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. The Sexual Transformation of Two Wives: Part 2: Husbands

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Mar 4, 2018.

. The Sexual Transformation of Two Wives: Part 2: Husbands 4.8 5 5votes
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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    The Sexual Transformation of Two Wives
    Part 2: Husbands
    by RLM


    In Part 1, Calvin Fullmer and Jeff Seaver have tried unsuccessfully to change the sexual attitude of their very conservative wives, Ellen and Gayle. After five years of marriage, they have both given up the effort as a hopeless cause and have resigned themselves to having drop-dead gorgeous wives with very low sexual libido and drive.

    When Calvin and Jeff plan a week-long fishing and gambling trip to Reno and Lake Tahoe, Ellen and Gayle quickly put the kibosh to their plans by announcing that there would be nothing of interest for them to do while their husbands fish and gamble, neither of which interests them. As usual, Calvin and Jeff give up and tell their wives they'll cancel the reservations in Reno and Tahoe, but it's now up to them to come up alternative ideas for their vacation.

    Neither Ellen nor Gayle has a clue as to what they might do that would be fun for them and also fun for their husbands. However, at this point, Gayle receives a flyer in the mail advertising an exotic vacation at the Tiagua resort on Tiagua Island in the Caribbean. The resort caters to wives whose husbands want to take masculine-type vacations of no interest to their wives and provides reduced rates for wives who spend a week at the resort without their husbands.

    Sensing a solution to their problem, Ellen and Gayle suggest that Calvin and Jeff should go ahead with their fishing gambling plans at Lake Tahoe and Reno while they enjoy the Tiagua resort during the same week. Everyone agrees.

    Calvin and Jeff both have a great time at Lake Tahoe and Reno even winning some money at the tables and having more than their fair share of luck when fishing. For Ellen and Gayle, the Tiagua resort proves to be an erotic fantasy land for women. Every male employee is ruggedly handsome with powerful, trim bodies, enormous virility, stamina and sex appeal. They all seem to have very large sexual endowments. In addition, every one of the male employees is charming and enormously seductive.

    Surrounded by dozens of such men every minute of the day with every one of them constantly working to excite and seduce them, Ellen and Gayle's faithfulness collapses by the end of the second day. By the end of the week, Calvin and Jeff's conservative wives have vanished. In their place, are two exotic, hot wives who have enjoyed the sexual favors of almost two dozen different men multiple times.

    Now, they are on the flight home to their husbands wondering how they can possibly introduce their husbands to their new wives without letting them know what they have been doing all week at the Tiagua Resort.

    The exotic details of Ellen and Gayle's week at the resort are described in Part 1 of "The Transformation of Two Wives - The Tiagua Resort". For maximum enjoyment of Part 2, the Author suggests the reader first read Part 1. In any event, enjoy Part 2 entitled "The Transformation of Two Wives - Husbands"... RLM

    Homeward Bound:

    The next morning we dragged our bodies out of bed around 6 AM in time to shower, do our make up, dress for the flight home, and have some breakfast. During breakfast, Mark joined us at our table and asked if he could service us one more time before we left.

    "That's very tempting, Mark, but we really don't think it would be wise for us to meet our husband's with freshly fucked pussies. But we'll be back. Count on it, Honey," I replied. He took the rejection well.

    After Mark had left, Gayle said, "I know you're right about it not being a good idea to meet our husbands after being with Mark, but I would have really enjoyed feeling his big 9-inch dick sinking into my pussy one more time."

    "Me too. Jezz... have we ever turned into insatiable sluts or what this week. I wonder how many guys we fucked?"

    "Don't you know?" Gayle asked surprised.

    "No. I lost count. Do you know?"

    "Yeah," she grinned. "I've got a log for both of us. Some of the men at the beach fucked us without even bothering to tell us their names, so they're just listed as Stud #1, Stud #2, and so on, but otherwise, I have their names, addresses, and phone numbers."

    "Do you plan on calling them for more service?"

    "Maybe. Maybe not. Best to be prepared though, don't you agree?"

    I had to smile. "Well?" I finally said.

    "Well what?"

    "You know very well what I'm asking. How many men?"

    "You sure you want to know, Ellen?"

    "I'm dying to know."

    "You want their names or just the totals?" she teased.

    "Just the totals for now."

    "Ok. 21 guys got their cocks into you this last week, and 23 banged me."

    "God... over twenty different men in one week. We can't let our husbands ever find out about this."

    Gayle nodded and said, "I'm hot. I really need Mark's cock in me." Her hand was rubbing her pussy when she said it.

    At 8:00 AM, we were in the resort's van on our way to the airport. As the van bounced along the road, I said, "Gayle, we've got about six hours before we meet Jeff and Calvin at the airport. We need to use all of that time to make plans about how we're going to handle the problem of introducing our husbands to their new wives and their new high-volume sexual lifestyle. We certainly can't just dump it on them. They're naive, but they're not stupid. If we do that, they'll both figure out what we were doing this last week."

    "Yeah. You're right. So how do we handle it?"

    "We need to get our stories well practiced and straight so we never contradict one another and then we need a careful plan as to how we ... how should I put it.... introduce our husbands to their brand new wives."

    "Any ideas?"

    "Oh yes. I've been thinking about it on and off all week. And we have six hours to decide exactly what we're going to do."

    "You know. That actually sounds like a lot of fun... planning it and then even more fun executing it. I can hardly wait."

    "I feel exactly the same way. If we do this right, our husbands are going to think everyday is Christmas."

    "Ok. Let's do it. What's the plan?"

    Before I could answer, it was time to start boarding procedures for the short prop flight to Miami International Airport and then after a two-hour layover, take the flight to Dallas with one stop in Atlanta. Gayle and I didn't have time to discuss our plans further until the prop plane was airborne on its hour-long flight to Miami.

    "Ok. We're on our way, Ellen. Now let's get back to our plans. What do you have in mind?"

    "We start slowly... but when our husbands get up enough nerve to ask us for something new, we say 'yes' instead of our usual 'no'. We also take every opportunity to jack up the erotic level of sex in our homes and beds."

    "Won't that make them suspicious?"

    "Maybe, but we're going to need to take some chances and hope that Calvin and Jeff are so happy about their new wives, they won't figure it all out. We can also say something like, 'All right, I'll try it because you were so sweet about letting me go to the Tiagua Resort, but if I don't like it, we don't do it any more'."

    We can also start doing the things they've asked us repeatedly to do, but we've refused.... like morning sex or more frequent blowjobs. If they get up their nerve to ask us to do something like have sex in the back seat of the car in a parking lot, we can reluctantly give in... like they've worn us down."

    "What about clothes?"

    "What we've got on is more erotic than anything they've ever seen us wear. Beyond this, we let them take the lead. They're always buying us something sexy hoping we'll wear it. We never have, but now we reluctantly agree to do it."

    "As they get more and more adventuresome, we can add a few things on our own. We'll meet often and go over where we are and make new plans."

    "Sounds like a plan," Gayle said with a grin. "A very devious plan," she said with a sexy laugh. "You know that after all the sex we've both had this last week going back to two or three times a week is going to be very, very tough, don't you?"

    "It'll be very tough... no doubt about that, but I have a feeling that it won't be long before our guys are screwing us a lot more than two or three times a week. Now let's get our stories straight about what we did each day of our stay at the resort."

    The Plan-Phase 1: Arrival

    Our plane was 10 minutes late in arriving at the Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport due to a slight delay in Atlanta. As we waited to enter the exit ramp and deplane, Gayle asked, "Do you think our outfits are Ok, Ellen... sexy, but not too much?"

    "Good point. Let's check each other out." I looked at Gayle in her tight pedal-pusher slacks and her low-cut red top. The slacks were tight, but not obscenely so. Her top showed some cleavage, which we never did before going to Tiagua, but still only the very tops of her tits were exposed. "Pull up the top a little more, Gayle. Let some of your big tits show, but not quite so much," I whispered.

    She quickly pulled the top an inch, and whispered back, "How's this?"

    "Perfect. Just enough to introduce Jeff to his new wife, but not enough to make him suspect anything. How about me?"

    "The top's fine... very little cleavage showing at all, but tight enough to remind Calvin of your delicious tits under the blouse. Step back a little so I can see your skirt." After I had taken a couple of steps back, Gayle surveyed my skirt. "Mmmmm...tight. Shows off the sexy curves of your hips and ass."

    "How about the length? I've never worn a skirt or dress this short in front of Calvin before. Even a little bit of the tops of my stockings show. Is he going to freak out?"

    "If by 'freak out', you're asking if your husband is going to get hard when he sees you in that short skirt, the answer is absolutely. But, he's going to love it. It's short enough to be sexy, but long enough to allow you to bend over without giving guys a beaver shot. With just a bit of your stocking tops on display, It's perfect... just like my outfit."

    At that moment, the passengers began to move toward the front of the plane and the exit ramp. "OK. Let's go harden our husbands' cocks," I whispered to Gayle.

    "I love this," Gayle whispered back. "I just can't believe we've spent the last five years denying ourselves, our husbands, and other men so much pleasure."

    Five minutes later, we entered the reception area where those meeting the passengers were allowed to wait. We spied Jeff and Calvin talking to each other on the far side of the room, but they had not yet seen us.

    "Let your ass swing a little as we approach them, Gayle."

    "Oh hell yes! But just a moment. Tell me, is your pussy already wet?"


    "Mine too. Let's do it."

    Making certain to undulate our butts as we approached our husbands, we stopped 10 feet or so away. I had my arm beneath my breasts pushing them up slightly while I kept my shoulders back to thrust them forward. I also had my left leg extended slightly in front of my right one. The position pulled my skirt tight around my hips and ass. I knew my saucy pose was borderline erotic. I Loved it.

    Gayle stood right beside with her hands in the pockets of her tight slacks. She also had her left heel planted in front of her right one with her ass jutting out to the right. I couldn't decide which of us presented the most cock-hardening sight.

    "Well are you two guys just going stand and talk about the fish you caught and all the naked women you enjoyed on your vacation or are you going to pay some attention to your wives?" I challenged.

    Both Jeff's and Calvin's heads jerked toward us at my challenge. Calvin opened his mouth to form some kind of apology, but when he saw us, his mouth stayed open, but no words emerged. Jeff's reaction was the mirror image of Calvin's.

    It was priceless. As we watched our husbands' eyes darting back and forth between Gayle's displayed cleavage, my exposed thighs and legs, and our perfectly outlined asses inside our tight clothes, I knew we were both thinking the same thoughts... why in hell had we waited five years to do this? The men finally managed to close their mouths, but their eyes continued to devour us. Just a few seconds had passed before we could see the hard erections beginning to form in their pants. That wonderful sight made my pussy throb, and I was certain that it did the same for Gayle.

    The first words from our husbands came from Jeff when he groaned in a deep whisper, "I don't believe this... I don't fucking believe this!"

    Right on cue... like a consummate actress... Gayle responded, "Don't you two like the way we look? After nine days of not being with us, we thought you would like for us to look sexy. Is it too much?"

    "Oh god, no. NO!" Calvin practically screamed. "You look fantastic!! I love it! LOVE IT! We love it!"

    Jeff immediately echoed Calvin's comments. "You're both gorgeous... just totally drop-deal gorgeous stone-foxes! It's just wonderful!" he gushed.

    "Thank you," I replied. "We were really worried that we would embarrass you terribly in these outfits. We spent most of yesterday trying to work up the courage to wear them today. We'll probably never be able to work up that much courage again."

    Now both men screamed, "Why not? Why not!? Please don't stop. Please!"

    As planned, neither Gayle nor I commented on our husbands' desperate pleas. "Shall we get our bags and head home?" I asked. "We don't know about the two of you, but we're really anxious... if you catch our drift."

    Jeff and Calvin set a world record for the speed with which they retrieved our luggage and hurried us toward our respectively cars. Their erections had now reached the point where other women were noticing. A few of them stared at their bulges. One winked at them. Two more winked at us and one of those added a big "thumbs up" sign.

    On the way to our car, Calvin set the bags on the ground and pulled me against his body. When I felt his erection throb hard against my mound, I pressed back. I could tell he was shocked, but he also loved it. Our kiss was deep... passionate... with several men and women watching. In the past, I would have pulled away immediately... now, my only response was to mash my tits harder against his chest.

    When he broke our kiss, his lips didn't move away from mine more than a fraction of an inch. With our mouths almost, but not quite, touching, his tongue moved over my top lip and then stroked my bottom one. Then, he repeated the cycle. I could feel my clit engorging and quivering. It was all I could do to resist humping against the powerful erection now pressing against me.

    "What did Gayle mean by saying we've haven't been with you for nine days? Our vacations were only a week long?" Calvin asked as his hands slipped lower on my hips. A month ago, I would have screamed at him for feeling me up in public like that, and he probably would have been denied sex that night. Now, my only response was to rotate my ass against his hand.

    "Gayle wasn't talking about how long we were separated on our vacations. She was referring to the fact that it has been nine days since either of you fucked us." It seemed impossible, but it was obvious that my husband's cock got even harder and bigger when I said that. It was the first time in five years that he had ever heard me say "fuck". While I loved his response, I was furious with myself for having been such a stupid woman.

    "Oh god, I love that," he moaned. "I can't believe how sensuously gorgeous you are and how hard and hot I am. I feel like I might cum in my pants."

    "I've got a much nicer place for you to shoot that big load, Honey."

    "OOOohhhhh," he groaned helplessly.

    Quickly, I pulled away. As hot and erotic as the thought of making Calvin shoot off in his pants was, I knew that would humiliate him, which was the last thing I wanted.

    "Come on, Darling. Let's go home."

    We hurried to our van, and while Calvin loaded my bags into the rear section, I pulled my blouse down enough to expose more of my tits and took a seat on the passenger side with my back against the door. When my husband climbed into the driver's seat, he found me facing him with my legs up on the seat and folded beneath my body. My skirt had hiked up fully exposing the tops of my nylons. He just sat there staring, obviously mesmerized by the sight of my nylon-clad legs and my cleavage.

    "Oh my god, Ellen. You're so beautiful... so sexy... just fantastic. Your big, luscious tits... your awesome legs. I love it when I can see your bare thighs above your stockings!"

    "You've seen a lot more of me than just the tops of my tits and my thighs, Honey," I reminded him.

    "Yeah... at home... in our bedroom when you've been naked. But I've never seen you so exotic and sensuous in public. I've wanted to see you like this for years and years, but I never, ever imagined that you would be so fantastically sexy and desirable."

    Inside, I was beaming with pleasure at my husband's response. I had hoped that he would be turned on, but this was beyond anything I might have imagined. I knew it was primarily because I had starved his libido for so many years. Silently, I cursed myself for being such a prudish bitch.

    "Well," I questioned with a grin, "are you planning to sit here in the airport parking lot staring at your wife's tits and legs, or do you plan on taking her some place where you can have fun with her?" Again, Calvin groaned and clutched his iron-hard erection.

    "MMmmmm... that looks big and hard," I whispered hotly. My husband's body actually shook, he was so turned on.

    "Are you wearing...," he started but then stopped. I waited, but he didn't finish his sentence.

    "Were you going to ask me if I'm wearing a bra and panties?
    "If you wanted to know, why didn't you ask me?"

    "All right... are you?"

    "Do you want me to tell you... or show you?"

    "Show me! Oh christ... show me!"

    My husband was about to shoot off inside his pants and now he had my pussy throbbing and soaking my panties. Raising my ass off the seat, I slowly pulled my skirt up around my waist. Calvin seemed transfixed as he stared at my pantie-covered mound, but I wanted him to see even more. Steepling one of my knees, I moved my other leg off the seat. Arching my hips, I showed my husband the soaked crotch of my panties.

    In the five years of our marriage, I had never posed so blatantly for Calvin. "Can you see how soaking wet my panties are, Darling?"

    "OOoohhhhh god... Yes! Aaahhhh... I'm going to cum! I don't think I can hold it."

    "Like hell you are! My husband doesn't shoot his load in his pants when his wife is around. If he needs to unload, it goes into my mouth and down my throat!"

    Frantically, I unzipped my husband's pants and pulled out his rock-hard, engorged shaft. I had never seen it so big... so thick... never. Calvin's dick was always a nice 7 inches, but right now it was longer by at least a half inch and thicker. I had never seen my husband so hard! Just looking at his big sex spike sent shivers up my spine and hot spasms through my cunt.

    "Oh gawd damn! You're so fucking big!" I gasped. "I want this thing down my throat... NOW!"

    "Someone may come by... there are a lot of people in the airport and in this parking lot, Ellen," Calvin warned me as his prick throbbed wildly in my hand.

    "I don't care if the church choir comes by. I want this big cock down my throat. Come here, Stud!" He moved over and I pushed five inches of his cock into my mouth. My cheek bulged outward as his dick throbbed hard inside my mouth.

    Holding his balls, I rammed my head up and down his cock taking more and more of his shaft with each thrust. The big head butted up against my throat. Relaxing the way the studs at the resort had taught me to do, I let it slip into my throat. Once the big head was moving down my throat, it was easy for me to move my lips all the way to the base of Calvin's dick. He grunted with hot pleasure when he saw his cock buried in my mouth and felt it inside my throat.

    "Ooohhhhh... SUCK MEEEEEE!" my husband moaned as his cock erupted spewing thick streams of semen into my mouth and down my gullet. Again and again, his buttocks clenched machine gunning one huge jet of semen after another into my mouth hole. I swallowed as fast as I could, but his load was too big... I just couldn't swallow all of it. When my mouth filled, the next big gush spurted out the corners of my tightly plugged mouth covering my chin and streaming down his throbbing prick.

    When I pulled my mouth off my husband's still throbbing dick, several men and one couple were standing by the side of our van watching the sexy show. I winked at them and motioned for them to give us some privacy.

    "Did they see us?" he asked.

    "Yeah... One of the women was jacking off her boyfriend as they watched me suck your big cock." Instantly, Calvin's dick pulsed and throbbed hard. With my hand stroking him and my tongue sliding up and down his dick cleaning it, he got hard again within minutes.

    "I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful that was, Ellen or how much I enjoyed it. It was just out of this world!"

    "Your big cock already told me that by the size of that monster load you shot into my mouth."

    "You've never let me cum in your mouth before. What changed?"

    "You and Jeff spent an entire week watching and enjoying those gorgeous, naked showgirls in Reno. I just figured that I'd better start being a much better wife to you if I wanted you around when I'm 70."

    "I've got news for you, Ellen. You're stuck with me for life whether you give me blowjobs like that or not... but even so, I hope that blowjob wasn't a one-time thing."

    “Stop talking, Honey, and take me somewhere and fuck me. Hurry!”

    "Somewhere? You mean home to our bedroom?"

    "If you like. I really don't care where... I just need that big cock in me as soon as possible."

    "You've never wanted to have sex in public places before?"

    "That was before you and Jeff saw and enjoyed all those naked showgirls. This is now. You can do me any where you like, any time you like."

    "Let's go home. I want you in bed."

    "Where ever, Baby. Just hurry."

    "Oh don't worry, you sexy witch. I intend to. Now take out your big tits and pull that tiny skirt up to your waist."

    I had my blouse opened in a flash. I was panting in a sexual frenzy and couldn't take the time to remove my blouse and bra. Instead, I just pulled my bra down and lifted my tits out. With both tits sticking out of the top of my blouse and being pushed up by the bra bunched beneath, I looked far more obscene and erotic than I would have if I had been totally naked. Once they were exposed, I squeezed and twisted my nipples and then cupped my tits toward my husband. "Like them, Lover?"

    "Oh fuck yes! Your skirt... get you skirt up around your waist and spread your legs so I can see you panties."

    Raising my ass off the seat, I quickly bunched my skirt around my waist. Spreading my legs, I let my fingers sensuously slide up and down the length of my slit. My soaked panties molded my sex trench perfectly. "Am I spread wide enough, Calvin?"

    "Yeah," he growled with masculine pleasure and excitement as he started the car. "Be certain you stay like that until we get home."

    "Can I rub my clit, Darling?" Calvin just moaned. "MMMmmmmm... my clit is hard... swollen...so sensitive... Do you mind If I finger fuck and masturbate, Honey? Just look how wet and swollen my cunt and clit are." I pulled my panties to the side and thrust my pussy toward him. His still-exposed cock grew immediately to full erection.

    "Oh Jesus! I don't believe this. I must be having the hottest wet dream of my life. Do it... DO IT! I've dreamed about getting to watch you finger fucking your pussy... but I never, ever imagined that I would live to see it. DO IT!"

    I did. It only took me a few minutes to explode in a huge orgasm. As soon as my orgasm abated, I bent over my husband with my head in his lap and his throbbing dick in my mouth.


    I was a total slut for Calvin, and we both loved it!


    It was all I could do to suppress my excited laughter as Jeff carried my luggage out of the terminal with his pants hugely tented in front of him. Every single woman stared at his big erection... some with lust, some with amusement, and a few with disgust... but they all looked just as I did.

    I couldn't take my eyes off my husband's raging cock anymore than the other women could. Moving closer, I whispered, "Everyone's staring at your big dick, Honey."

    "I can't help it. You look hotter than I've ever seen you before. I love your big tits in that top... just love it!"

    "Why? You've seen my tits before?"

    "Not displayed like this in public. God... you're so fucking hot and sexy."

    "But there's just a little bit of my tits showing, Jeff."

    "I know... I know, but you've never gone out showing any cleavage before. I've had a lot of wet dreams about you looking the way you do now in that outfit."

    "Really? You've had wet dreams? You've actually shot off dreaming about me like this?"

    "More times than I can count."

    "Wow... and that's with just a little of tits showing." I let a moment pass before I added, "What if I unbuttoned another two buttons to really show off a lot of my tits, Darling? Would you like that?"

    "I'd love it... LOVE IT! I know you won't, but I'll probably had another wet dream tonight just fantasizing about it."

    I stopped walking and stood in the middle of the baggage claim area with people passing us on both sides. Jeff turned to face me, his face filled with excited bewilderment and his pants still filled with his throbbing erection. "I'm a little embarrassed to do it myself, Honey," I whispered. "Besides, I don't know how much of my tits you would want me to show off. Why don't you open as many buttons on my top as you want?"

    "Are you just teasing me?"

    "Do it. Hurry, before I change my mind and chicken out."

    Jeff's fingers were positively shaking when they fumbled with the buttons on my top. One of them came open. Instantly, my big tits pushed my blouse open exposing a lot of more of tits. I heard Jeff moan. His dick throbbed making his pants jerk. Wrapping my hand around his erection, I hissed, "More... open more buttons, Honey. Show me off while I squeeze your big dick."

    Jeff's prick jerked in such hard spasms, I knew he would shoot off in his pants if I didn't take my hand off his rod. Even when I removed my hand, his tool continued to pulse and jerk inside his pants. I thought I had waited too long and that Jeff was on the verge of ejaculating inside his pants.

    "Are you going to cum in you pants, Honey?" I whispered.

    "No... I don't think so... but I'm so fucking close!"

    "Open more buttons, Baby." Jeff now couldn't get my blouse open fast enough. He opened a second button, then a third. Finally, my top was completely open save for one remaining button that held the sides together. My bra was now exposed as well as most of the top and inner half of my tits and even some of the sensuously curved lower portions.

    I wasn't certain whether I was relieved or angry that he had stopped without pulling my bra down and taking out my tits. As we made our way out into the airport parking lot and to our car, the women stared at Jeff's powerful erection while the men scoped out my tits.

    "All the men are looking at your wife's tits, Honey. Do you want me to cover them?"

    "NO! NO! Leave them out. Please!" he begged.

    "You took them out... they stay out."

    When we reached our car, I stood outside while Jeff put my bags in the trunk. Jeff had just closed the trunk when a young guy who looked like he might be a college freshman stopped to admire my half-exposed breasts. I pulled my shoulders back to give him the best possible view.

    "Hey! Nice rack!" he yelled without breaking the contact between my heaving tits and his eyes. "Man, I gotta tell you that your lady is built!" he said to Jeff. "Why don't you lose the top completely, so I can get a better look at those beauties?"

    The request thrilled me to my core. I could feel my clitoris enlarging and throbbing as moisture seeped from my overheated vagina. I looked at Jeff and saw him clutching his erection with his legs pressed together obviously trying desperately to avoid cumming in his pants. "Shall I?" I asked.

    "Ooohhh... do it! Do It!" he gasped. Opening the last button, I pulled my top off right there in the parking lot.

    Both my husband and the young stud stared at my tits bulging out of my bra. "Oh Man! How big are those beauties," the guy asked. "They gotta be at least 36D."

    "Number's too big... letter's too small," I replied.

    "What? What's that mean?"

    "It means I'm not 36D, I'm 34DD. 34DD-26-36 to be precise. My husband really likes me showing them off... do you?" I heard my husband groan. He bent a little at the waist trying to hold off his ejaculation.

    Turning to Jeff, the guy practically begged, "Tell her to take off the bra, Man. Please. I just gotta see'em. I ain't never seen tits like hers."

    This time I didn't even bother to ask Jeff whether I should do it or not. With practiced ease, I flicked open the front hook of my bra letting it fly apart. Pulling it from my body, I jerked my shoulders back and faced the young guy, my eyes never losing contact with his. "This what you wanted to see, Honey?" Looking down at his crotch, I saw that now there were two men standing beside me both of whom had huge erections. "I'm sure you've noticed how hard my nipples are."

    "Damn, Lady. I'm so fucking hard I can't believe it."

    "My clit's just as hard as your dick, Honey. We have to go. Hope you enjoyed the free show." Quickly, I got into the car. Jeff was right behind me.

    As soon as our car was out of the parking lot, Jeff's hips arched up off the seat as he groaned. "Oh gawd damn! I'm gonna cum in my pants. I need to take it out. Do you mind, Gayle?"

    "Hell no, Stud. Take it out. Take that big dick out, Baby."

    We worked together to get Jeff's cock out of his pants before he ejaculated. He pulled his zipper down and opened the belt and waist of his pants while I thrust my hand inside his jockey shorts and extracted the solid, hard, throbbing shaft. Big blobs of precum were seeping from the bloated head.

    "Pull over to the shoulder, Honey. Stop the car. Hurry!"

    As soon as the car came to a stop, I bent over my husband's solid, rock-hard erection and licked the precum off the tip. As I pulled away, a connecting strand of his cum stretched between my tongue and his throbbing dick.

    I knew my husband had reached the limit of his ability to hold off. Quickly, I plunged the pulsing male shaft into my mouth. The swollen head hit the entrance to my throat. Stopping for a moment, I closed my mouth around the jerking dick and sucked hard bringing a howl of pleasure from Jeff. Pulling back a few inches, I drove his cock against my throat. The head entered, and I quickly took the rest of his dick down my throat to the point that my lips were wrapped around the base of his dick. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked him and cupped his sperm-loaded balls at the same time.


    Jeff's dick exploded in my mouth! I took the first two voluminous spurts down my throat and into my belly. Just as the second spurt was about to be followed a third huge gush, I pulled my mouth off his tool and let him enjoy the sight of his load shooting into my wide open mouth hole while creaming my face at the same time.

    When Jeff's huge climax abated, I carefully licked up and down his shaft cleaning up every drop of semen he had spurted. Once that was finished, my tongue swabbed around his cock ridge scooping up all the semen I could find. Finally, I sucked the sensitive head until Jeff's cock was again hard and ready.


    All the way home, I left my tits out, and my husband’s load
    all over my face and tits.


    Calvin only hit the speed limit one time as he drove us home... that one time was when he had to slow down because of some traffic congestion. Once I had finished masturbating, my head stayed in his lap with his cock deep inside my mouth or sometimes down my throat for the rest of the trip. When he wanted my lips to move up and down his rigid shaft, he wrapped his fingers in my hair and moved my head as he wished.

    By the time he pulled into our driveway, saliva coated his cock, his balls, his thighs, my lips and my face. When he pushed my head all the way down on his dick driving the swollen head into my throat, I was certain that another big cum load was about to be pumped into my belly. But I had severely underestimated my husband's control.

    Abruptly, he pulled his iron-hard dick out of my throat, and a few moments later had me out of our van standing outside our house with my tits out, my skirt up around my waist, and my panties pulled to one side. When I started to pull down my skirt to cover my pussy, Calvin growled, "Stop! Don't do that. I want you just like that."

    "Ok, but let's go through the garage," I pleaded.

    "No way. We go through the front door." As my husband led me across our front lawn with his hand on my ass and his fingers between my buttocks rubbing my anus, I was shuddering uncontrollably with intense sexual excitement. With every step, my big, naked tits bounced erotically. The neighbors behind me had a perfect view of naked ass and my husband's hand fingering me. The ones in front got to see my pussy. Naturally, my husband moved across our yard very slowly. We had almost reached our front porch when he stopped, turned me toward his body, and kissed me hard. His fingers never left my ass. My body shook even harder when the orgasm surged through me.

    "You had a climax, didn't you," Calvin hissed into my ear.

    "Yessss... I'm still throbbing."

    "I know. I can feel your asshole opening and closing."

    "You can feel me... the neighbors can all see me."

    "Yes... Are you angry?"

    "No! I'm hot... I'm on fire. Fuck me. Please. I need you to fuck me."

    "Here on our front porch?"

    "Here... inside... in the van... anywhere... just fuck meeeeeeeeee!!" I need your cock in me!"

    Calvin unlocked the front door and led me inside. I moaned in hot female pleasure when he pushed me onto our large sectional couch and said, "Get those panties off. Now!"

    Quickly, I hiked my ass up in the air and jerked my panties down over my hips. Raising my legs, I pushed them up my thighs and claves to my ankles but then had trouble getting the garment over my heels. "Help me, Calvin. Take off my panties... get me naked. Get on me! Get in me! Ram your cock up my cunt. Fuck meeeee!"

    My husband's dick jerked hard when he heard me say "cunt". It was the first time he had ever heard me use every man's favorite word for the female sex organ. Ripping off my blouse, I lay back on the couch, steepled my knees, and spread them. "I can't wait any longer, Calvin. Fuck me. Damn you! FUCK ME!"

    Calvin slowly removed his clothes never taking his eyes off my wet cunt. For my part, my pussy and clit were throbbing. Sexual secretions were gushing from my vagina and sliding erotically down my slit. To say I was horny was an understatement. I was wild to be mounted and fucked like a hot whore.

    Calvin moved onto the sectional couch with me. "Pull your knees back against your big tits, Ellen. Show it to me!"

    I assumed the position totally exposing my now gaping hole. I felt myself shuddering with female heat at my hot husband fisted his seven and a half inches of hard cock and aligned it with my hole. But instead of entering me immediately, he gazed at my flowing cunt watching it contract and throb. I could smell my musky aroma and knew Calvin could too.

    "Spread your legs wider, Ellen, and reach down and open your hot fuck hole."

    My clitoris throbbed even harder when I heard my husband's order. I pulled my lips apart so he could see into my depths. Staring at it, he said, "Your cunt looks incredibly hot and fuckable."

    "OOOoohhhhh.... stick it in meeeeee," I begged my body trembling uncontrollably.

    Precum dripped from Calvin's engorged dick. Moving between my thighs, he used his cock like a club whacking it against my pulsing clitoris several times.

    "UUUnnnnmmmmmmmmm!" He banged his shaft against my clit again. "OOOooohhhhh god! AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" I felt like a total bitch... I loved it... why in hell had I not been having sex with my husband like this for the last five years?

    Those thoughts were abruptly washed away when Calvin swabbed the head of his swollen shaft up and down the length of my trench.


    My husband moved the head of his cock to my opening. "Hold your cunt open for me, Ellen!" I followed his order instantly using both hands to pull my cunt lips far apart completely exposing the entryway to my waiting hole.

    "Delicious looking, hot fuck hole. I love the way your juices bubble out of your pussy when you're hot for cock. You are hot for cock aren't you, Ellen?" All I could do was groan and thrust my cunt higher for him. He rubbed his cock head over my opening bringing hissing moans of pleasure from me. When I felt the big head move around and around the outer rim of my hole, I began to whine and beg for it.

    "PLEASE! PUT IT IN ME! I CAN'T STAND THIS... PLEASE... FUCK ME, CALVIN." He pushed in one inch of his dick.


    "What did you say, Ellen?"

    "OOOOHHHH god... Do it to me! UUNNGGHHHH!" I shoved my hips upward trying to impale myself on Calvin's shaft, but he must moved back and left me groaning.


    Calvin's cock pressed against my clitoris... rotating over it... working it back and forth. I couldn't stop moaning and begging. Again and again, I pleaded with my husband to fuck me. Juices poured out of my throbbing hole.

    I felt the smooth cock head move away from my near bursting clitoris and move downward to my anus. He pressed the head against my rosebud... stretched me open bringing hot groans from my lips... but then, instead of penetrating me, he held it there.

    "Can I fuck you in the ass, Ellen? You've never let me do that."

    "Any hole... you can fuck any hole you want, Darling... but I'm dying. Pick a hole... any hole... just fuck me... PLEASE FUCK ME!" I was no longer moaning. My moans had now changed to screeches of hot female passion.

    I didn't care which hole Calvin used. I just had to have his cock in me. I howled in hot pleasure when I felt his cock spread my pussy open and sink into my cunt. Three inches... four... five.... I came... hard... in intense, spastic contractions. Calvin pulled out and then rammed six inches of dick into my exploding hole. Again, I felt the rock-hard dick pull out of my pussy. The next thrust sent all seven and half inches into my cunt. I grunted when it thudded into my cervix. Calvin began fucking me like a pile driving machine.

    I came hard... then I came again. My tits bounced wildly as the big shaft pulled back... slammed inward... pounded against my womb... and jarred me backwards on the couch. My vagina and clitoris were convulsing in near continuous spastic contractions as Calvin rammed my ass deep into the couch.


    I was still shaking in the throes of my intense climax, when Calvin wrapped his powerful arms around my waist and rose to his feet with my legs wrapped around his hips and my arms locked around his neck. With his hands under my ass, he lifted me up off his shaft until only two inches remained inside my vagina.... then, he dropped me onto his hard shaft impaling my pussy on his big cunt spike.

    "Ooohhhh my god, Calvin. I've never, ever been fucked like this... Ooohhh shit... your cock feels so damn good inside me.... pump me, Stud. Pump it into meeeeeeeee!" My body quivered in another orgasm.

    I was still trembling in the aftermath of my orgasm, when Calvin set me down on my feet and turned my body so that my back was against his chest. "Bend over, Ellen," he ordered. I bent over and felt his dick entering me again. When my husband fell backwards onto the couch taking me with him, I found myself riding his throbbing dick in reverse cowgirl position.

    It only took me a few minutes to reach another intense orgasm riding his hard shaft. My pussy was still throbbing when Calvin pulled out of my cunt and shoved his huge dick into my ass.


    "I am, and I'm going to cum in you, Ellen. Fuck your hot ass on my cock... get me off inside your ass!"

    I did… more than once.

    It was easily the hottest sex I had ever had with my husband.

    The Plan - Phase 2: Disappointment:

    Calvin woke the next morning with his usual erection, but this time, he wanted to use it. Before Gayle and I spent that week at the Tiagua resort, I had always refused to accommodate his morning erection. But after the blazing hot sex of yesterday afternoon and evening, my husband naturally assumed that I would be as wildly hot in the morning as I had been the previous night.

    Following the plan Gayle and I had devised, I squeezed his hard dick and said, "Why don't you save this for tonight, Honey. You'll be late getting to work if you don't."

    "What are they going to do? Fire their top real estate agent. Don't think so. Come on, Honey. Let's fuck," he groaned.

    Rolling onto my back, I spread my legs and said, "Stop talking and stick it in, Lover."

    In flash, Calvin mounted me, hoisted my legs to elevate my pussy, and nailed his hard seven inches into my waiting hole. I moaned softly as he slid into me balls deep. As he fucked me, I continued to move my hips with him, occasionally moaning softly, but with nothing close to the wildly erotic passion I had shown the previous day.

    When his thrusts became harder, deeper, and more frantic, I locked my ankles behind Calvin's hips and squeezed his plunging dick with my vaginal muscles. The truth was that his hard fucking had already made me cum once, which I had concealed by biting my lip and not making a sound. Of course, there was nothing I could do to keep my pussy from contracting hard on his driving shaft, but I kept my ass still and remained quiet. Now, with my wildly excited stud slamming his cock into me like a pile driver, I was having a very difficult time keeping myself from screaming for him to fuck harder... to make me cum... but I managed it.

    When Calvin's orgasm exploded sending torrents of semen gushing into my pussy, I forced myself to move only a little and to do no more than to moan softly in spite of the intense waves of pleasure roaring through my pussy. When his climax was fully spent, I gently pushed his body off of mine, gave him a tender kiss on the lips, and sighed, "That was a nice way to wake up, Darling. Thank you." Then, before he could start something else, I climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

    As I served my husband his breakfast, my hair was up in curlers, I was without makeup, and my baggy jeans and loose sweatshirt wouldn't have excited a convict just released from 10 years in prison. The disappointment was etched all over his face, but he did his best to conceal it.

    As soon as Calvin's car had backed out of our garage, I was on the phone to Gayle. "How did things go at your house?"

    "Perfect. Jeff looked like he was going to cry."

    "Did he want sex this morning?"

    "Of course, but like we planned, I let him fuck me, but I didn't let him know that he had made me cum three times. In fact, I hardly made a sound. I served him breakfast wearing the moo moo we bought during our layover in Atlanta."

    I couldn't stop laughing. "How did he look?"

    "Like a little boy who's had all his candy stolen by bigger boys."

    "Ok. Sounds like every thing is going as planned."

    "How long do we keep it up, Ellen?"

    "Until they beg us to be more sensuous and sexy. Have you made sure that all the clothes we bought at the resort are hidden? It wouldn't do to have our husbands find all that stuff before we're ready to wear it and tell them that we just bought it at Victoria's to please them."

    "They're packed at the bottom of the trunk where I store my winter clothes. No problem."

    When Calvin came in from work that evening, my hair was down and combed, and I was wearing a little lipstick, but I still wore the baggy jeans and sweatshirt with a pair of clogs on my feet.

    "Hi Honey," I said in greeting. Dinner will be ready in about 20 minutes. There are some really good shows on TV tonight. I thought we might eat in the den and watch them."

    Calvin looked totally crushed... so much so, that I felt badly about having to treat him like this, but hopefully, it would only be for a few days at the most.


    Two days later, Calvin had met with his last client at his real estate agency from 2 to 3 PM, and Jeff had exercised one of the perks of being a full partner at his advertising agency to leave work early and join Calvin at Eddie's, their favorite bar and general watering hole. Calvin already had a table staked out in the back with four cold buds waiting on the table.

    "Good. You've already ordered the beers. I need one... or two... or three right now," Jeff moaned.

    "Sounds like things are as bad at your house as they are at mine."

    "Well, there not good. Gayle is a lot more receptive to having sex now than she was before we went on that fishing trip to Tahoe and Reno, but it's a far cry from the hot reception we got when we met them at the airport. Did I tell you that Gayle stripped for a young guy right there in the airport parking lot? He couldn't have been more than 20. She took her tits out right there in front of him."

    "That's off the chart erotic," Calvin exclaimed.

    "That was just the start. After that, she kept her tits out all the way home and sucked me while I was driving. Finally, she knew I was about to cum, so she had me park on the shoulder of the highway while she sucked me off. She even let me cum in her mouth, which she's never, ever done before... and that wasn't all... she swallowed my entire load! I must have fucked her five times that night. She never stopped screaming and begging me for more cock. As soon as I would shoot off, she would go down on me and suck until I was hard again."

    "It was pretty the same between Ellen and I. When we got to the car, she took out her tits and pulled her skirt up to her waist. All the way home, she rubbed her clit and masturbated with her tits out. After I had parked in our driveway, she walked across the front lawn to our door with both tits out, her skirt up around her waist and her thong pulled aside to expose her cunt as well as all of her ass. Like you, the night was a marathon of sex. I was so astounded, I asked what had caused the change."

    "I did the same. What did Ellen say?"

    "She told me that she and Gayle were really worried that we were having fun with all those gorgeous Reno showgirls. Ellen said that they figured they better do something to compete or we'd leave them."

    "That's exactly what Gayle said too. I told her that all we had done was go to several shows and enjoy watching their big naked breasts bounce as they moved around the stage."

    "I told Ellen the same thing. So what in hell happened? For the past three days, Ellen's back to wearing those awful sexless, frumpy clothes. She does let me fuck her more often, but all the wild, blazing hot sensuality of that first day is gone.... just totally gone. I just feeling like crying, and I'm not joking."

    "I know. I feel exactly the same way. I asked Gayle why she went back to wearing the kind of clothing she used to always wear and acting the same conservative way. She told me that both she and Ellen believed us when we swore that we hadn't done anything with the girls in Reno. She said obviously they had overreacted."

    "Shit! Damn it to hell! If we had fucked some of those hot women instead of being faithful husbands, maybe our wives would still be doing what they did that first day."

    "I know. It's not fair. So what do we do?"

    "I don't know about you, Jeff, but I'm going to beg Ellen to go back to being the way she was that day we met them at the airport. I suggest you do the same."

    "What if they say no?"

    "Then, my friend, we'll just have keep that one day that we had sensuous, beautiful, hot wives as clear in our memories as we can because I'm afraid that will be all we have as we grow older. I need something stronger than beer."

    "Yeah. Me too."


    My cell phone rang at 8:30 PM. It was Gayle. As soon as she spoke, I could hear the excitement in her voice. "Guess what, Ellen. You won't believe it."

    "I think I will because if I'm right, Jeff did the same thing as Calvin did this evening."

    "What did he do?"

    "He begged me to be the wife he had the day he met us at the airport. He told me that I was ten times more beautiful... vastly more sensuous and alluring... than any of the showgirls in Reno. He pleaded and pleaded with me not to leave him with just one glorious day to remember as he grew old and grey. When he said that, I saw a tear slip from one of his eyes and slide down his cheek."

    "It was exactly the same with Jeff. I had to fight my urge to fuck his brains out right in the middle of the living room floor."

    "Me too... but it will be worth the wait tomorrow night. Time to move to Phase 3 of the plan, you hot sexy, slut."

    "I can't wait. I'm so turned on and hot, my clit feels like it's going to burst open it's so swollen and hard."

    "So is mine, but remember, keep it cool in bed this evening. Save the real fireworks for tomorrow night. Just tell Jeff, you need some time to think about what he said."

    "You know that we're just two devious sluts, don't you Ellen?"

    "I know... isn't it just deliciously dirty and hot?"

    The Plan - Phase 3: Two Hot Wives:

    When Calvin came in for breakfast the next morning, he found me in a big bathrobe that essentially concealed my entire body. The robe covered half of my calves. To disappoint him even further, I wore fuzzy house shoes. He just stared at me, shook his head, and sat down to eat breakfast.

    "I had hoped you'd be wearing something sexier," he finally commented.

    "I know your were, Honey, but I am going to think seriously about your request. Are you aware that Jeff made the same comments to Gayle? It's pretty obvious that the two of you discussed this."

    "We did. What was Gayle's response?"

    "Same as mine. In fact, while the two of your are at work today, we're going to have lunch together to discuss this."

    Calvin nodded and finally asked, "Any chance?"

    "Maybe. I'll have an answer for you when get home from the agency tonight."

    When Calvin left the house, the expression on his face was a mixture of despair, hope, curiosity, disappointment, and excitement. I doubted that he would get anything useful done at work today."


    As I expected, Calvin was unable to stand the suspense. Instead of coming home between 5:30 to 6:00 PM, as normal, he opened the front door at 5 PM. He found the den empty. When he walked into the kitchen, he found that empty as well. In addition, nothing was cooking on the stove for dinner. What he did find was a chair sitting in the middle of the room with a note attached.


    I've gone out for an hour. As you can see, I haven't had time to fix dinner, so we'll be going out tonight. Go take a shower, shave, and change into the clothes I've laid out on our bed. I should be home by the time you finish.

    Gayle and I had taken care of getting our nails, hair, and makeup done early in the afternoon. Now, we were relaxing in a lounge discussing plans for the evening. The fact that every man checked us out and a couple had even asked us to join them for a drink did wonders for our egos. We told the two more aggressive men who approached us that we already had dates for the evening, but maybe another time.

    "So are you ready to introduce Jeff to his new hot wife?" I asked.

    "Yep. Can hardly wait to see his face. How about you?"

    "Same. I’m also anxious to see if he gets hard. But don't forget to discuss with Jeff all the things we planned."

    "I won't. Let's meet tomorrow and discuss how things went."


    Calvin was waiting in our den when I returned home. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that he was pacing back and forth... too anxious and excited to sit down.

    When I entered the room, his reaction was every thing that I hoped it would be. His eyes darted back and forth between the deep cleavage of my exposed tits, my tight form-fitting black sheathe that hugged every curve, my patterned stocking and thighs exposed by the short skirt, and the matching, four-inch come-fuck-me heels I wore.

    "Oh gawd damn! You look awesome!" he gasped as his hand automatically squeezed his surging cock. "Just beyond belief... like an erotic wet dream. I LOVE IT!"

    "I can see that. You're already getting hard, aren't you?"

    "Ooohhh yess. I can't help it."

    "I don't want you to help it... I want you hard and hot when I dress like this."

    "I am... I am. But I have to ask... Is this a permanent change or is it just another one-time thing like the day we met your plane?"

    "That depends on you."

    "Really. If you mean that, then I want it to be permanent. Absolutely!"

    "That's your hard cock talking. I need to find out what your brain thinks. Sit down, Calvin. We have to talk... seriously talk about this." I waited until he sat down in a lounge chair before I took a seat on top of the desk. He eyes opened wider when I crossed my legs causing my short skirt to slide high on my thigh revealing a wide expanse of nylon-covered thigh.

    "Like what you see?"

    "Oh god! I love it. It's even more erotic and sexy than I imagined it would be."

    "It is, isn't it. Hot... wild.... I might not even be wearing panties."

    "Ooohhhh god... are you?" my husband moaned, his hand now clutching his cock and moving slowly.

    "Maybe... maybe not. At most, I'm wearing a very skimpy thong. That thought make your cock throb with lust for my wet cunt?" Again, my husband moaned. His body actually trembled slightly.

    "The point is that if it makes your dick hard... if it makes it start leaking precum... if it makes you want to jerk my legs apart and ram your cock up my cunt... then it's going to make the cocks of other men even harder. It's going to make them want to fuck me even more than it makes you."


    "Of course. You've already fucked me well over a thousand times. They haven't ever had their hard cocks up my cunt. As hard as you get, they're going to get even harder. As much as my exposed body makes you want to get into me, it's going to make them even wilder and hotter to fuck my brains out. I need to know if you can handle that? And I need for your big head to answer that question, not your small head."

    "Sure I can handle it, Ellen. It will just turn me on even more."

    "The other men who get hard and hot are going to want to do more than just look, and some of them are going to be aggressive enough to hit on me. I do not want nor will I stand for you going into he-man, macho mode and starting fights. Understand? If you can't handle other men trying to get into me, then I need to change back into my usual conservative clothes where things like that won't be a problem. So? What's your answer?"

    "I said I can handle it. I'm not going to assault anyone."

    "We're going dancing tonight after dinner. I intend to show off outrageously. Are you going to be angry?"

    "No... I'll love it. Are you really going to do that?"

    "Unless you say no before we leave. And remember, Honey, this is the only time we're going to have this conversation. I'm not going to cross examine you like this every time we go out with me dressed hot. So, are you going to be angry?"

    "No... Absolutely not. I've fantasized about that for years."

    "And what if someone asks me to dance? Are you going to let me say yes? Or are you going to want me to tease other men, get them hard, and then demand that I say no when they ask me to dance?"

    "You've danced with other men many times, Ellen. Why do have to ask me that?"

    "That's true, but when I've danced with other men, I was dressed and behaving conservatively. It was clear that it was only a dance... no more. But dancing with a guy when I'm dressed like this... dressed to thrill and get men hard is very different. So answer my question. Am I permitted to say yes when a man asks me to dance?"

    "Yes, of course."

    "And when I'm dancing with them and they're feeling me up... letting their hands slide down to stroke my ass... pressing my tits into their chests... grinding their engorged and raging hard-ons against my pussy... what then? Are you still Ok? Can you still handle that?"

    Now Calvin hesitated. "Do you intend to let them fuck you?" he finally asked.

    "Do you want me to? Could you handle that?"

    "No. I don't think I could handle that."

    "Ok. Then, I won't let them fuck me. Are we still all right, or do want me to change back into my conservative clothes?"

    "No..NO! Please don't do that?"

    "If you don't want me to, I won't. So, can you handle other men coping a feel provided I don't fuck them?"

    "How far do you intend to go?"

    "That's up to you... totally. How about we agree that I can tease the men as far as I like until you tell me to stop... that you can't handle anymore. When you tell me to stop... I stop. In fact, I'm perfectly comfortable with stopping right now and changing clothes, but I can't handle being a sultry, exotic woman in public and then having to shoot men down like a cockteasing bitch when they make a pass at me. We have to both be comfortable with this if it's going to work. Agreed?"

    "I think that great plan. Let's do it that way," Calvin beamed. "Now, I've just got to know, are you wearing panties?" Calvin asked as he tried to see up my dress enough to tell.

    "If I uncross my legs and leave them open for a bit, you'll know, Darling. So will every other man who's staring at me when I open my legs. You'll know if I'm wearing panties or if my cunt is naked.... and so will they. Just think how hard seeing my naked, wet cunt will make you... and then remember that it will make other men even harder. Can you handle that? Or are you going to freak out if another man sees your wife's naked and very, very wet pussy? Actually, I should say when another man sees your wife’s very, very wet cunt. Well?"

    Calvin was now wildly excited. Groaning and stroking his erection through his pants, he growled, "Show me! Uncross your legs and show me!"

    "Like this?" I grinned as I uncrossed my legs, opened them, and then placed one of my heels up on the surface of the desk exposing my skimpy black thong.

    "Oh god, yes. That's so fucking hot!"

    "Make your dick hard, Baby?"

    "Like stone. I'm so hard it hurts.

    "Just think how hard it's going to make other men's cocks when they see your wife's wet, naked cunt covered by just this skimpy thong. They will certainly want to fuck me. Do you want to fuck me?'

    "You know damn well I do."

    "I do... and the other men will want to fuck me even more than you do.... but I won't let them... unless you decide you'd like for that to happen.... So, are you ready to take your new hot wife out in public and show her off? Or would rather take out your old conservative wife?"

    "Hell no! I want you like this."

    "Ok. But be advised that once we go out tonight, the old conservative Ellen is gone. She's been replaced permanently by hot Ellen."

    "Good. Let's go, Hot Ellen."


    I looked positively whorishly slutty. My husband’s cock was iron hard and my pussy was a swamp.


    Dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant was good, but seeing every man checking me out as I followed the hostess to our table was the best part. Men alone or in the company of other men stared openly, some at my legs, others at the exposed tops of my tits, and others, I was certain, at my undulating ass as I passed them. Even the men with girlfriends or wives glanced my way. Some of the women stared at me in disgust, but others winked at me as I passed their table.

    By the time we had been seated, I was enjoying myself immensely. Calvin leaned across the table and whispered, "Did you notice all the men leering at you when we were walking to our table?"

    "Of course I noticed. Did it bother you?"

    "Hell no, but it did get me hard."

    "Are you still hard?"

    "Very... some of the women stared at my erection."

    "Did that excite you?"

    "Yeah. I'm not used to women checking me out."

    "If you stay hard most of the time when we go out, you'd better get used to it. Seven and a half inches of hard dick is enough to interest most women... particularly women whose husbands aren't close to being that big."

    "Damn! I love this. Are you uncomfortable?"

    "Not a bit, but my thong is very damp now. You know that all those men who stared at me would love to fuck your wife, don't you?"

    "I know."

    When we were leaving the restaurant, the same scene occurred as we moved toward the exit. Again, my pussy pulsed in response. As I slid into the seat beside my husband in our van, my short dress hiked high on my thighs. I made no effort to pull it down. Calvin's pants were tented with his erection. His cock jerked and got even harder when he saw my open legs and exposed thong.

    "God! Let's get in the back seat and fuck," he groaned.

    Even though his wild excitement was infectious, I resisted the urge to climb into the back of the van and spread my legs for my randy husband. "Not yet, Lover. We're going dancing... remember. So drive."


    "Let's try the "Blue Room". They have live music."

    "You know that's a pick-up spot for guys hoping to score and women out to get laid, don't you?"

    "That's what all my married, female friends tell me. So drive, Honey. Take us to the Blue Room."

    The reaction of the men at the restaurant paled in comparison to that which I got from the guys at the Blue Room. They not only stared openly, but before we were seated, my ass had been stroked by several hands... most of them through my dress, but one aggressive guy had slipped his hand under my short dress.

    "Is all this male attention making you nervous, Ellen?" Calvin asked when we were seated.

    "It's making me hot, Honey, not nervous. How about you. Is it bothering you?"

    "No. I'm so damn hard, it almost hurts."

    "MMmmmm... good. Some guys felt my ass while we were walking to our table." My husband's response to that information was a low, deep groan. I was so wildly excited, I couldn't believe it. Once again, I wondered why in hell I had refused every effort my sexy husband had made for the last five years to get me to loosen up and be a more sensuous, sexy wife.

    After we placed our drink orders, Calvin leered at me and said, "Wanna dance, Sexy?"

    "Do you want to dance with me or just get me out there so you can feel me up?"


    "Then, let's do it, Lover."

    I had danced with Calvin hundreds of times, but never like we danced this time. From the very first step, I had my arms wrapped tightly about his neck with my tits mashed hard against his chest. His hands stayed on my waist for a minute or two before moving downward to my ass. With both hands cupping my buttocks, he pulled me hard against his erection. I groaned in his ear when he began grinding it against my pussy. Before the first song ended, we were thrusting against each other... essentially dry fucking right there on the dance floor.

    Calvin kept me out on the dance through three more songs, which was another first for us. Usually, we returned to our table after the first song, or at most, after two songs. By the end of the second song, his hands had moved beneath my short dress where they sensuously caressed my naked ass.

    During the third song, I felt his fingers pulling my thong from between my buttocks and moving it to the side. Once it was out of the way, his fingers slipped between my labia and toyed with my anus.

    I was shaking with excitement when the fourth song started. "You hot bastard," I hissed in his ear. "You're going to make me cum." His only response was to pull my dress higher. The cool air on my naked ass let me know that it was on display to anyone in the club who wanted to watch.

    "Please, Honey. Pull my dress down. Please." I didn't think he would, but a moment later, I felt it covering my ass again. I whispered in his ear, "Thank you, Darling. That was exciting but really embarrassing." Even as I said it, I knew that I had secretly hoped that he would ignore me and pull my dress all the way up to my waist.

    After the fourth song ended, we returned to our table where our drinks were waiting. Leaning closer to my husband, I said, "I loved that. God! I've never been gotten so hot on a dance floor before."

    "I loved it too," he answered,

    "I could tell. Your cock felt like a steel bar grinding into my pussy."

    "In case you haven't noticed, Honey, the men at that table across from us are checking you out."

    "I know. It's not surprising, you know."

    "Other than the fact you're drop-dead gorgeous and sexy, why is that?"

    "Because, my sexy husband, they can see under our table and you can't."


    "So, my legs are wide open. Every one of those studs are looking right at your wife's thong-covered pussy."

    "Are you spread really wide?"

    "Wide enough for them to see."

    "Spread wider."

    "Yessss," I moaned. A moment later, he asked, "Did you spread wider?"

    Now it was my turn to moan, "Yesssss... I'm wide open. You'd better be ready, Honey. One of them is getting up."

    The guy approaching our table wasn't handsome in the Hollywood sense but his rugged, masculine appearance almost reeked of testosterone. He looked to be in his mid-20s with an excellent, trim, and powerful body. His already virile appearance was enhanced even further by the huge bulge in his jeans caused by a really big erection. I tried not to stare at it as he walked toward us, but it was just too big... too thick... too powerful. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. When I finally did manage to look up at his face, he was smiling knowingly at me.

    When he reached our table, he wasted no time. "Hi, I haven't seen either of you here at the Blue Room before. I'm Trace Williams." He held out his hand to Calvin who replied, "Hi, Trace. I'm Calvin Fullmer and this is my wife, Ellen."

    "It's a real pleasure to meet both of you. I have to admit, I have ulterior motives in coming over to meet the two of you. In case you don't know it, it's sort of a custom here that it's Ok for a guy to ask escorted ladies for a dance. Naturally, 'no' means 'no', but I just had to ask. So, would you like to dance, Ellen?" he asked with his sexy blue eyes locked onto mine.

    My first instinct was to say 'yes', but instead, I turned to Calvin and asked, "Is that Ok with you, Honey?" When Calvin nodded, I stood up and allowed Trace to slip his arm around my waist and lead me out onto the dance floor.

    During the first song, Trace kept my tits pressed against his chest and his cock touching my mound. "You're the hottest, sexiest woman in the entire room," he whispered in my ear. "Just looking at you has me so fucking hard it feels like a steel rod in my pants."

    "MMMmmmm... it feels that way to me too," I whispered back. That caused Trace's dick to lurch hard inside his tight jeans. He pulled me hard against it grinding it against my pussy.

    When the second song started, Trace moved us into the most dimly lighted area of the dance floor. We could still see, but the greatly reduced lighting created an aura of intimacy. His hands now moved to my ass and pulled me against his erection. Glancing over to our table, I saw that Calvin was staring at us with his hand underneath the table squeezing his shaft. Briefly, I turned my hand palm-up behind Trace's back asking my husband the obvious question. He nodded to indicate that he was still Ok with my outrageous flirting.

    Even as Calvin was nodding, Trace's hands were working my dress halfway up my buttocks so that his hands and fingers were now caressing my naked ass. Again, I glanced at Calvin who again nodded.

    My breathing was becoming more and more of a pant as Trace's dick thrust against my now wet pussy. "How big are your tits?" he asked heatedly.

    "34DD," I moaned in response.

    "Damn! I've got to feel those tits." Slowly, he turned me in his arms until we were dancing with my back now pressed against his chest and his cock grinding into the crease of my ass. As we swayed sensuously to the slow music, his hands slipped my sheathe off my shoulders and pulled it down below my bra. As soon as it was down, his large hands captured both of my tits... fondling and squeezing them as his cock moved deliciously against my ass. Pulling his hips back, he growled in my ear, "Feel how hard my cock is.... feel it, Ellen."

    Almost without thought, my hand moved to his throbbing erection and stroked up and down its length. He was about the same size as my husband, but since it was new cock, and I was feeling his shaft in public with my husband watching, it was out-of-this-world erotic and exciting. I was close to an orgasm... I knew it and so did Trace.

    Again, I quickly looked at my husband. He seemed to be staring at us almost in shock, but he gave no signal that I should stop. Obviously, Trace had no intention of stopping.

    "I want to fuck you, Ellen," he moaned in my ear. "I just got to fuck you. Let's slip out the side door to my car."

    "I can't. My husband is watching. You've got to stop. You asked me to dance... not to fuck me."

    "You had your legs wide open showing me your thong-covered cunt. I know you want my cock inside you. Let's go to my car. I don't think your husband will mind. I think he expects me to fuck you."

    I turned to face Trace, and immediately, he pulled my bra down to bare both of my tits. As his hands cupped them and stroked my hard nipples, his mouth covered mine in a deep, open-mouthed kiss. Breaking the kiss momentarily, he moaned, "I'm going to fuck you. You want me to fuck you."

    Just as he said it, I saw Calvin shaking his head vigorously telling me I was going too far. He didn't have to tell me. I already knew it as Lance now unzipped the back of my dress and let it fall to the floor. Again, he kissed me with his hands all over my tits and my hand gripping his hard cock.

    "No... Not like this. My husband wants me to stop. He's very understanding, but he trusts me not to do anything to humiliate him. No more! I said I would dance with you not fuck you." I pushed him back and quickly retrieved my dress from the floor. It only took me a moment to slip back into it.

    "Come on, Ellen. You can't show off that awesome body, let me make out with you on the dance floor, and then just stop and leave me with this monster, throbbing hard-on that you caused. No real woman does that. There are several back rooms here where we'll have some privacy. Let's go there so you can at the very least give me some relief."

    I knew Trace was right. Getting him hard as stone and leaving him cold was just outrageous. "Give me a moment to talk to my husband, all right?"

    "All right, but I hope you don't just run off and leave me like this."

    "I won't. Wait for me by the bar."

    As soon as I reached our table, I gasped, "I'm sorry... God, I'm so sorry. You already had me so damn hot and then that guy just poured more gasoline on the fire, and I couldn't stop. Now I've got him so hard he's in pain. I just can't be a cockteasing bitch and leave him like that. Would you be furious if I go with him to one of the back rooms and jack him off?

    "Just jack him off? A hand job?"

    "Yeah. That's all. As hard and hot as he is, it won't take more than a few minutes. His cock is already about to explode."

    "So is mine! If I get much harder and turned on, I'm going to shoot off in my pants. Please don't take too long, and you have to tell me all the sexy details of how you got him off. Ok?"

    "I will. I promise. I'll tell you every thing while you're fucking me."

    "All right. I'll wait for you here at our table."

    As soon as I joined Trace at the bar, he led me through a hallway to some rooms in the back. Some of the doors were closed. Others were opened. Leading me through one of the open doors, he locked it behind us.

    "I only have a few minutes, and we're not going to fuck. Understood?"

    "Yeah. I hate it, but I'm so damn hard, I don't have much choice. Come on. Let's not waste time. Take out my cock before I explode in my pants, Ellen."

    Dropping to my knees, I opened Trace's pants and unzipped him. It wasn't necessary for me to fish out his cock. The huge, thick, ramrod-hard tool surged out as soon as I pulled down his zipper. It was about seven to eight inches, like Calvin's cock, but Trace's was much thicker. It was just gorgeous. Taking it in my hand, my cunt contracted hard when I realized that I couldn't get my hand all the way around his big sex gun.

    "Oh my god! Your cock is just huge! So fucking thick!" I gasped.

    "Let me put it in you, Ellen. It will stretch your pussy so much you'll cum like crazy. Please. Let me fuck you."

    "I'd love to have this big dick up my cunt, Trace, but I've promised my husband I wouldn't let you fuck me. At least not this time. We'll be coming here often. The next time, I'll try to persuade him to let me fuck. But not this time."

    "All right. If I can't fuck you, at least suck me off and let me cum in your mouth."

    "I told my husband I would just jack you off."

    "Hell no! I can jack myself off. If you won't let me fuck you, then you know you should at least suck me off!"

    "All right, but the next time you see us, not a word to my husband. As far as he's concerned, I just gave you a hand job. Ok?"

    "Absolutely. Now, hurry. I want my dick in your mouth as long as possible."

    Although I pretended to be giving in to Trace's demands, as soon as I laid eyes on his hugely thick shaft, I knew that I was going to suck him. There was no way in hell I was not going to have that gorgeous dick in my mouth and taste his load. Opening my mouth as wide as possible, I slipped the big head inside.


    Trace had me hot… really hot! I wanted his cock inside me, but I was going to have to settle for sucking him off.

    His hips snapped forward driving several more inches of cock into my mouth. Wrapping my hand as far around his tool as I could, I began sucking the top four or five inches while I jacked off the rest. When my cheeks hollowed, he groaned and pumped his ass harder until his cock was banging against the opening of my throat.

    "Oh god... what a hot suck hole! Take more dick inside, Ellen. SUCK IT!"

    With each thrust, I let more and more of the big shaft slide into my mouth. At one point, I had to use two hands to jack off Trace's thick rod.

    "OOOHHH FUCK! It's going down your throat, Ellen. Suck meeeee! Balls deep, Baby. God! What a mouth! Are you playing with your cunt?"

    "MMMmmmm... oooommpppffff!"

    "Are you?"

    "OOMMPPPFFF!" Unable to get a word out with the big dick filling my mouth and throat, I nodded my head vigorously.

    "Oh yeah! Take my dick, you sexy Slut... SUCK MEEEEEE!"

    After five minutes or so, I was taking his cock all the way down my throat so that my lips were locked around the base on every thrust. Trace was grunting and snorting like a stallion in heat. With my fingers working frantically over my clit, I had my first orgasm groaning around his plunging shaft.

    Trace couldn't keep from noticing the wild humping of my ass as my orgasm exploded. "Hot Damn! You're cumming, aren't you? That's so fucking hot! I'm almost there, Ellen. Suck harder! I'm gonna shoot the first couple of spurts down your throat and then pull out and cream your face. Tilt your head back and keep your mouth wide open."

    I nodded and took his entire dick down my throat. When it was buried, my cheeks hollowed with the intense suction I was putting on his shaft. A series of short, staccato grunts issued from Trace's mouth as his prick pumped in short, hard jabs in and out of my mouth.

    "I'M CUMMING! I'M FUCKING CUMMING!" he shouted as his tool throbbed like crazy inside my mouth. With my hands on his ass, I felt his powerful buttocks clenching ejecting the first huge gush of cum down my throat. Almost immediately, another contraction ripped through his buttocks and the second load fired into my mouth hole.

    As the second load was sliding down my throat into my waiting belly, Trace pulled his exploding organ out of my mouth. Fisting it, he jerked it hard and aimed it right at my open mouth. As ordered, I tilted my head back to take the rest of his load. The third spurt covered my lips. Some of the semen slid into my mouth. The rest ran down my chin and formed a huge cum rope that swung back and forth. The next gush of semen hit my cheek and quickly enlarged and thickened the cum rope.

    The hot stud's balls must have been storing up for days because his cock jerked and throbbed again and again, each time pumping more semen all over my face, lips, and into my mouth. There was a huge glob of it on my tongue and inside my mouth by the time the last dribble of semen ran from his cock. He shook the last drops off the end of his rod onto my face and watched as I stuck out my tongue so he could see his load pooled inside my mouth.

    Slowly, I closed my mouth, waited a moment to let him enjoy the sight, and then swallowed his load. Once that portion of his ejaculation was on its way to my belly, I scooped up the rest that covered my lips, face, and chin with my fingers and sucked them clean. Finally, I pulled him close and licked his cock until it was almost clean. I finished the cleaning job by taking his entire length back inside my mouth and sliding my lips up and down the now semi-hard shaft until not a trace of semen remained.

    I deep throated Trace’s huge cock and sucked his balls dry.
    His load was huge. It filled my mouth
    and drenched my face.

    After adjusting my dress, I licked my lips and smiled at Trace. "Want to kiss me, or does that not appeal to you now?"

    "I'll kiss you anytime, Ellen. That was the most fantastic blow job I've ever had... ever! I'm almost glad you promised your husband that you wouldn't fuck me."


    "Yeah. Just almost. Next time, don't make any promises. I'm going to sink my cock into that hot pussy of yours."

    "MMmmmmm... can't wait, Lover. Can't wait."

    I kissed him passionately a few times, then pulled away and hurried back to my husband.

    "Sorry, Baby. It took me longer to jack him off than I thought it would. Come on. Let's go! Somewhere... anywhere. I need to be fucked. HARD and DEEP! PLEASE!"


    At almost the same time as Ellen was introducing Calvin to his new hot wife, a little over a mile away, Gayle was doing the same thing with Jeff. Her ensemble featured a short, blue patterned skin-tight dress that just barely covered her ass. She wore panties but no bra. However, her nylon panties were thin and transparent. Instead of heels, she wore white ankle-high boots with four-inch, wicked heels. Jeff was transfixed.


    "Well, what do you think, Baby? Is this what you had in mind when you begged me to dress hot and change my conservative attitude to one that is more erotic and sensuous? If not, now's the time to speak up, Jeff, and I'll go change into the clothes I've been wearing ever since we were married five years ago."

    "Oh Jezzz... unbelievable... just off-the-chart hot. I love it... just love it, Gayle," he moaned.

    "Get you hard, Lover?"

    "Oh shit yes! You'd get an eunuch hot in that dress. My god... everybody's going to see your panties!"

    "Well, not if I stand sideways, Honey. See," I said turning so he only saw my profile.

    "That's true," he groaned as he squeezed his dick. "But now those gorgeous tits stick out like cannons. Are you wearing a bra?"

    "No? Should I go put one on? I don't want to embarrass you."

    "NO! NO! I love it just the way it is."

    "Are you sure, Honey. Other men will be able to see my panties. And maybe my cunt through them. They're almost transparent. Are you sure this is Ok?" I pulled my skirt up and faced my nearly out-of-control excited husband. I could almost feel his hot stare right on my pussy. "Can other men see too much, Jeff?"

    "Oh my god! Even in my wet dreams, you didn't look this good. But no, they're not so transparent that others will see your pussy. Does the dress cover your ass?"

    "Oh yes. See," I turned my back to my husband and let him see that when I stood straight up, the hem of the dress concealed my buttocks.

    "I bet it wouldn't if you bent over though," he said as his hand now stroked his erection.

    "You mean like this?" I bent over causing the dress to ride up my buttocks. "Can you see my panties now, Honey?"

    "Yes... oh god, yes!"

    "Should I change clothes?"

    "No. Please don't change."

    "But you know that no matter how careful I am, sometime during the evening, I'll bend over enough so that other men will see my ass. Are you Ok with that?"

    "Oh yeah. I may cum in my pants if you do that."

    "What if I really bend over and spread my knees apart... like this?" I mounted our couch, bent over and moved my knees as far apart as possible. The position hiked my tight dress up over my hips completely exposing my ass and the narrow gusset of my panties pulled tightly against my cunt. "Like the view, Darling?"

    "Jesus! Let's fuck. I'm so hard, it feels like an iron-bar in my pants."

    "Nope. Not until later. You promised to take me dancing at a hot club if gave up my conservative clothes and dressed hot. I'm holding you to your promise.... That is, I'm holding you to your promise unless...."

    "Unless what?"

    "Unless you're not going to be able to handle other men hitting on me... trying to fuck me, and you have to know that if I wear this dress to an after-hours, hot club, other men are going to be doing their best to get into your wife's pussy. Should I change clothes or not. If you can't handle it, I will. But you have to tell me now."

    "I don't mind if they hit on you. I can handle that, but I don't want you to fuck them. Ok?"

    "Absolutely. Can I let them cop feel on the dance floor? Tease them? If not, I need to change because I can't dress like a hot slut and then behave like a paragon of virtue. I think I'll like being a sexy, sensuous wife for you if I don't have be a silly cocktease at the same time."

    "No... That's Ok. Just don't let it go too far."

    "No problem, Stud. Now take your new wife someplace hot and sexy and show her off."

    "Where would you lie to go?"

    "How about the "Rendezvous" over on Charles Avenue? I hear that's the hottest club around now. At least that's what Gloria says. She's been going there ever since Harold ran off with his secretary and they got a divorce."

    "Must be a hot club. Does Gloria get picked up there?"

    "What do you think, Honey? Come on. Let's go to the Rendezvous and see if all the men turn green with envy seeing I'm with you when they would all give their eye teeth to fuck me."

    "All right. Let's do it."

    Jeff opened the front door for me. I walked halfway through it and stopped. "What's the problem?" he asked. "Forget something?"

    "No. I just want to give you last chance to change your mind and let me go change. Once we're at the Rendezvous, there's no turning back. So, what's it to be?"

    "Get in the car, you hot Slut."


    When Jeff and Gayle entered the Rendezvous, Trace had just taken Ellen out onto the dance floor at the Blue Room. Gayle got the same reception from the men at the Rendezvous as Ellen had gotten at the Blue Room. Before they had found an empty table, several of the men had treated her to wolf whistles, and the more aggressive men had made comments about her sexy panties and some had felt her ass as she passed.


    "They're already feeling me up, Jeff," I whispered to my husband as he walked in front of me leading me to an empty table.

    "Who is?"

    "A lot of the men we're passing. When I walk past them, they rub my ass or even slip their hands between my thighs."

    "What did you do?"

    "Either ignored them or if they were looking at me from the front when they felt my panties, I smiled at them and walked on."

    "Did it turn you on?"

    "When we sit down, you can feel my panties and get the answer to that question, Honey."

    A very pretty cocktail waitress, whose name tag said "Gwen", came over to take our orders. She smiled when she saw that Jeff's fingers were between my thighs on my panties. They were beyond damp.

    "Your panties are like a swamp," he whispered in my ear while the waitress waited with a knowing smile on her face.

    "Give Gwen our drink orders, Jeff," I admonished.

    "Gwen? Who's Gwen?"

    "Our cocktail waitress. She's standing there waiting for our orders." Jeff's face flushed red, but he did manage to give Gwen our orders.

    As soon as she had left, he said in near amazement, "You're really hot aren't you?"

    "Women tend that way when they wear dresses so short that their panties show and men feel them up, Honey. Come on. Let's dance."

    It was a fast number, and with my husband twirling me around, spinning me in and out, my skirt rose up my hips until it was almost bunched around my waist with my wet panties almost constantly exposed. If that wasn't enough, every time he spun me, my tits bounced and shook. Before the song ended, over half the men in the club had their eyes on my shaking tits or my panties.

    As soon as the song was over, a sexy looking guy with long hair tapped Jeff on the shoulder and asked, "May I cut in?".

    I had already been checking the guy out before he had said anything to my husband. Even with his long flowing hair, there was nothing remotely effeminate about the guy. In spite of his loose-fitting shirt and pants, his muscular chest and powerful arms were obvious as was the large erection he had gotten staring at my wet panties.

    "It's up to my wife," I heard Jeff say. "Gayle, do you want to dance with him?"

    "Sure, why not," I said. "You can't expect to monopolize my attention all evening, Honey." Jeff nodded, and I moved into the man's arms, which immediately circled my waist and pressed my body against his.

    "Hello, Gayle. I'm Greg. Let's dance. I love holding married women in my arms."

    This time, it was a slow number, and he took full advantage. The band had been playing no more than 30 seconds before he had my tits pressed hard against the rippling muscles of his chest and his erection thrusting into the V of my legs. Not only were my panties soaked, but my clitoris was now contracting each time he ground his cock into pussy.

    "MMmmmmm... that feels big and hard," I gasped.

    "It is. So do your fantastic tits. You're easily the best-looking, sexiest, and most sensuous woman in the club."

    "Thank you kind Sir," I whispered in his ear.

    "I come here three or four times a week because the hottest and sexiest women are always here. Every time I'm here, I pick out the most beautiful, the hottest, and the most sensuous woman present, and I fuck her. No exceptions, and tonight it's you," he said with total certainty. My clit contracted even harder.

    "My husband's here," I protested.

    "Doesn't matter. Over half the time, the woman's husband is present. I fuck them anyway. Always."

    "And the woman? Doesn't she have anything to say about it?"

    "Of course. No means no... always. But they never say no, and neither will you."

    "How do you know?"

    "Simple. You're not wearing a bra, and your nipples are so hard they look like they might punch holes in your dress. You let your dress stayed bunched around your waist for at least 10 minutes when you were dancing with your husband. Your panties are soaked and buried between your buttocks, and every time I thrust my cock against your pussy, you moan softly as your clit throbs... right?"

    "Oh god, yes. You're right, I am hot... really hot. But my husband's still here, and I can't have sex with you."

    "Don't worry. He won't know. He may suspect, but you can lie, and he won't know. When the song is over, invite me to join the two of you at your table."

    I felt mesmerized by this rugged, confident stud. When the song ended, it didn't even occur to me not to invite him to join Jeff and I. When we got to our table, I introduced the two men. "I hope you don't mind, Honey, but I like having two handsome men to dance with me, so I've invited Greg to join us."

    "Sure. No problem." My husband motioned for the waitress and ordered a drink for our guest. While we waited, the two men discussed all the sexy women that could be seen from our table. I was feeling a little left out until I felt Greg's hand moving over my thigh. As Jeff continued to discuss which of the women looked the hottest, Greg gradually turned my body until I was essentially sitting on my left hip facing him. Once he had me in position, his fingers moved to my panties and stroked up and down my wet slit. I had to bit my lip to keep from crying out.

    Without looking at me, Greg continued to elicit comments about various women from my husband. In less than a minute, he had slipped his fingers beneath the gusset of my panties and pulled them to one side completely exposing my gaping, wet, and very ready cunt. I couldn't suppress the groan when his fingers entered my vagina and toyed with my throbbing clitoris. Fortunately, the band was so loud, Jeff didn't hear me.

    Finally, Jeff said, "I think it's my turn to dance with Gayle. Ok?"

    "Of course. I'll just enjoy my drink and wait for my turn," Greg said with a calm smile as he pulled his fingers from my throbbing cunt.

    Once we were out on the dance floor, Jeff whispered in my ear, "It looked like Greg was dry fucking you during that last dance, Gayle."

    "I guess he sort of was, but it was just hot, sexy dancing... nothing more. You said I could tease other men. Have you changed your mind?"

    "No way. I got hard as stone watching the two of you."

    "Good. All he's going to get to do is get me really heated up for your big hard cock. So make sure it's ready, because when we leave here, I'm going to need it big time. Are you sure you don't mind my flirting with Greg? If you do, I'll stop. But I did warn you that if you want me to dress hot, men are going to hit on me."

    "I know, and it's really turning me on."

    When the song ended and we returned to our table, Greg had finished his drink. "I think it's my turn now," he said with a boyish grin.

    "Yep," Jeff replied. "Have fun. I'm going to hit the men's room, Honey, while you two dance."

    Greg pulled me out onto the dance floor, but never took his eyes off my husband. When Jeff pushed the table back and headed in the direction of the men's room, Greg said, "Ok. Let's go."


    "The Manger's office. I have a key. Come on."


    I knew the dance would last at least 10 minutes... or maybe even 15, so I took my time. There were so many hot chicks around, most of whom were wearing outfits almost as provocative as my wife's, that I spent some time checking out their tits and legs. One woman even smiled at me and flashed her naked pussy when she saw me looking.

    After doing my business in the men's room and washing up, I returned to the bar and picked up another round of drinks for the three of us. When I got back to our table with them, I was still alone. Obviously, Greg and Gayle were still on the dance floor. I figured they must have come back after the song ended and found that I was still gone. So, naturally, Greg took advantage of my delay to get my wife back out on the dance floor.

    As I sipped my drink, I looked for them without success. Figuring that Greg probably had taken Gayle to the darker portions of the dance floor to try to make out with her, I got up and walked around the perimeter of the floor. It was pretty crowded out there, and I still had not found them after making a complete circuit of the area.

    "Well, shit," I said half aloud and half to myself. "I must have missed them. I'll go more slowly this time."

    Before I was halfway around the floor, the song ended so I headed back to our table. It was still empty. Now, the band started a new song. Greg must have thought his ship had come in. Four dances in a row without giving me a turn. "Damn. I shouldn't have spent so much time staring at that woman's cunt, but how often does a good looking woman flash her cunt at you," I thought with a smile.

    Once more I was about halfway around the perimeter of the dance floor without seeing Greg or my wife. At this point, Gwen approached me. "Hi, Jeff. This is the third or fourth time I've watched you circling and searching the entire dance floor. Are you trying to find your wife, by any chance?"

    "Yeah. I am."

    "Well, don't wear yourself out searching the dance floor. She's not dancing right now. I've put another drink on your table... complements of the house. Sit down, enjoy it, and relax. Your wife will be back soon."

    "Where is she? Do you know?"

    "Not exactly. She's with Greg, but you already know that. He's the assistant manager of the club. He's really proud of the place and always likes to show it off to new guests. Don't worry. They'll be back soon."


    As soon as the door to the manger's office closed behind us, Greg locked it, and pulled me onto a large sectional couch. In an instant, we were locked in a sensuous embrace... kissing and fondling each other's body.

    As his lips worked against mine, his hand was busy cupping and squeezing my breast. Mine was equally busy stroking the length of his rock-hard erection.

    "Fuck. You have awesome tits, Gayle," he moaned.

    "And you have an incredibly hard cock. How big is it?"

    "Eight inches... and thick. You won't believe how many times you're going to cum on it."

    I was now moaning as one of his hands continued to caress my breast while the other one pulled my left leg over his turning my body toward his and exposing almost all of my thigh. As his hand stroked up and down my thigh and over my buttocks, I could feel my panties being pulled tightly into my slot.

    When I ran my hand along the full length of Greg's dick, I was amazed. "Your cock's got to be at least eight inches. Jezz... It's huge!"

    "It's almost nine," he groaned as his hips thrust upward against my stroking hand at the same time as his hand roamed over my ass.

    "Oh fuck! That's a full inch and a half longer than my husband... and it feels even thicker."

    "Do you like big cocks up your cunt, Gayle?"

    "Every woman likes big cocks in her pussy, Honey. Some say they don't, but they're either lying to keep their husbands from feeling inadequate, or they've never had a really big one."

    "Have you had big ones?"

    "Yeah... Several... and recently."

    "Want another one?"

    "You sexy bastard. You know I do. Can I suck it?"

    "Oh hell yes! Do it!"

    I leaned over Greg's thighs and rubbed his big erection. Unzipping his pants, I giggled when I saw he wasn't wearing any underwear. His throbbing shaft was already jerking as it tried to escape the confines of his tight jeans. Reaching in, I pulled it out.

    "Oh my gawd! Its even bigger than I thought," I gasped as I gripped his sex spike around the base. At least seven inches of throbbing dick extended past my hand.

    When I ran my tongue up its full length and swabbed it over the head, Greg groaned. His organ jerked and contracted in my hand. Several drops of precum ran from its tip. His hips arched upward off the couch and pumped his dick back and forth in my hand.

    "Suck it, Gayle. Suck Me!" he pleaded. The throbbing head was now a deep purple as the shaft filled with more and more blood making it swell to huge proportions. My pussy was throbbing so hard now, I couldn't wait a moment longer to get Greg's dick inside my mouth.


    Even though I had promised my husband I wouldn’t let anyone fuck me, I knew that
    Greg’s cock was soon going to be buried inside my cunt.

    After a few minutes of slowly working the big shaft deeper and deeper into my mouth and throat, I was finally able to lock my lips firmly about the base of his dick each time I moved my head down his shaft. At first, Greg remained still letting me take his rod at my own pace, but once it was buried down my throat, his ass began hunching upward essentially fucking my mouth and throat. I came a second time... this time even harder than before.

    "Oh shit," he groaned. "I want to fuck you, Gayle. I've got to fuck you! Now!! Stand up so I can get your panties off."

    "I promised my husband that I wouldn't fuck anyone."

    "Forget that. I'm going to fuck you. Hard and deep."

    "Oh god... I know... I know. Hurry!"

    "Stand up!"

    I scrambled off the couch, pulled my dress up around my waist and backed up to Greg so he could remove my panties. He wasted no time. My vagina throbbed on the edge of another hard orgasm when I felt my panties sliding down my thighs.

    As I stepped out of my panties and kicked them aside, Greg's voice sent shudders through my cunt. "MOUNT! NOW! GET THAT HOT CUNT ON MY DICK, GAYLE!!"

    Straddling his thighs, I spread my pussy open with one hand and slowly worked the business end of Greg's big shaft back and forth through my sex trench getting it wet. With my pussy flowing copiously, it only took a few passes to thoroughly lubricate the big penis. Guiding me with his hands on my hips, Greg pulled me down on his shaft and entered me.

    I hissed with hot female pleasure at the intense sensation of that big sex spike stretching me open and sinking into my depths. Moments later, I was ramming my pussy down on his lance screaming and moaning every time it thudded into the bottom of my convulsing hole.


    "Your dress! YOUR DRESS! PULL YOUR DRESS UP. GET THOSE TITS OUT!" he yelled as he pistoned his plunger in and out of my erupting hole.

    "Oh god yes!" I howled as I yanked my dress up above my naked tits. "Look at my big tits, Stud. Look how you're making them bounce like crazy when you fuck meeee.... LOOK AT MY TITS!"

    "Oh hell, I love your big tits, Gayle, but I love your hot, wet cunt even better. I can't hold it much longer. Gonna shoot soon, Baby."

    "I need for you to pull out, Honey, so my husband won't know you fucked me. At most, he thinks I might jack you off. If you cream my pussy, he might not ever let me come back here."

    "No problem. But I come a lot harder when I'm on top fucking you missionary. Pull that hot snatch off my pole, Honey, and get on your back... legs up and wide open. And you'd better take off that dress unless you want to get cum stains all over it."

    "Oh yeah!" I moaned as l lifted my pussy off Greg's shaft, pulled my dress over my head, and rolled onto the couch on my back. As Greg moved between my thighs, I lifted them to elevate my pussy. Grasping both legs, he adjusted my position to align his sex gun with my now gaping opening and plunged the full length of his dick into me.

    "GGGHHHAAAAAAAAA! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE!!" I howled. Greg pounded me relentlessly... slugging his tool in and out of my hole with ever increasing speed and depth.

    The hot squishing sounds of his cock plunging in and out of my soaked vagina filled the room. I could smell the musky aroma of my pussy as I throbbed around his dick.

    "Can you smell my hot cunt, Lover?"

    "Yes. Oh hell yes!"

    "Fuck it! Fuck it hard, Lover. Fuck that big dick into me!"

    "Oh shit. I'm gonna cum!"

    "Pull out and cream me... shoot in my mouth. I'll keep it wide open for you. Jizzz me, Baby!"

    Greg's load fired out of his throbbing shaft coating my belly, tits, and face. As his orgasm ebbed, I cleaned his dick like a good slut should.

    I had multiple orgasms on Greg’s big cock as he
    pounded it into me relentlessly.


    When I returned to our table, Jeff looked puzzled. "Where did you go, Gayle. You've been gone for almost a half hour or more."

    "Well, when you didn't come back from the men's room, I just kept dancing with Greg until he asked me if I would like a tour of the club. I agreed."

    "It didn't take a half hour to tour this club, Gayle," my husband protested.

    "No, it didn't. When he was showing me the business offices, we started making out. You had to know we would after seeing the way he was grinding his cock into my pussy out on the dance floor."

    "Yeah. So what happened?"

    "We kissed a lot. He played with my tits, and I finally let him take them out of my dress. After a little while, he took off my panties and I got his dick out of his pants. We ended up masturbating each other until we both had an orgasm. Then I put my panties back on and came back to our table. You told me you could handle my flirting and fooling around a little with other men. Have you changed your mind?"

    "God no. I'm just so hard it hurts.. Let's leave and go somewhere where I can fuck you."


    When Jeff opened the front door for me a little after midnight, I didn't manage to get past our couch in the den. He was on me as soon as the door closed behind us. My micro-mini dress was unzipped and pulled off of my body in no more than 10 seconds.

    "Let's go to the bedroom first, Honey," I suggested to no avail.

    "I can't wait that long," he growled as he tore my nylon panties into two pieces and tossed them aside. "Get on the couch, you hot sexy Bitch. Bend over. Get that hot ass up in the air and pull your pussy open. NOW!"

    I followed his orders, but apparently not fast enough. I was halfway to the couch when my wildly excited husband picked me up and put me on my knees on the couch. I wasn't spread wide enough for his pleasure, so he jerked my right leg off the couch and bent me over.

    Somehow he had gotten his clothes off and I quickly felt his naked body behind me. Using both hands on my ass, he spread me open and rammed his engorged brick-hard cock against my pussy. The throbbing head hit my lips just to the side of my opening. I was so wet and slick, it slid off my lips and into my hole. His first thrust buried all seven and a half inches of meat into me. I hissed in hot pleasure. A moment later, he was using one hand to hold my hips in position. His other hand was wrapped in my hair pulling my head back every time he slammed his dick into my cunt. I could never remember by husband fucking me so hard... so deep... so fast. My vagina erupted in near record time and his orgasm exploded inside me less than a minute later.

    I felt his shaft throb hard inside me at least six or seven times with each contraction sending a thick stream of semen shooting into my pussy. If had not been on the pill, there wasn't a chance in hell that Jeff's monster load would not have impregnated me.

    I expected my husband to dismount my body and lead me to the bedroom where we would make love rather than just fuck, but he had other ideas. With a shock, I realized that his dick was still hard as iron and he was ramming it into me like a pile driver. The thick load of semen he had pumped into my hole was being churned into a white froth that I could feel coating the lips of my pussy and my thighs.

    "I want you on your back so I can ram my cock into you. Turn over, Gayle."

    I flipped over onto my back, but didn't raise my legs. "Get your legs up in the air so I can get into you deep," he growled. I raised them, but not far enough. He shoved them even further back until my heels were high above my head. "Now hold them up, Gayle. Spread wide open."

    When my position satisfied my hot stud, he slammed his cock into me. It thudded into the bottom of my hole with authority bringing a hot grunt of mixed pleasure and momentary pain.

    "Hot slutty bitch," he growled. "Jacking off that guy and letting him finger fuck you."

    I could feel my husband's cock throbbing like mad when he said it. "Tell me everything. How did you jack him off?"

    "Ahhhh aaaahh... OOoohhh god... just fuck me, Baby. I'm almost there again!"

    "Tell me!" he screamed.

    "Before I jacked him off, I stripped off my dress and panties."

    "AAAGGHHHAAA... HOT SLUTTY WIFE. He could see your cunt, couldn't he?"

    "Of course he could see my cunt. I was wide open."

    "Oohhh that's so fucking hot. Did he spread you wide open and make you pull your legs back?"

    "Yes... wide open... he told me to touch my tits with my knees. He could see every thing."

    "AAAhhhhh god... I'm cumming! Jeff shouted.

    Once more, Jeff shot a big load of semen into my cunt, and once again, his cock didn't soften much, if any at all. The sexy squishing noises of his dick plunging in and out of my cum-filled vagina filled the room.

    "Oh god, Jeff. Fuck me harder. I'm going to cum again too. Bang it into my hot hole, Stud!"


    I was naked before except for my hose and heels before we ever reached our home. Calvin was a wild man screaming at me to take out my tits and play with my nipples. I did it, but that only enflamed his lust even more. Next, he made me remove my dress and bra completely leaving me only in hose, a drenched thong, and my heels.

    "Did you strip like that when you jacked off Trace?" he groaned.

    "No... not exactly like this," I replied in the most sultry voice I could manage.

    "How then?"

    "I still have my thong on. He wouldn't permit me to keep it on. I had to jack him off while I was naked except for my hose and heels."

    "Take off your gawd damn thong! I want you the way you were when you jacked him off.

    "Whatever you say, Darling." Quickly, I stripped off my thong. "He also made me spread my legs wide open. Like this, Honey. I didn't want to, but I figured the hotter I got him, the sooner I could make him shoot off so I could get back to you."

    "Show me!"

    "Something like this," I hissed. "Trace even made me hold my pussy open for him so he could see into my hole."

    "Ooohhhh my god... which hand did you use when you jacked Trace off?" Calvin moaned.

    "Usually my right hand, but he's really big so some of the time I used both hands."

    "AAAaaahhhhhh... ooohhhhhh god. Do me that way."

    I will if you want me to, Honey, but I would really rather you take me in the house and fuck me. I want your huge load up my hot cunt."

    My husband had to press his thighs together and bend over at the waist to suppress his orgasm. I knew it was beyond slutty to make up all these lies just to turn him on, but I didn't think I could tell him that I had actually sucked Trace off.

    Once Calvin got his impending orgasm under control, he got out of the car and pulled me out after him... still naked save for my CFM heels and stockings. "Oh shit. Let me put on my dress, Honey."

    "Can't wait. Besides the neighbors have already seen your big tits and pussy. Let's go. Now."

    While I continued to plead with Calvin to please let me put on some clothing, I was so wildly excited to be led across our front lawn naked and be made to stand on our front porch under the light while Calvin opened the door, that I was on the naked edge of an intense climax.

    When we reached the front porch, Calvin took his time locating the house key. He still hadn't found it when he said, "The neighbors have seen your hot ass, Ellen. Turn around and face the other houses so they can see those big tits and your pussy."

    "Oh please, Calvin. Every one of our neighbors can see every thing."

    "Not quite. With your pussy shaved and your legs together, they can't really see your cunt. Put sit down in the porch chair and spread wide while I find the house key."


    "Do it."

    Sitting down, I opened my legs as wide as I could. On the pretext of spreading my pussy, I rubbed my clit lightly. That was all it took. My vagina and clitoris went into hard spastic contractions causing me to shudder and moan.

    "God. You're cumming!" Calvin said in amazement.

    "Yessss... cumming... I'm cumming so fucking hard!!"

    I continued to shudder in my orgasm for the 30 seconds or so it took Calvin to open our front door. When he pulled me inside, I was convulsing in another climax.

    Stripping quickly, Calvin put me on my back on the hard floor, hoisted my heels up onto his shoulders, and rammed his engorged cock into my wet hole. I grunted when it thudded into my cervix.

    "Let's go to the bedroom, Honey. This floor is hard on my back and ass," I pleaded.

    My husband was so wildly excited, I don't think he even heard me. He just continued fucking me like an out-of-control fucking machine hammering his cock into my pussy again and again. In spite of the uncomfortable floor, my vagina erupted in another intense climax. It only took him a few minutes to empty a huge cum load into me, but amazingly, he didn't lose his erection. It even seemed to get bigger and harder.

    After my first screwing on the floor, Calvin mercifully pulled me to my feet and put me on our large couch. Getting behind me in spoon position, he hiked my right leg high in the air to expose my cunt hole and rammed his cock back inside me.

    "Ohhhh jesus... Calvin., You're fucking the shit out of meeeeeeee.... ram your slutty wife's cunt, Baby. Fuck me hard! AAAhhhhhh good...soooo damn good. Bang it, Baby. Bang my hole!"

    As soon as he had ejaculated a second time, I felt him turning me onto my hands and knees and boosting my ass high in the air. He gave me my third hard fucking in doggy position, but didn't shoot off inside my pussy. When my orgasm ebbed, Calvin pulled his still iron-hard cock out of my cunt and pushed it into my ass. It took him a couple of minutes working it back and forth to get all the way inside me. Once he did, he ass fucked my hard and deep. I came twice before I felt him shooting his third load into me.


    "Ooooohhhhh gawd damn, Calvin, you're in my ass again! How many times are you planning on fucking me tonight?"

    "I don't ... ungh... ungh... ungh... hot, tight asshole... aaahhh... so good. Don't know... I just can't seem... ooohhhh squeeze my dick, Ellen. Hard... aaaahhh... love being your hot ass... can't seem to stop... can't get enough of you. Do you want ... oooohhh fuck... it feels like you're gonna squeeze my dick off.... Do you want me to stop?"

    "Don't you dare stop, you hot stud. I'm about to cum again. Stop, and I'll kick you in the balls... Fuck me, Baby. Fuck your wife's hot ass. UUNnngghhh.... UUNNgghhh... you Bastard... you're making me cum again.... aaaahhhh... ooohhhh... yesss... stick it to meeeeeeeeeee.... I'm cumming!"


    "I AM! I AM CUMMING! AAAHHHHHHHHH!!! GOD! YOU'RE AWESOME, BABY. You can fuck any of my holes you want anytime... anyplace. On our front porch if you like."

    "My turn, Honey. I want to shoot in your ass again."

    "Do it. Shoot it in, Stud!"

    I want you to ride my cock with your asshole and get me off this time. Would you?"

    "Anytime! Just lie back and let your slutty wife ass sit your big cock and make it shoot."

    I straddled Calvin hips and lowered my ass over his dick. We were still oiled up from our previous sex earlier in the evening so his shaft entered me easily. I dropped my ass down his shaft while he held my waist and pistoned his dick upward into my waiting hole.

    "GGHHaaaaa... big dick ... big hard dick is in meeeeeeeeeeee," I hissed as his balls mashed against my ass. "Now jack hammer your big cock into my ass, Honey. Make us both cum."


    "Oh hell yes! GIVE IT TO ME!"

    My husband had never screwed me so many times in one evening, not even on our honeymoon.


    Around 2 AM, I felt myself being rolled onto my back and my legs being spread. When Jeff mounted me, I came partially awake. I awoke a little more when he pushed my knees back against my chest. When his rigid cock sank into my pussy, I was wide awake and moaning with the power and force of his deep thrusts.

    "My god, Jeff. You're fucking me again.... ooohhh god .... shit.... you're so fucking hard! How are you doing this. You've already fucked me five times.... Six times in one evening? How is that possible?"

    "Stop counting and start humping that luscious ass of yours. Squeeze my dick with your tight vagina, Honey. Ahhhhh fuck! You're cunt's so slick....so hot! It feels so damn good! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Oh man... what a cunt! Going fill it again, Honey."



    The next day while our husband's were at work, Gayle and I were having lunch together at Panera's. For the first half hour, we filled each other in on all the hot details of our erotic night with our stunned husbands.

    "Isn't that just amazing," Gayle exclaimed. "Without even discussing it, we both lied to our husbands in the same way. I fucked my stud and you sucked yours off. Then we told our husbands that all we had done was jack them off. Wow!"

    "It is amazing, but the most amazing part is how hot they both got hearing us telling them how we had masturbated our guys. Just think... if they get that hot and hard over a lie about jacking a guy off... how hard and hot would they get if we told what we had really done."

    "They'd either shoot off in their pants instantly or file for divorce. Not sure which."

    "Neither am I. So we're agreed. We don't tell them... at least not yet. I think we should do Phase 3 a few more times and then start Phase 4."

    "Agreed. Phase 3 is fun, but Phase 4 will be even hotter."

    "It will. By the way, how many times did Jeff screw you last night?"

    "Six times, unless he did me while I was asleep and too exhausted to wake up."

    "I doubt that. This time I beat you by one. Calvin banged me seven times.


    According to plan, Gayle and I didn't go out night clubbing with our husbands for the next week. Instead, we entertained them at home every night was a wide variety of sensuous, and sexy activities that both of them had often fantasized about but which neither of them had ever enjoyed.

    On Tuesday while Calvin and Jeff were both at work, each received a call on their private cell phone from their wife. Since Gayle and I had discussed exactly what we were going to do and say, both calls were almost identical. Naturally, we didn't tell them that.

    "Hi, Ellen. Is every thing all right?" Calvin wanted to know.

    "MMmmmm... it's very good... oohhh ... yesss... it's so very good. But it could be so much better, Darling."

    "What? What's good? What's going on? Tell me."

    "UUmmmmmm.... it's not what's going on, Baby... aaahhhhh... oohhhh fuckkkk.... uuunnnnn.... it's what going innnnnnnnn.... innnnnnnnn.... so fucking deep."

    "Where are you? What's happening? Oh shit. Tell me!"

    "Aaahhh.... OOOhhhhh.... OOOhhhh... mmmmmmmm... I'm in bed, Lover. In our bed."

    "Ok... you're in our bed. What's happening?"

    "uunnghhh... AAHH! AAHH! I told you, Honey... It's going innnnnnnn... OOooouuuuu.... IIINNNNN... IINNNNN!"

    "Are you being fucked? In our bed? Tell me, dammit!"

    "OOOHHHhhh god... Yes, I'm being fucked.... and it's sinking into me so fucking deep! AAAAHHHHHH!! I'M CUMMING!"

    "Who's fucking you? Who is he? Tell me!!"

    "GGGHHAAAA.... can't talk.... aaaahhh... uugghhh... can't.... cumming... hard... oooohhhh fuckkkkkk!!"

    "Tell me, you hot Bitch! Tell me!"

    "It's not a 'who', Honey. It's a 'what'."

    "What the hell are you talking about?"

    "Mmmmmmmm... I'm talking about this big, thick, long vibrator I'm masturbating with, Baby. Haven't you always wanted see me masturbate, Lover? You used to ask me to do it ... over and over. Well, I just finished making myself cum for the second time today. I'm on my back in our bed with my legs wide open, and Mr. Big Cock is inside your wife's cunt, Lover."

    "Oh fuck! That's so hot! Will you do it again when I get home so I can watch? Please," my husband begged.

    "Do you really want to watch your slutty wife fuck her hot cunt with a huge vibrator?"

    "Ooohhhh god. You've got me so fucking hard!"

    "Don't you dare jack off!"

    "All right... all right. I won't. Will you do it again and let me watch?"

    "Mr. Big Cock has a small attachment that presses against my clit and vibrates it like crazy. I cum so fucking hard!! You sure you want to see Mr. Big Cock making your wife cum, Honey?"

    "Oh please... PLEASE!"

    "I'll think about it... but don't you dare jack off. Your load belongs inside your wife... not on your hand and chest. See you at 5:30, Stud."

    As I expected, Calvin charged into our house 20 minutes earlier than usual... a little after 5 PM. His pants were already hugely tented by his throbbing erection. "Ellen! Ellen! Where are you, Ellen?" he screamed.

    I waited until he had checked the den and the kitchen and called to me again. "Ellen... ELLEN! WHERE ARE YOU?"

    "OOHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK... Mr. Big Cock's fucking me in our bedroom! He's really ramming it up your wife's hot cunt, Lover! If you want to see him screwing me, come in and watch, but don't you dare try to interrupt him. When he fucks a wife, he doesn't put up with any interruptions or bullshit from their husband. Once he's got his huge dick up a hot wife, it stays in her until he empties his load. Understand?"

    Judging from his rapid footfalls, Calvin ran to our bedroom. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me spread out in the middle of our bed. I was naked save for a transparent, black thong, a pair of fishnet, crotchless pantyhose, and a pair of black spikes with awesome 6-inch heels. My right knee was steepled, and my left leg was splayed wide. The black thong was pulled to one side completely exposing my cunt and engorged clitoris.

    Calvin watched, mesmerized, as my ass pumped frantically on the bed. The nine-inch, thick, blue vibrator moved easily in and out of gushing hole. Each time Mr. Big Cock rammed into me, the clit vibrator mashed against my clitoris bringing wild squeals of hot pleasure from my lips.

    "Oh gawd damn! Fuck me, you big-cocked stud. Ram that huge dick up my hole. But hurry... you have to finish fucking me before my husband comes home from work. He'd divorce me if he knew you screwed me almost every day while he's working. Bang it, Stud. BANG MY MARRIED CUNT!" I screamed.

    Calvin had his cock out jacking off frantically. His eyes never left my pussy and the sight of that thick shaft plunging in and out of me. Each time my hand drove it inward, my ass arched upward to take its entire length inside my vagina.

    Looking over at my husband, I groaned, "Ooohhh god... you're Calvin aren't you ... Ellen's husband? Mr. Big Cock invited you to come over and fuck me after he finishes... that is why you're here isn't? To fuck my married cunt after he shoots his load into me? Well, isn't it?" I asked while pumping the vibrator even faster in and out of my pussy.

    "Yess... that's why I came over. To fuck you. Big Cock told me that you're a delicious, hot piece of ass."

    "I am, Baby. I am. But if you tell my husband that you fucked me, I'll tell your conservative, prudish wife, and I know her, if she finds out you fucked me, you can kiss your cheating ass goodbye... AAAahhhh God! He's shooting.... he's cumming inside my hot cunt. Hope you like sloppy seconds, Calvin.. OOOHHHH FUCKKK! UUNNGGHH!! CUMMING... CUMMING ON HIS HUGE DICK!"

    For a moment, I was afraid I had made it too erotic. When Calvin saw my pussy throbbing around the big vibe, I thought he would lose it and shoot all over the bed and floor. Fortunately, he pressed his legs together hard and managed to get his impending orgasm to subside.

    Even before my orgasm had ebbed, I yanked the vibrator out of my now gaping pussy, pulled my legs back to expose my cunt totally, and groaned, "Get on me, Calvin. Get that hard dick into my cunt hole and fuck the shit out of me!"

    In a flash, he was one me and in me. As his cock plunged into my wet hole and banged hard against my cervix, he gasped and asked, "Why are you wearing glasses?"

    "Because I can't see your cock sinking into my cunt without my glasses, Stud. Ellen doesn't need to glasses, but I do. Now do you want to discuss why Jean needs glasses but Ellen doesn't, or would your rather fuck my married pussy?"

    "Fuck your married pussy, Jean. Wrap your legs around me, Slut."

    "MMMmmmm... love dominant men. Give it to me, Stud... but don't you dare tell Stan, or I'll rat you out to Ellen....AAAhhhhh... love that hard dick. Your wife's crazy not to fuck you so much that you can't get it up for hot sluts like me. Ram that hard dick into me, Baby!"


    Calvin didn't let me out of the bed until he had screwed three times. He even wanted me to suck him hard again so he could fuck me a fourth time, but I told him I was hungry and to save it for later tonight.

    When he finally rolled from between my legs and sat up on the side of the bed, he shook his head and said, "That was the most erotic, fantastic afternoon sex I've ever had in my whole life, Ellen. I got to watch you masturbate after years of fantasizing about it, and afterwards, the sex was so incredibly hot and exotic, I could screw you two or three more times easily. I can't thank you enough, Darling."

    "I loved it just as much as you did, Honey. I'm so sorry I made you wait for so many years. I promise that's not going to happen again. Now, I need to fix supper and get some food in my stomach if you plan on fucking me several more times tonight."

    As we ate dinner, I couldn't help but wonder what Jeff had done when he found his wife in their bedroom wearing black vinyl with the bodice missing so that her big, naked tits thrust out like twin cannons. I knew she was going to be wearing torn, thigh-high fishnet stockings, black panties, and 6-inch spike heels.... all pure slut wear. And when Jeff entered their bedroom, he was going to find his wife with her panties pulled aside and her fingers rubbing her clit and furiously finger fucking her hot hole. I knew she would tell me all the hot details the next day, but I was very curious already.

    The Plan - Phase 4: The Studio:

    On Monday of the following week, I called Gayle as soon as Calvin had left for work. "Hi. Has Jeff left yet? Can we talk?"

    "Yeah. He left about ten minutes ago. So tell me, how's the sex life at your house?"

    "Unbelievable! Calvin's screwing me so much that I'm sort of afraid that he might hurt himself. He hasn't failed to fuck me at least once every single day since we got back from the resort, and most of the time it's more than that."

    "Tell me about it. Jeff had turned into a real animal in bed... or out of it, for that matter."

    "Let me guess. He bends you over the sink and fucks you while you're trying to cook dinner or over the washing machine when you're doing the laundry. Right?"

    "Obviously, you've gotten your share of cock while bent over the sink or washing machine, you hot slut."

    "Oh I have... I have! Calvin's even fucked me in the back seat of the car and out in the back yard while I was soaking up some sun last Saturday afternoon."

    "And you fought like a tigress, right?"

    "Absolutely. I wrapped my legs around that vicious rapist and almost squeezed him in half."

    "I'm loving this, Ellen. Really loving it. You?"

    "Same. Are you ready for the photo shoot? I've got it set up for 1 PM this afternoon at Jacque's studio on the corner of Shartel and Lambert."

    "Who's the photographer going to be?"

    "Jacque... who else? When I told what we have in mind, there was no way in hell that sexy stud was going to let anyone else take the photos other than him."

    "Do you think he will behave himself?"

    "I seriously doubt it. I think he's going to be doing every thing he can think of to get more than just a fee for taking professional photos. But, I'm sure he's discrete. At least, that's the word from Gloria."

    "Ok. 1 PM today. Is every thing already at the studio?"

    "Yep. Every thing except us. See you at 1 PM."


    When we had met with Jacque LeCarre three days earlier and asked him about taking some professional quality erotic photos for the private use of our husbands, he said that wouldn't be a problem. In fact, he had informed us that a lot of wives like to have that done as a gift to their husbands... or perhaps their lovers or boyfriends. He even showed us some of his work without revealing the names of the wives who were posing for his cameras.

    When I had mentioned the fact that we would hate to see our photos appearing on the pages of some raunchy men's magazine, he had carefully explained that he had a great business with a degree in photographic arts, and that there was no way in hell that he was going to risk all that to make a few extra bucks selling our photos to some sleazy magazine.

    I had to smile to myself when I recalled his next comment after assuring us that we should have no worries about him distributing our photos.

    "Now, I want to be totally honest with you beautiful women," he had said with a boyish, captivating smile. "While I will never distribute nor sell your photos, I most certainly will keep copies for my own personal enjoyment."

    Neither Gayle nor I bothered to ask what he meant by his "personal enjoyment" as that was totally obvious. In fact, the mental image of that handsome, young stud getting off while looking at our photos had made my pussy throb. After we had made the arrangements and left, Gayle admitted that she had had the same reaction.

    At 12:30 PM, I was dressed in a very tight grey sweater and black mini-skirt with sheer, white panties and mean-looking 5-inch spike heels. The more exotic outfits for the photo shoot were already at Jacque's. It was 12:40 when I picked up Gayle. She was also dressed similarly in a black mini-skirt and white teddy with a jacket matching her skirt. Her pink panties were hot as were her spike heels. With the jacket on, no cleavage showed, but when it was off, over half of her big tits were on display.

    We arrived at Jacque's Studio promptly at 1 PM. As he had promised, the studio was locked for the day after our arrival. The only persons present were Jacque, one of his assistants, and the two of us. The sets we had discussed were in place as were the lights and various cameras for wide-angle, normal, and close-up shots.

    I had wondered how Jacque would dress for the erotic, sexy photo shoot. Now I knew. Gone were the formal slacks, tailored shirt, and jacket. In their place, he wore a tight T-shirt that emphasized his trim, well-built body, and pair of tight shorts that were obviously designed to show off any erection he might get while photographing us. I wondered if he wore briefs beneath his shorts. My money was on the "no briefs" option.

    His assistant was a rugged-looking guy with tats over one arm. He also wore a tight T-shirt and equally tight shorts. If there had been a tote board and betting, I would have taken a daily double option that neither man wore anything beneath his shorts.

    "Damn, but the two of you already look hot and sexy, and you just got here. I love the outfits. I suggest we start with a few shots of both of you in those street clothes and then move onto the more exotic outfits. How does that sound?" Jacque asked.

    "You're the professional, Jacque," I responded. "We're in your hands this afternoon." His smile let us know that the double entendre of my comment had not escaped his attention.

    The photo shoot started around 1:20 PM with me posing on my knees and elbows on one of the beds in the studio with my heels extending off the edge. While I was still fully dressed, my bent over position caused my short mini-skirt to ride halfway up my ass exposing a side view of my ass since my bikini panties were sunk between my buttocks and covered nothing.

    The clicking sound of the camera snapping shot after shot filled the room. After taking several shots from the side, Jacque moved behind me so that my entire ass was exposed to the camera's lens. Click... click... click...click... click... over and over. We were only 10 minutes into the photo shoot with me still fully dressed, but already my pussy was wet.

    "Ok. Take a rest, Ellen. Your turn, Gayle. How about removing that jacket. It covers too much."

    I think Gayle hesitated almost a millisecond before taking off the jacket and handing to the assistant, whose name we had learned was James. Now it was my turn to watch as Jacque posed my sexy friend in alluring poses. The first one had her sitting on the side of Jacque's desk, one heel on the floor with her other leg hanging over the edge.

    Jacque moved her legs just far enough apart to expose half of her thighs.

    Stepping back, Jacque snapped several photos, but shook his head. "That doesn't quite to it. Put your right hand on the top of your breast, Gayle, like your caressing it to entice a lover. Oh yeah! Just like that. Damn! Love that pose!"

    Click... click... click... click... click... click...

    "Now, turn around Gayle. Pull your skirt up around your waist and put your left knee up on the desk. Yes...like that. God! What a view! Move your right leg a little wider to expose more of your panties. Oh fuck... love the way your panties are slotted in your ass. Now... look back coquettishly over your shoulder at the camera... like you've just caught me staring at your ass... which, by the way, is exactly what both James and I are doing."

    Click... click... click... click... click... click...

    After Jacque had finished taking photos with us in our street clothes, he said it was time to switch to the outfits we had brought. He showed us the dressing room where we could change. "Very professional," I thought to myself. He could have just as easily have had us change right here in front of him and his assistant." Nevertheless, when we left to change, I saw that both men now had partial erections... which wasn't all that professional... I liked that better.

    One of the outfits I had bought at "Secret Hours" at the Tiagua Resort was a "cat woman" ensemble. It was expensive but consisted of almost nothing. The bra was two grey and black triangles of material that did little more than cover my nipples. The bottom of the outfit was an incredibly brief black bikini with rhinestones. The left side was just three straps that circled my hip. The right side was a small solid black triangle of material. In the back, the bikini strap was slotted deep inside my ass crease completely exposing my ass. There was a pair of dark, thigh-high, self-supporting, fishnet stockings with black tops. The platform heels had six-inch heels. Of course, as cat woman, there was a black mask. It was total, complete slut wear. James saw me first when I came out of the dressing room. Instantly, his partial erection surged into a hard, rigid spike of man meat that thrust his tight shorts outward.

    Gayle had chosen to wear a hot, masked-ball outfit. Her top consisted of a white bustier that shoved her big tits up and out. It just barely covered her nipples. The slightest adjustment exposed them. Her black panties covered more than my thong, but hers were transparent nylon. Her black, fishnet stockings were similar to mine as were her black, six-inch heels. To maintain the fiction that she was attending a masked ball, there was an attractive, white mask with purple ribbons attached. With James still leering at me with undisguised lust, Jacque was the first to see Gayle. She got the reaction from his cock and I had gotten from James. Both men seemed to be extremely well endowed.

    "All right," Jacque announced as he tried to adjust his tight shorts to make more room for his erection, "let's start with Ellen." We moved over to the dungeon set, which seemed very appropriate for cat woman. "Let's start with a full-length pose, Ellen, with your arms extended above your head to raise and thrust those big tits forward and show off that incredibly sexy outfit."

    When I had taken the position, I saw James squeezing his cock through his shorts. I wondered if my cuntal secretions would show on my thighs in the pictures. "Pull your shoulders back a little more, Ellen. Ram those big jugs forward." More wetness formed between my thighs.

    Click... click... click... click... click... click...

    "Great! Fantastic! When your husband sees these pics, he's gonna whip it out and masturbate... I don't care where he is." Gayle and I both giggled at the mental image, but my pussy gushed even more. I was certain that Gayle was in the same situation.

    "Now pull those tiny triangles away from your nipples, Ellen. Expose both of your tits. Oh yeah! Like that. Jesus. What a rack! How big are they?"

    "34DD," I answered proudly.

    "God! DD tits on a 34" frame... just unbelievable. Ok. Arms up... shoulders back... tits out."

    Click... click... click... click... click... click...

    "Now squat, Ellen. Sit on those sexy heels you're wearing. That's it. Perfect. Lean back with your hands behind your back on the floor to support your body. Keep your knees high and wide apart. Oh fuck! That pose is right out of every man's hottest wet dream."

    "Really?" I asked. "If that's true, then it should be making both of your hard. Is it?"

    Jacque and James both laughed. "You sexy witch! You know damn well it's making us both hard. In these tight shorts, there no way you don't know that. Right?"

    "Of course Gayle and I both know you're both hard, but we like to hear a man admit it."

    "No problem, Honey. I'm hard as steel and so is James. But back to business. Stop talking and arch your hips. Shove that pussy at the camera. Oh hell yes! Do it. Hump higher!"

    Click... click... click... click... click... click...Click... click... click... click... click... click...

    "Pussy showing time, Ellen. Pull the thong aside and expose that luscious pussy to the camera, Honey." I was shivering with excitement when I pulled my panties aside totally exposing my wet slit, gaping hole, and my ass.

    Click... click... click... click... click... click...Click... click... click... click... click... click...

    "Turn over onto your knees, Ellen. Head on the floor. That's it. Pull your knees up beside your tits and arch your hot ass. God! That's just beyond sexy!"

    Click... click... click... click... click... click...

    "Reach back and pull you buttocks apart. Show the camera your ass and cunt holes, Ellen. Man... what a luscious pair of fuck holes! God! We can see inside both of them."

    Click... click... click... click... click... click...

    Click... click... click... click... click... click...

    I was now so blazing hot my pussy was drenched. With every pose, my clitoris had gotten harder and bigger until at this point it was swollen with the sensitive skin covering it stretched taut. It pulsed slowly, and every time it throbbed hard tremors shook my body.

    "Put this butt plug in your asshole, Ellen. Shove it all the way in so that the flanged end is pressed right against your butt. Do you want some lube?"

    "I think that would be a good idea. My pussy is soaked but not my anus and rectum."

    "You heard the lady, James. Lube up her ass."

    "I thought you would let me do it," I protested.

    "Why? James can see your asshole, you can't. You're in perfect position for him. Just keep your butt up in the air and continue to hold your buttocks apart, Ellen. James will take care of every thing."

    Seeing James approaching with a small bottle of Astroglide in his hand while I knelt like a slave in front of him with my ass high in the air and both my pussy and anus totally exposed had me shuddering in female heat. I knew I would explode in a hard orgasm as soon as he pushed the bottle into my rectum.

    But I was mistaken... badly. James had no intention of shoving the small bottle of lube into my ass. Instead, he squirted the slick liquid onto his fingers and rubbed then all around and over my opening.

    "Ooohhh god... I'm so hot... You're going to make me cum, James," I gasped unable to stop the hot spasms shooting through me.

    Once more, he squirted a generous amount of the lube onto three of his fingers, pressed them together, and pushed them against my anus. I relaxed and my sphincter gave up the fight. The three fingers slid into my rectum all the way to the knuckles. Once they were buried inside me, James began slowly fucking my ass with all three fingers. I didn't last more than 30 seconds before my pussy and rectum went into hard spastic contractions.

    "AAahhhhhh gawd damn! Fuck me faster, James... harder... I'm cumming... oohhhhh god.. I'm cumming!"

    James continued to finger fuck my ass until my orgasm quieted. When it did, he slowly pulled his fingers out of my now dilated opening and pushed the butt plug against my hole. The pointed end of the smooth, silver plug slipped easily into me. The further James pushed the plug, the wider my anus was stretched until finally just as the thickest part of the plug entered me, my anus was a gaping hole. Once the ovular plug began to narrow, the remainder slid easily into my rectum until the wide base was pressed snuggly against my ass.

    "Great! That's incredibly erotic... just perfect, Ellen. Lie on your back and raise your legs straight up in the air... Yes... like that. Cross your ankles. Oh yes! Your ass, pussy slit, and the butt plug show perfectly. Hold the pose."

    Click... click... click... click... click... click...Click... click... click... click... click... click...

    "Now stand up, Ellen, and put your heel up on the railing. Perfect. Reach back and pull your buttocks open. I'm going to get a shot from below showing your gaping pussy and plugged asshole."

    Click... click... click... click... click... click...Click... click... click... click... click... click...

    "Ok. You can remove the plug now, Ellen. Let's take a break and then we take a series of pics with Gayle."

    As the guys got themselves a drink and a snack, Gayle and I sat together talking about the photo shoot. "This is much more erotic than I even imagined, Ellen. Jeff and Calvin are going to go wild. It looked to me like James made you cum incredibly hard when he finger fucked your ass. Did he?"

    "Yeah, but I'm even hotter now than I was before I had that orgasm. One just isn't enough to quench my fire any longer."

    "I know what you mean. The first climax is just the appetizer."

    When Jacque was ready to start the shoot, he had Gayle pose while resting on her bent legs with the rest of her body upright. "That's good, Gayle. Bend forward a little. Support your body with your hand on the mat. A little more... good. Now arch your butt. Perfect."

    Click... click... click... click... click... click...

    "Let's get one of you standing up, Gayle." She stood up, but Jacque wasn't pleased with her pose. No... that's not it. Bend over at the waist, Gayle. Put your hand on mat and your other hand on your ass. Like that... oh yeah. Pull your buttocks apart... show your hole... oh fuck yes! Hold that pose."

    Click... click... click... click... click... click...Click... click... click... click... click... click...

    When Gayle started to rise, Jacque stopped her quickly. "No! Don't move. I want to get a close up of that hot, sexy ass." He switched cameras, moved closer, and began to snap more pics.

    Click... click... click... click... click... click...Click... click... click... click... click... click...

    "Great! Pull the panties aside and show your pussy to the camera, Honey. OOhhh yes..." Jacque moved closer until his eyes were less than a foot from Gayle's exposed cunt. "What a hot hole! Man... it's already drooling moisture. Don't move, Gayle."

    Click... click... click... click... click... click...Click... click... click... click... click... click...

    "Time to lose the bustier, Gayle, and expose those big tits. I'm guessing DD cups, right?"

    "Right, but I'm a bigger girl than Ellen. They're 36DD."

    "And just lovely. Would dearly love to slide my dick between them. Sit down and slip your hand into your panties. Rub your clit. Get hot. Do it until I tell you to stop and hold the pose."

    Gayle's hand moved into her panties and we could all see her rubbing her clit hard and then, a moment later, sliding a finger into her cunt hole. As she masturbated herself, her ass began to hump... her mouth opened allowing her tongue to flick rapidly over her top lip. When she began arching her ass even higher and her hand began to move faster, Jacque ordered her to stop.

    "But I'm so close... so hot. Let me cum... please," she begged. But Jacque wouldn't allow it. The camera clicked repeatedly with Gayle's hand pressing against her throbbing clit but not moving.

    "Lose the panties, Gayle. Mount the couch on your knees. Lower your head. Move your knees further apart so we can get a clear shot of your hot fuck holes. Oh yesss... delicious. Pull your buttocks open so we can see every thing. Perfect!"

    Click... click... click... click... click... click...Click... click... click... click... click... click...

    "Great. Now sit up and face the camera so your husband can have a great shot of those perfect tits. Put your hand on your pussy and slip a finger into yourself. Think about your husband's cock sliding into your cunt... make sure he knows you can't wait for him to fuck you." Gayle finger fucked her pussy for a couple of minutes and was approaching a climax. Suddenly, Jacque yelled, "Stop. Don't move!"

    Click... click... click... click... click... click...Click... click... click... click... click... click...

    Click... click... click... click... click... click...Click... click... click... click... click... click...

    "I think that's more than enough shots to get your husband's cock permanently hard as stone. I'll have the prints and the digital images ready for you by tomorrow."

    The erotic photographs were blazingly hot. We didn’t have a doubt in the world that they would get our
    husbands’ cocks iron hard. The image of them jacking off to our photos had us both in heat.

    "Sounds great," I replied. "So are we done? Shall we get dressed? Or do the two of you plan to fuck us?"

    "Of course we're going to fuck you. But not until you suck us. Pick a cock and start."

    While Gayle and I discussed who was going to suck which cock, Jacque stripped completely and relaxed on a bench while waiting for one of us to come over and pleasure his big 8-inch cock. Right across from him, James opened his pants and extracted a even larger 9-inch shaft and calmly channel surfed on the TV while he waited for us to decide.

    Looking at those two big cocks, we realized it didn't make any difference. They were both going to fuck us no matter who sucked their cocks. So Gayle said, "Just pick a dick, Ellen. I'll take the other one."

    I liked the fact that Jacque was now naked, so I picked him. His 8-inches of meat was already standing straight up, throbbing and leaking precum fluids when I bent over at the waist to take him inside my mouth. But before my lips closed over his cock, he stopped me. "I want you butt plugged before you suck, Ellen. Turn around and bend over."

    "Oh god," I moaned as I bent at the waist and thrust my ass toward him. When his hands pulled my buttocks apart, I shuddered in anticipation. As the plug was pushed into my ass, a small orgasm surged through my pussy.

    "Now bend over and suck me," he ordered. I couldn't do it fast enough.

    After several passes up and down his shaft, I had the big head butting against the opening of my throat, but the position was such that the angle wasn't right to get his dick down my throat. Pulling back, I gasped for breath and said, "I need to straddle your legs and come at your cock from the top to get it into my throat, Honey."

    "Do it," he ordered.

    Facing him with my legs outside of his, I bent over at the waist until my head was directly above his engorged organ. Bending a little more, I took him back inside my mouth and began working his dick deeper and deeper. I gagged a little when the big head butted against my throat. Slowly, I worked more cock inside until the head slipped into my throat. At that point, Jacque pushed me the rest of the way down his dick until he was buried inside my throat. As I sucked him, I heard the familiar sound of the camera as James took photos of me sucking Jacque's big cock.

    Click... click... click... click... click... click...Click... click... click... click... click... click...

    On the couch, Gayle was busy sucking James' cock. Again and again, her head bobbed up and down as she took his length into her throat.

    We both thought the two men would shoot off in our mouths, but they wanted to use our cunts for that purpose. Jacque and James arranged us side-by-side. I was on my knees, head on the floor, and ass arched high with Jacque behind me ready to shove his dick up my cunt. Gayle was mounted in cowgirl position of James' huge shaft. For the next hour, the two studs switched back and forth from me to Gayle and vice versa using both our cunts and assholes. Before we dressed and left the studio, we each had big cum loads in our two holes.

    Jacque and James fucked us. Later they stripped us naked and screwed us both several
    more times in every position we could invent. Obviously, we
    weren’t going to be able to show our husbands these photos.


    When Calvin and Jeff arrived at their offices on Wednesday morning, both men were still glowing with the memory of the hot sex that morning in bed. They had both been pleasantly awakened by the sensuous feeling of a warm and wet female mouth engulfing their morning erection. Each man had automatically thrust his hips upward to get more of his throbbing penis into his wife's hot mouth and each man was delighted when his dick plunged smoothly into his wife's throat. They both ejaculated inside the sucking mouth with their balls pressed hard against her chin.

    It had gotten even hotter later in the kitchen when both wives served breakfast wearing nothing but a pair of thigh-high stockings and four-inch heels. As the men ate, each wife sat on the opposite side of table eating with one hand while stroking her clit with the other. When breakfast was done, Ellen and Gayle removed their husband's pants and shorts and then sat in their laps slowly fucking their wet pussies on their now very hard cocks. When Jeff and Calvin had backed out of their garage and drove off to work, Gayle and Ellen had washed up the breakfast dishes with thick streams of semen sliding down both thighs.

    As was their usual practice, the first order of business for both Jeff and Calvin was to check their e-mail messages to see any that had arrived since leaving work around 5 PM the previous day. Immediately after the lunch hour, they checked again to see messages that had arrived during the morning hours. The last check was made before leaving work for the day between 4:30 to 5:00 PM. Things were no different on this particular Wednesday morning. Neither man found anything of importance on the morning e-mail check, but after lunch, it was a very different story.

    Calvin was the first to open his e-mail folder slightly after 12:45 PM. After reading and then either saving or deleting a half dozen messages, he saw that the next one in his inbox was entitled, "Confidential - Your Eyes Only - Hot Wives". He was about to delete the message as just an advertisement for some type of pornography when he saw that the sender was Ellen Fullmer!

    "What the hell is this," Calvin wondered aloud. With his curiosity piqued, Calvin opened the message:

    Hi, Honey,

    Gayle and I certainly hope that you and Jeff are enjoying your new, hot wives because we certainly are. Neither of us can believe that we made the two of you wait so long for us to emerge from our cocoon as sexy butterflies.

    Since both of you obviously enjoy showing off your new sexy wives to other men, we thought you would both love to have some hot photos of us so you can show us off to other men whenever you like, even when we're not with you. Besides that, we're certain that Jeff would really like to see all of me, and I'm equally certain that you would love to see all of Gayle. We're sure both of you will love our photos.

    One set of photos of me and another of Gayle are attached. We have both selected these photos for the viewing pleasure of our sexy husbands and their friends. Feel free to show off our photos any time you like, but we suggest you don't open the attachments until you're in the privacy of your own offices.

    See you later this evening, Stud. By the way, Jeff and Gayle are coming over for dinner and more.

    Your hot, sexy wife,


    Calvin noticed that there were two folders attached: One entitled "Hot Wife Ellen" and the second "Hot Wife Gayle". With trembling fingers, he clicked on the "Hot Wife Ellen" folder.

    A new window appeared containing ten incredibly erotic images of Ellen with captions attached. The first image bore the caption "Calvin's Wife Ellen Kneeling on a Bed" followed by "Hi, Guys. Calvin thinks I'm a really hot piece of ass. Do you think my ass looks hot? I probably should have bought a longer skirt. Think so?"

    In the second photo showed Ellen in the same position but from behind with her ass and her slotted panties on display. This caption read, "Ellen Kneeling on a Bed - Hot ass on display... I bet you thought I wasn't wearing any panties. Sometimes I don't, but most men love to pull off my panties, so I generally wear a pair for them."

    The next photo showed Ellen wearing an exotic cat woman costume that covered very little of her voluptuous body. Below the photo, the caption read, "Cat Woman Stretching. Like my outfit, Guys? I've got a lot of hot clothes like this. Men love for me to wear them. My tits are 34DD and my pussy is shaved. In case you're wondering, I'm wearing 6-inch "come-fuck-me" heels, and I love to be petted and stroked."

    Photo Number 4 was beyond erotic. Ellen was shown squatting with her knees elevated and spread. Her bra and thong were both pulled aside exposing her tits and her wet cunt. "Ellen Squatting and Spreading. My husband likes for me to spread wide open and show it off. Do you? It's very hard to keep my tiny bra over my nipples. The cups just keep slipping off to the side. The same is true of my thong. It's just too small to keep my pussy covered."

    Photo Number 5 had Calvin's wife on her knees, head on the floor, ass high. The caption told the entire story. "Ellen showing off her sex holes. I know you sexy studs want to see my ass... so I bent over and arched it high in the air for you. The photographer had me pull my buttocks apart so you would also have a good view of both my pussy and ass holes. Do you like them? Wanna sink a shaft?"

    The next two photos showed someone inserting a large butt plug into Ellen's ass. The caption was simple and went straight to the point: "Butt Plugging Ellen".

    Once Ellen had been butt plugged, there were two more photos showing her ass with the plug fully inserted into her rectum. Underneath the first one, the caption read, "Legs up, cunt on display, butt plug socked firmly in her ass. The butt plug's really stretching me, Guys. None of you will have much trouble sinking your big ones into my ass now." The second photo showed her cunt and her butt-plugged ass from below.
    "A View of Ellen From Below. See anything you like, Guys? Which hole would you choose?"

    The final picture in the set again had Ellen kneeling with her ass high in the air. The butt plug had been removed so that both her cunt and ass holes were available. To the side of the photo, a big, hard cock could be seen approaching Calvin's wife. The caption read, " Ellen Waiting for Cock. Which one of her holes do you think that hot stud is going to use?"

    By the time Calvin had finished reading and staring at his wife's hot... almost obscene... photos, he usual seven and a half inch erection had swollen to almost eight thick inches. Every one of the photos were blazing hot... so much so that even after 15 minutes his cock was still hard.

    Using his color printer, Calvin printed off a half-dozen copies of each image. After that, he made enlargements of the photos and some wallet-sized copies. He managed to resist the urge to jack off in his office, but his cock was still iron head. Finally, Calvin copied all of Ellen's photos to a disc and closed the file.

    He was having trouble controlling his breathing when he stared at the name of the second file, "Hot Wife Gayle". He couldn't possibly count the number of times he had stared at Jeff's gorgeous wife and wished he could see her big tits, ass, and cunt. More to the point, he really wanted to fuck the sexy brunette, but since she was his best friend's wife, he had behaved himself. Now... if Gayle's photos were anything like Ellen's... he was about to see all of her. He opened the file.

    "Hi all you hot studs. I'm Gayle Seaver. I'm married and my husband Jeff thinks I'm a deliciously hot fuck. I would really like to know if you agree with him. Hope you enjoy my photo collection.

    Gayle's first photo showed her in a white bustier that exposed half of her big tits and a short skirt hiked halfway up her thighs. Its caption said, "Gayle in Street Clothes. This is my usual dress during the day. Of course, I usually wear something over my bustier so my big tits won't be on display. Are my legs Ok, Guys?"

    "Oh fuck!" Calvin groaned as he frantically unzipped his pants and pulled out his swollen dick. Seeing Jeff's wife with half her tits and thighs exposed had given him an almost instant erection. The next photo got him even harder. It showed Gayle with her skirt pulled up around her waist and ass thrust toward the camera. Caption: "My Luscious Ass. My husband says I have a great ass. He loves to fuck me there. But I know he may just be saying that because he's my husband... Would you like to ass fuck me?"

    Calvin's hand slowly pumped his cock as he stared at Gayle's ass. "Oh god... I wish she had pulled those panties aside so I could see her asshole," he thought. Gayle's next pic showed in profile with her tits thrusting up and out of the bustier and her ass perfectly outlined by the tight panties. Its caption said, "Gayle's Profile. My tits are 36DDs, Guys. Like them. My nipples get really hard when they're sucked. Would you like for me to walk on your chest with my 5-inch, spike heels while you stare up between my thighs? My panties are usually slotted inside my slit. Would you like to see that?"

    Looking at Jeff's nearly naked wife was a whole different ball game from looking at Ellen. He had never seen Gayle nearly naked like this whereas he had seen his wife thousands of times. Gayle's big jugs had him entranced... and that hot sexy ass.! God! He jacked off faster.

    Gayle was bent over at the waist in the next photo with her panties slotted deep inside her ass crack. Caption: "Bending over for the Guys. Do you like to bend a woman over, pull her panties aside, and then sink your big, thick cock into her? Well... I'm in perfect position... What are you waiting for?"

    "Oh fuck yes! I'd love to jerk those panties aside and sink this big cock up your cunt, Gayle. Shit... you're just gorgeous!" Calvin hissed as his fist pumped his shaft. In the next photo, Gayle showed her cunt, and Calvin ejaculated explosively when he read the caption: "Showing Cunt. Is this what you'd like to fuck, Honey? I'm ready, and I'm very wet and slick. Your big dick will sink into me balls deep, Lover. Just stick it in and fuck me!"

    Calvin's couldn't stop his orgasm this time when he saw Gayle's cunt for the first time. He could almost feel it squeezing his dick as he fucked it into her. He jacked his shaft a few times and his load raced up from his balls and seminal vesicles blasting 5 feet into the air.

    Calvin's cock, which was still semi-hard after his climax, began to harden again when he Gayle's rubbing her cunt in the next photo. "Rubbing my Clit... Big Tits Out. Oh Fuck! I've got my fingers on my clit and up my cunt... I'm rubbing it, Guys. And it's hard... swollen... throbbing... I'm about to cum.... WATCH ME! WATCH ME CUM!"

    "YES! Frig that cunt, Gayle. Hard. Make it throb! Make it cum," Calvin groaned and he pressed his thighs together to keep himself from shooting off another huge rocket of semen. The next picture showed Gayle kneeling on a desk holding her buttocks open to expose both her cunt and ass holes. Caption: Doggy Fucking Position. I'm holding my cunt open for you, Stud. Pick a hole... I don't care which... just pick one and stick that huge dick into me....... Please!"

    Calvin was still masturbating as he watched Gayle wiggling her ass on the screen. In the next photo, she brought herself to a climax. "Naked and Finger Fucking my Cunt. Oohhh god... watch me doing it... Finger fucking my cunt... watch me... aaahhhh... god... yessssss.... I'm cumming... UUNNGHHH!!!"

    Calvin's second load erupted from his wildly excited dick. He wondered if Jeff had jacked off looking at Ellen's photos. In the last photo, Gayle was holding her tits with her legs spread wide open as thick streams of semen poured from her freshly fucked cunt.

    Caption: Gayle's Freshly Fucked Cunt Hole. My husband loves sloppy seconds!"

    Calvin was just about shoot off again when his cell phone rang.

    "Hello. Calvin Fullmer speaking."

    "Hi, Calvin. It's Jeff. Did you get that incredible e-mail from our wives?"

    "I'm looking at it right now. I have been for last hour."

    "Me too. Are you jacking off?"

    "Yeah. I can't help it. It's just too hot."

    "What are you looking at while your jerking it?"

    "Your wife. I'm sorry, Jeff, but she's just so damned hot.!"

    "Which pic are you look at?"

    "All of them, but mainly the ones that show her cunt and particularly the one in which she's just been fucked. Can't help it, Man. I'm sorry."

    "Don't be. I've jacked off twice already looking at your wife. I love the one where she's bent over waiting that stud to stick his cock in either her cunt or ass."

    "Who do you think took the pics?" Calvin asked.

    "No idea. We'll have to ask them. I'm not so curious about the photographer as I am about whose cum load is in my wife's cunt and who that stud is about to fuck your wife."

    "You and Gayle are having dinner with us tonight... Let's ask them."

    The Plan - Phase 5 - Dinner for Four:

    Just before our husbands left their offices, I called Jeff and Gayle called Calvin.

    "Hi, Jeff. I glad I caught you before you left your office. Don't go home. Gayle's already over at my house. We're getting every thing ready for tonight. So just come over here as soon as you leave your office. I'm waiting for you."

    "Ok. Where's Gayle?

    "She's here. Like I said."

    "Why didn't she call me?" Jeff asked.

    "Because she's busy calling Calvin and telling him that she's waiting on him. So he should hurry home. The party starts as soon as you guys get here. Bye. See you soon... I hope."

    About 15 seconds after I hung up, I heard Gayle urging my husband to hurry home... that she was waiting on him. When she broke the connection, I grinned and asked, "What did my sexy husband say?"

    "He was more than just a little confused. How about Jeff?"

    "Pretty much the same. So, are you ready, you sexy slut?"

    "I'm about to melt I'm so ready. You?"

    "I'm way past melting. I feel like my pussy is on fire. Are we agreed on the plan?"

    "Of course. We've discussed it enough times. I meet Calvin and take him out onto the patio to get the coals going for the steaks and to fix the baked potatoes for the grill. You meet Jeff and take him to the kitchen to help you with every thing else. Right?"

    "Yep. That's the plan."


    Jeff arrived first and I intercepted him before he even had time to get through the front door. Jeff opened his mouth to say something but no sound emerged as he stared open-mouthed at my big tits that were almost falling out of my open blouse. After a moment, his eyes dropped downward to take in my stocking-encased legs that were exposed by my short skirt. It just barely managed to cover the tops of my hose.

    "You're here, finally. I was afraid you were going to stand me up, Honey."

    Jeff shook his head and finally managed to stammer, "With gorgeous tits like those, what man in his right mind would ever stand you up, Ellen?"

    "MMMmm... thank you, Honey. You say the nicest things. So, you really like my tits?"

    "What's not to like?"

    "Well... don't make your selection too soon, Jeff. Which do you like best... my tits or my ass."

    "Hard to say. I can't see your ass, Ellen."

    "Right. Sorry about that. How's this?" I turned, thrust my ass toward him, and pulled my skirt up to my waist on one side.

    "That is just awesome," Jeff groaned. "You're right. I needed to wait to see more. I like that beautiful ass best."

    "I thought you might. Now come on. I need some help in the kitchen with the salad, peeling the vegetables, and making the dessert. The wine also needs to be opened so it will have time to breathe before dinner."

    "Where's Gayle?"

    "Don't worry about your wife, Honey. She's in the bedroom getting dressed."


    Calvin arrived five minutes later, and I met him at the front door wearing a red dress that exposed about half of my tits and thighs. I was bare-legged and wore a pair of red pumps with four-inch heels on my feet.

    Calvin stopped dead in his tracks as soon as he was inside the front door. When he found his voice, he gasped, "Wow! God, you look fantastic, Gayle."

    "Love that response, Calvin. Which do you like best, my big tits or my exposed thighs?"

    "Well... I'm not sure. That's a tough choice. They book look awesome."

    "Ok. Let me give you a better view of my legs so you can decide." As Calvin watched in stunned amazement, I took a seat on the desk and steepled my right knee with my heel on the top of the desk. My other leg dangled casually over the side. My steepled knee caused my dress to ride up to my hips giving Calvin a great view of my legs. "How's this? This help you decide which you like best? Legs or tits?"

    "It does. I've always been a leg man, and yours are just gorgeous, Gayle."

    "Oh, you do know just what to say to a girl to turn her on. Come on. I need you to get the coals and grill going for the steaks and for the potatoes. Follow me, Stud." I swung my legs off the desk, and, in the process, opened them to give Calvin a good view of my matching red thong.

    Calvin got out the charcoal briskets and began cleaning the grill as I watched. "Well? Aren't you going to say anything?"

    "About what?"

    "Don't play dumb, Calvin. You and Jeff both got a really erotic e-mail message from us today, didn't you?"

    "Oh god yes! I still can't believe it."

    "That's better. So, did it get your cock hard?"

    "Like iron... For sheer eroticism, it had the best internet porn beaten by miles and miles. Both of you are just unbelievably sexy and sensuous... and those photos... Oh My god!"

    "Did you jack off?" Calvin actually blushed when I asked the question.

    "You did, didn't you?"

    "Yeah. It was so hot, I couldn't resist."

    "You weren't supposed to resist. What pictures did you look at the most while you were jacking off?"

    "Yours. Particularly the ones showing your pussy and the one where you had just been fucked and all that cum was seeping out of your cunt. But don't tell Ellen. Please. She might not like it if she knew I jacked off to your photos and not hers."

    I had to laugh at that. "What's so funny?" Calvin asked. He was actually puzzled.

    "Men. You. Of course you were looking at my tits and cunt when you masturbated. You've never seen them before. Do you think Jeff was looking at my pics when he jacked off? Hell no! He was staring at your hot wife's big tits, wet cunt, and that sexy, butt-plugged ass of hers. Ellen knows you were looking at me, not her, when you jerked your big cock, Honey."


    "Of course!"

    "Who took the photos? They were very professional looking."

    "That's because they were taken by a professional photographer... Jacque LeCarre at "Jacque's Studio". We made the arrangements a week ago."

    "In one photo, Ellen is bent over with her butt up in the air with her pussy and ass exposed. In the photo, there's a guy standing behind her with a huge erection that he's pointing right at my wife's elevated butt. The caption asked "Which one of my holes do you think that hot stud is going to use?"

    "Yes? So?" I asked with a sly smile.

    "Who was he? And which hole did he choose?"

    "That was James, Jacque's assistant. He does have a huge dick, doesn't he?"

    "There weren't any photos showing him actually fucking Ellen. Did he?"

    "You're going to have to ask your wife that question, Honey. But like you say, there weren't any photos of him screwing her." Calvin nodded, and I asked, "But say he had fucked her.... would you be angry? Or would you excited by the thought?"

    "I don't know. That's a very tough question to answer. It's never come up before."

    "You may not know, Honey, but your big cock does. It's big and hard right now. And it jerked and got even harder when I suggested that James might have fucked your wife. It turns you on, doesn't it?"



    "Maybe a little more than just some."

    "A little more?"

    "Oh fuck. A lot more! I don't know why it does, but it does. Don't tell Ellen that."

    "I won't, but you should. Later, when you're in bed fucking her... tell her."

    "Oh god... I'd better get the coals started or we'll never get the steaks cooked."

    "Forget the coals and the steaks, Calvin. We can eat later, if anyone is hungry. You've seen me naked and slutty in my photos, but you've never seen the real thing. Would you like for me to take off this dress?"

    "Of course, but you're my best friend's wife. And Jeff's inside the house. I can't do that to my best friend."

    "Forget about Jeff. He's busy helping Ellen. Men are amazing! You're hard as stone right now and dying for me to lose this dress I'm wearing, but you can't say it. You and Jeff complained for years and years about how hopelessly conservative Ellen and I were and how we were denying the two of you and ourselves enormous pleasure... Right? Well... who's the conservative, prude now? Huh?"

    When Calvin just stood there open mouthed and silent, I unzipped my dress and dropped it to the floor. Stepping out of it, my voluptuous body, covered only by a tiny, red thong and a skimpy bra, had his cock surging outward... tenting his pants. It was hot... erotic... sensuous. Just looking at that big, throbbing bulge had my pussy creaming.

    "Like what you see, Calvin? I know you do. You've been lusting after my body for years... just like Jeff has been hot for Ellen's sexy body. Well... here it is. What do you think of my big tits?

    "Oh shit! Fabulous. Jeff is going to kill me if he catches us."

    "I told you that Jeff is very busy helping Ellen. Forget Jeff. How do you like my tight, tiny red thong, Honey. Let me bend over so you can get a good look at it."

    "Well, what do you think? Look like something you'd like to spend a lot of time exploring?"

    "Oh god... I can see your asshole peeking out."

    "MMMmmmm good. Can you see my cunt too?"

    "No," Calvin groaned.

    "Don't worry. You will.... soon. But right now, I think I've teased you enough. It's time I showed you my tits... don't you think?"

    "Ooohh jesus... Jeff..."

    "No more about Jeff. He's busy... very busy. Just think about these big jugs." I stripped off my bra and pulled back my shoulders to give Calvin a great view.

    "Can I feel them?"

    "Not unless you put your hands on them, Honey." I leaned forward presenting my tits to him. His hands cupped me... then squeezed both globes. When his fingers moved to my nipples and squeezed them, I moaned softly. I was still moaning when he twisted and pulled on both nipples. My moans changed to hot groans.

    "Oooohhhh god! When you twist and pull them like that, it makes my pussy and clit throb.... Aaaahhhhh .... more... more.... please... more! UUnnmmmmm... ooohhhhhh yesss!"

    Suddenly, as if he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Calvin jerked his hands away and looked around to see if Jeff had come out of the house.

    "How many times do I have to tell you, Calvin. Jeff's busy helping Ellen. What would you like to see next?"

    Calvin looked dazed... uncertain... but his cock was engorged and jerking like a mad python in his pants. "Answer me," I ordered.

    "You pussy... your pussy," he finally stammered.

    "I only show my pussy to my gynecologist, Calvin." Calvin looked stunned.

    "I'm sorry, I thought..." he began, but I interrupted him.

    "I will not show you my pussy, but I would love for you to see my wet cunt. I even brought my vibrator... would you like to see me use it? I'd love to let you watch me, but remember, you jacked off while looking at my photos... I should get to look at your big dick while I fuck my cunt."

    Without waiting another second, I stripped off my thong leaving me naked except for my heels. After taking a black vibrator out of my handbag that I had placed on the patio earlier, I reclined on the lounge chair and opened my legs. Calvin stated at it. Slowly, erotically, I positioned the vibe right at the opening to my vagina. Then, I stopped.

    "Take it out!"


    "You know what!"

    "But Jeff..."

    "No more of that. Take it out! Now!" Calvin didn't protest further. Unfastening his belt, he opened his pants and his hard, erect shaft surged out and up. The big head throbbed.

    "Oh god yes! What a cock! My god... was a gorgeous dick! Bring it closer so you can see me fuck my cunt while I look at it." Calvin moved to within a few feet and began stroking his shaft as I plunged the vibrator into my gushing hole and exploded in an orgasm in less than a minute.

    My orgasm was still rippling through my body when I pulled the vibe out of my hole. "I could cum several more times, Honey, but I'd much rather come on that big cock than on this vibrator. You do want to fuck me, don't you?"

    "I'm dying to fuck you, Gayle, but I absolutely can't do that with Jeff in the kitchen helping Ellen. He could finish the dinner at any time. If he caught me fucking you, it would be just awful!"

    "Who said Jeff was in the kitchen helping Ellen?"

    "You did. In fact, you told me that about six times. Jeff's busy helping Ellen, you said... over and over."

    "That's right, but I didn't say he was in the kitchen helping her fix the dinner."

    "Well, where is he?"

    "Probably in your den or maybe in your bedroom, and he's not fixing dinner... he's fixing your wife's hot cunt with his big dick. You're not the only one with a big cock. Jeff's got one too, and right now he's either got it up your wife's pussy making her cum who knows how many times or he's fucking her throat with it."

    "I don't believe you."

    "You don't believe me? Why? You're dying to fuck me... right?" Calvin nodded. "Well, Jeff's been fantasizing about screwing Ellen for years... just like you've been banging me in your daydreams all that time. And right now, Jeff has already fucked her at least once... so we've got some catching up to do. Shall we get started, Lover?"

    Calvin's dick was harder than ever. He looked like he was going to shoot off without even touching his cock. The head was a deep purple it was so engorged and swollen with blood.

    "Come on, Calvin. Let's go watch my stud husband fucking your wife. I'll bend over and you can fuck me while we watch. But first, get naked. Now."

    Wrapping my hand around Calvin sex spike, I led him by his dick through the patio door and into the den. It was empty, but we could hear the groans of sex coming from the master bedroom down the hallway.

    "He's fucking your wife in her own bed, Honey. Does that turn you on to know your wife is getting screwed by your best friend in her marriage bed?" I pumped Calvin's dick a little and he gasped, "Stop, Gayle. Stop! I don't want to shoot off in the air like this."

    "Where do you want to shoot it, Honey?"

    "In your cunt.... In your hot cunt, and sooner or later, I'm going fuck you in your marriage bed too."

    "Oh yes... Oh fuck YES! Let's go watch my husband dicking your slutty wife." Come on."

    We weren't' even to the doorway to the master bedroom when we heard Ellen screaming, "OOHHHHH GOD DAMN! FUCK THAT COCK INTO ME! STICK IT! HARD! AAAAHHH... OOOHHHH FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'M CUMMING AGAIN... FUCK IT! FUCK MY CUNT... HARD...DEEP... GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEEEE!"

    The bed springs were squeaking loudly as the hot couple pounded their bodies together hard and fast. Then, we heard Jeff's deep masculine grunts of hot pleasure as his cock plunged into Ellen's sex hole and thudded hard against her cervix.


    We looked into the bedroom at the fucking couple in the center of the king-sized bed. Jeff was on top with Ellen’s legs wrapping tightly around his hips pulling him into her cunt. Every time his hips thrust forward, she arched her hips to take his entire cock inside her soaked, throbbing cunt. With her legs spread wide and her hips arched upward, we could easily see Jeff's swollen, thick tool stretching her cunt open and disappearing into her depths every time she rammed her ass down on his shaft. Her big tits were bouncing wildly as she fucked her pussy on his thick cock.


    Ellen and Gayle didn’t have much trouble seducing the two husbands.

    "Oh my god!" Calvin gasped. Look at how deep Jeff's cock is hitting in her. He's sinking it balls deep on every thrust."

    "MMMmmm... yes he is. That's the way I want your cock, Stud."

    "Just look at Ellen's tits bouncing. Jezzzz... he fucking the shit out of her."

    "Of course he is. He's been lusting for her hot pussy for 5 years... Now, he's in her... and he's going to be fucking her a lot from now on.... just like you're going to be in me. I can't wait any longer. I need this cock up my cunt. Fuck me!!"

    "Let me ride you like Jeff’s riding Ellen."

    "Get on the bed beside them. I'll ride you cowgirl."

    When Calvin got onto the bed beside the fucking couple, Ellen grinned at him and said, "You certainly took your time, Baby. Jeff's already shot two loads up my cunt, and I can feel his big dick throbbing and jerking inside me again.... he's gonna blow another load up your wife's hole soon. UUnnghhhh! AAAHHHH... FUCK MEEEEE, JEFF... Ram that big cock up my hole.... Shoot me with your sex gun, Baby!"

    I pushed Calvin down on his back, and mounted him.


    "Oh hell yes! You pussy feels like a slick, wet vise around my dick.

    "OOhhhh fuck me more... fuck meee... fuck meeeee.... cumming... I'm cumming again... aaaahhhhhhhh... uunnghhhh!!"

    "I can't hold it!" Calvin screamed.


    Calvin's tool jerked hard. His buttocks contracted and a huge gush of sperm-filled semen blasted into my pussy. The load was huge... again and again, his dick throbbed ejecting more semen into me. By the third spurt, it was flowing in thick streams from my tightly plugged hole. Amazingly, Calvin's cock stayed iron-hard inside me.

    "Get on your back, Gayle. I'm going to fuck your hot ass right through this mattress," he ordered.

    As I rolled off his body onto my side, I saw that Jeff had unloaded inside Ellen again, and they were now cuddled up together watching Calvin fucking me. I just hoped Ellen was having as good a time as I was.

    "Look at the size of that cum load running out of Gayle's cunt," Jeff exclaimed to Ellen. I couldn't see it, but I could certainly feel the streams of thick, white semen flowing over my ass.

    "Get on your back," my raging, hard-cocked stud ordered. "Pull your knees back against those big tits. Now!"

    I squealed with hot pleasure when Calvin nailed his spike into my upturned hole and drove my ass hard and deep into the mattress. From the side of the bed, I heard my husband.

    "My god. He's hurting her he ramming her so hard. She's screaming in pain," Jeff moaned.

    "He's not hurting your wife, Honey. He's just making the hot slut cum. Women scream like that when hard-dicked studs jack hammer their cocks into them. Didn't you hear me screaming like that 20 minutes ago?


    As I lay on the bed panting, my chest and tits heaving, Calvin continued to fuck me. Gradually, his strokes became harder... faster.... deeper. I began to howl again. Without warning, he jerked his dick out of me.

    "NO! NO! Don't take it out.... Please, Honey. Put it back in my cunt, please!"

    I didn't need to worry. Calvin turned me over onto my stomach and pulled my hips high in the air. Moving my knees beneath me, I boosted my ass for him. Straddling my hips, I grunted as Calvin rammed his dick back into my hot hole.

    Calvin fucked me like a man possessed. He pounded me for at least 15 minutes rubbing my clit and playing with my tits as he screwed me. I seemed to cumming almost continuously at this point. He had already shot one load into me, and it was obvious that another huge load was on its way.

    I was shocked when suddenly the wildly excited stud again jerked his pulsing, iron-hard shaft out of my pussy. This time I knew it was going right back inside me… but this time into my ass. Calvin used both hands to spread my buttocks. A moment later I felt his drive it into my waiting ass. The entire area was soaked with his previous huge cum load and my secretions, his cock entered me easily. The fact that I had been ass fucked multiple times during our week at the Tiagua resort also helped.

    “Ooohhh shit! You’re in me, Lover… Your best friend is balls deep in you wife’s asshole, Jeff… AAAahhhhh … yessss…. He’s fucking meeee… fucking my ass… Give it to me, Stud. Ram it into meee!”

    When I felt his powerful ejaculation, I screamed and couldn't stop screaming. Again and again, his dick convulsed sending another powerful gush of cum into my throbbing hole. After at least 10 thick jets had been pumped into my ass, he finally pulled out and moved around to my mouth. I took him inside and began to suck and clean him. As I did so, the huge load belched out of my rectum.

    Once having cleaned Calvin's dick, I rolled onto my back and waited. When Calvin just laid there, panting, I growled. "Come on, Stud. It's your turn."

    "My turn for what?" he moaned, his chest still heaving.

    "Your turn to clean... get over here and take care of my wet pussy, or don't you do that?"

    "I'd love to, Gayle!" As soon as Calvin's head was between my thighs on my vagina with his tongue slipping inside me, I locked my thighs around his head and whispered, "Be sure you get it all, Honey."

    Jeff screwed me like a wild stallion while Calvin
    plundered Gayle’s cunt and assholes.


    After a short rest, the Jeff and I drug ourselves out of the now wrecked bed. We both pulled on a t-shirt, a pair of jockey shorts, and slacks. "What about dinner?" I asked.

    "Why don't you and Jeff put the steaks on to cook while Gayle and I set the table and get the rest of the stuff ready. Ok?"

    "No problem. Sounds like a plan."

    When we were out on the deck having a beer while we grilled the steaks, Jeff asked, "So how do you feel about the two of us fucking each other's wife, Calvin?"

    "Well, to be perfectly honest, I think it's beyond belief hot... just off-the-chart! And you know, watching you fucking Ellen got me so hot, I had trouble believing it. It was almost as wild and sensuous as screwing Gayle."

    "Just almost?" he asked with a grin.

    "Yeah... almost. I have to admit that I've fantasized about fucking Gayle for years."

    "I did the same about Ellen. Every time we went out together, I had trouble thinking about anything else other than what she might be like in bed."

    "How was she?"

    "I fucked her four times in two hours... that pretty much answers your question. I think you banged my wife several times too."

    "Yeah. I did. Did it bother you?"

    "My reaction was the same as yours. Watching your cock sinking into Gayle and listening to her scream and moan as it went in got me hard as stone. I almost shot off when I saw that monster load pouring out of her pussy after you unloaded in her."

    "What about in the future? Is this going to be a one-time thing, or something we do frequently?"

    "Personally, I hope we do it a lot in the future, but my guess is that decision isn't going to be ours to make. I'm sure that will be up to Ellen and Gayle."

    "Yeah. You're right. We'll just have to wait and see... and hope for the best."

    "You know, Calvin, we've always dreamed about having hot wives, but neither of us ever really expected to have them. Now... for some weird reason that's beyond me, we not only have blazing hot wives, we each have an equally hot mistress."

    "Now that you mention it, I guess you're right. We do. And the best part is we don't have to worry about hiding it or cheating on our wives. How in the fucking hell did we ever get so lucky?"

    "I don't know. As I said, it's really weird. Before we went on our separate vacations, we were discussing ways we might be able to get our wives to wear slightly shorter skirts or show a little cleavage, and the totality of our success was close to zero! Oral sex with our wives was a rarity, and anal sex was absolutely zero. It's hard to believe that was just a month ago. Now, the four of us just had sex in the same bed, me fucking Ellen and you screwing Gayle. How did that happen? Not that I'm complaining, I just don't understand it."

    "Neither do I. Ellen told me that they thought we had been fucking all those hot showgirls in Reno and that they'd better loosen up or we might leave them."

    "I know. Gayle told me the same thing... In fact, in almost those exact words. Did you ask Gayle about those hot photos they sent us, either while you were fucking her or before?"

    "Of course. I told her we loved them, but wondered why we got so lucky."

    "What did she say?"

    "She said she and Ellen felt really bad about being total prudes for so many years and that the photos were an effort to make it up to us. Then, I asked her who the stud was who had his hard cock pointed right at my wife's pussy and ass. She told me his name is James and that he's Jacque's assistant. Oh, Jacque is the photographer who took the photos."

    "I know. That's what Ellen said.

    "I also asked Gayle if James had fucked my wife. She told me that I had to ask Ellen that question. Did you get any more information from Ellen?"

    "Yeah. The first question on my mind, of course, was who fucked my wife and put that huge cum load up her cunt."


    "She said his name is Jeff Seaver... me. And it is true that I fucked Gayle twice before going to work that morning. Apparently, she put on a pair of tight panties to keep my load inside her. When she took off her panties at the photo shoot, my load gushed out of her hole, and Jacque had his camera ready."



    "Could have happened that way."

    "I suppose so."

    I checked the steaks on the grill and turned them over. Behind me, Jeff asked, "Do you believe it?"

    Turning to face my best friend, I replied, "Actually, I prefer not to believe it because it's so much hotter to think that it wasn't your cum load in Gayle's cunt. In fact, while we're discussing it, I like thinking that James fucked my wife at least twice, in both her ass and in her pussy. Those thoughts have my dick hard as a rock right now!"

    "Oh Man. Am I ever glad to hear that," Jeff said in a relief-filled voice. "I thought I had to be some kind of weirdo for hoping that our wives actually got fucked during the photo shoot."

    "Nope. My thoughts are the same, but I don't think we should tell our wives that. I can't stand the thought that they might just explode in anger and this evening would never happen again."

    "I agree... absolutely! How are the steaks doing?"


    When the guys brought in the steaks, they found us freshly showered and dressed to thrill in outfits much hotter and more erotic than the ones we had worn at the start of the evening. Gayle and I both wore a bra with a matching thong covering our pussies, dark, and exotic thigh-high stockings with a garter belt that was more for erotic effect than to support our stockings, and black, 5-inch heels. Posing side-by-side, we had our husbands' full attention.

    "Ok, Guys," I announced. "Both of you begged us to change our attitude and become much more sensuous and sexy. At first, we had to force ourselves to do it, but now that we have, we love it... absolutely love it. So it's decision time. Is this what you guys had in mind or not? If so, what you see is what you're going to have to deal with from now on... if not, we can still go back, but we'd rather not. This is a one-time offer good only until dinner is over. What's your choice? You first Calvin."

    "That's the biggest no-brainer of the century, Ellen. Just looking at the two of you obviously has us both hard as stone. I want this!"

    "That's clear enough. How about you, Jeff? Are you happy with your wife looking like a hot slut?" Gayle asked.

    "Hell yes! Let's forget dinner and go back to the bedroom!"

    We both laughed, but shook our heads. "Not gonna happen... at least not yet, Honey. Dinner first and then some discussion. Those steaks smell fantastic and for some reason Ellen and I are famished."

    Both men were having a lot of trouble concentrating on the food. Their eyes kept darting back and forth, from my tits and then over to Gayle's. Every time one of us got up to get more wine, bread, salad, or whatever, Jeff and Calvin forgot all about the food as their eyes followed the legs, ass, tits, and face of whoever was bringing the food to the table. Naturally, we loved it, and of course, Gayle and I took turns going to the kitchen to bring stuff to the table. Both of us were in no hurry as we went about our chores of keeping the men happy.

    Halfway through dinner, my randy husband unhooked Gayle's bra when she was leaning over the table pouring him another glass of wine. She stayed bent over for a little longer than necessary to give Calvin time to enjoy her now naked tits. Once Calvin had gotten Gayle's tits out, I didn't manage to keep my bra on for more than a few more minutes before Jeff had it off.

    When dinner was finished, the four of us were supposed to be clearing the table, putting up the leftovers, and doing the dishes. In reality, Gayle and I did all that while our two husbands watched us moving about the kitchen nearly naked in our hot outfits. Gayle and I had never been so clumsy in our kitchens. We repeatedly dropped knives, forks, napkins, and left over food onto the floor. Neither of our husbands were gallant enough to pick things up for us. The rotten sots just stood there and watched as we bent over at the waist to pick things up.

    At one point, Jeff was standing no more than three feet behind me when I bent over to retrieve a fork I had dropped. My head was almost to the floor when I heard him groan, "Oh Fuck! What an ass! If that skimpy thong weren't there, it would be even better."

    Without rising up, I looked back from around my legs at him and seductively wiggled my ass. "If my thong's getting in your way, Jeff, why don't you just pull it down?" Five seconds later, I was still bent over but now my thong was stretched between my ankles. "Can you see my cunt better now, Jeff?" His only answer was a deep groan as he squeezed his raging erection through his briefs. "Do you really like it, Jeff? Would you like to enjoy it frequently? Like you did this afternoon in my bed?" That question brought another groan from Jeff as he clutched his throbbing erection.

    When every thing was done, Gayle and I announced it was time to sit down in the den and have a heart to heart discussion... no bullshit or evasion... just the honest truth.

    "Ever since Gayle and I have been dressing and acting hot and sensuous for the two of you, you've both been fucking us three, four, and even five times a day. Obviously, you both love your wives' new look and sensuality. Gayle has known for years that Jeff was dying to get between my legs just like I've known that Calvin has frequently had lustful thoughts about ravishing Gayle. So tonight, Gayle and I decided that it was time for the four of us to stop playing games and start having fun. The beginning was our hot photos that we sent you via e-mail. And before dinner, Jeff got his cock into me for the first time, and Calvin did the same to Gayle. Neither of us are jealous... how about you guys? Are you jealous or angry?"

    "What's to be jealous about?" Calvin asked. "Jeff and I now have the wife of our wildest dreams and in addition, we've each got a blazingly hot mistress whom our wife really likes."

    "You feel the same way, Jeff?" Gayle asked.

    "Absolutely. I just hope that this conversation means that we're going to continue to do what we've been doing this evening?"

    "All that and more, Honey. Gayle has a little gift for Calvin that she thinks he's going to love, and I have one for you, Jeff, which I think you'll be crazy about."

    Our husbands both grinned like the cat who had just swallowed the canary. But when I pushed a small, gift wrapped box over in front of Jeff and Gayle did the same for Calvin, disappointment registered all over their faces. Obviously, they were both hoping for a different kind of present.

    "What's this?" Jeff asked me.

    "And this?" Calvin echoed.

    "It's a present that we're certain you both will enjoying using many, many times," I replied. Gayle nodded in agreement.

    "Can we open them?" Jeff asked.

    "Of course. We'd like both of you to open your gifts at the same time."

    "Ok. No problem," Calvin said as both men undid the ribbons on their gift. After unwrapping the paper and opening the lid of the small, white box, both Jeff and Calvin stared uncomprehendingly at the contents.

    "It's a key," Jeff said. "How about you, Calvin?"

    "Yeah. The same. A key."

    The men stared at us totally puzzled. We just gave them each a seductive smile."

    "We each have the same key?" Jeff asked obviously trying to figure out what the keys were.

    "Nope. They're both different," I answered.

    "What do they open," Calvin asked.

    "Something you'd both like to open whenever you feel like it," Gayle responded this time.

    My husband stared at his key for a moment and then smiled. Without a word, he walked to the front door of our house, opened it, and inserted his key. It slipped into the lock but wouldn't turn the bolt."

    "Rats. I thought I had it figured out," he said shaking his head still confused.

    "Why would Gayle give you a key that you already have," I asked my husband.

    "I have no idea. It just looked like a house key. So I thought it was," he replied.

    Jeff was still looking at his key ... obviously thinking. Suddenly, he jumped up and walked briskly to our front door. Like Calvin's key, Jeff's slipped smoothly into the lock, but when he turned his key, the bolt shot out into locking position. When he reversed the motion of the key, the bolt retracted into its housing. "It's a key to your front door!" he announced.

    "It is, Honey. And like I said, I'm sure you'll be using it many, many times in the future and enjoying it immensely every time you use it."

    "When can I use it?" he asked like a young kid with a brand new toy.

    "When ever you like... at anytime you like. Just make sure you don't lose it and don't loan it out... ever."

    "But what about my key?" Calvin asked still in the dark.

    "Well, you really don't need a key to your own front door and to your own wife's bed, now do you?" I teased.

    Suddenly the light came on in my husband's brain. Looking over at Gayle, he said, "Your front door?"

    Gayle toyed with her nipples and cooed, "Unn-Huh. To my front door and to my bed... anytime, Lover. But don't lose it or loan it out... ever. Only my two hot studs have a key like that."

    "Best present I've ever gotten! Period!" Calvin announced and Jeff echoed his opinion.

    "We were sure you'd like your gifts. Now, Gayle and I have another surprise for the two of you. You two get yourselves a beer and talk about women, sports, or whatever for 15 minutes. Then come into the master bedroom... but not a moment before 15 minutes... and no peeking! Understand?"

    "Absolutely!" they both said.


    The fifteen minutes passed with excruciating slowness. After five minutes that seemed more like an hour had passed, I asked Jeff what he thought about my wife's bed performance. He hesitated causing me to ask, "What's the problem?"

    "You're sure you're Ok with my telling you about Ellen?"

    "Absolutely. In fact, I'm hard as a rock just thinking about it."

    "I know. I get the same way when I think you fucking Gayle. Anyway, when you and Gayle went out onto the patio to start the steaks leaving me alone with Ellen, all I could think about was how hot she looked in her photos with her big, firm tits and her delicious-looking cunt exposed. I didn't say anything, but she could see that I was hard... really hard!"

    "Oh yeah! Go on!"

    "She told me to forget about fixing the salad or setting the table and to tell her what my reaction was to see her naked tits and cunt in her photos. I told her that she and Gayle were the best looking, most erotic, and sensuous women I had ever seen in my entire life. Your wife grinned and asked me if looking at her wet, naked cunt had gotten me hard. I didn't know what to say. You were right outside... not more than 30 feet away. She told me that she knew I had gotten hard because I was hard as stone right now. With my pants hugely tented, I could hardly deny it."

    "What did you do?"

    "Nothing. You were right outside. When your wife saw that I was too nervous to make a move, she opened my pants and pulled them down along with my briefs. I was so fucking hard, my cock was standing nearly straight up and I think it was bigger than it ever had been. Ellen took one look at it and told me that it was gorgeous and she was going to suck it right now. She pushed me into a kitchen chair and went down on me."

    "Was she good?"

    "You know she was good! She and Gayle have somehow become world-class cocksuckers since our vacations. She had my dick all the way down her throat in less than a minute. I tried to hold off... my god... you could have come in and caught us at any moment, but she wasn't going to permit my holding off. After several minutes, I knew I was going to shoot off, and I warned her. She pulled her mouth off my prick for a moment and said, 'You're supposed to shoot off when a slutty woman sucks your big cock, Baby. Shoot it inside my mouth and throat.' Then, she put me back inside her throat and got me off in about 30 seconds. I must have shot 10 big spurts... she couldn't swallow fast enough and the cum spurted out of the corners of her mouth."

    "Oh gawd damn! That's so fucking hot! I feel like I'm gonna blow in my pants! Did you fuck her in the kitchen?"

    "No. She took me in your bedroom, sucked me hard again... that only took her a couple of minutes, at most. Then, she mounted me and rode me cowgirl."

    "How many times did you fuck her before Gayle and came into the bedroom," I groaned.

    "Once in her mouth.. and then twice in her bedroom. We were working on number three when you and Gayle arrived. Now you tell me about what you and my wife did out on the patio."

    "Later. It's time. The 15 minutes are up."

    Both Jeff and I expected to find our wives spread out on the bed... side-by-side with their legs open waiting for us to mount them. They were on the bed all right, but they weren't side-by-side and they certainly weren't waiting for us to mount them. Gayle was on top of Ellen in a 69 position. Ellen was busy eating Gayle's pussy while Gayle licked Ellen's clit and thrust a vibe in and out of her vagina. Both women were groaning and thrashing wildly as they shuddered in repeated orgasms.

    To say we were surprised would be the understatement of the year. Like all men, Jeff and I had fantasized about actually watching two women having sex together, but the closest either of us had come was watching porno movies. Now, we were watching our wives doing it, and they were obviously loving it.

    "Oh my god! That's so fucking hot!" I gasped.

    Gayle pulled her mouth off my wife's cunt for a moment and said in a deep, sultry, passion-filled voice, "Get your cocks out... get naked. Sit down on the couch and watch your slutty wives doing it." I don't think either of us had ever stripped naked any faster than we did at that moment. Sitting side by side on the couch, our cocks were rigid, throbbing, swollen to almost 8-inches.

    When Gayle straddled Ellen's face and mashed her cunt over her nose and mouth, both of us began jacking off. My wife's fingers strummed and probed at her pussy and clit as Gayle's hips gyrated over Ellen's face. Passion-filled wails and gasps from the two women filled the room.

    Jeff and I were leaning forward to get the best possible view of the action on the bed. When my wife's ass rose up off the bed and humped wildly in the air, Jeff yelled, "Look at that! My god! Look at Ellen's cunt throbbing... Oh shit... she's cumming... HARD! JUST LOOK AT HER PUSSY!"

    Jeff had no sooner called attention to Ellen's erupting pussy than Gayle's body began thrashing wildly on Ellen's face. Her ass humped and thrust frantically grinding her convulsing clit and pussy against my wife's lips. Gayle's head tilted back, her lips pulled back baring her teeth. As her orgasm exploded, juices gushed over Ellen's face.

    "They're both cumming!" I shouted. "My god! LOOK AT THEM GO AT IT... THEY'RE CUMMING... THEY'RE CUMMING!!"

    When both women had collapsed back onto the bed, Gayle dismounted and joined us on the couch. Sitting between us, she grasped my dick in her left hand and her husband's in her right. "Look at these big, hard cocks, Ellen! I think they liked watching their wives getting it on. I guess they won't mind how often we do each other. Jezzz... look at the size of their cocks!!"

    "Jack them both off, Gayle, but don't let them shoot off," Ellen hissed as she supported herself on one elbow and watched Gayle stroking both of our dicks. Both of her hands began to pump our dicks.

    "Yeah! GO GIRL! JACK THEM OFF!" Ellen screamed.


    "Stop! STOP!, YOU HOT SLUT. We want those dicks shooting off inside our cunts," Ellen yelled.

    Jeff and I both decided it was time for the men to take over control of the fucking. Pulling away from Gayle's hot hands, we put her on her back on the couch. As Jeff pushed her legs up and back, spreading her wide, I nailed my dick into her mouth. A moment later, Jeff's cock rammed into her cunt. Gayle moaned and grunted as the cocks surged in and out of her throat and pussy at the same time. In less than a minute, she shuddered in a hard orgasm.

    Now Ellen was shouting at me. "Don't cum in her mouth, Calvin. Fuck the hot slut in her cunt and ass at the same... one load up her cunt... another up her ass. DO IT!"

    "Oh god... I don't think I can take those two huge dicks up my ass and pussy at the same time... please," she moaned.

    "You can take them, Honey," Jeff urged. "Which one of us do you want in your ass?"

    "MMmmmmm... Calvin hasn't had my ass yet. Fuck me in the ass, Calvin. Do it while my husband screws my cunt."

    We pulled out of Gayle's holes, and Jeff reclined on the big couch. Gayle immediately mounted his dick in cowgirl position and began thrusting her pussy frantically up and down his sex pole. He pulled her body forward mashing her tits into his chest and elevating her asshole.

    "Squirt some Astroglide in her asshole before you fuck her, Honey," Ellen urged. She tossed me the small bottle we keep beside our bed and in a moment, Gayle's rectum was thoroughly lubed as was my swollen, hard dick. When I pressed my cock against Gayle's anus, instead of having to slowly work it into her ass, as I had expected, half of my shaft immediately sank into her depths bringing a howl of pleasure from the doubly impaled woman. On the second thrust, I was balls deep inside her rectum. For the next ten minutes, we rammed her hard. She was cumming repeatedly before we filled her holes with our loads.

    After pulling out of Gayle's holes, the four of us cuddled on our big king-sized bed with the two women in the middle. Since Ellen hadn't been fucked since before dinner, we all ended up concentrating on her. With Jeff licking her clitoris and finger fucking her pussy, Gayle sucking on one of Ellen's nipples and my mouth on the other one while my fingers slipped in and out of her ass, we quickly had Ellen erupting in hard orgasms and screaming at the top of her voice.


    "What's this 'any cock... any hole' stuff," Gayle growled. "You're going to get both cocks ... one up your hot cunt... the other buried in your sexy ass.... at the same time. Now, pick the one you want up your asshole, Slut."

    "Jeff hasn't fucked my ass yet," my wife wailed. "JEFF GOES IN MY ASS... JEFF IN MY ASS! HURRY. DO ME!!"

    Lying back on the bed, his dick a rigid, vertical sex spike, Jeff ordered, "Get your hot ass up here and sit on my cock, Ellen. Do it now!"

    "Let's lube her ass first," Gayle grinned. Shoving the neck of the astroglide bottle inside my wife, she squeezed the plastic bottle twice thoroughly lubricating Ellen's rectum.

    When Ellen mounted Jeff's cock and lowered her anus over the head, he had the same experience I had had with his wife's asshole.... his cock slid almost all the way inside Ellen's rectum easily. When she pumped her hips a second time, he was balls deep in her. Jeff and I looked at each other both in surprise at how easily our wives could accommodate our big cocks in their asses.

    Once his cock was buried in my wife's ass, Jeff pulled her back against his chest to elevate and open up her cunt for me. One sharp thrust of my hips filled her vagina. For the next 15 minutes, we fucked her pussy and ass bringing howls of wild pleasure from her lips as she came again and again.

    The sex after dinner was even wilder and hotter than the
    sessions we had had before dinner.


    It was the middle of the following week before the inevitable happened. Calvin had had a very hard day at his office coming home essentially exhausted around 8 PM. I had waited until he got home before putting dinner on the table. By the time we had finished, it was around 9:30 PM.

    By 11 PM, we were in bed, and I was horny. Although tired, my husband managed to give a very nice screwing before he rolled onto his back spent and drained. I was still hot and ready, but I knew he was dead tired, so we kissed lovingly and drifted off to sleep with me pressing my tits against his back in spoon position.

    The lighted dial of our bedside clock said 2:15 AM, when Calvin felt my tits moving sensuously against his body... up and down... back and forth... thrusting gently... rubbing and caressing my nipples against his back. Slowly, he came awake and very aware of me slowly grinding my mound against his buttocks. Next, he heard my soft, repeated moans.

    "ooohhh... mmmmmmm.... ooohhh... aaaahhhh... mmmmmm..."

    "You must be having quite a wet dream, Ellen," he whispered, but not loud enough to break through to my conscious mind.

    "aaaahhhh.... ooohhhhh yessss... yesssss... mmmmmmm..."

    "Damn, I hope you remember your dream in the morning, Ellen. I would love to know all about it," Calvin again whispered softly as my soft moans got louder.

    "Oh.. Ugh.. Ugh! MMmm.. OOuuuu... OOOuuuu... mmmmmmm...."

    "Christ! That must be some dream," he said much louder.

    "AAahhh gawd damn... it's not a dream, Baby... aaaaahh...uunngghh.... ooohhh fuck meeeeeeeeee!"

    "What do you mean, it's not a dream?"

    "He's fucking meeeeee.... ahhhh... shit.... driving me crazy....fucking me ... again and again." My body was now moving more forcibly against Calvin.

    Raising up in bed, I felt his body turn to stare over to my side of the bed but with our blackout shades drawn, the blackness was complete. He could see nothing. My body continued to move against his.

    "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Harder! Fuck me harder! GGHHAA.... Oh fuck... he's cumming inside me again.... aaaahhhhhh... big fuck load is shooting into meeeeeeee...!"

    "Who's fucking you, Ellen?" Calvin demanded to know...now somewhat worried.

    "Jeff... Jeff's got his big cock in your wife cunt... fucking me... fucking me... He's still screwing me, Darling. Four times already."

    "But how?"

    "He used his key, Honey. Haven't you used your key yet?"

    "No. I thought is was just sort of symbolic."

    "Put your hand between my thighs, Honey. Tell me what you feel."

    His hand probed. He gasped. "A cock. A big... hard cock is fucking you!"

    "Does that seem symbolic to you, Honey? Or is your hot wife being fucked.... aaaahhh... oohhh shit... he's ramming me harder now, Calvin. I'm being fucked... Darling."

    "How did it start?"

    "OOoohhh god... Ung... unghh... unghh... he let himself in to our house with his key... stripped... got in bed with us.... put his cock in me.... fucked me... I came... he came... he's still fucking meeeeeeee.... aaahhhh... and I'm still cumming on his big cock!"

    The Plan - Phase 6:

    The next day, Gayle and I were having a drink in a club while our husbands were working.

    "So what did Calvin do when he discovered Jeff was in bed with you fucking you while he slept?" Gayle asked.

    I filled her in on all the hot details and then added, "I'm pretty sure you can count on Calvin visiting you tonight after you and Jeff are asleep or maybe even before."

    "I hope so. He really thought it was just symbolic?"

    "So he said. Actually, I think he didn't have enough nerve to be the first to try to use his new present. So are you ready to proceed to Phase 6 of our devious plan, Gayle?"

    "I can hardly wait. I'm amazed every thing has worked so well so far. Do you think Phase 6 will work?"

    "Why not. Our husbands have never had so much fun in their lives before."

    "True, but they're still not having as much fun as we are."

    "We know that, but they don't. Men always think they're the ones having the most fun out of sex, and we want to be certain that we don't do anything that might convince them otherwise."

    "I agree... and speaking of fun..."


    "Have you notice those sexy black guys at the bar who have been checking us out for the last 15 minutes?"

    "Of course. I've had my legs open for the last five minutes."

    "Wide open?"

    "No. Just enough to make them a little interested."

    "They seem more than a little interested."

    "Yeah, they do. Maybe I have my legs opened wider than I thought."

    "Or I do," Gayle whispered.

    "You too?"

    "For at least five minutes. And I'm not wearing any panties."

    "Can they see your cunt?"

    "Unless they're blind, they can."


    "MMmmmmmm... yes. Two sluts," Gayle added.


    "Do you think they'll come over?"

    "Of course they will."

    "Are we going to play or tease?"

    "Both sound like fun. Let's just see how it goes," I suggested.

    "I'm pretty sure it will go in and out... a lot."


    "Oh yes... here they come."


    To be continued in Part 3 of "The Sexual Transformation of Two Wives"


    Story written by RLM. If you have comments, please send them to

    [email protected]
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