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. The New Neighbor Ch. 04 Becky and Jerome

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Rusty65, Aug 2, 2018.

. The New Neighbor Ch. 04 Becky and Jerome 5 5 13votes
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  1. Rusty65

    Rusty65 Well-Known Member Member

    My hands were full. I was carrying my wife's tiny bathing suit, her new boyfriend's swim trunks, tee shirt, wallet and car keys, my shorts and the basket I'd used to carry food and drinks over to Cheryl's house. Our front door was unlocked, so I was able to hang on to everything and get it open. As soon as I stepped into the house Becky called, “Danny, we're in the kitchen.”

    I walked through the living room and dining room into the kitchen. Becky and Jerome were still naked. Jerome was sitting on one of our kitchen chairs. He'd pulled it away from the table and turned it around to give them more space. Becky was sitting on Jerome's lap. She was facing out, her back was pressed against his chest. Jerome was holding my wife in his arms. His hands were cupping Becky's breasts. He was gently rolling her nipples between his large brown fingertips.

    Jerome's cock was fully erect and sticking out from between Becky's parted thighs. Both of her hands were wrapped around the stiff shaft. She was holding it like it was a favorite toy.

    As I set everything on the kitchen counter Becky asked, “Danny, would it be okay with you if Jerome spends the night with me?”

    Smiling at my wife, I said, “I'd be disappointed if he didn't spend the night with you.”

    Becky smiled back at me. “Thanks baby, we'll use the guest room.”

    I shook my head. “Absolutely not, I want you to use the master bedroom. The king size bed will be more comfortable for you and there's a bathroom right there. I'll sleep in the guest room.“

    Becky stared at me. Jerome was watching me carefully.

    Chuckling, I said, “Think about it Becky. I'm wearing a chastity cage and lace panties. Do you really think I should be sleeping in the master bedroom tonight?”

    Becky giggled. “Danny, I love you so much.”

    “I know, I love you too and I want tonight to be memorable for you.”

    Jerome said, “If I am going to spend the night here I'd like to run out to my car. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but I did pack an overnight bag.” He started to get up.

    I said, “Stay where you are. I'll get your overnight bag for you.”

    “Are you sure, I can get it.”

    Understanding the intensity of my subservience at this moment, Becky said, “Yes, Jerome, he's sure. Let him do it. He wants to do it. He needs to do it.” She looked at me and said, “Fetch my boyfriend's bag from his car Danielle.”

    I stared at Becky. She said, “Jerome is my man tonight, my only man. I think Danielle is appropriate.”

    Wildly excited, I answered, “Yes ma'am.”

    Jerome said, “My car is the black Toyota 4Runner.”

    Still wearing only my panties and a tee shirt, I picked up Jerome's keys and hurried out the front door. His Toyota was parked in front of Cheryl's house. Our street was dark and deserted. While it wasn't likely that anyone would see me, I was still nervous. Occasionally people drove to the end of our cul-de-sac to turn around. I quickly unlocked the SUV. Jerome's overnight bag was on the back seat. I grabbed it, re-locked the vehicle and hurried back to our house.

    I was excited. On our front sidewalk I paused. After taking a moment to catch my breath and regain my composure I quietly opened our front door and stepped into the house.

    “Jerome, I could happily spend the rest of my life sucking your cock.” It was Becky. I stopped and listened.

    Jerome said, “I would eagerly accommodate you. Becky, you are a beautiful woman.”

    For a moment there was silence and then Becky said, “Sex with a man like you is unbelievably exciting. You're so strong and confident. You're in control. You make me feel like a school girl. I'll do anything for you, anything at all.”

    “I want you to be mine. I want to own you.”

    I would enjoy that.” Becky laughed. “No, I hunger for it. Just thinking about it is enough to make me cum.”

    “Kiss my cock. Kiss it and tell me that you belong to me.”

    There was a pause and then Becky said, “I won't ever leave Danny. We're soul mates. He's the love of my life. We're perfect for each other.”

    “He's wearing lace panties.”

    “That's one of the reasons we're perfect for each other. Until this week I didn't really understand the intensity of his submissive desires, or my dominant inclinations. He does all of the housework. He cleans, cooks and does the laundry for both of us. He actually hand washes my lingerie. I take care of our finances. I pay the bills and monitor our investments. I make all the important decisions in our relationship. I need to be in control. Danny allows me to be in control. Danny defers to me. Danny serves me. He acknowledges my dominance. Tonight he gave us the master bedroom because he believes the master bedroom is my right.”

    “Okay, so why are you kneeling between my legs holding my cock? Is it just that Danny is a dud in the bedroom?”

    “No, not at all. Danny has a small cock and he's not very good at fucking, but he gives outstanding head. My baby knows how to eat pussy.”

    I smiled.

    Becky continued. “It's a little confusing. While I like to be in control in my day to day life, I want to be controlled in the bedroom. I can't explain it, but I want to be your slut.”

    “That definitely appeals to me.”

    “I won't ever leave Danny. You have to understand that.”

    “I do. Becky, I'm not looking for a wife. I've done that. It didn't work out. I'm committed to the Air Force. I've been an airman for sixteen years and I plan on putting in another fourteen years of service. I want to complete my thirty years. I'm thirty-six years old. If I get my thirty I'll be able to retire when I'm fifty. I'm a general service mechanic. I've been trained to work on a large number of different aircraft. Robert is a specialist. He will very likely spend the bulk of his career in Tucson. I get sent where the Air Force needs me. I'm doing a six month training rotation here. That means I'll be transferred to another air base when my training cycle is completed. I'm not looking for a wife, but I would enjoy having a girlfriend while I'm here. I'd like to find an adventurous woman with an open mind who loves sex with black men.”

    Becky giggled. “I just happen to be looking for a black boyfriend who wants a slut girlfriend. I'm adventurous and I have an open mind.”

    Deciding that it was time for me to reenter the conversation I walked back into the kitchen. Jerome was still sitting on the kitchen chair, but Becky was now kneeling between his legs. Her fingers were wrapped around his cock. She was slowly stroking him while they talked.

    Holding up Jerome's overnight bag, I said, “Jerome, should I put this in Becky's bedroom?”

    Both of them stared at me. After a moment Becky stood up and asked, “Danny, how long have you been in the living room?”

    “For awhile.”

    “Did you hear our conversation?”

    “Most of it I think.”

    Becky said, “I was planning to talk to you about this. I love you, you need to know that.”

    “I do know that.”

    Jerome said, “I don't want to steal Becky from you.”

    “I understand that too.”

    “Danny honey, I know this is sudden, but Jerome does seem to be the perfect first boyfriend for me.”

    I said, “I agree.”

    “You do?”

    “Yes Becky, I do.” Turning to Jerome, I said, “Becky and I just met you, but you're making a good first impression. I hope you will both continue to try to get to know each other.”

    Jerome said, “You're really willing to let me start dating your wife?”


    Becky said, “It's time for Jerome and me to have some personal time together in my bedroom. You offered to spend the night in the guest room.”

    “Yes I did.”

    “I'm going to take Jerome upstairs to our balcony and show him the view that we have of the city. While I'm doing that you should move the things you'll need tonight to the guest room.” Becky slipped her arm under Jerome's and said, “Come on stud man. Let's go up to the balcony. We can enjoy the view while my husband moves out of our bedroom.”

    Jerome kissed Becky hard on the lips and then they walked arm in arm out of the kitchen. As soon as they were gone I hurried into the master bedroom and gathered up everything I wanted for the night. As I carried my things up to my new bedroom I passed the balcony. Jerome and Becky were passionately making out. They didn't notice me.

    I quickly left my things on the guest bed and hurried back down to the master bedroom. I turned the bed covers down and lit two candles. Becky enjoyed candlelight sex. I also laid out fresh towels in the master bathroom for both Becky and Jerome.

    As soon as I was finished I hurried back upstairs. Jerome and Becky were still making out on the balcony. I knocked on the frame of the balcony door and said, “Becky, excuse me for disturbing you.”

    Becky and Jerome stopped kissing and looked at me.

    I said. “Your bedroom is ready.”

    Becky said, “Thank you Danny.” She turned to Jerome and said, “Shall we retire to our bedroom?”

    “Definitely.” Jerome put his arm around my wife's waist and together they walked downstairs to what had just become Becky's bedroom.

    I hurried into the den, picked up my laptop computer and brought it into what was once was our guest bedroom but had now become my bedroom. We had a flat screen television mounted on the wall for Becky's mother when she came to visit. I turned on my laptop computer, connected it to the television and selected one of my favorite interracial sex movies. As it started playing I heard movement on the stairs.

    A moment later Becky stepped into the guest room. She looked at the movie playing on the television, smiled, walked over to me, kissed my cheek and said, “This is the perfect entertainment for a cuckold white husband while his wife is playing with her black lover.”

    “Yes, it is.”

    Becky placed her hand on my chastity cage and said, “It's a shame that you won't be able to jack off while you watch your movie.”

    “I think it's better this way.”

    “I do too. I came up here to thank you for preparing my bedroom for us. The candles are a nice touch. You really are a wonderful husband.”

    “I want you to have a good time tonight with Jerome.”

    “Believe me, I will. Danny I'm so excited right now. Feel me.” Becky took my hand and placed it between her thighs. The cleft of her pussy was sopping wet.

    I said, “You are excited.”

    “Jerome's cock is so big. Danny I've never had a cock that big.”

    “You'll be all right. Just tell him that he has to go slow.”

    “I think he'll be a sensitive lover. I'm sure he'll be gentle at first.”

    “I'm certain he will be.” I smiled. “But once you're used to his size you want him to be rough, don't you.”

    “Danny, I really do. I want to be Jerome's slut.”

    “I want that too. I want to be married to a black cock slut.”

    Becky giggled. “You're about to get your wish. Now I'd better get back to my stud. I'll come up later and kiss you good night.”

    “I'd like that.”

    “I love you Danny.”

    As Becky turned and hurried out of the guest room I said, “I love you too Becky.”

    I heard Becky go down the stairs. A moment later I heard her walk into her bedroom and say, “Are you ready big guy?”

    My bedroom was directly over Becky's bedroom. The floor was thin and lacked insulation. I could clearly hear everything they said. I sat on my bed and listened.

    Jerome said, “I've been looking forward to this all evening.”

    “Me too, but I have to admit that I'm kind of nervous.”


    “I've never been with a man as big as you are.”

    “Don't worry, I'll be gentle, I'll go slow.”

    There was silence. I glanced at the clock on my nightstand. It was 10:07. I waited. After a moment Jerome said, “Are you ready?”

    “Yes, I've been dreaming about this for years.”


    “I'll try, but you're huge.”

    “I'll start out on top. That gives me better control”

    “Okay, but go slow.”

    There was silence. After a moment Jerome asked, “Are you okay?”

    “Yes, it feels wonderful. Give me more, but keep going slow.”

    More silence and then Becky said, “I've never had a cock this deep inside me.”

    “Do you like it?”

    “It's amazing. I feel so full.”

    “I'm going to fuck you now. Just one time, out and back in. It will be very slow.”

    “Okay.” After a pause Becky gasped.

    Jerome asked, “Did that feel good?”

    “It was heavenly. Do it again.” There was another pause and then, “Oh yes, do it again. Keep doing it. Don't stop. Fuck me, fuck me with your big black cock.”

    And then all I could hear was the faint sound of the rhythmic movement of the bed as Jerome fucked Becky. My favorite porn movie was playing on the television in front of me, but I ignored it. All of my senses were focused on what was happening in the room directly below me.

    After awhile I detected the sound of Becky breathing. Her arousal was building. Gradually it got louder.

    Then Jerome said, “That's right baby, wrap your legs around me. Fuck me back!”

    The rhythmic movement of the bed got faster and louder and then Becky cried, “Oh god! I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum while you're fucking me with your big black cock!”

    Several seconds passed. Suddenly Becky screamed, “Fuck yes! I'm cumming!” As I listened I realized that this orgasm was much more intense than anything she'd ever had with me. I also knew that I'd only been able to make her cum while I was giving her head. I smiled. I was glad that she was deciding to go black and happy that she'd found a lover like Jerome.

    The rhythmic movement of the bed continued. Jerome didn't stop fucking Becky during her climax. I listened. Soon I heard her breathing intensify again. My wife came two more times.

    After Becky's third orgasm Jerome said, “Baby, I'm going to cum. Do you want me to pull out?”

    Becky answered, “No! I want you to cum inside me. I want you to cum as deep inside me as you possibly can.”

    “Is it safe? I don't want to get you pregnant.”

    “It's okay, I'm on the pill.”

    “I was hoping you'd say that.”

    The sound of the moving bed started again, only this time it was less rhythmic and much louder. Becky laughed, “This is wonderful! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Come inside me. Make me yours.”

    Jerome grunted.

    Becky cried, “Oh yes, that's right, fill my slut pussy with your black baby cream.”

    And then there was silence. I waited. I'd never been as excited as I was at that moment. Finally Jerome said, “That was magnificent.”

    Giggling, Becky said, “I've always loved sex, but I never realized it could be that intense.”

    More silence, after a moment Becky said, “I have to go upstairs and check on Danny.”

    Jerome said, “I understand. Take your time. I'll turn on the television.”

    I glanced at the clock on my bedside table. It was 10:43. Jerome had fucked Becky for Thirty-six minutes. I'd never been able to last for more than three minutes. I loved my wife. I was glad she was going black. She deserved this pleasure.

    Becky walked into the guest room. She was wearing a baby doll nightie I'd bought for her on our last wedding anniversary. Suddenly feeling insecure, I said, “You got dressed. Are you not going to let me see you naked anymore?”

    Staring at me, Becky asked, “What caused you to say that?”

    “You've been naked for the past several hours, but now when you come up to see me you put on clothes.”

    “This nightie was a present from you and it's transparent. It doesn't hide my body. I put it on because I thought you would enjoy it.” She raised the hem. “There's my pussy, you can see it whenever you want.” Becky turned, bent over, reached back and spread her ass cheeks. “There's my asshole. I'll show you that anytime you ask too. Baby, I love you, I'll always love you. I'll never hide my body from you.”

    Suddenly feeling ashamed, I said, “I'm maybe feeling a little insecure right now.”

    “I suspected that might be the case. Danny honey, that's why I came up to see you. I need you to know that I love you. I still love you.”

    “You just had what must have been the best sex of your life.”

    “You can hear everything up here, can't you.”


    “You're right, it was the best sex of my life. I never imagined that intercourse could be that magnificent.”

    “I'm not very good at intercourse.””

    “No Danny, you're not, but you are a wonderful husband. Baby you're good at life. That's what matters. That's all that matters. And it's not like your awful at sex. When you go down on me you always get me off.” Becky smiled at me and then she added, “You also have a kinky imagination. I do too. That makes us perfect for each other.”

    “We do enjoy fantasies.”

    “And now we're making them real.”

    I nodded. “Yes we are.”

    “I have Jerome now, but I want to be sure your fantasies are being fulfilled too.”

    “I had a wonderful time today.”

    “I did too, but the days not over. Danny do you remember that story about the cuckold hot wife sex club in Atlanta?”

    “Yes, it's one of our favorites. We've read it together at least a dozen times.”

    “I always read it aloud while you gave me head.”

    “That's our favorite way to read cuckold hot wife stories.”

    “It is. In the story do you remember what always happened when a hot wife rejoined her cuckold husband after spending time with a black lover?”

    “He had to do his duty.”

    “I just spent time with my black lover. Danny, he made a mess. It's time for you to do your duty.”

    “Are you serious?” My entire body was tingling with excitement, but I also realized that this was real. This was scary. This was crossing a boundary I'd fantasized about but had never really thought would occur.

    “Yes I am. Lie down.” Staring at me, Becky pulled her nightie up to her waist and climbed on to the bed. When she was kneeling next to me she said, “I told you to lie down.”

    I stared at Becky.

    Becky said, “Danny honey, you are allowing me to experience my fantasies. I want you to also be able to experience your fantasies. To enjoy our fantasies we both have to let go of our inhibitions. I've tasted Jerome's cum twice today. It didn't hurt me and it won't hurt you. During the past several days you've also made it clear that I'm in charge. Was that just pretend or am I really in charge? If I am in charge, it's time for you to do your duty. Now lie back and let me sit on your face.”

    Every nerve in my body was still tingling as I lay back and whispered, “Okay.”

    “Okay what?”

    “I'm ready to do my duty.”

    “Very good.” Becky slipped her leg over my head so that she was straddling my face. I looked up at her gaping cunt. Jerome's large cock had stretched her. She sat down. I tasted her sex. It was different, both the flavor and the consistency.

    Becky whispered, “I've been trying to hold it inside me. I'm going to relax now.”

    Jerome's semen began to drip from Becky's sex. The drip turned into a stream and then a large glob of slimy goo covered my nose and lips. I opened my mouth and let it flow onto my tongue. At first I wanted to gag, but then my masochistic lust took hold of me. This was the ultimate cuckold humiliation. I was licking another man's semen, his baby cream, from my wife's cunt.

    I started licking Becky in earnest. She responded by rubbing her cum covered sex into my face and whispering, “That's right baby, do your duty, be a good little cuck boy for me.”

    Becky's words ignited our lust. I found her engorged clit and started sucking on it like it was a tiny cock.

    As Becky continued grinding her cunt into my face she said, “That's right baby, pleasure me. You licked Jerome's cum out of my cunt, now give me head. I want to fuck your mouth, I want to cum on your face.”

    Becky's crude direction fanned the flames of my passion. I sucked her as hard as I could. I felt her push against my mouth. She really was trying to fuck my face. Her breathing accelerated. Her muscles tightened. Suddenly she arched her back and screamed. Her orgasm was intense. Her moisture flooded my lips and nose. For several seconds she rode me like a cowgirl breaking a horse and then she collapsed forward onto my chest and lay still.

    Becky's glistening cunt was directly in front of my face. I studied her sex and imagined the pleasure she felt while Jerome was fucking her with his mammoth black cock.

    Becky moved, ever so slightly. I felt her fingers caressing my chastity cage. After a moment she said, “It seems wicked that I get to enjoy so much pleasure while you're denied any at all, but I have to admit that it excites me.”

    I said, “It excites me too.”

    “I'll never fully understand that, but I believe you.” Still toying with my chastity cage, Becky continued. “I'm glad you're the way you are. I was lucky to find you. You're the perfect husband, at least for me.”

    “And you're the perfect wife for me.”

    “Even if I'm about to spend the night with another man?”

    “Especially because you're about to spend the night with another man.”

    Becky spun around. She was still lying on top of me, but now she was looking directly at me, her face inches from mine. “I'll always love you.”

    “I believe that.”

    “I'll never leave you for another man.”

    “I believe that too.”

    “I think I could easily become infatuated with Jerome, but it will be mostly physical.”

    “He's very handsome, I'm glad you found him.”

    “You're not jealous.”

    “I choose to believe you when you tell me that you love me, that you will never leave me for another man.”

    “It's true.”

    “Then I don't need to be jealous.” I paused. After a moment I added, “It's also because of the way I am.”

    “Your masochism.”

    “I guess that's it. It excites me when I see you with Jerome.”

    “I know, I can tell.”

    “I like him. I hope Jerome becomes your boyfriend.”

    “I do too.”

    “I think you'd better get back to him. You're neglecting him right now.”

    “I'm going to let him fuck my rear.”

    “Are you ready for that?”

    “I want to be ready. A good slut lets her boyfriend fuck her butt.” Becky grinned at me. We both laughed and then we hugged. As we hugged Becky said, “Danny, I love you so much.”

    “I love you too. You're a wonderful slut wife.”

    “And you're a wonderful cuckold husband.” Becky rolled off of me and stood up.

    I sat up and said, “Make sure you use a lot of lubricant.”

    “Don't worry, I will. I'll come back to see you again before I go to sleep.”

    “I'd like that.”

    Becky blew me a kiss and said, “See you later.”

    As Becky hurried out of my bedroom I said, “Have fun.”

    Giggling, she called back, “Hell yes!”

    I listened to her run down the stairs. A moment later I heard her walk into her bedroom and say, “I'm back.”

    Jerome asked, “How's he doing?”

    Becky answered, “I think he's even more excited than we are.”

    “I don't get it, but I'm sure as hell not going to argue about it.”

    “Wanna do me in the butt before we go to sleep?”

    “Are you sure you're ready for that?”

    “No, but a girl's gotta start sometime. I'm hoping you'll be gentle.”

    “I'll be very gentle, but if you're serious we'll need some lubricant.” Jerome chuckled. “No, you're a first timer. We need a lot of lubricant.”

    “I have a whole tube of lubricant. Actually I have two full tubes.”

    “That should be plenty. We should probably have a bath towel.”


    I heard Becky walk into the bathroom. A moment later she said, “”I'll lay it on the bed.”

    “Good, now lie down on your stomach. I'll grease you up.”

    Several seconds passed and then Becky said, “Your fingers feel funny back there. I'm used to Danny licking me there, but this is different. Your fingers feel different.” Becky gasped. “Oh my!”

    “Did I hurt you?”

    “No, not at all. I just wasn't expecting your finger to go quite that deep.”

    “My cock is going to go deeper, a lot deeper.”

    “I know, I'm excited and a little nervous.”

    “Are you ready?”

    “Yes, yes I am. I am definitely ready.”

    “Get up on your knees. I'll mount you from behind.”


    I heard the bed move. Jerome said, “All right, Cheryl and Tiffany like to rub their clits when we do this.”

    “Okay.” Becky sounded nervous.

    There was silence. I listened. After a moment Jerome asked, “How are you doing?”

    Becky answered, “I'm all right. It feels weird. It was a little uncomfortable when you first entered me, but now its good.”

    “The lube makes all the difference.”

    “How far are you in?”

    “Almost all the way.”

    “Really? I mean you're pretty big.”

    “There, now you have all of me.”

    “Oh my god! That feels so strange, and you're right, rubbing my clit makes it better.” Becky giggled, “Do you want to know the best part?”


    “I feel so slutty right now. Jerome, I really want to be your slut.”

    “I want that too, but...”

    “But what?”

    “I think this is enough for tonight.”

    “Don't you want to start fucking me?”

    “I do, but this is you're first time. While it's gone well, I think it's time to stop. If I get excited I might not be as self controlled as I should be.”

    “You're afraid that you'll hurt me.”

    “I really like to fuck. When I get going I can be pretty enthusiastic. Let's take a shower and clean the lube off of us.”

    “After we shower I want you to fuck me again. I want to feel you cum inside me again.”

    “I will definitely do that.”

    I listened as Becky and Jerome moved into the bathroom. I heard the shower start. Becky said, “I want to wash your cock.”

    Jerome said, “Only if I get to wash your pussy and ass.”

    Becky started giggling.

    For several minutes all I heard was the sound of the shower. Then Jerome said, “If you keep sucking me you're going to make me cum. Let's get dry and go back to the bedroom. I love your idea about fucking you and cumming in your pussy again.”

    I heard them shut off the shower. Jerome said, “Ill dry you off.”

    Becky laughed. “You just want to dry my tits and my cunt.”

    “Damn right.”

    There was a moment of silence and then Becky said, “I like it when you dry my tits. Your hands are so big and so strong. You're so powerful. I would do anything for you. I want to be your slut.”

    Most men would fly into a jealous rage if they heard their wife say those words to another man, but not me. I was an eager cuckold. I wanted my wife to be another man's slut. Hearing Becky tell Jerome that she wanted to be his slut was unbelievably exciting for me.

    Jerome said, “Let's get back in bed. I want you to suck my cock and lick my balls, then I'm going to fuck you and cum in your cunt.”

    Becky obediently answered, “Yes sir.”

    For awhile they were quiet. I assumed that Becky was pleasuring Jerome. I waited, imagining what she was doing. Finally Jerome said, “Roll over and lie on your back. I want to fuck you now.”

    Again my wife simply said, “Yes sir.”

    After a moment I once again heard the cadenced motion of the bed. I pictured Jerome on top of Becky pumping his big black cock in and out of her cunt in a strong steady rhythm. The desire to masturbate was overwhelming, but it wasn't a possibility. My penis was locked in a plastic case. Instead I lay helpless, listening to Jerome enjoying the pleasure of my wife's body.

    They continued for almost a half hour. Becky had three orgasms. Finally Jerome gasped and grunted.

    Becky cried, “Yes, do it. Fill my pussy with your black baby cream.” And then there was quiet.

    I waited. Finally Becky said, “I have to go upstairs and see Danny.”

    Jerome said, “I understand. Go take care of him.”

    “Thank you.” I heard Becky get out of bed and walk quickly up the stairs.

    A moment later Becky was standing in the doorway of my bedroom. She was completely naked. I stared at her. She stared at me. Several seconds passed and then she asked, “Are you okay?”

    I nodded.

    Becky said, “I still love you.”

    I answered, “I know that.”

    “It's important to me that you do know that.”

    I said, “This is what I wanted.”

    “Is it a case of be careful what you ask for?”

    “No, I still want it.”

    “You don't look happy.”

    “I'm a masochist. I'm not supposed to be entirely happy.”

    Becky smiled.

    I added, “But I'm really horny.”

    Becky laughed. “You've been listening to Jerome fuck me.”

    “And you were definitely enjoying it.”

    “Is that okay?”

    “Of course it's okay. That's the plan.”

    “I feel guilty that I've had so much fun and you're so frustrated.”

    “You could do something about that.”

    “Yes I could.” Becky walked over to my bed and stopped. “You do understand that I'm black cock only now.”


    “Would you like me to unlock you so that you can masturbate.”

    “I would like that very much, but first...”


    “Don't I need to do my duty?”

    Becky grinned at me. “Oh fuck yes!”

    “You're using words you didn't used to like.”

    “You mean fuck and cunt.”


    “I'm now a slut. Sluts talk dirty.”

    “So tell me what you're going to make me do.”

    “I'm going to make you lick my boyfriend's fresh baby cream out of my cunt.”

    My entire body was charged with erotic submissive masochistic electricity. At that moment I would have submitted to any demand that Becky made. I nodded.

    Smiling Becky got onto the bed and again straddled my face. I looked up at her sex. It was coated with Jerome's fresh cum. She sat down. I licked her and eagerly swallowed as much of Jerome's seed as I could.

    At the same time Becky ground her cunt into my face whispering, “That's a good cuckboy. Get used to the taste. From now on this is going to be a regular part of your diet.”

    Becky's dominant attitude inflamed my arousal. I quickly finished licking Jerome's cum from her cunt, sucked her engorged clitoris into my mouth and began vigorously fellating it.

    “Oh yes!” It was a cry of triumph, Becky had accurately interpreted my eager response as a concession to her will. She answered by gripping my head between her thighs and riding me while she viciously twisted my nipples between her fingertips. The pain was excruciatingly exciting. If my penis hadn't been locked in a plastic case I think I might have orgasmed without touching myself at all.

    Becky was just as excited as I was. Her orgasm came quickly. Once it subsided she rolled off of my face and lay quietly next to me, gently caressing my nipples with the same fingertips that had just tortured them. After a moment she said, “I really do still love you. I always will.”

    I answered, “It's going to be different now.”

    Nodding, Becky said, “Our relationship is changing, evolving, but one fact will never change.”

    “What's that?”

    “You will always be the most important person in my life.”

    “Thank you, I may need to occasionally hear that.”

    “I'll try to remember to tell you, but Danny there are going to be times when I get caught up with other men. I'm fighting it with Jerome right now.”

    “I can tell you like him.”

    “I like him a lot.” Becky paused for a moment and then she added, “I don't believe that my affection for another man will ever diminish the affection I feel for you, but there may be times when it rivals it.”

    “I suspect that may be unavoidable. I also suspect that it might be part of the fun.”

    Becky smiled. “Infatuation is fun, but we have to remember that they will always be high school romances. They will rise and they will fall. Our mutual love will always be the constant. Neither of us can ever lose sight of that.”

    I said, “There may be times when we have to talk.”

    Becky stared at me and said, “There will be times when it becomes essential for us to talk.”

    Nodding, I said, “All marriages require effort and communication. We have to remember that.”

    “And there are times when they require care and consideration.” Becky stood up and said, “I'll be right back.” She hurried out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

    A moment later Jerome asked, “How is he doing?”

    “Fine, but I need to go back upstairs for a few more minutes.”

    “Take all the time you need. I'm smart enough to realize that we'll have a lot more fun if Danny is happy.”

    Becky said, “Jerome, if Danny's not happy we won't have any fun at all.”

    “I get it. Go take care of him.”

    “I'll be back in a few minutes.”

    I heard Becky coming up the stairs. A moment later she walked into the bedroom carrying the key to my chastity cage.

    As she got back on the bed she said, “You've had an exciting day and you've been a very good boy. I can't let you go to sleep without a little reward.” She quickly unlocked my plastic prison and freed my little penis. It immediately popped to attention.

    Becky said, “The little guy is definitely happy to get out of jail.”

    Chuckling, I said, “I can't disagree with that.”

    Becky got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom. She quickly returned with several folds of toilet tissue. She handed the tissue to me and said, “I'm going to give you a hand job. When you cum I want you to ejaculate into the tissue.”

    Understanding immediately I said, “Your boyfriend cums in your pussy, I cum in the tissue.”

    “Which we will flush down the toilet. Baby, you are a cuckold. Be grateful that I'm going to do the honors for you.”

    “I am grateful. I wasn't sure you were even going to unlock me and I assumed that if you did Rosey Palm would be doing the honors for me.”

    “It will be Rosey Palm, but it will be my Rosey Palm. I love you and I am always willing to lend you a hand.”

    “And you're a comedienne.” I laughed.

    Ignoring my comment, Becky wrapped her fingers around my tiny erection and said, “Lie back, close your eyes and think about Jerome fucking me tonight.” As she slowly stroked me she continued. “He has a gorgeous body and a beautiful cock. Brown really is the perfect color for a man. From now on I am definitely black cock only. Think about how exciting it will be for you to be married to a Queen of Spades.”

    That put me over the edge. As I pumped my semen into the toilet tissue Becky said, “Oh my, you really were excited. Look at all that jizz you're making.”

    I looked at Becky and said, “Jizz?”

    “I'm a black cock slut. We express ourselves freely.” We both laughed and then Becky hugged me and said, “Danny, I love you so much.”

    “I love you too Becky and I'm glad that you found Jerome.”

    “Thank you Danny, thank you so much.” Becky stood up. As she left my bedroom she added, “Don't forget to flush that messy tissue cuckboy.”

    I smiled.
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