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. The Sexual Transformation of Two Wives: Part 1 - The Tiagua Resort

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Feb 14, 2018.

. The Sexual Transformation of Two Wives: Part 1 - The Tiagua Resort 5 5 7votes
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  1. RLM

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    The Sexual Transformation of Two Wives
    Part 1 - The Tiagua Resort

    by RLM
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    Calvin Fullmer and Jeff Seaver were each enjoying a beer at, Eddie's, their favorite watering hole, after busy days at their respective offices. Calvin is one of the city's most successful real estate agents with an ever-growing clientele. His long-time friend Jeff is now a partner in the most sought-after advertising agency in the city. The two men had known each other since high school, been roommates in college, played as teammates on their college's varsity basketball and baseball teams, and on many occasions, double dated.

    Both Calvin and Jeff were handsome, virile men who had no problems attracting the attention of a wide array of women eager to date either of the two intelligent, good-looking athletes. The two men were close and frequently discussed their current girlfriends. On many occasions, a double date had ended with Jeff fucking his date in the front seat of the car while Calvin banged his girl in the back seat. Less frequently, they had had foursomes in motel rooms. It was also not uncommon for both of them to take turns dating the same woman. In fact, by the time Calvin and Jeff graduated, 21 women had spread their legs for both of them.

    Shortly after graduation, they had both married good-looking brunettes and had served as each other's best man. Thanks to their incomes, they both lived in modern, spacious, beautifully furnished homes within a mile of each other. The similarity between their lives was almost uncanny. They both enjoyed golf and both men had a 4-stroke handicap. They played tennis with equally fierce drive, competitive spirit, and talent. As a result, their matches were always close and hard fought with each man winning about 50% of the time. As a doubles team, they were very difficult to beat. Both men liked to hunt, fish, and both played poker with skill and gusto.

    As would have been expected given their other similarities, Calvin and Jeff had married very similar women. Calvin's wife, Ellen, was a near carbon copy of Jeff's wife, Gayle. Both brunettes and less than a year apart in age, the two women were both well-endowed with 34" D-cup breasts. Both were sultry beauties with numerous interests outside their homes. Both women did volunteer work and the sexual libidos of the two wives were very similar.

    The similarity of Ellen's and Gayle's sexual interests rapidly became the biggest concern for both Jeff and Calvin. During courtship, both women had adamantly refused to do more than kiss and cuddle. It had taken Calvin several months before Ellen would even allow him to caress her breasts through her blouse when they kissed. In Jeff's case, it was even longer. After a year, both couples were engaged to be married, but neither Calvin nor Jeff had gotten their fiancée to allow them any sexual liberties other than feeling their naked breasts and deep kissing. Both women had assured their ardent suitors that they would make it up to them after marriage.

    Unfortunately, what women mean when they say, "I'll make it up to you" and what men are hoping that they mean are very different, as both Calvin and Jeff soon discovered after the knot had been tied.

    Neither Ellen nor Gayle were even willing to discuss anal sex; neither had any interest or intension of wearing erotic clothing in public or, for that matter, very often in the privacy of their own bedrooms to please their husbands. Missionary sex with the general order of the day. Only on rare occasions would either wife allow doggy sex or ride her husband's cock. Both wives considered sucking their husband's cock to be demeaning and both were reluctant to allow their husbands to give them oral sex, even though they did have orgasms from the practice. It was just too "kinky". Calvin and Jeff quickly discovered that their wives were very content with sex twice a week. Three times was somewhat more than they wanted, and four was really excessive. Five times in one week was absurd.

    After four years of marriage, Calvin and Jeff's professional careers were moving forward at accelerating speed, but their sex lives were on a slowly descending, downward spiral. Consequently, it was a frequent topic of discussion when they were together. So it was that night at Eddie's.

    Vacation Plans:

    "Well, what do you think of my idea of a week or two of fishing on Lake Tahoe mixing with some fun in Reno from time to time. Sound like a good idea for a vacation?" Calvin asked.

    "Sure sounds great, but frankly I think the possibility that Gayle and Ellen will agree with the plan are about zero and none."

    "Yeah, I know. Anything that has anything remotely exotic, sensuous, and/or kinky is immediately rejected by both of them. How in hell did we both end up in such a shitty situation?"

    "Well, they're both so drop-dead gorgeous, they just looked like they would both be balls of fire in bed, and it wasn't just how they looked, they promised us we wouldn't be sorry if we waited until after we were married to have sex. How were we to know that they had so many hang-ups about sex? While we talking about it again for the millionth time, have you be able to make any headway with Ellen?"

    "Headway? How could I. She gets angry if I even try."

    "I know. It's the same with Gayle. Anyway, let's run your vacation idea past our wives. What have we got to lose? Maybe a miracle with happen."

    "Ok. Let's do it when we're all together Saturday night. You and Gayle are coming over to our place for a cookout. After dinner, we'll run the idea past them."


    "Let us get this straight, Calvin. You and Jeff want our vacation this summer to be a trip to Lake Tahoe so the two of you can spend the days on the lake fishing and the evening gambling in the casinos while we sit around the hotel reading a book. Is that the general idea?" Ellen said with sarcasm dripping from every word.

    "You don't have to sit around the hotel reading all day," Jeff interjected. "There's a lot to do in Reno. The two you can take shopping trips to some exclusive shops, go to afternoon shows, or to a movie. Hell, you could even go out to one of the many up-scale lounges and enjoy the music and dance."

    "Dance?" Gayle questioned. "With whom? Our husbands are going to be out fishing."

    "Come on. Both of you are drop dead gorgeous. You won't be sitting in the lounge ten minutes before several guys ask you to dance."

    "Oh really? And I suppose you're perfectly content to have your wives dancing with strange men when you're not around. Maybe we could even go up to their hotel rooms for a little bedroom fun too... right?"

    "You know that's not what I meant, Gayle. Come on," Jeff pleaded.

    "All right... all right," Calvin sighed. "Jeff and I figured it was totally hopeless, but we had to try. I'll call and cancel the hotel, show, and fishing reservations on Monday or Tuesday if I don't get around to it on Monday. Just forget we ever suggested it. But remember, we tried. If we're going to enjoy any kind of a vacation this summer, it's up to the two of you to come up with something. Jeff and I are out of the vacation planning business as of now."

    "Good. With ideas like that one, you should stay out of that business permanently," Ellen commented.


    On Sunday afternoon, while Jeff and Calvin were out on the golf course for their weekly game, the phone rang. It was Gayle.

    "Hi, Gayle. What's up," I asked.

    "Oh I'm glad I caught you, Ellen. How about we get together while our husbands are playing golf to discuss possible vacation plans?"

    "Ok, but I have to tell you, I don't have a single idea. Wait... that's not quite what I meant to say. I've got a lot of vacation ideas but not a single one that Calvin and Jeff would enjoy. How about you?"

    "Normally, I'd be in the same boat, but I got a flyer in the mail on Friday advertising what looks like a really interesting vacation. That's what I'd like to come over and talk to you about."

    "Well come on over. I've got a bottle of a delicious orange cordial and a good Chablis."

    "Sounds great. I'll be there in 10 minutes."


    Gayle and I were each enjoying a glass of the Chablis after generously sampling the orange liqueur. To tell the truth, we were both a little giddy with all the alcohol we had consumed. "Ok, Gayle. How about telling me about this vacation idea, if you can stop drinking long enough."

    "Look who's talking. You've had three glasses of that orange cordial to my two."

    "I know," I giggled. "I'm already feeling light headed. Go on. Tell me about it."

    "I brought the flyer with me. I'll summarize it and then read some of the more interesting sections, and then we can look over the whole thing. Ok?"

    "Sounds like a plan," I said still giggling.

    "Ok. It's a resort island off the coast of Florida in the Caribbean. It's not a big island. It's called Tiagua, and it's only open during the spring and summer months. And get this: the flyer says that while couples are most welcome, the resort caters to married women whose husbands want a hunting, fishing, or golfing vacation. Let me read that part of the flyer to you."

    "No longer do wives have to sit home fuming because their husbands are off fishing and hunting. Now you can enjoy a vacation especially tailored to your enjoyment on Tiagua Island and at a cost far below what your husbands are spending on their hunting, fishing, or golfing vacation. All of our professional employees are carefully screened, and all are fluent in both English and Spanish."

    "Sounds good so far," I commented. "Does it say anything about how they tailor the activities to our enjoyment?"

    "Oh yeah. Here it is."

    "Room accommodations at the Tiagua Resort are rated as 4-star. Each spacious suite includes a sitting room, two double beds, shower, whirlpool bath, and balcony. Photographs of the room are on the last page. There are two restaurants, a sandwich shop, and an after-hours bistro available for our guests' dining pleasure. Our top restaurant is the Tiagua Room that is rated as a four-star establishment. Prices are modest as can be seen by reference to excerpts from our menus on the final page.

    In addition to dining, the resort offers a wide range of indoor activities at no extra cost. These include book lectures by the noted authors listed on the last page of this announcement, daily organized duplicate bridge games, poker tournaments for ladies only, and bingo games. The Tiagua Resort also has a full gaming casino with normal Vegas odds for those who enjoy the thrill of some gambling.

    There are six shops housed within the resort that feature the latest in women's fashions that are open from 10 AM until 6 PM every day, including Sundays. The Resort also features a full beauty salon and spa with trained masseuses and masseurs who are available at your convenience for service in your resort suite.

    In the evening, the resort hosts costume parties, and dancing to live music in several after-hours clubs. Male employees of the resort are available to serve as escorts for ladies who wish to dance but whose husbands are not with them. For the more romantically inclined, the Resort recommends moonlight boat and canoe trips on our inland lake that very close to the Resort."

    "What do you think so far, Ellen?"

    "Wow! Keep reading." Gayle nodded and continued reading from the flyer.

    "For outdoor activities, the Tiagua Resort features an Olympic-sized outdoor pool with artificial waves, a variety of exciting slides, and facilities for games of water volleyball. The reader is referred to the photos at the end of the flyer that illustrate our spacious gardens and picnic areas. For our guests who prefer the pleasure of sunning themselves on a beautiful beach or the excitement of braving the ocean waves while swimming, the Resort features two beaches well separated from one another, one with suits required, the other with bathing suits optional. For more extended shopping and souvenir hunting, the downtown area of Tiagua is only a short bus ride from the Resort. For a nominal additional fee, the Resort offers half-day and full-day boating tours around the island and similar motor and hiking tours to the interior."

    "Good grief. How much does this cost anyway?" I asked.

    "I'll get to that. Let me finish the entertainment part," Gayle said with a grin.

    "For our guests who enjoy scuba diving among the coral reefs just offshore, the Resort offers a mandatory one-day course in scuba for those guests who have not had one. Once qualified, there are daily boat trips to the coral reefs where the diving is unsurpassed by any you will find anywhere else in the world. Fees for the course, the equipment, and the boat trips are listed in the appendix. As can be seen, they are very modest. In addition, sailing, power boating, and water skiing are all available with lessons provided at no charge for those who would like to avail themselves of the advice of our in-house professionals.


    "Interested so far?" Gayle asked me.

    "Hell yes. What's the cost?"

    "It's amazing... just amazing. I can hardly believe it. A full week... seven days... at the Tiagua Resort is $1,000 per person. Single ladies must share a room with another single lady. If no other single lady is available, the price is $1,500 per week. The flyer says this price includes transportation to and from the Tiagua airport, all gratuities for resort personnel, and all activities except scuba diving, boat, and hiking tours for which there are modest additional fees."

    "That's not too bad, particularly if we use frequent flyer miles like our husbands do."

    "Wait. It gets even better. The flyer says that June is 'Ladies Month'. Married ladies whose husbands are not with them pay only half price, $500 for each of us. Frankly, I'd like to go. We could tell Calvin and Jeff to go ahead with their fishing/gambling plans for Tahoe while we head for Tiagua."

    "Oh yes. Let's do it! We'll get together tonight and tell them."


    "Are you two kidding us," Calvin asked still stunned. "You really don't mind Jeff and I spending a week at Reno and Tahoe gambling a little and fishing a lot?"

    "Nope, not at all," I answered. Gayle nodded her agreement to back me up. "We don't mind and hope the two of you have a great time.... provided... you two don't mind if we spend that same week at the Tiagua Resort. As we pointed out, it will be even less expensive than taking us with you to Tahoe and Reno. The prices there are much more than at the Tiagua Resort... at least with the 50% discount they're offering for married ladies without their husbands."

    "All right," Calvin said. "I was going to cancel the reservations tomorrow. Instead, I'll just cancel that part that involved you and Gayle. Are the two of you going to handle making your reservations at the resort and getting your plane reservations?"

    "Yeah. We're going to be doing all that tomorrow if the two of you agree to let us go."

    "That's not a problem. We hope you both have a great time. But you need to make the plane reservations immediately if you hope to use frequent flyer miles."

    "All right! That's settled. You guys have a fun-filled vacation planned and so do we. Frankly, I think Gayle and I are going to have a lot more fun than the two of you. Are you sure you don't want to forget fishing and gambling and come with us to the resort. We'd love to have you."

    "Tell us again what you plan to do at the Tiagua Resort," Jeff replied.

    "We're going to do a lot of shopping. Enjoy the food in the resort's four-star restaurant. I'm sure we'll enjoy sun bathing on the beaches. They have boat and hiking tours of the island, which I'm sure we'll enjoy. The lectures by noted authors should be fun, and we might even participate in the ladies-only poker games."

    "You're going to gamble?" Calvin exclaimed loudly. "You two don't know the first thing about poker. This could be very expensive!"

    "Don't be silly. The games aren't for money. The ladies are each given a certain number of chips and the winners get prizes. There is no real money involved. I think it sounds like a lot of fun, don't you?"

    "Not really," both men said in unison. "How about dancing and the nude beach? Do the two of you plan on taking advantage of those activities?" Jeff asked.

    "Don't you know your wives well enough by this time to know that we're not going to do either of those?"

    "Yeah. I guess so. Forget it. It was a stupid question."

    "It most certainly was! So, would the two of you like to join us?"

    "No thanks," Calvin answered. "We'll stick to the fish and the casino."

    The Tiagua Resort: Arrival and First Day:

    Our travel plans took us non-stop to Miami International Airport. From there, we took a two-engine prop plane for the short flight to Tiagua Island. As soon as we deplaned and entered the small airport, we saw two young, brown-skinned men wearing Tiagua Resort uniforms holding signs over their heads bearing our names.

    "Hi. I think you're waiting for us, right?" I said.

    "Would you be Ms. Ellen Fullmer and Ms. Gayle Seaver? If so, we're here to help you with your luggage and take you to the Resort."

    "That's us. Lead the way," Gayle said.

    The other man shook his head and ginned. "Really? I think you two are joshing with us. You are, aren't you? You're not really Mrs. Fullmer and Mrs. Seaver, are you?"

    "Of course we are. Why would you think otherwise?"

    Although it wasn't easy for the two brown-skinned men to blush, they both came close. Finally, one of them spoke. "Well, to be perfectly honest, we rarely have guests who have faces like Hollywood movie stars and bodies like Penthouse centerfolds. We saw you getting off the plane and thought you were two, unmarried college girls out for their summer vacation. So when you approached us, we both though you were just teasing us. We're deeply sorry. I do hope we haven't offended you. That would cost us our jobs."

    Now it our turn to blush, and we did a much better job of it than the two men. "We'd be lying if we said we were offended by such a nice compliment. Thank you. We really are Ellen Fullmer and Gayle Seaver."

    "Well, welcome to Tiagua, Ladies. I'm Dieter and this is Romeo. We're delighted to have you as our guests for the week. Follow us. We'll pick up your luggage first."

    As we followed the two men, Gayle whispered in my ear. "Did you take a good look at those two guys, Ellen? I mean... god! They're both sexy and handsome as sin. Just look at their bodies... not an ounce of fat on them... just hard rippling muscles everywhere. And they think we're young Hollywood starlets."

    "I noticed," I whispered back.

    After Dieter loaded our luggage in the back of the resort's van, he motioned for me to take the seat beside him in the front while Romeo opened the back door for Gayle. As I slid into the passenger seat in front, I looked up and caught Dieter staring at the tops of my breasts which were slightly exposed by my blouse. I expected him to quickly look away, but he didn't. Instead, he continued to check out my breasts. I was about to say something to put him in his place when he shook his head, looked up straight into my eyes, and said softly, "So beautiful. Thank you. You've made my day. The days are very warm on Tiagua. I hope that I have the pleasure of seeing you when you are dressed for the weather here." That was followed by a deep smile that again had me blushing.

    As Dieter walked around the front of the van to take the wheel for the drive to the resort, I heard Gayle in back seat. "Do you really think so, or is that something you tell all the guests?"

    "You're the first," I heard Romeo reply. After that, the roar of the engine prevented me from hearing any more of the conversation from the back seat.

    The drive was short... no more than 10 minutes. Dieter brought the van to a halt in the spacious entryway of the lobby. Getting out, he moved around the van and open the door for me. With a gallant smile, he said, "Welcome to the Tiagua Resort, Mrs. Fullmer."

    "Please. Call me Ellen."

    "My pleasure, Ellen. He held out a powerful hand to assist me down from the rather high front seat of the van. As I stepped down, my dress naturally pulled up high on my thighs exposing my stockings almost all the way up to the naked thigh flesh above. For some strange reason, I found myself hesitating letting my dress remain hiked up high on my thighs. When I looked up at Dieter, his eyes were taking in every inch of my exposed legs and thighs.

    "Mon Dieu!" he exclaimed. "Vos jambes sont aussi belles que vos seins."

    "What? I'm sorry, but I don't speak French," I replied but somehow I knew what he had said.

    "I'm sorry. I was so amazed at your beauty, I automatically lapsed back into my native language. I said your legs are as beautiful as your breasts. Once again, Thank you, Ellen."

    Hastily, I pulled down my dress and stammered, "Well, I'm glad you approve, but it was an accident. I didn't realize that the van's seat was so high."

    "But of course. But I'm very glad you didn't realize the height of the seat. I'll carry the luggage in while you and Gayle register."

    Gayle was just getting out of the back of van when I turned to look at her. Her dress rode up her legs just as mine had when she climbed out of the van. Romeo's eyes took in every inch of her exposed leg, just as Dieter had done when I got out of the van. He leaned forward and whispered something in Gayle's ear. I saw her blush before she whispered something back to him.

    After we had registered, another young hunk escorted us up to our suite, showed us how to work all the controls, and then placed our bags on racks so that they would be conveniently placed for unpacking. I'm Mark. If you ladies need anything... anything at all... during your stay at Tiagua, please call and ask for Mark. It would be my pleasure to assist two such beautiful women."

    "How old are you, Mark?" I asked.

    "I'm 19, Mrs. Fullmer. I'll be a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin next fall."

    "Please call me Ellen, Mark. And this is Gayle."

    "Well, I'm very pleased to have the pleasure of assisting you, Ellen... Gayle. If my age is a problem, you need only tell me, and I'll make immediate arrangements for one of the older employees to be assigned to assist you."

    "Your age is just fine, Mark. In fact, it's very nice to have such a young man think old women like Gayle and me are still attractive. Here, let me provide a tip for all your work."

    "No. Thank you, but no. The resort price includes all gratuities for ... eh.... for all services. And late 20's is not old! Women reach their prime in their 30's. Call me if you require anything."

    When the door closed behind Mark, I shook my head and said, "Wow! Smart, mature, handsome with the body of a college wrestler, and just incredibly confident. Where do they find these guys?" I questioned.

    "I have no idea, but I'm certainly not complaining. I haven't felt this excited and giddy in years. Let's go for a swim in that gorgeous pool before dinner."

    "Great idea." As we changed into our conservative, one-piece bathing suits, I asked Gayle what the whispering was all about between her and Romeo.

    "You noticed that, huh? I was hoping that you wouldn't."

    "Why? Come on. You heard everything Dieter said to me. Fess up. What was the whispering all about?"

    "When Romeo got into the seat beside me, he said... and I quote... 'I can't see much of them but I can see enough to know that you have the most beautiful breasts of any woman I've seen this entire summer."

    "What did you say to that?"

    "I knew that I should be angry, but he was so sincere in the way he said it that all I could do was blush and say thank you."

    "I know. That's pretty much what I said to Dieter. Obviously, those guys like our breasts," I said unable to suppress a grin. "What was the rest of the whispering about?"

    Gayle blushed furiously at my question. "What's wrong?" I asked.

    "If I tell you, you're going to think I'm just awful."

    "I doubt that, Gayle. If it makes you feel any better, when I got out of the van, my dress slid halfway up my thigh right in front of Dieter. His eyes took in every inch of leg I had exposed."

    "Yeah, but that was an accident."

    "It was, but I didn't make any move to pull my dress down for at least 10 or 15 seconds. I have no idea why I did something like that. It was almost as if I wanted Dieter to see my legs and thighs. I'm just glad Calvin wasn't here to see his wife behaving like that. So now, tell me what the whispering was all about."

    "After Romeo had made the comment about loving the way my breasts looked, he whispered that he was sad my dress covered all of my legs as he couldn't help wondering if they were as beautiful as my breasts. Again, I knew I should be insulted, but he said it so nicely, it excited me. When I got out of the van, my dress slid up to mid-thigh just like yours, but with me, it wasn't an accident. I made sure that it would happen by holding on to my dress as my legs moved out of the van."

    "Mmmmm... I can see why you were blushing, but that's not any worse than my leaving my dress up for Dieter to see my legs."

    "Unfortunately, I was so embarrassed by what I was doing, I did it too quickly. Romeo's head was turned at the instant my dress slid up my thigh, and he missed the view. When I asked him if liked my legs, he shrugged and said he was certain he would but he couldn't really see them since my dress covered almost every thing. I asked him if he hadn't seen my legs when my dress hiked up as I got out of the van. He just shook his head sadly and whispered that he was so sorry that he missed that and hoped that I would give him a second chance."

    "And did you?" I asked.

    "Yeah. I felt like a total slut but for some reason, I wanted this handsome man to see my legs. While you were registering, I leaned up against one of the tables in the lobby and looked over at Romeo. He had his eyes locked on me this time. I boosted myself up onto the table top causing my dress to slid up above my knees. I just sat there and let him stare. When you called me over to sign the registration, my dress hiked up all the way to my hips when I got off the table. I even opened my legs for Romeo as I got down."

    "God... and I thought I was being slutty. That's wild, Gayle!"

    "I know... I know. If Jeff had seen me doing that, he would have been furious."

    "What did Romeo say? Anything? Or did he just enjoy the show?"

    "Oh he enjoyed the show all right. He came over and whispered that he was right, my legs were as gorgeous as my breasts. He even said that he hoped he would have the pleasure of seeing them again. Isn't that just awful! I should have slapped him."

    "Is that what they were doing?... turning us on?"

    "Come on. Let's go swimming."


    Even though Gayle and I were the only women at the pool who were wearing one-piece, conservative suits, we still attracted our fair share of male attention. I thought that was sort of surprising considering that most of the women were wearing very brief bikinis or strings that completely exposed their buttocks and most of their breasts.

    After a quick dip in the cool water to remove the dust of nearly a full day of travel, we stretched out, side-by-side, on two of the many loungers that surrounded the pool. We hadn't been sunning ourselves for more than a few minutes when two Latino men wearing the usual uniform of resort personnel approached us.

    "Good evening ladies. I am Carlos and my associate is Caleb. You are new arrivals at the resort, no?"

    "Eh... yes. We are. We just got in this afternoon. I'm Ellen Fullmer and this is Gayle Seaver. Is there a problem?"

    "Only a slight one, Ms. Fullmer... one that is easily fixed."

    "Please, Carlos. Use our first names. The other is much too formal. What's the problem?"

    "The sun, Ellen. Virtually every new visitor to Tiagua seriously underestimates the strength of the sun's rays on this island."

    "But we're wearing sun block... so that shouldn't be a problem," I protested.

    "Ah... that is the problem, Ellen. Your sun block is rated 5. That is not close to being enough. With your kind permission, we need to apply a block of sufficient strength... no less than 30. Otherwise, I'm afraid your dream vacation will be spent in bed taking pain killers for sunburn."

    "Oh. We didn't realize. Thank you, Carlos. We'll buy some sun block with a 30 or higher rating tomorrow."

    "I'm afraid that will be too late. With your permission, Caleb and I will apply a sun block of sufficient strength so that you lovely ladies will have no further worries. May we?"

    "Just leave the sun block, and we'll apply it, Carlos."

    "I'm afraid I cannot do that, Ellen. Caleb and I allowed one lady a month ago to apply the sun block. She was careless and missed several areas. As a result, the poor woman suffered second degree burns and spent her Tiagua vacation in pain. Caleb and I were given severe reprimands and told if we ever let that happen to another guest, we would be fired on the spot. So please, Ellen. We need our jobs. May we apply the sun block."

    Both Gayle and I now took a much closer look at the two men. Like Dieter, Romeo, and Mark, Carlos and Caleb both had trim and smoothly muscled, beautifully bronzed bodies. Both men were handsome by any woman's standards and both had strong chins. Finally, the bulges in their tight pants suggested they both possessed large muscles elsewhere. I glanced at Gayle and raised my eyebrows asking the obvious question without speaking. She grinned and nodded.

    "Ok, Carlos. You've convinced us. How do we do this?"

    "We do it thoroughly to make certain that you are protected. If both of you will please sit up, we'll do your arms first."

    Sitting up, I held out my left arm to Carlos and Gayle did the same for Caleb. As Carlos applied the lotion, his hands moved over my arm softly... slowly... almost in a lover's caress. "Such smooth, delicate skin... so beautiful. It would have been a tragedy to mar such beauty with a sunburn. Raise you arms, please." I followed his instructions, and in a moment, I felt his soft hands caressing the underside of both arms. Naturally, his hands came very close to the sides of my breasts in the process, but he never touched them.

    "Would you please put on this blindfold, Ellen, so I can protect your beautiful face. The blindfold is needed to protect your eyes." Again, I followed instructions and felt his soft fingers and hands moving over my face, my forehead, and my chin.

    "Time to do your back, Ellen. Please lie down on your stomach."

    Carlos' hands started at my shoulders... stroking and caressing... spreading the smooth, slippery lotion and then slowly moving downward. I was not unaware that Carlos had not removed the blindfold after applying sun block to my face. I was sure that Caleb had also left Gayle blindfolded.

    The sensuously stroking hands stopped when they reached the top of my swimsuit. "Excellent," he whispered. "Now your gorgeous back is protected." A moment later, I felt his hands on my feet.

    His fingers slipped between each toe... one after the other... pushing back and forth in slow motions applying the sun block. He repeated the back and forth motions several times between each toe. As he moved from one toe to the next, I could swear that his strokes were slowly but definitely becoming faster and longer. By the time, Carlos had started on my second foot, my breathing had deepened and I could feel moisture forming in the crotch of my suit.

    After finishing both feet, his stroking hands moved slowly up my calves, coating each thoroughly with the sun block. His hands seemed to linger there. Then, I felt them behind my knees. "This is an important area to cover, Ellen. Burns right behind your knees are terribly painful." He covered thoroughly... several times... before moving upward to my thighs where his hands seemed to move more slowly than ever.

    I was blindfolded... unable to see... I could only feel as this strange man I had just met was caressing my thighs... coating them... making them slick... back and forth. "Your inner thighs are another very sensitive area that must be protected."

    As soon as I heard that, my breathing rate increased still further. I was close to panting now as even more wetness was forming. After coating the backside of my thighs, the hands moved to the outside... caressing.... stroking... rubbing... coating. I knew where Carlos' hands were going next, and the thought had me squirming in the lounge chair.

    Then, his hands were there... on my inner thighs moving slowly up and down. With each stroke, his fingers came closer and closer to my pussy. Even though I knew intellectually that my suit covered every thing, in the darkness behind my blindfold, I was sure that Carlos could somehow see right through my suit. He could see it, probably smell it, and he was getting closer... and closer.

    "Excuse me, Ellen, but I must ask to spread your legs a little so I can finish putting the sun block on your inner thighs. They are soooo soft... so delicate... they have to be protected... your vacation would certainly be ruined if your inner thighs were to burn. They would be so painful you would not be able to tolerate anything... anything... touching them."

    Now I was panting. I knew I should sit up, remove the blindfold and end this, but Carlos' hands were moving again... stroking... higher and higher. I opened my legs wider. His hands moved higher... close... so very close. I opened further. He moved to within an inch... stroked several times... and then withdrew his hand. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming for him to continue.

    "Almost finished, Ellen. Please turn onto your back so I can apply the sun block to the front of your legs and thighs and to your upper chest."

    I flipped over onto my back, and the hands quickly coated my chest with lotion, stopping short of my breasts. "When I finish, Ellen, you should apply a generous amount of lotion to the tops of your breasts."

    I was stunned when I heard myself saying, "Go ahead."

    "Very well. As you wish." Now the fingers coated the small area of my breasts that my conservative suit did not cover. Once finished, they delved down into my cleavage... back and forth... just like he had done between my toes... but now it was between my breasts. Then he moved downward to my legs and repeated every thing he had done when I was on my stomach. When the magic fingers moved to my inner thighs, I opened my legs without being told. Up and down... back and forth... higher... higher... closer... closer. I had an urge to arch my pelvis upward, but somehow resisted. Finally, Carlos was finished.

    "There. I think I can now guarantee that you lovely ladies will not be burned no matter how long you remain in the sun... just remember to wear dark glasses so your eyes will not be injured. Caleb and I will be happy to repeat this service whenever you wish to sunbathe. If you do it yourself, be certain to cover all areas thoroughly... just as I have done. Enjoy your vacation, Ellen. And you too, Gayle.

    Carlos and Caleb were walking away when I removed my blindfold and looked over at Gayle who was just now removing hers. She was panting even harder than I was. "My god," I moaned. "I can't believe it I did that. Did Caleb ask you to open your legs?"

    "Yesss," Gayle moaned.

    "So did Carlos. I can't believe I did it."

    "So did I."

    "At one point, I felt like I might have an orgasm even though that sexy man didn't even touch me over or under my suit. I even told him put the sun block on the tops of my breasts after he suggested that I do it."

    "So did I. I was very close to cumming. That was just incredibly erotic. I'm still panting."

    "Are you wet... I don't mean from swimming in the pool"

    "I know what you mean, Ellen... and yes, I'm wet... very wet."

    "So am I."

    We sunned ourselves for another hour, and then returned to our room to shower and dress for dinner.


    The four-star restaurant lived up to its advance billing. The food was excellent. The service was even better. Thomas and Ron were our waiters, and like every other male who worked at the Tiagua Resort, they looked they might have just come off the centerfold pages of "Playgirl". Both were ruggedly handsome... almost sinfully so. Both looked powerful, but not hugely muscle bound. They both oozed virility and masculinity... so much so I wondered if they emitted a vapor of testosterone.

    Throughout the meal, they maintained a constant presence at our table... refilling our wine and water glasses, bringing more bread or an additional, new tasty spread for the bread. When we skipped dessert, they brought a complementary cordial to the table for each of us. Each time they leaned over the table, their eyes locked with ours. Once our eyes were locked, they allowed their eyes to slowly drift downward to our cleavage. Even though our dresses exposed very little, they seemed to appreciate it enormously.

    When we were ready to leave, they pulled our chairs back for us. As I arose, Thomas leaned closer and whispered, "You and Gayle are the two most beautiful women who have visited the Resort this entire season. It was a pleasure to serve you. A pleasure I look forward to for the rest of your stay, Ellen. May I suggest you and Gayle check out the outfits in the "Secret Hours Boutique". I'm sure they will please you, and I would love to see you in one of them."

    Again, I was stunned at the combination of confidence, awesome masculinity, and smoothness of the male employees. On impulse, I asked, "The flyer for the resort said that the male employees were available as dance partners for ladies whose husbands were not with them. Is that right?"

    "Absolutely. It would be my great pleasure to serve as your escort and dance partner at one of our night clubs if it would please you. Just call the bell captain and ask for Thomas, and I will be at your service, Ellen."

    "Thank you, but why wait. I would like your services tomorrow night as my dance partner at the Resort's night club."

    "Done! But I have an even better idea, if you will permit me?"

    "And what's that?"

    "Let me pick you up for dinner at one of the island restaurants and show you some of the sights. Afterwards, we will return to the club and enjoy the music and dance the night away."

    When I hesitated, Thomas grinned and said, "Excellent! I shall knock on the door of your suite at 8 PM." What could I say? I had thrown him the ball, and he had grabbed it, run with it, and scored a touchdown. What I did say was, "I'll see you 8 PM, Thomas."

    I smiled and turned to Gayle to see if she was ready to leave. She was still busy talking to Ron, so I waited. Just before saying good night to him, she moved closer and pressed her breasts against his arm. She did it casually as if it were an accident, and like most men, Ron assumed that it was. But women know better.

    On the way back to our suite, I asked her about it. "Did you enjoy mashing your big tits against Ron?"

    "Oh shit. You saw that. I know I shouldn't have done it, but I can't remember being this turned on and hyper in the last ten years. Everyone of these guys are like fantasy men."

    "I agree. They are."

    "Did you do anything like I did?"

    "I essentially asked Thomas to be my escort at a dance tomorrow night. Naturally, he acted surprised and delighted. He also asked me to have dinner with him at one of the island restaurants so he can show me the island. These men seem to know exactly what to say and what to do."

    "Yeah... and we've just arrived. We haven't even been here a full day yet, and you've already got a date with an incredibly sexy stud."


    Just before we turned in for the night, my cell phone rang. It was Calvin. I put the phone on speaker so Gayle could hear.

    "Hi, Honey. Did every thing go well on the plane trip? Are you in the resort now?"

    "Yes and yes. Gayle and I are just getting ready to turn in for the night. How's the fishing and gambling going?"

    "It's really fantastic. We caught our limit today and had good luck at the poker tables tonight... so we're good. How about you and Gayle. Anything interesting happen today? Did you enjoy yourselves."

    "The place looks fabulous. I'm sure we'll have a wonderful time this coming week, but no, nothing unusual happened. We just took the shuttle to the resort, checked in, went for a swim, and then had a great dinner. Let's be certain to talk everyday. Ok?"

    "Absolutely. Sleep well. Love you."

    "I love you too, Honey. Good night."

    After breaking the connection, Gayle laughed, "So, nothing unusual happened, huh? Gee, Ellen, I can't wait to see what you call unusual."

    "Well, I certainly couldn't tell our husbands how we behaved today. It was just a one-time thing. We'll get things under control for the rest of the week."

    "Ok. If you say so." Again, Gayle laughed, and this time, I joined her.


    The lighted dial on the clock said 1 AM. I had been in bed for over two hours, sleeping a little, tossing and turning a lot. Erotic visions of Dieter staring at my exposed thighs kept interrupting my attempts to sleep. When those visions waned, new ones of Carlos finger fucking my toes and my cleavage took their place. By 1:30 AM, I couldn't stop thinking about how close to an orgasm I was when Carlos' fingers were sliding sensuously back and forth over my inner thighs...so very close to my wet pussy. And then tonight, watching Gayle pressing her breasts against Ron and my asking Thomas to take me dancing had me panting again.

    I had just about decided to get up and take a sleeping pill when I heard it... soft, muted moans coming from the other bed. They were so muted that I thought I heard them... and then I wasn't sure... and then I thought I had imagined it. I had been awake long enough that my night vision had kicked in and even in the darkness of the room, there was enough light from the moon shining through the curtains for me to make out the other bed and the covered figure on it.

    Turning on my side, I focused my eyes on Gayle's bed. For several minutes, I saw nothing, but then, the sheet covering Gayle's body began to move slowly. A minute later, I heard her muted soft moans. This was followed by the sheet rising as she bent her legs causing her knees to elevate. Her moans grew slightly louder... the sheet moved faster. Suddenly, the sheet moved higher as her body arched. A long, hissing moan ensued as Gayle's orgasm erupted. She was so hot that she couldn't resist masturbating.

    Slowly, her body relaxed onto the bed, her moans ceased, and the sheet stopped moving. The only thing I had worn to bed was my panties. Sliding my hand between my thighs, I pulled my soaked panties aside and felt my pussy. It was a swamp... swollen and open. I almost shrieked with pleasure when my finger touched my engorged clitoris. Just one touch caused it to contract and pulse.

    Quickly, I looked over at Gayle's bed to see if there were any signs that she was awake. After watching for a couple of minutes, it seemed clear that she had fallen into a deep sleep after her orgasm. Anyway... it didn't matter whether she was awake or not. I had to masturbate if I ever wanted to get to sleep. I could already feel my pussy throbbing in anticipation.

    Knowing that I would be embarrassed if Gayle woke up and saw me masturbating, I got up as quietly as possible and tip-toed into our sitting room. Sitting down on a lounge chair with a matching footstool, I jerked my panties out of the way and thrust two fingers deep into my soaked vagina. Instant orgasm! I couldn't believe it. I had never cum so quickly when I had masturbated... but now my pussy and clitoris were both convulsing in an intense climax.

    As soon as that first orgasm ebbed slightly, I brought my free hand to my engorged and still contracting clit and rubbed it hard while pumping my fingers in and out of my still quivering pussy. Within a few minutes of frantically rubbing my throbbing clit, my ass rose off the chair and gyrated and humped in the air as I came again... my vagina contracting convulsively... my clitoris swelling and pulsing sending electric shocks of hot pleasure through my body every single time I touched it. I just couldn't keep silent.

    "Ooohhh god... look at my legs Dieter... see them... I know you want to see my cunt.... aaaahhhhh.... ooohhhhhhhhhh," I hissed as another spasm ripped through my hot hole.

    "Go higher, Carlos... higher... up to my cunt... rub the lotion into my hot cunt... don't let it get sunburned....aaaahhhhh.... OOOoohhhhhhhhhh... godddd damn.... aaaahhh.... I'm cumming...oohhhh yessss... sooo good.... watch me cum, Carlos... look at my cunt throb."

    II couldn't stop... I was just too wired... too turned on. "Oh god... Thomas ... your cock... your huge cock! I can feel it pressing against my pussy... push it against me... harder... oh please... harder. aaaahhhhhhh," I gasped as I came yet again.

    After watching Gayle masturbate, there was no way I could resist doing it too. Before I
    finished, I had had three intense orgasms.
    I wondered how many Gayle had had.

    The Tiagua Resort: Second Day:

    The clock said 8:45 AM when we heard three, sharp knocks on the door of our suite. Getting out of bed, still naked, I walked to the peephole and saw Mark on the other side with a pushcart holding a delicious-looking breakfast.

    "Yes?" I said through the closed door.

    "Good morning, Ladies. This is Mark with a first morning complementary breakfast for your enjoyment. I would be delighted to set the table with it for your dining pleasure."

    "Oh, that's wonderful, but truthfully, neither of us are dressed... in fact, we're both in our birthday suits." Through the peephole, I saw Mark close his eyes and emit what was obviously a silent moan. At the same time, his hand fell to his penis and squeezed. Even through the peephole, I could tell that he had either gotten an instant erection when I had told him that we were still naked, or he arrived sporting a big hard-on.

    "The Resort provides complementary robes in your bathroom. Why don't you each slip into those and then I'll lay out your breakfast."

    "Just a moment, Mark. Let me speak to Gayle." Turning to her, I said, "You heard him. Is that Ok with you?"

    "Sure why not?" I nodded and turned back to the closed door.

    "Ok, Mark, but you'll have to wait in the hallway until we get into the robes."

    "No problem, Ellen."

    I brought the two robes out of the bathroom and tossed one to Gayle. As she was getting out of bed, I slipped into my robe and found that it wasn't full-length like most robes. In fact, it just barely covered my pussy. If it had been two inches shorter, it wouldn't have. "My god, Gayle. Look at this robe!"

    Gayle was grinning like a Cheshire cat. "Mine's the same. In fact, since I'm a little taller than you, it's even shorter for me. I think we'd better be certain not to bend over for anything while Mark's here."

    "That's for certain! I don't even think we'll be able to sit down without giving the guy a beaver shot."

    "I agree. Well, what are you waiting for? Open the door and let the guy in. I'm starving."

    "You really want me to invite Mark in while we're in these robes? My god, Gayle, the guy already has a hard on, and he hasn't even seen us yet."

    "Really? He's already hard? How do you know?"

    "When I looked through the peephole, I could see his erection tenting his pants. He was hard... really hard and big. Take my word for it."

    "Mmmmmm... sounds sexy. Open the door, Ellen. I want to see too."

    "What do you think our husbands would say?"

    "I imagine they would be both be screaming at us... but just in case you haven't noticed, neither Jeff nor Calvin are here. And we don't really have any idea what they're doing in Reno right now. So, go open the door and let the guy in.

    "I think this is crazy... but all right."

    "Wait! Don't go to the door barefoot. That looks rather crude. Put these on." Gayle tossed me my heels.

    As soon as I slipped my bare feet into the three-inch heels, I realized that I must look like a hooker or a porn star in nothing but the short robe and heels. Again, I hesitated.

    "Get your sexy butt over to the door and let the poor guy in, Ellen."

    When I finally opened the door, Mark did his best to keep his cool, but it was a losing battle. As soon as he saw me, his pants thrust outward as his already erect penis changed to a rock-hard, throbbing cock that thrust his pants forward like a lance... a very big sex lance. When he had pushed the cart holding our breakfast into the room and saw Gayle in nothing but her robe that was even shorter than mine, his body actually trembled. My sexy friend had even slipped her feet into her heels. It seemed impossible, but it looked to me like his shaft got even bigger and harder.

    As Mark spread out the complementary breakfast on the table in the sitting room, Gayle was staring right at his tented pants. She wasn't even trying to be discreet. By the time, Mark had most of the food on the table, I was shocked to find myself doing the same thing. I just couldn't take my eyes off of his rigid shaft. I wondered if I could get my hand all the way around it.

    As soon as Mark looked up to tell us our breakfast was ready, he saw immediately that we were both staring... almost mesmerized... at his hugely tented pants. He smiled, held his hands out, palms up, and shrugged. "I'm sorry, Ladies. I've never seen anyone as beautiful and as sexy as the two of you. I hope you don't report me to the management and file a complaint. I'll be fired on the spot."

    I started to tell Mark not to worry... that, in a way, it was a very nice complement, but before I could utter a word, Gayle said, "If you want us to overlook this indiscretion, we expect you to provide superb service starting right now. We want you stay around and wait on us. You can start by serving us the eggs, toast, bacon, and a pancake. Make certain that our coffee cups stay filled, make us more toast if we require it, and so on. Understand?"

    "Whatever you say, Gayle."

    "All right. Let's eat, Ellen." Walking over to the table, Gayle bent over slightly with her back toward Mark and pulled out her chair. Without raising up, she looked back at me and said, "Are you going to eat or not, Ellen. After Mark has gone to all the trouble to bring us this delicious breakfast, the least you can do is sit down and eat."

    I was too shocked to even reply. Already the bottom curves of Gayle's buttocks were exposed. Another half inch and Mark would be getting a beaver shot. I moved around the table as Mark pulled my chair out for me. When I sat down, he lingered longer than necessary over me. I knew he was looking down my robe at the tops of my breasts. Gayle knew it too. She was grinning at me when she took her seat.

    As we ate, Mark moved around the table filling our coffee cups, putting in more toast, serving us additional eggs or bacon. Throughout the meal, his erection never abated... in fact, if anything, it got even harder. When he filled my coffee cup, it was not more than a few inches from my face. It was obvious that he was giving us every opportunity to look at and enjoy his erection. I had to admit, it was impressive... really impressive. There was no doubt that Mark's equipment was much larger than Calvin's, and as Gayle later confirmed, much larger than Jeff's.

    When we finished eating, Mark was serving Gayle another cup of coffee when his tented pants "accidentally" brushed across the side of her face. She turned, stared at the bulge no more than inch away now, and then closed her fingers around Mark's thrusting penis. The young man groaned softly.

    "How big is this thing?" she asked in a soft whisper.

    "Oohhh... nine inches. OOoohhh."

    "I can't get my hand all the way around it, Ellen. Look at this." She pulled his tented pants outward to let me see that her hand couldn't circle Mark's shaft. Again, Mark moaned softly as his organ pulsed visibly in Gayle's hand.

    "Could you see Ellen's breasts when you looked down her robe, Mark?"

    "OOoooohhhh... Oooohhhhh."

    She squeezed his shaft again. "Could you?"

    "No. They were covered up," he gasped.

    "How about my ass? Did you see my ass when I bent over?" Gayle moved her hand on his shaft.

    "AAaahhhh... oooohhhh... Yes... yes... I saw it. It's just gorgeous."

    "What else did you see?"

    "That was all. You didn't bend over far enough for me to see any more. AH! AH! AH!"

    I knew that just a little more play of Gayle's hand would make Mark shoot off in his tight pants. I was sure she was going to make that happen, but abruptly, she moved her hand away leaving his engorged penis throbbing wildly inside his pants. "Well, if you continue to serve us such delicious breakfasts, you may get to see more... or maybe not. We need to get dressed now, Mark. Would you please clear away the dishes and be on your way."

    Mark was panting with excitement as he cleared the table. As he was pushing the cart out of our suite, he turned back and asked with a smile, "Same time tomorrow morning, Ladies?"

    "Yes... same time, Mark," I replied. After the door closed, I turned to Gayle. "What a teasing bitch. Wow!"

    "I was, wasn't I. I loved it! Are you angry?"

    "Not if you let me be the teasing bitch tomorrow morning."


    That afternoon we visited the "Secret Hours Boutique" to do some shopping as Thomas had suggested. We had anticipated something along the lines of Victoria's Secret and weren't sure we wanted to shop there. After spending 10 minutes looking over the clothing for sale in Secret Hours, we both agreed that we should leave, but for some reason, we didn't.

    The outfits on sale made Victoria's look like a shopping center for soccer moms. Every dress had a bodice that exposed half or more of our breasts and a hemline that at most came to mid-thigh. Most were even shorter. The longer dresses had side slits on both sides that rose all the way to the hip. The blouses were tight, often transparent, and always displayed a generous portion of our breasts. They were all form-fitting. The mini-skirts came didn't quite make it to mid-thigh, and some of the micro-minis didn't quite cover all of our asses.

    The lingerie was positively scandalous. There were bras that either didn't cover the nipples at all or that had cutouts that exposed the nipples. Every pair of panties was either transparent or crotchless. The thongs often didn't have enough material to completely cover a woman's labia. Of course, they completely exposed the ass. The stockings were all thigh-high, fishnet, or patterned. There were garter belts and a wide array of shoes, all of which had four to six inch heels.

    Finally, there was a huge assortment of bathing suits... all two piece. The bikinis were extremely brief and the string bikinis were no more than a few square inches of material that just covered the nipples leaving the rest of the breasts exposed and a tiny triangle of matching material that pretended to cover the woman's pussy.

    "I don't think we can wear any of these clothes, Gayle," I whispered.

    "I think you're right, but wouldn't it be wild if we did."

    At that point, an attractive woman who looked to be in her early 30's approached us. Speaking in a soft, pleasantly accented voice, she smiled and said, "I can see you're new guests at the Tiagua Resort... right?"

    "Yes. This is our second day. How did you know? Do you keep track of all the newly arriving guests?"

    "No. Not at all. But I haven't seen either of you before and as beautiful as both of your are, I would certain remember. Also, you both have the usual expression of mixed shock and excitement as you've browsed our clothing. I can even read your thoughts. By the way, I'm Maureen."

    "I'm Gayle and this is my best friend Ellen. Can you really read our thoughts? If so, what are they?"

    "You and Ellen are both scandalized by the erotic nature of all the clothing. But your husbands aren't with you and you're wondering if you could ever get up the courage to wear the outfits we have in this boutique. You don't think you can, but you wish otherwise. In the end, neither of you will have the nerve to purchase the clothing you would love to have for fear of what your friend would think. Would you like for me to tell you what would happen if you bought one of our ensembles and then put it on tonight before leaving your rooms?"

    I was more than a little surprised by the accuracy of Maureen's analysis. "Go on. Tell us what would happen, Maureen," I replied.

    "You would look in the mirror and say, 'I can't possibly go out in this thing!', and then you probably wouldn't. But if you did, the first ten minutes would be one of sheer embarrassment. The rest of the night and every night thereafter would one of sheer excitement and pleasure. As beautiful as the two of you are, you would harden the penis of every man who looked at you, and I assume both of you enjoy exciting men and getting them hard."

    Neither Gayle nor I could suppress the blush that rose to our faces. I was thinking of Carlos, Thomas, and Dieter, and I knew that Gayle's thoughts were on Romeo, Caleb, Ron, and Mark.

    "Ah ha!" Maureen said with a sly grin. "I'm right, aren't I. You've already been enjoying that and you've only been here a day and a half. Look, I'll make you both an offer that you shouldn't refuse. Each of you pick out an exotic outfit to wear tonight and then wear it. If tomorrow you can truthfully tell me that it didn't excite you enormously to wear it, you can return it without cost."

    "That is quite a deal," I replied looking at Gayle.

    "Before you decide, there is a catch. If you loved wearing it, you can either come back tomorrow and pay for your purchases, or you can buy three more ensembles and keep the first outfit as a free gift."

    As Don Corleone said, Maureen had made us an offer we couldn't refuse. When we left the boutique, Gayle and I each had an exotic ensemble. I could not believe that I was actually going to wear mine tonight when I went out with Thomas. My mind was dizzy with the thought.

    "My god. I'm going out on a date with another man, and I'll be wearing this wildly sexy outfit. But then, it's not really a date. Thomas is just a tour guide who's going to show me the island and in the process have dinner with me. We'll go dancing, but that's his job... to dance with female guests of the club. It's not really a date. He's just a tour guide. It's not really a date...."

    "What are you thinking about, Ellen," Gayle asked. "You seem lost in thought."

    "I was just thinking about how amazing this resort is."

    "Right! And I've been doing calculus problems in my head to pass the time," she replied with a knowing smile.


    After having lunch, we decided to check out the beauty salon and spa.

    "Are you going to have a professional make-up job and your hair set for your date tonight, Ellen?"

    "I'm not going out on a date, Gayle. Why do you keep saying that. Thomas is just doing his job acting as a tour guide and dance partner."

    "Well, usually if I have dinner and go dancing with a guy wearing a sexy, hot outfit, I would call that a date... actually, to be truthful, I would call it a hot date."

    "Oh god... should I cancel? Are you going to tell Jeff? You know he'll tell Calvin."

    "I'm your friend.. remember? Jeff and Calvin aren't going to tell us every thing they did on their trip to Reno and Tahoe, and I'm not telling Jeff or Calvin what we did here on the island. Got it?

    "Yeah... thanks, Gayle. Nothing's going to happen except dinner and a little dancing, but I don't want Calvin to know that I even spent an evening with a tour guide."

    "Right... especially a ruggedly handsome, virile, sexy tour guide who, if he's anything like that other waiter, Ron, is hung... and I mean seriously hung."

    "Oh you're just awful! Nothing's going to happen. What are you doing tonight? You haven't told me."

    "Not much."


    "I'll probably go dancing. Might see you there."

    "Who with?"

    "Just one of the ... what did you call them... oh yes... one of the tour guides."

    "Who is it? I'm not telling Jeff. Who?"

    "Romeo is taking me dancing."

    "Romeo... that hot black guy who told you to show him your legs on the shuttle?"

    "The same... he's just doing his job... carrying bags... riding in the shuttle."

    "Right," I grinned.

    "Nothing's going to happen, Ellen. So are you getting your hair set, nails and make-up done?"


    "Me too."


    I did have my nails and make-up done and my hair set, but it wasn't like any other visit to a beauty salon I had ever experienced. The hair stylist was male, and he totally blew away any notion that I had had previously about male hair stylists being gay. This guy was another former Playgirl centerfold wearing a tight... very tight... T-shirt and shorts. As he worked on my hair, I watched him in the large mirror in front of me. Again and again, I saw his muscles rippling beneath the tight shirt. When he moved out from behind my chair, the prominent, pulsing bulge in his shorts advertised his erection, and it was big. God... he was big. But then all of them seemed to be oversized in that area.

    As the stylist worked on my hair, another male employee was seated in front of me doing my nails. This guy was a dark-skinned Adonis with a sinfully handsome face. I couldn't see the size of his endowment since he was seated, but his hands were large... and you know the rumor about the correlation. Since the hair stylist needed my head upright and sometimes back, I couldn't lean forward. Therefore, the guy doing my nails was seated between my legs to reach my hands. Anytime he wanted to take a look at my panties, all he had to do was look and there they were. By the time, I was ready for the dryer and my nails were done, my panties were a lot more than just damp. There was no doubt in my mind that the guy could smell the musky aroma of my arousal.

    Normally, sitting under a dryer is boring, boring, boring. Most women, including me, read something to pass the time. Reading was the furthest thing from my mind this time. Once the dryer was in place and the hair stylist left to work on another woman, the nail guy was now doing my toenails. Naturally, my feet were elevated, and again, every time he lifted his eyes, I knew he was staring between my thighs at my now-soaked panties.

    Once my toenails were done, he moved close so I could hear him over the noise of the dryer. "Would you enjoy a leg massage while you finish drying your hair, Ellen?" His strong hands were already moving over my left calf when he asked me. His touch was firm, but gentle, and now that he was standing, his "endowment" was obvious since he was rock hard from staring between my legs for last 20 minutes.

    "Please," I said nodding. He smiled and sat back down to go to work on my legs. For two or three minutes, he kneaded and rubbed my left calf. This was followed by another several minutes repeating the massage on my right calf. I could hardly wait. Then, I didn't have to wait any longer... his hands were on my thighs. Caressing and massaging first one... then the other... back and forth... higher and higher.

    I felt his hands slowly.... ever so slowly spreading my legs. I didn't resist. I couldn't resist. He had me. I was quivering... throbbing. The hands moved higher. He was almost there. I had to bite my lip to resist the urge to arch my ass off the chair. The fingers were massaging my inner thighs no more than an inch away from my pussy. His hands pressed gently outward urging me to spread even wider. My legs opened. I could hear myself moaning. Fortunately, the roar of the dryer prevented others from hearing. The fingers reached their target, and now my ass did arch off the chair and stayed there.

    When the fingers began stroking up and down my slit, my pelvis started humping in response. The hair stylist had now returned and was standing right in front of me with his eyes taking in all the action between my legs. The fingers slipped beneath my panties... two or three on my left... several on my right. Some of the fingers spread my pussy... two more stripped back the hood of my clit. Fingers entered my vagina while others worked over my engorged and now wildly throbbing clitoris.

    The stylist was now behind me, his hands moving downward to heft and cup my breasts. My eyes closed... my head arched back as my ass gyrated and hunched on the fingers that were now moving in and out of my hole.

    Even over the roar of the dryer, I heard the stylist speak to the nail guy. "Finish her. She's ready. Work her clit. Hard."

    It only took a few strokes to make me explode in an intense throbbing orgasm that seemed to go on and on and on. The sensuous stroking of my breasts and the steady motion of the fingers within my pussy continued as my clitoris and vagina throbbed in hard, spastic contractions. Finally, my ass fell back to the chair as my body quivered in the aftermath of my climax.

    When my body returned to normal, the fingers and hands withdrew. The stylist removed the dryer and finished doing my hair. When I got up to leave, Gayle was waiting on me with a big grin on her face.

    As we left the salon, Gayle said, "Wow! If they had a beauty salon like that were we live, the women would lined up for blocks."

    "Did you see?"

    "Just the last few minutes when they finished you. You really exploded."

    "Oh god. If Calvin finds out, he'll divorce me. I just couldn't stop."

    "Neither could I. What woman could after two days of being constantly aroused by these guys."

    "How did they do you?"

    "The same way they did you. Obviously, they have it down to a science. I didn't last as long as you did."


    Later that afternoon, we again soaked in the pool being careful not to ruin our new hairdos. Afterwards, we enjoyed the sun beside the pool. It came as no surprised when Carlos and Caleb magically appeared to apply sun block "to protect our bodies", as they put it. It was the same as before except this time Caleb took care of me while Carlos worked on Gayle. By the time they finished, we were both highly aroused again and softly panting. I wondered if Romeo and Thomas had paid them to get us right to the edge and then leave us hanging.


    I was still waiting for Thomas to arrive when Romeo knocked on our door. I looked over at Gayle who was sitting on the bed with her legs crossed looking like pure distilled sex in her red sheathe, matching red, thigh-high stockings, and four-inch heels.

    "Do want to get that or should I?"

    "I think it's Romeo. It's too early for Thomas. You answer it."

    Smiling, I opened the door to see Romeo decked out in a form-fitting shirt, slacks, and polished black shoes. He looked sharp. When he saw Gayle on the bed, his penis jerked and began to rise. "God! Awesome!" he whispered.

    As I stepped aside to allow Romeo to enter, I saw what had gotten such a reaction. Gayle had reclined on the bed with one knee steepled to give Romeo a clear view of all of her thighs as well as the tight black thong hugging her pussy. As he approached, she didn't close her legs. If anything, she spread them wider.

    Romeo mounted the bed beside Gayle, moved over her, and pressed his lips to hers. The kiss intensified over the next minute until Gayle was squirming on the bed, her hips beginning to hunch upward.

    When Romeo's hand moved between her open thighs onto her pantie-covered pussy, she spread wider and thrust her pussy against his caressing hand. Very slowly, Romeo moved his hand and fingers up and down the length of Gayle's slit until stopping right over her clitoris. Gently, he massaged it... rubbing her... making her ass rise off the bed.

    It looked to me as if Romeo intended to fuck her, but he had more control than she did. His lips moved away from Gayle's open mouth. Smiling, he said, "I love it, Gayle. You look fabulous!"

    "Are you mad because I'm wearing panties?"

    "Of course not. It's even more erotic that way. Shall we go?"

    On their way out, Gayle stopped and whispered to me. "Remember... not a word to Jeff or Calvin. Have fun with your.... eh... 'tour guide'. By the way, which of us gets to use the suite tonight?"

    "Well, nothing is going to happen with Thomas. So I need to have a place to sleep. I'll use it. Ok?"

    "No problem. But next time, it's my turn."

    As Gayle took Romeo's arm, he asked, "What was all that about?"

    "Just girl talk, Honey. Nothing of interest to you."


    Thomas arrived almost right at 8 PM. When I opened the door for him, he did a double take. His reaction to my outfit was every thing I had hoped for and more. He didn't seem to be able to decide what part of me to look at next. Initially, his eyes fell on my blouse whose buttons were opened all way down to below my breasts. My 34D's stretched the garment wide open exposing a little less than half of my tits. With Thomas' intense stare, it was impossible for me to think of them as my "breasts". They were sexy tits that were obviously getting Thomas' cock hard. I was shocked a second time when I realized that I had thought of his swelling organ as his "cock", not his penis.


    Neither Gayle nor I had ever worn such revealing outfits for our
    husbands, but we seemed to have no problems wearing
    them for Romeo and Thomas.

    Stepping back into the room, I automatically pressed my finger tips to the sides of my tits, pushing them together and emphasizing my cleavage. "Like them?" I questioned knowing very well that I was fishing for complements. I couldn't help it.

    "Like isn't the right word, Ellen. They're cock-hardening gorgeous!"

    "Really? Are they really doing that?"

    "Take a look. What do you think?"

    I tried to keep my eyes on Thomas' face, but failed. Like moth drawn to a flame, my eyes were drawn to the fire inside Thomas' tight pants. "God! Where on earth do they find these men?" I thought to myself.

    When I looked up, I was thrilled again to see that Thomas was now checking out my tight skirt and legs. "My god!" he gasped. "You're just fantastically beautiful. I can't believe that you're my date tonight."

    I started to correct his characterization of our evening as a "date", but then decided to let it go. Gayle knows it's a date. Thomas knows it's a date. And, in truth, so do I. I was dating another man tonight, and he was making no secret of the fact that I had him turned on and hard.

    "Are you ready?" he asked.

    "I'm ready."

    "Good. I hoped you would be. Let's head out."

    As I took his arm, the double entendre of his statement was not lost on me. I was ready. I just wasn't sure how ready.


    Thomas had just driven out of the Resort's parking lot, when he looked over at me sitting in the passenger seat making certain that I kept my knees pressed together in my short, tight skirt.

    "I bathed, showered, and shaved, and used a very nice after-shave lotion and cologne before coming to pick you up, Ellen."

    "I know, and it is very nice, but I'm married."

    "That just makes you even more enticing and delectable. Besides, you're married whether you sit over there or over here closer to me."

    "But it's just our first date," I stammered like a school girl, but Thomas wasn't like any school boy I'd had ever dated.

    "Oh I like that... a lot!"


    "Because it indicates that we're going to have more dates before you leave. I'll take all the dates with you that I can get."

    "Be careful. I may be a lousy date."

    Thomas nodded and then looked at me while he tried to keep one eye on the road. "Ellen, a lousy date with a woman as beautiful and as sensuous as you are is better than the best date with any of the other women I've dated."

    My vagina pulsed when I heard that. "Jesus," I thought, "this man seems to always know exactly what to say to light my fires." I thought my fires were burning brightly at that point, but Thomas quickly poured gasoline on them.

    "Move over here. I want to feel your body against mine... No... that's not right. I need to feel your body pressed against mine."

    I knew I should refuse and probably reprimand Thomas for his audacity, but as I searched for the right words, I found myself sliding across the seat until I was beside him."

    "Closer. Press against me, Ellen."

    To my credit, I did hesitate, but very quickly, my pussy overruled my brain, and I moved closer pressing my hip against his, my left thigh and leg against Thomas' right one.

    "Is this what you had in mind?" I whispered.

    "Almost. I want to feel your breasts pressing into my shoulder and arm." This time, there was no hesitation. A moment later, I had my tits mashed into Thomas' upper arm.

    "MMmmmm... you feel fantastic, Ellen. I've never been with such a gorgeous woman before."

    My only reply was a soft moan. I felt like a cheating slut... but my pussy was throbbing.


    Thomas took me to an out-of-way restaurant right on the shore of the opposite side of the island. He had assured me that they had the best, freshest sea food on the island, and he hadn't exaggerated. The lobster and crab salad was exquisite, but in spite of that, I was having a lot of trouble thinking about the food.

    As we were waiting for our orders to arrive, I was sitting facing Thomas who was leaning toward me so we could speak quietly and not have everyone in the place here what we were saying. I had just commented on how nice the restaurant was how gorgeous the view of the moonlight on the ocean was, when he said something that again made my pussy throb.

    "That's true, but neither competes at all with your beauty. Lean toward me so I can see your breasts better."

    Again, I knew I should resist, but again, I couldn't. Instead, I leaned over and even pulled my blouse a little wider.

    "God... I have the urge to take them out right here."

    For a brief moment, I thought he was going to really do it. I was shaking with a strange mixture of fear and hot excitement. Instead of removing my breasts, he said, "Open your legs so I can see your panties."

    As I moved closer, my tongue automatically began flicking over my top lip. Raising my hips off the chair, I tugged my tight skirt almost to the tops of my thighs. With my skirt so close to my hips, I only had to spread my knees slightly for Thomas to be staring right at my pussy. I wondered if my panties were so wet that he could see through them.

    By the time we were back in the car, I could feel my wet excitement coating my inner thighs. Every time I moved, I was keenly aware of my blouse raking over my hard nipples. This time, I was pressed firmly against Thomas before he had even gotten out of the restaurant's parking lot.

    It took us almost 15 minutes to get back to the resort and the night club. Thomas' hand never left my leg and thigh the entire time. When we were within five minutes of the resort, Thomas hissed, "Feel me. See how hard you've gotten me."

    I was already so close that all I had to do was move my hand a few inches before it rested on his erection. As soon as I touched it, it jerked and throbbed like an enraged snake beneath my hand. And it was big... big and hard. I had suspected that Thomas was not only longer but much thicker than my husband. As soon as I closed my hand around his shaft, I knew for certain that he was.

    "Oh god," I moaned. "It's gorgeous. So big.... so hard... soooo thick. I want to see it. Can I take it out?"

    Thomas literally beamed with masculine pride. "Sorry, Ellen. We're here. You'll have to wait a little longer. Women can show it off in public, and everyone loves it. Men who show it off in public get arrested."

    The lighting of the club was subdued, the music was slow and erotic, and Thomas' throbbing shaft pressing against my mound as we danced had me panting in heat. By the second dance, his hands were on my ass. Some of the time, they caressed my buttocks and traced my ass crease from top to bottom. Other times, they pressed my pussy hard against his raging shaft. By the third dance, he had me grinding my body into his. During the fourth dance, we were humping against each other almost as if he were fucking me through my skirt.

    Just when I thought, I couldn't take much more, Thomas led me to the back of the club and into a storeroom. He flipped the lock behind us once we were inside. Turning to face me, his hands captured both of my tits, squeezing and hefting them. I was gasping as he cupped me, squeezing and twisting my nipples in the process.

    When Thomas pulled me hard against his body and tilted my face up to his, my mouth opened automatically to receive his deep kiss. His hands were now inside my blouse kneading and stroking my naked breasts as his lips crushed against mine and his tongue entered my mouth. As he tongue fucked my mouth, I realized that I was very, very close to cheating on my husband for the first time, not to mention doing all manner of erotic things that I had always refused to do for Calvin.

    His lips never left mine as he worked my blouse off and let it fall around my waist. It was the first time since my marriage that another man was kissing me and caressing my naked tits. Suddenly his lips left mine. Lowering his head, I gasped when Thomas sucked my left nipple into his mouth and bit it gently sending waves of pleasure through me.

    The pleasure was exquisite. Throwing my head back, I groaned and arched my back to press my heaving tits into his hands and mouth.

    Standing up, Thomas whispered in my ear, "Now you can take it out and enjoy it, Ellen. Do it. Now!" I could hardly control my hands I was so eager to get Thomas' big cock out and see it... suck it... and take it inside my wildly excited, gushing cunt. Again I was shocked when I realized that I was now thinking of my vagina not as my pussy, but as my cunt... my hot, wet CUNT!"

    Finally, I got Thomas' pants and briefs down and had his cock in my hand. Kneeling in front of him, I stared at the powerful shaft and the precum dripping from its tip. It was awesome! Just looking at it, had me panting in female heat. Extending my tongue, I caught the dripping precum. When it was thoroughly coated, I pulled my tongue back inside my mouth and tasted it. Its salty favor and musky aroma made my vagina throb. When I tried to get my hand all the way around Thomas' formidable shaft, my fingers just failed to touch. Again, my pussy contracted at the sight.

    Slowly, I began to move my hand up and down the length of his now jerking, pulsing, male shaft. Each motion brought another sigh of pleasure from Thomas who was now thrusting his hips back and forth in fuck motions. "Oh god... do it faster, Ellen. Please," he begged.

    The sense of total power that had over this handsome, rugged stud was exhilarating. If I squeezed him, he moaned helplessly and pumped his hips forward. When I licked the swollen head, his entire organ throbbed in a hard spasm accompanied by a higher-pitched cry. Cupping his tight balls produced a gasp. Squeezing them, made him squeak with a mixture of fear and excitement.

    "I think I'm going to suck you off, Thomas. That way when you fuck me, you'll be able to last much longer. Would you like to sink your big cock all the way down my throat and shoot your load?" I asked as I began pumping my hand more rapidly on his swollen dick.

    "Oh god, yes! Suck it, Ellen. Please. Suck me!"

    Pulling Thomas closer to me, my mouth slipped over the throbbing end of his dick as I jacked off the lower half of his cock. As soon as he was inside my mouth, his hands moved to the back of my head and pulled me hard against his surging shaft. "Open wider, Ellen. Take it all!" he ordered.

    With each trip down his big dick, I took more and more of it until the head worked its way into my throat. Thomas felt it enter and groaned. A moment later, he held my head steady and drove himself all the way down my gullet. He moaned when his ball sac bounced off my chin.

    "Oh yeah. Suck it... ooohhh my god... you're sucking all 9 inches... oohhhh fucking shit... suck my cock, you beautiful cocksucker.... take it.... AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! ... MORE... MORE! GONNA CUM... GONNA CUM SOON... SUCK MEEEEEEE!"

    I continued to suck Thomas' exploding shaft as gush after gush of thick cum blasted into my throat. After two big loads were sliding down into my stomach, he pulled back and pumped two more into my mouth... completely filling it. "Open your mouth wide... keep it open.!" he screamed as he jerked his cock out of my mouth and shot several more thick streams of semen all over my face.

    In all the years I had been married, my husband had never shot such a huge cum load down my throat or all over my face. Of course, the fact that I had never deep throated him might have been the reason.

    His cock continued to jerk and throb even after all his semen had been ejected. The huge ejaculation covered my face, filled my mouth, and pooled in my belly. Thick blobs of semen ran from my mouth and formed long, thick cum ropes dangling from my lips. I couldn't remember my husband ever shooting such a monster load.

    Using a discarded towel lying on a crate in the storeroom, I wiped off my face at the same time as Thomas pulled me to my feet and set me on one of the crates. When he pulled my legs up and spread them, I was forced onto my back. The hot stud jerked off my panties and stared between my open thighs at my wet, open pussy.

    "Fuck me," I hissed hotly. "Fuck my cunt. Hard. Now!"

    "Not until I feast on your delicious pussy."

    Thomas moved between my legs and sensuously ran his tongue up my inner thigh bringing hot sighs of pleasure from my lips. His tongue made the return journey back down my thigh and then switched to my other leg, which received the same erotic treatment. After licking the length of both of my inner thighs several times, he had me squirming on the packing crate. "OOooohh stop torturing meeeee... go higher... do meeee," I screeched.

    "What do you want?"

    "Your tongue... on me. Please."

    "My tongue is on you."

    "Damn you! You know where I want it. On my pussy... please. I'm on fire."


    "On my pussy... ohhhh god... please... I only need just a few strokes and I'll explode.... oohhhhhh ...ooohhhh... I need it."


    "On my cunt... I want your tongue on my married cunt... sucking my clit. Now! Damn you! Now!"

    Thomas mashed his face against my throbbing pussy, drove his tongue into the gaping cleft between my wet labia, licked up the entire length of my sex trench until he reached my engorged, swollen clitoris. His tongue circled it... lapped at the sides causing it to contract and pulse spastically.


    Thomas' tongue slashed over the sensitive tip causing my clit to contract hard and pull back into its protective hood. His tongue followed and dug it out. He sucked it hard into his mouth... held it there with his encircling lips and softly flicked the tip of his tongue up and down the side of my near bursting organ.

    I felt my orgasm building... building. My entire body was shuddering. My fingers sought out my tits... squeezed them hard as my ass arched upward to open myself fully. With no conscious thought, my fingers captured both nipples... pulled them upward... squeezing... pinching. My howls of pain and hot pleasure filled the storeroom.


    Even when my orgasm ebbed, Thomas continued to lick me as my vagina and clitoris trembled and twitched in the sensuous aftermath of my intense climax. Hot, lubricating secretions seeped from my hole making certain that it was ready. We could both smell my hotly aroused cunt.


    In one smooth motion, the powerful, wildly excited male animal turned me over onto my knees and pushed my head down. I didn't have to be told what to do. Spreading my knees enough to fully open myself to him, I arched my ass into fucking position. Although, he was on me and in me in a flash, I still yelled at him to hurry.

    As soon as his thick cock stretched my hole to allow the big head to slip inside my sex channel, I realized that I was about to be fucked by a cock about two inches longer than Calvin's and much thicker. It felt like a coke can being pushed inside me. I thrilled with the thought that I was now officially cheating on my husband as my vagina quivered about the first new cock to enter my body since marriage.

    "Ooohhhh god... you're big... sooo fucking big... go easy, Lover. Let me get used to that thing."

    He pushed in maybe three inches of cock, held it there as he caressed my ass and finger fucked my asshole. Slowly, I felt the big dick being withdrawn. As it pulled back, my labia clung to his shaft trying to keep it inside me. When only the head was still planted in my hole, Thomas reentered me with three inches of dick.

    Although it seemed like several minutes, it was probably only 20 or 30 seconds before he gave me another two inches and then fucked me with five inches of his big cock for another minute until I was begging for more of his dick After several minutes, I felt his balls slapping against my clit and knew that I had his entire length up my cunt. Pressing it hard against my cervix, he flexed his dick rapidly several times bringing wails of pleasure from me. Pulling back a few inches, he fucked it back into me hard. When it thudded into the bottom of my sex pit, I came for the first time since marriage on another man's cock.

    "Oh my gawd! I just came again," I moaned in hot passion.

    "That was just a little one. I haven't even started to fuck you yet, Ellen. Are you ready to take it hard, deep, and fast?"

    "Yes.. yes... yes... yes... yes...!!! Fuck meeeeeeeeeee!"

    He did. Thomas began fucking me with that huge cock... pulling almost all the way out before driving back into my depths with force and power. On every stroke, it pounded into my hole with masculine authority driving my body forward, causing my tits to swing back and forth. I didn't last more than a dozen strokes before I felt my orgasm building...

    "Oh god... I'm getting close... oohhhh shit... I'm gonna cum again... fuck me harder, Darling... aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

    Thomas rammed me like a pile driver. The hot sounds of his big sex spike slamming into my cunt filled the room. My vagina throbbed spastically about the thick 9-inch cock. This time I screamed when I climaxed.

    My vagina was still quivering from my hard orgasm when my lover turned me over onto my back and pushed my legs up and back. I heard myself moan as my hands grasped my legs behind my knees and jerked them even further back. Thomas stared at my wet, throbbing cunt as I arched my hips in invitation. A moment later, I was again howling as that thick sex shaft drove into me. Thomas fucked me like a wild man to another orgasm. His thrusts never slowed as my cunt pulsed and throbbed around his organ.

    Before I could climax again, Thomas rolled us both over so that I was riding him. Holding my hips, he gave me a two word order, “Fuck Me!”. I had never pounded my cunt on my husband’s cock the way I did for Thomas. I came again and felt his cock beginning to swell and throb inside me.

    “CUM IN ME! SHOOT IT INNN!” I heard myself scream. He did. Again and again and again his cock jerked and throbbed inside my vagina. With each throb, another thick stream of semen squirted into me.

    I thought we were done, but Thomas had staying power like I didn't know existed. For another 20 minutes, he fucked me like a powerful, wild stallion, this time standing we me bent over. Before he put another load into my cunt, I was babbling and cursing and screeching. My orgasms were now coming one on top of another... or maybe it was just one huge, long, continuous orgasm. I couldn't tell. All I knew was that I was getting the hardest, most delicious screwing I had ever had.


    My cunt was still erupting when Thomas grunted, "Can't hold it much longer."

    "In me! Cum in my cunt, Lover. Shoot me full!" I wailed as my vagina quivered and pulsed. Thomas' hit into me with short, hard jabs and then drove his rod all the way to the bottom of my cunt. Once more, my vagina and clitoris erupted in hard contractions. He held his cock against my womb as his buttocks clenched and his sex gun jerked and throbbed inside me. When his big gun fired again and again, I knew that my vagina and womb were being filled with a cum load almost as big as ones Thomas had previously shot inside my mouth and cunt.

    After deep throating Thomas, he got me off on his tongue. Then, we fucked
    in a half dozen different position. I came again and
    again on Thomas’ huge cock.

    We rested for perhaps five minutes before Thomas lifted his body off mine and said, "This was great, but it will be more comfortable in your bed or mine. Which to you prefer?"

    "My bed. I want you to fuck my ass off in my bed."

    As we got dressed, I started searching the floor. "What are you looking for?" Thomas asked.

    "My panties. I can find my panties."

    "They're in my pocket."

    "Can I have them?"

    "Nope. It saves time if your cunt is naked and ready. Don't you agree?"

    "Oh yes, Lover. Oh yes!"


    As soon as Romeo and I left our suite leaving Ellen to wait the arrival of her "tour guide", as she put it, his hand moved onto my ass. His slow sensuous caresses were delicious. By the time, we got off the elevator and entered the lobby, my breasts were heaving with excitement.

    I knew very well that my days as a faithful wife to Jeff were going to end tonight. Ever since Romeo and Dieter had picked us up at the airport two days ago, the men on the island had kept us in a constant state of arousal. With each passing hour, they had poured more and more fuel on my sexual fires until finally, it was impossible for me to keep my pussy dry. If Romeo had decided to fuck me on the bed right in front of Ellen, there was no way in hell I would have stopped him.

    The only questions on my mind were when and where Romeo was going to fuck me tonight. The fact that his big black cock was going to be buried in my married pussy was a foregone conclusion. It was obvious from the way his hands stroked my ass in public that he knew he could fuck when ever he wished. But he was in no hurry. As I squirmed under his caresses, my vagina throbbing and seeping lubricating fluids, my lover-to-be was content to work on me until my sexual needs boiled over and I began begging him to fuck me. And I knew I would beg. I was already so hot, I could feel and smell the wetness seeping from my cunt.

    When Romeo's hand moved under my short sheathe to my ass right there in the lobby, I couldn't stop trembling. By the time he stopped beside the bell captain's desk to introduce me, his hand had pulled the strap of my thong aside allowing his fingers to stroke unimpeded up and down the crease of my ass.

    "Maurice, have you met Mrs. Gayle Seaver yet? She and her friend Ellen arrived two days ago."

    "No. I haven't had the pleasure. How are you enjoying our resort, Mrs. Seaver?"

    "Oh I'm... I'm enjoying it. mmmmm... it's... it's wonderful...mmmm," I had groaned as two of Romeo's fingers entered my anus.

    "And your husband? Is he with you?" Romeo's fingers pushed deeper.

    "My husband? Uummm... did you say my husband? mmmmm."

    "Yes. I wondered if your husband is also a guest of the resort or if you and your friend Ellen are here by yourselves." The fingers slipped out of my ass and moved forward to my pussy.

    "Oh yess.. we're here by ourselves. Yes... by ourselves... mmmmmm... our husbands are in... in.... " Romeo pushed his fingers into my pussy.

    "Yes? You were saying that your husbands are in...?"

    "Yes... in... in Reno... fishing."

    "I see. Well, Romeo be certain that you take good care of our guest. We certainly want Mrs. Seaver to have an enjoyable stay with us. Let me know if I can do anything to make it a memorable experience for you, Gayle."

    All I could do was nod and bite my lip. Romeo's fingers were now on my clitoris. As Romeo led me out to the parking lot, his hand moved back to my ass, which he stroked and probed. By the time we reached his car, I was shuddering with desire and very close to a climax.

    "I think Maurice knew you had your hand under my dress, Romeo," I gasped as his finger entered me again.

    "Of course he knew. I would be severely reprimanded if I was not taking proper care of your needs, Gayle."

    "Where are we going?"

    "To dinner at a club where I'm a member. And then back to my apartment."

    "Are you going to fuck me?"

    "Only if you wish me to. Do you?"

    "I've never cheated on my husband before."

    "You don't know how much exquisite pleasure you've been missing, Gayle. Tonight, I will show you."

    "I'm not very hungry, Romeo. Why don't we just go to your apartment right now?"

    "Very tempting... so very tempting, but I want to show you off to my friends. It is rare that I have the pleasure of the company of such a beautiful exotic woman. Unless I show them, they'll never believe me."



    As we walked through the resort's lobby arm-in-arm, my thighs were wet with a mixture of my cuntal secretions and the huge cum load Thomas had shot into my cunt in the storeroom. I could easily detect the musky aroma of my arousal. Even though I had lost count of the numerous orgasms I had had since meeting Thomas earlier in the evening, I was still ready and eager for more of the brand of loving he was giving me.

    Once or maybe twice during the evening, I reflected ruefully that I was no longer a faithful wife to Calvin. But for the most part, thoughts of my husband were the furthest thing from my mind, which was totally focused on the hot stud walking by my side, on the huge cock in his pants, and on my cum-filled, naked pussy just barely concealed by my short skirt.

    My skirt got even shorter once we were inside the elevator. Thomas pulled it up over my hips and used both of his hands to finger fuck my ass and pussy holes while his thumb worked over my sensitive clitoris. When the elevator doors opened on my floor, my ass was humping on his fingers in hot fuck motions.

    He continued to stroke my naked ass as we walked down the hallway toward the door to my rooms. I was half relieved and half disappointed that the hallway was empty. When we reached my door, Thomas continued to slide his fingers in and out of my ass and over my buttocks as I fumbled for my swipe card. Finding it, I tried to steady my trembling hand enough to slide it through the slot, but didn't manage it. Instead, it fell from my hands onto the floor.

    When I bent over to retrieve my card, my ass and cunt were totally exposed and in perfect position. It was too erotic and too much of an opportunity for Thomas to pass up. I shuddered with excitement when I felt his hand on my back keeping me bent over. I trembled even harder when I heard the sound of his zipper going down.

    His cock was hard as iron as he used his hand to swipe it over my naked ass and through my sex trench. After two passes, his cock was soaked with my secretions and sliding easily between my pussy lips. With his cock surrounded by my labia, but not yet inside me, my lover leaned over my body and opened my blouse to expose my tits.

    "Let's go inside," I moaned.

    "Quiet! Raise your ass higher and move your feet further apart."

    "Ooohhhhhh god!" I moaned in response to the big shaft sliding erotically over my throbbing clit.

    "Did you hear me?"

    "Oh yes," I gasped arching my hips and spreading wider. My tits were now swinging erotically as Thomas thrust his thick organ between my labia.

    We both froze momentarily when we heard the door on the other side of the hallway opening. Two women in their late 30's or early 40's emerged from the room.

    "Oh my god! Look at that, Millie! He's fucking her!" one them gasped.

    "I don't think so," Millie replied. "At least not yet. He's just sawing that big log back and forth over her pussy, Wilma. But I bet it won't be long before he sticks it in her. Are you gonna fuck her, Honey?"

    "I was just getting ready to," Thomas grunted as he continued to grind his cock against my clit."

    "Can we watch?" Wilma asked unable to tear her eyes away from Thomas' big shaft moving between my thighs.

    "If she doesn't mind, neither do I."

    At this point, Wilma squatted down with her eyes within a foot of my tits and pussy. "You should get down her and watch her big tits swinging back and forth, Millie. His cock's sliding right over her clit. She's gonna cum hard soon. What's your name, Honey?"

    "El... Ellen," I gasped between moans.

    "You're wearing rings, but he's not your husband is he?"

    "Nooooo...ooohhhhh god... I'm so close!"

    "Do you mind if we watch?"

    I was close, I couldn't speak. All I could was nod. Millie was still standing behind me watching Thomas' dick disappearing between my thighs when I heard her husk, "Fuck her, Honey. She's ready... really ready. Put it in her."

    "I'll put it in her, if you do her clit while I'm fucking her."

    "Oh yes! Yes! Let me put your cock in her cunt, Honey. Can I?"

    I felt the big shaft leaving my sex trench, and then from behind me: "My god! It's huge. I can't get my hand all the way around it. Can she take it?"

    "She was tight earlier this evening, but she's been stretched now. It will fit nicely this time."

    "Oh god! Did you hear that, Wilma. He's already fucked her once this evening. Now I'm going to put his big dick in her pussy again."

    I felt Thomas' cock being fitted into my vagina. Like Thomas had just said, it slid into me easily.

    "You're in her, Honey. That big cock is in her cunt. Now fuck the hot, married slut while I work her big clit."

    As Thomas plowed his organ into me bringing moans of pleasure, Millie knelt to my left and moved her hand onto my swollen clitoris. Trapping it between two fingers, she rubbed and stroked me in perfect time to Thomas' fuck strokes. Wilma had now moved beneath my thrashing body and captured one of my nipples with her mouth while she twisted, tugged, and pinched the other one.


    The thick prick pounded into me like a pile driver as the fingers on my clit masturbated me to a screaming climax. I could feel my nipples throbbing inside Wilma's mouth.

    "She's cumming! The hot bitch is cumming," Millie announced. "Her clits pulsing and jerking like crazy. Fuck her harder, Honey. Pound her cunt while I play with your balls and rub her clit."

    Thomas fucked me steadily for ten minutes bringing me to another climax before he grunted, "Gonna fuck her asshole now. Wanna put my cock in her ass, Millie?"

    "No!" Wilma yelled. "It's my turn to hold your cock and rub her clit. Millie, you can get down here and suck her tits."

    "Hurry up then," Thomas growled. I need to get my cock into her ass before her throbbing pussy sucks out my load."

    The two women switched places, and I now had a new mouth sucking and biting my nipples. From behind me, I heard Wilma moaning. "Oooohhh my god. What a cock. It's just huge. I can't wait to see this big dick stretching her asshole open."

    "Wet her asshole first," Thomas ordered. Wilma couldn't do it fast enough. I felt her hand swabbing through my slit and then two of her fingers fucking into me. Automatically, I rammed my pussy back on the probing fingers. After a few strokes inside my vagina, Wilma's hand moved to my anus where she spread all my secretions over my hole and inside my rectum.

    "Get ready, Ellen. I'm going to put Thomas' big cock into your ass. Relax your sphincter, Honey, and it'll go in easy."

    I did and it did. I came again as soon as I felt my ass being stretched open by the large head of Thomas' cock. My spasms caused my hole to open and close, and when it opened, Thomas punched 6 inches of his dick into my ass. It took a couple of minutes for him to get it all inside me. When the last inch sank into my hole, Wilma worked my clit faster and whispered, "It's all inside your ass now, Ellen. I bet it feels fantastic. Fuck your butt back on him. Take it, Honey." Thomas started ass fucking me with hard, deep strokes.

    Less than a minute after my orgasm began, Thomas' cock detonated inside my rectum. Hitting into me short, hard strokes, his tool throbbed and jerked as he emptied his balls inside me. He kept his shaft buried in my ass even after he emptied his balls. I could feel him twitching inside me as his orgasm gradually ebbed.

    "Do you cheat often on your husband?" Wilma asked as her fingers continued to stroke my pulsing clitoris.

    "No," I moaned. "This is my first time. I'll probably be ashamed tomorrow, but right now, I can't wait for Thomas to fuck me again."

    "Don't worry about it, Ellen. The Tiagua resort caters to women on vacation without their husbands. Every woman who comes here gets fucked before she leaves. I actually think the motto of the resort is leave no woman's pussy unfucked. Isn't that right, Thomas?"

    For an answer, he began sliding his semi-hard shaft back and forth inside my ass again. "He's starting to fuck you again, Ellen. I think that's a 'yes' answer."

    "Have the two of you had sex with anyone here at the resort?" I asked between moans.

    "Twice this afternoon, Ellen. And right now, we're on our way to one of the clubs to see if we can find a couple of guys for tonight."



    Romeo and I had spent an hour at his private club. There was a mixture of white, oriental, and black women present, but every man was black. There were also considerably more men present than women. With Romeo making me sit at our table with my legs open, we had very quickly attracted several other males who, at Romeo's invitation, took seats at our table.

    Before we left, I had danced a couple of times with each man. Naturally, they all took the opportunity to feel me up. At first, I had resisted and tried to keep their hands off my tits and ass, but after 15 minutes of struggling, I just gave up and let them feel me. After another 15 minutes of being groped and stroked on the dance floor, I was so hot that all thoughts of resistance had vanished. By the time we left the club, I couldn't keep my hands off of Romeo. I sucked his cock continuously as he drove back to his apartment at the club. He had just pulled into the parking lot when I had my first climax just from feeling that huge black shaft throbbing inside my mouth.

    As soon as we were inside the apartment, I expected Romeo to strip me and fuck my brains out. Instead, the sexy stud made me strip him. Every time I took something off, I licked and kissed the newly exposed skin. The last thing I removed was his jockey briefs. When his fully hard, thick 8-inch black cock surged out, I couldn't stop licking his balls and big shaft. It was so erotic. I was still fully dressed with Romeo naked. He was just gorgeous.

    Kneeling in front of him, I covered his balls and shaft with my saliva as I licked every square inch of his meat. Looking up, I asked, "Can I suck it? Please. You can cum in my mouth if you want."

    "Suck me, but the first load going up your cunt, Gayle."

    "Oooohhh god.... up my married cunt. I've never cheated before."

    "I know, but you will tonight."

    "Oh god.. yes!"

    "Suck it!"

    Romeo's groans of masculine pleasure as I sucked his cock had my pussy throbbing. I couldn't believe I was able to deep throat his rod. I hadn't even gagged when I did it. For a brief moment, I wondered why I had continuously refused to deep throat my husband. I loved it.

    "Suck it all in, Gayle. Take it down your throat, Baby." I did.

    When Romeo's cock began jerking and pulsing inside my mouth, I thought he had changed his mind and decided to empty his balls into my mouth, but at the last moment, he pulled out and grinned. Pulling me to my feet, he got rid of my dress in record time. Picking me up as if I weighed nothing, he laid me on the bed on my back and said, "I'm going to fuck you now, Gayle. Pull your legs back."

    "Aren't you going to take off my panties?" I asked grinning.

    "No need."

    I was confused until I felt Romeo yanking my panties aside and swabbing his thick shaft up and down the length of my soaked pussy. Once the big head was coated with my juices, he centered it right over my opening and snapped his powerful hips forward. The huge cock stretched me wide open and slugged into my hole. I felt my vagina being stretched to accommodate his big dick. He pulled back and hit into me again... this time ramming the head hard against my cervix. I grunted and shuddered with the knowledge that I had a big-cocked raging stallion buried in my cunt for the first time since marriage.

    Once he had his cock buried in my pussy, he began fucking with deep, hard, long strokes, each one thudding into the bottom of my hole bringing shrill cries of pleasure from me.

    "OOohhh god... yess... aaahhhhh fuckkkk.... harder, Romeo... Fuck me hard! Oh, I'm gonna cum... I'M GONNA CUM... Fuck me hard, Romeo.... AAAAHHHH... OOOHHHHH... UUNNGGHHH! UUNNGGHH! GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEE!! I'M CUMMINGGG!!"

    Romeo screwed me like a wild bull right through my climax. My hole was still spastically contracting from my first orgasm on another man's cock when he shoved two fingers into my rectum and pounded into my cunt at the same time as his fingers skewered my ass.

    "Here it comes, Gayle... Big load going up your hot cunt! TAKE IT!"

    Romeo spewed thick streams of semen into my throbbing hole at the same time as I had my second orgasm on his cock. His body collapsed on top of me as my legs fell to the bed. After several minutes, he pulled his dick out of my hole allowing his load to gush from my widely stretched pussy. He stared at the gaping hole his big cock had made and grinned. "Now we can take off those useless panties, Baby." With one motion, he pulled them from my still shuddering body.

    We cuddled for five minutes or so before I turned and leaned over his cock. Taking it in my hand, I licked erotically up its length making it throb. "I want you to fuck me again, Lover. In fact, I want it as many times as you can get it up." I started to say more, but Romeo pulled my mouth down on his semi-hard shaft and began mouth fucking me. In just a few minutes, he was rock hard again.


    I had my first orgasm deep throating Romeo’s huge cock, and when he began
    fucking me, I came two more times. After he shot off
    inside me, I sucked him and once again
    his cock got stone hard.

    When his dick was ramrod hard, he pulled it out of my mouth and said, "MOUNT! Ride my big dick, Baby."

    Scrambling on top of Romeo, I straddled his hips and grasped his thick prick in my hand. He pulled my hips into position and I fed the hard shaft into my eager hole. Once the head was firmly lodged inside me, I drove my pussy downward and engulfed all eight inches of cock. I squealed with pleasure when I felt his cock stretching me and filling my vagina.

    Every time I rammed my pussy downward, he arched upward to drive the big dick into the bottom of my hole on again and again. "OOOOoohhhh god damn... I'm cumming, Honey.... I'm cumming again on your big dick.

    Romeo continued to drive his black shaft into my throbbing hole as I shuddered in another hard orgasm. My tits heaved in response to the deep strokes of his cock into my quivering hole.

    "Turn around, Baby. Ride me with your back toward me so I can really ram it up into your cunt."

    "Oh yes... oh yes. Do it that way. Everyway!" Without breaking the erotic connection between his cock and my cunt, I rotated on his shaft, leaned back, and he began fucking me like a jack hammer. The force of Romeo's thrusts were making my tits bounce wildly. When his hands circled my hips and sought out my pulsing clit, my vagina contracted in a hard spasm.

    "Cumming... oohhhh fuck.... that's sooo good.. You're making me cum again, you hot, big-cocked Stud. Fuck the shit out of meeeeeeeeeee!"

    Romeo rammed me ... deep.... hard.... fast.... his cock a blur of motion as it pounded in and out of my erupting cunt. "I'm gonna cum, Gayle. Almost there... Gonna fill you with my hot load!"

    "Yes...yes... yes..... fuck me ... fill meeeeee. Now! Cum in my cunt, Lover."


    I sucked him. Then he fucked me making me cum twice. Then I sucked
    him again. I rode his cock having even more orgasms when
    he jack hammered it into me. Finally, he pumped another

    load into my cunt. I was a total slut. I loved it!

    The Tiagua Resort: Third Day:

    Thomas had stayed in my bed until around 2 AM fucking me four more times before he had to return to his room to get some sleep so he could work the next day. It was sometime around 3 AM before the door opened and Gayle peeked inside. Seeing that I was alone in bed, she came, pulled off her clothes, dropped them on the floor and collapsed into the other bed.

    "How many times?" I asked.

    "Six... or maybe it was seven. He just fucked me and fucked me and fucked me. I didn't know men could get hard so many times so quickly. I'm exhausted. I put out the "do not disturb" sign with a note to Mark to bring breakfast around noon."


    I was about to fall back to sleep when Gayle asked, "So did anything happen with your tour guide?"

    "It turned out that he was my date... not my tour guide."

    "How many times did he fuck you?"

    "Six and I also sucked him off once. He shot a monster load into my belly and creamed my face. I was a complete slut... just a dirty, complete slut."

    "So was I," Gayle whispered. There was silence for awhile. Then, she said, "But I loved it. I fucking loved it!"

    "Me too. If I had known how much fun it was, I would have become a hot slut a long time ago."


    We were both still asleep when Mark knocked on our door at noon, just as we had requested. "Shit. I should have told him 2 PM." Gayle moaned. She got out of bed, still naked, and shouted through the door. "We're not dressed yet, Mark. Come back in 10 minutes or so."

    "I'll just wait. No hurry," came the answer from the other side of the door.

    "We need to get up anyway," I said. "But no more robes this morning for me. I'm just going to slip into a pair of panties and stockings and heels."

    "Oh that's hot. Me too, but I think I'll forget about the stockings." Gayle said with a grin.

    "Sexy bitch."

    "Well, I'm not the only one. You know he's gonna want to fuck us, don't you?"

    "Of course he will. He wanted to bang us yesterday morning too. Just remember, it's my turn this morning. You can have him tomorrow morning."

    "MMmmmmm... Ok... but at 19, I'm sure he won't have any trouble doing both of us."

    "Do us? You want to fuck him?"

    "He's nineteen, handsome, and sexy with a big cock. Don't you want to try him out?"

    "We're both married, Gayle."

    "We were both married last night too. It didn't seem to make much difference to either one of us."

    Blushing furiously, I stammered, "I know, but I didn't mean for it to happen."

    "Oh come on, Ellen. Are you going to stand there and tell me that you didn't want that hot stud to fuck you?"

    "No, I can't very well tell you that. You're right. I did want it. In fact, I hadn't been with Thomas for than 15 minutes before I knew that we were going to have sex. And I did want it. I even let him do it to me out in the hallway right outside our room."

    "What? Oh damn! You've got to tell me about that."

    "I just did. Thomas fucked me out in the hallway."

    "Don't be coy. Details, you sexy slut. Tell me all the hot details."

    "Oh all right. I know you. You're not going to stop badgering me until I tell you. Thomas wouldn't let me put my panties back on after he fucked me in a storeroom at the dance club. He had his hand under my dress playing with my ass and fingering me all the way from the parking lot. By the time we got to our suite, I was shaking so hard, I dropped my key card on the floor by the door. As soon as I bent over to pick it up, he had my dress up over my ass and his cock out. When I tried to straighten up, he kept me bent over. Then he opened my blouse to let my tits hang out and stuck his big cock in my pussy."

    "Oh fuck! That's so damn hot and erotic. How long did he keep you out in the hallway fucking you?" Gayle now had her fingers on her cllt masturbating.

    "Quite awhile. After a five minutes, two women came out of the room across the hallway and joined us. They took turns sucking and playing with my tits and stroking my clitoris as Thomas fucked me."

    "Oooohhhh... did he cum in your pussy while they watched and played with you?"

    "No. After I had an orgasm, he pulled out, and one of the women put his cock into my ass. He shot his load there just as I was having another orgasm."

    "Oh god. Let's get Mark in here. I need his cock," Gayle moaned.

    It only took me five minutes to slip into a pair of tight, black panties, thigh-high, black stockings, and four-inch heels. Checking out my appearance in the full-length mirror, I was certain that Mark's cock was going to get iron-hard when he saw me. The thought caused my clit to throb.

    When Gayle came out of the bathroom, all she had on was a pair of sheer black panties and matching heels. Looking at me, she grinned and said, "I'd say we both look hot, ready, and very fuckable. Just give me a second." Lying down on the couch, Gayle steepled her knees and opened her legs so that Mark would be staring right at her pantie-covered pussy as soon as he pushed the food tray into our suite. "Ok. I'm ready," she grinned. "Let the young stud in, Ellen."

    I flipped the bolt on the door opened it a few inches. "Ok, Mark. You can come in and serve us our breakfast now if you like. Have to warn you, we're not wearing much so, if you prefer, you can just push the cart inside and leave."

    It came as no surprise to anyone when he said, "Oh, I don't mind at all." He opened the door wider and entered pushing the food cart in front of him. As soon as he looked up, the first thing he saw was Gayle's pussy through her sheer panties. A moment later, his eyes rose and took in her big naked tits and sensuous bare legs. Mark's 19-year old, rampant cock surged upward into a huge spike that shoved his pants forward.

    "Are you going to serve us our breakfast or just stand there and try to see through Gayle's panties. Hurry up, Mark. We're both hungry."

    Tearing his attention away from Gayle's nearly naked body, he looked over at me sitting in a leather recliner with one leg up on a table and the other one spread far to the side. My panties weren't as transparent as Gayle's, but the dark stockings and my big, naked tits compensated. Mark's mouth fell open. His hand clutched his huge erection. "Oh god... You're the two hottest women I've ever seen." He moved closer to me and began stroking his cock through his tight pants.

    "Stop jacking off, Mark. We're hungry, and we want you to eat with us."

    "I just had breakfast, Ellen."

    "That's not what we want you to eat, Mark," I said with my best seductive smile.

    "You mean you want..."

    "That's right, Mark. That's exactly what we want you to eat. There's plenty of room under the table. Now set out the food. The sooner you have the food out and ready, the sooner we can all start eating."

    The wildly excited teenager set records for getting the food spread out on the table. When he finished, Gayle and I wasted no time in taking seats on opposite sides of the table.

    "Aren't you going to take off your panties," he asked, his cock throbbing hard inside his pants.

    "No. We're confident that you're experienced enough to know how to get a woman out of her panties or just pull them aside. But we do want to take something else off."

    "What?" he asked.

    "Your pants. I'm sure you want that big cock out while you're eating. Gayle, why don't you take care of that for Mark."

    Without waiting for permission or even an answer, Gayle started working on Mark's belt, button, and zipper. It took less than 15 seconds for her to have his pants down around his ankles. His jockey briefs were hugely tented with his big cock pointed upward. As she lower his briefs, his organ surged out and up. Mark's extremely thick dick was about nine inches long and heavily veined. It jerked and throbbed in the air as precum was seeping from its tip. Gayle was stunned at the size and power of the teenager's sex weapon. Her mouth opened and stayed open as her eyes spread wide.

    Mark crawled beneath the table after which Gayle and I pulled our chairs up and began dishing the food onto our plates. I was serving myself some of the scrambled eggs when Gayle sighed and lifted her ass off her chair. She squirmed a bit as Mark drew her panties down her legs. When she settled down in her chair, I asked, "Are they off?"

    "Um-huh," she whispered. "MMmmmmm... he's spreading me now."

    I spooned some of the different jellies onto my plate. When I reached for the fruit bowl, Gayle's ass again rose off the chair. Her head tilted back as her eyes closed. I was buttering my toast when she began groaning. When I served myself three slices of the perfectly cooked bacon, Gayle was gyrating and humping in her chair. I had just enjoyed the first mouthful of food, when Gayle's body quivered and she cried out.

    "OOHHH Gawd Damn! He's doing every thing... aaaahhhhhhh... uunnghhh!"

    I stopped eating and asked, "What's he doing?"

    "He's... aaahhhh... unngghh! ... eating meeee... sucking... sucking my clit... ggghhaaahhhh.... ooohhhh fuck... ooohhhh fuck... aaaahhhhh... finger fucking meeeeeee... uugghh! uugghh! uugghh! HE'S IN MY ASS!!"

    I went back to eating as Gayle thrashed wildly in her chair... twisting and turning, as the teenager lashed her clitoris again and again.


    Again, I stopped eating to watch Gayle's ass undulating, thrusting, pumping. She cried out... groaned... then shrieked as she came in hard spasms. For a full minute, her body remained elevated off her chair, her hips pumping in fuck motions. Finally, she collapsed into her chair, her lungs and tits heaving.

    Knowing what was coming, I quickly worked on my eggs, bacon, and toast, but I didn't make it. Half of my breakfast was still on my plate when Mark's fingers hooked into the waist of my panties and dragged them down my thighs. Like Gayle, my ass arched upward to allow Mark to get my panties over my ass. Gayle served herself some breakfast as she watched my ass arching high in the air.

    "Your panties are off now, aren't they?" Gayle asked as she enjoyed her breakfast.

    "OOohh.. yesss.... off."

    "Has he spread you yet?"

    "AAaahhhhh... oohhhh god yes.... wide open. Ooohhhhh fuckkkkkk," I gasped as my eyes closed and my head tilted back. His tongue lashed my clit... up and down the shaft while his fingers probed my cunt... fucking me. My hips began hunching in hot fuck motions.

    "Is he working your G-spot, Ellen?"

    "UN-HUH... UN-HUH! UUNN! AAAAHHHH! OOOHHHH GOD!!" My hips pumped hard and fast against the probing fingers and pleasure-giving tongue. "GGGHHHAAAAAHHHHHH!!"

    "Is he in your ass now?"

    "YESSSSSSSSSSS... OOHHHH FUCK YES!" In less than a minute, I was grunting and wailing and then I was squirting as my pussy exploded on Mark's mouth.

    Mercifully, his tongue slowed its motions to allow my orgasm to run its course. My body fell back into my chair as I panted and gasped just as hard as Gayle had done.

    I had just started to eat the rest of my breakfast when once more Gayle's body began hunching in her chair. She tried to continue eating, but couldn't. The sensations rushing through her vagina and clit were too intense. Suddenly, she shoved her chair back, pulled both legs above the table, and thrust them high in the air. Beneath the table, I knew her cunt was now thrust forward right to edge of her chair with Mark's mouth and fingers all over it and in it.

    After Mark had gotten Gayle off a second time, he returned to my cunt and clit. Unlike Gayle, I kept my legs below the table, but I did shove my chair back and push my ass to edge of the chair so that my naked cunt and ass hung over the edge. Spreading wide open, my pelvis pumped frantically as Mark brought me closer and closer to another orgasm. When his fingers plunged into both of my holes at the same time as his mouth sucked my clit hard and his tongue lashed it, I screeched and howled as my second orgasm convulsed my body.

    Gayle was laughing at my wild gyrations as one spastic contraction after another pulsed through my vagina and clitoris. "Cum, you hot Slut," she hissed as I moaned helplessly.

    Both of us were relaxing in our chairs when Mark crawled out from beneath the table. Obviously, he had not jacked off while eating us because his sex spike was absolutely rigid. Fluids leaked copiously from its tip. The big head was swollen and so engorged with blood that its color had changed from pink to purple.

    Since I had just finished cumming and was still recovering, he pulled Gayle out of her chair, hooked his arms beneath her legs and carried her over to the bed. Dumping her onto the bed on her back, the wildly excited teen pulled her ass to the edge of the bed and mounted her. Leaning over Gayle's body, Mark's hips snapped forward. His aim was perfect. From my position, I could see the bloated head of his cock hit the center of her cunt hole. She was so wet, open, and ready it stretched her pussy easily and disappeared inside her vagina along with five more inches of his thick shaft.


    Mark's hips pulled back, and I watched four inches of cock slide from Gayle's slick hole. Her juices dripped from his dick as he rammed back into her a second time. This time, seven inches of cock vanished into her cunt bringing loud female wails of pleasure from Jeff's wife.

    At this point, Gayle's legs rose into the air on either side of Mark's driving hips. She must have lost her heels when Mark was eating her because now her feet were bare and her toes curled back as the thick sex spike speared into her... stretching her pussy into a huge oval. Again, Mark jerked eight inches of his throbbing shaft out of her hole and then hesitated with just the head still inside her. Gayle moaned and frantically arched her hips in an effort to impale her pussy once more on Mark's dick.

    Pulling all the way out, he swabbed the big dick over her clit bringing gasps and shrieks from Jeff's wife. Centering his cock on her hole once more, he pushed the head back inside and said, "Ready, Gayle. Are you ready to have your sexy ass fucked through the bed?"


    I was rubbing my clit as I watched Mark's ass ram forward. This time his cock didn't stop disappearing into Gayle's cunt until his balls smacked sharply against her upturned ass. Gayle howled with hot pleasure as her vagina erupted around the nine inches of prick filling her cunt. I could even see her asshole opening and closing as she climaxed around the big dick. Then Mark began fucking her like a machine... ramming stroke after stroke into her waiting hole. She came again... then, a moment later, she screamed in another orgasm.

    Mark's control was amazing. He screwed the screaming woman for at least 15 minutes bringing her to several orgasms before he grunted, rammed in deep, shoved two fingers up her ass, and began spewing his load into the bottom of her pussy.

    When Mark pulled his still semi-hard dick out of Gayle, her legs collapsed to the bed. She lay there panting in exhaustion as Mark's large load flowed out of now widely stretched hole. Getting off the bed, he walked over to me, his dick swinging erotically in front of his body, and said, "Your turn, Ellen."

    I laughed and looked at his semi-hard dick. "You think you can get that hard again and fuck me so soon after you just finished screwing Gayle?"

    "Open your mouth and suck it. It won't be a problem, Ellen."

    Mark stepped in front of my chair, and I pulled him even closer with my hands on his butt. As soon as I opened my mouth, he shoved his cock in. I took 5 inches on his first thrust, but did not gag. I was looking up at his eyes, when he pulled back and gave me six inches. This time, the big head entered my throat but I still did not gag or shove him back. On the next three thrusts, I took first seven... then eight... and finally, all nine inches of cock down my throat. Holding his balls gently, I sucked him hard letting my tongue work over the swollen head and around his cock shaft. After a couple of minutes, he was hard... hard as stone. I knew that he would have no trouble sinking his dick into me.

    When he was ready, Mark jerked his rod out of my mouth and pushed me down onto the couch. Getting between my legs he growled, "Get your legs up and back, Ellen. Put that hot cunt of your into fucking position for me, Honey."

    He seemed more like an experienced Casanova than a teenager when he ordered me to position my cunt for his pleasure. I was mortified to be ordered around like a whore, but his cock was so huge... so thick... and I wanted it badly, I pulled my legs back and arched my hips until my open hole was right in front of his cock.

    "Take hold of my dick, Ellen, and guide me into your married cunt hole."

    Again, I flushed with a mixture of embarrassment and anger, but I found myself wrapping my hand around his thick dick as far as I could and guiding it into the gaping hole of my cunt. He pushed forward bringing a hot hiss of pleasure from my lips as the thick, swollen cock head entered me. My ass rammed upward to take more. He gave it to me with a hard thrust that sent all nine inches of deliciously hard cock up my eager hole.

    Once inside me, Mark fucked me like a raging stallion. I cupped and squeezed my tits as his dick charged up my vagina again and again. I began to cum... my vagina throbbing hard around his plunging shaft. From the other bed, I heard Gayle shouting encouragement to Mark.

    "That's the way to fuck the hot bitch, Baby. Ram that big dick up her married cunt hole, Mark. Ram it in deep! Give her your cock! OOhhhh shit... I can see her asshole winking... opening... closing... You're making her cum, Mark. Fuck her harder. Screw the ass off Calvin's wife, Honey. Pump the load into her!!"

    I came yet again when I felt Mark unloading inside my throbbing vagina.

    Mark was amazing. He made us both cum on his mouth and tongue and then the hot, big-cocked stud fucked
    both of us twice. When he left, his cum loads were oozing from out stretched pussies.


    Mark screwed both of us a second time before he finally left around 2 PM with the promise to bring us our breakfast the next morning at whatever time we put on our door sign.

    After he had left, we soaked in the whirlpool bath together for a half hour. The time passed quickly as we each described our previous evening with our two dates... or as Gayle insisted we call them, our two lovers. By the time we had done our hair, make up, and dressed, it was after 3 PM.

    "We need to go by the Secret Hours Boutique and pay for our ensembles," I suggested to Gayle.

    "Right. I'm going to take Maureen up on her offer and buy several additional things so we'll get the clothes we selected yesterday at no charge."

    "Good idea. I'm going to do the same."

    "What should we buy?"

    "Well, I don't know about you, but I don't want to wear that old one-piece bathing suit again. I'm going to buy a couple of bikinis and a string bikini plus anything else they have for beach wear that looks exotic,"

    "If I had told you a week ago that you'd be buying things like that would have believed me?"

    "Hell no!" I replied. "What I really would never have believed is that I would have allowed several men to feel me up and then let two of them fuck me."

    "God, isn't that just wild. Do you realize that in less than 20 hours, we've both been screwed eight times by two different men?"

    "It is hard to believe particularly considering that I've been limiting Calvin to twice a week or threes times, if he's lucky. You know, that's just disgusting. I can't believe that I've done that to him."

    "Don't feel too badly, Ellen. I've done the same to Jeff. You know that we both had anal sex last night. A year ago Jeff asked if we could try anal sex. I not only said no, I made him sleep in the guest room the night he asked."

    "I did the same except I didn't make Calvin sleep in the guest bedroom. I just refused to have sex with him for almost a week. I'm sure he would have preferred one night in the guest bedroom."

    "I'm sure, but it wasn't one night, it was two. Obviously, we've got to make some changes when we get home."

    "Yeah. We do."


    Maureen greeted us warmly when we entered the Boutique. "Hi, Ellen, Gayle. So are you here to return the ensembles, pay for them, or take me up on my offer of getting them free if you buy three more ensembles?"

    "We loved wearing them. I've never felt so alive.... so desirable... so much of a woman. But we're not going to pay for them nor are we going to buy three more outfits. I'm pretty sure it will more like a half dozen or so," I said with a grin.

    "Great. Let me show all the exotic things we have. You're just going to love them!"

    It was almost 5 PM before we were paying for all of our purchases. It was obvious that we were going to either have to discard some of our old clothing that we had brought, buy an additional suitcase and pay the extra charge to the airlines, or ship some of our old clothes home. We had bought so much that there was no possible way to get every thing into the two bags we were allowed on the plane.

    "I'll tell you what," Maureen said. "You two have bought so much, the shop will pay to have some of your old clothes shipped home to you."

    "Wow! Are you sure? That's very generous."

    "My pleasure. The shop will still make a handsome profit from all the things you've bought. Tell me, would the two of you consider having dinner at my place this evening? I promise to let you go by 9 PM if you have some plans for later."

    I looked at Gayle who nodded. "Ok. Sounds like fun. But I see from your rings that you're married. Will your husband mind?"

    "He wouldn't mind a bit having dinner with three women, I can tell you that. But he's in Florida right now buying merchandise for the shop. So, it will be just the three of us."

    Without really thinking about it, I said, "Maureen, when Ralph's out of town, do you...," abruptly, I stopped talking.

    "Do I what?" Maureen asked.

    "Nothing. Forget it, please. I shouldn't have said anything."

    Grinning, she said, "Were you about to ask if I enjoy some of the incredible males employed by the resort or others from the island when Ralph's out of town?"

    "Yes, and that's outrageous. It's obviously none of my business. I can't believe I started to pry into your affairs like that. I'm really sorry."

    "Don't worry about it, Ellen. It's no big secret. Ralph knows. Of course, I enjoy all those hot studs. Every woman who visits Tiagua without her husband or boyfriend does. Didn't you and Gayle get laid last night?" she asked with a knowing grin.

    I felt myself blush, but managed to answer, "Yeah we did. But you say every woman who visits the island ends up getting laid before she leaves? Every one? That's what two of the other female guests at the resort told me, but I didn't really believe them."

    "Believe it, absolutely. I've had this shop for seven years, and I haven't met a single female guest at the resort who was here without her husband who wasn't royally fucked by several of the men before they left."

    "What about Ralph?"

    "What about him?"

    "When he's here, does he enjoy all the female guests?"

    "Of course, and I can tell you, that he's going to be really sad that he missed meating you and Gayle. And that's m-e-a-t-i-n-g," she laughed.


    The sole almandine dinner and Chardonnay were both wonderful. The three of us were sitting in the den enjoying another glass of the wine when Maureen asked, "Would you two mind me asking some very personal questions? You can ask some of me too, if you like."

    "Sexual questions?" I said with a smile.

    "I'm afraid so," came Maureen's direct answer.

    "Why not? I asked you a lot of personal stuff this afternoon. Besides, talking about sex is the most enjoyable topic. What do you want to know?"

    "You told me that you and Gayle got laid last night. I'm just dying to know all the hot, sexy details."

    "Gayle responded immediately. "Ellen and I both had a date with a really hung sexy guy. It was the first time either of us had cheated on our husbands.

    "Really? Wow! And both of you on the same night. Were you together?"

    "Nope. Separate."

    "You know this really excites me. Who fucked you and how many times did you each get it?"

    This time, I answered. "I went out with Thomas to dinner and to a dance club. At the dance club, he took me into a storeroom and fucked me there the first time after I had sucked him off." Maureen moaned softly. "Then, we went back to my suite, and he screwed me the second time in the hallway right in front of our door."

    "Oh my god!" Maureen gasped clutching her breast. By the time I had filled in all the sexy details, she had her hand beneath her dress on her thigh.

    "And after that?" she whispered softly as her arm moved slowly.

    "He stayed in bed with me until 2 AM. Before he left, he had fucked me four more times." Maureen's arm moved a little faster and a little higher.

    When I finished my story, Maureen turned to Gayle and said, "Your turn, Gayle."

    Maureen's excitement grew even higher when Gayle told her that her date the previous night had been Romeo. "Oh a big black stud! That's so hot. Go on. Tell me every thing."

    She described how Romeo had taken her to his private club and shown her off to all his friends making her sit with her pussy exposed. Maureen was now so excited her breasts were heaving. When Gayle described the positions and how many times she had climaxed during each of the six times Romeo had fucked her, I saw Maureen's body shudder.

    "It's my turn to ask you something, Maureen. You told me that you fuck other men besides your husband. Very many? How often?"

    "I guess the average is twice a week. The men here at the resort are just awesome, and I think almost every one of them has fucked me. I don't know many women who can resist them... certainly none of the female guests at the resort can. Those studs are in their pussies constantly. My husband Ralph knows that I like having other cocks. Fortunately for me, he gets off on my having sex with other men."

    "That is fortunate. If our husbands knew what we've done in the last two days, they would divorce us."

    "Don't be so certain of that Ellen. A lot of men are really turned on by the idea and the sight of their wife being fucked by another man."

    "Maybe, but neither of our husbands have ever made any suggestions or statements that would indicate they want us to fuck other men."

    The conversation died for a bit, and then Mareen suddenly asked, "Are you really planning to wear that string bikini that you bought on the beach, Ellen?"

    "Oh yes. I can hardly wait. Just thinking about it is getting me wet."

    "Mmmmmmm. That's very erotic," Maureen said. "I hope you're not offended if I ask how wet."

    "Are you asking?"

    "Yes. How wet?"

    "Very wet. Want to feel for yourself?"

    "Oh. Are you serious?"

    "Very. All of this has me very wet."

    "Are either of you bi?"

    "Not really. I've never had a sexual experience with another woman. I don't think Gayle has either. Have you?"

    "No. Never," she answered.

    "Well, I've had quite a few. Ralph also likes watching me with another woman... particularly because we usually invite him to join in later on. Would you two like to try it tonight with me?"

    "I don't know. Gayle and I have known each other and been close friends for years but the idea of having sex has never come up."

    "How about you, Gayle," Maureen asked. "Have you ever had thoughts about what it would be like to have sex with Ellen?"

    Gayle blushed furiously at the question. I mean her face turned beet red. "Oh my god, you have, haven't you?" I challenged. She blushed even deeper.

    "Fess up, Gayle," Maureen encouraged.

    "You're very beautiful and very sexy, Ellen. I've thought about it quite a few times, but never had the nerve to say anything for fear you would never speak to me again."

    "Ok, Ellen. Your turn. Gayle has indicated an interest. Would you like to find out what's it like to have me make you cum with my tongue on your clitoris? Would you like to find out what a man feels when he licks a woman's pussy to orgasm? Wouldn't you like to cum all over Gayle's face as she pleasures your pussy with her tongue?

    "I don't know if I have the nerve," I confessed. Even as I said it, my body was quivering and my mind was filled with erotic images.

    "All right. You both know how excited I've gotten over your story about how Thomas and Romeo fucked you last night. It was just so erotic and hot, I really need to masturbate. So, I'm going to go into my bedroom, strip, and do it. If you follow me, I'll do it right in front of both of you. I hope you'll both get naked and join me. I think you'll both love it. If not, you can just leave. The Resort's only a few blocks away. Easy walking distance."

    Maureen grinned at us as she got up and walked toward her bedroom shedding her clothes as she went. Just before entering her bedroom, she turned to face us, totally naked, and said, "Come on, you sexy sluts. Pussies and tits aren't as much fun as cocks, but they're a close second, and you don't have wait until some guy can get it up again."

    Turning to Gayle, I asked, "Do you want to do it?"

    "You just want me to be the one to make the decision. Ok. I can do that. Come on. We're all going to do each other."

    Gayle led me into the bedroom where Maureen was already stretched out on the bed rubbing her pussy. "You two are overdressed," she hissed as her fingers moved slowly and sensuously up and down the length of her slit. "Get naked. I can't wait to see you."

    Turning toward me with a big grin all over her face, Gayle's fingers began working on the buttons of my blouse while I hiked her skirt halfway up her buttocks exposing her panties. She already had my blouse half opened, when I started to unbutton hers. As we stripped each other, Maureen continued to urge us to "get naked". Her eyes never left us as her fingers rubbed her clitoris in slow, circular motions.

    Leaving my blouse half opened, Gayle's hand moved downward to my short skirt and pulled it up almost to my waist completely exposing my ass since my thong covered none of my buttocks. "Don't you think Ellen has a really sexy ass, Maureen?" Maureen's fingers moved faster over her swollen clit. She answered Gayle's question with a deep moan.

    "Oh god," Maureen moaned from the bed. "Show me more!"

    Urged on by Maureen's passionate moans, we worked faster. In less then a minute, our blouses were lying on the floor. Our arms circled each other's body, our fingers working frantically on the bra hooks. Almost simultaneously, we pulled the other's bra off and tossed it onto the floor beside our discarded blouses leaving us both in just heels, stockings, and panties.

    "I knew it, I just knew it!" Maureen gasped. "I knew you'd both have gorgeous tits. They're just lovely. So firm... so big... such hard nipples. Yum! I want them in my mouth... soon."

    I started to pull down Gayle's panties but Maureen stopped me. "Don't. Don't take her panties off yet, Ellen. I want you both to lean back against that table, spread your legs, and each of you pull the other's panties aside and finger her clit. Do it while you watch me fingering mine."

    We followed Maureen's directions, and in a moment, there were three women moaning in the room as my fingers caressed and stroked Gayle's bulging clitoris at the same time as she rolled mine beneath the pads of her middle and index fingers. Very quickly, we were both humping and thrusting our pussies against the pleasure-giving fingers. When my mouth opened in a deep groan, Gayle's mouth pressed against mine in a passionate kiss. It was my first with a woman. My vagina began to throb when Gayle's tongue entered my mouth.

    "Push her back onto the table, Gayle! Spread her legs... lick her clit! Make the sexy bitch cum! MAKE HER CUM!"

    I didn't even think about objecting when Gayle pushed me onto the table on my back. As she shoved my left leg far to the left off the table, I raised my right one high in the air without being told. I wanted my cunt open and ready for her. Her head moved between my thighs stopping with her eyes just a few inches from my eager pussy and bulging clitoris.

    Without raising her head, Gayle raised her eyes and looked at mine. "I'm going to lick your cunt, Ellen, and suck and lick your big clit. Do you think I can make you cum?"

    "OOoohhhhh yes. YES! LICK ME! MAKE ME CUM, YOU BI BITCH!"

    Mashing her face into my cunt, her tongue stroked the length of my slit up to my throbbing, engorged clitoris. Her tongue circled it... flicked the tip bringing hot screams of pleasure. Wrapping her lips about my rapidly pulsing clit, she sucked it into her mouth forcing even more blood into the already swollen organ. My clitoris contracted and throbbed. It seemed to me like it was enlarged to almost twice its normal size. Again and again, I arched my ass off the table and clutched her head against my erupting cunt. My orgasm boiled over when she fucked three fingers into my convulsing hole.


    Gayle had no intension of stopping. Again and again, her tongue raked over the tip of my erupting organ and then up the sides making it contract inward followed by a hard, outward expansion... over and over, with me howling, hissing, and squirting. When my legs collapsed onto the table, Gayle finally backed away and watched as my chest and tits heaved in the aftermath of my first girl-girl orgasm.

    "Oh god, Maureen, you should come over here and look at Ellen's pussy. Her hole is opening and closing... over and over... she can't stop throbbing."

    "I don't have to look to know what it's doing. I can smell her cunt all the way over here."

    I throbbed in another hard spasm when Maureen said she could smell my cunt. "Ohhh fuck! She can smell me! She can smell my sex throbbing," I thought as my hole continued to open and close in luscious spasms.

    "Now it's your turn to get Gayle off, Ellen. Suck her clit and cunt the way you like to have yours licked. Make the sexy slut cum just as hard as she made you cum."

    I didn't even have time to push Gayle onto her back. She leaned back, spread her right leg out to the right placing it flat on the table while she pulled her other leg high in the air. Moving between her open legs, I gazed at her wet, pulsing hole. The thought that Gayle had just seen my cunt throbbing and pulsing just like hers was doing now sent waves of excitement through me. Her engorged clitoris extended far out of its protective hood as it was too swollen to allow the hood to cover it. I realized that that was the way a woman's clit and hood were designed to work... normally, the hood covers the clit and protects it. But when the woman is hot and excited, her clit swells and expands forcing it out of the protective embrace of her hood so it can be pleasured by the hard phallus fucking in and out of her vagina. I knew that, but had never seen it up close like this. The sight had my pussy gushing anew.

    "Please, Ellen... PLEASE! Suck me. Lick my clit... finger fuck my pussy... do every thing. Make me cum... Do it to meeeeeeeee!" she wailed as her ass humped... thrusting her pussy right at my face.

    "Suck the hot bitch!" Maureen screamed from the bed.

    Pushing my face deep into the wet folds of Gayle's cunt, I inhaled the musky, erotic aroma of her arousal. I was about to suck my first clit and make a woman cum... my first. This was a vacation of firsts for me.

    As soon as my tongue touched Gayle's swollen, sensitive clitoris, it seemed to swell even larger. Even with her thighs wrapped around my head, I could hear her wild howls of pleasure. When I pushed two fingers into her pulsing hole, it contracted hard on my fingers... gripping me as if in a death spasm.

    Gayle's first climax came in less than two minutes. Her hole spasmed hard as she squirted her juices all over my face and the top of the table. As her vagina throbbed and her clit erupted, her ass gyrated in the air, humping wildly. It was so fantastically erotic and sensuous, I couldn't understand how we could have spent countless hours alone together without having done this before. I knew with certainty that we would be doing this a lot in the future.

    Then from the bed, Maureen screamed, "OH GAWD DAMN! I'M GONNA CUM! WATCH ME! WATCH MY CUNT EXPLODE! GGGHHHAAAAHHHHHH!!!" Her legs spread wide... her ass arched as her fingers flashed over her throbbing cunt.

    Once we joined Maureen on the bed, the sex was wild and frantic. Maureen had certainly been right about the experience being totally different than being fucked for a man or even two men. Since we didn't have to take a break to let the men get hard again, the sex was nearly continuous with each of us doing each other in all combinations.

    At one point, I was riding Maureen's face with my cunt mashed down over her mouth and nose so that all she could do was suck and lick. As her tongue worked desperately and frantically inside my hole and over my clit, I hissed, "Suck me Bitch. If you want to breathe again, make me cum.... no more breathing for you until you make me cum!"

    For well over a minute, Maureen sucked and licked me as her body thrashed on the bed, desperate for air. I mashed my pussy down even harder on her face shutting off any possibility for air. Amazingly, she began to cum. Gayle was between her legs staring at her hotly contracting hole when she got off. "She's cumming, Ellen. She's suffocating but she's cumming... hard! really hard!"

    That turned me on so much, my clitoris erupted causing my juices to drench Maureen's face. When I finally rolled off her face, she gasped and began sucking in huge lungfuls of air as her big tits heaved and quivered. Leaning forward, I pulled her legs up and back. "Suck her, Gayle. Suck her cunt... make her cum again."

    Gayle attacked Maureen's cunt like a man just released from prison after 20 years without pussy. Ramming four fingers into her vagina, she lashed the woman's still-throbbing clitoris with the flat of her tongue bringing squeals of pleasure. With Maureen now holding her own legs back for Gayle, I rolled off her body and began sucking hard on her nipples.

    "Push your fist into her cunt, Gayle. Fist her!" I screamed. Gayle pushed hard... Maureen screeched and wailed as the fist sank out of sight into her cunt. Almost instantly, Maureen's body convulsed in another intense climax that was followed rapidly by still another.

    When Gayle finally pulled her fist out of Maureen's pussy, her gaping hole quivered erotically right below her swollen, throbbing clitoris. Thrusting both hands between her thighs, she clamped her legs tightly together and rolled onto her side in fetal position, her body still shaking in the aftermath of a half dozen intense orgasms.

    Gayle and I cuddled together on one side of the king-sized bed, our tits mashed together and kissing passionately while Maureen continued to moan, her body twitching right beside us. As we continued to kiss and rub our nipples together, my hand was busy rubbing Gayle's clit and exploring inside her soaked pussy. Her hand was doing to same to me. As the minutes passed, my clit hardened and pulsed against Gayle's fingers. Hers was doing same beneath my fingers. She rubbed me faster... harder. My fingers probed deeper inside her now throbbing hole.

    "Oh god, Gayle. Don't stop. Please... don't stop. I'm almost there. Finish me, oooohhhh god.... finish meeeeeee!"

    "Me too... ooohhh god... me too... rub me harder... finger fuck me faster... gonna cum.... AAAHHHHH! HARDER! DO IT TO MEEEEEEEEE! UUUGGHHH! I'M CUMMING! I CAN FEEL YOU CUMMING!"

    Maureen was now sitting up in the bed beside us, her fingers on her clit as she watched. "I can't believe how hot and sexy you two luscious sluts look. Do it to her, Gayle. Make Ellen cum. Finger fuck Gayle's cunt, Ellen. Cum! Cum together," she whispered hotly at us as our pussies humped and thrust against each other's probing, rubbing fingers.

    Our bodies convulsed at almost the same time. We clung to each other, our bodies shaking, our pussies and clits throbbing hard and repeatedly. Maureen didn't give me any time to recover, Pushing me onto my back, she jerked my legs up and spread me. As she moved her body between my thighs, I looked down and saw the large, strap-on phallus that now protruded menacingly from her pussy. She must have put it on while Gayle and I was doing each other.

    "Arch your cunt, Ellen. I'm going to fuck you," she warned. Without even thinking, I arched my hips to position my pussy. Using one hand, Maureen fitted the business end of the thick shaft into my soaked channel and sank two inches into my hole.

    "Oh fuck! That thing's big!" I groaned. I groaned even louder when she snapped her hips forward and buried another three inches inside my pussy.


    Maureen lowered her body over mine and captured both of my tits in her hands bringing another moan from me. Her hips pulled back as mine arched trying to keep the shaft inside my throbbing vagina. I didn't succeed, but it didn't matter. In just seconds, her hips shot forward again burying seven inches inside me.


    Her hands left my tits and moved beneath my ass. On the next thrust, I got eight inches of cock in my cunt and three fingers in my ass.


    The fourth thrust buried all eight inches of the dildo up my cunt. Now, Maureen fucked me hard and fast, every thrust sending the entire length of the thick dildo racing down my pulsing hole to thud with force into my cervix bringing shrill cries from me. She made me cum in less than five minutes.

    Gayle was now sitting up on the bed beside us rubbing her clit with her fingers buried in her pussy. "Fuck the hot bitch, Maureen. Ram her... make her cum," she urged never taking her eyes off the connection of the dildo with my pussy. Leaning down, Gayle began sucking one nipples while pinching and twisting the other one. It was too much. I came again in just a few minutes.

    "Gayle, there's another big strap-on in the drawer of the bedside table. Put it on and we'll both fuck Ellen... one of us in her cunt, the other in her ass. Hurry. I'll pump her slowly to keep her hot and ready while you put on the strap-on dick."

    Maureen now slowed her strokes... pulling the big dildo out of my pussy until just the large head was still inside me and then stopping until I was begging her to start fucking me again. When I begged, the phallus started back down my pussy... filling me inch-by-luscious inch... until it banged into my womb causing me to groan with pleasure. Back and forth with excruciating slowness until I was moaning with my desire to cum again.

    "How do we do this?" Gayle asked. I looked over saw that the strap-on she was now wearing was even larger than the one Maureen had in me.

    "You're the guest, Honey. Which one of your friend's hot holes do you want to fuck? Her cunt? Her ass? Your choice."

    "Her cunt! I've wanted to fuck her for several years."

    "Ok. I'll do her ass." Maureen slowly removed the big phallus from my throbbing vagina and rolled over onto her back. The thick, strap-on phallus stuck straight up in the air like a menacing sex spike. "Gayle, there's some Astroglide in drawer of the bedside table. Get it and lube Ellen's asshole."

    Giggling, my long-time friend pushed my legs back to elevate my ass. She squirted a generous amount over my anus and then pushed the neck of the bottle inside me and squeezed. I could feel the cool lubricating fluid going into my rectum.

    "That ought to do it. Ok, Ellen, ass sit the cock. Get it all the way up your hot asshole," she hissed.

    Straddling her hips, I lowered my pussy toward the end of the dildo. Gayle got on her hands and knees on the bed, grasped the shaft in her hand and guided it straight into my anus. It entered easily. Slowly I lowered my body over the shaft taking two... three... four inches. At that point, Gayle yanked down on my hips as Maureen thrust upward. Instantly, the remaining four inches of dick plowed into my ass.


    "Quit complaining, Ellen. You're going to love it," Gayle said as she hoisted my legs and pushed them back. Then, she mounted me. "Stick my cock up your cunt, Ellen. Do it now!"

    Maureen was already fucking my ass steadily, and I could feel my next orgasm beginning to build. I wanted my cunt filled. Grasping Gayle's strap-on, I fitted the head into my vaginal opening. As soon as it was in me, Gayle's hips rammed into my sex saddle sending eight inches of another dildo down my cunt as Maureen's eight inches reamed my ass.

    I couldn't stop screaming as I surged from one orgasm to another. Maureen and Gayle fucked me hard and deep until they had both reached their own orgasms. It seemed like it had only been a few minutes, I was so lost in the intense pleasure. However, when it was over, and I looked at the wall clock, I saw that they had been screwing both of my holes for a half hour.


    The three of us had sex in every way and in every position we could invent.

    The three of us spent the night in Maureen's bed. The sex was almost continuous with at least two of us getting it on while the third slept. At three AM, I awoke to find both Maureen and Gayle in a sound sleep. Seeing my chance to return the favor, I quietly got out of bed and put on the larger of the two strap-ons.

    When I got back into bed, I rolled Gayle over onto her stomach. She moaned, but didn't wake up. She did wake up partially when I grasped her hips and pulled her ass high in the air with her head still on the bed.

    "What... what are you doing, Ellen?" she moaned still half asleep.

    Shoving the bottle of astroglide into her asshole, I squeezed hard and shot a stream of lube into her rectum. She moaned still partially asleep. When the thick phallus plunged into her rectum, she came fully awake instantly... screeching and wailing.

    I ignored her howling and drove the sex spike all the way into her. She squirmed to get away, but I held her butt in position and spanked her hard a couple of times until she got the message. "Arch that ass higher, Slut," I commanded punctuating my order with another sharp slap on her ass.

    Gayle pulled her knees beneath her body and thrust her butt higher. Pulling back, I gave it to her again. She grunted. The next couple of strokes had her ass pushing back at me. Finally, she was wailing for me to fuck her ass harder... deeper... faster. Then, she began to cum. With my fingers now on her clitoris working it, she couldn't stop cumming. Her wild shrieks woke Maureen up and she began working on Gayle's hanging tits. Her vagina squirted several times before she collapsed to the bed. When I finally pulled the dildo out of her ass, it gaped open and stayed that way.

    The Tiagua Resort: Fourth Day:

    It was around 8 AM when we got back to our suite. Having gotten very little sleep the previous night, Gayle and I both agreed it was best if we skipped breakfast in favor of sleeping until noon. We hung the "Do Not Disturb" sign on our door along with a note to Mark:


    Mark: No breakfast this morning. We would appreciate it if you would pay us a visit at noon. It would also be nice if you brought lunch along with you.... Ellen and Gayle.


    Gayle and I both shed our clothes in record time. When we were both naked, I saw Gayle staring at my pussy. She didn't have to tell me what was on her mind. I already knew because I was thinking the same thing.

    "Want a quickie before we sack out?" Gayle asked in a lust-filled voice.

    "MMmmmm... Do you?"

    "I'd love to fuck you. Maureen gave us the biggest strap-on as a present. Or we could do 69."

    Without another word, I pulled Gayle's body against mine and ran my hands over her ass pressing her mound against mine and our tits together. After a moment of grinding our pussies together, we kissed with our mouths open... our tongues playing together. The kiss was long... passionate... intense. When our lips parted, we were both breathing hard.

    "Fuck me," I whispered in her ear.

    Gayle now took over. Pushing me onto the bed on my back, she moved between my legs. I spread wide to give her room. Again, our pussies touched. I arched my hips upward as Gayle pressed down with hers. Pussy-to-pussy, clit-to-clit we ground together, humping and thrusting... both of us moaning.

    "Fuck me, Gayle. Fuck me now," I hissed in her ear.

    It only took Gayle 15 seconds or so to step into the strap-on and cinch it tightly about her waist. We were both so wet, it wasn't necessary to lubricate the thick shaft. When she climbed back onto the bed, I raised my legs in anticipation. Moving between my thighs, she gazed at my wet and open vagina, and then lowered her mouth onto me.

    "OOOoohhhhhh... aaaeeiiii... lick meeeeeeeee," I moaned as my clitoris throbbed. In less than a minute, she had me on the edge of a climax.

    Moving her head off my pussy, she whispered, "I'm going to fuck you now, Ellen. Ready?"

    "Ohhhh god yes... fuck meeeeee!"

    Gayle slowly pushed the phallus into me... deeper and deeper. She pulled back and gave it to me again. The third thrust buried it in my throbbing hole. Our bodies thrashed together wildly. Every time Gayle drove the phallus into me, it scraped over my G-spot and put intense friction on the underneath side of my clitoris. When it thudded into the bottom of my cunt, the strap-on drove back against her clitoris.

    Gayle fucked me faster... I screamed and came, my legs flailing in the air. Locking my legs around her waist, I pulled her against my body and ground my pussy against hers.

    "I'm gonna cum, Ellen... ohhhh god... I'm gonna cum!" she moaned.

    "Me too... fuck me really hard and I'll cum with you."

    A minute later, anyone walking down the hallway heard us both screaming.


    It was slightly before noon when the sound of someone knocking on our door awakened us.

    "Guess who that is," Gayle said grinning at me. "And guess what he wants?"

    "Both of those are 'no-brainers', Gayle. We know who it is, and we both know exactly what he wants."

    "Mmmmmmm... Isn't that just incredibly slutty and hot! Our own personal teenager bringing us lunch and a big, hard, cum-filled cock. Think we're up to it after last night and this morning?" "It's like Maureen said, Gayle. Pussies and tits are nice, but they're not as good as hard cocks. I don't know about you, but I need some cock right now."

    "Me too. Who gets him first today? I think it's my turn."

    "Yeah. I hate it, but you're right. Just please don't drain him completely. Leave some for me."

    Slipping out of bed, still naked, I slipped on my heels and moved to the door. "Mark is that you?"

    "No, Mam. I'm Alex. Mark had to go to the airport to pick up some arriving guests. But he knew the two of you would be expecting him, and not wanting to disappoint you, he asked Doug and me to take care of all your needs this morning."

    "Two of you?"

    "Yes, Mam. Mark said it would take two of us. He was really wasted yesterday morning."

    Both Gayle and I couldn't keep from laughing. "So you think the two of you can handle the job?"

    "Yes, Mam. We promise you won't be disappointed. And we did bring lunch for four... just in case you wanted us to stay for lunch."

    "Alex, if you call me 'Mam' one more time, you can just leave the lunch outside the door and be on your way."

    "Whatever you say, Ellen. Can we come in now?"

    Gayle answered for me. "Maybe. Are both of you hard?"

    "We've seen both of you at the pool and in the dining room. How could we not be hard, Gayle. Let us in and you can see for yourselves."

    I unlocked the door and said, "I've unlocked the door, but give us a minute before you come in." Turning to Gayle, I whispered, "Let's give Alex and Doug a show. Put your heels on."

    "What do you have in mind?" Gayle asked, obviously excited.

    After I told her, she gushed, "Oh fuck. If that doesn't get them rock-hard, we need to call down for different bellboys."

    When Alex and Doug opened the door and pushed the food cart into our rooms, they saw me bent over in doggy position on the couch with my legs spread wide and my fingers spreading my pussy open for them. Just to the side, Gayle was squatting with her back against the wall and her ass resting on one heel. Like me, she was holding her pussy open with her fingers.

    "Mark told us that the Tiagua Resort prides itself on providing the very best of service to its guests. Do you guys see anything you'd like to service," I asked as both Gayle and I began to undulate our hips right in front of them.

    The mouths of both men opened, but no sound emerged they were so shocked. "I don't hear any answer. Come over here beside me, Gayle. Maybe if the boys see us together they can decide if they can be of service to us."

    Rising, Gayle moved to the couch and got in doggy position right beside me. We pressed ourselves together, arched our hips, and thrust our asses right at Alex and Doug. "So, Guys? What do you say?"


    Alex had Gayle on the couch with one of her legs up on the back of the couch and the other draped over his shoulder as he ate her pussy. She moaned almost continuously, her moans were only interrupted by deep grunts produced every time Alex thrust his fingers into her pussy or ass holes. Doug had me on the coffee table right in front of the couch. My right leg was hooked over his arm while my left heel rested on his shoulder. The position had me spread wide as Doug's face rooted in my sex trench where he sucked and licked my engorged and now wildly throbbing clitoris.

    Both Gayle and I had erupted in an intense orgasm almost as soon as they began giving us head, and now we were about to cum again. Both of the men knew we were close. Doug sucked my clit even harder and at the same time, pushed two fingers into my ass. I shrieked with the intensity of the sensation ramming my pussy hard against his mouth. Pulling back for a moment, he growled, "Cum, you hot bitch. CUM. NOW!" I did, and so did Gayle.

    They didn't even allow us time to recover from our second orgasm before they shoved their dicks into our mouths, and ordered us to suck. Once their dicks were buried, they both climaxed even faster than we had. Their ejaculations were so voluminous and powerful, neither of us could manage to swallow all of their loads. Some dripped from our chins, which seemed to turn the two bellhops on even more. Neither cock got soft.

    We continued to suck them until both cocks were fully hard. After that, they fucked us in several different positions, each one making Gayle and I erupt in at least one orgasm, usually two or three. We rode their cocks, and they fucked us in doggy position. Although neither man was as big as Mark, their seven and a half inch, hard cocks had no problems making both us cum repeatedly. During the process, Gayle and I each got a generous helping of semen pumped into our throbbing pussies.

    After an hour of near continuous screwing, both men were getting tired. "You two need to unload again so we can all get some rest and have some lunch," I moaned as Alex's cock drilled me in missionary position.

    "Can we cream your faces?" Doug asked.

    "You can shoot it any where you like," Gayle groaned as Doug's shaft pounded her ass deep into the couch on every stroke.

    "I'm ready," Doug shouted. "Are you ready, Alex?"

    "Hell yes. Gonna cream them!"

    The two men got us both on our knees, side-by-side, with our heads tilted back and our mouths wide open. Crowding around us, the men furiously jacked their dicks until both spewed cum into our mouths and over our faces. We were both surprised at the volume of semen erupting from their dicks considering the fact that it was the third ejaculation for each guy in an hour.


    The Tiagua resort had a new definition for “Breakfast in Bed”.


    Alex and Doug left shortly before 2 PM after both of them had banged each of us twice. Gayle and I took a shower together, and after soaping and washing our bodies, I went down on her while the water was cascading over us. She had to hold onto the shower knobs for support when she climaxed.

    "Any suggestions for this afternoon?" I asked.

    "Sure. We've tried out the swimming pool. Let's go to the clothing optional beach and wear the hot bikinis we bought at Secret Hours. Who knows what will happen, if anything."

    "One thing we know will happen is that we'll end up with a bad sunburn. Parts of us that have never seen sunlight will be exposed to this blazing Tiagua sun."

    "That's right... unless we call Carlos and Caleb and ask them come up to our room and apply just the right amount of sun block. This time to every part of our bodies."

    "You're wicked, you know that, don't you?"

    "MMmmmmm... I know. I've never been wicked before. If I'd known how much fun it is, I would have been. But you know, you're not so innocent yourself, Ellen. How many cocks have you had in you now?"

    "Four. Same as you."

    "Shall we call Carlos and Caleb and go for six?"

    "Let's try on our new suits and then decided if we're going to call them or not."

    "Ok, but you know as well as I do that we're going to call them, and that they're going to fuck us."

    "I don't know that! We might not call them, and even if we do, they might not even try to have sex with us. They didn't the first night, you know."

    "Right! Let's try on the suits.

    Even though Gayle and I had selected our suits separately, it turned out that they were remarkably similar. Both were blue string bikinis. Mine was just a slightly lighter shade of blue than Gayle's. The bottoms were no more than a triangle of material over our pussies that just barely covered our slits if we adjusted the suit properly. In the back, the string disappeared between our buttocks leaving our asses completely exposed. The tops were just another string with two, even smaller, triangles that did little more than cover our nipples. Almost all of our tits were hanging out of the suit.

    "God!" I moaned. "We might as well be naked. In fact, if we were naked, it would be less obscene."

    "Well, we'll probably be lucky then."

    "How so?"

    "If we wear these suits to the clothing optional beach, it's a good bet we'll be naked soon enough."

    "I doubt it," I replied.

    "You don't think any of the men will fuck us?"

    "I'm sure they will, but why should they waste time taking off these tiny suits when all they have to do is just slide the top and bottom a few inches to the side, and every thing we have will be exposed."

    "Ok. I see your point. That's probably right. Now what?"

    "Now you call Carlos and Caleb so they can protect us from sun burn when we go to the nude beach."


    Carlos and Caleb were knocking on our door five minutes after Gayle made the call to the bell captain. We were waiting for them on our beds still in our string bikinis.

    "Ah, I can see why you needed our assistance. If you were to venture out onto the clothing optional beach in those bikini's, your skin would very, very swiftly blister. But once we apply the necessary sun block, both of you will be totally safe.

    Just as he had that first night by the swimming pool, Carlos' hands started at my shoulders, spreading the lotion all over my back. To get beneath the string of my top, he just moved it aside. With the bottom string sunk into my ass crease, the rest of my backside was naked.

    When Carlos' hands reached my buttocks, he kneaded them coating each with the sun block. From the other bed, I heard Gayle moan.

    Even though the bikini strap concealed nothing, Carlos still hooked his fingers in the waistband of the bikini and pulled it down to the top of my thighs. After coating my ass thoroughly and kneading the lotion deep into my skin, he separated my buttocks and used two fingers to apply the lotion to my anus and then inside my rectum

    "This part must be protected too, Ellen. Being burned here would be unbearably painful."

    When his fingers moved even deeper, it was my turn to moan. Looking over at the other bed, I saw that Caleb had his fingers inside Gayle's rectum... protecting it as Carlos was doing to mine. I couldn't resist arching my ass.

    As soon as Carlos' hands reached my thighs, he stripped my bikini the rest of the way down my legs and tossed it onto the bed beside me. Once the restricting bikini was gone, he spread my legs much wider than he had the first time at the pool. That time, he had been very careful not to make contact with my pussy even though it was covered by my swim suit. Now, with my pussy naked, he wasn't nearly as careful. As he covered my inner thighs with sun block, his hand moved through the folds of my pussy again and again. Each time it did so, hot shivers of pleasure raced through me. Judging from the sighs and moans coming from the other bed, the same thing was happening to Gayle.

    "Your vagina is even more sensitive than your anus, Ellen. I will coat it carefully to make certain that it is protected."

    "Oh yes. I need it to be protected. Please make sure it doesn't burn in the sun, Carlos. Are my hips arched high enough for you to be certain that I'm protected?'

    "Not quite. A little higher, Ellen. Yes... That's much better. Now, spread wider so I can reach every nook and fold of your labia and vagina.'

    From the other bed, I heard, "OOoohhh... go deeper, Caleb. Don't miss any part. Coat me all over... aaaahhhhh.... uummmmm."

    By the time the two men finished "protecting" us, we were both panting with excitement and naked except for our heels. Naturally, after caressing, probing, and stroking us for 15 minutes, Carlos and Caleb were both so hard that I was certain it was somewhat painful for them. It looked to me like both men had big, thick cocks.

    Without saying a word, Carlos took a pillow from the top of the bed and pushed it beneath my hips. After lifting my ass for the pillow, I steepled my knees and spread wide open. Although I said nothing, my gaping cunt spoke for me saying, "Fuck me, Carlos. Please. FUCK ME!"

    Grinning, he quickly removed his T-shirt and pants allowing his thick, rock-hard tool to surged up and out. I could see it throbbing as Carlos wedged his body between my open legs. He had just aligned his cock with my opening when we heard Gayle howling in the other bed.

    "OOOHHHh Gawd Damn, Caleb. You're just huge. AAAGGGHHH... Take it easy with that thing, Lover. UUNNGGHH! OOHH FUCK! YOU'RE STRETCHING MEEEEEEEE!!"

    "Caleb's cock is incredibly thick," he explained. "But don't worry about Gayle. He will put it in her very slowly and carefully. Once he gets it all the way into her, she won't stop having orgasms until he pulls it out. But I don't need to tell you, Mrs. Fullmer, you'll see for yourself when he fucks you."

    That thought plus the fact that I could now feel Carlos' big tool moving up and down the length of my sex trench had me in a sexual frenzy. Frantically, I thrust my pussy at his dick trying to get it inside my hole. Grinning with male satisfaction, his hips moved forward pressing the head of his big dick against my opening. My eyes clenched shut as I expelled a deep breath in hot anticipation.

    "Want it?"

    "Yesss.... please," I gasped.


    "In my cunt... deep inside my cunt."

    Again his ass moved forward this time forcing half of his length into my waiting cunt. "AAHHhhh.... god! That feels so good. Pump meeeeeee," I moaned.

    Carlos withdrew most of his shaft and plunged it back inside me. This time it thudded hard into my cervix. "Ooohhh fuck... it's in meeeeee.... all the way in meeeeee!"

    "Not yet, Ellen. There's still another inch or two to go. Pull your legs back further."

    Frantically, I grabbed my legs behind my knees and pulled them back until my knees were beside my ears.

    "Perfect!" he growled as his hips hit into me again.


    Again, Carlos pulled back and entered me forcefully. This time I felt his balls slap against my upturned ass. "GGGHHHAAAA!!! OOOHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK.... HOW MUCH DICK? HOW MUCH?" I wailed.

    "Nine inches. I'm going to fuck you with it now, Ellen."

    "Yesss... ! Yess...! OOHHHH GOD YESSSS! FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!"

    The bedsprings screeched as Carlos pounded my ass deep into the mattress. Each stroke drove his rod all the way into my now widely stretched and throbbing vagina. The friction on my clit was intense. My body shuddered... tensed... and then jerked spastically.

    "You're cumming, you hot slut... Cum on my cock," he growled as he pulled back and drove into me again. 'UNGH! Hot fuck hole! Love the way you throb around my cock. Cum again, Ellen... CUM!" I did.

    Carlos fucked me with hard, deep strokes until I had had three orgasms. Gayle must have had ten. She never stopped howling the entire time Carlos was screwing me. I was still trembling in my third orgasm when his body stiffened. His ass rammed his cock to the bottom of my quivering hole and pressed it hard against my womb where it began jerking in fast, spastic contractions. Although, I couldn't feel the semen hitting my womb, I knew that each contraction of his powerful buttocks was sending thick streams of sperm-filled semen into my vagina.

    "Now you're cumming... I can feel your dick swelling and throbbing," I groaned. "Shoot it, Baby. Shoot me full!"

    Carlos was still unloading inside me when Gayle's shrieks again filled the room, this time much louder than before. Each of her wild howls increased in volume and frequency until it ended with a much deeper grunt when Caleb's cock hit the bottom of her pussy.

    As soon as Carlos and Caleb had withdrawn their still partially hard cocks from out vaginas, they quickly changed beds. After kissing me, Caleb growled, "Suck me, Ellen. Get me hard so I can fuck your luscious pussy."

    Bending over his cock, I hefted it in my hand. Even semi-hard, it was big and very thick. "God, Honey. Carlos said you were thick, but my god... you're just huge! It sounded like you were killing Gayle when you fucked her with this monster."

    "I was killing her... with orgasms. Your friend's pussy never stopped throbbing and contracting around my dick the entire time I was in her. Yours won't either. Now suck me hard, and I'll show you."

    With Caleb's shaft only semi-hard, I had no problems taking him all the way down my throat, but as I sucked, the huge tool began to harder and swell. As it got larger and thicker, it almost naturally forced itself out of my throat until it filled my mouth, but the shaft was so big, I could no longer get it into my throat.

    "I'm sorry, Caleb. I can usually deep throat a man, but you're so big, I can't get it in my throat."

    "Don't worry. Neither can any other woman, but you did far better than most... as you can see. Do you think you can take it?"

    "I think so. Carlos' big dick really stretched me."

    "Then get on me, Ellen. Ride my cock. Really pound that hot cunt on it."

    A few minutes later, I was ramming my pussy up and down Caleb's huge dick, and Carlos was right... I couldn't stop cumming. Every time it entered me, the big prick stretched my cunt so much, it felt like a huge club inside me. The friction on my G-spot and clitoris combined had me screaming just as loudly as Gayle had screamed.

    When Caleb held my hips in place and jack hammered that thick cock in and out of me like a pile driver, I grunted and howled with every entry.


    On the other bed, Carlos was now mounted on Gayle driving his nine inches of meat into her married cunt. I could hear her urging him to plow her married pussy... to stretch it... make it cum.

    When the two men left our rooms, both of us were lying on our backs on the bed with our legs wide open. Thick streams of semen were still seeping out of our well-fucked cunts. We were both asleep within minutes.


    It was almost 6 PM before I woke up. Looking over at the other nearly wreaked bed, I saw that Gayle was still asleep. It took me almost 10 minutes to crawl out of bed and awaken Gayle.

    "Oh, god. How long was I asleep?" she moaned.

    "It's after 6 PM. I think we can scratch the swimming on the nude beach for today. We'll do it tomorrow, and the next time, I suggest we apply the sun block ourselves."

    "Yeah. Good idea. If we don't, we're never gonna see that beach."

    "What do you say we get cleaned up, have a great dinner, enjoy some music in one of the clubs, and then turn in early tonight. We really haven't gotten all that much sleep since we've been here."

    "I know. That's what tends to happen when we're fucking every guy who can get it up." We were silent for a moment before Gayle asked, "Do you think Jeff and Calvin have any idea what we're doing here on this island resort? Do you think it even crosses their minds?"

    "Nope. At least not Calvin's mind. How about Jeff?"

    "Same. No way. For the last five years, we've both refused to do anything even remotely kinky or erotic. By this time, neither of our husbands can even imagine that we would ever even consider having sex with another man."

    "I never have before we came here. But from the very first minute we arrived at the airport and Dieter and Romeo picked us up, every single man we've met has been like a stud straight out Cosmopolitan or Playgirl. And they all hit on us continuously. It was so erotic and so hot, I just found myself unable to resist when Thomas told me he was going to fuck me. And then once I started doing it and found out how much fun it was to be a sensuous, erotic, hot woman, I haven't wanted to stop. I still don't. How about you?"

    "Pretty much the same. I hadn't been out with Romeo 10 minutes before his hands were all over me. I knew he was going to fuck me, and I couldn't wait for him to do it. I certainly don't want to stop and go back to being a conservative housewife either."

    "The question is how do we manage to bring Jeff and Calvin into our new lifestyle without letting them know what sluts we've been and still are?"

    "Don't know, but we need to come up with some plan before we go home."


    At 7:30 PM, Gayle and I were dressed and ready for dinner. We had considered wearing one of the conservative outfits we had packed for the trip, but neither of us really wanted to wear those clothes any longer. After much soul searching, we said 'to hell with it' and selected one of the new ensembles we had bought at Secret Hours. Both of our outfits had hemlines that didn't reach mid-thigh, and both were showing a lot of our tits. Neither of us wore stockings, but we thought our legs looked good in the four-inch heels we wore. We both had on panties, but they were very brief.

    Again we ate dinner in the resort's four-star restaurant. The food was excellent again, but the best part was the attention we got from Brandon. He practically hovered over us taking every opportunity to stare into our cleavages. Once, when I raised my eyes and caught him ogling my tits, he just smiled and said, "They're gorgeous. So are Gayle's. I get off at 10 PM. I love to see all of them. Call me." He handed both of us one of his cards. All it contained was his name and resort phone number.

    Later, when Brandon wasn't at our table, Gayle leaned over as asked, "Are you going to let Brandon see your big tits, Ellen? You know he's dying to get a good look at them.'

    "Maybe later we'll invite him to our room so he can see both yours and mine."

    "I know that. I was asking if you were going to give him a sexy preview of things to come?" Gayle said with a sly grin.

    "You mean right here in the restaurant?"

    "Here, or you could ask him to step outside."

    "That's so slutty... just take out my tits and let him see them... god."

    "Yeah... it's slutty but soooo erotic. Don't you think?"

    "MMm-huh. It is."

    "Are you going to do it?"

    "Why don't you do it?"

    "He asked to see your big tits, not mine, Ellen."

    "Ok, if there's an opportunity, I'll flash him when we leave."

    Throughout the rest of dinner, Brandon gave us great service, and we rewarded him by showing him even more of our breasts and by several views up our short skirts. Halfway through dinner, he was hard, and he made no more effort to hide his erection than we were making to conceal our tits and legs.

    As we were leaving the restaurant, Gayle asked Brandon if he could show us the way to the Club Call.

    "No problem. Have you and Ellen been to the Club Call before?"

    "No, but we've been told that it's exotic. Is it?"

    "Oh very. There will a phone on your table that you can use to call other tables or that other guests can use to call you. You just dial the number above the table you want to call. That's the reason for the name "Club Call". You'll get some very interesting calls."

    "Which way?" I asked.

    "Just follow this corridor to the end and then turn left. The club is right at the end of that hallway."

    Thank you, Brandon," Gayle whispered. We left you a nice tip on the table, and here's something else for you." Gayle turned her back toward him and pulled her skirt up around her waist to show him her sexy ass. The thong strap was sunk deep into her crease leaving her butt completely naked. "Like my ass, Brandon?"

    "Love it. And I want to see all of you. Perhaps later?"

    "Perhaps. We have your number." Gayle pulled her skirt down shutting off the erotic view, and we were on our way to the Club Call.


    Club Call had live music and exotic decor. The hostess whose name tag said "DeAnn" smiled at us when we entered and asked, "Are you two ladies alone or will others be joining you?"

    "We're alone. Is there a table available? It seems really crowded," I asked.

    "We are crowded, but Club Call always keeps a few tables in reserve to accommodate beautiful, unescorted ladies... particularly when they look like the two of you. I'm going to give you a central table. Your phone's never going to stop ringing. We'll take the long way to your table to give all these horny men a chance to see you."

    'MMMmmmmm... you make it sound like we're on display."

    "You are. So am I. Sexy women are always on display, but that's the idea, right?"

    True to her word, DeAnn led us on what seemed like a complete tour of the club before showing us to our table. Every man we passed, whether alone or with a woman, stared lustfully at our tits and exposed legs. After DeAnn had led us through half the club, she paused and said, "Can't you just feel how hot you two are getting all the men in here?"

    "Yeah. Some of them even licked their lips as we passed. A few of them even had erections."

    "I'm sure it was a lot more than just a few. Probably almost all of them are hard," DeAnn suggested. Here's your table. Walk around it. Face the other tables. You'll get a lot more action if you do."

    Naturally, we both took DeAnn's advice, me on one side of our table and Gayle on the other.

    We were at Table 7, and I wondered if seven would our lucky number. The music was either hot and fast or slow and sensuous. The dance floor was constantly filled. As I watched the couples dancing, it was obvious that about half of them had a lot more interest in feeling each other up and dry fucking in public than in dancing. It was almost obscene, but it was also very hot and erotic.

    "Look at that couple," I whispered heatedly to Gayle. The man had his partner's dress up to her waist with both of his hands inside her panties stroking her ass. She was mashed hard against him grinding her tits into his chest and her mound over his hard erection. As we watched, the blonde's panties were slowly lowered below her ass. Once he had her panties down, he pulled her buttocks apart to expose her asshole, which his fingers penetrated a moment later. They were close enough for us to see the blonde's body trembling.

    Our phone buzzed as the light blinked. Looking at me, Gayle asked, "You want to answer it or shall I?"

    "You first this time. It's probably Brandon."

    "What makes you think so?"

    "Men usually call a woman after she flashes her naked ass at them, Gayle."

    "MMmmmm... I did, didn't I." Gayle picked up the phone. "Hi. I'm Gayle."

    "Hi, Gayle. I'm Ramonde at Table 12 just down the aisle and across from you."

    "I see you... just a moment, Ramonde." Covering the mouthpiece of the phone, Gayle whispered. His name's Ramonde. He's at Table 12."

    I glanced that way and saw a handsome man in his mid-30's holding the phone. "Mmmm... he does look sexy and hot. Looks Latino... maybe Spanish."

    "Sorry, Ramonde. So, what's on your mind?" Gayle asked even though we both knew what was on Ramonde's mind. She held the phone so we could both hear his answer.

    "You... dancing with you and your sexy friend. Feeling you... making love to you later and then to your friend... then to both of you."

    "I don't know about that, Ramonde. We're both married."

    "That just makes the two of you even more desirable. But shall we take it one thing at a time? Would you like to dance, Gayle?"

    "Just a dance?"

    "Of course not. I'm going to seduce you."

    "And Ellen too?"

    "Ah... so that's her name. But of course Ellen too. You both have beautiful breasts and legs. Are you wearing panties, Gayle?"

    "Yes," Gayle responded in a voice that was close to a moan.

    "And Ellen?"


    "Pity. Such gorgeous women should never wear panties. But panties are easy to remove... are they not?"

    "I guess... yes... I suppose so."

    "And I shall be removing yours. Open your legs so I can see what I shall be removing."

    "You're a long ways away."

    "Ah yes... but close enough with the binoculars the club provides. Aren't yours on your table?"

    For the first time, we both noticed the small case just behind the phone. Opening it, I extracted a pair of moderately powerful binoculars. Putting them to my eyes, I focused on Ramonde. God! He was Hollywood handsome with an incredibly virile, rugged appearance. Strong chin... trim, powerful looking body. He saw me checking him out, and like a school girl, I had an urge to quickly look away, but I resisted it and continued to examine him through the binoculars.

    "And do you like what you see, Ellen?"

    Leaning closer to the phone, I replied, "Yes... at least the part that I can see."

    "Of course... and what else would you like to see, Ellen?" When I didn't respond, Ramonde turned in his chair so that he was facing me. He parted his legs and gripped his organ molding his pants about its girth. "Is that better?" he asked in a voice that had my pussy seeping. "Now, its your turn. Gayle show me your panties."

    Turning to me, Gayle covered the mouthpiece again and whispered, "I'm going to do it. Are you?"

    "He didn't ask me. Go on, you sexy slut. Show the man your panties." Turning in her chair, Gayle opened her legs enough to expose her panties.

    Ramonde quickly focused his binoculars on Gayle's open legs. "Ah yes. Gorgeous. Almost thin enough for me to see your pussy, but not quite. Move your sexy ass to the edge of your chair, Gayle and spread wider."

    Gayle hesitated. "What are you waiting for, Gayle. You just got through showing Brandon your naked ass. Get your butt to the edge of the chair and open your legs. Ramonde's waiting." I didn't have to give her any more encouragement. She was already trying to find an excuse for doing it.

    Scooting forward in her chair, Gayle opened her legs as wide as she could. If Jeff had been present, I doubted that he would have believed the woman sitting with her legs gaping open could possibly be his wife.

    "Is this wide enough?" Gayle groaned into the phone.

    "That's incredibly sensuous, Gayle, but I still can't see your delectable pussy through the panties. No matter, once I've removed them, I shall be able to see it very well... right?"

    "What makes you think I'm going to let you take off my panties, Ramonde?"

    "Because you want me to see your cunt, Gayle. You do want me to see it, don't you?" When Gayle didn't answer, Ramonde addressed me. "Now, it's your turn, Ellen. Let me see your panties."

    "I'm on the opposite side of the table, Ramonde. Even If I open my legs, you won't be able to see anything."

    "Very true... so move to my side and sit on the table."

    "Sit on the table? You can't be serious. Right here in front of 50 people?"

    "But of course. That's why you are here without your husbands. Stop arguing and sit down on the table."

    "You heard the man, Ellen. Sit on the table," Gayle said grinning... this time without covering the mouthpiece of the phone.

    I could feel my body shaking when I boosted my butt up onto the table's surface. I did keep my knees pressed together. I assumed Ramonde would next tell me to open my legs. I had just about decided to refuse, when he spoke to Gayle instead of me.

    "Gayle, move a couple of chairs just to the side of Ellen's legs. She needs something to put her heels on when she spreads her legs."

    "I'll have to close my legs. Is that all right?"

    "Of course. I'm sure you won't have any trouble opening them again later on. Do it."

    With a big grin on her face, Gayle moved two chairs up beside me. Of course, the sexy witch had both of them far to the side so that I would be wide open when I put my feet up on the seats. "Move them closer to me, Gayle," I moaned.

    "You want me to move them?"


    "No problem." My long-time "friend" moved the chairs, but not closer. They were now so far apart, I would have to move my ass right to the edge of the table to be able to get my heels onto the two chairs.'

    "That's excellent, Gayle," came Ramonde's voice over the phone. "Put your heels on the seats of the chairs, Ellen, and let me see your panties. Gayle said you are wearing panties. Are you?"


    "Show me. Now!"

    "Stop playing coy, Ellen. You know you want to do it. Show the sexy man your panties." Gayle urged.

    As I suspected, I had to scoot my butt right to edge of the table to allow my heels to reach the chairs. When I had them in place, I was almost as wide open as Gayle had been.

    I could see Ramonde focusing the binoculars between my legs. Without any conscious thought, I arched my ass off the table and spread even wider.

    "Gorgeous... just out-of-this-world fucking gorgeous!" came Ramonde's appreciative groan. "Are you ready to dance, Gayle?"

    "I think so."

    "Think so?"

    "Yes. I'm ready."

    "You're almost ready... but not quite. Lower your top so I can see your tits as I walk over."

    "I'll be arrested," she moaned in protest.

    "Nonsense. Men get arrested for exhibiting themselves in public... women just make themselves even more desirable. If you want to spend time with me tonight, show me your tits. Now."

    As soon as Ramonde rose out of his chair and headed our way, Gayle pulled her top down letting both of her large breasts free. No one thought she had been wearing a bra. Now it was obvious. The closer Ramonde came, the more her chest heaved with excitement. Before he reached our table, Gayle's hand was between her thighs rubbing her pussy at the same time as she hefted one of her tits for Ramonde's pleasure.

    As soon as the sensuous stud reached Gayle, his hand replaced hers on her panties. He kissed her hard. I could see her mouth opening to receive Ramonde's tongue. His hand moved and worked between her thighs causing her hips to rise out of her chair as their lips ground together. When Ramonde broke the kiss, his lips moved to Gayle's neck causing her to moan from the sensuous caress.

    I watched as Ramonde's fingers deftly pulled Gayle's panties to one side baring her cunt. Although his hand concealed her pussy, the abrupt upward thrusting motion of her ass let me know when his finger penetrated her vagina.

    After just a few strokes in and out of her eager hole, Ramonde removed his hand and pulled Gayle to her feet. He pulled down her skirt shutting off the erotic view of her pussy, but her tits remained exposed as he led her onto the dimly lighted dance floor. My own vagina rapidly became even wetter as I watched them dancing. Ramonde's hand cupped first one of her naked tits and then the other. After a few minutes on the dance floor, his hands left Gayle's tits and moved under her skirt to her ass.

    At that moment, the phone buzzed again. I let it ring for several times before I relented and picked up. "Yes?"

    "I see your friend has deserted you. Personally, Grant and I think he picked the wrong woman. You're beyond belief hot. We have yacht moored in the bay. It's perfect for an evening cruise. We'd like for you to join us."

    "And you are?"

    "Oh. Pardon me. I'm Frank. We're right across the aisle from you at Table 10."

    Table 10 was not more than two tables away across the aisle. I was still sitting on the table, and both men were taking full advantage of my open legs to enjoy the sight of my pantie-covered pussy and thighs. When I started to close my legs, Frank objected.

    "Don't! You look just too delicious the way you are." With that, both men walked briskly to Table 7 and joined me, one to my left, the other to my right. They made certain that my legs remained open by each taking possession of one of my knees. The man keeping my right knee in place said, "I'm Frank. That's Grant caressing your other thigh. What's your name?"

    "Ellen," I moaned as the hands moved slowly over my inner thighs but still maintaining a respectable distance from my panties and pussy.

    "I see by your rings that you're married. Is your husband with you?"

    "No. If he were, I couldn't very well be sitting here with my legs open while the two of you feel up my thighs."

    "Of course you could. He'd would probably love it."

    "Both of you are wearing wedding rings too. Where are your wives while you're here feeling me up?"

    "They're here at the resort."

    "Aren't you worried that they'll show up and catch both of you with your fingers in the cookie jar?"

    "MMmmmmm... is that what your thighs are, Ellen? The cookie jar?"

    "Metaphorically speaking... I suppose so."

    "And a very enticing cookie jar they are too. But you don't need to worry about our wives suddenly arriving. They're both very busy right now."

    "Doing what?"

    Frank shrugged and replied, "They're probably both getting fucked by two 15- or 16-year old teenagers right now."

    "Isn't that dangerous? I mean, it's illegal, isn't it?"

    "The legal age of consent for both boys and girls on Tiagua is 14, Ellen. That's why we come here. Betty and Gloria both love teenage cock. They say it's like fucking the energizer bunny. Those young boys are so full of testosterone they can get it up six to eight times an evening."

    "You're telling me that while the two of you are here in the Club Call hitting on me, your wives are both having sex with young teenaged boys? My guess is that normally you're both very honest men, but I also know that guys will say almost anything when they're hot for sex. Now tell me truth. Your wives aren't really here having sex with young teenaged boys are they?"

    For an answer, Frank took out his cell phone and punched in a quick dial number. He grinned at me as he waited for an answer. Turning up the volume up, he moved closer and held the phone where we could both hear.

    "Aaahh.... hi, Honey. Is this important? I'm really busy.... aaahhhh.... yesss!"

    "Yeah... it's important. Grant and I have this drop-dead gorgeous woman in the Club Call. We've invited her to an evening cruise on the boat, but Ellen's worried about our wives showing up. When we told her what you and Gloria are doing, she didn't believe me. We need some help here, Honey."

    "Oh god... harder, Baby. Harder. UUmmmmm... put her on the phone."

    "Hi, Betty. This is Ellen. It sounds like you're really having fun. Are they really young teenagers?"

    "Ooohh gawd damn! Ooohhhh shit... just a moment.... Jose's making me cum again.... uuunnn... aaaahhh.... fuck it to meeeeeeeeee! MMMmmmm... ohhhh shit... Have you ever been fucked by 15, 16, 17 year old guys, Ellen?"

    "No. That's illegal in the states."

    "I know... that's why we come here. UUNNGHHH... OHHHH FUCK! HE'S CUMMING IN MY CUNT AGAIN!"

    For a full minute, the boy fucking Betty grunted as he shot what sounded like close to a dozen streams of semen into Betty's hole. She never stopped moaning. She was panting when she spoke again.

    "Ooohhhh fuck... that was the third time Jose's unloaded in me tonight. And he's not close to being done for the night. He'll fuck me three or four more times tonight. You should try these young studs before you leave the resort. There's nothing... UUGGHH! AAAGGGHHHH... STICK IT IN MEEEEEEEEEEE, LANCE... HARD!"


    "Yeah... Lance...oohhh.. yessss... big dicked stud.... he's in my ass... fucking meeeeeeee... fourth time tonight."

    "How many guys are there?"

    "uuummmm.... deeper... give it to me deeper... shove it all the way into me... Six... six guys... 15 to 17 years old. AAaaahhhh... ass fucking me, Ellen, while another guy is underneath me rubbing my clit... soooo fucking hot."

    "What's Gloria doing?"

    "Taking it up her cunt and ass at the same time. Ugh... Ugh... Ugh! These gives are like jack hammers they fuck a woman so hard and so fast. Anyway, if you want to play with Grant and Frank, go ahead. These six guys and some others who will come by after they get off work will be in us all night long."

    "Are they good? Your husbands, I mean."

    "They're great. Big, hard dicks. Really stretch you, Ellen. But two or three times each is their limit. You want all night fucking, you need to get some of these young studs to bang you."

    At that point, Frank took the phone away. "Sounds like you're having a great time, and listening to you has me so fucking hard, it hurts. See you tomorrow, Baby."

    Turning back to me, he saw that Grant had been busy while we were talking to Betty. He had my dress down to my waist and had unhooked my bra. Both tits were thrusting up out of my bra, and he was doing his best to pull my skirt over my ass so he could get it off.

    "So how about an evening cruise on our yacht, Ellen?"

    As Frank asked the question for the second time, Grant's hands were under my skirt rubbing my pussy. "God, you're soaking wet, Ellen," he groaned. His fingers slipped beneath my panties and entered me. Now, I couldn't suppress my moans. I was still moaning softly when he withdrew his fingers and moved them to his nose.

    "MMmmmm... god! So musky... so erotic. The aroma of your pussy would harden an eunuch, Ellen. God!" His tongue slowly licked up the length of his fingers, tasting me. "Tart... luscious. Smelling you has me iron-hard. Feel it, Ellen."

    When I hesitated, Grant took my hand and placed it on his crotch. I didn't resist. It was iron-hard, just as he had said. Even through his pants, I could feel its heat and thickness.

    "If you want that, we need to head out to our yacht, Ellen."

    "If you guys will let me pull up my dress and fix my bra, I'm ready, Honey."


    When we left the dance floor after our second dance, not only were my breasts still exposed and my nipples hard, I could still feel Ramonde's thick fingers exploring inside my vagina and rubbing my hard clit. He had me panting in a near sexual frenzy.

    "Where's Ellen?" I asked when we saw that there was no one at our table.

    "I saw her leaving 10 minutes ago with two guys. My guess is that they're both fucking her now... or will be very soon. And speaking of fucking beautiful, married women, your room or mine, Gayle?

    "Yours. Ellen and her guys may be in ours."


    Ramonde's cock was big... really big. From the way it felt against my pussy when we were dancing, I knew it would be. Even so, I hadn't anticipated an eight, or maybe a nine-inch shaft. In addition to being long, it was thick and hard as stone. It was at least two or three inches bigger than my husband's, and thicker.

    Ramonde had me kneeling in front of him almost as soon as we were inside his room. Using his shaft like a club, he whacked my face with it several times. He didn't hurt me, but he let me know just how big his cock was and hard I was going to be fucked.

    "Suck it, Gayle. Do you deep throat your husband?"

    "Yes, but he's not nearly as big as you."

    "No matter. It will fit. Work the head into your throat, and I'll push it the rest of the way inside."

    It took me several minutes to get the big head lodged into my throat. By the time I did, my face and Ramonde's cock and balls were coated with my saliva. "MMMMmmm... it's in, Gayle. I'm going to push it down your down your throat now. Tilt your head back... Yes... like that. Are you ready?"


    "I'll take that as a 'yes'." Ramonde held my head in place and pushed his big dick down my throat. When I felt his balls bouncing off my chin, I knew I had it all.

    Once it was buried balls deep, Ramonde fucked my mouth like it were my cunt. I sucked him hard and cupped his balls as his dick pumped me. When I felt him swelling inside my mouth and heard his loud growls of pleasure, I got ready to take his big load.

    I would have bet that he intended to shoot his load straight down my throat into my belly, but he surprised me by jerking his cock out of my mouth at the last moment. "Open your mouth, Gayle. Stick out your tongue. Gonna cream you and shoot it in."

    The first thick stream covered my top lip and nose. After that first thick spurt, Ramonde ejaculated again and again drenching my face and filling my mouth. Before he finished, my face was covered with his semen, and a long strand swung erotically from my chin.


    As soon as Frank and Grant helped me onto to their luxury yacht, the two men made quick work of getting me out of my clothes. With Frank working in front of me and Grant behind, I had to smile at the efficiency with which the two men coordinated their efforts. It was obvious that I wasn't the first woman to have been sandwiched between these two men.

    As soon as Grant had unzipped the back of my dress, Frank pulled it down over my ass. Once there, it dropped to the floor and pooled about my feet. I was still stepping out the dress when Grant unhooked my bra. As I kicked my dress aside, my bra came off. Frank tossed it top of my dress as Grant's hands wrapped about my shoulders and cupped both tits. His fingers squeezed my nipples forcing hot moans from my mouth. The moans changed to gasps when he twisted and pulled them causing my pussy to throb in response.

    As Grant worked my nipples and tits, Frank lowered my panties until, like my dress, they were bunched about my ankles. Frank's hands now pressed between my thighs where they forced my legs apart. With my panties around my ankles, I could only spread a little but it was enough to allow his fingers to invade my soaked pussy. I groaned at the same time as my hips snapped forward against his probing fingers.

    Grant's hands now abandoned my tits and moved downward to my naked ass. Again, the men worked together in practiced precision. Frank stepped on my panties holding them against the floor and allowing me to remove my heels from their embrace. His hands forced my legs further apart as Grant's hand pressed against my back bending me over just enough to arch my ass. Thick, male fingers entered my pussy and my ass at the same time.


    The fingers worked together... the ones in my ass plunging inward as those in my vagina pulled out... back and forth... forcing my hips to gyrate and hump against their hands. A finger... or maybe a thumb... found my clitoris and began rubbing it each time my pussy was filled.


    Frank bent his knees and captured one of my heaving tits with his mouth. Instantly, I felt my nipple being sucked hard... causing it to fill with blood... swell... and throb. Unintelligible, hissing groans erupted from my lips as my clit began to throb. Frank worked it harder... it contracted spastically causing my vagina and rectum to convulse and throb around the fingers.


    Neither one of the men stopped. For a full minute, my pussy, clit, and ass continued to contract and throb as lances of hot pleasure coursed through me. By the time my orgasm ebbed, I was having to hang onto Frank's shoulders to support myself.

    "I think she's ready for cock, Grant," Frank commented as if I weren't even present.

    "No doubt. Her holes are wide open and wet. I'll get the boat under weigh and take it out of the harbor while you fuck her."

    "Sounds like a plan I like."

    As the two men discussed who was going to fuck me first, I could feel my pussy already quivering in anticipation. I expected Frank to lead or carry me to one of the bedrooms on the yacht, but he obviously didn't want to wait that long before sinking his cock into my eager hole.

    When Grant headed to the bridge to start the boat, Frank pulled me close and kissed me again, his tongue flicking against mine. I could hear myself moaning softly. His lips left mine, and he whispered in my ear, "I'm going to fuck you now, you delicious slut."

    "Hurry! I'm ready!"

    Strong arms wrapped about my waist and lowered me to the tiled floor. It wasn't nearly as comfortable as a bed, but I couldn't have cared less. All I wanted was Frank's thick shaft inside my cunt. He mounted me missionary. As his powerful hips moved into my sex saddle forcing my thighs apart, I raised my feet up above his back. Bracing himself with his hands to my sides, his body rose over mine.

    "Oh god! Hurry! Put it in me!" I husked, hardly recognizing my own voice.

    "You put it in."

    Pushing my hand between our bodies, I wrapped my hand around the thick shaft and guided it to my opening.

    "AAAAHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS," I moaned as the big head spread my sex trench and sank into my tunnel. His lips found mine again as he forced his big dick into my waiting hole.

    "UUnnngghhh... Hard... so fucking hard! More... more.... STICK IT IN MEEEEEEE!"

    Frank pulled back until just two inches of dick were still in my cunt. Snapping his hips forward, the big cock raced down my vagina and rammed into my cervix with authority bringing howls of delight from me. My heels were pointed toward the ceiling as the big, hard-cocked stud began fucking me.

    The thick shaft raced in and out of my throbbing vagina. Every time it hammered into bottom of my hole, hot grunts erupted from my lungs. As he pulled it back, the grunts changed to moans as my ass rose in an effort to keep him buried inside me. When only an inch or two of dick remained inside my pussy, he rammed his entire length back into me forcing my ass back onto the floor and producing more squeals of female pleasure.

    As Frank fucked my brains out, Grant came back into the room. "Christ, Man. I could hear her grunting and screaming up on the bridge."

    "Yeah... she's a hot piece. Her cunt's like a vise. Can't last much longer in her tight hole."

    "Her cunt must be soaked. I can hear the squishing noises every time you fill her pussy."

    "So can I. Can you smell her cunt?"


    "Come closer. Her pussy not only feels fantastic, it smells delectable. Hot... musky."

    "Oh hell, yes. I can smell it now. Fantastic! Have you cum in her yet?"

    "Not yet, but she's already popped a couple of times."

    "God. I can't wait to get into her."

    "I know. I'll finish and drive the boat to Hunter's Cove while you take Ellen to the main stateroom and fuck her. Be sure to do her ass to open her up for both of us."

    "Can't wait. You gonna shoot it in now?"

    "Yeah. Ellen, we're perfectly safe, but if you want, I'll pull out and shoot on your belly."

    "NOOOooooooooo! Don't take it out of me, you hot Stud. Cum in me. Shoot me full, Lover!"


    Instead of taking me to bed, Ramonde decided he wanted to fuck me on the desk in our sitting room. I was now lying on the desk with my legs up and back in the usual female fucking position for missionary sex. Ramonde's body loomed over mine... his cock hard and swollen... ready... precum seeping from the tip. He had one foot planted solidly on the top of the desk just to the side of my tits.

    "Do you want my cock in your cunt, Gayle?"

    "Yesss.... you know I do. Fuck me. Now. Please."

    "I will ... just as soon as you put my cock into your cunt. Do it."

    Ramonde moved closer so I could grasp his dick in my hand. It jerked hard ... throbbing and pulsing like a huge python. My vagina throbbed in response. As I pulled Ramonde's dick toward my opening, thoughts of my husband were no where in my brain. Earlier in the evening when I had been on the dance floor with Ramonde, I had thought about him, but not now... not with this big hard cock about to fill my cunt. All I could think about was how it was going to feel as it fucked me.

    I fitted the big head into my opening... groaning as it stretched my pussy open and pushed inside.

    "AAHHHH gawd damn! You're so fucking big!"

    Ramonde drove his cock into me!



    Gayle and I both hoped that Calvin and Jeff were having as much fun fishing and gambling
    as we were having, but that seemed very unlikely.


    I was still shaking from my intense orgasm on Frank's cock when Grant carried me into the stateroom. I felt the yacht moving toward Hunter's Cove just as my back hit the big, comfortable bed.

    Grant stripped quickly. I wasn't at all surprised by the size and hardness of his cock. He had been feeling me up for an hour before we got back to the Yacht. After that, he had watched as Frank fucked me like a hot whore. Finally, he had seen me exploding in orgasm when Frank's dick erupted inside my pussy filling me with his load. There wasn't a man on earth who could do all that and not be wild to get his iron-hard rod into me.

    I raised my legs just as I had done for Frank when Grant moved between my open thighs. Semen was till running from my widely stretched vagina. He gazed at my soaked, cum-filled pussy. Reaching down, we both worked to spread my pussy wide open.

    "God! That just looks delicious. Can't wait to sink my cock into you, Ellen."

    "Then do it! I want it! Now!"

    Grant pushed my legs further back elevating my pussy. I felt myself pulse in anticipation. Aligning his shaft, Grant thrust into me... hard.

    "OOohhh god... that's feels so good... soo big and hard. Fuck me, Honey. Fuck me like a hot whore!"

    Grant really didn't need any instructions as to how he should fuck me. His thrusts were so hard, so deep, so authoritative, I was shuddering in a climax within a couple of minutes. His cock flexed inside me as I was cumming. Instantly, I came again, another climax right on top of the first.

    My vagina was still contracting when Grant pulled his rod out of my pussy. I heard myself begging him to put it back in me... to finish me. He did, but not in my pussy. Pushing my legs back, he pressed the head of his cock against my anus. Working it back and forth, he applied more pressure.


    Naturally, Grant ignored me. With his powerful body pinning me to the bed and my legs shoved up and back, I was helpless. When I thrashed and struggled to escape, my efforts just forced his cock deeper into my ass. When I had two inches of his dick inside my rectum, he paused and allowed my hole to stretch and relax around his tool. My wild screeching stopped, but I continued to moan.

    "Ooohhh god... sooo fucking big.... aaaahhhh... can't take it... uunnmmm... too big..."

    Grant pulled back and thrust his dick back into my ass.... this time sinking four inches into me. Surprising, there was no pain... over a feeling of fullness and pleasure. Slowly, he began fucking my ass with his big rod. As his prick moved in and out of my hole, his fingers danced over my throbbing, engorged clitoris bringing hissing moans from my mouth.

    I was sighing when five inches entered me. On the sixth inch, I groaned and hunched my ass upward. When he pushed seven inches into my rectum, my hand flew to my throbbing clitoris. As he sank into my passage again and again, my fingers pulled and stroked my clit until I was cumming on his dick.

    Frank entered the stateroom just as I was erupting an intense anal climax.


    Ramonde's dick surged in and out of my cunt as I rode the hot stud in reverse cowgirl position. I had lost count of the number of times I had climaxed on his thick shaft. In fact, I couldn't keep up with the number of times he had ejaculated either in my mouth or inside my pussy or ass. I thought it was four times, but it might well have been five.

    However many it was, another was on its way. I could feel his big prick throbbing and jerking inside my pussy as I pounded up and down on his rod. His fingers sought out my clitoris... trapped it between two of his fingers and jacked it like it were a small dick.

    "Aaahhh god," I thought as his fingers moved up and down the shaft of my throbbing clitoris. "No wonder men jack off all the time... this is just fantastic! Aloud, I moaned, "Don't Stop! Please, Ramonde, don't stop! I'm cumming... ohhhhh fuckkk... rub me harder... cumming... aaaahhh... can you feel my pussy and clit throbbing... can you?"

    "It feels like your pussy is sucking the load right out of my balls, and your big clit feels like a guy's dick when he shooting off. Cum, Slut. CUM!"

    I did... several times. And then, Ramonde's load roared into my hole.


    "Oohhhh GAWD DAMN! YOU'RE KILLING MEEEEEEEEE! BIG COCK IN MY ASS... AAAHHHHH!! BIG COCK IN MY CUNT... UUNNGGHHH! FUCKING MEEEEE!" I screamed as the two men double fucked me in doggy position. Very briefly, I thought about Calvin as the big dicks slugged into his wife. I knew he would hate what I was doing, but I loved it!



    Ramonde let his cock soak inside my pussy after his orgasm. At first, he was just partially hard, but as he played with my tits and stroked my clitoris, my vagina began to throb around his still buried cock. Within minutes, he had my thrusting and humping on his cock.

    "OOoohhhh god... you're amazing. I'm about to come again, and your hot fuck stick is getting hard again! I can feel it swelling and throbbing inside my pussy."

    "Where do you feel it?"

    "Inside my pussy, Lover."


    "MMMmmmmm ... I feel it getting hard again inside my cunt. Is it going to fuck my married cunt again?"

    "No. It's going to fuck your married ass again."

    "OOOohhh yesss!"


    Grant and Frank were double fucking me for the third or fourth time. It seemed like I had had both of their cocks in my ass and pussy nearly continuously for last hour. I just couldn't stop cumming.



    Ramonde, Grant, and Frank fucked more times that we could count. But in spite of that,
    Gayle and I had many more orgasms than the three men.


    Ramonde took me back to my suite at 1 AM. There was no 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door, so there was no problem. After kissing me passionately in the hallway, he opened my door and escorted me inside. Once inside my suite, the hot stud pushed me up against the wall, hooked his arm beneath my right leg, and hoisted it high in the air leaving me balanced on one heel.

    Since Ramonde had kept my panties, my pussy was naked and in position. Once more, I felt his fantastic dick sinking into my cunt. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I hung on as he pounded me.

    After ejaculating again inside my pussy, Ramonde tucked me in bed and let himself out. My pussy and clitoris were still quivering when he left.


    Around 2 AM, the door to our suite opened again. The voices of three people awakened me. It was Ellen with her two studs. I wondered how many times she had been fucked, and if they intended to screw her again.

    "Hi. I'm Gayle," I said sitting up in bed exposing both of my naked tits. "I thought you'd keep her out all night."

    "We would have, but Ellen was afraid you'd be worried and call the police. Besides, she was really exhausted. We were both in her at the same time for hours."

    "Why would I do that? I saw the three of you leaving. She was obviously as eager as the two of you. Anyway, you just wanted to fuck her, not hurt her. So... was she a good fuck?"

    "Delicious. By the way, I'm Frank and this is Grant. Wish you had been with us. That would have been doubly erotic."

    "I'm sure Ellen took good care of you. Are you going to fuck her again?"

    "We've already screwed Ellen multiple times. We'd rather fuck you, Gayle. Would you like to have our cocks in pussy and ass at the same time?"

    I threw the covers aside letting the two men see my naked body. "How do you want me," I said with a grin?

    The Tiagua Resort: Fifth Day:

    It was almost 10 AM before either of us awoke the next morning. I got up first and was just coming out of the bathroom from taking shower when Gayle sat up in bed, still naked.

    "MMmm... what time is it?"

    "A little after 10:30 AM."

    "What time is Mark bringing us breakfast?"

    "He's not. I put out a sign last night telling to skip breakfast this morning."

    "When did you do that? I don't remember anything about it."

    "I'm not surprised. Grant and Frank both had their big cocks in you. With a cock in your pussy and another one in your ass, you weren't thinking about anything but how hard those two studs were making you cum."

    "That's certainly true. I don't think I've ever cum as much or as hard as when they were both fucking me. Is that they way they did you?"

    "Yeah... several times in fact. They only did you once. I spent almost two hours with both of them fucking me at the same time and in every position they could invent."

    "God. Two hours! How long did they screw me?"

    "About twenty minutes or so."

    "Is that why you cancelled out on Mark? Too sore?"

    "Oh no. I don't want to miss the nude beach today, and if we spend two or three hours with those young studs all over us and in us, we might be too tired. Are you disappointed?"

    "I was, but not now. Going to the nude beach is those string bikini's is something I don't want to miss any more than you do. So what do we do about breakfast?"

    "We tough it out and go to the dining room and get it ourselves. That is, that's what we'll do if you'll get up and get ready. Come on, you lazy, sexy slut. Get dressed. I'm hungry."

    When Gayle got out of bed, I saw that she had a hickey on her ass cheek. "Hey, some guy put a hickey on your ass cheek last night."

    "Damn! That was probably Ramonde. What am I going to do? It'll take a week to go away... maybe more."

    "Simple. We paint it with merthiolate and tell the guys you fell on the beach and scraped your ass on a rock. We can put a band aid over it for a couple of days and then keep it painted until the hickey goes away."

    "Do you think Jeff will believe me?"

    "Are you kidding or are you really serious?"

    "I'm serious. I don't want him to know that some stud put a hickey on my naked ass."

    "Ok. Then I'll give you a serious answer. When Jeff has asked you to wear a short skirt, heels, and a low-cut blouse, what did you say... and don't tell me he's never asked. I know from Calvin that he has."

    "I told him only sluts wear clothes like that, and if that's what he thought of me, he could just sleep on the couch until he got his head on straight... or something along those lines. I really did tell him that."

    "I know you did. I told Calvin much the same thing. And when he asked you for anal sex, what did you do?"

    "I've already told you. I made him sleep in the guest bedroom."

    "Oh yes... that's right you did. And when Jeff asked you to fuck in public, did you do it."

    "Of course not. What's your point. What's all that got to with my having a hickey on my ass?"

    "Think about it, Gayle. Do you really believe that it's even going to occur to Jeff to think that your "scraped ass cheek" is fake and that you had sex with some guy who put a hickey on your ass? Come on, Girl. This is a guy who's had his head handed to him by you several times for just suggesting that the two of you do something erotic and kinky. Believe, it will never enter his mind that you didn't scrap your ass on a rock."

    "Yeah. You're right. And you know, that's sort of sad in a way."

    "It very, very sad... big time sad, and Calvin is the same way as Jeff. They thought they were marrying two beautiful, sexy women. Instead, they found themselves with two paragons of virtue. After five years, they've both given up on us. But when we get home, you and I are going to have a plan to change that. Agreed?"

    "Oh yeah. Absolutely. I need to get into the shower."

    Before Gayle made it to the bathroom, however, my cell phone rang. It was Calvin.

    "Hi, Honey," I answered.

    "Hi, Ellen. I got a little worried. You didn't call yesterday. Is everything all right?"

    "Every thing is perfect, Calvin. We just had just a busy, fun day yesterday we were worn out when we got back to our suite, and both of us forgot. I'm really sorry. I hope you weren't worried too much. Gayle's right here. I've got you on the speaker."

    "No... no. Just a little concerned. Jeff's also listening on the speaker. He's very relieved too. So what did you do yesterday that wore both of you out so much?"

    Gayle raised her eyebrows, spread her feet apart, and hunched her naked pussy back and forth in fuck motions in a silent answer to Calvin's question. Naturally, I had no intention of putting her explanation into words. Instead, I said, "We spent the morning shopping in the town, and then went swimming in the big Olympic-sized pool. After lunch, we took a guided hiking tour around the island that took almost three hours. After dinner, we went to a club in the resort and listened to a really good band and live music until we just couldn't keep our eyes open any longer. We just crashed when we got back to our room. So, how the fishing the gambling?"

    "Fishing is great... and the gambling is fair. We're breaking even... maybe a little on the plus side but not much. Having a great time too. We've taken in a couple of shows that were a lot of fun."

    "A lot of fun, huh? Watching bare-breasted women flaunting themselves in public, I imagine. Right?"

    "No... no... no! They were musical reviews and comedy shows. There was some partial nudity but not much. We're guys, you know, so we did look but that was all."

    "I'm just teasing you, Calvin. Neither Gayle nor I would want to be married to men who aren't interested in big-titted, half naked, sexy women who probably flash or show off their pussies too. You two enjoy as many shows as you like."

    There was a noticeable hesitation before Calvin replied. "Ok. You enjoy yourselves too. Don't do so much though that you're so worn out you can't walk. See you both in three days. We'll be at the airport to meet your plane."

    After the phone call, Gayle stared at me. "Wow! I had no idea that you were such an accomplished liar. God! We didn't do any of those things... not one! But that last probably shook our husbands to the core... Big-titted, half-naked, sexy women showing off their pussies, huh? Calvin would have expected, 'Large-breasted, partially nude, attractive women'."

    "I know. That was just the first step in changing things at home. Get dressed. I'm starving."


    It was slightly after 1 PM when Gayle and I had gotten into our hot string bikini's. This time, we applied the sun block to each other rather than call Carlos and Caleb.

    "You know, it would be fun to call them again," Gayle said as she rubbed the sun block onto my back and exposed ass. "You'd have a lot more fun if one of those sexy studs were doing this rather than me."

    "True. And so would you. But we've already had them. Let's go to the naked beach and see what else is out there."

    "Naked beach? Don't you mean nude beach?"

    "If I meant nude beach, I would have said that. Doesn't 'naked beach' sound a lot more erotic?"

    "It does. Ok. I've finished with the sun block. You're ready."

    "MMMmmmm... I agree. I'm ready. Really ready. How about you?"

    "Come on, Slut. Let's go to the naked beach."


    When we reached the clothing-optional beach, we were somewhat surprised to find that not all the women were naked. Some wore brief stings as we had on; others had their tops off, and of course, some were naked. Some of the men wore briefs or shorts, and some were naked. Of the men who were naked, about half had hard erections that they were obviously hoping to put to use.

    There was a lot of sensuous by-play short of sex going on. One young, red-headed woman was wading in the surf wearing only her bikini bottoms. Two men wearing shorts but obviously sporting hard erections were urging her to lose the bottoms. Gayle and I stopped to watch when she grinned and untied the bottom of her suit and pulled it away. She was a little overweight, but nevertheless looked voluptuous standing naked in the surf while holding her now useless suit in her hand.

    The two men waded into the surf and, sandwiching her between their bodies, led her to a beach blanket with their hands all over her ass.

    "Do you think they're going to fuck her?" Gayle asked.

    "What else? Didn't you notice their erections? They'll be in her within five minutes. Do you want to stay and watch?"

    "No. There's a lot more to see. Come on. Let's see what's going on and find a couple of good spots to spread our blankets. I think it's better if we're not together. Oh shit! Look over there!”

    Glancing in the direction Gayle indicated, I saw the redhead riding the cock of one the men whom she had just met while two other men watched. Her ass was a blur of motion, and she was shrieking every time the man’s shaft thudded into the bottom of her cunt.

    “I certainly didn’t take them long to get into her,” I commented.

    “It wasn’t them. It was her. She was so anxious to get their cocks into her pussy, she practically raped them,” Gayle said. “So do you agree that it would be better if we were not together?”

    I quickly agreed as I had had the same thought. Men have more difficulty approaching two women than one alone.

    We had walked only a short distance down the beach before we saw a nude woman lying on her back sunning herself. She had her arm thrown over her eyes, presumably to protect them from the sun. In reality, Gayle and I both knew it was to allow her to pretend she didn't see the two men standing not more than ten feet away from her staring at her exposed pussy and tits."

    "She's knows those guys are staring her pussy," I whispered to Gayle. "See her spreading her legs wider to give them a better view. When they approach her, she's probably going to act shocked... but not too shocked. She doesn't want to scare them away."

    "Yeah. I noticed her showing it to them. Do you think the men know she's pretending not to see them?"

    "Probably not. Frankly, I doubt that it has even occurred to them."

    "I think you're right. My god! Look over there by the edge of the water! She might as well be naked. Those strings don't cover anything!"

    I looked in the direction Gayle was pointing and immediately saw the woman lying on the sand on her back with one knee steepled and her legs wide open. She was wearing two strings... one over her breasts that was attached to rings around each of her nipples and held in place by narrow straps around her back and neck. The second strap circled her waist and then descended between her open thighs where it disappeared inside the folds of her pussy. If she had been naked, it would have been ten times less erotic, which, of course, was the idea. Two men were walking rapidly toward her, obviously intent on getting her naked.

    "Those guys are going to fuck her for sure," Gayle hissed.

    "No doubt about that. My guess is they'll do her right where she lies."

    A short distance further down the beach, we saw one woman lying in the surf with the water lapping about her calves. Her white bikini had become totally transparent when it had gotten wet. Her tits, nipples, and dark pubic bush were all on display. Amazingly, none of the males on the beach had noticed her because she seemed to be alone.

    "I wonder why the pussy hounds aren't after her," I said aloud.

    "Maybe they've already fucked her several times," Gayle suggested.

    ` Further from the water, we saw another woman lying on her stomach with no bra and only her string bikini covering her pussy. As we watched, the man sitting beside her leaned closer and whispered something in her ear. A moment later, her fingers hooked in the string of her bikini and pulled it down around her upper thighs. She opened her legs.

    A few feet away from the couple, a voluptuous, bare-breasted brunette was seated in a chair soaking up the sun. Her black, nylon thong wasn't wet, but it was sheer and transparent. With her legs wide open, her inviting pussy slit was on display. The man sitting beside the woman lying on her stomach was staring right at it. The brunette smiled at him and opened her legs even wider.

    "Come on, Gayle. Let's forget the sightseeing and see if we can attract some attention ourselves."

    Somewhat further down the beach, we passed a group of several couples. Three of the couples were openly having sex of some type. Two of the women were jacking off their partners as they lay on their backs. One guy was sucking and playing with the woman's tits as she jacked him off. A third couple was fucking in missionary position. Their mouths were crushed together as the guy vigorously thrust his cock into the woman's cunt. Her legs heaved upward every time he entered her.

    "This looks like a good spot," Gayle said. "I'll spread my blanket out here. Why don't you move down a little closer to the water. That way we'll be close enough to see each other but it won't be obvious that we're together."

    I agreed and a few minutes later I was lying on my stomach sunning my backside as I watched Gayle about 50 feet further from the water's edge. She didn't have wait more than a minute or two before one of the studs employed by the resort approached her. When he sat down beside her, I felt a pang of jealousy that she already had male attention while I was still alone. And judging from the huge bulge in his spandex suit, it was first-class male attention.

    I got even more jealous when the guy bent over and pulled her bra down baring both tits. Gayle raised up, and he quickly made her bra vanish. When she lay back on the blanket, her tits thrust up like twin cannons. I could see the sexy slut squirming as the guy played with nipples... tugging on them... or twisting them.

    I was already hot when I spread out my blanket, but watching Gayle had my vagina pulsing. The stud leaned over and said something to Gayle. She laughed and raised her hips. With one deft motion, the guy stripped off the bottom part of her bikini.

    Lying back down on the blanket, she put her hands behind her head and arched her tits.

    Jeff's wife now leaned toward the guy and said something to him. He nodded, stood up, and quickly stripped off his spandex suit. As soon as it was off, his iron-hard prick surged up and out. Most cocks don't stand straight up, but this guy's did. I was like a vertical, rigid, iron, sex spike. Gayle sat up, pressed her big tits against his chest, and kissed him. His cock jerked and throbbed in response.

    As she kissed him, her hand moved to his shaft. Slowly, she stroked him as his fingers slipped into her wet vagina. They broke the kiss and said something to each other. A moment later, the guy put Gayle on her back on the blanket and moved between her thighs. She spread wide and arched her pelvis for him. Her legs jerked higher when his hard dick entered her. I could hear her grunting each time the dick rammed into her cunt. Her feet flailed the air as her toes curled back.

    I wasn't the only one watching the sexy stud fucking Jeff's wife. Two other men, one black... one white, were watching and stroking their dicks. After five minutes of intense fucking, a couple moved closer and watched the prick pumping into Gayle's pussy. She stroked her partner's dick while he finger fucked her pussy.

    The guy buried in Gayle's pussy proved to have a lot of staying power. He screwed her steadily through two wild, screaming orgasms before he shoved his hands beneath her ass and buried himself balls deep inside her vagina. Even from 50 feet away, I could see his hips hitting into her in short, hard strokes as his buttocks clenched again. I knew that each contraction was sending a thick load of semen into the bottom of her hole.

    Slowly, his thrusts slowed and then stopped. For several minutes, he let his dick soak inside Gayle's vagina. I thought he intended to fuck her again, but he was just enjoying the sensations of her pussy pulsing around his semi-hard penis.

    When he dismounted from her sex saddle, the black guy who had been watching very quickly mounted Gayle and filled her cunt with his thick, black dick. Once more, her legs jerked upward to present her pussy to him. He took full advantage by quickly sinking his shaft balls deep.

    "If you don't put a little sun block on your backside, Honey, you're going to burn badly," came a male voice from behind me. Turning my head, I saw a gorgeous hunk spreading sun block onto his hands and then, a moment later, across my back.

    I had been feeling sorry for myself that Gayle had men all over her while I was still alone. That feeling vanished when I saw how ripped this guy was. He had beautifully sculptured muscles every where. His bald head gave him an aura of hot, male virility and power. Ruggedly handsome, the huge bulge in his shorts suggested the presence of at least a nine or ten-inch shaft.

    "MMmmmm... that feels good," I moaned.

    "Feels good to me too," he whispered as his hand moved to my ass and sensuously stroked both cheeks. Having covered every inch of my ass flesh, he pulled the bikini string out of my ass crease and replaced it with his fingers.


    "Feel good?" he asked as he pulled the bikini down around my thighs. Even though it didn't expose any more of my ass than was already exposed, it was incredibly erotic to feel my bathing suit being pulled down to my thighs on a public beach.

    "Oohhhh yesss!" I hissed. I moaned even louder when his fingers worked their way into my anus. He pushed inward as I thrust my hips upward. His second hand now moved to my pussy where his fingers captured my engorged and pulsing clitoris.

    "AAAAhhhhhhh... AAAHHHHHHHHHH... aaaahhhhhh!"

    When his fingers entered my pussy, my hips arched upward. His fingers pumped me causing me to moan hotly. "UUNNGGHH! OOOhhhhh god... You're gonna make me cummmmmmmm!" I wailed.

    His response was to work his fingers even faster in and out of my holes while his thumb stroked my erupting clitoris. I couldn't have stopped my orgasm even if I had wanted to... which I certainly didn't. Groaning and then shrieking loudly, my vagina and rectum contracted in a hard spasm as the orgasm surged through me.

    "OH Yeah! Cum, you hot, sexy bitch. Squeeze my fingers with that hot pussy, Baby."

    He didn't have to tell me to do that. My pussy was already doing it... again and again. When my contractions died down, he leaned close and said, "I'm going to fuck you... both holes."

    "Do it. Do it! DO IT!" I moaned.

    "Not till we get all the sand off of our bodies. It wouldn't feel very good for either of us if we got sand inside your pussy or ass. Come on. Leave your stuff here. No one will bother it. Just in case you want to know who's going to be fucking your luscious pussy, I'm Cliff."

    "And just in case you want to know whose pussy you're going to be fucking, I'm Ellen."

    As Cliff led me toward the beach shower that nestled in the palm trees. I looked over to see if the black stud was still mounted on Gayle. Apparently he had finished screwing her and gotten off because another black cock was now filling her pussy. They were both lying on their sides facing each other. Gayle's legs were up on his shoulders opening up her pussy which he was vigorously fucking. I could easily see the big cock entering and leaving her cunt.

    "Do you know her?" Cliff asked when he saw me watching Gayle being screwed.

    "Yeah... She's my best friend. We're on vacation here together while our husbands are fishing at Lake Tahoe."

    "She's hot. That guy banging her is her third so far."

    "I know. I was getting jealous until you arrived."

    "Come on. Let get rinsed off. I can't wait to fuck you. The two of you are the best looking women on the beach."

    Once Cliff had our bodies rinsed clean of sand, he pulled my backside tightly against his hard erection as his hands captured and squeezed both of my tits. I couldn't keep my ass from grinding against his prick.

    "Damn. That feels big. How big is that thing?"

    "Ten inches."

    "God! I can't take that."

    "What's the biggest you've had?"

    "Maybe nine inches. My husband is an above average 7 inches, but my god... 10 inches!!?? It won't fit."

    "Pussies stretch, Ellen. Yours will too. Believe me, when it sinks into you, you'll threaten to cut my balls off if I don't stick all of it into your hot holes."

    "Oh fuck! Do it. Do it! DO IT!" I moaned again.

    "Take my cock out. Suck it. Take it down your throat, Ellen."

    Turning in his arms, I knelt and pulled down his shorts. The monster shaft surged up and out. "OH MY GOD! WHAT A COCK! OOOHHH GOD YES! I WANT IT IN ME!!"

    "Suck it first, you delicious slut."

    Sitting down on a stool beside the shower, I bent over and took the powerful male organ into my mouth. At first, I could only get a few inches into my mouth.

    As I continued to drive my lips up and down Cliff's cock, my jaw stretched wider and wider. Finally, I felt the big head pressing against my throat. Relaxing, I let him push it down my gullet. He was literally fucking my face until finally, I felt his balls banging against my chin. I had the entire shaft down my throat. Suddenly, I felt like I were about to suffocate. The urge to suck more air into my lungs was overpowering. Frantically, I jerked my mouth off the powerful shaft and gasped for breath.

    "I'm sorry, Cliff. I had to breathe."

    "Of course you did. You took it all. Fucking unbelievable!"

    "Put it back down my throat, Baby." He did and once more I was deep throating his shaft. I thought Cliff would cum in my mouth, but instead, he pulled me to my feet, bent me over the stool, and worked his big dick into my eager pussy.


    He took it slowly... pushing in more dick and then stopping to allow my pussy to stretch and time for me to get used to his size. He pulled back causing me to moan when the thick tool pulled my lips outward as it withdrew. I breathed deeply when only two inches of dick were in me. I grunted like a mare taking a bull when he fucked it back into my pussy.

    With each thrust, I took more and more of his dick. When I had eight inches of inside me, I exploded in an intense orgasm that sent shock waves of pleasure through me. My vagina throbbed about Cliff prick so hard I was certain that he would blow his load into me, but somehow, he held back.

    He allowed my orgasm to ebb before he pushed in the remainder of his cock. When it was fully seated inside my hole with his balls against my clit, I was already shuddering on the brink of another hard climax. It erupted as soon as he began fucking me. Before he shot his load, I had cum two more times.

    "Suck me again, Ellen. Get it hard. It won't take long. All I have to do is think about getting into your hot asshole."

    He was right. It only took me a few minutes of deep throating his shaft to get it hard as stone again. He pulled out, turned me around, and ordered me to bend over and brace myself with my hands on my thighs.

    I was certain that taking that huge dick up my ass was going to be incredibly painful, but the sexy stud came prepared. He carried a bottle of astroglide in the pocket of his shorts! After using it to thoroughly lubricate his dick and my rectum, he held my hips steady and pressed his dick against my anus. I held my breath anticipating pain... there was none... just a feeling of erotic pressure as he slowly stretched me and worked the big head into my lubed rectum. When it popped past my sphincter, the big shaft slide smoothly into me causing me to groan with pleasure.

    I came on his big dick before he had it all the way into my ass. As I climaxed, he drove the rest of his dick inside me and held it with his balls against my butt. When my orgasm abated, he began fucking me with long, deep, authoritative thrusts. I came again... and then again. Finally, I was screaming. Several men gathered around to watch the huge cock sinking in and out of my widely stretched asshole.


    Gayle and I were complete sluts on the naked beach. At least four different men fucked her
    while Cliff screwed my pussy and ass several times. After
    he finished, four more guys screwed me.


    Fifteen minutes later, I was against resting on my blanket beside the water, but now I was naked, and my string bikini was in my beach bag. Gayle was still on her back on her blanket with another stud rutting between her raised thighs. I wondered how many men had fucked her.

    When Cliff had escorted me back to my blanket, he had said he was going to tell some of his friends how good a fuck I was. Apparently, he had kept his word because very shortly there were several men surrounding me all eager to get into me.

    The first guy put on a rubber and mounted me in missionary position. I lifted my legs, and he pushed them even further back before nailing my hot hole with his dick. The fucking was hard and fast... there was no gentle love making... just hard, deep, fast fucking. I got off once before his prick jerked and contracted in hard spasms filling the condom with his load.

    When the guy rolled off of me, another one pulled me down onto his dick. I didn't have to be told what to do. He was much smaller than Cliff, and I easily deep throated him. I thought he was going to ejaculate inside my mouth, but he wanted my pussy.

    "Get on me. Ride my dick," he ordered.

    I was mounted on him in a flash ramming my pussy up and down his prick in reverse cowgirl position so all the other men could see his organ disappearing inside my pussy.

    We stayed on the beach enjoying all the attention for over two hours before Gayle finally came over to my blanket and watched while one of the tour guides from the resort was doing his best to fuck my ass off. He had me on my back pounding it into me as my feet jerked back and forth in the air high over his back.

    "Come on, Baby. Fuck her hard. Make her cum. We need to get back to our rooms. Finish the hot slut, Stud," she urged. With Gayle sex talking to the guy, he quickly lost it and filled the condom with his big load, but not before my pussy had convulsed in another climax.


    As we made our way back to our suite, Gayle grinned and asked, "Ok, you hot slut. How many guys?"

    "How many for you?"

    "No fair. I asked you first. Come on. Fess up. How many?"

    "I'm not sure. Give a moment to count.... Five, I think. Your turn."

    "I beat you by one. Six for me."

    "I guess so, but I bet I got the biggest cock. The first guy... Cliff... had a 10-inch dick. He fucked both my pussy and ass with it."

    "You're kidding? 10 inches of dick?"

    "Yeah. Actually, it seemed like it was a lot bigger than that. I've never been stretched and filled like that in my life. I just had one orgasm after another... or maybe I was cumming continuously. Whatever, it was fantastic!"


    Brandon and Ron took us out for dinner that evening. After dinner, we danced at one of the resort's clubs, but not Club Call. Around 10 PM, the guys were both hard and Gayle and I were both soaking wet. We practically ran back to our suite.

    We hadn't been inside for a minute before Ron was nailing me on my bed while Brandon was sinking his big nine-inch, thick shaft into Gayle's pussy. Even though I couldn't see her with Ron on top of me, Gayle's high-pitched, frantic screams let me know exactly when Brandon's big prong sank into her cunt.

    "OOOhhh... UUNNGGHH! OH Fuck! That's so damn big... aaaahhh... Oh God! He's stretching me, Ellen... Fucking me....Oh yeah... fuck my hole, Brandon. Ram that dick into meeeeeee!" Gayle screamed.

    Looking over, I saw that Brandon had her legs up and back with her cunt tilted upward. His powerful body loomed over her. Again and again, his thick sex gun rammed downward into her waiting cunt. She screamed in her first orgasm after Brandon had pumped her hole no more than 10 times.


    Even though Ron's dick was an inch and a half shorter than Brandon's, his thick, seven and half inches did me just fine. In fact, it did me so well that I came before Gayle did.

    The two men spent the night in our beds switching back and forth. As usual, they seemed inexhaustible. By morning both Ron and Brandon had screwed each of us three times. They had to report for work by 9 PM, but we got up early enough for them to fuck us once more before leaving our beds.

    The Tiagua Resort: Last Day:

    While we were eating breakfast around noon the next day, Dieter and Romeo came over and asked if they could join us. Naturally, we said yes.

    "Romeo says this is your last day. Is that right?" Dieter asked me.

    "I'm afraid so. Have to get home to our hubbys tomorrow. Our plane leaves at 9 AM."

    "That is terrible. Just terrible. I simply cannot allow two such beautiful women to leave Tiagua when I have not yet had the pleasure of making love to either of them. I must remedy that this evening."

    "Well... that's quite a line. What's makes you think that we're going to allow you to 'remedy' that, as you put it?"

    "Because I have the thickest, nine-inch cock you've ever seen. Feel it, Ellen. Go ahead."

    I wrapped my hand around Dieter's shaft and, in spite of myself, I gasped. "God! You are huge. I just got fucked by a 10-inch yesterday on the beach, but as thick as it was, it wasn't this thick."

    "So... having laid that problem to rest, Romeo and I would like to give you and Gayle a going-away party tonight in your suite. Agreed?"

    "What kind of going-away party do you have in mind... as if I didn't know," I said with a grin.

    "Actually, you probably don't know. We have six very good friends. We're thinking of a party neither of you will soon forget nor ever tell your husbands about. Me, Romeo, and our six very virile, very skilled, very handsome friends will spend the night making it a 'Night to Remember' for both of you. No more arguments. We shall arrive at 8 PM. Be ready. I'm sure you both understand what I mean by 'ready'. Until 8 PM, then."

    Dieter kissed me as Romeo did the same to Gayle. A moment later we were again alone at our table.

    "God... a party with 8 hung studs. Think we can handle that?" I asked.

    "You know we can, you sexy slut," Gayle replied. "Dieter was certainly right about one thing."

    "What's that?"

    "We will never, ever be able to tell Jeff and Calvin about our going-away party."


    We had at least six hours before our going-away party with the guys, so Gayle naturally asked, "What should we do this afternoon? Another visit to the naked beach? Or maybe invite Mark and his friends to our suite for a party? What?"

    "Those are both hot ideas, but we'll be worn out before the party starts tonight, and I really think we need to be fresh and ready for those guys. Remember what Dieter said... 'Be ready'. So how about we drop by Secret Hours and say goodbye to Maureen?"

    "Just what kind of 'goodbye' do you have in mind, Ellen?"

    When I told her, Gayle couldn't wait to say goodbye to Maureen.


    There were two women browsing in the shop when we arrived. Maureen was behind the counter watching as a young female clerk waited on the two women. She broke out into a broad smile when she saw us.

    "I hope you came by to do some more shopping," she said with a grin.

    "Nope. We're leaving tomorrow, but we didn't want to depart without stopping by to say goodbye to you properly and to thank you for showing us a wonderful time as well as selling us all those hot outfits."

    "Think your husbands will like them?"

    "Later on, we hope so, but for awhile at least, we're going to have to hide most of those clothes. Otherwise, our guys might just figure our what we've been doing all week."

    "Why not just tell them? If they're anything like my husband, their cocks would get hard as iron and stay that way most of the time. Every time they weren't with you, their imaginations about you two might be doing would get them rock hard."

    "Maybe we can work toward that, but we don't think we can just surprise them with the information that their conservative wives have been replaced with two exotic sluts."

    "Ok. I guess you know them better than I do. I wish you luck. Why not send a few e-mail messages letting me know how things are going? I'd love to hear from you and hopefully see you again soon."

    "Ok. We can do that. I think it would be fun," Gayle commented.

    Maureen looked thoughtful for a few moments and then asked, "You said something about saying goodbye to me properly... what did you mean by that?"

    "We'd rather show you than tell you about it, Maureen," I whispered.

    "Ok. Have at it."

    "Oh we intend to have at it... right now." Without another word, I moved behind the counter and took a position behind her. When she turned to look at me, I whispered, "Don't look back here, Maureen. Your customers are out in the front of the store. You need to keep you eye on them in case they want something. And when they come to the counter to pay for their purchases, you need to give them your full, undivided attention. Understand?"

    "Oh yes," she moaned.

    "Good. No more looking back. Just do what your told, you sexy slut."

    Gayle was still standing on the other side of the counter looking directly at Maureen. "What's going on?" Maureen asked obviously curious and puzzled.

    "Nothing. We're saying goodbye properly."

    "I don't... ooohhh..."

    "What did you say Maureen. I didn't quite catch that?"

    "Aaaaahhhh... Uummmmm."

    "Spread your legs a little wider, Maureen. Give Ellen more room."

    "MMmmmmm.... ooohhhh god.. the customers... aahhhhh... the customers... uuummmmm," she moaned as she leaned over, braced herself on the counter, and spread her legs.

    "They're going to love it, Maureen. Oh, here they come with their purchases. Smile at your customers, Maureen.

    "OOhh OOhh! OOHH! Oh god... they'll know... please.. aaaahhhh... UN.. UN...UN.. UN." Her hips were now hunching in small fuck motions.

    The two women laid their purchases on the counter and said, "The clothing you have in his shop is just wildly erotic. Victoria's Secret should come here and take notes. We love these outfits. Do you take Mastercard and Visa?

    "Oh.. Yes... uuummmm.... yes, those cards will be .... uummmm... be fine." Maureen said struggling to get out each word.

    The two women looked at Maureen curiously. Then they looked over at Gayle with the obvious question on their faces. "Is she all right?" one of them asked.

    "Oh! Oh! Ummmm... yes... yes," Maureen moaned in answer to the woman's question.

    At that moment, I tossed Maureen's very damp panties up onto the counter. They fell right in front of the two women waiting to pay for their purchases.

    "What are these?" One of them asked. Maureen just groaned.

    Then, I heard Gayle speak up. "I think those are Maureen's panties." A moment later, the young clerk spoke up and confirmed it. "She's right. Those are her panties."

    "Really? What's going on?

    "Well, my friend Ellen and I... I'm Gayle, by the way. Anyway, we were in the shop several days ago and bought a lot of ensembles. We liked the clothing just as much as the two of you and for the same reasons. In appreciation of our large purchase, Maureen here invited us to dinner. We had dinner, and then a lot more. It was our first time, and Ellen and I both loved it. We're leaving Tiagua tomorrow and stopped by to say a proper goodbye to Maureen."

    "Interesting, but we don't see what all that has to do with her panties lying here on the counter. They're warm and damp so, it's pretty obvious that she was wearing them a few minutes ago."

    "Oh that's simple. Ellen had to take them off so she could say goodbye to Maureen properly. She's behind the counter doing that right now.... isn't that right, Maureen?"

    "OOoooohhhhh," came Maureen's only response as her ass undulated even more frantically.

    "Oh my god, we've got to see this." The two women leaned over the counter and saw Ellen's head buried between Maureen's thighs. Even though she was red in the face with embarrassment, Maureen couldn't stop grinding her pussy over Ellen's face and tongue.

    "Oh god, look at that, Sally. Ellen's going down her."

    "I see that, Clara, And she must be doing a great job of it. Maureen's about to cum. Look at her ass hump!"

    Turning to Gayle, Clara asked, "You and Ellen did it with Maureen when you had dinner with her?"

    "Did we ever! It was our first time, but I can tell you, it won't be our last. Ellen and I both loved it... So, we're saying goodbye properly."

    "How about you, Honey," Clara asked the young clerk. "Does Maureen do it with you too?"

    "All the time. I can't stop cumming when she does me."

    "Sally and I have thought about doing it together, but we've never had the nerve."

    "Did you hear that, Maureen? Why don't you invite Sally and Clara to dinner tonight?"

    Maureen couldn't answer her body was shuddering so hard in her intense orgasm. "AAGGAA... AAGGHHAAA... AAGGHHAA... UUUMMMM... AAAAHHHH... Oh god! Oh god! She's doing meeeeee!"

    Maureen's pussy was now erupting in hard spasms as her vagina gushed all over my face and her thighs.

    "She's cumming," Gayle informed the women and the clerk even though it had to be obvious to all of them that Maureen's body was shaking in the midst of a hard climax. "Why don't you two get a head start on girl-girl sex," Gayle suggested. Get her tits out while Ellen gets her off again."

    Sally and Clara grinned at each other as their fingers slipped open the buttons on Mareen's top and pulled it downward exposing both of her large breasts. Sally's fingers captured one of her nipples and Clara's the other one. They both squeezed and twisted at the same time. Maureen's ass went into overdrive against my face. Humping wildly, she came again very quickly.

    After Maureen's second orgasm, I rose from behind the counter to see Sally and Clara still working on Maureen's tits. Although still panting from her orgasms, she managed to whisper huskily, "So would you and Sally like to join me tonight for dinner... say around 8 PM?" Casting a quick glance at each other, the two women nodded vigorously.

    "Good. I'll be expecting. Don't wear too much... it will just take more time to get you out of it."

    "Are the two of you coming too," Sally asked Gayle and I.

    "Nope. Some guys are throwing us a going-away party tonight. But the three of you will have a great time. We certainly did."

    Looking over at the young clerk, I asked, "What's your name, Honey?"


    "Hi, Serita. Do you think you can handle the shop for 30 minutes or so. Gayle and I need to take Maureen to her place to finish saying goodbye to her properly."


    Maureen was naked except for her heels. Gayle had her bent over the side of the bed. With her ass juting outward. She was fucking her hard and deep with a thick strap-on dildo. Maureen was moaning every time Gayle drove the big shaft deep into her now throbbing, convulsing pussy.

    "Oh Gawd Damn! You're fucking meeeeee.... Ram me! Hard. GIVE IT TO ME. DEEP... HARD.... SHIT... I'M CUMMING AGAIN!"

    As Maureen's body shook and shuddered, I sucked even harder on her engorged and now throbbing nipples. When I removed my mouth, both nipples were red, swollen, hard, erect, and throbbing.

    "My turn," I hissed. "Get on the bed, you delicious slut. Legs up... knees back... female fucking position, Honey. Big dick is going in!"

    "OOohhhh yesss," she howled as she pulled her knees back against her tits and spread her wet pussy with her fingers. "Fuck me with that thing, Ellen!"

    Gayle and I had purchased the strap-on I now wore in an adult video store on the island earlier in the week. It was a professional-type that fitted securely around my waist and between my legs. When properly strapped on, it was locked in position allowing the wearer to fuck the other woman's pussy like a well-oiled, fearsome fucking machine.

    That was exactly the way I gave it to her. Each stroke drove her ass deep into the mattress. Her feet jerked wildly in the air as her pelvis thrust her cunt upward to take in as much of the dildo as possible. With the base of the strap-on grinding on my clit on every stroke, I came just as hard as Maureen when our orgasms exploded.


    During dinner that night, Gayle leaned across the table and whispered, "Ellen, you aren't going to believe how hot this party is going to be tonight. Eight big back studs pumping their thick, black cocks into us... over and over. You just won't believe how fantastically hot that's going to be."

    "Oh yeah... that's right. You've already had three black dicks this week, haven't you? Romeo the second night and then those two black guys who screwed you on the nude beach. Any others I don't know about?"

    "No. That's it. Just those three, but Romeo fucked me six times. But that's enough for me to know just how hot the party tonight's going to be."

    "Well, their cocks can't be much bigger than Thomas' or Cliff's."

    "No. That's true, but it isn't just how big their dicks are. It's more about how intense they are. Basically, they just love screwing white pussy. And if the white pussy belongs to a married woman, it just drives them wild. You aren't going to believe how hot and hard they get and how many times they fuck you."

    "Really? Now I'm getting a little worried... I mean it."

    "Don't be, Ellen. You're going to love it. I promise."


    Dieter and Romeo knocked on our door promptly at 8 PM. When I opened the door for them, I expected to see a group of eight black guys. Instead, it was just Dieter and Romeo.

    "Where's everybody? I thought you said there would be six others?"

    "There will be four others. Two of the guys we invited couldn't make it. But they won't be here until later on in the evening. Romeo and I found you. We set up the going-away party... so we get first shot at your sexy, delicious white pussies. Ok?"

    "You don't' hear us objecting, do you," I answered.

    "Good, because ever since Romeo and I picked the two of you up at the airport, my dick has gotten hard every single time I've thought about either of you. Get naked, Ellen. Show me that hot body."

    "You first, Lover. I wanna see what you've got for me."

    "I've got a lot... you'll love it."

    "Promises... promises. Get naked, Lover. Let me see it."

    For a change, I was the one getting to watch a hot strip show while fully clothed. Men aren't used to stripping naked in front of a fully-clothed woman, and I wondered if Dieter was going to be able to get an erection when he did it. My guess is that he wouldn't. The more I thought about it, the more I regretting not stripping for this stud first. The last thing I wanted was him to end up with a limp dick because I had embarrassed him. I was just about to stop him and say that I couldn't wait to show him my tits and cunt when he pulled down his tight, full-packed jockey shorts.

    "OH MY GAWD! Jesus! What a cock! My god... that's thicker than my wrist. Does it always stand straight up like that?"

    "It does when I know that very soon it's going to inside your tight, married cunt hole, Ellen. You like it?"

    "Oh fuck yes! It's gorgeous. You like my tits, Dieter?"

    "I've been thinking about them all week. How big are those jugs?"

    "36D, and my nipples get really hard when a guy sucks and twists them. It makes my cunt throb." I loved it when I saw his big cock jerk and throb when I mentioned my cunt throbbing.

    "Come on, you hot bitch. Lose that tiny skirt and take off that bra. Show me them big jugs."

    Unzipping my skirt, I let it fall to the floor as I unhooked my bra and tossed it aside. I hefted and cupped my tits while leaning toward him. "Wanna slip that big schlong of yours between my tits, Lover?"

    "I plan too. Is your cunt shaved?"

    "Want me to show you?"

    "Hell yes. Take of the panties and get on the bed on your knees... Shove that sexy ass up in the air so I can see both of your hot fuck holes, Ellen."

    "You know I'm married. My husband would have a heart attack if he knew I was showing you my cunt and ass and then letting you fuck me."

    "I won't tell him. Show me your hot holes.... Now!"

    I was trembling with hot desire for his cock as I peeled my panties down my legs and kicked them away. Rubbing my pussy, I thrust it right at Dieter. He licked his lips. I swear that his huge shaft got even bigger. Turning around, I crawled onto the bed and arched my ass for him to see.

    As I pulled my ass cheeks open for him, I felt like a total whorish slut... but god... I loved it. My pussy was already throbbing with moisture seeping out of my hole. It had been years since I had gotten this hot with Calvin... if ever.

    "Turn over. I'm going to fuck missionary first. Spread wide and show me that white, married cunt hole, Ellen.

    I was shaking with excitement as I spread my legs and opened my cunt for him. I even arched my ass so he could see it better. When he stared straight into my open hole, I shuddered with sexual heat.

    "Fuck me, now, Dieter. Please. Stick that gorgeous black shaft up my married pussy and fuck the shit out of me!" I wailed.

    I didn't have to ask twice. The powerful black stallion mounted me and forced my legs even further apart. "Lift your ass... Present that hole to me, Slut!"

    I knew I should be insulted and furious, but the only think I felt was wild desire to have him penetrate me with that big black dick. Dieter moved into fucking position between my thighs. Without even looking down, he just seemed to know precisely where my entryway was. He moved his hips slightly and then rammed his ass forward. The huge sex prong hit my hole dead center and drilled into me.


    He pulled back and slammed his meat into me again. On the third stroke, I felt his big balls slapping against my ass. He was buried balls deep inside me. Briefly, I thought, "Aaaahhhh gawd... he's fucking Calvin's wife... he's in her cunt.... balls deep... and she's screaming and begging him to fuck her harder... deeper."

    'Oh yeah... OH YEAH... OH GOD YES! FUCK IT! FUCK IT! FUCK IT! He's fucking the shit out of me, Gayle.... aaaahhh.... he's in meeeeeeeeeee!"

    From the other bed, I heard, "Romeo's in me too. He's fucking my ass into the mattress. Bang me, Baby. Bang Jeff's wife. Hard... Give it to meeeeeeeeee!!"

    Both men were grunting as they power fucked our cunts. Wild female shrieks of pleasure filled the room each time a cock thudded hard into the bottom of a cunt.

    My pussy was erupting in one orgasm after another as Dieter rammed me. From the other bed, Gayle's wild shrieks and gasps told me that she was cumming just as much and just as hard. It seemed like every time Dieter pulled out of my hole until only the head remained inside me, my vagina would flutter with anticipation. Then, when he rammed his organ back into me, I would cum and then scream as the big head thudded against my womb.

    The two men fucked us steadily with hard, deep, thrusts for over 10 minutes pounding our hips deep into the beds. After ten minutes of those big cocks jack hammering into our pussies, we were both wailing continuously. Usually, with Calvin, I moan softly as he fucks me and then when I finally have an orgasm, I moan louder. With Dieter, I screamed and yelled continuously as did Gayle. Every time they rammed their dicks into us, we grunted and howled like hot whores.

    "You ready to dump a load in Ellen?" Romeo asked from the other bed.

    "Oh yeah. Close. Been holding back to enjoy her tight hole. You ready?"

    "Yeah. Gayle's cunt is squeezing my dick like a vise every time she cums, and she just keeps cumming. I need to put my load in her."

    "Let's juice them at the same time."

    The men counted down and when they reached zero, Dieter shouted "Blast off", and his dick just seemed to explode his load into my hole. Judging from the deep masculine grunts coming from the other bed, Romeo was pumping his semen into Gayle at the same time.

    Pulling out of my pussy, Dieter hissed, "Get your mouth on my rod, Ellen, and suck me hard again. Romeo must have said something similar to Gayle because moments later we were both bent over our studs sucking their cocks.

    As soon as Dieter and Romeo were again ready for action, they had us mount their sex spikes. Dieter had stretched me fully on the first fuck so I was able to take his entire shaft up my pussy the first time I lowered myself onto his dick. Once he had his tool solidly planted inside my pussy, he held my hips and machine gunned his rod into my waiting hole. As he rammed me, I raised and lowered my pussy on his surging shaft in perfect timing with his thrusts. With both of us driving our bodies hard against each other, every thrust was hammering into my cervix sending shock waves of hot pleasure racing through my cunt and clitoris.

    Gayle and I were both gasping as the big male tools forced orgasm after orgasm to rip through our pussies and from there up into our bellies causing our abdominal muscles to knot in hot spasms.

    After our second hard fucking, we stopped to rest and have a drink. In the middle of our break, someone knocked on our door. Dieter opened it and Carl, Jamel, Leon, and Desmond came in. As Dieter was introducing everyone, the new four black studs couldn't take their eyes off our tits and open vaginas, both of which were still leaking thin streams of semen.

    Dieter and Romeo got to finish their drinks, but neither Gayle nor I was allowed the time to do that. Carl got me in doggy position on one of the bed and nailed his 8-inch dick into my waiting cunt. "UUnngghh... yessss... big hard fuck stick... bang me with that big cock, Stud. Fuck my married white cunt hole." That always seemed to be the magic words to make these guys change from a guy fucking a woman into a wildly excited stallion ramming a mare in heat. As Carl screwed me, Jamel was in front of me fucking my mouth.

    On the other bed, Leon and Desmond were also double fucking Gayle's mouth and pussy. The only difference was Desmond was giving it to her missionary while Gayle had her head tilted back to take Leon's shaft down her throat.

    Carl was too turned by my throbbing, cum-filled pussy to hold back. After just a few minutes, he grunted loudly, hit into me hard and deep, kept his prick buried all the way inside me, and shot out his load in short hard spurts. As soon as he had dismounted, Jamel moved around to be in position to fuck me next. Romeo crawled onto the bed and the two men put me on my back.

    At almost the same time, Romeo buried his rod down my throat as I grasped Jamel's dick and began jacking him off. He rammed his fingers into my pussy and finger fucked my hole while working my G-spot. I came almost instantly drenching Jamel's fingers and hand.

    Gayle's screams echoed throughout the suite as Deiter and Leon fucked her ass and cunt holes. Both cocks alternated sinking into Gayle's holes ... when Dieter would sink into her cunt, Leon withdrew from her ass. Then it was Leon's turn to sink his tool into Gayle as Dieter pulled back. The double fucking had Jeff's wife screaming and cumming repeatedly.

    The fucking continued until after midnight. We were both screwed in every way the men could invent. Around 11 PM, Desmond had me put on heels and stockings before fucking me missionary with my legs flailing the air high over his back. I couldn't suppress my hot grunts of pleasure every time his dick filled me. Of course, I didn't really try very hard to suppress anything.

    As soon as Desmond had finished fucking me, Leon moved closer and shoved his semi-hard rod into my mouth. "Suck me, Ellen. Get it hard so I can sink it into your hot cunt!"

    When Leon's dick was rock-hard, he pulled out of my mouth and pushed me onto my back. I grinned at him and slowly... very slowly... opened my legs letting him see it. "Higher... pull your legs higher, Ellen."

    "Like this?" I husked as I elevated my legs and arched my pelvis to give him the best possible view of my wet pussy. Leon mounted me in a flash, thrusting his hips into my saddle, and spearing his hard cock into me. For five minutes, Leon's dick probed and nailed my pussy. I had just climaxed on his dick when he pulled out and moved downward. He had no problems sinking his cock into my widely stretched asshole. I came again before he spewed his load into me.

    Even when we were trying to rest, one of the men would mount and begin fucking us. Gayle had just poured herself a drink and sat down on the couch to enjoy it, when Carl took her drink out of her hand, set it on the side table, and pushed her onto her back. A second later, he was mounted in her sex saddle pounding his cock into her cunt as she moaned. As first, she lay prone on the couch and just grunted softly as Carl fucked her, but very soon, her cries grew louder, and her legs rose off the couch. The new position allowed Carl to get into her even deeper producing hot moans from Gayle. She bent her knees and pulled them back against her tits to let Carl get into her hole as deeply as possible. Before Carl added his semen to the mix inside her pussy, her body had shook with two hard orgasms.

    All six men screwed us both two or three times. Some fucked us four times... or perhaps it was five. It was very hard to keep track. Both Gayle and I must had have 25 or 30 orgasms during our going-away party. When the men finally left around 1 AM, we didn't even move off the beds. We both just fell into a totally exhausted sleep still naked with semen flowing from our pussies and assholes.


    The six black studs fucked us continuously for five hours using every
    one of our holes. The banged us individually, two at a time,

    and three at a time.

    Homeward Bound:

    The next morning we dragged our well-screwed bodies out of bed around 6 AM in time to shower, do our make up, dress for the flight home, and have some breakfast. During breakfast, Mark joined us at our table and asked if he could service us one more time before we left.

    "That's very tempting, Mark, but we really don't think it would be wise for us to meet our husband's with freshly fucked pussies. But we'll be back. Count on it, Honey," I replied. He took the rejection well.

    After Mark had left, Gayle said, "I know you're right about it not being a good idea to meet our husbands with our pussies full of Mark's load, but I would have really enjoyed feeling his big 9-inch dick sinking into my pussy one more time."

    "My too. Jezz... have we ever turned into insatiable sluts or what this week. I wonder how many guys we fucked?"

    "Don't you know?" Gayle asked surprised.

    "No. I lost count. Do you know?"

    "Yeah," she grinned. "I've got a log for both of us. Some of the men at the beach fucked us without even bothering to tell us their names, so they're just listed as Stud #1, Stud #2, and so on, but otherwise, I have their names, addresses, and phone numbers."

    "Do you plan on calling them for more service?"

    "Maybe. Maybe not. Best to be prepared though, don't you agree?"

    I had to smile. "Well?" I finally said.

    "Well what?"

    "You know very well what I'm asking. How many men?"

    "You sure you want to know, Ellen?"

    "I'm dying to know."

    "Ok. But I have to warn you in advance that I won the fucking contest."

    "Tell me, damn it!"

    "You want their names or just the totals?" she teased.

    "Just the totals for now."

    "Ok. 21 guys got their cocks into you this last week, and 23 banged me."

    "God... over twenty different cocks in one week. We can't let our husbands ever find out about this."

    Gayle nodded and said, "I'm hot. I really need Mark's cock in me." Her hand was rubbing her pussy when she said it.

    "Where did you get ahead of me?" I asked.

    "That night at Club Call. Ramonde picked me up while Grant and Frank took you to their yacht. When the three of you came back to our suite, Grant and Frank fucked me, but you never got to enjoy Ramonde's cock. That's one, and on the beach, six men screwed me while you only had five."

    At 8:00 AM, we were in the resort's van on our way to the airport. As the van bounced along the road, I said, "Gayle, we've got about six hours before we meet Jeff and Calvin at the airport. We need to use all of that time to make plans about how we're going to handle gradually and carefully introducing our husbands to our new high-volume sexual lifestyle. We certainly can't just dump it on them. They're naive, but they're not stupid. If we do that, they'll both figure out what we were doing this last week."

    "Yeah. You're right. So how do we handle it?"

    "We need to get our stories well practiced and straight so we never contradict one another and then we need a careful plan as to how we ... how should I put it.... introduce our husbands to their brand new wives."

    "Any ideas?"

    "Oh yes. I've been thinking about it on and off all week. And we have six hours to decide exactly what we're going to do."

    "You know. That actually sounds like a lot of fun... planning it and then even more fun executing it. I can hardly wait."

    "I feel exactly the same way. If we do this right, our husbands are going to think everyday is Christmas."

    "Ok. Let's do it. What's the plan?"

    To be continued in Part 2 of "The Sexual Transformation of Two Wives".

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