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The origins of bitch

Discussion in 'Cuck Discussion - Why do we love it? Can it work?' started by Lutheran Maid, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    I wonder what you think. Are bitches something to do with nature or can they be nurtured, made in the right company? I guess that all of you who hope that your wife might become a bitch and treat you bad favour the latter argument. Me, I think its some of both and illustrate here.

    The bitch nature

    I was brought up in a fairly strict household where, unlike today, physical punishment was part of the parental armoury. Kids got the belt, or the strap, and of course it was no better at school where a cane or a ruler was the order of the day. You might debate nostalgia, society and discipline, but I raise the point to explain that even as a kid I was well capable of manipulating things so that my brothers got the strap from my dad. It was kinda a power thing even then, a bit devious, and a bit cruel. I was daddy's girl and used to getting my own way, which the brothers learned over time. Not that the boys weren't capable of some nasty tricks of their own. My dolls weren't meant to have Hitler moustaches. What i think I'm saying, is, that as I grew up, I liked humiliating, i liked seeing others brought into line and if that was something contrived by yours truly, then so be it. So now, having a boyfriend that orders my husband about, seems very sexy indeed. I don't have to rule, myself, at least not overtly and all of the time, I can have my husband brought to heel by the bigger man. Psyche that as you will, but I think it says something about the natural bitch.

    The bitch made

    I've certainly become more of a bitch because of the company i keep. The arrogance of the men that I see rubs off on you. They are arrogant about style, about their social charms, their sexual prowess, and of course their great looks. Over the years I've learned to read men, especially white men. There are certainly those that aren't self confident, they never were. They were always followers, tribal troops as it were. But more interesting still are the males with some esteem but which are in the process of having that bred out of them. They are so hung up by feminism, but equality, by political correctness that they are fast losing any masculine authority. Those guys don't know how they are diminishing. They think that they are 'modern', 'nice' and considerate. Being with my boyfriend has taught me to put those kinda men down at parties. I talk to them as if they're not very impressive, as though they are sort of 'add on' to the event. Of course they see me with my black boyfriend, and some of them accept that this is inevitable. Once you're bedded that way, then the attitude comes along too. But I'd say its not just the fucking, the comparison, it is learning to be hard, because your man expects it. You're hard because you know its going to heighten what you do together in bed.

    There you are. As the examiners used to say at school…critically discuss!
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  2. 3ballz

    3ballz Member Member

    I agree that it is a mixture of both nature and nurture. I remember being manipulated and toyed with by a girl of my age when I was really young. It was instinctive the way she made me do her bidding and it has had an effect on my relationships with women my whole life. I have always been unsure of myself around bitchy women and alpha males. I actually feel more at home taking instructions and submitting to them. There is a natural order to it. This happened to me in real life with a black work colleague who joined our academy and within two days fucked my girlfriend. Instead of putting up a fight I accepted it and it wasn't long before I was their 'bitch' in a different sense of the word. But, if I am honest I am never happier than when I'm washing his car, ironing his shirts, lighting his cigars etc. My ex-girlfriends bitchiness comes to the fore when she is with him. He gives me a task but she expands upon it by making me do it in a humiliating way. Last month he called me into his office and asked me to give his brogues a buff up. Caroline, my ex was in his office at the time and just as I had got down on my knees with a cloth with boot polish she suggested I put it in my mouth to perform the task. Even my black boss said "You are one cruel Bitch!"
  3. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Yes, essential I think 3baliz, at base the best bitches have an instinct for having their own way, because they simply feel that they know best. Get them near an alpha male and the judgements on others becomes even edgier. I've never feared judging men and i like men who judge and better other men. I like nature rather raw in tooth and claw. Humiliating my husband, with impunity, in public, is delicious. Some people still look startled, but there are other friends who understand the dynamic. He takes it, he just takes it.
  4. CumSlurpingCuckold

    CumSlurpingCuckold Member Member

    I'm shy to begin with, so a lot of these type of overtly bitchy women would seem unapproachable to me, and I haven't got to know them. So I'm not an expert on bitch theory. I've been mostly with 'nice' women, good girls. From time to time though, I've caught a fascinating glimpse of the nice, innocent, demure woman's inner bitch. So I'm tempted to think its a universal thing. In various degrees, its in all women, but isn't explored, often times being repressed by the woman herself.
  5. dig420

    dig420 HMFIC Staff Member Administrator

    If a woman acts bitchy around me, I'm on her like white on rice. Turns me on like crazy, and I'm not shy at all lol
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  6. dig420

    dig420 HMFIC Staff Member Administrator

    Also I never actually considered that you might be female lol..

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