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. The Pleasures of Mrs. Smith

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Oct 30, 2017.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    I'm watching a totally black stranger fuck my husband. This one is bigger than the last, stronger and angrier. The way he fucks that big cock of his up Stephen's botty hole tells you a lot. This guy, well, he doesn't much like white men. He thinks that white men have to be turned into white boys, the sort that are servants, perhaps even slaves. The guy, who i know only as Damian has attitude. He wants to give my husband a bloody good seeing to. That my husband can take a big cock up his arse isn't in question. He's a cum dump for Winston's friends. His rear has been drilled out first by Winston when he took charge or our home and then by a series of others. It's been hard for Stephen to keep a tight sphincter ever since. He wears pads down there, in case of accidents….you know. Still, this guy, the big black buck called Damian, well, he is making my husband grimace. My husband's tiny dick is as stiff as a dog's beneath the street lights in an alley of bitches. Damian is pounding humiliation into the guy, teaching him what a worthless piece of shit he really is. Damian likes someone like Stephen to know….you're not exactly masculine are you?

    On the double bed beside where Stephen is taking his punishment, Winston kisses me. I feel his big and powerful hand run down across the surface of my belly, over the waistband of my tiny black leather skirt and up beneath the hem. He feels me, the moisture that oozes out of my sex and anoints the curling auburn hair of my pubes. He feels the natural woman lube that covers my swollen sex lips. Once upon a time, well, some time ago now, watching my husband get brutalised this way made me sick. The sound of Stephen yelping, begging, first for mercy and then black man's spunk disturbed my equilibrium. It was such a rude awakening. Such a terrible transformation. But slowly that changed. Slowly I thought differently. The black men, the endless stream of black men who used my husband, they were making him into something quite different. The harder they fucked him, the more his weeny jerked and spurted spunk onto the bed clothes. They were making him their bitch. It wasn't only that he was our plaything, something to masturbate on, but he was their receptacle. All the frustrations of the day, all the hatred of unequal lives lived could be pumped into Stephen. Winston knew that. He knew that my husband had to be made into something for him, for them. Though it shocked me at first, though it embarrasses me still a little now, I started to get wet thinking about it, watching them own him. I wanted him used, thoroughly used, pushed down, humiliated, trod on, insulted, laughed at. The more they shamed Stephen, the wetter I got.

    Winston kisses me and his lips linger on mine like a gourmet's does on the finest fare of table. His eyes, a dark hazel brown are inches from mine and they are searching me now. When they catch my gaze, I cannot look away. I cannot chose a different view, there are only his eyes, his pleasure, his intent, his control. As the bed creaks beneath the hiding that Damian is giving to my husband's arse, Winston whispers to me.

    'Open your mouth'.

    This is surely a dream, but the touch of his lips on mine seems ultra real, like our skin is charged with extra senses. Winston, big, brutal, on the edge of the law and stretched outward to where masculinity determines right, Winston, he takes advantage of my open mouth and slips his tongue inside. I feel it glide over the surface of mine and reach wantonly back. That this man has such an agile tongue, such a long tongue amazes and arouses me. He can 'plug me', almost closing off my throat so that the breathes come hard fought. He can block me off, kill me if he wishes, with a kiss. My eyes plead with him. Use me. Make me beg. He doesn't matter, the whelp with a cock up his arse. I have always been yours to use as you please. I slip my arms slowly upward, around his bull neck and the rolex that Stephen bought me at Winston's instruction slips down, chic against my skin. My pale white skin, my soft light auburn hair and red nails, gliding against his ebony skin, the start of coupling.

    'You gotta have it don't you bitch' he growls softly as Damian ups the thrusts making my husband's hole squelch.

    'Yes' I confess, my voice husky, my soul needy beyond imagination.

    'Whilst that… (and he glanced at my husband, kneeling doggy fashion, taking the length) is torn up.'

    'Yes…' I nod. Then huskily, 'I like him being hurt'.

    Winston grunts. Course I do. Course I do, he can feel that in my cunt, the way it waters and clenches. Course I do. He moves between my legs and drags his handsome phallus into station, rubbing his large glans luxuriously up and down my slit.

    'Like your tribe got run down and I took you and gave him to the brothers to play with…' he murmurs. I adore the man. I adore his thoughts, his style, out on his arm, on my back beneath him in the marriage bed. I know how he thinks. Fucking is conquest.

    'You took me….I'm yours to breed' I moan softly feeling him push inside me.

    There is a sweet sweet moment, as his cock forces open my sex, moulds my channel to his member so that I am as snug as a leather glove on his pulsing manhood. There, I feel his balls reach my buttocks, his cock forcing into me, nine and more inches, throbbing, moving, enjoying me. I stretch out like a cat and my fingers glance across Stephen's mouth beside me. I feel the urgent breathes as Damian pile drives into him. His whole body is rocking forward on the thrusts. But I require this, I require him to search out my fingers and to suck them daintily as Winston fucks me. There, yes, his little mouth, his puckered mouth, puckered like his bitch bum, it finds my fingers and he licks my hand, moaning softly, softly again as he surrenders to Damian. It is exquisite to feel him suck my fingers, in unison, God….yes…as Winston strokes into me. I feel his tongue sweep over my wedding ring, the engagement ring. It is tiny like him. It is worthless, like him. I have better rings, more flamboyant, life embracing rings that Winston has given me. God! I grunt. Winston's cock is curved insouciantly upwards, like a massive banana. As his glans buries inward, my body shakes on the sensations he triggers.

    'Darling….' I moan.

    Stephen licks, Stephen sucks, Stephen serves. That is all. He is there, simply to make my climax more. There to help Winston savour his power over us.

    Now, now, as Winston bucks into me, Stephen is crying. The tears run down his pinched cheeks, drip from his chin as he struggles to catch breath. It's not only that Damian is stretching his arse out, wrecking his butt, it is that he is watching Winston handle me in so masterly a fashion. I know it, from his sad confessions, kneeling at the side of our bed, the whispers about wishing he could be a man for me, that seeing Winston make me grind and buck eviscerates him. It is as if he is hung drawn and quartered. There is no hiding place and the tears come, they come welling into his eyes and run crazily down his cheeks. I watch his mouth move, as if to form words. But I don't want to hear his begging. I don't want his confessional apologies. So I reach up to Winston, opening my mouth, begging for his kiss as well as his cock. I glance left, at Stephen as he starts to whimper and I enjoy the lashing of Winston's tongue between my lips. Fuck off Stephen. Fuck off, why did I ever marry you? Why did I put up with you, playing at husband those five years. Look, look at Winston, look at how he kisses. Look at how he rides me. Yes, Stephen, rides me. All you ever did right was lick. Do you hear?

    Winston catches the exchange of glances. He catches the put down. Aaargh, that is so fucking nice! I feel his cock bury into me. He loves the way I dismiss my husband with a look. It is so right, that because you are black, because you are strong and big, because you have attitude and are a buck, that you take women off little shits like Stephen.

    'Please Winston….please darling….' I get the words out, just because of the hammering that he is giving me with his cock. Stephen's head drops. His cock is draining. It's like Damian has ran through what passed as balls once, and pushed the cream out that way. His ejaculation is a drip, and Stephen's head shakes as he sobs. How he wishes that he was Winston. How he wishes that I would even look at him now. But I am pronged on Winston, aching and twisting and yearning for my man.

    'Christ darling, please oh please!'

    My red nails sink into Winston's big neck and I buck to meet my lover's thrusts. i buck so hard and then, oh then, oh sweet sweet then, I feel Winston's cock explode. It explodes inside me and I can feel the force of his seed rushing through his cock and into my greedy hole. There, gushing into me. Gushing into me and I am unprotected. I am unprotected and I will have his baby at last. The idea thrills me, exalts me. Now I do glance at Stephen. Disdain.

    'You were never good enough' I groan at my husband as Winston continues flooding me.

    Stephen nods in surrender. His eyes sunken. His breath uncertain, as he takes Damian's load up his rear. I kiss Winston luxuriantly , thanking him with my lips for the servicing. I do it, my heart racing at the thought of how this stabs Stephen too. Winston smiles. Yeah. Again. My bitch. See that little one, see how I made her wriggle and squirm. See how she was begging by the end?

    Stephen couldn't miss it. He couldn't escape the noise, the sight the smell of our coupling. The alpha union has assaulted his senses just when he was being a cheap bitch for Damian. A league of leagues away from how Winston and I are. Fucking, with his arse in the air, putting his butt up for black cock, whilst I am taken on the marriage bed.

    'I worship you' I whisper to my lover.

    He smiles and kisses my nose softly. Ours mouths find another once more, feeling the mix of our juices as his big cock continues its occupation of my womb.

    'Still got it bad hey baby?' Winston teases.

    I nod, my eyes wide to him. 'My panties…they're wet, i just have to look at you.'

    'Good girl' he breathes and with a sigh, a lingering sigh, he pulls out of me. Its like a royal procession, the way his hawser cock comes free. It seems to take forever even though the moments are few. I feel the flood of his semen into my vagina, from inside, as he withdraws. I don't know how much he squirts inside me. i only know that it seems to drain forever. He shoots so much, that my panties are wet with it for hours after he has emptied into me.

    My husband waits too now. He waits kneeling like a dog, whilst Damian withdraws and goes for a leak in the john. I watch Stephen's skin quivering. His arse is dripping spunk. As Winston stands up and looks down at me, admiring his conquest, white seed issuing from my sex, my neck and breasts puce, I slide across, in front of my husband so that he can lick the draining semen from my pussy. Licking, I like the licking. I like the licking when Stephen is made to arouse me ready for Winston. i like this licking too, when Stephen is simply a rag. He is simply a wet rag wiping up the copious, the excess spunk from my pretty, pretty, drilled out hole. I feel his tongue wriggling, ladling and sweeping up between my lips. I feel his adams apple move up and down against my thigh as he swallows down his master's spunk. There, top and bottom, inside, everywhere, Stephen, you're their bitch aren't you? You're simply something to pleasure us. That is what you are. That is all you are.
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