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. The Room that Spenser would learn to hate

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Apr 8, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Claire stepped quietly around the house of the young Adele, checking out the decor, checking out the ambience of the place. Her new protege was very young and perhaps not as lavishly situated as regards a salary, but the place was still decorated tastefully. Mummy and daddy had seen to it that little Adele, blonde, superior looking, didn't start life in the city looking mean. This was the house that Spenser her white boyfriend came to. This was the house where he had often times been allowed to fuck the beautiful young woman. Clearly, that had to stop! He had to learn to see the house as a place of worship, he had to see it with a certain awe, and yes, a considerable amount of dread, depending on what mood his bitch mistress was in. He had to see the place as the nest where Raphael her young black suitor took her and increasingly owned her. He had to be brought to the honest and humble state, where he begged to marry the alluring Adele, accepting that she would be his mistress rather than his wife.

    Adele looked chic. She was in many ways copying her tutor's dress style. The penchant for leather jeans or tight little skirts. The enjoyment of high heels and seamed stockings. Adele had learned to enjoy expensive, musky, intoxicating perfume. The young bitch to be wore a Rolex yacht master watch, several thousand quids worth of snobby time craft on her wrist, secured through daddy because his little girl could do no wrong. Adele had the right attitude for sure. She expected to have the best. She believed that she deserved more than others, she was instinctively, 'privileged'. The trick now was to help Spenser realise that privilege extended to cock and mouth too. Mistress deserved the very best young tumescent black cock and she deserved to have her young cunt worshipped by the mouth as well. His mouth, Spenser's mouth. Claire knew that this could be advanced a little at a time. in some instances that was the right way. But Spenser, he was a posh boy too. He was used to being spoilt. So his undoing probably had to be a shock, I had to be rather abrupt. Bounced into abject submission he would probably then come meekly to cock and cunt, his petulant little mouth open and quivering. Who bloody well named their son 'Spenser' without having aspirations for him?! I was a stupid, smug name, and Claire hated it. He needed bringing to heel.

    'This room' said Claire when they arrived at a small guest bedroom next to the master suite of the house. 'this is the room where Spenser will learn to think of himself as worthless....this is the room that he will learn to hate.'

    For now the room was tastefully furnished with a single bed, with a side table chest of drawers and with a little wardrobe. All of that was to go she told her protege firmly. The mattress could stay but that was to lie bare on the ground, without sheet or duvet. The heating was to be turned off in the room and there were to be set coat hooks on the wall, from which a variety of training aids would hang. Claire showed Adele the right sorts of things to order from the dungeon catalog. There were two black strap on dildos, in different sizes, for use dependent on Spenser's level of compliance. Once Spenser's butt was owned by Raphael, then the larger of the dildo's, ribbed, arrogant and surprisingly thick, would be the norm instrument of discipline too, but all of that in good time. There were to be leather collars and chains leads by which Spenser could be drawn around the room and then to the bathroom when it was time for his cock to be milked. There was even to be a special chair, designed by a very sexy friend of Claire's, in beautifully polished wood. The seat of the furniture had a cut out section so that cunt and botty hole could be licked, the slave lying with his head on a special rest beneath. Luxuriating in a tongue bath sometimes took a little time. Then of course there were the modern day equivalent of stocks, that Spenser would learn to freely submit to, his head and wrists secured, his butt up bare for a tumescent black cock or an equally brutal mistress driven dildo.

    Adele stared at the images on the screen of Claire's tablet computer. They were, well, extreme. These weren't the things that she had seen installed at the penthouse where Claire lived.

    'You're young and arrogant enough to be Raphael's whore' Claire told her, 'he will want you squirming beneath lots of his brothers. You could become a bitch for the cause. Do you need to be owned that way, radically, without any dispensation to the white trash male?'

    Adele blinked. 'Yes' she said dreamily. She hadn't paused to examine exactly how it would be, the attitude and detail of it all. She only knew that she wanted Raphael fucking her and Spenser made to watch and acquiesce.

    'So you have to be cruel...Spenser has to be brought to heel sharply. If you edge up to it, he will feel affronted. He has to plummet into your control.'

    Her protege nodded. Claire guessed even that her pussy tingled a little at the thought of it all. A young woman might explore bitchhood severely. Young women were very idealistic and if that was assigned to the interracial, the corrective way, then the bitching could be pretty absolute. Spenser would need the shock of that. Raphael and brothers, well, they would love it. The little blonde bitch, such a cruel pert thing.

    'You've stopped Spenser taking his dick out to you?' Claire checked, her eyes narrowing resolutely.

    'He's only allowed to wank. I wanked him off over my pussy' Adele said, shifting nervously at the revelation. It seemed so intimate and sexy.

    'You enjoy that, watching his face tense, then his mouth open, hearing him grunt as you emptied him over your pubes?' Claire interrogated calmly, softly.

    'Yes. said Adele, she paused and then added, 'I liked it, the control of it. I liked making his cock spurt uselessly'.

    Claire smiled and then kissed the young woman on the cheek. It was such a delicious thought wasn't it? taking a man's self esteem in your manicured fingers and jerking it rhythmically out of him. That his seed would splurge uselessly, in sticky mess over your quintessentially perfect cunt, that which your lover would occupy regularly, well that was....exquisite.

    'Does mummy wear the pants at home too...does she rule daddy?' Claire wondered.

    Adele nodded in surprise. She was startled that this sensuous chic woman guessed so much.


    'I thought so, you are bred for it sweetie, you are bred to be a little bitch. We English...well, class, snobbery, it suits us to this.'

    But it would be a new aristocracy Claire thought. A vigorous and an arrogant aristocracy. Beautiful women lying and breeding with the most successful, the most fertile black males. Thomas her husband had been brought to the realisation comparatively gently. But young white males, they probably needed sharper treatment.

    The room was rearranged quite quickly and then it was ready. It wasn't gothic, but it would surely be a room that rearranged Spenser's head. Adele walked around the room, dressed in the severest leather jeans and tight high heeled boots. Wearing those things, seeing the room set up as a disciplining cell, well, it made her feel very bitch indeed. Claire had arranged that Raphael come over to see the room and realise just how serious about the cause his young blonde conquest was! Luther and she would be over for drinks, just to role model the life ahead, to talk about alpha sex if needs be. But once Raphael had seen how Adele was dressed, had seen the room, well, Claire imagined that there would be a problem about this at all! She smiled at Raphael when he arrived. The guy was young, but he had that cocky look in his eye. He knew that women worshipped him and what he could do with them. He had the spunk attitude. Claire introduced her man to Raphael, staring up wide eyed at her adonis, signalling just how perfect submission could be. When Raphael saw his young blonde bitch in the jeans and the boots his lavish lips broke into a confident smile. She looked such a sexed up, a snooty, available to fuck little bitch.

    'I need to show you something' she said softly, 'before we go out with Luther and Claire to the club.'

    She led him up the stairs of the house. Claire and Luther repaired to the lounge. They seated themselves comfortably and listened to the intercom that had been discretely set up in that small room.

    'This is where I will train Spenser.....' Adele's voice sounded husky, tremulous. It was a momentous moment, ' I will break Spenser, for us. I will have him learn to do what you say'.

    God, that made Claire thrill inside. It was such a sweet and a salty sex moment. She glanced across at Luther who smiled quietly.

    'I need to fuck you' said Raphael. His voice was a deep base. It was as if he wrestled the words from the bottom of his chest.

    'Yes sir' they heard Adele say. Goodness, that was sweet too. She had the right, the instinctive attitude towards her black beau as well. They listened to the footsteps. Then they listened to clothes being dumped quickly on the floor. The doors were open and the intercom effective. The bed jolted and then squeaked as Adele was thrown onto it.

    'He'll fuck her till she squeals' said Luther easing back further in the chair. He beckoned his own bitch to him and she came, kneeling on the carpet and unzipping his fly for him.

    'Yes sir' Claire echoed. She unzipped his fly right down and pulled out Luther's hefty cock. It was vastly superior to her husband Thomas's cage specimen. it was masterly, it was obsession creating. She lathered it with her mouth, slipping her lips around his glans and caressing it as she looked obediently up at him.

    Up stairs, Adele was gasping. She was learning what the sight of her attire, the room, her words could produce in a triumphant black stag. But it was foretold, it was inevitable. A Raphael would cover so many more white women, so many who had judged the past experiments, the old ways an abject failure. Women should dress this way, come on to the black man, to cow the white one and to provoke the new order. She screamed as brutally, Raphael drove into her, his cock ramming her lips apart. Her legs splayed wide and her thighs shuddered beneath the rampant onslaught.

    'You provoked that' Luther said tenderly, stroking his bitch's face as she sucked his master member.

    'Yes' said Claire meekly. It was what she was meant to do. Forget all the banking work, forget so much else, what she was really meant to do was to facilitate interracial alpha sex.

    'She is going to be such an arrogant, such a cruel little bitch' Luther continued.

    'Yes' his bitch answered, licking his glans, his shaft and his balls in turn.

    Upstairs, Adele was screaming. She was begging Raphael to take her. The bed was creaking in that incessant sexual, that animal way.

    'She will do anything for that....to be Raphael's that way. She will cripple Spenser'.

    'Good' soothed Luther, directing Claire's mouth back onto his cock. He started to move her head back and forth on his cock, feeling her grip his shaft with her lipstick mouth in exactly the right way. 'I want you....' Luther dragged down a breath. The fellatio was neat, it was such a dirty sensation listening to the kids fuck upstairs, 'teaching loads of other women to fuck black. I want them all bitching the also rans.'

    'I will always do as you tell me to' she whispered, her eyes wide to his. He watched her delicately take his meat back into her mouth and then full to the back of her throat. Her eyes were pleading now, pleading.

    So he fed her a load, hot, salty, thick, down the back of her throat so that she swallowed immediately.

    [Ah me, Spenser isn't there quite yet is he? But preparations are sweet as well, to be savoured! Curious about Claire, where this nasty little bitch started? Well, 'The Intimacy of Three' Amazon, electronic download and print copy, might well help! Lutheran Maid]
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