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. The Sadistic Black Stud

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by blackcock, Nov 2, 2017.

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  1. blackcock

    blackcock Member Author!

    This story is purely a work of exaggeration and fiction. Please do not substitute this for real life scenarios. I intend to make this the first part of a series that I am still working on. Let me know in the comments about any feedback or what you would like to see happen next.


    He just wanted to titty fuck her.

    Mrs. Walker had the biggest bust in the small town where the main attraction was the ladies of that town. Literally. It said so right on the billboard before entering the town. And if one missed it, one could guess what the Titsville was famous from, from the name itself.

    Devon had no idea how all the ladies in this town ended up with bodies to make men tremble at the knees. Big tits, juicy asses, pretty face and great legs seemed to be the requirement for a woman to live in this town. And it wasn't just the white women. Asian, black, hispanic, women of all ethnicities had the same body type.

    Devon was a bully, plain and simple. The men of this town seemed to be wimps. Every single one of them. He had moved here after his mother's messy divorce with his father. She wanted distance from his cheating jackass of a father and so she took her son and moved to Tittsvile, where her sisters lived. Turns out his mother was the only one in her family who was not blessed with the good genes of this town. But what she lacked for in body, she more than made up with her mind and her spirit. The only woman whom Devon respected and feared.

    Devon had a big dick. About 13 inches. He was well versed in stealing girlfriends and wives from weak men because his cock gave him the confidence to do so. And that was what he did on the very day he moved into this town. His mother had 3 sisters. All of them might have well been identical twins, except for the hair color. All 3 were barbie dolls with big tits, big ass, pretty face and great legs. Devon soon had the oldest sister's legs spread and was fucking her in her marital bed, pounding her pussy hard, after she was seduced by him when no one else was in her house. 'Seduced' was an exaggeration. He had ambushed her, pressing into her fantastic ass from the back, letting her feel a real man's cock against her body. She wasted time in getting to her knees and deepthroating him. The poor woman had not been laid for a long time now. Sex with her hubby didn't count. Devon knew he was not normal. Normal men had penises with an average size of 7 inches. The woman was going to have her brains fucked out.

    And that is how Devon made all of his aunts his cock sluts. He fucked them all on their marital beds, their showers, kitchens, garages, where ever he could. He was a horny 17 year old, and his cock just made them all his sluts for his to use when ever he wanted. And he was always horny.

    After turning all his aunts his sluts, he had set his sights higher: white pussy. The forbidden fruit for a black man. Especially in this predominantly white town. He nailed his first white pussy when he fucked his cousin's best friend. Apparently, his cousin, Janine, had heard her mother brag to one of her aunts about Devon's sexual stamina. She had talked to her white friend, Casey about it, hoping to get some help from her in regards to this shocking news about Devon fucking her mom. Instead, Casey arrived at Devon's home and had spread her legs for him. Devon wasted no time in plugging her pussy and had her orgasming on his cock 6 or 7 times before she tapped out. He just flipped her over and entered her puckered ass, causing her to start screaming like a whore again. His ass fucking made her cum 3 more times before she fell unconscious. He got up and shoved his cock down her throat, resizing all her holes and had her clean him off. The lack of air made her come back to life and she sucked on his cock like her life depended on it. He pulled out and covered the white girl's entire body with his cum, marking her his slut. That was his first white conquest.

    He underestimated his sexual prowess and overestimated the men of this small town. It became apparent when he was fucking Casey and making out with her younger sister Alicia, when they were caught by Casey's boyfriend Jake, the school's star linebacker. Of course he tried to fight, but Devon had been involved in fights his whole life. One punch and he had the sissy on the ground, lights out. Casey went batshit craz and tried to curse and hit Devon but he just bent her white ass over her prone bf and jackhammered her cunt from behind, teaching her with each stroke who owned her. By the end of it, she was screaming like a whore as he ruined her for all men, begging for more until her leaned down and whispered so both she and her bf could hear him, "Are you on the pill, my little white slut?", he asked, his cock buried bareback in her fertile white womb.

    Casey' eyes went wide and she wiggled to no use under his strong black body, "No daddy, p-please don't cum in meee", she whimpered. Devon grinned evilly then slammed in deep in her womb and unleashed his cum deep in her, knocking her up in front of her horrified bf. Her eyes went wide before her brain shut down with the overwhelming pleasure.

    Alicia was in heaven when she saw her bitchy sister get knocked up by the strong black man. She came crashing down to reality when Devon stepped between her legs and resized her cunt, going in balls deep in her womb. Coincidentally, this happened in front of Alicia's boyfriend, who was the school's first black quarterback. The same happened to him as his buddy: him on floor by Devon's one punch, his gf on him and Devon fucking the shit out of another white pussy. He came in her as well, knocking both sisters up.

    What happened next surprised everyone, but Devon. He sat on a chair like a king and got both the boyfriends, quarterback and linebacker, on both sides of his cock and fucked their mouths. He used both the boyfriend's lips as a pussy, bruising their chins with his gigantic balls. After he had coated his cock with their spit, he walked over to Casey and fucked her ass bareback, on one of the desks in the library. He held her hair like horse reins and fucked her ass deeper than he had her pussy, slamming his hips brutally into her juicy ass over and over, fucking her like a bitch. Then he got up and face fucked her bf, making him deepthroat his shit covered cock till he came down his throat. He repeated the same thing with Alicia's boyfriend. His victory over Alicia's bf was greater because of all the urban myth surrounding black cock when he was in the city. Black men were the same as white men in the cock department, but dumb white sluts and weak white men just had to romanticize black cock. Devon might be black, but his cock had emasculated black men too. Just like what he was doing to Alicia's bf. He was even more brutal with the school's star quarterback and Alicia loved it. She lay back on the floor, rubbing her pussy, as she watched another man humiliate her boyfriend. Devon finally came down the quaterback's throat, then took both his girls and left the two broken men. Thus, Devon's legend began

    After that, Devon had access to all the pussy he wanted. White girls literally threw themselves at him. Even those sluts who thought sex was mind-blowing with a black guy actually came to understand what sex really meant when they were deep throating Devon's pussy tamer while their black boyfriends either jerked off or lay curled up on the floor, having the fight beaten out of them. Devon's cock was always surrround with a pair of tits or a warm, tight cunt, or a puckered, tighter asshole, or a warm, wet mouth. Didn't matter who those holes belonged to, as long as Devon got off.

    Until Devon came across the principal of the school, Liz Walker.
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  2. Newmantoplease

    Newmantoplease Member Author!

    Great start! I get the feeling your a white guy who hates IR, Your not gonna make some dumb “twist” ending where Devon gets cucked out of spite right? Would rather you just say it from now tbh.
  3. blackcock

    blackcock Member Author!

    nope. That's not where I plan to go.
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  4. Newmantoplease

    Newmantoplease Member Author!

    Great to hear! Lol sorry I had to ask, there were so many salty white guys on literotica who would write stories like that to “get back” at black dudes
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