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. The spunky funky desert

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Apr 5, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    I wonder if the rest of you girl members have noticed something? The more your lover takes over, on the fucking front, dominating everything, the more your husband's winky dries up. It's something that seems to distress Roy rather a lot. I mean we had him attend us quite a lot so he watches Ernst ride me. He watches how long and how hard Ernst is up me. He watches how my lover's balls jolt and keep on jolting as he fucks me. Then Roy sniffs and he licks up the mess that oozes out. That's a pretty close up encounter with how a fuck should be isn't it? I mean Roy tastes and savours what Ernst squirts bareback inside me. He knows how thick, rich and absolutely creamy it is. It's not only lots of spunk, but thick and rich spunk as well. I'm sure that if I came off the pill, Ernst would have me pregnant very quickly indeed!

    I have put Roy's wink in a meta cage because at first, when Ernst and I started dating, he wouldn't say the complimentary things. I mean he licked me out and all, when I got back from dates, but he wasn't emotionally supportive. I wanted him to admire my dresses, the way that I looked. I wanted him to say how much he admired Ernst and I in the pictures together. My lover is a biker, so there were lots of pictures of us both in leathers. I wanted Roy to say how pleased he was for me, that I was going with such a masculine man. But Roy didn't do that, so I trapped his cock in a cage, so that he could think little bit about how he was supposed to respond.

    Putting Roy's cock in a cage should, in theory, have meant that he had more to show when he spunked. You'd think that wouldn't you, with the stuff being stored up inside? He didn't have many ruined orgasms, only those when I kissed him slowly and talked about going away with Ernst for the weekend. I'd have thought that he would have spunked more because of the saved up sperm, but Roy didn't. On the contrary, the more that Ernst and I fucked, the longer Roy went from any cock allowance, the less he seemed to produce. It was as if his wink was defeated. It was as if after a little flurry of effort on its part when Ernst and I first dated (I used to let him wank then, disgusting I know), his cock just stopped trying to compete. His balls hadn't shrivelled or anything. They didn't look smaller, it was just when I took the cage off him and let him wank over my sex, or I took him in hand over the sink, he produced so little. The spurts were more like hiccups really, little belches of spunk and even then it was pretty watery. I tried not to comment about it, but you know, these things were noticeable. I said, 'you're cock's not only tiny, but its a thimble full shot in the dark too!' I know that was cruel, but it was honest too.

    I've read that some girls think of having their cuck castrated. I suppose that they think it will put him out of the running and make him very obedient too. Well, as far as I can tell, you don't need to do that. You just ask your boyfriend to dominate him, to make him realise that he is quite incapable of doing what he does, and the spunky funky desert starts to take over. It's like it encroaches relentlessly until all he has is his tongue and he starts to work so much harder on pleasing you both with that. By the time Roy's wink was shooting next to nothing he was licking me so nicely and sucking Ernst's cock whenever he was ordered to. Seriously, if any of you girls have similar or contrasting experiences, I'd love to know. May be other men don't dry up? May be other men take longer to go barren down there? May be its to do with how much he's made to lick? I suspect that the more of Ernst's spunk he eats the more his body knows that it is time to be realistic and just give up.

    Gina (in reflective mood).

    Lutheran Maid is the author of 'The intimacy of Three' a cuckolding novel available for download or via print in Amazon. Some stories are purposefully slight, shorter. Intrigued what you think of Gina!
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