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Draft The Sadistic Black Stud - 2

Discussion in 'SUBMIT YOUR STORIES HERE' started by blackcock, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. blackcock

    blackcock Member Author!

    In this installment, I plan on having Devon tame the school's tough principal. Let me know if you want to see anything else happen


    Liz Walker.

    THe bustiest white woman in Titsville. And she didn't have ridiculous E cup as Devon had read in so many ridiculus porn stories. No, she had perfect 32F cup size breasts, and they stood proud and firm on her fantastically curvy body. She Had raven hair, a small tattoo on the swell of her left tit, a perfect and a heart-shaped bubble but that would put a Brazilian stripper to shame. Devon knew. He had sunk his cock balls deep in a Brazilian stripper's ass a short time before he left the city. Her ass had made him cum in five strokes. And apparently, he had lasted longer than any man she had had before.

    Walker was not just looks and body. She was a tough, no-nonsense woman who ran the school with an iron authority. Devon had heard rumors about the things Walker had to do in her younger age, when she was just another teacher at Tits High, to get where she was now. Things that would have scared the shit out of a lot of people. But not Devon. Whether that made him brave or stupid, he didn't care. He just wanted to fuck her.

    Fucking was what he was currently doing now, slamming into Stacy, the head cheerleader's tight pussy in the girls' restroom. Stacy was also the first black girl to be the head cheerleader in this small town, and her parents were proud of that fact. They were even prouder when they learned that she was applying for the country's highly acclaimed state university. The same parents would drop dead if they caught their perfect daughter getting her cunt fucked by a big black dick like a common whore in the ladies' restroom.

    "Fuck me, fuck that tight pussy with that big nigga cock you bastard, fuc-AAAGHH!", Stacy screamed when Devon unexpectedly spanked her ass.

    Even though she had a 13 inch cock imapling her, she turned hate filled eyes on the man fucking her brains out. "Watch it nigga, you spank my ass again and I will m-GLUUUUUGHHH!".

    Devon had enough talk out of that bitch. He just grabbed her head and forced her face in the toilet bowl, making her choke and squirm in the water as he jack hammered her pussy, making sure to hit every sensitive nerve in her cunt, resizing her tight pussy and battering down the gates to her womb. He kept her head dunked in the bolw for a few more seconds as he ravished her pussy then pulled it out, leaving her gasping and clutching the bowl as her lungs heaved for air, all the while Devon kept splitting her pussy open with his bitch-taming cock.

    Not giving her any chance, Devon grabbed her face and roughly turned her around, while flexing his cock in her cunt. He spit on her face, leaving the head cheerleader's jaws hanging open at this shameless act of depravity inflicted on her person. She was about to open her mouth and spout some bitch nonsense again when Devon dunked her head on bowl again. This time, her left her face therre for around 30 seconds while he continued pounding deep in her cunt, letting her know he was the only man to treat her worse than a slut and make her love it.

    He then pulled her head out, giving her some respite. He roughly yanked her head around again, and Stacy closed her eyes, expecting him to spit in her face again. But she was surprised when Devon kissed her, harsh and demanding, making her swoon in his rough hands while he continued claiming her pussy. He then broke the pussy and looked deep in her eyes. "I own you, I own your pussy bitch. Don't even think that you're a bad bitch because you're black and you're the head cheerleader. You're just another set of holes for me to use FOR. MY. PLEASURE". Devon punctuated the last 3 words by thrusting his cock deep in her, making her squawk like a headless chicken with each thrust, until she came on the last one. Her juices squirted all over his rampaging cock and balls, his psychological domination over her causing her to yield over everything she had known in her life to this dominant, agressive, alpha-male.

    Stacy's parents would have wished they had never been bron had they witnessed their sweet, innocent daughter being treated like that.

    "AAAAAAHHHH MYY GAWWWDDD-mmmfff", Stacy's ear-splitting screams were covered by Devon's kiss, as she convulsed all over his rampant cock. He then pullled out and left her lying there like he had fucked the soul out of her. He stroked his cock then covered her pretty face, hair and cheerleader uniform with his thick cum.
    He grabbed her hair and made sure to clean his cock with it before pulling his pants up. Another slut destroyed and made a slave to his godly cock.

    Devon had enjoyed dominating this particular bitch. Black girls always thought they were dominant because they were black and because they had a rough childhood, or grew up in the hood, or whatever bullshit excuse they came up with. He didn't care the least bit about all that. When he was in the room, he was the dominant one. It didn't matter what hoood you grew up in, when he was in the room, the black bitches be better on their knees, sucking his cock, else he would show them what true dominance meant. He had met plenty of such black girls in the city. He had broken them all.

    Eyeing her bubble butt ass, he thought about round 2. He was just unzipping his pants when he heard a voice that made even him shiver a bit.

    "And just what are you doing in the ladies' restroom, Mr. Layne?"

    It was the voice of Liz Walker, the school's tough principal.


    "Do you know how much trouble you are in, Mr. Bennett?"

    Devon had some idea as to how much trouble he was in, after Liz Walker had found him standing over the well-fucked head cheerleader of Titsville High. Stacy Ingram was currently at home with her parents after they had been called by Principal Walker shortly before Devon had arrived in her office. Apparenlty, having your brains fucked out consitutes a "risk to her well-being", which is why Stacy's parents reached the school in a record 10 minutes, on a route which usually takes at least 20 minutes.

    Much to the embarrasment of the Ingram's, Stacy had not gone quietly. She had vocally confirmed to her parents what they feared, after they found her lying on the floor of the ladies' restroom, covered in a sticky liquid. Mrs. Ingram had scooped that liquid in her mouth, to try to determine what it was, while Mr. Ingram tried to bring his daughter back to consciousness. Stacy had looked around, disoriented for a few seconds, and then mindlessly began to scoop Devon's cum from her body and floor and started shovelling them down her mouth. When her mother asked her what it was, Stacy had said in a lustful voice, "My master's cum", at which point all hell broke loose. Apparently, Mrs. Ingram wore the pants in the family because she furiously ordered her hubby to take Stacy to the car, with the promise of giving Stacy a piece of her mind, while she stormed to Liz Walker's office. She was in the middle of her tirade when Devon walked in. Horny that he was, his bulge shifted in his pants at the sight of the ebony and ivory ladies in the office. That thought fled from his mind when Mrs. Ingram started screaming in his face about what she thought of him and what her hubby would do to ensure he never got near their daughter again. Devon just grabbed her face, frenched her and then spanked her ass hard, sending the outraged MILF stumbling out of the office.

    "Get out of here. I will come to your house later so we can finish this. Tell Stacy to stay ready for me", he told the shocked mother in a cold, flat tone, then winked and slammed the office door shut in her face, leaving Mrs. Ingram with the memory of the dominant kiss and a surprisingly wet pussy.

    Back in the office, Devon turned to face the principal. "Let's get this over with, teach", he said, sitting on the lavish couch that dominated a large part of the office.

    Liz Walker was not the least bt moved at the events that had just transpired in her office, right in front of her. Getting up from her chair, she turned to face the window behind her chair, her hands clasped behind her.

    "Do you know how much trouble you are in, Mr. Bennett?"

    Yes, Devon knew how much trouble he was in. He should have been nervous. He should have been frightened about his uncertain future here at Titsville High. He should have been wary of the infamous Principal Walker. But he was just horny. And staring at Liz Walker's fantastic, heart-shaped, Brazilian-stripper-shaming ass was making his bulge grow bigger.
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  2. Newmantoplease

    Newmantoplease Member Author!

    I love the build up to the ominous “Liz Walker”! & in the future can we get a chapter where Devon fucks some nerd’s Mom (and she has a fat ass) and the nerd sees it?
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