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. The only good whiteboy...

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by BottomBoyToy89, Mar 8, 2019.

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  1. BottomBoyToy89

    BottomBoyToy89 Well-Known Member Member

    ....Is a dead whiteboy.

    This story is for the fan who inspired it. Thank you for reminding me of my place.

    TW: Racial humiliation, cuckolding, snuff.

    You are pleasantly surprised when I arrive exactly on time to the Motel. Even though the room is on my credit card, It only took three months of messaging me before you’d convinced me to actually go through with this, and it wouldn’t be the first time a whiteboy had chickened out at the last minute. Your nail polish is still drying so you let me wait for a minute before putting on a robe and answering the door.

    I’m standing there trying to look cool, though you can see the the fear and arousal in my eyes as they take you in for the first time. I’m 6’2” clean shaven, undercut blonde hair, and in decent shape for a whiteboy, not that that will get me any mercy.

    “Come in. You can go ahead and put your clothing in the trash bin.” You say as you hold the door open. I step into the dim room and see that the spare sheets have been laid out on the floor and pinned to the wall. I’m trembling.

    I don’t speak, per your instructions. You don’t want to have to listen to a whiteboy’s bullshit. You take a seat on the bed and examine your nails, while I take off my shoes and socks and put them in the trash, followed by my belt, shirt, and finally my jeans and underwear. It’s the last outfit I own, having donated everything else to a charity you picked out. Everything valuable I own has been sold, and the funds transferred into your possession as payment for this privilege.

    You snort when my dick comes into view. Stiff as it can get, I’m shaved, but it doesn’t help it look bigger, just emphasizes that white boys never really develop into men. I stand shaking looking at you. You can tell I’m in love, even though I avoid your eyes, I can’t hide that I am admiring your curves through your black silk robe. My eyes lock on the spade tattoo on your ankle, just covered by your stockings and the straps of your 6” heels. My penis jerks involuntarily.

    “Ugh. I don’t want to look at that the whole time.” You declare and turn away from me, as you reach into your robe and pull your panties down your legs. You can hear me suppress a moan as you teasingly step out of them and hold them towards me. “Here, put these on, and no sniffing them you little freak.”

    I nod and obey, pulling the black silk up to make a small tent of my crotch.

    “Now stand there,” you say pointing, “and put your hands behind your back.” I obey. You pull open the bedside draw and fetch out a couple zip-ties. You smile as the color drains from my face, when I see the other item sitting in the drawer. I willingly let you fasten my hands behind me. I knew you would never have allowed me to masturbate during this. You have ordered me not to touch myself for the last week, to keep me from losing my nerve once I’d cum.

    You tighten the zip ties until I make a small sound of pain. Then you climb onto the bed in front of me, you look me in the face until I hesitantly meet your eyes. “You may say a few last words, whiteboy.”

    My mouth is dry, I almost ask for a glass of water, but I think better of it.

    “Thank you goddess, thank you for allowing me to be a sacrifice for you.”

    I am grateful to see you smile. “You’re welcome. What a good boy you’ve been.” You can see the look in my eyes when you call me a good boy. I’ve definitely fallen in love with you.

    ”Now, not another sound out of you. I don’t want to have to think of you when he gets here.”

    You push a button on your phone and a few minutes later there is a knock at the door. Your heart is fluttering like it always does for your dark god. You open your robe expecting him, and I get my first glimpse of your body. You’re wearing one of several sets I’ve bought for you, but it’s the first time I have gotten to see it. Your steel ringed nipples poke out of a black shelf bra, and below your navel a matching black suspender holds up the garters and stockings, perfectly framing the words tattooed over the artful black patch of pubic hair that adorns your perfect pink pussy.


    That’s the whole point of this. It’s why you have got me here wearing nothing but the panties I bought for you. You aren’t wearing any of this for me, but for him.

    You open the door and melt into your lover’s arms. Tall, broad, unbelievably muscular and with beautiful dark skin that makes your sunkissed tan look pale as cream by comparison.

    Kissing you, he lifts you up and you wrap your legs around him as he kicks the door closed. You breathe in the sent of him, and kiss his neck and face, worshipping him. His hands slips confidently under your robe to squeeze your big white ass. He loves it, you know. You’re proud to have a body that a god like him wants to use.

    Your robe slides to the floor, discarded as he carries you over to the bed. Your tanned flesh is tattooed in several more places, I can see. Each symbol or message dedicating your body to the black race.

    With passion you pull off your lover’s shirt, and kiss his muscular chest, as his hands reach down to feel the moisture between your thighs. You’re soaking for him, like always. You reach his belt and pull it open, freeing the swelling manhood inside. You kiss his thighs, and pubes, and the base of his penis, but stop before you take him into your mouth. You can’t allow me to see that yet.

    Reluctantly you get up and go to the nightstand to grab the other piece of equipment. Your lover, gets on the bed and moves into position, near the edge. He’s hard now, looking at you, bent over, wetness seeping down your thighs as you pull a large caliber handgun out of the drawer.

    Carefully you crawl onto the bed and cozy up to him. You take the safety off the gun before taking his swollen cock in your other hand. You look at me again and hold the barrel up to my face.


    I hesitate. Trembling, I stare into your dark green eyes and see the cruelty and desire there. Cold hatred for me and all white men sparking against the burning hot lust you have for your lover and what he represents.

    You tease me, pulling me along to my doom. “It’s easy.” You say, “Do as I do.”

    Slowly you part your scarlet lips over the purple head of your lover’s cock. You press the barrel against my mouth, and I copy your actions obediently. As you bob your head slowly down his length, you push the barrel of the gun in and out. Forcing me to parody your actions. The taste of metal fills my senses, and I try to focus on the gift of viewing you pleasure a real man.

    I start to gag on the gun well before you’ve taken him as far as you can go, but you pop your mouth free and push the gun to the back of my throat.

    “Now hold. Do not move until the end.”

    I tighten my jaw to hold the gun in place. It’s uncomfortably heavy. My eyes never leave you though, taking everything in.

    You however are just about done with me for good. You turn your attention back to your lover, and he takes control. His strong fingers weave through your long dark hair and he pulls you to him. He kisses you deeply, before pushing you back down to service his cock. Not slowly this time, he’s using you like he wants now. Pulling your hair and fucking your white whore throat.

    Gluck gluck gluckgluckglunnngh” He holds you in place with your nose pressed to his pubes and his thick cock cutting off your breath. You gladly endure the degradation from him. When he releases you and throws you back onto the bed, you smile through watering eyes and spread your legs wide for him.

    You gasp as he presses his fingers into to you, making sure you’re ready for him. You’re soaked, and panting with need as he thumbs your clitoris. Still you groan as he begins to press his cock into your wanton pussy. He stretches you so wide. Steady strokes opening you up as he spears ever deeper into you.

    You writhe beneath his dark pistoning body. Pinned to the Mattress, you are his completely. So full. So wet and tight. Only halfway in and each stroke is rubbing against your G-spot. You let out a cry as you begin to shake with pleasure. He never slows as the orgasm rolls through your body. Your legs wrap around him, heels digging into his muscular buttocks as you try to control the sensation.

    He is so much stronger than you. He pulls back nearly the entire length and then pushes in, making you scream. The head of his penis coming to rest right against your cervix. The sensation so intense it knocks the air out of your lungs, and as you try to catch your breath, it comes again, Long deep strokes that only a hung black god like your lover can deliver. “You feel that white girl. I own you.” his breath is hot in your ear as he drives into you again and again.

    You lose all control over yourself. “Yes, Fuck me! Yes! Fuck me” the words pour out of you as a litany to your god. “Yes, Fuck me! Yes! Fuck me.” Over and over, you can’t think or say anything else. You are cumming again, nearly constantly. You feel your body release and squirt around his hammering cock. Soaking the sheets beneath you. It seems to go on forever, before he slows.

    “Are you ready for it?”

    You nod weakly. You are flushed and sweaty. Still shaking as he climbs off of you and flips over. On his back, your lover’s cock juts out from his perfectly sculpted body. You look down at it as you climb into place, and are amazed that you can fit it inside of you. Facing away from him, you stand on the bed and pose for a moment, until he spanks your ass, and you bend your knees, and line the head of his cock up with your gaping pussy.

    As you slide down his length, he takes you by the waist, helping you balance and helping you to ride him. As you bounce up and down, you flex your pussy muscles and twerk your ass, you know he is getting close now, and you are desperate to pull the orgasm out of him. You focus on getting a rhythm before you look away from what you’re doing to face me once more

    You have to focus now, Now it is all about his pleasure. You have regained a measure of your control, and your dominant countenance slides into place like a glove. You eye me before you critically.

    I’m shaking again, fear and lust, my back straight, I’m struggling to hold the gun in place. I’ve clearly made a mess of your panties, as my pathetic white dick is dripping obscenely. There are tears running from my eyes.

    You recognise the look. Not sadness or fear, but absolution in the face of what needs to happen. You have picked a good one this time, so eager to die for you and your dark god.

    Your lover is bucking his hips now, you clap your ass back, and lean forward. Again his length is pushing the breath out of you. You take hold of the grip of the gun, and slip your finger onto the trigger.

    He bucks beneath you and you are pushed forward, you grab hold of my shoulder with your other hand to steady yourself, nearly squeezing to soon. You focus now on riding him, pleasuring him with your cunt, you’re pulling the seed from him, milking it into your womb. “Mmm, that’s it. Fuck me, breed me. Make me pregnant with your black baby. Please!” You urge him on, and smile as you feel him swell and pulse.

    You take your hand off my shoulder and look at me as you feel the hot flood of black cum begin to rush into your womb.

    My eyes dilate wide as I realize what’s happening.

    “MMMmm, yes! Breed Me!”

    I shudder as my worthless sperm pours out of me, to die in your discarded panties.

    You lover groans in triumph as he thrusts all the way inside of you. His cock head spewing wave after wave of potent sperm directly into your greedy cervix.

    You begin to orgasm again. You pull the trigger.


    Later that evening, after you’ve showered, fucked again in the shower. And kissed and laughed as the water turns cold and you hurry to get out. After you’ve dressed, and put my things and the gun in a trash bag. After you’ve stepped carefully around my cooling body to make sure you don’t get blood or loser sperm on your heels. After you leave a big tip for the cleaning lady, and step out into the cool night air.

    You turn on your phone as you climb into the car with your lover. You smile. You have new messages from another whiteboy who wants to offer himself to you.
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