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. The Somerset Farmer's Wife Helen

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Robert Williams, Jul 31, 2018.

. The Somerset Farmer's Wife Helen 5 5 3votes
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Does Helen have any limits on the farm?

  1. Yes, becomes a total slut doing nearly unspeakable things

    3 vote(s)
  2. Sex with anyone who shows up at her door

    3 vote(s)
  3. Willingly services more than people on the farm

    3 vote(s)
  4. Expands her travels to more than just the farm

    1 vote(s)
  5. Includes other family members in her play time

    2 vote(s)
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  1. Robert Williams

    Robert Williams Well-Known Member Member

    The Somerset Farmer’s Wife Helen!

    It was a quiet day at the farm so Helen thought she would enjoy it as her husband and everyone was gone. With all the quiet she decided to take a little time for herself. It was so nice outside she decided to catch some sun and work on her tan so she slipped into her bikini and checked her reflection in the mirror. She looked good but then she thought, Why not her other bikini? She had bought one small, really small, almost tiny and she hadn’t shown it to anyone, even her husband yet. She hadn’t had it on except when she bought it.

    She slipped her ordinary bikini off and the new one on and checked the mirror again. Wow, there was so little covered, but that was one of the reasons she had bought it and since no one was around, why not. She grabbed a blanket and went out to the back yard. Even if someone stopped, no one would ever venture around to the back so she would be safe from being seen.

    She spread the blanket and lay down. It was so nice, so warm and quiet. She thought that this would be the prefect chance to get her tan even since no one would be wiser. She untied the string the held the top on and instead of leaving it in place she took it and laid it aside. Now she was nearly naked with her breasts out in the open and the thought of being that way outside did turn her on some but she didn’t want to take any more chances. She laid back and stretched and when she did the bikini string attached to the tiny patch covering her clit running to the back disappeared between her labia. She spread more lotion on and made sure to include her now exposed pussy lips so she didn’t have to worry about burning. Everything was so warm quiet and Helen felt so good.

    It wasn’t but moments later that Helen’s eyes were heavy and she was fast asleep. And then that dream came again. She had been having this same dream lately and she hadn’t told anyone including her husband Steven. It was about this tall hansom Black man who seduces her and she has the best sex of her life with him! Several times she had awakened having an orgasm just from the dream and this time the dream was no different. She dreamed of orgasm after orgasm and being the Black man’s slut doing all sorts of depraved erotic things!

    Suddenly something aroused Helen. She was suddenly awake and sat up straight trying to remember where she was when she realized she wasn’t alone. There was a Black man standing right between her legs looking down on her! Helen desperately tried to cover her breasts with her hands and arms but then she realized her bottoms were gone also and her trimmed pussy was also available for anyone to see! Not only see but the Black man standing there was taking pictures of her!

    “What are you doing here? Who are you? Helen blurted out while trying to find some way to cover her nakedness!

    “HA HA HA! I am one of your neighbors for the summer! And I think I just found heaven! A pretty sexy married white wife who has dreams of sex with the brothers! What more could I want?” he laughed.

    Helen was frustrated because she couldn’t find any way to cover herself although she kept trying. Finally she settled for one hand and arm across her breasts and one hand covering her pussy. “What are you doing here? You better leave! My Husband will be home soon and he wouldn’t be happy with you here!”

    “HA HA HA! I don’t think your husband will mind at all! In fact he mentioned you might be here. He didn’t mention that you would be naked and dreaming about fucking Black brothers however!”

    “He doesn’t know about any of that! How do you know? How long have you been here? What did I do?”

    The Black man stood at Helen’s feet and told her about how he had been there for several minutes. How he had witnessed and videoed her having orgasms while crying out for more ni**er cock! And then he even briefly showed her a few of his pictures of her naked with her legs spread as she rolled around on the ground in obvious pleasure!

    “You can quit trying to cover yourself! I have pictures of all of you and I want to see more! And you will be showing me all of you that I haven’t seen yet!”

    “What do you mean? What makes you think I will be showing you anything?”

    “Well now, I have many pictures and videos of you laying here naked, screaming for someone to fuck you! I don’t think your friends and family will understand what was going on here if they were to see the pictures and videos. I think it would be better if you would just agree to give me your cooperation and that hot and horny pussy for my silence in the matter.”

    Helen saw stuck! She couldn’t even get up off the ground as this Black man was standing over her. She had no clothes or anything to cover herself with except the blanket and she was on top of that. She never should have worn the darn bikini! But if she hadn’t, would it have mattered? Even with her conservative bikini she might have had the same results.

    “I cc..can’t do that! I am married and having sex with you would be wrong. What would my husband say? Are you going to delete those pictures if I Have sex with you?” she didn’t have much of an argument against submitting either she decided. What could she do?

    “Make up your mind right quick! I am about to leave and the pictures go with me and soon everyone will see them! OR, you quit trying to cover yourself and get busy pleasing me! Your time is running out!” the Man unzipped his pants and pulled out a long thick black cock. It was almost like Helen’s dream except it might be even bigger than she had dreamed of!

    He pulled his pants down till his cock was in the clear and then he stepped forward till his cock was dangling in Helen’s face. She looked at it and tried her best to not show interest but her mouth opened almost on its own and her tongue reached out and circled the purple head of that cock and then drug it into her mouth. Her hands followed as they stopped trying to cover her and instead pulled the thick hardening cock in the mouth and then started to jack it as it reached the back of her throat.

    “That’s much better! Now look at me while you suck my Big Black Cock you married white slut!” As Helen’s eyes met those of the Black man she realized this was almost exactly as her dream had been! She was now even more turned on than she had been when she woke up if that was possible. She wanted this Black man to use her in every way possible and she knew that included fucking her unprotected pussy!

    The Cock hit the back of Helen’s throat and she gagged but she started pumping it in and out of her mouth so she could breathe sometimes! She was so hot and this Black man had just started making the fire even hotter! She hoped he would fuck her but she couldn’t ask for it especially now with her mouth constantly full of his cock. She didn’t want him to stop fucking her face but she also wanted his cock in her sopping wet pussy too. She didn’t know what she wanted; she just wanted it to continue.

    Suddenly, he groaned, stopped, pulled his cock out of Helen’s mouth and then moved between her legs. She was expecting his hard cock but he dropped even further and she was surprised when she felt his tongue parting her pussy lips. She moaned loudly as he licked the length of her slit from her ass to her clit and then she came hard! She shook and shivered as she screamed!

    He hadn’t even penetrated her yet and she had already had one orgasm! She wanted him to fuck her, so she started begging for just that and after a couple more licks he laughed and said he wasn’t one to keep a slut waiting. He moved up and placed the head of his cock at her pussy lips. She could feel it pressing against her and she tried to wiggle to get it inside of her.

    He finally took pity on her and shoved his cock deep inside of her. He got more than half of it in the first stroke and the rest the second. Helen groaned in pain when he hit bottom but that pain of having something somewhere there hasn’t been anything like that before was brief and within two more strokes she was feeling another orgasm coming on. This was even better than her dream had been and she didn’t want it to stop.

    He rode her hard for a while and she even wrapped her legs around him and helped him fuck her deeper but the orgasms were exhausting. She had never in her life cum like this with her husband or any of the other men she had been with. It was almost like a never ending orgasm! And she LOVED it!

    Finally he groaned again and this time he announced he was cumming. Helen wrapped her legs around the man’s waist again and pulled him as tight to her as she could. She wanted his cum deep inside of her and there was no way she was going to let him get away until it was! She didn’t need to worry; he wasn’t trying to get away. Instead he buried himself in her and dumped a huge load of his hot cum into her womb!

    She felt it filling her and that made her cum yet again before falling back on the blanket exhausted. He just lay on top of her enjoying the rapture of the orgasm before pulling out. Once he was out and free he moved up and wiped his cock off on her naked tits. Then he rose and turned to the man standing nearby: “She is one hell of a good fuck, Steven! Thanks for letting me have her!”

    Steven (Helen’s husband) replied, “Anytime Marc! She needs sex like this all the time and you are more than welcome to use her as you see fit!”

    “Thanks, I will!” said Marc!
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