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. The Sexual Transformation of Two Wives: Part 3: New Horizons

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Apr 7, 2018.

. The Sexual Transformation of Two Wives: Part 3: New Horizons 5 5 2votes
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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    The Sexual Transformation of Two Wives
    Part 3 - New Horizons

    by RLM


    Summary of Parts 1 and 2:

    In Part 1, The Tiagua Resort, Calvin Fullmer and Jeff Seaver have tried unsuccessfully to change the sexual attitude of their very conservative wives, Ellen and Gayle. After five years of marriage, they have both given up the effort as a hopeless cause and have resigned themselves to having drop-dead gorgeous wives with very low sexual libido and drive.

    The two couples decide to take separate vacations with Calvin and Jeff enjoying a week-long fishing and gambling trip to Reno and Lake Tahoe while Ellen and Gayle vacation at the Tiagua resort in the Caribbean, a resort that caters to wives whose husbands want to take masculine-type vacations of no interest to their wives and provides reduced rates for wives who spend a week at the resort without their husbands.

    The Tiagua resort proves to be an erotic fantasy land for Ellen and Gayle. Every male employee is ruggedly handsome with powerful, trim bodies, enormous virility, stamina and sex appeal. They all seem to have very large sexual endowments. In addition, every one of the male employees is charming and enormously seductive. With dozens of such men hitting on them every minute of every day, Ellen and Gayle's faithfulness lasts only until the second evening when both wives go out on dates and are fucked multiple times before the end of the evening.

    By the end of their week's stay at the Tiagua Resort, Calvin and Jeff's conservative wives have vanished. In their place are two hot, exotic women who have enjoyed the cocks of over two dozen men, many of them multiple times. By the end of the third day they have also discovered the sensuality of girl-girl sex.

    On the flight home, Ellen and Gayle devise an elaborate plan to gradually introduce their husbands to their new sensuous, hot wives without letting them know what they have been doing all week at the Tiagua Resort. In Part 2: Husbands, the details of this plan unfold. As the plan is executed, more and more sensuality is introduced into their marriages with Jeff and Calvin believing that they are the driving forces behind the transformation. When Part 2 concludes, the two couples are enjoying swapping with each other, threesomes, foursomes, and girl-girl sex as the husbands watch and masturbate.

    The final phases of Ellen and Gayle's plan involved the opening of their marriages. The exotic details of how this is done are described in Part 3 of "The Transformation of Two Wives". For maximum enjoyment of Part 3, the Author suggests the reader first read Parts 1 and 2 of this trilogy. In any event, enjoy Part 3 entitled "The Transformation of Two Wives - New Horizons"... RLM

    The Plan - Phase 6:

    It was several days after Gayle and I had our first swapping, threesome, and foursome sex with Jeff and Calvin. It was also the next day after Jeff first used his key to our house and joined Calvin and me in our bed well after midnight. Gayle and I were having a drink in a club discussing these events and our general plan while our husbands were working.

    "So what did Calvin do when he discovered Jeff was in bed fucking you while he slept?" Gayle asked.

    I filled her in on all the hot details and then added, "I'm pretty sure you can count on Calvin visiting you tonight after you and Jeff are asleep or maybe even before."

    "I hope so. He really thought the key was just symbolic?"

    "So he said. Actually, I think he didn't have enough nerve to be the first to try to use his new present. So are you ready to proceed to Phase 6 of our devious plan, Gayle?"

    "I can hardly wait. I'm amazed every thing has worked so well so far. Do you think Phase 6 will work?"

    "Why not. Before our plan, our husbands had never had so much fun in their lives."

    "True, but they're still not having as much fun as we are."

    "We know that, but they don't. Men always think they're the ones having the most fun out of sex, and we want to be certain that we don't do anything that might convince them otherwise."

    "I agree... and speaking of fun..."


    "Have you noticed those sexy black guys at the bar who have been checking us out for the last 15 minutes?

    "Of course. I've had my legs open for the last five minutes."

    "Wide open?"

    "No. Just enough to make them a little interested."

    "They seem more than a little interested."

    "Yeah, they do. Maybe I have my legs opened wider than I thought."

    "Or I do," Gayle whispered.

    "You too?"

    "For at least five minutes. And I'm not wearing any panties."

    "Can they see your cunt?"

    "Unless they're blind, they can."


    "MMmmmmmm... yes. Two sluts," Gayle added.


    "Do you think they'll come over?"

    "Of course they will."

    "Are we going to play or tease?"

    "Both sound like fun. Let's just see how it goes," I suggested.

    "I'm pretty sure it will go in and out... a lot."


    "Oh yes... here they come," Gayle whispered in undisguised anticipation.

    The taller black man spoke first, "Good afternoon, Ladies. I'm Walt and my friend here is Lewis. The two of you are the most gorgeous women we've seen in this place in the last year. You seem to be alone. May we join you? Buy you a drink?"

    "Well, we are alone, but we're married."

    "We've noticed, but that doesn't bother us if it doesn't bother you." Lewis said as he stood over me checking out my cleavage.

    "Like what you see from up there?" I teased.

    "Gorgeous tits ... just gorgeous," he said. Then, his eyes moved to Gayle's chest. She was showing even more than I was. The tent in Lewis' pants grew even larger.

    When neither Gayle nor I raised any objections, the two men sat down, Walt to my left and Lewis to Gayle's right. "So, what do we call you lovely ladies?" Walt asked.

    "I'm Ellen and this is Gayle."

    Walt's hand moved to my thigh, but his eyes stayed locked to mine. "Live around here?" I nodded, and his hand moved higher. When it was to the top of my stockings, I heard Gayle moan softly. A moment later, her body slid forward in her chair. Her skirt was pushed almost up to her hips as Lewis' hand moved slowly between her thighs. It seemed likely that he was stroking her pussy and probably her clit.

    "Ooohhh god... Yes! There! Right there!" Gayle gasped as her eyes clenched shut and her head arched back. When her ass rose off the chair, it was obvious that Lewis was working Gayle's clit and probably finger fucking her at the same time.

    My attention was quickly brought back to my own pussy as Walt's fingers were tracing up and down the length of my slit. Almost without thought, I spread my legs wider giving him more room. Now, it was my turn to moan when Walt's fingers slipped under my panties and into my pussy.

    "Ooohhhh... mmmmmmm.... oh god... that's good," I hissed.

    "How come you're still wearing panties and your friend isn't?" Walt asked as he sank two fingers into my wet hole causing my ass to rise off the chair and join Gayle's hunching upward in the air.

    "Damn! What a tight, hot fuck hole," Walt whispered in my ear.

    "My clit... do my clit," I pleaded.

    "Like this?"

    "Aaaahhh fuck yes!!"

    As both Gayle and I thrust our hips against the probing male hands, several men at the bar were watching us, their eyes glued between our wide open legs. When I saw them, I was momentarily glad that my panties still covered part of my pussy whereas Gayle's was totally exposed. But when more and more men turned to stare between my legs, I realized that with part of my cunt exposed and part covered, it was even more erotic than if I had not been wearing any panties.

    Walt's hands now moved upward to my tits. After opening one more button, he pulled my blouse down, inserted his big hands, and extracted my tits... one after the other. I moaned helplessly.

    "Oh hell! I can't wait to get my dick between these gorgeous melons," Walt growled in my ear as his fingers pulled and twisted my now stiff nipples. Leaning closer, Walt whispered, "Rub your pussy through your panties while I play with these beautiful tits, Ellen." Although he had whispered, it was clearly a command, not a request. He had me so hot that it never even occurred to me to refuse.

    "AAaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.... ooohhhhhhhhh.. mmmmmmmmm."

    "You're one blazingly hot piece, Ellen. Pull your panties aside and rub your clit... finger your wet cunt, Baby."

    "AAAAaaggghhhh!! OH... gonna.... aaahh... aaahhh.. aaahhh... gonna... gonna..

    "What? Tell me, Baby. What are you gonna do?" Walt demanded.

    "Ooohhhh gawd damn! Gonna cum... gonna cum... gonna cum... mmmmmmmmm... Feel me. Feel me throbbing, Honey," I gasped as one lancing spasm after another surged through my vagina and clit.

    "Fucking A!" Walt groaned as his fingers replaced mine on my throbbing cunt. I was grinding myself furiously on Walt's probing fingers when Gayle came.

    "Oh you hot black stud! Don't stop... don't stop... I'm cumming... Don't you dare stop... aaaaahh.... ooohhh fuckkkk... can you feel my pussy throbbing, Lewis?"

    "It's like a fucking vise," he responded.

    At that point, the manager came over and watched for a moment as both Gayle and I humped against the fingers inside our pussies. "This is a great show, but the police might come in anytime and bust me. You all need to take this some place more private."

    "Great idea," Walt responded. "Let's get a room where we can fuck you and make both of you cum more times than you can count." As soon as Gayle and I got our clothes adjusted, Walt and Lewis were leading us out to the parking lot with their hands covering our asses and their fingers socked firmly into the still throbbing depths of our vaginas.


    The Best Western motel room was spacious with two large double beds. Clothing was strewn all around the room. Both of the men were naked. All Gayle and I had on were our heels. We had started to take them off along with the rest of our clothes, but like a lot of men, Walt and Lewis preferred to fuck us while we were wearing them.

    Lewis had Gayle on one bed while Walt was screwing me on the other one. The two black studs were mounted on us in missionary position with their hips jack hammering between our thighs. Every time their thick black cocks filled our throbbing vaginas, hot female grunts filled the room as our butts were driven deep into the mattresses.

    "Take my big black dick, Baby," Lewis grunted as he slammed into Gayle causing her legs to jerk wildly in the air high over his back. "Squeeze it with that tight pussy, Bitch!"


    Walt had my heels resting on his shoulders as he power fucked his dick into my wide open pussy. With my body bent almost double, I was so wide open every thrust was ramming into the bottom of my vagina, stretching me, and shoving my womb back. The hot sensations were making my toes curl back and forcing my tits to jerk back and forth in time to the fierce fucking Walt was giving me.

    "Oh yes... you hot black Bastard... Screw me! Hard, damn you! HARD! SLAM THAT DICK INTO MY HOLE, BABY. MAKE ME CUM!!"

    "Like this, Slut? LIKE THIS?"

    "Oh Fuck Yes! Just like that.... HARDER... FASTER.... RAM MEEEEEEEEE!! AAGGHHHAAAAA.... OOUUU... OOUUU... OOUUU!!" My vagina erupted in a series of hard spasms as I climaxed uncontrollably around Walt's cock.


    Walt responded to my demands superbly. His iron-hard cock flashed in and out of my erupting pussy, each stroke grinding hard against my clit and then, as his thick tool plunged into my depths, the big head raking across my G-spot shaking me with hot stabs of pleasure. "Oh jesus... what a cunt!! Can't hold it, Baby. Gonna fill your hole!"

    "Shoot it, Stud, but remember... don't cum inside my pussy. Have to keep hubby from finding out what his wife does while he's working. Pull out and cum in my mouth or cream my tits and face, Lover!"

    At the last instant, Walt jerked his throbbing shaft out of my throbbing hole and moved upward as I opened my mouth wide with my tongue out to take his huge load. The first two spurts splattered over my lips and nose. He adjusted his aim and the rest of his load shot straight into my mouth.

    After Walt had rolled off my body, we cuddled up together and watched Lewis pounding his cock into Gayle's cunt. He had her doubled up with her heels up above her head as he rammed his dick straight down into her waiting pussy. His dick was penetrating her balls deep on each entry. When she began to climax, her hot moans filled the room. Again and again, she screamed for Lewis to shaft her harder... deeper.


    We rested for perhaps 10 minutes while Gayle and I used the facilities. I was sitting on the pot peeing when Lewis came into the bathroom and watched me. It was another first for me. At first, I was embarrassed, but then when Lewis started stroking his cock, I spread my legs so he could see every thing. Before I finished, he was hard as stone. He groaned, "Come on, Baby. Let's go back to bed. I can't wait to sink my dick into you."

    When Lewis led me back into the bedroom, we found Gayle already hard at work sucking Walt's dick back to life. He was standing beside the bed with Gayle kneeling at his feet sucking about 6 or 7 inches of his thick tool down her throat. She held his balls as Walt fucked her mouth. Fives inches of dick would slide out of her mouth dripping saliva as it exited... he would pause momentarily and then thrust his shaft back down Gayle's throat causing her to make unintelligible, garbled sounds.

    Lewis' fingers worked on my clit as we watched the erotic scene. More and more cock entered Gayle's mouth and throat until the balls she was cupping were mashed against her chin with all 8 inches of black cock down her throat.

    "Man, that's hot," Lewis moaned. "Can you suck dick like that, Ellen?" For an answer, I dropped to my knees in front of him, grasped his rock-hard prick, and directed it into my mouth. As soon as my lips closed over the head, Lewis was groaning and driving his hips forward to push more and more of his throbbing shaft into my mouth.

    "OOOhhh fuck... suck it all, Baby. Take my big black cock down your throat." A moment later, that's where it was.

    I thought that Lewis would shoot his second load down my throat. Gayle told me later that she had been certain that Walt was going to cum in her mouth. But we were both wrong. Instead of shooting off in our mouths, the two black studs fucked us again. This time, I rode Lewis' cock cowgirl while Gayle was doing the same thing with Walt on the other bed.

    Our positions were such that Gayle's ass was facing me so that I had a great view of Walt's big shaft as it plunged in and out of her pussy. He was huge... just huge. Even though he had been fucking me with that big dick 30 minutes earlier, it seemed even larger as I watched it disappearing into Gayle's cunt. It seemed impossible that Gayle could take him, but every inch of cock went into her on every stroke.

    As I watched Gayle being screwed, Lewis was jack hammering his cock into me with ever increasing speed... each stroke thudding hard into my cervix. His excited masculine grunts filled the room. When my first orgasm hit, I lost interest in watching Gayle take Walt's dick and concentrated on the one filling my pussy.

    "Oh shit," Lewis grunted. "I can feel that hot cunt throbbing around my dick. You're cumming, aren't you?" My only response was to ram my pussy down even harder on his shaft. I erupted in another orgasm in less than a minute.

    "You're cumming again... ooohhhh fuck... tell me... are you cumming, Bitch?"

    "YES! YES! I'M CUMMING! SHUT UP AND FUCK ME HARDER!" Lewis slammed it to me, and I came again.

    Before Lewis pulled out and shot his load all over my ass, I had had four intense orgasms. Judging from the sounds coming from the other bed, Gayle had had at least that many or more.


    It was already early afternoon, so we told the guys that we needed to leave so we could get home and clean up before our husbands came home from work. Predictably, they wanted to fuck us again. When we turned them down, Walt said, "Are you sure you wouldn't like to have two black cocks fucking at the same time? Most of the women we do that way can't stop cumming."

    Once more, I shook my head and said, "That's a very tempting offer, Honey, but we're going to have to take a rain check."

    I was getting dressed, but Gayle was making no move to put on her clothes. Instead, she was staring at Walt's big cock that was already semi-hard again. He noticed her interest, grinned, and said, "Come on, Girl. You know you want this dick up your cunt and Lewis' in your hot ass. All you have to do is just come over here and mount me, Baby."

    "We need to be getting home," she said weakly.

    "Later. Get your hot pussy over here and mount my cock, Gayle."

    "I should really be leaving," she moaned.

    At that point, Lewis pulled Gayle to her feet and whacked her sharply across her ass.

    "Ooohhh... not so hard, Honey," she protested. All her protests got her was another sharp whack on her other ass cheek. Lewis led her over to Walt who was waiting with his dick now standing a rigid attention.


    After throwing me a helpless glance, she straddled Walt's hips and obediently lowered her pussy over the swollen head of his tool. She was so wet that it slid into her depths easily. Walt rammed his hips upward impaling Gayle completely on all 8 inches of cock.

    "AAhhhh god... so fucking big! UUnnngghhh!"

    Walt pulled her forward until her tits were mashed against his chest. Using his hands to spread her ass cheeks, he held her steady with his cock balls deep inside her pussy. Lewis moved behind her, squirted some lubricant onto her anus and his cock and then began working the mushroom head of his prick into Gayle's ass.

    "OOohhhh god.... go slow, Baby. That's a huge dick! OOOuuu... OOHH... Oohhhh god... you're in meeeeeeeee... aaaahhhh... ooohhh fuckk.... it's going in! IT'S GOING INNNN.... YOU'RE FUCKING MY ASS!"

    Once the two studs had their cocks seated in Gayle's holes, they began fucking her... Walt in... Lewis out... Lewis in.... Walt out... back and forth. Gayle began to howl.


    It only took Walt and Lewis a few minutes to bring Gayle to her first orgasm. It was so erotic there was no way I could resist moving even closer so I could see those big dicks plowing her holes. The two men held her hips steady as they fucked Jeff's wife. As I watched their cocks moving sensuously in and out of her ass and pussy, my fingers moved to my cunt and began to stroke my now every hard and very erect clitoris.

    It was so hot and sexy to watch, I found myself wishing that it was my pussy and ass holes that the two studs were fucking.

    "You want some of this too, don't you, Ellen?" Walt asked as he pumped his dick into a howling Gayle.

    Since I was now making no effort to conceal the fact that I was finger fucking myself and rubbing my clit like mad, it seemed pointless to lie. "Yess... oh god, YES! That's so hot! I want it!" I screamed. "I want you both to fuck me like you're fucking her!!"

    Gayle was now having one orgasm after another. Her body was shaking like a leaf in a gale wind. I could even see her holes throbbing around the men's plunging cocks. After 15 minutes of the intense double fucking, she was babbling incoherently... screaming and wailing

    "Ooohh ... stop... stop... you're killing meeeeeeeeee... can't take any more... please... aaaahhhhhh... uunnghhh... OOHHH FUCKKK... I'M CUMMING AGAIN... AAAAHHGGGHHHAAA!!!"

    Finally, the two studs pulled their dicks out of Gayle's still contracting holes. She collapsed onto the bed totally exhausted. When I saw that their dicks were still fully erect and hard, I knew they hadn't shot off. "You didn't shoot off," I said in amazement.

    "Not yet. We'll do that when we fuck your cunt and assholes, Ellen. Get those fucking clothes off... NOW!"

    They didn't have to tell me twice. I stripped as fast as I could until I was down to just my heels. My body was already shuddering in anticipation. The sight of those two huge, wet, throbbing male shafts was more than enough to wash away any thoughts I might have had about going home or about my husband. I wanted them in me... fucking me senseless.

    It was another 30 minutes before Walt and Lewis finished double-teaming me. At first, they had me sitting on Walt's dick while Lewis fucked my mouth and throat. When Lewis decided he wanted to fuck me, they had me mount Walt's cock reverse cowgirl with his huge schlong buried in my ass and then lie back to let Lewis get into my cunt. I lost track of the number of times those two studs made me cum. The entire time they were banging me, Gayle watched with her fingers in her pussy.

    gayletakes21blackcocks1. Ellenfuckedby2blackcocks3.

    The two black studs double fucked both Gayle and me. Neither of us could stop screaming
    and cumming as they screwed our ass and cunt at the same time.


    On the drive home, I reminded Gayle of our plans for the next week. "Do you have every thing straight?", I asked.

    "How could I not? We've planned and discussed it often enough."

    "Ok. I'll be waiting for an update."

    "I bet you get so hot waiting that you have to masturbate," Gayle teased.

    "I'm sure I will."


    By the time Calvin came in from work, I was freshly showered, my makeup and hair fixed, and dressed in a short skirt and blouse with heels. As soon as my husband was through the front door, he had me wrapped in his arms kissing me deeply as he ground his erection against my pussy.

    "You look great, Honey," he whispered in my ear between kisses. "What's the occasion?"

    "The occasion is my sexy husband is coming home from work, and it's my job to greet him properly," I whispered back as my hands grasped his buttocks and pulled him even harder against me. "Hump that big dick against your hot wife, Honey. MMMmmm... yess.... like that. God! You're already hard as iron. I bet you're planning on using your key to pay Gayle a visit tonight... right?"

    "Well... Jeff used his key to join us in bed last night. I mean... do you mind? If you do, I'll stay home, Honey."

    "Like hell you will. If Jeff gets into bed with us at 2 AM in the morning and slips his hard cock into your wife's pussy, you are damn sure going to get into his wife too. But you have to promise to tell me all the hot details. Promise?"

    "Of course I promise. I'll tell you every thing while I'm fucking you. But, you know, this really seems backwards."

    "What do you mean... backwards?"

    "Just backwards... every story I've read about one spouse going out on a hot date, its always the wife who's going out and the husband who is asking her to tell him all the hot details when she comes back."

    "I guess that's right, but I don't mind. It really is erotic thinking about all the sensuous hot things you're going to be doing with Gayle. I'll probably get so hot thinking about it, I'll have to masturbate before you come home. Anyway, could you handle me going out on a hot date with another guy?"

    "Truthfully, I don't know, but the thought really gets me hard."

    "It does? But how do you know that since I've never gone out with another guy while you stayed home?"

    "That's why I'm not sure, but when you went to the back room with that guy at the Blue Room... what was his name?"

    "You mean Trace?"

    "Yeah. That's it. Trace. When you went to the back room with him to jack him off, I got so damn hard, I couldn't believe it. By the time you got back, I was about to shoot off in my pants. I'm sure you remember how many times I fucked you later that night. The mental image of you jacking him off just had me so hot, I stayed hard even after I had fucked you."

    "That's right. You really did fuck my brains out that night, you sexy Stud. I wonder what would have happened if I had done more than just jack the guy off?"

    "I'm not sure, but I might have fucked you on top of our table right there in the Blue Room."

    "Oohhh god... that is hot! Outta sight hot!"

    "Would you really consider doing more with another guy?"

    "More than just jacking him off, you mean?"

    "Yes," Calvin replied in a voice that was little more than a whisper.

    "Maybe sucking him off?"

    "Aaahhhh god!"

    "Letting him cum inside my mouth?"

    "MMmmmmmm... "

    "Would you want me to swallow his load?"

    "Jezz... If you suck him off... you know he's going to want you to swallow."

    "Yeah... you always do. I guess other men would want me to swallow too. What if I stripped and let him see my naked cunt?"

    "Oh shit... I don't know, but I feel like I'm about to cum."

    "Well... we'd better stop discussing this. Gayle will be one angry woman if you go over there already drained."


    After we had eaten dinner, Calvin hurried up to the bedroom to dress for his "date". I gave him time to shower and shave before I went into our bedroom. When he came out of the bathroom, his cock was already hard with hot thoughts of his coming date. He was obviously shocked to see me laying out my selection of clothes for him.

    "Wow!" I exclaimed staring at his rock-hard dick that was standing almost straight up. "You certainly look more than ready for your date with Gayle tonight."

    "No... that's not it... I mean... well, I was still thinking about our earlier conversation," he stammered.

    "No you weren't, Honey. You were thinking about Gayle's hot cunt that you're going to be fucking most of the night. But that's Ok, Baby. Thinking about you ramming that big sex gun up her cunt and shooting in her has me almost as excited as it does you. I hope you don't mind, but I've been picking out what I'd like for you to wear on your date." Calvin's cock, which had sagged slightly when he saw me, returned to its iron-hard, rigid state. My pussy leaked in response.

    "Why are you picking out my clothes?" he asked.

    "It turns me on, Honey. If I were the one who had a date tonight, I bet you'd want to pick out what I should wear... right?" Again, Calvin's dick throbbed with the thought. "I bet you'd want me to wear a skimpy micro-mini skirt, a see-through blouse with no bra and no panties... and a pair of four- or five-inch heels. Right?" Calvin's cock answered for him by expanding and throbbing. The head was now a dark purple it was so engorged with blood.

    "I bought you a new outfit for your date, Honey. Try it on."

    "Where are the shorts or briefs?" Calvin asked.

    "Same place my panties would be if I had a date, Honey. There aren't any. Go on. Put on the slacks."

    When my husband pulled on the pants, I could see the surprise followed by shock on his face. The slacks were form-fitting and made of a material that stretched. In addition, I had bought a pair with a waist and inseam both one-inch smaller than Calvin's normal size. The effect was fantastic. The pants molded every contour of his ass and his erection. The cock ridge was perfectly outlined as was the girth and length of his dick.

    "I can't wear these pants," he protested.

    "Yes you can! If I can wear micro-mini skirts, you can wear those pants. If you don't wear them, I'm not wearing any more mini-skirts. Ok?" Once I had so clearly explained the situation, Calvin put on the pants and matching skin-tight T-shirt without any more protests.

    When he was dressed, he looked hot... really hot! "Oh Honey. I can't wait to take you out to a club in that outfit. The women are all gonna cream their panties when they see you." My husband's dick throbbed in his pants. Watching it move and jerk in his pants was incredibly erotic... almost obscene.

    Just before 8 PM, Calvin was ready to leave for his date. "Are you sure this is Ok with you, Ellen? If you're uncomfortable with this, I'll call and cancel. No problem."

    "Gayle would scratch my eyes out. Go on. She's waiting for you, and I'll be waiting for you when you come back."

    "It may be late. Is that Ok?"

    "Of course, but be sure to wake me up when you return, if I'm asleep."

    "Are you really sure this is Ok with you?"

    "Feel my panties, Honey."

    I knew my husband wasn't about to turn down an invitation like that. In a flash, his hand was under my skirt and between my thighs. "You're wet... really wet," he gasped.

    "More like 'drenched', Lover. Now go."

    As soon as Calvin's car pulled out of our driveway, I quick dialed Gayle's number on her cell. As soon as she picked up, I said, "He's on his way, slut."

    "Mmmmmmm... I know. Is he wearing those obscene pants you bought for him?"


    "Oh fuck. I can't wait to see him in them."

    "He looks really hot, and his cock's hard as stone. Have fun with it."

    "You know I will."


    Five minutes or so after Ellen and I had finished our phone conversation, our front doorbell rang. "There's my lover for the evening, Honey. Don't just sit there. Let the hot stud in," I said to Jeff, whose face reflected a wide mixture of emotions including anticipation, excitement, embarrassment, and jealousy that all combined to produce a raging erection inside his pants.

    As soon as my husband opened the front door and Calvin entered, I saw that his pants were already hugely tented with a hard-on even bigger than my husband's. His face beamed when he was me in my micro-mini skirt, low-cut white blouse that exposed half of my tits, and heels.

    "Hi, Lover. MMmmmm.... I like what I see and that big, hard dick tells me you like what you see too."

    "Oh hell yes!"

    "Good. What something to eat or drink?"

    "Just you," he said with naked lust written all over his face. "Are you wearing a bra and panties under that tiny skirt?"

    "Yes. I thought I should wear bra and panties on our first date. If you prefer, I won't wear any if you date me again in the future."

    "I like that... no panties or bra in the future."

    "Whatever you say, Honey."

    "Let's see what's under that skirt and blouse."

    "MMMmmmm... I was hoping you would ask. Why don't you sit down and enjoy the show, Baby." He didn't have to be asked twice.

    The tiny skirt was held in place by a zipper in the back. One quick tug and my skirt fell to the floor. I only had to unbutton three buttons to open my blouse, and a moment later, it joined my skirt on the floor leaving me in just my pink panties and bra and my heels. I cupped my tits for Calvin and whispered, "Are you mad because I wore a bra and panties, Honey?

    "Mad? Hardly. You're just drop-dead gorgeous. If I get any harder, I may rip these new pants apart."

    "Ellen will be furious if I get you so hard you tear the new pants she just bought you apart. We need to get that big cock out of your pants before it tears them. Jeff, we need some assistance here. Go over and take my lover's cock out of his pants."

    I loved seeing the shock spread over Calvin's face and the embarrassment over Jeff's. When my husband hesitated, I said sternly, "Jeff! We discussed this. Last night, you fucked Ellen while Calvin just watched and listened to his wife cumming on your big cock. Tonight, Calvin's my lover. I told you that you could stay in the guest bedroom for the evening, but you said you wanted to watch. So, I said you could provided you did whatever I told you to do, and you agreed. So, either go take out my lover's cock before it tears his pants or go the guest bedroom... right now... and I'll lock you in for the night. Make up your mind."

    Jeff nodded and moved over to Calvin's chair with obvious reluctance. "Is it Ok?" he asked.

    "It's fine. No problem, Jeff. But hurry up. These pants are so damn tight, it's really painful."

    Unbuckling Calvin's pants, he raised his butt up off the chair to allow Jeff to pull his pants down around his thighs. With nothing under the pants, Calvin's hard shaft roared into the air, its big head throbbing. For a moment, my husband just stared at the iron-hard, swollen dick that he knew was going to be fucking his wife's cunt very soon. "God. You are hard, Man! Really hard!" he said in an awed voice.

    "He is big, Baby. That dick's really going to stretch my pussy. Feel him, Honey. Wrap your hand around that big shaft so you'll know how much your wife's cunt's going to be stretched when he puts it in me. Feel him, Jeff."

    At first, he was tentative... hesitant, but once his hand was wrapped around Calvin's thick tool, Jiffs' embarrassment faded and was rapidly replaced with the erotic excitement of jacking off a cock that he knew would soon be inside his wife's vagina. Slowly, his hand moved up and down the cock.

    "Jack him faster, Jeff, but don't you dare make him cum or I'll lock you in the guest bedroom for the next two days."

    My husband's hand was now moving up and down the shaft causing Calvin's ass to rise up off the chair. Every few strokes, he let his hand slip up the big dick to cover and caress the sensitive head. A moment later his hand cupped Calvin's balls.

    "That's enough, Jeff. He's getting too close to shooting off." Reluctantly, I thought, Jeff removed his hands from Calvin's cock and balls and moved away. "Is that more comfortable, Lover?" I asked Calvin.

    "Much. When do I get to see what's under that bra and panties?"

    "Right now, Honey. Jeff! Come over here and unhook my bra so Calvin can see your wife's big tits."

    Now there was no hesitancy on Jeff's part. He hurried over and unhooked my bra and stepped back. "Jeff," I admonished, "How do you expect my Lover to see my tits. Pull my bra off my left tit and let him see it.' Again, my husband quickly pulled my bra off my breast baring it for Calvin's pleasure.

    "Damn!" he gasped. "That's even more erotic than if both of your tits were exposed, Gayle. But I still want to see the other one."

    "Of course you do, Stud." I dropped my bra to the floor. "Like them? My nipples are very sensitive. Please suck on them when you're fucking me."

    "That's the kind of promise I love to make," he said with a big grin.

    "Want to see my ass?" Calvin's only answer was to squeeze his cock.

    "I'll take that as a 'yes'. Jeff! Come over here and pull your wife's panties down so Calvin can see my ass." My husband's hands were actually trembling as he pulled my panties down over the swell of my ass cheeks. "That's fine, Honey. Just bunch them below my ass. It's more erotic that way, don't you think?" He didn't answer but looking down, I saw that his cock was absolutely rigid.

    "I bet you want to take your cock out, don't you, Darling?"

    "Yes... oh god, yes! Can I?"

    "No. I think it's better if you leave in inside your pants for now." Looking over at the chair where Calvin was now slowly stroking his hand up and down the length of his tool, I turned sideways and asked, "How do you like the side view, Lover?"

    "I love it, but I still can't see your pussy, Gayle."

    "I know. And you should know that I don't show my pussy to my lovers. I show them my cunt. Wanna see my cunt, Honey?"

    "Hell yes! Show me your hot cunt!"

    Turning my back toward Calvin, I bent over at the waist and pulled my ass cheek open with one hand. Looking around my thighs, I asked, "How's that, Baby? Can you see my cunt now? Like it?"

    "Your fucking panties are bunched just over the opening to your hole, Gayle. Can't see inside you."

    "Oh shit. I'm sorry, Lover. Jeff! Get over here, Now!" He practically ran over. "You need to pull your wife's panties lower so Calvin can see inside my cunt hole. Pull them lower. Now!" His cock was leaking so much now that it was making a wet spot on his pants. It jerked hard when he pulled my panties lower on my thighs.

    Again, I bent over and pulled my cheeks apart. "Can you see every thing now, Honey?"

    "Yeah... Every thing. Cunt hole... ass hole... sexy ass.... thighs... legs... hanging tits. Just fantastic!"

    "Jeff, I want to suck my Lover's cock, but I want him naked when I suck him. Get him naked, Honey. And hurry. I really need to get his big dick into my mouth."

    With Calvin's eager cooperation, Jeff had Calvin's shirt off in a just a few seconds. Pushing him down on the couch, it took Jeff only a few moments more to pull his pants and shoes off. Calvin's cock stood straight up at rigid attention. Jeff squeezed his own erection as he stared at Calvin's.

    "Go on, Jeff. Feel him. Jack him a little. Suck him. Get him hard as stone for your wife, Honey."

    My husband’s hand flashed up and down Calvin’s rigid shaft causing him to arch his hips upward. After a minute jacking him off, Jeff couldn’t resist sliding his mouth over the throbbing organ and sucking him deep.

    I let him suck for a minute or so before I stopped him.

    "Enough! That's enough, Honey. Don't make him cum. My turn." Calvin stood up and I kneeled in front oh him. "Put his cock in my mouth, Jeff. Stick him in." I kept my mouth wide open as Jeff fed me Calvin's hard dick.

    "MMMmmmmm... oohhhhh Baby. You're so fucking thick and hard! MMMmmm... big, hard fuck stick. Pump my mouth, Stud. Push it into my throat."

    "OOommpppfff... uunnnmmmpppffff" I could just barely get my hand around Calvin's thick dick. Slowly, he pumped it in and out of mouth going a little deeper on each thrust. I kept my hand wrapped around the base to keep him from ramming it into my throat.

    When I saw how careful Calvin was being not to sink his cock too deeply or too fast into my mouth, I released his shaft and sucked him with my mouth only... the way a man's dick is supposed to be sucked and the way the men at the Tiagua resort had taught me to suck. Calvin loved it.

    Soon, the head was butting against the opening to my throat, but he didn't try to push any deeper. He just moaned hotly as my lips stroked the top five inches of his shaft. Taking as much of his cock as I could into my mouth, I pressed forward until the crown was just entering my throat. I pushed in more cock. I gagged a little as it entered my throat, but in it went. Once in my throat, it was easy to take his entire length until my lips were locked tightly around the base of Calvin's cock. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked him.

    As hot as Calvin was, I was amazed when he lasted a little over five minutes with my deep throating and sucking him. But around the six-minute mark, I felt his organ swelling and pulsing inside my mouth. His thrusts also speeded up until he gasped, "I'm gonna cum if you don't stop, Gayle. Can't hold it.... aaaah.... can't... hold ... it... aaaahhh... fuckkkk... too late.... HERE IT COMES! OH MY GOD... TAKE IT...TAKE IT ALL!!"

    I knew Calvin's load was going to be big since he had been anticipating our date for almost 24 hours, but I wasn't in the least prepared for the monster streams of jizzz being pumped into my mouth and throat. I swallowed as fast as I could, but it was hopeless... totally hopeless. There wasn't a woman on the planet who could have swallowed all that cum without having it gush out the corners of her mouth. Even Jeff was stunned.


    Calvin’s load was monstrous. It spurted out of my mouth
    like it was being shot from a powerful fire hose.

    When Calvin's balls were finally empty and his throbbing cock was no long shooting out thick streams of cum, I pulled off of his dick, looked up at him, and grinned. "My god, Stud. What a load! Doesn't that prudish wife of yours ever let you empty your balls?"

    "Why didn't you swallow it, Honey," my husband teased. "Was it just too much for you?" he laughed. Big mistake. Major mistake.

    "No... not at all, Darling. I just let some of it run out so you could have a taste too. Lick me clean, Honey. Don't miss a drop or its off the guest bedroom with you for the rest of the weekend. Lick it up! Now!"

    At first, Jeff was hesitant, but as soon as he began licking my face as I slowly stroked his erection inside his pants, he warmed to his task. When my face was clean, he kissed me, and I used my tongue to push more of Calvin's load into his mouth. When Jeff moved away from me, I smiled at Calvin, gave him a deep, opened mouth kiss as I humped my cunt against his slowly growing cock.

    "Let's take this to the bedroom, you hot Stud."

    Scooping me up in his arms, he carried me toward the master bedroom with Jeff following. "Just a minute, Honey. I think my husband has forgotten to finish his assigned chores. I need to remind him."

    "What?" Jeff asked.

    "I told you to clean up all of Calvin's load with your tongue, Darling."

    "I did... I did. I cleaned off every drop from your face as well as what was left inside your mouth."

    "You did, Darling... you did, but you have forgotten to clean the tile. A lot of Calvin's monster load ran out of my mouth and dripped onto the tile. Remember... tongue only. Don't let me catch you using a towel or cloth. Tongue only or its the guest bedroom for you."

    Calvin held me in his arms with his fingers inside my cunt and his thumb sliding sensuously over my clit while I watched my husband kneeling on the floor and beginning to lick the semen off the tiles.

    "I think my husband has the hang of it, Honey. Take me to the bedroom and fuck the shit out of me."


    The pics Gayle and Jeff were transmitting to me over my cell phone were so fucking hot, I couldn't resist masturbating. As soon as I saw the first one of Jeff jacking off my husband, my cunt and clit just exploded on my big vibrator. Later, when he again stroked Calvin's big dick getting him fully hard and then guiding him into Gayle's mouth, I had to put my legs up over the arms of the chair and masturbate again. This time, I came ever harder than I had the first time.

    I rested a bit after that second intense orgasm, but then went back to see what other hot pics they had sent. When I saw my husband shoot a gigantic load into Gayle's mouth and then saw the pics of Jeff cleaning up the tile floor with his tongue, I got myself off for the third time in less than an hour.


    As soon as we entered our master bedroom, Calvin was too anxious to take the time to turn down the bedcovers. He wanted his cock in me as quickly as possible, so he just put me on my back on the couch. I was just as anxious as he was to feel that thick dick stretching my hole and sinking into me. Without being told, I jerked my legs high in the air and arched my ass to bring my cunt into the best fucking position for Calvin.

    As soon as he saw my gaping wet hole, he mounted me. His hips snapped forward with authority driving the rigid sex spike against my waiting cunt. His aim was perfect. The cockhead hit the center of my hole, stretched my lips apart, and disappeared into my vagina. I was so hot that I came as soon as I felt his cock plunging into me.

    "Oohhhh fucking shit.... you're making me cum already... ram it, Stud. Ooohhhh yesss... like that... like that... aaahhhhh... dick me, Calvin. Dick my cunt... uunnghh... ah shit... OOHH! OOHH! OOHH! OOHH! OOHH! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

    I was still in the throes of my first orgasm on Calvin's cock when Jeff rushed into the room. He was desperately squeezing his dick through his pants. His eyes begged me to allow him to take it out, but he had his orders. All he could do was jack off through his pants. I was having my second orgasm when he screamed and came. In moments, the big wet spot spread all over the front of his pants.

    Now that he had his cock buried to the balls in my cunt, Calvin decided to take me over to my bed to fuck me. Wrapping his arms about my back, he stood up with me in his powerful arms, his cock still rammed against my cervix, and carried me over to the edge of the bed where he dumped me onto my back again. His dick was still socked firmly into my throbbing hole. Jeff quickly moved to a good vantage point where he could see Calvin's cock plunging in and out of me.

    With his feet planted on the floor for leverage and my ass right at the edge of the bed, Calvin was hitting into me so hard that the entire bed was shaking and banging against the wall. I couldn't stop cumming. It seemed like I was having orgasm after orgasm or maybe one nearly continuous orgasm. Whatever.... I was screaming at the top of my lungs ... begging Calvin to dick me like a hot whore.

    At this point, Calvin got up onto the bed beside me. Somehow, he managed to keep his cock inside my cunt throughout the move. Rolling us onto to our sides facing each other, he kissed me hard, and I returned the kiss with equal fervor. As our mouths ground together, he pulled my right leg up over his left one to open me up for deeper penetration. Immediately, his shaft began giving me hard, deep thrusts.

    Jeff raced around to the end of the bed and got on it with us. His face was no more than a foot away from the connection between Calvin's driving cock and my receiving hole. I could see my husband's arm moving and knew he was again jacking off through his pants.

    "I'm gonna cum, Gayle. Where do you want it?"


    When I felt Calvin's cock jerking inside my vagina and felt his powerful buttocks contracting, I also heard my husband gasping, "Oh my god... he's cumming in her.... he shooting cum up her cunt... god... look at that thick load leaking out of her... ohhhh fuck... I'm cumming in my pants again.... aaaahhhh... uummmm.... shooting it... I'm cumming inside my pants while Calvin's cumming inside my wife."

    Those words got me so hot, I exploded in another hot climax. At that instant, all three of us were cumming.

    When our orgasms had abated, Calvin and I rested, but he kept his cock inside my pussy the entire time. After two intense orgasms, his dick finally began to soften somewhat, but not completely. My husband's pants were a mess now. He looked at me sheepishly... obviously wanting to be allowed to remove his clothes or at least, change his pants. I nodded, giving him permission, and he quickly stripped and went into the bathroom to wash off the semen that covered his lower body.

    By the time my husband got back into our bedroom, Calvin had me on my back again with my legs up in the air, spread wide, and pulled back so far my heels were behind my head. Calvin was lying on the bed with his head between my thighs and his mouth covering my semen-soaked cunt. Again and again, his tongue lashed up the length of my sex trench, probing into my hole on the way to my clitoris. When it reached my swollen, erect half-inch shaft, the tongue tip slid erotically up and down each side and then flicked over the tip bringing wails of hot pleasure from me.

    I came again... and then once more, my entire body shaking as my vagina convulsed around Calvin's tongue. After my second orgasm, Calvin moved from between my thighs, and I saw that he was almost fully hard again, but not quite.

    "Jeff, we need your services again. Calvin's almost fully hard, but not quite. Get him hard again so he can ram that thick sex gun up your wife's cunt or maybe her ass this time.

    Jeff was past hesitating now. Moving over Calvin's body, he began stroking his dick but I interrupted him. "That's too slow, Darling. Suck him hard. That's much faster."

    Jeff looked at Calvin who fisted his cock and said, "You heard her, Man. Suck it. Get me hard for your wife."

    My pussy throbbed when I saw Jeff lean over and take Calvin's dick into his mouth. He sucked it without using his hands but obviously lacked practice since he gagged every time it hit the opening to his throat. Even so, he had Calvin's cock hard as stone within a couple of minutes.

    "That's enough, Darling. He's hard and ready now." I quickly mounted Calvin in reverse cowgirl position and positioned my pussy right over the end of his now stiff tool. "Put his cock into me, Jeff. Stick him into your wife's cunt, Baby."

    My husband was far more experienced at inserting a cock into a cunt than he was in sucking cock. He had Calvin's dick in me in one smooth motion, and I began sliding my pussy up and down his rigid rod bringing groans from all three of us.

    Jeff stayed right where he was when he had put Calvin's dick into me so his eyes were inches away from my pussy. There was no way he could keep from stroking his cock now, and I said nothing as Calvin fucked me and my husband masturbated.

    "Lick us, Jeff. Lick both of us while Calvin's fucking me. Make us both cum. Do it. Now!"

    My husband only had to move a few inches to get his tongue moving up and down the length of Calvin's dick every time it slipped out of my pussy. When he was in me balls deep, he moved up a couple of inches and slashed his tongue over my engorged clitoris bringing howls of delight from my lips. It was easily the hottest, most intensely erotic thing I had ever experienced... a big, thick cock plunging in and out of my cunt while my husband's hot tongue licked my clitoris.

    When I felt Calvin's dick beginning to throb inside me, I knew he was close. "Do it, Honey. Cum inside me. Shoot it innnnnnnnnn!"

    "I want to cum in your ass," he hissed.

    "Oh god, YES! In my ass. Fuck me in my ass! Did you hear him, Honey. Calvin's going to fuck your wife in her ass. Be a good husband, Dear, and put his big cock into my ass when he's in position."

    I raised up and let Calvin's dick slide out of my pussy. Once it was out, all I had to do was move my hips forward a couple of inches and my asshole was in perfect position. Jeff quickly fitted Calvin's dick into my hole, and we worked slowly until he was fully inside me. As Calvin screwed my ass, Jeff's tongue never left my clitoris. I had had three orgasms before Calvin's load shot out.



    Around midnight, we took a break for a midnight snack and to give Calvin a chance to recover. After eating, Calvin and I were cuddling on our large sectional couch in the den. I was lying on his body slowly stroking his semi-hard dick while his arm encircled my waist and hips. His hand was between my open thighs on my pussy where it slowly caressed my erect clitoris. My arm covered my eyes as I thrust my pussy against his pleasure-giving fingers.

    Jeff was seated in the large lounge chair just across from the sectional couch. His cock was already hard again as he slowly jacked off while watching Calvin's fingers probing my sex trench and rubbing my engorged clit.

    "Are you going to make her cum again, Calvin," my husband moaned as his hand pumped his prick a little faster.

    "Probably. She's already breathing hard and her clit is pulsing under my fingers. It won't take much more to make her cum."

    "Oh god, yes! Do it. Make her cum again," Jeff moaned.

    "I could, but I thought we both might fuck her... ass and pussy. Would you like two hard cocks in you, Gayle?"

    "MMmmmmm.... oohhhhh," I moaned in response as I thrust harder against Calvin's hand.

    "I think that's a 'yes'. Spread your legs wider, Gayle. Your husband wants to see your cunt while he stroking his cock."

    "Oh fuck yes!" I gasped and opened my legs at the same time. My husband moved closer his eyes locked onto Calvin's hand as it moved over my throbbing clit.

    "I need to fuck you again, Gayle, and I know Jeff is dying to get his cock into you."

    "Ohhh yesss... but hurry. I'm so hot... so close. Hurry. Please."

    Getting off the couch, Calvin helped me to my feet and then bent me over. "Pull your ass open, Gayle," he ordered. As soon as I did it, Calvin buried his cock balls deep in me. Holding my hips, he fucked me hard and fast... every stroke pounding into the bottom of my pussy. I screamed when I erupted around his thick shaft.

    "Your wife's cumming again, Jeff. Her pussy's squeezing me like a vise. AAahhhhh shit... she's so damn hot!"

    "You gonna shoot another load in her?"

    "I thought we'd both pump loads into her this time. I'll pull out and let you get into her pussy."

    Jeff slid underneath me as I straddled his hips. Calvin held me still while my husband nailed his hard spike into my vagina. Once he had it planted all the way in me, He pulled me forward so Calvin could get into my ass. The two men began fucking me together. The harder they screwed me, the louder I screamed as I climaxed repeatedly on their cocks.

    My two studs fucked my brains out. When Calvin
    shot off inside my ass, his load filled me.


    It was after 1 AM before my husband came home. He looked exhausted... totally drained. "It looks like that hot slut really drained you, Honey. Did she leave any for me?

    "I don't think so," Calvin moaned. "I fucked her five times," he said as he pulled off his clothes.

    "I guess it's safe to say you had a great time on your date. Right?"

    "Yeah... are you angry?"

    "No... just frustrated. Just remember, you hot stud, you owe me."

    Calvin nodded, fell into the bed beside me, and was asleep within a minute.


    Two nights later, it was Jeff's turn to date me while Gayle stayed at home. My husband serviced the two of us just as Jeff had done on my husband's date with Gayle. I giggled with secret pleasure when it became obvious that Jeff was determined to fuck me more times and in more ways than Calvin had screwed his wife.

    For his part, Calvin was totally accommodating. He jacked Jeff's cock when I told him to... sucked him hard when I wanted him to do that... and watched him fucking me while he stroked his hard erection. By midnight, Jeff was fucking me for the sixth time as I rode his cock.

    As I drove my pussy up and down his raging erection, I leaned over and whispered in Jeff's ear softly enough that Calvin couldn't hear me. "Oohhh.... you're fucking my brains out... how many times did Calvin fuck your wife on their date?"

    "Five... Ugh! Ugh! Aaahhh!"

    "This is the sixth time you've fucked me, you hot, big-cocked stud," I moaned in his ear.

    "I know... Squeeze my cock with that hot pussy, Ellen!"

    "Like that? Aaahhh...god... you're fucking so hard...sooo good... gonna cum again... ram me, Stud!"

    "Yeah... just like that. God, I love the way your hot pussy feels on my dick, Baby."

    "OOoohhh... unngghhh...... What's my husband doing? Can you see him?"

    "Yeah... He's right behind you... jacking off. I don't think he's going to be able to hold it this time. He can hardly move his hand without having to stop."

    "OOHHHH SHIT... Can you see Jeff's big dick sinking in and out of your wife's cunt, Darling. Can you see how much he's stretching meeeeeeee... aaaahhh... oohhhh GAWD DAMN! WATCH MY PUSSY EXPLODE ON HIS DICK, DARLING... I'M CUMMING... AGAIN... CUMMING ON JEFF'S BIG COCK.... OOHH FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK... HE'S SHOOTING ANOTHER CUM LOAD INTO YOUR WIFE, CALVIN. OOHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!"

    "I can see it! I can see it!" Calvin yelled. "Your cunt... my god... your cunt's contracting around his cock... he's shooting his load.... I can see it leaking out ... aaaahhhh... god... I can't hold it... just can't hold it... TOO HOT... GONNA SHOOT IT... HERE IT COMES... AAAAHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKK!"

    The Plan - Phase 7:

    On Thursday of the following week while our husbands were at work, Gayle and I were visiting at my home enjoying a good bottle of Chablis.

    "So, how often is Jeff doing you nowadays?" I asked Gayle.

    "At least once a day, usually twice, and sometimes more. It seems like he's hard all the time. If he's not thinking about getting into me, he's thinking about getting into you, and if it's neither of those, he's thinking about watching Calvin fucking me. How about you?"

    "Pretty much the same. How many times has Calvin used his key? I mean, no date... he just unlocks your front door and nails you either in your bed or where ever you are."

    "Two or three times a week. The times that really turn me on the most is when Jeff and I are sound asleep and suddenly I've got a man on top of me shoving a hard cock up my pussy. That's just so incredibly sexy. I cum almost immediately when that happens."

    "Jeff's coming over at least three times a week. Usually it's at night, but sometimes he leaves work early, unlocks our door, and the next thing I know, I'm bent over the washing machine or sink with Jeff fucking me like a wild bull. Like you, I can't stop cumming. I think it's safe to say we've got them thoroughly introduced to their new hot wives. All we need to do now is get them turned onto the idea of their wives fucking other men."

    "Do you think Phase 7 of our plan will work?"

    "Frankly, as turned on to sex as Jeff and Calvin now are, I don't see how it can fail. But I guess we'll find out. I hope every thing doesn't fall apart after all this work and planning.

    "So, when do we start?"

    "This afternoon. I'll call Trace, and you call Greg. Let's set things up for Saturday night but be certain to let them know we may have to cancel if our husbands go ballistic over the idea.

    "And when do we talk to Jeff and Calvin?"

    "Let's go out to dinner with our husbands on Friday night. Instead of going out dancing, we'll come back here and when things heat up, we'll bring up the subject of dates. Hopefully, they'll be thinking with their little heads instead of their big ones."


    Dinner on Friday night was excellent, but I doubt that either Jeff or Calvin could recall what they had eaten once we finished. All they did during entire time we were in the restaurant was stare at our exposed cleavage and legs. Neither Gayle nor I had worn a bra and the ting thongs we were wearing covered almost nothing. Several times during dinner, our husbands stopped eating and told us how beautiful and sexy we were. Calvin suggested we forget about dessert and head back home.

    We compromised with an after-dinner dessert wine instead of a high-calorie pastry. As I sipped the wine, Jeff's hand was moving higher and higher on my bare thigh. Although concealed by the table, both Calvin and Gayle knew he was feeling me up from the motions of his upper arm. Of course, neither of them said anything since Calvin's hand was under Gayle's skirt. When we went to the ladies room before leaving the restaurant, Gayle told me that Calvin had finger fucked her right there at the table.

    Since Calvin was driving, Jeff and I got the back seat on the drive back to our house. We hadn't even gotten out of the parking lot before Jeff had my thong pulled aside. When Calvin drove out onto the highway, Jeff's fingers drove into my tunnel. As Calvin picked up speed, Jeff finger fucked me faster.

    Gayle had turned around to watch the action in the back seat and was now kneeling on the front seat while leaning over the back of the seat to get the best view of her husband's hand working between my thighs.

    "What are they doing?" Calvin asked unable to turn and watch since he had to keep his eyes on the road and the traffic.

    "Jeff's got her dress up around her hips now, Honey."

    "Are Ellen's panties off?"

    "No, but they might as well be. He's got them pulled over around her thigh."

    "Can you see her pussy?"


    "I thought you said her thong was pulled to one side?"

    "It is, Honey, but Jeff's hand is in the way. I can't see your sexy wife's cunt."

    "Is he... "

    "He is. Two fingers... he's really pumping them to her. His thumb's on her clit."

    "Is she spread really wide?"

    "Your wife's lying on her back with her knees bent and pulled back touching the outside her tits. When Jeff's fingers enter her cunt, she's arching her ass upward trying to get them inside her even deeper."

    "I don't hear my wife making a sound? She's usually loud. What's happening?"

    "If you could see her face and body, you'd understand, Honey."

    "What do you mean... I don't understand... tell me!"

    "Ellen's cumming so hard, she can't make a sound. Her head is arched back... her eyes are clenched shut and her mouth is stretched wide open... and I mean WIDE open, Honey. She couldn't open her mouth wider if her life depended on it. Her tongue is out...way out... flicking rapidly over her top lip. Ellen's squeezing her tits so hard it may leave bruises... her nipples are so swollen, it looks like they might burst open.

    "My god! All that from just finger fucking her?"

    "Of course not. I didn't say that's all Jeff's doing to her."

    "What else.... tell me... please...TELL ME.!

    "I don't you wrecking the car, Lover."

    "I won't... I won't. Tell me!"

    "He's got two fingers in her ass... fucking her there too."

    "AAAahhhh.. god!"

    "Jeff's leaning over her pussy watching it throb and contract... as he..."

    "As he what.... AS HE WHAT?"

    "Licks your wife's clit. She's cumming again...

    "I want to see it. I'm going to pull over onto the shoulder."

    "No you're not, Honey. Just drive. I'll tell you what's happening in the back seat. The sooner you get us home, the sooner we can all have fun."

    "Is Jeff still going down on Ellen?"

    "No... It's her turn. She's leaning over him... taking his cock out... Guess what, Honey?"

    "What? Tell me!"

    "Your wife has my husband's cock hard as stone. It's sticking straight up in the air... Christ! His cock looks big... more than its usual 7 inches. MMMmmm... she's sucking him now, Honey... Jacking him off and sucking his big dick."

    "Has he cum yet?"

    "Of course not. He's gonna put it up your wife's hot snatch before he does that, Lover. And speaking of putting it up Ellen's cunt, she's mounting him. Look in your rear view mirror. You can probably see her riding my husband's cock. Look, Calvin. Jeff's really giving it to her hard!"

    "Jeff's squeezing her tits now, Honey... Every time he drives his sex gun into her, he's working her big tits."

    "OOohhhh god... so hot. Jack me off, Gayle. Please."

    "No way. Just drive."

    For the next five miles, Calvin drove in silence, the only sounds being the rain splattering on the car, the sounds of the tires on the wet pavement, and the soft female moans that were now coming from the back seat.

    "What happening now?" Calvin finally asked unable to stand it any longer. I did feel sorry for the poor guy. His erection looked positively painful. I would have loved to suck him off but we needed both guys hot and wild when we got home.

    "Ellen's on her knees... Jeff's got her ass boosted up in the air. He's mounted on her fucking her doggie. Can't tell if he's in her cunt or ass. Jeff, is your cock in Ellen's cunt or ass hole?"

    "ooohhhh... uunnghhh... cunt... in her cunt!" came the gasping reply as Jeff rammed into Ellen's hot hole again and again.

    “Has he cum in her yet?” Calvin moaned as erection pulsed inside his pants.

    “Not yet. Your hot wife is riding him again… cowgirl style now. “Damn! So hot! So fucking hot!”

    “What? What’s so hot? Tell me,” Calvin gasped.

    “My husband’s thick cock stretching Ellen’s pussy. It’s thick, and she’s grunting every time she takes all the way up her cunt.”

    At that point, we both heard Jeff growl, “Get on your back and spread wide. I want to be ramming it in hard and deep when I shoot my load!”

    “Take off the condom, Lover. Take it off and shoot my pussy full of your big load,” Ellen howled.

    “You hear that Calvin. My husband’s load’s going up your wife’s cunt. Oh shit, he really got her spread wide open. Look in the rear view mirror. You can see her leg sticking straight up in the air. Her other foot is on the floor…. He’s putting it in! OH FUCK! IT’S ALL THE INSIDE YOUR WIFE CUNT. HE’S FUCKING HER! GONNA CUM IN HER!”

    I had a great view of Jeff fucking Calvin’s wife. Calvin had to satisfied
    with my thrust-by-thrust description of the action along with
    what he could see in the rear-view mirror.

    Finally, Calvin pulled the car into their driveway and killed the engine. Instantly, Ellen pulled away from Jeff's raging cock.

    "No... no!" he screamed. "I so close. I need to cum," he moaned.

    "I know, but this cramped space is really hurting me. Let's take this inside. Besides, Calvin wants to screw your wife too, you know."

    As soon as the front door had closed behind us, Jeff and Calvin wanted to drag us into the bedroom and fuck our brains out, but we put up a united front and said sternly, "Not yet. We have a few things we need to discuss with the two of you, and we all know that once we start having sex, none of us are going to want to stop to discuss anything other than what position to use next. So, sit down while I get some wine and cheese."

    "All right, but I hope the two of you know that Calvin and I both have really hard, painful erections, and the last thing we want to do is talk."

    "This isn't just any ordinary talk, Jeff. It's about hot, wild sex. And it's important to all of us. So relax. We'll be in the bedroom fucking in no more than 15 minutes or so."

    "Hot, wild sex? Well, that does make it more interesting. What about it?" Jeff asked.

    "Just relax, Honey, until Ellen gets back with the wine and cheese... then, we'll all sit down and have a very serious talk."

    When I got back with the wine and had poured everyone a glass, I put the cheese on the coffee table and took a seat beside Jeff on the large sectional couch. Gayle was already cuddled up beside Calvin.

    "All right... to get things started," I said, "isn't it fair to say that we've all had fantastic sex ever since we got together after our separate vacations?" Everyone nodded, and I continued. "Actually, it was sort of an accident that got it started. If Gayle and I hadn't thought the two of you were having sex with all those sexy showgirls in Reno and Lake Tahoe, we would never have broken out of our sexual shell, so to speak. We were wrong, but it turned out really great anyway. Don't you guys agree?"

    "Oh hell yes. It was like a miracle," Calvin stated flatly.

    "I suppose it must have seemed that way to you guys after so many years of living with two prudish wives. We're both really sorry about that. I hope you like the way we're trying to make it up to you."

    "Do we ever!" Jeff said with passion.

    "Now to get to the point, Jeff's been enjoying dates with me for weeks now. He even has a key to our front door that he uses at anytime... day or night... to come over and fuck me. Calvin's also been having hot dates with Gayle during which I know he fucks her four to six times... or maybe even more. Now, don't get the idea that either Gayle or I are angry. We're having an incredible time just like you guys are."

    The point is that we've been going out to hot clubs for several weeks now. And every time we go, Gayle and I are dressed hot. We dance with the guys who ask us, and naturally, they usually feel us up on the dance floor. I don't think any of us are surprised when they get hard and hot. Right?"

    When both men nodded their agreement, I continued. "Except for a few very shy men or men who are with a date, they all hit on us and try to get us to have sex. We try to put them off with a variety of excuses, but sometimes we've had to go some place and give them hand jobs. In fact, I had to do that at the Blue Room the very first time we went out, and Gayle had to do the same at the Rendezvous."

    "So?" Jeff asked.

    "So, both of you know this, and neither of you have a problem with it. In fact, we think it's fair to say that it turns both of on big time. Right?"

    Both of our husbands grinned and again nodded in agreement. "You know it does. There's just something incredibly hot and erotic about the entire thing."

    "Well," I continued, "a lot of the men we've gotten hot and hard aren't satisfied at all with hand jobs. I doubt that either of you guys would be. Anyway, some of these guys have called us and asked us for dates."

    "How did they get your phone numbers?" Jeff inquired.

    "I don't know. They might have followed us to the parking lot and taken down the tag number on our car, or, more likely, they met someone at the club who knows one or both of you and got our names from them. Our phone numbers are listed in the directory. All they would need is our names. In any case, a couple of the men we've met and jacked off at one of the clubs have called us and asked us for dates. They want us to meet them tomorrow night. So can we accept or do you want us to turn them down?" That's the point of this discussion... can we occasionally accept dates with other men?"

    "Who are these guys? Do either Jeff or I know them? What did you tell them?" my husband now asked.

    "You've seen my date, Calvin, and Jeff has seen Gayle's. I sure you remember Trace... the guy I jacked off on our first time at the Blue Room. If you two agree, he'll be my date. The guy who called Gayle is Greg... the same Greg she was with at the Rendezvous that night we went to the Blue Room. Remember him, Jeff?"

    "I could hardly forget. I searched the dance floor three times trying to find Gayle without any luck. Finally, our cocktail waitress told me that Greg was giving her a tour of the club. I had to wait another half hour before she showed up and told me that she had had to give Greg a hand job to get away. Yeah... I remember him. I'm not surprised he called. It was obvious that he wanted more than just a hand job."

    "Ok. Now we know who they are. What did you tell them?"

    "That we would have to discuss it with our husbands. That's what we're doing right now... discussing with the two of you. We told them that we have no intention of cheating."

    "If you and Gayle do go out on a date with them, what do you think will happen? How far do you plan to go with them... sexually, I mean? Hand jobs? Blow jobs? Finger fucking, what? How far?"

    "You already know the answer to that question, Honey. Gayle and I have already given these guys hand jobs after dancing with them at the club and getting them hard as iron. They were not happy campers... to say the least."

    "So? What's the bottom line?"

    "The bottom line, Calvin, is that if Gayle and I go out on a date with these guys, we're both going to be royally fucked... not once, but several times before they let us come home."

    At this point, Gayle tossed in her two cents worth. "You know, this really isn't unexpected. Both of you had to know that eventually the guys we flirt and dance with at those clubs would be asking us out. To tell the truth, I imagine both of you have had fantasies about that very thing happening.... Well, now it's happened. How do you feel about it?"

    "Turned on... big time," Jeff answered. "But the biggest question is how do you and Ellen feel about it? Do you want to go out on dates with those guys?"

    "Haven't the two of you loved having dates with your friend's wife?" Gayle responded. "Women are no different. We would probably love having a date every now and then as much as the two of you do."

    "That's clear enough, I guess," Jeff replied. "What do you say, Ellen?"

    "I think it would be erotic and exciting for Gayle and me, and almost as erotic and exciting for you and Calvin. When you go home from a date with me, Jeff, what does Gayle usually do as soon as you enter your house?"

    "She pulls me into bed and does her best to fuck my balls off... and sometimes comes pretty close to doing just that."

    I laughed and when my laughed subsided, said, "I do pretty much the same to Calvin when he gets back from a date with Gayle. My guess is that when Gayle and I come home from a hot date, our two randy husbands are going to be banging us the rest of the night and most of the next day. Right?"

    "You can bet on that," Calvin confirmed.

    "So my answer, Jeff, is that I vote yes."

    "How about you, Honey?" I asked my husband. "Jeff, Gayle, and I all want to try it, but you haven't said yes or no yet. As far as I'm concerned, if you say no, that ends the matter for me. I call Trace back and tell him no. It's your call, Honey."

    "For me too," Gayle said. "I'm not going to do this alone. If Ellen doesn't go... neither do I. So the bottom line is that it has to be unanimous if we're going to go out on a date tomorrow night."

    "I don't want to rush you, Calvin. Think about it. Take your time," Jeff said. "But while you're thinking, I'm going to fuck your hot wife. She wouldn't let me shoot off in the car, and I just can't wait any longer."

    "If you're going to fuck her, you have to do it here so Calvin and I can watch," Gayle yelled as her husband led me over to the other couch.

    It only took him a moment to get me out of my dress and blouse. Reclining on the couch, I spread my legs wide open so everyone could see my wet, throbbing hole. "Get your clothes off, Jeff. I want your cock up my cunt hole. Do you want to sink it into me? Does my pussy look like one you'd like to fuck, Baby?"

    It only took him about 30 seconds to get rid of his clothes. When he was naked, I whispered, "Get on your back, you hot, sexy, stud. I'm going ride that hard dick of yours." Straddling his thighs, I pressed the opening to my pussy down on the big throbbing head. Just before it entered me, I noticed that Gayle was now sitting on my husband's lap grinding her pussy against his erection. My vagina throbbed hard at the sight. As it opened, I pushed down on Jeff's dick. I was so wet, he slid easily into my depths.

    As Gayle and Calvin watched me riding Jeff's stone-hard cock, she whispered in his ear. "Isn't that hot watching your wife taking another cock up her hot cunt, Honey?"

    "Oh yeah! So fucking hot!"

    "If you let her go out on the date tomorrow night, she's gonna get it like that and in every other position you can think of at least a half dozen times... probably more. MMMmmmm... your cock just jerked like crazy, Baby. That really turns you on, doesn't it?"

    "Oohhhh fuck yes! When Jeff and I were in Tahoe with no pussy for a week, I would jack off and fantasize that the two of you were fucking other men at the resort."

    "Did that hot thought get you off, Honey?"

    "Like a cannon... like a fucking cannon."

    "Let us go out on the date tomorrow night and you won't have to jack off, Baby. You can fuck our cum-filled cunts when we come home and tell you all the hot details."

    "Ooohhhhh... OOohhhhh god!"

    "Take out your cock... put it in me while we watch your hot wife fucking her cunt on that big cock."

    Ten second later, Calvin's dick was buried inside Gayle's throbbing vagina. Slowly, she slid her pussy up and down his shaft while describing how I was being screwed.

    "Look at her cunt hole, Honey... See how that big dick stretches it. And look at her face contort when it sinks into her."

    "Is she going to cum?"

    "She already has... she's working on number two now, Baby. Grinding it into her hole... over her G-spot. Look at the way her head arches back when Jeff fucks it into her. Can you hear your wife groaning... look how wide her mouth is stretched open... The hot bitch is cumming right now, Honey."

    "So am I. I'm cumming too! Fuck me, Stud. Like Jeff's fucking your hot slut. AAAaahhhh... oohhhh fuckkkk... you're making me cum... Jeff's making Ellen cum... All those men tomorrow night will be making us come on their iron-hard, big dicks if you let us go out with them. Just think how hot it will be to think about it and then to fuck us when we come home. OOoohhhh god... NOW! ... shoot it into me, Baby... Fill me... Finish meeeeeeeeeeee!!"

    "MMMmmmmm that was so good, Lover. I want to do it again... soon."

    "If you and Ellen go out on a date, how many times do you think your date will fuck you?"

    "He's gonna be wild to get into us, Honey, since we're new pussy to him. Probably five or six times... just a guess."

    "Five or six time.... ooohhhh Man... that's so hot."

    "Look at your wife, Honey. She wants it again... just like I do. Look at her suck on Jeff's cock getting him hard and ready again."

    "Want me to suck you hard again, Honey?" Gayle asked.

    "No need. I'm already hard as a rock. How do you want it?"

    "In my ass, Lover. In my ass. Hurry."

    "Do you think the two of you will be ass fucked on your dates tomorrow night?"

    "Oh hell yes. Several times. Does that mean you're going to say yes and let us go?"

    "Oh yeah... Now shove that hot ass back toward me, Gayle. Now!"

    "Like this.... MMMMmmm... Aaahhhhh god.... It's going innnnnnnn!!! AAahhhhh... fuckkk.... You're big cock's stretching my ass..... uunnnghhh... dick me, stud.... pound that dick into meeeeeeeeeee!!"

    Date Night:

    Scene 1 - Calvin's Home:


    Neither Jeff nor I relished the thought of sitting home alone all Saturday and maybe even a part of Sunday. To avoid this, we decided we would spend the time together at my house while Gayle and Ellen were out on their dates with Trace and Greg.

    The four of us had had a light dinner before our wives went upstairs to get ready for their dates at 8 PM. The plan was for them to go in Ellen's car to the Rendezvous Club where Trace and Greg would be waiting for them.

    While Jeff and I waited for the girls come out of the bedroom, Jeff asked, "Now that our wives are about to leave on dates, how do you feel about this... I mean really feel?"

    "I'm nervous, but mostly I'm excited. I've had an erection on and off all day long. I tried to get Ellen into bed but she turned me down."

    "She did?"

    "Yeah. She told me that she didn't think it was right for her to show up freshly fucked on her first date with Trace. So, I didn't get any and, as a result, I've been hard most of the day. Hell, I'm hard right now! Are you?"

    "Yeah. I can't stop thinking about my wife being screwed by Greg and probably by Trace too. Never in a million years did I think Gayle would ever consider fucking another man. You know, we've always wanted hot wives... I think it's safe to say that we now have them."

    "Oh yeah! And I love it!"

    At this point, our wives came into the den. I thought I had a hard-on before my wife came out of the bedroom. Hell, compared to the monster erection seeing how my wife looked produced, that previous hard-on was nothing. I now had the most monster erection of my life!

    Both Ellen and Gayle looked hot, ready, sexy, sensuous, and totally whorish. They were both wearing five-inch, slut heels and thigh-high stockings. The tops of their stockings were just barely covered by their ultra-short skirts. Their tops were skin tight with deep, plunging necklines that exposed over half of their tits. Both of our wives wore deep red lip gloss, eye liner and mascara. Both Jeff and I couldn't keep from clutching our raging cocks when we saw them.

    "Wow! I think they like the way we look, Gayle," Ellen cried out. "Just look at those big hard-ons! Both of them! I bet we could make them shoot off like cannons with just a couple of strokes."

    "Well, what did you expect," I said defensively. "You both look awesome... totally slutty... wild. Are you wearing anything under those skirts and blouses?"

    "Not much, Darling, but then you didn't expect us to, did you? If we were going out with you and Jeff, you'd both want us naked under our skirts and blouses... right?"

    "Yeah... you're right. So you're not wearing anything underneath?"

    "I didn't say that, Darling. I just said if we were going out with you and Jeff, you'd demand that we be naked underneath. What do you think Trace and Greg want?"

    "All right. We get the point. What's with the small bags you each carrying?"

    "We don't know how long we'll be gone, Honey. So, we have to take our makeup, toilet articles, several disposal douches, boxes of condoms, some toys, an outfit to wear on our way home, and several other hot outfits to wear when we're with our dates. Ok?"

    "Yeah.. did you say toys?"

    "Yes... toys... you know, vibrators, dildos, and such. Don't you like watching Gayle and me masturbate?" When I didn't reply, Ellen grinned, and added, "I'm sure Trace and Greg would love to watch us do it too. Well, it's getting close to 8 PM and with traffic, it might be a 15-minute drive to the Rendezvous. We need to be on our way."

    "When do you think you'll be back?"

    "That's hard to say, Honey. If you had never fucked me before, and I showed up wearing this outfit for a date with you, how many times would you want to fuck me?"

    "Oh shit. You two probably won't be home until tomorrow."

    "Or maybe Monday... depends on whether its just Trace and Greg or those two and some of their friends." Both Calvin and Jeff had to press their thighs together to keep from cumming when I said that.

    "Come on, Ellen. We need to leave," Gayle said as she opened our front door.

    Looking back at us, Ellen said, "Last chance, Guys. Do you want to call it off and get your former, conservative, prudish wives back, or do you prefer the two hot sluts who are about to go out on their first date?"

    "Have fun, but make certain you do come home to us," I answered very seriously.

    That stopped my wife in her tracks. Turning back toward me, she set her overnight bag down and moved into my arms. Our kiss was long, deep, and passionate. When she slowly pulled her lips away, she whispered in my ear, "This is just hot sex tonight, Honey, not love. It's hot sex that you and I are going to talk about and enjoy while you're fucking my slutty ass through the mattress. And after you've fucked the shit out of me, we're going to make love... sensuous, deeply felt love. I won't be making love to anyone this weekend except you. And you couldn't keep me from coming home to you even if you beat me with a belt. Ok? Understand?"

    "Crystal! Love you. Now hurry up. Your two hot dates are waiting."


    For the first 30 minutes, Greg and I tried to watch a college football game on TV. Even though the game was between two evenly-matched powerhouses and very close, neither of us could focus on the game. All either of us could think about was what our wives were probably doing at the moment.

    "Where do you think they are now?" Jeff asked as if he were in a trance.

    "Probably at the Rendezvous Club."

    "Do you think Greg fucking Gayle right now?"

    "No. No way. They've only been there 15 to 20 minutes. Hardly enough time to find and table and place their drink orders."

    "Maybe they didn't bother with a table or with ordering drinks. The last time we were there, I just went to the men's room and in that short space of time, Greg already had Gayle in some back room."

    "Was he fucking her?"

    "No. Gayle said he wanted to, of course, but she put him off by giving him a hand job."

    "You know at almost the same time, Ellen and I were at the Rendezvous Club and she was dancing with Trace. He had his hands all over her ass. Then he danced her off into a very dimly lighted portion of the club and was feeling her up... her tits and then under her skirt... her thighs... her pussy. I thought he was going to fuck her right there."

    "Did he?"

    "No. She broke away and came back to our table. Know what she said?"


    "That she just couldn't leave him like that... hard and hot. She asked if I minded if she let him take her into one of the back rooms so she could put him off by giving him a hand job."

    "Is that what she did?"

    "Yep. Isn't that weird? We're at different clubs with different guys hitting on our wives and both of them, at almost the same time, put the guy off by giving them a hand job, and both of them are satisfied with being jacked off. Weird, don't you think?"

    "Yeah. But since they were both put off with a hand job the last time, there's no way in hell it's going to happen again. I bet they're both being fucked right now."

    "Seems unlikely unless they're doing them in the back seat of some car. And why do that. They've got the whole night."

    "I suppose you're right, Calvin." Now Jeff was silent for another five minutes before he asked, "How long do you think it will be before one of them gets a cock up her pussy?"

    "I'm not sure. What do you think? Really."

    "Why don't we each put up $10 and then write down a time measured from 8 PM as to when the first cock will slide up either Ellen's or Gayle's cunt. The one who gets the closest to the actual time of the first fuck wins the $20. Ok?"

    "Done. We'll put the $20 inside this book and find out who the winner is when the girls come home. Here's a note pad for you to write your guess down, and I'll do the same." Jeff and I each wrote down our estimates, then I opened the book and put the two $10 bills in the middle along with the folded slips bearing our estimates and closed the book. As I was replacing it in the bookcase, Jeff asked, "What book is it? So at least one of us should be able to remember."

    "I don't think there's a chance in hell that we'll forget."

    "Why? What's the book?"

    "Sexual Behavior in the Human Female" by Alfred Kinsey.

    We spent the next several minutes laughing. Finally, Jeff said, "I don't know why we're laughing when two young studs are about to ram their cocks up our wives cunts."

    "Good point. I'm hard. Are you hard?"

    "Like stone."

    "How long have they been gone now," I asked.

    "About 45 to 50 minutes. Say 15 minutes to get to the Rendezvous Club and find a parking place. Ten more minutes to find their dates and a table. Five minutes to place a drink order. Then out onto the dance floor. They've been dancing with our wives 10 or 15 minutes now. And judging from how quickly Greg got his hands under Gayle's skirt that first time, I think it's a near certainty that he's got his fingers buried in her cunt right now... finger fucking her out on the dance with a dozen other men watching him doing it."

    "Oh god," I moaned squeezing my cock through my pants. "Trace got his hands up my wife's skirt every bit that fast. His fingers are in my wife's vagina right now. Ooohhh fuck!"

    "I don't think so," Jeff said after a moments thought.

    "Why not? The timing right, as you've just explained."

    "Yeah... but it's not your wife's vagina he's got his fingers in, it's her wet cunt."

    "Oohh... in her cunt... not in her vagina... in her hot, wet, gaping, eager, CUNT!" And Greg's fingers are up your wife's cunt too. Both of them being finger fucked... right now!"

    The time just seemed to drag by... minute by excruciating minute. By 9:30 PM, we were both so turned on, so agitated, so nervous and excited neither of us could sit still. Our iron-hard cocks throbbed inside our pants.

    "It been about an hour and 15 minutes since our wives met their dates," I said quietly. "I think my wife's cunt is full of Trace's big, hard cock right now!"

    "She might be sucking him," Jeff ventured.

    "True. Gayle often sucks me a little before I fuck her. Does Ellen suck you first or after you fuck her?"

    "Pretty much the same. Ellen sucks me a little before I put it in her and then after I've shot off, she goes down on me for real."

    "It's amazing how much alike our wives are."

    "Yeah. It is," Jeff agreed. "I bet Trace and Greg have them on the same bed fucking them side-by-side... Four legs thrashing around high in the air... their toes curling back every time those thick dicks sink into their cunts."

    "Oh fuck. I'm going to have to masturbate. There's no fucking way I can make it all night like this."

    At that moment, our erotic thoughts of our wives was interrupted by the sound of the front door bell. "I wonder who that could be at this hour," I mused. When I peeked through the small spy hole in the door, I saw a luscious brunette, about 30 or so, with huge tits sticking out of her low-cut dress standing there with a smile on her face. I immediately recognized Gloria Hamilton, Ellen and Gayle's very close friend who recently divorced her husband when he ran off with his secretary.

    As soon as I opened the front door, she struck a seductive pose, grinned at me, and husked, "Care to have some company, Guys?"

    "Hi, Gloria. Sure come on in, but Ellen and Gayle aren't here. It's just Jeff and I."

    "I know they're not here. How could they be here when they've been out on dates with Greg and Trace since 8 PM. I came over to see you two, not your wives." Gloria moved into the center of the room. Neither Jeff nor I could take our eyes off the voluptuous woman.

    She stared at our bulging crotches, and commented, "MMMmmmmm... that's the way I like for men to greet me... with big, throbbing erections. But I know both of you were already hard before I got here... so I can't really take credit for them, now can I?"

    "Well, I mean... eh... what makes you think we had erections before you arrived?" I said defensively.

    "Because you're wives have been gone for about an hour and a half, and both of you think they're being fucked as we speak. That thought's enough to get any husband hard. But, I have to tell you guys that you're analysis is off. Right now, Greg and Trace probably have your wives out on the dance floor feeling them up.

    "How the hell do you know all that?" Jeff demanded.

    "Because just before I rang the doorbell, Ellen quick dialed my cell and told me."

    "What's going on here anyway, Gloria?"

    "It's simple. Your wives knew tonight was going to be extremely difficult for both of you, and they wanted you to have the same kind of fun they're going to be having. So they asked if I would be interested in spending the night here with the two of you. Does that sound good to you guys? Are you happy to see me?"

    Scene 2 - The Rendezvous Club:

    As usual the lighting was subdued at the Rendezvous Club but not so much that the patrons couldn't see what was happening. The opportunity to watch all the erotic activities going on was a major attraction of the club.

    Trace and Greg met us as soon as we walked through the door. After taking me in his arms and giving me a deep kiss with lots of tongue, Trace pulled back and said, "Oh fuck, Ellen! Both of you look like pure distilled sex. We're going to have the fight all the guys off of you."

    "I think you like what you see," I teased in my best seductive voice.

    "What's not to like... big, gorgeous tits half exposed, hot, long legs encased in those delicious looking nylons, and those awesome CFM heels, sexy ass, luscious lips and face. Both of you look like exotic porn stars!"

    "You certainly know what to say to a girl to light her fires. Do we have a table?" Gayle asked as she moved into Greg arms. Their lips crushed together as his hands explored the swell of her ass and her thrusting tits.

    When Greg's lips moved away from hers, he moaned, "Damn! You're even more delectable than I remembered. I can't wait to get into your hot pussy again. Ever since that first time, I've been jacking off thinking about you."

    "About me or about my tight pussy?"

    "Both. It's not any one thing, Gayle. It's the whole package, and the whole package is one cock-hardening sight!"

    Gayle's hand dropped the Greg's crotch, circled his rock-hard erection, and traced its length. "Mmmmm... you are hard, Lover. Big and thick and hard. But in case you ever meet my husband or Ellen's, remember, I only jacked you off that first time. We didn't fuck. Ok?"

    When Trace overheard Gayle's comment, he complained, "What? Gayle let you fuck her the first time? Then turning to me, he asked accusingly, "How come you only gave me a blow job? Why didn't I get to fuck you?"

    "Because, Lover, my slutty friend Gayle didn't keep our agreement. We had agreed to do no more than give hand jobs that first time we went out. I didn't know the sexy slut was going to spread her legs for Greg's cock."

    "Well, you didn't keep your agreement either, Ellen," Gayle responded. "You sucked Trace's big dick when you were only supposed to jack him off."

    Now it was Greg's turn to act aggrieved. "Ellen sucked your cock? How come I didn't get a hot blowjob from you, Gayle?"

    Now I had to laugh. "Come on, Guys. Do you want to party with us tonight or would you rather spend the evening griping about what you didn't get the first time we were together?"

    Greg and Trace looked at each other for a moment before Trace said, "Well, now that you've so clearly explained the situation, I'd say, 'Let's Party!'. Come on. I can't wait to get you on the dance floor."

    "You just want to grind that big dick into my pussy and feel me, Trace."

    "Any objections to that?"

    "Yeah. Why are we standing her talking about it rather getting out there on the dance floor and doing it." The two men had us both out on the dance floor in less than 30 seconds.

    Neither Trace nor Greg wasted any time. We had just begun to move to the music when Trace's hands cupped my ass cheeks and pressed my body against his hard erection.

    "Aahhh... big... That's so damn big," I moaned.

    "It's gonna get a lot bigger and harder when I start really feeling you."

    "Then feel me... make it get even bigger, Lover." Instantly, I felt my dress rising up over my ass cheeks. A moment later, I gasped when male fingers slipped between my ass cheeks and found my opening.

    "Oh god... you're doing me right in front all these horny guys."

    "Not yet... just getting you primed and ready to be done, Ellen."

    "MMmmmm... oh yes, prime me, Stud. Prime me good! Oh god... look over there at Greg and Gayle."


    "Behind you. Greg's stripped to the waist, and he's already got Gayle's dress up over her hips. Look! Oh fuck! He's pulling her panties aside right now. God... there must be four or five guys watching them."

    "Oh yeah! He's going for it. There go her panties... Can you see her pussy, Ellen?"

    "Oh yes. I think Greg's gonna finger fuck her right here on the dance floor."

    "I'm sure he is... why else bother to pull her panties to the side?"

    "Because men like to see a woman's pussy."

    "True, but they like to fuck it even more... Aahhh. Look! See... what did I tell you, Honey. He's in her."

    "He is... OOoohhh... that's so hot. He's going to make her cum! He's gonna make her cum!" I heard myself shouting.

    A moment later, I hissed in Trace's ear, "She's cumming. He's making her cum. God. Look at her hump!"

    "That turns you on, doesn't it?"

    "How could it not turn me on? Jezzz... she's still grinding her pussy on his fingers."

    "You want it like that, don't you, Baby?"

    As Trace asked me the question, his hands were already pulling my skirt up to my hips exposing my black thong. Several men moved closer... watching Trace's hand sliding downward toward my cunt. Then, his hand was on it ... rubbing me. My ass began to hunch just as Gayle's had. I felt fingers slipping into the side the thong... pulling it... I thrust forward to give him access. The cool air hitting my mound let me know that all the men was now staring at my naked cunt.

    "Oh god, Trace. A half dozen men are watching us. Take me somewhere more private. Please."

    "Didn't you get off watching Gayle being finger fucked right here?"

    "OOohhhh... uunnnnnn... god... please."

    "Please what?"

    "Don't... please... aaaahhh... oohhhh fuck!" Now it was my hips that were humping.

    Slowly, Trace worked us over to the side of the dance floor next to the wall. The men followed. Some were stroking their cocks. Others were having their cocks stroked by their girlfriends or wives. "Turn around, Ellen. Face the wall and put your hands on it. Bend over."

    "What are you going to do?" I gasped.

    "Make you cum."

    "AAahhh... nooo... everyone's watching."

    "Put your hands on the wall and bend over," he repeated... this time more sternly.

    "Ohhh god."

    A brassy-looking blonde stopped stroking her boyfriend's dick for a moment and said, "You heard the man, Honey. Turn around and bend over. We're all waiting to see that married pussy and ass of yours."

    "How do you know she's married?" her boyfriend asked.

    "She's got on wedding rings, Baby, and believe me, Trace is not her hubby. Turn around, you sexy bitch."

    Trace spun me around, and I didn't resist. I also didn't resist when he pressed my shoulders downward forcing me to bend over with my hands against the wall. "Perfect!" he yelled. "Now thrust that hot ass back... oh yeah... like that."

    "PULL HER PANTIES ASIDE SO WE CAN SEE HER CUNT!" one of the men watching screamed.

    A second later, I felt the strap of the thong pulled out of my ass crease and over to the side of my buttocks completely exposing my pussy and ass. Without being told to do so, I spread my feet further apart. Several men cheered. Then, Trace's fingers rubbed up and down my sex trench and over my clit. I heard myself moaning. I cried out even louder when he began finger fucking me. It only took him a minute or so to make me climax.


    Trace and Greg fingered us until we were both in heat.
    Then they made us cum right in front of
    two dozen other men and women.

    Scene 3 - Calvin's House:

    "Of course, we're glad to see you, Gloria. To tell the truth, just before you rang the doorbell, I had just told Jeff that I was going to have to masturbate. My cock was so hard it was beginning to hurt.

    At this point, Gloria pulled her dress up to her waist to show us her tiny thong that just barely covered her pussy. "What do you think, Guys? Think we can have some fun tonight? If you still want to masturbate, Calvin, I'll keep my dress up and you can get off while looking at me."

    "I have a feeling that masturbation isn't going to be necessary any longer. Jezz! You are just drop-dead gorgeous. Ellen told me that your husband ran off with his secretary? I never knew Harold, but if that's correct, I would say that he is certifiably either brain dead or insane."

    "Thank you, Honey. That really does wonders for my ego. But actually, Harold is neither brain dead nor insane. He's just male... and men like variety in the pussies they fuck. And for that matter, women like variety in the cocks that get into them. We just weren't smart enough to do what you and your wives are doing. If we had been, we'd probably still be happily married. Harold was really a good fuck and a nice guy."

    "How did my wife talk you into doing this, Gloria?" I asked.

    "Are you joking, Calvin. Men talk. So do women. And your wives have told me many times that both of you are hung with seven and a half inch, thick cocks, give great head, and have enormous staying power. When Ellen told me that the two of you had given them permission to go out on hot dates with Greg and Trace and that you guys would be alone, I would have come over here even if they hadn't asked me to. Two hot studs doing me all night... no way in hell I'm going to pass that up. You guys are going to do me, aren't you?"

    "Until our wives come home or until we collapse from exhaustion... whichever one comes first."

    "I'm dying to see those fabulous tits, Gloria. How about a show?" Jeff asked.

    "I thought you'd never ask, Honey." With one fluid motion, Gloria had her dress down and both tits out. "Like them? They're 38DD's."

    "Oh my god. They're fantastic," I moaned.

    "How do you know, Calvin. You're so far away. Come on over here and check them out the way a woman's tits are supposed to be checked out."

    We didn't have to be invited twice. In a flash, I was cupping and hefting one large breast while I sucked and bit the nipple. Jeff's mouth and hands worked steadily on Gloria's other breast and nipple. In just moments, our mouths had the gorgeous brunette's ass humping and grinding against us.

    "Oohhhhh fuck... Ellen and Gayle forgot to tell me how good you guys are at breast play. MMMmmm... squeeze them.... aaahhhh... oohhhh my god... suck harder.... aahhhhh... Jezzzz.... that makes my pussy throb so fucking hard. Do meeeeeeeee!"

    I lowered the zipper of Gloria's dress, and Jeff pulled it off her shoulders. It fell in a heap about her feet. She stepped out of the garment and kicked it aside. Her hips continued to undulate as we worked both tits. The voluptuous brunette was now naked save for her tiny thong. Simultaneously, one of my hands and one of Jeff's moved to her thong and under it.

    "OOOOHHHHH... AAAHHHH... GAWD DAMN! YES! RIGHT THERE! ON MY CLIT! AAAHHHHHHH.... DO IT TO MEEEEEEEEE!!" Gloria howled as she thrust her pussy against our probing fingers.

    In one smooth motion, Jeff and I stripped off Gloria's thong. Once it had joined her discarded dress on the floor, our hands moved back to her wildly excited pussy and clit.


    Our mouths stayed on her nipples... sucking them hard until they were swollen and red. Both of our hands were now working on her pussy, her clit, and her ass. Gloria howled as I trapped her erect clitoris between my middle and ring fingers and jacked it as if it were a miniature cock. She cried out even louder when Jeff's fingers entered her throbbing vagina. Gloria's ass was now a blur of motion. Juices seeped out of her tightly plugged vagina. The wild female screams reached a crescendo when I swiped my fingers through her sex trench to wet them and then pushed them into rectum.

    "OOHHHH YOU HOT FUCKING BASTARDS!! YES! YES! NOW! NOW! GGGHHAAAAAAAA!!!" With our fingers buried in her pussy and ass and working on her clit, we could both feel her intense contractions when the orgasm flooded through her body.

    We continued to move our fingers in and out of her holes and over her ultra-sensitive clitoris until Gloria howled, "Oh god... my clit feels like it's on fire, its so swollen and sensitive. Let me rest for a moment. Please."

    Jeff looked at me, and I nodded. As soon as we had withdrawn our fingers, Gloria collapsed onto the couch. "My god! That was fantastic! I hope your wives are having as much fun as I'm having."

    "Talk about knowing how to make guys feel good! What do you think Ellen and Gayle are doing right now?"

    "Hard to say. But they been with their dates for close to two hours now, and knowing Trace and Greg, my guess is that Ellen and Gayle are sucking their dicks."

    Scene 4 - At the Rendezvous Club:

    After making us cum out on the dance floor with who knows how many people watching, Greg and Trace led us to the back portion of the club where there were both couches and booths. I thought that they would select one of the more spacious couches, but they wanted the added privacy of a booth. Gayle and Greg took one side of the booth, Trace and I the other. I couldn't keep from thinking about a porno novel I had once read whose title was "Back Booth Wives". Now here we were, two wives in a back booth in a hot club. I wondered if we would be fucked right here like the women in the novel had been.

    It certainly started out like our dates planned to screw us here in the booth. We had hardly settled into the booth before Trace was all over me. His mouth covered mine while his hands pushed my skirt up to my hips. Moving his lips away momentarily, he growled, "Lift your ass, Ellen!" As soon as I raised my hips, my dress was shoved up to my waist and my thong pulled off.

    Trace pulled me closer draping one of my legs over his while pushing the other on off the side of the bench. The position had my pussy completely exposed. It came as no surprise when three fingers were pushed into my soaked pussy. I couldn't suppress the automatic moan that women usually make when male fingers penetrate their pussies.

    My moan was echoed by Gayle's from the other side of the booth. Glancing over, I saw that Greg had her in almost the same position. Although her pussy was shielded by the table top, I could see Greg's arm moving back and forth finger fucking her. When I saw her body thrusting upward, I realized that mine was doing exactly the same thing.

    Short, staccato moans erupted from Gayle's lips: "OH! OH! OH! OH! AH! AH!" Matching moans came from my side of the booth: "UUMM! UUMM! UUMM! OOOHHHH!" The hot sounds attracted the attention of the other couples in the back of the club.

    I was so turned on and so close to another orgasm, I didn't even realize that Trace had removed my dress completely. It was only when I glanced over at the other side of the booth and saw that Gayle was now naked did I realize that Trace had also stripped me. Being finger fucked and having my tits sucked in a dimly lighted area of the club was so erotic and obscene, the thought made my vagina convulse.

    "She's cumming!" Trace announced bringing some comments and applause from the other couples.

    "This one's close. Won't take much more," Greg replied.

    "Do her! Make her cum!" some female voice called out from one of the couches.


    "Her cunt's throbbing like a jack hammer," Greg informed everyone.

    After our orgasms had ebbed, the men told us to suck their cocks. It never occurred to either of us to refuse. Trace stood up beside the booth, and I leaned toward him and took his thick shaft into my mouth. He held the back of my head and pushed it in deep. I gagged slightly, but not much as it entered my throat. My pussy throbbed when I heard a woman at the nearest couch gasp, "My god... look at that! She's sucking that huge dick all the way down her throat" I throbbed even harder when I heard her boyfriend or husband growl, "Yeah. You should watch and learn how to do that."

    On the other side of the booth, Gayle was on her knees bent over Greg's body sucking his thick shaft. Judging from the male gasps of pleasure and the comments of the people watching, I knew she was taking him all the way into her throat.

    Both men were getting close when the manager arrived. "Hey Trace! Greg! You guys have been often enough to know that you gotta take this to a private room in the back if you're going to get your women naked and have them suck dick. Here. Use room 3. It's vacant. If I have to warn you again, I'm gonna have to bar you from the club for awhile. Ok?"

    "Yeah. Sure thing, Mel. Sorry. These foxes are just so hot, we forgot."

    Mel looked us both over... particularly our heaving, naked tits and our wet pussies... and replied, "Yeah. I see what you mean. Man! The two of you really won the pussy lottery this time."

    Once more, Greg and Trace led us through the club... this time with both of us naked except for our heels... to the private room in the back. As soon as we were inside and Greg had locked the door, we were on our knees, side-by-side sucking their dicks.

    It turned out to be Greg. As his orgasm approached, his legs wouldn't hold him, and he fell back onto the couch. Gayle followed him immediately and once again lowered her mouth over his throbbing shaft. She sucked him hard, deep, and fast until Greg's hips was rising off the couch every time she pulled away. Finally, he howled,


    Gayle took the first blast with the cock deep inside her mouth so that the load fired straight into her belly. Then, she pulled back with just the cock head in her mouth and let the rest of Greg's load fill her mouth for her to swallow. However, she had misjudged the amount and speed of Greg's ejaculations and a lot of the load spurted out and ran down his throbbing cock.

    The hot sight of Greg's cum load cascading down his throbbing dick triggered Trace's orgasm. But he had different ideas about how he wanted to cum and where he wanted his load to go.

    "I'm about to blow, Ellen. Lean your head back and open your mouth wide. Keep it open. I'm gonna shoot it there!" For the next minute or so, a series of thick cum loads poured out of Trace's cock and into my wide open mouth.

    Trace and Greg pumped huge cum loads
    into mouths and drenched our faces.

    Scene 5 - Calvin's House

    After letting Gloria take a short rest, Jeff and I again began sucking her tits and fingering her pussy and assholes. She began moaning immediately, but then pleaded, "Don't make me cum on your fingers again... please. I need cocks in me. Take me to the bedroom and fuck me hard," she moaned.

    "That's a request we would love to grant," Jeff grinned. Slipping his powerful arms beneath Gloria's body, he picked her up as if she weighed nothing, and I followed them into the master bedroom. As soon as Jeff deposited her on the bed, she rolled onto her back, steepled her knees and spread her legs wide open. The sight between her gaping thighs would have hardened any eunuch... gorgeous thighs, big, firm tits, awesome figure and beautiful face, and best of all, a shaved, wet, absolutely gorgeous cunt. Gloria's fingers went to her pussy and slowly opened it for us. Our dicks were so damn hard, it was unbelievable.

    "Ok, you sexy Studs. Which one of you likes sloppy seconds?" We both raised our hands at the same time. "Oh Yes! I love it!" Gloria squealed. "That being the case, one of you fucks me first in my pussy and the other one screws my ass first. That way when you switch holes for the second fuck, you'll both be getting sloppy seconds. Ok?"

    "I love your plan!" I shouted. "I wish to hell I could come up with plans like that!" Jeff nodded his agreement.

    "So, who's first and in which hole?" Gloria asked.

    "Why don't we do you at the same time... pussy and ass?" I suggested.

    "See, Calvin. You're perfectly capable of coming up with excellent plans too. But in this case, I need to wait until I've been screwed in both of my holes, one at a time, first. A woman needs to be stretched before taking two guys at the same time or it's somewhat painful. Ok?"

    "Of course. I guess my inexperience is showing. To be totally honest, I've never been part of a double penetration before. So, I've learned something. Thanks."

    "Me too," Jeff echoed.

    "Wow! Double penetration virgins. And totally honest ones at that. I love it! Just fucking love it! Your wives don't know it, but I'm getting the best end of this deal by far. Who's first and which hole?"

    "Well, it's my home so Jeff is a guest. Everyone knows that guests get their choice. So pick, Jeff." As Jeff pondered his decision, I took out a small bottle of Astroglide from the drawer of the bedside table. "We might need this for anal."

    "Honest and considerate! Double Wow!" Gloria said with a huge smile. "Well, Jeff? Pussy or ass?"

    "My god... the sexiest fox on the planet has just asked me if I want to screw her pussy or her ass first! Is this a wet dream or what!! I'll take your luscious ass."

    "You got it, Baby. Missionary? Doggie? Me on top riding your big cock? Side saddle, your choice lover."

    "Oh shit. Decisions... decisions. How about every position we can think of?"

    "Oh fuck yes! Like this?" Gloria got on her elbows and knees with her ass arched. "See anything you'd like to fuck, Baby?"

    For an answer. Greg waited until I had squirted some lubricant over Gloria's anus, and then mounted her and stabbed his cock into the crease of her ass. His aim was perfect. The mushroom head of his thick shaft hit her opening dead center. Slowly, his iron-hard shaft stretched Gloria's anus and disappeared into her throbbing hole. Six inches of cock filled her on the first thrust. Frantic to get his entire shaft into the gorgeous brunette, he pulled back and rammed her again. This time, his balls bounced off her elevated cunt as all 7.5 inches of rock-hard prick filled her rectum.


    Greg pounded into her like a man possessed. Again and again, his tool flashed in and out of her stretched, throbbing hole. "Ohhhh my god... you're so fucking tight... so wet... so sexy... I love watching those big tits bounce and swing back and forth when I fuck you," he hissed as he jack hammered his cock into the moaning woman.


    Gloria was still shaking in the midst of her orgasm when Jeff jerked his dick out of her ass, rolled her over onto her back, and shoved her legs up and back. She was still in the throes of her climax when he pressed his cock against her now gaping asshole. This time he sank into her easily going balls deep on the first stroke. Gloria hissed in hot pleasure.

    I couldn't resist stroking my throbbing dick as I watched Jeff pounding Gloria's ass. He was fucking her so hard and so fast that she erupted in another orgasm before her previous one had completely passed.


    "Give it to her, Jeff. She's about to cum again. Ram her ass. Hard, Man. Pound the dick to her!"

    Gloria's fingers plunged into her pussy and frantically rubbed her erupting clitoris while Greg's cock plundered her ass. "I'm gonna shoot it, Gloria. Should I pull out?" he screamed.

    "Don't your dare take that big dick out of me before you unload, Baby. Pump the load into me!"


    I watched while slowly jacking my throbbing erection as Jeff drove balls deep into Gloria's ass, held it there as his buttocks contracted in a series of hard spasms... each spasm sending a thick stream of semen into Gloria's rectum.

    As soon as Jeff pulled out, I mounted her. I just couldn't wait any longer. She grinned and jerked her legs back to put her pussy into the optimum fucking position. My hips snapped forward driving my rigid shaft against her cunt. The head hit one of her lips but she was so wet and slick, it slid to the side directly into her hole. We both moaned as I filled her pussy with man meat.


    As hot as I was, there was no way I could last more than five minutes or so. When my load exploded inside Gloria's cunt, she screamed and came again. When my dick finally stopped throbbing inside her, she wrapped her legs around my waist and held me tightly against her body as we both enjoyed the aftermath of our intense orgasms.


    Some 15 minutes later, we were relaxing on the big king-sized bed with Gloria in the middle between Jeff and me. Jeff had brought in some wine and cheese, which we were enjoying.

    We were all silent for awhile before Jeff blurted, "Do you think Trace
    and Greg have fucked our wives yet?"

    "Probably. In fact thinking about the time, my guess is that your wives both have cocks up their cunts right this moment. Trace and Greg have to getting your wives back to their apartment soon to meet their friends for the party, but they're going to want to fuck them first... so they're probably doing that right now in one of the private back rooms at the Rendezvous Club.

    "Friends? What do you mean by friends and a party?" I wanted to know.

    "Oh, I see. Mmmmmmm.... seems that your sexy wives didn't tell you every thing... or maybe they didn't know either. There's going to be a party at Trace's apartment later tonight. Ellen and Gayle are going to have all the cock they can handle."

    "How do you know that if our wives didn't tell you?"

    "I guess I really don't know for certain, but every time I've had sex with either Greg or Trace, they've always invited a few friends. I loved it. If they do it tonight, neither of you have anything to worry about. They're all great guys and your wives will absolutely love it. I promise."

    "I'm not that certain. How many men do you think there will be?"

    Well, when I dated Trace, he invited three other men to join us around 10 or 11 PM. So there were four of them. It was just awesome! But I was the only women. Tonight there are two women, so I would guess there will probably be eight or so guys at the party. Just a guess."

    "Eight men! Four for each of our wives? My god. They're each going to be screwed by four men?

    "No way! Gayle and Ellen are both sensuous, sexy, hot and ready, married women. There's no way any of those studs are going to pass up the chance to fuck both of them."

    "You mean..."

    "Yep. Your wives are going to fucked by every guy at the party... at least once, but more likely, it will be more than that."

    "I don't think they can handle that. Neither of them have ever had a gang bang."

    "Really? They're gang bang virgins? That's even more reason why they're going to love it. These guys are really good lovers, and every woman has secret fantasies of being gang banged by superb, big-cocked lovers... and believe me, Trace, Greg, and their friends are all of that. Ellen and Gayle are going to love every second of it and they'll completely lose track of the number of times those guys make them cum."

    Scene - 6: The Rendezvous Club:

    I was riding Trace's hard sex spike as he held my hips and rammed it up into me again and again. I had already had one intense climax on his dick and was close to a second one when he asked, "Are you about ready to cum again, Ellen?"

    "Just pump me hard for a minute or so, Baby, and I go off like a cannon."

    "Oh yeah. Me too. Then we have to head out for my apartment. The guys will be arriving soon. Now pound that sexy ass on my dick, Honey. Cum all over my shaft while I pump you full."

    I started to ask about his friends, but then his 8-inch cock was slamming into me and I forgot about every thing except that monster, wonderful dick. All thoughts of my husband and every thing else just vanished as my pussy exploded around Trace's rod. When I came, he shot off inside me making me cum even harder.

    Ten feet away, Gayle was taking Greg's thick shaft up her cunt in doggy position. He had her kneeling on the floor with her ass up in the air. Even from my position 10 feet away, I could see that her asshole was still stretched and gaping form the fucking Greg had just finished giving her. Now he was getting ready to shoot another load up her cunt.

    Her screams and mine mixed together as we both climaxed simultaneously. We were still shuddering when Greg and Trace emptied themselves inside us.

    As the four of us recovered, I remembered Trace's comment about the guys at his apartment and asked, "What's this about guys at your apartment?"

    "They're reinforcements. Even though Greg and I think we're good lovers, we're not stupid or naive enough to think that the two of us have any chance in hell of satisfying two red-hot women like you and Gayle. Don't worry. They're all great guys with big cocks. You'll love them."

    Scene 7 - Trace's Apartment:

    When Trace said it was time to leave for his apartment, Gayle and I searched for our clothes with no luck. They were long gone into the collection of some souvenir hunter or hunters. Fortunately, we had our overnight bags with several other outfits. After selecting one and getting dressed, the four of us left the club and got into Trace's car. This time, Gayle sat in the front beside Trace while Greg and I were in the back seat.

    We hadn't even gotten out of the parking lot before the men had us on our knees and bent over sucking their cocks with our skirts up around our waists. Since the guys wouldn't allow us to put on panties, the parking lot attendant got a great view of our asses and probably our pussies when Trace slowly drove past him. By the time Trace drove the car onto the highway, Greg's dick was all the way down my throat.

    Neither Gayle nor I was surprised when Trace slowed down every time we passed a semi or large truck. Both men had sternly warned us not to stop sucking their cocks, and naturally, we followed their orders... even when the truck drivers were enjoying a great view of us.

    When Trace pulled into the driveway of his apartment, he pulled Gayle off his cock and said, "Come on. Everyone's waiting. Let's get this party started."

    As soon as we walked through the door, a bunch of men rose to greet us. They were all in their 20s, all very muscular and well built, all naked except for their briefs, and judging from the bulges in those briefs, they were all well-hung and already hard. When they saw us, their cocks all seemed to swell and get even bigger. Trace was making the introductions, but I couldn't concentrate on anything he was saying. All my brain power was focused on the six sexy studs who surrounded us. Four of them were black, the other two white.

    Two of the men already had Gayle sandwiched between their bodies and two more had me in the same position. With two randy studs working on me, they had my skirt and blouse off in just a few seconds. The guy behind me bent me over while the white guy in front of me pulled my mouth toward his thick cock. The two cocks entered me at almost the same time, one in my vagina, the other in my mouth. I tried to say something, but only garbled sounds and grunts emerged.

    "OOmmpppffff... ggghhaaaa... uuummmppppffff."

    More garbled sounds were coming from the bed where two of the black studs had Gayle on her back. One had his head between her thighs tonguing her pussy while the second man kneeled at her head feeding her his black shaft. Her hips were gyrating and thrusting upward every time the tongue raked over her throbbing clitoris.

    Just as the guy I was sucking was about to shoot off, he jerked his rod out of my mouth and yelled to the guy in my pussy, "Lie down... pull her back so I can shoot all over her cunt!"

    "Oh my god! Who are you guys? Who's fucking me?" I moaned as soon as the cock was out of my mouth and I could again speak.

    The guys arms wrapped around my waist as he pulled me on top of his body in reverse cowgirl position. "I'm Hal, Ellen, and the guy who's about to unload all over your pussy is Mason."

    "Oh yeah! Cum all over me, Mason. Ram that cock into me, Hal," I screamed as my vagina went into hard spastic contractions around Hal's dick. Hal continued to piston in and out of my pussy as I came and Mason pumped his load all over my mound and pussy.

    As soon as both Hal and Mason had emptied their balls and moved away leaving me covered with semen, I was mounted by two of the black studs. Neither of them seemed to mind the fact that my pussy was awash with cum. One of them positioned me on my knees and worked his thick cock into my ass as I groaned from being stretched.

    "Who's in my ass," I moaned as he pushed in even deeper.

    "Jerome's big dick is plugging your asshole, Honey, and as soon as I gets it into you, Leon gonna fill your hot pussy with his big black cock."

    "Ooohhh ... uunnghhh... take it easy, Jerome. You're so damn thick. UUnnnggghhh."

    Fortunately for me, he did take it slowly. Inch by inch he pushed more and more cock up my ass until I felt his balls slapping against my pussy. "OOohhh fuck! You're in me! All the way in me! AAAhhhhh."

    "You like having your married white ass filled with black dick, Baby."

    "oohhhh god.... yes... fuck it, Jerome. Fuck my white ass, Lover!"

    "Not till Leon gets his tool up yur white cunt, Slut." He turned over onto his back taking me with him. As soon as he had me mounted on his cock with my back against his, he grasped my legs behind my knees and pulled them back opening up my pussy. Leon got on me, aligned his cock with my stretched pussy, and nailed it into me.


    Almost as soon as the two men began screwing me, I came... hard... and then, as Jerome's thick shaft plowed into my ass, I came again."

    Across the room on the bed, the black studs who had been screwing Gayle had her on her back as they both ejaculated into her wide open mouth.
    The eight men fucked us continuously for hours.
    At least 25 to 30 loads of semen were pumped into us.

    Scene 8 - Calvin's Apartment:

    Gloria howled and moaned as her pussy exploded around our cocks. I was behind her nailing her asshole while Jeff was beneath the thrashing brunette reaming her pussy.

    "Don't stop! DON'T STOP! For god's sakes, DON'T STOP! I'm cumming... ooohhhh shit... I'm cumming so fucking hard.... aaaahhhh... FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" Gloria wailed as her vagina throbbed around Jeff's cock and her rectum contracted hard on mine.

    "Do you think this is the way our wives are being fucked right now?" I grunted as I snapped my hips forward and drove all 7-plus inches into Gloria's asshole.

    "Ugh! Ugh! UGH! UGH! No... not this.. ugh! aaahhhh god... fuck it hard!"

    "What did you say?"

    "AAAhhhhh... oohhh shit... I'm still cumming... no... your wives aren't getting it like this... UUNNGGHH... uummmmm... can't stop... can't stop.. cumming.... ggghhaaaaa!!"

    Jeff slammed upward into Gloria's gushing vagina at the same time as I rammed downward on her hips. The cock thudded hard into Gloria's cervix bringing even more wails and cries from the convulsing beauty. Her big tits were shaking back and forth, her mouth wide open as another orgasm wracked her body.

    "Why ... ugh! ugh! ugh!... love your tight asshole... ugh! ugh! why not? Don't those studs... ugh! ugh! oh yeah! Squeeze that ass around my prick, Gloria. aaaahhhh... fuck... can't hold it much longer! Don't those studs want to double fuck our wives?"

    "Mmmmmmm.... shoot it into me whenever you want, Honey. Your wives are getting all three of their holes filled with dick, Calvin. There's only two of you, so you can't give it to me the way your wives are getting it right now."

    That image made me cum... hard. "I'm cumming!" I shouted. "I'm cumming in your tight ass!"

    From below, Jeff yelled, "I'm shooting it into your hot cunt, Baby. Take it!"

    Scene 9 - Trace's Apartment:


    I was cumming for the fourth time on the three big dicks.


    “AAAHHH… GAWD… THEY’RE ALL CUMMING IN ME!,” Ellen howled as the men ejaculated into her pussy, ass, and mouth at the nearly the same time.

    Home Again:

    Gayle and I were a little worried as we drove toward our home late Sunday afternoon. The men had been insatiable. By Sunday morning, only four guys were still around, but they were still fucking us. We thought the party was winding down, but Greg had called a couple of his friends who came over around 11 AM. Now, there were two fresh cocks to satisfy. It was past 3 PM before the men were all exhausted, and we managed to get Trace to drive us back to the Rendezvous Club so we could pick up our car and head home.

    "Do you think our husbands are going to be furious?" Gayle asked. "My god, we left a little before 8 PM yesterday evening. We've been partying with those guys for about 18 hours and at least one or two of them where screwing us a lot of that time. I only got about four hours sleep last night."

    "I think they were really worried, particularly this morning when we still hadn't come home, but with Gloria over there, she probably calmed them down. Frankly, I think they're going to be overjoyed to see us. At least I hope so."

    Gayle was silent for a bit while I drove. "How many times do you think you were fucked at that party, Ellen?"

    "I lost count. I'm sure you did too."

    "Yeah. But let's estimate. You come up with a number and I'll do the same. We'll take the average as our best guess... just for future reference purposes."

    "Ok. Let me think." I reasoned that there had been 10 young studs at the party. Only Greg had fucked Gayle one time. The other nine guys had never had either one of us and we did look fantastically sexy and hot. Each guy should have had no problems getting off six to eight times in a day and a half .... so take seven as an average. Ten guys, seven times each for a total of 70. I got half... Gayle got half. So, I estimated that I had been fucked 35 times.... obviously, a lifetime record for me.

    "Ok. I have my estimate. Do you have yours?" I asked.

    "Yeah. I think we each got laid 30 times."

    "My number is 35... so we'll take the average 32.5 and round down as a safety factor. We were fucked 32 times each! Christ. There's no way in hell we can tell Jeff and Calvin that."

    "I loved it! I just loved every single, erotic, dirty second of it," Gayle said emphatically. "How about you?"

    "Absolutely. It was the hottest day and a half I've ever spent... even hotter than any of the days at the Tiagua Resort... although since that was the first time we had done anything like that, I'd say it was a dead tie for hot, sensuous sex."

    "I agree. Now for the next question. How many times do you think you got off?"

    "That's hopeless to estimate," I replied.

    "Not really. Not if we assume that we were screwed 32 times. For the first half of the party, I was cumming three times every time I got fucked. Today, I was so tired, it was probably once for each time."

    "Well we got laid more the first half than the last half... that's for sure. So, say 20 times the first day plus 12 more today... that means we climaxed maybe 70 to 75 times?"

    "Let's say 70 for safety." We both laughed.


    As soon as we entered our house, our husbands were all over us. They just couldn't stop kissing and hugging us. Obviously, they had been distraught and nervous that we might not come home to them... totally irrational and silly, but that's the way men are sometimes.

    As Calvin showered kisses on me and Jeff did the same to Gayle, I felt his huge erection grinding into my mound. "Oh Baby, you're hard! I mean really HARD! Didn't Gloria take care of you guys?"

    "She did. That was fantastically considerate of the two of you to arrange for Gloria to come over. Thank you!" Calvin kissed me some more.

    "Not really," I said. "If we're going to occasionally go out on dates, it's got to be a two-way street... not just Gayle and I going out partying, but the two of you have to enjoy some delicious new pussy too. Was Gloria's pussy delicious, Honey?" I asked in my best seductive voice.

    "Yes, but we've both still hard. And the only pussies that are going to make these erections go away are yours."

    "Now that's got to be the nicest complement you've ever given me, Darling. I love it!"

    "We love it," Gayle emended.

    "When did Gloria leave?"

    "About an hour ago. She said you had called her and said the two of you were getting ready to leave for home. She figured it was best that she be gone when you arrived."

    "How many times did you two studs fuck that hot slut?" I asked teasingly.

    "We were going to ask you two the same question. How many times were you fucked last night and today and by how many men?"

    "We asked you first, Baby?"

    "I have a suggestion. Why don't we all go pile up in our king-size bed and fuck and between fucks, we can answer each other's questions."

    "I love that plan, but I would like to suggest one change, Honey. Is that Ok?"

    "Depends on what it is. What change do you have in mind."

    "You guys fucked Gloria's ass off last night and today, and you have to know Gayle and I were royally and thoroughly screwed at the party. So instead of fucking in our king-size bed, I think Gayle and I would really prefer that you two make love to us. All right?"

    "Absolutely! But only on one condition. After we make love and exchange the hot details of our stories, I know I'm going to be hard again. Would it be all right if I use that erection to fuck your hot body?"

    Now it was Gayle's turn to speak up. "Listen you two. The days when Ellen and I turned you guys down are gone forever! Anytime either of you gets an erection, don't you dare let it go to waste. Just pick one of our cunts and fuck it... or fuck both of us. Got it?"

    "Not yet, but we're going to get it. Let's head for the bedroom."


    Over the next year, on most days both of our husbands fucked each of us at least once a day, and Gayle and I partied with other men about twice a month. Another two times a month, the four of us would party with other men, women, or couples. Of course, Jeff and Calvin occasionally banged a sexy woman. At least once a week, the four of us would spend the night together enjoying each other. The men always seemed to love watching Gayle and I having sex, after which we always got our brains fucked out.

    During June, the four of us were partying together at Gayle's house. Jeff had just finished giving me a luscious fucking, and we were cuddled together watching Calvin making Gayle orgasm again and again on his driving cock.

    When they finished, I brought up the subject of a summer vacation. "Do you guys plan on going to Tahoe and Reno for a fishing-gambling vacation again. If you do, you know you can make it a fishing, gambling, and fucking vacation this time, if you want to."

    Our husbands looked at each other and grinned. Jeff answered my question. "Actually, fishing and gambling doesn't appeal to us all that much any longer. We've discussed the situation and need to ask you girls a question."

    "What is it?"

    "Does the Tiagua Resort allow husbands to accompany their wives?"

    Now, it was Gayle and my turn to grin at each other. "They do frown on that," I answered. "But if we tell them that you're our boyfriends and that we're cheating on our husbands, I think that they would be delighted to welcome the four of us."

    "Great. Can we go with you?"

    "There are a lot of horny women there with no husbands. Think you guys can handle that?"

    "Well, it's going to be a tough job, and it certainly won't be easy," Jeff responded with mock seriousness, "but someone has do it."

    Story written by RLM. If you have comments, please send them to

    [email protected]

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