure, unadulterated pleasure before my balls started to empty.

    That evidently wasn't what she had in mind, because all she did was put her hand on my forehead and push it away from her.

    "I said 'look,' not 'fuck,' Honey. There's something really important we need to talk about, and if you still want to screw afterwards, then we can." After drawing a deep breath, as if her nerves needed steadying, she asked, "Does my tummy look any different to you? Does it look bigger?"

    Forcing my eyes to leave the erotic sight of her breasts, I took a quick look at her tummy, but didn't see anything that looked all that different. I assumed she had gained a pound or two, and that's what was bothering her, so in the interest of brevity and hoping after I'd assured her she was still thin and beautiful we could get back to the main event, I said, "It's still the most-beautiful tummy in the whole world, Sweetheart, and it's right between the most-beautiful breasts and pussy anyone has ever seen."

    Apparently, my words didn't reassure her as much as I'd hoped, because she took one of my hands and placed it on her midsection. She said, "Rub it right there, and see if you can feel a bump. Don't put a lot of pressure on it, because it's really sensitive."

    So, I flattened my hand and gently rubbed the palm in a circle over her tummy until she asked, "Does it feel any different to you?"

    Well, that stumped me, because I'd never spent all that much time looking at or touching that part of her body. To me, it'd always been something between the nipples I loved licking and kissing, and the pussy I loved to lick almost as much as fuck.

    It took me a second or two to come up with my answer, and I said, "It doesn't feel all that different to me. Is there something there that's bothering you? Are you still having those pains you had a few months ago?"

    She clamped her eyes tightly closed as if my question were somehow distressing her, and that caused my heart to freeze as I remembered the days I'd just mentioned. It had been right after her period, which was bad enough for me since it meant there were at least five days of no sex. And then she told me that she was feeling pain "down there," and she said we couldn't "do it" for a while until she felt better. Her "a while" turned into a full month, although she did help me get through it by giving me hand jobs and every now and then blow jobs.

    The first thought that stabbed through my brain was that she had some sort of horrible disease, and maybe she was going to die, and I knew I'd never be able to live without her, and, and . . . Well, I guess you get the idea, especially those of you who love your wives as much as I've always loved Nancy.

    Her first words reassured me, but her next words just about made me black out.

    "No, Honey, I'm fine. In fact I've felt better for the past three months than I ever have." She then hesitated for a long time before continuing. "Well, . . . I guess I just can't beat around the bush, so what I need to tell you is that . . ., well, . . . I'm pregnant."

    That certainly gave me a shock, because we had agreed even before we were married that we didn't have all that much desire to be parents. She told me she'd been using birth-control pills since she'd been in high school, and she'd just keep on doing that. And that's what happened, and by the time our wedding day rolled around, neither of us ever gave the idea a second thought. At least, I didn't, anyway.

    I don't know how long it took me to come to terms with her announcement, but when I did I tried to reassure her by saying, "It won't be a problem, Sweetheart. You've always said the pills weren't 100%, so if you accidentally got pregnant, then it doesn't make any difference. I know you'll be the best mother ever, and I'll do my damnedest to be the best father."

    If I thought that was going to settle the matter so we could get back to sex, I was dead wrong, because her next sentence literally brought my world crashing down.

    "Honey, you have to know this, because . . . because they told me to tell you everything. I guess the only way to do this is to tell you it wasn't an 'accident.' It was planned, and it happened right on schedule. And probably most important to you is that . . ., that you're not . . . not the father. And if you want to pack up and leave me, then I'll understand. I know this must be a really big shock for you, but maybe it'll help if I tell you I love you with all my heart, and I just can't bear the thought of spending the rest of my life without you."

    She said nothing after that, because she broke down and started sobbing. What else could I do, except hold her close and try to comfort her. I told her over and over how much I loved her, and how I'd never, ever leave her, no matter what. I tried to tell her that her having a baby wouldn't drive us apart, and I'd love her just as much, and I'd love the baby like my own, and lots of other things. What I didn't tell her, though, was that I'd been having fantasies about her having sex with other men for a long time by then, and far from being upset, I was fast becoming even more turned on than I'd been before.

    After I'd carried on like that for what seemed like several minutes, all of a sudden something she'd blurted out exploded in my memory. I asked, "Nancy, what did you mean when you said, 'THEY told you to tell me? Who is 'they?' "

    That brought an end to her sobbing, and she took a few seconds to grab a tissue from the box by the bed before she tried to explain.

    "Honey, please bear with me, because this is going to be really difficult for me to explain. Try to let me get all the way through before you ask anything. Please?"

    I guess my nod was all it took to help her find the words, because she immediately strarted explaining why she was now pregnant, and I wasn't the baby's daddy.

    "I guess the best way to start is to tell you that I've always been bisexual, although in reality it's more than that. I think I'm about 75% lesbian, although I'm guessing you've never known about that, since I've kept it hidden from you. As far as how far back it goes, I can remember playing with my best friend from next door when we were both just barely out of kindergarten, and when she suggested one day that we play a game her older sister had shown her, I had my first experience playing "Doctor," and it was the most-exciting thing that had ever happened to me.

    "All the way through grade school I had lots of experiences with other girls, and by the time I was in middle school, I truly thought I'd never get married, because I literally had zero interest in boys. I'll never forget when I was in eighth grade, and Mama asked me if I had any boyfriends. It just sort of slipped out when I told her that I didn't have any interest in boys, and all I ever thought about was one girl or another.

    "I don't know if she was shocked, or what, because all she did was look at me with tears in her eyes, and then the only thing she asked was, "You, too, huh? I guess you're definitely my daughter, then, because I've always liked girls better. It's been a struggle to stay with your father, but it's made my life lots easier to pretend I'm straight.'

    "After she told me that, we talked and talked about ways I could cover up my sexuality, and that's what I've done ever since. Actually, when I first saw you, it was an absolutely unique experience for me, because I was immediately attracted to you. And you know the rest from there, because I fell in love with you right from our first date, and I knew we were destined to get married.

    "Well, to make a long story short, I've been able to control my need to have other women in my life for most of our marriage. But . . ., then about a year ago I met someone one Sunday when I was doing the grocery shopping. She was by herself, like me, and when we passed in the aisle we looked at each other, and it was just like a bolt of lightning struck me. I guess she felt it, too, because she stopped right beside me and said, 'Hello, I'm Mandy.' We shook hands, and it was just like I'd stuck my finger in a wall socket and a jolt of electricity ran through my whole body and didn't stop until it reached my pussy.

    "She must have had that same feeling, because she didn't waste time with small talk, but just said, 'I want you to follow me home, and I think you want to do that just as much as I do.'

    "So, I did, and luckily it was a cold day so the frozen groceries didn't thaw out in the car while it sat outside her house for a couple hours. I helped her carry in her own groceries, and then we spent a long time kissing in the kitchen before she led me down the hallway to her bedroom. We kissed again and started undressing each other, and then we were on the bed touching each other all over, and then all of a sudden she was telling me to turn around, and when I did she pushed me over on my back and got on top of me, and she put her head between my legs and I put mine between hers, and I didn't know anything after that until I climaxed and she did, too.

    "Right about then a man said, 'That's the most-beautiful thing I've ever seen. There's nothing in the world that's better than watching two women in love.' Of course, I just about messed the bed, I was so shocked. Mandy just laughed at my reaction, then said something like, 'Oh, hi, Jon. This is Nancy, my newest conquest. Nancy, meet my husband, Jonathan.'

    "He walked over to the bed and sat down beside her, all the time ogling my boobs and my crotch, which I was trying to cover with my hands. That made Mandy laugh again as she said, 'As you can see, lover, my husband is a real tit freak. There's nothing he likes better than scoping out a new pair, and maybe if he's lucky, being allowed to play with them.'

    "As for me, all I could do was stare at the huge bulge in the exercise pants he was wearing, and I knew that if he hadn't been wearing a tee-shirt above them, the head of his cock would have been sticking above the waistband. I guess she knew exactly what I was thinking, because she said, 'Jon, take off your shirt and show her what's down there making that bulge.'

    "Well, he did, and all I could do was gasp as I saw there was quite a bit of shaft exposed above his pants, and the head above that part looked like it was a big as my fist. I guess to tell the truth, it scared me, because I'd never in my life even guessed a man could have such a monster in his pants. Actually, though, you've been the only man who ever got in mine, so I've always thought all men were the same size as you.

    "Anyway, Mandy told him to strip off the rest, and since he wasn't wearing any shorts, he did that part lickety-split and then I got really scared because I was afraid she was going to tell him to fuck me, and I was sure he'd kill me with that thing. All she did was tell me that she already knew I was a sub, which is short for 'submissive,' in case you didn't know that. I couldn't deny it, because that's just the way I'd always been, even years ago when my girlfriend would always be the one in charge of what we did.

    "I guess she wanted to prove to me that she was going to be in control of things from then on, because she put her hand on my head, which was still down by her crotch, and pulled my hair so my head was at the edge of the bed where Jon was standing. She told him to move closer, then put her other hand on his cock and guided it toward my mouth and I thought I was going to faint when I knew what she wanted me to do.

    "I didn't pass out, though, and when the head of his monster touched my lips I just opened my mouth and took him inside it. A small part of it, anyway. I don't think even the best cocksucker in the world could ever have swallowed something that big. I guess my tongue knew what to do without being told, and before I knew it I was licking and sucking him while he moved his hips back and forth. He must have been really turned on already, because he climaxed almost as fast as you always do, and I just let him get it over with.

    "When I started to spit out his cum, like I do with yours, Mandy rolled me over on my back and grabbed my clit, which was still pretty big from when she'd licked it. She said something like, 'Don't you dare spit that out, lover! You swallow it, like a good little subbie should, 'cause if you don't I'll pinch your clittie until you pass out.'

    "I don't know if it was the threat or the fact that his stuff tasted lots better than yours ever has, but something made me start swallowing it, and all it took was about three gulps before it was gone. As soon as I'd done that, Mandy made him get on his knees between my legs. She told him to lift my ass up to his mouth, and 'show the bitch how grateful you are.'

    "Well, he did, and I don't know if it was him eating my cunt, or if it was her kissing me and playing with my tits. Whatever, I had a huge climax, and then just about collapsed because it was my second in just a few minutes, and you know I don't ever do that.

    "Anyway, after that I got dressed and came home, and I think that was the first time since right after our wedding when we had sex on a Sunday night. God, I was so fucking turned on just thinking about them that you must have thought you'd married a nymphomaniac, for sure.

    "Well, after that I started going over to Mandy's house every chance I got, and I knew the three of us were getting serious about one another. Then one day they told me something really important, and it was that they'd always wanted children, but she couldn't get pregnant. So, they'd been looking for a surrogate mom for a long time, and now they knew I was the one they'd been looking for all along.

    "Mandy told me to go ahead and take the remainder of my birth-control prescription for that month, but after I'd had my period, I was supposed to stop taking the pills. She also told me what to say to you, to keep you from fucking me. I guess they didn't want any foul-ups, and have you be the father of their baby. So, that's what I did, and I know that month was really hard on you, Honey, and that's why I gave you all those hand jobs and sucked you off so much.

    "I went over to their house every Saturday and Sunday after that, and after Mandy and I had made love, Jon would fuck me. The first time he did that to me, I guess I was so scared that I didn't have much lubrication, and he really hurt me. It felt better after he squirted inside me, and then when he pulled out, he lifted both my feet up in the air so gravity could help his little swimmers to find my egg.

    "The second time he fucked me felt lots better, and by the third time I started to like the sensation of his cock head rubbing all the way around the inside of my cunt, rather than just flopping around like yours always had. I guess by the fourth time he could tell I was feeling better about having his monster inside me, and he started banging it against the bottom of my cunt, and that was when I had my first climax with him.

    "I think that was when I realized the reason I never climaxed when you fucked me was that your dick was so little that it couldn't rub the sides of my cunt like it was supposed to, let alone bang against the bottom. That doesn't mean that I won't let you fuck me ever again, or that I don't love you, because I do love you, Honey. In fact, I think I love you more now that I ever did before, because I understand that it's not your fault that your thing is too small.

    "Anyway, when I missed my next period, we knew Jon had got me knocked up, and I let you have a piece of ass once a week like before just so you wouldn't want to leave me. And now, . . . well, I'm about to enter my second trimester and the baby's going to start showing a whole lot over the next few weeks, and that's why I needed to tell you, so you wouldn't be blind-sided by the whole thing.

    "Do you hate me now, Honey?"

    I took my first breath in what seemed like ages, then burst out with every protestation of love I could think of. I tried to convince her that I not only still loved her, but that I loved her more than ever before. I said that I thought she was the most-exciting woman in the whole world, and I thought it just made her even more exciting to know that she'd been letting another man make love to her.

    I guess I lost all my inhibitions about then, and I blurted out, "I've thought about you letting other men make love to you . . . since way back before we got married. It's just about my only fantasy and I think about it all the time, especially when you let me make love to you and then tell me to use my mouth to clean up the mess I made. I always pretend it's another man's semen I'm eating, and just the idea that maybe some day you'll let me do that for real is just the best thing ever."

    All the time I was talking like that, she was fondling my cock. I just couldn't help but think about another man on top of her, with his huge cock plunging in and out of her pussy, and her having orgasm after orgasm, and I could feel my little penis getting bigger by the second.

    She actually laughed at how turned on I was getting, and said, "Well, that's nice, Honey. I mean, it's nice to know the idea of other men fucking me gets you all hot and bothered. Actually, given what Mandy and Jon told me a few weeks ago, I think your little fantasy is soon going to be coming more true that you ever thought it would. But what's the best of all is to know that you're not going to leave me, like I was afraid of. Maybe when you hear about the rest of it, you'll change your mind and hate me."

    Of course, I started in again telling her my love was stronger than ever before, and I'd always love her, etc., etc. I think I'd still be swearing my love for her if she hadn't got tired of listening to me and put her hand over my mouth to make me shut up. Then, when the bedroom was silent, she said something that shocked me far more than anything that had come before.

    "Honey, there're three more things I haven't told you. The first thing is that they want to have two kids spaced just far enough apart that the first would be out of diapers before the second is born. So that means there'll be another month or so in the future when you won't be able to fuck me while Jon is trying to get me pregnant again.

    "The second is that there's another couple who spend lots of time in Mandy and Jon's bed. They're also unable to have kids, and when they heard that I was going to have two babies for someone else, they decided they wanted me to have some for them, too. They told me when I was over there a couple weeks ago that they want to have a whole houseful of kids, so it looks like I'm going to be knocked up for the foreseeable future.

    "The third thing is that Mandy and Jon told me to bring you to their house the next time I go over there. He's always said that watching two women making love is the most-exciting thing in the whole world, and when he says that, she comes right back with her own idea that watching two men go at it does it for her. So, when we go over there for dinner Saturday, you need to be prepared for the four of us climbing in their bed afterwards. Mandy and I will go first, just to get you guys in the mood, and then you can show us how cocks should really be sucked. She's seen that thousands of times, according to her, but it'll be my first time, so please make it really hot.

    "Oh, and by the way, we need to remember to take a fresh tube of K-Y Jelly. When he fucks you in your ass, you'll need all the lubrication you can get, I guarantee."

    With that, she turned off the light, pulled the sheet over us, and promptly fell asleep. As for me, I don't know if I ever slept a wink that entire night.

    The End


    Questions or comments? Please write to me at: [email protected]
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  2. AllenJ

    AllenJ Well-Known Member Member

    What a surprising way to get us readers to the our favorite parts of the story - love it and look forward to spending more time with them!
  3. sharonsmif

    sharonsmif Active Member Author!

    Thank you, AllenJ, for commenting on my newest story here on this site.

    You may be interested to know that I'm already hard at work on the next part of the fascinating story of one man's journey to complete degradation at the hands of his wife and her lovers.

    Stay tuned for more!
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