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. The Six Hour Lick

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Feb 3, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    An 'Alpha Coupling' orbit story. The further adventures of Claire, Martin and Luther will be available in a forthcoming electronic book from Amazon.

    At last, now, six hours on from when I started hurting him, Martin bends his knees, sinks to the carpet floor and starts to lick me out. Luther and his friend Raphael watch him. My husband is licking up both their semen. Can you taste the difference Martin? Or is the cocktail so addictive and rich, that all that matters is that you get that slimy mix into your mouth, and savour it whilst smelling just how on heat I am? I feel my husband press his mouth first to my trimmed pubes, then to my thighs where the goo is smeared as well and at last onto my cunt.

    'He licking nice babe? He accepting things as he should?' Luther growls.

    'Yes' I breathe. 'Yes'.

    Oh Martin, that single word eh my darling. If I had said 'no', I could have condemned you to another beating couldn't I? You could have that swollen face that you hate so much. You could have needed the wet wipes to clean away the dried blood from your split lip. You see I know. The tension had steadily risen all day long hadn't it? Every kiss I shared with him, every touch I encouraged (the ones up beneath the hem of my tiny skirt?), well that humiliated you didn't it? Kissing with him 'that way', my mouth hooked to his, our mouths tangled, his tongue exploring me, it might have been enough to make you a man once more. It was as if I beckoned you to your destruction didn't I sweetie? If you object, tell him. Tell him to get his fucking great black paws off me. Remind him that we are married. The fact that he pushed in and dated me wasn't an invite to pet my sex. But you couldn't darling could you? Not when Luther is so much bigger than you and so much more aggressive. He wouldn't have needed Raphael to hold you. He would have taken you up by the throat, lifted you off your feet and punched the respect into you paunchy little belly. You'd have dropped to the floor, curled there moaning and watched the kissing resume. Raphael would have smirked wouldn't he?

    'Hey man, you fucking kiss her like you already got her pinned and her legs kicked apart!'

    You'd hate that wouldn't you? Even if your spine developed for a moment, stirred in some crazy way, the inevitable would have happened anyway. Kissing me, fingering me, his hands sliding over my shapely bottom, my sex dragged hard against his as we necked. You'd have seen from that dust and cobwebs vantage point the way he pushed my head back and kissed my throat. All those tears Martin and another loose tooth. Watching Luther possess me.

    'Fucking get your mouth hard on her cunt' Luther snarled.

    There.......yes......that's better. I like the way that your tongue curls, and wriggles and slides up between my swollen flaps. The more you roll your tongue upwards that way, rippling against my moist and wanton interior, the more it pours out. Their semen Martin. Their black guy semen, thick, and creamy and alive with sperm. Best you lick it up now. However much your submission eases the tension of these last six hours, you had better show proper respect. It's his cunt now Martin, I gave it to him. I gave it to him because I just had to have his cock. I gave it to him because he is black and he deserves everything that I can give him. That's what you hate isn't it? That I worship him. You hate it how he just has to look at me and smile and I go to him, my eyes begging for his touch. At the party earlier Martin, do you remember? Do you remember how Luther and his friends were at the bar and Sue, Adele and I were dancing? You couldn't take your eyes off us could you, the way we moved? That music, eh, its designed for fucking isn't it? Then, a wink. Luther winked. He just winked Martin and we went over to the men. I went to my man so quickly, giving him my mouth to love and Adele she kissed that black boy stranger just as eager didn't she? You wished you could be like that don't you? You wished that you could inspire that within a woman. But there was always a problem sweetie. Always a problem down in your genes as well as the denim you wore. You're not good enough. You have the wrong skin, the wrong attitude and you don't have the resolve to take a beating and try again. Women like Adele, they always go to the black guy when pasty types like you are so weak.

    I like the way that you clean up though. I like the way you breath so heavy. I like the way that your podgy little face gets all red. You sound like a fucking dog licking out it's bowl. How can you sound so stupid when your tongue flicks so nice? You know something sweetie, the first time I did this to you, taunting and going with my man, there was simply the curiosity of seeing what might happen next. If you threw a punch then he would beat you. But I didn't know that you would self destruct that way? I didn't know that you would get an erection in your pants like you so obviously did today. It was later, much later, that I started to sense something more. I started to feel the frisson of hurting you. Either you would take the long drawn out humiliation and longing, or you would loose your nerve and then your appearance, beaten to the floor. I don't think I hate you. I don't. It is just that you are caught up aren't you? You are caught up in something that touches me so deeply as a woman. I need to go with a man who still wants the brutality of cock and cunt. I just need to be fucked. I need to be fucked properly Martin, not that 'do you mind, may be' way that you do. That was why Luther doesn't let you touch me. You're not allowed to hold my hips when you eat at my cunt. You have to hold them behind your back, like a coy young man. That is why it is as it is.

    'Lie on the floor Martin' I whisper.

    I watch you do as your told, Luther brooding above us, Raphael lounging on a chair with a beer. I settle myself down onto your chest. Can you feel the pulse in my cunt Martin? You said you could that time, the throb rush of blood through engorged veins, triggered by so much love with my man. It was the first time you knew wasn't it Martin, that I loved Luther. That I didn't just want him, that our souls were coupled too. Now, your arms feel tight against your side don't they sweetie? You're not going anywhere! Stockings, suspender belt, and the straps black against my pale skin, anointed too with the fucking that Luther just gave me.

    'You watched me getting dressed for Luther this morning....didn't you?' I interrogate.

    I know that you did. You stood furtively on the landing, in the shadow there and through the half open door you watched me roll black seamed stockings up my legs. You know something? I wanted that. I wanted you to know the loving attention to detail I invested in the dressing. I wanted you to know how much care I put into choosing something that would tease Luther. I wanted his cock inside me. HIS cock inside me. HIS cock spraying that which could give me a baby.


    I slap your face. Raphael grins. He really likes it that Luther has made a bitch out of me.

    'Yes' you whimper.

    It's as if your voice got lost down a drain some place.

    I slap your face again in punishment. Then I settle myself on your face and I start to slide. I slide on the spunky mess already covered across your face and that which lubes out of me when I queen you.

    A girlfriend of mine said that you can't be feminist and go meekly to the black guy, did you know that Martin? She did! Sh was wrong sweetie. She was so wrong! Once the black man is cocking you, then you know what you want. You know what is best and what you will insist upon. You get attitude in buckets sweetie. Teasing Luther today, laughing at you in public, it was about power. What did that waitress say to you today? 'You're a pillock aren't you?' She had such a sneer on her face didn't she. You were only getting my lippy out of my handbag for me. I was kissing with Luther. The waitress, she knew you back at school didn't she? She knew what a sap you were back then as well. She guessed that you were our gooseberry. I wonder how many men like you she has seen down in that restaurant this year? I've read that going black is an epidemic. So many girls are dumping white boyfriends. It's kinda chic isn't it?

    There, OK, you need a breath. I lift a second and wait. Does it hurt your neck to crane that way?

    'OK, you can have some more. Get your mouth on it' I whisper.

    Luther catches my gaze. He gestures with his eyes. You've wet yourself haven't you? You've come in your pants.

    My cunt is 'it'. You have to have 'it'. I sort of like that. You see you and I, we don't have a relationship any more do we? We didn't relate to one another these last six hours. You just sat and stared or else ran around and paid the bills. You didn't say a damned word unless Luther said you could. Your relationship sweetie is with it....my cunt. It's as if your eye level never gets above it these days. If by chance our gaze meets, you drop your eyes immediately. You submit. It made me giggle in the street when that happened and then you stood there, head down whilst Luther and I kissed slowly. I felt light as air kissing with him then. I felt as though every woman who watched was feeling the envy. Does that shock you, appall you Martin sweets? That a woman can enjoy being with a handsome black guy and putting the white guy down in public? There were no racist thugs there were there Marty? Just nice liberal, open minded folk who watched a girl so much in love!

    I peep below, easing up the hem of my leather mini skirt.

    'You alright little one?' I coo watching you lick.

    You blink yes.

    You're desperate aren't you? You would love it if I chose to orgasm all over your face now. You would see that as some sort of salvation, a purchase on me?

    'I think that's enough now Marty' I whisper.

    I lift up. Your mouth is open. There is semen inside.

    'Swallow it down...' I coax.

    There. There that's better, and because you came so nicely to sex, because you have submitted to it again, Luther seems pleased with you. Isn't that a relief?!
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